2009.04.04.The system of axioms “macrocosm.” Part 1-I Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2009.04.04.The system of axioms “macrocosm.” Part 1-I  

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2009.04.04.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description: The process of creation of the universe from the point of view of the system of axioms of the macrocosm. Maya and her role in the creation of the universe. The concepts of energy and consciousness in yoga. Universe – not male or female, the universe – a couple in love forever, ie, Man and woman. In what state is the Absolute?

Plan of the lecture:

1. The system of axioms macrocosm

2. Subgroup macrocosm system of axioms

3. The first subgroup axioms: Absolut

4. The axioms and theorems subgroups (Laws “0”, “1”, “2 = 3”, “4 and 5”)

5. Concepts of Consciousness and Energy in yoga

6. Why “4 and 5”?

7. Questions and Answers

yoga system of axioms “macrocosm.” Part 1-I

Today, April 4, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru www.yogacenter.ru.

Today, we continue to consider the introduction of axioms yoga.

Getting to the next section, “Axioms macrocosm.” We have already considered the microcosm system of axioms, and must now do the same with respect to the system of axioms of the macrocosm. Before we begin, I want to remind you that this course is the introduction to the axioms, and my main concern is that you get a first impression and made the first steps in this direction. Of course, axiomatic set out tougher, more precisely, with less lyrical digressions. But the demands of the modern world is just saying that the state should be in plain language, so all the time you need to make the comparison, analogy and the most difficult moments to try to explain in simple language. Somewhere, on the contrary, it is not necessary to focus on a very difficult moment, because it takes considerable time to reflect on them. But in any case, the purpose of the lectures is the birth of your interest for further more detailed study of this topic.


macrocosm system of axioms.

I remind you again, yoga axiomatically introduces the following provision: all possible axiom system can be reduced to two independent groups, one of which is a system of axioms microcosm, macrocosm another system of axioms. We are now considering a group of the macrocosm.

And one more digression, which will help you to understand, to grasp the spirit of the system. The system of axioms microcosm emphasis was placed on the individual, on the inner “I” of man, focus on a stock character, when a person takes everything into their own hands, completely becomes the creator of his own destiny. This position is very active, one might even say heroic, it is suitable for people with a similar character warehouse. The second system of axioms – the system of axioms of the macrocosm – is diametrically opposite, if it is characterized from the point of view of the people, which it is best suited. If the system is a microcosm must first count on yourself, the basic position that characterizes the macrocosm of axioms – is to trust in the universe. As you know, these things by logic, as it were opposed to each other. So a system of axioms for the macrocosm of such temperament, lifestyle, attitude, miroosoznaniya where we trust in the universe, we rely on her strength, on the wisdom of the universe, or the Absolute, in the future will be discussed in this system.

Strictly speaking, all are on the course of life stage, when they entirely rely on the universe. For example, a young child’s world – a feeling moms. He still sees nothing, hears nothing really does not understand first and foremost committed to mother trusts her trust in her. If he is bad, he starts to cry. The child is not able to take care of himself. He can only express their pleasure or displeasure, but is unlikely to rely on their “I” in solving their problems. In fact, no one did not expect from a small child, he was going to take their lives into their own hands and begin to solve the problem, when he suddenly became mokrenkaya or wanted to eat. The same is true in humans, has reached old age. Under the influence of age had changed the nature of perception. Sometimes they say that old people like children. Older people are more sentimental, require attention and in this sense compared with the children.

And the result is such a thing that even the most confident person holding all their fate in their own hands, through the stages of infancy and old age. Therefore, we can not say that such a trust in the universe unknown to all of us. Even if we are really strong warehouse people who are used to solve their problems on their own, no one else to rely, it was the time when we came into this world, and the time will come when we’ll be back in his old age to approach this as trust in the universe.

But just as there are people who in the period of his adult life was prone to such a relative perception of the world. They are more likely to sink into the surrounding universe, trust her. And all their works, behavioral strategies, and even spiritual development strategy differs from the behavior that is built for people who adhere to the microcosm of the system of axioms.

Oddly enough, but sometimes it is believed that such an attitude to life is more common for men than women. And this gives enough clear explanation. It would seem, on the contrary, a man increasingly trying to keep everything in their own hands, everything is under control. This is both true and not. In its global fundamental experience of the universe man is more inclined to merge with the universe, the knowledge of the universe. Again, this can be a person, admiring the beauty view of the universe unfolding before him, and he first thinks about the universe around him and not about himself. He absorbed fantasmogoricheskoy picture unfolding in front of him. This state of the poet, the artist captured the wave of beauty that surrounds it. And the man forgets about himself, “leaves” in the distance, in the world. As a poetic element that characterizes a state of ecstasy from the surrounding universe, let me recall the work of MV Lomonosov. He has a wonderful poem “Evening reflection of the divine majesty of the great event at the Northern Lights” (1743.):


His face hides a day;

Fields covered gloomy night;

I ascended the mountain chorna shadow;

Rays of us leaned away;

Opened an abyss full of stars;

Stars of no abyss bottom.


A grain of sand in the sea waves,

As a small spark in the eternal ice,

As a strong whirlwind of fine dust,

The fierce heat like a pen,

So I’m in this abyss deepened,

Lose, I myslmi tired!


The lips of the wise, we read:

There are many different lights;

Uncountable sun burn there,

The people there and the range of ages:

For general glory of the deity

There is the power of nature.


But where, by nature, is your law?

From midnight countries rises the dawn!

Not the sun eh puts there his throne?

Not icy sea eh meschut fire?

Xie hladny flame covered us!

Xie on the night of Earth Day came!


O you who fast SPAR

Pierce in the book of eternal rights

Which small things mark

Nature is the statute,

You know the way all the planets;

Say that we have so myatet?


What zyblet clear beam at night?

With a thin flame in the firmament stink?

Like lightning, without menacing clouds

Aims of the land in the zenith?

How can it be, that frozen steam

Among the winter gave rise to a fire?


It argues fatty mist with water;

Or the sun’s rays shine

Bending through the air to us thick;

Ile mast mountains verhi burn;

Or in the sea ceases to blow a marshmallow,

And smooth the waves beat into the ether.


Doubts filled your answer

The fact that the neighborhood near places.

Say Well, since broad is the light?

And the slightest dale stars?

Nesvedov creatures you end?

Say Well, since the great Creator?

This way, when you open the Great. Many of us probably remember the times when you look at the starry sky at night and become aware of its infinity. As much as we may try to get his thoughts even further, our mind says that this is not the limit, that the universe is infinite. And there is a mystical sense of communion with the infinite, with the universe. There is a feeling that every person in the light of this colossal vision – nothing, a speck that is lost among this grandeur. Moreover, the mind is unable to comprehend the enormity of this, as in the poem by Mikhail Lomonosov, refuses to accept.

Here is a sense of peace, a sense of transcendence of the world. And the system of axioms of the macrocosm, of course, fully characterizes this state of knowledge of the world. In this system of axioms all laws derived through something endlessly fascinating that unfolds before the bodies of human feelings and then gradually approaches or focuses on the man himself. Directly opposite approach in the system of axioms microcosm where everything goes in the reverse order: first person, and then only to the universe. In the same system initially viewed the universe, and then – a man.

We all stayed and we will be in a state of hope in the universe or in infancy or old age, or in the second such insight, ecstasy. Sometimes it is experiencing great scientists, as it was with MV Lomonosov, sometimes poets, artists. They begin to feel like a breath of life for all others, and so powerful, exciting and wonderful, in comparison with which the personal life, any personal problems perceived gray, unworthy of even a consideration.

Although yoga is very distanced from any religion, that is yoga and religion are two different things (yoga – a system of self-knowledge), but a similar approach is observed in many religious systems, which primarily focuses on the kind of trust in the environmental universe, to the wisdom of the universe. The various religious systems are introduced different concepts: somewhere it can be a kind person somewhere superpersonal somewhere it can be a law or an abstract concept glowing emptiness. But in fact all gives a sense of something entirely beyond, compared to what everything else fades. Moreover, after this vision a person begins to forget about yourself. He did not even think of himself. He did not even have a desire to begin to explore the universe with himself. On the contrary, he is so captured this feeling that the universe began to study or to engage in self-knowledge, so to speak, from the outside inwards.

Often such a stock character in people. And, as a rule, such people stand out among the rest. Western mentality closer to the first system of axioms – the microcosm system where primarily focuses on the individual. That’s – I’m small, I know myself, and sooner or later I have to expand to the size of the Absolute. There is also the exact opposite. There probably oriental mentality: at first I absorbed or captured by a sense of the universe, and then I begin to perceive that my own essence and the essence of the vision of the universe opened the same. It can be common features, sketches describe the system of axioms of the macrocosm.

Now I lay out the macrocosm lax system of axioms, but believe me, it is presented in the original as well as modern mathematics. There is a difference in the presentation of mathematics in Newton’s time, Leibniz, when everything was more descriptive, and the presentation of the same knowledge in modern textbooks, where increasingly we see the formalization. So axiomatic in its dry clean presentation is more like a modern approach to mathematics, but it is worse than perceived. Although it stricter and from the easier to draw conclusions about the methods used in yoga.

Let me remind you that we are studying – the axiom of yoga – a very important thing, because all the methods of yoga can be deduced from these axioms logically. All yoga exercises, all meditations, explaining why it is necessary to meditate so and not otherwise, why it is necessary to do something and not do it – all derived from the axioms. Austerity, of course, necessary, but sometimes because of this rigor is lost meaning, especially for people who have recently begun to study yoga. As in mathematics, from the time of Euler mathematical apparatus acquired strict current form as axiomatic, and in the ancient treatises, very poetic, and in later treatises already given a formal presentation.

Now we come to the very axioms. As in the system of axioms microcosm, there are three sub-groups of axioms.

Subgroups axioms macrocosm system.

1 subgroup entirely regards the Absolute.

2 subgroup for the numerous living beings that inhabit this universe, and in fact, it concerns all living under this system. Yoga in this sense does not make a fundamental difference between the bodies of living beings, as we understand it now, and inanimate objects or phenomena, whether stone or a gust of wind.

3 subgroup – the axiom that concern has each person, place a single person in this fantastic picture of the world.


The first subgroup of axioms – “Absolute”.

Let’s start with the first sub-group of axioms that relate to the Absolute. In fact, in these axioms describe the stage of creation of the universe as they are understood in yoga. Or in other words, these axioms give insight into the emergence of our world. Successively are some pictures, status, describing the emergence of what is called the universe that surrounds us. What it is, where it came from, what stage of development it has undergone before being brought before us in the form that we are seeing?

Axiom №1. “0” law.

The first axiom tells us about a very strange period, when there was no time for the first step, from which creation began. She tells us about the Absolute unmanifested or Absolute nadproyavlennom.

And before we start looking at this and all following the axiom, once again remind the subject matter is extremely abstract and highly complex. If you and my words will feel that you have at least something to see, you know, this is largely an illusion. This is because I’m too old lecture and I can get sharp corners. According to the degree of abstraction and, if anything, even inexplicable, is one of the highest sections of yoga. Therefore, if you do not understand anything will – do not be alarmed. If you find all the clear and obvious – do not trust this, drop these extremes.

It will go, I apologize for the lack of logic phrases, about the time when there was no time. Or some forms, when there was no space. Try to imagine the shape of a square at a time when there was no space. Some geometric shapes are to push our minds, but in no way does not transmit the essence. I remind you that any axiom by its nature beyond all logic. Axioms are not contrary to logic, they somehow perceived logic. The logic in this regard can any words to say, but the logic of speech and thought is not able to fully convey the true content and meaning of those things that they say. It’s scary and it does not matter. Once again I want to remind axiomatic yoga is like math: there are some similar concepts of infinitely large and the infinitely small that no one understands, but, nevertheless, they have learned to do something. And, say, all the integral-differential calculus emerged from these concepts that we do not understand, but they have learned how to operate. So it is necessary to treat these axioms, which on one hand is not entirely clear, but if they operate in the plane of logic, it turns out pretty good, practical results that we can use and “the hard way” to receive confirmation that all went well as it promised.

So, the first axiom tells us about a time when you do not have the time or the first step, which began with the creation, when there was still no space, no time, no prerequisites to any space and time. It was in the Absolute unmanifested form. Sometimes called nadproyavlennym it as you wish. No one and nothing was not there. Strictly speaking, we can not even say that he was. Because when we say “was,” this is the kind of description, as it were, already exist in the past time. But the last time was not, as there was no time at all, and the condition in which there was nadproyavlenny unmanifested or Absolute, is not even remote similarities in words and thoughts, we are with you operate. So it turns out that from the standpoint of formal logic, it sort of was, and it seemed like he was not. That is, it was in the sense in which we understand the term: some fundamental principle of creation was, but on the other hand, we can not even remotely imagine or draw a mental picture, what then happened.

Absolut was unmanifested form. And here, as a rule, the question is asked: “Well, we agree that this axiom – sverhlogichna, but whether it is at least three times sverhlogichna, where did we know that if it was all just so” Because the presence of the Absolute in a state of unmanifested form It suggests that there was no manifest. There was a witness who would be behind it all watched and recorded the event. This is the first contradiction, but we remember that sverhlogika never illogical. The logic does not explain sverhlogiku, and at the same time, the logic can never drive sverhlogiku to a standstill. If this turns out, then somewhere something is broken in the story or in the understanding. And oddly enough, this question has a simple answer: “We know that if it was all just so, because, as the yoga in the future, the particle of the Absolute is contained in each of us.” That is, knowledge that lies within each of us. It is as if each of us then already was. In fact we draw these sverhlogichnye axioms from the fact that our inner being is no different from the essence of the Absolute. But it will be in the future.

This is the first axiom that has been in the transpersonal Absolute or superpersonal, manifest or nadproyavlennom state which is beyond time, beyond space, if only because that space and time did not yet exist and were not prerequisites for their creation. This is a snapshot or point in time to creation.

In the universe there is such a thing as “the creation of the universe.” Scientists have all sorts of concepts about the origin of the universe. Yoga is distancing itself from science in the sense that it will not go into science and science of yoga can not be replaced. This is a different system, and they use different approaches, but the same problem occurs and the system of scientific views, when talking about the big bang (one of the proposed hypothesis of the Universe), and are silent about what happened before.

And the first axiom is given as an attempt to look beyond the moment when all creation itself started. Once again I repeat that this is an extremely abstract theme, a strong theme, it eludes the mind, and it is characterized as a law of “0”.

Why is the law of “0”? It is evidence of a certain analogy. After all, what is a zero? Zero – it is a strange number. It is like there, and at the same time it is not. You see, what a strange thing? For example, a distance between my serried fingers? Distance zero. On the one hand, this means that the distance like and has, on the other hand, seems to be no. In fact, they say all the stories, legends, myths concept of zero come from ancient India, then it was well understood by the ancient Arabs, and then it passed to us in the West. The origins of the exact sciences, the same mathematics, for example, are in the Arab world. In general this is an extremely abstract concept comes to us from ancient India, apparently, of its philosophical and intellectual circles, where she went and yoga. For a long time could not understand why he is needed, zero, and that is this number, which seems to be there.

So, the first axiom is sometimes called the law of “0”, when like in the Absolute unmanifested state was, and it seems to be and was not.

Axiom №2. The law “1”: the state of the unmanifested Absolute manifested!

If about unmanifested state nothing can be said, it is the moment when manifested Absolute, we can at least say something. And this axiom is called the law of “1”, because, showed he was one. Or sometimes use a very strange expression, a condition where there is one without the other! This axiom is also very abstract, but is closer to what we can conceive of, to talk, there are already at least some clue. We are confronted with the notion of a single Absolute, ie Absolutes not two, not three, not five tens, and single Absolute. It is given as an axiom, as it arose. As if the first photo – Law of “0”, the second photograph – Act “1” of the Absolute unmanifested or nadproyavlennogo state suddenly appear. It would appear as one from the other. Can you imagine in his most abstract fantasy, when there may be one without the other? There is one thing, and nothing more. It is a serious challenge to our intelligence, our imagination.

Axiom №3. Next axiom says that in order to transition from the Law was “0” in the Law “1,” the unmanifested Absolute voleizyavil occur.

If you like the potential of the unmanifested Absolute it was so grand, in comparison with which the word and the concept of “free” – pathetic reflection of or a pathetic shadow. There is such a word – freedom. It is a strange word, because it is also very abstract. I always have a joke about it: the word “freedom” is not the name of the radio station, which set out alternative points of view on various political events. The word “freedom” no association. If we have the word “freedom” is associated with the radio “Freedom”, it is quite specific associations with very specific people who have very specific problems, headaches and so on.

The concept of “freedom” – is an absolute concept, this concept is very abstract. This concept of power or sverhmoguschestva viewed from the other end, from a different angle. The concept of “freedom” means that everything is possible. Our minds can not fully comprehend the state, which is described by the word “Liberty.” What is expressed by the word “Freedom”, eludes logic, it sverhlogichno. The word “Liberty” – absolutely fantastic concept. Absolute axiom in this Act to “0” had such a condition, as compared with that freedom – just pathetic gleam.

The last axiom that we have examined, states that the unmanifested Absolute voleizyavil occur. What is the concept of “will”?

The will – is the embodiment of freedom in action. That is, there is no will, if there is no freedom. The concept of will – this is the use of freedom. The concept, in turn, is freedom itself, the notion of omnipotence. Very curious chain is built. Later from these axioms the following theorem shows.

Theorem №1. Will – the most powerful, most ultraboundary tool that just is.

Will began to emerge when the universe has not manifested itself, and not even the preconditions for its manifestation. Much later, when we look at all the other axioms and get to the other group of axioms relating directly to specific people in the system, we will see that each person has inherited this ability from its progenitor Absolute – will. Each of us has it in himself.

It was the will, and the following axiom arises on the basis of which deciphers how it all happened.


Axiom №4. The will gave birth to Maya.

It appears another interesting principle, the concept of “Maya”. It is extremely difficult, and we are not going to touch it. But maya has one ability. As a side effect of the action of Maya makes one thing appear something else.

All that we know about the Maya of Knowledge, come down to us from the East, it is Maya, an illusion, deception – this is something common. No, my friends, the word “Maya” is much higher and more complex than the concept of illusion or deception. And as a special case, or a side effect of the emergence of Maya, in fact, there are very premises that may be an illusion and deception. Maya is much higher than just the concept of illusion and deception in the sense in which we usually understand the meaning of these words.


Axiom №5. Maya is completely subservient to the Absolute, and the Absolute is completely impervious to Maya.

There is a serious difference. Recall microcosm system of axioms. It said about a man who also “floats” in the ocean of Maya, but from it as it depends. And then at the time of creation of the Absolute has created himself from Maya Maya is independent. It is a complete master of maya. In the future, all this becomes Theorem macrocosm system.


Theorem №2. If there is no Will of the Absolute, one of us will never overcome the Maya. To all need the mercy of the universe!


Axiom №6. Manifested Absolute: its very manifestation has been made possible thanks to Maya.

Without maya Absolute would be in his unmanifested or nadproyavlennom state. It turns out that the manifested Absolute – as an island floating in the sea of Maya. The rather interesting symbols of this. In some ancient texts say about some cosmic egg from which the entire universe is turned. It broke in two parts, one part was the sky, from the other – the land. In the legends, myths, fables of different peoples of the world can also be seen this idea.

In yoga axioms given more abstract, graphic, if you like the image. Let me remind you: now we are trying to consider a time when there was neither space nor time. Therefore, any graphic analogy – just an analogy. So, it appears – a manifestation of the Absolute, as a rule, in the form of points, floating in the ocean of maya. What’s the point? This is a very strange concept, it seems to be there, she seemed to be alone, but to grasp it and understand, what’s the point, our minds simply can not imagine it. Take, for example, geniuses of mathematics, Newton, Leibniz, Euler, all those who have developed a mathematical tool that operates with approximately the same abstract principles and gives very specific formula, by which we are launching a rocket into space. It is truly surprising! It has a certain analogy among the philosophy of ancient India, the East, where the teaching of yoga, philosophy, axiomatic born, developed, stored.


Axiom №7. Though the Absolute and the manifested itself and became manifest in form (one without the other), but at the same time and in full, it remains in the unmanifested form.

Do you know what an analogy here? As if part of the unmanifested Absolute manifested, while the other part remained undeveloped. At the same time added that about any parts and can be no question that it is both present and not in the developed state and in the manifest as one without the other.


The next photograph origins of the universe – that’s what happened in the future after the “1” of the Law. Thus, the Law “1” – this is when we have a single Absolute (they are not two, not three, not ten), and the following axioms are followed by:

Axiom №8. Absolute is in a state of absolute freedom, omnipotence, omniscience, vseblazhenstva – Sat Chit Ananda.

If there is some ecstatic sublime, transcendent state of joy, happiness, pleasure, increase it to such an extent that you can not imagine. It is in this state is Absolute. It is an axiom of stay manifestation of the Absolute or complete analogy and system Microcosmos – the state of Sat Chit Ananda.


Axiom №9. All real that later happened, resulted, from the single Absolute.

And much later, from this we can deduce the following theorem.

Theorem №3. All that we see around them – is in fact a single Absolute, but we do not see it because it is hidden from us by maya.

All that we see, hear, feel, smell, feel in the moment, and there is a single Absolute. But we do not perceive it, because there is just being introduced overshadows cheating factor of Maya, which is something one makes to appear as something else, and swaps, plays.

And as a conclusion of this theorem, it is necessary to answer the question “Is the universe around us real, or is the result of our hallucinations?” Some yoga schools say that all around the dream that is nothing real there, all around – it’s Maya. Yoga does not agree with this approach. Yoga says that the answer is rather difficult that the frame of the world that surrounds us, the real, but this frame is spanned the veil of maya. Therefore, very often it turns out that something we feel real, and it then becomes an illusion. Still, the foundation of the world that surrounds us, it is real! In this sense, yoga is far from complete as the idealism and materialism complete. Yoga says that the world is much more complex than pure idealism or pure materialism. And to believe that everything around the material, as it was in the communist era, is wishful thinking. But to say that everything is illusory, unreal – it is just as wishful thinking.

But this is a philosophical debate. The fact that all the philosophical ideas of Kant, Hegel and other Western philosophers who once admired western half of humanity – this is not a new page in the history of philosophy. All this was known long ago in ancient India, and disputes in this regard were a great many. Since no one teaches and tries to come up with something yourself, it all comes to us with some delay.


Axiom №10. When the internal omnipotence, the essence of reality, the essence of knowledge, the essence of pleasure, in which resides the Absolute begins to manifest through maya, then all this is called a manifestation of the Absolute, which is known as Prana. It turns out that the one Absolute, as manifested in the surrounding Maya, it is manifested as prana …


Theorem №4. Everything that surrounds us – is not just a combination of something real and something illusory. This gives a more detailed explanation: everything that surrounds us – is a combination of prana, which in turn is based on the manifested Absolute (or Law “1”), and on the other side of the Maya, refractive, modifying the prana.

Friends of Maya is that on the one hand is misleading, and, on the other hand, thanks to it you can see all the incredible diversity that exists in the universe, “I opened the abyss, full of stars …”. The grandeur of the manifestations of the Absolute captures, and it is infinite. It’s like a beautiful girl who is every time different, and therefore not take the sight of it! Although essentially a girl – one. It turns out that when the omnipotence of the manifested Absolute operates in this sea of Maya, it is called a manifestation called prana, and is the basis for the creation of the rest.

Axiom №11. United Prana, when it begins to work in Maya, appears either in the form of consciousness, or in the form of energy, and the state when it occurs, is a state of happiness, joy, bliss, pleasure – Ananda (Skt.).

So, we have the Absolute, which is one, we have the manifestation of the Absolute – Consciousness and Energy, and, finally, the state, when it is all manifested – it is Ananda. For the first time there are concepts of Consciousness and Energy.


Concept of Consciousness and Energy in yoga.

What is “Consciousness” and “Energy”? These are terms which are further in yoga will be encountered at every step. Properly to understand what they mean – it’s very good if you do not understand, then no further move. The word “consciousness” and the word “Energy”, which I will now apply – this is definitely our Russian word. They have a very specific meaning. Ask any physicist that is energy, and it will give you some kind of definition. Or ask someone else, “What is consciousness,” and you, too, will give some definitions. In the idealist is one definition, the materialist – different, but something of their own, they will say.

Now is the time to clarify what is meant by this yoga. It would be more correct, if not initially introduced the concept of consciousness and energy, and these two concepts as “Shakti” and “Cheat”. In a very truncated, approximate version of the concept of Shakti can be translated as energy, Chit – as Consciousness. But since our task is primarily to prepare teachers of yoga, to help people who are making their first steps in the field of yoga, not to train professors in the philosophy of yoga, we avoid as much as possible the use of Sanskrit. And so few people understand that, and if more and Sanskrit will, so all will be confusion.

When used in yoga these terms, understand the following:

Energy (Shakti) – the omnipotence of a single Absolute modification in the eternal self.

Consciousness (Chit) – Absolute omnipotence in eternal constancy.

What is it can be – the omnipotence logically? Omnipotence all change means: no matter what anyone did, I can change it all their own way, on what I omnipotent. At the same time there is another facet of omnipotence – to leave something intact. Whoever and whatever is trying to change, and how it was, and remains so.

A further embodiment of these principles just manifests itself in what is called the energy and consciousness. All that you are around you can see, it is energy. Matter – is the same energy, only compressed. Everything changes, everything moves, our entire world – a world of change. See, the rock is. Today, it remains unchanged, it was the same with the AS Pushkin and Mikhail Lomonosov, but at the time of the dinosaurs, it was a bit different. If you scroll all from the beginning of the universe as the filming, you will see that the whole universe – as a cloud of smoke, there is nothing permanent. There is nothing that you could hang on to say: “It will always be,” And it’s just a matter of time before it mutate, collapse, there will be something else. All that you see, in this sense, comes under the term perpetual modification – Energy or more deep, capacious term – Shakti. This is a favorite Indian term.

And is there anything in this world eternally immutable if all modified? The political party has come and gone, the ice age has come and gone, the planet was created and collapsed, the sun was shining, shining and exploded, one civilization grew and disappeared, while others have emerged on its ruins. Was the Roman Empire – where now the Roman Empire? None of the Roman Empire, there are lots of all countries that inherited its traditions. After it was Latin, which served as the basis for the English language … Yoga can we say – yes, there is a thing forever unchanging! There are, if anything, the eternal observer who, no matter what happens – disasters Katabasia changes – will be unchanged. This is called Consciousness. Consciousness is always consistently! And then, as a very interesting and important point, there is a certain theorem, which I have now voiced, but generally speaking, it is displayed:


Theorem №5. Manifestation of Consciousness and manifestation of energy – are components derived from a single source – Prana, but essentially independent. Consciousness is self-existent and does not produce energy, and vice versa.

Or in another way, each of you is consciousness. You are sitting, chto-to realize chto-to trying to understand, write chto-to, kto-to trying to understand the lecture and kto-to trying to understand where it all came here and what these people are doing, and all that is it? And the question arises: what is it? This question can be a lot of points of view. Some would say that you have in mind a chemical reaction takes place, and as a side effect of this reaction is the mind works, and the mind working, creates the illusion that you have a mind – that is consciousness generated Energy. This is a good materialist explanation of consciousness. This is what love to do the supporters of Leninism and Marxism in the old days. Modern scientists study this paradigm (not voiced, but common): the person – it’s a big chemical formula, reaction. This chemical reaction is then absorbs some chemical processes there are. And this blatant chemical reaction imagines that it has consciousness. This materialist approach.


Yoga with this categorically does not agree! Yoga says that consciousness is not a product of something else. Consciousness in this sense, self-existent and does not rely on those chemical processes that are in our minds. There is the argument that if a person does not feed, then it and the consciousness is narrowed, fades, and if, God forbid, a good knock on the head, where does his consciousness? All can be easily explained: in nature Consciousness highlights what is happening in our mind, and if the impact on the progress of our mind, it seems that human consciousness is turned off. In fact, it will not disconnected, it simply ceases to highlight.

Imagine that on the moon rover rides, and sits on the ground uncle that this Lunokhod runs back and forth, watching him through the television screen. A lunar evil lunatics took him and slipped the camera lens, and he no longer knows where to send your rover, and had to stop him. This does not mean that Uncle Observer disappeared, it only means that there are problems with the organs through which the Consciousness Lights. Consciousness does not need support, it can itself be a support.

A similar situation with energy. Other uncle – idealists say: “Oh, those Marxist-Leninists! Ah, those materialists such bad! We believe that everything around – the pure consciousness, and nothing else, the rest – an illusion. There is no matter, there is no energy, the manifested world, it’s all a hallucination, pure illusion. ” And some that are a bit more intelligent, yet add the word Maya, which in this case is inappropriate!

So, friends, Maya and matter, a yoga point of view, the concept of completely different! Matter is fundamentally based on the manifestation of energy, energy (Shakti) is based on the Absolute and who can be more real than the Absolute? But the Maya in fact – it is just a statement that somehow transforms. Therefore, a point of view that is pure Consciousness and Energy (and as a consequence of matter) as the reality there, too, yoga is not perceived and is considered a mistake, however, more abstract error.

Next comes a very interesting theorem №6, which says that consciousness and energy come from a common source – Prana. Prana comes from the Absolute, but consciousness – the principle of eternal immutability is not based on energy – the eternal principle of variability, and vice versa, energy does not depend on the eternal principle of constancy – Consciousness.

These are two facets of Prana. Energy and Consciousness ravnosuschnostny they are equal manifestations of the Absolute. These are the two ingredient of which is woven the whole universe, the entire universe. This situation implies a huge number of techniques, meditation, life strategies. In the future, there is still a lot of interesting theorems.


Theorem №7. There is no manifestation of Consciousness without a manifestation of energy, just as there is no manifestation of energy without the manifestation of consciousness.

It made interesting conclusions revival of all that is happening around you. We can say that the wind blew – the manifestation of Energy. And what a shaman would say that there is no breeze, is the spirit of wind sent his consciousness, and this consciousness is energy carried away with him. And in this case yoga says – yes. Why not? And then traced bundle with all cults, even primitive healers of the Amazon region and our shamans.

When the omnipotence of the Absolute manifests itself in its eternal modification, it is called a manifestation of Energy.

When the omnipotence of the Absolute manifests itself in the eternal immutability, it is a manifestation of consciousness.

Axiom №12. The law “2”, also known as “3”. If a single Absolute manifests itself through its perpetual modification – energy, it is known as Shakti or feminine principle of the universe. If Absolute is manifested through the principle of eternal immutability – consciousness, it is known as Shiva, the male principle of the universe. There is no one without the other.

The law “2”, and he also “3” because they come from a common source – “1” of the Law. At the same time, there is one and the couple.

And here, my friends, all very interesting. We consider the appearance of the sexes. Note that we still have not said anything about space and time, and have already started to talk about the fact that there are men and women. Shakti and Shiva in Hindu mythology are very good semantic mark: Shakti – is something feminine, Shiva – that’s something male. Shakti – is the Absolute, which voleizyavil appear as a woman. Shiva – this is the same Absolute which voleizyavil appear as a man.

Sometimes asking the question: the universe is he or she? The answer to this question came from another system of axioms. There is a science called Tantra Yoga. So in Tantra Yoga to the question: “Is the universe a man or a woman?” The answer is: “The Universe – a couple in love, as two halves of a whole.”

When the Absolute manifests itself as a woman, it is known as Shakti. When the Absolute manifests itself in the form of men – this is Shiva. Or, as in Tantra Yoga: the whole world – a very beautiful couple. There is in this respect a very beautiful saying: Naked beautiful young sixteen year old girl dancing around her beloved young man and the young man can not take his eyes from her. She always changeable: dancing, changes the posture, gestures, and it looks and can not come off. This is a bunch of Consciousness and Energy: there is not one without the other. There is no consciousness without energy. Absolut girl dancing and Absolut young man can not take his eyes from her, watching her. There is no separate Consciousness and Energy. Therefore, it is said that the law “2” – he and “3” because they come from a common source – the Law “1”. It turns out that at the same time, there is one and the couple, an inseparable couple – two halves of a whole, as husband and wife.

When the omnipotence of a single Absolute maya manifests itself in its eternal aspect modifications – is the feminine principle when the aspect of eternal immutability – a male principle. From their interaction observed Ananda – joy, happiness. Or in another way: when consciousness does not contradict the Energy and Energy does not contradict the Consciousness, there is harmony, joy, happiness. And if we consider the matter from the standpoint of Tantra Yoga, there is present an explicit erotic color of the moment. Tantra Yoga says that the sexual union of a man and woman there is still only good, everyone enjoys all excited and happy. Their connection is born to enjoy.

It turns out that the whole world around us is woven from two manifestations of the Absolute: Energy – Shakti and Consciousness – Shiva. They are here in their game doing all that we have just seen. And so everything is in harmony, that is born from their union the highest pleasure – Ananda. This is the highest happiness, inspiration. Or as described Mikhailo Vasilyevich, who saw the immensity of the universe, where everything is so elegantly combined, when everything appears as something exciting, “… has opened the abyss, full of stars, the number of stars there, the bottom of the abyss …”

So, let us once again recall “snapshots” of the universe:

The law of “0”;

The law “1”;

The law “2”, also known as the Law of “3”;

Next comes the next “snapshot” of the creation of the universe. “4 and 5” is the turn of the Law.

Axiom №13. The law “4-5”: the action of maya with mutual game of eternal immutability and eternal modification makes one aspect of Eternal modifications himself brought five different faces, and the aspect of the eternal immutability – in the form of the four faces.

From this point we can say that the common energy of the Absolute as if it is divided into five energies, and one of the Absolute Consciousness broke like four Consciousness. In the future, these four and five have started between a very bizarre way to interact.

I want to emphasize a very serious thing to you from the outset not to make serious mistakes. It is not that there was five kinds of energies, and four kinds of consciousness. The energy of a single moment of the Absolute, as well as one in the Absolute Consciousness. It is a very strange action of Maya: as if there was a single five faces of Energy, and at the same time – four facets of a single consciousness, and these faces began to somehow interact with each other.

If someone of you have studied the drawing, he probably remembers that all objects are drawn in three dimensions: the mapping is done on the same plane, on the other, to the third. And in these three planes can be played in any amount of detail – both complex and simple. The same analogy here: a single manifestation of energy is reflected in three dimensions in our three-dimensional world, as it were, five projections, as if it was a five-dimensional world. And every projection – a separate aspect of Energy. The same situation with the Consciousness, but there are four aspects.


Why “4 and 5”?

Sometimes this question is given by the recently started studying yoga axioms: “And why are not all symmetrical? It would be five and five, or four and four. Why four and five? “

The most interesting is that it has a sufficiently serious consequence in terms of the practice of yoga. With this combination there are some very specific rhythms of meditation, it is commensurate with the four and five – not ten or twenty, not one and two, namely four and five. And achieved concrete results in the form of various super-powers, just wonderful abilities, which in a great variety of yoga.

Friends, I want to remind axiomatic sverhlogichna yoga, and we do not know why it is so and not otherwise. axiomatics of yoga – it is a gift from those who passed on this way, has already reached very high peaks, and said: “Guys, take my word, it is. But believe only until such time as the do not check or verify the opposite. ” While in reverse, probably no one has yet convinced, so that’s the way it from generation to generation, of the Millennium Goals, and transmitted.

Step creation, described by the “Four and five,” tells us that the whole universe around us is essentially a combination of Consciousness and Energy, or rather a combination of the five aspects of Energy and the four aspects of consciousness. It turns a braided rug, and he was covered with eclipsing the influence of Maya. Therefore, a great poet looks at the scenic edge of the forest and his great works are born, poems, paintings, and the other looks and sees only flaws on the edge of this – there are rotten stump sticking out, and there is garbage and so on. Someone has overcome the action of Maya and see for illusory perfect, and someone is fully convinced that there is nothing to watch.


In the future, in particular the Law of yogas “Four and Five” plays a very important role. Once again, I want to say that this is not the five different kinds of energies and four different kinds of consciousness. And in fact the different facets of the same.


Questions and answers.

Questions from the audience: These are all laws arose at the same time? You set out for them in a certain order …

A Vadim Zaporozhtseva: … if you can imagine the concept of simultaneity and time difference at a time when there was no concept of time itself.

Student: So this happened in a moment …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again, to say: “At one point,” is to say from the point in time of life, but from the perspective of life is the time …

Questions from the audience: Tell me, yoga is anything at all talking about the need to be the root cause of the universe?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: The formal answer is that the reason is not accessible to our minds, and we will not be able to understand, even if I tried. There are no words and there is no such thoughts, that it would pass. In this sense, little that can be explained, but there is such a, you know, the emotional aspect. About the emotional aspect of yoga, you can find a lot of interesting things.

Yogi and Yogini, which came Higher knowing what it was all for what the whole world (because the world sometimes turns to us by different parties, sometimes funny and sometimes very sad), give us the following emotional: “My friends, you can not imagine all the grandeur, all delicious, all the happiness, all the ineffable! “At the same time, they have discovered for themselves that it was such a cool idea of the Absolute, which he had built exactly as he arranged! They say, we still can not do anything, do not understand, and do not have words for it, but believe it! Take your good emotional state, increase to infinity – the same thing you feel when you realize the reason why the Absolute is all twisted, whirled.

Student: To put it simply, he did it for fun …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, all I want to say I’m not from the Absolute person and on behalf of the experience that has remained in the ancient texts of the yogis and yogis who have reached the point where they began to understand. And on behalf of the Absolute I do not know.

listener Question: Tell me, consciousness has a memory? That is, it remembers what forms of taking energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Good question. In fact, this course is the introduction to the axioms of yoga, and I have no way to read the more detailed course on Consciousness. Our consciousness does not need memory. Our Consciousness is one very marvelous property: objects or phenomena to which it is directed, and kept long enough to give fully all the information or all the knowledge about yourself. Why remember, if you can not remember, to know everything?

To help you understand: memory – an order of magnitude lower thing than the grandiose component or capabilities that are enabled by default in Consciousness. But since we are not yet able to use the Consciousness, appeared the next principle of spiritual evolution or mechanism in the process of cosmic evolution of creation, which we call the “Memory”. This auxiliary crutches for us as long as we have not learned to walk. Therefore, it makes no sense to link them.

listener Question: Energy generates forms and all these forms are unique?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: You mean the principle of perpetual modification? Again, this is a question for the Absolute. And what if he voleizyavit five times to repeat the same form? For all the will of the Absolute.

listener Q: What do the highest yoga, have reached the highest levels, that is the Absolute?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: You see, the answer to your question is impossible. Why? Because it is above the concept of words and thoughts. Trying to explain in terms of a logical explanation for that is the Absolute, can suffer a complete fiasco. I keep repeating the story of the Buddha. Buddha attained enlightenment – is silent and smiling. Its all ask: “Buddha, say anything?” And the Buddha is silent and smiling, because he basically can not put that there. But after yourself leaves the emotional aspect: he smiles, that is still not all that bad. And from a formal point of view, there are no thoughts and words, so it is impossible to answer.

Questions from the audience: Absolute – it’s still a person?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Good question you are asking. The concept implies other person categories, including space and time. And since then there was no space, no time, you say that the Absolute – the person or personality, or superpersonal or cosmic law, or luminous emptiness does not make sense.

philosophical debates about the root cause, when two schools are frequent start foaming at the mouth to fight with some philosophical idea. Some say that the Absolute was, for example, green and spotted, and the latter said that there is no – he was white and fluffy, others say: “No, it was all a vast mist over the river.” Such arguments do not make sense, because these groups are trying in terms of thoughts and words to say that the above thoughts and words. The Absolute also has such a feature that manifest in the phenomenal world, where there is the concept of “person”, “non-personal” or “superperson” it can somehow. Wants to manifest personality -proyavitsya personality, decides to appear non-personal – will be non-personal.


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