2009.03.28. The system of axioms “Microcosmos”. Part 2-I. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.03.28. The system of axioms “Microcosmos”. Part 2-I. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Brief Description: The material of this chapter introduces you to the axioms of the microcosm and the theorems and lemmas that are displayed. It gives an insight into what is starting a push for movement on the path of spiritual development. You know, where is the pleasure – outside or inside us. Is there a cure for Maya? What is the cause of pain, and how it relates to enjoyment? What creates fear, selfishness, desire or aversion?

Plan of the lecture:

1. microcosm system of axioms

2. The first subgroup microcosm system of axioms

3. The second subgroup microcosm system of axioms

4. Theorem and Lemma

5. The third subgroup microcosm system of axioms

6. Lemmas and theorems of the axioms of the system microcosm yoga

7. Questions and Answers

Today, March 28, 2009, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC “Awakening”, in Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru www.yogacenter.ru.

Microcosmos system of axioms.

In the microcosm of the axioms of the system consists of three major sub-groups of axioms:

The first subgroup regarding our personal “I”

second subgroup concerning the “I” of all other creatures,

third subgroup regarding Super “I” Absolute, his Superior “I”.

The theme of the course – an introduction to the axioms. And especially not to overload the difficulties this topic, we will try to give axioms, and sometimes it will be the axioms and lemmas in a row. From some of the provisions can be displayed one other (as theorems in mathematics), but sometimes we give the other provisions as axioms. Why? In order to better established and entrenched in your mind. I recall, the biggest trouble is axiomatic yoga – that’s what people do not know how to apply it in life. Not just to study higher mathematics, although this is a very worthy lesson, still need to apply it in life. The same can be said about the axiomatics of yoga.

Axiom №1. One of the fundamental axioms says that we are our “I” is.

Just what it is. The thing that can not be proved logically. You can give any number of arguments from the perspective of logic, that we have our “I”, or the same number of other arguments, it denies. But, in fact, it can not be proved, and it must be clearly understood. At the same time, if we chose yoga as our spiritual path, we proposed as a starting point with confidence to treat the fact that we still have our Higher “I”.

Once again I want in this way to remind you that all of that conglomeration of sensations that each of you finds his “I”, by and large, is not your “I”. Rather, it is a tangle of ideas and habits, memories and judgment through which, perhaps, shines your Higher “I”. When we make a mental image of yourself, you need to understand that in fact, this created the image – not the image of your Higher “I”, and the image generated by the habit. And in the future as a result of yoga that image starts to change, transform. So, the very first axiom says that our Higher “I” exists.


Axiom №2. The second axiom is that our higher ‘I’ is inexpressible.


There are words and thoughts to transfer, explanations, definitions of what is our “I”. Fundamentally impossible. Whatever you come up with any words, it will still just words. What would you similar to you may come up with, it will be just an analogy. This is really a serious limitation axiomatic approach. Axiomatics of yoga, as well as mathematics, which tries to explain the infinitely large and the infinitely small. It does not explain them, but leads to the fact that we at least understand what is at stake. She tries to be touch up on our understanding of it. And just as in the axiomatics of yoga it is said that there are no words or thoughts to convey the enormity of “I”.

Indeed, if there were these words and thoughts, I’d have told them, and everyone quickly understood, and after 12 to 12 to 12 seconds would have fallen into a state of highest Samadhi without object. This would end all your yoga and all your training and everything else. And you would realize the goal not only of this life, but the goal of all the lives that have been and could be. But this is impossible in principle.

But at the same time it is possible to give at least some words, thoughts, images that are a reflection of this ineffable state of our “I”. we can not pass very state of words and thoughts, but when the state of our “I” somehow projected onto our world, then it is already possible to find the words, definitions, ideas, explanations. Then already appears axiomatic yoga and these axioms.

Thus, our “I” sverhlogichno it – beyond words and thoughts. The following provisions in some schools are considered the axioms in some lemmas. I remind you that the lemma and Theorem – a more complex formation, based on axioms. That is, they both support points for reflection to obtain a particular result. We will consider them as axioms.


Axiom №3. Our “I” beyond space and time.

We are now somewhere are and say naturally that our “I” is the same place we are. For example, how many people in the audience sits, as “I” and it is.

From the point of view of the microcosm of the system of axioms, this is an incorrect statement. Your “I” out of space. With the same degree of confidence we can say that you sit here or are on the Red Square, or the moon, or Alpha Centauri, or in general in any point of space. Very strange situation.

And finally, even more strange position that your Higher “I” is out of time. This does not fit in the head passage. How come? Is my “I” both now and in the past and in the future? From a philosophical point of view, the concept of past, present and future – is a separate thing for philosophical consideration. In fact, if we analyze the time it turns out that in addition to this there is no past, no future. But now, too, a very strange thing. This axiom is built a lot of all sorts of interesting findings in yoga.

Our “I” can not be divided into halves or any component parts. In Sanskrit, our “I” is called Atma. Meaning of the word is the same as that of the Greek word atom – “indivisible”. Our “I” can not be divided. Because one person can not do two, twenty, two hundred and two million. So about any bifurcation, rastroennyh personality in the sense of separating the “I” and can be no question. Another thing is that our “I” can quickly change their roles just as an actor changes costumes and makeup, playing the role of one, then another, then a third, and then in a circle, but the actor is the same.

Axiom №5. Our “I” freely.

The concept of freedom is one of the most bizarre and exciting concepts. The question arises: our “I” is free from what? On the issue of yoga axiomatic answers: free from all. Or you can continue to come up with various options for their lack of freedom. Still, the result you get that from this it is free.

The concept of freedom is indeed a very strange concept, and very close to the other concept the following axioms.

Axiom №6. Our “I” is omnipotent.

It can do everything. On the question: “What exactly,” can be a very long list and say, “So this is what it can.”

Axiom №7. Our “I” is the will.

Our “I” is able to use this omnipotence and this freedom. This ability is called the will. Whatever voleizyavilo our “I” is what will be.


Axiom №8. Our “I” is surrounded by maya.

Maya is very ambiguous thing. On the one hand, our “I”, our will is stronger than the Maya. Maya always obeys our will. But on the other hand, Maya has a very uncanny ability to: Maya gives rise to the illusion. Maya makes it possible that we are something one takes for something else. Maya makes it possible that our Higher “I” can get confusing in the illusion. What, actually, it does. The principle of illusion is when something one feels something else.

Manifestations of our omnipotence in Maya, called manifestations of our “I”.

The most profound expression of our “I” – is called Prana. When the omnipotence of our “I” appears in Maya (Maya and, as we know, can not resist the will), this manifestation is called prana. Further prana divided into three faces on three manifestations. In Sanskrit, usually say: “Sat Chit Ananda” – Trinitarian manifestation of prana.

One of the values of Sat – “Being.” When people talk about the SAT, have in mind the ability of our “I” manifested through the energy. Indeed, all things – is energy. You see the world around him, and what he is, in fact? In fact, around you, you see energy. You do not see the mind, you see energy. Energy manifests itself in the form of various wave processes in the form of tangible objects. What is the substance from which everything is made? This condensed or frozen energy.

Chit – a manifestation of our “I” as the consciousness.

Ananda – joy, happiness, bliss, delight.


Axiom №9. Our “I” have the ability to manifest through maya energy. Or something to change this situation (Sat).


Axiom №10. Our “I” have the opportunity to highlight all that is happening in the Maya demonstrate the ability of consciousness (chit).


Axiom №11. Our “I” is a manifestation of how Ananda – joy, happiness, pleasure, bliss. Very interesting position, which axiomatically say that our natural state – a state of happiness and pleasure. If you have something else, it’s just a misunderstanding.

So, again. The manifestation of our “I” through maya is called prana. It is threefold, and is manifested through Sat, Chit and Ananda. Or in other words it is manifested through the mind, energy and enjoyment. The manifestation through energy means that our “I” is something effect. Manifestation through the consciousness means that our “I” might have something to highlight, to receive information about what is happening. Finally, Ananda means that the natural state of our “I”, manifested in maya – this is happiness.

If you look at the philosophical concept of energy, we can give the following definition: Energy – is the principle of eternal impermanence. When our “I” shows the eternal principle of impermanence in Maya, it is actually energy. When our “I” shows the principle of the constancy of the eternal, everlasting stability, eternal immutability, it is the quality of our consciousness. Consciousness has a quality of eternal immutability.

Ananda – of non-contradiction is a harmonious one another, eternal constancy eternal variability.


Axiom №12. Our “I” under the hypnotic, the misleading effect of Maya feels its manifestations.

That is, under the influence of maya, “I” believes that it is the manifestation. Or if the finest prana is the “I”. In this sense, our “I” is not aware of itself. Our “I” does not feel that it really is, and feels its manifestations.

This is the first action of maya, because of which then turns everything else: the occurrence of pain, karma, and so on.

Thus, our “I” fell into the illusion and begins to consider himself its manifestations. This can be compared with the situation when a person begins to consider himself and his shadow refers to his shadow, as if it was himself. That is a very strange situation. If the analogy of “human shadow” we can imagine that with our true “I” and the manifestations of our true “I” is somewhat more complicated. It is more difficult for the following reason. The manifestations of our “I” in its original form – Sat Chit Ananda or Prana – this thing is kind of extra-terrestrial attractive and addictive. And of course, our “poor” I “is very easy to be misled and to consider themselves its manifestations.

We remember that the manifestation of our “I” is completely dependent on our “I”, because our “I” is omnipotent. On the contrary, our “I” does not depend on anything, including of the manifestations. But as the concept of maya made our “I” consider themselves its manifestations, or for some stupidity person begins to consider himself his shadow, there is the very first illusory scheme. As a consequence of this illusory schemes arises all that is called our many bodies, and in yoga it is believed that we have with you three groups of bodies. And, as a consequence, there are all the following laws, which are theorems derived from axioms of yoga. After consideration of these three subgroups of axioms we consider the lemma and theorems derived from them.


Axiom №13. Maya can be overcome.

The following is an axiom in the subgroup of microcosm of the axioms of the system related to the “I” is: Maya can be overcome. On the one hand it is stated that there are Maya is our “I” and our “I” has been exposed to the action of maya. It is logical to ask: “What if, once the scope of maya, our” I “can never get out of his actions?”

“No, – says axiomatic yoga – can” And strictly speaking, the whole subsequent spiritual process is precisely to overcome the effect of maya.

Once again, overcoming Maya – a completely non-obvious process. His non-obviousness occurs when a person begins to actually practice yoga. He is engaged in a year, two, three. Sometimes the state is taking off, and then you realize that this rise was very relative, it’s just some more refined state of maya. You felt as if you overcame the Maya, and Maya really just a few thin, and again you stand with nothing. This practice can go for decades, or even for several lives. In this respect, yoga is very patient people, and that they do not have time to do in one life, they continue to do the following. And yoga axioms stated the fundamental possibility of overcoming Maya.

14. The following axiom:

Maya can be overcome triple drug:

– Willpower,

– The power of knowledge,

– The power of action,

in the case where they are connected together.

Axiom №14. Maya can be overcome triple drug: will power, knowledge power and potency in the case where they are connected together.

It all starts with the will to overcome the maya. We remember that our “I” is omnipotent, and he is subject to Maya. And the first thing to overcome maya – this is the will of our “I” still come out from under the deceptive actions of maya. But this is not enough, need to catch up other “ingredients of this medicine.” The second “ingredient” – this knowledge. What is meant by the word “knowledge”? Of course, it refers to knowledge in all its aspects: even such formal knowledge that we are here dismantle and articulate, not to mention the knowledge that comes after long practice. To this was a component – knowledge that comes after long practice of yoga, you need a third ingredient, called kriyas force.

If we carry the analogy of our ordinary life: little voleizyavit attain enlightenment, even though this is the first step, we must also gain knowledge, but knowledge is not enough. Full Full walks people who voleizyavlyayut attain enlightenment, they believe that they know all the sections of yoga, but you also need to act, that is, translating this knowledge into practice. Only the person who collects all his will into a fist, very hones their intellectual abilities, does not waste a second of waiting, and immediately begins to translate knowledge into practice, will be able to overcome the maya. If at least one of the ingredients is missing, the process could drag on indefinitely.

Axiom №15. For a man who has overcome this triple drug misleading effect of Maya, Maya completely disappears as if it never existed. And at the same time there is the ability to completely control the maya or play it again. Here’s a strange ability. It is only after we have learned to overcome Maya, comes to us the ability to manipulate Maya or use it.

Axiom №16. Once Maya completely overcome, it shall enter into force following the axiom of this subgroup: Our “I” no longer feels its manifestations, and finally realizes himself or knows itself.

This moment, when “I” attains self-knowledge, is the state of samadhi, the highest final stage of yoga. But we can not describe this condition because it is precisely the knowledge of ourselves of our own “I” and our own “I”, as you know, is inexpressible. The only thing that can tell the person who approached to this, it is an excellent degree of joy, happiness, omnipotence, omniscience, enjoyment.

So, it was the first subgroup of the axiomatic system of the microcosm.

The second subgroup system of axioms microcosm

The second subgroup for the “I” of all living creatures.

Axiom №1. Other living beings who see our “I” through the maya, there are also higher ‘I’.

Although it is not obvious enough thing, because you can not prove that there are people around you, not like humans robots. You do not test for this to somehow prove, because all the evidence will be in the plane of logic, but the essence of the Supreme “I” of another living being much higher than the logic plane. Therefore, this provision is introduced without evidence, as an axiom. Thus, it is assumed that all living beings, which are all around us, and are endowed with the Higher “I”.

Axiom №2. “I” of each individual living being and our “I” equal area in its grandeur. We can not say that someone’s “I” for better or worse, more or less, spiritual or unspiritual. Axiomatically introduces the concept of equality of all “I”.

Axiom №3. The “I” of other living creatures as well as our “I” is a manifestation of Prana, and this Prana in the future is presented in the form of Satchidananda: energy, consciousness, bliss. That is an exact analogy with our “I”, as if we looked at the situation with regard to ourselves.

Axiom №4. The same applies to the Maya. As our “I” is surrounded by maya, and as the “I” of other living beings, we see through the maya, is subject to the action of maya.

Axiom №5. Another interesting situation: our “I” by Maya sees other creatures. These living beings are also exposed to the Maya. But what we see around us? We see around us something real or illusory? The manifestation of the “I” of other living beings in the form of prana, or in the form of energy, consciousness, ananda in this system of axioms is considered to be a reality of the world around us.

It turns out that the answer to the question: “Is the world around us is real or illusory” in accordance with the system of axioms is the following: “Yes, here there is a large part illusory. That is, it can be compared with the total “soup” of maya, which “float” the individual “I”, and this “broth” maya manifest symptoms of every single creature, but these displays are already real. ” Why? Because the real ‘I’, standing behind these manifestations. By themselves manifestations are not self-existent reality, they are only manifestations of a separate “I”, but the “I” of other living beings are real, they exist and equal area of our “I”. So it turns out that everything is alive, it is billions of individual “I”. Each of these “I” governs this or that part of the energy in the world, or there is one or another living being, or that the object appears as a particular phenomenon. This little “shaman” approach: everything is Higher “I”.

Axiom №6. The essence of the Maya, which is surrounded by our “I”, and the essence of Maya that surrounds the “I” of other living creatures, one and the same.

Maya in this sense, is really very strange philosophical concept, it is very difficult to understand. On the one hand, in its essence it is the same for all, but on the other hand, the individual “I” could overcome it, and for the individual “I” it will disappear. But at the same time to the other “I” it will not disappear. And any teacher of yoga, free from maya, can be free anytime, anywhere, in any situation, under any circumstances, even though the creatures living in close proximity to him, can be completely immersed in maya and do not even realize that stuck in her.

Axiom №7. We begin to interact with other “I” or manifestations of other “I” only if voleizyavili let the other “I” in his field of vision or in the field of its action.

This is a very important point. From it later appears a theorem which is called the law of karma. And, in fact, we live in a world, which themselves created, and communicate with the living creatures, which once attracted, that is, they are not by chance next to us.

Axiom №8. Next axiomatic position of the origin of the conflict: my expression of this general “soup” of Maya suddenly comes into conflict with another manifestation of another ‘I’. Conflict situation. And we remember that the Mayan malleable, Maya can not withstand our will, our manifestations. But these two manifestations suddenly faced foreheads. And in a conflict situation defeats the manifestation of the “I”, which is largely overcome overshadows the action of maya, and therefore more aware of itself. That is, as we overcome the misconception, illusion, misleading us as themselves in ignorance, we have a power or power in relation to the other “I”, which are still at a deeper level of ignorance, misunderstanding.

Theorem and Lemma

The division of people according to the degree of awareness of themselves, according to the degree of spirituality.

It follows a very interesting lemma. On the one hand, every living creature of equal. And there is a provision on the inadmissibility of the division of living beings, for whatever whatever grounds. If we are talking about people, it is unacceptable division along racial, ethnic, religious, or even to some basis. But on the other hand the following conclusion: despite the fact that each of us is a higher transcendental “I” of equal degree of error of each “I” is different. So do not rush, as they say, to rush to the first comer neck of criminals or criminal only because yoga axiomatically declared that his Higher “I” is the same clear as yours. Do not rush, and at first the extent of his ignorance vote, the degree of error in relation to himself. It turns out that if there is any division, for example, among the people, it is not based on race, national, religious, sexual or any other grounds, but only in the degree of awareness of the “I” itself, or by the degree of spirituality .

And as a result, gives the following position theorem: every effort should seek to communicate with the spiritual people, those who have overcome ignorance, and should not be, respectively, to communicate with those who are still on the deepest level of ignorance. Otherwise it will as in the saying: Who lead the, from, and rack up.

So, yoga denies any distinction of people on ethnic, racial, or some kind of a sign. This is the purest nonsense. On the other side of yoga – the teaching is very sober and understand that if you get into a tribe of cannibals, you should not expect them to vegetarianism. Or if you find yourself in any group of hardened criminals, we have to think, and whether it is necessary to rely on the fact that they are three days will become righteous or in this situation is to build their actions somehow more reasonable?

In this sense, there is division and, looking far ahead, I will note that only those with the axiomatic positions can overcome the phenomenon of human history, as fascism. More drugs from fascism does not exist. There is always a leader, who will say: “Look at the nation or the tribe, they are generally less than human.” Indeed, one can always see the obvious differences in one case, in another, the third, but it’s nothing, my friends, does not speak. And fascism is just uses this apparent dissimilarity, differences to justify their inhuman acts. But a blind eye to the differences, as it is now, unfortunately, very often happens in politics of political correctness, too stupid, “This is nothing that they are cannibals, they are as white and fluffy as we are.” And then everything is very surprised that somewhere in some wild country shot any humanitarian mission, and all brutally killed. They came there to help people, and so they retaliated.

So there is a difference in this respect. If you understand this, you will never get to the trick of fascism. If you do not understand, it is a matter of just orator skills, so that starts to juggle with facts that you go after him. In yoga it is all introduced axiomatically, is very foundations.

Previous axiom says that if there is a conflict, then wins the manifestation, which is closer to its true “I”. This is confirmed by the practice of Raja Yoga, management. How to manage a large number of people? You can manage only in one case, if the spiritual eyes in a particular situation, you will see a little further. Otherwise, people instinctively feel that the head of one of you – no.

Axiom №9. “I” another person only then begin to communicate with you, if this very voleizyavit.

In fact, this is perhaps not quite axiomatic and lemma, auxiliary output, but here it is presented in this form. This was the second large subgroup of axioms in microcosm system.

The third subgroup system of axioms microcosm

This class axiom is considering the higher ‘I’ or beyond the “I” of the Absolute.

Axiom №1. There are some over the “I”, it is called the Absolute. This is over and above the “I”, like our “I”, has the freedom, omnipotence, omniscience, Satchidananda. This excess of “I” – the Absolute – there are all exactly the same symptoms, which are at our “I”.

Next very interesting axiom says, what is the difference between our individual “I” and over “I”. Axiom №2. On top of the “I” is initially free from the effects of Maya. It was not originally subject to the illusory maya action. This is over and above the “I” – the Absolute – by default, has the, what we must strive to yoga techniques from life to life.

With respect to beyond the “I” Absolute, as in the case of our “I”, are sleduyuschieya axioms.

Axiom №3. There are thoughts and definitions for the expression of this excess of “I”. We can not explain what it is.

Axiom №4. High above the “I” Absolute outside of time and space.

Axiom №5. On top of the “I” of the Absolute one. They are not two or five or two dozen of these over the “I”, it is one.

Next axiom may seem strange, it is easier to say than to understand.

Axiom №6. “I” of every living creature that we see through the maya, or the reflection of a face, a single glow over the “I” of the Absolute.

Of the second group of axioms, it follows that everything around – thousands of billions of living beings with their manifestations – this is just a reflection over the “I”. It turns out very interesting method in this yoga system of axioms: if you want to know the college over the “I” Absolute, acknowledge it through the “I” of the people around you.

Here are a few step aside. There is a kind of yoga – Tantra Yoga – which is not only a microcosm system, but also the system of the macrocosm. There it all is presented in the form of specific exercises: if you want to know the Absolute, know it in my wife, if you are a man, or her husband, if you are a woman. Very strange methods. They are practical and are based precisely on this axiom.

Axiom №7. As soon as our “I” overcomes the dimming effect of maya, ie overcome their own ignorance, it is beginning to see the connection between all living through the Absolute.

According to Tantra Yoga said I need to perceive the universe as a whole, and not in fragments, because there everything is interconnected. If we see some manifestations of living beings, that is, a causal relationship, why they appeared that way. For example, they interact with other living beings, which appeared in some other in a certain way, etc.

There is an anecdote: if someone somewhere was hoarse, so someone somewhere deaf. We were on the TV show some horror: someone someone stabbed or killed show disaster, but never show the preconditions that led to this. As a result of the poor spectators in mind the confusion, which always creates fear. And if people clearly know that the tragedy there are prerequisites, then all would be more balanced we started to look at all of the surrounding universe and to understand that all living beings to each other intertwined, it can not just living creature to harm another living substantially.

Axiom №8. Based on the fact that the “I” of all living creatures – is the Absolute, manifested its narrow ray, our “I” and “I” Absolute inseparable.

In Sanskrit mantras in mind it sounds like “Tat Swami Asi” – “I am That.” Or, “That is, I am.” It turns out that we are in some sense and are the Absolute, but we do not realize it.

I want to emphasize here: the last third subgroup axioms lighter voice than to comprehend, since all the provisions of this sub-group – sverhlogichny. It’s just a pathetic shadow, reflected in the words. Indeed, it turns out that our “I” on the one hand, one by itself. On the other hand, there is the Absolute. There are also numerous other “I” – “I” of all living creatures. And all this as it is one, but at the same time all of this alone. Reason is not able to seize as it can be both. But the axiom to the axioms, they are given to us, that in the future, using them already quite clear logical apparatus make them certain conclusions, which in yoga is already formulated in the form of numerous laws and regulations. Some of them we will now consider.

Lemmas and theorems from the axioms of the system microcosm yoga

I am quite in a free manner will be considered this issue, after all, we have an introduction to the axioms of yoga rather than a full course axiomatic yoga. First and foremost, you need to engender in you a desire to deal with this subject and the desire to reflect on them in the future. I assure you, you will open the horizons such that you can not even imagine. Unfortunately, we do not have time for a thorough exposition of the axiomatics of yoga. Why? Because the Open Yoga University main task – preparation of real yoga teachers. Our goal – to prepare teachers of yoga. Another thing is that yoga teacher is not prepared, if he does not know at least the basics of yoga axiomatic. But unnecessarily delve into yoga axiomatic problem – hence, create a situation where everyone involved in the theory and practice of no one does. At the same time the worst thing is that ordinary people do not get any yoga neither axiomatic nor practical. Therefore, I will be quite soft option to give some theorems that above all others you think for yourself.


Theorem №1. Almighty will – the foundation of the spiritual path. Only where there is a component of faith, yoga method is converted into a yoga method.

Now, in your own words. Full of exercises in Hatha Yoga. We do different poses, but so do the acrobats in the circus, so do people of other professions. Some exercises are very similar.

The question arises: whether what they are doing yoga exercises, if they are known not to adhere to the system of yoga? I remind you, yoga – a system of self-knowledge, which adheres to the two principles of harmony and uses a method that whatever you do. In yoga it is said that if you physically do such a posture, then sooner or later you will develop the mind, open the hidden power, and you will begin to walk the spiritual path upward. I emphasize again: it all happens, even if you do only conventional physical yogis. So what is the driving force of these processes? So, the driving force – it is the will of man. Before he begins to engage, he voleizyavlyaet walk the spiritual path. If it is, all the rest is pulled. Without this declaration of will – and you can teach a monkey to twist in all sorts of poses.

This is an interesting situation, the first step on our path of spiritual practice – it is our will to go down that road. I emphasize: this is neither the presence of the knowledge that there is such a wonderful way, nor the presence of action, namely, the will. Or, as said Kozma rods, “If you want to be happy, be them.” In this initial position, “Be it” is precisely volezyavlenie. The very first step – it voleizyavit, say, to be happy or to follow the path of spiritual development of yoga.

Theorem №2. All pleasure that we experience, experienced or will experience, lies in ourselves. Outside, we have pleasure.

Firstly, this provision immediately puts a big fat cross on any drugs. All drugs – it’s just rude and illegal way to open “safe with pleasure”, which is already within us. Within us as a bank, a safe with pleasure. The drug – like dynamite: blown up, gutted safe, everyone is full of money, everyone is happy. Then came the police, all the arrests, we have to pay for the safe, and explosion, and more for a lot of things. No food or, God forbid, “chemistry”, nor in any other things no pleasure.

Tomorrow will invent some electromagnetic radiation will irradiate them to the brain, the person will fall into euphoria, and it would seem that delight in this new electronic drugs. No, friends, it’s just a way to discover what you already have. Yoga encourages to go legally, make an effort to achieve the highest degree of pleasure, to which you aspire, but also to grow: intellectually, physically and spiritually. So if you meet what some adepts of the secret sciences of yoga, who tell you: “To survive this or that condition, it is necessary to smoke marijuana” or anything else like that, just make the appropriate conclusions. With the help of chemistry you basically can not reach the Supreme. And all those temporary phenomenon as the muddy water came and gone.

But the situation is even more grandiose. It’s not just what we consume, but concerns our very life. Sometimes a person says, “Oh, I feel so bad, because I have the circumstances of life are something sos”. The circumstances of life – they have none, they are neutral. There are fact of life that as the key to the lock to fit your inner safe with an inner state of joy and release it. But there are circumstances which do not contribute to this. And here we must simply prudent to review his life. Again, pleasure is not something from us-independent, it is not necessary to look for somewhere else-high. It is always there, where we – it is within us.

Or consider another very sad situation. Sometimes people think that the state of melancholy, apathy, illness, stupidity, dullness, depression – is its natural state. He thinks that it is necessary to leave from using tablets, therapists and anyone else outside. Friends, there is no outside solution to your problems, there is no happiness outside. All that is outside of you – it’s just a key to the lock that opens what you have inside. If you have a year living gloomy year, the sad, you always suppressed, always staying in pessimism, and you think that is your natural state, I want to disappoint you: it is an unnatural condition caused usually karmic situations and easier say – it is a disease.

If you do not feel the joy of life, the joy of life – it is a disease or the action of your negative karma. The faster you get rid of it, the better for you and others. That conclusion is quite specific, very specific theorem deduced from these axioms. Therefore tighten a little, reconsider your life, not to deify, do not make an idol of his eternal bad mood, always feeling bad, this is an illusion. The faster you get rid of this attitude, the faster things will change.

Or else a misconception that all life is striped: is it a good band life, the bad, if lucky today, tomorrow should not be lucky in order to balance the past luck. Bullshit! Believing in this, you are programming yourself to all the unpleasant events. If you really life, “striped”, it is not because you had to enjoy it, but because before pleasure you had bad karma, which is currently manifested. Everything is explained fairly trivial. Therefore, these, you know, theoretical pessimists in yoga there.

Finally, it is remarkable theorem – position.

Theorem №3. If you practice yoga, and every year you worse, you’re darker and darker, and in a growing pessimism, then you probably are not doing yoga or something is doing something there.

Theorem №4. All knowledge lies in ourselves.

Each of us carries within itself all knowledge of the universe. By and large, external information, some books, teaching only need to teach you how to draw this knowledge from within. As in the saying: “A wise man does not ask a clever man understands everything himself.” There is an anecdote – it belongs to the most beautiful half of humanity – that girls like to learn. It really was, is and will be a scourge. Here, one received education – a little, the second – a little, and now still have to learn to be a psychologist, and now – to combat trainer practitioner Nanai boys, etc. And all the little and little. It seems that the knowledge is out there. We are taught bad – well abroad, the university is bad – is good, and this endless race for that outside, outside, outside. Do you remember that education – it is what is left after all learned forgotten. By and large, in any school you should learn not to the number of some knowledge and learning to learn.

And yoga encourages us to draw this knowledge primarily from our Higher “I”, because it has the omniscience. Another conversation – how to do it, what is the procedure? I am not going to this distracted. Indeed, our consciousness has this ability: any object or phenomenon, which long held the rays of our consciousness, fully reveals itself to our consciousness. Our consciousness is sufficient to focus on for a long time (usually our mind is torn) on an object or phenomenon, as an object or phenomenon reveals itself completely.

This, incidentally, explains the numerous supernormal yogis, teachers-masters. Here he takes any object and says: “This item is owned by such a person,” and tells all about this man. You can, of course, indulge in mysticism, but you can just with yoga positions axioms come. Quite simply, it has reached such a degree of concentration that if he concentrated his mind on the object, the object “turned inside out” inside out, so to speak, it provides all the information, all the knowledge that is inherent in it.

The same concerns the power.

Theorem №5. All power – within us.

As an example, an interesting law, which is now on everyone’s lips. Everyone is talking about it all they scare each other and themselves are frightened. I am referring to the law of karma. What I just hear any nonsense about this, just, you know, any country not frightened idiots. Everyone on this subject begins to sing something entirely his own. And the law is something actually from a logical point of view is very simple: as you sow, so shall you reap. Or in another way: with the axiomatic point of view of our “I” is omnipotent, he has symptoms. And Maya that surrounds our “I” can not confront our attitudes, and completely subordinate to them.

Theorem №6. As a result, you are creating a world in which you live.

First, you set the rules, and then (as you think you are their manifestations, and your symptoms are in the world, for which you have come up with rules of the game) it turns out that you have installed, these rules begin to act against you. This is the meaning of karma. First, we come up with the rules, then they themselves fall under. Why? Because we identify with their manifestations, and Maya is just helpfully teaches us.

Theorem №7. Another conclusion concerns of other people and living things: you yourself attract those beings who want to see. In fact, you never know what I want the inner universe. After all, we are used to our world. Just imagine, in the Alpha Centauri have any living beings who live alone. Why? Because they voleizyavili see no one, and if you see once in ten thousand years for procreation, or something else like that. Now we suffer from banditry, from kakih-to corrupt, just insane outcasts, kakih-nibud stupid politicians who in the name of the authorities are doing anything, but by and large, we do kogda-to voleizyavili invite them into his personal universe. Therefore we sow, we reap. This is called the law of karma.

You have never suffered unjustly in my life, there was no such. In the same way – and not undeservedly enjoying. All the suffering that you had and you have now, and enjoyment that had, have, or will have, you voleizyavili. This is called a simple law of karma. In fact, not so interesting: the first reason, then the investigation. What is mysticism? “The magician, psychic removes karma spoiling!” Lord, where they typed this? Friends, this is a topic it is sometimes very funny, if we understand the true meaning.


Theorem №8. The law of associative links – interesting law, the cornerstone.

This law is a good idea to learn all practicing psychologist, rather than engage in mythmaking. Every ten years there will be new teaching course in psychology. Once there was a neurolinguistic programming, and all the shouting about it: “Hurrah, bravo” – lost. Then something else appeared. All again shouting: “Hurrah, bravo” – lost. And I assure you: every five to ten years then used to find some guru who will offer their own methods, but in essence it is all well forgotten old, and will all revolve around the same axis. This axis is called the law of associative links. If you do it will understand, you will not need any psychoanalysis. You will tell tales against yourself, against others, and you’ll just see where the ends meet do not converge.

Unfortunately, I have to state the fact that on one psychologist from the god nine accounts of strangers. The same, however, psychologists say about yoga, and the funny thing is, I agree with them. But we have a gentleman’s agreement: Yogi Yoga does not scold. While there, his hands and scratched, or rather language. So we have a gentleman’s agreement with psychologists. I scold bad psychologists, and vice versa good praise. And psychologists have blamed poor yogis, and the good keep silent. And everyone is happy.

Thus, the law of associative links, is the cornerstone of all subsequent general provisions. He just follows from the existence of maya or the very possibility when we do something one can assume something else. There is a very interesting corollary between two objects or phenomena that have come under the action of maya, when we do something one believe something else, more than a third, and so on. And between the two objects is drawn what is called, an associative relationship. And the most terrible and sad – for this association prana flows. This is the root of all our problems. This is the mechanism by which we prepare ourselves trap grid jail. While at the same time – this is an opportunity with the help of other associative links unnecessary to tear the thread. But it is a separate, huge science.


№9 Theorem. The following interesting theorem – pain Law: if there is ignorance – it is only a matter of time when there is such a thing as pain. The axioms, as you remember, not a word about the pain does not say. Where does it come from? Pain – is divided by two is our pleasure that faced foreheads.

Draw a more figurative painting: imagine the source of your manifestations – your Higher “I”. There is all the pleasure, outside of it, as we have discussed above, no. But we foolishly, in their ignorance think of ourselves as its manifestations. And this association is built on the one hand, our existence out of our “I”, but in parallel to this there is a second thread connecting them (if anything, this association is stupidity) on it too begins to run our manifestation. They bang their heads. That is, if our existence in Maya once extended – by themselves or as a result of some action – we experience joy, happiness. If on the contrary, someone or something squeezes them or gives them appear, it turns pushing one another, and we experience what is called pain.

Thus, as a conclusion from the axioms, we get this situation:

There is no pain at all. Any pleasure that myself strangling itself, it’s called pain. And on the gross physical level, the mechanism of realization of pain works involving gross body structures on thin – involving fine structures, and so on. Very interesting law.

Theorem №10. Memory – a good thing. “Something with my memory has become,

All that was not me – I remember. ” In general, what is memory? I will not go into details. Our “I” – is omniscient. Our “I” and the memory is not needed. Why do we have the memory? To get that information when we were doing something. What a drag it to, if you can draw all of their own “I”? That is, the memory occurs in the later constructions of just taking into account the law of associative links. And work with memory – is to work with the law of associative links.

Then follows an interesting conclusion, the following theorem.

Theorem №11. Fear. What is the fear? From the combination of memory + pain arises fear. There is no fear without memory, there is no fear without pain.

Theorem №12. Lust, desire, I do not know what word to choose when we strive to ensure that will bring us pleasure. Again, memory, and again delight.

Theorem №13. Selfishness. Ego. What it is? In fact selfishness is derived from the fact that we consider ourselves either with what we really are, and consider ourselves their manifestations.

So I consider myself their manifestations. These manifestations occur, in particular, how my body. If my body is threatened, I certainly am not satisfied, I, of course, will behave, to eliminate this threat. Or, conversely, if I’m comfortable, I’ll draw it. Usually, the person who is more concerned with his own skin than the interests of the whole country or the whole of humanity, we say: “Oh, what a selfish” And in fact, it is neither good nor bad, it concludes friends. Selfishness is derived from ignorance. This is the conclusion of the existence of maya.

Theorem №14. Attraction, aversion is also derived from the ego. If something gives us the least pleasure, our ego is running out (and our “I” feels it ego, these manifestations), then, of course, there is a negative. On the contrary, the expansion of our ego – feeling positive. Therefore, all love to be praised, and few like it when they scold.

Once again, my friends: such provisions in yoga – a lot. These provisions, as in mathematics theorems are completely removed with the use of logic. With axioms complicated, there really is such situation that does not fit in my head. Like the one part of the mind you know, and the other – as something not quite understand. With easy conclusions, one needs only to apply the logic of the second principle of yoga. If you gave the universe the mind, sharpen it, and do not be an idiot, start to think. Somehow, now considered fashionable to mix spirituality and idiocy: show some not entirely sane person and believe that he is a great prophet. But who knows, maybe he was a great prophet, or maybe just in his head is not in order. Worse, when it is in the books and in other moments.

Thus, a microcosm of the system of axioms is born a large number of provisions of the theorems in yoga. From these provisions of the theorems of yoga are born certain types of yoga. For example, the first and second sub-group of axioms is born a beautiful view of yoga as Raja yoga, the study helps to increase the strength of his personality, develop charisma. Our country really needs right now in a good manager. In the words of the head a lot, and put it on some post – it’s all about, and fall apart. And why? And it is not these damn head. For some reason everyone thinks that any fool can be a leader. And for this we need to have the appropriate qualities. This Raja Yoga, using these findings give very specific exercises and methods of their implementation, thereby allowing to reveal the power, which we have laid down.

There are yoga, that are based on a system of axioms microcosm. And there are other yoga that will increasingly rely on another system of axioms, called the macrocosm system of axioms. It will be discussed in the future.



Questions and answers.

Q: How do others perceive the “I” person, overcame the Maya, enlightening – and through their shell, as we perceive, or he sees them real?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This question would be better to ask those who have already reached this state. Of course, there are references in the text, but there is such a situation that his own personal experience, I can not tell you, because it does not have, and refer to another … In fact – a simple question. Consider some of the great famous humanist who does not sleep, does not have to think about the good of the other. I asked him: “Why are you with this bum vozishsya? From him it stinks “And he:” No, I see it as a spark of God. ” Looks sees busy times. I’m on the subway ride, from time to time, so I have some time in the car can not go, because they sleep there. But the man also helps …


Question: What is the “poverty”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In fact, these questions have a quick, good answer exists Dictionary of the Russian language, which gives an explanation of each word. Since this word is not a word from the vocabulary of yoga, then I’m all right I can send you to the corresponding dictionary.


Question: What can be read on yoga axioms to a deeper understanding of this topic?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are plenty of treatises, teachings of various kinds of yoga philosophies, depending on how well you speak on this topic. If you are more or less represent a way of life of medieval India, you can safely read medieval treatises. If you find it difficult to answer, what is a “goad”, you will be too heavy to read religious medieval treatises and maybe it makes sense to read some processing in the form of philosophical views on the six orthodox systems of India. Quite a lot of everything has …

Question: I have a question about the axiom, “If there is a conflict, it wins the” I “, which itself is more aware.” I had a an example: a man with a lion met. Initially people themselves more aware than an animal. As in this case, to understand this axiom?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, there is the question of karma, bad karma. The bad karma he has to go without a gun on Africa. “… Little children, not for anything in the world do not go, children in Africa walk …” and he went there without a gun. Or the situation with a small poisonous snake, which, of course, is not on the human level, but bites and brings lots of trouble. And like a defeated, and still hisses and crawls contentedly. But it is rather a friend, from another area – the area of our karma, or our stupidity.

It also refers to being located in equal conditions. Man as a species, as you can easily see, replaced all other types of animals. If you do not consider the karmic idiocy of every individual, then it is so.


Question: Buddha and Christ recognized his “I”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga is very distanced from religion, so questions about the Buddha should be set Buddhists and Christ – Christians. Otherwise, if I do not climb in their area, they will be offended.


Question: Tell me, every cell in my body has its own “I”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question! Yes, according to the teachings of yoga turns out that way. And this is the basis of Raja – yoga. There is a hierarchy of subordination.


Q: Symbiosis too well understood?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is the epitome of interactions “I” on a gross level. Every cell in our “I” voleizyavila live in this community. By the way, there is a system of evolution, unfortunately, we have not had time to consider it. Why do you have cells are born? Because you give them the possibility of spiritual development within your body. They will serve as something of one, but something else you give them. It’s a mutually beneficial exchange. This, incidentally, Raja – yoga. The really will take your leadership only in one case, if you will give the possibility of spiritual development in the long run. Therefore, a good ruler – is first and foremost a person who cares for the spiritual development of his people, and not the one who collects the taxes or strongly scare, or just write political programs. By and large, the only hold power, who will care for the spiritual development of every member of society, which he manages. But this is a separate issue.

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