2009.03.21 The system of axioms “Microcosmos”. Poetry and Yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.03.21 The system of axioms “Microcosmos”. Poetry and Yoga.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief Description: From what the ancient yogis warn us, transmitted to us this great knowledge? Distortions arising in the study of the axioms of yoga. Methods to avoid these distortions. As poetry helps to feel the push to the Supreme? All this and other exciting subtleties of self-knowledge, we draw some of this lecture.

Today we March 21, 2009, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC “Awakening”, in Moscow, next to the m. Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for the Open University of yoga. All information is stored on a site www. openyoga. ru www. happyoga. narod. ru www. yogacenter. ru. So, we continue to consider our topic – introduction to axiomatics of yoga.

Dangers in the study of the axioms of Yoga

In the last lesson we looked at the dangers that may arise in the study of the axioms of yoga. With these dangers can meet each yogi and yogini, embarked on the path of yoga. All these dangers are conditional. If a person learns the right place, then there is no danger. The danger comes when there is bias in favor of reason, logic. Then indeed there is a great danger. In fact all the global trends, teachings, philosophy and so on, have brought enormous suffering to humanity, inherently logical views were, cut off from life, and were a bloody flywheel that grinds people. It is enough to study history to understand it.

In yoga, we understand this danger and have taken desperate measures to prevent such phenomena. In this lecture, we will continue this theme and consider, how does yoga teachers help students avoid the danger that lies in the full withdrawal to the thoughts, when the mind, so to speak, detached from the heart, and the man turns into a clever, intellectual, analytical, ruthless machine. It is unfortunate that such a trend we have now. Sadly, at times, some representatives of science fall into this trap, and for the sake of purely scientific interest are unbalanced actions by applying the latest achievements of science and technology.

Like yoga environment created defense mechanisms that protect the student of yoga a person from the danger of becoming an intellectual monster?

The risk is extremely high. We are with you only save that yoga is very poorly preserved, the amount of knowledge that is now penetrated to the West, it is not serious. Everyone is talking about some chakras, about some of the Kundalini energy, something someone opens, closes, it all somehow sluggish, smeared, illogical. And serious people, there is no no desire to learn it all, because it is – “water on the seventh jelly.” But the same chakra and Kundalini energy – this is not some notion of yogis, it is a serious part of knowledge that can be used and this requires a theory. Now it has become fashionable to do yoga, for it pay the money, that’s all, and ran into the yoga instructors. But as soon as the legions of psevdoinstruktorov who know nothing about yoga, will be “squeezed” out of it as soon as yoga will penetrate to the masses on a more serious level, it will be treated as seriously as, probably, to nuclear physics.


The ancient treatises and poetry

To deal with distortions in the ancient yoga tradition in every way tried to dilute the logic or to frame this diamond yoga logic protects the rim of mitigating mechanisms. And does so with sufficient virtuosity.

All ancient treatises on yoga were written in verse. It is now when you try to transfer those treatises which have reached us, in English, and then in the Russian language, the poetry is lost, and sometimes the meaning inherent in the poetic treatises. But initially there was poetry yoga. Moreover, yoga was thought that the gift of poetry – is the highest manifestation of creativity, one of the highest gifts that a person can possess.

In the last lecture we saw that there are two views of the world. Peace of mind and the world of emotions, sensations. Poetry gives just the world of emotions and feelings, some undertones, hints, some intuitive tremors. So, in ancient times, the presentation of an issue ancient yoga clothes in verses, sometimes in a very beautiful poetry. Another issue is that with verses obsolete over time, we do not understand the meaning of many words or figurative connections between words and much is lost. For his own era it turned out a very interesting phenomenon. Reading one or another treatise in verse, man, as it gets a triple exposure. Firstly, the meaning of which carries a verse. At the same time was so set out the story, selected style, which inadvertently transferred some feelings, a certain poetic flavor, and a man reading a treatise fell into this aura. This happened just as we are now, reading the poets of the Silver Age, also subtly ineffable charms. Actually it differs therefore capitalized on those who, because of some circumstances start to write, as it seems to them verses. Write poems that have hitched or inspired can only poet whose mind is included in addition to the super-intelligence, or, so to say, the level of intuition. In fact all the great poets who inspired and able to influence through the verses, in this sense, possessed and were able to exercise the same powers, who could be a yoga and yogini. Poetic gift – is the highest gift of our supermind, our intuition. People who have them, neither more nor less than the prophets. They seem to be a level of at sverhlogiki could transmit a pulse height of the word help. The usual people, which was overcome megalomania or the desire to become famous, climb out of the skin, so nasochinyat as many verses as possible. And they they can write whole volumes, but here’s one problem – nobody reads them.


Methods of protection of the axiomatic bias towards logic and instincts toward

poetic presentation method. Three levels of poetic effects.

In ancient times, to keep the logic of such a blunt application axioms of Yoga – that supreme philosophy of yoga – clothed in poetic form. And reading, people involuntarily, as it were softened diverse, blunt, logical statement – do it once, do two, do three – and then creeps something elusive.

So, in these ancient poetic treatises traced level of consistency, the level of poetic allegorical, and, finally, the most supreme, mysterious layer, a direct push into enlightenment. It is like a push, so that makes the mind work, when we study the ancient yogic poetic work that, in addition to understanding, in addition to the charm, and even makes a person to make a step in the inexpressible.

When all three components are present in the verse, he turns into a mantra. Poetry is the highest section of mantra yoga. But once again I want to stress – real poetry! Poetry with a capital letter! Thus, all the non-verbal information axiomatic logic spells out the word yoga and immediately by poetry, it is mitigated by another view of the world, a different way of understanding the world: through images, feelings, emotions. We remember that the feelings, emotions, images, there is a very good property – through them, sometimes through untold. What you can not pass through the logic, it can be heard through the senses and emotions. But at the same time, the feelings and emotions and there is great danger – a reflection of the instincts that we ourselves bear with lifetimes in the bodies of animals.

Non-verbal methods. Art – Protect factor.

There are also other mechanisms of protection against distortions that can occur when absolutely stupid application of yoga axiomatic. This so-called non-verbal methods of transferring information or knowledge. They can be carried out through painting, through sculpture, through architecture, through the dance – in general, through art. Arts and protects is the factor, which does not allow mankind to kill herself. Kill primarily excessive attempt to be clever.

In fact, if you look at the works of sculpture or are in a particular architecture, it can not help you to have an impact (and even quite physical effect), and the wall, and the atmosphere and appearance. That is all picked up that something you involuntarily begins encounters more profound meaning. It may be, for example, the works of ancient Indian sculpture, numerous miniatures, not to mention such an important tool, which is a Yantra. So, contemplating it, we involuntarily begin to comprehend this unspeakable. It goes beyond logic, it comes through the senses, emotions, images, through the association. It affects the deep structures, which also greatly smoothes the axioms of yoga.

World – grander and more beautiful dry laws of logic, describing his

Axiomatics of yoga, like any logic, a very prickly. Axiomatics of yoga like a skeleton: everything seems to be logical, but agree that there is a difference – admire the image of a beautiful girl or look at its skeleton. A big difference! Yoga – is a beautiful girl, yoga axiomatic – this girl’s body skeleton, and if it is not, then the body will be like an octopus, at the same time, if it remains only a skeleton, and then the girl will not remain a single anatomical benefits.

So, in the texts by poetry, by the beauty of a syllable tried to embellish this skeleton axiomatic. Sometimes, when we begin to study the axioms of yoga, it seems to us too beautiful. Axioms beautiful its logic, its beautiful sequence, but it is dry beauty of mathematics. Mathematics – a very beautiful science. But the diversity of the world, through which through all the mathematical laws, many times more beautiful, because it is added to something else.

It is for this reason that the study of yoga is not enough to read one – two books, as is now often the case. Man takes, say, six orthodox Indian yogi, they mastered in two weeks – and the Vedas and the Upanishads – and thinks that he already has a well-established idea of yoga. Logically, it seems. Well, the study of ancient texts – this is good, necessary thing, but yoga is much higher, more beautiful, more varied. It is for this reason, is sometimes prescribed in ancient times: “If you want to understand the so-and-so, let’s you, my dear, to make a trip. For example, visit a particular church. Do not just visit, but when you come there on foot, not by car, and in the way of approaching this temple does not chew the cud, and on his cell phone say, and sing the mantra and visualizes the image, said in the order. ” If it was said that the temple is necessary to go in the buff, then, so we wanted to go, because these components have untold effects nonverbal. They are non-verbal knowledge: that which is not expressed in words, it is not described, but it can survive.

By the way, a lot of practice in yoga is built on these principles. That is why they are difficult to reproduce – Western mentality is trying to find a grain of truth in this, but it’s the same as trying to find a benefit in the works of our great poets. If you take any poetic work and to present him with the words of ordinary logic – this is some kind of narrative. Well, for example, translate the language of logic, “I remember a wonderful moment.” It will turn out that the man remembered something once, and so on. And what happens? This complexity is, but there is and protect the shell, which complements and softens too particularly zealous followers of logic.

The need to have the keys to the tradition of the translation of texts on yoga

A few words about poetry. Unfortunately, this issue is close to another subject, namely, the theme of conservation of cultural heritage, which is lost. I mean the ancient knowledge of yoga. It really is the highest achievement of culture, which is currently not claimed, which disappears. A huge problem – to find an adequate translation of yoga treatises. For the translation of these treatises seize all and sundry, on the principle: I translated yesterday detectives today – books on computer topics, and tomorrow’ll take the treatises on yoga. Again, most of the translation comes from the English language. The same situation, if the translation is done from Sanskrit: two weeks he taught Sanskrit, and the third sat behind the text translation. You know, the funny thing is that two weeks to study Sanskrit, and the third can only translate texts in one case, if there are so-called keys tradition or understanding of the keys, what will you do. So you like to first understand the concept and just to clothe it in the right words. Whether you’re a professor of Sanskrit at least three times, but without the key traditions of your translation is incomplete, and sometimes even fatal errors will occur.

Translation theory treatises on yoga

There is in this respect a kind of theory of translation: how to translate these spiritual treatises from one language to another. This problem did not arise yesterday, the yoga of knowledge long since spread around the world. Here is a typical example, when a certain time it was necessary to bring the tradition of the territory of Tibet, into another language. And nothing, right, moved. And in other languages translated, as a huge number of treatises and traditions preserved, does not in Sanskrit and in other languages.

There is a section of Mantra Yoga, how it is necessary to translate the treatise. I mention in passing that there is a method where any treatise, according to mantra yoga is divided into three parts and transferred to three parallel ways. That is a treatise translated into energy mantra, the mantra in the mind and in parallel in the mantra name, then separately transferred to each of these options, and the output of these three translations, trying to get a coherent whole. It is desirable that it was all in verse. Hard work! It can be said – the challenge! It is clear that it does not reach to the verses, it is important to simply pass a treatise on here these three levels. And with that something bad things.

Disclosure of creative abilities through the practice of yoga

But there is a positive, gives hope side. It lies in the fact that as the person is engaged in yoga (Hatha Yoga, Pranayama yoga, mantra yoga), oddly enough, he gradually comes to disclosure laid it supernormal abilities. I have long enough in yoga – teach it, teachers prepare – and watch a typical situation where a person who begins to practice yoga, suddenly finds himself in a gift or talent, which refers to any art. He began to write poems, paint pictures, compose music or sculpt from scrap materials immortal works of art. And, it all comes naturally, without any strain.

Sometimes it is said that the creative torment, anguish, sleepless nights are needed to create a masterpiece. As a rule, people involved in yoga, it comes naturally and effortlessly. They do not feel creative torments, they just create. Again, each at their own level, maybe even a modest, but for the first time perfectly, even amazed sometimes.

By the way, we have the Open Yoga University Anandasvami tradition of a competition among students to verse exposition of some of the most interesting provisions of yoga theory. It had everything, absolutely everything in verse! As the competition is open to creative drawing. The man is engaged in some kind of yoga – for example, kriya yoga – and suddenly he had a picture in front of the eyes occur, sometimes quite fantastic. People redraw them, sometimes even rude, like a child’s drawing, but something present in it, inspiring! The man had not studied it, just (sorry for the slang), its “prêt”, inside it is inexpressible.

This is encouraging, because over time, such creative individuals will increasingly occur. And they take seriously for the cultural heritage of yoga and will be able to gather the crumbs of this great knowledge. One translation is worth. May God grant the day though line yogic treatise translated, consider that you are not in vain lived day! And it is encouraging in terms of what the restored part of the knowledge of yoga is lost permanently.

The need for axiomatic, logic, common sense

I would like to say a few words in defense and praise of the axioms of yoga. Yes, friends, yoga axiomatic not only necessary, but critical need. Much more problems for people involved in yoga, does not arise from the excess of the axioms, but from lack of it. Or, rather, not to a lack of the axioms, and from a lack of common sense. Axioms causes strain, shake and direct your mind in the way of analytical thinking. In my life, we are guided by the vast majority of cases, rather instincts, herd mentality (all fled – and I ran, all bought – and I bought), rather than common sense. Sometimes in life we do not use common sense. So, the study of the axioms, axiomatic application allows us to acquire the habit to use common sense in everything. In the analysis of any situation, in the choice of objectives for the near or distant future, how to behave in a given situation. That is, before himself as a lead, it’s a good idea to analyze everything from the point of view of common sense. A huge number of problems turns out to avoid. And axiomatic is vital in this. So she needed a man in yoga, not to make various follies and not get into any field or currents that call themselves practicing yoga, but yoga is not.

There is another reason, and it is probably the most serious. As the saying goes, “Life is lived – not the field move”, as in yoga. When you start to deal with it, you realize that it fundamentally affects you – on all levels of thought, at times, it seems that you turns inside out. That’s what you’re used to, is just your imagination, or vice versa, what you do not pay attention to, starting to take some new faces. And the more we delve into yoga, the more we purify ourselves, the more we transform for the better, but also the many challenges we face. The fact that we have accumulated a huge amount of waste for this life, not to mention earlier. And so we begin to rake the litter, and debris from the cutting away this dust is raised, both during the repair. You start in the old house to do repairs. It seems to be – what’s the big deal? All the old stuff and throw half done … Yes, there it was. Only you start, and then one after the other to collapse begins, and you do not know already, for what to catch. And you, inhaling this dust, sneezes, coughs. And we must continue – can not have you half way to quit, but the forces have not. If we draw an analogy: the same thing happens to a man who persistently and firmly took hold of himself. Sometimes in life there are such states, when you do not know where the top, where the bottom, where the left, where the right. I do not know whether to go there, or here, or resign from their jobs, or get a job, or marry, or divorce. Feeling as if you are in a space twirl.

Axioms – star chart our way in yoga

I specifically poem read:

“When the ocean rages,

Ferocious anger was overcome,

And ozirayuchis neighborhood,

You will not understand where the north, where the West,

Trust the star map,

Sailing over the black abyss. “

This is exactly the same axiomatic yoga – it’s like a star map. It is not clear what to do in such moments, when the waves lash the storm turns. It is unclear which way you go. And you look at the stars: there polar star, so there’s just something to swim. And there already know how not to get on the reefs.

So, axiomatic is the same star map when you twirl when life begins to throw up and down. And, my friends, is not to blame for this yoga to blame your negative karma. You have accumulated negative karma and with the help of yoga began to clean it. And God knows what you have there for karma. Any karma is like a bomb, unexploded since the war. Lying themselves and waiting for when you start to clean it, but only before it is touched, and it will explode! Similarly, in our destiny: Once we decided to start to live a new, clean, bright, abandon all previous errors, and then sometimes it all turns – you do not know what to do. We start all the rubbish from ourselves to throw away, and the garbage is something different: somewhere just harmless dust, but somewhere and dangerous – a hand grenade lying around. And we do not know what we have inside, and start bravely waving a broom. In yoga, we are warned about this. Blame, of course, is not yoga, blame the means by which we remove the trash. It is necessary to choose those that allow you to not just clean and clean safely without exploding mines. Better yet, carry out the mine and let them explode on the sidelines. Or better yet, include this in a mine quarry and there to blow, so it is still a pile of rubble and mangled bring benefit. Some aspects within us, if they begin to manifest themselves, bringing harm to us or others. But if you learn how to use them, you can do a lot of useful. Nevertheless, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

axiomatics of yoga and have the preparation for the worst. Sometimes in life there comes a time when you will no longer understand anything. I am preparing a long time yoga teachers. Cooking yoga instructor is to give him the load is many times more than it receives people practicing independently. The percentage of people who at the time of preparation, suddenly find themselves in the unusual, that their every twist, quite substantial. Survive those who, with clenched teeth, remember axioms do not allow emotions to overwhelm yourself and pass the storms, relying, as it says in the poem, “the star map, floating above the black abyss.” They come out of the storm winners as sea wolves. It is because of such people then obtained yoga teachers. It is clear that from a man who does not keep himself in hand, do not get the teacher. How it will help others if he himself somehow can not help? So, it is axiomatic of the star map, the compass which always tells you what to do at a time when difficulties arise in the way.

Feelings and emotions – it’s good, they inspire us, when there is a mood, they can intuitively get us on the right path. But when overwhelmed some powerful emotion (fear, anger, jealousy, envy, anger, stupidity, drowsiness, stupor, etc.), then this is not necessary to trust emotions, nothing good comes of it, a man becomes uncontrollable ship, which waves are then left, then right. But if there is a clear life guidelines, the internal “samurai” code of honor, everything becomes much easier. But in order to have this honor code, it should work out in advance, before they went into battle. And yoga is best to study the axioms faster advance. Yoga in this ratio gives very specific recommendations.


Basic yoga postures

The first principle of yoga – not harming any living being unless absolutely necessary. I have been teaching yoga and often witnessed when people come to yoga, white and fluffy, they started an engaged and they woke up such emotions. He became ill, and they started to behave accordingly – around could not care less. They started out as something to show themselves and they did not care whether people suffer from it or not. Once again I want to emphasize that this is not any first got people and those who pretended to practice yoga and teaching yoga further. This is a condition when a person “shall”, he understands nothing and help it can. But at the same time some part of the human mind understands that it carries.

But if the inside would be settled intention to anyone, and never to harm, it would be a guarantee that when it will be held, it will not cause harm to others and thus impair his karmic situation. The law of karma has not been canceled, for example, even if a person three times a day doing yoga, it is still the law of karma is there for everyone. We must rise above the level of karma, to get out of his actions, but this is still very far away. At the moment when you begin to wear, the most important thing – that nobody was hurt!

We have a yoga school Anandasvami tradition, we speak of their future teachers: “Do not be so afraid of the impact as their disproportionate uncontrolled reaction”. That is not the case you hooked as you explode. Not so much harm you brought someone from the outside, how do you bring back substantial harm to its explicit or imaginary offender. Sometimes it’s our reaction to these stimuli are much stronger and more dangerous than the potential harm that could bring the stimulus. The first principle of yoga as a guiding star, will save you from this. And we need all this in the first place – logically understand, and secondly – to memorize, memorize, a hammer.

The second yoga principle – a very specific recommendation. “… And ozirayuchis neighborhood, you do not understand where the north, where the West.” Will you watch and wonder what to do? There are situations in life when you do not know what to do. If you do not know what to do, stop and apply the first principle of yoga – no harm.

Then remember the second yoga principle – to move toward your goal. Put it in front of the goal, that’s up to her and move. You do not know how? – Yes, even as long as the goal. Will move, come and method. And if you start to rush, aims to revise on the move, it will turn around.

And finally, the third principle of yoga – a vow of renunciation of sufferings. I mention in passing about him. It is necessary for those who practice yoga fast. For those who practice classical types of yoga, it is not so fundamental. Whatever the situation around you or turned you inside took this vow, and your reaction to the suffering will be as follows: if you need my help – I can help, and if you just come to you, I wept and suffered, refer to someone someone else. I take a vow that in my universe there is no suffering. What I can, I will help all living beings, to get rid of suffering, but do not make me suffer. We will have a private lecture on the subject ..

Now to us from countries of the East began to penetrate fast methods, it is as if we here began supplying race cars. Racing cars supply and traffic rules drivers do not know. Imagine that will begin when these drivers, no rules drive know, sit down at the race cars. The question of time before they find your post. But this applies to rapid methods of yoga, there also has its own guidelines.

Now, we turn to the axiomatics of yoga, again I remind, this is one of the most difficult sections, and if you do not understand something, do not worry. I will expound in a fairly mild form, but it is so strictly as far as we allow the scope and necessity.

Microcosmos axiom systems and the macrocosm

Let me remind you the first lecture in this series, that according to the axioms of yoga every possible system of axioms can be reduced to two independent systems, and the rest of the axioms of the system would be a special case of these two independent systems. One of the systems is called the Microcosm, another macrocosm. Both of these systems of axioms, it is an attempt to express the inexpressible some system of axioms, one for which there are no words in the language, in order to describe it. Imagine the way – that’s hanging in the sky object is a strange and casts two shadows. In fact at the intersection of these two shadows and hanging the object that casts them. Even though the object itself and ineffable, but the shade can be described. Similarly, the fundamental axioms of the system – it is inexpressible, but there are two systems that are expressible. Each of these systems gives its methods. Sometimes in the form of these methods sound contradictory, but applying them, we arrive at the same result.

A system of axioms says, “self-reliance” and gives all the methods, all of yoga, which are based on this. Another axiom system says: “Trust in the Absolute” and also gives all the methods that are derived from this provision. At first glance, one does not understand, to whom can I rely on themselves or Absolute? In fact, this seeming contradiction within the logic is not solvable. It is solvable only with the position sverhlogiki. At first glance, there is some confusion. This is precisely the kind of fundamental technique that’s so completely expressible in words or exercises, we are led to the understanding of one step, then another. And then, suddenly, spontaneously born intuitive understanding that is inexpressible.

Let’s start with axioms considered a tradition – “Praise be to Ganesha.” The cultural tradition Ganesha is a manifestation of the Absolute, eliminating obstacles or repairing them. Twofold character. He is the patron saint of learning, the patron saint of logical comprehension, and so very often in the texts and treatises begins with the presentation of the mantra, “Praise Ganesha”. Since it is a good tradition, I will from time to time it stick. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev reads mantra).


Microcosmos system

Microcosmos system – the first system of axioms from which are derived many exercises in yoga, many of the principles of yoga, many of the provisions in yoga. For example, such as the Yoga, Raja Yoga, in all rests on the axiomatic system. Yes, actually, and Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga also rely on this system of axioms. I want to say this, if we take as a basis for these axioms and applying logic to work with them, sooner or later, teaches yoga, we have to bring all the exercises, which are in a particular section of yoga. That is, any exercise in yoga logically derived, although it inherently leads to sverhlogichno sverhlogichnym results, but at the same time, it will never conflict with logic. In the analysis of systems of axioms of the microcosm and the macrocosm, it is sometimes useful to give an emotional boost, resorting to poetry. In particular, now I will try to explain with the help of poetry Microcosmos system.

More to this system gravitate women than men, though it seems at first glance that the opposite is true. This system is for people very coherent, very strong-willed, very collected. There is a wonderful poem by Kipling, it is called “Testament.” I beg you to set off against it in translation Lozinski.

Vladey are among the distraught crowd,

You who swear by the confusion of all.

Believe in myself, in spite of the universe,

And little faith let their sin;

Let the hour is not broke, wait, not tired,

Let the liars lie, do not condescend to them;

Know how to forgive and not to seem, forgiving,

Generous and wise friend.

Be able to dream without becoming a slave dreams

And to think, thoughts are not deified;

Meet Equals Success and a taunt,

Not forgetting that their voice is a liar;

Stay quiet when your same word.

Mutilating a rogue, that taketh the fools,

When all life is ruined, and again

You must recreate all with the basics.

Be able to put in joyful hope

But the map of all accumulated with difficulty,

All play and become poor as before,

And never regret,

Be able to force the heart, nerves, body

You serve when in your chest

For a long time everything is empty, all burned,

And only the will says, “Go!”

Stay simple, conversing with kings,

Stay honest, telling the crowd;

Be direct and firm with enemies and friends,

Let everything in its own time, considered to be with you;

Give meaning to every moment,

Hours and days of the relentless running –

Then the whole world will accept you for an inheritance,

Then, my son, you’re the man!

Rudyard Kipling. “Covenant”. (Translation Lozinski).

Here’s a poetic image: a man – a very strong-willed, counting on itself, on its will on its determination, the ability to win, first of all, himself. This image of a man who, above all, believe in yourself, and only then all the rest, be it yoga or some other system. To describe the microcosm system of axioms, it creates an image of such a person here.

microcosm axiom system includes some basic axioms, or rather several groups of axioms. There is one little subtlety that I want to sound. In some schools of yoga, you will find fewer axioms, you will find in other larger number of axioms, and all of them will describe the system of axioms microcosm. This happens for the simple reason that some axiom can be deduced from the other axioms, rather, they cease to be the axioms and theorems are. But in ancient times we knew that our intellectual ability is not very strong, so a large number of points at once postulated as a starting point, thereby facilitating our path. That’s why there was this difference in the number of axioms. And they talk about groups of axioms upon which all methods of this system.

microcosm axiom system begins with the person I am. The first thing that is introduced axiomatically, is that each person has his higher self

Axiom №1: each person has a higher self

Well, at first glance, so surprised! There is no I or I – what’s the difference? No, my friends, this is a very serious statement. I remind you that the axioms are given without proof! Prove it for yourself you will not be earlier than the rise to the level of sverhlogiki. Each axiom is as a support upon which you can build a building of yoga. And the fact that this higher self is, in itself this is a starting point. And who will say that I do not have any! There is no soul, pairs one inside. What am I? Science saw him? Did not see! No I’m not. Explore the human body, cut it, and there is no enforcement and no I! There nerve cells, they have the pulses generated. They create electromagnetic waves, and it seems as if it was I, and it’s all self-deception. A side effect of the chemical reaction in our brain. You know, you can hardly do anything to oppose these people, because they will be asked to prove that I have. And a trick here and subtlety: the fact that I grasp, weigh, and how to present your passport, you will not, in principle, because it sverhlogichno.

It can not grab, touch, it is higher than that of words, it is higher than that of thought, higher than the evidence. Therefore, the logic of the plane, you will never be able to prove that you and everyone else has a higher Y. They will bring thousands of counter-arguments, you will have to give their arguments. And this debate will end the following: if you smarter, it will create the illusion that you have won, if your user smarter, it will create the illusion that he has won. And in fact, if you do, and it is equally smart, you’ll avoid a similar dispute. This stalemate and dispute will be empty. The “Upanishads” very well said in this regard, arguing that such debaters – a futile exercise, just like to have sex with a woman infertile: have fun on the language that you toss and turn, and the fruit of the dispute is not! This is a very rough comparison, but sometimes in ancient India enjoyed a strong expression. Here is one of them. Talking about these issues is useless, everyone remains at, and nothing good will come of it.

So, yoga, these provisions are postulated or are introduced as axioms. It is not proved, my friends! It is impossible to prove! All of this is given as a starting point. So, in the microcosm axioms all starts with the fact that given this axiom is that you have a higher self


Question: Well, so be it. And what it is, is the highest I?

There are introduced the following additional axiom (axiomatic subgroup microcosm system of axioms), which explain what is this I, as it manifests itself, and what we can do with it. Thus, it turns out that first introduced the concept of our higher self, and then the axiom of this subgroup – it is why it is so on. Then enter the second largest group of axioms – it describes I all other living creatures.

Q: Well, it’s good if we decided to ourselves that we have our higher self, but all the others that surround us, they have that? Do they have their higher self, or have a pair? And what it is they I?

In yoga it sends a strong axiom №2 which stands in the whole sub-group of axioms, that every living creature Isometric Ya

That is, it is the same big, it is the same inexpressible, it is similar to our Ya This is a very interesting situation, and the conclusions begin with this point. Then I’ll move a little to the side in the clarification. In the West, it is very popular topic on the inseparability of racial, sexual, or even to some basis. Friends, in yoga is given as the very first step! Do people belong to one nationality or another, whether they belong to one race or another, to one belief system or philosophy to another system, it does not matter! All living beings Isometric I! I specifically say – of all living beings, because in yoga it extends further than just a group of people, it still extends to animals. The funny thing is that I’m in his capacity of any living creature – be it a mosquito, a cat, a Neanderthal, a wild man, an African jungle, a maniac of the gate, or anyone else – the same! We then touch on this large group of axioms.

And finally, the third axiom, that there is some higher self or super I, which is called the Absolute. And every single I am, so to speak, one or another facet of this supreme over I, the Absolute. And there is given its own system of axioms that describe it in more detail.


Answers on questions

Question: Tell me, am I in plants?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: strictly speaking, my friends, in every living being has a higher self is another matter that the body of a living being is sometimes quite bizarre. And, too, there are plants I. I have even microorganisms. Here Paramecium caudatum floats, and we think that it has no no I. And she I – Isometric our Ya Another question is why everything is so different. Why do we – the people, and it is – that is a microscopic organism? But we’ll talk more in detail in the following topics, what is the difference.

Question: why the first principle of yoga is called the principle of kindness, because it would be better to call it the principle of not causing harm? Does it follow that if I do not cause harm, I’m good?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, my friends, let’s start with a definition of goodness. Who will give me the definition of kindness? What kind of person is good, and what is not? Take, for example, some sadist who killed a huge number of people, and walking across the street, helped granny way pass away, and she told him the following: “What a good man!” It is necessary to somehow give more precise definition.

Friends, here let me someone definition of goodness. In such cases, it would be good to have a glossary. But I will not torment you. If you analyze at least from their point of view, who would you call a good man? You meet people, you know that from it will not wait meanness, he will never do you no harm, he likes you or dislikes, likes it or you do not like – in any situation, it goes a gentleman. Of course, you call it good. Hello – this is the man from whom harm will be minimal. Once again I remind you that from the standpoint of yoga, you can not do no harm at all! You can only reduce the amount of harm. So the man who reduced to a minimum amount brought in by them any harm, and we usually call a good man.

Question: one who regularly helps people, it is good?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: friends, on the issue of assistance, there is already creeps second principle of yoga. Help must also be meaningful. To help and how to help? There is a second principle of yoga, sometimes you have someone to help, but that help does evil, perhaps even indirectly. Do you remember when burned Jeanne d’Arc, one of the grannies brought an armful of firewood, and threw it into the fire, and with sincere conviction that saves someone’s soul. Very often there are such controversies.

Question: Tell me, higher self, it is common to all, or at everyone?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you mean the higher self of the Absolute? As stated in this system of axioms, each of us, if anything, a piece of the Absolute, or the brink of the Absolute, or the Absolute sleep. In general, this is a very hard topic to explain, because this is an issue where the mind refuses to figurative representations. You can imagine that I’m in there somewhere, and there is something, shaped to form an image. And here is how to make a mental picture that the Absolute in every living being and at the same time seem to be alone? This requires a fairly high degree of abstraction.

Question: Karma – Yoga is an axiom or is it something knowable?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: karma – it is very simple thing, it is the law of cause and effect. It is the law that is the reason for the beginning, and then the investigation. We’ve learned that we first do something, and then the result comes.

Question: If we are particles of the Absolute, and I have our all equally, why the whole world?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yes, God knows (laughs), ask the Absolute.

Question: Tell me, but the system of axioms of the microcosm and the macrocosm is it possible to somehow twist to the concept of energy and consciousness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: good question you ask. Is it possible to draw a certain parallel between these systems of axioms and by energy and by consciousness? It can be said that not all, but some kind of analogy can be traced. But I’m not ready to answer this question. Friends, if you think I know all the yoga – you’re wrong, I know the grains. And I’m doing the wrong business. I read axiomatic yoga only for one reason: because more qualified teachers on this matter, I now can not deliver.

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