2009.03.14 Introduction to the axioms, the dangers on the road.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Short description:

This lecture examines the effectiveness of the axiomatic approach to yoga. The first approach – the logic of the illogic and further to sverhlogike. The second approach – from irrationality to sverhlogichnosti. Which of these methods is more preferable, and what dangers lurk on the way? Needless to sharpen logic and any skews honed mind we can observe? How to avoid these distortions? This more typical distortions “attempt to be clever”: a man or a woman? Why yoga school yoga tradition Anandasvami axiomatic transmit women? Do yoga Calls put any goals? When revived yoga according to the vision of the School tradition Anandasvami? Do we need our world is now a woman with an active lifestyle?

Plan of the lecture:

Illogical logic sverhlogika

Is there a danger on the path of yoga?

The perception of the universe from the perspective of the senses

Who is right: a scientist or a shaman? A physicist or a lyric?

“Geniuses” of yoga

learning method of irrationality to sverhlogike

This more typical distortions “attempt to be clever”: a man or a woman?

Questions and answers for a lecture

Today, March 14, 2009, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, next to the m. Novoslobodskaya, this lecture for the Open University of yoga. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we continue the theme, which began on the “Introduction to the axioms of Yoga” last week. Indeed today – March 14 – International Day of “Pi” and the birthday of Albert Einstein. I congratulate you on these holidays, but our theme would be more appropriate to another holiday – March 8, International Women’s Day, and then you will understand why. Continuing introduction to axiomatics of yoga, and the topic of today’s lecture is called “Is there a danger in the axiomatics of yoga?”


Illogical logic sverhlogika.

According to the teachings of yoga we are called to go through some very specific: to abandon the irrationality of his life, to sharpen logic and then move on to sverhlogichnosti in life. Under sverhlogichnostyu can understand some spiritual heights, outrageous top, which rises yogi as he is engaged in yoga. We give a very specific technique, the sequence of steps of the irrationality that we have inherited from the lives in animal bodies, to logic, and then to sverhlogichnosti.

The question arises: Is there an alternative system of knowledge of the universe? Can I just illogic of bypassing logic, jump into sverhlogichnost? Perhaps there are some other options? Suffice serious philosophical question, although not so much philosophical as practical importance. When you get into these or other current or groups that practice yoga, there exists a certain way of life, there is a relationship between the parties to a particular school of yoga, but it is not always clear what approach they follow.

Yoga, as we know, through axiomatic system gives us exactly this approach – from irrationality to the logic and then to sverhlogichnosti. But this yoga does not exclude that there are other transitions, approaches. Yoga – a method. Method – is a kind of system that facilitates us the way. It is believed that if we want to save time, we have to go this way. Although, of course, there are other options.


Is there a danger on the path of yoga?

And if there is a danger of such a path from irrationality to the consistency and further to sverhlogichnosti? Yes, indeed, the danger is. And this is a serious danger. But it is not covered in Yoga: Yoga – it is extremely safe teaching. The danger lies in the fact that sometimes people do not understand it in different positions of yoga, begin once they apply or consider yourself standing on the path of yoga, and thus mislead themselves and others.

Most often such a scenario arises when a person begins to learn on its books, without a teacher. Usually this happens to people of a certain temperament or with people who have previous karma, those students who are prone to contempt of yogis and Yoginis, survived to our knowledge of yoga. Indeed, now we can go to the store, buy books on yoga, read it. It may even be quite adjusted book on yoga axioms or any ancient treatises. And the next day to decide that I am now the Guru, I am well versed in the theory and myself can cite treatises and be smart in the field of yoga. Even somewhere I can and Sanskrit to say something, and lead exposure from the texts of ancient books, and show everyone what I’m smart.

And here I want to on this lecture we understood what such an approach might lead. Such a person is immediately inclined to form their own yoga school, already sees himself as the great Guru, begins to teach all around you, and I apologize, “treat”. So this is a serious danger, and there is not here and now, and for a long time, it originated in ancient India, and we will consider the methods by which fought against this danger.

In ancient India, this danger struggled quite shocking methods for us. The world in which we live, the universe is really a fantastic thing, it is like a big bag includes everything – logic, illogic, sverhlogiku, it includes, and I apologize for the slang, “bytovuhu”, and high spiritual aspirations. All this is somehow intertwined and is something with which we are confronted in this universe. Universe – is a kind of ultimate reality, which is, as we are taught yoga, can comprehend, but it is impossible to describe in words. In principle, there are no words and thoughts, to explain, to describe the universe, but there sverhsostoyaniya or higher intuitions that open man, do yoga, and which allow to understand the reality of the universe. It is called the state of different cultures, in different schools of yoga in different ways, let’s call it the highest Samadhi. Man returns from this state completely different, but words can not explain what he experienced in this state, and sometimes nothing at all about it.

Reality sverhlogichna. Reality is inexpressible, indescribable. And yoga encourages us to grasp this reality through a very specific steps. First, get rid of sleep, with all the darkness of our minds, of irrationality, hone your mind to shine and learn how to fully operate. And then, as soon as the mind will be able to solve all the problems solved with the help of reason, to learn how to turn off the mind. As soon as we come to the ability to turn off the mind, automatically turns on the highest supermind or intuition, which does not think, but who knows.

Here is a method of knowledge of our universe, we are offered. Under our universe I understand everything and of ourselves, and what we are, and that is the world around us. In the foreground there is sharpening the mind, logical system of action, all of the exercises, which is quite possible to infer from the original position, called axioms in yoga.

There is a certain problem. The fact is that the world can be seen not only from the position of logic, reason, but from the perspective of feelings, which sometimes could not tell whether they are illogical, whether they sverhlogichnye. Rolled on us or that feeling, and it is unclear at times whether it is an echo of some instincts that we drag inside from the time of life in the bodies of animals, or this is the first glimmer of sverhlogiki come because we have learned to turn off the mind and go higher intuition. The most offensive, that there are such cases, when all is mixed. Man lives in this state and it happens a series of emotional revelation. Sometimes it’s really sverhlogiki revelation, and sometimes it is, if you call a spade a spade, bullshit. Unfortunately, one can observe an abundance of people with alleged paranormal abilities, different psychics, which were very popular at one time. This is a typical example of how the greatest insight can alternate with frank delirium. And since it’s all mixed up, it is very difficult to tell where one thing, but where else.

This is characteristic of primitive peoples. Arrive in Africa or South America, in a village, where the foot of the white man set foot, begin to communicate with the local shamans. They are relatively sane people, that’s just somehow live on his own and respond to all their own way … Do not have to travel far in our Siberia, Baikal so full of these ancient echoes, where a man or shaman, or medicine man (name depends on the culture) from time to time runs into the strange state, which later comes out. This is a very stable element of culture. Life in these primitive peoples is very heavy, it is necessary to engage in any activity to support themselves. And in this sense to be distracted by such practices is very irrational, but, nevertheless, there are people there. Evil tongues say that in 60 years of ethnographic expeditions, investigating our Aboriginal, found that the standard of living and prosperity in families shamans was below average. They were engaged in shamanism is not because they wanted to earn money themselves, or some status to purchase, as they sometimes are today, but because it was their way of understanding the world. In fact, it is worse than the way of understanding the world of the modern scientist?


Who is right: a scientist or a shaman? physicist or a lyric?

The modern scientist sees, say, or that natural phenomenon, then describes it by certain parameters, these parameters are entered in the math starts to juggle the mathematical formula, the result is, again, in the form of mathematical parameters, and interpret this result in terms of ” What could it mean in real life? “Mathematics appears a kind of black box. At the entrance to understandable questions about the life and output are supposed to be clear, but the question is: can we use the unit of mathematics to understand the world?

Shaman different situation. It is, for example, sees the same thing, he sees a physicist, but it does not describe the symbols of mathematics, and its characters images, symbols or their experiences, I’m sorry, hallucinations. Then something happens to him, and at the exit there are other images or sensations. He takes them, interprets: “What could it mean?”

In fact, in the first case, we have no evidence of the legality of the application of mathematics in the knowledge of the real world, that in the second case. No one can say who is superior to those below, or rather, we have only one criterion – a success.

Indeed, modern science has given us all the benefits of civilization, and the shaman’s method has become strange, selective, or shamans have gone wrong, or something else happened. A shaman, medicine man his way of perceiving. Now they bred a great multitude, because under it the whole financial industry is created, advertised theme, raspiarili and earn money from it. In the 60s, when this issue was unpopular, people continued to do it, despite the fact that they did not earn as much as earn our modern sorcerers and clairvoyants. Now Open any newspaper and see how many of these services are now offered …

Or take another scenario – the famous division of physicists and poets. In those same 60 years it has been a very popular topic: how to explore the world? To know should be using the mind, clear formulas, or, say, like the poets of the Silver Age, by using the verses? Some people learn through the mind, others – through the senses. Who is right?

In response to yoga the next – both sides are right. If a person does not learn from these diametrically opposed approaches to explore themselves and the world, he did not reach the results of yoga that prescribed. Be sure to combine these two approaches.

Suppose that there is a combination of the two approaches, have all become “physics and mathematics” and lyricists are no more, or if you talk with yoga positions, is only axiomatic approach, and there is no sense approach through analysis. It was then, and there is a terrible danger in yoga, the so-called wise men. They know perfectly well they mind works perfectly as a calculator, they quote you all the ancient texts, in a dispute with them is useless to enter, because they have a didactic view will teach life incriminate that you are saying that themselves did not good at yoga. Only they can not understand the logic or the logic of this step, it’s just dead water.

Remember, as in fairy tales: we need the dead, and then the water of life to Ivan Tsarevich came to life? Dead Water eliminates the wound, but does not give life. And life in the body, where the wound is not removed, it is very sad, it is, rather, anguish and suffering. Similarly, the logic: if there is a bias only in the axiomatic approach, the output we get lifeless people who have well-developed mind, but, to be honest with them, as a rule, very sad to talk. People feel on an emotional level, something is wrong here. Such people can not be defeated in a dispute, they will always be right, but for some reason never want to listen to their arguments, to become bored.

“Geniuses” of yoga.

“Theory, my friend, is dry, but the tree of eternal life is green.”

“Faust”. IV Goethe

A certain analogy can be made here as well. Meeting the people who are entirely focused only on the axioms of yoga, we see people dry, lifeless. What is man? It is the body and soul. And here is where the body is, and there is no soul. It is rather a mannequin. The body is very necessary – is not the body, the soul can manifest itself in this universe? That is the logic, of course, very necessary, without it we are helpless in this world. Indeed, the successes of science have shown that by applying the logic of the approach, we gain a lot of benefits. But increased if a little luck, if you take the long run, from the mobile phone, from TV? And suddenly we realize that these are things from different planes. Approaches logic are essential on the path of yoga, but if there will be only the logic, it will cause more disgust than sympathy.

With wiseacres from yoga, well studied axioms, it is useless to enter into a dispute, something to prove to them – they will still be on their point of view. And like I should be delighted that there is such an intelligent person who can learn anything, but as a rule, do not have a desire to learn from such a person. Because deep in each of us there is a glimmer of intuition. We understand that it’s just logic. And the question arises – is there such a nerd “living person”, so to speak?

If such people – clever from yoga (sorry, I’m using the term in a negative way) – sufficiently developed selfishness, self-centeredness, they begin to use a rigid, iron logic to make your life as comfortable as possible, and to the rest of them do not care. And if there is to someone deal only with the habits of the position. If he is accustomed to any person, it will stand him. If for some reason that it would be undesirable, do not hesitate to replace someone else. If, however, he is also an evil man, he begins to sow misery around him. But the most offensive and sad, and perhaps, just that these people themselves are very unhappy.

Obviously, if a person has well-developed logic, it does not have any competitors in the business, nor science, nor in any practical aspects of life, but he’s often a big problem of loneliness. This problem shall communicate to madness. Because such a person in advance for all counted themselves, I built a wall, so that no one hurt, and thus he does not allow others, like myself, to go through this wall. It offends no one, but no one talks to him. He is in prison, which he built himself. Moreover, this person continues to sharpen the mind and begins more and more to see the hopelessness of his own existence. But this happens only when the mind otochen to the limit.

Strictly speaking, if such a clever man will continue in the same way to go, sooner or later happen misalignment, and behind it and the revolution, and he must realize that there is in the world something different. But this happens very rarely, in most cases, we are seeing relatively smart clever. They already crazy enough to maintain their self-interest, mind enough to consider others, harm them if someone else does not fit into their plans, but not enough intelligence to understand the simple fact that, according to their same provisions, they are doomed. These people are unhappy. As a rule, they have a sarcasm, sarcasm, cynicism. Typically, this is more common in men than women, and if this man was ill, then – the poor woman. To live with such a “clever” person is very difficult, because technically it will always be right, only sadness comes from such a right.

This is a very serious matter. He never arise if a person learns in any serious yoga school where teacher sees this imbalance and correct it immediately begins. But in this age, when yoga disappears, can not count on the presence of the Master. Moreover, in this age of rapid development of all phenomena inherent fact that some part of the way we have to go and do their own study yoga. Before we contemplate the Master, it is good to book and some yoga to read and try to work out. It is expected that a significant part of the knowledge about yoga we get from books, from any film – that is, indirectly, and a much smaller part of the knowledge we obtain directly from the communication with the Masters. And to get to the Masters, we must somehow put himself in the proper condition, or we just do not recognize the Master.

As part of the yoga school this imbalance in the early stages easily and gracefully removed. The problem arises when a person begins to engage in self-education, self-reading certain books or texts, then the danger of the problem is very high. Great is the danger of creating some kind of a system of ideas and concepts that are lifeless.

I want to make another accent. I’m talking about the axioms of yoga. And yoga axioms axioms themselves chosen for a reason, they are selected from a position sverhlogiki. Moreover, if we begin to work with these sverhlogichnymi maxim through logic, then we just go up and then to sverhlogike. It seems that there should be no danger, but the attempt to describe the logic of using these systems sverhlogichnyh compresses to a certain extent the use of methods. In the future, we will consider these two axioms of the system (the microcosm and the macrocosm system).

Now imagine that this person has the wrong axiomatic views, that is not based on sverhlogichnyh positions, and accidental or misunderstood axioms. For example, the interpreter translated something incorrectly, changed one word to another, he thought that it would be faster, and someone is at face value and took a lifetime spent on the movement in the wrong direction. Can you imagine how much bias may occur if the wrong axiomatic?

And quite monstrous results are obtained when selected biographies system, generally divorced from yoga. What a philosopher or Adolf Hitler comes up with his belief system, where exactly are also introduced some basic initial position, and then develops it. We remember what it led to in the case of Hitler: more than 50 million people have paid with their lives for that someone carried away by some strange idea. That is, there is not so simple. Again, whatever it three times Hitler was, no matter how heinous or scripts would come up, but if it is face to face faced with the consequences of their actions, of course, it would very quickly realized that somewhere crept error. As you remember, Hitler eventually disappeared into his bunker and was not put out there as long as all the top was not completed.

Why do I bring this example? Yes, because it is obvious, intuitive. And if I start to give examples of various views and concepts of philosophical schools in India, they are not enough for you that will tell you about some, maybe you never heard nothing.

But the same distortions have been in India, even in ancient India. Something which we find echoes in the ancient texts, the Upanishads and others. There has been a favorite idea to hold philosophical discussions, and debates were conducted in the presence of many pundits. In such disputes faced two systems of axioms or philosophical views. But faced not as now can pass some dispute: for example, two schools of thought argue with each other, and defend opinions. In ancient India, it was reinforced by the fact that now could be considered a dismal pramagiey. Before starting the debate have been applied very dark mantra-spell for the fact that if you’re lying – yes you die before my eyes, and so on. And since it’s all backed up by strong supernormal derived from yoga, we very often read in ancient texts that defeat in such a dispute could be fraught or death of one of the disputants, either he had to admit the truth of the winning side and learn from it. And if he did lie (as it is now, for example, come up with the yoga system for personal gain), there were used the following mantra: if you speak not the truth, let you die at the same moment. Every hunting fell away to invent such unsustainable axiomatic principles. Refer to the heritage of ancient India, read. It is clear that today the situation has changed, and any politician, any philosopher can come up with any number of anti-human philosophies and kind of getting away with it.


learning method of irrationality to sverhlogike.

The danger exists. It lies in the fact that the attempt to describe the world in terms of logic, in terms of the axioms in itself is one-sided, though he adds that this method is still the fastest. There are other ways, which I mentioned at the beginning of the lecture, for example, to jump from the irrationality sverhlogike. This is what is now in the newspapers, for example, my mother-witch in the seventh generation bewitch your husband to get rid of corruption or vice versa unleash damage, etc. You understand that the bulk of these people – is frank charlatans. Open any newspaper today, it was full of announcements about what any mother with the seventh gear from grandparents charge you for damage and the third eye sees your future. In this sense, they are harmless. But imagine, there is a certain percentage of the oldtimers who is “super”, the nonsense, and try to figure it out. And you will realize that this is a losing policy – trust these people. It’s like a car to go to the left, then right, and the steering wheel, for example, turns, and then ten minutes does not turn, you twist it, and the car is still going straight. Or any other device that is being heard, do not listen. Sometimes it is generally better not to touch these things, than to use them as magical and fantastic promises lures results.

For this reason, neither the yoga system can not be condensed into a book. Representatives of various philosophical currents usually say: “My teaching in this book and this book has it all!” This is a typical example where the diversity of the universe are trying to compress to a few sheets of paper on which were written some letters. In the best case, it will be a boost to reason, that really lead us to the knowledge of the universe or inexpressibility sverhdeystvu that opened the universe to us. It’s like a finger that points to the moon, but the moon is not. Similarly, any text on yoga – it’s just an attempt to give your mind a boost in the right direction, but not a description of what you will achieve.

Sometimes, after reading of certain books and decided to practice yoga in order to purchase this or that experience, we begin to generate it like mentally to himself. They say that in this book has been said so and so, and start the “pull” read experience. If this experience is described in the text, was real, he still did not speak. What you come up with yourself, it’s better to say, the fruit of your hallucinations, having no relation to the actual experience. So, too, be careful with that.

This more typical distortions “attempt to be clever”: a man or a woman?

And finally, suffer from this disease in the direction of attempt to be clever distortions mostly men, women are less likely. Although it is not the fact that only men and women are not. Why such distortions are more characteristic of men? For the simple reason that the theory of passion, a variety of empiricism is more characteristic of Consciousness, and we will explore this further in yoga axiomatic that consciousness – it’s more the quality of the man. The quality of a woman – this is more energy, which manifests itself through feelings, sensations, snapping back to reality.

Sometimes I hear a scornful attitude towards women: “What they say, to explain to her? – She is still being landed, she still thinks in terms of every day, everyday life. ” Friends, and who told you that this poor quality ?! This is a great quality! You understand that if there are no cords to the ground, then your all empiricism, all theories hung in the air, they do not reflect reality. And if you really come to the reality that your belief system is equally well applicable in yoga altitudes and in everyday life. There is a science, Tantra Yoga, which says, “comprehends all laws of the universe in his kitchen,” That is the same problem that you get in your everyday life, and will be in your Samadhi. Work them in the kitchen, quickly attain the ultimate goal.

So in less bias towards logic affects women, although this is not an absolute statement. It so happened that in our school of yoga traditions Anandasvami axiomatic mostly women teach. I was taught axioms yoga woman teacher. Sometimes people ask me: “Why are you at the Open University of Yoga flower women?” – I do not know. Perhaps it really is the imprint of the school, the school also imposes certain invisible rules of the game. But in any case, in our yoga school tradition Anandasvami considered very lucky man if he learned from the mouth of axioms yogini, a teacher, because of its nature it ensures the absence of distortions.

Indeed, we read that in Yoga initiation from the woman several times stronger than the dedication of the men. Therefore, my vision is that we can not go against this tradition.

Our world is skewed toward logic. This is its strength. Yes, the logic has generated a lot of things that we seem to be comfortable – TV, phone, car. But, unfortunately, he immediately goes and skewed. If women, sorry for the slang, through “bytovuhu” checked every axiomatic status of men, each position of our politicians, philosophers and so on, the world would be more balanced. We have a bias in favor of men. This does not mean that women’s side above better or harmonious, no. If women will prevail with the lack of men, too, there will be problems, but probably a different nature.

Who is a clear bias towards the masculine. Perhaps it is for this reason that in our school yoga Anandasvami considered axiomatic that yoga should be taught by women. Maybe this is another component that says that a woman who is well versed in yoga axioms, is very easy to calculate the dry, lifeless consciousness of men. It is difficult for women to deal with such men, they pressured intelligence about a woman realizes that he was wrong, but he can not prove, because it is hard for her. And if in her arsenal is knowledge of the axioms of Yoga, she quickly realizes that’s what. This ensures that the yogini find a good husband.

This theme I raised here, it’s like a kind of a fly in the ointment. In the next chapter we will study the axiomatic approach. Of course, there is no way to analyze them on a deep level, but in any case at the level of a starting point to analyze them as we can. You will remember that the most important thing to teach a person to learn, and to give him a starting point for this. And in the future, if any gaps will occur, you can make up their own.


Questions and answers for a lecture.

listener Q: I have a question not so much on the subject of this lecture. There is a first principle of yoga – doing no harm to anything alive unless absolutely necessary. Is there some kind of test to see that I do not cause this damage? For example, if I stop there, I’m going to hurt my cells …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You absolutely correctly noted, not in our power does not cause harm, it is not given to us! In our power to only reduce this harm. Therefore, the criterion to be an attempt to reduce the damage where possible. Here, there is another very interesting theme, the theme of the Dharma.

We will have a separate lecture, and we discuss this subject, that is, the degree of causing harm, that we can afford. Suppose I walk down the street, a little worm crawls, and I can get around. And imagine that the entire street is dotted with worms, I’ll just jump over them!

Continuation of the question: it is clear, but, for example, the doctor saves the life of a person. It can save the life of the genius scientist who, for example, will create some good medicine or something else, and can save the life to some maniac Hitler or the same. Man, however, every moment should something be guided in their choice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I understand the question. We will have a separate lecture on this topic. This topic is called the Dharma, one of the possible translations of the word – debt. If you understand your debt, if you are a doctor – saves a person, whether it is at least three times, Hitler! It’s your duty. The other debt (if you saved this Hitler) to judge him, execute and so on. But it will not be your duty, it will be the duty of another person.

listener question: could you tell us a little about yourself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: please visit our website www.openyoga.ru, there you will find, I am afraid this is not all it will be interesting. But I just want to say, my friends, I am not a yoga teacher! I am a yoga teacher, my function is more than modest, I am preparing people so that they then actually met a yoga teacher and have asked the right, educated questions. For example, if you want to study mathematics, not to call the professor of mathematics, to explain to you the multiplication table for good teachers in elementary school or try to explore yourself. Here I am, approximately, from the same series, I am preparing people for a meeting with teachers of yoga. Later on all these issues, you should seek your own personal teacher.

listener Question: You said that the second principle of yoga comes from the axioms of the microcosm. Can you detail about this. Or also in the subsequent lectures you tell?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, are the future topics. We have now begun a course of lectures – the first lecture was an overview, then a little bit of tar in this barrel of honey, about the dangers on the way the axioms of yoga. This order is necessary because some of the followers of yoga sometimes shout, “Hooray, finally understood everything!” And create this imbalance. And then let’s go back to the honey – will consistently considered the first system of axioms, second, then, that from what follows, including the third principle of yoga.

listener Question: Is there any books on the axioms?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: maybe there is. But you see, it is very difficult topic, I’m afraid that you can not read these books. Do you know what a problem this theme? This topic, for example, well documented in the literature of ancient India. But, first, these books in Sanskrit, and secondly, the presentation of them is with the use of their characters and footnotes. Now I will read a lecture, I’ve got Hitler, and the ball, and Ivan, and has completely different characters. And sometimes it takes half a day to determine what they wanted to say. And another problem: some text has not survived, some now lies rotting, and no one needs.

Previously, when the Soviet regime was the Institute of Oriental Studies, they did a solid job. Now all was quiet once again everything depends on funding. I mean, translated into Russian. Transfer some things, too, sometimes good. But you understand that the book is the translation goes a long way: from Sanskrit into English, and then – from English into Russian. And sometimes the “water on the seventh jelly” is obtained. Therefore, I urge you to look. I just can not keep track of these materials. Again, the Internet is now helping in many ways. Search Forums need to yoga philosophy.

listener Question: When a person falls into error, he can catch yourself in this? In humans, there is a teacher, he has not found it, but he really wants to do. It’s all lit this idea, on the one hand, it is the enthusiasm, but on the other hand, he was wrong, it already considers himself a genius.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: friends, first of all, if we think we are super clever, it is, at least, is immodest. You understand that if you are to yourself point out, that you’re a genius, you all know, this smacks of some inadequacy. Probably, so it is possible to approach the answer to your question. On the other hand, is the first and the second principle of yoga. You never know, maybe I’m really mistaken and think that I have read the current edition of the “Yoga in 5 minutes” and thinking that everything is already know sdela conclusion: “All heads to chop!” In the literal or figurative sense.

This is a typical situation, the man grabbed kakih-libo knowledge, say, of karma, and begins to speak: “suffer – then you have bad karma, and karma is bad, it means that in a previous life was a bastard, as you deserve!” On the one hand, seem to be logical: if a person suffers from, it is not just so, so, really, something bad did. But on the other hand, it is just an example of the lifeless logic, monstrous and dry, which is, in fact, is not yoga.

Yoga teaches us the principle of compassion, kindness, that is, you think in the beginning than to help him, and what, in fact, you are different from other plans it? Therefore, the first and the second principle of yoga. Try to always be kind and always use common sense. Common sense (second principle of yoga) in the self-assessment. “Yeah, I woke up and I consider myself a genius, so I can already Kashchenko’s time?” (Kashchenko – psychiatric clinic in Moscow)

listener question: how to formulate goals in yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: a yoga not formulated goals. The second yoga principle encourages us to ensure that the set goals and reach them. But it does not say anything about these goals.

Sometimes making a mistake: consider that the second principle of yoga encourages us to aim at achieving Samadhi – nothing like this! Of course, the motivation should be. For example, I see – the ruin of the country, no one works, I want to become rich, I want to get higher education all around me have become wealthy, then go into business, and to raise himself. I had a goal, I executed it and put a tick. Maybe it was the wrong target, may have deeper, universal problem, but still to realize them when I come no earlier than already fulfill the targets.

If you develop into a sequence: defined – he has set a goal – fulfilled, then sooner or later we begin to set right the problem. And what’s the use if you are put to the task – enlightenment? You do not even know what it is. What you imagine about enlightenment, it has some stories from books, it is just words.

Yoga – a system that gives freedom. Imagine if yoga regulated the goal. She would replace freedom. Yoga, in principle, can not put your goals. Within each of us has the freedom, the freedom to set goals. It is necessary with a purpose to start. In the end, we are faced with some life problem. There is a personal problem, let’s set a goal to it was not. Obviously? Once again, you want to repeat, the second yoga principle does not tell you anything about what ways you will reach the goal. Of course, you can set a goal to fly through the air and with the help of yoga reach the state of levitation and the fly, and you can use the helicopter to fly in the same way. The issue is the appropriateness of whether to spend decades learning to fly through the air in a state of levitation, if it is possible for reasonable money to fly this distance by helicopter. You see? It is a principle of logic, logic in everything!

listener Q: You said something about the beginning of March 8 in a lecture …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: ah, yes! About the 8th of March! This is absolutely a wonderful holiday! Today we mentioned the bias in favor of logic. For example, how to live – using the mind or the heart, figuratively speaking? Let’s say I’m a big head of the company, now the crisis, and I need to fire an employee … or not to fire? How to proceed? Logic tells me that you dismiss it faster, the better I’ll be, it is still not working. My heart tells me: “Where am I fired him, he’s a good man, he has a family, children, them that it is necessary to feed.” And he skewed: in one way and bad in the other side of the bad. It is necessary to seek a balance between the one and the other. If we are guided by reason alone – yes, everything is logical, but soulless. If, however, we will be guided only by the senses, everything is very sensual, but nothing will be done. And what is bad, and the other bad. And you want to balance these opposites. Now the world is skewed in favor of logic, soulless – in science, in some sections of the culture, that culture is called, but it is not. There is not a movie shoot, and calculate what will be the revenue. Think more about how much they will collect from the hire of the film, if spent on his shooting a million dollars. Think more about it than that show what people call upon. It’s pure logic. On the one hand, why not? But on the other hand, the art – it’s something higher, it has something to teach and uplift humanity. And we are now also such a situation, “logic” is ubiquitous.

Men – a consciousness and they do tend to bias towards logic. Women are more prone to feelings. It is therefore quite natural that when women begin to take an active position in life, you will be able to find this balance, a happy medium. Now it is not.

Friends, begin to study history, as a woman, as set out in the ancient treatises of India, enjoyed equal rights with men in all. Then came the dark band, which now seem to end. Why? Firstly, all these multiple crises, wars, forced the woman to go to work, take an active role alongside men, because all at the front, all killed. On the other hand, there were contraceptives, and if early sexual contact somehow resulted in pregnancy, and now the woman herself can control it. Another thing, of course, how a particular method of contraception is acceptable from the point of view of humanity, but it is a different matter, the main thing that had a choice.

Previously, the yogi or yogini controlled procreation, because perfectly mastered the secret practices of contraception without the use of chemicals and other products. They were on an equal footing, respectively, and everything else built. Then, a huge amount of time a woman has been driven, it was a task only to bear and give birth, because it was a time when three of the five children died. And the whole culture has been built on it. really on women’s shoulders really trying now to enter paradise. Now, thank God, it’s all beginning to level off, but still not enough. I said, probably in our yoga school tradition Anandasvami believed that yoga should be reborn, when will be born or to awaken female teachers. Women Teachers, friends! You understand? Guys, Teachers, and so the history of mankind have so many spawn! Is this imbalance, I do not know why. Maybe it’s a temporary phase. We do not know all the secrets of why humanity evolves this way and not otherwise. This is the topic of March 8!

listener Q: Now many women in leadership positions in business …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: not enough. We women are mostly accountants, saleswoman, yes, a lot of them, even teachers and doctors. Look in the government. Is there a lot of them?

I said, perhaps this bike. In one academic institution has the highest Soviet era have been studied very serious discipline and there were only men. And there was a mad competition, would have been unthinkable to do. Head of the department, a very respected man, came to the selection committee, where students are gaining, and said: “Though from the ground get me to this group of three girls. On the street and go to the girls first got here I bring. ” In all seriousness. I’m not joking, my friends! He was very old, wise, a very serious scholar and knew that the presence of at least one woman in the men’s team dramatically enhances culture. And then every man cheers, there is, as they say, to whom the tail dissolve. Men keep yourself in hand, when there is the fair sex. He reverse this was because all the conditions, all the exams were impassable for girls. And the girl gave it the green light. It’s just talking about unequal starting positions and skewing.

So I do not agree that we have a lot of women in leading positions, very few of them.

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