2009.05.23 Findings from the axioms of yoga. Man and woman. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Findings from the axioms of yoga. Man and woman.

Today, May 23, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are with you in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. And it lectures for the Open University of Yoga. All the information on our websites: www. openyoga.ru, www. happyoga. narod. ru, www. yogacenter.ru.



Introduction to the lecture


Today we begin a new series of lectures, which will also consist of several lectures. As the name implies, we take a closer look at those moments that are directly derived from the axioms of yoga, just as theorems in mathematics are derived from the basic principles.

Once again I want to remind you that the goal of our Open University Yoga – is a practical help to people. Therefore, we study the theory to the extent that is necessary for the training of qualified instructors in yoga. The most important thing for us – is to convey ideas at a fairly good level, but not as formal as it should have been stated. Moreover, the largest deficit in yoga – a shortage of proper understanding of yoga, and we are committed to, and try to present all simple words. Somewhere, at some difficult places, not really focus our attention not to sidetrack. A more practical issues, on the contrary, tried to explain the emotionally involving stories, images, proverbs, etc.

      The main idea of this course, make an intermediate link between the fundamental principles and practices of yoga, that is, there is a gradual development of yoga exercises. By analogy, in a scientific laboratory discovered a new formula, on the basis of this formula circuit made of a mechanism in the drawing is then transmitted to manufacturing production sample and, finally, a plant where these drawings and samples produce finished products.

      The purpose of the Open University of Yoga: in the first place – training yoga teachers. Therefore, a chain of “formula to finished product” is fast enough in order to provide a basis of knowledge. Therefore, if some of the findings seem not very strict or very obvious, it does not mean that we are trying to hide something. Just do not have time for a more detailed explanation of some aspects of yoga. In our Open Yoga University we believe that yoga is disappearing, many serious knowledge in the field of yoga is lost at the moment. Therefore, we do focus primarily on preserving what remains. And the next step: the rediscovery of those moments that did not reach us, their in yoga is much more than those that we have.

       Today’s lecture will focus on the creation of the world, concepts such as “man” and “woman”. But the more practical side of all of today’s lecture – is to convey to our students such fundamental issues as energy and consciousness. Because, in the explanation of various yogas, we will always appeal to these terms (energy and consciousness), it is desirable that the student immediately understand what we mean.

      Let me remind you once again, understanding – is highly desirable. It is desirable to some informal profound explanation of the idea of yoga. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce some emotion, some images, the moments of life that all of us are familiar and clear to be understandable by analogy the meaning and essence of yogic knowledge. If too many Sanskrit or dry narrative, the man is very difficult to grasp the essence. Especially in this topic, as today’s – “The Creation”.

     The axioms of yoga we kind of touched on this topic. Here, we repeat some points to better their assimilation. But most importantly, draw a line on, to very specific techniques. And at the beginning of the narrative, by tradition, we add verses.

Today’s lecture I would like to start with some epigraph, with poems by Mikhail Tanic. Probably many of you have heard these words from the song.


I look at you, like a mirror to dizziness,

And I see in him his dream and think about it.


These lines are very well capture the spirit of such branches of yoga, love yoga, tantra yoga. You could even say that’s a tantric work in verse. Later we shall return to this subject.

     Once again, the task of today’s lecture – to bring the concept: what is man, and what a woman, how they differ, the level at which it started the division, and whether there is a separation. As it is justified and how it justify yoga.

     Conclusions from the axioms of Yoga allow us to understand what is the meaning of masculinity or femininity, and on the other hand, from personal experience, remember the relationship between men and women. Study, as it goes in the reverse direction. We knew some of the provisions of the life experiences and projecting them on a yoga laws begin to better understand what is meant ancient yoga and yogini. How would such an interesting course, reversible. Findings from the axioms are explained on the fingers with the involvement of the moments we understood, at the same time, as soon as we realized the moments that are referenced by these findings, we can already understand some other aspects axiomatic that we have not yet met.


world creation


Let’s start with the creation of the world. And start a few informally.

     We remember from the axioms of yoga that were in the process of creation stage or the laws of creation, called: 0 Law, Law 1, Law 2 (also known as the law of 3), as well as 4 and 5 of the law.

     As we remember from the axioms, it all started with the fact that the unmanifested Absolute decided to appear. Unmanifested Absolute – something very abstract. There are no words that can somehow explain this state of the Absolute, we can not even say that he was. Because, when we say the word “was”, we use the term, some sort of concept. And then the state in which the Absolute was at Law 0 excludes all terms and concepts. Such is the abstraction. And then it appeared.

     From a formal point of view, it was 0, then it turned into one, was unmanifested, then became manifest – it sounds dry, bookish, not vital. I want to add some emotional impulse. One could say that the Absolute, being in state 0, was in an infinite state of happiness, joy, exercise, delight (with a capital letter, such superlatives). But we can not say anything about it, because for this no matching words or thoughts. And then, in a sense Absolut decided to outdo himself. Once again, all my uploads – this analogy. They are given to you grasped this idea, but not because it is some kind of rigorous explanation. Absolut has decided to outdo himself. And then begins the creation of the world. How did it begin? Absolute did such a strange thing, which in Sanskrit is called “Sphota” or flashes, the unfolding of the disclosure, “vzbrykivanie” (as if the horse bucked).

     According to the teachings of yoga, Absolute moved by itself within itself. Because, apart from the Absolute like as nothing had happened. This is the explanation of the baby, but at least some clue to the mind, to somehow get closer to understanding. He voleizyavil make flashes and produced it. And when he produced it, there was something called the original mantra, or the original vibration. I want to introduce such a term – “sverhmantra OM”. You must have heard it, usually Indians sing it, where necessary and not necessary. Sometimes they sing tightening, and it turns AOUM is their favorite pastime, by the way, is very useful.

     To draw an analogy that made the Absolute, it is kind of like a roused themselves, shook, created a kind of vibration. And this initial vibration was the original mantra that created the world. But it will be then. Absolute manifested. The original vibration, it is maya, it is prana.

The initial manifestation of the Absolute, which he has created thus appears before us in a kind of ternary form: prana, the Maya and the mantra.

     According to our good tradition, I want to indicate another law in yoga, that prana, mantra and Maya – three facets of a single flashes (Sphota) generated will.

     Let’s draw a picture. There was absolute, he was beyond pleasure, beyond pleasure, beyond happiness. He decided to outdo himself, he took and shook himself. Or we can say that he was in a state of quivering transcendent happiness, joy, wanted to reinforce these feelings and realized the original vibration, oscillation, which has given rise to what is called prana, primordial vibration of OM, maya. And so it appeared. It turns out that the manifested Absolute – is the same as an absolute, but dressed in Maya, in the clothes of prana in the clothing of the mantra. And the degree of his self-manifested at the same time increased.

     Although we can not say that increased or diminished. It manifested itself. Because if increased, which means that it was less. But in Absolute zero form, Act 1 was in the form of exorbitant. How to add another dimension. Talk about it very hard. Because, step left, step right – and start some logical inconsistencies. This sin, unfortunately, all the stories and sayings. This happens because these things sverhlogichny. The logic they can only stick like a blind man grope-grope, but not see. To understand the world need sverhlogika that we all develop and hopefully, from day to day will be opened. But until then, until we are blind spiritually, we have the logic, like a blind man – stick, which he feels for the path that goes.

     It is clear that what the person then sees and what he found with the help of sticks – should not contradict each other, since It is the same. Just as sverhlogika never illogical. But sometimes “feeling stick” can be misleading.

     In his narrative, we perforce must still adhere to the path of logic, and to brighten it all sorts of emotional additions. Emotion wins and kind of condition is transmitted, but it starts to play logic. Or on the contrary, the logic starts to win, and emotionally before us does not reach this grand moment of creation of the universe.

     Absolute Joyous turned, and starting from that moment, we can talk about the Maya, on the mantra of prana. When he turned around, I manifested – it is the law of the law of 1 1. Why? Because the other one was not. In fact, even the word “one” is not quite appropriate. When we say “one”, it is logical to assume that there is a third, a fourth, and a repository where all these laws are. And according to this theory, as yet about any receptacle out of the question the theory. I remind you of the axioms that introduced the term “one without the other”, “the highest one.” The degree of specificity increased slightly. If the law 0 nothing we could not tell, but could only very abstract dream, in Act 1 added a few specifics, there are already things that are called “prana”, “Maya”, we are talking about the manifested Absolute. Degree expressibility little more.

Next, let me remind you, the manifestations of the Absolute, or prana, which was the original sverhmantroy OM – sometimes called Pranava. Manifestations (prana) Absolute then also began to divide, or the beginning of the next stage of creation: the transition to the law 2, also known as the law 3.

     Because of the law it is clear, that like as there was one, and then it became two. It needs a serious explanation of what is meant. It is understood that the prana, which was one, made us say that the law was divided 1. Prana. In fact, not the Absolute divided into two parts. Prana appeared in the form of two components. And these components, ingredients and components just called: consciousness and energy. So it turns out that kind of Absolut was alone, alone remained. But on the other hand, the manifestation of its split into two poles.

Classification manifestations: consciousness and energy


A simple clue to remember what is at stake. The most primitive theory – this classification. It is possible to classify the way in which all the Absolute could occur. The first manifestation may be such that always something you can change, modify. There is another manifestation: on the contrary, when something consistently. Whatever happens, and it does not change, it is always stable.

     All displays are divided into two categories, which vary, and are not changed.

     Part of the ever-changing manifestations – is the energy (in Sanskrit more capacious notion of Shakti). If we take the general manifestations of prana that part which is responsible for eternal change, then we’ll get energy. Another part of the display, which carries out the principle of eternal immutability is called consciousness. And then, and another – these are two facets of the original displays, which originally was called prana. That is, the prana – that consciousness and energy in one bottle. In future it is either consciousness or energy – the two opposite poles.

     Absolute is one, but two manifestations. Absolute took and manifested through the energy, and at the same time, the Absolute manifested through the mind. Kind of like the Absolute remains the same, and like the two turned Absolute: Absolute, in charge of energy, and the Absolute is responsible for consciousness. When the Absolute manifests itself in the power of sight, we get the feminine aspect of the universe. When the Absolute manifests itself through the consciousness aspect, we have the male aspect of the universe. Just at this moment and begins the separation of the floor: a male or female. In the future, from this point we can talk about men and women that they are united by their hatred.

     As you can see, the source of the male and female manifestations of one and the same. In fact, a man, as a manifestation of the Absolute, through some masculine qualities. And the woman – is the same as the Absolute, but manifested through the feminine qualities. As you can see, there is no gender discrimination in yoga is not expected, in contrast to what we often see in some other, non-yogic philosophies, where the birth of a man put on a higher level. Moreover, some “clever” even some karmic theory for this case is supplied. I hope you understand that it is clever-men. Strictly speaking, this is all nonsense, nonsense.

     And the man and woman in this sense of equal manifestations of the Absolute. The same applies to manifestations of factors such as consciousness and energy. We can not say that of the two primary manifestation: the energy or consciousness, and that which obeys. As we can see, these are two equally large display. Moreover, these symptoms are independent from each other, as based on a common root – prana. And prana, accordingly, a manifestation of the Absolute. And here again I want to emphasize that, in certain philosophical schools of some of the original being lost knowledge, simply do not understand this principle and try to reduce it only to the fact that there is consciousness and energy there, it’s just an illusion.

     The assertion that there is only consciousness, and no energy for yoga sounds like that there are only men and no women. Any woman – a delusion, maya, illusion. “The sooner we get rid of the women, the better” – say the adherents of these sciences.

     Yoga categorically disagrees. Yoga said support in practice, bearing in understanding the universe can be found in the methods of consciousness and energy methods. And in fact, they are two equally respected and equally important component. Moreover, if there is one component in yoga final liberation (enlightenment, samadhi) is basically impossible.

     We all have that the Absolute alone, and displays it – two of them, kind of like a mom and dad, who gave birth to the universe in which we live, with all its wonders and mysteries. I tried to explain a simple children’s language.


Separation manifestation of the Absolute: man and woman


    Let’s try to understand, and for which the Absolute has divided its manifestation, and became a man and a woman. Sometimes there is the question of the academic divisions of illusion, maya, and want to understand what is at stake. Absolut has decided to look at himself from the outside: he took and divided. To make it easier to watch, made of the mind, and in order to be more comfortable “feel” – made a part of the energy.

     Here we have two ways: to see itself and to feel himself. Therefore, it is said that the original Absolute, as a man or as a woman Absolute origin. In tantric terminology like to use the terms Shiva and Shakti. By Siva mean in Absolute male incarnation, personification of consciousness. By Shakti mean in the female incarnation of the Absolute, the personification of power.

They begin each other to explore, to learn, to enjoy each other. One is generated by the principle of eternal immutability, the other is generated by the principle of perpetual modifications.

     This loving couple formed. In an extreme manifestation of the joy of each other, in a state of ecstasy. And here comes the term “love” each other.




What is love? This question is answered in different ways. Someone says it’s in the head occur some chemical reactions, because the spring in the yard, someone says it is a veiled sexual instinct, etc. In this respect, yoga takes this view: Love – is when there is no one else but the object of his love, and when think of anyone you do not want, in addition to his beloved or lover.

READ M. Tanich:

Sometimes I forget about love

But I forget about all loving.

Without you I do not live, do not go,

Even if I live without you.

And when I say goodbye with you,

And your hand stroked loving,

You do not believe, I’m back,

I go from you to you.

Indeed, the cap before it rented. Especially since I learned that M. Tanich was a hard life. Served in the camps, it is not just wounded and shell-shocked during the war. And he did not immediately believe that the war was over, and all this nightmare came to an end.

     Very good words. In the state of love from love I have nowhere to go. It is a feeling, when the realization that the object of your love is in the nature (no matter: it near or next to) causes a surge of happiness, joy and everything beyond.

     And everything comes out of the axioms of logic. To get away from a submarine? If we are talking about the law of the two: in addition to the two of them no one else. Love lifts us up to dizzy heights to which in yoga to meditate several lives in a row, and then life gives us such a wonderful gift.

Here is this sweet couple. Absolut decided to look at ourselves, to split into two halves. One half – a husband, and the other half – the wife. Or lover and mistress. In tantric literature, tend to be more emphasis on the lover and mistress. But the law of 1: 1, to whom there is change, there is no one to change, for all his desire.

     In this manifestation, in the transcendent joy of the Absolute, who was alone, added to the paint, the nuances of the manifestations of the eternal permanence and the eternal variability.

     Again, we can draw a parallel to the present day: one of us was born a woman, one man. Frequently asked questions: What’s the difference? The difference is that women are more prone to show energy property, perpetual modifications of itself, loves to paint, change clothes, make a splash, so from her eyes do not tear, to be admired.

     Man, on the contrary, admiring its beauty, dancing in front of him, the eyes can not be torn away from it. Statement generally forgotten, can not remember how to dress, how to look. That is, consciousness is less concerned about external factors.

     Women, especially, appreciate in a man the mind and constancy. Not thickness of the purse, not how he is smart or stupid, as he is physically developed. By and large, it is still a woman. A woman needs to consciousness, she wants the viewer, it needs constant attention.

     Similarly, men are more attracted to women spectacular, interesting, which is constantly different. When the record starts to play around, he starts longing. For example, a woman begins to cry constantly, “You do not look at me, you do not love me, do not you give me gifts.” The same plate. Once the peasant is still normal. But the second time is already too much. The third time, he realizes that the manifestation of energy is already somewhere has got to. The principle of energy trying to replace the principle of consciousness, and he so, he becomes disgusted, and he begins to look for another girlfriend. But it is, in the form of jokes told.

     In fact, it is of Tantra Yoga. Tantra Yoga – a very serious science, answers many questions that only have in our lives, even though the laws of our personal lives such as the laws of the universe. If a woman is independent if the woman in perpetual modification itself, the man interested. Also, a man, if he is independent, and it does not look wandering idiot (who can not concentrate on something specific), if it is absorbed by his girlfriend, the girlfriend is very much appreciated. In the case of a woman – it’s energy points (perpetual change) in the case of man – the moments of consciousness (the eternal constancy).

     The game displays the energy and consciousness are born all the objects in the universe. All that we see – is a combination of male and female, energy and consciousness.

     Usually we see in life only energy. Energy in the form of matter in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are called light, space and time. Wherever you look, the energy circle.

     And what is consciousness? What is it like? Maybe there’s some substance of consciousness? In fact of the matter is that it is a separate substance. Consciousness is not based on power, and if the energy is a property that has something to do (a manifestation of the eternal transformation), it is assumed that everything flows and changes occur, transformed, etc. The phantasmagoria of the world – this is the basic feature of a changing world.


Ever-changing world


And there is in this world, anything immutable? Some say that the constant – this matter. No, the matter is changeable, and now scientists have learned how to transform it into energy and energy back into matter. Maybe invariably space? No, and this helps to make modern science. The only constant thing in this universe, according to the teachings of yoga, the consciousness.

     Once again, the space can also be transformed, we can not say that it is immutable. In general, hooked not for that. And here there are schools of philosophy, they are called materialistic schools. But I ask you not to confuse the vulgar materialism, which has been in our country and that we have long tried to impose political purposes.

     Friends, materialism concept is the same deep, as well as the concept of idealism. In this sense the two equidistant in themselves concepts. The concept of idealism in its purest form has no relation to reality. It turns out that all the observed changes in our world, and seemingly nothing unchanging no. And it is tempting to explain using energy that we call consciousness in our everyday life. Consciousness – it’s just energy generation. What we have here is the mind, protons, neurons, some chemical reactions occur. That is some kind of get-together in our brains going and as a side effect of the alleged consciousness arises. This materialistic attempt to explain what our consciousness with you.


Everything in the universe is harmoniously


Yoga disagrees. If in simple terms an analogy, it turns out that men do not, there are only women. To say that there is no consciousness, it is the same thing as to deny the beautiful half of the total set. In fact, consciousness is, and it is manifested. It is one axis, the skeleton around which energy manifests itself. And yet, no matter what we have seen around – a combination of energy and consciousness. Any object or phenomenon (since circles, ending with the object of cosmic scale) – a combination of energy and consciousness, or male and female principle.

     I spend the analogy of the different sections of yoga, to give at least some clue to the mind. In Tantra Yoga, deals with all kinds of practices, including the practice of using sex to yoga. It gives a very nice explanation of the whole world – this is a crazy game is a loving couple Shiva and Shakti. Presents a very beautiful image: a girl of sixteen in love with her boys play together, they interact harmoniously, and this interaction gives rise to the highest pleasure. Drawing parallels that just as a man and a woman engaged in a joint pastime in harmony, and benefit from this pleasure (either flirting or if they really were in bed, then sex do), it means that, if everything is done perfectly, then both sides get pleasure from this, there is happiness and joy in the world. The whole universe is like this couple, enjoying from the harmonious interaction with each other.

      Here’s an analogy is given. As a consequence, in fact, in every man’s life there is a distant glimpse of the experiences which open man to know himself. If we all know what a pleasure, delight, ecstasy harmonious interaction with each other, in fact, the pleasure that we are getting from the opposite sex – it’s just a pathetic reflection of enjoyment, which is disclosed as being we come to a knowledge of himself.

The topic of sex in yoga


All threads in yoga on sex, deprived of two extremes. Completely devoid of hypocrisy and totally devoid of intemperance, that pushes us to have sex.

     So, the existence of a loving couple fully explains two principles: the principle of consciousness and energy principle (principle of the constancy of the eternal and the eternal immutability of the principle). And the combination of them – is a kind of harmony, pleasure, joy, happiness. A huge number of specific practices in yoga union in Tantra yoga, the yoga of love, practices that use the interaction between male and female.

     If you look at it in the abstract interaction (of consciousness and energy), it turns out that any yoga is to contain these two factors. In yoga there are any factors or energy, or factors of consciousness. In fact, in some dominant factors yogas of consciousness and they can be classified as the yoga of consciousness; in others more done slant on energy factors, and can classify them as a power yoga.

     But in fact, every yoga consists of these two factors. And therefore, to analyze any yoga, like any phenomenon in the universe can be a power position and consciousness. I want to emphasize that absolutely anyone. Starting from your conversation in the kitchen with a person of the opposite sex, and the last is really some of the world trends. We see that the world is changing, there are any processes that fall beyond the civilization, which on the contrary – are beginning to rise from the ashes, although formally, such as no prerequisites for this was not and should not be. To understand why these processes occur (sometimes mysterious, deep and strange, unusual for people of surface), it is possible to analyze their energy positions and consciousness.

     In ancient times it was considered the pinnacle of wisdom. Only followers can analyze any event or phenomenon, expanding it to the coordinates. Somewhere at the intersection of consciousness and energy we get is a certain phenomenon. By analyzing the trend of energy or consciousness trend, we can predict what will happen next. If we start to analyze only the energy factor (it is obvious), then surely it plays a role, but confounding factors completely invisible. Of course, we should not rely too much on the invisible factors, underestimating something tangible, real. But somewhere, if you hit upon the border, you can safely go across the street. We stock exchange here. This is exactly the place where converge the energy and consciousness: the expectation and what is available. You can play to increase, you can play on the slide. What is this whole game? This expectation. What do not mind? On the other hand – energy: plants, ships, oil wells, etc. Similarly, you can analyze all social and political phenomena. For smart yoga is no end of the analytical work.

     It is only one problem – yoga is not inclined to do that because there are more important priorities, such as helping living beings who suffer.

First of all it is necessary to provide basic humanitarian issues such as the implementation of the first yoga principle – do no harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary, the second principle – the inclusion of the ordinary mind, the third principle (for people who are in rapid methods involved) – refusal from suffering and help all zhivim beings to overcome suffering.

     Of course, this can be quite good to earn some money, but to change the magic wand on a wad of money – this is not an equal exchange, as still all happiness is measured and should be committed to it.

     So, we have the factor of consciousness and energy factor, we have their cooperation, so that all happens.


Basic aspects of some Yogi


Enumerate of yoga that are born at certain levels.

Raja Yoga uses the will, which gave rise to the original vibration.

Mantra Yoga – a product of the most vibration.

Pranayama yoga – it is clear, if we talk about prana. Prana when there? When the manifestation of the Absolute.

     Similarly, we can say about Nada Yoga, Laya Yoga pro. Anyway, interact with factors such as vibration, vibration absorption, dissolution in different ways.

     Again, yoga Triad (Union Yoga Tantra Yoga and Love Yoga), where sex is used, it is not idle pastime and Yoginis yogis of ancient India. It is very specific real techniques, where there is nothing profane, where everything is very calibrated. And the roots of these practices come at a very specific and intimate attitude toward sex: no hypocrisy and, at the same time, without sexual excesses. These yoga start to flow from that moment.

Similarly, we can say about everything that is connected with the rhythm, everything that is connected with dancing and, for example, everything that is connected with the Kriya Yoga (whether it is a form of dance or is it some kind of exercise). Again, if we get into this rhythm, this harmony between the mind and energy. At what point can we talk about this? Since the inception of consciousness and energy. I want to emphasize that many yogis, is now known for quite utilitarian exercises, such as Raja Yoga – Memory development. Indeed, there are a variety of exercises to develop different skills, manifestations, but the roots of these manifestations are so deep that at once and can not explain how this or that yoga works.

Again, the mantra yoga – vibration occurrence.


What is consciousness?


What is consciousness? Consciousness – is our ability to obtain the knowledge, information. If we send him, he has a certain vector. If we direct our consciousness to one side or another, to this or that object or phenomenon, the object of our attention, we fully disclose all knowledge of himself. Factor consciousness, we explain how you can still add a parallel principle of eternal immutability: see one object – in some one state of the entrance, another object – go to another state, the third object – the third, etc. And if I have a feeling clean and leave what we have known about these objects. What remains in all cases cognition.

     What is information? In fact, it’s the same thing as knowledge. “Knowledge” and “information” can be reduced to one another. The concept of information makes sense only in the presence of consciousness. “Information” is not and the very concept of unconscious. Dig ancient axioms can be from different angles to give some very interesting conclusions.

     In mantra yoga we have, that is the original vibration that produced it. According to the approach of yoga mantra is shown by the initial part of the vibration energy has generated. A part of the unmanifested consciousness spawned. That’s why I called at the beginning of the lecture, that the original vibration, as if it was over “OM”. Super OM then broke into two parts: a regular OM (the personification of the total energy).

We have shown by vibration. And if it is good to analyze and think, what is the principle of eternal modification itself, we will sooner or later come to the concept of vibration. In fact, the energy, in whatever form it existed, it comes down to the concept of vibration. But there is what is called in the ancient yoga treatises of the second half of what is called OM. It is extremely compressed, condensed half. Its essence – the clarity, the ability to perceive, the ability to realize. Everything from a single vial.

     The Mantra yoga has gone a lot of different conclusions divisions all the letters into vowels and consonants. Vowels – the personification of power, consonants – impersonation of consciousness. A lot of interesting things this implies. Here we have a consciousness, we have the energy. But we remember that yoga axiomatic told us about the law 4 and 5. What is this law?


Law 4 and 5


It would seem that enough is enough, there is energy, there is consciousness, there is an interaction between energy and consciousness, such as we know it. But, my friends, the universe is much more complex than we think. Ancient texts of ancient yoga teachings poorly understood in our time, because Yoga is not completely preserved, only some of its components have reached us. Next creation stage – Act 4 and 5, when it is a manifestation of consciousness and suddenly divided into 4 aspect, but a manifestation of energy, for some reason, at 5.

     Friends, do not ask me why 4 and 5. I do not know. This part of yoga is lost. Maybe, for the adept of secret science is clear, maybe if I meditate every day for a few hours, I’ll make it up to the same truth. Ask me at the moment there is nobody, because all the teachers too busy with practical work. Yes, and I myself loaded to the eyeballs and meditate for many hours a day is not possible. Our Open University Yoga, yoga teachers, we need to prepare.

     But, nevertheless, part of the yoga of knowledge reached us. I understand why they have survived. Because it is the basis of many practices.

     There was a single energy was one consciousness, was this loving couple Shiva and Shakti. All is well, why share next? That less, formed one step creation. This emotional component. If you understand it, you will begin to understand the yoga of love. If everything was already in a state of love, everything is fine, why then all split up? But the question arises, perhaps, from the standpoint of our ignorance, lack of understanding of some basic principles.

     Starting with the next step, we have 4 aspects or facets 4 manifestations of a single mind and a single 5 faces manifestations of energy. In more detail, it is precisely this interaction between 4 and 5 gave rise to all of the objects and phenomena in the universe. We were told that everything is generated by consciousness and energy, here’s this added detail, begin to observe the interaction of a combination of elements of consciousness with elements of energy manifestations.

     Once again I want to say that in fact, and 4 aspects of manifestation of consciousness and the 5 aspects of energy manifestations – this is only facets of a single mind and a single energy, just as a manifestation of consciousness and energy – are manifestations of a single source of the Absolute.

     Thus, 4 and 5, as a blanket patchwork, woven universe. Adds another factor for a detailed analysis. And now, in your own words try to approach this topic. Let us try to reveal the emotional sense: why take the time now? And a baby, naive explanation.

     Couples in love. Absolute in the form of a beautiful girl and the Absolute in the form of a handsome youth. They are in love with each other, each other are absorbed. We decided not to just enjoy each other, but also to look at themselves as a couple from the side.

Thus, any combination. Once again, in Tantra yoga are similar, who say that there are 4 types of men (although this is a very conventional division) and 5 types of women.

     It is hard to explain the topic, because, in fact, no 4 and 5, there is 1: 1. In each case, the one they turn sideways, then the other. They took and shattered himself and watching an all angles.

     But there is a downside – a very serious price paid for this multiplicity. If we do not use the strengths of some things that we begin to suffer from its weaknesses.

     In yoga, there is a conceptual status: there are no bad or good things, there are things appropriate or not appropriate to use. But there is this figure 4 and 5, which draws us to the whole pattern of mutual relations between men and women. That he is in love with one and the other out of love, that she liked one and then the other.

     This whole mess of relations, the language of Tantra yoga is very well explained, our throwing, all of the interactions, to whom it is interesting, not interesting. All this phantasmagoria, all these frustrations, all the features that exhibit both men and women, as well as other factors. As a result, there is everything that we have in human relations.

      If we consider all this at a philosophical level, it appears that, at first glance, contradictory universe that surrounds us. Agree, do not always have the feeling that everything is in harmony. Sometimes it seems that everything goes in Tarski Tarara. But, firstly, this is only one side of the truth. I hope you do not need to repeat that the point of view of the media – it is a point of view only the media owner, and not the ultimate truth. Moreover, some topic allowed, some moved, trying to manipulate. This method is a pure consciousness.

     Before the absurd consciousness technique was brought in Nazi Germany. Now, at first glance it seems that there was a wrestler, but the outlaws of this can be traced well orchestrated libertines: what should be allowed, what is not necessary, do not start. We sometimes see clear inconsistencies, contradictions.




It all began with the law 0, then 1 the law, then the law of 2, it is the law of the law 3 3. Why? Because it’s kind of like in the manifestation of the Absolute were men and women in the manifestation of the Absolute, but the Absolute initially he stayed too. Then the law of 4 and 5.

     If the right to use this chart level at level 4 and 5, the right to relate consciousness and energy, the world turns into a fairy tale, in a dream, in the imagination, in an exciting adventure, where everyone is happy – and all on the rise, ie Tomorrow will still be grander and better.

     If on the contrary, somewhere something goes wrong, not harmonious, skewed, then we see dissatisfaction and suffering.

     At first glance, it seems to have the energy, and there is no consciousness. But then again, the balance of the universe, we understand that as soon as there is a desire, at the same time there are all preconditions for its implementation. But between the desire and its realization is our karma. If karma is, the desire not to be executed very quickly. If karma is not present, quickly.

     We’re talking about the basic principles of energy and consciousness. The desires are not fulfilled, because maybe you are not yet ready to make these wishes come true. Maybe you are not ready to adjust for your mind energy. And suddenly, this energy will be such that you are not able to control your manifestation of consciousness, or vice versa. If you are looking for consciousness, and his energy has not curbed, then maybe you’re not ready. Yoga is very optimistic in this respect science. She says that if formed such a pause, it is not necessary to accelerate events. If you start to accelerate events, this leads to a serious imbalance of this beautiful balanced charts 4 and 5. Suppose that, on the one hand, everything is going the way it goes. But on the other hand, you should be feasible effort, they say: hasten slowly. Turn defeat into victory. If you feel that energy and consciousness are not balanced in your life (have negative karma), that is to wait – very well, directing a minute this time for its transformation, on its development. To then turn up when the occasion manifest, we would be ready for it.

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