2009.05.30. Findings from the axioms of yoga. Mind. Space. Chakras. Kundalini. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.05.30. Findings from the axioms of yoga. Mind. Space. Chakras. Kundalini. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

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Creation of the Universe: the emergence of the principles of reason, space, air, fire, water, earth, and the corresponding perception abilities. The subordination and unity of principles – practical use in yoga. Kundalini energy. Central channel (Sushumna Nadi). Chakras. Three groups of bodies: the gross body, the subtle body, causal body. Two directions of evolution: physical and spiritual evolution.

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2009.05.30 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

Introduction to the lecture.

Today is May 30, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Are we at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, near m. “Novoslobodskaya”. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on the archive sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

We continue a series of lectures, which started in the previous lesson – “Conclusions of the axioms of Yoga.” In today’s lesson we will look at the basic concepts of “reason”, “space”, “chakra”, “center channel”, “Kundalini”. Some of these terms are commonly used in many sources until tabloids. Often, the authors demonstrate the utter lack of understanding of the true meaning of certain terms, as a result they acquire imaginable detail, “the modern myth-making.” So, today we are going to deal with these terms, give them the definition, as well as look at the other, no less important, but for some reason it is not as popular concepts. Understand the meaning of all these terms we can, if we continue the consideration of processes as a result of which our universe was formed.

In the previous lesson, we are more or less defined, what is the “mind” and “energy”. This lesson will continue this same theme, just go further. And what of consciousness and energy were created all objects and phenomena? Our universe – a very big, incredibly strange, wonderfully beautiful, trudnopostigaemaya thing, but it somehow made. And as claimed by the ancient knowledge of yoga, there are basic principles that made everything in the universe.

We remember that the original impulse of creation and manifestation was prana. Prana – a very strange substance (if you can call it substance), a very strange thing, which later became manifest itself as consciousness and as energy. And today we will begin our consideration of just the second stage of the creation of the universe – from the moment of consciousness and energy.

There is consciousness, is energy. According to the teachings of yoga consciousness and energy begin to interact with each other and their interactions are appearing objects and phenomena in the universe. Speaking in his own words, everything that you see around, any objects – it is a manifestation of energy, but an invisible structure that supports these objects or phenomena – this consciousness, or the rays of consciousness. Consciousness – as a skeleton around which the energy. Therefore, all that we see any object or phenomenon consists of two components – energy and consciousness. With the energy of a more or less clear, with the consciousness harder because there is no way to determine what is consciousness, there is no opportunity to touch it. In this sense, the mind, as it were immaterial – you can not grab it, weigh, measure how we are doing it with energy. But at the same time deprived of such transcendental consciousness areola, something sverhidealistichnogo. Consciousness – is just one of the givens of our universe is just one of the components of our universe. Consciousness – one of the properties of the universe, just as the energy that we can weigh it, to perceive by the senses, and so on, but consciousness has directly opposite properties.


The emergence of the principles of the universe. Mind Principle.

Yoga says that the whole universe – is a combination of consciousness and energy. But there are certain principles, ie opportunities for deployment of certain properties of the universe. When consciousness and energy is divided, and then began to interact with each other, the principles began to appear. And the first principle, which was set up – it is a principle of reason.

Again, the purpose of the Open University of Yoga – is to try your own words to explain very complex things. And here I will give a variety of comparisons, references to daily life, etc., to allow at least a little to grasp the meaning. Sometimes it will make our story less strict, but easier to understand. Lack of understanding – the most severe problem in yoga, where the whole is more than enough but understanding.

We all have a mind. However, we know that some primitive animals, like, no reason: take, for example, a single-celled animal – where his mind? Take the monkey – mind already is. Take some reptile – the mind is there, but weak. It seems that the mind arises from the course of evolution, that at first it was not, and then he came. This is both true and not. Our mind – it’s just a machine, which is constructed in such a way to use the principle of reason. It turns out that the first principle of intelligence arose in the creation of the universe and living things can use it immediately, but only after a long course of evolution, only after all the other principles have been designed and tested – we’ll talk about them later.

I want you to not confuse our minds and the principle of reason. The principle of reason – it is the very possibility that there is something reasonable. Our mind – it’s just a mechanism that uses this principle. My favorite example of this concerns the topic of combustion processes: if you take a little bit of gasoline and set on fire – it will burn slavnenko, in this case will generate heat energy. This principle can construct combustion engine such as an internal combustion engine. Moreover, we can make the car – “Mercedes”, for example – which uses an internal combustion engine, we are using the mind, a motor that in turn uses the combustion principle as our brain – the principle of reason. No car came up the possibility of something burning, but it can use this principle. Similarly, our mind – just to use this comprehensive fundamental principle.

Again, some more, some less. All depends on the practice. Neanderthals or monkey mind is weak, the professor of mathematics stronger. But he and the other using the same universal principle. It is only a matter of time when the monkey to learn to use your mind as well as a professor of mathematics. We do not create the mind, we do not even develop, we are opening a.

Let’s go back to the creation of the universe. The first was created by the principle of reason. What is it? Mind – it is the most subtle vibration energy, the most strongly is illuminated by the rays of consciousness (if you can compare). Again, like everything in the world, the mind – it is a combination of consciousness and energy, but only in the energy vibration mind most subtle and light of consciousness most strongly shines through these vibrations. The result is a tandem, where the other one pulls. Thus is born what is called thought-forms of thought.

Question: “What is the thought-forms and how they relate to the knowledge (information)?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev “Somehow tricky. He pulls one another and vice versa. This is the process of thinking. Here is an analogy from our devices with you. We have a mind. The formation of a very strange thoughts in our mind. Certain information is oprelennye images. Images on the contrary turn into some kind of knowledge, information. And every thought, like a wave on the surface of the lake of the mind. In Sanskrit it is called “vritti” – swirl vortex wave. You have all seen the bodies of water and waves on the surface – some more, some less. Similarly, on the surface of our minds run multiple wave-thought. We will not deal with the question in detail, how thoughts are formed and how to work with them. This is dealt with by other yoga. One of these yogas called Raja Yoga, it is considering in more detail the processes. Strictly speaking, such a yoga is Yoga Visualization, Mantra Yoga also begin from this moment. “


The discrepancy between the energy and consciousness. space principle.

Our task today: to consider the principles of the universe. It turns out that was the original single prana. This prana is beginning to separate into consciousness and energy, consciousness and energy begin to interact with each other. Source in consciousness and energy is one – is prana. What separates the consciousness of energy? What made prana divide? We have already touched on this topic in the yoga axioms – is maya. One of the properties of maya – a phenomenon when one appears as a plural. In this case, a single Prana appeared in the form of consciousness and energy. This is the first division, which is close to the source. Here they separated and interact again and created such a principle, which is called the mind. But this did not stop the creation of the universe. Consciousness and energy is in a sense began to disperse from each other all the more. Energy as it began to move away from consciousness. Once the principle of reason, again, intermittent torque consciousness separated from the energy was created.

On the basis of the first abrupt rupture and further interaction of energy and consciousness of the mind principle was established. Then there was a second abrupt break – even greater removal of consciousness from the energy – and again in the new state of the divided consciousness and energy began to interact, and was born the following principle – the principle of Space. Once again: everything is made of energy and consciousness. The principle of space – it is a principle of the vibration created by the energy and vibration permeated the consciousness, only the energy of vibration became more rough, and the light of consciousness is not so bright. Again, this is just the images that you have made at least some idea of these very abstract processes. It takes decades of meditation and work on yourself to thoroughly understand the process of creation. But each of you will come for personal meditation, in studies of ancient treatises and modern sources. But something needs to be begun, with some understanding of the island. All my comparison to some extent, given that you grasped anything.

Thus was created the second principle – the principle of Space: a rough energy, slightly weaker than the light of consciousness. Here is an explanation of life. We are sitting here in the cultural “Enlightenment” center, we have a lecture for Yoga Open University. We are in the room. This room has a property: the space – the number of cubic meters, calculated for each of you according to GOST, that there is no lack of oxygen, working ventilation, etc. Those. there are certain factors – the amount, or, in other words, the space. Even more, we can say that it is a three-dimensional space, because it has length, width and height. We have somehow got used to the picture, there is a space. But when we say that was created by the principle of space, meaning more fundamental principle, our physical space – it’s just a special case of this fundamental principle of space.

Generally, it must be said that space – something not obvious. In explaining this ancient yoga helps modern science, modern scholars with their conclusions. Those of you who have studied the general theory of relativity or private, should probably know that being in a gravitational field, space is curved. And even in the room of the floor space bending region and the ceiling region – are different. To say that we have a three-dimensional space – it’s just our habit. This we consider a three-dimensional, and space more abstract thing. This factor, as its gravity bends, however, so quietly that no ticker you it can not be measured – too small it at such distances, but at distances of cosmic scale the curvature is much more noticeable.

Not only is the space it is difficult to explain, it is, as they say modern scientists, has the property of being curved. For the ancient knowledge of yoga it was a matter of course, this attitude is normal. It was believed that our physical space – it’s just a special case of space, and these particular cases a huge amount. And what is most valuable to us – in yoga provides a bond between our physical space and mental space. What is meant? Each of you now can close your eyes and Red Square. There’s something happening now, and you can see it in their domestic space or, if you will, in the space of your imagination. And what does it have to do with space or even our physical space in particular? In this respect, modern science is not enough for you to say that. He will say that the space of your imagination – is a space of your hallucinations. And yoga, oddly enough, more serious about such things. She says that the space of your imagination is no better and no worse than the physical space in which you live.

Or another example: the space of your dreams. Today you are sleeping angel sleeping because yesterday you honestly worked. And you slept slavnenko after these works, you had dreams, they are somewhere occurred. Where? At what point there were your dreams? You can dismiss this by and say. “Hallucination” or “What is a complex reaction of our brain” It can be anything you want to talk about it, to explain, and the explanation of these will be very adequate, sane. But yoga is considered that the space of the dream is the same space as our physical space with you. Yes, it is with the other properties, but, differently manifested, goes to the psyche, personal perception of our world. But this same space as the physical space of our world.

Still further leaving aside. Many of you will read the book, in which yoga and yogini share experience some practices that describe the miracles that happened to them. Most interesting is that, under certain conditions, the boundaries between these spaces may coalesce. In our physical space is superimposed space of our imagination, and begin our physical space objects and phenomena of our space of imagination to do the same, as if they were physical objects in our physical space. It turns out, as it were a bridge between the worlds. This built a large number of yoga practice visualization, mantra yoga.

This happens all the mysterious, wonderful, exciting. Only one problem: some people perceive this uncritical mind, but rather relaxing your mind, start to believe in nonsense. Others, on the contrary, too critical to all fit and discarded “stories” – they say, you never know who has what hallucination occurred. In this regard, the teachings of yoga tough. Any yogi or yogini is much more critical to him than anyone else outside. Who is struggling with all sorts of hallucinations, so that teaching yoga. Moreover, also fights carefully, like scientists. Scope of scientific activity is limited by something external. But the yogi is also struggling with all kinds of swindles, hallucinations, attempts to wishful thinking, but the scope of the spreads further, at least in the field of space. These questions deal with such wonderful yoga as a Dream Yoga, Yoga border states, etc.

In yoga, there is an interesting comment on the physical space, of Providence, to which modern science has not yet reached, but may soon get. We all get the opportunity to travel through the universe, jumping from one point in space to another, although it is now in their spaceships to Mars even can not reach. In ancient texts, full of allusions to these things, but only one problem, these texts are written allegorical language. Perhaps those in the future who will analyze this heritage can somehow relate it to real life. But in any case, yoga is never a substitute for science. Yoga is the science of supplements but does not replace it. Scientists have let themselves explore the universe, and man, do yoga, let alone examine your mind, feelings, etc.


Thus, the principle of reason has been created. Then the principle of the space has been created. And then there’s one small detail. I want to mention it, but I do not want to disclose it. With the advent of the space principle arose the principle that the human body, turned to the ability to perceive hearing the sound vibrations. Once again, we all have ears. Someone hearing very sharp, someone not so – but in the universe there is the very possibility of sound vibrations. Imagine a universe where there would be no sound as such. It is difficult to imagine it, but, nevertheless, the very possibility to perceive the vibration, so then there was our hearing could occur no sooner than could be space principle. A side effect of the principle of space – the possibility of what is called hearing.

Again, the analogy with our lives. We are used to the usual sound vibrations, bats can hear sounds that we do not hear, and so on, but to hear the sound of the physical – is a special case of a more subtle principle possible to hear the sound vibrations. In yogic texts often mentioned that after a long yoga the person has the ability to hear without ears in yoga, to perceive the subtle sound vibrations. Also, one of the super-powers, described in yoga, is associated with hearing, it states that a person can hear at great distances. Ordinary sound wave is not reached, damped, there are limitations to the sound waves, the distance increases, they become inaudible. For example, we are sitting here in Moscow and do not hear what they say in New York. And why not listen? – Very simple: as long as the sound wave will reach here, it dies out. But the supernormal ability – to hear at great distances – as it were on a different level, a different cut works. Our ears – this is not some sort of special unit of our environmental conditions. Hearing – is a manifestation of the underlying latent principle. Moreover, when other, more subtle level applies that at our level is called the sound vibrations, it is perceived as a hit. It sounds like science fiction, as a violation of all the laws of nature as nonsense. Actually no it’s not a fantasy, and certainly no more nonsense. This is a manifestation of a more subtle laws of which we have little idea. Our universe is much more complex than we think.


Air principle. Tactile sensations.

After creating the principle of space, energy even further distanced from consciousness. Energy has become even rougher, and the light of consciousness became even less light therethrough. And there was a principle that yoga is usually called the principle of air. I will not dwell on it, just say that from now on there is a fundamental ability to perceive tactile sensations when to have someone touches, we feel it. But once again, our tactile sensations – this is a gross manifestation or the ability to implement this principle through our coarse bodies. The principle is more fundamental, more subtle. With this level begins lovely Nyasa yoga, which works wonders in some cases.


Fire principle. Vision.

The energy is then further moved away from consciousness, become more coarse. There was the so-called principle of fire. Principle of Fire corresponds to the ability to see, the ability to view. The ability to view – it is not some private notion, as if a living being has come up with the eyes or the ability to see. On the one hand this is so, but in reality the vision – is the realization of a more fundamental, more deep-seated principle that things can be seen.


water principle. Taste.

Then further dispersed energy and consciousness. There was the so-called principle of water. And he manifested in the human body, as the ability to recognize the taste.


The principle of land. The sense of smell.

And finally, as we are taught axiomatic yoga, went even further, and the energy of consciousness and collaborative interactions and efforts to create the latest in creation (the rough principle) the principle of land. The principle of land – this is the principle, where the energy vibration of the most rough and the light of consciousness most weakly manifested through this vibration. And it teaches yoga as soon as it happened, there was an opportunity to smell. We have at our level of human bodies ability to smell is realized through our nose with a corresponding mechanism at what some aliens, the same principle can be expressed using another abstract body.

Your radio can be placed on a chip in mobile phones can be made with transistors that are produced twenty years ago, it may be placed on the tubes, in the forties and fifties of the last century, or made in the days of Popov kadirerah (opilochek mixture). It does not matter. All these radios worked. In our modern times, you can listen to the voices and songs with them, at the time Popov – only knock Morse code. But in any case, these were some mechanisms, using the same principle – a free propagation of electromagnetic waves. Similarly, our senses – it’s just an opportunity to implement more fundamental principles, which no longer have any less at the time of creation of the universe. Therefore, yoga is a great deal of attention is given to the senses. These are not just as something random: for example, on this planet since developed a principle, and in living beings from another planet (say, octopus reasonable) somehow in another way it will develop. If there is a need for this development, it will evolve, grow and thinning. But all the principles and the very possibility of smell, sight, touch, hearing, etc., originated during the creation of the universe. So teach us yoga axiomatic.

What is the principle of land? As we have said, this is the rough principle. The light of consciousness shines through it the least. In essence, the principle of land – it is all around the world: the walls, ceiling, floor. It is neither more nor less than the original vibration that produced this whole universe. Moreover, through it also shines the light of consciousness. Whose light of consciousness? – Strictly speaking, the light of the Absolute consciousness. Agree, if you become close to the wall and start talking to her ( “Hello stenochka I came, tell me, please”), the panel is unlikely to immediately begin to answer you. Anyway, we’re not used to it, even saying there is “Talk like a wall.” And we say that the wall is no consciousness, because it does not respond to us, because it does not take us as we think. From the point of view of yoga, and the wall is consciousness. Moreover, you can answer it, but in a very rough and low level. In the matter of question and answer period – it is a huge period, comparable with the geological epochs lasting twenty billion years. We are in such periods of time – like insects: imagine that the microbe you asked about something and then died. And you have just started to answer, but he had long died. Of course, this is an example of a comic – just for you to understand. Another situation: if you’re talking to someone who has a reason and the light of consciousness, which is already shining through in a more or less decent amount, or at least, a person makes a clever face, friendly and trying to communicate with you to enter. And you say, “Yes, this person can communicate.” If a person’s mind is weaker and therefore, the light of consciousness shines poorly, then you say, “This man harder to communicate.” This is not talking about that consciousness somewhere there, but somewhere it is not – it is everywhere, just there are different “windows of consciousness.” There are “windows” through which consciousness shines brightly, and we can easily deal with such creatures. But it happens and vice versa. Our ordinary world – the world of matter – is also filled with consciousness, but here everything is very slow and inert.

The subordination and unity of principles. Practical use of yoga.

So, was united Prana, she began abruptly separated – jumping, jumping, jumping. With each jump formed one or another principle of reason, the principle of space, the air principle, fire, water, earth. And in fact it turns out that our entire universe is a combination of these principles. Moreover, the principle that each is made of a combination of consciousness and energy, these intermediate components begins with each other somehow interact, and it turns out that phantasmagoric world that surrounds us. The way in which consciousness is separated from the energy, sometimes allegorically in the ancient texts called the “central axis of the universe,” or more literally “Mount Meru”. There are supposedly in the universe some central mountain around which everything revolves. This image of a certain central axis is found not only in yoga but also in the mythological legends of various cultures.

So, in the universe there is a coarse level – material. There is a more subtle level, which permeates the coarse material. There are more subtle, and more. And as these principles are refined to the principle of reason. A principle reason – the most delicate component of the universe. And all of this together is called our universe. Or in another way: imagine the artist. In order to paint a picture, he needs a canvas. It takes canvas imposes a layer of paint, then the second, third, fourth, etc. Likewise, we have a principle of reason – it is fundamental. Space Principle rougher, he is subject to the principle of reason – because if there is a canvas, you can not draw a picture, you’re not going to wave in the air brush. Similarly, there is the additional space – this figure, painted on the canvas of the mind. The principle of air – this picture, painted on canvas space. The same applies to the principles of fire, water, earth. That is, each subsequent principle is subject to the previous one.

Here are some interesting conclusions from this, conclusions, indeed, paradoxical and make you think. The principle reason arose earlier than the principle of space, that is to implement the principle of mind or make possible intelligent life itself possible in the absence of this, at first glance, a fundamental factor, like space. Mind over space. Is not this hidden ability to travel through space at the speed of thought? We read in the ancient legends that yoga teacher decided to travel a bit on the universe and the power of the mind is transferred back and forth, then somewhere else. We read and think, raving mad – that’s ancient yogis bore, here ponapridumyvali – like in the movie “The Twelve Chairs”, “Ostap carried” – and we laugh at them. But sometimes it turns out that we are on a laugh at his ignorance, lack of understanding. The world is much more complicated than we think. Before we offer something quite fantastic, and we complain that we are bored and have nothing to do in life, unable to anything in life. Quite often nagging. We were given such an opportunity to live and enjoy – study the universe, learn and travel by the mind, or at least come close to it!

So, each subsequent principle is subject to the previous with all the consequences coming out of here. I will not list them. In each yoga uses the principle of subordination principles. In such a household level, relying on the principle of subordination, the problem with something one can sometimes be solved by using something else. Right meditation (implementation of the principle of reason) can solve the problem of underlying layers. And vice versa – sometimes what could not do on the level of reason (for example, meditation does not work), you can easily do at ground level, and obtain the corresponding mark on the mind level. This nearly always enjoys yoga, from gross to subtle, from the subtle to the gross, because all of these principles are actually produced, as we recall, the initial energy and the original consciousness and are essentially one. As the saying goes: by hook or by crook. If on the one hand we can not fix the problem, so the other can. Not through meditation, so with the help of Hatha Yoga. Not using Hatha Yoga classes, so with the help of visualization Yantra – using the principle of fire, he is the principle of vision. In our Yoga Open University has a very strong Yoga – Yoga Nyasa. You can use it to make such a leap, which by means of other conventional yogi can achieve forty years. But again, it all works in specific cases: if you are in something weak, you can not take the enemy head-on, and work around the rear, and he surrenders.


The birth of a living creature – the creation of the personal universe.

Go ahead. We talked about the principles of the universe. And what happens if you take the individual or of each of us? Let us recall the axioms of yoga and concluded that the creation of the universe and the birth of the person in each of its life – the identical thing. We remember the corresponding theorems in this regard. They discussed in detail the following: in every life, in spite of previous karma, despite numerous previous birth and death, every birth is the same scenario on which our entire universe was created. human birth – the birth of the universe in miniature. Each of us – it is separately taken the world: neither add nor subtract – the whole universe.

We also remember that each of us has our self, in Sanskrit – Atman (indivisible), the people – the soul. Our I has a truly ineffable qualities. In fact, its nature is identical with the nature of the Absolute with all the ensuing consequences. Firstly, our soul (Atman) is sexless. When entering into the world as our axiomatic teaches yoga, if we perceive the world more with the energy position, we are born a man, if it is more from the perspective of consciousness, – a woman. In fact, the bottom line is what happens in the future. In the future, there is, in a nutshell, the birth of the universe, namely, our I (our Atma) is prana, the same as prana Absolute when creating the universe. Likewise, our prana is manifested in the form of our own consciousness and our personal energy. Our personal consciousness and our personal energy with each of our birth, entering the created world stage repeat all creation: Our first I create a small principle of reason, which is immediately embedded in the fundamental principle of the Absolute Mind. In other words, our principle I reveal a little of his mind in the fundamental principle of reason, which is, of course, was before the birth of J. But running this personal principle of reason only applies to each individual person to each individual Atma. Since the soul is embodied: established the principle of the mind – the principle reason joined in mind the principle of the universe, then – the principle of space – space that principle resulted in the space of the universe principle, just as – Air principles, fire, water and earth.

The principle of land – the most intuitive. We all have a material body, a small house for us, for the future of the soul, which made mom and dad. And we, having created the principle of land entered into it with already the created principles. Moreover, these principles are already beginning to interact with the general principles and in the future we are starting to rebuild our house: there was a small house, added onto a couple of rooms, then another. Nine months later a baby is born, and that has got from the parents, it is determined by our physical body, and what went into it – less understandable and perceptible at first glance, but these subtle levels all acts similar to the gross level . In this sense, all continuously, all of this should be the law in such.

Kundalini energy.

When we entered into this universe, our original Prana is divided into two parts: Shakti (energy) and Shiva (consciousness). Consciousness abruptly was removed from power by doing so the principle of the principle .. Once the principle of land was formed, came the interesting thing. Our energy has ceased to create. There are more interesting analogy: the energy produced creative energy and then it became absorb. In yoga, this is called “energy fell asleep.” This energy that created us all the principles and then went to sleep – it just called Kundalini. Kundalini energy – the energy that created all the subtle structure of our body, and then start itself absorb themselves (to sleep). It depicted it in the treatises on yoga allegorically in the form of a snake, which holds its tail in his mouth.

On this occasion, I have an anecdote. You know, like in the Soviet Army: two soldiers dig a hole and bury the two and so the circle to give us something to be busy. Because if soldiers remain idle, immediately begin hazing, booze, shooting and all sorts of lewdness. Similarly, here: the creative energy is closed on itself, as if asleep. It will not go away, it does not become any stronger or weaker – it just so cunning way on itself closed. But not completely closed. Still, a small part of what it produces, and still continues to do something. Due to this difference, my friends, we are with you, and manifest themselves as people. All our displays, when we run, jump, laugh, talk, think, create, manifest themselves in various aspects – it is precisely the difference between the energy of the Kundalini, which she produced and which swallowed. This is a paltry fraction of a percent, but even they have enough on our lives and our existence. Therefore, to say that the Kundalini energy is really asleep – is not quite right; rather, it lies dormant.

That is what is meant by the Kundalini, instead of different fantastic stories, which are now filled with the yellow press. This is a very specific yogic concept, very logical, very sane, calm, requires appropriate thoughts and work. Unfortunately, the modern trend is more marginal. Now that just does not understand by Kundalini. Not quite sane people scurrying around, trying to wake her – why she sleeps? But, you know, it’s the husk. In reality Kundalini energy – a very powerful tool. There are practices that help us to part a little bit more of this energy release than is usually released. But in any sane school of yoga – this is done gradually. Moreover, according to ancient treatises on yoga, Kundalini energy when fully awake, it will reverse the process of creation, that is dissolution. These processes involved in Laya Yoga.

Externally, the awakening of the Kundalini looks pretty sad man lying like a corpse, the pupils do not react to light, no pulse. What is there the joy of raising Kundalini energy? Moreover, it dissolves everything for which we clung on awakening the Kundalini energy: all our wrong thoughts, tendencies, and it is extremely painful. So I would caution people who are trying to awaken. I understand that this is a trend this freaky: people think that they would do this to “torknulo”. And it seems to have tried, and it is. Now, let’s raise the Kundalini to torknulo much! Friends, Yoga has nothing to do with this freaky approach. We need to approach this gradually and carefully. Sometimes there are here in the West attributed the school. While at the same West I met irresponsible tendencies, say: let us three days to awaken the Kundalini. It is dangerous even physically – the energy that we create, suddenly wakes up. Once again, I give an example to the soldiers, which can not be left without work. The army of mercenaries: Fight is – everything is fine, but if you leave without cause – start drinking and robbing people. Those. some of the trends we are not yet able to control. Kundalini energy – this is an absolute power. And our karma has not been canceled. Trends karma can be negative, and these trends are superimposed on the awakening of the Kundalini energy. What can come of it?

Therefore, I once again ask you to be careful with these moments. Often I hear that one had enough dope, another began to blue in the face some practice to do – barely pumped. Indeed, it is no good. This is a very big chance, a strong energy, but need to be approached gradually. I meet people who are engaged in Kundalini yoga. Indeed, a good yoga. But you have to understand: the teacher-founders of these schools were not fools, they knew that something called “the awakening of the Kundalini energy”, not awakening. This is just an increase in the emanation – the difference between what is allocated and that is absorbed. If every second this energy is awakened, they would have been dead five people left. Still, this is a very good school, a lot of help, it is necessary to remove the cap, they show respect, but sometimes there is confusion in terms.

Kundalini energy at every birth creates our principles, and then shapes our body, as they say in some sources, more or less active phase until puberty, and then – on the contrary, the energy tends to sleep more. Therefore, children are being more creative than adults.


Central channel (Sushumna Nadi).

The path differences of energy and consciousness in yoga is called a center channel or a channel or Sushumna Sushumna Nadi (Nadi – this channel). This is the main channel of our nature, our bodies. And in fact this is the way in which our minds were disassembled and energy by doing all of the principles at the time of birth.

Furthermore, the central channel as well as all the principles has a pronounced geometrical binding to our physical body. You will recall that the principle of space – it’s just a special case of the multiple, first, the principles of space, and secondly, the principles of reason. The central channel in the body takes place somewhere along the spine from the base body in the area of the sacrum to the top of the head. Strictly speaking, this is the way in which energy and consciousness dispersed in this, that this birth. The center channel or a channel sushumna – in fact the most important channel in the human body. And virtually all yoga practices are built around this channel.

We are told that in mythology there is Mount Meru, around which the whole universe, the entire macrocosm. Similarly, inside us there is a certain channel, the main road, around which revolves all actually turns our whole life, my friends, all our tendencies, feelings, thoughts and experiences.



The center channel as it pierces all the principles in our body. The principle reason is quite a specific location – an area in between the eyebrows, somewhere in there. Slightly lower, respectively, it is the principle of space. Then the – air. In the navel – the principle of fire. And so the principle of land located somewhere at the bottom of our bodies. These places, which is represented by the energy and consciousness in various forms, are threaded through the Central. These places are called chakras. Again, this is not some fantastic education, which is writing the yellow press, broadcast television, and just dumb not get smart on the chakras. In yoga chakras – a specific thing that is very clear and logically derived from the fundamental principles of creation of the universe.

The term “chakra” has many translations: ring, circle, in some texts called chakras lotuses. What is the lotus? – With beautiful flower petals, it can be seen in the botanical garden. Question: Where is the name of – the chakras, lotuses? The answer is simple, but the subject is very delicate. When in the process of yoga classes you will perform the appropriate exercises, you will arise your personal, subjective experience of these centers. Each person can perceive them completely differently. So when I hear an argument between two adherents of “secret science” – one says: “This chakra is blue” and the other says, “No, it is red” – I understand that both do not understand the term. They talk about something else not related to yoga. As you know, if there are special cases of principles such as the space of your dreams or imagination, then too thin to such concepts as the principles themselves, even the word “color” is not applicable. Color – is something of a rough area. During practice, each having personal, subjective experience, completely different depending on your culture, history, preferences, experiences. You perceive something, and the mind begins to draw an image that is most similar to what you perceive. And so, one person chakra is associated with the wheel, the other – with a lotus, someone – braided, some yogis said: “At this point, I saw a god and goddess, saw Brahma and his wife Saraswati” – ie. e. anything. Man uses different images depending on what culture he lived, what he likes and dislikes, etc.

But there is something in common that unites these experiences with a variety of subjective assessments. Firstly, a more or less common localization of these centers (some variation observed feelings too, but it’s still about the same, they are felt by all people). Secondly, it is some of the characteristic qualities of manifestation: when a person interacts with a particular center, it starts to get pretty specific, more or less unambiguous response, although these reactions may also vary in different people. So I remind again: if you hear the phrase, “You should be just like me” – a conversation about anything. You can not even words to share my experience. And to impose what you are even words can not express it at all crazy. About chakras, kundalini, the third eye, the karma is not just lazy writing, this theme is a win-win, all interesting, obscure, we can dream up on this. Nothing wrong there, if only to draw conclusions from these fantasies were not funny. Now, these principles are called – the chakras.


Question: “What does the chakras are to our physical space, our body?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It is very indirect. Chakras – a kind of tunnel between the spaces. Imagine that each principle – a single space, a separate world, but did have a corridor that connects all these worlds. Or analogy with stepplerom that holds pieces of paper, one sheet – the principle of space, the other – a principle of reason, etc. to the ground of the principle, but you take steppler clip and join them in one place. Those. It turns the node that connects multiple spaces. Chakras – a certain gate, through which you can enter the central channel and the center channel can be reached by any other level. In any case, these are the places to which yoga pay special attention, they work in different ways: visualization techniques, Hatha Yoga. You body is curved in a certain place in your chakra area on the physical level voltage, but as any chakra – is a passage in the space of a more subtle level, you get the effect and thin. Sometimes people ask, “Why are people doing physical Hatha Yoga, develop mentally, becoming smarter.” The reason is that by acting on the rough, we indirectly obtain the result on a subtle level. Chakra – the same principles of the universe, which arose in the creation of the universe, only in our case – with the creation of our body. “


Question: “What happens at death?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “At the moment of death is just waking up Kundalini, if you are already to be very precise. Especially for those who can not wait to wake her: to awaken the Kundalini Yoga energy so that she then went to sleep – it is the highest skill yogi. It dissolves all its internal structure, and then recreates them again, and the Kundalini back as if asleep. All this he has done within twenty-one days, otherwise the physical body begins to decompose, and the yogi will have nowhere to go. At the moment of death is the reverse process of the process of birth – dissolution. First rough disconnected from the thin, thin from the finest, etc. Kundalini energy starts in the reverse order to dissolve all the things that people do in their lifetime: Centers principles. First dissolve the earth principle, ie a person loses touch with the material body, then the principle of water, etc. Disappear one by one all the organs of perception. death process is described in various yogic texts, but I would recommend you to read more about the processes of life.

From a formal point of view the principle of the principle to dissolve until our self at some point is not completely devoid of all its bodies, shells. It does not last very long. But, if we use this dissolve the energy advantage of the situation when we are deprived of our skins and I – our Atman appears in pure form and in no way due to, you can implement Yoga dying. In the moment of death, our I can realize itself, as there is no interfering membranes and reach the ultimate goal. This built many Yoga dying. Energy Kundalini is already awakened, and so everything is dissolved. If all this competently use, you can achieve a lot of things. And I must say that there are yoga. Somewhere they are well preserved in our school are not very well preserved. The analogy is this: if you are doing yoga for a living, then you would build a rocket to sit on it and fly into space. But there is another option to fly into space: all of a sudden you find out that our Earth is about to explode, you’re doing just a little space ship, climb into it and waiting for – the rocket is not necessary to build, because at the time of the explosion, and so will throw into space . The main thing – to choose the right direction, use this energy. But if you’re in for life long severe meditations are not ready to this practice, or you do not have teachers to these yogis, (a teacher can do for you anything you want), then, as a rule, you do not take advantage of this opportunity – the time of death, and you will be doomed to be born again, repeating this scheme. And so from one life to virtually the same thing repeated.

The unit of the physical body is entirely identical to the device of the universe. Our birth – in fact, the birth of the universe. In a certain sense, each of our death – is the end of the world on a local scale. “

Three groups of bodies: the gross body, the subtle body, causal body.

And finally, the next interesting thing – our bodies. The modern paradigm of scientists says that we only have one body – the physical. Doctors are studying it, dissect, cut into pieces, learn where things are. And try to talk to them for a more subtle bodies – they have not adequately perceive, and rightly so. In science and medicine their approaches. This established the current, not the Yogis to teach them. But yoga add that our physical body – it is only one component, one of the bodies. And in fact, a person can be represented as several bodies: a gross body, inside of which, figuratively speaking, it is a subtle body that manages the rough, inside a thinner body has subtle, delicate control. This matryoshka is obtained. Of course, it’s all allegorical images. As a rule, it is an attempt to express the inexpressible words. Here is another example. In the space of our physical body, imposed a space finer matter and it’s imposed more subtle space, which has a body made from the finest matter, all three of these spaces as a folder in the chakras are connected, so as not to unravel wherever falling. Scientists have not yet discovered the existence of the subtle body, and if opened, then keep quiet, and rightly so, to ahead of time not to disclose secrets, if not in time to discover the secret, be sure to make some new psychotropic weapons. We have the same without it can not, the mentality of the society at the level of wild monkeys, and already in the hands of a grenade. Thank God, nuclear bombs each other, not killed, and that thanks.

To explain the many practices of yoga without the concept of the subtle body can not do – all breaks down and becomes clear how yoga works at all. In yoga, they say that we have three groups of bodies, not three bodies, namely the three groups of bodies: the physical body group, the group of thin bodies, the group causal body.

The gross body. What can you say about a group of rough bodies? We have a nervous system, has a skeleton, circulatory system. With a certain degree of tension each of these systems can be called a separate body. All they generally appear as our physical body, which is to be fed, to please, cherish.

The subtle body. By analogy with gross bodies, and there is a group of bodies that are on the subtle level. What is it made of? We remember the axioms of Yoga: all made from a combination of consciousness and energy. Nothing happens without the combination. But the subtle bodies of energy vibration level more delicate and light of consciousness in some sense more vivid. When we perceive our subtle body when? – In a dream, for example. You see yourself in a certain body? Sometimes we perceive ourselves in the subtle body, when we thought – we also have mental representations of themselves, we are ourselves somehow see and represent. These thoughts and ideas just inspired by our subtle body or group of bodies.

The causal body. The third level – a level of the causal body. To say that a group of bodies, maybe even impossible. This is one of the most difficult to understand yoga sections. Information about this remained very small, just the crumbs, and what remained extremely hard to understand. But what remained, preserved by chance: without understanding that there is a causal body, many practices of yoga just do not realize, and many of the problems in the life of a personal nature can not be solved. It is only with the understanding that there is a level of the causal body, we can do something positive.

The causal body is very strange, very secretive, incomprehensible and elusive. We did not, do not feel, we do not even know what it is. But from time to time it may manifest itself, and not the best way. In our school of yoga there is a saying: “If there is pain or any negative irrational – know it works causal body.” Probably each of you faced with a situation where everything seems to be fine, but for some reason, very bad: a bad mood all of a sudden for no reason or any reaction inadequate, negative. Obvious reasons like not: on the physical level, everything is fine, with the thoughts and emotions all right, but only sadness is such that it would be desirable to howl. Sometimes it manifests itself more strongly on the physical level, for women, for example – it’s PMS, is an analogue and men … The action of the causal body is sometimes shown as an irrational negativity that even grasp the impossible, and he sometimes our rules, and we become puppets in his hands. In this case no psycho Motivational and samouveschevaniya not help, nothing works. The man himself is plenty to inspire myself that from him all good – all good – all is well, and then get out of the psychologist and say: “No, I’m bad.” There is a component of our – the most insidious and terrible. The most ferocious version of our karma, when negative shocks come with the causal level. The ancient Greeks used to say, “If the gods want to punish mortals, they are deprived of their mind.” But the level of the causal body is much thinner than the existence of our mind. At the level of the causal body, our mind just shuts down – as the switch is cut down – and all attempts to pass itself exhortation, as if they had never existed. This is one of the most serious problems in yoga. Sometimes a person feels like a normal and thinks that he’s all right, but then again – and suicide. Note: unmotivated suicide. Example: Vasily was burly cheerful, and went and hanged himself. From what? Such moments at first glance, is not explained. But yoga does not agree with the unexplainable. Sometimes you just can not see an explanation, the reasons are not clear, but the law of logic, the law of cause and effect or the law of karma is everywhere.

In the causal body has a positive side. One of the most pronounced its manifestations – a state of love, causeless joy and happiness. Again: nothing inexplicable condition. The girl is all very bad, and she is happy – because it it close Bob and everything else just not for her. Then look: one problem is gone, another has fallen off, and she did not even notice that the problems were because she was in love with Vasya.

The level of the causal body is very deep. You can draw a parallel with modern science that studies the nervous system cells, impulses that were formed during the time of dinosaurs. In yoga, more and more clearly: our bodies have been long physical evolution, and the legacy of the bodies of animals, of course, exist, but there is something more subtle. This is a very subtle level, which they say yoga. According to the teachings of yoga we have a group of three bodies: the gross body (easily correlated with gross principles and elements in the universe), thin (correlated with subtle principles) and causal. Different opinions are given in different sources on where and at what level of the border. This topic is open to all. It does not include a detailed examination of these issues in the goals of the Open University of Yoga. But I believe that people will rediscover their practice of yoga rediscover knowledge that have been reset this.


Physical and spiritual evolution.

I want to emphasize one point. Now, many people would argue that there is no evolution, everything was created in seven days, and it should be understood literally. There are many religions, some say, that the world was created in seven days, someone other terms – will not please everyone. A certain primitivism in such thinking. Others – on the contrary, for the scientific approach. Yoga on this occasion said that the right and those who adhere to Darwin’s theory of evolution, or normal, and others. Indeed, from one life to our bodies are transformed. We all have a body, inherited from more primitive life forms. Yoga says that parallel physical evolution is the spiritual evolution, or the evolution of his consciousness Ya fine structure, which are then included in the gross structure, determined by the level of consciousness, which is substantially complete its previous life and entered into the next. One soul with lots of prana, a lot of consciousness and energy, it tends to enter the more complex the body, but in a more simple – averse, the punishment for her.

At the same time, no matter what the body has entered the soul, in the course of life of its strong energy begins to work on the genetics, improve the body in which it lives, and improved body will have already passed on by inheritance, ie a mutation. Usually, the mutation we mean something random. Yoga also tells us that there is nothing accidental. Mutation – it is an attempt to improve the Atma is the body in which it lives, and later inherited. That is how we humans got their glorious body: our ancestors have worked on themselves, improve their structure and passed to the next generation, the next generation of even improved, etc. Evolution goes in two directions: on the physical and subtle levels. The physical layer helps subtle level, subtle physical level helps. The contradictions between these two points of view do not.

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