2009.06.06. Findings from the axioms of yoga. Energy channels: Sushumna, Ida, Pingala. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.06.06. Findings from the axioms of yoga. Energy channels: Sushumna, Ida, Pingala. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

All steps in the way of the universe, as embodied in our lives, are identical. Strictly speaking, considering one, we begin to consider more. All our judgments in respect of those fundamental principles, of which we are made, and the universe, they are identical.

I recall that we had to consider the practical moment as consciousness and energy began to separate from the single prana. We remember that the prana – the first manifestation of man as the Absolute. This prana later undergoes metamorphosis and starts to divide. The result is two self-existent things, one of them is called the energy, the other – consciousness. I want to emphasize that the energy and consciousness are not dependent on anything, and are the fundamental entities, from which everything else is done.

Today, June 6, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, next to the m. Novoslobodskaya, this lecture for Yoga Open University, all information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www. yogacenter.ru.

Introduction to the lecture

       We continue our series of lectures devoted to some of the conclusions from the axioms of yoga. And we continue the theme, which started in the previous lesson “Chakra, Kundalini energy, a center channel.”


       Highlights, which stopped at the previous lecture. From the similarity of the principle should be that all the processes that occur when a person’s birth, and in his death – are identical to the processes that occur during the creation of the universe, then, respectively, in its decay.


       All steps in the way of the universe, as embodied in our lives, are identical. Strictly speaking, considering one, we begin to consider more. All our judgments in respect of those fundamental principles, of which we are made, and the universe, they are identical.


       I recall that we had to consider the practical moment as consciousness and energy began to separate from the single prana. We remember that the prana – the first manifestation of man as the Absolute. This prana later undergoes metamorphosis and starts to divide. The result is two self-existent things, one of them is called the energy, the other – consciousness. I want to emphasize that the energy and consciousness are not dependent on anything, and are the fundamental entities, from which everything else is done.


       There materialism concept, which believes that the mind – a product of matter (energy). Yoga does not agree with this view.


       Just as there is the concept of idealism, which asserts that there is only consciousness and energy (as such), but there is only an illusion, maya. Yoga does not agree with this view.


       Ironically, yoga is far from the extremes of both idealism and materialism. It turns out that something is “average”, and satisfying the idealist and materialist. Yoga acts in a certain conciliatory vein.



Separation of prana in the consciousness and energy



        Consciousness and energy began to diverge, and further and further away from the original source from which they originated. There are basic principles upon which the structure of the universe, and on the human level, having those centers or the so-called chakras (lotuses), have a very specific location in the body. You and I had to decide what the basic principles: the principle of reason, the principle of space, the air, the principle of fire, water, earth. Just want to make a remark: the names of these (fire, water, earth, etc.) very much resemble the alchemical treatises. It smacks of the medieval worldview. Sometimes “it smacks of” primitivism of these concepts.


        No primitivism in these concepts is not – it’s just an attempt to explain is very difficult to explain and to give impetus to the understanding of the basic principles of what’s inside a person.


        Classify these basic elements (of which the people), could be on the degree of compaction energy, and on how strong or weak the light of consciousness on the energy of light.


        Thus each of the elements that make up our body (the mind, space, fire, earth, water, air) – a combination of consciousness and energy, but in different degrees of coarseness or fineness.


       We should bear in mind that the process of creation or formation of one another, is tied to our physical body. In this respect, it is considered that if attached to our physical body, the way in which our consciousness and energy costs, it takes place in the area of our spine called the Sushumna channel. It permeates all the principles that have been created in the future.



Central channel (Sushumna)



       In this lecture I want to give this channel (Sushumna) attention. I repeat that all yogic practices are working with this channel. One way or another, this or that practice makes the yogi to use this channel.


       The very first thing that begins with an explanation of the concept of “central channel” – is that the channel is empty inside. The word “empty” means that within it there is neither space nor time. In general, it is necessary to remember that the very act of creation of the universe was accompanied by the appearance of the earth principle, then the principle of the space has been created. It turns out that the space of the principle has not yet been, and what can already be called a central channel. Or even more in depth, if we consider the matter. There was also not implemented the principle of time, and already the center channel (pathway) has been identified.


       The concept of the center channel is very difficult to understand, this is such an abstraction. That less argues that the central channel of direct and empty inside.


       Indeed, direct. This is the only description that can be characterized. In fact, besides energy consciousness and which diverge from each other, there was nothing, not even space. Therefore, the word “direct” – it is an analogy. On the other hand, it is a way that helps in meditation. That is, it is free. We have the word “direct” and “free” are similar in meaning. This is a key word for many yogic practices.


       Central direct channel within our human body connects consciousness and energy. The center of consciousness is present in the top of the head, and the area of energy – in the crotch area, genitals, where is in the half-asleep state of our energy Kundalini. This path difference is higher than the space, the time, it penetrates even the principle of reason, it is higher than the mind. And the reason – a very serious factor in the universe, in its creation, deployment and implementation of this principle in our daily lives. We win our daily race unless sharpen your mind and know how to use it.


       The center channel is above reason, it permeates the mind principle. It also constitutes a serious basis for the Yogic techniques, in order to obtain the result. Again, recall the word “empty”. This word implies that there is no consciousness and energy. Generally, there in space and time. It turns out that on the one hand, as part of our human being, our consciousness and energy are separated from each other, but on the other hand, the path that connects them, as if it did not exist. This is the premise of the so-called fast methods where our yogic transformation space factor plays no role, if processes are one way or another with the assistance of the central channel.


       It turns out that our kundalini energy and our consciousness is disconnected, and on the other hand, they are connected to the central channel, which means that there is no separation there. Once again, a very abstract principle of the Central Canal.


       Produce different images for the central channel of meditation. The various schools of these images may be different. The same thing that we said last lesson in respect of the chakras, the same thing can be said with respect to the center channel.


       Depending on the cultural atmosphere, depending on the preferences of some or experienced internal experience. A person who is close to the realization of the Central channel somehow gives some of his characteristics that hard to describe in the framework of our regular activities. Therefore, in some texts you can read about the central channel as a very thin tube, thinner than one thousandth of a fiber from a lotus stem. Others say that everything is much more prosaic, that meditating on it is necessary, as a tube having a predetermined diameter (the diameter of a little finger or thumb). Someone else some examples of results.



The spine and the central canal



        it should also be in respect of color. In yogic treatises well established view that it should be sky-blue color. This tube is sky-blue, passing in a place of our spine.


       There’s a funny thing that you must understand. There kartinochki that depict yogi or yogini who marked central channel (if they are in front sitting).


        The question arises: what form still has a central channel, if, for example, look at it from the side? There is a serious misunderstanding. If the side look at the man, his spine is curved from side. He bent the English letter S for the simple reason that the depreciation is needed for our brain. If he was straight, then with every step we would blow, which could cause even a concussion.


        I often faced with the view that the yogi spine straight, not S-shaped, like any ordinary person. Moreover, certain practices were recommended for straightening the spine. What medically insane, but from the standpoint of yoga – nonsense.


        You have to remember that the central channel is located in another area or an area that is projected only on our physical space. Therefore, eight of our spine has a little to do with the term, that the center channel line. It you have a straight, even when you are asleep, curled up like a kitten at night. Even when you are in position to tie a knot, and direct the center channel. It has already been done, we are now taking the position sensation of our physical body into thinner. For this reason, it is recommended that you go to meditation or practices that require you to elevated concentrations pridelnyh eliminate all interference, is credited to have back, neck and head are straight and are on the same line as if you have to head of the column. Such a situation and prescribes meditation, visualization, and a large number of practical exercises in yoga.


        But it is not because you are so central to straighten the channel. You do not arise such a bundle, if you do not sit exactly, you have something stressful, on the other hand something stretched. And willy-nilly, your thoughts are distracted by feelings of your Central Canal. And your feelings on the physical sensations of the body block from the main channel, slowing them. It is like if you were doing the work of some, while others parallel to distract you. Similarly, in meditation, if you somewhere there is tightness, the part of your attention (your consciousness and energy) begins to be distracted, that begins to slow you.


       On the one hand, erect posture in many yogic practices and caused at least work with the central channel, not as primitive as it seems, not to straighten it. And in order to get rid of unnecessary associative links that lead away from your concentration.

         If you draw a man in full face and in profile, it is you have to determine a straight line, even if he had the spine (like any normal human being) is curved. God forbid you to act according to the instructions on the spine straightening.

I hear these techniques, you need a few years to sit against the wall, supposedly someone did that. It is a straight road to the surgeon in a medical institution, no yoga here.



The central channel as a “mystical way”



        Central channel – a path that diverged consciousness and energy, which formed around the chakras or lotuses. Yet sometimes it is referred to as a “mystical way”. It is understandable why is called “mystical way”. Because the man who came into contact with him, he began to work with him, he began to experience a series of such experiences (ups, downs, and the like), which is other than the mystical not name. But mysteriously, I want to say in a healthy, good sense. Not bad in a mystical sense.


        Mystic – is that zombiruet your mind, makes you scored, frightened. No, in the good sense of the mystical that reason you have perfected. You are not a gray and miserable, pushed into being, and vice versa – the exact opposite of this. Moreover, you understand that there is something higher than reason. And you get a real experience to go through it.



        This path is called the central channel, because all practices which somehow involve the central channel, they are carried out, and the man feels like he is in a very unusual way for his spiritual development. And this is due to the processes that occur in one or the other place of the Central Canal.



– How to identify the central channel? Where it is in our body?



        Oddly enough, to help us in this is axiomatic yoga or conclusions from the axioms of yoga. As you remember, from the consciousness and energy arises Ananda (happiness, joy of something transcendent). The same applies to our central channel. This tube is the channel center, roughly speaking, is woven from happiness. Each of us has had moments in life when something could (have passed a difficult exam on the important project done, etc.), then there is a feeling of happiness. Him with nothing to confuse. Each of us in varying degrees were glimpses of happiness. These are clues that can help us discover the center channel.


       As the dog uses the sense of smell in order to hunt down prey by scent, for which he hunts. Similarly, a yogi, who is hunting for the highest revelations of yoga. He needs a center channel, to get things done. He also, like the dog enjoys the sensation of happiness. He begins in meditation and other practices to explore themselves in order to find the thread (pipe, channel) that would resonate happiness.


       Moreover, given the axiomatic point: the happiness of being – a thing that neither depends on nothing. All the happiness of life – it’s just a complicated game of our associative links, our previous experience. But happiness lies in ourselves. Outside, there are only Keys. Figuratively speaking, if you are experiencing the happiness that you have in your life, something happened, so that’s the object of your happiness is not happiness lies. It lies in your relationship that is like a small key opens the happiness inherent in you.



The center channel and meditation



       To find a center channel, we are given an indication that if during practice we aim to get their attention, it will echo back the feeling of happiness, the causeless happiness.


       Those. we can determine the central channel for myself that in meditation we give some impetus to (do this or that exercise in yoga, or anything else) and how to respond echo coming wave of causeless happiness (with a fairly localized area of happiness). This way you can determine where we are central to our channel with the current state of you. Because later, when we are no longer going to be engaged in yoga, we will open a lot of abilities, visions, feelings, and we can directly perceive the central channel.


        Now we not only do not perceive the central channel, because through these lectures in general for the first time heard about it. We had no experience to make sure that it is. Indeed, that we have a personal experience of the existence of the central channel it requires many years of work on oneself.


       But the ancient yoga and yogini, and so saved us time. They are: 1) said that in general there is a central channel; 2) gave us some moments to use it.


        The central channel, you can determine the waves of boundless happiness. Of course, they come from different parts of our body. Accordingly, the color of happiness may be different. For example, happiness is the physical realization of being or happiness of knowing being, colors very much. They may vary depending on whether the region can vary.


        The central canal penetrates all. Around him revolve all the chakras, principles. Even the principle of space, intelligence, etc. – Everything is subordinated to the central channel. Therefore, it is so important practice, which center channel is used in yoga.


        Now some will continue this theme. The energy jumps retired from consciousness, formed a particular principle or this or that chakra. Finally, the energy asleep in the region where the lowest chakra was formed – a chakra of the earth. Or all first came to the land of the principle, and then the central canal strung chakras began to pass the following processes. Teaches yoga philosophy, then organized two auxiliary channels. The so-called: the left channel and right channel (pingala and go). The name of the left and right channels are many. Different schools have different names. These are two secondary channel.

The left and right channels



        To use the words, then they go along the Central Canal and connects the mind and energy. But they are made of something a little more coarse.


        In our body, they, like the central channel Sushumna, are binding: left channel corresponds to the left side and the right – right. Different sources have different examples. One school argues that the left channel goes to the left, and then wound around the central canal loop and goes to the right. And vice versa. Therefore, if figuratively look at this picture: The center channel has a tube and wrap around him like a plant, and also connect the consciousness and energy. This is also the creation of Kundalini and our consciousness.


        In some schools of yoga it is believed that they are intertwined, in others – that they are parallel. To say anything definite on this subject seriously, because the concepts and images to which we can resort – it’s just the images from our physical world. And here are because of some hidden space or layers of existence.


       Any explanation of yoga, on the one hand, is tied to the physical, and on the other hand spreads into something subjective. It plays a bad service with yoga, because people trying to figure out how it’s all done there. On the other hand, our universe is far more difficult than submission of intellect of modern man. Sometimes we can dream a dream that we are even now so we can not draw. These are strange dreams. Somehow in my head all twisted, but the feeling of the irrationality of sleep is not as if the way it should be.



Description Central channel different yoga schools



        Higher knowledge about the central channel of the right and left – it is rather similar to that used to talk about something higher that our modern mind can not understand.


        There is a third school of yoga, who claim that there is a central channel to the left of it there is the left channel and the right – right. And then they are connected, the costs and the envelopes are areas along the straight central channel.


       yoga school is very much an explanation Central, left and right channels is also very much an explanation of the chakras, which permeates the center channel is also very much. Descriptions of each of these different schools. Therefore, to argue, what the concept of the school is better preserved, and what is worse, which correctly describes the internal structure and what is wrong – a thankless and pointless. For the simple reason that every yoga school has remained the model, which was tied to specific yoga exercises. For example, in one school of yoga emphasis on alternating breathing (through the left nostril, and then through the right).

 Therefore, within the school were easier representation scheme and the left and right channel.

        Somewhere, perhaps more convoluted. Breath through the left nostril, he introduced as the air filled space principle. There’s a little more detailed concept, but it does not contradict the first.



The analogy about the map



       You know, like a map. If you need to know where a certain state in America is, you take a globe and start to consider. But on the globe all shown quite rough, a lot of mismatches. If you need to accurately know there are other maps. For example, a small piece of painted detail and clear, and all the mismatched card size.


       How to draw our solar system. The distance from the Sun to Mercury is small, and the distance to Pluto is very large. If the paint in equal proportions, to our picture got out of the boundaries of our textbook. Therefore, the authors again, having drawn, painted, and what should be brought in the right proportions. This question has practical application, it must be remembered. In every school of yoga knowledge was as much as you practice. Moreover, the theory emphasizes on the need to carry out in practice. Therefore, to push their heads against the school, or to say which school is right and what is wrong – does not make sense. As a result, all may find that all are right or wrong one.


       In our Yoga Open University it is considered that there is a center channel, a left and a right. They go out of the center channel in the base of the body. Then again, have a point of entry into the central channel in the next more higher chakras. Then the access point even higher chakras, etc.



The analogy about the highway and the city



        Imagine the analogy: We have one other city and high-speed track, which connects them. The two cities are connected. One – the center of consciousness, the other – energy center. But, of course, there is always a transport of every kind, which can not go so fast on this high-speed road. And secondly, because it will slowly go by, it will interfere with the rest and create traffic jams. So in aid for this slow vehicle on the left and right of the highway was built two parallel roads that cartage (harvesters, seeders) slowly moves.

         The distance between the first and the second city is very large, so along the way to build a small intermediate city.

It turns out we have big cities of consciousness and energy, and their honey intermediate city: the city area, the city of the mind, fire, earth, air and water – all of them imbued with a high-speed highway. But there is a common point of intersection, where you can slow road from the left or right you can go to the fast lane. Or vice versa: from the highway you can turn left or right on the road.


        Imagine that we have here is a central, left and right channels and millions of roads that come out of each individual center. And if we use our scheme, in addition to the main road there are many subsidiary. Some also we are made of. There is a central canal that passes through all these principles (centers), there is a left and right channel. They are minor and slow. Finally, numerous auxiliary channels that permeate our entire body. In the future, these channels grows its functions. These features are even more gross features. And the result is our gross body, as if the personification of those fine principles.


        To a certain extent can be compared with the central canal of our spinal column. A secondary canals branching off from it – with our nervous system. A chakra with certain nerve plexus. But you have to understand that kind of thing: it’s not the same thing. Our nervous system – this is just a projection of more subtle principles. And those, in turn, even more subtle principles, of which we are made.



The analogy with elevator of a skyscraper



       You can still submit to another scheme of the same. For example, a skyscraper, stretching into the earth, and its top goes to the cloud. This skyscraper is the central elevator. All who sat on it – bzhik, and climbed to the top floor. But whatever was wonderful elevator, safety should be the usual steps. That is, the steps are along the elevator. Very tricky step: on the one people are raised up, and the other coming down. It is clear that when you go up the stairs, it’s tedious, long, and when riding the elevator – quickly and easily. Similarly, people. We have a center channel, and all the practices that are associated with it – fast. It would still have left and the right channel, which is used in the practice of yoga. Moreover, the left and right channels have explicit function, when some channels operate. Also very mysterious and incomprehensible thing.


       The left and right channel – subtle things, and difficult to grasp.


       Once again, the biggest drawback of yoga – a more serious lack of understanding of the principles. It can be attributed to the left and right channel so. To use the center channel, and the consciousness of a need to know where the energy behaves. And the energy you need to know how it behaves consciousness. So having two channels that stretch: one – from energy to consciousness, and the other – from consciousness to energy. Left and right channels are very slow, and they do “grunt” work for the reunification of energy and consciousness, that we somehow you could appear in the world.


       According to the teachings of yoga, the center channel appears before our birthday with you in the human body. It is a principle which forms the rest of the “city.” Energy forms the last principle of land and with the help of the Central channel all processes stop forming. Energy begins the creation of the left and the right channel, and those in turn – a lot of others.



Using the Central channel in our lives



        In ordinary human life center channel, usually it works three times: at birth, when a person dies during such issues related to sex. As you know, sex children are born, new universes are involved in the creation process. And there are glimpses of the action of the Central Canal. In yoga and apply sexual practices for the development of spirituality. This is part of our nature, and a great opportunity for spiritual self-development.

       The closer a person to a state of the animal, the less the person is aware of all the passes on the level of instincts. The more a person is developed, the more guises appear. Therefore, the theme of “sex” is always so interesting and exciting – an eternal theme. They will never be bored, because It involves the basic principle of the existence of our universe.

       In life or yogini yoga all the same, just another added ability to use central channel (using a variety of practices). This is already a conscious use. In the life of the common man much done unconsciously.

       We’re talking now about the central channel, but not because we are so smart, but just because the ancient yoga and yogini, who have reached the highest heights of self-knowledge, left us this knowledge. We do it as a rule, within yourself and feel it can not. But we have indicated: a) that he has; b) how to find it. Thus, we save a lot of time and at certain stages of yoga classes can use the center channel and the rise of (sorry) bestial existence to a higher level yogis and Yoginis.

        To help you understand better, here is an analogy.


 Analogy: a plot of land with buried treasure



       Imagine that you own a large plot of land. You go into any country and for a pittance bought land (20 acres), and do not know now what to do with it. Or is it you have inherited. A man comes and says that this plot of land the treasure is buried. Of course, we will rejoice. But to find the treasure, you need to dig over 20 hectares of land – it is practically impossible, even with the assistance of technology. It may take many years. And if you drop by hand, then it gets really unreal. Then comes someone else and says, and now I will teach you exactly where to dig.


       Firstly, there is an indication that you have a center channel. And secondly, the method which is given in different yogas. In this case, when I gave you the basic principle: every thought about the Central channel should be returned with a sense of causeless and transcendental happiness. Thus, you do not need to meditate on everything. Why do not you meditate, for example, on the left arm or ankle of the right foot? And suddenly the source of our happiness and our youth is between the fingers of his left foot. And you have to meditate for forty years, so that the energy wake.


       You immediately given a meditation on the central channel. Friends, what you hear about it, and I voiced it, says (as they say the ancient yoga treatises) that we have with you good karma. That is, all the land is there, but we were told only that they were buried treasure. Moreover, we even know how to work with it (the specific types of yoga).



   The role of the left and right channels



       So, we have central channel that we hardly use.


       There is also a left and right channel. The role of one – soothing (the perception of) another role – the exciting (to the action). Just as consciousness and energy are two salient poles, like this, and each channel has a distinct pole. Therefore, in a sense, these things are to some extent identical.


       One channel is responsible for the manifestation of consciousness (the substance which does almost nothing). The second channel is responsible for the manifestation of our energy (which does). And it turns out that these two channels correspond to a function of energy and consciousness. There are numerous signs and predictions about it. If you work a particular channel (one or the other nostril breathing is good and the other is not good), it really is a reflection of a more subtle mechanism of action.


       You must understand that every text written for their particular age, with fully developed associative. Therefore, the ancient sources must be treated with kindness, with humor, but at the same time, very seriously: a fairy tale is a lie, so it hint good fellows a lesson. In any case it is an invitation to explore yourself. Any knowledge – is power. And, if you keep track of your feelings, you can write a treatise yourself. It is quite reasonable explanations with subtle factor. But the foundation is still based on axioms.


       An interesting detail. Each of the principles that gave rise to a sense organ or agency action. We touched on the last session of the senses.


       One or the other center (chakra) is responsible for a particular emotion (fear, anger, sadness). Sometimes the waves rolled us different states.


       There is a very specific mechanism of unfolding events. External events that happen to us – this is the key to the lock, which starts an internal process. Here you walk through the city and suddenly see a tiger hungry and evil. You fear you fear. But the mechanism of deployment of fear does not depend on the tiger. First, you should see this tiger, then, to realize that you have seen enough movies-horror about a man-eating tiger. we decided that it’s the last day. As a result, our energy, our experience of color in a particular type of negativity – fear. According indoor yoga section. It is responsible for this particular structure (chakra).

Nature fear



      Chakras are compared to the lotus flower, whose petals are many. Imagine a metal lotus. Approaches him and ding tab – and it begins to vibrate, and we begin this or that feeling. And suddenly seizes us fear. Where did he come from? It is the energy. Our energy, we have two energies. That refracted as it depends on one or another center. Each center, which runs through the center channel is responsible for a certain emotion.


      You have to remember that we have no good or bad emotions, dirty or clean. We have relevant symptoms or inappropriate.


      Fear, when it is not needed – is something destructive. And fear when it is appropriate – this is something positive. We fear there – well, then it is necessary for some reason. Another thing that does not fear control us, and we fear. And here begins the theme of how to link the internal human device to control this or that phenomenon. Again, the lower chakra (center), the farther it is distant from the center of consciousness (in the crown of our head) so it is rougher and more primitive in its manifestation. It is believed that the earth chakra (responsible for many of our qualities, including the feeling of fear).


      The process of creation principles goes from top to bottom, and the process of evolution from the bottom up. It is clear that any living creature the first thing that should have been worked out – it’s fear, otherwise neither of which natural selection can be no question. Otherwise, if there is no fear, there is no attempt to avoid danger, and this means that the development either. As our evolutionary development we are increasingly beginning to use the existence of a different chakras.


      Does not mean that the fear – this dirty feeling. It is a given, and it is necessary to be able to work with it.



Sixth sense – the mind



       Another important observation. According to yoga philosophy, a principle of reason (our mental activity) is not considered to be something fundamentally different from the senses. From the standpoint of limiting the highest spiritual state, we can in a row to put our senses and what we call our mind. Mind is just a specific sensory organ. We have a saying that a person has five senses. In other yogic environment saying that we have six senses (the mind is added). This attitude, which puts intelligence into place. The reason you need to sharpen, to give it appropriate attention, but not to become conceited.


       Numerous practice yoga which allow one way or another affect our gross body, and they in turn affect the level of the chakra allows us to practice doing one, get a result on a different level. This concerns, including hatha yoga.


       You perform exercise and zadeystvuete tougher guidelines. Thus, those working on the chakras (channels), which belong to the rougher manifestations.


       Yoga is an art – where you need to make yourself, and where you can afford (for consciousness and energy principles). If you are on a gross level of consciousness and energy combined, it formed what is called Prana (the original foundation of creation), and it manifested itself in the lower chakra level. But you have a center channel, while the chakras have access to it, where as a result of the elevator can quickly move to a higher level (for example, the level of the mind). Indeed, it is not stories when the person doing the usual Hatha yoga, his intelligence is becoming stronger. He seemed to be earned on one, and spent on another.


       The analogy with our country. Here we have gas, oil earned, we have to take now to buy a good specialists in the West as well as the Americans did before the war. Similarly, for a man it is difficult to develop the mind. Especially if you were born like M. Lomonosov. God knows where the culture center. Around all drink, neither of which intelligence and speech can not go. Clearly, if you have the so-childhood, then you start to fall behind. And you need to quickly compensate. There is a possibility. Catching hatha yoga you tightens the other levels.


       A similar situation is vice versa. If at the level of the mind you realize yoga or permeate the consciousness and energy, then again, everything is permeated by the Central Canal. Every manifestation of consciousness and energy – a prana. You can then move it to the level of physical and solve their problems. So do the Japanese. Earth have little, and a lot of all sorts of goods. Here they took their trinkets sold, and oil and gas purchased. In any case, it is possible to reallocate resources. To earn at that level, which is best obtained and distributed to where it is necessary.


       For example, there is yoga, which go well, and there is yoga, which are bad. And you can help yogis who you are ill due to the yogi, who are better. And thus achieve a harmonious development.


       The whole system of channels and chakras is responsible to the whole of our body work. Unfortunately, not always our body works well. How are traffic jams on the roads, and traffic is difficult, and likewise in our body one channel can not work and there is a traffic jam. As a result, the life processes are not very good. There is pain, attracting our minds and our energy to places that need repair. Once the energy of consciousness indicates that something is wrong, immediately consciousness directs prana that tries to fix everything.


       Within the channels, both in the tubules begin to run that part of our existence that is not shared by another consciousness and energy, the original prana. If it is, it’s the magic elixir and means. As soon as there is a failure and required the intervention of mind, prana goes to the place and transformed into consciousness, eliminating breakage.


       It turns out that the original prana divided into consciousness and energy, then the energy of consciousness and has created numerous centers and channels, which also has a consciousness and energy. As you know, there was something in common, and they took him and tore at the consciousness and energy, launched on the contrary, this combination made different choices. And then let the prana through our numerous channels, which we somehow circulates and does not give our bodies die, fall apart. So our life flows. As long as prana is, all minor damage Stalling. As long as no damage is so serious that the prana is not enough to heal this wound, the disease occurs, and then death. Remember, like doctors: death can occur due to injuries incompatible with life.

        There is a large group of yogas associated with immortality. But we must understand that in any sense of immortality. Our soul is immortal. And in this mercantile, utilitarian, “selfish”: how to live longer and die. Indeed, the echoes of ancient knowledge reach us. What if during the lifetime of prana to save up for a considerable time, it is theoretically possible to take even immortality in the physical body. In practice, we did not meet, as Yoga to this cool treat. Let us recall the phrase of Mark Twain: “Everything must come in: you need to be born at the time, to live in and die in time.” If, for whatever reasons, the yogi took prolong its existence in the physical body, they quietly enjoyed it. They are many times can prolong life. Firstly, due to the practices they had an excess of Prana, secondly, the system of channels was very reasonably made. Channels functioned very well, “traffic jams on the road was not” all is well functioned.

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