2009.06.13. Findings from the axioms of yoga. Associative relations. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

2009.06.13. Findings from the axioms of yoga. Associative relations. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Today we have with you to review and understand what it is associative links in yoga. At least in the first approximation, gain a picture of how they are used in yoga.

Let’s start with the theory of yoga, the fundamental axiomatic.

Our I (Sanskrit: Atma), influenced by maya. We are like fish swimming in the surrounding Maya, which hides the Absolute. From yoga axiomatic we remember that Maya has a side feature: with the advent of Maya may cause illusions. Maya quite difficult of expression and have difficulty understanding a thing. With the help of Maya and was created by our world. But at the same time, the price paid for the opportunity to create our world, there was a consequence or a function of maya: delusion, illusion.

Today, June 13, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, near m. Novoslobodskaya, this lecture for Yoga Open University, all information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www. yogacenter.ru.


Introduction to the lecture

       We continue to view some of the conclusions from the axioms of yoga.


       Today we have with you to review and understand what it is associative links in yoga. At least in the first approximation, gain a picture of how they are used in yoga.


       Let’s start with the theory of yoga, the fundamental axiomatic.


       Our I (Sanskrit: Atma), influenced by maya. We are like fish swimming in the surrounding Maya, which hides the Absolute. From yoga axiomatic we remember that Maya has a side feature: with the advent of Maya may cause illusions. Maya quite difficult of expression and have difficulty understanding a thing. With the help of Maya and was created by our world. But at the same time, the price paid for the opportunity to create our world, there was a consequence or a function of maya: delusion, illusion.


– What is illusion, delusion?


       The illusion or delusion – is when we do something one believe something else. We begin to ascribe any one thing some other quality. Or vice versa, it takes one thing another thing.


       Let me remind you of the axioms of Yoga example, when lying on the road rope seems a snake, although it is only a rope. Or when, in the evening hours, we begin to be confused with the bush hiding man.


       That is one thing to consider the possibility of the other – this is a side effect of maya. And we remember the axioms of Yoga that our self (our Atma) has absolute freedom, nobody and nothing limits our I. In retribution for the exercise of this freedom, we are exposed to and the illusory nature of maya (a side effect of the action of maya).


       We are free, or in other words, we are all-powerful, but we do not know about it. And, accordingly, we can not exercise his omnipotence. It arises from the fundamental ignorance of the fundamental and the origin of the world. I remind axiomatics of yoga, our ego, instead of understanding that it is free and omnipotently begins to identify with their manifestations. Our I have the tools with which our I can exercise his omnipotence. Let me remind you that over the original (undivided form) manifestation of the self called “prana”, which is further divided into consciousness and energy. Because we are exposed to maya (a side effect of the action of maya), misled, in the illusion and start to consider themselves or who we are, and their manifestations.


       I recall an analogy, as if a man considered himself his own shadow. Shadow – the manifestation and the source – the human body. Imagine the situation when the man began to consider himself his shadow. Because our I consider myself neither the one who it is, and feels something else, its manifestation. Of course, our self and the manifestation of the self – related things. Source manifestations is our I. But our I am not aware of this, but instead another thread binds itself to its manifestations (just considering themselves its manifestations).


       And here is the very first yogic associative link. Or in another way, associative connection arises as a consequence of an illusory idea when we think one thing something else. And between these two things there is communication. And this relationship is called associative connection in yoga.


The very first association is


       The very first association is there between our I and between the manifestations of the self (between our I and between the prana of the self). This is the first fundamental associative connection. If you understand this, you understand this ancient treatise as “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.”


       “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” is mainly focused on the separation of yoga: sattva, and the self, where the “self” refers to the Atma or our higher I. And by “sattva” – the so-called Hun or quality of something in a state of sattva is our prana. Indeed, it is our natural, pure, untouched, clear, clear manifestation that I could not help our begins to consider himself of Satwa (prana).


       I remind you “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali”, where just the basic method is to share this wonderful appeal, the purity of our existence and our essence (of the self). Let me remind you that in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is given the eightfold path, where it all comes down to the mind, and the mind is the last spurt towards the identify itself between our symptoms and our essence Ya


– Where is our higher self?


        The most basic communication occurs between our I and our manifestation. As for our I, by its very nature it is above and beyond, than the concept of “space” and “time”. Therefore, from a logical point of view, the question “Where is our higher self?”, Or where my atma – meaningless. As well as the issue of the timing.


       We can say that our self is as if everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It can be on your vest and tear, have their breasts and shouting: “Well here I am!”, Thereby making it clear that somewhere in our breast center is located our I. But with the same success we can say that our distributed I across the planet, to take any other point in the Alpha Centauri and say that it is my ego or is somehow different. Let’s say that my I is in the higher spiritual realms.


       No, my friends, our I’m much more fantastic than even the highest spiritual sphere. Therefore, the very notion of “where and when” our I inapplicable.


       On the one hand, and on the other: the use of the self is quite specific and sometimes you can clearly enough to say “when and where”. I each of sitting in the hall, with the proviso that each of you is not a yogi, able to immediately create all of the body at the same time (there is such a supernormal ability in yoga). Manifestations of your I localized around here.


       You look around and think: “What am I doing here, where I was, who are these people?”. Likewise, your manifestation. You can do something: to record, yawning, waiting for the end of the lecture. It turns out that the manifestations of your I (consciousness and energy, and they, as we have said) are shown specifically, in place of the space, and in some time.


       It turns out that an association comes as if from nowhere. But at the same time it comes and connects somehow higher self with our bodies, as it is associated (so called associative links in yoga).


Repeat the previous lecture


        Our I have our displays (prana). I contacted our prana (main associative relationship). In the future, our prana is divided into consciousness and energy. Formed localization centers of our consciousness and energy. Later they began to diverge from each other, but at the same time as if they are connected to each other. And the channel that connects them – Central channel (Sushumna). The channel Sushumna – this is the first association is inside our bodies.


       I recall a previous lecture, as the difference of consciousness and energy, they differed jumps, there were certain principles. The first principle that has emerged – the principle of reason. This principle emerged that we now call our ordinary mind.


       Once again, it was consciousness and energy, they began to diverge and there was association between them. Then they made a leap and turned a refraction of the main association through the mind. Thus, it has turned our self, which associates itself with prana, and prana is associated with the mind.


       Once again, I remember the “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” octal way it all comes down to work with the mind. Let me remind you to disconnect the Satwa and self urged to work with the mind or thought forms that occur on the surface of the mind (thoughts). All the previous steps (8 steps) leads us to work with the mind. Although, one of the first steps – is to work with the physical body (asanas), breathing work, work with feelings, etc. until then, until we moved to the mind and the mind surface reduces the number of thought-forms as long as there was only one thought-form, and then it disappeared. Removing education thought-forms in the mind the surface leads to the fact that our ego sees itself on the surface of the mind as in a mirror and realizes that those whom they consider themselves (and considered itself sattva, purity of mind) is not, and goes into a state of “Samadhi without object “(the ultimate goal of yoga). If viewed from the perspective of associative links, everything is very easily explained.


       Indeed, intelligence closest to our Prana and our Ya Later as consciousness and energy differences arise other principles: the principle of space, the air, the principle of fire, water, earth, and the principle of principle. As long as consciousness and energy do not fall asleep.


       Let me remind you that the energy allegorically portrayed as a snake, wrapped in three and a half turns, holding his tail in his mouth, fell asleep. Similarly, our consciousness narrowed to very dim ray of. After they broke up and fell asleep, following associative relations began to emerge. This so-called channel Ida and Pingala channel.

        Consciousness and energy are essentially connected with the Sushumna, but Maya once again makes the round of his actions. And consciousness and energy have decided to bind themselves to each other not by means of Sushumna, and by means of additional channels (left and right channel).

In fact, these are two additional associative links.


       At the intersections of these channels or in places where there were principles of the human body (the mind, the principle of space, etc.), plexus, or education, which are called chakras, are the source of other smaller canals. In terms of associative ties, while having these two channels (left and right), there was a lot of other small channels or associative links that connect each of the chakras with the manifestations of each of the chakras. That is, each principle (chakra) has its manifestations. Thus there was a link between the chakra and manifestation. Because each chakra manifested, then each chakra there was a different number of associative connections. In the future, more subtle associative links began to break up into small, even these smaller, etc. It has not yet formed a giant system of associative links.

Three groups of bodies and channels

       If we consider the structure of the human body, we remember that we have three groups of bodies. Associative completely penetrate all the three groups of bodies, and ends with each of them on a particular sense organ or action.


       Once the associative links begin to appear on them begins to move prana. The move for some domestic laws. As the cars move on the highway. There is a larger circuit. You can turn to a small, petty and finally a dirt road.


       For these associative relations prana moves. The more on any portion of prana moves around it forms a kind of sheath tube. This tube is called a “channel.” Because we have a large number of associative connections, we are also a lot of channels (Sanskrit: nadis). Thus It formed the most deep and penetrating channel structure. As it flows, not only energy, but also the mind, or rather prana, which can manifest itself and the energy and the consciousness.


       A great number of associative connections overgrown shell turned kanalchiki. These kanalchiki began to grow coarser elements. And those, in turn, rougher elements, etc. And there our body structure, which is like matryoshka consists of three groups of bodies: gross, subtle and causal. All three groups of bodies as on the roots through penetrated by numerous channels. Thus we have a link between rough sense organ at the level of the physical body with a subtle sense organ in the subtle body level, turning on the subtlest level of the senses, bypassing all our principles comes to our self that terrestrial and inexpressible.


       In each section of the circuit we find the same – associative links. They are very strange: such as it is, and like they do not exist. But at the same time quite specifically work within our body. Therefore, on the one hand, if it were not maya, not about any kind of illusory connections it would not go.


       On the other hand, try to somehow disturb your sense organ. You in the subway someone stepped on the foot hurt when hurt, or go to the dentist because we have a tooth ache. On the one hand, we have yoga and realize that our I am not connected with our body. It is as if by itself. But on the other hand, when a tooth hurts all thoughts about the philosophy of taking off and we run to the doctor. Everything is quite logical and vital-specifically. Only there is a continuation of the story with associative links.


   Senses and associative links

       We stopped at the moment when the associative relationship came to our senses and our organs of action.

 – What are the senses?

          The eyes, ears, etc. And then begins an interesting transition. If you understand it, you will realize a great number of yogic practices. If you do not understand, you will get confused and likely to spit on yoga and say. “Something here is not”

So associative connection does not stop at the sense organ or action, and can be pulled on to the objects or phenomena to which our senses or actions are directed.

        Let me explain with an example of domestic case. They began to appear on the TV series. Soaps can last for years, no one remembers how it all began. This is a very interesting effect. The man who for a long time watching the show, he begins to live. If the heroes of the series very well, a person begins to enjoy, if something went wrong – upset. Moreover, the consequences of this very specific, down to the physical parameters. For example, in some melodrama hero, something happened and a person’s pulse begins to beat, adrenaline in the blood ejected. Although, if you look, what’s going on. Twenty-four times per second the image is changing. In fact, this is something artificial. Our brain perceives it as a continuous action, like life. Moreover, it absorbed in it as if it’s for real, he begins to live show. Most interesting is that between man and the TV series, he looks there is an associative relationship. Between man and the TV series, which he looks starts to flow prana or life force. Moreover, where the leak is in the TV.

– And if the laws are acceptable flow of something into something here?

        In the end, prana can be referenced as the energy (Shakti) and the term energy, which operate on physics is the same. The law of conservation of energy no one broke. In any case, a perpetual motion machine is nobody else did. So it turns out that if you lined up associative connection between you and the TV, the energy must be somewhere to settle. I will not talk about a long line of how and where it settles, but be sure that it really settles. In the form of crisp paper notes in the pockets of producers and all those engaged in it. I must tell you, that is not bad settles. They have enough on bread and butter, and eggs, and all sorts of lewdness. Otherwise, you would not have seen so many TV shows you have on TV. That is, it is an attempt to extort money from you. It is not as harmless as it seems at first glance.


       Finally, it is a terrifying event, when people under the influence of such factors transform themselves into enemies. Any kind of fan clubs, lovers of anything, they become zombies.

       Moreover, their life turns into a faded shadow of the life of any idol or graven image. Is there any singer or the singer becoming idols such a person. And this man through TV, radio, newspapers, trying to establish an association with the idol, and actually keeping it to his life force, is transformed into a slave. Moreover, reading the tabloids chronicle of that famous singer or some kind of sold out with her boyfriend. And poor people are sad or happy depending on how the life of the people they have never seen and will likely never see. That is, a conscious slavery.

Nature association

         Returning to the theme of our lecture. A very serious point. Nature association (in the case of TV and newspaper) does not differ from the natural association between your higher self, your consciousness and energy, your prana, your mind. The essence is the same. It should be very clearly understood. The nature of these things is the same. The association that holds the body together with the soul, is no different from the association, which may arise between the fan of a particular show.

But there is even more difficult. When the association is going through all of our senses and actions, one enters and permeates the object, and then piercing goes to the third and fourth.


       Let’s say you like a certain actor and you have an associative connection with it. This actor has a foe and your association is established with the detractors. Or, let’s say your favorite actor likes to eat in the morning porridge. The man pulled association is to oatmeal and already had this mess becomes loved and cherished. Well, if the porridge. And if your favorite actor smokes marijuana? That is involuntary advertising unhealthy lifestyles for all followers. What is there to be honest, every now and then one herb stuffed, the other obkololsya.


       As a result, the strings go to where and hard to trace. As you know, in association no substance. To the mobile phone was connected to another phone, you need a stream of electromagnetic waves. The thing is, of course, more abstract, but the material: you can somehow feel, control. And what about in the case of associative connections, because there is no substance. It can occur anywhere, as you like. It can go through anything, through things completely different nature.

– Who knows about the law of associative connections and uses it for yourself? 

       Advertisers, PR people, the people who develop the strategy “as it vparit worthless goods in the country of idiots not frightened.” To all like Pinocchio, went to the Field of Dreams and buried “their three soldi” in the next trash. In order to see how this is done, turn on the TV and see advertising enough.


       I’m not saying that all advertisers villains. There are advertisers that somewhere intuitively feel the karmic consequences of their activities and remain within the framework of what is permitted. But there are advertisers who do not understand the law of karma and allow ill.


       You can see it very often. Shows a beautiful horse, and then say that our chocolate is the same delicious. That is, one sees that beautiful horse gallops. Then imperceptibly substitutes the concepts and their goods. To have quietly associative thread – again, and you start to buy it, or rather to spend their hard earned Tug that you sometimes do not need.


       Substitution of concepts. Show the whirlwind, and then say that our vacuum cleaner as powerful. Or show a picture of a very beautiful, and then declare that our washing powder is the same. That is, it is an obvious substitution, a clear misrepresentation. But Donoso strengths, rather than substitutes the concept. It is clear that in most countries it is not punished, but you remember that the worst punishment – is one that comes up with the man himself. If you come up with the rules of the game, then you yourself begin to live by them – the law of karma. Man advertiser who fooled the people, and substitutes the concept of one to something else, then he falls under the same rules. He earned millions on these illegal business and decides to philosophy any punches. In his presentation gurus in India have to be honest and clean. But he has generated such karma that came to India and first guru, whom he had met, just works podmenivaya concepts, only this time as part of a yoga or philosophy. At the level where the person does not understand. Therefore, karmic danger in certain occupations quite obvious.


       Associative relations can occur anywhere, at any time and it can flow prana, our prana.

– What is Prana?

       This is actually equivalent to our vitality. Prana that flows through our body, it contributes to the work of our mind. If the body there are any damage, prana automatically treats them. Now imagine that you are pumping from prana. As in Russia in the nineties nice: all there is nothing, and out of the country billions of dollars every month deflate. We have already bought property in Europe and elsewhere, and we have veterans go on dumps and collect cans to feed themselves.


        Such a situation arises with a man who also falls. He did not have enough energy to sustain life, and he is going through, whether married or not the heroine went out. He is falling apart, but still separates itself from the prana and it transmits. The same situation was in India.


       As a very urgent measure in such cases applied austerity. That is, a person deliberately isolated itself from all channels, which could escape from it prana (taking on and off the TV). Of course, this is not the solution to the problems. But in some cases, when the situation is critical, it helps. This gives birth to numerous yoga retreats.


       The word “retreat” is not ours, but foreign means: output, disengagement, dive in yourself. You can count a lot of different shades. If you feel that you are falling apart, lacking vitality, a huge number of associative links, which you can not even keep track of. But the neighbor was drinking from next door, which I love, or children that something is not right, or political party election is not held, favorite football team lost. Friends, all these associative is prana. And if prana and so we do not have, then perhaps better to think about themselves and not about the football team, and then so you can not live up to the semi-finals. Therefore, prescribed appropriate limits.


        In the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is credited step Pratyahara (eject fine senses of the gross senses, and in fact interrupt connections). Sometimes, in more primitive form it is called asceticism. Here utrechkom I got up and went into the hole, plunged, he sat down, meditated. That is, there is a limited number of actions and information. I do not watch on TV, what’s the plane fell, I insulates itself. Why? Because he falls apart. In yogic terms we can not completely insulated from life and later we will talk, why in some cases should not be insulated.

Practice retreats 

       Used retreats – limited-time practice. You come to a place and forget about everything. Yoga immersion. You are immersed in practice and at the same time forget all associative connections. And it seems like the problem is gone.


       But in fact, during that time accumulated a small surplus (reserve) prana, which begins to “patch” the holes in our body, in your shattered nervous system.


       Why do so many yoga doing now? Because there’s nowhere, they begin to realize that a little bit more – and will “see you in the next life.”

Positive in association

        This is me talking about the film in association, but there is also a positive. If you build an association with the fact that you hold dear, to what you like, with whomever you want to support, your life force is spent in the same way. But not in the pocket of the producer, and to your loved ones at your favorite people or things that (you think) have to be in this world.


        Similarly, the energy flows. But the only way flows, so that your loved ones all was well. If it is a matter of policy, to win a party that will not fill his pockets, and begin to do something in this world. That is, it is not necessarily bad, it’s good.


        What is the difference? The difference at first glance a little: you have to set their own associative connections, and not be a plaything in the hands of PR experts, legislators, religious leaders, or anyone else. You have to build associative links where necessary; break those associative connections that are not needed, but also to introduce to you a new associative links, and is used by advertising.


        Advertising is introducing you to the new associative links, it is called “brand”. The good thing is whether brand or bad? You go around the city and see the famous beverage brand. You have there a very specific response. Or you are buying electronics, you can see the name of a firm, and you start it or trust or not trust. If the firm is not stupid – she makes a good product. If the firm is stupid, she first makes good products, and then under the same name sells all “that lying is bad.” But if under this name to give money on advertising and at the same time to sell a bad product, there arises a very interesting pattern ( “curve”, marketers are well aware of it). There will always be a couple of idiots who will go for advertising. Therefore, the question of costs and benefits.


        It comes with food falsification. We read many descriptions of what is in the food you eat. Begin projects against “identical to natural” for organic food, and God knows how they get it at any fertilizers or how they brought these genetically modified products. The only thing there is a distinction between the progress of humankind. Humanity still go to a synthetic food. But the main thing that it was under control. And it is not that every scientist can quietly do something, and then you verify.


        But there is a positive aspect of the brand. During the war, the tanks go and you do not know on you: what you crush. And then you see a red star, Oh, ours! For others, it was not ours, they have there swastika.


        Recently read a memoir, which describes the unfortunate adventures of a German soldier. He wandered in the forest, but then sees – the swastika – and immediately had a reaction. Why? The association. That is, the associative links – it is neither good nor bad. Another question is whether we are free?


        Do you remember that the task of yoga – is to reveal the freedom which we are already laid. Even the Absolute does not encroach on your freedom. What we have the right to encroach on the freedom of others. Therefore, they have the right to complain about such activities.


        Associative relations can develop in a cell, which is cell keeps you. Here you should wash detergent, here for the party vote, there is a food to eat, to get a certain job and have an appropriate car. It seems to be a trifle, but in fact there is a stick, a twig here and all you get in your life. I’m not talking about such “twigs”, as the status. Everyone should respect me, I do prostrations. And if you do not, then I feel bad, because I have associative links: mean I do not respect. And all the mixed, it turns out that I’m not alone, I was a slave to the tastes of these connections run.


        Of course, being a man committed to yoga, I begin to think, “Why? I want to break those ties. ” And I’m starting to tear them. With using what? With the help of yoga.


        There is such a tool – bolt cutter, which can be cut (like scissors) bars of a prison cell. Similarly, in yoga there are numerous exercises that help one or the other connection weaken, or removed completely.


        There is a positive thing in association. I’ll have to dispose of them and the dates of associative links streak.


        In the arsenal of yoga have scissors and glue. Unnecessary due to cut and paste desired. Typical example: you have negative habits (swear or smoke). You have decided to get rid of negative habits.


– What are the negative habit?


        Negative habits – is an associative relationship. It is observed that if once, twice, third, fourth association is passed, then it begins to increase. Because on it it took a lot of prana. To break it, it takes effort.


        Remember how Mark Twain: “Quitting smoking – it’s that simple. I myself did it forty times. ” Approximately the same situation here. We have said that we do not smoke, but there is a situation in life, and we are back to the same.


        But we need to build new associative links. For example, every day to do yoga. Do you remember what is the criterion of success in yoga: if you have a habit of doing yoga every day – you are successful – if not, you are not successful in yoga, even if you bend, like an acrobat. Or lectures, I bird-talker. You never know who like to bend, if someone says that is not enough. But it’s all prinosnoe. And if there is a steady habit of self-improvement and movement toward its hidden potential (freedom), we can say that this person is a yogi. 

– What is a habit? And how it is produced? 

       This association is stable. First, hard, then easier and easier. How to go on the field (for flowers for the girl), when the grass to the waist. Whoever goes first – until you get to the flowers, no longer happy to think I would be better at their grannies near the metro bought. The first is difficult, and the second time was easier because trample the grass. You look, and for you in single file, and other people were pulled to their girlfriends pick these flowers.


        The association first set hard. But if for the first time on her prana has passed, it has become increasingly better. Later easier and easier. So we get rid of negative habits and acquire positive.


        For example, you come to a new employee. He sat down and did his thing, put the job, won, went away and walks. Bad employee came to one talked, went to smoke, discussed that the salary is small and the heat on the street. He can not get together. The ability to gather and mobilize – this is the same associative relationship. If you have such a link, and the authorities will have to increase. And if it does not improve, then the price of the bosses ‘0’, then you should look into another company bosses.


       Somehow, there is a perception that the search for work – this kind of downtrodden position. Why? Let the employer can prove that he is worthy of you. But this is how to put the question. If you know how to work – it is one question, and if the parasite and freeloader (if you do not care where to work, but would not work) – that your salary will not change. It’s all the little habits that are important for everyday life. Up to that: to brush your teeth or clean.


        Sooner or later, the person starts to view these associative connections outside. We all remember that the associative links and the same inside and outside. Another association is that makes you climb for a cigarette to smoke, does not differ from the association, which makes some channel energy sensations and consciousness to follow in your body during meditation, is no different.


        Therefore, in yoga there is another focus. In addition to the necessary and unnecessary association to the outside, there is a huge amount of necessary and unnecessary links within (your spontaneous reaction, your negative condition, your sense of much of the body and being dependent on the associative links, how to make your channels like them flowing this energy) .

        Despite the fact that we are made in the image of a single, mud at everyone. Or in other words, the city is the main track, but there is minor, where everything goes well. And in a small town where all sorts of nooks and crannies, try to pass a large, there is the eternal traffic jam. Similarly, we are done. We have two arms, two legs, a head and torso, but the internal system is different at all. Therefore, in itself need to remove unnecessary associative connections, and you want to restore. This is treated by a variety of diseases. Many diseases – is a set of properly articulated associative links. First of all diseases associated with the psyche. But it also comes to diseases of our physical body. In the end, whatever nerves transmit impulses of our muscles – this is also a kind of associative links. What do we offer hatha yoga? All unnecessary communication tear, and must be strengthened. Indeed, a person begins to engage in hatha yoga and improves health, the body becomes healthier. And why? Because all parasitic associative connections as a broom swept, and you want to restore. However, in a philosophical sense, the difference between necessary and unnecessary associative not. Another question is why the small city has many tracks where you need to build a great track. That is why it is called “the restructuring of our internal structures of the body.” It affects she and rude, and the subtle, and the causal body, but in essence it works mainly with associative links.

– What is meant by the term in yoga “clear channels”?

       There are channels that need. That is, associative links, they are powerful, we need them, we use them. But the association is very tricky there. Let’s say you had some trouble in his life. You stood on the subway on one leg and holding on to the handrail in a stampede and this posture you associated with nuisance. This negative impact is in the form of an invisible association that you want to break, remove. Some people is a particular posture to take, as they piled feelings wave. I know people who only cost to take a stand on the head as they started the depression. Why? Perhaps in past lives were circumstances that crushed all into a ball: sensations of the physical body, the mental. Suddenly, from deep layers of our memory pops up negative. That is, all intertwined.

Memory in yoga

       Yoga urge to train memory. Yogis call every day to educate themselves, yogis call not lead every day idle, bestial way of life, we must always keep yourself in check. Need a memory to be able to concentrate. There will be a memory, you do not concentrate.

The physical body and the associative links

       Once again, physical stretching muscles, we just think that we only deal with the physical body. In fact, we are working with associative links. Through physical to the subtle. Finally, when the associative links are moving beyond the body and spread further, there is the ability to manage all objects or phenomena that are involved in our lives. Only we will manage by means of prana. This explains the many wonderful things that are described in many books, but it is the fruit (as practice shows) obscurantist and insane (all kinds of healing at a distance, different ways of quackery, etc.).

        Central channel – this association is there at all. A link fans of a team: one, one, another another. As we said, associative connections are inherently the same thing. But the same associative links are divided into stable, which we from life to life and make connections that we of life to acquire. All of our conditioned reflexes are also connected with associative links. 

An example of a tree

        It turns out that the tree grows. And one trunk, and the second, and the third one, but its branches may grow coloration. But the most favorable design for wood – is the trunk from which the branches are. Because other structures not entirely appropriately (for example, if a thin trunk and thick branches – all breaks). Therefore, we are of life to reproduce the scheme: the center channel, left, right, and small channels to the smallest. And then comes the moment: what about working with associative links. Yoga claims that we need to make good associative links, and all forces to remove unneeded associative links. Essentially, all yoga is engaged in associative.


        Each type of yoga, or that exercise, if we reduce it from the gross to the subtle, will work with the associative links to until it reaches the central channel (Sushumna), and from there on the doorstep to our Atma (our higher self). Therefore, any analysis of yoga can be reduced to one association, where one or other bodies involved.

For each of our manifestations are organs that enable ease, completely remove the minor, unnecessary associative links and strengthen desired.


        In the future, if we analyze the more senior yoga, we must learn not only to establish, but also to pull out an association.

Example: The woman and jewelry

        Let me explain you with an example. She goes to a jewelry store and see the decoration. Until that moment, she saw this ornament, she lived myself prispokoynenko. And here I saw it. The well-known company that has spent millions of dollars to introduce the love of diamonds. We do not have, but in the West there was a ritual that you need to give the future bride. All very commercially calculated and well-done. In fact, the diamond on the planet, as the snow in Siberia. They’d have fallen in price, if not supported this demand.


       So, the girl saw the decoration and it appeared associative connection. In this regard, the prana flowed. She did not sleep, did not have to think where would she get the same amount of money to purchase a trinket. An associative link, which is pumped into prana. Try to tell this girl that she did not need a trinket. That she will answer you? Obviously not fun.

Another situation that the girl was not hurt. The young man sees a cool car, and his arms and legs begin to shake. The same situation.


        Imagine Yogini girl was not greedy for malicious advertising. She willed pulled an association of what she wanted. Moreover, strange sensations, leaving dreams. But suddenly it passed some time, and she felt a powerful wave of prana.


        This technique is based asceticism: pulling the prana of the association. They were pumped with energy. And we take it and take out, released a huge amount of pranic energy in its purest form. In ancient legends of India gave advice: if you want something in life, but it does not come – go to engage in austerity. And it is said to be his gods, and said that his ascetic feats performed by any desire. And the yogi said that he wanted half the kingdom or something else. Moreover, these desires are sometimes very dark. For example, some wicked asura (demonic creature) in the same way ascetic acquires the power over all the people and the gods – was all gloomy. It turned out so that the desires are fulfilled. So you pumped prana in desire, and then freed and it can be sent to another desire. 

– Why are more willing to work?

       Let’s go back. As soon as she reached an association to the desired object, start the timer when it receives it. But in this life, and maybe in the next, this associative connection (as rezinochka, and the object of desire adhered to this rezinochku) will shrink and you on a silver platter comes what you want.


       Another problem is that when the time comes, you may be completely unnecessary, and you can take it as a blow “And for what?”. Imagine the situation, you will die of hunger, and you give a diamond. And you say that you’d better give a piece of bread.


       We wish there is a feature: they are all executed. Because of the desire to go any associative connection. In association is prana, and prana governs the entire universe, and creates such conditions that the desire was realized. Desired one – lost and associative connection remained. Wish second, third, etc.

        As a result, we get an interesting picture. If you read “Gulliver’s Travels”, remember, when Gulliver was to Lilliputians, they tied him to the threads of the ground. Each thread is very weak and it would be easy to break. But because nitochek was a huge quantity, Gulliver could not move.


        If we draw an analogy, just as you and me. We have produced many unnecessary petty desires, and they wait in line to be realized. We do not have canceled. And we, like Gulliver’s were thrown to the ground. And we would get up. But this desire to begin earlier accomplished: got an umbrella, got a pencil, etc. by the list.


       The question is to pull and break energy associative links. It is not so easy. We are sometimes not even aware of.

Psychologists and associative links 

       And then there is a serious danger – psychologists. My attitude to the psychologists very respectful. Indeed, a psychologist from God – a blessing of mankind. But the trouble is that few of them. All other charlatans and dropout.


       As in our country become a psychologist? In humans, some of his problems and now he is studying to be a psychologist to deal with them. And then, since time and money already spent, they begin to heal. And since his thoughts not, they take the first available textbooks that discuss these or other laws of associative links. They see it as the ultimate truth and begin to treat everybody as if a doctor took one drug and began to heal all.


       When these things fall into the hands of self-confidence and “smart” people, this causes enormous harm. Because thus such people form associative links unnecessary for those people who previously did not have them. If there is room in psychology, please carefully Treat her profession.


        This is a very powerful technique, when a substitution of concepts can help a person, but it is necessary to use competently.


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