2009.06.27. Findings from the axioms of Yoga. Work with the Mind. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

2009.06.27. Findings from the axioms of Yoga. Work with the Mind. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).


We have something called the mind. What it is? From yoga axiomatic we remember that our minds – it is only an attempt, a mechanism that is trying to use the principle of reason, which was created by one of the first (at deployment of our universe). We remember that it was created from a combination of consciousness and energy. One of the combinations of consciousness and energy has given rise to a principle of reason.

Then they were created by other principles (space, fire, etc.), And to the earth principle. A further living creature starts reverse order. The living entity begins to develop these principles in the reverse order that, according to which they were created.

Today, June 27, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya this lecture for the Open University of Yoga, all information is stored on www.openyoga.ru sites, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www. yogacenter.ru.



Introduction to the lecture



       We continue our series of lectures on the axiomatic conclusions of yoga. Let me remind you, we do not consider all the conclusions that can be drawn from the axioms of yoga, but only those needed for students studying yoga in Yoga Open University.

       Therefore, many of the conclusions are “behind the scenes”. But this does not mean that they do not, it’s because we are limited in time. Today the theme of “The device of the mind” is also necessary in order to be understandable and interesting is not always correctly perceived by sections of yoga.



What is the reason?



       We have something called the mind. What it is? From yoga axiomatic we remember that our minds – it is only an attempt, a mechanism that is trying to use the principle of reason, which was created by one of the first (at deployment of our universe). We remember that it was created from a combination of consciousness and energy. One of the combinations of consciousness and energy has given rise to a principle of reason.


       Then they were created by other principles (space, fire, etc.), And to the earth principle. A further living creature starts reverse order. The living entity begins to develop these principles in the reverse order that, according to which they were created.


       It is clear that the most primitive living creature grabs the toughest – the principle of land and tries to associate with the help of association. Later, during the evolution of our ego we learn to use the principle of water, fire, air, space, and most recently – the principle of reason.


       In fact, if you go to the paleontological museum, very instructive to trace the example of ancient fossil exhibits like there was a development from the most primitive forms to more complex. Track the entire chain of transformation of the physical body. There will be primitive sea animals. Then they will become more complicated, there will be dinosaurs, and so on until a person. It is all beautifully presented. There are also unique exhibits three-eyed representatives. Moreover, the third eye they just between the eyebrows.


       The principle of reason in these bodies was implemented quite late. The mechanism, which uses the principle of reason (in conventional medicine, science it is usually correlated with our brain), formed on a fairly late stage of evolution.


       Widespread comparison, if the entire history of time compared with the 24 hours, then more or less the higher forms (people) started to appear in 5 minutes to twelve. The remaining 23 hours 55 minutes played in the evolution of a completely different game. Representation “on the evolution of the mind” at the time did not even smell.


       But all exquisitely consistent with yoga. I remind you that yoga is never a substitute for science, as well as yoga never contradicts science. First, there is the factor of creation and expression in the world to the bottom and then back step by step staircase on the mastery of hidden abilities and potentialities that includes our world. And one of the highest levels – the level of our mind.


       To make such a device, the mind, which uses the principle of reason, it took a tremendous amount of years of evolutionary development. As a result, we’ll have a reason. Someone he performs better, someone worse. Moreover, if you enter a certain way of life, the mind begins to weaken. If you carry a different way of life, the mind begins to hone in on the contrary, to grow. We see that the presence of mind undergoes certain fluctuations throughout life. If the mind is not very infancy manifests itself, it displays the peak observed in the mature years. Then, to his old age is fading. Even within a living being in the body, we observe any change. It should immediately be clear that these changes do not relate to the capacity of any living being, and concern only the manifestations of the living being in his body.


        Or in another way: we are all equally wise. There is no difference between a professor of philosophy or some of Mathematical Sciences and profligate, some homeless. That is, the potential of both is still powerful ability to express their minds. But one honed instrument through which the mind principle may occur, and the other is not perfected. And that’s the difference. Therefore, we do not need to talk about the acquisition of intelligence, or some qualities that were not there before. Speaking about the need to disclose the fact that a potentially laid and waiting in the wings, so we took advantage of this. Like the fact that you can exercise the muscles, like it is possible to train and sharpen the mind.


       Once again I want to stress that all people are equal area in this potential. The only difference is that some people develop this potential, while others did not develop.


       Another matter is complicated by the fact that some people naprotjazhenii several lives have honed and developed his mind, and someone did that fewer lives. Therefore, we are witnessing another phenomenon. Young children, like a blank sheet. And so they go to school, learn and grow under the same conditions, but one someone succeed in their studies, the ability to use his mind. And who is not in such a large extent succeeds. Determined is the tendency of the soul in past lives sharpen the mind. If the soul is inclined, in the next life the person with the smallest age is beginning to show their intellectual abilities. If not inclined, then he starts to a level where he graduated in the previous life.


        But there is also another factor – a karmic predisposition that can later translate into some kind of genetic predisposition. It is understood that the soul can be born in an environment that was her closest. That is, if you’re in a previous life did not develop your mind, then in the next life you tend to be born in the wrong place, or that family, as well as where you can not develop the mind. You find yourself in the same terms on which was completed in past lives.


        If we take a statistical analysis, we have seen a statistical survey of residents of different countries of the world. The inhabitants of “third countries” of the world is clearly lower intellectual potential than (say) the inhabitants of the European countries. But this is not to say that in Europe people live first class, and in the countries of the “third world” are people of the second grade. Yoga does not recognize the division of people. It is always necessary to remember very clearly. But it should also be understood that it makes no sense to require people who lives only a few have developed their minds, that they have in this life caught up and surpassed all others.


        A certain separation occurs. However, note that the bundle is not fundamental, but who, when and how quickly started to use the tool, which is called our mind.


        Finally, the third part of our question – this is the body in which you embody. If you are seriously engaged in their intellectual abilities, but there was you karma that you were born in the country “third world” and you are surrounded by people intellectually not far, but still gave you a human body, then quickly catch up you can. Because the original tool in the form of your mind and body allows you. And if you were born in the body of the animal, the body and mind of the animal greatly complicate your breakthrough. Therefore, yoga is believed that the human body is the most precious body. Even if you got it from a savage, but in the human body there are prerequisites for a sharp development. At that time, as much more complicated in animal bodies. Before you make the leap, you need to bring the condition of the animal to the human body, and only after that to make a breakthrough. Of these components interwoven pattern, which seriously affects the social life.


        The presence of slave society was partly caused by the above said factors. At a certain stage of development, you basically can not make man a slave in the sense in which we can see from the description of historians in the ancient times. But on the other hand, sometimes it turns out that in a perfect human body enters the soul, is not enough to develop their potential. And so it is with pleasure in a subordinate position, just like our dogs and cats come to us in a subordinate position, we love them, but they do not claim intellectual feats.


        In this regard, serious yoga teaching. It should be understood that during the slave system is for those people, at that time it was the most appropriate unit of human life. But God forbid you to carry this device to date.



About India’s caste system



       The same applies to the caste of India unit, which still exists, and is likely not going to die. It is clear that in families where the level of development was higher tended to be born of the soul, which led the same lifestyle. At first there were three castes, then added a fourth (untouchables), and then even more interesting thing happened – there were people outside the caste. The worst thing – is when a person is caste.


        In the Middle Ages it was due to the specific situation. Born of the soul, they tended to be born there or there. The result was a bundle. At that time it was very good. But then, over time, I began chahorda. It could happen it is that the more advanced the soul may be born in the lowest caste. And here we see the impasse faced by the Indians, and out of the situation they do not see, because all the propaganda for equal rights – a drop of information, compared with a long history (the level of associative links, which permeates the whole of society). This is a tough web of associative links. For example, if you were born into the caste of untouchables, you have to spend all my life to prove that you are a more advanced soul. Moreover, as soon as you start to do something about it, the invisible associative links stop you. We are with you in past sessions have addressed these issues.

Therefore, if we consider the ancient society – is one, if we consider the modern society – is another. But even in modern society, there are people for whom this is the best way of life. And there are people for whom this way of life in any gate does not go.


        By and large, the important factor is the degree of development of the mind. Yoga does not recognize the division of people based on race, ethnicity. We are all of equal souls. But once someone has started the realization of their potential, and someone this way is still to come.


        Why do I dwell on this? Because, along with the Eastern teachings to the West gets a lot of obscurantism. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish whether it is a fundamental yogic knowledge or is it just an attempt to transfer someone else’s way of life on the ground, where it is not applicable.



Our evolutionary task – to develop the mind



       In all systems of yoga most important aspect – the development of the mind. The Open University of Yoga is very tough demand that people are not sitting idly by, and is constantly working on himself, honing his mind, honed their intellectual ability, memory and ability to focus on the home, etc. This is an essential point of the path of yoga. Why focus on this? There is a tendency when people come and say they do not need to develop your mind, and you need only to develop their spirituality, and to reason is not serious. It has nothing to do with yoga.


       Yes, indeed, we have to develop their spiritual potential. But the universe dictates the steps to us. And our next step – we need to sharpen our minds. Moreover, if we do not do the work on your mind, we begin to lose the evolutionary, and about any spirituality there can be no question.


       It is clear that if a person intellectually well developed, but the wicked course he was better than stupid, but not evil. But on the other hand, it is not always a pleasant impression people seem to harmless, but not far. For all that, he sometimes starts to qualify for the “Master of Life”.

       Often we are seeing a situation where the individual from the Indian village is coming to the West, and begins to teach all live. And then when you try to figure out where he studied, it appears that it is not read or can not write. And this is not a limiting factor. Yes, indeed, possible to be an intellectually developed and to be able to read or write, but when people are discouraged other people to read and write, it’s a challenge, the challenge of evolution. Therefore, my friends, if you want to succeed in yoga, it is your sacred duty – to sharpen the mind.

       Reason – this is the last principle that we open. In reverse, if the view has a space in front of the principle of the principle of reason. If we recall those principles binding to the human body, the principle reason we have localized in the brain area, and the principle of space – at the base of the neck.


       Yoga gives us a powerful tool for the development of the mind. Yoga tells us that if we realize that we need to develop our minds (but inert, slow, tight thinks), yoga is said that nothing wrong, everything is starting to, but as training the mind becomes more agile, strong and thin.



Mind Development Methods



       As one of the methods of mind development is the development of the speech center.


       If you say you are creating a foundation on which to reopen the following mechanism – the mechanism of intelligence. If you want to develop your mind, an important tool – the development of speech.


       Sometimes faced with a man and his voice you can determine at what stage of development is people. If you are in the development of speech, then you are implicitly creating prerequisites for the development of the mind.


       Ironically, at the Open University of Yoga we give ridiculous at first glance the task: to read aloud three times ancient text on yoga, to write his speech on the tape recorder and then listen. Very good acting. Outwardly, it looks like cramming, but in fact is much more complicated. Not to mention the fact that if a repeat is not a text, and mantras.


       Our mind is concentrated in their own language. Primarily, we focus on the fact that they themselves say, and then on what we perceive through our ears from the outside world. We are 100% listen to what speaks our language, and that the percentage of ears perceive much less. concentration factor teaches our mind to concentrate. If we for a long time in this position we retain our mind, then he will not will begin to develop. Therefore, if someone has a problem with the mind (and this happens quite often), the method of concentrating on his speech on the “language”. And if the person is well versed in yoga, it is best to use a mantra, which contribute to the development of the mind.



What is the reason?



       In the textbooks of anatomy you can see along and across, what a brain. But with all of this, modern scientists do not know how our mind. Moreover, no one knows by what mechanisms the process.


       It is clear that we are all with you, as a function of a large chemical reaction. And any chemistry the most important thing – the electromagnetic interaction. Today we know: strong, weak, and gravitational effects.


       The strong and weak nuclear interaction at the level. They vryatli play a role in our mental activity. It remains to gravity. We’re sort of in the field of the earth, and no gravitational bursts were observed.


        Closest to the function of the brain approaches the electromagnetic interaction. You remember that atoms and molecules are made up of positive and negative particles (electrons, protons), they come in the electromagnetic interaction. The positive charge neutralizes the negative charge. We can assume that all our mental activity – is the promotion of charged particles in the neurons of our brain. But here too not all fit and consistent. If we represent a charge microparticles, any lightning (in theory) is to send us to a state of non-being, if not, then a temporary aberration of mind.


        But we are alive and well, lightning is not afraid that she will sweep us. Moreover, the ear keep the cell phone. The spectrum of electromagnetic waves at the same phone as in our CB-stove. Our thought process does not go astray, when we talk on the phone. From this it follows that our thinking functioning of the device itself is much thinner. And modern scientists have not yet come to its unraveling. Either partially unraveled some principles, but keep quiet. Scientists unlike the yogis are not burdened by the first and second principle of yoga. Therefore, once we discovered something new, to classify at once, to be used for new weapons. In this respect, science is suffering a very serious flaw – a complete lack of responsibility. Moreover, some scientists are proud of. The crisis of modern science seriously enough in this regard.

         The bulk of the lost knowledge of yoga and one that has remained poorly mastered, but some crumbs still extant.

It begins from the moment of creation of the universe, when the principle of intelligence has been formed. You remember that consciousness and energy gave rise to the principle of reason one of the first. Yoga gives a hint that all that we have in this world – it is a combination of consciousness and energy. This definition is subject to our thought processes, our intelligence operation. In fact, mental activity – is the interaction of consciousness and energy at the subtle level. Do you remember that the mind and energy come from a single source (the two sides of the same coin) – prana. But prana disconnected from the general prana emerged consciousness and energy, and are now beginning to unite, but the other parties.


        Although consciousness and energy are independent, they are drawn to each other. Consciousness tends to affect the energy so that the energy begins to adjust to the consciousness. Conversely, energy attracts consciousness itself, so that it highlights the power of the game. This dance of consciousness and energy, and called the process mysleobrazovaniya (vritti). There is a huge principle – the cosmic mind – where there is a combination of consciousness and energy, an ocean of ideas, thoughts, etc.


        Every living being, as you remember from the axioms of yoga, leases specific uchastochek ocean and says that it is “his territory”. But this is only conditionally, he added. He’s the same, “our”, as well as the other person. And here intervene factor of personal preference or preferences. We attract a certain area, some specific wavelength. Some waves are even asking us through this site. But all this is in the overall picture is caused by our karma. To us swim thought that we wanted. But over time, we thought these are no longer needed, when they arrived, we wanted to have some other thoughts. We sometimes catch myself thinking that some things that we had really wanted to, come to us. But our attitude toward them has changed, and now we need something else.


        The law of karma: what goes around, comes around. What is the idea started, and get a result.


        The concept of “our mind” – is not the concept of the mind, and the notion of a tool that can lease a piece of the overall intelligence of the ocean. Professor of Philosophy or Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, leases a piece more. A drunkard, vagabond – a much more modest slice. But this is not a fundamental difference between them, and quantitative.


        This explains the numerous superpowers in yoga. But if our normal abilities can not make us happy, and superpowers can not make us happy.


        In yoga, this attitude is cultivated in yoga as contentment. Whatever happens, the yogi always says to himself, so he can live. And creates around itself a positive. It is prescribed in the yoga hard way. Moreover, we in the Open Yoga University students in their report should provide a list of three positive things that have happened to them this week. Why? Because it is necessary to reverse the grim trend forever whining.


        And now imagine that you are able to read minds. Dirt in the stairwell – it’s child’s play compared to the mental filth and stench that would have swept instantly.

         The mental field all one. It requires serious training to be able to communicate mentally.

When Popov opened the radio, it could be only the “Morse code” beat. And now these radio waves are so many, and Tell it what you want. Similarly, in yoga, we can mentally each other, “Morse code” to beat, because we do not have filters. We are extremely rare condition, when we perceive the thoughts of another. Because we do not set up on the wave, we have a deaf ear to the information held.


        But everything depends on the associative links. By associative relations prana flows. Where and how will you reach these “webs” is another question, we need knowledge.


        In any case, in our Open Yoga University is not taught abilities. We train yoga teachers who will teach very specific mundane yoga: Hatha, Kriya, pranayama and mantra yoga. Everything else – this is not our problem, we are not interested. First, talking about this ancient treatises that ahead of time will not be able to open superpowers. Second, take the time to discover them – it means not to perform its primary job. But if you really want to develop some supernormal, please – go ahead. But remember that the supernormal yet nobody made happier.



The apparatus of our mind



       Yoga says that the mind is a rather complicated structure. This structure that permeates all of our three bodies. Recall that according to the axioms of yoga we have a physical, subtle and subtlest (causal) body. What we call the mind – it is a conglomerate, which uses three groups of bodies. Roughly speaking, our brain – it is part of the mechanism, which is made in the rough stuff. Inside it operates is the part that is called the subtle body. Finally, the causal level.


       To use the principle of reason, we need our minds. Our mind is made up of three components. If you do not have the physical mind, then at the level of the fine and the reason you can vryatli function in this world. Brain – this is the tip of the iceberg, and more subtle, and causal body.

        A similar situation is vice versa. If fine structures of something is not enough, then the mind can not function normally. In some third world countries people show not very developed intellect. Why? Because they have little to develop it.

There are two extremes. A: People say that in developing countries people are genetically can not be reasonable, they alleged a failure somewhere. This is the point of view of nationalist-fascist direction. Other: toothless policy grandfathers frosts, that all are equal, we can take any child, and with the help of training you receive anything. Do not get, my friends, because every child – a free living being. If it is decided not to show some qualities that make it manifest these qualities – violence. Therefore, all extremes as nationalistic, fascist, and drooling, politically correct sense irrelevant to life. In each case, you need to take the relevant decisions: what kind of person, in what conditions, it is necessary to work, or not worth it. These are difficult times.


        Genetically, the body of one and the other person are the same, normal. But one fine structures developed, and it can control the rough, and the other – no. But the potential of equal every soul, no separation. But on the other hand, it is not necessary to allow stupidity.


       All three structures are needed, together they are called the mind. Accordingly, the disease (dysfunction) of the mind can be caused by physical factors, sometimes something subtle, elusive. Each of these components must work well to get a person, under which any physician would be able to subscribe to “practically healthy”. Sometimes it is very hard to recognize the hidden mental illness.

         Outwardly a person may seem completely normal, but for some antics begin to doubt, and everything is fine with his head or not. Often it is very difficult to determine in what circumstances and at what stage of development is people.

What we call the mind, it is called in yoga: Manas, Buddhi, Chitta. Of these three components is born what is called the mind. If we talk about the functional side, this is an area of knowledge, from which we have reached only the crumbs. The Open University of Yoga focuses on how to prevent knowledge (which is still extant) disappear. And secondly, on the skin rediscover and recognize the lost knowledge.




        Manas – is a kind of buffer or the protecting part of our mind that either passes or does not pass the information into our minds. For example, each of you today comes a huge amount of information. If you listen, you will hear the street cars go. This feeling of your body, etc. But if you carefully listen to a lecture, you are away at the rest of secondary information (although your ears hear, the signal comes to your mind). This feature is very selective Manas. All you need it skips and does not need it eliminates. If it were not for a body such as Manas, you have in mind would be a mixture of chaos and all kinds of sounds, thoughts, etc. But Manas watching vigilantly and cuts off all unnecessary.


       What principles Manas filters out information? According to the principle of association to the Manas eliminates information. If firecracker exploded in a corner, your attention would be turned off by lectures and have moved to the cracker. Because your memory through associative links will tell you that there is something interesting.






       If the information is passed through Manas “reason №1», then it falls into the buddhi ‘intellect №2 ». By the way, from the same word as “Buddha”, “Service” (meaning: awake, awake). Budhi receives information that has come out of Manas and makes an exact copy of an object or phenomenon, which is supposed spawned this object or phenomenon. For example, I saw an apple. These are my eyes saw the apple, they convey information in Manas Manas missed it further. From buddhi substance born extremely pure, sattvic copy.






       This body flashing replica, which was formed in the buddhi. That is, she sees: Yeah, apple. Then, of chitta information gets to our Higher Self and our voleizyavlyaet I go and take a bite of the apple. Of course, I will draw a diagram primitive refined.


      Thus it turns out that you and I do not know how to construct the universe. You and I do not know what it looks like no one object in the universe. We all know only a copy of which was made in our buddhi. And since path from the object to its copy in his head long enough, then the error may prevent at every stage. Therefore, we perceive our world only by a copy of which appears in our buddhi.



       In fact, a copy of which appears in our buddhi – a thought-form of the object. The object is made of matter, and a copy of – a thought-form. That is, the buddhi takes any thought form with any character. If we look at it with a thought-form position, it is thought a certain color. If we remember our common mind (Mind Ocean), and there is little reason uchastochek, which ran on a certain ripple. And the ripples corresponds to the image of an apple. Moreover, this ripple has certain characteristics. Moreover, any of the waves has its vibration. Likewise, every word has a distinctive color or vibration.



Name and Form



       In yoga, there is a provision of the inseparability of the name and shape of the object. Or in another way, Nama (name) and Rupa (form) the same thing. When vibration occurs on the surface of the buddhi, which we perceive as a similar copy of the object. It is not enough that form, so also provides surge volnochek, which are the true name of the object. This is quite a grand practical conclusion in yoga. From that moment, the position of the one universal language. There is only one universal language, the language of vibration vritti on the surface of the buddhi. This is called a super-powers of yoga to understand all languages.


       There is a branch of science – linguistics. It analyzes the languages reconstructs languages. Oddly enough, linguists have brought all the known languages in the world to seven, and now – one. Unlike myth, scientists have used quite a logical device, to prove it. Hence the idea of yoga mantra begins. What reproducing name you reproduce the forms. And why? Because the reality you’ve never seen. Because everything that comes to you is the same thing that you can generate in his buddhi. And all the wonders of mantra yoga. When repeating a particular mantra, you get a particular effect simply by speaking a particular mantra.



visualization Yoga



       Strictly speaking, you do not know what you look like. Everything that you see in the reflection of the mirror – a copy of which your buddhi built inside. And what you really are, you do not even know.


       And practical moment. If you visualize yourself with what you want to be, so you become, everything is going in the opposite direction. Visualization Yoga also rely on our minds.

        If attached to our previous lectures on associative relations. What is your figure? You got what you wanted for a long time. But remember that all associative connections pass through the mind. With the help of mantras and visualization you can do with them whatever you see fit: remove unnecessary associative connections, create new ones. Do you want yourself one piece – get it or another – get. It’s a question of time.

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