2009.07.04. Findings from the axioms of Yoga. Karma. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

2009.07.04. Findings from the axioms of Yoga. Karma. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Any yoga can be called withdrawal from the axioms of yoga. Do you remember that all yoga, like mathematics, is displayed.

Another thing is that yoga is, of course, bigger and higher than any position in mathematics. At the same time, yoga never illogical. Logic can not always explain a particular situation, but they did not enter the conflict.

Today’s topic is devoted to such a concept as “karma”.

We chose it for the simple reason that a lot, and often the term is used in different circles of the population. Sometimes it is not always adequate. Because the purpose of the Open University of Yoga – Yoga is preparation of future teachers, of course, would not want that future yoga teachers duplicate, replicate and distribute the rubbish that has accumulated in recent years. Although, strictly speaking, all of these topics are covered thoroughly and in detail in the section of karma yoga.

Today is July 4, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya this lecture for the Open University of Yoga, all information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod .ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

 Introduction to the lecture


We continue our series of lectures devoted to yoga axioms.

Any yoga can be called withdrawal from the axioms of yoga. Do you remember that all yoga, like mathematics, is displayed.

Another thing is that yoga is, of course, bigger and higher than any position in mathematics. At the same time, yoga never illogical. Logic can not always explain a particular situation, but they did not enter the conflict.

Today’s topic is devoted to such a concept as “karma”.

We chose it for the simple reason that a lot, and often the term is used in different circles of the population. Sometimes it is not always adequate. Because the purpose of the Open University of Yoga – Yoga is preparation of future teachers, of course, would not want that future yoga teachers duplicate, replicate and distribute the rubbish that has accumulated in recent years. Although, strictly speaking, all of these topics are covered thoroughly and in detail in the section of karma yoga.

I recall that in the previous lesson, we decided on the concept of axioms in yoga, from which we can deduce the whole yoga.

– What is karma? How does it occur? How can bind to the karma yoga axioms?

We are using only the crumbs of knowledge that came to us from time immemorial. Extensive part, unfortunately, is not reached. Another part of the demands of its revised, re-opening, the translation. Therefore, it is not possible to trace how the concept of “karma” embedded in the axiomatics of yoga.

For all of Eastern culture is very characteristic of the concept of “karma”, the whole culture is imbued with this notion.

Karma – it is the law of cause and effect. Therefore, if you once again discover some clever book on yoga, which are now bred a huge amount, and there will be “shadow on the fence” to direct and otherwise bully a poor reader, you should always remember what is at stake. And we are talking about the law of cause and effect, the law of karma. This theme is newfangled, has acquired the mystique, but (usually) such mystical conclusions and “jigger” is not worth it.

cause and effect The law states that everyone has a reason for investigation. If anything happens, there are reasons that lead to this investigation.

If you encounter any phenomenon, you are (of course) can decide that this phenomenon can not be explained. Or it may stem from some illogical provisions. But the concept of “karma” itself adheres to the modern scientific point of view: if a phenomenon has occurred, the premises were at the event.

Another question is the cause flows into effect. This is a completely non-obvious points. Sometimes this can lead to passivity of the mind, when the mind is to believe that certain things are inexplicable or mysterious things (in the bad sense of the word).

Yoga says that the laws of logic never contradict sverhlogiki laws. And the laws of cause and effect – a definition or explanation of the logic of the law. Facing life with various events, happenings, we can try to explain them logically, we can try to explain their illogical, but also they can be sverhlogichnoe explanation.

As for the logic, we can remember Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who in the wake of the accident could reconstruct the incident that gave rise to this investigation. And they turned it gracefully as you remember. The same approach of logic: no intervention of supernatural forces, no mystery, no “potustoronschiny” no sleep of reason, all very calmly, consistently and carefully. As you remember, many witnesses of these incidents were inclined to believe the supernatural events (remember the Hound of the Baskervilles). When these events were perceived as supernatural, they got to irrationality. In the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a kind of battle between logic and illogicality. Or in other words, the law of karma unfolding. If you see a cigarette butt on the ground, it can be assumed that he materialized from the fifth dimension. And it is possible to assume a more rational: that someone had thrown it there. And so in respect of: the reason – a consequence.

Logical yoga

In yoga, it argued that yoga can always ruthlessly tear down from the pedestal of illogic. And if the right way to send the forces of your mind, you can win illogic. But at the same time, yoga states that have such laws devices of our universe that are sverhlogichnymi. Within the logic of these phenomena and events can not be explained at all. In yoga, this area sverhlogichnosti refers to the region where the karma laws do not apply.

Thus we got a chain, that when we hear the word “karma”, we mean the law of cause and effect, we mean that each reason is a consequence, we assume that these events do not fall under the explanation of primitive mysticism. But at the same time, sometimes there are things and events that are not illogical, but at the same time are not subject to the logic (or sverhlogika area is karma). It should be very clear to understand and memorize.

And next time, when some of the adepts will start you hang noodles about karma, you can always ask him, and that he was under the word “karma” understands. With the help of logic, try to figure out at what point many “bigots” are trying to wedge illogic and call it yoga. Very quickly you understand at what stage.

The current wave of illogic

Now academics simply head taken from the abundance of nonsense that pours on television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and such a huge number of people who believe in it. Now some wave of medieval thinking, where the phenomena that can be explained by the logic of common sense, trying to explain with the help of something otherworldly. Full illogic of trying to pass off as some kind of a breakthrough in science.

Therefore, bad science refers to the esoteric teachings. Unfortunately, apparently the line between yoga and other esoteric teachings inexperienced fused to human. Therefore, from scientists and goes to yoga. Although, in this sense, yoga is like any other system, is close to the views of scientists. But one little “but”: in relation to sverhlogiki scientists, we do not say anything, it’s not even their business. That in relation to the teachings of yoga, the whole essence of yoga and spiritual power rests on the moments sverhlogichnye. In this sense, yoga can tell us more than the other or academia. But yoga is not a substitute for science. That’s why I say that the concept of determinism and the concept of karma is not one and the same.

In our lives, whether we like it or not, the rules of logic: the law of cause and effect. Or in another way, governs the law of karma. If you did something, you will get the result according to the actions that you have done. Therefore, once again I warn you: very critical attitude to all kinds of literature.

– Can we do something with karma? And if so, what?

You have to remember that common sense never contradicts sverhlogike. On the contrary, all nonsense, all the darkness and the fruit of a sick imagination can not withstand the onslaught of logic. Therefore, all those who are trying to speculate on the concept of “karma”, do one or the other system on squeezing money out of the pockets of citizens, they, without even realizing, misleading others, themselves subject to the law of karma. You remember that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Sooner or later, life itself will put everything in its place. But before everything will fall into place, do not waste time in vain.

– Whether the existence without the law of karma is possible?

Yoga says yes. Moreover, “Karma is” the existence of a more universal plane case. A plane of existence in karma – it is a special case of a more universal event. Or in other words, the logic – it is just a special case of sverhlogiki.

We live in that corner of the universe, where every day we meet with the action of the law of karma. And with the action sverhlogiki we meet often. Even if we meet, we do not recognize. In the worst case, when our life is manifested sverhlogika, we do not recognize and believe that this is illogical and tries to fight it.

In accordance with strict concepts in the science of certainty, we can assume that each of us is a robot. Because our every action will be determined by the conditions in which we live; our every thought will be determined by many factors, the number of (metabolism, sun light, etc.), invisible components that will shape our behavior. If we recognize that only the rules of logic in the world, we would have to admit that we are robots. And the idea that we are free – it’s just an illusion.

Yoga disagrees and says that the fact of our difference, that our I am free. Another question that our freedom is not realized so quickly. Most of our actions can be reduced to someone’s influence.

With these learned psychologists work fine, not without benefit to the people. They can decompose our human problems to some components and show how our one or another problem occurs. During that psychologists honor and respect.

But on the other hand, when everyone is trying to bring to interfering factors, it creates the impression that these people belong to his “patients”, as to machines. This gives birth to numerous benefits in form scathing, but inherently immoral.

Recently I saw the book “How to fall in love with a girl for 5 minutes” (for people who do not have time for “dummies”). And gives a number of psychological issues that are painted as the computer acts: how and what to do. That is, how to play, for example, to love a girl to get her into bed. Sometimes, even disgusting to take such books in hand. It’s like trying something sacred reduced to a set of specific steps. That is, it is a kind of inflection.

Once again I want to say that yoga does not agree with such a course of things. And if we talk about love, yoga says that it is basically impossible to generate any steps. One may create an imitation, but at the crucial moment and everything will collapse.

Love and Karma

So there are moments in our lives, is completely determined by karma. If we were born in certain circumstances, if we are surrounded by some people that like it or not, and from them rack up. Much of our success and defeat – not our successes and failures, and only patterns that we have absorbed, communicating with people with whom we live and grow (who lead the, from, and rack up).

But on the other hand, in our life there are such manifestations that fall under these certain factors. Status does not fall in love under any influencing factors, it is a gift sverhlogichnosti.

Love – it is a glimpse sverhlogiki that we are for their daily routine did not notice it.

Indeed, every day we have to go to work, to earn a piece of bread. And all this is inevitable: you will not go to make, not get denezhek.

All definitely tough, but on the other hand is not so hard, is not 100%.

We present ourselves in a living being, which on the one hand due to its previous actions, and these actions resulted in consequences that we do other actions, etc. It is for life, and from life to life.

Yoga says that the seeds of the previous actions give us will be born in a certain time, among certain people that we were at the time, which ended a previous life. In this regard, the unfolding logic of the law continually, life after life.

We get what we deserve

We said that sverhlogika not contradict logic. Therefore, even birth and death sverhlogichnye things, but this leads to the next birth, which is not contrary to logic. And if you were a certain way of life in the next life you get the conditions that deserve. And then the practical conclusion is useless to complain to the parents’ country. We get what we deserve. On the one hand the negative attitude – it’s stupid, on the other hand, the eternal flattery that abroad is better, but we have bad – not better. Even if we were born abroad, we would still have got what they deserve.

There is a saying: the pig always finds his corner. That is, if you were born, even in the most civilized country, if you have the beginnings of defects of karma, the living conditions would not differ if you were born in another, third, tenth country.

It turns out that the law of karma to a certain percentage governs us. On the other hand, we understand that a certain percentage of free. Single absolutely always.

It is precisely the relationship between freedom and percent percent conditionality. If your “wonderful” karma has led to the fact that you are on the death penalty, then, of course, the percentage of freedom sharply narrowed in this life. But on the other hand, teaches karma yoga, the mode of consciousness in which you will die from this, too much depends on your next life. Even the most doomed man there is always a part of the selection, part of freedom.

Yoga gives freedom

The purpose of yoga is to make this part as much as possible, and ideally – absolutely free. Make it so that you will no longer be subject to karma. Strictly speaking, all types of yoga from the standpoint of freedom, give you freedom.

We remember from the axioms of yoga that the freedom we have, and so in fact is. We simply can not take advantage of it. We can not say that yoga gives freedom. Yoga opens freedom, which is already incorporated in us.

We get the picture that we have freedom, but we do not use it. We fall under the law of cause and effect and get with each step that we deserve. And we can live so that with each step the degree of our freedom is reduced, and can do so that the degree of freedom of all expands and expands with every step.

In yoga, they say that if you live so that your degree of freedom is expanding, then you live a righteous life. And if you live a life where your degree of freedom is narrowed, then you do not live a righteous life. Or in other words, if you cause harm to other living beings, then sooner or later this leads to the consequence that the damage starts to pay you, and you find yourself in a hard grip of necessity, not what kind of freedom can not be considered. If you help other living beings to overcome any rigid framework, in your life, too, there comes a time when freedom and your horizon expands.

Out of plane karma

There is a feature. If we do something good, we get good results. If we do something wrong, we get bad results. But strictly speaking, neither one nor the other results do not ensure that you exit from the application of the law of karma, in sverhlogiku.

In karma yoga urge remember doing good things, we create a springboard to get out of the plane of karma. It is logical to do good deeds, to get out of the logic of the law in a more universal law sverhlogiki in which the degree of our freedom will grow, and we all come out of the conditionalities.

– Where did the law of karma, who invented it?

It is sad that our Indian friends themselves poorly versed in the legacy that they carry on. A Western man uncritically copies of their conclusions.

If we recall the axioms of yoga, all of us are made on a single image. But we paid for this element of creation that each of us can co-exist and interact with each other, but at the same time remain free. We remember that it is generated by the influence of maya. In the ocean of maya we like to dabble fish. Moreover, as the fish interact with each other, to communicate.

Do you remember that yoga is said: the greatest wealth – is communication with their own kind. But at the same time, we remain free. This tricky operation of maya. The price paid for it – the original effect of maya (illusion), in which we find ourselves. We are free, but we do not know that we are free.

Because of the situation that we are free, it follows an interesting concept. So what we do not know that we are free, but we are free. That is, we are part of their personal inner universe itself sets the framework of the game.

What a tricky thing Maya. It allows you to communicate with the same people as we are, but at the same time it allows us in his inner universe to set their own rules of the game.

What is the law of karma? These are the rules that we have set for ourselves and which subsequently begin to live. Because we are free, we are all-powerful within its own universe.

Imagine an ocean of Maya, in her fish swim. Around each fish a sphere of personal universe. And just what is happening wished to fish in this universe. But at the same time, two fish, unless voleizyavlyat, you can communicate and interact with each other.

We ourselves define the rules by which we live. If we ever are doing is not the most with someone optimally, you also go. But there is one little game. When I say “you”, I mean I have not taken separately for each person, and displays. By their stupidity, we see ourselves as their manifestations.

We ourselves have come up with the law of karma for themselves, by themselves and it follows that this law was carried out.

Some Hindu books say that there is a book in which are recorded all the cases of human life, which is God, who watches, as if to punish the wicked and reward the righteous. God seems to be nothing else to do, so that every worm or cockroach follow what he had done.

These provisions do not withstand the onslaught of logic, since It can be easily explained. “There is no need to multiply entities without absolutely necessary” (philosopher Occam). You must use explanations that derive from the clear facts.

Each of us is for himself overseer. We ourselves have come up with rules of the game, they play themselves, rejoice and suffer. Moreover, it follows that the rules of the game were made, so that no action is gone from us – are themselves agents of karma.

It turns out that because of the actions of maya, we consider ourselves to be not what we are. Moreover, we come up with laws that they themselves and live, and so it goes on from life to life. Then, in the chaos of our movements we set for ourselves (from the variety of life) narrow loophole laws of logic. When we feel its manifestations and as a consequence, always wish that these manifestations were not subject to pressures that we do not like.

Imagine that you live in a huge bright and beautiful palace. But you have chosen for themselves a little dark corner in which you live. Similarly, we live in a plane of karma, and, in general, we like it. If I did something, albeit something I’ll get over it.

All our desires, as we recall, are executed. And there is a reaction that to something we aspire to, and that is trying to push. And it all comes back at regular intervals, and we have a world in which we live (all of what we have created).

How Yoga teaches us, sooner or later, the person starts to reach the cycle of existence. And yoga and yogi becomes boring. They understand what you sow, so shall you reap. Immediately they seek to sow something good for the benefit of all beings. This opportunity they perceive as a gift. Because Doing good deeds, your staging area is expanding and you have a good opportunity to jump to sverhlogike where much more “interesting.”


Karma is not transmitted and does not work. If you read that someone can take off your karma, etc., you can understand that the author raves. You never know who says what. Each of us lives in his personal universe and gets a situation that he himself has created.

And the opposite situation. None of you can not answer, you are only responsible for yourself.

And what can be done with karma? Karma can get rid of. Served their own, were released with a clear conscience, that have outlived karma paid off.

This algorithm works with the most common karma. We do negative actions then outlive them, then come to the new situation, and we are delirious go through life and not realizing that each new situation – it is a product of the previous one.

Here is an example, if you owe the bank (you have heavy karma), and you will come to collectors to collect debt, to give you still have. But you have the chance: perezanyat, give the old, but now will have a new one. The same situation is observed with karma. To some extent, you can slow down the deployment, but will have to give back with interest.

Now many clairvoyants, psychics. They’re kind of like the reaction slows down and the person suffer. But he can not remove the karma. The only thing he could do (at best) – a delay of payment. But in any case you will have to pay, but then also for himself, and for the delay, and for “that guy.” Therefore, resort to these means it is possible, it is sometimes necessary. But you must understand that if you are the second time took money on credit, and they drank, no one will not give credit for the third time. Flirting with sverhmomentami, techniques and practices for the “freezing” your karma – a dangerous thing.

It’s like having a toothache. You have a tooth ache, but instead of cure it, you are taking pain medication. In this situation, an analgesic role playing bad. Similarly, in many yoga practices. The negative trend may slow down, but you have to work, as Pope Carlo, practice yoga, work for the good of all living beings, in every possible way to remove yourself from the negative trends, etc. This second strategy is to work with karma.

The third point is that you can do with karma – the amazing thing that happens to you, that God himself shall come. But we do not have this hope.


– Does the suffering of Purification?

Suffering – a stick at the two ends. They do not guarantee. It’s like the living and dead water. Dead heals all wounds, but it does not give life. Suffering indeed some crap beat out of us, but it is not a guarantee of our spiritual development, raising to another level. Therefore, it is said that by doing good deeds, enjoy. Doing bad things – you suffer. But anyway, everything remains in the field of action of karma.

The goal of yoga go beyond karma. Now you are suffering, but the trend of negative karma will be completed, and you will no longer suffer, not in this life, so in another. But sooner or later, the consequences of action is exhausted.

Similarly, in respect of your good deeds. You can translate grandmothers hand, wash the homeless. This will create a good basis, and your negative karma will not grow. But this does not mean that you will grow spiritually. It is a kind of pause.

The fact that you’re sitting here and listening to a lecture – it is, of course, good karma (after all, not in shackles as the mines somewhere). But it also does not mean that you take advantage of this. It’s just a chance.

Similarly, our good deeds – it’s a chance to form a pause. Something heard, have applied in their lives. Negative karma outweighed the positive, no further spawn new karma, we began to engage in spiritual practice, and have gone beyond karma.

– Positive karma and lack of karma – these are different things?

Certainly. From the point of view of yoga: positive karma does not differ from negative. A good example of yogic: iron shackles are no different from the shackles of gold, in both cases, it is shackled. To make negative karma of positive, it is necessary to engage in karma yoga. I am sending you to our archive of lectures and seminars on karma yoga.

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