2010_02_28 Yoga Visualization. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar.

Yoga Vizualizatsii.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar.


Today, 28 February 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This workshop on Yoga Visualization for Open University Yoga. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Introduction to the seminar


So, my friends, now we are waiting for one of the most fantastic sections of yoga – Yoga Visualization. Truly, this is one of the most powerful tools in the field of mental yoga. We can say that this “workhorse” the vast number of practices.

And today we will learn how to apply it. It is necessary also to learn about the difficulties in the way of visualizations yoga. In any case, your outlook on the world to change after today’s workshop. Moreover, the change in a practical sense. You will have another powerful tool for self-knowledge and knowledge of the universe.


In the good old tradition of Open Yoga University all the most difficult things we are trying to present simple, clear, in his own words, with the involvement of ordinary analogies of our lives so that the man on the street knew what was going on.

So, friends, we all are living in our wonderful world. Once we were born in it, they were small, and then began to grow. And so it all continues to this day. And so we all perceive what is called “the world around us.”

Of course, when we were little, our world is to confine our brothers, sisters, close friends. As soon as we were growing up, our lives began to enter other events and phenomena. We went to learn, we went to work there, too, we had to deal with people, with the circumstances. Moreover, as a child that an adult world brought us different impressions about themselves. Sometimes the world is opened for us as a country and alluring promises us the most fantastic things. Sometimes, on the contrary, the world turned their backs to us: on our Unleashes a series of misunderstandings, inconsistencies, sometimes suffering, or not realize the hopes, dreams.

Sometimes the world is presented to us gray everyday life, from which there was nothing to be expected, ie, a succession of gray days. And, it would seem, is nothing new, all boring. Sometimes this succession of days passed in working order, without causing either positive or negative feelings. Sometimes it is clearly negative, that the gray days stretching.

Sometimes it can just be a working lift, when you have a favorite work, or yoga, they have a mark rather positive than negative. Those. a world in which we live, in the waking state appears to us in a variety of guises. Sometimes he makes us joy, sometimes suffering, sometimes – a neutral attitude.


And the question arises: what kind of world? The world or the world of the evil kind, the world or the world of good bad? What is this reality which we call the world?

Some argue that the whole world – is the embodiment of sorrow, and the more we live in it, the more prone to disappointment. Others argue that no, the whole world is full of joy and happiness. Still others argue that the world is in a strip that necessarily after wave of happiness has to go (as they say) a wave of compensating unhappiness. The fourth did not say anything, they do not even ask this question, “And what is the world?”. They do seem obvious, it is not even a question, to give him one or another characteristic. Again, as long as certain events in the life not to make this description.

Those. views of the people can be very different. Moreover, some people are beginning to impose their views on others. And these people believe that they really are right and all others wrong.

But most interesting is that most inveterate pessimist, which is on every street corner screaming that everything is bad, it was bad, and will be even worse, oddly enough, is building plans for the future as if the world were not so pessimistic. Those. he personally leaves a loophole or a corridor that he is doing well for himself, though at the same time can loudly proclaim that the world – is a stronghold of sorrow.


Clearly, if we are standing on the path of yoga (remember that yoga – a system of self-knowledge, in general, the entire universe), then sooner or later this issue will come to you and “And what kind of world? What to expect from him? What does he bring us? “.


As a child, you are, of course, waiting for some kind of celebration, accomplishment. But our youth and the subsequent age begin to adjust these expectations. We are not as arrogant in their hopes and realize that not everything comes at once. Furthermore, we understand that everything comes not as we would like.

And still there is a question, “And what is the world?”. And if you are asked if a positive thing or a negative world. It is clear that under certain circumstances and at different times you will give the one answer or the other.

Now it is very far and deep looking ahead with yoga positions can give the following answer: friends, we do not know what kind of world. The world is not positive, nor negative, nor gray days, but in general it is not clear what. We do not know what the world is.

The reality of the world and the veil of maya


So we can not say that the world – is a solid pessimism. We also can not say that the world – is a solid optimism about the world we just do not know. Because the world around us (from the perspective of a very deep knowledge of yoga) – this is the ultimate reality, but we do not see. This ultimate reality is covered by the fact that yoga is called “Maya”. Maya is a very strange thing, which, in turn, creates what is called an “illusion”.

It seems to us only what we know, what kind of world, it only seems to us that we can say about the world is that it is positive or negative, or neutral, or striped (the white, the black stripe). All these categories are not applicable to what is called “the world.”

Finally, looking far ahead, yoga states that to know what kind of world we can only when the reach a certain yoga sverhsostoyaniya. When the effect of the illusion of Maya, covering the reality disappears, and we understand, what the world really is. In yoga, is the highest state, and in fact, some kind of a goal sought by yoga.

It is only reaching the goal, we offer the highest knowledge about how the world really is. And yoga and yogini who have passed this way, who have reached the highest state and know what kind of world is really just gave us the knowledge that we will be discussing today, about what is the world really is.

The only thing we can say about our world, this is what our usual notions of our world and the usual categories are not applicable to it. But, on the other hand, if I may say so, our world – a place of the highest, the highest of the opportunities for us for us. And when we get closer to an understanding, and that is for us the world (as claimed by yoga and yogini), we capture the extraordinary wave of happiness, ecstasy, or rather, something chego-to higher in comparison with what is happiness, joy and ecstasy , compared to what is the world really is.

As long as we do not understand, as long as the world is hidden under the veil of maya, the world can come to us and as a negative. Moreover, for a long time as a negative. And as something positive. That something in the mixed: some good, something bad.

But all that will come to us in this world, will be (as claimed by the higher knowledge of yoga) is just a reflection of all our actions, desires, emotions and expectations.

Mirror world


Those. the world around us in a way, like a mirror that shows us our own self-reflection. But the shows with a certain delay. Imagine a mirror that shows you with a delay as your own reflection. First, you have built a very long time various horrible grimaces. You know, like little children in front of a mirror. A mirror on it does not respond.

Then, it took some time, and you decide to smile in the mirror. You started to smile, and suddenly the first affected grimace and began to come to you. And you smile, and you answer someone builds a terrible muzzle. You, of course, also in response to begin to build a scary face. And then after a while it begins to mirror your smile.

It’s late leads to leapfrog that sooner or later you shoot down and did not know really, the next moment you from the mirror someone smile, pulled a terrible face, or remain in the neutral position.

The same analogy is with what is called our world or reality. This is just a reflection of ourselves, all our thoughts, aspirations, all our wills.

Therefore, to say what the mirror, it is good (if a smiling face), evil (if someone makes a face) or neutral, it is the other key issue and, accordingly, the answer.


If you meet inveterate pessimists, and you’ll very often they meet, they will say that all again more expensive petrol has risen in price, the bread has risen in price, all are bad now, and will be even worse. There are such people, it is they have some kind of protection, protective response to stress. They reprimanded, and it seems that it became easier. Though, somewhere deep down, they are still in it and do not believe. But if you believe that everything is sad, why, then, in the light of the living? It is necessary to die faster. But die they also do not hurry.

If they do you will say that the whole world – it is something horrible, dark and terrible, do not believe them, they say what they do not know.


Or another situation you are faced with a crime. I remember, in our country at the same time at every step into any decent restaurant could not go to a woman, not to see the nasty “muzzle”. And it seems that the whole world is based on Kriminale that this whole Tale.

But to say that it is everywhere – no. Come other times, changing some fundamental laws, and everything changes: Tale skirmish each other, thus self-destructs, in their place comes someone else, no better and no worse, someone else. And to say that our entire world – a radio “Chanson”, so, too, can not speak.

The first step in Yoga Visualization: we do not know what kind of world


The whole world – this thing is progressive, where something reasonable, good eternal (that in fact is the case), you can not agree with this, because you can do not to face (with the good and eternal) in their lives.

Therefore, to say that the world is good, bad or neutral, we can not. The world is much more fantastic than we can imagine. And this is the first thing we should start considering Yoga Visualization.

We do not know what kind of world we can find those laws, but to fully understand how they work, we can not not comprehended the highest state of enlightenment. Again, all the yoga and yogini who have reached this highest state, confirm this.

And here there is a question: well, the world is a very weird thing, and all our ideas from our thoughtlessness and from our inexperience. Sometimes it seems that the world is boring and uninteresting. But just a few seconds, all may change. And these transitions are so strange. Sometimes they are not even subject to our usual logic. But, at the same time, it does not contradict our usual logic.

You know, there is a saying: “Live and learn, you’ll die a fool.” You will think that you are a professor of philosophy and know everything about the world. But if you are a professor of philosophy, and reached the highest samadhi, then you say that you know nothing. Those. it is already possible to begin at a starting point.


So, friends, before to get involved in the visualization yoga, you have to admit that you do not know what kind of world. You’re on to something used to, you go to work every day. Sometimes that can be a rock-solid than your boss, subordinates or your routine work that you are tired of. And you there psevdointuitivnoe knowledge that you know how things are done.

No, my friends, you do not know how things are done, it is a mistake. This is a very long repeating any transaction to which you just used. This is the keyword. Everything that you know about the world – it’s just your habit.

The question is: what to do about this? Since we do not know what the world is, once all of our ideas about the world – it’s just a habit, what to do about it?


And yoga with joy encourages us all to study. Feel like a pioneer on a desert island. Or are you on a mysterious planet astronaut flew into space, and then all sorts of fantastic little animals, all sorts of secrets. Or something closer to us that you are some sort of greatest scientist on the verge of some discovery. Either you are a businessman, who with seconds for a second to open a new way to enrich themselves, people and all mankind. Here you are a new way of organizing labor and production found, and you have it somewhere emerges quite joyful prospect that now the money is nowhere to go. Those. new “Mercedes”, the aircraft – this is minor matters compared to what was called an unprecedented level of self-exploration, self-realization.


With that mindset yoga encourages relate to the world. You know, this attitude, as in “Alice in Wonderland.” Do you remember, there was a famous mathematician Lewis Carroll, who wrote “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” Very logical illogic in the narrative, a very deep work, one of the most quoted in publications in physics, mathematics, natural science for a large number of years. Those. in the West, determine the value of a research professor or by how often it goes links.


So, the number of citations to “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass” can be put in some of the most outstanding works in the field of physics, mathematics, etc. As Lewis Carroll managed to look through the eyes of a little surprised girl in our world we are not used to accept it the way it is perceived by adults.

So, on closer inspection of what we call “reality”, you will discover about yourself in the same condition as that of Alice in Wonderland. Suddenly you will find that your habit – it’s like cardboard scenery before my eyes, behind which hides the world. But from time to time you will manage to really find the cross-linking between the two cardboard scenery, where you can look.

Similarly, you are doing yoga, your usual habit to perceive the world is not going anywhere. But you will more and more be given the opportunity to look into these slits between sets, for which the world will be presented in a completely different shape and form.

So, the next thing that is absolutely essential to us, if we start to approach yoga, visualization, it is to give up waiting to take anything the way we used to do. Those. We have a habit, and we cling to it. Sometimes you just do not notice those little wonders that pomelkayut or slip into our lives. Therefore, we need to demonstrate a willingness to everything.


And what is now the street to hold a large and wonderful pink elephant. Those. we must be ready for a miracle. Why? Because if we have a habit of staying on the same perception, we have a habit to cut this perception. And sometimes, when faced with a pink elephant on the street, we will not even notice. Why? Because if we have the habit or the installation, this can not be, even the presence of a miracle you will interpret as something ordinary and lubricate it.


Leaving aside, for this reason, mention may be made of such a strange moment in yoga as a hit. This is a very strange and unusual abilities. Those abilities that within us there is potential, but which we will reveal inside. And yoga and yogini do not like to show them, even if the demonstration reached the possession of the super-powers. For the simple reason that all the installation, it is not a miracle, but the focus scam. What is not a demonstration of the supreme law of nature, what are these super powers, but rather a “sleight of hand and no fraud.” And even if you fly through the air in the lotus position on the Red Square, they will say that once Copperfield came.

Ironically, we have developed an installation in nothing to see, not to hear anything, no matter what do not pay attention, and firmly grab hold of those sets that are in front of us there. Moreover, when we are faced with something that begins to go beyond these decorations, we rather frightened than pleased.

A lot of people tend to all sorts of superpowers of this world, but when faced with them, they tend to become very scary. Why? Because there was a familiar sight, and now with this face and it is unclear what to expect from it.

So, we do not know what is the reality. But to some extent we can say how it will turn to us at the time, analyzing what is karma or the law of cause and effect. In your own words, if you have done something good, it will come back to you and a good, if done something bad, it will come back to you, and bad if you did something neutral, it is for you and will remain neutral.

If you smile, you smile you same and return. It was about a crumb-raccoon cartoon good, who went to the lake and then the fear of his own reflection. Likewise, karma, if we do something negative, it returns a negative for us, if we do something positive, something positive back to us. Those. a law of cause and effect. Our fantastic universe to which we are accustomed to, and in fact we do not know what it is, it still shows us the light, the dark side depending on what promises we made before.

Therefore, this is the next point, that to a certain extent we can predict what will happen next. The point, of course, complicated by the fact that we do not remember all the actions that are committed in the past or previous lives. Therefore, we do not know what will happen when the ripe seeds of our actions. But we can be certain trends are analyzed to a certain extent we can understand what we did in previous lives. If we are to something pulls it in this direction (most likely) we worked.


Therefore, if you feel drawn to crime (there are such people), but realize that the crime should not be, respectively, you must understand that if you have a craving for it, it means you have done something in the past ie in the future, you can come a reflection of what you have done. And instead of having to wait for that wave of negative return and the world will seem unpleasant wave, you have to make such a move to neutralize the possible arrival of a negative, or to prepare for his meeting.

Why? Because sometimes prepare for his meeting, we did not even notice. Not to mention the more subtle practices of working with this reflection. So, to a certain extent we can anticipate under this law (as you sow, so shall you reap) as we will return a response from the Universe.


Indeed, as a special case of it all – it is our normal life. If you come to work and someone yelled, someone hurt, then the next time, when you come to work, you will see an angry countenance, and all will be for you to sulk. It is quite fast tracking cause and effect, and it is more natural for us. When held over a longer period, we begin to forget that the cause and what the investigation.

So, the reality around us property acts as a mirror, it reflects the fact that we sent to him. And immediately, the very first conclusion, that it is desirable in the universe to make positive promises to you is returned as positive. Those. if we do not want to live in a negative universe, but are forced to live in it, we must reverse the trend of positive promises and bring it all to the level of what we would like to see.


Who is the observer?


Now aside another little digression. Well, we talked about the external world, which sometimes turns to face us, sometimes backwards. And what can we say about our inner world. So I sat down and closed his eyes, like as the outside world and no. I immerse myself in the sensations, feelings, inside of me that something is going on, some digestion, mentally I feel the hands, feet. Those. a huge reservoir of some thoughts, emotions that revolve within me.

And there is the notion that there is an external universe, the outside world, and we decided that we do not understand: it is good or bad. And there is an inner universe, which is determined by our body and our senses. Indeed, where we feel that our body comes to an end? Clearly, where the end of our nerve receptors in the skin.


Thus At first glance, there are two contradictory versions: external world that we do not know how to do, and inner peace. But about the inner world of what can we say? In many ways, the state of our inner world depends on what has come to us from outside. It’s something positive, and we have fun, joyful and pleasant. We close our eyes and joyful all. On the contrary, something negative – we are experiencing the negative.

So, there’s another department. There is a world that we could call external, and the world that we might call internal. And just as the question arises: how many in the outside world depends on the percentage of domestic? Do inner peace depends on the outside? These things are quite different and they are related? And then in the end who is the observer who sits and looks and says, “Here is the inner world, and an external”?

It turns out that the concept of such an observer says that even our inner world – it is the external world with respect to the observer. Here I sit and I understand that scratching in cats, is not good to me. But I said, from the perspective of who is watching.

And here we come to the next point, that there is this kind of an observer, with which we identify ourselves. There is also an inner world of emotions, feelings, which we very clearly attributed to the fact that we call our body. And finally, there is an external world which seems to be very different from our body: the body itself and the external world itself.


It turns out this design. Imagine flyspecked – this is our observer, the circle – this is our inner world, and all the space to infinity – it is all of our external world. And how they relate to each other. It is obvious that if we are faced with something from the outside with a negative, we tend to come to the sad condition, but not a fact.

Sometimes there are cases when all tar-Tarara flies to the nines. And we are in a certain state, and we do not care. I had a friend, I do not remember what the account was the banking crisis, banks are going under, fall off pieces of it. You know, sometimes show spaceships as they unsuccessfully land: there the tail fell off, there’s still something. And he, as a captain on the bridge sitting, arms crossed, and in this flight watches all changeable as the bank has been successful, and now falling apart. And there came from it, even in some indescribable joy, he understood how things are done in the universe. Although, as owner of the bank, I would have to worry about. Those. not necessary.

As above, so below


Sometimes the opposite situation, when the outside everything is great, and the soul cat scratch, inner peace is not consistent. Those. somehow all this is very strange. And, looking far ahead to give you focus on what we are going to study, you should remember that there is a law. This law is very ancient, track even in the teachings of the Pythagoreans, and in some other philosophies: in such like.

The famous Tablet of Hermes twice great, three of the greatest (as it was called), that as above, so below. Incidentally, this is an excerpt from an alchemical treatise.

Those. obviously there is the presence of what we would call the macrocosm (ie, the outside), the presence of what we would call a microcosm (that is within us). And the sheer similarity of all the processes that take place inside and outside.

Or in other words, despite the fact that there is this dissonance that bad outside, but inside is good, or in some other combinations, yoga approves this law, there are one correspondence between the processes taking place in and flowing out.


I had one student who has studied the intricacies of mathematics. If I am not mistaken, it was a section of the complex variables. There’s a kind of love to draw risunochek.

Imagine a graph and a small circle of diameter or radius edinichka. And mathematics is considered that any point within the circle corresponds to a point outside the circle. Moreover, when mathematicians or physicists, the question arises, what to do with what is outside the circle, they do a very clever trick. They say, “Let’s make a map inside an external point.”

With it, any manipulations do get a result, and then begin to make the display outside. In fact, they solve the problem, they would not be able to do without.

Indeed, a very good analogy. Especially in section Complex Variables has one coordinate, which we could call the energy, and the other coordinate, which we could call Consciousness. In terms of axiomatic yoga, everything turns out perfectly.

But the question is that we, like the scheme, any process that flows within us, is reflected (as stated in yoga) is reflected in the external universe.

In fact, there is no difference between your body and the universe that surrounds you. Moreover, at first glance, a mystical practical conclusion: if you want to influence something outside, but there is no chance to do it, do something within ourselves, which corresponds to the fact that you like to do outside, and vice versa.

Those. we have a very good tool to influence what we would call a very strange reality that we do not understand.

But, strictly speaking, we do not understand everything that is going on inside us. And if we say that we do not understand the outside world, which he (positive, negative or neutral), the same can be attributed to our inner world.

Sometimes in our inner world of peace and joy, and sometimes anxiety and anxiety, sometimes a neutral state. And say what will happen, we can not exactly the same. For the simple reason that with the position of the observer, or our higher self, and the inner world and the outer world – the external to you. So break out that my little fragile little world, or large, terrible and ferocious outside world is senseless. All this is external to our supervisor or the person who can determine where the ends outside world begins inside.

Thus internal and external world – it’s not two separate world, a manifestation of a united world. It is for this reason that such a law operates in a similar. What is working on yourself, you can get the effect on the external world, and by acting on the external world, you can get the effect on your inner world. But, once again, and he and the other world is external to what we call our supervisor or (says yoga) to our Higher Self



Yoga Prop Visualizations


Here we come close to the most basic point. Why Yoga Visualization, which we will in the future be considered to be working? To which it is based?

And the rest is just on of the observer, who is our senior Y. It’s like a fulcrum about which said Archimedes, “Give me a fulcrum and I will move the whole earth.” Similarly, here, if you have a point of support, you will be able to use visualization techniques, methods of internal and external universe, and change them as you wish. This awareness of the presence of your higher self or the observer.


In the future, we will look at very specific practices, where you will have to call “felt in this place of the body emotions such state; Elsewhere in your body – and the state of other emotions. ” And at first glance, you will receive absolutely fantastic results in the external universe.

it seems at first glance, that the emphasis on certain impressions inside. But you must remember that for any arm needed a fulcrum.


Say you want some thing hard to budge. You take a long stick. But this long stick your hands in addition to be another point of support, otherwise it’s a useless piece of wood that still will weight your task. So, what are you doing? You slip under a heavy object stick and start to move. One end of the stick stared at the ground, the other – a subject that you want to raise, and the third – in your hands.

Those. need a kind of fulcrum, without it you do not do anything. Similarly, in the visualization yogis, we will consider an observer criterion or higher self is absolutely necessary, otherwise nothing to rely on.


Therefore, in advance I want to draw a parallel with every kind of psychedelic, mystical, otherworldly, sectarian teachings, which also exercises involve the alignment of certain sensations, internal actions. You know, like the primitive magic of the natives. You have to draw an elephant. Then, take the elephant pierced with a spear, then you will smile good luck in hunting. Those. primitive magic. And from generation to generation are doing differently to stop doing.

And it seems that the elephant how to draw or throw a spear at him, especially in modern times spread a wave of psychological exercises. A huge number of different kinds of autogenous training, samouveschevany, visualizations. But they tend to inhabit, will live for a while, until a man came up with something new. For one reason, all these practices are based on the authority of the person who proclaimed this practice. Until then, still alive this great psychologist, he (as if) his authority or existence supports the practice. And relying on him such things can happen. But as soon as a number of reasons that do not rely on this practice stops working.


Likewise, you are very well in advance should learn that Yoga Visualization, which we consider extremely powerful and fabulous tool. Moreover, once you adjoin to it, you will realize that life has now begun. But with one small condition, that must be the fulcrum. And this point of support – your higher self is not even the highest authority of the yogis and yogis who gave us this highest knowledge (although it is possible such an option, we’ll talk about it). And first of all – your higher self without these exhortations will not move the case. Remember, as in the saying: “How many do not say halva, halva, in the mouth is not sweet.” How much would you not visualized within the cosmic process that is not very visible, so that they are reflected in the external universe.


Observer – our higher self

Go ahead. The presence of the one who watches. Clearly, if we are talking about yoga Visualization, it means that we have something litsezreem. And if we do not define the concept, and who looks, we do not define with the concept, and what to look for.

And here I refer to the following point: who is staring? And looking, my friends, is one who is in the yoga called our higher Self or Atman. “Atman” – is indivisible, as well as in Greek “atom”. We have our higher self, which is indivisible, in relation to which all external and internal events – these are things for which the atma observes. As she watches over them? By means of the senses. We have senses that give us an idea about the whole surrounding universe.

In fact, my favorite example, you are all sitting here. Are you sure that you are not alone. Suppose a person has a strange hallucination, it seems, that he was sitting at a seminar on yoga Visualization. Moreover, around the same as it. In addition, a man sitting in a red dress and something clever says.

Are you sure that you are now in a very strange state of hallucination? How do you prove the actual existence of the lecturer? How do you prove the actual existence of sitting next to you people? Where is the criterion that you are not deceiving yourself? Because sometimes you can ponapridumyvali many things in this state.

Of course, you can refer to what your eyes see and the ears hear. But imagine that this is you have a very strange hallucination that somewhere in the signal transmission level, at the level of your nerves under the influence of fatigue, sleepiness, or something else, there is a distortion before the signal reaches your higher self (Observer ) and show this picture.


And there is a very serious question: how to recognize reality and to distinguish it from hallucinations?

This is a very serious matter. Scientists at it meet the following manner. If a lot of people, and they will see the same thing, they all see the same reality. And you can make a counterargument: suddenly all these people are also the product of my hallucinations, which I imagined to myself the existence of supporting their husbands. Even we can imagine the Nobel Prize winner, who will say that this is the reality. Where is the criterion that the Nobel laureate’s not your hallucination?


It is hard at first sight an issue with yoga point of view. Yoga simply does not consider this division, and away from the conflict as follows. Yoga claims that do not need to talk about hallucinations or reality in our usual sense of the word, and of the degree of hallucinations. The highest degree, we will open only when we reach sverhsosotoyaniya. And since to sverhsostoyaniya we are still very far away, we can talk only about the relative hallucinations. Question hallucinations removed by itself.

Why? Because from the perspective of an observer of your higher self is absolutely no difference, do you see the ‘real’ world, or one that you came up with yourself. You do not have criteria to prove or disprove. And if there is no test to prove or disprove, then you need to seek alternate moments of work that can be neither proved nor disproved.

Yoga Visualization just gives us the tools that do not rely on an external factor (which you prove or disprove can not), and is based solely on the intrinsic factor or observer (your higher self).

For this reason, the yogi or yogini is equally attentive to any situation in your life. Even if someone thinks that you are in a state of hallucination, a yogi or yogini equally carefully examine the state of their own, who would not say that, because This appearance can also be a hallucination.

This is a very correct placed accents or reference points in the environment you universe. Thus, the presence of people with you, you can know through your senses. Without senses, you can not tell your side someone there or not.

Here there is also an interim question: to what extent your senses do not deceive you? Maybe senses can really identify with you sitting someone or not. And suddenly, in this way, while there is a signal, and is a distortion.

Thus It turns what the outside world or some inner peace, we do not know. Is there a stable picture, we do not know. Is there a hallucination because there is no test for either its confirmation or refutation of it.

And when you come to this understanding, you feel that you were one on one with the universe, there is no one. Whether there are people around, or they are not. You tend to think that they are. And whether there are in fact, you do not know.


But this is only half of the approach, the other half the next approach. Yes, you are left alone with the universe, and you constantly see someone, sometimes you say that you are of sound mind, sometimes, that you have a complete hallucination. But you still do not tend to trust neither the one nor the other. Why? Because those who say that you are of sound mind, may be a hallucination. Those who say that you can not imagine, too, can be a hallucination.

And you begin to work with this world of hallucinations, reality, fantasy, all the frames disappear.


– How to distinguish hallucinations, reality, fantasy?


So, you live, you do not live a single life. And sooner or later, before you begin to realize that the outside of the hallucinations or reality that surrounds you, comes to you through a series of people, events, phenomena, finding a job, layoffs, your wives, children, parents, simply random circumstances or simple counter that behind all this leapfrog, sooner or later begins to feel the presence of some other central and some logic, but rather sverhlogiki like with you through this set of pictures someone tried to communicate.

And gradually, it all starts to look ever more clearly and more distinct until then, until a man comes to the notion of a completely strange to our Western people as “Absolute”.

Those. Yes extravaganza of events and phenomena that come, and that we can not recognize as real or unreal. But they are all lined up in a row about your observer, and not in relation to those of other people who either have, in reality, do you come up with them. So, with respect to you with this reshuffle administered by passing one another, you begin to clearly feel something else like you, who talks to you, and you come to the concept of the Absolute.


First, you vaguely guess, then all begin to see more clearly. And then, according to yoga and yogini, you may encounter them in a more realistic form of “nose to nose” than with anything else on earth.

Moreover, you will begin to feel the Absolute as a thing infinitely more real than all the other circumstances, people, things, even the professors of philosophy. Someone nihilist, someone idealist. And who knows, maybe this is the wave of thoughts to mind the surface. But you know perfectly well that behind all this there is some reality. Why?

And here is the same approach as in the modern science: every theory is shown by experiment and practice. And you begin to realize within themselves a language of communication. Clearly, if you ask a question and you respond meaningfully, there is a dialogue.

You begin to come to the understanding that there is someone with whom you are talking. Regardless of what information begins before you reach.


The second pivot point – Absolute

And there is a second point of support in the visualization of yogas, which is also worth knowing. What their experiments, practices, you can also rely on this for someone else, which we call the “Absolute”.

And the question arises: who is the Absolute? This law of nature is very cunning, who is able to talk with us? Maybe this person (the same slobs like this unfortunate Yogi)? Maybe it superpersonal something absolutely fantastic “hoo”?

But to answer the question “Who is he?”, You will first have to answer the question “who are you?” The personality, the law of nature, or something else difficult of expression of our Buddhist friends. By the way, they are very distorted ancient meaning of the term and, therefore, at times such nonsense poryat, ie away from their ancient as his teacher, who is meant by this is something completely different. Nevermind.

Those. We need a kind of graduation criteria. We will not deal with this. Still, this issue is closer to the theoretical yoga. But some moments we can already note. Sooner or later you will realize that you can safely put an equal sign between your higher self and the Absolute with which you communicate that this is something one nature. In Sanskrit it is expressed in the following statement, the so-called Consciousness mantra that if a long time to repeat it begins to gradually reach.


The mantra “You have something”

You know, there are mantras that are important to repeat, but there are mantras that you need to understand what you’re saying, it does not matter in what language. In Sanskrit, it reads as follows: “Tatsvamasi” ( “Do you have something”, if translated into Russian). Naturally, if you practice, it is best to translate into Russian, if you think in Russian.

Those. “You have it.” You – this is your top observer who sees your inner and outer world. And the word “That” refers to the Absolute.

Thus, there are two points of support, based on the fact possible to work with than between the two support points. And between these support points? This is known as our inner world and our outer world. Or in fact what separates our inner world from the outside. Those. some layer between the inner and outer worlds. Moreover, the inner world of interfaces with the outside world the mutual satisfaction. Affecting one, you get a response on the other.

It turns out very beautiful mathematical model. I can not wait, and when sane people who know advanced mathematics will find a certain analogy between the ancient wisdom that has come down to us from the side of yoga with the language of modern scientists. I suspect that it will be a breakthrough is about the same as Newton’s breakthrough, when by some common words there is a real formula, through which you can get more specific recommendations purely mathematical.

But with math, my friends, is also very bad. In fact, a strict math developed 90 years, and before that – it is an expression of wishful thinking. Of course, as it was in ancient times, we do not know, perhaps the Pythagoreans knew something.


So, there are two points of support, based on that, you can work with what is called our “external” or “internal” world. What is it that external or internal world, we do not know. We, again, ready for anything, we will liberate consciousness, we are ready for something new, bright and interesting, so as not to miss in a series similar to each other days, that our little chance that we will see a cross-linking between different pictures which we see before our eyes.

So, you can work from both sides (from our higher self) from the inside out, and from the Absolute through the world inside and outside in the direction of our inner self So, in the language of the axioms of yoga, these two approaches are called: Microcosmos approach and approach macrocosm. The axioms of yoga a lot of that is based on these two approaches, the entire theory of powerful built.

In fact, and she and the other is based on a certain set of axioms, which further refers to some pervoaksiomu transcendent and sverhlogichnuyu that we can not express in any way differently, except in a very abbreviated form, that “You have the “. But, as you know, hard to work with it.

And now we come to yoga Visualization. So, we have a possibility to influence what we see from the outside or feel inside through some approaches, attitudes, actions, and at the same time change the layer that lies between our higher self and the Absolute.

And the most beautiful (leaving a lot of the way, but making a parallel time, that we were hooked), which can only occur when working with external and internal reality, between our I and the Absolute, in yoga is called the Triad (and highest among those Yogi – Yoga Love ). Why? Because in a state of love, we become the natural way is subject to a layer of our inner world and our outer world.

In the state of Yoga Love we both rely on our higher self, and the Absolute. Those. we get two points of support – be sure that what you want.

Let’s go back a little bit back and try a different approach to call in on the same height, already involving more tied to our body device review.

So we know about the world only through our senses (eyes, ears, smell, touch, etc., a total of 5). What happens in the future? Any psychologist will tell you that some nerve impulses from our senses somehow there are the nerve connections, and information comes to our mind. In the future, our mind analyzes the image, and we are aware of.

For example, we went out into the street, his eyes saw something big and Rosavit. Transferred to the mind, and the mind says, “Ah, so there is Rosavit elephant?”. How did he know that this Rosavit elephant? He has a big file cabinet, he compared it with internal data. Yeah, form, monkey – no, alligator – not an elephant – yes, the elephant. You know, like in a computer matched. Now, the color, what? Red – not blue – no, Rosavit – yes. Rosavit elephant.

Those. there are certain stages of cognition. First, senses something is highlighted, then handed over to our mind, the mind once analyzed, gave us the final result. Our Higher I looked at the final result, and the picture is signed “Rosavit elephant,” and we say “Rosavit elephant”, ie everything goes in stages.

Now, if we dig with our body position more depth, which come down to us from ancient sources and modern scholars which fortunately has not yet been discovered, rediscovered, interpreted.

From the standpoint of yoga, what is called the senses – “indriyas”. And here we have our rough indriyas (eyes, ears, etc.). There is what is called “thin indriyas” is an eye principle, hearing. Those. subtle sense organs (indriyas) are included in the gross senses, and only if they work. When the thin body of a rough part of the organ of vision, we can see something. If there is no first or second, we do not see anything.

Then, these indriyas (a word what is good, in general, Sanskrit sometimes brings some even in academic presentation, in any case, can be clever) convey what they perceived in a certain thing, which is called “Manas”. I use one of the possible designation systems. In some systems of different schools of yoga and sometimes under the same term refers to different things, but under different things – the same. Those. sometimes found schools where there is some confusion, but we will not discuss who is right and who is not.

All information on your indriyas, for example, you are sitting around you are other people you see them, feel, touch (if you are sitting side by side), of the gross proceeds indriyas into thin indriyas, thin indriyas in Manas.

What is Manas? In European terms, this would be called “mind”. But the fact that the European language is called “mind” in the yoga philosophy is divided into three components of the mind: one is called “Manas”, the other is called “buddhi”, the third is called “Citta”, of which we now discuss.

So, all the information gets to the Manas and Manas as a good secretary in a busy boss: only let the right people, and unnecessary or let all fit, or have nothing to meddle with such a trifle to the head. Those. Manas filters all the information that reaches us. Why? Because if he did not, you would have gone mad.

You are sitting there with the whole universe you are pulses: you hear my voice, humming fan, somewhere a fly flew somewhere car passed, rumbling in the abdomen, behind the ear itches, sleepy, hungry. Those. pret a huge flow of information from all sides. If you let him in mind, it will be a cacophony, you will not know where to focus. Manas function – to allocate one channel of information that is most important, as Manas said. And he thinks of previous experience, ie, very well intertwined with the instincts, like Pavlov. If a long time to beat the hare, you can teach him to play and accordion. Therefore, as soon as the hare hear accordion, he singles out the sound from all the rest.

Likewise, we highlight what we think is important and missing inside. The second level – is reason number two (if Manas is reason number one, then number two – is buddhi). Should you report a very prestranneyshaya thing. From some substance Consciousness and energy to make this mechanism that reproduces an exact copy of what is missed Manas.

Say you saw Rosavit elephant Manas missed this information. And because the material buddhi formed an exact replica of the elephant (such Rosavit, big-eared, one to one, as they delivered your senses). Those. buddhi substance itself took an exact copy.

Then, reason number three, let’s call it so, or buddhi chitta highlighted in this copy. Roughly speaking, the light of consciousness through Chitta highlighted this object, which was created in the buddhi on the basis of the information transmitted in Manas. And as soon as the light of consciousness through Chitta highlighted what is in buddhi, can we say about the process of learning. Only in this moment, to your higher self (the caretaker) has finally realized that you saw Rosavit elephant. All this comes very quickly, automatically: automatically you see something, classify it in an exact copy on the basis of the information that you’ve seen before, and the finished result is given to you to look.

Well, we were told about Rosavit elephant, and that he, in the void? Your indriyas embraced some other object or phenomenon. Remember how in the product was the “Elephant and the pug.” There was even an expression, “Pug, do you dare to hurt, just barking at the elephant.”

At some point, you saw that next to the pink elephant pink pug. Here you have in mind have a copy of an elephant, but then in the mind loomed pug. Then the street. Those. all that you pay attention, all this completes an exact copy of your buddhi. Those. inside your head in miniature whatever your eyes see. A citta knows only what is inside the head on this copy.

And here quite radical and fantastic, fundamental, as the bombing of a conclusion: you’ve never seen a reality, you have seen only a copy of which is in buddhi examines the Chitta. What the world really, you do not know, you just did not have a chance to look at him. And the question of reality or unreality of the world instantly drawn to an even greater degree. Why? Because even if you accurately examined the object, or an exact copy of what you draw in the buddhi, and you are sure that:

1. your senses perceived everything adequately, but some of the information does not get lost? Suppose I go to the glasses, I see poorly. I wanted to see one thing, but did not see due to a physical defect of vision. At the level of the fine in fact likewise can be distorting information. And it came to the buddhi. You know, maybe buddhi as a censor in the good old Soviet times: that’s this scene in the film cut out, but that leave, and this is not politically correct, you need to cut or replaced. Those. Information obtained on the basis of which a copy has been created in the buddhi. The only thing you can be sure that buddhi honestly done his job.

And then begins the problem: how to recognize what buddhi fashioned? After all, if you are confronted with the fact that the first time you see it, you can not give this interpretation, and it is necessary to give. And, of course, your car on the analysis begins to interpret what you see from what you’ve seen before. Those. if it was a spaceship too Rosavit, imagine a massive spaceship on four pillars would stand with the likeness of the trunk. And you have never seen a spaceship, but at every step met Rosavit elephants, you will interpret it as a spaceship. Another thing – the substitution. What caused it? Your previous experience, your karma. If you do what ever encountered, you still have prints, and whole life you begin to check on those fingerprints. And it may be that you are faced with that with which you have never experienced, and begin to be interpreted on the basis of previous experience.

In fact, the interpretation of the factor on the basis of previous experience, the most sad for the loss of information from all that I have listed. Yes, bad eyes can see, but you can buy glasses. Yes, buddhi something today missed during wakefulness. But if you took yoga Dreams, this information may come to us in a sleep state, and sometimes we have dreams, inspired by the passing day.

But all that relates to the interpretation of the object here is absolutely rubbish. Why? If we are wrong to interpret this or that object or phenomenon, we, respectively, for their part do garbled steps how to work with this object.

Again, the analogy that I previously said, we would smile, and we face a terrible grimaced. Or on the contrary, we would face a terrible grimace and we smile. There is an illusion.

Not only that, we have not seen the real world, even that which comes to us inside, we manage to be interpreted only on the basis of that with which we have encountered in life. And oh, how much we are with nothing not encountered in this world.

So, about what the universe is outside us, we do not know it, we have never seen. And then it begins a big fantasy. But let’s talk about it after the break.



The second part of the seminar


Hold focus


So, this is our second part of the workshop on yoga Visualization.

We stayed at the wonderful things that the real world we do not know. And we know about those objects or phenomena only by their copy. A copy if we looked longer and more on the “original” (if I may say so, if it ever is), a copy of which has been removed.

Here the question arises of attention. The more we pay attention and focus on this or that stream information through one or another of our Indra, the better it is formed within us the copy. And, most importantly, the longer we can hold this up your mind. And consciousness is a very interesting property. All that is directed and consciousness is held provides viewer (whose consciousness is) full information about an object or phenomenon.

Those. knowledge of the process is as follows. If the outside world we do not know, but we know that on the surface of our mind has formed an exact copy of what we saw. Then, our consciousness is concentrated and retained at the site. If kept for a long time, we can call this process of meditation or yoga sanyama process. The more we keep the attention on the object of consciousness, the more we gain information about the object. Thus It comes knowledge. Knowledge – is a process to extract information – this is the prerogative of consciousness.

But on the surface of our mind or buddhi huge number of copies. And our consciousness by using the tool chitta jumps from one thing to another, it turns a kind of leapfrog, and we long to withhold his mind on any of the objects. Those. This is another factor that knocks us off. We do not have time for this hypothetical copy to extract information. As we said before this is not yet known whether it is a copy or some other copy of it is very similar to what we’ve seen before.

Those. continuous succession of moments where we get lost, we lose the information and do not understand where we are. All that I have listed, it is we. Inside our buddhi form copies of what we see, hear, on the basis of which we have seen what we have heard.

But Chitta thus formed runs through every object inside the buddhi. At each of these stops for a split second, and then jumps on and on, on, on, thus managing to go through them all. Thus operate modern processors in modern computers. Any processor makes only one operation per cycle. But because it makes them very fast, it seems that the processor in the computer simultaneously processes the information to display the information, the image to see if you pressed a key or clicked a mouse to move or not.

Similarly, this mechanism works, Chitta quickly jumping from one copy to another, the third, passes them around. Something she takes longer something faster runs. And thus examines all we vitally important.


Why? Because we can think of one, but here we hop – and stomach sick. If we are very passionate about one thing, even if you have a stomach ache, it is in the background. But still our observer noted. Again, depending on how to recognize this or that object, and, as you know, this place is still in motion.

Why? Because if something outside varies, and within these objects once behaved, then this is a response depending on how we recognize it, and so itself conducting, i.e. We give relevant impulses already existing bodies.

The sense organs and action


I remind you that Yoga divides all organs (through what comes to us the perception of this world), and the organs of action (make us somehow to behave). And inside this interpretation is based on our previous experience, karma. And if we see an exact copy of a wolf in his buddhi, who is going to eat us, we will certainly give an indication of our bodies actions skedaddle from the place as far as possible.

If on the contrary, we see a pink elephant, we can stop and give an indication of our mouth open in surprise, and the eyes were round.

So that all (of course, in simplified form) functions. Of course, from the perspective of yoga visualization, we are interested in this theory on several other issues.

First, the reality or unreality of the process is reduced to the action of the mind or buddhi action. Accordingly, all other senses become subordinate buddhi in this chain. Budhi forms, what the senses tell him. Of course, before that still stands Manas, which either cuts or transmits information.

But anyway, what we would call the mind or the mind of these three (1 Manas, buddhi 2. 3. Chitta), in fact, they take precedence over all the other senses. E. It came down to a game of the mind.


Now imagine this situation. You have formed a copy that shows your senses, let the whole world around. But at the same time you remember that you have another very interesting ability – is the power of your imagination. Can you imagine any picture at the same time.

What if this happens? There is the following fact. The picture, which was formed under the influence of the senses. But it overlaps another picture, which you have created with the help of his imagination or his visualization. Those. you visualize yourself in some other picture. And these two pictures. Which of them is more real, and how much less?

From a formal point of view, they are equally real, as they are no different for our chitta, which examines them, ie, for our higher self

Here we are faced with the very first yoga Visualization justification, that his imagination, we can influence, so we can say that it is a reality at least for the simple reason that it came down to exact copies of our buddhi.

Well, in the future (if you jump to the law in such like), these two images are beginning to somehow co-exist with each other and, in turn, any conflict or reinforce each other. Of course, the best man win, that is. E. That which you give preference.

Thus how the world around us, we do not know. Come feedback from our outside world through our senses. These responses were formed by our previous actions or actions. Those. we perceive something and doing activities. After some time, an echo of this action took place through the organs of perception, again we perceived, analyzed and giving another kick in this situation.

Over time, this mess, when we perceive something and give a kick, a signal outside, but where it ends up outside, we do not know, because all senses ends for us. What a world we do not know. Generally, if it is, we do not know. The funny thing is that there is no question: is it or not, what difference?


You start to work, not even responding to this question: the world is real or not. Those. very elegant way bypasses the issue of the conflict between the idealist and materialist. But yoga does not answer this question. I like to consider the material, even material considered. I like to consider the ideal, let considers ideal. What’s the difference?

The difference is that this turns out. If you are in certain situations it is easier to understand the processes from the perspective of materiality, then decide from the perspective of materiality. If it is easier to understand from the point of ideal, the ideal position to decide. But at the same time, always remember: What is actually the world around us, we do not know.

And so it turns out that we were giving impulses in the universe, they are gone, and now returning echoes. On the basis of the echo senses shape up as a consequence of the previous actions.

Moreover, and interpret these copies from the position of the previous experiment. Those. All together this is called one karmic situation in which you live. You have something to see, hear, touch, smell, and somehow interpret it. And you have to understand that everything you touch, smell, hear, you formed yourself. Another situation, how do you begin to interpret, too, is caused by the way you behaved at the time of this formation.

Now you are using the power of imagination to affect this vicious circle. Because this vicious circle may draw you in a sad state. Do you have a possibility to snatch you out of this vicious circle, if only because, that when you get a response and begin to interpret anything, sometimes you start to misinterpret. But it is the subtleties of the theory, we are interested in the practice.

And before more detail touch practice, another small and fantastic conclusion which gives Yoga, and that gives truly unlimited tool in our hands – a bunch of mantra.


So when we were told that our buddhi formed in absolute copy of our object or phenomenon, it was absolutely correct. But yoga at the same time adds some technical detail of how it all happens.

Indeed, you can see the photo (say) your friends on the monitor screen. But for the computer is a set of points of ones and zeros, stored in appropriate consequences. Likewise, here in the buddhi buddhi is the inner language. If the language budhi give any signal, then it is this signal and this builds replica.


Name and Form


So, friends, I beg to love and favor a fundamental part of yoga on the inseparability of name and form, and in Sanskrit it is called “nama and rupa.” That each form has a name, and each name is a form, and they clearly coincide with each other.

Or in other words, what is the name? This kind of vibration, we perceive it as a sound vibration. Someone shouted to us: “Bob, come here”, before we drifted some vibrations and air compression. If you draw a graph, it will be some pressure fluctuations. And then this color chart or as soon falls into our ears, of course, generates vibrations of our nerves. And those, in turn, transmit the signal at a more subtle level, we are not going to analyze.

Sooner or later, we realize that the name “Vasya”, which for some name hiding some form. But it is for the external universe, and for our internal device is a completely unique language between a vibration that goes inside our buddhi, or on the surface of our buddhi. And it clearly corresponds to the object that builds buddhi. Once again, like any photograph, there is some set of ones and zeros in a certain sequence.


Similarly here, there is a certain sequence of budhi that is a replica of the object that is represented in budhi. Or in another way, there is the original language of the original proto-language is the same for all who have buddhi. By the way, this is born in supernormal buddhi understand all languages, which have been, are and will be, including the language of birds and beasts. If there is buddhi, for example, a sparrow chirps, then the same principles of parity. But this is from the myths and fiction surrounding yoga.


It turns out that once Manas transmits certain information from the senses, it creates a vibration and this vibration and is the form or an exact copy of which is formed in the buddhi. Those. we see the inseparability of name and form. This is another powerful tool in the work. Those. if we know his name and pronounce, we immediately in buddhi at least a fraction of a second form the image. And this image can compete with those other images that we perceive from the surrounding universe.

Thus If there is any situation where we are forced to witness or perceive themselves in a particular situation, and this situation forces to do some responses to this situation (often false), then in order to prevent this situation unfold, we extrude unwanted objects fit, which is still visualize, and is supported in this mantra.

As a result, these two images come into conflict, and a stronger won. And if a stronger won, and the momentum from you into the surrounding universe is one that you have imposed their will. Accordingly, the surrounding universe is beginning to change under the momentum as you need. This tricky bunch.

Those. managing some or other images with the help of his imagination, helping the mantras, yantras, we have, oddly enough, reconstruct the entire universe in which we live. Those. Theory is truly fantastic. If you need this or that object or phenomenon, you can trigger it occur in the world around repeating the mantra. A mantra is, in turn, makes the image, and the image, in turn, affects everything else, and the universe at this adjusted.

All, of course, harder than I explain here. But our problem in the first place – is to give you practice, not theory. The theory is all right, but it requires a more in-depth study. And we are now also the third call to look the same.


From the standpoint of the axioms of Yoga


And here we have a little bit of knowledge we refer to other sections of yoga. Thus, according to the axioms of yoga, each of us has what is called a “freedom” absolute freedom, inherited from the Absolute. In fact, we are creating with their displays of the universe in which we live, no we do not impose. All that we see around us, we long and hard formed from one life to its will. Any our will come to pass, and as you yourself have formed the world in which you live. Because formed long and hard, it seems to you a stable and immutable.

And we get used to the stability and firmness. Why? For too long we voleizyavlyali that it was so. But if we start voleizyavlyat the opposite, then sooner or later, these two trends are first fight and then win the latest trend, but it will take time.

According to yoga, you can rebuild your personal universe as you please, it is inherent in the freedom of our higher self The fact that now we are living in one place, at one time, and all come under the same law says only one that in the past we are about the same thought, acted and came up with about the same.

Those. each has a slightly different, but the basic laws of the universe and some more minor laws we have created an environment that we are gathered together. In this sense, we have the same karma, we have acted in the past about the same way. Therefore, and we are now living in a world where each of us one law.

But what the universe really is and what there are other beings who formed the universe by other laws and just as there live side by side, rejoicing or suffering, we do not know. But the fact remains, all that you see around you, you formed yourself.

And now, if you want to create something quite the opposite, you can do it. And just visualization directly will help you see what you want to see.


It’s like a sculptor. He has a big lump of clay. At first, he saw a picture of a worker pulls a stone. I had forgotten how sculpture is called, is very beautiful embittered worker pulls the stone from the bridge to throw it in bad.

Here you have fashioned it. Then you see that not what your mind’s eye you see that things should be different. Do you remember how in the cartoon “Plasticine Crow”, all the time, time, time, the blind, and something else arose.

Those. why does it come from? The sculptor sculpts hands. We are also sufficient to use the most powerful force – it’s just voleizyavit. And under it will connect and consciousness and energy, and everything. Because manifestation of our colossal, our no limits freedom, so that we want, then we create.

And in order to clear the will to order, you must clearly understand what you want. In this sense, as you know, orders are orders. If you give the order to “step forward, two steps back”, the result is you hang out somewhere here and there. So you need to give something unambiguous and long enough.


Voleizvlyaem something unambiguous and

long enough

If you give something unambiguous and long enough, you build what you want to see, and it will continue to exist for as long as you do not get tired of it. From this position, yoga Visualization – is the direct work with your will.

You see a terrifying world, you know, so it will not work, I do not like. On the other hand, you know that it is your karma, whatever you see, you have formed themselves (including the homeless, criminals and all the thing that you do not like, but the sooner you put a hand to it directly or indirectly). In any case, all have what they deserve themselves or made themselves. Now we need to apply the will to remove it (if you do not like).

But there should be a definite order. And then you begin to actively visualize a world in which you want to live. The more you visualize this world, the more it is imposed on something that was already done before. And over time, all that has been done before, losing its way, and what you visualize, occupies a dominant position.

Thus you can change the reality around you just a simple expression of will.


Plans for the restructuring – Visualization


I will not continue this topic, because Yoga Visualization tests I could give a very, very much from the different parties. But, of course, first of all I am interested in the practice. There is such a position in Yoga, that what you visualize (essentially) no different from the reality of the world around us, or the outer and inner world.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to use it. Here (again) imaging are divided into two natural channel: 1) imaging, which relates to our external world; 2) imaging, which deals with the inner world. Although, as you will remember, in relation to our self, and that, and another – external.

And if you use visualization, you rearrange all the things on it that you are pointing. And the question is, how long you hold the visualization, with what intensity, how much you invest in it, the more powerful, the stronger result.

Or in another way. Our higher self is our manifestation, it is called “prana”. This prana created the world in which we live, that she can rebuild it. But this prana need to know how to do, and what to do, ie, a plan or drawing. Your visualization is precisely the plan or drawing, according to which all need to rebuild.

Thus I need a drawing of your visualization plus prana (your manifestation of the primordial force). Therefore, there is a double trend: prana or weaker, but the picture is clearer visualization, or a lot of prana and with the visualization is not so well turned out, well, we have not learned to concentrate and hold your consciousness at any one image.

Of course, the ideal solution, and this is where a lot of prana, and visualization is strong, then all is “a great success”. Therefore, if we are talking about yoga Visualization, then, of course, and the need to work in these two areas.


Austerity – the source of prana


It is necessary to free up prana. Where to get it? From a formal point of view, this understandable to everyone doing hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra yoga, all other types of yoga most common, anyway, you get a greater amount of prana, which can be used in the visualization.

There is another way – it is asceticism. If you realize that you have leaked prana numerous desire for associative connections that you’re not always in control, you sometimes begin to be sensible throughout the limit, not to your prana flowed into numerous desires or random acts in the hole.

You accumulate prana, plus visualization, and come true all that you have planned. In ancient India, it was very popular strategy is that if you really wanted something from the world, as it does to you did not come, then the yogi or yogini removed in the jungle, in a deserted place, practiced there and visualized on what they wanted to get.

The only thing sometimes happened incident: visualize – visualized, and prana have accumulated, and then get a result, and understand that like anything else. But where to go?

Much worse, when (according to Hindu mythology) is a demonic creature asuras. Those. who the asura in their interpretation? This is quite an active substance, but soulless. It wants power, money, all to suppress, above all rule, but it does not know about the presence of some spiritual planes. Sometimes thus Asuras came to power. Those. all Indian epics talk about it. Those. they acquired power.

All the same, it is the power of the interpretation that it is in us. And about the power you can dream up, as long as you truly believe that there are over whom to exercise this power. When you stay one on one with the Absolute, then what about the power we can talk? The question itself departs from the agenda. Ironically, at the same moment and finds the strongest power.


Returning we, so we need the prana in the first place, and the habit of visualizing, voleizyavlyat what we want to see. Therefore, even with one hand, Visualization Yoga can be characterized by a practical expression of the will.

What will it be based? And no matter what, to our will. I want it to be so, and all. Or in other words, to build will be a point of support, which is called – our higher self

If you have reached the state (which we have already mentioned), when you see the Absolute everything happening people, objects, things, and in this case all the work. Your strong visualization and handling of the Absolute leads to the fact that since the Absolute position begins to go change, and you seem to like to do with it.

Those. or you rely on your Self, the name of the self or the Absolute I, as one would say in the past. These are the real sources of strength. Plus a real visualization of what you want to do these sources of power.


What is the process of visualization?

In any case, what it came down? For visualization. You must learn to visualize. What is this process of visualization? For example, the day before our occupation we are visualized by creating a protective field.

What is this imagination? Looks like. What is it, the real practice? Looks like. In fact, this is precisely one of the brightest examples of visualization. We’re just giving away very clearly and unambiguously scenario. The more time we’re giving away, the more we have the degree of concentration on this scenario, the more it is involved prana. Those. than with a great sense we are involved in a particular process, the more connected a source of strength, and the more influence it shows on the result. As you remember, apple for apples determine and test any visualization, sooner or later, the result is that you have to help visualization.

Therefore, if it is very long and hard to practice the creation of the protective field (in which you will succeed every time more and more), the practice will act as if it were the most normal force in the universe. Again, I will not dwell here on the nature of the phenomena that are involved in it. Yoga climbed slightly higher to analyze, as well as it will take place at the level of atomic interactions.


Do you remember what the scientists say, that there are only four forces interactions: strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. Scientists do not know any more than bioenergy streams something there, they just do not know it, they are honest people: do not know I do not speak about.

But yoga operates on what is called “prana”. A further prana can manifest itself as either consciousness or as energy, or in other words, a certain praenerigya. Depending on how you need to Consciousness highlight itself as a particular type of very specific physical energy (so what it will be energy, electromagnetic, gravitational, strong, weak, this is from the thoughts of the area, so I will not touch on these topics) .

The fact is that, as this will be reflected in the real world, this is the tenth case, somehow, be done. If there is prana, the prana find how to shine. So, too plans to determine the prana, we can not find anything. Because prana instantly turns into the one or the other, then the third, then the fourth type of energy. And you can only register the devices form of energy, and not from what he appeared, and from which it was transformed.

Again, we go back a little earlier. Now further, more practical side. We all have our bodies, they once made. And Yoga tells us that they are not perfect. Although the human body is the most perfect of all types of bodies of other living beings, which can only come up with the universe. This is the limit of all the principles of the structure of the universe.

For example, in one animal intelligence is not enough, another smell, touch, man of all, all the principles presented. But, again, it is not presented in perfect form, not polished, but in its infancy. Those. reason someone is well developed, and someone is poorly developed.


The channels, chakras and the central canal


In any case, yoga teaches us hone our existence, all of our senses and our minds first. In addition, yoga says that what we call our body, it is not the body, and a group of several bodies, riddled with numerous channels, which are called “nadi” and which circulates this Prana that holds these three bodies.

These channels nadi woven into larger units, which are called “chakras” or “lotus”. These chakras, plexus and lotuses are penetrated by the central channel of the body or channel Sushumna, which separates our fundamental energy (called kundalini energy), and consciousness, being in the top of our head, sometimes portrayed as the thousand-petalled lotus, or as in “Anandalahari” place bathed in light, but where there is no light source, ie, light blue.

It turns out that in fact, it is a skeleton of how we once were developed in antiquity and formed their own bodies. Something we have worked out better, something worse. Moreover, the actions we had some channels or contaminate centers, some in our infancy. And our desire to go forward yoga techniques. On the one hand, by trial and error we can find billions of lives through mud and through certain channels, the centers more effectively. But it takes a very long time.

And if we have a gift, that is, ancient yoga and yogini gave us such a visualization, to which we have come across millions of years and have created their own bodies, according to this visualization. Accordingly, if we have this gift, we can now create your perfect body, it would appear that we have through millions of lives. Those. if we are given a certain visualization, meditation, we can dramatically accelerate your spiritual development with you. Therefore, given the internal visualization that help to completely rebuild our inner world. We touch on them later.

The real world and Yoga Visualization


Finally, we live in the real world. Some people like it, some people do not like it. Sometimes I see that heaped up, sometimes his head missing. You know, when turn on the TV, “The New Adventures of Shurik”: “… I destroyed the chapel, too? It was in some there-first century “. And so I turn on the TV, and I think I really invented the television, news, and licentiousness around, is this all I am?

Of course, it is difficult to recognize himself guilty. But, on the other hand, where do deetsya from the axioms of Yoga: who came up with for you? Those. otherwise otherwise all it is spreading.

The world around us is not very funny to us appears. In yoga, as a gift given to the visualization for the reconstruction of our world the way it was set up yoga and yogini, when they reached the heights. Those. this is what we are, sooner or later, and so closer. And in fact, this is a very strange subject, it is a theme of fairy tales and myths of the Golden Age of humanity. But things are not quite able to understand that this is not quite past the past. This past for those who have already done it, but this is the future for all of us.

All inspirational product that people will live in a world of harmony, harmony, love, if we follow the “tail” where the knowledge comes, he will always go to the yogas and yogis who gave these meditations. Those. when people began to meditate so they quietly rebuilt the world in which they lived themselves, and tended to get into contact with other people who think the same way.


Those. if you begin to rebuild your personal universe, then you get into the field, just like you, who went this same way. So there are myths about magical plans, about the magic of the universe, where they live and Yogini Yoga in complete harmony.

Why? Because it was a complete reality. On the other hand, we are given the visualization, something to strive for. And all humanistic ideas that have ever known to mankind, for example, read Plato with his Atlantis, which he considered graceful of the devices, the way people live. Or any Early, late medieval philosophers who dreamed of something higher, bright, all the many religious doctrines of the heavenly kingdom, all the insight first scientists humanists, Encyclopaedists, the French are particularly distinguished himself during the +/- of the French Revolution, all the People, if you study the history of our country. Moreover, even revolutionaries, terrorists, revolutionaries fought for what? They had some kind of image. And all this is distant echoes of that ancient leave yoga and yogini, who go out of this world, they have nothing else to do here, they place free.

All ideas of humanistic – an echo of the visualization of how the world should be. And they are not toothless. Sometimes Saint-Simon are trying to present is not entirely sane man who flies in his empiricism.

If a yoga position yoga analyze visualizations, there is nothing more real. All the other forces in the universe are adjusted. Alternatively, if the choice is will, there is a bundle. Sometimes the ground is called the “big factory for the bundle.” There poured everyone popadja and watch how people behave. Yeah, this one in the direction of spirituality – push here. And this crime was interested – so there.

As at the railway station, one train up, the other down. We must somehow sort. How to sort? By visualizing what you want to see – in this world and live. Those. the principle of freedom full image is saved. But at the same time, there remains a powerful power which can be. Therefore, any inspiration for the future (open our Ephraim And the Strugatsky brothers). Modern, who write that do not get caught, it is better not to read. Because willy nilly, you start to visualize what they themselves ponapridumyvali.


Those. You are correct visualization throws up a very great height. Improper visualization of you completes the circle. We can not say that it hurts you too much, there is still another effect. But, on the other hand, Who lead the, from, and rack up.

So romantic communicate with people who believe in a brighter future. Why? Because faith in a brighter future for those they visualize the way in which humanity should be. And if they visualize, they and rework.

And it is for each of us to choose from. But then again, whatever was your visualization, you should not repeat the mistakes for which mankind paid dearly seas of blood.

You remember, the idea of communism, which was a nice idea. But about the first, second, third, the principle of yoga no one remembers. They began to chop the head, ie, forcibly implement. And violence always begets violence. As a result, everything fell apart. It has been in the past, during the French Revolution in France and in our country. Mankind is doomed to develop a visualization according to which it will develop. If it is not, then the story will erase us from the face of the earth. Those. we create laws that are against us to work themselves, ie, we create hell.

This nuance. Therefore, visualization is internal and is external. And she and the other are absolutely necessary for the simple reason that you remember that the internal visualization of your internal world, the external – to your outside, but they are associated. Internal visualization you rebuild your outer world. A visualization of the outside world can not help your body rebuilds.


Visualization Interface with the real world


Some people are easier to visualize the internal and external are difficult. You can compensate for one another. But there is one such very serious thing in the visualization, this is a very critical thing. This visualization paired with what is already there.

You know, your new visualization – it’s like a locomotive. And the fact that you already have, the outside world, it’s like cars. There should be a hitch to the locomotive pulled carriages where needed. And if there is a hitch, then all your visualization will become a Manilov plans. Remember, Gogol Nikolai was a very interesting character Manilow, who always said, “But it would be good, darling … build a bridge and so on.”

Yoga Visualization – is not yoga divorced from searchers, which has bred the world is now so full. People come to us in the Open Yoga University to study, and I ask him: “What are you doing useful things for mankind?”. And he tells me that visualizes the happiness of mankind. I say: “Well, well, well at least someone knows about this? Though once said about himself? Or at least something done in real life, so that people know at least what happiness is, how do you currently know it? “. He tells me: “Why? It is necessary to visualize that it was all by itself. “

But it is somewhat presumptuous of the question. When we are with you and become yogis yogis have reached enlightenment, and there is no difference between the will and the wish fulfillment, perhaps, it would be enough, but this should be a very long endeavor. And, most importantly, do not turn into a dreamer, which alone makes that dream.

And you may ask, who are the visionaries who created the shells and live in it? And I’ll tell you what it’s all normal people. All ordinary people just live in the shell. They use visualization techniques and come up with your little world, or, as it seems to them, their own universe, but a finger is not doing real, to put it together.


Therefore, if you visualize it, you immediately have to bring as much as anything to the real matter, ie, Make a ritual to do something in the real matter. If you believe that everyone should be happy, and you have the opportunity to make at least one person happy, do it. And while your at first glance abstract moments hooked up with the real world and pull out. Looking for clues between the world that you visualize and one that has already been formed.

Therefore, without the hard work in realizing what you visualize, you will not get results. Let’s say you decide to remake humanity, well, so do at least something real, even hammer a nail into the wall for the benefit of all sentient beings.

If this is not possible, in fact, the ancient yogis in India and in Tibet was not, they did it as a hypothetical, ie They compensated for this. For example, it did not have the possibility of Tibetan yoga do something to help the world, to the mountains, he was sitting, he visualized, plus a sand mandala or poured some fire ritual performed.

Those. it is at least something is actually being done, at least something in the world has changed, at least at the level of the ritual. But at least do something real, that it was not just your mind games, fantasies. Strictly speaking, as well as having all the ancient rituals that you see in the various religious systems, where there something you need to go, to put a candle, what else to do something. Those. little mental, need something more physical to do. If you can not make someone a real physical good, then at least someone to make hypothetical.

Do something real


Usually, in every religion there is a list of actions that need to be done. For example, the first new moon of May or the spring leaf and Grab something to do with it. The same applies to internal visualization. If you agree to this plan, you rearrange your body the way it should be, but at the same time a finger is not hit to do hatha yoga, kriya yoga, then you do not have a bunch again, and again, you stop working. You transform into a normal ordinary people who sit awake and see dreams. And then the harsh life intrudes and destroys their little world. The tragedy of another local scale. So, to avoid such tragedies local scale, if you really use, then use from start to finish.

So, if there is even the smallest possibility to do something, it should be done in the matter. You live in matter, and matter you need to fix what you visualize in the thin plan. Those. matter as a nail, which will all stay. But back to the visualization.

Thus, the inner visualization. All we are men or women. But this is not the fact that in past lives you and I had sex the one that we have today. We all have different bodies. Someone’s body is thin, someone more well-fed. Someone has some peculiarities, someone others. But in previous lives you may have something else entirely. And so you can sort out a lot of things, which is a secondary factor. But its subsidiarity there is a certain hierarchy.

Start with the visualization of the central channel

Therefore, there is a hierarchy, for example, building visualizations for their Microcosm and macrocosm. It begins with the visualization, if we are talking about the ancient teachings of yoga, the so-called central channel. This is the fundamental structure of our existence in the universe.

So, our higher self-terrestrial, applicable form for him. Therefore, visualization as such to him irreconcilable, it is higher than that of form. But our ego manifests itself in its manifestations through its forms. In particular, through our bodies: physical, subtle, causal. And with these forms, you can work. The very first structure – the central channel, which is disconnected, spread consciousness and energy. Then consciousness remains in the crown of our head, and the energy at the base body, the Kundalini energy. It connects them Sushumna channel, the main channel. All the other channels, centers appeared later. And that they are secondary, tertiary, tenth-rate, millionnostepennye largest small kanalchiki that shaped those features that distinguish one man from another, a woman from the other, or, in principle, a man from a woman. Those. Central channel – it is a fundamental thing.


Therefore, starting with the highest meditation. Do not approach the edge of the center, although this method is also sometimes used. But if we are talking about the fastest method, first we seize the headquarters of the enemy, and then surrender his troops and the army of ignorance. We struggle, we only by ignorance, is no longer with someone.

Visualization on the center channel. Then, we begin to pick out what is the basis of our interactions: energy and consciousness. About Kundalini energy, probably, only lazy people do not write books. Very often it is utter nonsense and modern inventions.

The problem is that often about the Kundalini are written by people who are not what they did not know about it and do not feel. And how can you write about what you do not feel it? I feel it can not before it opened, and you can not open before passed a long way of yoga, and it takes time.

And here we are given the visualization meditation at the base of the body, and further details are given. From school to school, they may be different, but the concept is one that has a principle of the Earth, which is rolled like a snake or a dragon, a kind of Kundalini energy. Those. it all begins with children’s toys. We have become aware about where things are there, though, neither ear nor snout do not understand if there is this energy Kundalini, or Hindus invented it all.

But, strangely enough, we indicate the place where to dig, to dig the treasure. So we had to dig around the globe to otkapal treasure. And we said, “Dig here”, ie We save time.

If we use the visualization, over time, we feel for where is our energy Kundalini. In order not to miss, are very specific advice that in this sense. Again, in this sense it can be a real response, and to visualize that as if you feel this response.


It all starts with that first you are given a meditation on the central channel, meditation, kundalini energy, your consciousness, all the numerous intermediate centers, the chakras. The different schools (again) in different ways. Somewhere emphasis on abstraction: vid such a triangle, such a letter or anything else of a certain color, a certain form. Somewhere greater emphasis on a more sensual perception. For example, inside of my heart I will see the town. In this city the throne, sits on the throne of the governor, the wife is sitting on the left of him, around him happy subjects. And in fact, this is the same method of meditation, but more than fine words.


And there is a sequence: The central channel, the energy of consciousness, then the left and right channel, then multiple centers, then larger branches that form our bodies. And all these things are offshoots useful at a certain stage of life, but eventually you will be able to generate all of your body only in the presence of Energy, Consciousness and the Central Canal.

Therefore, it is often urged to meditate on yourself (especially in tantric schools), both in the form of an empty inside. Imagine that you, as a plastic toy blow: the form is, and empty inside. At the base of your body – The energy in the crown of your body – consciousness, and this form is permeated with the central channel.

Strictly speaking, the highest manifestation of the action of our bodies, it is enough for the operation. Those. this is the ideal that we build just before our enlightenment. And all our numerous channels, centers, chakras call mentally dissolve in various meditations.

In other meditations on the contrary it says that for a particular purpose let it be empty body, the channel, but add a couple of chakras, meditate on them, if you want to get some specific quality or a property. And so can increase detail. Moreover, the more specific task is to get this or that feature of our bodies, the more detailed meditation is given. And this is the core of many a yogi Visualization.

If you want to gain some ability or supernormal, meditate on a particular center, vid there any letters or some deities, gods, or just some beautiful lotus flowers, flowers. Such visualizations very much, they are painted by one or another form. But it means that the shape remains the same.


The restructuring of the familiar form


Next is a very serious moment – is the restructuring of the form to which you are accustomed. Let’s say you see yourself brave young men and slender, graceful, loving girls. But this is just the form that you once created. but you can create a more perfect form. And if you see yourself in the visualization of such with what would look like relying on other nuances (center channel, center Energy Consciousness center), and in fact, everything depends on our higher self, then you start to have to work with your form and rearrange your external appearance already.

If you work with the channels and centers that changed the internal structure, it is particularly necessary for the implementation of the third principle of yoga. Why? Because within us so full of traps for our prana and diseases sources, where prana is conflicting with each other, causing pain. It is already possible to say at this level of the body of the device. Here you take and mentally dissolve your body, everything, are not you. Then you visualize in the form in which you want to see yourself.

But you should not get attached to their form. According to yoga, visualization, there are a number of forms that you need to watch. You can visualize yourself in the form of a bird, stone, houses, everybody. Those. it is also certain steps by working out those or other visualizations. For what? Once you stop clinging to previous form, you can easily transform it. Those. you create an image, and that image helps you get rid of clues and ideas about themselves.

Unfortunately, we are accustomed to themselves something to consider. We would consider ourselves to be what we used to consider himself changed easily, if not our habit. Must be able to change the visualization of myself, who I am. Young children love to play this game. They themselves are the king, it is still someone, they play in the horse, then something else. Those. they quickly enter into the image.


Actually, there is such a profession is very close to the Yoga Visualization, as you know, is the art of the actor. If the actor is in our interest, somewhere, he went to this art. Unfortunately, the level of acting very much fallen in recent years. Personally, I can not watch the vast majority of modern films. So I feel that people want to say one thing, and its visual representation of himself is quite another.

Therefore, all well-received role of crime, there is at all good at it face to beat, shoot, kill, they say, from the heart. And some more complex type does not get to play. Why? Because they cling to the idea of himself.

Evil tongues say that Stanislavski and his famous system created not without filing yoga. He is very fond of her and turned the process of getting used to the role. Very first distance and quietly in some attributes, thinking, ie as it draws the image of the future, this character is formed. Although Stanislavsky (as far as can be judged) is not so deified their system, and considered it an intermediate. That less, its canonized.

Visualization: the relationship itself

with the opposite sex


Let’s go back. So, sometimes the internal visualization rather strange. In those or other yogas for the acquisition of certain abilities of people I had to visualize yourself with a lot of hands. You probably have often seen the Indian gods image. For example, Shiva with many arms, etc. Those. We get all kind of alien fantasy in many different ways.

Finally, another very important step in yoga Visualization – link themselves with the opposite sex. Why? Because the soul is sexless. And the fact that we cling to itself as a man or a woman, as it may seem, to some extent, blocks our ability to change. Therefore, in many practices, for example, the yogi or yogini should pay a lot of attention in order to visualize yourself of the opposite sex. Moreover, in certain tantric practices to the smallest anatomical details, ie completely get used.

Why? In this life, you are a man, in the last maybe were women, but the soul is sexless. And those laws and the device on which you are made, they should be made known you from all sides, otherwise you get stuck.

Of course, the emphasis is, if you are a woman on how to visualize himself as a man, and the man – woman. Again, different characters, because man and woman are different. Those. there is some sort of phantasmagoric script when you start to do their own bodies. Of course, it is within the practice, apparently, you still remain a man or woman with the corresponding qualities. But if you want some quality in itself to develop and visualize it, you are inclined to help him manifest.

This creative visualization has been extremely popular in psychological circles in the West. But, like all novoveyaniya, it ended in a stalemate. Why? No forces. At that rely in psychological research? On the authority of the scientist who invented it? It will be small. You can rely only on his ego or Absoluethat. All intermediate support to a certain extent can hold, but they tend to be flimsy. A little time has passed, all that has no one to rely on.

You know, a person can be hypnotized, but when he gets out of hypnosis, it will remain the same. A real man is changing, only if he voleizyavil change something and change.


So, should fully work out all the possible forms of the game, feelings, expressions, which only exists in the universe. Of course, a lot of visualization, all is not altered.

In any case, there is some support in the central channel, regardless you are a man or a woman. As well as visualization of energy-related visualization associated with consciousness, visualization related to the external form.

Why? Because we do not see the external form. And all that relates to all forms of addition, a conglomerate of sensations. For example, you got up in the morning and feel bad. Inside you something, not as you would like. And you’re using visualization dissolve these feelings. Those. you squeeze it, that you have drawn in the buddhi that you would like to have.

This applies to all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch. You visualize as if you someone touches or do you feel a particular smell, hear this or that music, or taste. And, as you know, if you succeed in this, then you rebuild its internal structure, and all contaminants secondary channels are simply discarded, thereby saving you time.


Now what concerns the external visualizations, the same situation. Those. is the picture that you see now, you impose on it the image you would like to see.

They say that now is the West appeared very strange computer glasses. They are translucent and is a dual monitor display, and a computer that keeps track of where you look.

For instance, you have come to the museum, there is the Venus de Milo with a broken hand. A computer through these small monitors takes and completes the hand. Very large commercial future predicting that thing. Why? Because the virtual world has become close to invade the real world.

Imagine you’re walking down the street in Moscow. You look at the building, well, if there is not enough. And you have time and reklamochka show “Bar, night club, have a good time” and “Hotel”. So you go to the right, look to the left, and the computer will recognize where you go, what to see, and dorisovuet information that you need.

Or you go and see a homeless person, once – and erased from the screen. Those. very good prospects, but the technical means of the modern day. A yoga and yogini had the same in ancient times perfectly. But they did not use mechanistic adaptations and visualization ability honed to perfection.

And you begin to live in this life actually formally in the world, which will still be after many thousands of years. The funny thing is that visualization is very thin interfaces with the law of karma (cause and effect) at least through the fact of meditation. I will not touch that, it’s aerobatics. We have time for that right now there.


But if you are in such a mood begin to live, then you start to deal only with those karmic events that confirm your visualization. And those karmic events that would destroy or to the side like you were taken away, they remain dormant, or condition of grain, gave no escape.

A very nice thing – not to provoke karma. It is clear that this does not eliminate karma. But, on the other hand, negative and some water to water no one will. And you can take advantage of this pause to dig this grain of negative karma and throw.

It is a strange thing. In fact, your life becomes a complete management. You only see what you want to see, and you do not want – to cut. You feel only what you want to feel, and cut out what you do not want.

I remind you, of course, there is a clear karmic nepredraspolozhennost.

For example, you can see the picture as you go on dry land, but it is time to stand in a puddle, and Wet. Those. here to a certain extent there is such a horizon within which is the image that is already there, not destroys the image that you want to see.

But the most interesting thing is that over time, is the picture that is already there, it begins to adjust to the picture you want to see. Not fast. To do this (remember) need prana and practice visualization.

Finally, and to the practice of prana and visualization worked, needed a lead, ie real action on the reorganization of the universe. If you really will not do anything, it will simulate in the hallway until your a real strong karma begins to more strongly resist another.


The position should be such. Here you go down the street, rubbish lying around underfoot. And you have two options. The first – is to cut it from the screen of his vision and visualize street clean. The second option – is to bend, lift the garbage and throw it in the trash.


Priority toward real


So, your priority is always in the direction of the real. If you have a priority in the direction of the real, your visualization will go towards accelerating. In fact, based on this and Raja Yoga (I refer you to this section). If a person is very often reached the intended target, since some time, it is enough to think about the purpose, and it itself starts to run.

We at Open Yoga University I am most sad when the work is done by 99%, and the last comma someone set (for example, text typed but not placed), and this suggests that the tick in Raja Yoga is not set and the person does not come close to this ability.

The more exercise your victory from start to finish, the greater your power. At least in the imaging plane. Why? Because first you have set, and then did it. And sooner or later it becomes something that is enough to block out as the whole universe beginning to adjust.

Of course, this occurs with time, with long practice. In our country it happens that people start practicing yoga, saying that only the thought immediately received a response. And they can not understand that this is part of their strength and attract events that you are visualizing.

Once again, each of the men has a fantastic wealth – your higher self if you live in a physical reality, first do the maximum that can be done in the physical plane, and then the visualization goes “with a bang”. Again, there are different situations. For example, for one reason or another you can not pick up a piece of paper (the reasons are different, I’m not going to name all). But you do not have to suffer the humiliation of his sight in such a mess. And here you are (where you can not do physically) cut with visualization.


The third principle of yoga and Visualization


And it should be very well remembered. There are a bunch of very good visualization with what is called “the third principle of yoga,” and in another, a vow of renunciation of sufferings. On the one hand, we say that nothing and no one has the right to try to impose suffering. And, on the other hand, we say that we will make every effort to help eliminate the suffering of others.

Just this bunch and works in Yoga Visualization. Where you able to help others, or do something physical, you do. And where you can not do, you cut out of his life, as if it and was. Those. an indispensable factor that you have done all their best to help. If you learn just cut, then you turn into a cynic, but in fact, zakapsuliruetes in his capsule, and it will not go further.

So, it is very clear to a bunch of the embodiment of the third principle in yoga Visualization is that you face yourself with them in his inner world or watch them in the outside world.

So, all these sufferings were due to your karma of their witness. If you did not have karma, you would not have met with them. You see only what you want to see, communicate only with those with whom deserve to communicate, etc.

Therefore, the emphasis here is very serious. If we all did it themselves, then themselves, and should correct. How to fix? By all available means. But for too long we have done, we have done for too long causes of our future suffering.

From life to life, we consistently adhere to the manic stupidity, jealousy, greed, etc. From life to life, from life to life. Under these emotions fruits of actions. And now these actions echoes back to us. And that comes back to us echoes, we can physically resist, we have to do physically. But karma is karma and the fact that sometimes we are faced with a situation that reaping the benefits.

And this is a very powerful tool to carry out in practice the third principle of yoga. those. suffering is, and there is no suffering. If you master the third principle of yoga, then it began a fantastic thing – fast methods of yoga.


As we so full of powerful hidden reserves that are dangerous to use. Once again, just as dangerously inexperienced person sits behind the wheel of the aircraft. Do not have time to some pedal pressed, pull the lever as kubyrem somewhere fly, explode, something happens. Too much energy, too much potency pumped into it. It is clear that no one ever admits to fast methods, or rather, in control of the aircraft, unless a person has been trained.

But what is learning? Typically, long and persistent. And now there are simulators, computer simulate something. It seems to be a man sitting in an airplane, like even jumps up as if taking off, flying. But, having worked on it, and when you sit down in a real airplane, it is clear that you have done all the things that worked.


Similarly, here, practicing yoga visualization You practice scenarios and options out of those or other situations in life, or something else. Moreover, you learn to neutralize the extreme consequences. Thus, you gradually approach the third principle of yoga. And if you took the third principle of yoga, all the grandeur of rapid methods you have in the arsenal. And for this it is necessary to practice, to train and to work actively with yoga Visualization.

Why? Because first you go Yoga Visualization with weak energies, you will think you have visualized a picture of the outside, you can not connect at this powerful inner center of consciousness and energy. But if you’re at this level learned and worked out everything, then you can already visualize the connectivity more powerful sources of energy.

If we are talking about the fastest method, it is a connection in the first place our sexual energy, some nuances of relations between the sexes. Usually something on which humanity most is spent on the broken hopes and pain.

Once again I want to remind you that if we had all the energy spent on sex with losses to family scandals, sorting out relationships with family and friends, if we are all directed at achieving the highest ideals in yoga or reorganization of the world for the better, we everyone did what they wanted.


Therefore, it is necessary to use these energy sources, to feed them and send to the strengthening of the positive trends. And without the third principle of yoga is dangerous to engage in it. By this brings us Yoga Visualization. And as soon as we take the third principle of yoga, we go back a second time to yoga and Visualization have to pump up the visual practices of real feelings.


This is the second very important point. When carrying out the practice in some yoga, you excite this or that vibration within yourself, and actually physically feel it at the level of a particular center. Those. you have made some kind of exercise. For example, hatha yoga workout. Then he began to engage in yoga pranayama (or Kriya Yoga, it is extremely useful), you feel the vibration of certain channels within the centers themselves. If this feeling is superimposed on the center is proactive visualization, you receive a disproportionately greater effect, you connect the energy and consciousness.

What is visualization? It is working with thoughts, which is focused in the direction of consciousness and energy just draws this Consciousness. So when you come across with the real sensations arising under certain yoga exercises, the emphasis – this energy and consciousness is not enough.

If we consider the sexual practices, sex, then we capture the wave of emotion. But we do not know what to do, where to send it. If before it was appropriate visualization, this energy as a compass, go to the right place on the guide. And it is a guarantee that we will make rapid methods and not to harm themselves or others.

Now the next point is very important. No, let’s make a break, and then we will consider an important point.

The third part of the seminar


As you know, Yoga Visualization gives us a fantastic world, where we are the creators of their lives. Moreover, we are not forcing anyone, but at the same time and do not allow us to impose what we do not want. In any case, the scope of this increase sharply.

For this reason, when a yogi or yogini yoga practice are Visualization, they can live in absolute solitude for many years, and no they do not need. But sooner or later, as you remember, you need to come back, and there is a moment of coupling the inner world, which you have built, and the outside world, with whom you encounter.

When you live alone, do it, of course, it is easier than when you live in a society. At least because fewer factors escapes from you, when you are alone, and they can easily operate, than in society.

But all the same, sooner or later there is a very serious science – matchmaking. Once again, the docking internal visualization with the outside world. And if a person is absorbed into the inner world of visualization, it is like a magic country could fail.

Visualization inside our body where a person can be considered as a country where a lot of cities, a lot of some other living beings with some qualities, and traveling alone. Or some kind of visualization to something external that can greatly capture that you forget about the outside world. You fall into the world, who want to see and where you live.

Two points of support: the higher self and the Absolute


Another rise higher aerobatics. This is due to the two points of reference, points of support: it stops the system to my higher self and stop system on the Absolute. The system will go to his higher self, this is where you show the will and determination. The emphasis on the Absolute, this is where you demonstrate the emphasis on hope and appeal.

And if you have these two points of support, there are truly fantastic practice, you can create a visualization of one or the other way and ask the Absolute manifested through it.

Those. you visualize the other person and ask the Absolute manifest itself through him. And there is the practice of the highest order. They belong to the yoga of love. And there’s more utilitarian practice: issues more utilitarian character on the path of yoga. Let’s start with the latter.


In yoga states that if you know what ever in the universe, now or in the past, and some even claim that in the future, though, the future is not the concept, therefore, is not very clear. Anyway, in the past or in the future or in the present there is a person with whom you would like to chat or knowledge you would like to learn, you can visualize this person, and then hoping for the Absolute, ask manifested by this man.


And it turns the internal phantasmagoria, you communicate with that person. In the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata” is the moment where one shooter learned to shoot a bow. And he chose the Master. A teacher (I will not go into details) denied this warrior. Then the soldier blinded image Teachers and began to worship him as if it were a live teacher. And oddly enough, it has acquired all the skills, as if spoken with a real teacher.


Very strange kind of thing, when you thus You can create any interlocutor. And provided that you and your party to create (based on their I) the image that you want to see, and I will wait on the other hand, in the Absolute, which is manifested through the image in the form in which you would like to see you there is absolutely fantastic opportunity to communicate with those with whom you would like to communicate.

It is understood that any practice is characterized by the fruit of the practice. How to distinguish a fruitless game of imagination barren practice? As consequences, friends. So, the consequences of such practices will be exactly the same as if you were talking to a real physical person (usually words).

Thus we have the opportunity to communicate with teachers and teacher of antiquity, survived to our knowledge of yoga, even if we never saw them again. It is really very strange at first glance practice, but that will never make you lonely, even if you live on a desert island, not to mention the caves in the Himalayas or somewhere else.


Preparations for love


But the same practice may be in our real life, where we are surrounded by ordinary real people. So on your home screen, the perception of the world is applied to those people who have with those whom you have invited so.

I will not go all the conclusions from this fact, and switch to another aerobatics, which is observed in the yoga of love.

According to yoga lovers, you can fall in love only when touched with the essence of your higher self, the essence of the Absolute. Once through this or that person is manifested, you fall in love with him. It’s not up to you, this is the part of the Absolute.

But there is a very long practice to prepare for love when you actually meet the physical man, through which opens the Absolute. And as one of the major reservoirs of these exercises, the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love, are given practice visualizing the next character.

If you are in a state of expectation in love, then you begin to visualize the object of their love as clearly as possible in order to represent the boy or girl.

And in the future to invite the Absolute manifest through you created the image using visualization. And if this happens, then you will very quickly are preparing for a meeting of love and very quickly go through the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love. But it is true, there is a small feature, as with any practice – is paired with real people. To do this, there is called to practice in such a way as to help you visualize the image that you would like to see.

Say you are a young man and want to see the image of the girl. So, you ask another girl to become the basis of this image, which you want to see the image that visualize, and to invite him through the Absolute. This is a very powerful practice of yoga lovers. Accordingly, in the direction of the girls or boys.

In the future, you start to work out communication with the image visualization, through which shines the Absolute.

As you can imagine, this requires two points of support: you need to create this image, and the efforts to create the image; On the other hand, you need to rely on the Absolute, that he manifested through this image. On the third hand, you occasionally have to practice with a real person to engage interaction with that person.

Previously, it had been closed practices are only now beginning to be made public.


Finally, the continuation of this theme, it is when you live with someone for you man, but for some moments with him you do not feel unanimity (your husband, wife or a boyfriend). Then apply this practice is that when you are dealing with your husband / wife, you visualize them, then invite the Absolute manifest through it and so communicate with him. Clearly, for others it is not visible because it is a mental process.

And you will find moments of misunderstanding and eliminate. And then make the continuation of this practice. This practice unseen differences: you match visualized with his wife, a real wife. Why? Yes, for the simple reason that your wife has you by the close and she glimpse of the Absolute. And the fact that you and she swears, or have friction, says that you strong to overshadow the Maya. And here you are at the start of imaging models combine to not come off.


As you can imagine, this is a very powerful practice. And it is clear that from time to time people are so immersed in them that they become self-sufficient. Or, as in the ancient texts: why should I foreign woman, if I have the inner woman. However, under that we had a view of the Kundalini energy. But in all other respects this statement works.

Or why do you need an external man, if you have inside. And, oddly enough, if you become at this position or this practice, you will no longer cling to the other person.

We sometimes out of jealousy, out of fear of clinging to another. And we do not understand that, we provoke it to the opposite reaction: alienate us from ourselves.

And in all these moments due to karma, if there is some untouched island on which we can jump when we go karmic lapping allows us to gain time and more reasonable, rational, kindly resolve any contradictions.

It is only with such a position of power, you will be able to love, to serve another person. Not from a position of zagnannosti that where you’re going to go away from it, you will be bad, lonely, or you are afraid that it changes you – a lot of different fears may be. But as soon as there is fear, there is no freedom. And if there is no freedom, we are slaves.

As mentioned in the song about the slaves: it is better to die free than to be a slave for life. Therefore, we are doomed anyway out of this slavery according go. If we can communicate with someone, it is only from a position of excess.


Interaction with the position of excess


And this practice allows us occasionally unleash the most complicated karmic interaction between a man and a woman, who does not untie, but to wait until they die and are born again, to look at the world through the eyes of more tolerant and do not try to manipulate.

After that we see when a person begins to frantically grab for someone else? Why? Because it feels like something my addiction. We need to approach this from independence.

So, it is also a very serious practice visualization. Thus you can in your world to create any number of like-minded friends, to see the expected love, ie, the girl or boy, through which the Absolute manifest. Thus, you are helping the Absolute.


More details are all considered in yoga lovers. But the point is in this theoretical position that this should be the implementation of a visualization at the same time rely on their higher self (looking) and the Absolute, which peeps through the phantasmagoria of the events or phenomena that we encounter in our lives. And if a miracle happens, the notion disappears, the next person in whom you are in love or not there.

Firstly, in a state of love (we refer to the yoga of love) is not important: a number of people whether you are physically or Alpha Centauri. In a state of love, the fact that such a miracle is – this is the highest reward. But here there is quite phantasmagoric relationship as real, as if we were talking to a real person.

This is really a very strange sense of our world, it is virtually impossible to explain with the involvement of our ordinary understanding and our everyday experience. Rather, it resembles schizophrenia. Moreover, there are cases when people see other people do not exist and seems to be how to deal with them.

Those. before the eyes of the masses are insane, silly or sick people. Or, you know, people in a state of delirium, when a person sees other people, animals, and begins to communicate with them as if they were real people.

All mental illnesses that arise, they are not the essence of mental illness, as a side effect. Indeed, struck certain parts of the brain that once these devices are interfaced with the information, or the state where the replica of this buddhi formed in an alcoholic, and his personal universe he sees a real person.


I will allow myself to tell an anecdote.

Comes neighbor to neighbor and says:

“Hey, neighbor, in my corner hare sitting and playing the accordion.”

And another neighbor came in, saw that the table is a bottle of vodka, and says:

“Yes, neighbor, you have a squirrel.”

On the first he says:

“What am I, a squirrel from a hare can not tell.”


Such is the black humor. But, anyway, you need a clear understanding of the harsh line between schizophrenic delusions, which deals with some invisible beings (spirits are very different times) and with a very powerful yoga Visualization. She really somewhere like a “controlled schizophrenia” (as doctors would say).

But the word “schizophrenia” has emphasized something unhealthy. Especially if it is characterized by a yoga position, a side effect of the disease. You know, there are different diseases, when a man as a side effect of better or worse hearing. It has nothing to do with schizophrenia.


Yoga differs from schizophrenia Visualizations


Why do I say this? Because when first faced with this (especially Western people), they are faced with yogis and yogis who have practiced these methods, the first reaction of the Western people was the following: that a crowd of schizophrenics, something works.

But you remember that criterion, as in science, only one – the result. The schizophrenic, which he had not seen a revelation, or even if he is in the inner world will be Karl Marx and begins to teach him “Capital”, then you vryat’ll get him something after the seizure, he as he was schizophrenic, and remains schizophrenic.

A person who practices yoga Visualizations, and thus decided to tune in the Masters and the teacher, and then comes out of this state, then it is the other person, enriched knowledge. So, the question before this knowledge was not, after this knowledge appeared.


What was happening outside observer can not see at all. Why? Because you need to be in place in that I got the experience. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish pontificating idiots who go Brod, which was one or the other.

This theme is old, it is very common in all kinds of religious organizations or sects. But always, any decent religious organization very carefully refers to all kinds of visions. That there is some kind of adept he saw the great saint of their religion, which naprorochestvoval that will be so-and-so. Someone still something. Always fear arises: what it was.


Again, if we look at India, where everything turned to religion, Hindu bread do not feed, allow to go into religion. There’s a question of religion very often discussed, and every now and then one was the god Shiva, the other was the god Krishna, the third someone else was. And there is always a sense of confusion: it is really a form of schizophrenia or running something else.

And here with yoga positions Visualization you can afford to give a full report on this issue. Yes, in most cases it is schizophrenia at unbalanced people, they shout about it at every corner. But in other things it is a very important experience that a person has experienced. Here he performed a particular ritual. Of course, he reflected on a particular deity, he could not help doing visualization.

And sometimes it happens that through this way is really starting to come to the Absolute. For a man who has gone through this experience, it can shake his whole life. Moreover, we are not even going to analyze whether this person really, or an image that appeared to him in the real physical world or in the mental.


Why? Because we are concerned this topic. You and I do not know what our real physical world. We would be happy to grasp, but we can not grasp. Finally, there are some very strange moments when several people, who are rendering in several ways, they are able to tune in to a certain resonance, and they seem to start with something to see.

Those. it is very strange and confusing things are not the same as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, if someone is really going to say that to him someone was, do not rush to laugh, if any miracles a little does not happen in this world.

Most of all I, of course, interested in the practical question from the point of view of an ordinary person. So, before you there is absolutely unlimited room for studies of what is called reality through visualization tool. And if you’re doing it right, then you can transfer the knowledge of reality to such a level as if you were talking to another person, or as if the lover boy finally met a girl with whom he is in love.


This is an extremely useful practice for the real physical life. Why? Because if a girl or a boy worked even with these products the opportunity to communicate with the Absolute, then when it’s a real girl in the flesh, they will not be inclined to do those terrible mistakes inspired by your karma. Why? Because your every move is due to your previous experience. And here you have a pause.

For example, your wife / husband you something I do not like. And if you thus have the opportunity to communicate with the Absolute-wife visualization and real wife, and understand with the greatest mystery of the universe, that there is no difference, then you thereby eliminate all karmic odds on your side. And if at this moment your wife is doing the same thing, then, as you know, the effect of this and much more serious.


Expand woman


You thus get around sharp corners contradictions relationship with the real world by imaging. And since you have worked something into their renderings, it is changing the real world.

Or in other words, those qualities that you would like to see from his wife, but did not see (she just does not know what they are), you can visualize in your practice, then the practice to combine and thus to help her change. Again, not breaking her free will. Why? Because it is either accept or do not accept.

You know, very often there are situations that people would gladly have accepted something, but he just does not know that it happens. Particularly difficult situation in the West. The women here are all closed. As they are small lumps afraid of a dirty trick, they are driven into a corner, they do not believe in themselves. Immediately there is fear, there arises the fear of losing a husband, lover, immediately there is jealousy.

In fact, for all that the life of the main burden falls on the shoulders of a woman: her and the children to watch and feed the husband, etc. Those. it is more tied to our material world. And all the confusion of the material world to a woman weighs more than a man.

Why? Men have more developed aspects of consciousness, man is in the greater their empiricism, thoughts. And if we really want to change our physical world, the first thing we have to help a woman to reveal. But for so many generations, for so many centuries that all the hardships lay on her shoulders, from generation to generation, there is this culture.

The woman’s mother or copy the behavior of their girlfriends and other women. And sometimes she just does not know, to take one example. The greatest miracle, if the yoga teacher is somewhere nearby. So willy nilly woman begins to copy the behavior of the free image yogini goddess.

But to meet such a woman is not possible in our corner of the world. Therefore, the focus shifts to the men. And that a man should first help visualize the potentialities of women, and then to combine this image with your wife, girlfriend, lover, with the woman who next. And thus help his woman to become such.

This is a purely practical point that as soon as there will be fear, jealousy, hitting expectations, we immediately go out to the next level. And in the future, any woman who has risen to such a level, will open around him, millions and billions of men. Why? Because men sometimes “paws dipped” to help his woman to change. Sometimes men feel that it is impossible in principle.


And as a first step, and performs yoga Visualization. This is an active reorganization of the universe in which we live. Once again I want to remind any visualization should be geared to the real world. Therefore, where you can make something real (if we’re talking about a woman, then liberate it), then we need to make it real.

Such is the theme. Friends, we are finishing the third part of the seminar.


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