Meditative practice (A piece of text Open Yoga VZV)

Meditative practices (a piece of text, Anandasvami Yoga School)

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Meditative practice

A fragment of the text conversation between a girl named Beauty and her beloved student.



Yoga school Anandasvami

Translation Vadim Zaporozhtseva

1. She said: Know my student, that every living creature has its “I” – transcendent, ineffable, beyond adjectives, beyond the senses and speech, beyond thought. The only way to prove that the “I” is – it is to find it in himself. Other methods do not.

2. Your “I” manifests itself through the consciousness and energy.

3. All techniques of meditation (sanyama) fall into meditation, consciousness, where consciousness is dominant in the process of meditation, meditation and energy, where the energy dominates. Therefore all meditations are divided into energy meditation (where the important thing is the feeling) and meditation where the mind (main continuous stream of awareness)


– She said: O my beloved disciple begin your meditation by creating a cleaner world by dissolving a dirty world that you see every day.

– Energy dissolution dirty turns into pure energy enlightening and distributed to all living beings as the Maharajah distributes gold to the poor.

– Then, after the dissolution and distribution, realize their independence in the universe.

– Understand that there is nothing in this universe is not a support for you, but you are the backbone of the whole.

– Then create your own pure enlightened world inhabited by gods and goddesses, full of goodness, love, justice and happiness. Hold your awareness of the world.

– The outside world is only a reflection of the pure world. Remember the old song free Yogi:

– I sit and calm your mind.

– My breath calmly and thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky.

– I understand that time brings all the pain, if you do not see it for the time constant.

– I’m tired of black and injustice of the world and I do not cling to him more, nor for his benefit and promises.

– Let this world of anxiety and unhappiness disappear.

– Let dissolve or burn in the fire of my passion all my suffering.

– I pull your mind out of this imperfect world (like a sword from its sheath).

– I pull my energy coming from all phenomena.

– There is no inhalation and exhalation.

– As the tent, deprived of support, develops and blown away like this world dissolves and disappears.

– Just as a forest fire burns dry trees to ashes my meditation makes all the objects and phenomena that make me suffer.

– I dissolve and destroy their dirty, and all the imperfect universe.

– Let the dissolution of energy become a clean enlightening energy.

– Let there be no awareness of anything affected.

– That’s all dissolved Vselennaya.Teper I dissolve my body (three levels).

– Disappear my arms, legs, torso, head, my feelings, my habits, fears, doubts, my mind, my thoughts are melting.

– Do not have anything. All solutions in the root cause.

– It remains to my mind, is not colored in any subject, there was only my untouched energy, not involved in any processes.

– My mind is ringing with joy. My energy is singing with joy.

– I’m self-sufficient. The greatest happiness, I do not depend on anything. But it all depends on me.

– Consciousness and the energy of the solution in my nature. I am. One without the other.

– I’m a creator, I am the creator. I create a clean, beautiful world.

– Instantly he was going according to my will. I create you a new perfect body.

I do the whole perfect world, enlightened beings, kindness, joy, and happiness.

– The whole world is my game enlightened spontaneous joy in the joy of the enlightened.

– There is nothing else.

Om, Om, Om!

4. In meditation, mind you pulls your mind from all objects or phenomena of the universe, in which consciousness is absorbed. Thereby the number of your unpainted, not affected by the consciousness increases. Increasing this awareness you will be perceived as increasing awareness of the causeless joy of singing in the shower.

5. The method of meditation consciousness is as follows: you have to ignore (separated) from the senses. This is called “praktiahara”. Then you must choose every thought and hold on our attention, straining all his will. As soon as attention begins to wander, mercilessly return it to the original idea as negligent servant lord returns to his duties. More so even if the efforts of the sweat is rolling hail in your face.

6. Doing so during each meditation, over time, you reduce the number of stray thoughts lit your mind. Thus the number of thoughts highlights your mind, be reduced. This process is called “Dhyana”.

7. Over time, the practice of your consciousness will be displayed only one chosen you thought, all other thoughts will rarely come into your consciousness field.

8. Then the moment comes when your mind will highlight just one thought, other thoughts are not there. This condition is called “samadhi with an object.”

9.Znay of student ancient wisdom that fewer thoughts highlights consciousness, the greater part of the consciousness goes to each individual thought. The more completely impregnated with the thought rays of your mind, the more joyful, exciting as it (the idea) is perceived by you and the greater knowledge it will pass you. With the reduction of thought on the surface of your mind, the intensity of your consciousness in any case should not fall, or a reduction in the number of thoughts, you will be overcome is not the joy, and drowsy stupidity, and you provalishsya in Tamas (sleepy dullness) Let the clarity of your mind while reducing thoughts will be as strong as if standing in front of you is your mortal enemy or you chased a lion. In meditation, mind you should be in an extreme stress.

10. When this last thought of your meditation will disappear, and the intensity of consciousness remains the same, you know that then there will be a sudden, like an explosion increase in the intensity of consciousness. This is called “without SAMADHI object”. In this state of consciousness the rays appear in their own, untouched, not dyed form, and these rays will highlight themselves (seeing eyes see) As the wise is the highest state is beyond description

objects 11.Neokrashennoe consciousness will be perceived by your “I” as the giant, causeless joy (ananda). Since the mind is in this state to see his (ie your I) The intensity of this joy bezgranichna.Vkusivshy this joy more than any man deceive nothing else in this world, whether it is wine, power, illegal drugs (all kinds of doping). Higher spiritual happiness and delight beyond.

12.Takim, the meditation technique of consciousness lies in the fact that you will cut off all the energy that involves you in a dirty world, except the energy of one thought and how to hook fisherman catches a fish and you’re on the single idea you will be catching your immense consciousness of your ” I”.

13. However, the method of consciousness There is another powerful method of meditation – energy method. It is this: you are disconnected from the everyday consciousness of the world. Though consciousness and illuminates the everyday world, but you will ignore (separated) from him, as a person who is in dreams, who is aware of the world around us – external and internal, but does not give it value.

14. Next, we reproduce the grain of pure, untouched, unstained consciousness, which is a drop of joy manifests itself. This point, or a drop of causeless joy, causeless clarity, self-sustaining awareness, tantric tradition called “bindu” or “windsurfing”.

15. On this island we are unaffected by stringing all the energy of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, spontaneous actions in the game, creative objects, worlds, universes, the phenomenon exists.

16. The spontaneous game of created objects and phenomena supports and increases the central island of grain consciousness. The more we engage in this creation (rendering) the energy of feelings, emotions, sensations, the clearer becomes the object and the stronger grows an island of serene joy (bindu). The more energy we have involved, the wider the field of pure consciousness, and colored object we got. If we have involved conventional energy, we have not affected, but colored the consciousness which has grown from the original seed (Bindu). The more we involve pleasure energy (as opposed to the usual energy – see above), the more we are incremented not affected, shining with its own light consciousness, the essence of which is joy.

17. When we have involved all the information we have energy, we have received as a result of the total (general) expansion of consciousness with the center of the bindu.

18. With the growth of this consciousness, obtained by increasing the energy and involvement of games, we observe in the meditation, we are reducing the amount of consciousness in the everyday world.

19. The more we engage our meditation games, spontaneously born images and the more we engage in this game all our vital energy, the greater the happiness experienced our “I”.

20. When a game of meditation absorbed all our energy, we feel in the infinite ocean of happiness. Up to a certain point, happiness has evolved portion by portion, discontinuously, happiness is poured into the endless ocean. Thus, we use a hook or bait in the form of colorless not affected consciousness in the sense of spontaneous joy and catch this bait all the total energy of the universe, which first takes place in a series of images, and then transformed into an inexpressible ocean of happiness, not subject to disclosure.

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