2011_03_15 practice of meditation. Victoria Begunova.

Today, March 15, 2011, we are in the “Enlightenment” cultural center near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya” in Moscow. My name is Victoria. This case activity for everyone. The theme of our class – Meditation. Concentration of attention. Visualization.


Victoria: What have questions about the practice or theory?

Marina: In the dream, you can meditate?

Victoria: This is the yoga of dreams. Without concentration, we can not approach, including yoga and dreams. In order to realize their dreams and to realize a dream that you practice, to control specifically what you practice, what kind of mantra or meditation – this is achievable only under one condition, if you have a very strong concentration of attention, that is, a very strong awareness of yourself. In order to understand themselves, their lives, their actions, see – which sent streams of energy and consciousness – this is possible only if we do all the exercises that we have done in these sessions is ideal. Thus, we will develop the willpower, the power of concentration, power of consciousness.

If you want success in Mantra Yoga, without a strong concentration, as you know, you will not do. In Hatha yoga is the same – this applies to literally everything, not only yoga, but also all other aspects of life. If you want to succeed, the only person who has a strong will, a strong concentration of attention can achieve something in this world.

If we want an excellent student in school, in college, then, of course, without the power of concentration would not be able to get good grades. Some exercises that we are doing, will lead to the fact that you have, including automatically triggered yoga dreams, and other types of yoga will go much better, ie, you will significantly advance their practice, if you work with concentration.

So, in the previous lessons, we have focused on an arbitrary concentration, ie, on the power of consciousness. Such a long time has been devoted to this area, precisely because with involuntary care work easier, we have the desire and to be sent to our attention – we call it involuntary concentration of attention. Those. attention is interesting and it is riveted to a certain object, phenomenon. It is much harder when we direct your attention, consciousness for us uninteresting and hold your attention on it – these people are different from animals or from adult children.

We decided that we all still children, because we have bad with any concentration of attention and our attention, our consciousness is torn only on those objects that are of interest to us, and it is very difficult to force myself to keep the focus on a subject that is not for us special interest. Therefore we had to focus on methods of consciousness. Why is this so important? Because we might have something to inspire, to interest, but sooner or later we will be faced with their negative karma, maya, and just the same, to overcome the force of the action of Maya need an arbitrary concentration. Because any interesting phenomenon sooner or later we get tired and we do not want to concentrate more on this phenomenon, and there need be any focus to penetrate the thickness of our negative karma and maya and we have gone further in its process or at work or in the study of the subject.

For example, training in MOYU – interesting, something new, then routine, everything is as usual, and here we need to apply an arbitrary concentration. Someone takes the first wave, it is not enough willpower, someone was the second wave, some third party and remain the most powerful, who really ends four years of study. We will check how you have with any concentration of attention, with the methods of consciousness.

As we have discussed, that in this world there are two forces – is the power of consciousness and the power of energy and only a small force which we can achieve in this life. Requires a second aspect, if we consider the aspect of consciousness, without energy aspects – this is just part of our strength and of our capabilities. If we want better results if we really want to progress in yoga, to achieve the ultimate goal of yoga, you need a second force – the force just yet involuntary concentration of attention when we wonder when we do something, interested in something in the state when we experience a genuine inspiration, a genuine interest – it is called in our ordinary everyday life motivation. Those. there is some motive, some desire, and we aim to get their attention without problems. For example, there was a motivation to acquire supernormal abilities, thanks to this incentive, we are looking for any system, any information that would give us the opportunity to develop these superpowers. Thus, many come in yoga, ie they do yoga, direct their attention and focus on yoga only to acquire supernormal abilities, and if a person has a very strong motivation, he bites, they say, his teeth into the subject and begins to “nibble”.

Indeed, I know of people who would like to acquire supernormal through yoga, they had a very strong desire and motive, and they reach a certain super-powers. Classes are built in such a way that almost around the clock, they do yoga, do special exercises, and they reached her. With them in the group engaged in people who do not possess supernormal, because they did not have such a strong motivation. In principle, there is some information in the world, some opportunities and it depends only on us, on our will, as far as we can from the universe to get something – more precisely, we are of the universe do not get anything, we disclose it in themselves.

Motivation – this is very important in our lives. If you have the motivation, for example, to make money, to be known, then that motivation helps you to move, go to work, to engage in self-development, self-education – and you reach for something.

If a man lives without kakih-libo strong motivation, the only motivation on a subconscious level – is the desire to live, he even did not think about it, these are the internal motivation that originally laid in us by nature itself, thanks to them we exist at all, because if man will not be in this subconsciously desire to live, then it will stop eating, stop breathing, etc. The motive, the desire to live makes us inhale and exhale, forcing our bodies to work. As a living being evolves, developing, he has the motivation of a higher order – to develop the mind, sharpen the mind, or, again, any material or spiritual benefits, thanks to this request, we will continue to evolve and develop. If we combine the desire to get something, we have a tune, we aim to get your attention, and it turns out that we are happy to direct their attention to the phenomenon or object. Those. we are not difficult, we want this, we voleizyavlyaem and if we supported also the arbitrary concentrating, ie when we have to force yourself – it is, of course, it is the force that creates and in the universe. Therefore, we must own and one and the other.

Since we are already highly developed beings, we should be able to motivate yourself to any thing, any action, we should be able to with the help of his will, to hold the attention of the mind on some object, ie consciously motivate themselves, to find an object, and to find in it some interest.

We see a world where something superficial. Why? Because our attention does not penetrate deeper than any specific layer. We must be able to penetrate much deeper and ideally very deep, up to the very nature of things. Again, this feature is already given to us, when we got the human body when we have less developed intelligence. We are looking for interest, depth, we motivate ourselves literally any event, any object. This ability helps us to develop the power of his mind and, because of this, we penetrate into the essence of any phenomenon. If we penetrate to the essence of a simple pencil, then we might as well penetrate into the essence of the Absolute. In this sense, there is no difference. If you can open one, we will be able to open both, because everything is determined by the strength of our consciousness, attention.

We are talking about the Absolute, about the concept of freedom, but we have this rather superficial interest, we have the same interest, and all other things, and if we have the habit of penetrating deeper into the phenomena of nature or kakie-to objects, it will automatically be transferred and your spiritual development. Here’s an example, Mikhail Lomonosov lived, lived – not grieved, like everyone else at the Arkhangelsk province. Like all men, he saw the sky, nature, stars, and for some reason many of these phenomena, the objects, the objects do not cause concern, but it is in his interest that arose. Those. falling star, he’s not just looking at the stars, and consciousness penetrate deeper. Why did they fall? He saw the rainbow, why are the colors of the rainbow, and not others, why in this sequence? Why there is the aurora borealis? Yes, beautiful, but something is behind this. Those. He dug deeper, he wanted to know just the same essence of the world, the essence of nature, the essence of all of these objects. Why? Because he has already initially had a very strong mind and he penetrated deeper than the rest. Everyone else who lived with him in principle, too, could do it, but they have not yet had the power Lomonosov consciousness and just superficially perceived the world, either through the prism of some common concepts, while, as a rule, they were religious concepts.

We live and if there are some stereotypes of the universe, we do not even think, we perceive them as we asked such a program, how we live, because it is easier. Unfortunately, there is no inquiring mind, the desire to dig deeper. We live in the city, in the country and take it for granted, but to find out what is behind this, ask we do not have the force of consciousness.

We, like the yogis, the challenge is to disclose the nature, open themselves to disclose their higher self We will never disclose your higher self, if we treat the surface of yoga knowledge. We must develop the habit to dig, dive into the habit of objects, phenomena that surround us. Look at the flower in his windowsill, and not just look at it and take a look at each petal, ask yourself why such a structure at this flower, and not another, why such a color as the flower grew, evolved, and who he was In a past life. In fact, if we direct your attention and hold on an object long enough, this object begins to be revealed to us, and thus we can say that all events and objects in the universe are very interesting. After each event, through every object shines Absolute, so that we are not digging, we still get to the bottom of something grand, to the Absolute or to the nature of all phenomena, of all things.

Why, it is something we are interested in right now, and something interesting now – this is due to karma. Those. if we never were interested in welding, the vryatli it will be of interest to you, and if you were in a past life as a welder, you seem this topic is very relevant and interesting, and you want to study it. Even the matter (welding) can be extremely interesting if their attention a little longer delay kakie-to and learn things about the action, and when you learn that the welding surface warms to 5 kDa degrees, the surface of the sun, then you it already it will be interesting. Can you imagine such temperatures and do not melt, and why the metal is not melted and everything is not melted, if such high temperatures? If you have a concern, you yourself motivated this interest, you will begin to learn that, and so these processes occur, why we can use such temperatures for peaceful purposes.

Any area of interest, no matter what we have, but it all depends on how we can dive into these phenomena.



Exercise №1.

Each takes a simple pencil. I think you enjoyed it repeatedly. But now we look at the pencil perfectly with the other hand. We will begin to sink into the essence and nature of a simple pencil. We consider it not just look at it and ask themselves: where is made this pencil? why he is such a form? This form is useful or not? I wonder who came up with a pencil? what trees are needed to produce it? etc. Those. fully immerse attention to the object, and our task is to make it very interesting for us.

And, really, well, a pencil and a pencil, simple – simple pencil, but after a while it will be not simple, but magical. If you learn here so immersed in pencil, then you will also learn how to dive in the Absolute. Here, again, it all depends on us, on our attention and consciousness. If interested, will apply! We set some other questions or just reflect: what form, what color, what it is made from, who produces graphite, which is a tree, etc.

Marina: To what do you want to guess?

Victoria: The interesting thing will be for you, the more you get involved in it, the more he began to open up for you. Any phenomenon, the more we concentrate on it, we begin to open, so if five minutes later it will seem to you again in pencil, then you are superficially addressed this subject and did not plunged. Any event, any object can become a very big deal for us.

Elena: How do we meditate on the matter this particular pencil or just think about the pencils.

Victoria: We’re thinking specifically about this pencil.


Practice exercises number 1 – 10 minutes.


Victoria: Who found yoga axioms in simple pencil?

Anastasia: I saw that the Absolute or the higher self can be a person who holds a pencil in his hand. Those. a consciousness – a solid foundation of a pencil, and have the energy – it is graphite, which may have something to do. You can also look at the pencil as one Absolute, and it has many, many facets, from whatever side you look everywhere face.

Victoria: Good for you, Nastya.

Anna: I considered the knob and found it first and second yoga principle (the principle of kindness and the principle of effectiveness). At work, always suited me and the girl asks to give her a pen, then brings me to the drawings, flowers, etc., and also the efficiency in all – in the cap ribs to not staggered rod, transparent basis, to be seen how much you’ve scribbled , the ball in the bar – very convenient, does not scratch the paper.

Alena: I saw the pencil function, for example, how it differs from the ink, so that it can be erased if desired. I saw the variety of the universe, that all modified in principle, and can do it all if you want to change, or leave everything as it is.

Marina: I, too, saw a manifold. Graphite shines like a diamond.

Victoria: Again, there are three levels: surface – pencil greens, some forms have deeper level – we are looking for – who made it, what it’s done, how effective is the highest third non-verbal level – when it really us open higher knowledge through some kind of a pencil, through its form, function. And the deeper we go, the more we draw this information, the knowledge about the object, phenomenon.

For example, we read a book and you can see only the outer layer, some actions happen, some sequence, some persons – and many have read the book, and someone digs deeper – understands some sense, founded by the author, It makes for himself kakie-to conclusions, learns, receives kakuyu-to valuable information kto-to plunges into the third level of reading between the lines – the words alone were, and he in addition to this information takes an additional 90% over and above kakoy-to information, which draws -That knowledge, again, reading between the lines. It all depends not on the book you are reading, book it for one book and another book, but it all depends on the person who reads this book.

Someone really is the higher meaning. This applies to the yoga of knowledge, we can come to a lecture: “Oh, what a cool lecturer, cheerful, intelligent … and the theme is not bad – Freedom … I want to be free,” etc., someone comes and hears something else, more deeply: “I have in my life, just as a lecturer rights …” begins to get some information, to analyze, actually digging a little deeper, someone will come and he will lecture on the whole universe, the enormity of the world and open something something that perhaps even the lecturer did not say. Those. lecturer says one thing, but a person draws between his words some other information, more than the highest. Again, the lecturer as he was and remained, differs only in our perception, one man one perception, the power of consciousness, the other a little deeper, a little stronger than the power of consciousness, and the third is to the heart to dig. Therefore, everyone understands lecture axiomatic in their own way at their level. Someone saw one, someone completely different, not that it was necessary to understand. But if we are even in pencil will be able to go through all these layers, levels, and even to see something over and above if we have it worked out, we can do everything: we book as we read and the movies so we look and perceive the universe .

The universe begins to talk to us. We will not only see all the flat – here at home, these are the men’s car, that’s got to go to work, here are some things – some superficial shallow level, and we are for each occurrence, the event will see the Absolute, if get to the bottom this third level. In fact – it will be not just at home, but something is over, the universe is talking to us through the house, through the water, through all that surrounds us. Again, here the power of our consciousness as we can penetrate into the depths. Those. we must develop this ability if we motivate ourselves, then it is not even difficult. It is much more difficult to just look at a pencil and push yourself, “I’ll look at a pencil!” – This is very good, it is necessary for us, but if we have the inside scoop motif look at the pencil, it is much easier to attract your attention, we are using the mind help ourselves look at the pencil and dive into it. We ask some questions to ask yourself some hooks do to engage the attention and so deeply, deeply.

In another look at the universe, try not only on the usual, ie in any way, and a little deeper, though it will soon no third layer, and the second – a subtle level. Celebrate myself – how much new information you received about the site, I think many of you have ever wondered about the pencil, crayon and pencil well, and now you have learned about the pencil so much more.

Anastasia: And you can choose an object in that at least some initially interested? I began to think about the pencil and like I have something to get started, but once played Gayatri Mantra – my mind collapsed to 100%, I love her so much, I had already been there, and I have already done in the execution of this exercise. She asked herself: “Why such a high female voice? But a very different men? etc.”

Victoria: Of course you can, but the point is that we can concentrate on the uninteresting, and this object must be interesting for us. You can, and so and so and work with interesting objects and uninteresting.

Exercise 2. Pair practice.

As you remember, the hardest Absolute shines for a person through another person. If we dive into another person, then sooner or later we will get to the bottom of that neither is higher, that is incorporated in this person, starting, perhaps, with the most of the mundane level – that is lovely, it has such eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, wondering how she perceives the universe, which in her hair, why it is exactly such a structure – is an external penetration of their attention. Then more subtly – the Mila lives, what her emotions, desires, etc. Penetrating deeper, see – that Mila has some features I differ from Mila? I have the same emotions I am experiencing the same feelings, maybe my thoughts are the same, ie, What we still differ from each other? So deeper and deeper, and then can generally no difference between me and Mila? There is only the outer shell, which divides us, but what is? What unites us? Dig deeper and deeper, I wonder to what you dig! Of course, each according to his ability, someone get to the bottom of where it starts and ends with Mila and Lena through them all shines the Absolute, he just decided to split up to make it more interesting.

The meaning of the exercise are as follows: a person must be for you something more than he was before.

Practice exercises 10 minutes.


Victoria: Then you will have the ability – one look at the man, and you will learn all of his emotions, desires literally in an instant. Very good ability, but it is something to help, but on the other hard, if you can see through a person, ie, One man looks, and you see the depth and do not even have any words, a moment – and you know everything about him, what he wants, feels, what he thought.

Again, if you practice, look differently at their parents. Think about what kind of people, not just by template “this mother, this father and all” – and it is for the people what they want, their backstory as their spiritual development, what they want, what they want, your role in their life or their role in your life, look deeper, perhaps even with them again meet as if for the first time they met, or your boss at work – a beast, and you look, be inspired in its essence, can you it will understand.

Galina: There are times that you saw a man, and you can develop a sense of love in it, and the highest love is not she come?

Victoria: If you can see through Alain higher, if it is really love yoga and you really saw the Absolute, and not stuck somewhere in the layers of karma, this love will be transferred literally to the entire universe. Do not worry, you will see the absolute and all the rest. Yoga Love – is when we are through one man saw the Absolute, it is automatically transferred to all the others, if it is not a pseudo love. If this pseudo love, you will cling to human karma for the form.

Alain: I noticed that when such contact is obtained specular reflection, at least, see yourself externally, ie is some synchronicity.

Victoria: This has become more interesting person with whom you have practiced?

Practitioners raise their hands.

Victoria: Neutral nobody left. There is a difference between before and after practice.

Mila: I really wanted to touch the face, pat.

Victoria: You do not have the hands-penetrate. We penetrate the consciousness.

Marina: Yes, very much wanted to get inside the person. It was felt that one consciousness stronger, dominant, ie, a strong-willed person, he even on the physical level somehow acts on you, that you direct everything vibrates. For example, Nastia is very strong, powerful, direct feel.

Anna: I want to share a very personal experience. At a seminar on yoga Rita during practice I danced with the car my husband and his eyes made me an incredible impact, and I wondered, “and why he chose Masha? Neither Kate nor Olga, namely, Masha? “. And now, as I stared into the eyes of Masha, I came the answer, because the light in his eyes, well, that’s very interesting happened.

Victoria: How do you practice merged!

Anna: And I’ve got all that.

Anastasia: I was meditating at home at his reflection in the mirror and tried to concentrate on the point between the eyes. It’s pretty scary, because that person is somehow starting to change, and if you overcome this moment, when a person begin to change and you are very afraid, that then comes a feeling of euphoria, because you razotozhdestvlyaeshsya with them and understand that this is not your reflection . And already some multifaceted creation that to you essentially have an indirect relationship. Also, in this practice, especially if you do not blink, the effect created by the same, at first I was scared, because I saw some other people, and then wanted even more deeper, because it was not Sergei, that is. e. penetrate his personality I just could not.

Victoria: Ie you just went deeper. Nastya touched a topic that can be studied themselves, not just others. Go to the mirror and examine your face at all, and maybe you will meet him, with his body, with his face. Again, why do you have such a character, and not the other, if you dig into yourself, you will also be able to dig up and kakih-to their problems, the causes of these problems, the karmic seeds, ie pass all layers of karma and will come to something more higher inside.

Galina: I want to say that the eyes – a mirror of the soul. If I’m with someone enter with a contact, then I pretty much start to see and feel. And I had a feeling during practice that Alain somewhere here came into my (heart area) and as it touched me inside, as it were, for the soul. This is something non-verbal, but very good.

Michael: I have analyzed that at first anyway cling to the outer, who generally sits in front of you. Then begin to extract information: why so looks like a man that he carries behind it. I was convenient to move the practice itself, ie, I – this is it, I imagined that I was of the same type, the same shape and I also start to change everything. And the information is coming who is this person, what kind of information he is in your life, and so on, reaching the level of the Absolute, you see it as part of the Absolute.

Victoria: Ie then already received non-verbal information. Good.

Anastasia: I began at once to think about what we have in common, what unites us and kak-to immediately realized that all our meetings, even fleeting, and even more so that we learn together, this means that we have, of course, there is a connection and had some meetings before, karmic, in different lives. And I just introduced some children that we, in principle, could be sisters, but we do not know in this life. Those. these attachments, for which we cling to, someone we love, and we did not know what could be in a past life the man who for us is now just a friend could be for us the most dear man. And these relationships somehow fundamentally I have multiplied. All of these relationships, all these intertwining – they are based on love, mutual relationship and at the same time that life after life we walk this path alone, one this way, and on the other hand we all go, and loneliness on the one hand and commonality with the other hand – is very exciting to have developed into a beautiful picture.

Marina: I thought all day about Nastya. We are not bound by anything, now I’ll think.

Victoria: Marin, you’re not practicing today with any Papuan, here you’re not connected with it, and you’re connected to Nastya, if you see her, you are dealing with it, then you are already connected. Then there this ability to learn from the universe through human beings. Those. you see a man to penetrate into its essence and not what to adopt character traits, but nonverbally get for themselves, for their growth, development some information. Here he had such and such aspects, and you feel that this person reveals to you some aspects. Again, you need to immerse yourself in this man. If you have experience, it is enough for a few moments, and you’re starting to deeply understand the people who are near you and learn from some of their experience.

Masha: A pets. I have a big parrot Jaco and sometimes he looks at me like that I have a feeling that it is straight at me through.

Victoria: You see what his power of concentration as much as you wade, well, you meditate, it can not just.

Exercise №3.

The practice will be in the motivation and in any concentration.

Let us meditate on the central channel. This notion of the central channel of nothing says?

Marina: Theoretically, we know, and yet almost nothing says.

Victoria: You Me facilitates the task. If you do not know what the central channel, then I would have to smotivirovat, ie interest you direct your attention to the object that is within us. Recall that the central channel – is the main axis of our inner universe and revolves around a central channel all our life, all our revolve roughly the body and the center channel – is the path to enlightenment. If you are aware of your center channel, then, roughly speaking, you do one step to enlightenment.

The center channel shares our consciousness and our energy and as soon as we become aware of the central channel, we are aware of the nature of his consciousness and energy, or know the nature of Prana, again, everything instantly, know the nature of your higher self

What is the central channel, and where is he?

The center channel is not in the physical body, it is a fine structure, it is somewhere in the very subtlest level, and, as you know, shares the energy and consciousness, ie, within the central channel there is neither time nor space, and if you are aware of the central channel, then you instantly stop the dual vision of the world – yoga point. We can say that the point of yoga and the center channel – the same, only the center channel stretched a point in space, even though there is no space and no time.

Teacher told us to practice – meditation on the central channel. They rediscovered the practice, ie, They first looked at your spine, general hiccupped something for a long time meditated, concentrated and saw the central channel, reached Samadhi. To ease the way for us, so we were looking for a center channel or in the shoulder or in the stomach, they told us where to look, and it will speed up your time. They spent ten thousand lives, and we only have to spend five thousand, still halved.

If we meditate on the central channel, and every thought, every emotion, directed to the center channel is transformed into its natural environment, the nature of Ananda. We have different feelings and emotions – fear, anger, greed or some good, but they all have a common basis – this we share, what is good, there is bad. If we direct negative on the central channel, the instant we begin to understand the nature of these emotions, and understanding the nature of these emotions, they are transformed into Ananda, in its foundation, its essence. And we can thus get rid of all negative, from all contamination, and to know the nature of all phenomena, of everything that surrounds us and that we are experiencing.

Of course, it’s great, if we are aware of the central channel, but this requires a very strong motivation. If we do not have strong motivation, then we simply will not meditate on it. And you need a very strong arbitrary concentration. Yes, we know that it’s great, great feel for the center channel and realize, but if we are practicing, encounter difficulties, again with its negative, with Maya, and after some time, we get bored and we stop your meditation, practice, and we have at this all ends. Therefore, we need a strong motivation to general practice and an arbitrary focus, to really go through ignorance, through its negative karma and to feel, to realize the central channel. We need two forces – the power of the energy and power of consciousness.

Located center channel as the teacher says, if we do a projection of the physical body, it is the spine – body base and top of the head. The center channel is completely straight, ie, without bends like a spine, sky blue, and inside the shining emptiness, emptiness means that we have neither the time nor space. How to find it and how to understand what really happens? Do you pay any emotion, any thought, attention to the center channel, and you experience Ananda state, state of happiness, joy. If you experience these higher states, you really like a worm, dug, dug a hole at least a little to the center channel, but also to the awareness far, but at least something is already there. If you meditate on the central channel, and you worse, you all hate, it means that something went wrong, or you have found a very dirty layer of his karma.

Let’s just meditate on the central channel. At the base of the body – the energy center at the top of – consciousness. Simply present the tube cerulean shining inside, within no time, no space. Do not get distracted, if attention is somewhere to go, then we return an arbitrary concentration.


Practice Exercise number 3 – 10 minutes.


Victoria: Who saw the central channel?

Anna: Rather not seen, but felt.

Victoria: The color was?

Anna: The Shining.

Marina: I wanted to climb inside.

Victoria: It was necessary.

Anna: I was tormented by the question, when I tried to imagine it. After all, a channel, a tube of blue color – it’s a concept, it seems to me that there must be something out of the concept, and it has been for me a certain barrier.

Victoria: These concepts are needed in order to bind somehow mind. You can imagine that this is sheer abstraction. Central channel – it is an abstraction, and it is necessary somehow to something to tie his attention. Therefore, it all starts with such crude concepts, and then turns into a completely different feeling or condition. If you see it is not a blue color, which we used, and a completely different color blue. So – it is binding, and you use this as a binding scaffold, which then fall off, and you see how it is. Many then say that I do not see here, and it is everywhere – it is the subtle space and it is difficult to attach once inside the body. It is the concept of your body, but it all starts there and ends with something more grandiose.

Alain: I had a feeling of warmth and thought he seemed to be flowing or moving spiral, not just cost.

Victoria: It is not only the center channel – is that you have another saw something.

Irina: And I had a burning sensation.

Victoria: You drew your attention to this area, so you can hear the buzz, and sounds.

Maria: And I had a feeling of a silver stream.

Victoria: Very good.

Elena: And when he appears? At the time of conception?

Victoria: It appears as soon as the soul came into this world, the center channel – is subtle, and the cell – this is a rough, physical. I can not see the division, but it is already on a subtle level, it is a matter of time when it will appear on a gross level.

Marina And you can see it in the moment of death?

Victoria: The moment of death – is to work with the central channel. A central channel the soul leaves again. In fact – all the work with the central channel. If you want to succeed in yoga, work with the central channel.

Anna: The physical sensation of his presentation – is this normal?

Victoria: Physical sensations may be, then if a long time to meditate, you will no longer feel my body, and it is on the contrary dissolves and rough feeling just disappear and remain thin, so you can meditate for hours on the central channel, and you forget about your joints and back, those. the physical body will disappear.

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