2011.05.14. Yoga and victory.

Yoga and victory.

As in connection with the upcoming holidays you have gathered not so much. And my credo – that the most worthy should know most valuable, most loyal, I suggest that before you begin our discussion of the main topics to touch on another subject that is associated with the upcoming holiday, Victory Day. I think it would be useful to hear from each of you. In 2 days will be a celebration of the Victory Day. As you know for the winners is the holiday and for the countries of the vanquished is hard to call it a holiday. Anyway, for the countries of the victorious or defeated countries, if you look at the history of mankind as a whole, it’s really a holiday because this war was not one of the many wars that humanity has passed, and was a fundamentally different war. In fact, it was the war of the visualizations. That is the first time in modern history we see a factor when the fore began to speak of moments is not obvious. Absolutely not obvious in the sense that the factor as this war began and stemmed, contains a lot of mysteries. And the more you study this story, you catch yourself thinking that you don’t understand. Worst of all, you don’t even understand the premise of why this war started.

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Yoga and victory.

Date: 2011.05.14.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Yoga and victory.

Today may 7, 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are in Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, this lecture MOYO. All information on our sites www.openyoga.ru , www.yogacenter.ru , www.happyyoga.narod.ru . Our free online yoga courses for self-study of yoga on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

As in connection with the upcoming holidays you have gathered not so much. And my credo – that the most worthy should know most valuable, most loyal, I suggest that before you begin our discussion of the main topics to touch on another subject that is associated with the upcoming holiday, Victory Day. I think it would be useful to hear from each of you. In 2 days will be a celebration of the Victory Day. As you know for the winners is the holiday and for the countries of the vanquished is hard to call it a holiday. Anyway, for the countries of the victorious or defeated countries, if you look at the history of mankind as a whole, it’s really a holiday because this war was not one of the many wars that humanity has passed, and was a fundamentally different war. In fact, it was the war of the visualizations. That is the first time in modern history we see a factor when the fore began to speak of moments is not obvious. Absolutely not obvious in the sense that the factor as this war began and stemmed, contains a lot of mysteries. And the more you study this story, you catch yourself thinking that you don’t understand. Worst of all, you don’t even understand the premise of why this war started. This war was the most devastating, even if judged by the number of dead. And, anyway, now may be the time is coming when it’s been how many years, and emotions go by the wayside, become available many archival materials which were kept secret. Starting to get to us a memoir, various archives, assessment from different angles. And only now the current generation can appreciate, objectively at least somewhat understand. Although the word “objectively” is also very conditional, because even the memoirs to reach us in a distorted form. Intentionally or not is unknown. Winners focus on one, the loser trying to justify it. Anyway, for the first time in the history of mankind comes the moment when we can in this matter to objectively understand. And the first output, the worst the first the conclusion to which even a cursory analysis leads is that we are not immune from such a scenario at any time in the future. The underlying premise here is that terrible disaster, when normal civilized people are beginning suddenly with terrible force to kill each other – unclear, not clear, not studied. We always have the possibility of a repetition of the same scenario.

I will give an analogy with the plague in the middle ages in Europe. Quite a large amount of time to the plague were treated as something mysterious, mystical, otherworldly that came and went, moreover, have even developed such rules, rules of conduct, the less you’ll be talking about plague, the better, bring it. Should we be surprised that no medical practice, no hygiene in those years was not engaged and did about the plague or not, it with a known frequency came and wiped out a large number of the population of Europe.

With the Second world war analogy is the same. From the countries who won, let me remind you that this, of course, the Soviet Union, England, America, France, as-that this question was not, well won and won. For the vanquished it is an important factor, because the guilt is still there. Indeed, after the defeat, it turns out that you are responsible for all concentration camps. I do not want to delve into history, and they want it all forgotten. But most importantly, we don’t know what was the impulse that suddenly made go crazy with all of humanity and start to kill each other. What was the premise? Until then, until we understand this, there is a scary likelihood of a repetition of the same. I know for us, this war is something far, famine, death, but the hunger, the horror. It seems so long ago and so not true, in the sense that it is gone and should be forgotten. And now it turns out that no, that no one knows the origin of these internal springs.

The contradictory personality of Hitler

Much of these images is the image of Adolf Hitler as the bearer of hidden incentive mechanisms that effectively forced to start a war in Europe. The role of Hitler is simply enormous. In fact, without him there would be no war. In any case, in the form in which we had it. Begin to study his childhood, his teenage years, he went to the authorities. Begin to study all his subsequent actions and, for example, I personally, when it’s studied, I could not help feeling a certain astonishment. Just as the plague virus has such a strong and rapid killing ability, sometimes even amazed, as he so quickly adapts, as he has shown some miracles to kill a man to take control of the body, that I had the same idea. And at some point in the study, I suddenly felt that some power, in his character, some of his ability, is increasingly characterized by what in yoga is called supernormal. That is, he probably really had a number of those abilities that are described in ancient yogic texts. And with these powers, he alone was able to deploy the mentality of the whole country, to bend the will of such a huge group of people, ranging from serious intellectuals to simple dull burghers, that simply amazed. Of course this raises the next question is how could this happen and what is the main tragedy of the same of Hitler? One of his closest associates, a childhood friend, someone Kubitschek, survived, ironically, after the war, he wrote a memoir quite interesting, about the early years of Hitler. Now, he’s at the end of his books writes that the only thing he can’t understand is for what purpose this man came into this life?! So was a controversial figure.

It is clear that after the defeat of Nazi Germany the easiest is to demonize the leaders, as they are now trying to demonize Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler, etc. Understand this is a very dangerous point is the immaturity of our minds, when we not wish to understand. Here in black paint, then black. White paint, then white. Until we can not walk one horrible thought that one and the same person under different circumstances and in different periods of life may be completely different quality. What allowed Hitler to come to power? If from the beginning he would have been such a monster, it would not be allowed to power. However, almost 90% of Germans voted for him. If you studied history, you should know that Hitler came to power quite legitimately through democratic elections. It is said that no democracy contains within itself the mechanism to prevent the power of such personalities as Hitler. So it can happen in America and elsewhere.

So very interesting he proved himself. It is very ambiguous. And I want to understand why so many rivers of blood left for him, but this is truly one of the most monstrous villains which only knew the Land. When the destruction is not even because of some emotional outbursts. Indeed, in the heat of passion you can muster, like a wild animal. And here the destruction is deliberately, consciously, purposefully. Moreover awareness aspects of such a psychological factor that one can long and hard to kill other people, it is necessary to make the system that the murder was not clear. Caught people were herded into the camera, turned on the gas, they’re all dead, another group of guards came, took away the troupe, they don’t even intersect, I don’t know, they don’t see cause and effect, and if they knew, they’d all gone mad. Was such a centre of consciousness, was the center of decision-making, which is all lined up. Monstrous picture. And at the same time very interesting facts from Hitler’s life, for example, he was vegetarian, the rest of his days in 45 – it was one of his favorite topics. He also was a staunch opponent of animal hunting, when the hunter goes and kills animals. He considered such people to be barbarians, murderers. In one of his memoirs, described that furious was podumyval would be to introduce a law to hunt risked both. The hunter and the animal that the animal has had a chance to kill the hunter. Such thoughts came to him. Indeed he believed that unarmed animals is not what they can do against an armed hunter. That is, as if on the one hand to admire in this person cares about animals, vegetarian, not a drop of alcohol did not drink or smoke. Apparently, if you to perform – positive people. Very politely pointed out applies to all women. Emphasized in all memoirs that he was very gallant and courteous man. Talking about it in his memoirs as the next secretaries, and people who personally met him. Many of the inner circle couldn’t believe that one and the same person, so charming, courteous, caring on the one hand, and at the same time unleashes a terrible war, the terrible battle suits, killing a huge number of people. And it’s all one person.

I must say that it was a very serious shock. After the war, I must say to the credit of ordinary Germans, they just didn’t know about these monstrous crimes. Also in the Soviet Union that we have going on in the Gulag. That is, this system was. But the fact remains. Dead people cannot be brought back, dead. How could this happen, how could he unleash such a war?! He walked steadily to the outbreak of the war. Step-by-step. I sometimes get the impression that he was trying to balance on the razor’s edge, as the player who came to the casino all the time and doubles the bet. I sometimes get the impression that he wanted war. Because any war is the possibility of chaos. And chaos is easier to manage than a stable situation. Less enemies, it is enough to declare a state of emergency and nobody has the right to criticize. As a rule, it is a good excuse for a dictator is to wage war.

At the same time absolutely other qualities, for example, he was a good connoisseur of the Opera, it is a lot of Finance spent on the development of different kinds of art. He deliberately bought the works of artists, I must say that in his youth he was not an accomplished artist and architect. Until the end of the war, raved about the architectural plans for the betterment of life. The impression that, if this is all its destructive force went into the creation of the do architecture, something more vital, then he probably would have turned the world the other way. His life is surrounded by many mystical riddles, said the people are not interested. For example, he went from apparent death, when it would lead to murder, in the history there were cases when he placed the bomb, and he, suddenly, contrary to the schedule that started and ended their meeting 20 minutes early and the bomb exploded when he was gone. And so on and so forth, a lot of these moments were. And of course, there is a feeling that the man possessed superhuman abilities, which allowed him to subdue a very such matters, not little boys, and already seasoned politicians, warlords. As for the nature of his power?

For example, such warlords as Hadrian, Manstein was inclined to believe that this unknown form of hypnosis. When it might come man who is completely disillusioned with the war, as he had to talk an hour or two with Hitler, and he went forth again with full determination to continue. We have to remember the 45 already the red army was advancing and it was obvious that there is no chance to win the war, mass betrayal, moving to the side of the enemy, the percentage was really little. At a time when it was declared the capitulation, a large number of officers and generals of the Wehrmacht and the SS was shot. And it was a very large number. They didn’t see his life outside the system. Do you remember that terrible story about the closest associate of Goebbels, propaganda Minister, and his wife, Magda. Magda Goebbels had six children, the eldest son from his first marriage, five from her second marriage to Goebbels. When it became clear that Hitler was already leaving the scene, Magda Goebbels poisoned his own of all his children, whom she was madly in love, after which she and Goebbels had also committed suicide, although they had a chance to escape, to get lost.

The paradox is that after the death of Hitler and surrender, suddenly it is violently opposed, (and it really was fierce, and the battle for Berlin was one of the bloodiest) abruptly gave way to apathy, unwillingness to fight and indifference to the fate of the survivors. A separate attempt to enter the guerrilla war quickly ended. With the death of this man suddenly invisible rays, which paralyzed the whole country, has vanished, and everything began to fall apart. The country has turned into a corpse, in terms of resistance. What is this power? What is this force that allows one hand to bring man to power, then after coming to power to gain unimaginable victory in terms of establishing the German economy? Germany do instantly revived under Hitler. Was revived by the army. The Treaty of Versailles to Hitler’s rise it should be a number up to 100 000 people, and it is very small for such a state. This is just a joke. And after Hitler, in a few years it has grown to several million, and was one of the most efficient.

One of the historians said that if Hitler was killed before the war, say in 1938, and as a result he would not have waged the Second world war, perhaps now we’d seen in Germany everywhere monuments to Adolf Hitler, because his breakthrough in Economics and other things was really extremely big.

Very strange presumptuous controversial figure, very strange. But the fact remains. Where is the source of strength? And where is the error? Why such a force has gone to such heinous crimes?!

All the circumstantial evidence it turns out that like a man in a past life was involved in numerous exercises from the system of self-knowledge and achieved tremendous heights, but still, for some reason, the higher the fundamental aspects of the Universe. The impression that Hitler was a powerful disciple, who was born on this Earth and not found a powerful Teacher who could protect him from the mistakes he made. The word mighty, I mean: very kind, very wise and knowledgeable nature of existence. It turned out that this man with a very strong potential of not finding such a deterrent in the form of knowledge, began at your own risk of breaking the wood. And since he’d possessed a very large, and mangled a lot of them.

And the most interesting if to perform with yoga positions that if he knew what is called axiomatics of yoga and has studied this topic, we would have had you later from him such problems. And there would be no such rivers of blood. The basic, most profound questions, such as: “Who is man? What is its nature?” and so on, what is called the Vedic knowledge, for some reason it was not present. But other sections, which could be attributed to the topics of Raja yoga or the art of managing other people, he these topics probably know. And so it happened that the fundamental theory of the world order he was not, and applied the methods he mastered to perfection. This imbalance has led to the tragedy called world war II.

Based on this, I personally see only one antidote to in the future is not repeated. In the future, are not born such dropout, I do not know any system of self-discovery, so the only vaccine is Knowledge. If the Knowledge is spread out, then even if a person like Hitler will be born, sooner or later they will feel interest in this knowledge, they will study it and see the mistakes they could make in the future.

In order for you do not have the impression that Hitler was very much a jerk and a bigot, as he was at the end of the war, because a war was going on, he blacked out. I can give you an interesting fact, which amused me personally. It turns out that Hitler loved to read our writer Zoshchenko, many of you probably read his humorous works. Not only did he read, he read in zahleb, laughing to colic in the stomach, it is propagated to all its surroundings also read Zoshchenko. We have very reliable evidence from his associate albert Span, he also read it. So you can imagine how monstrous was a thing, a person who reads Zoshchenko and have fun from it, is able to create concentration camps. You can understand how difficult this topic is the Second World War. And the less ideological cliches, attempts something to shut up, to wipe, to forget, to say that there is nothing to parse, the greater the danger that this “plague” will come again.

The only vaccination I understand from the repetition of it all is the dissemination of Knowledge, the true knowledge of human nature, nature of all the intricacies that are associated with the birth, life and death!

I’m more than sure that if Hitler went Generic yoga, we would never had of Auschwitz. Do you understand the horror? If he had studied the axiomatics of yoga, he would renounce violence and so on. Well, God bless him with Hitler. Good price we paid, drowned him in the blood. And so he fought and that they did not break up, lost a lot of blood and he drowned in that ocean. Where is the probability that tomorrow is not there? What we will be next to drown in the ocean? I don’t like this term, friends? Much easier to do one small vaccinated than to stop the epidemic. Therefore, it is necessary to study yoga, study the basic humanistic principles, which are based on Vedic knowledge. This knowledge, it is imperative that we do some errors and then these errors are not turned into actions that lead to these horrors. The most monstrous perversion of all of fascism was that they all called themselves Aryans. More perversion to come up with harder. Even more perversion, that their main symbol is the Nazi swastika is an ancient life-affirming symbol, sun symbol, a symbol of life. How can I take part of the teachings, ability, powers, to tear them from basic Knowledge of humanistic principles on which it is built, to mess with everybody’s head, lead to rivers of blood, and then still die?!

This system, like fascism, is not viable in principle. It is not that the ideology that they were lucky or unlucky. Some Germans like to say that they would have won the war if it started a little earlier, the tanks would have been a little better and so on. Yes, they would have won the war, now from the historical facts it is clear that they could win it, but in any case, sooner or later they’d lost it. Because the ideology itself was Anita. It’s when you start to shove against the law of nature. Sooner or later, get squished. But before you crush, you can destroy all progressive mankind. And thank God that by the time the Second world war, Hitler did not have nuclear weapons. If by the time the war Hitler would have a nuclear bomb, the victims would be estimated at almost billion. In this respect the history of mankind is favorable to us that the war started earlier than it came to the creation of a nuclear bomb. And as you remember, it was created actually during the war. Also a very interesting section of the story. As this was done by the Germans, the Americans, as we were doing.

War visualizations

Okay, God bless him with Hitler. Humanity failed to prevent Hitler, a knowledge of yoga, as yoga was not then, nor was it distributed. Treatises on yoga have not been translated. Religion has not paid attention to its humanistic appeals. It was more of a background. Modern science does not recognize any humanistic aspirations. Modern science is devoid of what we call the First principle of yoga, not harm. And the war began, the war of stereotypes actually. War of the visualizations in this war, the more powerful visualization, closer to the truth, closer to Rita, oddly enough was the Soviet Union. With all our shortcomings, with all the despotic regime that then was, at 37 years, we were better. Anyway, in terms of humanity, we proclaim the idea closer to Rita. Closer to the ancient yogic knowledge than the Nazis. The Nazis proclaimed, God knows what negative and then performed. Hitler, when he was elected, said dispersed all political parties, there is only one political party – his. Came to power and fulfilled. The people, by the way loved it what man says, and does. A kind of Raja yoga: planned, announced, done!

But all the rest of his theories in the first place, the monstrous racial theory. This, my friends, theory is not something that the level of animals, this theory is not viable in principle, because Yes, there is a correlation between the bodies and the degree of samosoznanii those souls who live in these bodies, but the Higher I all the same, even the monkeys. The question is how to distinguish. They also postulated that there is a definite, nothing permanent correspondence between the body and the soul that lives in him. This is a terrible, fundamental mistake with yoga positions. Here is some political movement or doctrine will tell you what was the mistake of Hitler? What was his fundamental error? No, no one will say. In the best case, they say: “…Yes, he broke some religious rules, some universal values, which no one knows…”. It depends, if you recall, Germany at the same time staged the “Kristallnacht” in America was rampant Kuklusklan, who chased blacks. And one of them is better and which one is worse?

Terrible than fascism? No one can clearly theoretically prove where there’s a mistake. This means that you can always revive always the case under the pull base, always on the case to find disaffected youths. In every country there are assholes who just want some heads to smash. You can always make one group of people was dissatisfied with the other group of people and Bang their heads together. “Divide and conquer” – said in Ancient Rome. This is a war, a war of minds, war of the visualizations was lost to Nazi Germany. The question arises, how do we win? And there are very unpleasant moments for the Soviet Union. Yes, the truth was behind us. Yes, the idea of communism in its highest humanistic form, they are incomparably nearer to the ancient yogic conception of knowledge than the idea of fascism. Disproportionately. Between them the chasm. Sometimes I hear that I want to put on one plane of fascism and communism. No, friends, this is out of the question, because the ideology is fundamentally different. So the question is: “what is won then?” Defeated, I must say, monstrous price. There is still many factors that are now dropping off.

Indeed, in Germany, working virtually half of Europe. Why do something about it all forget. But in order to do the tanks, we need people, and in order to dig potatoes also need people. But if you have a lot of the occupied countries, then respectively, you have freed up manpower to do the tanks, and potatoes you may dig up in other occupied countries, i.e. the potential was great. Still need to say the next thing is, of course, German punctuality and the power of consciousness. Here is how are the Germans? Ordung. The power of consciousness, okay. Of particular relevance for the training of military. Military they cooked as we are not ready. I don’t know how we now have prepared a modern officers. As far as I can imagine, more emphasis has gone toward nuclear weapons, and technology. But in terms of military capability of course the Germans were the ones who could learn in terms of warfare. They took not the number, not training, they took the drill.

Are some funny numbers that our tanker before you get on the tank might have a few hours of driving, the tank control could not, at that time, as any German to take, until it attains a certain number of hours of practice, it is not allowed to fight. This made them destroying the battering RAM. In Russia the age-old lack of discipline, etc. etc. many factors that cause regret, but at the same time, friends in time of war loomed another factor that, I think we need the world to study and actually apply in our lives today. Sheer ignorance of the military, the utter unpreparedness of the army, strangely enough, was offset by the rear or the production of weapons. On the battlefield lost a lot of equipment, sometimes very mediocre. Mostly lost tanks. The latest tanks were lost because crews do not actually know how to fight them, they had not been taught. Dear tanks lost on the little things. Sometimes ammo runs out, sometimes out of fuel. Why? Nobody has tried to devise a system of food and ammunition. It was believed that if there is an army, it will attack, there is nothing here nothing to hold. And that’s when the war actually reached Moscow itself, at the same time the greatest act of heroism in the history of mankind, is still not meaningful and invaluable was made in the rear. When displaced a huge number of enterprises in the location of the Ural, moreover, they began to give products and by may, forty-two years, i.e. last year, they restored the pre-war production capacity.

Friends, I know it’s a factor that brought a shock to all Western economic experts. It’s a miracle compared with the other wonders of the economy, about which you ever heard. They say there is Chinese, Japanese, something done very quickly, the Koreans, the Chinese are now very fast and grow well, etc. Friends, it does not go to any comparison. In fact, during the war, our country’s industrial potential doubled. During the war! We have a restructuring of this pandemonium for twenty years and not seen any changes. As we lived through the sale of raw oil and live. And then less than a year recovered and began to increase. It’s really a matter of respect and awe to all Western analysts, who actually without any sympathy belonged to the Soviet Union, and now Russia. The question arises: “who did it?” And note – evacuation. What is evacuation? You go to the West trains with troops, and to the East you have to carry the enterprise; of course, the number of tracks is limited. Moreover, only you are going on some route with the Belarus that is to export, as the Germans captured junction station. You go through another station. Friends, the most interesting is that it all happened organized, without what we call “tube”. More precisely, they certainly occurred, but they instantly resolved, i.e. these questions are instantly resolved.

I know that each of you living in Moscow knows that the last decade as soon as the transport began to increase, the tubes here are not solved in principle. During the war solved these problems instantly. Now they can not, in principle, to solve it. And such examples I can give you a lot. The question arises: “Who did it? Who were these people who were able to control the defense, training weapons?” and I want you to imagine now in this lecture.

The role of Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Malyshev in the history of the Second world war

I want to present you a very remarkable man, his name was Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Malyshev. It was the Stalinist people’s Commissar, i.e., the person who under Stalin in the first five years actually raised the country. Is the one who actually was engaged in the evacuation of industrial enterprises and then, the one who began to produce tanks. In fact, the first years of the war, while our military learned to fight, and learned they, unfortunately, already during the war. To compensate for our inability to fight we could only excess equipment, in particular tanks. And not just tanks, and ultra-modern at the time tanks. There were two at the initial period of the war. One of them was called T-34, and the other was called the KV-1. It was the tanks that came as a shock to the Germans. The Germans went to Russia, hoping to see the Russian subhumans, and then they meet a design that their engineers and developers could not do in principle; this writes Gudarian in his memoirs that when at Mtsensk, he himself fell into an ambush, which staged several T-34 tanks, they are very seriously worried and Gudarian invited the best of German Industrialists to look at new tank, in order to make it as fast as possible to copy. When he came to the luminary of German industry they threw up their hands and said, “We, unfortunately, are not able for some reasons of technological nature to make such tanks.”

And here it turned out that the army can not fight, because no one could fight. The only limiting factor – ultra-modern tanks, they fought, too bad, they were gradually eliminated because of the inability of crews to handle them. They needed more and more, to at least some balance was, and these tanks had to produce. And make as if all of the enterprises from the West migrated to the East, i.e. it was necessary to urgently to resume production. And here came another, absolutely incredible record that was set under the leadership Malysheva, when our country went to number one hundred tanks a day. It never dreamed of Germany, it did not dream of any other country in the world. The question arises, who was that Manager who managed in the devastation, the lack of literally everything from food to spare parts, who managed to organize the production? And if you will be interested in this issue you will sooner or later learn the person’s name. This man, I repeat, his name is Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Malyshev. This is a man with absolutely fantastic inner energy, inner charisma, with a very tough willed decisions, who managed to collect all this together. So if we didn’t have Malysheva, there would be tanks. There would be tanks, there would be time for our military to learn to fight; they would be defeated earlier. Accordingly, the contribution of this man in the victory may be more than some military generals, but we don’t know.

When I start asking to speak with certain people about Malysheva, they all say: “who is it? Player? Television announcer? Who?” But let’s move away from emotions and on the other hand look at his figure. In his previous life, where I’ve worked, in particular, so fate was prepared, probably, so I rather hang out a certain amount of time that is considered elite in the business. Ie so fast my career was that at a certain stage I was doing business consulting. In the West this may be the crown of a career. People in the West get, as a rule, MBA, MSC, is a Manager on our way.

Only our Manager sounds kind of clumsy, and IBA in the West sounds just like the Soviet man it sounds profession is nuclear physicist or a man who launches a rocket into space. Ie, the mentality of those same Americans, it is original and there is a hierarchy of preferences in life, i.e. what kind of work is considered the most prestigious in life, a respected, well-paid. Emerges a definite career ladder. You were supposed to finish College; you had to get a MBA, and no where else, and there’s a certain small number of universities in Harvard, Princton, etc. then you work, as a rule, not sought, and the employer you were looking for and offered: “..that will not agree to go there or there or somewhere else…” Could you invite any firm, and could have even more high level consulting firm. Firms who advise other companies. People who are taught to do business. Business consulting. This is the limit. The ultimate dream, career, everything. Salary starts at obscene amounts. Generally considered very bad form to ask who gets what, tactless question. But the amount really indecent for a normal ear. But another question arises, what do they teach there in those IBA’s? Friends, I had the opportunity to touch, and I know firsthand what they teach. I can tell you that those qualities possessed by Malyshev, if each of us had them, we would no IBA would be necessary in principle. If you learn to make decisions, to work, to think, to behave in hands, to do his career, as did the kid, you don’t need any MBA.

I’m not saying that MBA is something bad, not if you have the opportunity to get it, it is necessary to. In General education, any education is an invaluable thing. But any one program will not teach you to do what you showed the kid. Therefore, I highly recommend you study his biography, especially those of you who are somehow associated with the business or in the future wants to do something useful for themselves and for the country in which he lives.

Let’s say you have your firm, your small business, your candle factory that feeds you, and you would like to properly learn how to manage this enterprise. And it’s always extremely useful to have a higher education, the same MBA, but this is not enough friends. Your inner charisma, the will to win, willingness to take risks, to take responsibility, dare to think – government is unlikely to give you any school. You can develop it yourself, inspired by the biography of other people. Therefore it’s highly recommended you such a biography to read. And the West has long realized this and with a known frequency publish these or other biographies of successful people. But that’s just the trouble, friends very often, when you read their biographies as a particular entrepreneur became a millionaire, everything is starting to resemble an old joke, I think American, when one asks the other: “How did you become a millionaire?” and the other responds: “Very simply, I worked. I picked an orange, went to market, sold it and bought two oranges, sold at a different price, put the orange tree, I grew a lot of oranges, I took them on the market, sold. I have more money, more opportunities to grow oranges, and then my uncle died and left me five million. So I became a millionaire.”

Even now, we have a billionaire in the field of IT technologies, the founders of the companies. And you begin to be interested in them as individuals and see that the person then and there, that is a coincidence and the person who by chance was in the right place at the right time, teeth jumped at the chance and do something like that rich. But if he were in a situation in which our country finds itself in the forty-first year, he basically couldn’t do anything; because for this you need charisma, when you scratch you will be able to do something.

Or as Cuban leader explained how they survived out here, when they have really bad economy began, the problems raised above, above and above the head. A legitimate question: “how do you breathe while under the water problems?” to which he gracefully replied: “And we made a tube, raised it above the water and breathe.”

Unfortunately, many modern businessmen to think of this not. So, as a biography, I want to recommend, I brought specially for today’s lecture book. The book is old release in 1981, the series “Life of remarkable people”, publishing house “Young guard” in Moscow. The book was written by author Viktor Chalaev and the book is appropriately called “the kid” (download the book on our website http://www.openyoga.ru/texts_oyum/malishev.doc). The book is written in a very peculiar style, through which literally shining charisma Malysheva, exactly what it does not teach one MBA. I highly recommend those of you who wish to explore the category of “Raja Yoga” or the ability to control other people, to read this book, read it. Moreover, if you see your career as a successful Manager, then sooner or later you have to face with our Russian reality. I think that’s the reality, unfortunately, over the last three hundred years has not changed. The same problems that currently exist, unwillingness to work, unwillingness to change anything, the desire to drink, desire tuneyadstvovat and parasite, it was under the Kid, it was in the year this is human nature, which is not changed with the change of the political system, or any technical achievements. People the most conservative and difficult to change part of civilization. That is, before the parasite by foot, cart went, now at Mercedes. Well, who cares, he was nothing and left nothing. You will sooner or later have to face the reality. And after reading this book, you will understand the example of absolutely terrible circumstances, first, time before the war, and then during the war. How does the Manager? And I don’t even know how to call it. Crisis management or something. I don’t even know under which section of modern thought it is all customized, he was the kid. In any case, friends, it is quite hard pressure from time, resource, unwillingness to change anything around, confusion, timidity. And here you are in these circumstances not just win, but win the enemy in Nazi Germany which, first, half of Europe, and secondly, the production of culture is rooted in the centuries and, thirdly, the elegance of it all.

Those who wants to make a career in management I would recommend next is to combine two factors. Factor explore this biography by a factor of mantra-yoga. To record on tape it with feeling, with properly, with deliberation and make an audiobook and leave it at home or in the same spread. And I urge to do those students who will be coming vacation, and they don’t know what to do with your mind. I recommend to use this book aloud.Combine the pleasant with the useful in the field of Raja Yoga and Mantra-Yoga. I’m just warning you, style in this book, several Soviet, many of the facts that there are, they are somewhat distorted. Many things that are now declassified, then they were classified, so there are some nuances of the Soviet style are present, but between the lines there is literally illuminate the basic ideas and some phrases, I think, just needs to be inserted in a modern textbooks on training managers. And phrases from different areas. I liked, for instance: “the Designer comes up with the doll and the technologist breathes life into it”. I immediately before my eyes stood the image of the Open Yoga University. You know, just to pass the yoga, well, you know yoga and just hand it over to someone is an Amateur work, guerrilla, said Malyshev, ie you can teach just one person, and millions more about this yoga will not even hear and you inevitably need to run to the stream. Hence arise the Internet courses, this kind of conveyor that yoga touched millions.

During the Second world war, the dream of Malysheva to produce a hundred tanks a day, or as we said before, to make a reliable vaccine in order to prevent the Hitlers need to be vaccinated with the knowledge to make it a wide range. And here suddenly it turns out the fact that if you just do yoga this is not enough to pass it on to as many people and need a certain technology, a certain sequence, and of course has to sacrifice something.

Yes, it turns out that some kind of design goes, but she is alive, friends. And verified good, as you know, verified good yoga books – all out there honestly, everything is clear and there are Sanskrit and philosophy, only to read it three people, including the author. And it is no good. And again – if you are doing your business, whatever it was, you will find a lot of things there is the factor of attitude towards people, and I repeat, a lot of things. That’s what life is illuminated.

Practice for managers.

Those of you who possess this desire, could recite aloud the book “the kid” (download the book on our website http://www.openyoga.ru/texts_oyum/malishev.doc). Start with caps enacted in the Open Yoga University: “my name is so-and-so, Open Yoga University, the book Kalmaeva “Malyshev,” the head first” and read. You remember that everything must have a beginning actual practice, the completion of practice. This is a General. And so you have accumulated, accumulated. Make audiobook. All audiobooks will be placed. Someone female voice will say, someone male. Why I insist on it? It will be a triple benefits. First, you in the field of mantra-yoga. Unfortunately, among the students I see the same factor that needs to be corrected – you are ashamed of your voice. You have it a crumpled, cut, are you afraid of your voice. It is necessary to develop, otherwise no Raja yoga will be. Remember that same Hitler started? It was he, who when we started to talk, he has nothing seen, not heard. But imagine if he mumbled. On the one hand, it is well that war has not begun. But on the other hand imagine you are a Manager, or that you are a kid and you need to raise the industry. If you Malyshev and say: (the voice of the lecturer sounds very quiet and inaudible) “Well, you know those tanks something to do, you know there here and there…” who would have listened to you. Ie first you read the text, and secondly, begin to produce a loud, yogi, confident voice with the right intonation. Third, if this really happens the full text, but you will publish it on the Internet, the people behind the wheel driving, in traffic jams are let about Malysheva listen and know what kid with any tube would be in Moscow in three days to be sorted out.

You see, friends, everything can be solved, the whole problem is that nobody wants to do, stupid not want to do. No will to win. Everyone is looking for excuses for why they do something can’t. The one who wants nothing to do looking for a cause who wants to do looking for opportunities. This whole book is impregnated with these thoughts. When I started to end certain materials for the production of tanks as was out of provisions. When implemented ultra-modern technology welding tank method Loaf of academician in Germany advanced in technological Germany, it was not, but the kid took a chance, he pushed the subject. Because he had a vision of the entire country.

And then the second moment for example, I said to myself, here I’d like to see the output from the Open Yoga University, every yogi or Yogini had at least partially these qualities. If you possess the qualities Malysheva, even not knowing some of these things in yoga, well, of course, the axioms you will know anyway, otherwise you will not release, Hitler, you won’t make friends, do not expect. I’ll just be happy. Because, friends, I like, to be honest, I don’t know the future, but something tells me that we should expect great upheavals, something tells me that this economic model that is, sooner or later it will exhaust itself, and the first to begin rocking America. And this parasitic way of life when you’re not doing anything; i.e., you do not work neither hands nor head, you’re just not making those who works with his hands and head, but just parasites not clear on anything; just sit and draw unsecured money, as you know, sooner or later, this period should end. After that, obviously, is the collapse of the system, after that is chaos. And still to revive a real country would have. And here is a chance of survival you have in this new environment, when you live not at the expense of ephemeral inflated debts, and at the expense indeed of his contribution to humanity you will have more, all things being equal, i.e. you will become more dominant. You will survive whatever crisis tomorrow wouldn’t be, you’ll be ready for war even if our politicians begin to recede as generals in the forty-first at Moscow, you will always have the rears to even it to cover. But how can this idea bring to modern people? No, they don’t understand what I’m talking about.

How the kid can give you the money?

Recently one comrade came. When I was talking about Malysheva, well, again he asked who is this? Player? Speaker? Announcer? It? I said, “No, don’t hit”. Began to tell him, and he to me: “…and the Stalinist people’s Commissar, and those years, now it’s different…” And I understand that the human brain blinders, he does not understand the world in which he lives, and he asks me: “what gave you the kid?” I found a very elegant answer, and it is a truthful answer. I know I need to talk to people in a language they understand. And he’s like a businessman…I replied very simply: “the kid gave me the money.” I feel that he did not expect such a reversal. Of course, this was followed by an explanation as who why why with the Ghost of certain moments, but now not about it. So my friends, for you: if you still don’t know why you have all these qualities, but what is the money each of you knows. Want money – read Malysheva! But only money is not bad, not stolen, not inflated from nowhere, and you yourself earned, you must possess charisma, prana, the ability to get out of the predicament, of the most adverse conditions. And here biography Malysheva, I hope you will inspire. Therefore, I ask to love and favor. So, friends, this let’s our presentation complete. All of the upcoming holiday. Yay!

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