2011_02_01 practice of meditation. Victoria Begunova.

Today, February 1, 2011-year. We are located in the Cultural “Enlightenment” center near Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow. My name is Victoria and is a thematic lesson for everyone.

Continuing the theme of concentration by consciousness.

Since this topic was held for several sessions, perhaps you have questions.


Vladimir Sevastyanov, Group 3: When I was very concentrated and then I start to shake, nothing to do with me I can not, nor can not relax, nothing. So it should be?

Victoria: Ie as soon as Vladimir begins to watch a movie or read a book, and these studies require maximum concentration, sitting at the wheel of a car, that too requires concentration, he begins whole-body vibration, it starts to shake. When doing yoga it is also shaking.

Vladimir: No, that is, when concentrating on one thing, specifically sit and meditate. It turns out that my body was distracting me.

Victoria: So there are any vibration. If we consider a yoga position, it may be (or may not) be the following process – a clear channel. Those. going channel cleaning: gross, subtle, subtle. But maybe other processes occur. It is difficult to comment on individual feelings, because Vladimir such states, and others – others. This is purely individual. Sometimes it happens, clean the channels, the energy begins to awaken (Kundalini).You know, if passed axiomatics of yoga course for our free line Yoga Courses kurs.openyoga.ru, that we have in our body is the basis of the original energy, sometimes it is called Kundalini. We live by the difference between the fact that this energy is released, and the fact that it immediately absorbs. we exist In this ostatochka. When we practice yoga, it produces more energy Kundalini emanations. And it is clear that this extra energy can go to the channel cleaning. So when we concentrate, it produces more energy Kundalini emanations. Energy rises on channels. Channels have dirty, begin to vibrate and clean. The energy does not pass quietly, and this begins shaking. This occurs during meditation, and perhaps, in time, Hatha Yoga and during yoga mantra. A person can just sit and listen to a lecture, and it shakes. Afraid this is not worth it if it’s not exactly shocking to the public, are not afraid, then vibrate on your health.

But as a rule, people are waiting for some kind of sensations from yoga. Though no. And when there are such vibration, the response is: “Oh, so interesting! This is something new”. When did this never happened before, that nice man. “I guess I have there is that matter” – think of such people. Although some feeling appeared from yoga. So sometimes it’s someone great pleasure. If it is the natural processes that usually they do not cause discomfort, does not cause severe pain.

Vladimir: There is no pain, but highly distracting.

Victoria: When Vladimir has a strong mind, he can control it. If a person sits, and begins to shake so much that he can not stop, then it shows that the power of consciousness is not large enough, it does not allow to take control of this energy.

Vladimir: I can not.

Victoria: It is necessary to try. Sometimes it happens that a person begins to shake, and he is given to this, and if I wanted to, it would stop the vibration. Just do not want to. Others will look at, say, “Oh! What yogi probably cool, it still vibrates! “

And pleased that think well and say that people in advanced yoga.

If it interferes with focus, you need to experiment. May divert attention to this vibration, or relax, lie in Shavasana. We remember that when doing yoga, we are like an alchemist, which explores its gross, subtle and causal body, puts experiments. So here is given at the mercy of, in principle, should appear here your creativity.

Generally this is often the case during a yoga mantra during pranayama yoga, and during meditation. If you are alive after that (laughing), it’s good.

Vladimir: I can not say that I was there, very frustrating. Just a hindrance.

Victoria: There are different situations. There are those emanations are so strong that a person begins to shake so that he falls, he just did not stop the vibration. This is extreme, and we should avoid these extremes.

What other questions about the concentration?

Kirill, Kiev, group 4: When we meditate using a mantra out loud, if this method of consciousness, we have the same intonation to read the mantra, or can be varied once. Will this method of consciousness, if I read the mantra, but with different intonations?

Victoria: Well, that was a constant rhythm in the mantra yoga. As pranayama yoga, good to find some kind of monotonous rhythm and rock, like a swing. Took, we rocked. Then, with this rhythm we work. This also applies to mantra yoga. If we often change the tone, change the volume of the mantra pronunciation, rhythm, we will be distracted by the outside of the yoga mantra. We can not turn off your mind: “Now sing beautifully, but now somehow not very. It is necessary to me to baritone, and now bass. Give me more. Now, higher take note. ” And instead of focusing on the essence of vibration (not only rude, but also fine), we switch on the outside of the yoga mantra: “Here is a rhythm, and-so.” Those. we begin to meditate, it is once again the work of reason. We focus not on what you need to. Therefore, it is a distraction that should not be used in the mantra yoga.

Experiment. It can do to find this rhythm here, to try and so, and so and so. As a result, after 10 years of experiments, you’ll see that the original was the best, and continue his practice for some years. Therefore, try, experiment, do not need to give preference to something external.

Many people think: “I guess I have a mantra yoga will not work, if I do not sound throat.” If you include a CD with mantras, there are all necessary to recite the mantra husky, very low voice. And many people think that “if I can not do that, then I can never awaken mantra and achieve some success.” That’s all – misleading absolute fallacy. There are people who have a voice, uttered the mantra – can not be distinguished from the well-known teachers, but their spiritual level leaves much to be desired.

The outer shape – a media content. Therefore, in a wrapper in which a bag diamond you incur no difference. Yes, even in a plastic, paper or pull out a bag of garbage. What’s the difference – a carrier. The most important thing – what’s inside.

To get involved in this overwrap is not necessary, although the reason for it is the most interesting, because it is very clear, it is possible to argue about, and the illusion that there is something much more difficult to dig in. Since we are being lazy, do not have any concentration of attention, it is easier to apply to the outside of the process. And for many years to think about it, write books, talk, philosophize, but did not reach the content. So, Cyril, practice!

What did you notice during those two weeks? What is your focus? What is your strength of mind? Are you able to control this force vector of consciousness?

Practitioners: Do not vsegda.Chastichno.

Victoria: But it’s better? At least you start to think? Changes have. Already well. Maybe this helped you in your practice? In mantra yoga, Pranayama in Yoga. When you have learned about concentration, about the power of consciousness and this can be Jnana (knowledge) could apply in their sadhana, in his personal practice?

Galina Yevtukhovich, Group 4: When we were at the seminar on Rita yoga really helped these classes, because some things have been difficult.

Tatiana Semenova, Group 4: I remembered about the concentration, trying not to go over his thoughts. About wave remembered, about the boat.

Victoria: That is all surfaced. Tanya good, it prints a thematic session, so she had deposited more than all the rest. And about the ships she remembers.

All the rest, of course, think: “what kind of ships.” This was our second lesson, remind.

Of course, without a focus, we are like an animal. We talked about this. We are like children, who are more prevalent involuntary concentration.

An arbitrary concentration – this is when we are using the tool will randomly choose where to direct the beam of his consciousness.

Involuntary concentration – is when your mind wanders beam is not clear where. We forget who runs, who runs the attention vector.

If we do not develop this aspect (arbitrary concentration), we will not develop, not only intellectually, but also spiritually and physically, because even physical development requires enormous concentration from us. Otherwise, we can not be one and a half hours in class on hatha yoga or kriya yoga. We quickly get bored.

If we have even a small force of consciousness, then we, even if we have to concentrate hard. We wanted to eat ice cream, we can send yourself and say, “No, you have to stay in the classroom and continue to practice.” Thus, we develop physically.

So without focus, we are like animals. Without any concentration that is basically synonymous with the will of expression. We will help control the flow of our consciousness that comes from our higher self.

What exercises remembered that we did in the thematic sessions?

Practitioners: Man.

Victoria: Because they are the most fun.

Natalia: It was interesting that when we were paired exercise “your bad karma you distracted,” the next day was exactly the same provocation. It was so funny, because it was exactly yesterday’s exercise.

Victoria: I recall. This is when we were divided into pairs and the number one played as good karma, good strength, happy, and everything was fine and well, but the second – the personification of negative karma: “Everything is bad! Now the bad, will be even worse! “. And they overtighten who wins.

Natalia law, it is very vital, and we reflected on the previous lesson that you are coming home and seeing his face unhappy home, household, could fall into a state of their own. They have so much influence on you that you forgot about his happiness, its joy, its yoga, his higher self. Intermittent concentration on the direction you want on top. You forgot at that moment about the Absolute. And you gave in the game of Maya, the game of illusion, negative karma. Just aching, just crying, just suffered, you were wrong. This concentration of power. If you are most concentrated at the top, if you constantly, 24 hours a day thinking about Absolute if you are focused on the axioms of basic laws of the universe, on the three principles of yoga, then you have nothing can knock down. No Maya, the illusion of no force, no negative karma.

But, unfortunately, we have a weak strength of mind, we have bad concentrating, and we often forget about the Absolute, about all these laws, in general about everything that we have heard here, seen and studied. Well, if we come from time to time in the “cloud of the school,” and we “napominalochka” here is this: “Absolute exists. The world is beautiful. We must apply the principle of contentment in their lives. There are three basic principles of yoga. There is a notion of freedom “, etc.

But should “go” on a half-year in ordinary life as our concentration at the top is not enough, and we succumb to another’s influence. This practice is very common in life. Literally every step she is with us. Therefore, if we practice in the form of games, we are working on associative connections.

Why is it useful to take classes? Why is it useful (even if it is in the form of a game) something work? Do you have any small, thin an association, but will spend. As it flows prana. You will get at least a small, but experience.And in a similar situation in your life you tend to repeat here this way. Why? Because already have this track. You will at least have a choice: either do as you received before, or have already come under this new law that you have brought to your inner universe. At least there is a choice, and that’s good. And if you’re in the classroom have established a strong associative link, established a new law in his universe, he can dominate your normal life and all of the old laws, associative links will crumble. It is not good, so to speak.

Those. good associative links will dominate and the bad we all tear. Let funny, albeit we are like children who play some children’s game, but it’s really serious, very much so. All rests on a very solid axiomatic basis.

Today, let’s take the attention activity with the body. Then we will focus on the idea, like the idea of the Absolute. And we’ll do a group or pair practice.

Exercise 1.

Sit up straight. We will concentrate on the crown of the head.

Remember, we are concentrating on the spine? Better you began to feel the spine after that?

Practitioners: Better.

Victoria to continue the practice at home?

Practitioners: Yes.

Victoria: Go on, even if you are a month some practice concentration on the spine, you will feel it clearly. And then will not have problems with concentration on the central channel and on the malls. If you do not feel even a central axis, then you will be difficult to concentrate on the centers. Not to mention the central channel. So continue the practice of concentration on the spine. This can be a separate meditation, and perhaps during shavasana after each asana. Here you do the asana, for example, lay down to rest for 2-3 minutes, and at this time you are viewing the spine, concentrating. What is easier than to just sit down and present or physically feel your spine.

So, sit up straight. You can (but do not hurt) nogotochki pressure on the crown. Just touched. You will recall that our task is 100% involvement. It is very difficult, and I demand from you that are not. Still part of the mind will be on the present and on the other some internal processes (on the breath). However, the maximum extent possible, concentrate.

We scattered attention.

How to present it?

We have our I. From our I are energy and consciousness, which appear to act in this world. Ray of consciousness we scattered, how much ambient light. And we need to collect all the strings, and then send to where we want. Where do we send voleizyavim. And as far as we get, we collect the scattered light, the rays and direct on top of the head.

Do not get distracted, try not to be distracted nor breath nor extraneous sounds or the internal sounds or to their hallucinations. By the way very often it happens that there is “departed angels”, of course, I want to fly over the angels. But we have a challenge – to take itself into a fist, they say, have the will and say, ‘Voleizyavlyayu only concentrate on that. ” Whatever it was interesting – not distracted. If you, as a child, or a dog, which brought sweet bone, of course, what then top of the head. If we are like this dog, of course, we digress. If we are not dogs, we will try to show this. Still, we are more highly developed already exists.

Do not forget that yoga is against violence.

If you have sore legs, back numb, then this exercise can be done lying down. If initially you know that do not soak for 15-20 minutes, then lie down. One minute to concentrate more normally, and hold, control their attention longer – it is already a problem for us. But then again, everything in our power. And our existence, they are subject by their nature to our higher self and our will. Only issue is that we are not accustomed to consider themselves their higher self and to control their symptoms.

So only top of the head. The eyes, of course, do not open.

Practice 12 minutes.

Victoria: Who wants to share feelings, experiences, and have any questions?

Goskova Anastasia, Group 3: Not only am I in this meditation, but before, drew attention to the fact that the concentration of a certain degree of care is not just any extraneous thoughts, but purely physical sensations. If the pain of some sort. For example, I was worried back, but at some point, when the concentration exceeds a certain limit, even the physical sensation goes away. Those. not only consciousness, but the energy is also subject to these sensations.

Victoria: For consciousness is energy.

Vladimir, group 3: The top of broke.

Victoria ensued, Vladimir said.

Vladimir: Body did not feel the crown of lights and all.

Victoria: When people meditate for hours, or even days, they no longer feel my body. This is due to the fact that they are concentrated on the maximum a particular area.

Practitioner 1: I felt the top of his head, as a field area where something like a five-ruble coin. And I concluded that when I meditate, I feel very good crown.

Practice 2: 11 times my mind was trying to hide.

Victoria’s thoughts were? Were you able to pull your mind of all thoughts and all the same it was difficult to give up the idea?

Practitioner 3: I have not been implicated, and they somehow go away.

Victoria: if we were at this time uttered some kind of mantra or the name of the Absolute, it would be much easier, but I did not give it special to see how possible without any auxiliary factors to focus the beam of consciousness.

Kirill, Group 4: I have a feeling there was that every time I go back, even if the mind is me somewhere gone, and the concentration, as the fireproof amount, it continues from the point at which an end. So it should be, or is it an illusion for me, such a hallucination? When even mind ran to the side, attention to escape, then the return of concentration continued with the same level, which was before the account is gone.

Victoria: Ie step forward, two steps back. Something you going?

Kirill: No, on the contrary.

Victoria: And, vice versa. Those. even if the mind goes somewhere, then, when you return the focus back on the desired object, you have the concentration was stronger. You see why, because you are still able to control the flow of thoughts that go. You are shown the will, and the more often we show its will (remember our practice “outlined-made”), the more we start to believe in yourself more power we have become, more strength, better concentration. Now, if you absolutely forgotten, I would go for this idea and would come back tomorrow, and then, you know, as if by accident back faith in his will would have been much less. And the concentration would not be so strong. Those. the more we voleizyavlyaem, the more often we control their symptoms, the less they believe themselves, and increasingly see ourselves as your higher self. And the higher the level of self-awareness, the more power and concentration. It is natural. More freedom.

Alex, Group 3: It seemed to me that is very conducive to concentration, meditation (long noticed) kechari wise. It was as if she closes the sensation felt on top. Nyasa and mentally, of course, the Absolute Nyasa very helpful.

Victoria: I deliberately did not give some auxiliary things, but if they are themselves came, you probably had the experience and involuntarily you got, but what can you do well.

Anton Porhun, Samara, Group 4: Concentration on top feel a rhythmic pulsation. By focusing on rhythm, I had to intensify. Should we do it?

Victoria: We had a little meditation on this part of the body, but you can, of course, concentrate more, if these vibrations are pleasant, we continue to focus. If the vibrations are stronger and they are not afraid of us, and pleasant, then let them worse.

Has anyone read Gopi Krishna “Kundalini”?

There was a uncle, who did not have a teacher and just concentrated on the top of the head or imagined light simply concentrating on that area. And so dokontsentrirovalsya that awoke his Kundalini. Yes, he did not know what to do. He meditated for a long time, for several years, because I’m not worried about you. You can not certainly repeat it.

Q. And before that he domeditirovalsya?

Victoria: It domeditirovalsya to the beautiful, to the state of enlightenment. Got all Sidhi necessary, all that is necessary. Not only sahasrara, but most saw the Absolute.

Again, I do not consciously say to not be interested in you before the exercise was to clean an arbitrary concentration.

It is now, I added about Gopi Krishna and you just want to meditate on the crown of the head. Do not hatha yoga to do, concentrate on makushechke all. I do it consciously, that you felt, what level of arbitrary concentration you at the moment. We are told that even the most interesting object sooner or later cease to be interesting. And then we just extremely necessary force arbitrary concentration. As if we were not in love with a certain person specific and directed all their attention on it, sooner or later it becomes uninteresting to us. If we go for the second stage of the yoga of love, we need an arbitrary concentration. No arbitrary concentration when we are experiencing not only the ups and downs, we can not go to the deeper stages of his spiritual development. If we consider the Triad or the yoga of love, it is the third stage.

As much as we may be interested in learning Open Yoga University http://openyoga.ru/ we take off, we have the maximum concentration, then sooner or later we fall there times when we are no longer interested in the process. And without any concentration, we can not unlearn 4 years. There are some more interesting activities, and these activities will distract our attention. Something interesting for us, sooner or later cease to be so for us. We can meditate on the Absolute, but sooner or later we get tired of the Absolute, and we will already be interesting to think about it, concentrate on it. And here to help our will. We are using the expression of the will turn their attention to the same Absolute. This will help us even more to reveal it.

Exercise 2.



Let’s do the following exercise. We talked on the theme that if we direct our consciousness to some object, phenomenon, an idea, a concept, these things begin to open for us. And the stronger the degree of concentration, the deeper the subject reveals itself to us. Whatever unfolds inside out. It appears in all its nuances. We begin to know the subject, this phenomenon? and if we analyze our life, the way it is. If we concentrate on any task, it begins to unfold for us. The scientist, for example, begins to observe the phenomena of nature, simply observe that such an observation? This means that it is a ray of the consciousness directs this object begins to be considered from all sides, to analyze. Scientists have maximum focus on this object. And this place, this phenomenon, the law of nature begins to unfold them. Through concentration we have all the scientific progress. All that we have – due to the concentration of power.

To all agree mention that today we have a series of lectures on the following topic is the theme of “Freedom.” many of you to these lectures Maybe not ever thought, “Well, freedom and liberty. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press”. For you, it was not something so, what would be worth to think, to reflect. The lectures, which has been underway for several months, parted you this item? Parted. If you came for the first time on such a lecture: “Oh freedom, oh, something interesting.” The second lesson, do you have like that term. By the tenth hour, you can already speculate about svobods. Okay, talk, you’re already within the normal life of thought back to this concept, and you try to apply the knowledge in their lives. You have begun to focus on the fact that visiting lectures, a half hour into focus attention on the concept of freedom. It has little, if any, reveals the essence of the phenomenon, object, idea. And if you did not eat would not be asleep, and only thought about the concept of freedom, then I assure you that you would have come across a couple of months to a lecture and said: “Vadim V., now I’ll explain!”. And indeed revealed to the full depth of this issue, this phenomenon. If from time to time to concentrate – something to let them know, but there was no involvement of the total, so that the maximum concentration on the idea.

It is said that scientists are not of this world. They can not eat, sleep. It’s all in her some peace and think only about the formula, how to solve it there, bring some law. And indeed after some time, they reveal the world that formula. Recently we mathematician from St. Petersburg, for it is clear that he does not eat, does not sleep, only concentrates on mathematics and, please, I decided a formula that many great minds could not solve before. This does not mean that he is better, smarter. It says only that it is more focused than others. And other people to solve other problems, focused on the other. So every one of you, in principle, can reveal this concept of freedom to the depths, to the very core. And the more we focus again on some concept, the stronger, the more this concept is revealed to us. If you do not eat, sleep, and think of the Absolute, it will be revealed. Be sure to unfold.

Vladimir: Do not eat, sleep is necessary?

Victoria: (laughs) Of course!

But the fact is that not so often we turn to the Absolute. We think of their work, and something we get to work. Why? Because we concentrate on it. Think about soap operas and soap operas, we are beginning to unfold. Who has any hobbies, I do not know, but once you start to think about them, you begin to understand something, to talk even on this topic. And if you do not concentrate on that, this phenomenon will not be disclosed. You can not even say anything about this object.

Therefore, the exercise will be as follows:

Sit up straight. And we think about the concept of freedom. We think so that there is total involvement. We argue in my head. Any thoughts on what not distracted, “Oh, this is the lecture probably tell, surprise of all present. Oh, what a thought came. “

It still will be a distraction. We are interested in the concept of freedom. So different, and if there are ideas, only on this occasion: “As far as I am free? Why is inherent in me freedom? As far as I not free? Can I be free? “

The more you focus, the more will arise such questions and you will answer them yourself. This applies to all the rest. If you do need to solve any task in life, you are faced with something, then you get involved as much as possible, and this problem is starting to open up to you.

So, the idea of freedom. Here we already have the mental work.

Question: Is it possible graphs, tables represent?

Victoria: Charts, tables, pictures, whatever. Then it will record, zarisuete.

Thus are born the great work. Geniuses are concentrated, and within them are all born.

Sit up straight. Begin.

Practice 15 minutes.

Victoria: It was possible to at least a little focus on the concept of freedom?

In ordinary life we have in mind any thoughts? Here you are going to work in the morning. As the record plays in a circle, as a rule, small debris, thought about anything. Here accustom themselves to the next. Tell yourself: “Who is a half hour, I will think of the sun.” And I think a half hour. To know, it was a free field, which we have, as a rule, it is not clear what fills. Dirt some. And you say to yourself: “And now I think of my mother.” And precisely 20 minutes to think of my mother. That discipline yourself, it is very useful. It is useful to know what you have in mind, and to closely monitor all of these thought processes.

“So, I am going to work, at work, such a case. So, clearly. 20 minutes, I think of my case, I have to do at work. ” And do not let any other thoughts, and clearly concentrate only on a given topic. “Let me concentrate on the concept of freedom” – and continue in the same spirit.

Probably many of you have noticed (remember the lessons in school or institute), that there are such thoughts: “Well, Che listen to this teacher? Love, spring, vacation, home any care of the problem. ” We do not even say to ourselves that we will think about love, about vanity, about home affairs. These thoughts spontaneously climb, and we look at them. And there is something, porridge some loose, some chatterbox. I think some, and perhaps many, while having himself said: “All right, listen, love well and good. There will be lessons here and think of the object of love. And now think about math or physics. And half an hour listening to the teacher clearly. It was you that? It was. So, who was he finished with a corresponding estimate school or university. This also applies to employment. Here we come to yoga class, or you are already a teacher, for example, or the future teacher. You there are some problems, and health is not very much, and your feet all ottoptali in the subway, and everything bad. And instead, to come to class and say clearly “Yoga! Bhava! Absolute!”,teacher or person on the mat continues to think about the problems, the continuation of “kashevarki” in his head. And after a while after you have come to practice yoga to cleanse it, especially if you kriya hatha or exercise vigorously, by the end of this session you this cereal has no clarity in the head. Finally still “Yoga!”, But activity was over. But still a relief that is, you get rid of this garbage. This also applies to teaching. You, as a future teacher, must, of course, to accurately track their thoughts. When you sit down on the mat, no porridge should not be. You clearly said to myself: I have a half hour Bhava, Absolute Yoga, and then think about anything. You must keep track of these aspects. This also applies to a strong practice, this applies to sex. If you want to get the most pleasure from sex, you should be as small as possible distracting thoughts. And if during sex you, ‘Oh, I probably look bad. Oh, I have a problem. Oh, what to cook for breakfast “(laughter). If this is love, and the first meeting, then, of course, no extra thoughts. If you live more than a year together, these ideas often come: “How are the children unfed?”, Etc. From this joint pastime you do not get any pleasure, because all the required concentration. The smaller the mind, the greater the pleasure.

Tell yourself: “Who is the Triad of practice.” In humans, problems, worries, no money, and he got involved in the practice of the Triad. At the time of the practice is no problem. There is only the Absolute, Bhava and all. Later, coming out of the practice after it was immersed in his care, think about anything. As a rule, if we can redirect their attention from one thought to the other, which we want, then the first left alone, de-energized, because they themselves are nothing, soap bubbles. If we do not pump up their energy, they simply do not have, it is an illusion! We are giving them the power. If we can not think about them for half an hour, then they will disappear. And then, coming out after class, you think, “Well, now, some problems could remember. So no. ” And the problems differently start to look. This is called working with associative links, which also fits the theme of our attention. From one associative links (thoughts) we pull all of some aspect – either the energy or consciousness. Because we now have a class on the strength of consciousness are directed, then we pull the ray vector and direct their attention to other associative links and upload to the prana. The first de-energized and disappear. And all is well, and clarity more beautiful and peace!

So set yourself such a rule: “Now go home, I’ll keep track of your thoughts, how to be, and how not to be – I decide.” Not so at the mercy: “That’s all that is in my head, and let them be.” Of course, you can here is the state of emptiness to save, when you go after class, and any thoughts at all, and do not want to let any thought, because the state of clarity, tranquility. You can, of course, stay in this state, this yogic state and very well if it is. If you do not understand that the chaos of some kind, then clearly presiding over what is right and what not.

Exercise 3.

Unfortunately, we did not have time for group practice, let’s at least five minutes will practice paired. Just very quickly, without further ado. Turn to each other and all. Very, very quickly.

Number 1 – you feel bad, you’re depressed, you do not want to live: “What is Yoga? What is Absolute? What freedom? In general, it is impossible to live in our country. Such roads, government, prices are rising, wages are falling. What to rejoice? The trend is, but the trend is only on the decline. The price of fuel is increasing, even though the price of oil – not. The more it is generally possible to explain? All the bad and going to get worse! I assure you, will be even worse! A crisis! And as always suffer first and foremost we are Russian citizens. etc “Ie you have to internally tune that everything is very bad.

Number 2 – it is joy and happiness: “All well and good, but will be even better.”

The task at №2 – get the word out of depression, depressed state of №1.

A №1 disagrees.

№2 may also words, eyes, laugh, №1 to at least smile. This is your victory.


Practice 15 minutes.


Victoria: Raise hand – who won. What won goodies? №2 we had Bhava. Not practicing the principle of contentment, ie you can not infect their Bhava, with its light, the joy of others. Hence all the same in our country is still bad (laughs). In this and finish the job. Dull, dull. Already, probably better for the first time there was even less of victory.

What prevented №2 win? Those who did not win, Bhava? What prevented?

Kirill: Little time, if a little more time.

Setting everything and №1, №2 and:

When we met at home or at work or on the streets of their friends, who in a state that’s decadent, more time to find and bring the person to your level, the level of bhava. I understand the problem, right? This homework.

Irina Bayazitova, Group 4: I find it difficult given the concentration on the crown, can be a simplified version as a home?

It is necessary to review, listen to, or read our thematic sessions, there is a lot of such exercises can be more simple for you.


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