2011_02_22 practice of meditation. Victoria Begunova.

Today, February 15, 2011. We are located at the Cultural Center “Awakening” near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya” in Moscow. My name is Victoria. This thematic session of the International Open University of Yoga for all comers. The theme of our lesson, “The practice of meditation.”

Victoria: As your success in focus? What are the issues, experiences, maybe there were some internal processes during this period, and you want to share? And what was the homework?

Answer: Infect sad, sad, aching human Bhava.

Victoria: Ie the force of his concentration on the higher states, the state of Bhava, on the inside of the concentration of this state infect all the others. So how is it?

Answer: This is a problem, there are no such people aching, glad to meet, but they are not.

Victoria: Ie in your universe only Bhava?

A (continued): People are quite active, at least they rajas predominates.

Victoria: Well done, Light. Good you universe.

Victoria: Who is worse?

A: Enough whining people who are constantly on the negative, not logical arguments, nothing of it is not possible to withdraw the negative. Worse and worse. Punch is not possible, like a stone wall. They do not want to go, even the slightest desire not, let alone do something about it. It is not known why. I think so, they seem to be comfortable there.

Victoria: And maybe a little of our inner strength? Maybe you do not have established themselves?

Answer: Maybe. You know it has to be constantly as a stone wears away a stone, a single one-spraying is not enough. We need time.

Victoria: Ie If you own a gloomy cold northern sun, then everyone around you will be cold, and also frown. And if you’re scorching southern sun, you even can not force anyone to bask, and they will be warm and natural to you.

A (continued): They wonder what you’re so happy? And what you so well? And why are you so happy?

Victoria: What else do you do exercise at home? The concentration on the crown of the head. Analyzed, it turns out there to concentrate on something or all also distracted attention in your life?

Answer: very nice things very well manage to concentrate, and less pleasant worse, but sometimes you can force myself to concentrate.

Victoria: Ie involuntary concentration of attention, which is good at animals and children, we have it good at it, too. But that is inherent in the mind more than the highest – is difficult for us. We must have somehow different.

Q: The concentration during the meal can be considered whether the method of consciousness?

Victoria: Yes. If we concentrate something, showing the will, and we are not so interested in this food, and we still concentrate on it, as we chew, what we have taste. That, of course, it will be concentrating. We are, as a rule, when we consume food, think about something quite strangers, not food absorption. And here we voleizyavlyaem and say to ourselves: “I will concentrate on what I’m doing now. I’m I’m eating, and I will focus on this action. ” And it will focus by consciousness. It is very good. You concentrate attention on what you are doing at the moment. Those. You are aware of all the processes that are happening to you at the moment.

Question (continued): That is, if the meal is my pleasure, I am pleased, and I could not help concentrating on it, it is the energy method, perhaps?

Victoria: In how many of us lack? We absorb the food, and if we are very hungry, then this process the first few seconds of pleasure to us. It is an involuntary concentration of attention (energy method). A few minutes later we be satisfied with all the richness of these experiences, and we have to think about something else entirely. And if we decide to concentrate by consciousness, then you need longer, not only when you have captured the process, but also when you yourself have outlined, that’ll some certain amount of time to focus on the process. We remember that, ideally, we should combine and energy method and consciousness. Energy Method – this is when we have an exciting process, but still our will is present. Those. it is not something that someone pulled our attention without our will and without our knowledge. It will not be meditation. In meditation, energy method or consciousness will be present. Those. my own will, not someone else’s. Those. when you watch TV shows when you are immersed in them, you all very interesting, what’s going on, it may not be your will of it you pulled over some emotions, for any thoughts or even for something. But it is not your will. Or, when we focus on something bad, we have some problem or some kind of enemy, then we do not need to force yourself, we naturally can think about it for days. But that does not mean it’s focus. We were fascinated by the emotion, we have become a slave to this emotion. Those. Will says: “I do not want to think about that person, I voleizyavlyayu not think I’m tired of this.” And emotion wins, draws and your will, your attention, your energy. You do not want to think about it, but day and night about it and just think. This, of course, is not meditation. Meditatsiya- is when you yourself voleizyavili on something to focus like it or not.

Question: On the negative associative links. To argue with people, I can eat it is not known that (say a jar of horseradish, mustard). And voleizyavlyayu – I’ll do it, I want to win the argument and eat the mustard. Those. their consciousness directed to the fact that I do not like, forced himself to do it. And there is such an association is that you this will never pritroneshsya greater effect stupid as backlash. But are you able to overcome.

Victoria: And next time will say – “drink acetone.” And you say to yourself – “yes, I drink voleizyavlyayu acetone.” And to drink after the acetone never want (laughs). Remember that in yoga there are two fundamental principles – the first and second principles (first – kindness, nonviolence, and the second – of common sense). And if a bet you’ll eat mustard, it is, first, a violation of the first principle of yoga (you bring the suffering of his body), and secondly, breach of the second principle. It is better to bet on something more reasonable – for example, to learn in a few days work of a famous writer and recite it by heart. This debate is really reasonable. Then it is possible to argue and prove that I can, I’ll do it. We should always sum up to any situation, the first two principles of yoga – it is a landmark. Those. If you doubt, think about these two principles, and check. If everything is in order, check the two principles have been, do. If there is a violation, then there is no yoga, why all this be done? What a way to close the Dharma. Those. You walked along the path of Dharma or looking this way, feel for him, and deliberately turn away from this path in any jungle, moreover, by the nonsense.

Q: I read in some book that if you can not calm the mind, and meditation is not very effective, this indicates that the person is not implemented and did not follow the path of his Dharma, so it can not in any way to soothe your mind. It can be like to comment? If it is implemented, it is easier to concentrate consciously.

Victoria: Of course. If we hit upon the path of Dharma and we go on this way, it is already talking about this quite a high level of self-awareness of the “I”. Those. We have more prana, greater awareness of the “I”, more energy and consciousness, and our consciousness, attention is more under control. Yes, here it is possible to carry out such a correspondence, if we go to that extent our concentration is much stronger on its path of Dharma. When we grope, we recently in the human body, has recently started to develop the mind, of course, the degree of concentration is very weak. Those. We increasingly see ourselves as their manifestations. And if we feel its manifestations, we do not control them, they do not control.

Question: If a person is experiencing some sort of severe pain if any equipment on the concentration of attention on something else. Because the pain draws consciousness. If the opportunity to influence the situation?

Victoria: There are a variety of methods. If we have a very well developed ability to control their attention, we tough enough by his attention to transfer to this association (pain, some emotion – this is an associative relationship). We can with the help of his will throw their attention to something else. But you need to have an iron will and really manage your attention, your consciousness. Those. have a great experience in this. And if a man has this quality, it can voleizyavit, and think about something else, ie, throw his attention to the other any associative relation. But we still do not have a degree of freedom, such a degree of control over their symptoms. Yoga says that if we as yet difficult to implement such harsh methods, the way out of this – is to find any associative relation, where our attention will be interesting. , Do not you have, of course focus on the fact that we did not wonder where you only make yourself. And it is necessary to find such an association, such a phenomenon, a process, an object which will fascinate us, he attracts our attention. Those. here for involuntary concentration, ie, energy method. If a person is sick, suffering, and if suddenly in his field of vision will be a point of interest, all attention switches to the object. For example, if you are ill, and came to the sea, then all your attention plunged in the beauty of nature, and you forget about the pain.

Or do you feel any pain, and you come to a friend who did not start whining, but on the contrary, with Bhava, so radiant, and took some funny things to tell distracting. And, indeed, the patient has already forgotten about his pain, already laughing and rejoicing. A friend left, and again everything is bad, again concentrating on the pain. So here you need to find something that would be carried away our attention. Each person in different ways. Someone interesting draw, he is doing and forget about the problems, suffering, pain. Or take an interesting book, and so much interested in reading, he forgets about his pain. Of course, everyone needs to find their own some strong positive associative links, and they pulled our attention.

Question: A deep level of relaxation, for example, in shavasana, it depends on the degree of our concentration?

Victoria: Of course.

Question (cont’d): But it’s a little different, there are more aspects of energy than consciousness?

Victoria: Our goal at the time of concentration of consciousness to extend the rays of the many thoughts, objects, phenomena. Those. so our attention was not distracted, and concentrated in one beam (beam). And while this is happening shavasana effect when there is no thought. Ie, our ray of consciousness is not distracted, and is made up of all of these objects. The only thing that it can be sent on any one object, and may, as in shavasana dissolve itself will reach a higher level, when there is no object. Savasana by itself – it is a very powerful practice, and mastery of yoga depends on how you can practice Shavasana. The final step is shavasany- samadhi. Those. If you razotozhdestvilis with its all structures, not only with the gross body, but also with the subtle and causal bodies. And consciousness is first concentrated on a single object, and then completely stopped (ie Samadhi without object), it is just the ultimate goal of yoga. You can never relax if your attention is distracted (and on the body and on the mind and even on something). We need a strong concentration to be able to relax and be able to razotozhdestvitsya. Without focus does not work, you can not even pass along the corridor to eat (you choke on), you can not do anything in this world. Animals, of course, can not control the thoughts and control your emotions, and the person due to an arbitrary concentration achieves this control. If you want to control your emotions, thoughts, your body, etc. need to focus, ie his mind control.

Question: Being in a good place, where nature has to meditation. It is better to meditate on the external (natural beauty) or internal? How to meditate on the outside?

Victoria: There meditation on internal and external sites. Meditation on that and on the other remarkable. Focus on internal structures, any internal images are sometimes more difficult than on external objects. If you are outdoors, you can, first of all to meditate on the beauty of nature, and it is also very powerful meditation. But what it does not become a five-minute job. The first few minutes – it’s beautiful, great, great, and then all get tired, bored eyes already, and has all the usual and no longer want to concentrate on this. But if you intentionally meditate on external objects, then how to conduct practices. If you meditate on the sea, the concentrate is not a second, and then the consciousness somewhere to escape, but the allotted time, so, really, you have a concentration of energy and method, and the method of consciousness. You must connect the two concentration method (of consciousness and energy) then it will be really meditation. Very strong meditation, if you concentrate, for example, the rising sun, the outer meditation can be connected to the inner. You meditate on the boundless sea on a clear blue sky, and it is like the inner and mental emptiness. A lot of meditation there. Or meditation at the starry sky, where a huge number of stars, and you dissolve in all this. There are meditation, when we connect the internal and external, where the line between micro- and macrocosm. And meditation, perceiving external objects of meditation, you perceive and understand more than the depth of internal objects and phenomena. So well both, it should be present in our lives and practice.


Exercise 1.

Today we will meditate on the point between the eyebrows. We provide this practice with your eyes closed. Our goal – not to be distracted by experiences on the images that will emerge during our concentration.

Our task is to our attention not jump like a monkey, and so we pulled out the rays of the consciousness of the other facilities and fully transferred to our object of meditation (on the point between the eyebrows). If very difficult to feel, you can nail knock over this area, but certainly not to the blood.

Question: When you are focusing on the point between the eyebrows, it is possible to direct the attention, but you can go there and even the eyes (pupils) to direct. Here’s how to correct?

Victoria: Yes, of course. When there (to the point between the eyebrows), attention is drawn, and then look to get going.

Q: And where physiologically this point exactly is? Between the eyebrows or a little higher?

Victoria: We’re looking at the point between the eyebrows, and naturally turn out.

Question: Once touch to this point, or you can keep your finger there?

Victoria: If you constantly keep you awake, then focus on the discomfort in his hand. Therefore, once we made, and enough.

During this practice you can get sick head. Then relax the muscles of the eyes and attention on leave at this point. Because, as a rule, the pain comes when we begin to physically look at this point. Therefore, if there is pain, we relax the eyes. And we note, still remains on the field. So, any thoughts. Do not get distracted on anything extraneous or external sounds, no thinking, all our attention is immersed in this area.


The practice of meditation on the area between the eyebrows – 10 minutes.

Victoria: How much you have enough?

Answer: There were times when there was a good meditation, and there were moments when there is just a lot of thought, and they lead away, and for a brief moment forget about this point. And when you remember, come back, and the concentration is stronger. To feel the heat.

Victoria: Who else wants to share?

Answer: Such an interesting moment was when we finished, attention spread out all over his body, and I knew very clearly feel the whole body, as if it were warmed, after the Kriya. Those. attention seems so gathered there, then when that broke, it is highlighted so clearly the body. I had a feeling that I feel every cell.

Victoria: Very good point.

A: I found that the concentration at any place on the body and mysleobrazovaniya – are two different things. Those. can properly concentrate and is mysleobrazovanie. Of course, you look at them from the outside, but they are still there, but you do not involve. It turned out to be two different things.

A: I was not able to locate this point, it is spinning. I connected the feeling, imagine that at this point I am hammering a nail, but it does not hurt, but felt. Cruel, but very effective, I will not be distracted.

Victoria: Brutally you to your body. It would be better presented a drop of race, a beautiful flower.

A: I’ve had some strange feeling, when I started to concentrate, then I suddenly realized that my forehead to me, in fact, not only has a relationship. What does it mean to concentrate on my forehead? Some external object. And I’m not here, but let’s sit somewhere in the coccyx (for example). Those. for I was concentration as something foreign, such as a tree. As if my forehead, my body – I do not actually. It was some external, like a tree or something other for me.

Victoria: Ie you no longer feel this part of the body is so strong that it turned into something extraneous, different from your “I”. We have already focused on the spine and on the crown of the head, and at the point between the eyebrows, and on the abdomen (the navel). For home practice take any object and concentrate. Here, of course, matters on which we focus, but largely affects how much we could get involved and how much time we have had enough. But if you, for example, does not cause any difficulty to concentrate on the point between the eyebrows, but you do not feel the spine, then devote more time to the project, which is difficult to concentrate. We have the same concentration method is now unconscious. We are developing an arbitrary concentration of attention on what we ourselves have chosen, where we even hard. Those. we will have to apply. At the time, it is desirable to concentrate for 15-20 minutes.

Exercise 2.

Focusing on the idea. Today’s our idea on which we will focus, will be our Higher “I”. To all my thoughts revolved around our “I”: “I have the” I “that is the” I “, what is my” I “, from someone I’ve heard that it is a free, all-powerful, that my” I “and the Absolute – the same thing, my “I” and “I” person sitting next can not be divided, where it ends, “I” and the other person begins? Etc.”.

The main thing that you dripped deeper and deeper into this topic. We now have some superficial understanding, we grabbed some information, but we are not imbued with this knowledge, we have not felt it. We’ll just keep it in my head. And now we have to get this information. That this information was the knowledge (jnana). Now immersed in some aphorisms that have read or heard, some sayings, etc. This can lead very far. Here in the thematic sessions you are zatravochka is associative links. At least something we need to draw a, although weak line. It’s like a glass tonyusenkoy draw a line, and then just broke. Similarly, in the classroom, we draw a thin line, then to this line could something done, realize that something be done. Those. we have at least something to do that then this association is grown, matured, so did sooner or later you remember the exercises and started their practice, to implement in their lives. All the same, it is postponed, it is associative connection. You are attracted and the consciousness aspect, and the aspect of energy (this practice): You heard, did you take, and you have practiced, even if it is five minutes. This is the associative link, which can turn into a very strong, stable connection.


The practice of meditation on the idea – Higher “I” – 10 minutes.

Victoria: For your Higher “I” we have not time to go back to our classes. How? Liked? It was possible to concentrate only on this idea? Or maybe there were other thoughts: “What to cook dinner today, and so on?”

Answer: This is an interesting idea! I do not want anything else to think only about the Higher “I”.

Victoria: Who else wants to share?

Answer: I imagined that I was hanging from the ceiling, and the body is like. And the feeling was that if I just want to, you can enter in any body. Log in I can, but then suddenly I could not get out.

Victoria: Why not, if you come down to the level of your Higher “I” that can manifest itself in any body.

A (continued): And what we are there two? Where then I go?

Victoria: This next meditation (laughs).

A (continued): Or I could get to any point in the universe. I realized that now every wish, and I’ll be there, no bar no passing through the wall.

Victoria: What other impressions?

Answer: It is very nice, I do not want to come back.

Victoria: But then do it!

Answer: It is terrible. Suddenly entirely go away, and do not want to return to the body.

Victoria: When we reach a greater power than we have now, and we can go back. If you have omnipotence, where you want to go there and come back. I want this body, I want more; I want to be there, I want here. What is there to fear? So these words are not grounded, you come back, if you want.

Exercise 3:

Pair practice. Let’s work with a focus on the thoughts, the flow of his speech, which we pronounce.

Assignment is as follows:

№1 starts his story today (I woke up, brushed my teeth, etc.), just a few sentences,

№2 wedged into a monologue №1 some awkward words, such as the Crab Nebula.

№1 must weave in the story is the word. The word will be more ridiculous, and not that of the series, the better. Literally 2-3 Special №1, №2 even wedges word.

Task №1, you remember, and woven into his narrative all the words, and they were closed. To avoid this: You have given a new word, you are locked in it, and forget about the first words that have been added to your account. Those. You must keep in your mind all the words that I said №2, and weave them into some kind of even consistency (logical story). Those. You need to concentrate on all my story, not to forget all the words that gave your partner. Get tricky story. It requires a good brain work and high concentration.

Q: This will be the story of my day?

Victoria: The most important thing to start. This is an example. With something as necessary to get started. And then these words make up stories.

Question: What’s the purpose of all this?

Victoria: The goal – a logical story with all these words. Those. how to link, for example, Digambar, the Crab Nebula tarakanchika, ogurechik and others. All data of your word you should keep in mind, and weave them into his narrative.

Question: And how often say the word?

Victoria: Quite often. Most importantly, there was no way that a person has not had time to finish the proposal, and you have him give a new word. Those. You have to give him time to weave the word in the story. Task №1 not stop, and immediately add and not to forget, and that it was closed.

Q: How many new words have to dial?

Victoria: I’ll tell you when finishing №1.


Praktika- focus on thoughts – 10 minutes.

Victoria: We have no time, so you are reversed. On the other activities we do. What kind of questions, comments and impressions? Who could? It was difficult to keep the concentration on the previous words, and keep the story? This was difficult?

A: I forgot the words.

Victoria: And it was necessary to remember. This was easy?

Answer: The words were easy. The story can be repeated, or should have been continued.

Victoria: Continued. You should not have to repeat the same thing.

Question: These words should sound many times?

Victoria: Yes. These words must be constantly woven into the story, only this time in any other situation. Those. words are accumulated, and we should all hold. Imagine if you were engaged in 30 minutes, no matter how many words I had to keep.

Question: What is the result of this practice?

Victoria: The result – to focus on the thoughts. Those. that we held in the field of your attention all these words, the narrative, the whole picture as a whole. When you read the lecture, you said something you should keep in mind the whole structure, and not to forget all the words (roughly speaking). It requires a very strong focus on all this. Our task – to focus. But we came here on the other side. Those. at this point you on what not distracted. And if distracted, then it would have forgotten the previous word, and it would be difficult to keep all the thread of the narrative. This was difficult, therefore, still distracted, absent-mindedness was.

Question: Which idea to concentrate at home?

Victoria. On the Higher “I”

Q: And can not need all this (study, work)?

Victoria: I assure you, when you reach enlightenment’ll work much more awake and learn better. You do not think that is enlightened, and to the light. For some reason, enlightenment is associated by many with this. End – will not see anyone (what a pity), and work, study will not. What if supporters will not reach this state? No, it is not. This is a great freedom. Yes, indeed, the world will turn into a kind of game. It will be more beautiful, elegant and harmonious.

Homework – we think of the Supreme “I”, and all other exercises also do.

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