2011_02_22 practice of meditation. Victoria Begunova.

Today, February 22, 2011, we are located in the Cultural “Enlightenment” Center in Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya. My name is Victoria. This case activity for everyone on “Attention. Methods consciousness. Meditation”.

Victoria: We begin today’s lesson with questions, thinking that you have during the practices that we have done.

Anastasia, group 3: I practiced the exercises that we have done and I am having analogy about what we say in axioms – as the energy is pulled to the consciousness, and consciousness is energy. It seemed to me that it is clear, as it happens when I focus attention on the sensations and feelings behind which are energy, my mind follows these feelings and is involved in them. And the same thing when I concentrate and I start to think about some kind of idea, ie I concentrate on the minds – I do not remain indifferent, after a while, I emotions are involved, and thus the energy of consciousness is pulled.

Victoria: Very good point. Those. Nastya practiced our exercises and involved his attention, his mind on some objects. This can be any part of the body. If, indeed, we will focus on some part of the body, behind our attention, consciousness is energy flow, stream of sensations, and feelings that flow draws even more our consciousness, and our consciousness is immersed more deeply into this subject. So far, so like a snowball, incrementally, for consciousness is energy, the more energy, the easier it is to focus the consciousness, it is still a large portion of energy, etc. And finally Nastya enlightened.

Or focus on the idea. In the last session we had a concentration on the idea “of our higher self”, ie we are focused and reflected on our higher self reflect, and suddenly went some sensations and emotions: “Oh, what I’m good and my grand or beautiful,” ie, attention is easier to concentrate after these sensations, emotions. For strong concentration has gone even more powerful wave of energy, and so on the rise. The most important – is to begin, ie, started a little concentrated attention, wave energy has gone (remember that energy and consciousness – is prana), select prana is more consciousness and energy at our disposal even more prana. He felt a surge of strength! The most important thing – is to start with something. Since we have a series of classes – are methods of consciousness, we start with a tool that we have – this to our attention, our consciousness. In other yogas begins with energy, with sensations, and then for the sensations pulled out. Therefore, there is a separation between the energy and yogis yogis mind, though, as you know, is very difficult to separate, to make this classification, because it is present in both the energy and consciousness in every form of yoga. The only thing – that initially it pulls more.

Physical yoga, first attracted attention on the sensations, and have yoga such as meditation, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, in which the first elements element of consciousness that pulls energy. Very good Nastya, how are you to understand your higher self? You moved?

Anastasia, group 3: I was thinking about this and received great pleasure from the process. I have one more question: Pleasure (Ananda), which is born from the connection of energy and consciousness. We know that the energy and consciousness – is self-existent things, they do not rely on each other, and Anand is self-existent, or it is born here from this link (of consciousness and energy)?

Victoria: Ananda, or prana or Bhava, ie what do you mean?

Anastasia: joy, happiness.

Victoria: Let’s remember that this prana?

A: Consciousness and energy.

Victoria: Is Absolute prana?

A: No.

Victoria: Ie prana – is a manifestation of the Absolute, but the Absolute. And what we have is the only self-existent identity?

Answer: Absolute.

Victoria: Absolute, not its manifestations! And prana – is its manifestation through which the Absolute manifests itself, it is only one manifestation of the then divided by two other displays: energy and consciousness.

Anastasia: Ie You can put an equal sign between Ananda and Prana?

Victoria: In a sense – yes, that is, between the state of the highest Bhava, the state of Ananda (remember, Sat Chit Ananda – existence, consciousness and delight), all of these things come as if from a single source, it is very difficult then to share – which implies that. But the feeling of prana – it will be a sense of Ananda, a sense of strength, inspiration or condition Bhava. Basim, you practiced?

Basim, Eka Group: I have been practicing such practices, so do not know the result of these practices, or in general all practices, but before these results were not, and are now very pronounced attention or consciousness “sticks” to the people. For example, go and from the flow of people when someone stands out, and it goes naleplivaetsya consciousness and strong concentration. You begin to feel very strongly this man, he becomes very close, dear, but it is not always adequately perceived by people.

Victoria course (laughing)!

Basim: But, even at the level of sight, ie we are not talking about some forms, they just start to turn around and look, why are you so eloquently look at them, and something starts to happen. But it’s not this, it does not bother me. Do I have a pressing question of relevance, because it is very much starting to happen. For example, if it is old or “old women”, then you begin to feel direct any strong family relationships.

Victoria: You would have walked up and told the grandmother or grandfather that in a past life you and I were husband and wife (laughs), I feel a kindred karmic connection, and I need it to work, it is possible for you to concentrate, be the object of my meditations (laughter in the hall), etc.

Basim: I feel that this is not appropriate.

Victoria: Of course, Basim.

Basim: But when I transfer it to their relatives, ie, due to the fact that I often see them – a strong concentration on them is not present, and I find it easier to transfer, ie I go on the subway and I see some old lady, and suddenly I realize, as I have with my family.

Victoria: This is the Tantra Yoga. Great, except for one, do not scare people, Basim. And, of course, we know about the second yoga principle – a principle of common sense and we need to be adequate with others. There is suffering, even the first principle of yoga, therefore, that you look with loving eyes on some “old woman”, this “old” only wish to answer (laughter).

Basim: The young old women harder.

Victoria: If you’re really in a certain man saw a manifestation of the higher, and when we see the manifestation of the higher, our attention is naturally drawn to the object to the maximum plunge into this place, we want to gain insight into this subject. Those. He can be backed veil of maya, and you saw a glimpse of the higher. If it is, if it happened, it must somehow be adequately behave, work with your internal state, to work with this way, with this subject, but in any case do not go to the contact if it is unfamiliar people, it is not necessary scare people. Not all yoga, maybe all of yoga, but not all remember, not everyone is aware of. You’re doing fine, in the sense that working with family and loved ones, with their parents, so it is very difficult to work out some things emotional, and not only emotional, his lack of understanding of the processes and phenomena that occur in the universe. Where’s your mom begins and ends with another woman? There is no difference between people, there is no difference between one woman and another woman. Just one woman comes in many.

If you can not some aspect of work through one object, you practiced through another object. In fact, you vzaimodeystvuesh with only one, well, or with two: Shiva and Shakti. That’s great and good. But remember about the first and second principles of yoga. These principles must be present at every step in our lives all the time, whatever we do, ask yourself the question: Do we cause harm through their actions? and if we behave sensibly?

Michael, group 3: I also meditated. It so happened that I was meditating at night and rather long on the higher self and I came to the conclusion that I fell into a state of Nidra, and was able, sitting, fully create a dream, that is, actually a new universe. And he came to this conclusion when I was going back and back to create your own reality, that state between sleep and wakefulness, but when did you go – this is our higher self Ie so I approached the higher self, though it may be, is the causal body, even though you do not feel yourself, ie, become either a point or all at once. And, today, meditating on what I do is, I’m aware that I’m changing is not that story, and some process even living not only themselves, but also their loved ones.

Victoria: Great, great. We remember about the microcosm and macrocosm about, there is no difference between one and the other. Something is changing in itself, in microcosm, the effect takes place at the level of the macrocosm, ie, changing something in itself, change anything in the universe. Remarkably, Misha, you pass it all, you know, you realize worried. Again, if we want some result, some effect, we have to do, do Kriya practice. Those who have not practiced meditation for higher we begin, do not forget to practice. Because a lot to listen to, read, talk, but without practice you will not move. Remember about a threefold effect: Will, Jnana, Kriya. If you will not miss even one component, it will not implement, we will not grow spiritually, we will stand still. Therefore, there must necessarily be Kriya. Because it is easier to talk, to think, we lack the kriyas, practice.

Michael, Group 3: During meditation on the higher self, I gradually began to meditate and directed their feelings. That is, for example, I can taste your higher self, what it tastes, I can hear your higher self, it sounds like it will be felt by touch. This grandeur, when all the senses are beginning to feel your higher self, straight “Vaaa!”

Victoria: Ie all channels of perception, which are directed to the outside, we are launching the inside and aim at your higher self (in the meditation) and start literally and through the sense of smell, hearing through all the channels. We aim at Absolute and start with all parties to consider it and sniff, and talk to him. It turns out a total involvement of the idea. Great.



Exercise 1.

This is a breathing exercise, the most that neither eat simple.

So, first, we will add a little Anrity. And we will do this in order to feel how our practice is important to focus if we want to achieve something, some kind of results.

We will do alternate breathing with Anritoy.

Those. We will specifically be distracted by extraneous, breathe and keep an eye on both sides, scratch herself, ten thousand times to change the position of the hands and feet, especially distracted. We often get distracted in their practice, but now we bring to this absurd confusion, it is a distraction (to dig in your bag, look at the phone, a neighbor, distracted by sounds, think about the work that you ate today, etc. .), to laugh at themselves and realize how much it is inefficient in practice.

After practice alternate breathing with anritoy, start doing alternate breathing with a maximum total involvement. And we feel the difference.

Practice breathing with alternate Anritoy – 5 minutes.

Practice breathing alternate with Rita – 5 minutes.


Victoria: See the difference? Mila, what you have been the difference?

Mila, Group 3: There is a difference. When we did Anritu, none at all concentrations were not, I do not understand or is not breathing, focus was on the fact that I was looking somewhere, doing something. When we breathe in Rita, of course, that most of the attention was focused on the breath.

Victoria: And what happens inside the body when all the focus was on the process?

Mila: It was the concentration on the breath, and I tried to concentrate on your breathing, even if there were distractions, still breathing overrode.

Victoria: Ie Nothing happened. You do not feel the difference between the first and second cases.

Mila: The difference was, but too little time.

Anna, a group of 4, when we practiced with anritoy, I had the feeling that I was suffocating, because the focus is not on the course, but somewhere walks.

Victoria: Ie no rhythm. It is difficult to find the rhythm of breathing.

Svetlana, Group 4: I have a second practice with Rita appeared calm and did not want to think about anything.

Paul, group 3: in the first case I even liked more. I once spun rhythmically.

Victoria (laughing): Well, well, well, all home practices.

Andrew, Group 4: In practice, with Anritoy, I did not even realize I inhale or exhale.

Victoria: I remember that we brought to the absurdity of our absent-mindedness. It is clear that not all the life in such an explicit form. As a rule, we do not realize how thoughts went to his head and utyanuli our attention on some external objects, we do not even keep track of. The more we concentrate in the practice, the more results we get from the practice. Those. if we practice as practiced in the first case (Anrita), then at least ten lives will practice that did not do these exercises, the result will be. Those. greater than the concentration, the more we get the result. If we are totally involved in the process, we get a grand result of cosmic scale. Therefore, if a home practice, you find it hard to gather thoughts are jumping, the body can not stop, do Anritu breathing or mantra to work, and then it will be easier to focus on practice. This also applies to Hatha yoga too. Those. we sit down in a pose and we want to scratch, shifted, something else to do, and so, instead, to immerse yourself in the sensations and experiences from practice.

Anastasia, group 3: I during the first part of the exercise was not funny, I began to climb much irritation. I’m wasting my time, because it polupraktika, nonsense, and I did not like that feeling. In the second part, I calmed down.

Victoria: Nastya already used and it worked out the second part of the practice. Those. you are very much concentrating.

Anastasia: I’m very much concentrating on my work, I’m losing track of time, and suddenly I was someone distracting – I do not like.

Victoria: Ie Nastia has already fulfilled this distraction, and it turns out it is easy to focus on what you need.

Nastya: And normally, that there is this wave of anger?

Victoria: Anger, of course, should not be. Irritation occurs because the focus is still out, but you can not control it. Those. you someone distracted and instead you are not distracted and continued to focus on the job, you do not get a portion of consciousness still escapes your control and therefore comes a wave, “As it is, I thought that I already in control of it, and I did not get full. ” Over time, you will be more relaxed to switch the stream of consciousness that you need without irritation. Irritation occurs because you can not keep a stream of consciousness, you can not do anything, so come to such emotions. Again, it takes time, and I think that over time, you get rid of these unpleasant sensations.

Larisa, Group 4: In the first practice (Anrita) some actions have not so distracted, because the concentration of attention all was well, then I tried to read and then I have ceased to understand, I inhaled or exhaled.

Victoria: Many of you future teachers of yoga, and you will come to classes completely different people, including those who, when they have to do some exercise take out your phone and start talking or writing SMSes. It is clear that you will already know what the result will get that person. It brought together yoga and yogini, and we understand that you need to concentrate, but most people are very scattered mind, and sometimes even very well give anritu that they then realized how important all the same focus on practice.

Natalia, Group 3: Some of the work involves a focus on multiple objects at the same time, such as talking on the phone at the same time you as a colleague asks, immediately calling a second phone, etc., ie, you need to switch, how to be in this situation?

Victoria: This is the work with our attention, consciousness, is the control of this flow. In Raja Yoga, we did the exercises, code most involved its attention and it is like a leech clings to the object, phenomenon. And we had, as we control the flow easily pull the stream and directed to something else. Control – this is where we can draw this stream, but also at any time to remove and send it to something else. I think that in this cycle we will practice these exercises.

Exercise 2.

Focusing on the idea. We extend the idea of his higher self, and to a greater extent will reflect on what we are accustomed to thinking of themselves. Here, you said that you – this higher self that it is omnipotent, has omniscience, is absolutely free, but unfortunately we do not consider ourselves to be your higher self, and consider ourselves their symptoms, and these symptoms are already taking various names, some -That a different color. For example, I consider myself to be small or large, thin or thick, clever or stupid, that is this is just my idea of myself, not about who I am really. I have everything. I – Brahman and nothing else! – Mantra consciousness. Those. I live only in a dream world, and I just, unfortunately, is what I can come up with some set of qualities (positive or negative). Our goal is still to understand that this is just my idea of myself that I did not. When I say: “Oh, how beautiful you are,” I feel a response, so I really think of myself as beautiful, but in fact I pretty and ugly – I’m pretty, I’m with all the qualities.

For example, if they say that you’re stupid, negative resonates, it means you think you are stupid, that is I do not consider themselves Brahman, the Absolute, and consider yourself a manifestation of this.

Our task to concentrate on the mantra “I am Brahman and nothing else.” But, that these were not just words. You can talk like a parrot the mantra, and it will be just words. What do we mean when we say that “I am Brahman and nothing else?” With all presentation – this is not the Ya Ie so I never thought about yourself – it’s not me, and I – “Brahman and nothing else,” ie, I’m pretty, I’m something grand, supreme, wonderful and magical. All of this dirt, views that may be, I’m going for many, many lives are stuck and can not keep up with me, I has acquired this filth. Our task to give up these false ideas about themselves. “I am Brahman and nothing else!” If you live with this position, then you no one can touch, hurt. Why do we suffer? Because the read itself by its manifestations, we have a picture of yourself, and when someone on these manifestations somehow influences, we either good or bad. Those. We can pull the strings. You can say something nice, and we all blurred and do everything for that person, or on the contrary, we say something unpleasant, and the man enemy, we do not want to be friends with him for us. We can hook for many things. This is just a representation of themselves, if we get rid of these ideas, we will be a lot more relaxed.

These ideas, as the shell, they do not give us breathe, to live. We have an idea that we losers, and this self-image makes us free. And, indeed, we are in the lives of losers. These views are what binds us, not giving us completely open, because what we are really hard to even imagine. If we are able to disclose their powerful potential, we will create, to live deeply, we will be free. But everything depends on these representations, the manifestations that we see ourselves as their manifestations or performances.

Now we are thinking that “I am Brahman and nothing else!”, and that’s not these false ideas about themselves. And remember, any presentation is very catchy us what representation we currently have. The feeling that I am Brahman and nothing else and I am not a picture of yourself! That we stand, focused on the inner strength that lies within us.

For example, Natasha says: “I am Brahman and nothing else!”, But in fact it is easy to catch if to say: “Natasha, you fool!”. And as she begins to shiver from it, and in fact it – Brahman! What, then, is it Brahman ?!


Practice exercises 2 – 10 minutes.


Victoria: You have to understand that there is, of course, people gathered advanced, but we live with ordinary people around and is even so that the person is a picture of yourself goes even beyond the body. If someone said, “What an ugly you have a car! He lousy color, “people so personally perceives that even ready to do something with you. Why? Because he identified himself with this car, ie when you told that an ugly car – is the same as if you would say that he is not beautiful. These ideas go even beyond the person and go on some objects, phenomena, things. Or, for example, to family, to say that a person has a bad family, and for him – this is a blow, because he considers himself and his family. All of this makes a person totally unfree.

Exercise 3. Pair practice.

Number 1 inside focuses on the realization of “I am Brahman and nothing else!”, But to notice that it touches.

Number 2 will be in every way pester №1, that he strayed off course, “I am Brahman and nothing else!”, To still catch the quick.

In the second half of practice №1 and №2 are reversed.

We do not take it very personally. This does not mean that №2 want to hurt №1 – is the practice of number 2 and acts as your karma and then be grateful №1 №2 that still №2 found hooked to the quick, so there is a lot of work, so after all you are not Brahmins.

№1 adequately perceives all, and does not take offense at №2.


Example (participants: Victoria and Basim):

Victoria: Basim, you’re stupid! (Can you say: “I am Brahman and nothing else” and track – you touched my words or not)

Basim: I am Brahman and nothing else!

Victoria: Basim, you sluggard!

Basim: I am Brahman and nothing else!

Victoria: Basim, you skinny!

Basim: I am Brahman and nothing else!

Victoria: Basim, you have a nasty smile, please, do not smile.

Basim: I am Brahman and nothing else!

Victoria: The most important thing to track the reaction inside.

Basim: It was, hurt.

Q: And you just have to say bad or good, too, can?

Victoria: And good. Basim, you’re so sweet, so kind.

Anna: Basim, you are so cool tattoo!

Basim: I am Brahman and nothing else! When I say this mantra, I digress.

Victoria: Try not to be distracted. I am Brahman and nothing else – it is a mantra meditation on what you have to concentrate.

Basim: I concentrated on it, so I forget about everything.

Victoria: Just now, we are not working in a pair, and the whole group is focused on you, so you get lost. I assure you that in life you have time to track that touches you, and that does not cling.

Basim: No, I’m following that catchy, but if I’m focused on the body and senses, and if I start to say, “I am Brahman and nothing else”, my attention turns to the voice.

Practice exercises 3 – 15 minutes.


Victoria: Let’s discuss the practice.

Basim: Just come to the conclusion that this practice and all initially know that this practice is and what her condition, blunted emotions and in the course of practice, when you walk into a rage and did not feel that clings, that does not cling.

Victoria: Of course, here – this is a game, but that game then we need to move in our ordinary life. And remember, when we will have to hang on the street, we have focused on the feeling of “I am Brahman and nothing else!” That you do not have these views. Of course, now the game, and now we are extending thin associative link, and then we’ll turn out in their everyday life. There is nothing wrong in the fact that now somewhere funny, somewhere playful, it’s natural.

Basim: It is necessary to do this exercise with a piece of paper and a pen.

Victoria: It is best to write their fad and give №2. It is also an option. Who hooked?

Natalia, Group 3: For example, when I say that I know that this does not concern me, I was funny. And if I said that I already know, then I, too, is not concerned, and I could not understand what should I cling. I have an idea of itself. And if I tell the truth, thank you, I already know. If I tell the truth, then I’m sorry, but I already know who I am.

Victoria: Natalya responds calmly. It is very good when you know over what you should work, and you is not catchy. Do you accept that this is your idea of yourself, and you are a long time working on it, and you is not catchy. This is a very good condition, to which, in principle, we have to come, because of course once we become Brahman. Those. first we need to calmly react to all this and to work honestly at themselves.

Anastasia, Group 3: It seemed to me much more difficult so to give up their ideas than when simply meditate on the thought that I – this is the highest I, I – Brahman, because there are connected some feelings, emotions, mind, very few acts, and here the mind really starts to dig. I begin myself to say that I can express myself in any quality, and to me it says that you can not be more talented than they are now. I say “No. Reason tells me that I am stereotyped thoughts, I begin to think that if you think objectively, the mind begins to greatly interfere. And when there are no clues, the mind does not know what I am, and it’s hard to catch, so it somehow fades into the background, and at the expense of longer feel I approach.

Victoria: Again, this is an illusion that we are approaching. We can talk for hours, I – Brahman, I have a higher self, I’m so wonderful, so wonderful, and go out into the street and all this wonderful clarity disappears somewhere. It is easy to catch us, even some little things. Here it is necessary to work out the rough, primitive level, because it is easy to come off in this sense, to go into the cave, and there I think a wonderful and enlightened. But again, it’s practical, it’s just a picture of yourself. All this can be verified in real life. We must get away from the cave and plunge into everyday life, and if you really do not cling or cork, or relationships at work, in the family, if you really react to everything is calm, you really Brahman. And if, in its submission, only, it will not be a reality. We must move to a thin level of rough work, and not only thin, but also rude. In their dreams, you can be such a good boyfriend, imagine how you give a girl flowers, which you are a wonderful, kind gentleman, and here you are really confronted with a woman, and nothing you can do with it, you can not even with her six months to live. That’s what is reality? Your imagination – what a wonderful man you are, or what you can not even have the simplest to resolve the situation with a woman. All checked in life.

Svetlana, Group 4: I have noticed that does not cling, but the brain is somehow accentuated. If I say that I do not correspond, and I realize that in my life I used to consider himself something else, I do not react. When we say good, kind of used to it, so it is. In life I did not react.

Victoria: So you did not find. But again, we do not have to be thick-skinned. There are people who generally do not perceive such brazen dinosaurs, healthy animals. Well, I said and said, here is a healthy animal, insolent, anything it touches will say everything he thinks. And he afraid of? He will crush strength. But yoga is not called for, not healthy animals, and all the subtle feel and really all over themselves to pass, roughly speaking, that you are not hurt. Therefore, are two different things.

Svetlana: No association with Brahman, have associations with some internal settings, though not catchy. For me it was a revelation.

Victoria: Good.

Andrew, Group 4: Is not it too early, we decided to be indifferent?

Victoria: Andrew is not indifference! For example, the girl was told as a child that she is ugly, and it is with this view lived all his life and considers herself ugly only because it is hammered into his head. She needs to get rid of this representation, because all women are beautiful, no ugly women – it’s just her self-image. And this idea makes her a slave, she is not free, it can not live as he wants, can not be revealed. Those. this is some factor that grips her. It is not indifference – is getting rid of garbage, dirt, we caked!

Andrew: Well, for example, a man, two plus two can not count, he is told that he is stupid. He obviously stupid. He considered that he was smart?

Victoria: This is just a healthy animal.

Andrew: It may just have to catch on and fix the problem?

Victoria: As Natasha said very well – she knows her fad, she really knows what she is something. And it is not indifference, and the knowledge that there is a lot of work, I have these ideas about yourself, and I do not just have to painfully react to them, because, as a rule, if we are painfully react, we’re just afraid of not We stepped up to work on these aspects. We just fear them, and tell ourselves that they are not present in our lives, like the ostriches in the sand hiding from it, and must respond calmly. We must feel inside, what we Brahmins. And what does it mean? What we have the absolute will, to change our government. If today we are not smart, then we can be very clever! Here again, if we recognize and perceive quietly, we on it and work. If we are afraid that if we do not let close to him, we run away from it and remain in place with this view.

Larisa, Group 4: In life, of course, I cling to some things, and here there was a thought, a feeling that the man who wants to hurt – he, too, is a representation of himself, and I have some even sympathy to him. When he offends me, I feel sorry for him. And I repeat again through the “I am Brahman and nothing else, you Brahman and nothing else!” And do not take offense. (Laughter in the hall).

Mila, Group 3: So what we’re talking about – it’s probably the moment of honesty with yourself. We do not find an excuse, that no, I’m not, I’m wonderful, and we recognize that it is in me, and I’m working on it. This probably is the honesty with yourself.

Victoria: We’re karmically somehow caused, of course, we have the opportunity in one second bang and become Brahman, but admitted again, imagine that while we can not do it, and we do not yet have such power and the way we expect.

Mila: It is also important at a time when we recognize that we have it, to understand that what is there in me – it’s not me. But, this time slipping it on the machine simply.

Victoria: It is much easier to get rid of ideas, when you understand the nature of these phenomena. If you know that you have I, you do Brahman, you have something pure, bright, perfect, and everything else – it’s all on what you can get rid of that over which you can work. It is much harder when you have an idea but do not have this starting point, not the sverhsovershenstva. If you understand that this is just a picture of yourself, you can get rid of it. Those. initially – it is at least an understanding at the level of the mind that you have something more, and if you have this understanding, you can get rid of these ideas. It is much harder when you have a presentation about yourself, and you think, how to get rid of something, and that something, if you were born stupid – it is the nature, and you can not be wiser. Or I am not talented, I’m not talented, because I was born that way. People do not understand that they have a lot more. For example, a person says that he has no voice and point, no voice and hearing. Who told him that? The parents said, and he never sang, and did not even try, and if he has no idea that he has a higher self, then he really would feel only this view and will not be able to get rid of him. And if he will know that it is dirt, debris, such as a dirty window, but you can wash it. If such an attitude, we get rid of it. Yes, we have the window is not very clear, but it can be washed. And when we say that we are fine, fine, the dirt as she was, and remains. Those. we know where and on what we have to work, and then quietly undertake the business.

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