2011.03.15. Freedom and principles of yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Freedom and principles of yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.03.15.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : the lecture Vadim Zaporozhtsev and students MAYU will talk about what the principles of yoga as they relate to the concept of freedom, hinder her or help to show how to use the three principles of yoga on your path of self discovery and how not to stray from this path.

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Today, March 15, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All information on our sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyyoga.narod.ru . Address of our shop shop.openyoga.ru where the archives and our educational films can be purchased.


Today we continue to consider the theme of freedom in conjunction with the principles of yoga.

Who will remind us of the previous lecture on their own, without the adrenaline of a button?


MOJO, Galina, 4 group, full-time student: the last lecture topic was about freedom and happiness. We talked about the fact that freedom and happiness are different concepts. We talked about the fact that today we are going to talk about the third principle and freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wonderful! Anyone else that wants to add?


MOJO, Maria, group 4, full-time student: We talked about the fact that freedom is a deeper, more fundamental concept. That is, we can valishvili to be happy and to be unhappy.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely wonderful! Friends, this is, strictly speaking, the basic idea is that we have two lectures in a row that all had. That is, the concept of happiness that we may be intuitively perceived in itself, after all, from the highest point of view of yoga, is a relative thing, compared to the concept of freedom. Therefore, this factor gives us a reason to look at your life irrespective of, whether we feel happiness in the moment or not test. To build everything in such a way that, if not experienced, will experience, and if experienced, will continue.


Wonderful! Let us on an adrenaline-press the button and someone will praise you, sincerely.


MOJO, Elena Vernikova, group 4, full-time student: I recently got a job, so I’m good.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Great, Bravo! I always love such moments. I don’t like when we students are dismissed from work. Unfortunately, one time was the trend. People came and said: all, my new life begins, I’m becoming spiritual, but my old job was so soulless, she kept me in yoga, I have to leave her. These people came to us, and, you know, and said this, expecting that we will begin to clap their hands and say, Yes, Yes, of course, you’re gone from lack of spirituality, you have everything spiritually. And when we showed lean face for such a remark, even a little offended: how I made such a bold move, quit my job. But it depends, really.


So wonderful! And we will smile to the next person. Adrenaline-the button will help to choose.


Vita Yarotskaya goes out and demonstrates a yoga pose with a smile.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo! Wonderfully, friends!


Our topic today is difficult:


The concept of Freedom and the notion of the principles of yoga.


On the one hand, freedom seems to be said: what were the principles? All free! The principles say: what is freedom? Principles! Let us joint effort, a collaborative mind, collective intelligence will try to meditate and speculate on these topics. Who wants on their own?


MOJO, Mikheeva Nastya, group 3 (draws a diagram) we Have 1st yoga principle, 2nd principle of yoga. Between them, as we know from the axioms, lies the path of Dharma. Dharma, I think, is a path that leads us to the final, desired us to freedom. In this way there is important things. Here is one: conditional happiness, which we talked a lot. It requires a key that otmechayut our internal state. The next step is unconditional happiness, about which we talked a lot – then I drew a key strikeout. He does not need us. As I see it the two banks of the river, and to move from one coast to the other, we will allow just the third principle of yoga.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Just great friends! I am happy that we have such students! I’m just in awe, really wonderful! I really like that a week not sleeping, not eating – I thought! Know how yoga works? When you anything start to realize suddenly, then, as jigsaw puzzles in head form! Sometimes a thought can grab so that sleep is not even desirable. And if you are, you that continues to dream of you and dream continue to work on this problem. And sometimes, after a long brainstorming, suddenly descends. Suddenly, you begin a little to understand how it all really is. And, of course, there arise some images, analogies. And, indeed, one who does not understand, he can not explain, but if you skipped through, you always explain on the fingers, for example, on some images, parables, pictures, charts and so on.


Anyone else want to reflect on this theme?

MOYO, Anastasia Guskova, TRI band: On the 1st and 2nd principles we rely and use their relative freedom, in order to extend it to absolute freedom. And, in fact, our relative freedom is our absolute freedom, limited by our ignorance, which is generated by Maya. That is, 1-m and 2-m are the principles we are being in the plane of Maya and playing according to the laws of Maya. And the 3-m principle we use while still in the plane of Maya, but as would have been imposing their laws in this plane, that is, relying more on absolute freedom. The 3rd principle is added to active intervention, active position.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, let us tell you what: let us first recall the principles of yoga.

Who will announce them to us?


MOJO, Elena Vernikova, group 4: 1-the first principle of yoga says that we should not harm living creatures unless absolutely necessary. If necessary, we must act according to the dictates of our duty.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, 1-the first principle of yoga is not a static statement, but a certain dynamic instruction. She considers not only your position now, but also a chain of provisions which will have you in my life. Just to tell you all that it is impossible to cause harm is to say empty phrase, obviously unrealistic – you can’t hurt. Even if you really want, right now you will not be able to refuse to inflict harm. At least at the level of microbes, at the level of some of the indirect effects of their life you cause harm. So when in those or other exercises similar to yoga or in some yoga schools it is alleged – but not to harm it! – no more deciphering this, then, as a rule, sooner or later, these schools of yoga disappear. Because smart people begins, thoroughly follow the principle of not causing harm understand what to do he can not do anything in this world, and step tread. Moreover, he cannot even sit down and die. Because even in this case, his untimely death will cause someone harm. Therefore, the first principle of yoga is some dynamic or progressive development of our spiritual evolution. This is when we aim to eliminate harm. But, if after all life puts us in a position when we have no way not to hurt, the question always arises, and to what extent his cause? And what guided the definition of the minimal harm? And here emerges the notion of debt. Here emerges the concept that someone showed us some kindness, and we feel indebted to it. Not because someone said that it is our duty, no, my friends. And because we ourselves feel that it is our duty. It will just be a measure of the degree of harm is minimal, we still have to hurt, walking on our life. That is, it turns out that our debt depends on many factors, and many prints together converge. There is also the factor of our profession than we do. And this determines the minimum of the harm that we can cause in the moment. But next time, or next step you may find that this level was reduced and more reduced, more and more. That is, we gradually from the state of today go into a state of future by this vector, so we suffer as little as possible.

Now let’s remember the 2nd principle of yoga.


MOJO, Galina, group 4: 2-the first principle of yoga. The principle of Brahmacarya, the principle logic in your personal life. Before starting any business, we ask: will this lead us to our goal? The purpose can be any. In his personal life, in work, in study, no difference. The principle is to not waste his life on trifles.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who will decode?


MOJO, Olga, group 4: do we Have enough time and power to realize any goal, and if we use them properly, then we will achieve all that you want. And, so, before you engage in any activity, we must ask ourselves whether this will lead to our goal, and, if not, discard this activity to the side.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So beautiful, guys. Starting with the next lecture, we will press the adrenaline button and everyone will have memorized the 1st and 2nd principle of yoga, that is, to quote.


We do not spend your strength, your energy we do not direct the flow of your consciousness on all cases that do not lead us to our goal, and completely concentrate and spend our energy and consciousness only that will lead us to our goal. And, indeed, it is correctly stated, the 2nd principle does not stipulate that it could be the goal. The goal may be what you want. Again, this factor is not static assertions, and some dynamics, a dynamic development of life. Today we can assign ourselves to one purpose, tomorrow it may change tomorrow it may become the third, and so on. And important is not so much the goal itself, as the lack of pursuit in achieving the target. If this habit is produced: intended made intended made, or abandoned the purpose. Sometimes it happens: you aspire to some goal and midway, frankly, passing this way, suddenly realize that the goal was half that, actually, you wanted something else. That is, you have to stop and reassign the target. But then, in exactly the same way, continue to strive towards this goal.


But let us next time to have all bounced away from the teeth these formulations.


3-the first principle of yoga.


MOJO, Michael, TRI band, full-time student: 3rd principle of sound so that no one and nothing has the right to impose suffering. We do have a proactive approach to help living beings abandon the suffering, if they valueshave.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Again, starting with the next lecture, friends, will Polish the principles, that shone.


Indeed, it is the active position of the will to abandon suffering. And then, in one bottle, it is a proactive approach to help all other living beings in their rejection of suffering, if they valueshave.


So, in fact, these three principles – the three pillars on which rests the whole yoga. The first two principles define the so-called classical yoga. That is, when a person follows only the first two principles and is a method of self-discovery, this path is referred to as classical yoga. If the same person holds both the three principles of yoga in their sequence – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, – this is called quick methods in yoga.


But let’s get back to our discussion. So, the concept of freedom, friends, and the concept of these three principles. Again, the concept of freedom implies the absence of anything. And then suddenly emerge some principles. How it all can fit in one yoga? And freedom, and some principles? After all, if we are free, we are free from the principles and at the same time? Or not free? Who reflect on this subject?

MOJO, Pavel Saprykin, 3 group, curator of the course “Shiva Samhita”: I think we are in a state of relative freedom, and these principles help us to take maximum advantage of this relative freedom. By following these principles, we are expanding. When enlightenment is, then the principles need not be, there is already absolute freedom. But if freedom is relative, not yet complete – the principles help us these limitations to avoid.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yeah, that is, sounded the view that principles – a kind of crutches. While we do not know how to walk – we rely on them. Who else wants to say something?


MOJO, Irina, group 4: I think the principles are the beacons, which is given to us, so we know where to go. If the principles would not be, then eventually we would ourselves would be brought to La itself, and they would have relied.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: so, it turns out this view is that the principles of yoga left us, those who are on this path have already passed and left plates. You know, like on the battlefield: checked, min no.


Alex, a passive participant: I Have a question about the 3rd principle. Now, when you talked about quick methods, I have a question: while the observance of the third principle of yoga is the fastest method?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This issue concerns the more fundamental courses. You have already completed these courses or not? This will be the course “introduction to the axiomatic of yoga”.


Who else wants to think about this relationship: freedom and the principles of yoga.


Elena, passive participant: it seems to Me that principles are the laws by which we want the universe with us behaved. We want everyone around was good – hence the 1st principle, the principle of kindness. We want everyone to be happy – we must follow this principle to abandon suffering.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, look, what a good point. So, freedom has not been canceled. Freedom was, is and will be. Freedom is the omnipotence is the ability to voleizyavleniya and get whatever they want, and principles – advice on how to take advantage of this freedom, how to make the omnipotence of the freedom to work in our universe. After all, you can different laws to figure out various principles to come up with his universe, and, in fact, the principles that gave us yoga is the best option for personal expression. That is, it is the use of freedom, which in the future will not lead to its reduction. This is the user manual for the freedom that comes from within. Who else wants to say? Let’s beat this topic from different angles, friends!


MOYO, Anastasia, the band DVA, the curator of the course “Nyasa-yoga” and “Yoga teaching”: I would like to think from the point of view that we live in the universe, at the moment in the plane of karma. We are all moving towards the goal. If you take the highest goal, it is absolute happiness, absolute freedom. 1st, 2nd and 3rd principles help us achieve this goal. By following these principles, we facilitate their task to facilitate the road and creating more favorable conditions for achieving the goal. The universe is our reflection, and if we behave relative to the 1st,2nd and 3rd principles, respectively, and the universe gives us the same response and creates more favorable conditions in order to achieve absolute freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Okay, great. Anybody else out there?


Good evening, my name is Alex, I am in this school for the first time, just a lady friend invited…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: – it is a sacred thing! I always rejoice that we have in MOJO, actually, flower. The lady one more beautiful! Because I know where ladies, sooner or later, and the men will appear! It is a law of nature! I’m sorry, Yes?


Alex: I noticed an interesting detail is that the 1st and 3rd principles are relevant not only to one person, but to other people. There is such a principle, I don’t know about your school or not – live and let live. That is, these principles are intended not to limit the development of others, do not hinder them, give them freedom of choice, action and so on.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, very good you said. This principle of “live and let live”, it is more characteristic of the text such as the ancient Indian Vedas to the concept of Vedas, which is called Rita. That is, it is the universal law of harmony, order, expediency and justice. The concept of Rita arose the concept of Dharma, that is, a way of life. And then the concept of Dharma for us stupid people, arose the concept of principles. That is too elusive notion of Dharma, you have to draw in our particular life. And now, they say, we border on the right, left, bottom, outlined, and these three boundaries is, in fact, the three principles of yoga. You are on the right track, but, you know, what’s the matter? Just to say “Live and let live” is too vague. Well, imagine if I went to war with a Kalashnikov to defend their homeland. I was running enemy. I myself start this principle is to think, live and let live. So kill me, or take prisoners, or to keep alive and to surrender to him?


Alex: Freedom of choice Your.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Freedom of choice – it is clear, the question is how to take advantage of this freedom.


Who else wants to add?


MOYO, Anastasia Mikheeva For me these principles, I use them as a compass when I don’t know how I act when I panic and I feel like a blind man who knows not where to go. These principles give me a vision.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, Bravo! Finally we come to what I wanted to bring you. Freedom-freedom, the original. But for some reason we forgot about the original dark. We don’t know first, about his original freedom, for a very long time would know about it if I didn’t study yoga. How many lives would have passed or billions of years before we, by stupid trial and error, in fact, rediscovered the law of liberty? But you remember that the initial freedom is freedom from everything, including preset knowledge. Even freedom from knowing that we are free. The ultimate, absolute freedom! As the reverse side of the lack of a predefined knowledge arises the primordial ignorance. And here is a situation that each of us is like a sleeping God or like a giant elephant that does not know his own strength. Imagine an elephant walked into a China shop was big, clumsy. He said: look right, look left, what the hell are you moving around?

So, it turns out such a thing. We carry with us the huge potential of freedom, the huge potential of omnipotence. If we use it, we can do anything. We can build any sort of internal or external universe. But here’s the problem: we, firstly, have no idea about this potential, and secondly, if some part of this freedom comes to us, Il for some small ability to change something, inside or outside, and it looks like it might use random. Randomly we begin to build our inner universe and the outer universe. As a result, after some time, we begin to live in a crazy world that we ourselves invented. None of it we were not created, we created it themselves, using their personal freedom. But, in the absence of any knowledge. And we, like the elephant who began to spin on the bench, all killed, and then are surprised: Oh, there’s a beautiful statue stood, but something must have broken. Here, the plate stood a pretty – no, crashed.


The question arises, well, what can we do with our freedom, even to the extent of the relative freedom that we have now? Because it is impossible to say that each of you 100 percent enslaved. No, some part of your free, right now. Some of you may now stand up and get out of here. Or Vice versa, to sit. But some other part is still due. You have to go to work, to earn a piece of bread, otherwise you will die of hunger. You are forced to do things that, otherwise, would lead to unacceptable negative. And it turns out that some part of our life is free, some part of the unfree. This proprietary part of our lives is called karma. It can be positive, maybe negative, maybe neutral. For example, some of you may not be free from poverty, because it is at the moment poor in your wallet a little money. But some of you may currently be suffering from riches, because his chubby wallet has no place, he has nowhere to put bills. And all this is the result of your previous life. If a delicate purse is causing you negative emotions, it is called negative karma, and if a delicate purse is causing your positive emotions, it is called positive karma. And Vice versa. If a fat wallet causes positive emotions – that is positive karma, and if a fat wallet is causing negative emotions, this negative karma. So

not even the thickness of the wallet and not from wealth or from poverty, you can identify negative or positive karma, but only by whether it brings us happiness or unhappiness, enjoyment or suffering. Or something at a neutral level.


But that’s not the point. So, some part of our life is free, some is due. The question arises, where did caused the part to our karma? And she took a step above, a step earlier, when we used to do this, their freedom some the wrong way, or this way, which in the next step arose conditionality. That is, when in the past we have valishvili, using their freedom, some law, and they themselves came under its effect. That is why the constraint that you are now experiencing, this restriction was generated by your own freedom, but a step earlier. You know, some very tricky turns thing? But thus our completely free nature, divine nature, have learned to enslave itself. We got ourselves enslaved. We are voleizyavleniya such laws that, over time, part of our freedom turns into bondage. And, as a consequence, there is a purely practical one. And what to do next? How are we to live? Well, I have in the past polishable one and now got into a situation in which they live. But still some part of the freedom I have today left! And that’s what I would today do will, so that they, possibly, reduced my dependence, or the result of my wrong expression before? To understand this, friends, is extremely difficult. Life all mixed up like pasta. Like pull one and climbs all at once. Want one thing to change, and realize that you have to change one, another, the third, fifth, tenth. And here are a few strategies. The first strategy is to run pseudogenization random numbers, I stress – PSEUDO, like my twist in the brain I believe, and I will behave. Here would laugh at you. Why? And I don’t know why. And here I would cry. Why? And I don’t know why. But I don’t like this man. Why? Yes, God knows. Do not like it, and the hat had some. But this I will like it. That is, make some chaotic life choices, not guided by anything. And of course there is a possibility that you thus using pseudogenization random numbers that will increase your freedom. And maybe just the opposite – you will reduce even more entangled in his life.

And then there is the doctrine of yoga, which does not impose anything, not commands, but simply recommends. These recommendations are the following: you’re not the first and not the last, and you were such, did not know where to go, what to do, what not to do, similarly, staggered, staggering. And then a long process of trial and error, and huge amounts of frustration still somehow extricated himself from this situation, the original ignorance when you know nothing. They stopped to watch from the ravines of ignorance these mazes, and miraculously rose to the top of the knowledge. And from that peak they opened just about anything, including the ravines of ignorance at the bottom covered with fog. And they in their mercy again returned to the ravine and said, ” here are the ravines. Here here go, do not go there. Don’t do it, do it. You can do anything, but after going this way to act erratically – not rational, but rational to stick to some strategy. And this strategy is called the THREE principles of YOGA. Your shell ego, which it is not clear how formed and it is unclear what results.


The three principles of yoga say that there is an algorithm that uses your partial freedom today, to expand your freedom more with every step, and, consequently, to reduce your freedom today. And, so, on the one hand, any principle. This is not freedom – this is the principle that says: it is better to do so, but the principle thus made – fight fire with fire. He kind of picks out all the wrong principles that you voleizyavleniya before. These principles, to this wrong, and, now, correct, cancel each other out and you reach that summit of freedom. Absolutely correct, sounded the view that the principles are useful things that allow us to rise from the relative freedom of our everyday life, to absolute freedom.


What happens? It turns out that FREEDOM is still here. These principles do not substitute for freedom. This principles – support tool that help to neutralize all those other principles that we have adopted, without thinking, in my life. To all of this neutralization took place as quickly as possible. When we say “as quickly as possible”, then there appear on the horizon section in yoga, which is called “quick methods in yoga”. In fact, I wanted more details, we analyzed the relation of freedom here with these quick methods in yoga or moment of the 3rd principle in yoga. Who wants to reflect on the theme: why the 3rd principle of the yoga accelerates the attainment of freedom?


Alex, a passive participant: I think the essence of this lies in the fact that it is a free choice. Now I read this third principle. It is a conscious rejection of suffering, from imposed stereotypes. And when a person consciously makes that choice, he can understand their choice, respectively, to realize it, which leads to understanding the essence and principles in the life, the laws of the universe and so on.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well Bravo, Alex! You learn on the fly. Just read the guidelines and draw conclusions. You will go far. Who else wants to say about this?


MOYO, Anne, group 4: I think that, refusing the suffering and helping others to get rid of suffering, we come to feel joy, happiness, it is easier for us to get to understand the highest happiness, its nature. The next step: getting to know the greatest happiness, the next step is to explore the freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I have a counterargument: perhaps, on the contrary, instead of the 3rd principle, it was necessary to accept suffering as much as possible. Not to abandon the suffering, but to accept. The more suffering, the more adrenaline. Adrenaline more brains work better, faster processes. You see, the faster you think, what freedom is. You see, the faster you’ll be free. Like, you know, a good whip behind us will be customized. We will voleizyavleniya himself: “Voluteered suffering!!!” again, a slap there and then we. Who wants to think?


MOJO, Irina, group 4: I wanted to say, I think the 3rd principle is very much similar to the 1st principle. Many living beings include me, because I am also living entity. Accordingly, if I do not comply in relation to itself, the 3rd principle, I cause harm to living beings, that is myself.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Interesting point of view. Who else wants to speak?

MOJO, Hoskova Anastasiya, 3 group, curator courses Bhakti yoga and Yoga of Vizualizacii, Yoga Sexual Union: I think we should consider what suffering is. And, if we recall the axioms, then suffering does not exist as such. There is the pleasure, which was divided into…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev : Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. I’m sorry, I interrupted. You I today a balm on the wounds poured. I understand that knowingly has spent years on the statement of the axioms. Must rely on what is. And abut on what is not – is meaningless. I apologize for interrupting you. If we begin to understand that there is SUFFERING, then position the axioms we will come to the conclusion that the concept of SUFFERING is NOT! There are misused enjoyment. Or, another choice is divided in half and facing heads. Substance suffering there. You know? There is the original pleasure. The original ideal of our manifestations. As we discussed in the last segment, when our prana enters our world and we would like to manifest in this world, we initially have as their original state of pleasure, joy and happiness. This is a consequence of our appearance. That is the source of our symptoms is our higher self, But here’s the problem. We are so illiterate use our manifestation from life to life, that force is initially ideal to share (figuratively speaking, it is in quotes), into two parts and to interfere with each other, to suppress. That is, we are suffocating ourselves by hand. We use his choice to suppress his own pleasure. And this state ( again, figuratively), is called SUFFERING. Energy suffering no! On the other hand, each of us knows what suffering is. But all our impulses of displeasure, pain and so on… you have, for example, a headache. In fact, a manifestation of the primordial state of joy and happiness, enjoyment of life, but that went you somehow because of your device’s internal structures at a very deep level, of course, wrong and it started to conflict with itself. Feeling this conflict, not harmony or unity. There is a law of Rita, when all goes well. And when something is wrong we went, there was the concept of unity, no Rita, after that is suffering. Therefore, to give some recommendations, give some principles that you can rely on in a time when we don’t understand, can something that exists, or something relative to things. It is clear that compared to our higher self, our manifestations are secondary. It is still more real than all the consequences of the manifestation of our ego. And do these milestones or beacons, or in the form of certain principles of conduct, the thing is obviously non-existent is doomed to a chaotic wandering!!!


Excellent! Very good!!!

Who wants to reflect on this theme?


MOYO, Anastasia, group 2: As option thinking wanted to offer. The natural state of our higher self is a state of happiness, joy and pleasure. Adopting the third principle, we are trying to get closer to our natural state. And, perhaps, realizing its natural state – happiness, joy and pleasure, we can come also to our potential, which is exactly the same leads us to our Y.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! Bravo! The second half also Bravo – excellent understanding of the axioms!

Friends, but the reverse is also true. If we realize that our “natural” manifestation in our world is a natural state of happiness, joy and being. That is the deeper layer of our lives, is the deeper level of our actions. This is the level at which we began and created everything that we now do not like. Then again, if we quickly descend to this level, this is the zero level, and gently whisk all the wrong layers, or the age-old dust on leaves of paper like trash once and pushed it back. That is quite a long methods of trial and error using the first and second principle of yoga is to remove one layer of dust after another, one layer of dust after another. It takes time, it takes life. But sooner or later we will still come to our inner state of happiness manifestations, with which it all began, to our prana. It is our prana was divided, made our bodies are imperfect, our world is imperfect. In the future, when prana was conflict, there was pain, suffering, unhappiness. But initially, the prana does not bear himself in this capacity. You do not have to throw layer after layer to come to this level, as it were, through time jump in the original level, when there was no piling up of our karma and all of that in one fell swoop to carry. And if this fails, then we are dealing with quick methods in yoga.

It is possible to interpret it in different ways. For example, it is possible to interpret the third principle of yoga as a return to the original state when we had no time to pile up and spawn, respectively its positive or negative karma. But the level of this timeless and, therefore, exactly with the same success we can say that we do not tunnel into the past and into the future. If we were doing classical yogis from life to life, and sooner or later would have come to this state. Here we would like to use my spermogonia I’m in a state of freedom, and thereby set the tunnel to your future. Roughly speaking, using the third principle of yoga, we have turn into the guests from the future. We call ourselves from the future to the present to help us in the past.


Absolutely fantasmagorically obtained by a scheme of socalconnected time. Or on the other, eliminates the time factor in spiritual attainment. You appeal to these underlying forces, over space, over time, on karma. How would you transform yourself into the future and solve those problems from the position of the present itself can not solve. But position yourself for the future you solve them perfectly.


Presenting you the little boy went math to solve, they begin to learn math “Oh the task is difficult “. And you became professors of mathematics. And that took himself a future Professor of mathematics, using a timeless channel, which is our higher self, pulled himself into a first-grader decided for themselves their own objectives. Then he sent himself back where it was and do not again returned to the station itself, the past. It’s appealing on the level above the temporal planes of the universe provides a basis for rapid methods of yoga. You sort yourself out.


Why this tunnel is formed by the rejection of suffering, why this factor contributes to the approximation of the timeless tunnel of spiritual practices? It really is the factor that in their original state of SAT CHIT ANANDA, absolute bliss, absolute consciousness, absolute energy, it is in the long, long evolutionary lives have shaped your inner universe, and shape factors of interaction between you and the external universe.

It is clear that at the time of adoption of the 3rd principle you can have a huge number of factors that cause you to suffer, to suffer is objectively. A huge amount of karma, which objectively makes you suffer: hunger, thirst, poor performance, scandals, husband, or wife, worst job, etc. a Huge number of factors that never comes to question the concept of suffering.


Have Prosobranchia students causes outrage: “How is it? We say suffering is not. How can they not. I have them 365 days a year, and they tell me that they are not!”


But the fact of the matter is that those suffering 365 days a year, which have now, can 365 lives and formed, each in one day today, in advance. And that to blame the mirror – it is only a reflection.


As it can be pierce and pain and prerequisites for experiencing suffering, and to get to the level the original momentum that can shape your universe and in a state of suffering and into a state of happiness, and neutral state. Or some mixed condition, when there is a period of suffering, then the period of happiness, the period of enjoyment, then the period is neutral. You, however, this principle of the deep approach your self, approaching her I start to enjoy the freedom of self, which didn’t go away, even if you know nothing about him. Yes, in the original the dark you don’t know about your freedom, about your spermogramme. But it was not a millimeter less. It is very difficult from a logical point of view, capture our principle. It really is very difficult to capture our principle friends. To operate as univermaga complicated.


We are accustomed to the fact that we have a schedule for a day, a month, a year in advance. We are building some plans. And then suddenly start concepts or levels where the concept of time. And so the 3rd principle of the yoga in this sense is associated with the state of freedom in the following way: he is incredibly accelerates our approach to a higher state of freedom, regardless of the terrible baggage of Karma that we pull. 3-the first principle of yoga appeals to our primordial freedom to a greater extent, to a huge extent. So is this bundle: quick methods of yoga, a quick approximation to the original freedom through the rejection of suffering.


But once again I want to remind you. Yoga is very wonderful, very dear, which do not use the third principle of yoga. This is classical yoga, which are the first and second principle of yoga. But here arises a logical question: why do the classical yogis, why don’t we all jump into quick methods of yoga? But the answer is the following:


The third principle of yoga you can go than began while trying to observe the first two principles.


The third principle of yoga just hang in the air, if you do not observe the first two. Any area for the third principle of yoga will have to build with the first two principles of yoga, classical methods. Moreover there is one more hitch, which allows you to take advantage of fast methods of yoga.

At the time when you go the classical methods you have to make the background for the approach to rapid methods or to the third principle of yoga. You have to be ready billions of lives not to hastily move the classical methods of yoga. Not feeling this even thought of discomfort.


Or another: you go to the classical methods of yoga go every day, inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter, moving to their side, and the distance to alpha Centauri. All this pleasure will last not one, not two lives, not 350 lives, and not even in a million lifetimes, and even the billions and billions of lives. And, at first glance, the subject matter, you must drive them into pessimism. Even if I quickly go to the classical methods, the end goal I can’t even imagine how much. But here the factor which will let you out in the timeless:


If you are happy and satisfied to go millimeter by millimeter, and you’re happy to accept from life to life to be born and to die, if only to move millimeter by millimeter. If you calm down and let go of the situation and just enjoy the process of this slow movement. You automatically again attain the level of rejection of suffering in the long term lost time and again pressed for time.


Factor in the lack of expectations, the availability of enjoying each present day, with some of its limitations, its problems, its challenges and its victories. And when you catch yourself thinking that you are ready and a billion lives yet to live, if you don’t turn up something quick, in the moment when you catch yourself thinking that you are ready and a billion lives to live, you will have the opportunity to move to rapid methods.


Fastest method is some quirk in space and time, which the brain does not catch, but which very remarkably consistent with our internal sense of happiness, beyond which there will be no reckoning misfortune. This is the moment when we in today’s compressed volume you can see the entire path, from beginning to end. That is such in such. When we see the absolute in a small. And so, if you are happy to approach the freedom of a small millimeter a day, or my favorite expression A. P. Chekhov’s “squeeze the slave out of himself drop by drop”, let it stretch for a few billion lives, and if the prospect you just are not afraid, you normally think you are ready for it, it is not strange, it is possible to squeeze the slave out of himself in liters at one sitting.

So, friends, questions.


MOJO, Galina Evtukhovich, group 4: I Have a question. In our world there are so many events, recent events. How to guide to not refer to events, taking to heart. If you see something? Well, of course, someone once expressed the will, but still a pity.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, this is the saying – life is not pass across a field. It was smooth on paper, Yes forgot about the ravines. What we’re talking about, we draw a diagram. And when we are captured by the life, capture emotion, we forget about the schema and become disoriented. When we face consequences of our own negative karma. In this sense, the negative karma that you know about the presence of suffering. If you didn’t have negative karma in your world there would be no information about the presence of suffering. If you know, then, is involved. Understand here what is the logic? Why? Because essentially everyone has their own personal universe. But at a certain stage of evolution we crossed their universes into a single, twisted by some rules. Now, if we see the suffering – it’s just a response to something before. Once before we valishvili such direction which in the future comes as our suffering, or as the sight of the suffering other that, in fact, is also suffering. And sometimes even more suffering, when you see someone suffering . It seems better you would have suffered himself. And, in particular, in the continuation of rapid methods, they lead us to our power, our abilities. And if you’re on the path of rapid methods FOR YOU DISAPPEAR someone is SUFFERING, ALL SUFFERING is YOURS. We like to say: someone hit your head, and you have a lump. The concept of what I do with it, let them understand, no. But downside, when you see that someone, by action or inaction lays the Foundation for future suffering, you can’t just look at it. Because you know: the law of karma spins around and you got to witness someone else’s tragedy. And You will not remain indifferent to this tragedy. Again, all this is laid in the third principle of yoga. What you start in every way for all living beings to help to abandon suffering. The question arises how to do it? But by and large the possibility of only one, the only – the dissemination of knowledge. Everything else is trivia. But more fundamental for the help all living beings at the deepest level . Not to wait when all rolled up their sleeves to pull out of the swamp, and even earlier. When the man was thinking, and if I do not go out in the swamp. You like possessing these sverhsposobnostyami, in advance see a development in the plane of karma. Because part of your existence have risen above karma and it is like a high hill sees where he’s coming. You start to spread the knowledge that people thought ”Oh, marsh – no, I will not go.” And thus you don’t see a future tragedy.


And so, in principle, today we are studying the three principles of yoga, and where did they come from, friends? Where they came from, tell me? Anyone have any thoughts, where did the three principles of yoga?


Absolutely correct, gave them teachers, not just those who are the way, the cones are stuffed, tragedies had seen. Look at us, sheep sheep, in the same swamp rod, and herds, and then watch how they will try to get out of this swamp. It is better to whisper in your ear: “Friends, the three principles of yoga is”. They will lead you, will lead to a swamp.” So, technically, what we’re talking about yoga is that to us who lived on the three principles of yoga, and as part of the third principle of yoga, helping those who want to relieve suffering, and to spread the knowledge, we with you speak. But please note, in the third principle of yoga is observation, those who polishable to get rid of suffering. And the same time a lot of people are having fun, Kolobrodov, drunk to zero. And try to tell them about the first, second, third principle of yoga. Where they send you? Why? Because they voleizyavleniya to live as they live. They have the right. We do not have the right to impose even the rejection of suffering. They have the right to suffer and they get their.


The only thing that we have the right, at some early stage, making everything possible myself, as if to divide our universes. You in my universe voleizyavleniya to suffer. We are trying to help you send us, and rightly so, because they themselves loose and doing the right thing. We climb to you. Let’s make sure that we have not seen where all this will lead. Because watching your suffering, we ourselves will suffer. This logic, although it is a primitive logic, but it conveys the essence of the problem, but it’s much more difficult. The universe, on the one hand, a single, but, at the same time, it from small individual parts correlates. But the fact that you know about suffering, just know there’s a part of your guilt. It is an indicator that you have the stigma of a gun that you once put in hand. How, at what levels the formation of the laws of the universe or human relationships, or political movements, his actions, or inactions – is another question. But the factor that has a cause and a consequence, and that our life is in the plane of karma, where cause is the result is actually a reality in our corner of the universe. It is sometimes very difficult to move on.

But there are other corners of the universe, the more spiritual and higher, actually level madremanya. And even for those who have valueshave to suffer and zakopalova in its shell your personal universe, and continues to suffer. This suffering will occur exactly as much as they will voleizyavleniya to suffer, as long as they voleizyavleniya them in his universe. And so, it takes a spiritual turn, click to zakopalova in their universe of suffering was opened and the will expressed to cease to suffer. Then all yoga teachers, all of humanity will help them to the extent in which they voleizyavleniya to accept it. But not before they open and valueshave to get rid of the suffering. It is useless to voleizyavleniya to help to get rid of suffering Almighty, I am human, which immediately polishable continue to suffer. A matter of principle. No one to break free will not here, even the free will to voleizyavleniya to build his universe, full of suffering. Well and to intervene in it, as you know, a little wanting. Well invented a little hell you like, clung to him, well, live there a free being, until you get bored. You have to understand why teachers, teacher some teach, others do not teach.


Sometimes I hear this point of view: “Well, since they are all-powerful yogis and Yoginis, what would they have to Barack Obama arrived in the Lotus position and said, – buddy, let’s help with the economic crisis get rid of America or around the world. Or some terrible war will not end. They do not fly from their Himalayas, snickering? Sitting there, meditating.” At first glance, logic: these Mahatmas are Almighty, and we are, in poverty, in dullness, in misery? They’ve samadani enjoy. I would share? Wait a minute, uncomfortable. Friendship is friendship, and snuff apart. And, indeed, very logical: where did Mahatma when he came to power Hitler or Stalin? If they are so powerful. And the answer to this question is very hard, not realizing of the universe, the principle of freedom. None of the Mahatma will not get to violate someone’s freedom while this is a very powerful being polishable to suffer.

So that’s it for today, friends. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

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