2011.03.22. Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.03.22. 

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Should we sharpen the senses? Should we somehow neutral to it, or Vice versa, than they are less acute the better? After yoga class, the feelings become more acute suffering was more? How do we relate to our senses? How do they relate to our life and that is called freedom in our lives? Feeling bad, they must be fought, they lead us astray, they lead us away from freedom? Feelings are wonderful, they allow us to understand the world, to gain knowledge and therefore to gain freedom? When it is necessary to include feelings and when necessary – to turn them off? And this will lead us to freedom? How can we determine what man is free? The answers to these and other questions you will find in this lecture.

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So friends, today, March 22, 2011 my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University. We are in cultural center “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. All our materials can be found on the websites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru. We have courses on the systematic study of yoga – online yoga courses on the site – www.kurs.openyoga.ru. As well as a shop where you can purchase all of our archived educational programs, movies, etc, etc www.shop.openyoga.ru.

Friends, this lecture is devoted to the topic of yoga and freedom. Let’s click on the crank button and someone will remind us what we did last lecture.

International Open Yoga University, Karina, group 4, full-time student. Last lecture we began the topic of “Freedom and feelings.” How to relate the concepts and how they can reconcile among themselves. Not very many have time to discuss. I remember the question was raised: what prevents us from our feelings on the path to freedom or help? Need to get rid of them or Vice versa use?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Friends, my one friend was, he had poor eyesight and he went without points in the city of Moscow. And to the question: “why do you go without your glasses?” he says, “I have no glasses and can see where to go, and if I wear glasses, I see clearly all the wretchedness of the surroundings, here it is smelly underpass, all spat upon the wall, so I go without glasses and I have these disgusting details – I do not see. I live in my own world, instead of people – blurred images. Wear glasses – fu, it would be better not watched.” In this respect, I feel good when my senses are not sharpened, but rather dulled. But we can assume another counterargument. Well, you have feelings blunt, you can’t see anyone, but you won’t notice, for example, of people’s faces. Ie you don’t remember. You walk into any room and you can past the same person many times to pass, but since you can’t see it clearly, you don’t remember who this person is. You can’t draw any conclusions, that you saw there one little thing and another little thing and you’re like Sherlock Holmes some deductive method deduce some building where these details and what they have to say. And it is not an idle question: “should we sharpen the senses? Should we somehow neutral to it, or Vice versa, than they are less sharpened, the better?”

Or another example. We’re going to subway. We are a people accustomed to city life, and our Soviet metro, I don’t know what his sadistic develop? Everything that can creak – creak, anything that can rumble – rumbles. What walls are not as there are made from the position of absorption, some fluted or multi-faceted, and they are very smooth and so the sound is reflected back, superimposed on the new sound and there is a cumulative effect, from which the roar even more. And here we live, and somehow not notice, we are accustomed to. But you decided to exercise Pranayama Yoga in the nature. Work out, and your senses become sharpened and you go into this subway and you are just in physical pain from the blows to the ears. The question arises: the senses become more acute suffering was more? If the feelings were stupid, you went through it underground, and if escalated, you once again did not even want to go there, and so everything else. So this thought: how do we relate to our senses? And indeed, how they relate to our life and that is called freedom in our lives? Who’s ready to reflect? Please.

International Open Yoga University. Michael, group Three, curator courses Yoga of Love, Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Sexual Union. I’ve decided to lay down everything we said and put it all on axioms. The initial point I took, of course, freedom or our Higher self, It wished to be happy, ie formed the desire to be happy. Ie happiness, which we have considered. Prana manifests itself as consciousness and energy. Between them, Maya. There’s a channel that’s just our 6 senses. Well, where I come from, what each of these feelings and created in order to realize their freedom. But since we are inherently free and from knowing that we are free, we need to come to our freedom. Ie needs to be some path, the path of Dharma, born of Rita. We need to get rid of our Karma. And to help us in this our knowledge. And this knowledge consists of our three principles and come back to our Higher self or to freedom.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Wonderful! Bravo! Very good! Who else?

International Open Yoga University. Alain, group of Four, full-time student, the translator of the course Nyasa Yoga. Continuing the theme of Michael is also on this side looked at it all and came to the conclusion that the feelings we certainly need. Ie, they are our instrument in the knowledge of this world. A thought: our channel sushumna is the first Association that we have. Accordingly, our feelings are like a harpoon like hooks, which we can throw and using it to stretch our associative links and the question that we need to know how these hooks cast, and not just to get involved unknowingly. That is, to do it consciously. And so this is the path to freedom, self-knowledge, peace, and accordingly came to his Higher self.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Good point. Wonderful! Who wants to think? Who had a sleepless night? Yes, please.

International Open Yoga University. Gregory, passive participant. We talked in the last segment about the feelings of one of the lectures we have passed the question of maslobazovaya receptor that perceives the signals of the external world and transforms them eventually into nerve impulse and they reach the brain awareness is there, we see a certain picture of the world. Ie there are children who are blind and deaf, they have a picture of the world composed only of tactile sensations, i.e. they our world are very tapered, i.e. they have these channels of information, only one – touch and smell may still be. He, respectively, and the picture of the world is, i.e. the picture of the world is clearly in line with the quality and quantity of senses. Since we have 5 or 6, the last lecture, You spoke, ie the 6th kind of mind is considered. Here we can say that everything has two ways to go. It is possible, as some schools call to abandon feelings, like how to attain enlightenment is one way to achieve Samadhi. And the other way around, the way to maximize the number of these senses, i.e. as much as possible their range to have in order to perceive the world. Ie to reduce the degree of ignorance and thus reduce the degree of suffering and thus gain a degree of freedom. But if for example a particular range. It is known that the range of view, it is small, and we see eye receptors cones, they also perceive electromagnetic waves in a very narrow diapasone. Ie in fact, we only see a very narrow crack in the world, and, for example, x-rays, ultraviolet, infrared, there is a huge ranges we just can’t see them helps us in this mind, in the sense that we build with intelligence devices, able, still, to see the world.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. The basic idea, which was that some, like Gregory said, the teachings are encouraged to refrain from feelings. Ie in every possible way to kill them, to destroy. Some exercises call on Vice versa to expand the range of understanding the world, through the senses. In order to know the systems of this world and to achieve freedom as well. Two opposite scenario. Wonderful! Who else? Yes, please! Let us from different sides of view.

International Open Yoga University. Irina, group Four, full-time student. My opinion is that we should learn to manage their feelings. Ie in some situations as they use as much as possible to include, and in some situations to be able to shut your feelings off.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. To the point of view of Gregory, or rather to two of his scripts, he added a third scenario. Ie when it is necessary to include when it is necessary to turn off.

The first scenario, feelings bad, they must be fought, they lead us astray, they lead us away from freedom.

The second scenario – feelings – wonderful, they allow us to understand the world, to gain knowledge and therefore to gain freedom.

A third scenario. When it is necessary to include, and when it is off. And this will lead us to freedom.

Else who has any opinions, thoughts on this issue? Yes, please!

International Open Yoga University. Tatiana, a group of Four full-time student. I got the idea that there is appropriate and is not appropriate to show some of his feelings. For example in some situations to demonstrate you’re a tourist in some sense appropriate, for example, to hear some sounds of birds or something. Harmonious sounds of nature. Well, in the same metro should learn to turn off hearing the same, not to irritate.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That’s the point, friends, continuation of the previous point of view. Not only that, you should be able to engage in the senses and turn them off, still need an algorithm to determine whether and when to engage and when to turn off. And you said about relevance. I.e. it is necessary to have a certain awareness of the relevance when you really strain your senses and is something to consider, and when on the contrary has the sense to shut it off. Very interesting point of view. Someone else wants? Please.

International Open Yoga University. Voropaeva Marianne, the group EKO, full-time student. I would like to reflect on feelings, not so much the senses, how many emotions and feelings in relation to freedom, including the first and second principles. I totally agree Michael that we can come to freedom, if we go by their Dharma. But as the axioms of yoga, we’ll never get to your Dharma, if we do not comply with the first and second principles. But without feelings, in my opinion, impossible to comply with these principles. In particular, especially the second principle. Because only if we feel, for example, only suffering, that, for example here is a job I don’t like, then turn on our minds and will allow us to find a more interesting job. I.e., through the emotion of suffering. And if we do not feel this emotion, we will feel that everything is fine, we never even come to your Dharma.

An example I wanted to bring from psychiatry: the woman had a very strong depression, they gave her antidepressants and she stopped to pay attention to his son, i.e. he was 7 years old, where he wanted to go, and it seemed to her that everything is fine. Ie in fact it has ceased to fulfil the first principle of yoga, i.e. to violate his duty was. Because she had no indicator feedback, the emotions of some that would show that she’s doing something wrong. Therefore, they are necessary.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. So what happens, one of the three perspectives, the first, it is necessary to completely destroy his feelings like that shows his consistency, is obtained. Let’s say that I have feelings and if I’m going to deal with them and sooner or later will reach this victory, I’m a callous person and what am I going to be different indeed from the stump, which has no feelings? And where is the criterion that stump, not having developed senses, automatically this becomes more free. No, he does not become more free. I put in quotes the word “stump.” The word “stump” can mean a living creature that insensitive.

Well. Wonderful! Someone else wants?

International Open Yoga University. Solomatina Irina, group Four, full-time student. I wanted this remark to make that one of the ways in which sounded, to completely abandon feelings, the second way is to be able to include their feelings are just the same to the third, the ability to control their feelings. Ie when it is necessary to include when it is necessary to turn off. If we do not learn to switch off, consequently we will not be able to manage them.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Yeah, well, but that goes only if we learn to tune it out, we don’t come to this ability to turn on and off or Vice versa, just switch, we don’t come to the ability to turn on and off.

International Open Yoga University. Solomatina Irina, group Four, full-time student. I think we must learn to be disabled, and enable . ie in some situations interfere, in some situations, on the contrary we are saved .

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. In General, we come to the third embodiment, which has already been stated. Yes, please.

International Open Yoga University. Olga, group of Four, full-time student. About the propriety and appropriateness. How to determine when to turn when to turn it off.

Last session we considered two options. First with the machine and the alignment of associative relationships and the second with love. In the first case, feelings contributed to the fact that we have lined up Association, and it left our Prana. In the second case, Prana was inside. Probably off and on need just when we feel the Prana from us goes, you need to break the associative link, and then the senses bring us benefits.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Very interesting, but you need to understand. So. Break off – when Prana goes out and encourage, when Prana goes inside. But whether this is the same scenario that snap off when Prana goes out, to limit yourself? If the Prana does not go out, it is not manifested as energy or as consciousness, roughly speaking, we restrict its own little world. And if the Prana goes out, we expand your consciousness and your energy.

And, in fact, receive more information about the world around us. It was the second option. And the idea is the same, how would this knowledge facilitates the acquisition of our samosoznanii, maybe. Or not? Ie whether manipulation of Prana is only to the first two options? Prana outwards to engage in the senses, the Prana inward – moving away from feelings. Because you can put equal sign or not?

Friends, let us a little… Brains inside need like clay, take it, it is solid-solid start to wrinkle, to rumple, to wrinkle, then it becomes so easy. Remember the cartoon as man for the tree go? “I have flexibility throughout the body so formed that it is now no magic wand can what you want to become”. That is exactly the same and our minds. It should make you think from different sides of rumple, rumple, rumple, and then he gets so podvizhniki-podvizhniki. And then just a question, and he’s already Bang – valaisia in response.

International Open Yoga University. Nastya, a group of Three, full-time student. I was thinking about freedom and about feelings in the context of emotion. Draw a diagram if you can. I considered the feelings that, at least, recognized by modern psychology, as some options which are built into our psyche already at the biochemical level. Four senses:





Ie each of these senses corresponds to a specific hormone. These four feelings, which they are generally embedded in the us psyche. Their function is the preservation of life. This is a very important idea. Now I will explain.

Fear is not only we humans, in General, in all living beings. I’m a tiger, I get a more powerful tiger I have triggered the fear that makes me run away and save my life.

Anger. I’m a tiger attacking me, for example, the same power or weaker, I produces adrenaline, anything else, it forces me to attack, attack, win. T. O. life, again, continues.

Joy. We can consider two basic instincts: food and sex. They are accompanied by feelings of pleasure. And this sense of fun is probably a continuation of life either never happened or would have happened, say, is not as active as it is.

Sadness is in the scientific literature compared to slow metabolism in times of famine. Ie roughly speaking, we have reduced energy level, mental processes are slowed down, for what? To ensure that in these most difficult times to endure, to preserve the resource, again, to keep us alive. Ie these feelings we can’t disable, because they are stronger than us, they save our lives. It’s about on the level I can compare with the mechanism of protection procreation (MWR). Jokes this thing is very bad.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. It is the instinct of self-preservation.

Nastya, a group of Three, full-time student. Yes. But what can we do with information that comes from these feelings in our tanks. Here already we have two possibilities. First, as mentioned, we use is inappropriate, i.e., this information creates a distortion of reality. Can you explain on examples.

A case with fear. Everything that happens in the world, I feel menacing, I’m afraid this is happening in my inaction, i.e. that is a distortion on the level of fear.

At the level of anger. I have so much on there is a distortion of reality, everything seems threatening and my reaction to the stimulus is not adequate. I.e. it is much higher. I stepped on the foot, and I roll my scandal.

Joy. In psychiatry this is called maniakalny stage, maniakalno-depressive psychosis. I.e. psychiatrists say that we have all lit but not working. Ie people constantly switches to new things, grabs all his heightened emotional level, but nothing to end arguments, all the throws and T. O. is not commensurate with the actual desired, it seems that the sea knee-deep, and all things, all the mountains in half an hour will roll. Also not very productive state when under distortion.

Sadness. Everything is seen in black light, black glasses we have and depression. Accordingly, the information need not be used, which comes in our analyzers, we being in the dark is not correct use of distorting reality, then our freedom we cancels out. Freedom is reduced.

But at the same time, the same information we can use appropriate and it eliminates distortion of reality. Ie the chaos I draw the strikethrough.

Fear. It’s a calculated risk.

Anger. Very cool to use it as a struggle with my own laziness. Angry at myself, angry that I lie on the couch doing nothing, I should go, for example, Karma yoga to do. Very cool use.

Sadness. If there is such a condition, philosophers, writers often cite as the bright sadness. Makes people philosophical, constructive, productive way of thinking, observations of life. So we can watch the sunset, autumn, foliage. Such melancholy, can be used constructively in the work.

But the joy is in General, if used constructively, it is Bhava, Love, Inspiration, anything.

Thus, by way of a crossed twisted reality leads us to greater freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Very good! Bravo! Bravo! Great!

Friends, we have second lecture discussing this topic, but no one raised the question: freedom and feelings. What is meant by emotions? Last class we talked about how the sense organs, but the meaning of this word is a certain emotional expressions. Which, of course, dependent on the senses, but which we also call feelings.

International Open Yoga University. Basov Sera, the Fourth group. I decided to go far away. From the axioms remembering that we have the Macrocosm, the Microcosm. In the Macrocosm the reigns of the first principle of Yoga, in the Microcosm – the second principle of Yoga. The macrocosm – overglorify, a microcosm is a mix of sverkhnovye, logic and illogic. We have over I of the absolute and equal to which are all living entities. This I have freedom. This scheme I want to apply for freedom. I want to consider all paths, the paths that we in the subject “Yoga and freedom” took place. We have desires, happiness, money, honesty, truthfulness, power. Because today we have the theme of “feelings of freedom”, the feeling like something is one. Remember that after all is a layer of Maya goes. Maya has such a property that a single break in the set. In this case our feelings are broken just on those six faces, which we talked about: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, mind. One lecture, You said that freedom can be divided into two parts. One part we have available right now, and the other is not free. And we call it Karma. Karma can be positive and negative.



The last lecture, we had a man and he stood in front of the car. And we considered, what is the ratio of machine to free? Someone said that the prestige, someone said it was comfortable, etc. But for freedom, this apparent relationship we found out. Michael said this wonderful phrase that the machine can expand our freedom. Ie expanding our freedom, we move away from freedom. We remember that we live in a world where there sverdlovka, logic and illogic. Insofar as all of the priorities were to in paragraph 1 they are illogical – we drop them, as we said axiomatic. Subparagraph 2 we included the logic, honed mind, learned to manage it, common sense prevailed and we decided – Yes, if it expands our freedom – we go here. And then You suggested that the guy met the girl, ie the alternative to self-propelled carts. And what we have in this moment happens to feelings? I could be wrong, but I’ll run with it. At this point, Maya begins to dissolve and all the feelings intersect in one point and become one again. And here in this place there is a feeling that we call love. Love sorhagen and the gift of the absolute.

You asked the question the last lecture: “Why some things highlights something, but through some highlights and what guides us as we make a choice?” and I think there are things sverhbogatye that we spread their wings, give Bhava, help to create, remove obstacles on the way. And such things as the car they become a kind of reality, which itself is derived, i.e. it does not require so much effort. And there are still things that use logic. And the second sense called intuition, which tells us what to do in those moments in which we have no certain knowledge but there is a feeling that says that you need to do so and not differently. We can certainly try to do so and be sure not to forget about this scheme: illogical – cast, logical – use, and sharpen.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Wonderful! Bravo! Friends, learn to think, do not hesitate to Express their point of view. Expressing their point of view, you better do it realize. This is a powerful incentive to work.

Who else wants to speak?

Passive participant. I can from personal experience exactly say that knowing the world through the senses, we can very easily extend their freedom. Because we can be inspired by something, be captured and we have a natural desire to learn, for example, of an object more.

Quite recently went to a coffee shop, completely by chance, and I was so impressed with the taste of coffee, how it is cooked, the interior of the coffee shop, marketing. My senses just enjoyed this moment. I wanted to know how the business is built. I found information on the Internet, bought a book, studied all and thus I have expanded my freedom. I now have some extra knowledge there, I can support the conversation on this topic.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Yes, I was. But, unfortunately, I need a fly to add a little. You know, when you study successful business others is extremely helpful, friends. In General, I recommend to study a really successful story than these stupid to watch the news or some TV shows. It really is better to explore the biographies of people who made themselves. Or any great achievements in science, in business, in art, anywhere, that are growing. But unfortunately, when he tried, at least to reproduce the same thing, you suddenly realize that it was smooth, that is, on paper, Yes forgot about the ravines. We have such knowledge, purely theoretical, and have the knowledge when you at least something you yourself embody. And when you pomuchaetsya, say, with his small business several years, first though there is something going to break, you know that there is still a huge difference between a theoretical understanding of how things should be done and practical results. When I came to you people and you’re, say, your coffee Cup that you have paid. But in any case very interesting.

What else is there?

International Open Yoga University. Anna, the Fourth group. I have such thinking. Our natural state is a state of freedom, joy, happiness, pleasure. And You once said that the feeling of freedom we might experience during arousal, when you captured this feeling.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. In terms of excitement or erotic arousal which somehow, exaltation? Erotic about it. The concept of freedom is very tightly linked to eroticism, friends. If it were not for the eroticism of a future of freedom, you would be just sick to have sex. Yes, that is correct. The feeling of freedom for the future overcoming of death. You know, after the erotic feeling is in the moment, so to speak, the continuation of life and to the moment when you suddenly die, you will have the opportunity to be born again. Because someone gives birth to you. Such logic.

International Open Yoga University. Anna, the Fourth group. During these States we can a little bit feel this taste of freedom, keep track of it and try to keep him inside. But feel we can just through the senses, our senses. And here can, I think, deduce that these practices are connected with the fact that we develop our senses, then to be able to control them, using them to capture this momentum and try to keep it within themselves to come to freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I.e. to summarize, then when we engage the senses in some objects or phenomena that are involved in the right way, you actually get some experience, then this experience can show us the way to freedom.

Well. Yet anyone?

International Open Yoga University. Marina, a Fourth group. I want to bind the first principle of Yoga with feelings. Kindness – sverdlovini concept, but it is expressed through compassion, through a sense of emotional: compassion, compassion, compassion. Not only that it is theoretically possible to just miloserdova you practically have to contact the action. For example, a man read an ad about a kid with cancer, he is merciful, i.e. he complicity, he had a desire to help this child. He went to give blood. I.e. the feeling associated with desires and actions.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. The feelings associated with the desires and actions. Ie if you have a sense, you may have some desires, and these desires to generate actions. Interesting chain. And these actions, but this is another branch of Yoga, or will lead to freedom, or will not lead to freedom.

Passive participant. That’s because us girls just perceive the world of the senses, I would like this aspect…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Why only girls? And young men?

Passive participant. No, boys just don’t perceive by the senses.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. And I?!

Passive participant. You’re an exception, I guess.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. No, no, no, friends. Let’s…

Passive participant. I am now their point of view will carry first, and then…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Well…

Passive participant. So I think that girls perceive the world of the senses and they have this perception is verlogenen.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. The second situation is also questionable.

Passive participant. Wait a minute. Respectively, and these young people…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. What are the young people?

Passive participant. Well, men or as I call them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. And, women and other. Well, well, what are they? (laughs).

Passive participant. Perceive the world from the point of view of logic. We see that all inventors are great, they clear mathematics, a very powerful logic, philosophers. There are no women. Ie

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. How not?! And Hypatia Of Alexandria?

Passive participant. There are exceptions, I’m not arguing. Statistically no, well I mean. So the conclusion is, that they understand each other, I mean man and woman, it is necessary that the girl spoke with a young man in the language of logic, and the young man was talking to this girl, with her, in the language of feelings. Then they will understand each other, at least. Another aspect of this, they constantly want to limit the freedom of each other. For example, the girl wants the young man met with her, and the young man wants to she just met him. Also wants her freedom to be limited. So this is the source of conflict. Ie to avoid mordobitiya, they should not limit.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Here it is homespun Russkaya Pravda. In fact, here you can meditate. First of all, really, so it is not necessary to relegate men to this only analytical calculator which is really only like this the terminator robot. What looked at it once again-times of ciferki ran. Similarly, it is not necessary to take girls only to the senses. In fact, my deep conviction that sometimes the logic of women much better than men. Just for men slip sometimes, you know, of empirical data, it leaves the ground, some torn everyday challenges of the classroom. And the so-called women’s logic is not the absence of logic, it is logical to promote their point of view. We once on the website was an excellent article of Professor D. V. Beklemishev now there, I highly recommend to get acquainted with her. Professor D. V. Beklemishev, really is the pillar of mathematics, his textbook on analytic geometry, it is in the Soviet Union were all, in my opinion. And, in particular, wrote an interesting study of female logic. I highly recommend to meet you.

But let us come back. Of course, women’s feelings are not a manifestation of sverkhnovye. Women’s feelings can indeed sometimes be a personification of the Highest verhoging of intuition, that logic does not understand, but can also be stupid. And what is most terrible and most often encountered in everyday everyday life so it happens. For the average woman, that’s just what she calls feelings and there’s the vinaigrette peremeshennoi overlaytest with, sorry, sometimes with stupidity. And the saddest thing is that the woman is very tough she can determine where it ends and stupidity begins sverdlovka and Vice versa. And yeah man, loves externally, to demonstrate the analytical quality and can even be in this sense a man and better helps. But, friends – this is a very controversial issue.

But the other is not controversial that, indeed, men and women need to learn to understand each other. Here I am today saying that, unfortunately, I have to read a course of lectures, in fact, for one reason, once the financial gaps to close in our business, and it is assumed long enough such a course-the debate, again according to the interaction of male and female, but with Yoga positions, from the perspective of the axioms of Yoga and Yoga positions of the Triad. It is famous, quite a good Yoga position Triad, which is, indeed, a woman expects from a man in love with hills, all the rest it will do itself. And the man is waiting for women some of this energy manifestation, in particular even if we are talking in terms of sexual. I.e. some possibility to manifest as energy. And say, also Yoga Triad is such a canonical, classical approach to the track, groping each other, when men primarily encouraged to study the Yoga of Love, and women, first and foremost, I urge to study Yoga of Sexual Union. And then, indeed, they begin to better understand each other. They are, though to what extent have the chance to find a common language. But that, my friends, a little bit another story. Let’s get back to our topic “the senses and freedom”.

International Open Yoga University. Anastasia. A Group Of Two. Full-time student. Reflecting on these two concepts came to the conclusion that we have at least two options to grab the freedom, feel freedom, to experience freedom. And feelings can be divided at least in two aspects. The first is emotions that we have considered already, second is the senses. Well, if, let’s say, and split. And freedom can at least grab the two ways is experienced erotic excitement, as we talked, and the second – experiencing happiness, joy, pleasure, closer to the natural state of your Higher self now, without these two aspects of feelings would not have these two options how to grasp the freedom. Because if it were not for emotions we would be unable to experience happiness, joy, and not close to its natural state I would not be able to realize that we are free.

And second, if there would be no senses, there would not be individuals of the desire to breed, the female would to attract a male, a woman couldn’t attract a man and we would not be able to grasp freedom, from the point of view of erotic arousal.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Interesting point of view. Very interesting. Great. Who else wants to say or have said? Well, then again all said, let’s summarize.


The analysis of the concept of freedom through displays of affection


Come, friends, let’s start with the fact that until, until we reach the highest state in yoga, the highest not due to freedom, concept of freedom, oddly enough, is very tightly tied to the concept of feelings. After all, how can we determine, say, what man is free? How can I determine that I’m not in jail? I can walk out the door, go down the street to take a walk, sit in the car to go somewhere and back, etc. and if, of course, I’m in prison, I to the door, and there the evil guard: “Where are you going? Go to the place.”

But if we analyze these two situations, the difference in what? The difference in those flows of information that was perceived by my senses.

In one case my eyes have seen a changing picture. Here I am in the room, so I went outside, so I’m going somewhere.

In another case, here I am in the area, so I went outside, the guard and here I am again in the room.

Ie concept, if I am free or not free comes to my feeling through the senses.

Remember the movie was pretty “the Matrix”. Where uncle and telecheck molded sensors that senses worked and showed them pictures as you go, something to touch, etc. and, in fact, from the perspective of the senses – they were free, but the real position them all those evil robots in these gadgets kept. Ie at some stage of the development of the factor of freedom or not freedom is tightly tied to the senses.

I can’t Express my feelings, I feel that I am not free. I can feel that I’m free. Want, look on the left, want, look to the right. You wanna go you wanna go there. Go to Red square and will be there to touch the stone, on which Vladimir Ilyich Lenin went. And you can not do this.

Ie in fact, for me, the concept of freedom boils down to this side functions of the organs of my senses. Ie if they can somehow manifest itself in one way, I believe that free, if not, it’s free. But little of this. There is still also such factors: for instance, I look at something and I like to look at it, I continue to watch it. And there are, say, such pictures, as told to the Persian medieval poets who insult my eyes. I would glad not to look, but I can’t. Any factors, circumstances force me to watch. Here today, go home, going through the underpass and clear, Willy-nilly, going to look at his feet. Otherwise, how could I pass through it, and see everything there time to do there for today, our civilized people. Everything that they spit, empty bottles from-under beer, etc.

At some period of time, some circumstances dictate my sense organs that perceive them, and they do not perceive. And it is clear what kind of freedom! Freedom no no. I.e. someone is forcing me, my senses, something perceived or something does not perceive.

But again, returning to step back, I realize that actually these pictures that I show to my senses and I used to be considered the standard of freedom, really can be deceiving. You never know what the picture really appear in front of me.

For the farther. These external objects or events, or that these external flows of information that I perceive from the Universe through the senses, form inside of me already, perhaps these emotional responses or, you know, those emotional feelings.

I really feel fear, when you walk down a dark underground passage where drunk fighting soccer fans.

I feel the anger again, because everything the police do nothing, but on the contrary they indulge. They also say: “you guys are patriots, let’s you here’s another window break, then you will really patriots, and our country will become famous. We won the match we won.” We grannies bottles, collect trash, but in football, we are ahead of the rest. Ie is anger.

Again, when I see people who do not agree with this, I have a joy that I wasn’t alone, asshole.

When I realize that these people cannot agree with each other, I have an ancient longing. You know, like the song Grebenshchikov: “I look at it in the ancient longing”. Ie sadness.

Have already factors responses. I.e. the sense organs injected into me, the momentum of the information, he processed and there is response outside. But because of these emotions I’m starting to do certain things, say, no more to walk through this dark passage, to ignore it. Or on the contrary, demand that there light bulbs are boiled. In General, the most different I have my next actions. Again, the actions further or will lead to that degree of freedom will increase, or the degree of freedom will decrease. But, in any case, there as been a situation that there is a difference between what I perceive my response to what I perceive and my actions, as a result of this emotional response.

And that sounded absolutely wonderful phrase about the appropriateness. How do handle that? Whether to allow my senses to see it all or, indeed, as my friend, who has bad eyes to not wear glasses and do not notice?

Or, say, to show their inner emotions (anger, joy) outside so they lead to any actions? Or to divide? Emotions can boil inside, outwardly I was calm, frostbite boa. The yogi unfazed.

Ie arises here is the question mate. He is, in fact, a key question. Ie, if I do all feelings are cut – see nothing, hear nothing, nothing anyone will say – it does not lead me to freedom. If on the contrary I will afford all that is in this world, to force me to some pictures, in particular, I come home, turn on the TV, and then I impose some paintings are really offending to the eye, it is also not correct.

Turn it off, so not to experience, which I will not come to freedom. Dead-end option. On the contrary, completely to leave the feeling included is as well resign ourselves to the fact that these feelings will lead me to God knows where. The same situation which will not lead me to freedom. Remains, indeed, our third option. When it is necessary to include feelings and when necessary, turn them off.

The concept of Dharma in the use of senses

And now to determine when to enable and when to disable, is the notion of “appropriateness”. Or deeper the concept, the concept of Dharma. If I guard a COP, I have all the eyes on the drunken brawl homeless Vice versa, and to separate them is my duty, my Dharma. If I’m just a random person, I don’t want to look at the fans after winning next match, who beat the stores and yelling obscenities good, showing your patriotism, so-called. Don’t want to watch, absolutely. And this is not my duty to look at them, you know, friends? Ie it is necessary to learn when you need to extricate yourself from it.

We come, first, to the concept of debt determining the relevance or irrelevance. And that, in turn, to the concept of Dharma is reduced, and the concept of Dharma to the concept of Rita. Ie it turns out that if we applied your senses, you can enable or disable according to the law of Rita, this leads us to freedom. If slipping in one or the other extreme, we have feelings either constantly on or constantly off – it does not lead us to the knowledge of Rita, and lead us to freedom. Moreover, even if we turn on and off feelings, we must learn it is really appropriate. In fact as implied in law Rita. And only in this case we come to freedom.



Ie close the question is not to curse the senses, to deify, to manage them. And all of this is, say, one of the steps in the treatise “Yoga sutras of Patanjali”, which is called Pratyahara. I.e., the stage of Pratyahara, just is the ability, when necessary – to pull out their feelings and so they saw nothing, heard nothing, as they say, any information is not allowed. But the next moment we should be able also to return them to the place. The word “Pratyahara” in one of the possible translations means “pulling”. But pulling, you know, in this more specific sense, in a more technological sense.


Methodology appropriate on/off senses


And as a matter of fact, learning when to turn on the senses, and when it is necessary to turn off the senses, according to the law of Rita in the future to gain freedom?

And methodology is given next. According to this methodology, we have, indeed, the organs of our senses – sight, smell, touch etc. we certainly have some nerve receptors that perceive these flows of information. This tells us modern medicine, modern science. But yoga goes further. Yoga says that this is just crude tools more subtle components of the senses. Ie what we call senses are not things that are derived, say from the eyes, ears, nose, etc. No, on the contrary, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, tactile sensations, there is a rough implementation of the more fundamental principles of the Universe, the essence of which are feelings. Well, either way, there are subtle feelings that animate the gross senses. And if it’s a subtle feeling came in a rough sense, then we receive information from the ears, eyes, etc. if thin feeling as if goes, does this Pratyahara, as if in the sky, it turns out that rude sense remains, but it isn’t connected with fine. And then his eyes look but do not see, ears listen, but not hear, etc. and it is a very practical time to master this ability, to turn, off feelings. If you just, say, something to watch and say, “I don’t, I don’t see…” or a neighbor behind the wall at 12 am in wall: “Boom! Boom!” nail scores, not enough time in the day, that night he decided the painting to hang, a big one, so you need a lot of nails, and the wall is intact. And you’re lying, and so you have insomnia, and he was hitting the wall. And you think: “I’m going to convince myself: “I can’t hear” “Boom!” “I can’t hear” “Boom!” All you can hear. Moreover, you will be extremely tired.

At the same time we read in many yogic treatises, indeed paradoxical ability of yogis. They could really turn off the senses. To what extent such physiological when, say, the eyes are open but do not respond to light pulses. The question arises: “what is the secret?”. Do they, poor fellows, inside all his will strained: “I cannot hear I cannot see I can’t feel, feel, smell”? Friends, it can be done. Because when the subtle body of feelings connected with rough channel direct. So you yourself did not say, through this channel, the rushing stream of information. We must learn from the rough thin out. And this is a very serious stage in the “Yoga sutras of Patanjali” before the last group of stages, called Sanyama. Ie, if you do not learn this art of Pratyahara, the success in meditation you do not see as their ears, not to mention the Highest Samadhi. And in fact, the whole system of Patanjali, and was designed in such a way that the first is Yama Neya (it is known to stretch to compare with the first, second principles of yoga), then comes the degree of physical yoga – Hatha yoga asanas. That is the stage of Pranayama yoga. That is already on the stage of Pratyahara, i.e. the ability to pull the subtle senses of coarse senses. And only after that comes the so-called Sanyama or three steps, which lead us to the ability to concentrate, focus and focus to such a state that the inside remains on the surface of our mind only one thought, only one thought and that is called Samadhi with the object. And then we reach the Highest state, called Samadhi without an object, and when even this last thought in my head is gone.

But to jump over Pratyahara to achieve success in Sangama (Sangama can be called a very close European word meditation), i.e. to jump into the meditation, you will be able not earlier than you learned to control the senses, or rather, flows of information. Or else, then enable, then disable.

So pure methodically how to do it? And offers the time. Pulling subtle senses most easily be switching them. And switching them is, in particular, mindfulness.

Example with the detective and the metro

Example. Let’s say you see one picture and either recall or imagine a different picture. Let’s say you eat at subway, looking left and right and you unshaven face does not like. And you can focus on the memory of the picture of nature that you’ve seen, say, on vacation last summer. And when we are in this state and about something, remember or imagine, we learn how to get thin component of the sense of coarse. And only in this case the eyes see, but do not see, ears to hear but do not hear.

In fact, every one of you this kind of exercises and have practiced many times. Only you are aware. Example. You eat in the subway and read detective. And that’s just the stage the most tense, the denouement of all. Ie it turns out that the quiet old lady was the poisoner. And you read so much that I see nothing, hear nothing, nothing to perceive. And here you have passed your subway station and the next and the next and so you can end only to realize that when comes the evil guy, she usually throws vagabonds and dreamers, only then you will realize that you sort of fell into another world. In the meantime, in the same wagon like all the usual drunken brawl, all jostling, i.e. life goes on, but you would like out of this world. Why? Because your delicate senses focused on the plot of this detective and they seem to reproduce what you read. You read, and before your eyes the picture as this old lady with a dagger sneaks to kill the last witness or something. Do you hear any noises like it in the jungle prowling tiger, because you are reading these adventures. Here is a part of Pratyahara, and in this sense, to learn to pull out of the gross sense organs thin, and this ability arises when it is necessary to include when it is necessary to turn off.

And in the future you already own, using his original freedom, not the freedom that makes the picture, but internal seem to increase component senses.


Example: albert Speyer


I found the book very interesting, wrote albert Speyer. Quite a controversial person. A close associate of Hitler. The man who increased production of tanks, ammunition, 2 or 3 times since 1942. Ie actually who should have been killed in the first place, he would have been. But he was very intelligent, very educated, an architect, from a good family with very good manners, but just got under hypnotic influence of the monstrous Hitler. You know, like, really, a frog from boa. And didn’t realize just how delirious he lived, but no one relieves him of responsibility for what he did. But the question is that it all ended, as you remember, the Nuremberg Tribunal and imprisoned him for 20 years. Although the Russian side demanded the death penalty. Put him in Spandau prison, where he is honestly the 20 years served. In my 65 years. In General, he lived long, died in 1981.

And clearly, when you’re sitting for 20 years, you, probably, as no one aware of their lack of freedom. He secretly wrote two books, one of the memories about Hitler there is more, and the other as he sat. And including had this one class, rather curious. He walked through the courtyard and tracked how many miles he runs. And at the same time read books that describe certain places on Earth. I.e. he imagined that travels around the globe.

Here it goes some distance, came to the point, takes the appropriate book, which describes what sort of landscape, what sort of attraction, read this book to the moment, and he continues to go. So he went on, has changed the nature of ie as it would compensate the lack of freedom of the senses on the one hand, freedom at the expense of another. It really really walked these circles cut on this patio and at the same offset: “what would I see if I were there, what would I see if I were there?”. Quite, agree, not a trivial identity. I am not surprised that he doubled, tripled the production of armaments from the Nazis. Friends, this is a tragedy indeed, if anything, so far from fascism no vaccinations. Nobody can guarantee that tomorrow the hypnotist does not appear, all the same will not go into a dressing.

Media. One-sided view of the Universe.


So, it turns out that in fact, the senses thing is secondary, but at the same time, they can become either our assistant to increase our freedom, or Vice versa – to lead the side. And again, yoga encourages this principle. First, learn how to turn on or off, and secondly, to realize the relevance of on or off.

You know, if you from morning till night to watch TV, where rushing one now, you will sooner or later get an injury of the psyche. So we are done. We can’t live in perpetual negativity. And you output will be one, or to stop perceiving negative information, i.e. “become stale” or silently start, that is, brains. In this respect, the media is a very horrible thing. After all, we are not told how many people were born with such and such on such and such a number, we are told how many of them died. And unwittingly creates a one-sided view of the Universe. And it starts to demoralize us, to drive us in a situation of resistance. Ie, we feel that now need to step it up, Yes, surrounded by enemies, it’s bad, chaos. But if this voltage goes over the years, it really wears out the body, and our nervous any ability. And the mind begins to make failures. And the most insulting that strain we, supposedly, because the negative information would have been to warn us of possible danger. Here it is, I believe that everything is bad, and I have gotten to overcome this bad anymore, i.e. to survive. But when it goes, you spend all your hidden potential. And then when something is really coming, any Armageddon, you’ve already wasted, nerves wasted it’s potential and the likelihood that when you’re faced with a real problem and makes a mistake will be much greater.

So, friends, it’s bad, if it’s not under control. Now the bucket of negativity pouring, pouring. It is very dangerous. You either turn into a soulless, ruthless cynics who have absolutely nothing to worry about, build a wall around yourself, but it will lead you to be alone, it will lead you to misery in the future, very strong. The worst suffering from loneliness. But if you’re going to eat it all, eat. You will overheat the nervous system and as a result yourself will do harm, though, because when you need to take a rational decision. And here the media modern, they just call us to know when to turn and when to turn it off.

But most importantly, to protect children from this. You already old uncles and tetki, already grated. But the kids all take at face value. And uncles and tetki on TV, which for the sake of rankings will get you from morning to night to show you how it all cut the throttle, killing and raping, in order to get the money. They are immoral, friends. They do not care at all. They, of course, the law of karma, each will receive its own personal hell. But it will be when.

So that is a factor of control over the senses is a factor of your freedom. Don’t let you impose dill. The reverse side, remember the Soviet Union. Don’t let you to these dancing songs, I remember every time I turn on the TV, everything is fine, wonderful! At numerous requests of workers life was good, and now all is fine. Only on the shelves there is nothing to eat, but nobody cared, for, you know, like classic, in ballet and in space we first.

We should be able to filter the flow of information through the senses, and only in this sense, if we learned to control, Yes, we’re going to freedom. And feelings will bring us to freedom. Moreover, the more we sink into the feelings, the stronger. But only in the sense that we control. If we do not control, we move away from freedom. We begin to be easy prey. If we have enclosed ourselves, and our senses begin to wither, to wilt and in such a cocoon, a vacuum, gray: “here I have no concerns, see nothing, hear nothing, nothing to say, nothing touches me” life is starting to turn into some kind of mediocrity, why, because there is no signal for the senses.


“We are all consumers, we all eat”


And here comes another important factor that should be remembered. In the Upanishads it is said: “we are all consumers, we all eat”. A very serious philosophy that was played that if you do everything right, be a good consumer, not be, will bad eating is not going. And, my friends, in this sense, there is no difference between the food that we eat physically and how it would be possible to say, food information, which feeds our senses.

Ie roughly speaking, for the normal development of man not only of physical food, drink, air, need more food information. Your feelings have to eat. They should get their portion, as if a meal. And if you turn on yourself and trying to kill your feelings, you receive less and become in this really emotionless stump, which to freedom to Higher goals far away.

If, on the contrary, your senses should be sharpened and you begin very much in them to get involved. And somewhere you start to show some passion, some power, and only the presence of this passion and strength, gives a platform in order to gain freedom.

Here people come into yoga and say: “I want a Higher purpose”. And people lethargic, so, you know, dying. Indeed, his hand shaking, and I think that all, and now he’s going to die, then fall. And something begins to babble: “I want enlightenment, I gave everything, everything is bad, sex is bad, food is bad, sleep bad. Can’t see anything, is all bad”. Think: “my God, he’s going to die here, or will you out the door”. And, as a rule, very bad, sorry for the slang, they are derived from yoga practice. They just do not have the strength.

Another point, bursts, you know, people are – the whirlwind: “where is your yoga? Apply here!” and just so you know, these second chances anymore. They have, at least, have something to work with. Yes, sometimes these feelings are not properly directed, “where is your parampara?! Ananasami, I come quickly!”. With so unceremoniously, “I, I’m your chicken coop put in the new…”. It is clear that the person is not in control of himself, he drives on the left, to the right. Still, it’s nicer to work with. It can be something to grind. And if people do no, nothing to work with.

All for today, friends.

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