2011.03.26. Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.


Friends, pay attention to the factor which in scientific circles is called the evolution of living organisms, you will see these stages of development. Here’s some primitive organism, a bacterium. No it has no sight, nor smell, nor touch, but something is, once it can interact with the surrounding world. For more complex structure, and she already has the beginnings of some sense organs, say, feel or recognize the taste of the environment. Here’s an even more complex organism, already there are the beginnings of the hearing, the beginnings of vision. Each kind actually implements those or other senses increasing in extent, until, while, according to the concept of Srividya, all prior five senses do not contribute to the development of intelligence, which is regarded as a sixth sense that we also try the Universe surrounding us-the taste of thoughts. In this respect, the knowledge of using the mind in Srividya reduced to the knowledge through the ordinary senses. That is, there is some tendency or gradient of development, that feelings first appear in embryonic form, is then formed, flat out, aggravated and one thing pulls another, and another pulls out a third, third – fourth. As long as there are prerequisites for the emergence of mind. Here he developed the mind, and only after that we can talk about freedom. To talk about freedom for the dog or cat is not possible, they have not developed the intellect. They are unable to fully exploit the potential of freedom, which, of course, made them. This requires the human body, that’s why the human body is so precious, that’s why our body is the greatest gift the greatest opportunity the greatest value.


The title of the lecture :

Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.03.26.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description: continuing the theme of freedom and feelings. In this lecture dealt with such issues as the ratio of 1,2,3 principles of yoga and feelings. Discusses the concept of Pratyahara. As well as the concept of freedom and feelings in the relationship between male and female.

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Yoga and Freedom.Freedom and Feelings.

Today, March 26, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All archived information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. Our courses for the systematic study of yoga on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.


We continue the theme of “Yoga and Freedom”. In the previous lecture we considered the relationship between freedom and our senses in two ways. That is, the senses as the senses and feelings as internal reaction, our internal world.

Let us go on our program. Press the adrenaline button and someone will praise.


Siora, gr.4: “I have this week finally got to study related work. I have done”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “again I press the button and the next person will remind us of the algorithm is the adoption of yoga solutions.”


Elena, gr.4: “in order to make a decision, we start to remember that we are completely free, and then remember that we have a duty to other living beings because they once did something for us. Then all the possible options we run through the first principle of yoga, through the second and through the third, if we use fast methods. Then we can ask an authoritative opinion or interviewing most of the people that are in our universe. And then we recall that we are free and that we have do some conclusions and make a decision”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here I run all decisions through this algorithm and the first and second, and third principles of yoga, and authoritative testimony examined, and a survey made. And I loomed two or three answers, and I took it and still has done that.”


Elena, gr.4: “Because you are free.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “that’s Right, friends, freedom in this sense Verhovina. Any words are just words, they help us to reduce the probability of error, but they do not guarantee that they will solve for us the problems. Life is much more complicated than just an algorithm, whatever it was. Even yoga decision algorithm. Yoga decision algorithm we need first of all to reduce the probability of error, and not to replace our lives.

Who will remind us what we did in the previous lecture?”


Anastasia, gr.4: “the last lecture, I discussed freedom and feelings. All painted, we started with the schema version of the axioms of yoga and feelings, continued these themes the way yoga how to dive into feelings, to abandon the feelings and learn to manage these feelings and where you need them to enable or to disable. And in the end came to understand the appropriateness and inappropriateness of these feelings.”


Allen, gr.4: “Also, you told us about this concept as Pratyahara. That is, how are our feelings, as I realized that we have the gross senses, but they are our subtle senses. And that is the ability is to pull our subtle feelings from the gross bodies, therefore, we achieve this condition. And that the best way this can be achieved by switching to other sensations. We came to the conclusion that this is a necessary step on the path to our higher self”.


Olga, gr.4: “We came to the conclusion that freedom is the opportunity to Express their feelings and expand their freedom we can only learn to control their feelings”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “a Small correction. Freedom is not only to show their feelings. The concept of the senses is much lower concept of freedom. The concept of freedom is truly universal. The concept of freedom in the Universe had long before appeared the very principles by which it is possible to implement any feeling.”


Elena, gr.4: “we talked about the fact that we already had such a situation when we your delicate sensibilities somehow pulled out of the gross senses. And these situations were when we were distracted by something else. Let’s say we’re going in the subway and read an interesting book, we don’t hear any noise around and do not see other people.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, friends, we come to the concept of Pratyahara and realized that in this sense, we practice yoga. We already had experience of yoga practice, even if we don’t realize that we practiced yoga. Typically, yoga is associated with many myths, it is believed that this is some kind of exotic practice which is available exclusively gray-bearded elders anywhere in India. And we are all so far from it, I can’t even approach these practices. So in this sense, yoga is completely natural. And many of you had the opportunity to indirectly come close to the foundations on which are based the exercises in yoga.


Friends, one of the methods yoga is an exercise of memory. After all, in the end, mindfulness is one of the possibilities to implement Pratyahara. Here you are sitting and frantically remember what there was on the previous lectures and, as a consequence, you get their attention from the other senses. And even if the adrenaline button click, when every second can any of you ask, it’s even more accelerates your yoga practice.”


Galina, gr.4: “I wanted to add that when you talked in the previous lecture about albert Speer, you said that the worst thing for a person is alone. I want to Express my point of view, I think just alone to know your higher self When you’re hectic society, you can’t be so inward. I believe that loneliness is a great feeling.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Wait, we now recall the previous lecture, and do not start discussion for the benefit of solitude. Loneliness, indeed, it is a wonderful feeling when you alternate with socializing with their own kind. Yes, indeed, the joy and celebration from communicating with their own kind very clearly happens when you from time to time accustomed to serious in-depth independent work. In the previous lecture we did not put this into question. Here are a few other time when you build a shell around yourself for fear that you will hurt or hoping to protect themselves from the negative, the negative information of the world. And then the shell turns into an insurmountable wall. And you passionately want to talk with someone, and you hit that wall that they themselves built, and feel alone. And it’s already turning into a curse, even at the household level, for example, for a man to find his wife, or a woman’s husband or friends and colleagues on a business trip. Or you are interested in one thing, and all around people are interested in completely different and you’re just bored and you feel its mental loneliness. And it is very terrible punishment, on the contrary, the greatest reward is to communicate with their own kind. Why not put the problem of loneliness, and raises the problem of the fact that you snapped it.

There are many treatises on yoga, in particular in the treatise “108 aphorisms of Tantra yoga” says that you are never alone. You basically can’t be alone. Even the state which you call peace and solitude when you think you know your self, you are actually one-on-one with the absolute. And in this sense there is no difference between a manifestation of your inner self and the absolute outside. So even in that sense, loneliness can be reduced to the communication with the absolute.”


Andrew, gr.4: “We talked about how best to use the senses that is, block them or, conversely, to get involved. And revealed that at first we feel less feelings on the path of evolution, and then we start to get involved. That is, in order for us to use the senses, they are we must have, we must have forces that them to feel. Only after that we can work with these feelings. That is, until the moment when they are not, just nothing to work with”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, very good point. Friends, pay attention to the factor which in scientific circles is called the evolution of living organisms, you will see these stages of development. Here’s some primitive organism, a bacterium. No it has no sight, nor smell, nor touch, but something is, once it can interact with the surrounding world. For more complex structure, and she already has the beginnings of some sense organs, say, feel or recognize the taste of the environment. Here’s an even more complex organism, already there are the beginnings of the hearing, the beginnings of vision. Each kind actually implements those or other senses increasing in extent, until, while, according to the concept of Srividya, all prior five senses do not contribute to the development of intelligence, which is regarded as a sixth sense that we also try the Universe surrounding us-the taste of thoughts. In this respect, the knowledge of using the mind in Srividya reduced to the knowledge through the ordinary senses. That is, there is some tendency or gradient of development, that feelings first appear in embryonic form, is then formed, flat out, aggravated and one thing pulls another, and another pulls out a third, third – fourth. As long as there are prerequisites for the emergence of mind. Here he developed the mind, and only after that we can talk about freedom. To talk about freedom for the dog or cat is not possible, they have not developed the intellect. They are unable to fully exploit the potential of freedom, which, of course, made them. This requires the human body, that’s why the human body is so precious, that’s why our body is the greatest gift the greatest opportunity the greatest value.

In Moscow there is a Paleontological Museum, near the metro Warm Camp. Wonderful Museum if you have time to relax, take your kids, your girl or your boy and sezdiyte there, wander. Modern building, many scholars put their efforts to bring us this science. By the way, there is a very large section is devoted to the Ivan Efremov. He was paleontolog and founder of one of the directions in paleontology – the science of what forms are best protected over time. The Museum is very well done, the exhibits are arranged in a circle. I understand that many of you often in the IKEA store than in the paleontological Museum, but it’s all done on the same principle. In the Museum you can observe the development of living organisms, moving from room to room. The first room the most primitive animals, then more complex, then the hall of dinosaurs. There’s even a three-eyed dinosaur exhibit. That is, if projected on the human body, in the region of the third eye those dinosaurs are really the opening for the eyes. For some reason in the future, this thread is not survived not survived. But it is very much like the image of the Indian or Tibetan deities that also have a third eye between the eyebrows. In the next room are the mammals, then the crown of evolution – Homo sapiens. Please note, you can trace the evolution from the position of the sharpening of the senses. In one period some feelings dominated in the other – other”.


Marina, gr.4: “Feelings are expressed through emotions of fear, anger, sadness, joy, emotions cause actions, and actions in turn lead to either increase freedom or to decrease”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great, correctly reminded us that there are senses through which we receive information from the outside to the inside, and this information is inside of us generates some kind of response, which we call emotions or inner feelings. And they, in turn, influence our actions, our behavioural responses and lead us to a particular experience. And this experience leads us to or closer to freedom, or, on the contrary, leads us away from freedom.”


Basim, gr.eka: “I’d like to think, or so you’ve been thinking about the third principle of yoga and feelings, especially in light of the fact that we found out that it’s possible to feel and thus see the richness of the universe which the universe provides. But, it may be a violation of the first principle urges that in some moments turn it off and feel nothing. When I go, for example, in the subway and I dislike some smells or sounds, it is hurting me and as a result I no longer effective after that. And the third principle called for an end to suffering, and in this situation to consider it in new ways and maybe even use the Prana of this situation for their growth, this is the second principle. In order for the second principle is even more effectively revealed, we need a third principle that we have abandoned the suffering. Otherwise, if we do not renounce suffering, you will be broken the first principle. And then we can, without turning off the emotions, to continue its development”.


Anastasia, gr.4: “I would like to draw, I’m not the first lesson you want to do, but very shy”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “too bad, friends, in the Open Yoga University we prepare individuals who overcome shyness, fear, shyness, develop yogic loud command voice and preparing to help humanity in the spread here of this ancient knowledge. Therefore, all the qualities of boldness, courage, overcome shyness, freedom of expression needs to result from you in full, you should open up here like flowers in the sun. So as soon as you feel embarrassed, that you have something to say and want to say, but feel uncomfortable. Let it be your inner sadhana (spiritual practice in Sanskrit “a means to achieve something”). Now I will show Vira bhava or become a hero, a winner of his own ignorance, overcome your fear, shyness and prove to myself that I’m going this way. In fact, you can make yourself whatever type of person you can develop any quality of character, the sooner you do, the faster you will get the result. Therefore, I strongly urge you not to be shy, we need personality, we need leaders, we need charismatic people. I know some of you had this experience in my life, believe me, no one had. I once, when entering the library, the librarian was afraid of the owner to ask if she will answer me rudely. You know, when you live in your own little world, once again did not want to open your mouth, you do not want once again nor let anyone in your inner world, or to reveal the internal world. But life is made, and sometimes you have to demonstrate a very expressive traits. Although the interior warehouse, I would do nothing in a tube, mouth not opened and no one would have watched. But I began to work on myself, and see to what extent increased lectures. Therefore, it is assumed that each of you will eventually take my place and continue the lecture where I suddenly it would stop. So, friends, get ready for this, it would be this way. The real reason why you do not become persons, each one of you the absolute, a sleeping God. The sooner you realize this, the faster you go that route, the better for all of you and to the people, and I, therefore, I urge you not to remain silent”.


Anastasia, gr.4: “Here it is, our freedom, thin. It overcome the senses from all sides, she doesn’t know what to do with them. But come to the aid of the first and second principles of yoga. And our freedom is already thicker, looser. And manifestations of our feelings they are already lined up in ryadochek, they are not under pressure, however, they have not gone away. But the trouble is that there are still such feelings as suffering, misfortune. They still hovered over our freedom, we don’t know what to do with them, how to use them. Occurs following the third principle of yoga, it activates the first and second principles, all our manifestations are already very obedient, lined up exactly in a row, nothing hanging over our freedom, it is very happy. Ends with the fact that these two balls are transformed into infinite freedom.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Bravo! Friends, how many people brilliant discoveries lost because of shyness, because of the inability to open his mouth, to speak. I really liked the idea that ordinary human feelings, like cockroaches, crawling around him erratically, who is there who here. He collects them in a pile, they again crawl. And already the first and second principles are as trainers in the circus. But this is again not enough, we need also the third principle of yoga”.


Marina, gr.4: “the Relevance and irrelevance of feelings determines the debt. If it is appropriate and inappropriate on and off feelings, this leads to the concept of Rita. And this in turn leads to freedom.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “so I have a little bit I would argue with the uniqueness of such a statement, that only the debt determines the appropriateness of enabling or disabling feelings. But duty, indeed, one of the major components of the definition or elaboration of the strategy, when to turn, when to turn it off. Now, if with this caveat, then Yes.”

Basim, gr.eka: “I would Like to add that just the awareness of Rita’s should lead us to the third principle, and should show how you can safely abandon suffering and will not have any painful or negative consequences, unpleasant feelings and emotions”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, Basim, but you can see what it easier to understand what the first and second principles of yoga, and through them to understand what is Dharma, and through Dharma to understand Rita, and after Rita to understand Freedom and to go into Samadhi, what to start with Rita. For our weak nature Rita is too heavy a concept.”


Basim, gr.eka: “It may be a kind of beacon that, if we had the choice to abandon suffering or not in a given situation, then we are on the right track and going well, feeling Rita”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here is a situation, when to turn, when to turn off your feelings, this here is the appropriateness and inappropriateness of their manifestations – is the question open enough desired criteria. And in this sense, the third principle of yoga gives us at least some grounds for feeling this algorithm. Indeed, if feelings bring us pain, why can’t we disable it if feelings bring suffering, why can’t we disable it. Someone will say, how can this be, why to turn them off, suffering is a wonderful thing. But the suffering makes you not free. If there is pain, the fear, the negativity, he’s like a whip forcing you to do certain things in life or to do what makes you a slave. But at the same time, the third principle of yoga as a kind of analyzer, live I live, I think I harmoniously live, what my philosophy of life is absolutely wonderful that everything is fine. And theory tells me that everything is fine. And then such a signal suffer. And that immediately an alarming signal that something went wrong. What am I missing here in this Universe that some of my actions lead me the wrong way. And it is a reason to stop and think. But the fact is that the suffering is sometimes so implicitly part of our lives, and here we already do not notice how in anticipation of that pain or in an attempt to avoid this suffering, not answering the question, what is this suffering, we begin to become slaves. And we start to manipulate someone or something. It’s like some of the classics he wrote that were worse times, but was not meaner. He wrote about the postwar period in the Soviet Union, when the memories of fear from reprisals of 1937-1938, inadvertently penetrated into the strategy of behavior, and people Willy-nilly have begun to show their baser qualities. And many of them were not even aware at what point they turned into these slaves. They crept the suffering, the misery of waiting that they are arrested, or jailed. But they did not give itself the report to determine that moment that now was not suffering, but they appeared. And in this sense feelings when we suddenly begin to suffer, they are in this sense are stepping up our third principle of yoga. It was a signal. The car stop then you cannot sail, you need to analyze what’s going on. And thereby understand the cause of suffering. And further, to understand what is the cause of suffering, take the next step, and what to do to overcome them. Because if there is suffering, we unwittingly begin under the influence of these sufferings not behave as we believe. That is, we become slaves. Indeed, in the prisons during Stalin’s repressions, the testimony of beat any. Jews have beat out the testimony that he worked for Hitler. Some accountant that he was a spy for the Japanese intelligence, he’s not even the map couldn’t show where Japan is located.


I have one friend yogi was, he told me. He came to Moscow in the mid-90s, stopped his police station and in the monkey (it’s such a big cell in any police station, where they put the detainees). Usually there’s all sorts of asocial elements, alcoholics, homeless, etc in this situation suddenly, he realized his utter helplessness, that he’ll kill anyone even the word does not say. And moreover, where they will kill, in a place in which you must protect your rights. And our police is simple, there’s a bum some began to show off, he was immediately handcuffed gain. That is, by means of mental pressure, that’s all these conversations about democracy, about human rights, about the highest humanistic position when you’re here with the face in live, and you grow bestial fear.


And, of course, he comes through the senses. And everything you’re not free. And what wonder if in the same way Stalin all were kept at Bay, Hitler all kept in fear, well, all of the totalitarian system. Western democracy it is, of course, more beautiful, more skillful methods work, but also keeps everyone in fear, in their own way…


And imagine: you are practicing quick methods of yoga, arrived in Moscow, and then introduced a stricter passport regime up to criminal liability (as we here one the chief promised), and here you put him in the bullpen next to you chained to some homeless hysterically screaming, drunk, but you easier; you sit, once in a completely different stratum of the world, of which you may be unaware that he’s next. From a formal point of view, all legitimate and wonderful. Your rights absolutely zero. And here is how to relate the principle of renunciation of suffering, when all your senses are saying something else entirely. And the situation is what? Involuntarily Wake up animal prints with fear. The instinct of self-preservation, but which turns you into a slave. What to do? How to behave? If you’re too involved in the feelings, then you’re just mentally not stand, because they’re aggravated. You must learn to turn them off. I.e. in the given time to understand that I can not change anything. On the one hand. On the other hand, if you’re all it sees, so you had some part, this is your karma negative. If it were not for the negative karma, then you wouldn’t have been in the bullpen, that means you had a hand once to the formation of this system. Somewhere silent can be, where we ought to oppose, or Vice versa, performed where it was necessary to shut up. Anyway you are involved in this system, anyway you see it, quickly change the situation, but reduced to a bestial condition. And what remains? It only remains Pratyahara (to turn off the senses). And if we are really as in Stalin’s camps where you could live to beat to death and if you die, then to die beautifully, to remember the Yoga of Dying to completely shut down the senses. At least die beautifully.

Ivan Efremov has a good piece called “hour of the Bull”, in fact allegory for the dystopia, so one of the main characters there, she taught the follower of his for one thing: to learn to die by the order’s own will. If it started torturing, then at least he could at his will to die. And then the fact that you stay free, when you’ve hung up, tortured with a blowtorch, when you can break down and actually lose the human form, you just go ahead and die laughing to these executioners in the eye, and they’re powerless.

Of course to die no one should, the best place to live, but there probably meant that was the Yoga of Dying. I mean, the factor of our feelings and our spiritual development it is very important. And 3 the principle of yoga in fact is also very important in this bundle.

But it’s a little to the side already gone. Anyone that wants to add?”


Anastasia Mikheeva, gr. Tri: “While we were discussing I got the picture. If I didn’t know the axioms of yoga, I practice mute feelings, would be empty words. But since I have some knowledge of the axioms, that is, and practical methods of how I do it. Axiomatic gives this technology. I can write about. Here the laws 0;1;2,3;4,5 they represent such semantic plug, the laws 0,1,2,3 and a separate branch for 4.5, here and suffering should arise only when the endless refraction of Maya, which we are dragged, appear, appears suffering. Accordingly, as you can get their delicate feelings from the rough? – Mindfulness of what is inside us, the important core, which allows you to disable unnecessary feelings, remembering that within us there are laws, particularly the laws 0, where our higher self is in a state of happiness, joy, pleasure. Another picture that helps me to stop the attention. Life seems to me such a wheel center, the center is always in the stillness, even when the wheel travels, and therefore our choice is where we focus the mind, any of these points is in motion, this is 4/5, any process is in motion, we capture the thoughts and we totally fixate on something. But if we focus attention on the center, then we will be able to get your feelings out of this game of Maya.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “So friends, someone else has to say? All in favor?”


Elena, passive participant : “not knowing the technique of Pratyahara, what is it, I thought about that one and if it’s the same with the observation of his senses? When we have some feelings appear, then we simply observe their feelings and not react to it?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, many different ways are there of course. Here for example, my teeth hurt, of course, you can focus on them, but if something else to concentrate, it is easier pain to endure. Here the question is why do it?! So what’s the question?”

Elena, passive participant : “the Question is, is there any difference in the observation of the senses and Pratyahara technique.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “of Course, Yes. Pratyahara is the drawing out feelings. Here you have on the gross level is something effect, and you are in a rough sense put your subtle senses, there is a channel and you’re watching this feeling. And Pratyahara you divide the gross and subtle body feelings. And therefore disconnects this thread.

Again, please, friends.”


Basova of Sajora, gr. Catur : “Yoga often reminds us that it is impossible to go to extremes, the extreme is very bad. And when such an extreme as suffering comes, we need to remember this as often as possible. For me, when it comes to suffering, it is as a kind of markup, a reminder that life is built on the combination of opposites. If you’re trying to flip that coin to the suffering on the other side and find some kind of opposite version, which will help you to create a complete picture, you want-nehochesh, there is some new value. The combination of these opposites. And for me, this new value is this 3 principle. It helps to see why it is suffering.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “yeah, that is, to use the suffering for their own selfish purposes. To use the suffering for their spiritual development. Yes, why not?!”


Marina, gr. tri : “Vadim, last year on March 23, we had a lecture on “answers to questions” Yoga of Love, and the three of us, girls of the 3 groups asked, you gave him the following comment: “I will not Answer, come next year”. The issue is extremely vital, and perhaps it will be interesting to read it now, can I?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes of course!”


Marina, gr. tri : “I asked him: Can we affect the soul invite the child, through the channel during sex with a partner, if one partner is in love with another, and the other not in love, or in love, but not really?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And affect the soul in any sense of the meaning? To invite more exalted soul?”


Marina, gr. tri : “Yes, exactly.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, friends, it is possible. It’s rather private section of yoga, yogic Triad, let me remind you that this section deals with what concerns the interaction between male and female. You remember that many of the manifestations of human life, so many types of yoga, and that is the one part of yoga, which is somehow connected with male and female, with sexuality, with the birth, it partly falls under a group yogi. This, of course, generic yoga, triad yoga, yoga of dying. Why these groups merged yogi? The logic is very simple. If we become on the spiritual path, and aspire to the highest, it is desirable to reach higher in this life. And, in fact, all religions are real, which is in the world – this echoes some quick methods that once worked and then stopped working and turned into some kind of ritual. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, it is possible that our path to higher drag and will take more time than one life. Imagine we are realists, we understand that it would be good in this life to achieve higher and more to be born. By the way, why in many religions there is no concept of reincarnation? Because initially it was assumed that all in one life you can manage. Why tell some details, if you can not use them?! Then, like all religions, the form remained but the content had disappeared…but that’s another story.


So, if you feel that your path may take more than one life, it’s good to think about the factor of your next birth. Where you will be born in the next life, the conditions in which you are born, what family, what is your environment. And, in fact, born here Generic Yoga, partly of the concept of world religions, in particular Buddhism, is based on the concept of reincarnation (a continuous series of birth and death). What, in fact, it is.


Here you live now, doing some spiritual practice. Accordingly you need to think about your next birth. In order for you to be born in the next life in acceptable conditions, it would be good in this life to prepare for these conditions. To leave offspring, or to help their families raise their offspring and do all that, if you die before reaching the highest goal in yoga, had the opportunity to be born in a circle of like-minded people: good people, relatives and so on. That is, to continue your path of self discovery from where you finished it, hence comes Generic Yoga. She explains to us why children are the greatest treasure in the Universe, why children are never a hindrance on the spiritual path, and Vice versa, even using and acceleration. This is an absolutely essential factor in our spiritual development because within us there are many mechanisms that matter if we have a spirituality, literally hard-wired into us, so we left posterity. Tribal yoga tells us that we need to take care of your future birth, or even if we reach a final development in this life, so we can give body to his parents, grandparents, etc., i.e. those who gave us the opportunity to be born, thus to give a sacred duty.


The target of the acquisition higher. This objective takes some time to implement it, and it is necessary to think through each step of the way. This path can be more than one life, so you need to consider the factor of having children. This factor is extremely important. But if we are talking about the factor of children, there is another factor: and actually with whom these children to do? Need to build relationships with the opposite sex. So it is necessary to work with the manifestations of our sexuality. Thus we come to the concept of the husband or wife, at least for the period while the children need both parents.


Hence the following point: how to regulate our relations with the opposite sex? This question is extremely complex and intricate, it is very much at the first sight insurmountable contradictions. All nature has programmed us so to encourage us on the one hand to seek the opposite sex for procreation, and on the other hand sets out the mechanisms that cause us to change partners. Because the probability of survival more. This mechanism we drag to the lifetime in the bodies of animals. So here arises a whole complex of unsolved problems on the relationship between male and female. Yoga Triad is trying to solve all these issues. Well, it is clear that at the end of life, if you have not achieved a higher state and you have to be born again, it is necessary to use the moment of death, in order to use the time of death. Hence comes the Yoga of Dying. Accordingly, after Yoga of Dying comes the Yoga of Birth. All closed, how would you predict your way to any life and an unlimited number of lives in the future. How would you go around time. The time factor for you ceases to exist. Important in every life do nNow back to the question. Of course, all that is connected with birth, with sex, with death, is powerful knowledge, the forces that go to the very origin of the Universe. In these yogis says that our sexuality is not just some kind of instinct, is the personification of the fundamental principles on which the universe is constructed. Just these principles in our lives is that we call men, women, and sexuality. But it is only the realization of the Universal principles on which it was built. On the concepts of energy, consciousness, enjoyment. And all this, when it is clothed in flesh and blood, we call our family life. In this respect, the ideology of the Triad is that all that you have done on the “kitchen” in your relationship is in miniature the whole universe. And all the problems, contradictions, misunderstandings you encounter in your daily life, it is not accidental contradictions, it echoes the principles of the Universe. If people stood on the path where they are serious about these issues (and we usually are extremes to this issue, one extreme – it’s a marginal “strawberry”,permissiveness, the second extreme is such Puritanism, no sex, and children in cabbage find, both extremes are not related to life) that there are different practices on this subject. If we become parents, we must understand what the birth is, in fact, this process, when the manifestation, prana is the future of man included in our material world, settled in the “house” that gives him mom and dad on a physical level, and begins to live. And here arise several questions in this regard, the issues of the Triad: with whom to have children, what kind of souls to be invited as children, etc. This questions are very delicate, closed… they certainly have some answers, practice. But these practices as something sacred about them, no one speaks, because you speak, then there will be some article is a horror story, or “passion” a marginal, something else…because our media is always in pursuit of sensation…


Well sounded here we have a very specific question. The situation is such that you want to have a baby and you have some of the highest practices, and the husband or wife treat them with indifference and cold. And here what to do to come to you Supreme Teacher of Mankind? Recall Generic Yoga, you should always invite as Teachers of Mankind. Of course the question becomes will this factor or not. The issue is very sensitive and answer it clearly impossible. There is only the following recommendations: to urge to you the souls of the Teachers of Mankind, and consider that you came the teachers of Humanity, regardless of whether your spiritual husband/wife or not. In any case, 100% guarantee can not be given, otherwise it would be like restricting the freedom of Teachers of Humanity, what kind of freedom. As you know everything here is considered not from the position of the “pressed button” and got the result, and the position of pure intent, pure heart, in a state of Bhava – invite! Just invite! And of course, if a teacher and a Teacher of Humanity will see your sincere desire, they can come to you no matter who your husband or wife. Teachers that they and the Teachers that for them, this factor is not important. On the other hand to put an end to your partner who does not share your beliefs, it is impossible. Some time ago, and you didn’t know, things change over time. And then you may not know the karmic background of your husband or wife. That is, in this sense, you just have to do my best and rely on. And that’s what you have to do it for this – this is a serious practice. Process of sex in this respect are limitless, because while it offers a channel through which the soul manifests itself in our matter. And the more powerful this channel, the better. And, of course, there are practices of a sexual nature that reglamentary as the potential to accumulate like it to be. If both of you are separated by this approach or you only stick to this one. There are a variety of ways. But talking about them is necessary. Ideology: to do everything and to demand nothing from your husband or wife, to be grateful to him just for the fact that he is the future parent of your child. But to make the most. Of course, you need to study this issue, to make all necessary preparatory practices, etc. There are more indirect factors that also affect. If you are around like-minded people and help you build a common field of light, pure thoughts, kind bright side, it’s a big area flooded with light, the soul is easier to descend in this world, most freely, rather than one bright spot. Well, imagine you are flying and going to land, fly up to the airport and what do you see? Runway all dotted with lights, you have the top see where you fly, where to land, you see that all the smoothly, without incident. And imagine if you had to be on the edge of the forest fight where there is only one fire burns, it is not clear where it ends band. This analogy of course, but you have to understand the essence. Was there something else there?”


Marina, gr. tri : “Well, I would certainly get a little more specific.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “what specifically?”


Marina, gr. tri : “Well, mom is in love with dad, and dad is just a body.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, mom agreed to have dad’s baby? And dad agree?”


Marina, gr. tri : “Mom agrees, dad don’t mind.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “excellent, everything is fine, why not. Another thing you need to be aware that love can go and have dad and your child some time to maintain relationships for the benefit of the child. Are you ready to do this? In the Triad it is believed that choosing a husband or wife, you choose the father or the mother of his child, and a partner in asceticism. Whether you’re after the birth of a child to save a relationship, if Yes, great. All of India is built on this. There, in the vast majority of marriages are not what love is for them in General, parents agreed on everything. Moreover, more joyful living, because the moment of doom is forcing themselves to deal with their domestic menagerie.


So the question is, can you tolerate this person in the future if there is a guarantee that you will not be with the same power I loved him then hate?!

All should be harmonious!”ot cross out the possibility to continue where you ended your spiritual practice.


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