2011.03.29. Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.03.29.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Today, March 29, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya. This is our lecture for the Open Yoga University. All information on our websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

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Today we will continue the theme of “Yoga and Freedom”. Let’s just talk about the topic of freedom is correlated with feelings and senses. Let’s get right into consideration. Who wish would like us to remind you that it was on the previous lecture or to Express their views, which have accumulated over time?


MOJO, Basim, a group of ECA: “the last lecture, was the consideration of the feelings and freedom. There were a lot of drawings. Was a description of the relationship between feelings and freedom.”


Elena, passive participant: “We were trying to figure out how all should behave with feelings. Should I go for a reason and the means to explore the world, or on the contrary should not operate with feelings, because they we may not understand where to start. In the end we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to find something in between, is control over the senses. When we feel that we lead astray, to turn them off, but if they create a situation in which we are free so we see something or feel something that bothers us, we can switch our attention from one emotion to another.”


MOJO, Marina, group Catur: “We talked about what feelings are appropriate and not appropriate. Talked about the fact that feelings are manifested through emotions, and emotions determine actions. The emotions are fear, anger, joy, sadness. Emotion is manifested through actions, and actions determine the extension of our freedom or decrease it. Similarly, we say that the relevance or appropriateness of feelings, to some extent, defines the duty, not completely, but to some extent. And this in turn leads to Rita’s, which is an extension of our freedom.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And how much we do of feelings and emotions exactly? Now has been named four. Let’s do the math. Fear, anger, greed, jealousy, joy, sadness….”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Is hope an emotion? Who will prove is or is not?”


MOJO, Anna, Catur: “unfortunately, I wasn’t in the last segment, I don’t know whether you were defined with the concept of feelings, conditions, emotions because all of what we call now can be defined as a reaction to some condition. It all depends on the psychological school.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “We are not interested in the psychological school, religious doctrine or something. Let’s remember his own life. You know what’s the most important thing in yoga? In yoga, you have looked at yourself and at your life to see one situation and get the explanation from those who have achieved something, who went further than you. Therefore it is not necessary to remember the psychological treatises, even yogic exercises, remember his life. Start dancing from yourself in yoga. You never know who what philosophies are up to. Remember the definition of Aristotle that man is a chicken without feathers. He immediately brought a plucked chicken and said it. So let’s not be hostages of someone’s the opinions of others , and provide for themselves what we actually experience.”

Inspiration, love, pleasure…


MOYO, Anastasia, Group 4, curator-designer of the course Bhakti yoga, Tantra yoga, the yoga of love, yoga of sexual Union: “I would like to agree with Anastasia Mikheeva in the last lesson, in my opinion there are four basic emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and joy, but for example greed or jealousy is the fear of losing something, initially there was fear, there is no such emotions as greed, cowardice is fear, uncertainty is also fear.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And such stupidity?”


Anastasia, group 4: “Stupidity is not an emotion, is a state of mind.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Remember how in Anandalahari, the mind is the sixth sense, it turns out that the stupidity is actually the action of the mind. It all intricately. While we will not withdraw that because of what’s going on, because this can really do the more you will need to do. I want to begin with the primary analysis , the classification of what we face . So what we’ve got.

Fear, anger , greed, jealousy, joy, sadness, inspiration, love, despair, resentment, faith, conscience, compassion, arrogance, suffering, indifference, pity, envy, gratitude, hate, contentment.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Who will remind us of yoga, the algorithm of decision-making?”


MOJO, Alex, band 3, curator Nyasa-yoga, Kundalini-yoga: “yoga-making Algorithm the decision is as follows: first we recall that we are free, then we remember that we have a duty, then we start to miss possible solutions through the principles of yoga, first passed through the first principle of yoga and keeps out of the possible solutions, and then through the second principle, and if you go quick methods, and using the third principle, if after all that, we found a reasonable result of those that remained, we can use the authoritative certificates, and also could use a survey the maximum number of people so to speak the voice of the people and then again we remember that we are free and we are free to take any decision and accordingly accept it.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “once again, friends, here you are faced in life with some situation, you have a step, the first thing that you remember that you are free, of these of possible solutions for your next step unimaginable quantity of infinite that you are free. Though my head against the wall beat if you think this is the answer to the problem that is before you began. This is the very first where to start. Then the variety of ways you should choose the most desired path to walking your freedom is not diminished , but increased. And now you start to analyze all possible ways. First, you have to do is remember your duty. And as soon as you remember about your debt, or think about all the people who were kind to you , which showed that over towards you. It’s your parents, your people, your country. And it is clear that from the variety of solutions remains acceptable, and the part remains unacceptable from the debt. And here you take the part which is discarded is unacceptable and work with the left.

But it’s also a very large number of different solutions. You begin to sift through the first sieve, using the first principle of yoga, sifted, some part of hosted solutions, and some part failed, that was not thrown away, but the one that was collected and placed into the second sieve, and let’s sift through these solutions using the second principle of yoga, as part of the solutions will pass, some will stay in the sieve, all that is delayed is collected and discarded.

All that’s passed, go on to the next step and this next step depends on whether you go quick or are methods of yoga classical yoga, if you go classical yoga, then after that makes sense out of this maximum number of solutions to try to choose those with the help of someone you trust in the authority. If you go quick methods of yoga, then here are the solutions that passed through the second sieve, the second principle of yoga, you passed through the third sieve, using the third principle of yoga – renunciation of suffering, similarly, the output remains even fewer options, and this sieve is that has not passed through the third principle of yoga, something that is not passed again discarded, and the fact that it has been trying to choose a solution.

If you choose whether to do so, whether that way or something in the head does not come to mind, it makes sense to consult with those who understand this issue better. And now, you have consulted, and it is something you have advised, but again it may be that, following his advice can remain multiple choice. And then it makes sense to consult with an even greater circle of people , they may have less experts, but this is the society in which you live. Maybe they will help you to see some sverhbogatye provisions that you have not yet discerned. The remaining part is passed through you opinion, and to the fewer options remain. Ideally, one option that tells you where to go or what to do. But no matter one or many, you have considered it , but then I remember, yeah I got this one option, but I’m actually still free. And I can do so, as I said this. And you can throw this variant, and again reminded that I am free to do as I please. In a sense you would like to return to the first step. And this moment will allow you to connect to your higher intuition. The last word anyway yours. The last word not behind this series of sieving, not at all authoritative evidence and it is for you. This is a very serious factor, the factor of freedom, by and large none of you life can not live. None of your problems can not solve, I can advise, but the last word is always yours. And that is the true teaching of yoga, it is not when you come to the yoga school and you are given a set of instructions: here do this, here do that, here do something.

It’s all nonsense, because it all looks like a program for robots. It’s all kind of obscurantism, dogma, which may at some period of time and are relevant, feasible, but time passes and everything begins to change, but the tenets remain. True yoga school teaches you to think yourself the person to make decisions and to take responsibility for them yourself. And this little nuance is not visible for people just embarked on the path of yoga, but if it is running, that is a school of yoga, if he is not satisfied, then sooner or later becomes a sect in religion.

Unfortunately, we often see such a situation. A terrible situation in India, where the Vedic times were instructed to have a boy, definitely should have been born a son. Because in those days was very difficult, harsh life and was a serious bias towards the male population and therefore the birth of a boy that was guarantee the survival of the species and the preservation of life. But here were these thousands of years, life has changed, but these are hard requirements that were literally embedded in the life of society is preserved until now. And what do we see? We see a huge number of abortions in modern India, when a woman comes at some time when it is possible to determine the sex of the baby and if it’s not a boy, and the girl had an abortion. It’s so unnatural, a perversion of the Vedic knowledge that the hair on your head stand up. From the make a fool to pray to God. And see how it turns out, once any instructions, suggestions, orders were very useful have been thought of and helped also to the society to survive, the same ancient Hindus.

But millennia passed and the same requirements in an environment ignorant of their followers brought God knows what. And here it is, unfortunately, a lot of the numerous sects and religions, where the understanding begins to be supplanted by tradition, faith, or some inviolable dogmas, which are not negotiable, that is, where no such appeal to the person that the last decision should be taken by you depending on the conditions of life. And if we speak about yoga, you have to remember that whatever miraculous prescription of yoga, they do some very valuable, allow a lot to achieve, even some abilities, maybe even beyond capacity. But all of these requirements, lifestyles, behaviors, prohibitions, requirements, they are relevant only at certain times for certain people in certain conditions. A little something is crashing – it is necessary to redo everything.

In yoga we see the crown of such a respectful and free relationship to the person that the person has ceased to be animals, have ceased to be cattle, and finally began to use to its highest potential. Even these fundamental steps to decision-making where there is a reality: the first principle of yoga, second yoga principle and the third principle of yoga they are quite abstract, quite versatile, but even they her versatility are not a rigid program for a person. Freedom above. And I ask you to constantly think about this.”


MOJU, Andrew, the group Chatur: “And how is the freedom of the teacher? When there is the presence of the teacher. How to combine freedom and the teacher?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Good question. So, here we are faced with another very important topic, a very vital topic. Even before perestroika in the Soviet Union was an underground, semi-underground circles for the study of yoga and some other Eastern philosophies and what I remember of the Sufi education. The most famous was the case when a famous actor played in the pirates of the twentieth century, evil character and he has a very tragic fate, he died, died from the beating. What people who knew karate and could all those who beat him in five minutes on the wall smear. He, according to the material of the case, meekly endured the beating and apparently he broke something and he died. We started this business to dig, healthy man, famous aspiring actor. It turned out that it broke some of his own, from the sect or group that had “allegedly” to some Eastern cults, they secretly studied, and there was hodgepodge and Sufism and Zen and everything. It was all in the Soviet years, it was in secret, were they as if a teacher of some kind, and some situation that something went wrong and supposedly the teacher said something and the students beaten. In General, in the Soviet years it was a terrible scandal. That’s saying you guys here are building communism, and then you have the sects have multiplied, people are beaten. A monstrous situation. In this situation surfaced yet, the monstrous bias of the Western mentality – the attitude of the teacher and student.

Indeed, in India the teacher is God in the flesh. If the teacher said beysya head against the wall, then we must fight. If the teacher said something to do so it is necessary to do. Attitude is more exalted than the father and mother. It is clear that this attitude started to spread to the West and the stupid monkey copied. But the difference is very significant in the definition of teacher. Remember this aphorism is – “the teacher is not the one who teaches, the teacher is the one who learn.” But it is not even that. There is a more spiritual concept of who a teacher. If a person is very dear, guru, elder, usually such in the West, drew, walks in garlands, smiling, and says mysteriously, profound or, indeed, speaks some truth, clear or obscure. Behind him followers, twenty thousand people do not leave it for a minute, it can both be a teacher and not be. The Western person to explain it is almost impossible. Western people want the trappings.

In the East the master is a mirror where you see yourself. Or in other words, the teacher is a mirror which reflects your higher free Ya That if you see the reflection, if you see yourself, then a teacher and then do everything that he told you all that he’s not instructed to consider that it’s your highest, sverdlovini I give you advice.

We usually hard to see inside. We used to look outside. And here is the absolute in his mercy came to us in human form and the man accepted function of a mirror which reflects the higher self of the disciple. But if it is, if you feel that there is such a moment, you know you met the master, his own teacher, i.e. if something unspeakable you somewhere gave you to know that Yes, this is it, it, it, YES. No other regalia, flirting with the esoteric, potustoronnij, religion, yoga, karate, anything is not quite for you, that person is a teacher.

So, no contradiction here. If you really found the teacher, and it is extremely great luck in your life to find a teacher. More shouting that they found the teacher than they really found it, then you can be absolutely calm. Spiritually you are like a baby in the arms of a loving mother. You have nothing to fear. If not this internal connection if there is the slightest doubt, do not understand, you feel that something is wrong. Everyone is saying he’s a teacher, and you won’t understand whether so, or not. If you don’t feel your voice transcendent of intuition, of inner freedom, if you don’t feel that the concept of your freedom and the concept of the teacher in his advice on how to act are one and the same. All his advice is like the embodiment of your freedom. The teacher never enslaves student. Never. It is not possible in principle.

In the West, all shouting democracy, democracy forget what democracy is. Democracy is one of the defective forms of realization of freedom. Not the best, not the worst, but it is irrelevant to the point. So it turns out such a thing that if you have a teacher, it is by definition the essence of your higher self, by definition, It is the absolute that has come to you as a mirror to see himself. Not even absolute, as himself, and through himself knew of the absolute. And if it is, there is freedom. And when this decision-making algorithm, in fact, where at the entrance of the liberty and the freedom, the concept of teacher and the concept of freedom is discharged. And you can not use this algorithm, but directly to listen to what you teacher says, and not analyze the first, second, third principle of yoga and not to analyze your debt, do not make a poll, it makes no sense. And strictly speaking, therefore you will even save time. But, if this person is not your teachers, and you treat him as master, and cease to use the yogic decision algorithm, then you run the risk. I answered the question.

Let’s continue the theme of “Yoga and freedom” and here I want to add such a heavy understanding of the segment of knowledge about the nature of our senses, about the nature of our emotions and how our feelings, our emotions, our manifestations are associated with the fundamental laws of the creation universe. Probably many of you have heard the aphorism “That like to like” that man is a microcosm, made in the image and likeness of the macrocosm of the universe. Or for example, I really like the statement from the Emerald skrijali Hermes twice great, thrice-greatest “As on top so below”. It turns out that we ourselves are in miniature the whole universe and therefore our feelings, our senses, our emotions, our reactions, in this respect, there is some chaotic, random set of protein processes in our body or in our evolutionary device of the nervous system, and is merely the embodiment of fundamental principles on which was built our whole universe. And this section of yoga is, of course, is very poorly preserved.

Most in good shape we’ve come in Tantra yoga, the chakra system, channel system, which is called in Tantra yoga Nadi, as well as a description of certain energies, as well as the description of these energies or manifestation of these energies with many details. Such as what chakra consists of a number of petals. What is one or another lobe, is there even such a very serious integration with the mantra yoga, each petal has its own vibration which sounds like one or the other letter of the Sanskrit alphabet. Moreover, any object or phenomenon can we call, similarly, this name is made up of different letters the word consists of different letters, like that within us there are different aspects, different petals of different chakras and if they are somehow beginning to manifest itself, to vibrate, to resonate separately or together some of them, there is the ability to reproduce these complex vibrations of speech, or of the primordial mantra that we perceive as emotions. Roughly speaking, if starts to vibrate a particular petal of a particular chakra in certain circumstances, we begin to feel some basic feelings: fear, anger, jealousy, greed.

All these feelings are not something random, which randomly happened in the course of evolution, and are a manifestation of a more fundamental, mysterious laws of the universe that have reached us in fragments and in full to recreate this knowledge is extremely hard, it takes time, yogic practice, but I hope some of you in the future choose this theme for personal yoga work and play those pieces that we lost.

But now, in a nutshell, the logic is basic. So, our world is like ourselves has undergone several stages of creation or several stages of deployment. For us all these stages occurred at the moment of conception and birth on a cosmic scale, according to ancient Indian philosophy it is of a sufficiently large such prolonged periods called Kalbi, but essentially all the same, something once born live through its cycle and then dies to be born again. And there are the basic provisions of how did the universe originate, or how did our body. The essence of it all is that the original manifestation of our or our prana she started as though to split up to a pronounced energy and Express consciousness. And these separately energy and consciousness began to re-connect, but other combinations and so began to form what is called the principles of the universe. The first principle that was created was the principle of the mind, then according to Indian metaphysics after the principle of reason arose the possibility of establishing a principle of space, after the principle affirms that space was created by the principle of the air, then the principle of fire, then the principle of water principle of earth. But don’t take it literally, it was created air, fire, earth, these are some of the allegorical descriptions of the principles they are as abstract as, say, the description of the principle of reason, or the principle of space.

Really think about it, what is mind, what is the principle of reason? Or what is space or what is the principle of space? Our usual space is, probably, the implementation is a special case of the idea that this could be. First, there is the idea that something can be, and then it somehow implemented. So this same situation and for the attitude of the principle of air, fire, water, earth. So divided the original prana created inside our bodies these basic principles and then our original prana began to be legalized, the energy on the one hand, and consciousness on the other side and all the principles between them. This way the discrepancies of energy and consciousness further has received the name of the Central channel or Sushumna, and all of the principles gave rise to what is called in Tantric Yoga, the Chakras. As the only all principles were created, the principle of energy is very sly way he closed himself in on itself and ceased to work symmetrically, this principle of consciousness has ceased to appear as it is also closed on itself, and it would seem this is now a completely abstract description of the creation of our body has nothing to do with our lives, indeed, some principles in there somewhere, but it’s much simpler and clearer.

The fact that it has a very tight thin rope with our physical body. Our physical body, in a sense, this is a rough shell which was built in the likeness of our so-called subtle body, the subtle body, in turn, was built in the likeness of the causal body, but causal body ka frame stretch to the Central channel of our body, which is called sushumna and is the way in which separated energy and consciousness, and by passing through which energy is created certain principles. And our Central channel corresponds to the spinal column. And very interesting this picture that somewhere in the area of our spine to be the area which by far is projected or has a one-one correspondence, as one would say probably math, with what is called the way of the creation of principles or channel sushumna. Inside our body there are areas that also have a one-one correspondence with those portions of the channel sushumna, which are called chakras. In fact, our gross body is merely the embodiment of this idea. Our goal of today’s lecture is to perform freedom and feelings. And there is a very interesting pattern that our every feeling, our every ability as something to show themselves or in Sanskrit this is called karma-indri, Jnana-indri, the organs of action and senses. They relate to the chakras and each of our emotion that we face it is, indeed, often a combination of more elementary or basic some kind of emotion, and these basic emotions have a one-to-one correspondence with a particular part of our internal structure, or even more details with a particular chakra, or a particular petal of a particular chakra.

And there is also an Indian metaphysics of such a kind of pattern that the closer to the base of our body, the feelings that are generated by these chakras more rough, more archaic, more so closer to the beast. The higher the chakra, the more senses that are responsible for these chakras, they are closer to something positive, light, human, although the positive and negative is not in terms of good-bad, but in terms of rough or more refined. In the different tantric treatises are preserved different breakdown which chakra corresponds to what emotion, what kind of experiences when this chakra starts as a little something to show themselves. I as an example will transfer you to one of them, although once again I say this part of yoga is quite lost and needs serious work in order to rediscover it. So, let’s say, everything that corresponds to the lowest chakra and is closest to the base of our body, the so-called Muladhara chakra , there is a list of first principles that it generates and the second consequence of these principles, that is, of a sense or of an organ of action, as well as the dominant emotion. In particular Anahata chakra according to these tantric treatises is responsible for our sense of smell, the ability to distinguish odors. Again, certain emotions according to this treatise, the dominant in this chakra is fear. The next chakra is called the most widely known version of Svadhisthana, she is responsible for the principle of water the principle of water responsible for the emergence of such our senses like taste, that is, this channel of information taste , according to these ancient texts is not an accident, it’s just a flow of information that is implemented, we in the human body in the taste, the taste is that some a certain range of the information that we can perceive from the universe, from the level of Swadhisthana, or from the principle of water.

Again I remind you that everything is made from the principle similar in kind, that is outside of us is the principle of water, which also built the principle of the universe just as the human body is built and how would the exchange of information with the water level of the universe on the water level of the person when possible and in the universe is the principle of water and within us is the principle of water. and, accordingly, there is a possibility of exchange of information, which is obtained is accepted by one of the spectrum if you will. But translating that into something rude called respectively perception of taste. Again I want to say that the ancient sages of yoga, they were not idiots, unfortunately sometimes refer to these descriptions as some strange texts and do a lot of silly followers who shout chakras, chakra…

It’s much more complicated and confusing, and then detail the principle of fire, which raises the very fundamental ability to see. Say our eyes are made any one way, the cat’s eyes are slightly different, in insects even more different. What differences can be very different, our range of perception, so to speak of light pulses, and someone sees in the dark, someone sees badly in the dark, someone two eyes the spider has, for example, say eight eyes, but all this stuff, it’s just the moments that develop evolutionarily, and the principle that, in principle, possible vision. Imagine that the vision would not be possible, in principle, the world was very different. So that, in principle, possible vision allegedly, this principle was created in vvremya creation and he called the principle of fire and, accordingly, in this tantric school, he prescribed this, our base emotion as anger. I forgot to mention that chakra, the lower fear, following lust is the level of Svadhisthana , the next manipura, respectively, is the principle of fire and anger and so on, now I’m not going to list, this is a huge table.

I just want you to understand some logic that everything would be more complicated and it is manifested through some more basic and simple elements and the combination of these basic and simple elements leads to difficult. Moreover, even these basic elements (fear, anger) they don’t have a negative connotation. This is just a manifestation of this principle in certain circumstances, because for example the inverse of the principle of anger is a kind of our ability to power and keeping the situation under control, that is, that our body is not broken up into pieces to us microorganisms do not eat a piece. All this is interwoven in a fairly serious, complex scheme. Again, to the present day, these schemes are not fully preserved, and secondly there is such a tendency that in different treatises sometimes swap certain emotions or certain manifestations. Moreover, even the names in the various treatises are changing. In the West established such a sequence that the first is Muladhara, Svadhisthana then, then the manipura, then the Anahata chakra, then the Vishuddha, ajna, Sahasrara then that is the seven major chakras base. While in yoga, Srivali in the treatises of ancient enough, we see that there are some chakras are just swapped. Probably a variant of Trivedi more ancient than this second option, which has now spread to the West. The difference is in particular that the name is so first, Muladhara, manipura and then, and then only Svadhisthana. Manipura and Svadhisthana are reversed. And there are quite a large number of studies on this topic, which in General is inclined from the analysis of the meaning of words, the word Svadhisthana is more suited to the umbilical centre rather than more towards the lower center. But again this is a very complex matter for analysis.

The result is such a beautiful picture that we have within some basic principles, they present, in turn, generate on the one hand what we call the senses, on the other hand our reactions to the information passed by the senses, and it all somehow twisted and that makes us, in fact , such a complex machine. And knowing some secrets or some logic of the device is mono better, easy to manage and to do so, every emotion manifested in a relevant form. Or every body senses worked in a relevant way for us, in particular, if is such a creepy, underlying condition like fear, fear is very strong friends, from which blood-curdling. The question arises, well, how to work with it, or how to neutralize the negative effects if you suddenly observed.

Again, fear on the one hand can be extremely for us a favorable factor, as it is fundamentally woven into our survival instinct, and instinct compensate for our stupidity, until we have mastered the mind, we are living in the bodies of animals need some kind of factor that motivate us to action and fear played a great role, the hare is afraid of the wolf and runs away. Moreover fear is a good thing, even in the human body, as long as the person is still standing on the lower level of self-awareness. Indeed, there are a huge number of people who only resemble human body, and in fact it is rather animals are in the bodies of people and imagine if they would have had no fear, it would be one of the most dangerous living creatures on earth with the potential of a person, you know the saying “no king in his head.”

Fear keeps them in check is known, moreover it helps them. If for example, all alcoholics are parasites wouldn’t have fear to die of hunger, they would finger would not hit, and really would have died of starvation, and fear causes them to do something. Therefore, fear in certain circumstances is very good, it necessary. This emotion brings the e of the beast, or man to freedom, at the expense of integrated and employing millionometer mechanisms, but on the other hand, in other circumstances, fear is a factor that dramatically begins to limit your freedom, and the question arises how, for example, to manage. In certain schools of yoga is this even a technique that one washes to be replaced by others. In particular feelings of lust, when is the proper way to use it, as it overshadows the fear, feelings of anger overshadows accordingly, the feeling of lust. Then we move on to the next chakra in the same school of yoga it is believed that the following Anahata chakra in this sense she appears in one of his extremes as a sense of compassion, and in others some of their extremes is manifested as a feeling of jealousy.

And, of course, if it manifests itself in compassion, that compassion, as it overshadows the anger, and so on, on, on, there are famous sayings how to combat the negative that prevent you from underlying feelings, in particular such as if you have fear, then try to translate it into anger, anger is a higher feeling and allowing you how to turn off fear, or at least to weaken its action. So, it turns out that in fact the connection of freedom with the senses in yoga it is even more physiological as certain emotions or our responses are somehow connected with those or other areas of our purely physical body and as a result appears quite elegant ligament between freedom, emotion and say such a respected yoga as Hatha yoga.

Indeed, if you start to practice certain asanas, what parts of your body begin to undergo somewhere to grip, somewhere to stretch, somewhere not arbitrarily amplified attention to them, somewhere on the contrary is drawn attention from something and therefore you start working with areas of the physical body, and they are projected onto the fine structure or have one-to-one such mapping and the correct selection of certain poses for example you can also to a certain degree to weaken the effect of certain negative emotions, or those or other negative feelings or the impact of certain senses, these flows of information perceived from the outside.

That’s why in yoga, any self-respecting yoga school neglect physical exercise is the greatest folly, you wash is very simple due to the physical postures affect your emotions, your reactions, and as a consequence to their actions and thus come closer to freedom. Neglected physical body is insane! I unfortunately very often you meet people who say, “No, we do not want to practice Hatha yoga, we meditate, we will, or mantra some singing!” It certainly is all good, great meditation and with the help of mantra-yoga, you wash just to get the same effect, but I know for different types of mud there are different brushes to the dirt to eliminate. Imagine that you were walking down the street drove a car and you from head to toe was filled with pieces of liquid mud and all your expensive suit in the mud, hanging on it the lumps are large, and it turns out that the largest dirt it is best to brush over something solid, with a knife, it somehow scrape and smaller dirt which has penetrated into the fabric, it better brush any softer. Imagine what would happen if you take a piece of dirt and start rubbing with the brush, so you will until the evening grind.

Therefore, there is a certain kind of logic, that the toughest pieces of our ignorance or our inability to know made better toe quite such blunt instruments and cleaned. As soon as we cleared the gross level and reached more thin, that is, there is already a need to add meditation and mantra yoga and some other list, but not before. You remember that yoga is a system of self-discovery that leads us to freedom and mono to reduce all yoga to work with our manifestations with our feelings, with our emotions where we go from coarse to fine. In the future, when we control our emotions, there is a option for us to develop such a lifestyle, these actions, so we approached liberty. And therefore, this ratio of freedom and our emotions and feelings, in a sense, it is key to our way of life. That’s really all your good intentions to reach self-knowledge, they are worthless if suddenly at the most inopportune moment, suddenly awakened the jealousy. You were such a wonderful, open person, wonderful in all respects from themselves did not expect that at some level once and suddenly you woke up in jealousy or greed or something. About what here it is possible the freedom to speak? On the contrary, you all other moments, such as when you have a good strong body or stock charisma it will go immediately to strengthen this negative. Even jealousy can only strong people, weak people just don’t have the energy. Know when to include some very powerful heating tool in the socket immediately, the light bulbs begin to Shine less, because all energy is gone. That’s just jealousy, she does so many takes, and what good is that you have a very powerful line, but you will have to red heat up this iron of jealousy, and if you have a sprig weaker you have a fuse, the fuse tripped and you not to be jealous, because you roll into other emotions. And finally, another very important point, which relates to feelings that, indeed, each state in which we live and experience, or every event in our lives, it leaves an imprint on the so-called the surface of our budha or, in other words, nothing is in this sense completely, if we survived it once, as it left an imprint, if we for a second time, third, fourth toe is the most experienced, this imprint deeper and deeper and he then becomes dominant, and it’s called seeds of karma.

Once shown jealousy, did not to deal with it, and the second time when she comes, she comes more strongly the third time even more strongly. Likewise, the fear, that is, each even the smallest victory she gives us strength, each at least a small loss gives strength to our negative karma.

So let your feelings and emotions to take their course – is not reasonable. Inside you will produced track the behavior of rolling in that you from it will not jump out. Perhaps this example is better understood in Russia where roads have historically never had, and something not expected in the near future. Where very often the situation, when the road and the cars go one after another, one after another, and under the wheels are formed, these pit-gauge and sometimes they reach such a size that getting into it you start the train moving, left right you just won’t jump out. Where were all going, and there you go, but God forbid that road led back to the right place. And that toe thing we have in life, if we ubiraem the same feelings, the same scenario that is increasing. There is the continuation of this topic it’s a habit. If you have the habit of something, it can be both your worst enemy and best ally. The right habit begins to work for you, not just the right habit begins to reduce to nothing all your efforts. Similarly, in relation to our emotions is just a habit, laid the behavior. One person was faced with the fact that he doesn’t like it, he said nothing, and the second is the habit to scream, foot stomping, fist beat on the table. Then, of course, when you have even just hypothetically faced with some other situation, even without understanding, you know how everyone is jumping on the same script. And feelings begin to work in sequence, one thing after another and it is very hard to stop them and hard for them to manage. The most well know where this is evident, when you start interpersonal some quarrels, squabbles. Here a husband and wife whose is the last word him or her. And here it is this argument can go to infinity, because everyone thinks that he is something important is not said that he did not understand and it becomes a habit that even when a person wants to stay it inside so much, that he suffers, but already feels like a choke, but gotta say that he’s right that our body right, we win. It is clear that after this he throws the soccer ball to your wife or husband and so the dispute continues until sheer physical exhaustion, when his tongue tossing no power, ends this situation only when the car stopped, it is possible to get out of the rut and put on a new track that is actually in the ancient tantric yoga, we do not have what are supposed to be engaged or may be engaged in modern psychology. Psychology claims that she supposedly understands these issues. Why I’m so sarcastic always say, because all those true psychologists, psychologists from God, which indeed we have, and that anything you see in this science, very humble people and always say that we know practically nothing. But these dropouts, which breeds every year a huge number of educational institutions differs in this feature, they fanatically believe that psychology all figured out, knows that everything is under control, they have absolutely no doubt that is only because they are told and nothing else. The more specialist the more he knows about psychology, the more he is gentle, tolerant, the more he avoids categoriescell because the man was a giant life experience and he understands that he does not understand. And the more a person experienced, the more he philosophizes. Book read some, he crammed out and now everything is just so and not otherwise.

Unfortunately in Russia, too, the trend went, we all learn to accountants, lawyers, managers and psychologists. And more psychologists are trying to understand their personal problems. The man in your life something fails, he thinks well to understand, if you go to a psychologist to learn. Maybe their problems sorted out, and even the degree is to give, the other to treat will. As a result, he does not understand, and then remembers that he has a diploma from there is other to treat and this is our modern psychology. Again I want to say that I’m very respectful to psychology, but only to those psychologists who, really from God, and not to stamp, but to say as in yoga. Divorced yoga teachers everywhere around us, all of them are the chipmunks and about the chakra will tell you this isn’t it, all this without a doubt, in the best case, from Sanskrit something add, what distinguishes such people is obstinacy fantastic, that’s just so and so, this chakra is just such a color, you have it closed.”


MOJO, Olga, group 4, supervisor of the Visualization: “After the seminar, yoga visualization, we had practice karmically we have a chance to experience some negative emotions, in order to avoid them in reality, we can create visualization images and to invite them to work at render time. Mono to do it with jealousy, greed and such negative emotions.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I can reveal a little secret, before you carry out this seminar, Victoria several times rewrote his script and as a script was exactly what you’re talking about, Rita associate with basic emotions, and then we decided that this case may be of the following workshops, and more you need is the kit we now have, because it is more work. It’s like you know there is some ready tool, and you can already do better to study it than to take the working tool and show how it is done now. Of course, it’s working practices, quite a lot – a lot of practices.

Finally, I want to say, Victoria had the idea two years ago to make a big map person, chakras, emotions and the way that in evolutionary terms our I passes from chakra to chakra, from emotions to emotions, similar to the famous childhood game, when the dice throw and jump on this emotion, jumping to the next and so on, go through all the structures to make them learn, but no time for it. You have homework to sort through all the feelings, at the same time think about this question.”

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