2011.04.02. Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.


Yes, indeed, our emotions are not the essence of something random in this Universe, but a consequence of the manifestation of more basic and fundamental laws of our Universe. That is our primordial manifestation, the original Prana created the original principles, some mental ability to expand the Universe. A consequence of these principles as time and appeared to our senses or, on the other hand, our emotional responses, our horizons for action. That is, we can do that, another, fifth, tenth. And the possibility that we have something to see or to react, that is, to experience a particular emotion, or the ability to influence anything in the world – is a consequence of the fundamental laws. In this respect, the extant treatises, which are somehow describe these States belong to the ancient yogic knowledge of the best preserved in the tantric tradition.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.04.02.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description: the Lecture is devoted to the theme “Freedom and feelings.” From this lecture you will learn where are our emotions; the difference between science and yoga; what psychologists think about emotions; what is body-oriented therapy. Can we be free from his emotions, or we are a fully programmable mechanisms? Is there a yoga that deals with sensitive, emotional knowledge of the world?

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Today, April 2, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All archived information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. Our courses are for self study yoga on the site www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

Today we continue the topic called “Yoga and Freedom”. We will explore the issues of freedom from different perspectives. Let’s you remember what we did in the previous lecture. There are willing to help us with this?

Elena, gr.4: “the last Topic of the lecture was “Freedom and feelings.” We recalled the creation of the world, as this is all happening, talked about the fact that our manifestations come into this world in the form of Prana (consciousness and energy). Prana has consistently established the principle by principle. And remember that every feeling is a combination of the basic emotions, which corresponds to vibration of the petals of a particular chakra. The more feral these emotions, so they belong to the lower chakras, the lower petals of the chakras. For example, Muladhara chakra is responsible for such an emotion as fear. Further, the emotion of lust; the principle of fire is anger. And can displace more bestial emotions higher emotions. For example, the emotion of fear can knock out the emotion of desire or more anger, and so forth.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great. Yes, indeed, our emotions are not the essence of something random in this Universe, but a consequence of the manifestation of more basic and fundamental laws of our Universe. That is our primordial manifestation, the original Prana created the original principles, some mental ability to expand the Universe. A consequence of these principles as time and appeared to our senses or, on the other hand, our emotional responses, our horizons for action. That is, we can do that, another, fifth, tenth. And the possibility that we have something to see or to react, that is, to experience a particular emotion, or the ability to influence anything in the world – is a consequence of the fundamental laws. In this respect, the extant treatises, which are somehow describe these States belong to the ancient yogic knowledge of the best preserved in the tantric tradition.

Tantra yoga for some reason, such details of the device in the body, oddly enough, has been preserved even better than in other branches of yoga. And there we trace a clear ideological position of the ancient yogis and Yogini, which is typical for modern scientists. That is, can you imagine that way of thinking, way of doing things, the way of analysis, which is famous for modern science, and in this sense modern science is relatively recent. We can speak about the modern science from the moment when the scientists in their discoveries began to go further than the ancient philosophers. In particular, the most indicative in this sense, such a science as mathematics. And only since scholars such as Cardano, Galileo, Tartaglia, we can say that the results have been obtained, which are not directly preserved from ancient times. And all of this was the further development of what is called the scientific worldview. For example, before Galileo many provisions derived analytical, just as it led them Aristotle in his ancient times, and no one came to mind to put a simple experiment. That is, if your theory predicts a particular behavior of certain objects in certain conditions, it is very easy to test the theory, we should perform an experiment. Do you remember what a textbook example was the fact that Galileo conducted experiments, other scientists were conducting experiments. Recall that in Pisa is the leaning tower, which stands at an angle, and it was very convenient to throw things, analyzing how they are flying down or throw them under some angle. So as soon as began to experiment, it was found that a large number of the provisions that have survived from antiquity, hung in the air, because they were purely speculative, and the experiment was denied them. In particular, the position of Aristotle, in which various medieval scholastic schools have developed their religious doctrine. That’s why it was such a collapse of religious ideas, because they suddenly hung in the air. Although I wonder why religion in General took up these ideas, it could very well and without them. But that’s another conversation. So the modern worldview of the scientist is on the path of splitting the complex into more simple components. After this is done the corresponding experiments to prove or disprove a particular theory.

Now this same approach, we see the ancient followers of yoga much earlier than formed what is called modern science. And in that regard, yoga, and is characterized by the ultimate judgment, the ultimate constructivism, where it is not attracted by the ears the faith that you are not able to feel, to understand, to feel. No, on the contrary, I urge you to strongly question your experience, if there is a possibility that you enter into error. In the end, the main goal of yoga in this sense the attainment of freedom through overcoming ignorance. And ignorance is expressed in our life as many mistakes, many illusions, as numerous attempts to wishful thinking or hallucinations for revelation. Please note, yoga struggling with this and struggled throughout its thousand-year history and in this sense no different from modern science. For example, the approach of yoga to the man himself very constructive. Yoga says that the human body is a laboratory, and the man himself, using her body like a scientist, who in the best sense of the word puts on an experiment, samopisny itself, reveals some secrets of the device. And by ultimate logic, the ultimate common sense, but not excluding the Highest, what Lishin modern science.

Modern science is completely devoid of such concepts as moral issues, it restricts itself in the methods of cognition. Maybe that impacted her stalling. But in all the positive aspects of both yoga and science urge us to treat ourselves as the Universe as a laboratory in which to put your experiments, confirming or denying their guesses about how we are made how we are organized, how there are those or other our reactions, how we perceive the world, where the illusion creeps in where creeps attempt to wishful thinking. And this same we find in the ancient tantric treatises, where quite clearly describes the structure of our body in terms of what such an abstract concept like fear, jealousy, lust or anger suddenly appear not in some abstraction, and in particular the action of certain structures of our body.

Unfortunately, here too there is very subtle point, knowledge has been preserved in fits and starts, not completely, a large amount of knowledge is lost. And those adherents who are trying to keep those crumbs that sometimes fall into fanaticism, zasorina that they misunderstand and try to impose on others. That’s why modern esotericism enjoys such a bad reputation. Try to the modern scientist to come and say something to him about spirituality. It is at best sarcastic smile and stop to chat with you. It is only in the Central television channels these numbers are, because it boosts ratings and brings in money for the sold is. But among scientists, where the performance criteria is a result in the form of a particular mathematical formulas or in the form of a discovery, or a knowledge of the Universe and such – to direct shadows on the fences, in the abstract to talk about chakras, about Kundalini, about the damage and about the evil eye are not. And, accordingly, to those people who abuse this topic, are very negative. It’s a side effect of the fact that knowledge is not preserved, and preserved in fits and starts. They often zadubrivtsi people, not realizing that in ancient times the teacher and the teacher of yoga were not idiots, and your mental spiritual level, they were well, if not above, then, in any case, not lower than modern scientists. But since no one understands in full the previous film, while trying to pull certain provisions and fanatically impose on them, there are some funny situation that is extremely unhealthy yoga, configures all of academia against it. Really, how can you take seriously a man who behaves insane and starts nonsense smack. And when asked what the reason of his allegations, he begins to dismiss.

But I want to convey a powerful message that yoga is about common sense, it’s not wishful thinking, it’s a long work on oneself, there is the knowledge how we are made how we are made, it is knowledge of domestic laws. As a result of this knowledge, the ability to control these laws or to govern themselves, to manage their appearances and to reveal those abilities, which we can not even guess, but from the perspective of constructivism healthy, optimism. That is an interesting situation, typically, Western man is prescribed a way of life that it changes the world for themselves. We make machines, we build housing, we are even trying to influence the weather. And the concept of yoga says that, Yes, it makes sense to change everything around him, but also makes sense, in parallel, to change himself. All abilities of the ancients, about which we read in the treatises is an attempt to change himself, to include certain ability, the reserves of our body, bring his work to a new level. In this sense, yoga is a little faster, knowing how you’re made, you have the opportunity to change themselves. Knowing how the structure of your mind, the structure of those or other energy supplies, of certain your form, you can strengthen, hone, rebuild, bring to a higher level. And, as a consequence, affect their own body. And they begin to work better, the senses begin to give fewer failures, less blemishes, less hallucinations, less of Maya in the negative sense of the word. And this is a serious attempt to change himself, not the surrounding Universe by itself, and the surrounding Universe, and under the surrounding Universe.

Let’s now click on the crank button, and someone will praise myself”.

Anastasia, gr.4: “I’m done, because I have prepared today a short story about how the body interacts with emotion. I would like to share with you.

Because now me is the experimental work in the continuation of your statements about what yoga is, science, all close by, there are so many intersection points, but, nevertheless, we have a different conceptual framework, so sometimes we can’t understand each other, and everything depends on it. I dream that someday we will be able to speak the same language. In particular there is a science called body-oriented therapy, it belongs to the category of psychiatry, it draws on the experience that has been obtained in the course of certain procedures. Today I would like to share the observations of those doctors who work with these people.

One of the founders of body-oriented therapy Wilhelm Reich was doing yoga, so he used the knowledge of yoga in this science. In our body there are two States of the muscles: hypotonia, when we are relaxed, feel your body, and hypertonic, when we squeezed. And of these conditions develop certain bodily blocks. Therapy this is called a block. If we consider the eye the block, how to define it. For example, a person with shifty eyes or bulging eyes, or people watching, but look he is out there somewhere. Due to all these characteristics we can determine that a person has a problem with this area. People who have experienced some critical moment in his life, was very scared, they look scared. And you can determine in what condition.

Further, the jaw unit, it is connected with the throat, is responsible for self-expression. We can see very strong dynamics of this block in old age. It’s a constant hypertonicity of these muscles, that is the permanent containment of his anger, his emotions, control his words is evident in this unit. That is, when we want to Express ourselves, the body never lies, it always takes some momentum. But the consciousness of holding back certain manifestations and power is obtained.

Next breast unit. Very often during therapy as well as after yoga class, sometimes a person feels some kind of sadness, like nothing happened, everything is fine. But the fact is that our muscles are our rescuers, they keep us from our things that we don’t want to show, for example, in childhood people are told “stay down”, “don’t shout”, etc. and he applied and he got a chest block. Of course, if he’s on the yoga will do the asana on the opening of the thoracic, he begins to breathe deeply, the muscles begin to relax, and, of course, he will experience some old emotions, experiences. Although not all people have observed. This unit is hidden anger, a lot of people say that the anger of their lives in the chest. It is anger at the loved ones, the so-called knot of anger. Typically, such people have noted, scales, then in the process he gradually begins to open up, and then it covers a wave of aggression, a wave of anger. There is some anger, when came the revelation of this unit.

Next, the pelvic block. In women, ass backwards, it’s not a fad, but rather a sign that the woman squeezed the heck out of your sexual energy and eventually can’t even feel sensations in this area because the pinched unit. Of course, when she will do some exercises to open up these muscles, she’ll go certain feelings. Here also lives the anger.

Further fear, it lives usually in the knees and stomach. Also fear is at the solar plexus is a social fear when we experience social upheaval. Let me remind you that these studies are conducted in the framework of the body-oriented psychology. Science applies to everything that I say different, because to prove the conclusions it is experimentally very difficult, there is no certain methods. However, this observation of people who for a long time doing it.

Another observation, people with schizophrenia, with some obvious deviations, we can observe the splitting of the body. That is, the head exists separately, hands separately, hands can be tense, and your head relaxed.

There are many more, as you can tell. What is I tell you, if we remember the past lesson, it was said that we must learn to transform their emotions more animals in a more spiritual. For example, we feel anger, rage, then the emotion rises through the Central channel to come out, to emerge, on the way she meets a social emotion, if there is no possibility to manifest itself, it manifests itself as resentment, we feel it as a lump in the throat. But in fact it is one energy, one flow. Women often take offense – it’s the same anger, the unexpressed”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Thank You. Yes, indeed, modern science is trying to walk in these same footsteps. But not so very well but they did. It would seem that it is easier to take a person, track certain emotions, certain reactions and play our tricky behavioral structure that it affects. But here too there are interesting dead end. After all, the paradigm of modern science is mechanistic materialism. From the standpoint of modern science is a big chemical reaction, the arrogant, as I always say, imagines himself the possessor of consciousness, the owner of some free will and their emotions. Science, to put it mildly, does not share this relationship to our freedom. And then the wave of research is beginning to extinguished. These attempts have taken many in the course of the twentieth century. As we mentioned, our society and our science is immoral. The scientist does not care how it will be applied the atomic bomb, it is important that to make an atomic bomb. Similarly, in psychology, there is no case for the modern psychologist, as to be these conscious or unconscious reactions to apply when they are translated into something more tangible. As you remember, in the result, there arose a lie detector. That is, all studies of our reactions, when our emotions with the physical and physiological manifestations resulted in the attempt to make a lie detector. And with it, a more subtle way to control the freedom. Indeed, the state, society, particularly in totalitarian systems can control symptoms, but the symptoms as you supervise, how do you know what a person thinks. Let me remind you, George Orwell was the novel “1984”, which introduced the concept of “thought-criminal” – a person who has committed a crime that was considered wrong was. How are you getting inside of a person? And helpfully psychologists, as successor of immoral science, derive all these laws that if you have fear, your capillaries expand, narrow, the temperature rises, falls somewhere but somewhere relaxing. The result is indirectly possible to determine that a person is experiencing.

But probably there is some kind of deterrent mechanism. Science rests on some kind of insurmountable barrier. Because if the lie detector really existed, I assure you, he’d be standing on every corner. Knowing the immoral structure of our modern civilization if it were to work, every mobile phone, every computer would have been a lie detector. But you see, joy is not working. Because the human body is not only the physical component, which can be monitored, for example, blocks, clamps. This is still the tip of the iceberg, and under the depths of those layers, of which yoga speaks as of the levels of subtle and causal body, which, thank God, the eggheads have not reached yet. Under eggheads I understand the amoral scientists. Because got would the bomb be made, and the weapon would have done, and some new totalitarian control mechanism would do. In this respect, the further science develops, the more it becomes a craft. If you analyze the lives of Einstein, Heisenberg, Sakharov, Tama, Kharitonov, Zeldovich, they were individuals, they were spiritual people, very intelligent people with the concept of morality. So whatever they were doing some kind of deterrent was. But then, when scientists are churning out as they are now lawyers, psychologists, it all went on stream, the level of responsibility has decreased. If there was a religion that somehow regulate the moral aspects, then there is victory of reason, religion often disappeared. Even the religious Renaissance, which is observed in our country, it is very strange where do not focus on the moral and ethical rules, and socio-political. But, as a rule, such a religious system can not survive for long, remember all the scandals with the Popes. That is, there is a factor where the universe will not allow it, thank God. Apparently, there are some “idiot proof”, that is, inside the let us not before we be strong in moral and ethical principles. Nature can close us to the mystery, and if you open, then you will yourself with these secrets kill, and thus will not allow to occur new monstrous weapons. That’s why in yoga, it all starts with the First, Second principles of yoga? Yes, not because it’s good, right, no, just without those principles, it is impossible to advance further, even if you really want. And if you still will do some snatch and invade that is unseen, and, indeed, you will have the ability to see the aura of others or their internal state, that is supposedly you have a wider power in relation to other people, then you will pay for such a coin in his personal life, this gift that you will not have to. So the universe is made out of the goodness based on the goodness and wants us kindness before you open for us the secrets. If not, we’re not moving on. But, on the other hand, progress cannot be stopped.

In this respect it is now very critical moment in our civilization, in fact the number of people grows. Sergei Kapitsa, son of the Nobel laureate, wrote a book in which he calculated the speed with which a growing population of people. He brought quite an interesting formula, a power function, implying that the growth rate of a population is approximately proportional to the square of its numbers. The fact that a relatively small number of years ago, the entire population of the Earth numbered in the hundreds of thousands of people, and now billions. The question arises, where did the people? But we remember that when expanding the number of people starts to fall sharply the number of animals on the same planet. And it is natural to hypothesize that the last animals start to be born in the bodies of people. People, more and animals less. Of course, there can be a number of other hypothetical theories to attract, but even this is enough to think about. After all, only the social structure of the state saves us from chaos, save us from the menagerie, which otherwise would have happened. It is not surprising that science is beginning to penetrate. Now, for example, I see humanity faces problems not in terms of some fundamental discoveries in science, although they are also necessary. But perhaps even more acutely the question is creating some of the ethical principles by which humanity should evolve. I am more than confident that once the moral and ethical laws of human life will be understood by mankind and developed, and people will begin to live by them, it freed up a tremendous amount of the finest resources of Prana, with the result that brain scientists will start to work better and faster they will reveal some more fundamental laws of the Universe that will help to solve the energy problem or the problem of treatment of certain diseases or old age, to extend the life of the people. And now it makes no sense. Well, what’s the point of doing endless life of a person is immoral. He would die that way, it will be a big dead end for our consciousness.

Very well that we were aware of the latest achievements of science. I all students are encouraged and recommended to go to certain Internet resources on the latest developments. We have in the country is beyond beautiful magazine, called “In the world of science”, in fact it’s a reprint from “Scientific American”. In America the case with science where as better, than, probably, in all remaining world, and still have to keep your finger on the pulse, be aware of the latest advances in medicine, biology, cosmology, physics, anything. Just so you begin to navigate the ancient heritage that we have lived, including through these tantric treatises the description of the chakras. Otherwise, do not understand. Therefore, you must have intellectual vigor, work on yourself.

Friends, let us remember the yogic algorithm of decision-making”.

Alex, gr. 3: “First, we remember that we are free, then we are reminded of their duty, then we begin to proseat possible solutions using the First principle of yoga, then through the Second principle of yoga, if you go quick methods, that using the Third principle. If it’s difficult to make a final decision, we can refer to the authoritative testimony of an authoritative person and interview as a lot of people, “the voice of the people” to bring something in between. And at the end we again are reminded that we are absolutely free in order to give the opportunity to manifest our higher intuition and make a decision”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great. The last lecture, the friends, the task was to reflect on feelings and emotions. We have heard one beautiful story. Who is also ready to take up this baton? I really liked the report. Very. Position in science, what they think. Position in yoga. We’ve heard. And trying to find bridges. To build the bridges. Absolutely wonderful policy. It may even make sense to ask in every lesson of the student to prepare a short report on a particular area of modern science. Not necessarily, as it is today about the psychology, it can be in physics, what it does, our scientists at the large hadron Collider. Have you found anything or not? Or, say, in mathematics. How many of you know what the math is on the cutting edge? Nobody knows. Here on TV showed the poor guy Perelman, who refused a million and everybody knows that mathematics there, and would probably have died not knowing. Again in archaeology, in history, etc. we probably will soon introduce a policy that students will prepare short reports, minutes, seven, ten source-based, credible, definitely not with a coffee press we will take the information, but something more credible. It is a rather small number of respected sources.

I want to say again, we in our country a little solovely, insane. We now at least that you can feed and real information, and unrealistic – all uncritically accept. This, of course, eventually pass, but it is desirable that already now we have been preparing for this time.”

Paul, gr.3: “In continuation of the theme of science. I met with the article Tsiolkovsky, which reflects the theme of the senses. It is in this article said that on the basis of the science of mathematics, the feelings have ranged from zero in nature to an infinitely large value of the higher beings. And man occupies an intermediate position. Briefly, in fact, everything.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, it is a lot, this is a very interesting concept. Indeed, from some primitive matter, the feelings are there, but in potential. We have them in some degree opened, and what the ancient yogic treatises, if you start to engage, say, the Pranayama-yoga system, then you start to roll those channels of perception, which you didn’t even know.”

Paul, gr.3: “the Article is called “Monism”, in my opinion, this is the same as Advaita”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, something is. “Mono” – one, “Advaita” nondual”.

Paul, gr.3: “I would like to add about feelings. About the feelings that you should be able to disable it. Suddenly we have some sense, barbed something, which we do not. That’s it, and you should be able to disable for a while, until we can’t handle, and then, when we learn to hone your senses, we somehow reduce to normal size and begin to work with him, as with all the others.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great. Me about this I remembered the joke about the alcoholic, “Who is the alcoholic? An alcoholic is someone who puts spiritual pain in the head”.

Anastasia, gr.4: “I also prepared a small story, but not until the end, but what made tell. I looked in Wikipedia different definitions of emotions and feelings, how they differ. In the end, I came to criticize all textbook psychology.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, friends, we must be very clear. Remember how in that joke when the man near the Bank and sells seeds. To him comes a friend and says: “Give a loan”. And the man answered him: “you Know, I have a contract with the Bank: I don’t give credit, and the Bank does not sell seeds”. A business arrangement.

So as in yoga psychology – business agreement. We don’t do psychology, they don’t climb in yoga. The fact that I sometimes remember a bad word to some psychologists, it’s just a natural reaction to the Orgy that is going on in this respected and useful science. This Orgy I sometimes recalls the days of Trofim Denisovich Lysenko with his relevant ideas. Where sometimes put forward various assumptions, and no one bother your yourself to somehow justify or prove. Especially when a huge number of stamped psychologists, which are now produced like sausages in a factory. And each one is uncompromising, so experienced, that I want a little tone to hold on to, to make a little move and including more attention to the psychology.

I am very happy when psychologists are doing much the same with the other troops, so-called, bred yoga teacher, which is also now very much. Which yesterday aerobics, the struggle Nanai boys were taught, but today the conditions they were forced to go to yoga. And when psychologists sometimes so corrosive start to point would – be teachers to their delusions, it makes me a favor. Because if these people are real, they start to learn to increase your yoga level. If is hacks – let it feel insecure, then a smaller amount of nonsense they are will to sow. This balance between wolves and rabbits, you need a certain balance.”

Anastasia, gr.4: “the psychology Textbook of the Petrashevsky identifies the following emotional state: is the so-called sensual background, the feelings that accompany us, they are not very intense. For example, a feeling of calm, it is not very pronounced. Then there are the emotions, these are situations that a person experiences it to a specific situation, they are more pronounced and they are more clearly understood. Then he identifies this condition as the affect. It is a feeling that we can’t control. It can be kind of Hyper emotion either of joy or aggression, often crimes are committed in the heat of passion. And somehow to deal with it very difficult, almost impossible. And there are such a passion of inadequacy. In particular, I recently listened to a seminar on Raja yoga, and there was just the method of this effect. What is the affect of inadequacy is a steady negative experience due to the inability to achieve success in any activity. For example, in Raja yoga it was said that the man wanted to do something, and then have him feeling: “no, I can’t, there’s something you’ve broken, then you could not…” And we are working on a – “charted – made”, fixing the associative relationship, reinforce it with positive emotions. Here’s the affect of inadequacy may accompany us through life, and we may not even notice. In particular, Raja yoga, it seems to me, to work with him. Well, a bunch of other emotions. There is a stage of emotion, is astenicheskiy, i.e. stage emotion is that which inspires us, we are doing something. Astenichesky – discouragement, fear, which inhibits our Prana, we are hanging in there somewhere. And there were lots of emotions, I’m sorry, all of them couldn’t make it out. There are high emotions, like patriotism, love, loyalty, friendship. They already belong to human emotions, to a higher form, and they also need to develop, to develop from childhood. They are not given to us as a given from birth, is a social emotion. They are formed. For some they are not formed”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is purely a materialistic approach in modern science that the life of an individual begins at birth or conception, and ends with the moment of death. While in yoga it is stated that if you in a previous life, your previous incarnation was repeatedly expressed these feelings higher, then the next your life they are easily and painlessly themselves blossom appear. If you have recently in the human body, only a few lifetimes or maybe your life in the human body, what to expect from the beast of the senses, for example, of patriotism, well, at least, arrogant or any of the senses affecting the subtle moments. Unfortunately, this paradigm of science. The paradigm of yoga, in this sense at odds. This also has its benefits – not based on this position about the device of a man trying to draw conclusions from any external factors.”

Anastasia, gr.4: “all Geneticists are trying to identify how feelings are formed, for example, patriotism, say the twins, one formed and the other not. And you’re right that the same conditions, the same education, but one soul manifests itself in one scenario, the second is different. There is plenty of evidence that there are qualities that a person brings with him from past lives”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “you know, friends, since we are talking about modern psychology, because modern psychology does not answer the most important question: “who is man?”. By default, the concept of following that people, at best, is a big chemical reaction, a complex chemical reaction, self-sustaining, self-operating other, but still a chemical reaction. Remember the famous saying of Leonardo da Vinci: “I have dissected a number of dead bodies and I can say that for the soul in the body simply has no place.” And so if you ask any psychologist who is a man, he will not answer. Words will be spoken many, pseudo-scientific, convoluted, some will even make sense, some will qualify for an operational definition, but, in fact, you’ll be left with the same thing and came. You, no one will answer it. At the same time, yoga starts with answering this question. You have your Higher self, Which in a certain sense, this is a very high condition. And everything else is just a manifestation of this superego. And yoga very gracefully connects the gross materialism on the one hand, and on the other hand what we might call idealism. Because our Higher self does not fall under the category of chemical reactions or structures of the energy on a coarse level, the material, or on a subtle level the causal body. In yoga, everything starts from the reference system, the reference system is taken by you. Here You are. Not your body, not your picture of yourself, namely, your Higher self, otherwise your Atma is indivisible. Something indivisible, because you can’t split in two, get two people. This is something is integral you are. And already, proceeding from this point of support, begin to explore all the mechanisms of your reactions again systems mental health, methods, indeed, very close to the methods of psychology, but the starting point is different.

In modern psychology, which is the successor of modern science, the starting point, as they used to say, an objective reality. It is believed that there are outside the matter, it is primary and everything else is secondary, i.e. is a product of the actions of this matter. Yoga says that this is so and what it is not. Yes, indeed, the action of your body on your life great. If you have a stomach ache, and you consider yourself a person with a belly like that, it is clear that the perception of your Universe is changing. And therefore no one will deny the influence of hormones, the action of complex chemical factors. But yoga says that it’s just part of defining the including, your behavior, and the other part – it is free. It does not depend on whether you have a sore stomach or sore. Whether in the body healthy, old or somewhere else. And this is the fundamental such a moment – the answer to this question: “who is this man?”

Anastasia, gr.3: “I wanted to tell you that Bhakti-yoga is the yoga that deals with the senses and sensual perception of the world and uses senses as a tool of cognition of the absolute, approaching to absolute fellowship with him. In Bhakti-yoga we are encouraged to channel their feelings and emotions to the absolute both positive and negative, thereby strengthening the communication channel with the absolute. It says that the absolute is teaching us, and we will after some time begin to realize that it makes no sense in a negative emotion, there is simply no support for these negative emotions. And as I see it happening: we have this situation – meditation on the Central channel, this is from a yogi of the Microcosm, and in this meditation it is said that all our emotions are directed into the Central channel, and they are turned into joy, enjoyment. Similarly, all of our emotions to the absolute, they transformirovalsya a joy, a delight. And I think this method can help in the situation when there is a passion. Repeatedly reliving the experience of the transformation of some of these strong negative emotions into positive emotions, when we direct them to the absolute, it is possible that when uncontrolled negative emotion, this experience will help us to find the degree of desatrancos. Emotion we can send only with the slightest degree of disidentification with this emotion. Thus, this repeated the experience of the transformation of negative emotions into positive will help in a time when uncontrolled emotion”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Very good point. We have a great section of Bhakti-yoga, which, indeed, teaches us to use these channels of understanding the world in order to, first, to expand your freedom through a specific algorithm, is the introduction of the factor of the absolute. Do not forget that we have the theme “Yoga and Freedom”. In a nutshell, friends, I want this reminder to make you understand. There are groups yogi is somewhat similar, but still different. For example, let’s say, Yoga Triad, where about the same idea in the implementation of those or other vital situations, and there is Bhakti-yoga. And people ask what’s the difference between Bhakti-yoga and Yoga Love from Yoga Triad. As you know, yoga is a unified doctrine. It deals with a single person, so we cannot say that it is only one, and there is a totally different; everything is soft can go from one to the other, but to make you understand the difference. In Bhakti-yoga the emotions of love, devotion, positive emotions – they can be of different nature. Love to children, to country. At the same time, if we consider the Triad, there is a fairly narrow focus on certain gender relationship between a man and a woman. The emphasis is on the relationship between a man and a woman.

Now I will return to this point. Yes, indeed, friends, our emotions and feelings, according to Bhakti-yoga, can be a major springboard for the attainment of freedom if we know how to use them correctly. If we direct our emotions or the senses to the absolute, that whatever the experience, this experience turns into a dialogue with the absolute. Do you experience feeling that you like or don’t like; the emotions that you like or dislike, this turns into a long-term dialogue with the surrounding Universe, or hiding behind the screen of a first cause, or absolute. Turns out that in any emotion that would be to you would come no anger or fear, joy or sadness, even a tinge you see a way of communication with the absolute, which is actually talks to you in various languages, including those languages of emotions, feelings, experiences, perceptions. Thus, you begin to develop a certain area of desatrancos.

Is, say, a strong emotion you are experiencing and we can not say that you cannot, you are immersed in that emotion, but as above it is absolutely clear, unclouded, pure, untouched space in your Union with the absolute as a consequence of your freedom. And the stronger and the more you practice, the more the island of nastranost will expand the more you will be free.

Therefore, in this sense, the same Bhakti-yoga is the ability to use any of your emotions, any of its manifestations in the way to approaching its highest Freedom. In this sense, there is even the axiomatic position that your Higher self is in a state of freedom in the same way as the absolute. He, too, is in a state of freedom. And it turns out that all emotions, feelings that you face in life is, in fact, the dialogue of Freedom with Freedom. Freedom your Higher self with the Freedom around you absolute. The question that all ignorance becomes across this dialogue and for this reason there are negative aspects of certain emotions. Once you understand the meaning, that everything that was negative, begins to transform into a positive”.

Elena, gr.4: “I remark that the observation of emotions, analysis of emotions is often a good opportunity to think about their true nature, their self, Because we experience emotions not only in the state called our reality, but we experience emotions in a dream. It is very strong can be the emotions of infinite love, or grief, such that we are crying and Wake up crying. And at different levels of perception of reality is, apparently, different levels of emotions.

Or we may experience very strong emotions, for example, in theatre, in cinema, when we understand what we see and what we react to is in fact an illusion. And if, perhaps, in dreams we not know that is unrealistic, then being in a movie or in the theatre we understand that this is not reality and yet it gives me very strong emotions. And I always read and hear the modern scientific assertion that emotions are stirred by some interactions of hormones and other substances that I always have the question: “in this case, primarily: the physical allocation of the hormones or genes responsible for certain manifestations or emotional, what happens?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Let us, friends, just define that according to the yoga of Dreams, we can’t say that in the waking state we perceive the real world, and in the dream state we do not understand what we perceive. According to the concept of yoga of Dreams that there is reality, very complex in the knowledge of definitions; therefore we are one perception of reality is divided into three States: the waking state, when we look at reality from one side; the sleeping state with dreams, when we look at the same reality, but with a few other positions; and, finally, sleep without dreams, where we perceive the same single reality, but with the third some faces. In this respect, it is impossible to oppose from a position of yoga of Dreams, I have had a dream, but my waking, what the dream it was something frivolous, but Wake wow. No. I can’t say this.

Now to the observation that is the key to the emergence of emotions.

My friend had one. One day he comes to me. And it was quite a long time. At that time, the screens out the film “Titanic.” A big, expensive movie. Well before sentimental made, everyone was crying, the whole theater was wet. Friend comes to me and says, “you Know, “Titanic” came out – not go”. I was very surprised and asked: “what will not go? Kind of an interesting film, so many millions spent to remove it…” And the friend replies: “I read a review where it was said that it spent such amount of money, and projected to collect so much profit. And then I realized that I had programmed everything. And what I’m going to watch and then I’ll cry, and what I’ll experience, to tell others what a sentimental scene…”

We go to the cinema, admire some films, and sits in a hardened businessman who does not care about humanity. He knows what will push the button – the tears will flow, this button – be happy, this button – happy end. Importantly, a machine for printing money to move. What would you do – would be “filthy lucre”. And here they bend over backwards, coming up with the most sentimental scripts, in his own way, just to earn a few dollars on our emotions. When this face is really understand that you do not want on you thus making money. Already wrote the script, already I know you’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and you become like a machine.

The question arises: “How is it actually happening? What of our emotions?” Whether we are a fully programmable mechanisms to act on one chakra a particular petal of a chakra affected: time of fear, the other is affected by anger. Or like our modern dealers: one scene, crying, another scene – all laugh. And what this says about the ancient teachings of yoga?

Yoga in this respect is quite realistic, she said that Yes, indeed, inside us there is a part of conditioning and part of freedom. She conditionality and the conditionality that it is part of helping us to live, particularly our hormonal system. In the human body a lot of different processes going on and to them as something to sync and do something to help us cope with various situations of life, there are a large number of different hormones, there are different endorphins, testosterone, etc., and they work, they’re keeping a balance of emotions, balance some of our reactions. And that’s not to say that acting on our body that it produces a particular hormone, we can’t influence the emotions. We can influence emotions and, indeed, in this sense, we are conditioned, but due to friends, nor to one hundred percent. But only to a certain percentage, the remaining percentage is fully in our free will, fully at our disposal.

So any emotion the average person is a combination of: some part of the condition, some part of freedom.

Therefore, I urge you, if you want in the future also to remove a great movie, you do not think about the money that you earn, you first consider how you this movie will change the world for the better. But if you will be able to earn money, will be very good. As a rule, so it turns out that if you change the world for the better, the money to you will come sooner or later; if the reverse, that everything will collapse. As illustration or example or argument I’ll give you quite a sad fact of our lives, it’s drugs.

What drugs? God forbid to someone from you at least once tried. You know, there is such a point of view that every person should try everything. Friends, do not believe, spit in the face of this man who declares it. You don’t have to taste everything. I always add: “Cyanide is also try it.”

Who from you did not try or taste, even if everything around you getting high, drunk, usilivaetsya – it’s their problem, it is their karma. Do not try! What do we know about drugs? About the drugs and we know that some substances that cause certain emotions positively, and addictive. But in fact, what is any drug? This is a flagrant intervention into a complex system of our reactions, which is already programmed devices of our body. All of these opiates in their formula substitute what our body itself produces. This effect is achieved this euphoria. Our bodies invented for himself, if such chemical substance will stand out – there will be joy, and if it is less, and joy, respectively, smaller. For what? In the long term, we had a chance to survive. Would such a reserve in case of unforeseen actions. What does a drug addict? The addict just substitutes natural ability to produce certain substances or to affect some finer structures of the body, as if in advance to use what we have stocked. And, it would seem that if we were with you a hundred percent dependent on these chemical factors or external influences, the drugs, the idea was for us to have absolute influence. But the practice shows the opposite. Practice shows that the man is observed getting used to a particular type of drug. Took a dose you don’t do much, but tomorrow you need to take a dose a little more, after tomorrow even more, yet more, i.e. everything goes in the direction of increasing dose. Why? A very simple answer. Because the other part of our being that is free it instantly detects that something goes wrong and it starts to adjust the action of these buttons that are programmed.

And now, back to the example with this film, where everyone was crying and millions of dollars collected. I assure you that after the tenth or twentieth of the film like the story, you will turn into a callous cynic, there will be ships to sink packs, and you already will not touch it, because some part of your nature, remain free, will suspect that someone is manipulating. And the part that is in a state of freedom, it is, accordingly, do not want, that someone took away this freedom. So, friends, stupid way, it is impossible to build such mechanisms for making money. How to remove the ads and put it on the first channel, for people to buy your product? And in any way. While it is fresh, it some time will work, then very quickly begins to pall and all that will cease. Example: there was a movie “Star wars”, there was a dark character Darth Vader, spoke in a low, rough voice. It was the end of the seventies of the twentieth century. It is clear that after that, America began a wave of advertising, where the same voice began to promote the product, until our idiots is not sunk. How to turn on the channel, and then in a low voice, trying to “provisional government” – and all is working. Immune times and develop and so in all.

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