2011.04.05. Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.04.05.

Where: International Open Yoga University.


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So, friends, today we have April 5, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. This is a lecture MOYO. We are in Moscow, near Novoslobodskaya metro station in the cultural center “Enlightenment”. All information on our sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter, happyoga.narod.ru. We have courses on systematic of distance learning yoga through the Internet, they are at kurs.openyoga.ru. As well as a shop where you can buy our movies, our some tutorials. Our shop is located at shop.openyoga,EN.

So, friends, we continue to consider the theme “Yoga and Freedom”. In the previous lecture we we delved into the relationship between freedom and what is called our feelings. And from the beginning I want to ask: any thoughts from anyone about this? May be the last time someone had a revelation? Or maybe he, like an ancient sage that we rediscovered in this area? No one or nothing was done, no nothing thought?


Elena, passive participant: the last lecture assignment was to think that all feelings are feelings? Feelings such as hope, suffering, how can you call them feelings. I got the idea that there are feelings that are associated with our hormonal system: fear, lust, joy, sadness. That is when we feel it, we have some physical sensations. And also they can relate to the energy centers, the chakras. For example, feelings such as hope, compassion, they are different for each individual. They are even difficult to define, how they are defined, how they are expressed. These are some of the ideas of reason. Well goodness, it’s hard with any chakra correlate.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Interesting point of view. There is detail, detail caught, we are not very discussed in the last segment.


There really is a correlation between hormone some facts, for example, the formation of our inner emotions. But the last lecture we came to the serious conclusion that any emotion is generated not only by the presence of some hormones, but also some of our feedback free Y. it Turns out that any emotion is response or hormonal symbiosis of our body and our free will I experience a particular emotion or not.


Fear. Emotions. Thoughts.


Do remember when you felt a particular emotion. The process of fear or hope or some other emotion. Understand the emotion itself rarely captures us. Here I sit, sit and dramatically so SCARED and start shaking. Or sitting, sitting and then hope I woke up… all I hope. The mechanism is very peculiar. Before we have one or the other emotion, we usually slips one or the other idea on the surface buddhi. And she, like the first pebble that you throw from the mountain, which leads to an avalanche of fear. So here you go in this rainbow state, come home, turn on the TV, and then you begin to intimidate: “Yesterday two homeless cut each other” or any other slur you are rushing. Your helpful mind under the impression of this negative impulse is beginning to try the situation for you. And here you sit and think: “and if one of these homeless people was I?”. You know? This is the first thought. And then head on me looked bad, he’d fire me. He’d fire me, I will remain without money. No money, no housing. Husband will leave me, the children turn away from me. I’ll stay all alone…. And went this internal dialogue. And then you are left alone and begin to believe it.


Visualization and Association


And this is a kind of visualization. And visualization in other areas of our psyche, our body begins to permeate. And the reaction of our body? He can understand anything, he sees the negative. He started, some hormones dumped into the blood. And you begin to feel it physically. You can’t place to sit, you are not up to anything. Because the physical factor is connected to the factor of thought, factor in your physiology, your device body. And there starts the adrenal glands to produce something and the whole compote hormonal response begins to act on the physical body. Then Wake up the impressions that we drag from the time unconsciously. Yes, indeed, we had a stressful situation with fear and that compote hormone was exactly the same. We grow an Association. Our thoughts saying exactly the same was when you passed the exam, not knowing the ticket. Memory pulls the state experienced in response to these hormones that causes these hormones to produce even more. Your mind in this pressure becomes uncontrolled. And the mind is a very interesting tool, it instantly creatively generate any idea. And here you are in all colors see you in this shithole living together with other homeless people. And helpful mind says Yes, Yes will be like that. Try starting on you. Do you consider yourself and mind and body, and the body responds. And it’s growing like an avalanche reaction. And now you are already shaking from fear, pressure and all the negative factors of your physical state, which is already objective. You can at this moment take the blood test, and he will objectively show that the level of this hormone. Or measure your brain activity in some tonometer, and he will objectively show what the areas responsible for the state excited. And it all started with some details on the news of some terrible accident. And everything else you valishvili to add yourself. Understand what’s going on?




Here is a very dangerous situation. On the one hand, there is an external provocateur. On the other hand there is a sad experience, when something negative happened. On the third hand the sad experience overlaps with factor provocateur, and you become an easy toy in this stream of uncontrollable emotions, feelings, thoughts and so on. Therefore, in yoga it is said that not fear exposure for themselves, as inadequate response to this action. Not fear of an external factor, which seems terrible as their actions under the influence of this hypothetical factor. You have to drive themselves into the trap of fear, the trap of nervousness. And even if all remaining equal, fidgety, Yes, calm down. It wears out the nervous system, it overloads, you get tired. And if, God forbid, after the fatigue you will meet with real danger, a threat, the probability that under the influence of this threat is increasing.


Clausewitz, his aphorisms of warfare, thought-provoking.

Demoralized army is no army. Demoralized troops is the lack of resistance.


So being as it is now called, the psychological warfare, the getting of deliberate misinformation, insecurity, fear, lack of confidence in your weapon in their direction. And it leads to stunning results. Remember the Nazis when they attacked one country after another, already developed all the feeling that this army is invincible. Remember Napoleon, the same situation, when it’s one country after another thugs had developed a feeling that the army is invincible.


What we have in our country? We have as it is not accepted to talk about it, it is quite a sad story. In particular, near Kiev when the Germans surrounded, we gave up 660 thousand people. Largely because of the panic of demoralization. This is a huge amount. Why fight, when a person can psychologically handle so that it ceases to resist? It is then people fought to the last, not disbelief. Why? Because combat-ready spirit woke up. Regardless of is the enemy, not talking, exceeds, does not exceed, conquered half of Europe, not won, as it was a question of life and death. In the early stages was something wonderfully surprising: the same situation was, when Hitler captured France, one wave when approaching an irresistible force of German troops, so much demoralized everyone. Even with tanks, army, weapons, all had no will to resist, not to mention win, the will to win.

The daily battle with ignorance


And unfortunately each of us in our daily battle with ignorance very often loses this battle because we demoralize before when we meet real challenges, and we sometimes give the enemy much more difficult. How to start this change? With it goes the mechanism of our senses. Here comes some information, we will either match that his feelings and she takes hold of us, or we do not succumb to it. Thoughts some and thoughts come from our life, and if this thought has stuck to our emotions, that is, if that thought triggered the emotion, captured our energy, and energy is our hormonal factory, or else the petals of the chakras ( this is according to the concept of a tantric explanation of the device in the body), it turns out that we ourselves allow the enemy to push those buttons, which are responsible for certain emotions. And to say that was the first reason, very hard. Whether the information that came. Whether from previous experience with negative it was, or something. But as soon as it all is connected with all the dill, connects with your negative experiences in her life, for this case, connect your emotions. Once joined emotions, they begin to strongly influence your body, your hormonal, nervous structure, I don’t even want to detail these factors, then you deal becomes monstrously difficult. If you have crushed you on the way. It is a thought coming, and you just – and empty, crushed it, and there is no proper reaction on, and it’s easier to control it. Here we are approaching a more real practices of management thoughts – RAJA yoga, which gives us specific recommendations in the course “yoga and freedom:” we cannot analyze, it is still subject to other yogi to describe the kind of practice that, as makes. But something you should know. The channel information that is unverified dill – you have to turn off the channel. Therefore, it is not harmless, uncontrollable to listen to the radio, watch TV or visit certain websites. I go to the mail server, and there is a tape information news, very well composed, very sharp – so, to entice, to intimidate me or Vice versa, that would have pushed the button and went into the jungle to their site. They’re trying to catch me in my mind, then to pump out the energy of life, they live on it. I’m not talking about the media. You have the TV, you do your chores, and I think I hear what they say. You can’t hear but your subconscious mind every, every word pulls You even don’t know, but somewhere in the depths formed a negative background. And then you wonder why you are all in the black light. It’s very simple – you treated from morning till night, and you didn’t see it. Same with radio, and with everything.


Any flow of information, which can introduce the provocative idea of your fear, your jealousy, your anger is uncontrollable, needs to be put under control by you.


Because it may be a loophole, in order to enslave you, even if you are not aware how to do it. Any information may lead to uncontrollable thoughts, and you voleizyavleniya, wittingly or unwittingly, to reinforce it. Will valisheva, if you have had a negative experience. As they say, once burned, twice blow into the water… and you begin to tremble, to be afraid of. And therefore, the factor of the will, which begins with emotion, it is very slippery. And so with all the emotions, even with hope. See a good transfer, watch, and optimism come from somewhere. I again want to emphasize the tragedy of modern civilization. The model of our civilization fits completely under the model created by Roosevelt during the great depression, the so-called consumer society. This rather complex pattern of behavioural, economic, which has proved its vitality during all the years of the great depression, and began to crush civilization. The real stronghold of this idea of conflict was the Soviet Union, but which, as you remember, suddenly collapsed. Other countries that are resisting that is, as a rule, the countries of the East, some fully enclosed, Korea, or China with a very serious barrier to information. Well, or such community like India, which stew in our own juice, which is almost impossible to get through. Or Arab countries that it is in the extremism, in a decidedly warlike character. But that’s the idea, I’m not saying that’s a bad or good idea. This idea was entirely appropriate at the time, and in its place, in the days of FDR, during the American depression. It has now spread across the globe and dictate their own terms, rather rigid, soulless. And valid laws of profit. If such laws, and on the field that increase the distortions.


Media are dill, do you think there all perverts on the first of our channels to sit? No, there are good, sane people sit. It is this that drives them to demonstrate and to provoke the biggest negative. Why? The scheme is simple enough. If you control the mind you control the energy, as you may remember from the axioms of yoga. Consciousness plus energy is an analogue of prana, prana is the equivalent of money. All the rest of the mechanism how to build, in order, controlling the mind, get the money. And, of course, the overall strategy of the society – game slide. The law of the jungle!!! Do you remember all the legendary westerns about the wild West, about their mentality. Remember their motto: “every man for himself, God for all”. The original attitude to life of the consumer, individualistic… make me feel good, and there though the grass not to grow. Everything goes downward. In Western countries the tendency was to belittle. A horror movie, so be sure America, or some kind of disaster. Civilization, which works for the fall. To intimidate someone if you’re intimidated, you’ve attracted his attention. If caught the attention, you control his mind. If you control the mind you control the energy, because he’s shaking from the adrenaline. But if you control his mind and energy, you immediately say…you have this horrible fear you feel bad. And I have a miracle pill. Costs only $ 10. You need to drink one, preferably two. You can buy there-and there. This scheme is uncomplicated. This system gave rise to such parasitic functions. Now, go home tonight, turn on the TV, 100% will show the seamy side. If flashes of good news, then again, tsunamis, floods, meteorite soon arrive, well, actually the end of the world the other day. I think where it comes from, from the media? The desire to control, to let you put a little thought to demoralize you. And then when you are demoralized, you are like clay – they want from you blind. Still be grateful for what you’ve been warned, was saved. You have to understand that they don’t warn you of danger, they demoralize you. When you are with a real danger you will meet, you have legs, hands begin rocking, some hypothetical probability that you premium is not paid. Arms and legs begin rocking and you will cease to be a free man, then you will become a slave. I’m on my last life seen poskudnaya firms where the relationship was, which surprised. Everyone is afraid of something, podsizhivayut, knocking on each other. Are trying to protect themselves due to the humiliation of others. This is not a pleasant, ugly disgusting situation. I am not surprised when such an attitude to work. Of course, when a company will work, then work will not want. This game is on the decline demoralizes you, makes you a slave.


In the West, afraid of what? The average American what he is most afraid? Fear of losing STATUS!!! Not to death afraid to die, starve them, no one has died. The unemployment benefit that it is possible to live happily ever after. They are afraid to drive on the new machine, which God forbid, the neighbors will say. And this fear of losing social status leads to the fact that many commit suicide, or people drink too much. Although there is no real threat. There is only fear.


Fear makes us unfree. Therefore, any fear or other emotions, until we win, we will never be free. Come home and immediately channel information. Just check, maybe it’s not information, but misinformation. Maybe it’s not a warning of danger and intimidation, then you bare hands to take.


The first thing you need to do is to control the appearance of the first thought.


As soon as the idea appeared, you need to realize, and only then it will stick to your emotions. If the thoughts cause emotions, emotions are like leeches begin to suck the prana out of you. And suddenly the fear begins to grow on the eyes, or jealousy, or anger. So it is necessary to catch this moment. If you know what you are afraid of something, then monitor the information associated with the factor, that which you fear. It is not necessary to visit the resources that are associated with your fear. They did not help you, they will strengthen your fear.


The time of Raja yoga: as soon as the thought came, and for some time we attain it, we need to recognize the idea.

Vritti walked on the surface of our buddhi, as one would say in yoga theory. And it takes time to recognize. Recognition is due to the fact that it was compared to previous prints. The thought may be an outsider, but if a little similar to the previous thought of fear or suffering, she will be classified as a thought of fear. The thought control in the moment of cognition this idea is very hard, because in no time the idea to connect with the emotion. As soon as the idea connected with emotion, it immediately difficult to manage. It will gradually seize power over you.


But we have a very interesting ability that you begin to call in yoga to the point when you don’t learn to control thought. Because the ability to fully control the thought – it’s very high ability, on the verge of Samadhi. Regardless of what the thought came in, connected it to the emotions or not, you know how to destroy it.


But it takes a very long time to work on yourself. Practicing Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra-yoga, to learn how to destroy the idea. It is much easier to learn to use a single effect, when you begin to feel that now you will drop the idea negative. It has not yet entered, but just as a large ship sails, and ahead of it the great wave of forward – notification: now includes the negative. If at this point you recognize that something is not able to turn off the information channel, plug your ears, close your eyes, pull the power from the TV, unplug the computer, the Internet, or to escape from someone who wants something horrible to tell you, etc., etc., then you will avoid that moment of penetration. Like a virus – he was going to get in, but at the last moment he felt that something was wrong, took it and closed all channels of information. This will greatly facilitate your life.


Risk to disgrace your old-timer, someone told me about the flu epidemic. In the early 20th century was the influenza epidemic called the Spanish flu, she took a certain number of millions of people. A huge percentage after the infection was dying and the saddest thing is that then found out the reason why she became so deadly. By itself, the virus was so-so, mediocre. The problem was that he strongly activated immune system. The man himself has begun to raise its temperature to 40 degrees and above, and from its own temperature, his organs could not withstand and he was dying. Little nasty like that. If you watch the first attack of this virus has survived – all, then cure fast, as from the common cold, but if the first time you have allowed his immune system to join in the struggle and to raise the temperature, then you were doomed to death. I can pass for a man, who climbs in your area, but I gave this example only to describe the danger. Again, not necessarily to conquer us, we can just demoralize. Please note, in totalitarian countries that the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, for them the game was on the rise, on the contrary, they hide all the negative. That is, the negative was already obvious, but everyone said no, no negativity, no! Positive, everything is great, communism tomorrow construct, or to capture the entire globe. On the positive in Berlin in 1945, when it had hoped, all hope for the miracle weapon that the Fuhrer will now draw some kind of mysterious weapon and win. To the last hoped, until he was shot. This manipulation of information channels in one direction, skewed toward the positive. Those countries that call themselves democratic, and, in fact, I don’t even know what to call them. Degree of freedom there are also very large. We are not free on the one hand, and they are somehow on the other hand, is different. Our lack of freedom more obvious, rough and clear, and they have no freedom more subtle, veiled and hidden. And, you know, I don’t know what lack of freedom better, some worse. In my opinion, they are the same. There is a manipulation of information, manipulation of the first thoughts that you have, and in the future you do connect emotion and making myself not free from one or another emotion.


Now, friends, we’ve got more in-depth treatment of Raja yoga. So, what conclusions? The following insights. To control the flow of information as well as you control their food. You will not eat anything unclean, smelly. Why do you eat dirty, smelly streams of information. You will not have any meal replacement. It tastes sweet, and, actually, some kind of chemistry. Exactly the same and positive, when you try to cheat and say “all quiet in Baghdad”, all is well, as in the Soviet years. Also you should not allow such “adulterated food.” In yoga one of the important factors for life to develop his personal diet because of the fact that one fits, the other does. Similarly, we should develop our attitude to the flow of information. Great looking, from morning till night “chernushnye” news and ignore it, because there is no link between thought and emotion. In one ear flew, and flew to another. Sometimes it’s a very stupid people. It’s like “country nepuganyh idiots”. Something to tell him about some of the dangers when he did not have the brains to understand what you’re saying to him? Or, conversely, you don’t have negative karma, connected with it. So to you it doesn’t stick. This is, incidentally, the ideal of yoga is that over time when you completely eliminate the imprints of negative karma, or negative marks on your previous experience…. Each of your negative experience in the past, a suffering they were, they will take revenge, they are still background, by the memory of your existence, make you a slave. Yoga is the most challenging to eliminate these fine prints, the subtle traces of past actions. In the yoga-Sutra of Patanjali the concept of work with karma is to work with these prints. Subtle requires some serious meditation in order to eliminate this subtle pollution. But, if you this is a subtle pollution has eliminated, or how the same yoga sutras and the commentaries called, if you are in the fire of knowledge fry grain future uncontrolled negative thoughts, the seeds watered or not watered, they will not germinate. Similarly, with your prints on it. You can any sort of nonsense, dill listen and you it touches. Or anything bright such place as zamanilovka, as in Nazi Germany, and you also do not touch. You have no karma. Because, as you remember, even the presence of this negative information channel, which should be saved is, in the end, your personal negative karma. If you didn’t have this negative karma, you wouldn’t have had to shut down, by the flow of information, or it doesn’t work, you have immunity. Therefore, be careful to treat everything that you read, see, listen. There is a saying, in my opinion, English: choose books as carefully as you choose your friends. It is not necessary to read everything, don’t need the whole row to believe. This is the first way to become a slave to her feelings. But if the idea has crept in that if the idea connected with emotion, if the emotion, like a leech attacked you and starts you scary picture in my head to draw. You start to cheat themselves, cheat, this adjusts the hormonal system, hormones are released, our physical body, some amount of muscle is tense, you expect that now you are attacked, you should fight back, you have the tightness, what we the last lecture, and discussed. The stiffening begins to appear in the actions, words, decision-making, in your image, finally. And one negative begets another negative. And this is not freedom, friends, is bondage.


So, if this happens and has developed within you, then fight it harder and need other methods.


Are there any questions on this part?


Question: Where did the idea originally come from?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who’s ready to answer? Come on, future luminaries of yoga! Just imagine that you’re sitting in my seat, and ask you: where does the idea? Thoughts in General or specific idea, negative?


Student: Exactly my thought. Negative – understandably, it came as a vibration, and here is how my idea was born? And in General how to understand, whether it’s my idea?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question, who’s ready to answer?


MOJO, Andrey Kulikov, group 4: Thoughts come from previous experience, in my opinion.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, you are partly right, all of our thoughts are the echoes of our previous thoughts.


Andrew: I can’t think about what I don’t know. I can’t imagine a planet without gravity, for example.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know, there is one interesting concept for a yogi is given a different interpretation. You know that you can different reference systems for the same thing to apply for easy operation by the computation. Thus, according to one concept, all thoughts were created at the time of creation of the Universe. They’re already there, we simply draw what we need. Will place need thought to we flew. Others say that it is necessary to understand differently. They like the potential is there, but we would like them re-opened, we generated them ourselves. In General, the concept of working with thoughts, this aspect of Raja yoga one of the most interesting. On how the idea, indeed, if it even where it originated, how it can dramatically increase at the expense of other people. And then just as suddenly leave it all. Sometimes there are mass psychoses. One idea can dramatically all to capture, and then suddenly as it all has to go.


But the concept of original thoughts. Who axioms will remind us. Where everything came from, my friends?


Student: From our higher self.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But if from the perspective of the macrocosm?


Student: From The Absolute.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Yes, he thought: may I be many.


Still have questions? There are no questions? Great. The adrenaline button is? Let somebody praise yourself!

MOJO, Tatiana Semenova, group 4, curator Rita-yoga and of course “Vedas”. I praise myself for 20 Jun 2010 I have never missed.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Super! Accuracy – the politeness of kings.


So, friends, we come now to another topic, which promised to consider the same. Will do a side step. Moreover, it will overlap with future lectures. So, there is such a thing as the relationship between men and women, marriage, marriage.






There is such a thing as freedom. How do they relate to who are willing to speculate? This, my friends, very interesting points. If you study the history of the French Revolution, or, say the Great October Revolution, scrapped the old consciousness was born the most interesting, a little feminist current views of the family, on marriage, on freedom, on human life.


MOYO, Helen, group 4: I Have 2 news, good and bad. Bad news: probably, in any language, except Russian, were not so lucky the word “marriage”…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a Good thing in marriage is not called, said Landau.


Elena: It is associated, the numerous jokes, not very good. But there is good news. There is another word, even more traditional for the Russian language is the word “marriage”, the root of which is “harness”, “harness”, that is, it means the same thing and yoga. Therefore, we can consider the phenomenon of marriage, marriage as yoga.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh! See what we linguistic output did! On the basis only of the analysis of words. Friends, you remember that Russian language goes back to Indo-European…


Elena: So, like yoga, marriage can be considered a system of self-discovery, where we learn not only your partner, but yourself.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo, grace!


Elena: in analogy further, we can say that there is consciousness and energy, that is, man and woman seeking each other, seeking to connect, but between them there is the veil of Maya and ignorance which prevents this. Anyway, for the life of this convergence is trying to be, but I guess we’re still not to the extent of samosoznanii came through our earthly life is difficult to achieve complete fusion of consciousness and energy and a perfect Union. How does this relate to freedom? The perfect freedom to which we aspire, it is the analogue of this ideal of marriage, because, often speaking on marriage, use the word “happiness”. I read the book by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the novel “Eat, pray, love”. This book is called “married”. It explores the concept of marriage in Western society, where it all began and what now comes. So, throughout the book, you notice that often we are talking about happiness, that is a happy marriage. As we recall from previous lectures the concept of happiness and freedom are very close in relation to yoga, so in marriage too. Well, I guess you could make the conclusion that while two people, consciousness and energy being together, can exercise more freedom than individually, such a marriage is successful, happy and having a future. In those cases, when they begin to infringe upon the freedom of each other, in such cases, the Union does not make sense.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yeah, yeah. Interesting point of view. Who else wants to say?


MOYO, Helen, group 4. I would like to draw a diagram. Let’s say we have a husband and a wife. Each of them has a Higher self, it is by definition freely. It would not have started their Union, was it free will or was it like in India sometimes do, they all decided, in any case, their Higher self are in a state of absolute freedom. To realize this freedom will help them some factors. Let’s start with Sverdlovenergo, for example, is LOVE. If the marriage of these people began with love, memories of her throughout their lives will allow them to realize their freedom. But not always so good, sometimes love is not, love is not lying on the road, sometimes that feeling of love which is also how the concept is close to super-logic, will help in gaining freedom. The next factor we have is the 1st yoga principle, he is kindness. If the husband and wife will apply 1st principle, it will also help them to realize their freedom. Next comes the TRUST factor. Trusting each other, they will reveal new facets of their relationship that also leads to freedom. Next is the 2nd principle of yoga, it is common sense. Of course, where do without common sense in our lives. If they are properly set goals and achieve them, then of course they reach success. Another factor is RESPONSIBILITY. It is close to common sense and the notion of debt. There is no freedom without responsibility. The next factor, the latter to our ancestors was happy to have CHILDREN. This was Tsvetik-Semitsvetik.

(in the diagram – diagram of a flower, where each petal meets each factor)


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Chamomile. Great! Bravo! Friends, you started the heavy artillery that the first speaker that the second. I was going to lecture on autazavadski to read, and you anticipate all these topics. I wanted something a little more modest, in the first approximation, and you here, I see… this is good, it is very pleasing.


MOJO, Marina, group 4. I have a question to Lena. What about the 3rd principle and a sense of jealousy?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is not the topic of today’s lecture. Friends, let us take as a first approximation let us analyze the concept.


MOJO, Anna Yurina, group 4, full-time student. I have this thought about this. In our society the concept of “marriage” is common to associate, consciously or not, the concept of “freedom”. When a person is “free”, it seems he is not married or not married. And I think that is a tribute to some social conventions. It seems to me that if people are at the same level of samosoznanii, spiritual samosoznanii if they follow certain moral principles, such as kindness and common sense in yoga, then it is not necessary to legalize their relationship in some contract. It’s kind of a formality. On the other hand, is a ritual. Maybe we, thus, create certain associative links and, then, it helps us to cultivate responsibility, awareness and to build their relationship.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah. I also will guide our discussion. We are with you on this lecture, talked on the subject of flow control information. As soon as you feel that something must be controlled. But imagine, or rather some may not imagine, that you live with a husband or wife. You husband or wife is not switched off? And suddenly, through the most seemingly close people, you are rushing this stream, say, or horror, or unwarranted optimism, it’s someone as lucky. And your relationships imply a life together. And it seems to work fine, what here freedom?


Anyone else want to ponder this philosophical contradiction? Is it possible, in principle, the concept of marriage, or as we came to the conclusion that it is better to call it a marriage, with the concept of freedom? Aren’t these concepts mutually exclusive? Did the history of mankind some fatal error? Who wants to reflect on this theme?


MOYO, Anne, group 4: a Fatal mistake is not made, the marriage can definitely enhance freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For what reason?


Anna: Well, first, on the basis of what took place in the axiomatics of yoga. We remember that the universe is a loving couple. And, if love is present…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And if not?


Anna: If no, relationships are built for me, I proceeded from the standpoint of logic, and I can say that being in love is perfectly logic is created.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Love logic created? It has some geographical news, I must say.


Anna: Not a live course, and in terms of solutions to see in the other person absolute. This decision can be taken even at the level of logic. But when you see the absolute in the other person, indeed, could see it, love occurs instantly, I would say.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: About…


Anna: This is based on personal observations over the other directly.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Okay, friends, I’m not going to continue this theme.


MOJO, Michael, group 3, curator of all courses of the Triad and of course “Yoga Sutras Patanjali”. I want to say that even if there is no love, the universe is not in vain created the very culture of marriage. From the standpoint of logic, how then to continue the race?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo, Bravo, my friends, of course! You see, CHILDREN – this is your freedom in the future. Yes, of course, you can have all sorts of relationships, but ask yourself, why do, by and large, what gives, in addition to lots of fun? This is an opportunity for you in the next life to continue their lives with the level where you finish this. You can get the human body and to finish what you did not. Therefore, even if all explicit factors of violation of freedom to each other in marriage, there is the factor that actually evens the balance. It’s the CHILDREN. And, again, Michael said he was curator of the Triad, and you remember that the triad is such a group: tribal yoga, Triad yoga, yoga of dying. I recall in a nutshell the logic. Your goal in yoga – finding freedom, unconditional. Achieving this goal may stretch out. You can within one life is not enough. Therefore, it is logical to continue in the next life, where you finished the previous one. So you need to be born a man. And in order to be born a man, you need to have good karma to get such an opportunity. It is necessary that someone wanted, roughly speaking, you give birth. And that someone wanted you to give birth in the next life you have in this life to help someone to be born, that is to have children. This way, you overcome the time factor, and this is turning into the fastest method where it doesn’t matter whether you live one life or ten thousand lives. If you will go on increasing in the direction of freedom, then what’s the difference? In this sense, birth and death is a little different from our falling asleep and waking up in the morning. But, as a consequence, it is the second part of the path to freedom. Well, if we have to think about procreation in this life to get her after the death of himself, it should have once it’s already achieved in this life? And nature made it so that we reproduce sexually, not by budding or something. It is necessary to build relationships with the opposite sex. And, in fact, yoga Triad, in General, it is the concept of building relationships with the opposite sex. And finally, if you are correctly lined up, all you have is great, but still have not managed to achieve the ultimate goal in this life, you have to die to be born again, at the forefront of the yoga of dying, which allows you in the process of dying to finish what you did not finish in life. Or, at least, more intelligently prepare for the next birth. Lap times and closes. Therefore, such a factor as marriage or the marriage if looked at in isolation from this logical chain, which we have just considered, it really rather looks like an absolute restriction on the freedom of each other, but when viewed within a single life. That is, in any case, there is little to say in defense. And, therefore, such a thing as freedom and what we call marriage, things, oddly enough, by far the related. It brings us closer to freedom, not separates. If we consider, once again, from the perspective of this chain of births and deaths. And another thing, how is it called, how to register, or whatever it is in society, or how to live, and so on. By and large, everything is built around the factor of your future of freedom for that society in which you live. And, of course, that a society, no single institution of marriage, in another society – another, in a sort of wild tribe – the third, and so on. But I just need this insert in our presentation included? In order to spice up a little your idea of freedom. Again, the modern politicians, scientists, philosophers, the concept of freedom sounds like something abstract, unsustainable, isolated, hypothetical, something rather unreal. But yoga says: no, my friends, the concept of freedom is, again, the touchstone on which you can check out all the things in my life, all the institutions of government, their intersexual relationships, everything. The factor of freedom is a factor, on the one hand, indeed, very abstract and overglorify, on the other hand is what skin we feel every second. If you understand this, then you get the bridge from your everyday life in that area is absolutely unconditional freedom, to which, in theory, we sooner or later, we must bring yoga.


Friends, there’s no time for today. Hurray, hurray, hurray!

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