2011.04.09. Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.04.09.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : the worst prison is when you don’t know that it’s a prison. The basic idea of yoga is the attainment of a state of freedom. The algorithm error and the appearance of ignorance. A whirl of thoughts: thought – emotion (depending on previous experience) – new thoughts. One of the major provisions in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali lies in the fact that the fight with the imprints of karma is possible, bypassing all other levels, including the physical and physiological level. How to instill in people a taste of freedom?

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Today 9 APR 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in Moscow, near m. Novoslobodskaya in Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All archived information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. Our courses are for self study yoga on the site www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

Today we continue the topic “Yoga and Freedom”. Who will help us to remember what we did in the previous lecture?

Julia, passive participant: “the last lecture, we talked about how affects our life fear, and that we must learn to control it. Most importantly, control the idea that is born from us, to prevent its occurrence that it does not attract our energy. In the second part of the lecture we discussed marriage and how it helps to exercise yoga in our lives.”

Elena, gr. Catur: “We also discussed the fact that marriage in one lifetime may infringe upon our freedom, but if to go further, to consider forward a few lives, it turns out that it expands our freedom, because we can in the next life to choose where to be born, if we left offspring, their children, or just helping other children. We will have a choice where to be born.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes. But one comment. Still we cannot say so definitely that marriage is 100% infringes your freedom. We should not forget that there are quick methods in yoga which are all on one line, where it is believed that, on the contrary, the potential of interaction between male and female even under consideration in isolation from the Generic yoga contains tremendous opportunities to increase personal freedom.

That is what we call marriage (the last lecture we came to the conclusion that it is better to call it “marriage”) consists of 2 parts: a required part, it’s everything that is connected with a Generic yoga, but in addition, there is the other half, which gives new horizons and the potential for collaborative practices. In this case, the man is a platform for self-improvement woman, and the woman is a platform for self-improvement men. This is the yoga Triad.

Wonderful. Who else can recall what we did in the last segment? Straining memory. There were very many important provisions. Is it really all gone into oblivion? And how in ancient times lived when there were no audio/video recording devices? Caught the Teacher, asked him questions, he polystigma told, and it was not something to remember, and meditate on this. Civilization corrupts us, “Oh, do not understand this time, listened to a lecture, I’ll understand”. I’ve studied different friends, caught something and immediately begin “for us to do”. From Ramakrishna was a parable about what a good student is like a shell, in which pearls are grown. Was the myth that the shell floats to the surface of the ocean only when there is some rain, this captures a drop of rain, slams, falls to the bottom of the ocean for years, and digest this a little more, until it turns pearl.

We’re with this technique, the media lose a little”.

Galina, gr. Catur: “you said in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali there is a provision which says that if we have any fears, we don’t have to develop them, i.e. to give them “food” for development. Concerned the so-called psychological warfare, talked about the fact that man can enslave information. You will not eat food that smells bad, respectively, the same rule should apply to information. And in every case. You need to pay attention to what you are learning. If we already have the grain of negative karma, they should not at least be watered”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, in fact it is a very important topic, friends. The last few years, in fact, since the beginning of World War II huge budgets in the West are highlighted under the means of psychological warfare. As soon as the computer media went for this case began to allocate big money. Ordinary layman it seems that there are hacker attacks hit it, but it’s all for beginners. There are more deep underbelly of our world is the numerous agents of influence. You can come in and just throw some idea, information seems at first glance neutral, and then this information in the form of rumor or unverified facts like a snowball begins to grow, to shape public opinion, and here “the broads” revolution for no reason. This top secret technique. Rather, they are, of course, have a beard. They knew many years ago. Now just another opportunity to introduce them very beautiful.

After all, if you want to know something, you go first to the Internet. In Google or in our Yandex, Packed word, and you have the list. The first 10 sites where the word is found, and the statistics after the 20th line of nobody walks, people stop on the ground. And you can quietly, “velvet paw” one reference a little higher, another a little lower, and that’s important information suddenly hides, and the minor stuff suddenly POPs up. And you can’t even understand. Who controls these systems? How do you know what the people sit? But it’s very easy to do, ask the algorithm of replication, for whatever political or economic reasons that it gave one thing and hiding something else. Not to completely delete this information, it is completely impossible, or rather hard enough.

The worst prison is when you don’t know that it’s a prison. You think that everything is authentic, and you don’t even know what lurks there. Why are we talking about this in yoga?! For the reason that you have to remember the basic idea of yoga is the attainment of a state of freedom. Freedom by overcoming ignorance. Birth of ignorance is an illusion, which is deception, any deception, vision, hearing, perception. We one begin to believe something else. The paradoxical conclusion, we are committed to enlightenment, to freedom, and enlightenment all around us, only we cannot see him, because between us and the enlightenment of the shell of illusion. And it seems to us that there is no illusion no, really.

Was such a wicked joke. Marxists were the definition of matter: matter is the objective reality given us in sensation. And evil tongues it is paraphrased: matter is the objective reality given to us in hallucinations.

Algorithm errors

And therefore this algorithm the error is the same everywhere. Here you feel the world through your senses, there is a stream, and at some point there is a falsification, and you begin to perceive the world in any one way, not the way it really is, but through a distorted prism of his ignorance. As a result of here you are doing the wrong view of the world, the wrong idea about his place in the world, a misinterpretation of events in the world, wrong as a consequence of your actions. You start to do some movement, and it comes back to you in the form of negative karma because came to you the result of your deeds that you performed in a state of ignorance.

The world is so ignorant, and even if there are people who know how to manipulate subtly, then very bad.”

Anna, gr. Catur: “I’m on the last lesson, you wrote a scheme, it is quite simple, and it would be possible to call it “the cycle of thoughts in my head, if not in nature” because it is a pattern that closes upon itself. Thought generates emotion, emotion generates imagination, the mechanism of imagination triggers some of the mechanisms at the physiological level (i.e., we experience certain feelings), which again gives rise to some thoughts.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Let’s draw on the Board! The commented out loud”.

Anna, gr. Catur: “Every thought gives rise to a particular emotion, the emotion creates some kind of picture in your head, some way, images are more vivid than thoughts. Any picture makes us something through, even if it’s not a reality, it is something that we vividly imagine. Accordingly, vividly, we can feel some feelings, sensations. And this is perhaps the strongest. The feeling is the factor, which again gives rise to thoughts. It turns out that the circle is closed. If the idea is initially negative, the emotion, the image, the feeling will again generate negative thoughts. If it is positive, the positive will return.

And I was born this analogy to the Internet. There is an opinion, I don’t know how true this is that information from the Internet is generally very hard to remove, ie the only way to remove information from the Internet is to create new information so that it eclipsed the previous. This is in my head to repeat. If we can’t get rid of any negative obsessive thoughts, we can at least replace them more life-affirming thoughts”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “a Very good analogy. Bravo! Very valuable, that you start to think with your head. Try to analyze, draw diagrams, re-discovering the structure of the universe. This is something that is required of you in the Open Yoga University.

Now a few words of explanations to this scheme. Really, really good, something you already begins to take shape. Again, in the previous lecture I mentioned, but probably need more to focus.

There are more complex circuit this cycle. Let’s say you came up with the idea: “remember harry number room” (quickly remember the room number) and what’s next? And nothing, if you have not had previous experience with this idea. But, if another idea comes to mind, for example, I came here now and this iron is not turned off? Here are possible options:

Option 1: “Oh damn!” And this is one option when you really had the experience associated with that thought. Have you seen the TV PSAs where the rush firemen and the smoke belching, and I urge you, leaving home, turn off appliances. I have from time to time I hear this ad, and she is my only one – I start to shake.

So, if you have had previous experience anyway associated with this idea, then this experience and pull up the appropriate emotion. The thought can be both positive and negative. Or even a thought can be positive or negative, a thought – a statement of facts. The question is, do you have any experience with this idea. If you have the thought “remember harry room number” no negativity, but there is a lot of positivity chain takes place in one direction, if it is negative, then the other.

That is, in the chain, which was announced, really, everything is fine. But, to be closer to the developments that have reached us in the yoga system, primarily the oldest yoga treatise the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, describes this cycle. It is that if your experience was negative imprint, corresponding to the idea triggers this process of negativity with all of these components, including hormones, i.e., our body also reacts.

This is the most important position in the Yogas Sutras of Patanjali, it can be said that the main method of combating the negative karma. In the previous lectures we discussed, but I feel that is not reached. Not very good, frankly.

In the Yogas Sutras of Patanjali this moment takes 2-3 aphorism. Anyway, I have always been the source. And then I say, here in the Yogas Sutras of Patanjali, and now would take, but read the relevant Chapter, number, etc. Or from the Vedas, the room, the mandala so-and-so, etc. Then it would have brought more scientism in our lectures, but this is quite acceptable.

So, one of the greatest thoughts in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is that to deal with the imprints of karma is possible, bypassing all other levels, including the physical and physiological level, the level of our hormones. That is, while remaining solely on the level of our mind, prints of previous experience. If we control this very first stage, when momentum pulls the previous Sanskara from the surface of our mind, which is called budha, all further unfolding of the situation is already under control. And this is a very strong point of the methods in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, what intellectual work can achieve the highest breakthroughs in the field of self-knowledge and the area of freedom”.

Elena, passive participant “In a continuation of what you said. We can catch the moment when our thought clings to something, for example, some negative, and we can catch this moment and not to go in that direction. To gain control over the thoughts.”

Solomatina Irina, gr.Catur: “I Have this idea arose over a negative experience. We’re talking about how to get rid of it. And here, say, the survival instinct, for example, not to touch a hot iron. We had a bad experience previously, we burned, and, accordingly, we will no longer take his hands, then, sometimes this negative experience saves our lives. Yes, in some situations, it holds us back, hinders our development. But it can be useful to us”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, of course, while we have not developed the mind, we are just a product of instincts. How to create instinct? You may remember from modern science that there is some play, there are certainly instincts, dealt with this academician Pavlov, God knows how many years ago. Know that there is an instinct that is produced in the result of the influence of the environment. There is an absolute instinct, which is transmitted to us from birth.

There is a natural task is to determine how did these instincts where they came from. After all, no duck or a frog not differ special mind and ingenuity, so why, who invented it?! Here we comes to the aid of such a primitive theory of evolution that says that all on the contrary, those who invented, had already died, and these came up, so they survived. It creates the feeling that living things do not eat, not drink, and only concerned with that sorted out the different behaviors in the hope that one of them will be viable, that it can be fixed at the genetic level and thereby to survive.

Of course, this is partly true and not true. The theory of yoga with this and agrees and disagrees. Agrees because it is quite a reasonable assumption, a logical, and not because the ends do not converge. From the standpoint of the theory of probability, if everything is so random happens, it’s just the life of one individual should take several million years to he went through various strategy of behavior, and only some of them were fixed.

We see that life is rather limited, contrary to the evolutionary tree, we only see spikes. That is, some form of might not change for a long millions of years, and then suddenly over a few million so a series of different forms takes place, so the question is why this process is not evenly? Why it is not irregular? A lot of questions open, which modern science can not answer, thus provoking numerous religious and sectarian leaders to impose modern society, God knows what ideas under the influence of certain religious dogma.

In the United States at the time, and now, too, a huge number of people who claim that no evolution was not. As it is written that God created humans in 7 days, and must be understood literally. No evolution was not. Here he sat, God, and worked. It is clear that they and we in the country passed. Trying these doctrines to implement. Scientists, of course, they can not stand. But the funny thing is that the scientists themselves to this question I can not answer what the cause of this evolution.

At the same time, if we look at the ancient teachings of yoga, there is generally this question was not raised. It was believed that the evolution simply in parallel. In parallel, at the physical level, as scientists say, and the other half at an unusual level because of the fact that each living being is his Higher self, and, consequently, the degree of ignorance from life to life is overcome. Missing this creative impulse comes from the Higher self of the living creature. Please note that even the intervention of a Creator can not be ignored, if we consider this situation, as the absolute or God. Can be explained without it. Although yoga does not deny the existence of the absolute, i.e., the root cause that gave birth to the Universe.

But, unfortunately, science is starting to slip in some questions, and the majority of people who do not with common sense, respond to the statements and scientists, and these religious fanatics wrong. And turns out a mess.

But if we consider the ancient teachings of yoga, so there it all began. Maybe that’s why yoga gives at some points quite striking results that can give us neither modern scientists nor the fanatical maniacs.

Let’s click on the crank button, and someone will praise myself”.

Julia, gr. Tri: “I finally went on vacation and spent this time with great benefit for themselves. Met interesting people and gained useful experience.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Vacation time is sacred. The Americans have a saying: “Who is able to work well, he knows how to have a good rest”. Sometimes it seems that if you’re on a spiritual path, you need to plow Bobby Carlo and Dad in one person constantly. This is not so. Yoga encourages you to reasonably combine work and leisure. Indeed, the holidays are different, someone prefers to change activity, someone idleness, active idleness, lying in the sun resting in the mind. Each has it’s personal. But the fact remains that in the way of our self-knowledge more effectively if we alternate work with rest.

Well. Now, who will smile on us with a sincere smile. While adrenaline-button us chooses a person say: there is such a risk, it is wrong to rest. This is when suddenly fallen down on you idleness begins to provoke in you the imprints of negative karma. A sort of sleepy stupor, passivity, bad, sick of all, annoying. While a job was running, was hearty, and here once again, and everything fell apart. Some sores begin to appear, the aching legs, the tail falls off. Pop up animal prints negative karma, in this case a very dangerous ill-considered vacation. I’ve talked about this, but I want to reiterate that this is the most scary moments for students. There is a statistic that clearly indicates that after the holidays, some students will not be refunded. They cite a variety of arguments why they do so, but regardless of them, they become attached to some holidays, some idleness. So if any of you plan to stay, then consider this point in advance. Plan how you will relax, actively or passively, it doesn’t matter. In any case, to avoid provoking negative karma.

Well, friends. Now I have a little question for you. What other topics in conjunction with the freedom we could discuss with you?”

From the audience: “Yoga and work. Yoga and children, parenting”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yoga and children – is part of the reason we discussed in the last lecture. We brought it to the marriage”.

From the audience: “Yoga and health”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Rather, Freedom and health!”

From the audience: “Freedom and money. Freedom and mind. Freedom and power. Freedom and love. Internal freedom and external freedom”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Freedom and money it was. Freedom and reason…any reasonable offer. Freedom internal and external are also discussed in part”.

From the audience: “Freedom and creativity. Freedom and education of children. How to instill a sense of freedom in children, not to restrict their freedom!”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, this is a topic complicated. With her, I will.

How to instill a taste of freedom. I can even expand. Having to take children. Why not take ourselves on this issue. How to instill in us a taste of freedom? Or how to instill in people a taste of freedom?

It’s hard to really subject. I was snatched because you, as future luminaries of yoga to future yoga teachers, just have to do it. Because if you teach yoga, even aspects of physical, non-intellectual, it would still be yoga. And by definition, yoga is a system of self-discovery that leads us to freedom.

In a sense, this is your future work, to inculcate a taste for freedom. Another thing, what methods. If we go by the yogic process, in fact every type of yoga is your attempt to bring freedom through different aspects of human life. If you teach Hatha yoga, will give some static exercises, then, of course, the people who will come to you for classes, will benefit. Primarily through an improvement in their well-being, health, through the emotional moments that they will control better and, as a consequence, they will extend their freedom. At least they will be free from illness. If you’re going to teach other aspects of yoga, for example, Kriya yoga, dynamic, some other aspects will act on the person. The same applies to mantra yoga, pranayama yoga, meditative yogi. In fact, any yoga that you will teach in the future, will lead to the fact that people will become freer because of the practice of this yoga. But there is the basic question for any teacher. Teacher is not who teaches, a teacher is one who is learning. And what would be a good yoga teacher, if you are in the room no one will come, so you can’t teach. Accordingly, the methods of yoga people will not be able to expand their freedom. The question arises, how to attract people to yoga? How to attract them?

I told a joke one. This is the true story of how one influential businessman offered to drive all of its employees in the house of culture and paying a premium to all employees who will be engaged in yoga, and Vice versa in every way to oppress all who will refuse to do. I, of course, rejected such a generous offer, but the offer was from the heart. And, perhaps, within some other activities, it made sense, well, if you’re at the plant sell any product, then you have simple relations with the workers: produce the product – you pay no – you are punished or fired. The question arises: can we such a relationship to move on yoga? And in advance I want to say – definitely no. It is unthinkable. So how then to promote yoga? How to invite people to yoga? And the only other possibility is to instill in them a taste of freedom. If they all understand what freedom is, it’s a giant breakthrough. But if you will give them another fully understand their mechanism, helping to increase the freedom that they already have, then this is the solution.

That is, the question of how to instill a taste of freedom, say, to our children, or even our loved ones that surround us, is a key issue in yoga. Imposing you can’t do that. Because the imposition of a reverse thing free. Any attempt to impose will undermine the business, for whom all this was imposed. A logical contradiction!

And on the answer to this question for millennia, beating the best minds of mankind since Vedic times, ancient Richey, which, in fact, preserved and brought it to us this ancient knowledge of yoga.

In fact, if we consider the history of mankind, we see desperate attempts to cultivate a taste for the freedom of some people by others. A variety of over the millennia we have applied the methods. Indeed, the slogan that the end justifies the means, also practiced repeatedly and each time resulted in failure. The last very high-profile failure each of you one way or another have experienced in their own skin. It was the collapse of the Soviet Union.

If you are a deep and heartfelt start to explore the philosophical ideas that motivated the Marxists, then by the Bolsheviks, you will see a lot of lofty, beautiful ideas, the essence of which is to give freedom to mankind. Remember that the first slogans were: “Freedom! Equality! Fraternity!” Suddenly but very quickly it became clear that humanity resists these attempts to make them free. Moreover, sometimes resists passively, and sometimes actively, and then appears on the stage of violence, when one group of people suddenly decides that she knows more than the other group. And for the benefit of the second group using the violence is trying to convey freedom. It turns into rivers of blood, fatigue, exhaustion of the people. As a result, forget all about everything and want only to have things the old way, as it was before.

Very indicative of the situation was Isidorou Duncan, who lived in America, and then, disappointed in bourgeois capitalist society, decided to come to the young country of the Soviets, to build a new young state. Came here enthusiastic, full of boundless energy, and people who have lived the bloody years of revolution, civil war, famine, confusion – they didn’t want anything, they just wanted to live a normal life. Tired of it all.

The attempt to impose freedom failed. Began to tighten the screws by terror, the situation was frozen during the time of Stalin. Terror can not exist long without makeup, definitely need someone to be the victim, as in ancient civilizations. There with a known frequency is always someone to slaughter gave, nobody can understand why. Our country is in this sense in the same way and lived.

In the same way as Nazi Germany. It was a sacrifice in order to maintain fear. Then tired to kill anyone, even murderers, they are people too. And actually, after Stalin’s death became all less and less and less to kill, fear began to gradually rastavatsya and dissipated to such an extent that it became possible to Express their opinion. Then again again, it all collapsed.

They say that we are threatened with dictatorship comes a politician will spin us nuts…Friends, they do not work. In order to tighten the screws, it is necessary every day to chop heads. Cut off the heads of modern politics can’t, it’s not the level. And nuts in another you can not have it because you’re afraid no one will. Here is a very logical contradiction, but that’s not what we do. We are about freedom.

Now, for obvious reasons, we condemn the activities of the clergy in the middle ages, the weight they burned people. Very beautiful girls they burned, evil tongues say that’s why in Europe are so few beautiful women. Well, clearly, the most beautiful in the middle ages killed, where is beautiful to them now to do so and export from those countries where there was such rampant. In particular from Russia, we have more modest, is also burned, but not so much. If we trace the religious idea, the initial position was also very beautiful, very uplifting, very giving freedom, even a new spiritual freedom, but what is then degraded? Because then came the dogmas beyond discussion. The consequences you know. The whole history of mankind, it is precisely an attempt to solve this unsolvable question.

Therefore, the position in yoga that the Microcosm and the Macrocosm are similar, and also the position of Generic yoga, Triad Yoga, or Yoga of the overcoming of death, where it is said that in your personal life situation is as if the life of the Universe in miniature. The fact that you have trouble with your children or your parents in some ways just an echo of some of the global contradictions on the level of the entire Universe. When different concepts, different views, lack of understanding of each other clash. And hence comes the famous even by the 19th century, the conflict between fathers and children. And can be regarded as a local conflict between fathers and children, and can be viewed on a global scale, as the cosmic laws, when one generation of thoughts, one visualization of the Universe suddenly begins to dock with the visualization of the people you’re close to, say, your children. Ie this is a karmic situation of your previous lives.

Or a closer option for us: remember the sexual revolution of the 60s in America, when hippies hairy everywhere smoke pot, played, made love to in every way was a draft Dodger. It then went to the first major surge of interest in yoga among the youth. India simply jambs were followers and those who after the overdose is not dead, still remember those glorious years. These are the best memories they have. A little before the generation of their fathers – the people who lived during the war and during the great depression, but then scrapped. And some no longer understand the other. Children suddenly wanted freedom, and the dad suddenly realized that they want their children. But the opposite happens. I watched the situation is reversed in nature. In our country was the famous sixties, this galaxy, maybe it’s your mom and dad, the youth that took place in the sixties. I witnessed another situation, when parents were more progressive and free than, say, my generation, which has grown in the years of stagnation, and we were more presideny. No experience, when the old laws are swept away and you, free. There were other situations when the older generation showed more freethinking than the younger generation. A very difficult painting is. Well, if you’re more casual, if you’re used to the taste of freedom, and you do realize that all other in slavery, and you’re trying to open their eyes, how to do it.

Practical application of this is how you will attract people to your classes. How will you advertise your classes, it is an open question. At home jobs that we always give on our online courses, we are constantly the subject put. From one homework to another: “How do you feel the need to advertise yoga?” This paragraph we give a very big secret purpose that people began to think about it. Some indignant and said: “Why, of course in the course you bet the same questions? We already answered you on the first date! What are you on the tenth ask?” And therefore ask, in the hope that in these ten courses of your world will change a little, and suddenly, maybe will be born something new. This is a very important open question: “How to bring freedom to others?” And unique version of what “iron hand driving humanity to heaven” – no, it contradicts the very principle of yoga.

What, then, remains? This question, friends, outdoor . The answer is no, I don’t know, the answer is nobody knows. In each case, in each situation, in each moment you have come up with their schemes. Very often I hear such a proposal, and in order to instill the taste of others, demonstrate their own freedom. Or otherwise, to be interested in yoga to others, he engaged in yoga, show me how you all fine and well, and this is the best advertising. Yes, friends, this is a very good, effective method, with only one caveat – in certain circumstances. In other circumstances it can sometimes be a negative publicity. If you are going to demonstrate their freedom, which would violate generally accepted rules of behaviour or standards of communication. Here you are so free, and people look at you as an alien, and once this invisible line that we’re us, and yoga is yoga, and still have to see them.

Sometimes it’s irritating: “…what are you so free? We’re being hammered, and you’re free! Hipwell, the mold?” There are such remarks, friends. It must still see in what circumstances. Some say that a good social network. Friends, social networking is good when they are. And if they do not? If the potential people who are interested in yoga, have such a negative experience with the same social networks that a cannon shot to them they do not fit, having some previous negative. Scalded milk, blow into the water.

There is no universal means. What remains? There is very little, friends. There is a method to either Karma yoga or Bhakti yoga. All other methods are good too. There is a singer – sting, he is actively involved in yoga, his song was, there are words that if you love someone, make it free. To make someone free, it is necessary that someone at least love. Otherwise, other factors and motivations for your work will be. Another serious moment from the field of Karma yoga, which tells us: “expect No result”. Just work, get results from work, not tie your emotional state, whether positive, negative or neutral. Just do what you think is right.

In this regard, recall our people who left to educate people. Quite interesting, incomprehensible to us the phenomenon of intelligent, intellectual people, highly spiritual and moral, suddenly went to the people to sow reasonable, kind, eternal. In the first place through education, the opening of rural schools in the province. Then it is somehow crumpled, disappeared. At first the plan of the terrorists was released. They decided it was too slow at it. Until people see the light, until they will learn all… And are tempted – now make a bomb, and the bomb is simple enough to do. Every kitchen can be done and throw it in, say, the Satrap, the usurper or the local bullies. In the hope that it now will tear to pieces, and all at once start dancing, your hands will begin to clap: “we are free at last! Satrap killed!” And this has led to a revolution then, but a revolution even greater freedom. But the people got really good result.

One of my favorite sayings is the saying of Bismarck. It was called the “Iron Chancellor” of Germany turned into a superpower at the time. Very curious about its statements on various issues. In particular about Russia, he predicted: “I Never try to weave intrigues against Russia, by the way your trick, Russia will answer unpredictable folly”. He had another statement that on the battlefield wins the schoolmaster. Or in other words, the country where a really well established social system, the education system, which is invisible, is in a more advantageous position. Indeed, “…our service and dangerous and difficult and at first glance as if invisible…”. But it is this invisible work in ten, twenty years remain stable, and the life and work of a school teacher as was in Germany in the nineteenth century and in Russia in the twenty-first century is not much different. This dog, thankless, underpaid work.

Really, who are we talking to the teacher? What competition at the pedagogical UNIVERSITY? Historically, in our country it was the lowest. The only competition to the police was probably even lower. As a result, you can understand who went there. First, men did not go underpaid and not prestigious. Were mostly women, they are less ambitious, more tolerant. As a result, the education has shifted a bit, because for the harmonious upbringing of the child like need mom and dad, need and aspect and aspect energy. And we have our school – a clear aspect of energy. It would seem quite hopeless dog work, but really, the only people who do sustainable results, even if they now suffer from lack of money, the fact that no one appreciates, despises. Especially now. In the Soviet era was different, now stratified into rich and poor. And the rich with disdain look at these poor teachers who are modestly dressed. This is a very dangerous thing, it undermines respect.

So as to impart a taste of freedom? It does not count on the fact that you have anything visible will do, and just do without expecting a result. Will there be a way that will not; you will live there until, until it all done, won’t live… but if you yourself say that I don’t care about it, then you have a chance to succeed. If you cautiously look at it: “Oh, I have many years of life spent on it, but no result…”, then sooner or later you get tired of the lesson. Because concepts such as Freedom swargarohini. And at some point we have to rely, as mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Isvara, i.e. the absolute, which really, all your steps will be successful.

Maybe what you’re doing, and will lead to the fact that people will be freer and feel the taste of freedom, but maybe not. Not up to you. The only thing you can do is to prepare all the conditions and hope. Will happen means will happen; will not happen – so not going to happen. It is exactly the same as parents have children – they just give life. Without the expectation that their offspring will certainly become a Nobel laureate or a great man. Of course, it would be nice parents that’s all, but they give birth it not for this, but not why, no karmic component to the gift. That is exactly the same here, freedom, in the same way as knowledge in this sense can give, like a flower without expecting anything in return, without expecting a result. Now I would like to hear your point of view.

Anastasia, gr. 4: “I would like to compare what you described today, the family, the state, as a small manifested in the large. There is a scientist Ludwig fon bertalanfy, who created cybernetic systems theory, what we see in our society, in fact, is manifested in our family. How can we give freedom to each other, such as husband or mother-in-law or mother-in-law?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “What, and talked about it, Ludwig?”

Anastasia continues: “No, he was not talking about it, but his systems theory is that seed, like any system, has two focus. The first is the maintenance of homeostasis, i.e. the system seeks to preserve itself in that form in which it is formed. Hence the rigidity of the system, the system does not want to change. On the other hand, there is a desire for development. And this eternal conflict of fathers and children, which we can observe, for example, in our country, the same hippie or just in our kitchen situation. And he identified six parameters of the system.

The first is the pattern of interaction in any system is present. Every family has one pattern behavior, how we behave, and our awareness at this time and says, are we free from them or not. The fact that every person living in society, thinks he takes some decisions or behaves in a certain way on their own. From the point of view of the theory of the system, our behavior is conditioned by the laws of the system, i.e. we sometimes can’t determine why we did so, and not otherwise. And that’s just parsing what place you occupy in this system, can answer the question, why are you like this why interaction. Is the notion of differentiation – it’s your personal freedom. How are you aware in relation to the system as you live in it, whether it affects you or not affect you being on the media or not, realize it or not. This level of differentiation depends on how you are able to affect this system. From the point of view of yoga it is probably the awareness to some extent the Higher self. From this degree of awareness depends on how much you will be able to communicate this knowledge, and how people will feel bhava and to follow you. Because if not, then the system will not give so easy to change yourself, it will just have you thrown out.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Intricately. Such a simple solution there.”

Anastasia continues: “the Easy solution is that you must start with yourself. To raise their level.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I just sometimes cringe when, for example, a family called the system”.

Anastasia continues: “It’s just the name of physics, Cybernetics and does not apply to what is happening in reality. If we, for example, consider the case of one family, interaction. We can see how the family behaves as a system”.

Student: “I Have this idea that in order to teach others to be free, we naturally start with ourselves and start with a simple expression. Initially, you need to make a decision: “I’m not going to restrict the freedom of others.” No matter what we do”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “a Very profound remark. Friends, there is an ancient rule of family life – never attempt to alter the spouses. All stepping on the same rake. Still think that the fact that they are husband and wife gives them the right to shred and reshape the other person for themselves, as they please. And all these attempts always end badly, but the question is not even that. Matter in its internal relations to other people: “And if I respect the freedom of others?” Because let’s be honest, most people, even in government, politics simply do not respect the freedom of others. They can speak beautiful slogans, election programs, but dig them deeper, and every thing you feel that will let them tighten the screws, the residence permit to enter – here is this topic really pisses me off, the twenty-first century, friends, and we have slavery. Nightmare. It’s like a red rag to a bull. It has become a challenge to the public. Shout, let us in the Schengen area, will cancel our visas that we in Europe went. What a counter-question: “Guys, in my country you cancelled all the obstacles on the movement? Something special”. Another issue is that they are not executed, but the fact that there are such provisions, the fact that the calling. It’s like slavery in the nineteenth century. Not reach anyone. Why? Because of this mentality. The mentality that allows this to be. So really, it could be the first step on the path of human spiritual development, to realize: “if I allow others to be free? Or I want to control everyone that nobody moved, all were under my thumb”. And, as a consequence, the strategy of behavior. What decisions to take, what not to accept.”

Elena, gr. 4: “I would Like to cite the example of one person. I recently happened an interesting acquaintance. French photographer Xavier Zimbardo. His youth took place in the 70-80 years, then in France was a revolutionary mood. And he was the head of one of the revolutionary organizations. They’re something staged, planned, and he was entrusted with a big load, he eventually brought himself almost to depression. He suffered a violation of speech activity. It was very difficult to speak, read, write, and he began to look for a way of self-realization and came to photography. He began to photograph. And if you look online at his photos, I was shocked, nothing like the previously I have not seen. He found a totally new way of expression, totally non-revolutionary. The vision of his relationship to the world. Two years ago he was in India.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It means he’s in a state of freedom and found a new way to convey to others this condition.”

Elena continues: “Yes, to bring freedom through beauty. In the photos there is nothing revolutionary there, but thanks to these photos are more people now listen to him and accept his ideas. There is a moment that is associated with yoga – he was at the festival, where people smear each other with colorful clay, then wash off. And here he made a book with such pictures are very beautiful, and then he began to practice yoga. Now he himself is a combination of yoga”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Okay, now let’s dry residue. How to convey the taste of freedom to others? This is a get the factor of authoritative evidence. Ie if you did something in one direction, and that people liked it, and if you’re going to do something else, and will say, “This is good” people will listen to you and also to take seriously what you say. If you’re going to say: “Freedom is good!”, they will believe in it, anyway, due to the factor that in something else they believe you. Interesting. Still friends”.

Vladimir, passive participant, “If judged by me on its vnutrennemu feeling you’re talking about some external freedom, freedom for his I, i.e., there is some Ego and it wants to have fun and to do this in the outside world to look for ways to obtain it. I wanted to ask a question that may be I freedom is just freedom until you have no freedom.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “we will now Have a terminological confusion. The fact that the word “I” you mean Ego, as in our discussion we already had agreed, under our “I” we mean what in Indian philosophy is called “Atma”. And the difference between them – the abyss. I understand what you want to say. The fact that we have our ego and how to make our ego was, first, indestructible, secondly, that it is as if dominated. But here now we are talking some of the other”.

The listener continues: “Well, when you want to attract someone – it’s still Ego. And if you are egoless, then there is even the desire to attract anyone. You’re just happy.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That’s another question, is the question of Dharma’s personal path in life. This is a difficult time. If you are a yoga teacher, you have to honestly do their duty. Honestly teaching yoga, but not in such simostranda able to see how yoga disappears. Another thing, if you carry yoga further – this is not your Dharma. Not everyone can be teachers of yoga. That’s another conversation”.

Passive participant: “I would like to ask about the nature of the will. There is something most important as a tool?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I’m sorry, I have a direct Association – the will is like the freedom of the will as our internal tool of creation.”

The listener continues: “yesterday I was thinking about the will and thought, and where the will, when we do not polishable. Is there a place where it is?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “What is freedom? The nature of the will. You can get this theme to consider is a good topic for a lecture. The ratio of concepts of the will and the concept of freedom. In a nutshell, will is the realization of our freedom. What is freedom? Freedom is our omnipotence.

Where did our omnipotence?

It is the nature of our Higher self.

Once again I want to emphasize that under the Highest I … I don’t mean Ego, I mean the Atma. Ego indirectly enjoys the fact that there is Atma and Atma is sometimes mistakenly believes himself to be Ego. Because of this, actually, all the problems, but by itself, the Atma, as if to say, the nature of the Atma is the nature of the absolute nature of the absolute – in other words, omnipotence is omnipotence in other words – freedom. When you apply in a given situation omnipotence through his manifestation, it is called the will. It was a good topic for a lecture. Note the paradox – our Higher self has absolute freedom, respectively, absolute omnipotence. But at the same time in life we encounter different people who have in varying degrees there is something called will.

The question arises: “And how are they linked? Why and that the original power of the giant, and other originally the power of a giant; one will is that he is the one that will might have something to do and the other person only makes the first steps on this path. What is the difference between these two people?

Yoga says that there is no fundamental difference, all that reached one person, sooner or later can reach the other if it will work. Another question, what is the reason that using one will Shine stronger through another less. If you now perform calculations even axiomatically, there is one factor, friends, is ignorance.

The less we have of ignorance in relation to our higher nature, the more we can enjoy their original freedom original power which manifests itself as our will. The more ignorance, the less freedom. To learn how to use will, have in a sense just be aware that this tool is. Thereby we are overcoming the initial ignorance and actually prolonged the tool of our will. I urge everyone to think carefully about what we discussed here today. Now we unfortunately, there to catch the wind in porodni. Students, you ponder these things, even if they are repeated, again and again, even if you crammed.

Finally, we recall the study of higher knowledge: it is Necessary to valishvili to knowledge, then we need knowledge to hear, and then memorize the knowledge, to reflect on the knowledge, to discuss, to try to practice, to teach others, then may be comes. An anecdote of yoga series is about the highest knowledge.”


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