2011.04.16. Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

the title of the lecture :

Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.04.16.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description: the lecture addressed the theme of “Yoga and freedom”. Yoga is a system of self-knowledge that leads to freedom. Freedom is a wonderful thing, but how to convey to people that freedom is a wonderful thing. Please note how many people live in slavery? Consciously! They are afraid of losing their chains. How to convey the idea that living in bondage bad? The panelists are trying to find answers to these questions. Starts discussion on “Yoga and faith” which will continue at the next lecture.

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Today, 16th April, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in Cultural Center “Enlightenment” near m. Novoslobodskaya in Moscow. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All archived information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. Our free online yoga courses for self-study of yoga on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

Today we continue the topic “Yoga and Freedom”. This topic is quite complicated, difficult in perception. It requires a huge amount of time, effort, intellectual attempts in order to comprehend it. Not to mention the fact that to introduce it into your life. In our last class we also began to consider a rather interesting section on how to convey to people the meaning of freedom. But before we continue this topic, do you wish to tell us, what conclusions are we there yet?

Lena, gr. Chatur: “We came to the conclusion that you need to give freedom, not waiting for the result. Still it was an Authoritative witness. If something we do have in life, we can, with our example, if it is appropriate, if people are interested, to show what we have in life, thanks to yoga”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is, to become such a model. Was such popular developments in our social environment, in the manner of the Americans, the men wore the badges “I Want to lose weight? – Ask me how!”. Here you can also wear a badge, “I’m free! Want to be the same? Ask me how!

Yet what are we doing? What conclusions have come? The adrenaline button!”

Tatiana Semenova, gr. Chatur: “We talked about that, to make men free, it is necessary to love him. And you also need to do everything possible and not to wait for the result.”

The applicant’s daughter drove Mila, gr. Three: “Remember that in the beginning we had a long discussion about feelings and freedom, in particular, about the flow of information coming from the outside, about the fact that we need to control it. And how to convey knowledge to others how to cultivate a taste for freedom. There were also a lot of suggestions what topic to develop in the next lecture. And invited to consider the theme “Freedom and Liberty”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “there was another very interesting point of view, before attempting to promote freedom, before trying to bring freedom to others, we must respect the freedom of others. To assume that other people have the right to freedom.

At first glance it seems that this is a completely inappropriate remark. Well, so where is it?! And here is the fact that before to convey the idea of freedom to others, we must respect the freedom of others that they have the right to freedom?! And in fact, because of a violation of this paragraph were all the biggest tragedy in the history of mankind. When with a known frequency occur either maniacs lone or groups of friends who operate under the slogan “we’ll Drive the iron hand of communism humanity to Heaven” or something like that, for example, “the end justifies the means”.

It is a double contradiction of, on the one hand we want to bring freedom to others, but at the same time deny their right to be free in that moment to accept this message of freedom to reject or to accept the good motives for promoting freedom or not.

In the last lesson we touched. But once again I want us focused on this moment. The whole tragedy after 17 years in Russia was not that the Bolsheviks were monsters, as they now try to imagine the imbecile polumogina, no, it was mostly decent, intelligent, creative, strong personality. But, unfortunately, reflect on what the theme of freedom is much more complicated than the issue of political blood transfusion from a sieve, juggling ideological words, they did not. They have fallen to violence. They allegedly wanted to give freedom and has slipped to violence. Become this freedom to select.

I say this because it is trouble of any school of yoga. All schools of yoga will sooner or later face it. While at the head of the school of yoga Teacher dear, he’s trying to keep the situation, to balance it. But the Teacher had gone into Samadhi, and there is a serious moment after his departure – “What to do next? Who will be the main? What will be the relationship? Who’s Yogi? What to do with those who do not agree with the views of the majority? How to behave minority?”. These problems if you studied the history of the revolutionary movement, split into the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks it under the tracing paper is transferred to any school of yoga! Sooner or later, we are seeing this. People who are trying to make mankind happy, but in the end they themselves do not realize what tremendous work they undertook.

On this topic we should very thoroughly discuss. Who else wants to Express themselves and to reflect on this theme? How to convey the idea of freedom to others? How to convey the idea that living in bondage bad?”

Gregory, passive participant: “we draw man, man was originally free, there are no limits and problems. In fact, the sector of freedom they are conditional. Initially, a person is not limited. Appears stupidity.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And where did she come from?”

Gregory, passive participant: “But taking and coming.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, Gregory, that’s not right. I deprive you of speech, because the most complicated topic, every second counts. If we go away, we don’t have time. Let us so you will prepare a poster for the next lecture.”

Gregory, passive participant: “Let’s say 30 seconds, and I’ll draw. Here we have a segment of ignorance”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “ignorance And stupidity what’s the difference?”

Gregory, passive participant: “They do not differ, they are very similar”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I’m not asking what they look like, I ask, how do they differ?”

Gregory, passive participant: “You take me 5 seconds with your question. Fear eliminates the next segment of freedom, passivity, laziness, etc. In the result, a person is in slavery.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “how to convey to others the idea of freedom?”

Gregory, passive participant: “Very simply, remove fear, remove blindness, remove the passivity, come to the original state”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, Gregory, you have given credibility. Bravo!

Only one thing, we have already discussed, all these sectors could not draw, as it all boils down to ignorance. You could draw a kind of a pyramid where the base is dark, but everything else is like add-ons, you eliminate the ignorance, and the rest falls.

Once again, yoga is a system of self-knowledge that leads to freedom. Freedom is a wonderful thing, but how to convey to people that freedom is a wonderful thing. Please note how many people live in slavery? Consciously! They are afraid of losing their chains”.

Anna Yurina, C. Chatur: “it seems to Me that very often it is difficult to convey this impulse, because people in the majority do not believe that things could be any different. I will give an example. One lecture, we discussed the introduction of yoga in schools. The first reaction is negative, the negation that it is impossible, impossible, no faith. I can say that I had the experience of carrying out studies, though not in our country, about how it is possible to do. The results of this study revealed that it is possible, and the main factor is the need to form a critical mass of people who believe that their business you can transfer that momentum to other people”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Interesting opinion. I would like some points explaining add. First, the skepticism in this discussion the largest I showed. That’s why I reply.

I really believe that yoga will be introduced in the school forcibly, it will be the beginning of the end of yoga. If you want to kill some initiative, you can make very simple – first this initiative to feed, and then cut the diet. Earning his bread, this initiative has not learned because he was fed, it grew quite serious, and then suddenly left on a starvation diet and without a livelihood quickly died.

Therefore, the artificial forcing of the topic through the state, or in other words, using the money of taxpayers who do not have a sense of what this money is going – obviously dead-end, dangerous path of yoga. On the one hand.

On the other hand, you are likely to witness that in our community there is another hot debate about the problems are also very acute. It is the introduction of religious education in secondary education. I’m not going to tell you a secret if I say that society is diametrically divided into two irreconcilable camps, ready to kill each other, figuratively speaking.

I would not want to see the same factor bred hatred of yoga. Not because it is bad or good, but because she is so imposing.

Tritium moment. You’ll notice that the studies were not in our country. The fact is that if you begin to consider countries such as USA or Europe, with a long history of external freedom, I pay attention to the word “external” because the degree of freedom of a living being can only be defined only in comparison. So there is known the immune system, which results in superficiality. There are a few softer, more relaxed, more tolerant. In this sense, I see the position of yoga is how it should be in relation to religion, science, medicine. I want to remind you that in our country the separation of Church and state. Religion is a private matter of every living creature. I would like to and yoga were also a private matter of each individual being. As well as science. To medicine more difficult, there is a danger, because if someone is taken to treat then more direct damage. But not about this.

Of course, you can gain critical mass. There are strategists that tomorrow you will win, Stela known manipulations, a well-known financial investment in the right places. You need to know certain pain points that need to press to get where you have. Unfortunately, these suffer from certain structures of a religious nature that are engaged in parasitism. Operate some of the misfortunes of the people, some fear or insecurity in order to expand its influence. This technology, real technology. But they contradict the very spirit of yoga – freedom. The man turns into some sort of cog that we are beginning to brainwash, what we don’t want to do.

But still a very good point. Great. Who else wants to add?”

Marina, gr. Chatur: “I think you first need to valishvili to acquire and expand freedom. Without the will it is impossible to get rid of fear, stupidity and laziness, i.e., from ignorance, without the will nothing will happen. Will the implementation of the extension of our freedom. If the person is not polishable to expand freedom, we can’t do anything, because human freedom is sacred.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, but how to make this will?! It is in this discussion. The problem is the following. Yoga calls us to freedom, yoga encourages us to respect the freedom of others. At the same time, we see a lot of people who live in freedom, and a finger do not want to hit to take a single step to freedom. And the whole discussion is that we can do for these people.”

Julia, gr. Chatur: “I think, first of all, you need to create the conditions for those people who maybe don’t know what they want to do yoga, I do not know what yoga is, but there is a desire and a need that they do not know how to Express. And if they at least will have the opportunity to get acquainted with what it is, then perhaps they are on this path will stand.

At the moment, I think, a positive situation that is a lot of talk about yoga. If no information, then the person afraid.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I also Received an interesting proposal is to show people that you live so-and-so. Your life so-and-so and so-and-so. And there is an alternative to commercials and live commercials, and the life you have will be different. Thereby put the person before the choice. Thus we do not violate free will, not imposed. We just appeal at least to that part of freedom which people already have, in whatever bestial-slave state, he was not. Tell him that he looked over there and looked this way and has decided for himself which way he will go.

And the second point was that a lot of talk about yoga. Indeed, when there is such information flow “yoga..yoga..yoga”, it becomes hearsay, and people are starting to be less afraid. Another conversation not to overdo it would be to not start vomiting from the word yoga. But, essentially, it boils down to the first”.

Anna Esaulenko, gr. Chatur: “it seems to Me that people valueshave to be free and to do yoga, it should inspire by their own example, their freedom, their lives. This factor of inspiration.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “in General, it would be necessary to record all the moments that we voice. So surfaced a factor of inspiration. If we can inspire other people the idea that freedom is wonderful, even in the absence of knowledge, in the absence of other components, this inspiration might give them the idea valishvili also to gain freedom. Good point”.

Julia, gr. Three: “In addition to Yulin. When we allow the person to choose that “if you’re gonna do something, then there will be consequences, and if different, then the other,” that is, giving him the choice initially, we are laying the correct Foundation of what it originally feels the taste of freedom. What we’re going. And not to impose it.

When a person understands their responsibility, which in the future may be total, he has this taste instilled initially. And people this choice may do more consciously.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I was a witness to one of history. The real story happened to me.

Before the revolution our country was literally alive with ideas. There was yoga, which she never did. And that just wasn’t there. After the revolution, little was left. And here’s one esoteric philosopher, a connoisseur of the pre-revolutionary era, discussing how to look like the cover of a magazine, devoted to esoteric subjects, and the conversation he brought their pieces 5 different, to have something to choose from, sort of. But he says that he chose would not this ugly cover, but this is good. It seems like, and the choice and inspiration towards one of the covers”.

Yulia Litvinova, gr. Eka: “I want to first tell a story, and then to generalize.

I have one friend who also does yoga and works in one of the institutions. And, of course, seeing that she indirectly promotes yoga in my life, the staff was wondering where best to go for yoga and even went. Moreover, the birthdays of the staff made such gifts as a pass for yoga classes. I must say that anything good from this did not work, people do not have to go further. In other areas they began to exercise their creativity and greater freedom. But there were also employees from other divisions who are less close contact with her, that they just began to walk. After some time they have changed life, went some movement.

To what I it tell all? To the fact that it is sometimes very difficult to calculate. Do you think that around you there are people who will go and work so that are people you don’t expect.

So, I remember how we held lectures on the Triad, and there was such an aphorism: “You must do everything to help you become a God”, and whether there will be you or another will come, be it known then, the gear wheel of karma will spin and then.

That is, I think we need to do everything and what will be the result, and how many lives it would be that difficult to calculate. But it will be!”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, that’s fine. I want to focus a moment. Remember this saying: “No prophet in his own country”? It is far easier to convince people with whom you are familiar, of the value of yoga than their loved ones. They do not perceive us as a credible witness. Conversely, the more we begin to somehow to help them, to give a pass, the result is almost always zero.

It is, indeed, a very interesting phenomenon that occurs. And it is absolutely right that in this sense there is some ambiguity. Now, say you live, you have a family, wife, children, parents. And here’s the dilemma, if you give them yoga, then you again fall into this mechanism “no man is a prophet in his own country”, and they would not accept. On the other hand, you torment the conscience. Because you’re here next winning ticket, a chance to change lives for the better and silent. And inside is a very intense feeling, I know for myself, all know. On the one hand, you understand that I will accept, but I can not remain silent.

There remains only one thing – to do everything. You can tell karma to come loose. “And will you or another will come…” meaning that if you this link or not, doesn’t matter. You gave this chance, this opportunity didn’t matter, then you should take it easy on cardiovascu indulgently and, without learning, whether I went or not.

In this regard, there is a rule, if you have people who in your opinion need yoga, but you remember that from your lips they don’t perceive (but karmically you have come to), it makes sense to do the next thing. To take the hand or to give a subscription, a lead, and then not even ask, like it or not, walk or not. Of course, in most cases, will not go. But you have to remember that you are not the authority. Close people are to you and loved ones that we are not the authority. If we were the authority, we would not have been close.

Everything changes, years go by, and then, maybe, people in other ways comes to understanding what he wants to do yoga, but he already has one very positive factor – he knows how to do it. He’s got this groove already drawn, and now need only a small force to the furrow broke his negative karma.

I always compare with the glass cutter. Glazier takes the sheet of glass, once drew a scratch, you can’t see it. But when life begins for us to break about a knee, all very even breaks. Very good point”.

Alexander, passive participant: “the Various manifestations of freedom assume different manifestations of responsibility. And the present situation shows that most of us are not ready for responsibility.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “it Turns out that we promote freedom. A man sits and thinks that freedom is the freedom, and the reverse side of the coin? For me no one will not answer. Now it seems that all problems are my problems, as I’m free.

I was telling a story about the fortress. You remember that modern residence is a heritage of serfdom, which survived until the 21st century, that is, from my point of view, just calling. I am on each lecture this subject, press, press, press, because, as the years pass, and we know how much Lomonosovs we killed with this registration – it will be a shame. And I don’t want to be ashamed of me. And I will be like the voice of the people shouting from the face of this drunken Mikhail Vasilievich, who is drunk, can’t articulate anything to say, because it in Moscow was not allowed, afraid to do something to say. Here on his behalf that I was not ashamed.

But we on the other. Serfdom, which was abolished from the top. What was the situation we will not go into detail, but serfdom was very comfortable for a large stratum of peasants, because serfdom involved not only a boon but also a responsibility for farmers in case of crop failure (when no crop), in the case of natural disasters, i.e. the master had to feed their serfs. And then “Bang” and freedom. That is, on the one hand, you do not ask, but on the other hand, you are on your own. No you will not have to feed, take care of you, to think. I, of course, now the situation is very plainly described. Life was certainly much harder. But the fact remains that some people are just afraid to answer for themselves. And in fear they think why do they need this freedom. Want to be slaves, but to feed properly. Yes, stars in the sky will not be missed, but the warm will find a loophole and will be there to portray a loyal slave. Will be that work that is useful, that it is necessary to praise us. As a result, grows a layer of people who don’t like to work, don’t want to work, hate the job because it goes all out of slavery. And from slavery they don’t want to give up. And it’s very really scary thing.

Was the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, if you turn 18, you become an adult, and you don’t exercise, you are quite legally could be prosecuted and imprisoned for parasitism. Was this article for “parasitism”. People who were not working, were subjected to harsh punitive pressure. Many people of creative professions in these years was to work as janitors, watchmen, that was a cushy job to work book.

So we were not unemployed. In principle, they could not be, if there was article for parasitism. Each could claim a certain minimum of money. With hunger not to die, but not to show off. Then the Soviet system collapsed. The anarchy began, in fact, now there is in some of its manifestations. And what do we see now? On the one hand, freedom, on the other hand, completely disregard each of you. Oh, you have no job? Well, don’t work, put we you will not, and we feed you too will not die under a fence – is your problem, you’re free.

And now, suddenly, somehow former Soviet parasites was not myself. They have stopped responding.

Why the topic of freedom is a very difficult topic? Because the flip side of freedom is when you are responsible for you. Not from the uncle, and for himself.

Friends, I ask you to think on these subjects. These themes, when you read the proclamation, political slogans, or some books, it seems trivial zero. Like what can I say? Freedom is good, freedom is bad. It is only at first glance, but start digging, and Oh how everything is not easy. We, unfortunately, heirs to the totalitarian, two-tone scheme of thinking. We have either black or white. And the fact that black may go grey and then to white and white to grey and then to black, not to mention other colors and palettes doesn’t get to us”.

Siora, gr. Chatur: “In this matter is the absolute example absolute. You have to remember that the absolute speaks to us in language that we can understand, and in order to understand what the language is clear, we need to find this man a common language. To define his worldview and his understanding of the world, having a fundamental axiomatic knowledge, we are always in the other person will be able to highlight the world of perception, in which this knowledge shows through. There are options when people, without knowing the axiomatic of yoga, finding a common language with the world, repelled this knowledge from some professions. Someone knows in the business of working with money, some through music, some through medicine. And if we have this feature to see how people perceive the world, then his tongue to tell him all this. To give some examples.

It is necessary to decide where we want to go. We want to attract to yoga or to instill in them a taste of freedom?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “another question, is there a difference?”

Siora, gr. Chatur: “yeah… We already said that you can scare it. Yoga, many people have formed…”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, I understand your point of view. I understand.”

Siora, gr. Chatur: “Instilling a taste of freedom in their language, we have the situation that either the person trying this knowledge is further formed a situation where he doesn’t know how to do that, he already comes to you to ask what to do. Based on their knowledge, he then goes to freedom. Anyway, sooner or later it comes to fundamental Vedic knowledge of yoga, and, want it or not, he will come to the fact that it is the primary yoga”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Bravo! Indeed very interesting the idea sounded.

The issue is very serious. Freedom. How to convey it to others?!

Very deep thought. There are precedents. As the absolute communicates with us? We have to learn. At The Absolute. Or in terms of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali from ishbal. Try to perform as absolute solves this problem. And sounded brilliant observation that the absolute is talking to each personally in plain language. And talking unobtrusive.

So, a few of these factors that we have to give a lot of different ways and wait until the person they will choose, and added that we should speak the clear for the other person’s language. Yoga is very important.

When comes some wise guy and begins in Sanskrit, then lectures, wonderful lectures, the problem is one – in Moscow understand Sanskrit 2,5 crippled. And then their some other reasons they are interested in.

So this here is the factor that we have the example of the absolute, which are supplied in the same situation that we are how to convey this message of freedom to others. Because the absolute has created us in his image and likeness free. And at the same time he is able to convey to us this idea of freedom. Talking personally with us, personally, we understand the language, picking up some terms and examples that are close to us.

The following sounded the idea that in fact the laws of the universe are everywhere the same. And why do you think that the highest laws in yoga and the highest laws in the same business as any different? We have two of the world? No, we have one world. So the higher laws of business, they are, in fact, the highest laws of yoga. Who doesn’t like business, take culture or art. Who told you that the highest laws of the culture or art different from the higher laws of yoga? We have two of the world? No, we have one world. Therefore the highest laws of art and culture is the Supreme laws of yoga. And, as a consequence, there are people who do a particular kind of business, culture, science, something. And if they feel these laws, sooner or later they priotkryvayut and come to the same what to teach yoga. Of course, they are differently called, of course, many difficulties arise, because it is very difficult for a private to see the whole. Very hard over the activities of your little company, where besides you still running 5 people to see the laws of the universe, but they are there.

It turns out that virtually every group of people can talk in a language they understand, involving terms they understand, and it comes.

You’ll laugh, but I had a real experience. I have conducted numerous seminars on Siberia. You know that the most effective, in the sense that they are at least a ticket for myself I was able to buy plant in Siberia tied to our resources, and the contingent who is interested in yoga is somehow connected with finances. Numerous tetechki-keepers, etc.

And here I was in one Bank I will not name any, associated with one activity again, I will not name, sit there in front of me tetechki-keepers, who for 40 years wrote the debit of such year and credit this year, they have the accounting know from memory. Even the Soviet accounting. My life was also close this thread. Then another matter is the new trend of transition to the Western standard, by the way, I don’t know, transferred or not. I knew, on the one hand, the approach of the Soviet and on the other hand, the Western approach. And here I am axioms to explain by example the concepts of accounting. Here energy and consciousness, you have a “debit and credit”. What is the debt, for example, it is not, it is more a consciousness. Or here “the asset,” the pipeline through which oil flows, is energy, you can touch it. So I start these terms pour and see them in the eyes of the enlightenment. Why? Because I started them a language to speak. Then I tell them that you have balance, it needs to come together, and likewise our prana can either so, or so to manifest, but certainly there must be a balance.

Then went to Western examples. Western accounting is more of a philosophy than just throwing from account to account. Western chief accountant is a philosopher. What we have called an accountant, they called bookkeeping, is an errand boy. A chief accountant is like a king. And here we are with them out on the already higher sections of yoga. Life is not simple, you the same situation can illuminate either that or different. And I feel starting to sink in. Factor authoritative evidence. That is, if a man came, who know in their accounting, then, he may be in yoga understands something. And when I say to do some kind of pose, it is already accepted with great confidence.

But this, again, is a serious negative factor. It is a factor that we should at least recognize the existence of the absolute. And you remember that the yoga system is a system where no one owes nothing to impose, you can practice yoga, not recognizing any of the absolute, and by a system of axioms of the microcosm. Stressing more on his self than to the surrounding Universe.

And here emerges another thorough topic. No less difficult to comprehend. That is how we make a step in the direction of the absolute?

Yes, indeed, if we voleizyavleniya that the concept of our universe is absolute, then the absolute says “I”. If we voleizyavleniya and say that there is no absolute, that absolute answers “well, Yes, I have made you absolutely free, including from me, not me.” As in the joke: “door God sign – “if they come to the atheist, there is no me”.

Here we are approaching a very serious facilitating factor, on the other hand, this ease factor may result even more difficult. The task of authoritative evidence. We should at least believe that there is an absolute. And what a graceful another connection – faith and freedom.

Who wants to reflect on this theme? No – one does. Then return to this topic later.

So, Sajora done, the five of her. Do you need to table some in order to put grades. It’s like Adrenaline, the button that keeps in shape.

Different people need to speak their language. And, if we feel that the concept of yoga does not reach them in the language of yoga. What can I say, every day I face such a situation.

Comes some Hindu. Well, first, it is physically different. But no he’s still in his clothes, the drum play, smiles, claps and sincere voice some praise songs someone sings. That’s all very well perceived in India, but very poorly here. The first impression that he’s just insane, the second is that it is sectarian. Well, and a lot of other different options. We do not perceive. Then he starts on his English “surge” to speak (either English, or Indian) with her very squeaky accent preaching. Well, after all, good people. Well, like they’re hands to clap. They are the same horrified look as we have homeless people under fences kvass. But still it is not perceived. And is there any cost to push this way of yoga? – no.

And there is another factor, which we have been talking in lectures, but for some reason he always goes by the wayside. Analogues of the spread of yoga throughout history, mankind knew a huge amount. They come to Europe, some stayed, some disappeared. For example, the direction of Sufism. It would seem, at first glance, it is absolutely a Muslim with some its own canons. But read the stories about Hajj Nasreddin, this is yoga in its purest form. Likewise in other directions. We are faced everywhere with the idea of yoga, but that comes in another guise. Remember the famous symbol of Yin and Yang than not, the concept of energy and consciousness, nice and clear. The Jews 2 triangles, star of David, than again, not the Yantra, the intersection of energy and consciousness. We find some echoes of the higher knowledge of yoga sometimes in places where not looking. Moreover, I was told that the ancient Scandinavian epos began to read with feeling, really, with the arrangement of yoga postures, and there, too, stumbled on universal origins Dating back to common knowledge.

No wonder that we linguists say that all languages descended from Nostratic or Borean certain language. Apparently, this knowledge was before all humanity. But then somewhere preserved better, somewhere worse, somewhere in the same clothes, somewhere to another. Same in Russia, if you start to study history, you will find that dorastania Russia is full of echoes of the Vedic knowledge. Then what happened? – integration. Many of the rituals of modern religious holidays, the echoes of more ancient pagan, and those in turn more ancient Vedic.

There is such a concept, it is closest to the topic of Tantra yoga. It is called Kaula(Kula) doctrine. The gist of it is that, in fact, everywhere one and the same. The person who attains the higher branches of the Kula doctrine – its everywhere. It in any Church. In any religion your. Where he feels the echoes of this ancient Vedic knowledge, as it is in virtually all sane modern movements, exercises, you can be in whatever religion, whatever system to follow, no matter you are going your. The most interesting thing that always shocked learners, people with perfect ease went from one temple to the other, and immediately began to speak in clear in their temple language, with the same sincerity with which he spoke half an hour earlier in a completely opposite school. Many doubted, not hypocrisy is it? No, it’s not hypocrisy, it’s the truth, just one.

Another issue is that the followers of many systems very wary of this attitude. There is a saying “With its Charter in another monastery do not poke your nose”. Here is the same idea if you’re trying to talk about yoga with other people for whom the image of the Indian, who claps his hands and sings songs, and disgusting, there is no need to make him love. Find the image that will be close to him. Do not force, to impose. Because the idea of freedom higher than the idea of private forms. And the idea of freedom is the idea of yoga.

Let’s this topic of “Freedom and faith” we will discuss a little later.

Why I want this topic covered. From time to time I lecture on our bad word to commemorate our rulers. Mad at them all the time. On the other hand, I understand that, maybe from my side it is a manifestation of marginalism. After that I just mentally put myself in their place. We here criticize Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, our current rulers, and that’s kind of want and have, something to blame. But this abuse is good for the observer. But you stand in their place, and not funny. Every day you need to make real decisions, to cut off heads or not to cut. And in a strict time frame (enemy at the gates, financial crisis, etc.). And you’re the nice one. Now don’t do this and lose a lot more. And in such hard pressure, when you’re very responsible when need every day to make decisions that affect people’s lives, you start a completely different way to perceive the concept of freedom. Usually, when I calm down, open this yogic principle that one and the same person in some circumstances, it may be the salvation of the nation, and in the next moment can be a terrible criminal. Stalin at one point revived the country, and he was the cause of so much suffering. Gorbachev, on the one hand, we all gave freedom, on the other hand, what consequences it caused. Oh, how I was mad at Boris Yeltsin, and now I think, perhaps, his historical mission was to do nothing. We quickly ran all the horrors that could drag on for decades. We quickly it’s all digested, understood and begin to grow. I say this because it is often criticized that he was inactive when he had to act. How do we know what should have been done?

And here you begin to understand that it’s good to criticize, but if you’re the President? And why? Yeah, cancel a registration if it would lead to terrible influx of migrant workers in Moscow. Or terrorists, they’ll only registration-and fear, cowering in caves, “Oh, check no, passport no, the bomb throwing will not!”. Yes, scared them all.

Everything goes to the fact that each of you has a certain degree of authority, your degree of responsibility. It is best to develop some principles of life before the meter, and counting, when the mind is in a whirl of thought, and you don’t know what to do and inadvertently slipping into some of his previous circles. Circles of terror. Because animal life is a very simple solution.

In us it lives. And if we do not overcome it before we get our hands on power, then we will be doomed to repeat the fate of our rulers.

I always cite the example of the activities of the Open Yoga University. Because it is visually understandable. On the one hand, everything is very simple and clear, which is good news. There is a purpose, there are rules of the game, the system of punishments and rewards. The system of penalties is simple: just the man to study and all. Incentive system: Yes he will learn to teach, to lecture, including English language, open yourself to the opportunities.

Now we, by the way, the subject to push, because “our people” everywhere from England to Japan, and they, of course, will be taught in English. Therefore, to grind. Might be even necessary to simultaneously in Russian and English to the students were printed.

So. That’s a plus.

There are game rules, called Yoga Training, very strict rules, where prohibited some party among students outside of school in addition to training. The sad experience was, but not about it now speech. But it’s very simple. There is a certain power, say, me. And I can this power to use it. The next thing as my alienation from students. But believe me, I am a sane person, to pose as a guru, the big chief or President, it’s hard for me. Nothing human is alien to me, I also want sometimes to roll the fool, and unwittingly built a barrier between me and the students. Otherwise, no way. But it is only at the time of training, after completion, as it is written, “meet me on equal terms.”

But there is always a temptation to build another Playground in which everything operates on entirely different principles. On those principles, which were built in the particular area where I studied. I, as you know, in MOJO not learned, it simply was not. Then do what is now not there, because it was impossible to do on a huge lot of reasons.

The environment where I studied, was based on an entirely different principle. I am not going to go into details, though it is also very interesting. I want to say about something else. There is a temptation to build a platform similar to the one where I taught myself yoga for University graduates, but on other rules of the game, the rules of freedom. That is, where there is no main boss, no subordinates. There are some, of course, agreement with each other that it is appropriate to do what is inappropriate. In the end, any freedom is first and foremost the responsibility of everyone who is on this site.

At certain coincidence of circumstances, we started a project that has nothing to do with activities MOYO, but I suddenly saw it as the Persian’s fate, to try to still use this scheme human relations on a fundamentally new conditions. The challenge is enormous. All previous attempts of mankind previously failed. As they say, to threaten to threaten.

And now there appeared a problem that I do not fully understand these rules. What am I even reading you lectures on yoga and freedom, and trying to direct your discussion in the right direction (to the level which you need), until the end of this topic, I don’t understand. And manifest it begins not in theoretical discussions, but in the real implementation. Well, here’s an example, all free, all met on an equal footing and start this project as something to do, but then the temptation to debate and discuss the mass of secondary points, with the result that the primary issues are not covered. And my instant reaction – again it’s all to bend under him. And to set it in the decision-making procedure – “are you going to do it, and you’re it.” Instantly Playground of freedom and equality with the best of intentions, again, begins to turn into a pyramid. And I cling to my head, I just don’t know what to do with it. And this, maybe, would be your interest, if there was no load on other issues.

I think this project can be done in one if it is very deep awareness of these contradictions involved. To each on his own understand how tempting to return to the normal style. Do not try to rethink the scheme that communicates the absolute equal. The absolute communicates with us on an equal footing. Here’s what to learn. And again to put yourself over someone. I myself always catch, well, obviously, in MOYO there is another goal. It is know as, here if broken stamping machine, which prints, and the whole shop stopped. In this respect, if I broke the site, that’s all. Well, there will, perforce, need on the table to knock, the right to appeal.

But it is a policy-making structure. But how to make to rebuild your brain? How to make the plunge into this new lake of freedom? And despite the fact that I myself have learned in this “lake”, I am unable to reproduce it. Here is a paradox. Rather, every step is so hard. And I’m starting to understand what it is. You want the level of samosoznanii all who were, were very high.

But another question. A project in which I was asked to take part, interesting, will survive, will not survive, is not the question. And another question, more philosophical, universal, and whether there were attempts to rebuild their brains. To rebuild from one job to another. I came across some memories, we even recommend the course on Raja yoga, yoga of management. It is memories of Boris Glebovich Muzrukova.

This was a very nice uncle. During his life he changed 4 job. And every place of work different from the previous one by the nature of the business, the relationship between subordinates, vertical power. And he brilliantly each time rebuilt. The most famous place of work the following. He was the legendary Director of the plant “Uralmash” in times of war. When under the leadership of no less a prominent person V. A. Malyshev, our country did 100 tanks per day, this record is unthinkable in wartime. In fact, so the war won. So to “Uralmash” in times of war was brutal, a single system of subordination, unity of command, and such a thing as “Stalinist Commissar” or “Stalinist Director” (this is the man who does not spare himself, but others also keeps such a tight leash, God forbid). He then became the Director of the plant “Mayak” production of weapons-grade plutonium. We had to make the first atomic bomb, Soviet, wanted the plutonium. And suddenly started matchmaking between the writ system, the vertical of power and communication with scientists that people are unique, freedom-loving, who do not know what will happen because they are on the cutting edge of science. Not to rank and say when they what the law open. It’s impossible. By heroic efforts and monstrous doses of radiation during the next emergency, he also coped brilliantly with this work. The bomb blew up. Then the next stage in his career is no less interesting he became Director of “KB-11”. Different Director, city “Arzamas-16”, it is now known as Sarov – center of studies for nuclear production. There he was invited to work with a very famous physicist Yu. b. Khariton. He purposefully got this job. And then Muzrukov, the old Stalinist Director who is very hard to solve all the problems, suddenly faced with what we would now call intellectuals. Because, on the one hand, everything should work like clockwork, and on the other hand, there are scientists such as zel’dovich, Khariton, Sakharov and many others. And people, I have to say, very refined, intellectual, spiritual, creative and unique, each with their ambition, with their views of life. Because science has solved, it will not make all live by the clock.

And so began the real conflict with the academic fraternity. That’s already in an order not be built. Relationships need to build quite different principles. And I must say that there they have got used, although the memories of many, was very painful moments. Imagine this old Director, who just doesn’t negotiate with subordinates, he just ordered and waiting for the execution. And then suddenly someone starts to confront him. The genius Muzrukov that he realized that a new trend is that the era of Stalin’s five-year is over. New relationship. And he regrouped. And brought “Arzamas-16” to great heights. I want to remind that we have only in the late 60’s at least some kind of nuclear parity with America was. We Yuri Gagarin launched into space, and evil language it was rumored, the rockets were on the fingers, while in America to order more. That’s when it blew up half the bomb of 54 megatons, is also 108 megatons, I believe. Saying that detonated the “Tsar bomb” at half the charge, gave half power, got either 52, or 54, well, if it times 2, you get 108. After that, everyone realized that war with the Soviet Union futile. If at least 1 such a bomb will fly to new York, absolutely nothing will remain, because the cloud of the explosion was 60 kilometers. Red-hot cloud that were demolished.

This is a man who in his life 3 times changed the style of management. I mean, in your life you may encounter many different situations there, where there should be freedom in that concept in which we understand it in communication with the creative intelligentsia. Go to any construction site foreman idlers to drive, they all do not want to work, do not know, do not want. The case when freedom does not want, and want to do nothing. And here you have their mate-paremata to drive, neither of which discussion of the question. But you must adjust instantaneously, if you find yourself in a different environment.

In this study only absolute.

On the topic of freedom and faith has matured at all?”

Elena Wagner, gr. Chatur: “Speaking of freedom, it is necessary to differentiate faith and religion, because, speaking of faith people often have in mind a religious faith.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “a Wonderful observation, yoga is not a substitute for religion. Yoga is yoga, and religion is religion. When I mention the word “faith”, I don’t want to imply in terms of belonging to a particular religion. You can adhere to a particular religion or be an atheist, maybe you have such faith in what not to believe.”

Elena Wagner, gr. Chatur: “a Few words on this occasion. I think the belief thing is very Verhovina, so that it is impossible for us to perform, because absolute is so far above our comprehension that it’s impossible just. There is a taste in every religion, but religion is a creation of people, canons, tradition is a product of the people. In religion the concept of this Supreme God, the absolute, it is often untold. Religion is a more expressible notion of the prophet, i.e. some person”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, let religion not to touch. I understand that now here in our country, stick tipped. And among the intelligentsia all the spit due to the fact that trying to impose religion. But it is not the fault of religion, that’s her problem. Religion takes care of the dirty work, the one with which can not cope nobody. She does Nizami companies. Religion is a very sensitive subject. We will not touch religion. Will to distance themselves. Many may very well be unpleasant words, much the same can be said in defense of what is obvious. Religion sometimes works with the layer of people that no one else will get. Some teenagers are jerks, they need at least some concept in my head have. Otherwise tomorrow they will aboutsa, stoned and goes to break the head. Who will do this? To instill the “don’t kill your neighbor”? State?!

To us not to touch this slippery topic, how many can remember when the call begins, be sure someone is unhappy. “Oh what are you here obscurantism divorced” or conversely, “Oh, you encroach on the Shrine!”. We don’t need it”.

Elena Wagner, gr. Chatur: “I just wanted to say about that religion is, as a rule, preparatory practices, and faith is overglorify impulse, which, firstly, it is difficult to others to inform, explain faith logically difficult. It must somehow feel”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “In communion with the absolute do not need intermediaries. Three’s a crowd.

All for today. Will continue this topic next lecture.”


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