2011.04.23 Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2011.04.23 Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Yes, the last lecture, we smoothly for yourself developed a method of response to the question of how to convey the idea of freedom and how to convey the highest principles of freedom. So they did not cause rejection, so it wasn’t violence against other people.

We went to a very interesting way to learn from the absolute as he does. In fact, the absolute is available with us 24 hours a day, and in the waking state and the sleep state with dreams, and dreamless sleep. Please note, as it is unobtrusive, to the point that if you voleizyavleniya that in your universe there is no absolute, everything happens, as if it would not have happened. Therefore, in order to apply this method we come to the notion of faith.Later we will speculate on a bunch of freedom and faith.

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Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.04.23.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Yoga and freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

We, in the previous lecture, discussed the topic of freedom. And in the beginning of the lecture, I’ll ask someone to remind you what we came up with in the previous lecture? Do you wish?

Listener Oleg: In the previous lecture we studied the question of how to convey to people yoga and how to convey the idea of yoga to our loved ones. Talking about Raja yoga….


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you referred to the example of a man who your life has illustrated how it is possible to find a common language, how to manage in different environments and under different circumstances.


Listener: Was the observation that the absolute speaks to us in our language, and we, if we learn to understand it, can be in any environment.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, indeed, the absolute is talking to them in plain language, but that’s looking at another bunch of how to convey the idea of freedom to others. And there was an example about which we have a relationship with the absolute. To learn personally, our relationship with the absolute, in order to then likewise build up their relationship with all other people, with family and friends, with our superiors or subordinates, etc.


The listener: At the end was marked by the theme of “Freedom and faith”, despite the fact that yoga distanciruemsa from religion.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, the last lecture, we smoothly for yourself developed a method of response to the question of how to convey the idea of freedom and how to convey the highest principles of freedom. So they did not cause rejection, so it wasn’t violence against other people.

We went to a very interesting way to learn from the absolute as he does. In fact, the absolute is available with us 24 hours a day, and in the waking state and the sleep state with dreams, and dreamless sleep. Please note, as it is unobtrusive, to the point that if you voleizyavleniya that in your universe there is no absolute, everything happens, as if it would not have happened. Therefore, in order to apply this method we come to the notion of faith. Later we will speculate on a bunch of freedom and faith.

But first, who wants to think? How to convey the idea of freedom to others?


Pavel Saprykin: I think that one of the important points that the idea of freedom without violence to implement. Easiest to show by example how it is possible to do. The reverse side of freedom is responsibility, if you’re free, then you are accountable for the results of what you did in life. If someone manages, he takes responsibility for the result. And if you’re in its sole discretion acting, then he is responsible for the result.

It is necessary to speak with each need for plain language to him, as well as the absolute speaks to us.

The absolute can manifest itself in different ways. Negative or positive events that happen to us, it is a manifestation of the absolute, he teaches us this way. Whatever we happened, good or bad, it is necessary to draw conclusions and to be treated with gratitude. You can look more globally at what happened, no need to worry, to cry, to accuse other people that they did something wrong. We need to take responsibility, it leads to freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a wonderful comment. The factor that you become free, leads to the fact that you cease to whine and complain, cease to bother your friends and family. Because going to a new level of life, you know: Yes, you become free, and once you are free, you are responsible for everything you and your life situation only you to blame yourself.

Strangely enough, this attitude to myself brings a person to a very optimistic lifestyle. As a consequence, such a person nice to talk to, he’s not causing problems to anyone, neither your friends nor family nor relatives. Because it is nothing they are not required – it is free. The more he becomes free, the better to communicate with him. Conversely, when we are dependent, then we can show someone a claim, we can to blame someone and complain to someone how much we hurt.

And this is a situation I want to see it again on the reverse side.

In the previous lectures we considered a bunch of freedom – responsibility. If you become free, you are responsible for someone. Now this situation on the back side….

You – a slave owner. That is, freedom and slavery. You stole someone’s freedom. Imagine that you are a Russian landlord the beginning of the 19th century. And you, like Chichikov, a dream: to make a known state. Here you have so many souls of peasants, but unlike Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov you are not dead souls, and live. And you are the master (or mistress).

Now it has become fashionable to remember his aristocratic origins. Where only the Cheka and the NKVD were watching all these 37-th years, it is not clear?

Imagine that you have so many people for whom you are responsible. On the one hand you have power over them. To the blacksmith to sell, cook, buy, relocate, flogged … You’re the king and God, and you have slaves and your every whim is executed.

Remember how it was in the movie “Formula of love”? – “Do you want Latin all spoken”. And the peasants begin aphorisms in Latin to study, say, to sweeten your ears.

On the one hand, kind of nice – you have the power. On the other hand emerges quite obvious paradox – you become a hostage of those people over whom you rule.

And this is only the glossy side is that you at the expense of the peasants (slaves) free. Or Vice versa, it is only the glossy side, when our average bureaucrat at the expense of the registration and registration is free, as it seems, to plan the life of the country. It is an illusion, because there is a flip side: “Oh, if you’re so good, you’re our master, so you’re responsible for everything and! I feel bad you’re to blame! A plague on you!”. And with a known frequency, resentment builds up, sometimes objective reasons for this dissatisfaction, sometimes it’s just insanity and we have, as Pushkin said: “people’s revolt”. Bloody, ruthless, insane, senseless, when the former slaves begin to kill everyone, all who came to hand. And who begin to cut and burn? Clear – their former owners.

In this sense, the karmic perfection. Nothing remains unpunished. There is an anecdote: “sitting In prison two prisoner and a guard”. Sit two, but one considers himself a servant or a prisoner, and the other believes himself to be free. But in fact both proprietary.

Crystallizes the curious thing is that if you give someone depends on, then you automatically become non-free. If depends on you wife, your husband, your colleagues at work or did you scare all of their neighbors in their village, city, entrance. There are people who need something to do. If you think you’ve succeeded, you all Yes, all obey, and, at first glance, you are afraid, by and large, have to fear you.

The slavery you impose on others is slavery, which lies on you. Only you don’t realize it. Therefore, the most terrible thing happens when you are in invisible bondage. The worst prison is the prison where you think you’re free, where there are no walls, can not see hard pads on the hands and feet.

All the smart people work as little as possible to be in situations when someone depended.

We, because of our inexperience, I think: “How nice it would be if I was the boss! Or the owner of the serfs! Or king! Or tyrant slave owner”! And smart people tend to be less someone dependent on them. They strongly distanciruemsa from power. And the more they try to give freedom to others, the more they get it. And this is true freedom when you are free, and those who obey you, indeed, free. This is a complex, not entirely obvious, but ponder it carefully.

I came across one very bad translation of the Chinese treatise, but even through this translation, the light of this idea. The essence of the treatise was to enumerate what the Emperor the best. Some such steps of gradation. Tell in your own words. The idea was that the best Emperor is the one whom people fear. He is constantly executed, keeps everybody in check and obedience. And who better than the Emperor? Better than the Emperor the following, which punishes and has mercy, who should be punishing who needs awards. Following gradation: even better one that is wiser and is such a policy – little, who executes or punishes. There is a whole list of these comparisons, but the most paradoxical, is the last step. The best Emperor is the one, which people only know what it is.

Do you understand? It is such a Supreme form of power, this higher form of freedom of their Emperor, who by his mere presence does all that is necessary, but there is a pronounced dependency on him. It accurately conveys the idea that that’s the way the absolute. He minimally enslaves us, it is in the absolute degree does not infringe our freedom. And thus, we are free and it is free. We can communicate with the absolute, only, if you do valueshave refer to it. That is, we are totally free, free even from the absolute, is a paradox. Because he made us in his image and likeness.

It is a perfect and brilliant version of the head. A real leader is one who is vested interest. Real power is the manifestation of your personal freedom when you do what you want. But really, it happens when you give freedom to others. And when you have someone steal, it turns out that you’re stealing it from yourself. Always be afraid when someone depends. You know, if someone depends on you, it is only hidden, not obvious form the fact that you depend on.

Very delicately use this scheme at your workplace, in your family or with your favorite boys or girl. You have no choice as you, if people have freedom, you want freedom, not for any persuasion will not go towards the reduction of their freedom. This is for you nonsense.

For this, you will not plant for themselves, to enslave somebody, to become the navel of the earth: “Just me and everything! While I’m alive, you’re alive, I’ll die and you’re dead”! Have the idea, which starts to tickle our Ego: “What you are irreplaceable! How smart you are! What are we going to do without you!? All will die!” Ego begins to grow, bursting: “Yes, I am great, smart, powerful!” we begin himself. And in this moment when we fell for the Ego, we begin to lose our freedom. If we are right we don’t take we’ll take from the rear. Our pride: “What is ours, Vadim Valerevich, the greatest role in the history of yoga! Unforgettable! I navel of the earth, the light, the ocean of compassion and knowledge!” But such thoughts arise…

Here recently I sent a letter “… we are your lectures into other languages translate…”, and Vadim Valerievich begins to inflate: “My lectures have already read in other languages!”. I’m so nice, I have already become a factor of international influence! I hoo!!!

And it says Ego. And at the same time comes lack of freedom. But because I immediately become care. I translate into other languages? And whether I’m being transferred? What if the wrong or something. And I start to put himself in jail.

And there came a letter: “… and to quote you? Do we have the right…? Or …the copyright in your lectures… etc”. And just say, “My copyright on lectures…” or “Copyright”, directly in handcuffs has chained himself to his own lectures, and I become an appendage of their own lectures. And here, ask (excuse my slang), what the hell do I have all these lectures? I don’t want that from me anyone depended on even, through the system of copyright.

The question arises, how then to make money or something? It is necessary to think. It is not necessary to do it directly, indirectly, through advertising, like Google. Advertising is, I pay for it, and you take what you want.

You always have to think, what would to a lesser extent, to enslave someone. Anything: your personality, what you do, the results of their work. And the less you enslave, the more freedom you will have. A downside, of course, everyone will want to chat with me, with my lectures for which I require no money, no worship, no singing, no praise. Of course, people feel that not thereby infringe their rights, they remain free and are even expanding their freedom. It turns out that tearing round the fact that someone depends, I find freedom, I give someone the freedom and he got it.

Conversely, if I require a registration or the registration or “why not Panama?”, or like in the movie “kin-DZA-DZA”, nose to the bell hung and two times “ku” made at the meeting. Thus, I just knotted itself.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity for someone not to enslave, not to enslave. If you have the opportunity to unleash – razmatyvatel. Sometimes there is a selfish fear, but if they are dependent on me will not, then tomorrow all run away. And I will remain one, and who do not need no one with me to play. Under this arrangement, you lose the freedom.

We MOIU spend so much time addressing seemingly minor, does not have, it would seem, the relationship to yoga questions. The idea is that we need to consider how a particular posture affect some endocrine glands, as it is fashionable in the West. And this posture, of what disease? But this is from what? And if I lose weight if I do this pose or get better?

Everyone is waiting for this from yoga that will program them like machines, and they will do. And we sort of wasted time we spend, talking about such abstract matters as freedom, slavery. But these things are paramount. Even the factor of owning a piece – may be a reflection of some mental processes. You can inner handle to disengage and to abandon something, or, conversely, something grabbed.

The concept is: to let go or to hold on, to enslave or to give freedom, it is instantly reflected, including in the physical body. I have often met people who suffered from diseases only by the fact that he was afraid. Afraid to give freedom, afraid to let go. Husband is afraid to let his wife, the wife is afraid to let her husband go. Parents are afraid to let their children, children – parents. The chief believes that the need to keep a tight rein on his subordinates. Workers dream of becoming indispensable in the firm to avoid being fired. How do you fire him, he is the chief engineer or technologist if then the firm will stop?

Now a wave in the media, the law of the jungle: “Who dared, that and ate it”, did not manage to steal, even enslaved others. Did not have time to privatize the oil company, so at least method linguistic programming all around tazoberry and hold that they, as the puppets were. Everyone is trying to snatch. Not directly stolen, so indirectly steal. People don’t understand that this is a dead end, it has long been worked in the time of dinosaurs. And dinosaurs died out long ago. So why again, to repeat the mistakes of others?

Very carefully think of the people who depend on you. And not only to people, even Pets. We are responsible for those who tamed. Before someone to train your dog, cat, husband, wife, co-workers, your boss, think: “do you want this?”. Can still build a line of conduct in the direction of increasing freedom, instead of reducing it?

Parallel to this topic.

We came in the previous lecture to the conclusion that a very good example for us is absolute. Such wise people, like the Chinese emperors who ruled for thousands of years, in this sense, like the absolute, no wonder they called them “living Gods”. Not everyone, of course, the emperors were wise, but the fact remains that in the middle ages, we in Europe were just barbarians compared to the refined culture that was in China.

Do you know why China was closed? They could not look at Europeans. All the canons and views the Europeans were louts, disgusting habits, some even smelled bad. The Chinese were not proud and arrogant, and they were just compared. Tibet is also a very long time was closed. Why? And around the barbarians, with whom it is useless to talk, they still don’t understand.

We came to the conclusion that it is possible to replicate their behavior with the behavior of the absolute. Let the absolute will, our absolute teacher. But we should at least believe that he is.

Yoga is a system of calling for free, and if you, as a free being, valishvili not believe in absolute. Why? Without explanation. Entitled to your point of view, as a free people? Have. And that you closed the path to further growth? No, it’s not! There is another way, and I wish we talked a bit.

But first ….

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who will praise?

Natalia Korolkova: I am done! A very important result of my work happened this week. Me the management agreed on a salary increase.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, Bravo! That’s what I want to hear! Sometimes people come to me and say, “We Hatha yoga learned in three knots to tie. Or left foot to scratch the back of his head”. I’m a little interested. And when people, practice yoga, begin to appear in society, for me it’s more proof that the true yogic processes are great.

Natalia: in Addition to salary increase, I was allowed to go back in one more holiday. My freedom on all items expanded. The interesting thing is that their offer was higher than my original request.

Want to summarize. Yoga works, if you are interested in some social development, read course Karmayoga, course on yoga and money, was a great lecture summary. It all works! And here is the result, that I today can announce. It’s certainly not in one day, but it’s worth it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great advertisement! The best advertising I do not want to listen.

The best characteristic of men is his woman, the best feature of a woman is her man. Similarly here, the best feature of any spiritual attainment is your prosperity in everyday life. And, turning this powerful radzikhovskii message, all of the guidelines that Natalya has listed, are displayed in the lectures and recommendations from the relation of freedom. If you’re his superiors with his work, his contribution to the firm to increase freedom in some way, blessed always with joy, will increase your freedom through Finance, through leaves or through something else. Because you give more freedom. It’s such a prescriptive way. We have two universes, the laws are the same as in yoga and in business, in art, culture, anything.

Back to our topic. Continue.

And if you do not believe in the absolute and the Chinese Emperor? And there was a Chinese Emperor, or was only Qin Shi Huang, the Emperor who executed nearly 200 prominent scholars of China, one day cut off their heads.

( Wikipedia says: Qin Shi Huang. ” as the legend, the Emperor ordered to bury 460 of them alive in the earth.” http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D6%E8%ED%FC_%D8%E8%F5%F3%E0%ED%E4%E8 )

Now, China’s development has been abandoned for centuries back then. And in subsequent eras, even the comparison of one or another political figure with the Affairs of the Emperor, was perceived as a profound insult. As if you put on one level with a totally ignorant rulers.

We all have some previous karma and it may be that at the moment, we do not recognize the concept of “absolute”. If we now impose a forceful religious education in schools, you know where it will lead in twenty years or thirty? Besides, when the spirit will carry something Higher, the Divine, the Absolute. When it is under duress is always a reverse effect. It may happen that you have such a previous stage of life. Well, you do not like the idea of the absolute, I do not like it!

How to convey the idea of freedom? Who do you think?

Anastasia Guskova: we Have two systems of axioms of the macrocosm and microcosm. And if we can’t rely on the axioms of the macrocosm, which is represented by the absolute, that we can rely on the axiom of microcosm.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This Is Great.

Anastasia: And you can still comment on the previous topic? Co-dependency of freedom and responsibility. It is very close to me. I to the same conclusions that you have voiced, came, pondering the question of relationships with children. You can?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: of Course we listen.

Anastasia: Children are the factor that their appearance in our lives, make us free from ourselves. Because they delegate to us the right to dispose of part of their freedom. And it is very strongly felt. Not theoretically, but practically felt.

To the question about education. We want our children to do and can make the right decisions in life. The easiest way seems to be in control, and the method of carrot and stick, punishment and reward, explain to the child what is right and what is wrong. But we achieve only that the child comes true, only when there is a controlling factor (external) – parents. When there is this factor, what will the child is completely unpredictable.

I think we need to make it clear to the child that the Supervisory authority should be inside and then the parent can be sure that the child, even when there is no control, will make the right decisions. Because he will take responsibility for their decisions themselves, not the parents. And the parent becomes more independent in this relationship.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you remember, we have all this discussion is “How to convey the idea of freedom to others” began with the relationship of parents with children. And you, Anastasia, in my opinion, and asked about it. Let’s again go through it.

It turns out, when we come to children, at first glance, they limit our freedom. Diaper, feed, play, walk. Parents could be and something else to do. At first glance, freedom has been curtailed. But this is only at first glance, because his coming into our lives, the children will give us the opportunity to preserve our freedom and opportunity to ourselves to be born in the next life in the human body, as children of our children. The arrival of children is not a reduction of our freedom, although at first glance it seems that the dance did not go, because the child is at home crying. So freedom is not violated.

On the other hand, the child, when it comes to us, he comes to us and not to anyone else. In this sense, there are no accidental children. When it comes to us, he really voluntarily delegates to us a certain percentage of their liberty, so we took care of him as if to say: “In this life situation, the parent will better understand what will be better for my freedom, how best to build policy behaviour or education, so my freedom expanded”.

The child says, “Yes, being still young, still not fully realizing his actions, I trust parents to limit me from those things that would reduce my freedom. Conversely, encourage those actions that will increase my freedom. When parents say that I don’t mess around, or be punished for this, I asked. The fact that it came to this family, to these parents and these tools of punishment. But, on the other hand, if the parents of my childhood being dragged to a music school, and I want to play with friends, thus trying to expand my freedom, because I can be, Paganini and Tchaikovsky are dreaming, how would I open up since childhood. I don’t understand, but I understand the parents, to which I came as a child. As I delegate to them the way I promote”. But you need to come to these parents to Express their consent: “I agree that parents punish me as you see fit, encouraged as I see fit.”

Here, absolutely graceful parallel with how we apply to the absolute. No wonder, in a huge number who survived to us of the religions, often higher power compared with their parents.

In the Abrahamic religions, there’s more – “heavenly father”, and man’s relation to him as to the parent male. Maybe it’s related to the psychology of perception, needed a firm male hand to keep in check.

In the East, particularly in India, is extremely popular another concept – “mother of heaven”. Perhaps because the mother is softer, and if he punishes, it is not so hard, maybe kissing will deeper, than the father. These religions, where worship is female, where the universe is perceived as a mother a huge amount.

Even in the East there is such an interesting concept, we mentioned it in the previous lessons – Kula or Kaula doctrine, it is very well preserved in the tantric movement, in particular in Tantra yoga. The followers of the Kaula (or Kula) are all balanced, they have a father and mother. The word “Kula” or “Kaula” in one of his translations of the meaning of “family”. There is a heavenly mother and heavenly father, and we, the people – their children. And the attitude to them as to heavenly parents, that is already a complete family. There are mom’s that can suck up there dad. As a young child, some things better with my mother to discuss, and some with dad. Ask a new bike – rather, it is for dad to leave early – it is better to mom. However, sometimes Vice versa, depending on which parent, and which aspects are more shows. There is no rigid laws, but there is some balance, there are two extremes. The followers of Kaula is precisely such an approach, the same approach and the followers of Tribal yoga (all interested refer to website www.openyoga.ru ) through the system of their ancestors. Ancestors, ancestors, ancestors, and gone to such heights that oops! To the absolute. Only the absolute, as a couple, and we are their children.

Notice the parallel between religions and standards of behavior in the family. Between parents and children. Every religion, through their philosophy, or metaphysics, is a pattern of behavior for its followers.

And if you’re really in some myths, legends or dogmas read that it should be so and so, then you, unwittingly, bring it into your life, your family, your children or parents. As child delegates authority to control, punish or reward, the fact that he is born to certain parents. Similarly, if a person goes to a particular religion, he thereby delegates authority to the absolute, to come into his life in those qualities, which are attributed to the absolute in a particular religion, and to act within the framework of this religion. We have to say: “Believe in this religion, come and let her in. I agree to play by the rules of this religion.” Only after this will the absolute says, “Good. You believed in me in this form, will come in this form. Want as the father in heaven, want, as a mother, as you need to. I speak every language he understands”.

Indeed, all the best, the most valuable thing that we see in the religions is caused by this. And the most disgusting filthy, everything that leads to blood, to dogmas, to religious intolerance – this is when the truth about the big start to forget. Form starts to replace the contents. And the content of only one thing – the absolute, there is no better content. And if I subscribe to any religious doctrine, said: “I Want for this I was punished, and encouraged it. I’m born a new follower of a particular religion”, then I invite the absolute to play by these rules. And he says: “Here are the commandments and you yourself agreed to abide by them, will begin to break – get a slap”.

Just as with a child. He may be born in a family of intellectuals where you will not lay a finger, and can be born in a family of alcoholics – that is not so, once the slap came faster. The ancient Romans had a saying: “the Ears of the boys are back” – if it is necessary to convey knowledge in school, you have to beat him up with rods, the only way he can hear them and remember.

It turns out that we ourselves start, using his freedom to invent ways of spiritual development and, consequently, to call on a higher power to act in terms of what is closer to us. This explains why all religions are different and sometimes contradict each other in principle. At the same time, and that works, and this works. And how is this determined? For example, I see the person begin to chat and feel how it “rushing”. Something good, kind, bright, no matter what religion. I see – is the Highest, although it says one religious doctrine. Meet others, too, feel something was revealed to him, although he is saying the opposite than the first. But I feel he, too, opened. To open can and so and so, because the concept of the absolute it sverhdohodno. It is higher than the concept of forms.

In this analogy, the relationship between children and parents, the relationship is transferred to the space moms and dads with ourselves. If you are a child and you have your mom and dad, and you with them in trouble. For example, your parents don’t understand why you took up yoga or something. Think transfer this concept to your relationship with the cosmic father and mother, because your physical father and mother is only a personification of the space. If your children are acting up, look at them through the eyes of the cosmic parent, imagine that you are absolute and you look at who came and called you. Start a chat with this position, and everything will fall into place.

It was an offshoot.

But if there was no absolute, no mom and dad, nothing?


Julia Romanovich: I wanted to add to the topic that touched Anastasia. About belief or disbelief in the absolute. One of the best examples I like to cite: if the natives who live somewhere in Africa, have never seen electricity, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It simply does not exist in their Universe. We can in something to believe in, believe in aliens, but it is either there or not will appear in our universe. To develop a relationship with the absolute to communicate in the languages we understand, regardless of whether we believe it or not, you need to develop trust.

For example. Why are children under five years of age should be brought up as kings? To indulge them in everything. Because at this age lays the fundamental trust, total trust, there dad, there mom if they’re busy, do you have girlfriends, grandma, grandpa and all will be well. And the child develops total confidence in the future, it will trust the absolute, the macrocosm and get rid of any doubts. And doubt is our ignorance. We don’t know what to do, start to doubt, and if we have no doubt and totally trust in the absolute, you can communicate with him in another language. Faith turns into trust.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is the next topic. Let’s get a little bit back back.

The question was slightly different: “is There a way to convey the allure of freedom, in addition to the factor of the absolute”? What other method can be useful to convey the taste of freedom. Who thinks that?


Listener Marina: If we do not rely on absolute trust in himself. And going through the stages of enlightenment, over time, become their teachers. We ourselves teach. And gain experience.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who else wants to develop a theme?

Listener Helen: when I was little, I had pain in my knees. My dog came up to me and puts his paws on his knees, and his love of all took place. Whatever you call it, but the love of the same impulse.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is another fact which, not appealing to such a Grand concept as absolute, but as capable to change something. What is this factor?

Listener: This factor – the belief in our Higher self.

Vadim: Yes. This factor, in this sense helps us in understanding and way of delivering the ideal of freedom to others. Yes, you, as being free, may not know about absolute, but you are! There is such a thing as “You”, your body, your body. And if you start to ponder who you are, then comes the knowledge. And this knowledge gradually begins to weed out obscure ideas as to who you really are. Sooner or later you will come to the understanding of the concept: “what is your Higher self”.

It is, indeed, a very serious factor. If you are aware, at least in the smallest degree, which is your Higher self, everything begins to change qualitatively. And this factor: “how to convey the taste of freedom other people” can be transformed into a factor “to help other people to understand who they really are”. Or is it like a call, known since ancient Greek times: “Know thyself!”. And as soon as a man is to know himself, he will become freer. It is freer, the more it will absorb the taste. He tries it on himself. In the future, after tasting the taste of freedom, he will not abandon it.

Emerges the second factor is knowledge – knowledge of his own nature.

So, if you help someone to gain knowledge of its own nature, you can instill in him a taste of freedom. This is diametrically opposed at first glance, what we said here. There is no appeal to a higher power, to the absolute, there is you as a living person, and there is another person, as alive. The interaction is one-on-one with another person from your Higher self to his Higher self, there is no need to prove there is Higher self or does not exist. Because, by default, we all agree that it exists. Can we doubt, “whether or not the absolute.” But open to doubt: “There is your Higher self” – this idea is quite abstract.

There is a small subtlety is that we mean by our Higher self in the first place, a conglomerate of their experiences. If someone else conveys to us the knowledge of how to untangle this conglomerate and to penetrate into deeper and deeper and deeper layers of his own self, that begins to change our view of ourselves. If I may say so, it becomes more abstract. To the extent that, sooner or later, you realize that there is no quality comparison, nor any epithets, regalia are not related to what is called our higher self, It is beyond qualities, but it is. Because as soon as you approach him, you start to feel it stronger and stronger. In the ancient texts said so.

You sit here in the hall. Of course, you each have your Higher self, It shines through the conglomerate of beliefs about ourselves, feelings from your history, through your body, fears, hopes, but it’s light enough for each of you to feel that you have to feel that I’m sitting in this room, so cute. But if someone else will begin to convey to you the knowledge of your Higher nature, you will begin to consistently reject false ideas about yourself, and delve into the true heart or true nature of his Ya. You will begin to understand that your notion of yourself, of course wonderful, but under that layer there is something more vivid, more real and tangible sense, a sense I am a woman, I’m a man, I have such education, such hopes, such fears, etc.

So, the deeper, the more it begins to Shine, but the harder it is to describe the nature of your Higher self, And at some stage you will reach such a degree of depth that your High Shine so powerfully and strongly, as it is written in the ancient texts – “brighter than a million suns and moons”. You suddenly feel your existence so in the Grand light, in comparison with which your present sense of yourself is a pathetic shadow, a feeble gleam! There will not have to believe or not believe, there is your Higher self or does not exist, you’re just going to approach it directly. You now comprehend, but through a thick layering of ideas about themselves. And the more these views, ignorant of ourselves, reduced, reduced, reduced and reduced, the more comes freedom. And you start to taste it to taste yourself. Try it once, you for any amount of coaxing will to refuse it. Why? You realize that that’s the one thing you’ve always aspired. And everything else – it was some subterfuge that would lead to the same thing, only detours. It all is sold with knowledge.

Now the dry residue. How can we convey to other people a taste of freedom? The answer is obvious – we must give them knowledge! We must convey to them the knowledge of what they really are. If we managed to convey at least a little knowledge of another person who he really is, you will instill in him a sense of freedom. The cure is knowledge!

As rightly said Nastya, we have the axiomatics of yoga there are two systems of axioms: the microcosm and the macrocosm. The dry residue of the system of the macrocosm is trust in the absolute, an attempt to copy his style. In order to do this, we must, at least, have faith in the absolute. And there’s another way from the axioms of the microcosm – the appeal to the Higher self of the person, and the more it comes through knowledge. If there is knowledge, then we can talk about a Higher I or you approach this Higher self, Sometimes vulgar, call it in two ways. Way through Jñana – way through knowledge and the path through Bhakti – the path through faith. (Though “faith” is not a very good word for Bhakti yoga, but in the first approximation good enough.)

No matter which way you choose. He and the other leads to the ultimate goal of yoga is attaining a higher freedom for yourself, and (as stated in classics) for thousands of others that are around you.

But back to the way “knowledge”. If you learn to others to give knowledge and this knowledge will help them to understand their Higher self, you give them a taste of freedom.

But how to make knowledge acted? Knowledge must be applied in the experience. Order to enable a person immediately inside to play and getting the knowledge from your lips, running it through his experience, obtained a positive result, he will be convinced that knowledge is faithful and he will do the same way. If no factor of experience, knowledge will remain a mental balancing act theory.

Now back to the topic “Freedom and faith”.

Vladimir Savostyanov: the Idea of freedom comes when you know and feel freedom when you come to Ananda freedom. Awareness is understanding, plus the feeling and life in it, then to betray.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: a Wonderful addition, it has eluded our consideration. We somehow forgot that the approach to freedom must reveal our true nature.

We remember that our true nature is Ananda or joy, happiness, pleasure. If we even slightly opened his freedom and got closer to her I, the level of happiness increases sharply, and this is something we all strive for.

So, if we manage to bring Ananda to others, it in some extent will show the vector of its internal movement. And manage to do it through inspiration. If you are filled with some kind of idea in which you have established, at least in part, one of you starts to (pardon the slang) “shove from all cracks”. Your speech may be crumpled and wrong, as the English say: “Man with a hoof in his mouth.” But that means nothing. Every word felt something more, a sense of Ananda, which you are bursting. The other person, entering into contact, as if adjusted on a wave of happiness, joy, grandeur, even if did not fully understand what caused it. And under the impression that joy, delight, Ananda, he begins to think: “in what direction to move? What to voleizyavleniya?”. And he tends to voleizyavleniya that inside him was the same Ananda.

In ancient India there is a method of learning or “How to convey the idea of freedom to others.” It’s called Darshan or contemplation, so you can translate. Its essence lies in the vicinity of Holy men, yogis or Yogini reached a very high level. Ancient India was rich in teachers and to them, sometimes for hundreds of thousands of miles, came others, only to stay close, to contemplate. We have observed a very interesting effect: all those who, at least a short time were near the teacher or the teacher of yoga who have attained a particular degree of freedom or knowledge in yoga, their life, everything started to go at an accelerating rate. These people do not even fully realizing it, began abruptly to progress in yoga.

I want to draw your attention. Sometimes, it could be an uneducated peasant, who did not understand the concepts referred to by the teacher or a philosophy that is preached, in one way or another yoga school, which included the teacher. Just close enough physically to be in sight. Darshan – “in the field of view, sight”. This turned out to be enough. After that, the farmer began to feel what he instinctively sought what he cannot Express, betray others, “hoof in mouth” can’t even explain how he feels. Returning home, he began to practice yoga, try to read some ancient texts as something to figure it out myself. That is, he was woleslagle to go down this path, this path has been accelerating.

So if you ever get the opportunity to darshan of the teacher or the teacher of yoga, sufficient teeth for this opportunity, even if you do not understand. Just to behold just to be near. And this is method.

In our yoga school we went on. We have the concept of “Cloud schools”. We all highly recommend, with a known frequency to attend classes, lectures or seminars. As time allows, especially to students. And it’s not the topic of the seminar, neither in us, neither me personally, nor in Victoria, nor the curators, nor in the rest of the students in another case, in the Cloud school. It is as if Darshan at a distance, in a certain place and time. And if you visit, you catch the taste. It you some time keeps, as if to recharge, and you’re job is to neutralize the negative karma. You have something to counter the negative tendencies of his own mind. This, friends, statistics.

The problems that negative karma. Each did something bad and from time to time… Feedback actions come after some time. From it nobody is insured, no one student. And it happens with the person that we have a slang called “human raskolbas”. “The crocodile is not caught, does not grow a coconut”, strange emotional state, many factors to list. But it is noticed that if the person continues, from time to time to be in the Cloud school, he, as if digesting it all and still learning. If at this point he begins to avoid lessons, lectures, seminars, as a rule, it becomes much harder to survive this purge. Second, the likelihood that he will leave, increases.

And everything happens in such an inconspicuous way, while you’re among like-minded people, in the field of schools you’d think with all on the same wavelength, and you obviously what to do and how. But it is necessary to miss a seminar once, twice, third, fourth….. You get into the mentality of ordinary people and forget about everything. About yoga, about freedom, savyasaachi in the swamp, yoked in the harness of social life and “run with bells”, carry the baggage of our ordinary society.

It is sad to meet people who have studied and left. Left for different reasons. Lackluster eyes. We had shone, and meet – dim. Don’t even want to know, “How are you?” and so everything is clear, karma is karma.

Therefore, the factor of Darshana can inspire your free will that you had the same.

But if you have Darshan another Bum in the subway, or your mind is not burdened by the chief or subordinate, or Darshan TV every night, sometimes Internet Darshan. You unwittingly begin to copy their style of free will. And they inspire you on this grey murk you and slide.

Here, in addition to Jnana and Bhakti, the third principle emerges. A beautiful name – the principle teacher.

If you have a teacher that you can with a known frequency to contemplate, to Dorson, if you have no faith – Bhakti, even if there is no Jnana – dumb as a stump, but if a teacher to whom you are loyal, the teacher compensates for all. That’s why so great the role of the teacher. And bringing ideas of freedom to the other is one – on-one factor-the availability of teachers.

The question arises: “Where teachers take?”.

Remind you that our MOJO no teachers. I’m not a teacher. All other supervisors and teachers, by how much, I know, not the teacher. Although, may very well materialize. Here I am only for myself I can say. So to find them we have no use. All we can do is to convey to you this idea that teachers would be nice to look. “…But there, high in the mountains, not in our area…,” say, still have a teacher and a teacher of yoga. And if you will have the opportunity to come into contact with them – that would be great!

But another question, why are there somewhere, not with us here? Here we come to the next stage. Why on every corner in Moscow, there is the teacher of life, the present, and not those that from itself represents? Here is a very paradoxical thing – the circle is closed on itself, but they are not because we’re not calling them! We don’t encourage, we don’t need them! We do not call them, they are not born in this world, not come into our world, accordingly, they are not! “And somewhere deep in the mountains…”, people lived more spiritually. They knew they needed teachers, they encouraged, and their teachers were born. Here they have and have not.

Conclusion: to encourage teachers!

To encourage the teachers in your life, meditate on them!

Earlier, at the beginning and the end of the lecture we have meditated on the teachers, but now life is all speeding up and speeding up, and less and less time. Now let’s bring meditation. Who will?


Sit down comfortably. Straighten the neck, back, head.

And present to head over to yoga teachers. Present, as it turns out, in what way they come to us in the way and good.

Thank them for the knowledge they give us, for the help they give us.

We can always refer to them to ask.

The image can be anything, even your real parents or your grandparents.

Concentrate on this image, thank them.

Finish the meditation and return to a normal life, but remember that a teacher and a teacher can always help and we can always ask for help.


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