2011.04.30 Freedom and faith. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2011.04.30 Freedom and faith. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Freedom and faith. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

This lecture is devoted to the discussion on “Freedom and faith”. How are faith and knowledge? Will there be any impact on our lives what we believe? Can we control your faith with my mind? Do we need faith? Enslaves the faith or lead us to freedom? What we tend to believe?

The title of the lecture :

Freedom and faith. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Date: 2011.04.30.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Quick description : This lecture is devoted to the discussion on “Freedom and faith”. How are faith and knowledge? Will there be any impact on our lives what we believe? Can we control your faith with my mind? Do we need faith? Enslaves the faith or lead us to freedom? What we tend to believe?

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Today 30 April 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are with you in Moscow in the Cultural center “Enlightenment”. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University on the topic “Yoga and freedom”. All information is on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. Information about our films, in our online store www.shop.openyoga.ru. And for the systematic study of yoga we are Internet yoga courses at www.kurs.openyoga.ru where you can take yoga from the very first steps to its heights.

Today we continue to consider the theme of freedom. And before we go any further, let’s remember what we did last lecture. Friends, this is a chance for you to hone your skills to speak to the microphone, to be able to Express themselves. What is the biggest problem in our lives? And that we think we all know what we have in there. And we are offended, well, why we did this or that. We would like to think that everyone is able to read minds that everything they know is entirely our internal universe. And we are offended, well they’re all so insensitive. And solved most of the problems in our lives, at least the simple fact that you say that you have inside, what you feel and what you want. And this moment of openness is extremely important. And it takes a lot of time before the person develops the right idea that as long as you don’t say what you want, no you did not do or do not as you want.

We must learn the art of communication. We need to be able to other people, to other universes (because each person is a separate universe) to convey their point of view. To communicate quickly, clearly, concisely, vividly. Not that your request for a glass of water, stretched for five hours. From time to time we relate to relationships between men and women, so that’s a huge number of problems in life together from the fact that the husband is silent, and silent wife. Husband thinks it is clear what he wants; a wife thinks all clear what she wants. But in reality, nothing is clear. So our lectures I deliberately provoke you, make you the shell smashed, opened. If you learn how to convey their inner world to others, you have so many problems will be solved, you just can’t imagine.

This I once taught a successful American businessman. Also our Soviet habit of thinking that our people and the party, the government know, for us to think, not sleep. And they may not guess, but we think we’ve figured it out. And here he said to me, if you have a problem, just come in and voiced it. I may not be able to solve it, but maybe will, but at least I got to hear it.

Pavel Saprykin, gr.Three: “At the last lecture, we have paid much attention to what smart people are trying as little as possible to be in a situation where someone depends, because it is a situation of unfreedom as the one who depends and who depend on. The absolute is trying to make it so that we didn’t depend on him. Even Natasha Korolkova shared with us that her increased salary.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, this is very important information when you share your experience. After all, what is yoga, yoga is when you got some knowledge, through yourself, you missed it once and worked. You took it and then people gave. Thus, our civilization has preserved, we learn from each other. Therefore, these moments of personal life that did, and it worked, maybe worth the whole theory rest. This is the principle of openness, it is extremely advantageous. While you’re standing in the spotlight, while you are open and you can see a huge amount of evil forces to make you can not do anything. With you it is much easier to do something when you’re in the shadows, silent, and no one knows you, do you what you want.”

Elena, gr.Four: “We discussed how to instill a taste of freedom that can be given knowledge – Jinana yoga; or the approach of Bhakti yoga is to give inspiration to people, sensitive approach. You also said that there is a third principle Teacher, is called darshan. So there’s nothing to know, not have a sensual approach, but if you sit down with the Teacher, you can valishvili to develop and advance on the spiritual path. We were told that the best Emperor is the one, which people only know what it is. That is, it gives people the maximum freedom, thus gaining it for himself.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It’s like a parallel with the absolute, he is so far away and so all can control what we, as a rule, only know that he is there, if we like. And in this respect it is remarkable that there was such situation is everywhere, in your family, at work, in a political organization, not to you all hands to twist and thus established his authority, but, on the contrary, all came and asked you, well, come, tell me, well, help us. You don’t have this headache that just you turn away, you lose everything, or all there will fall apart, or are your detractors take over everything, no, there are no chains fetter. Detractors can chain sawed and all your people will scatter, but if not these chilling circuits. Drinking, not drinking, the people you reach.

In this case is very instructive in the ancient treatises on Raja yoga such moments that the person who does yoga and who begins to understand the essence of your I am or the essence of the absolute becomes the soul to other souls. And all of the surrounding people or animals never want to hurt him, because everything is built in such a way that they feel in him and the man will not himself evil desire.

Here is the pyramid or hierarchy of power, not based on hard compulsion, not a terrible punishment systems, and the free principle is the most stable. Another thing is that to this ideal we need a very long time to come, you need to build such a relationship that all controversies that may arise in a particular case were balanced. And that is the ability of a leader. A leader is not one who makes himself for all. This is a common mistake of young entrepreneurs, businessmen, here it is the spider, and these strings differ from him, and he just passes through him. No, a real leader needs to delegate, and he is to observe in order to avoid distortions. And what does delegation of authority? – You are given more freedom in something. Then this system is stable. Reverse falling apart.

But you should be wise, that the degree of delegation of authority you have a particular living being to provide according to the level of his spiritual development. If you are essentially an uneducated savage or that second life in the human body, will give a lot of power, he simply can not cope, he starts to behave like an animal, all by yourself paddling. And it ruin the whole thing. All power in the universe, it in person is given. But the percentage of this power is proportional to the degree of your samosoznanii, the degree of your approach to the Highest. If it’s big, it’s a conversation, if not, then no you will not give this power, so you simply will not be able to hold her.

Who else wants to speculate, to reflect on this subject?”

Svetlana, gr.Four: “we the last lecture, talked about how relationships with our children, with our parents mirror relationship with the absolute. You can look at this relationship and see how well we communicate, we hear them, cannot hear what we say, how we show ourselves, just as we behave in relation to the absolute.”

Anastasia Guskova, gr.Three: “I do not understand what is the fundamental difference between the approach of Bhakti yoga and the principle of the Teacher, because the Teacher we also see the absolute, because it is faith in the Teacher enables us to grow, focusing on him. Just like in Bhakti yoga the principle of faith.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, I understand this question. Indeed, sometimes it seems that similar things. You may remember, there was a third way Jinana, knowledge. Of course, nothing is pure, that is, if you rely only on faith, Bhakti, some element Jinani you also have. If you have Jinana, it is still some element of belief in the field that Ginny, which you do not know, is also present. That is, you trust that if that part of knowledge that you have studied is correct, will be correct and the other part. Although this is, strictly speaking, does not follow. And in the way Teachers combined the most harmonious way. And there is still such factor as loyalty, as loyalty of a dog. I don’t know whether to say that a dog believes his master? She just doesn’t question it, just there where the owner, there it is, that is, it followed and did not see his life outside of the host.

This the middle or the most harmonious the moment, Teacher contains a very nice and faith, and knowledge. Much easier to have faith in something very high, such as absolute, if there is a man who has already known this absolute. It is very hard to sit in the abstract and imagine: “this is the absolute circle” because it is too heavy an idea for our mind. He tries to chew, he tries and he tries and then gets tired and falls asleep. And it’s all kind of hangs by itself. When we see a living person, the Teacher, he becomes either a window open to the absolute, or as a mirror that reflects your own self and your own self is the same as the nature of the absolute.

And now let’s press the adrenaline button and choose the man who will smile on us. Let’s practice smile. This is a very good tuning fork of your condition. You remember that there are so-called the third principle of yoga, which encourages us to abandon suffering. This third principle of yoga is absolutely necessary, if we use quick methods in yoga or methods that give quite a powerful result for a relatively small period of time. And always the question arises, how to understand, I comply with the third principle or not.

In fact, to realize the fact, I suffer or I don’t suffer is quite a difficult task. Sometimes suffering a snake crawl smoothly and quietly that at first we were in a good condition, then it become smooth, then suddenly it was stressful, but all so quietly, but inside us something is compressed, we sometimes do not even monitor it. And here we are already bad, and we realize that we are sick, we suffer, and we realize that we suffer. We would have to stop, realize that something happened in the world, why was it one state, but became more. As we get used from year to year to pull this strap suffering for yourself. And it will creep through any gate, through relationships with your family and friends, everything seems normal, but something is eating, or at work, or anywhere else. Therefore, it is useful sometimes to remember that our higher nature, our Higher self manifests in and causeless joy.

Joy is our natural state. If you suddenly see that you are trying to smile, but the smile does not work, then it is the signal that somewhere your causeless joy prejudiced, maybe unbeknownst to you. And you start to get used to this state, and this is very very bad, because as soon as suffering comes, you must according to the third principle of yoga is to stop and analyze why. Only this can ensure that you understand the cause, find a cure and eliminate the causes of suffering, and will return to its natural state.

But this is especially necessary when performing the physical yogi. Here you are doing Hatha yoga, I bought the arcane book, where the man, like an acrobat, curled up in fifty knots and says everything is exactly the same. You are trying to repeat. And it turns out a very interesting thing, if you do not keep track of where you start suffering, you lose the point of doing physical yoga, where you start to force yourself. Because you are accustomed to this pressure, do you think that yoga should be so. Violence is not effective, as a consequence, you will not receive a result in the same Hatha yoga. Again the indirect method of verification try during exercise to smile, if a smile was sincere and pleasant, it is likely that everything is fine, have not crossed a certain line. If you feel you’re not smiling, you probably already stopped doing yoga. Especially athletes suffer because in training they are very often forced even violence to treat the body. It is clear that they retire, and many are beginning to emerge health problems. The body takes revenge for this attitude.

What topic were we to discuss at the next lecture? Who will remind you?”

Gregory, passive participant: “We wanted faith to discuss. I had a lot of ideas, and I would like to offer them. So, faith and freedom. The first thought came to this, that faith breeds ignorance, as if it was ready knowledge, faith is no longer needed. Faith can be divided into positive belief, for example, “I can, I always can do anything”, and belief can be negative “I’m not going anywhere, I can’t do anything”. Accordingly, when we follow the strategies of positive faith, every time we produce a kind of visualization. There is already directly included the law of yoga, Visualization, and the universe begins to adapt to this visualization, and we in the end get the result in which you believe. If we believe that we never will achieve nothing, then so be it. If we believe that we can do and we can, then so be it. The last lecture, and still such thought arose that faith gives rise to the hypothesis, the hypothesis generates an experiment in reality, as a result of this experiment we get the result, and this result in feedback to us again corrects the belief in something. Thus we learn”.

Alex, gr.Three: “I think that if you consider belief in a common context, it is faith in some ideals. For some it’s God, for someone else, someone like yourself is is. And here I come up with this idea that if we identify with some of its manifestations in the material world, it is natural, we limit ourselves become unfree to some extent. If we believe in some higher spiritual ideals, it is our freedom expands. With yoga it is possible to draw a parallel that if in the first case we start from the faith and were already further along this path, the yoga situation is different. First, we trust this path, then we try to check it out, and only then there is faith, when we have it in us rediscovered, then there is faith to some truths more spiritual goals”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, friends, I will sharpen the discussion. We have all the same goal is a discussion of freedom. Can faith enslave, that is the correlation between faith and freedom. Or Vice versa, can faith to make you free.”

Michael, gr.Three: “I believe that, like any thing in this world faith has a dual essence. Faith can enslave, the example that led Gregory. There are some imposed things, all bad, all dark. This belief will enslave and carry us to the bottom. If faith is intuitive, which leads us up and getting us closer to our I and bears is unclear, but the higher knowledge, then it will have to raise. That is a dualistic way of faith. It is possible to divide on two parts of it.”

Svetlana, gr.Four: “I think it’s not in what faith and in what. And do we in their faith of freedom and liberty. That is, if our faith is rooted in bigotry, dogma that the only way and in another way, and we disseminated this principle on himself and others, whatever that faith may be, it will enslave. And if our faith is the principle of freedom, and we recognize the right of others, that they may believe that they are close, and leave myself freedom of belief, depending on what new knowledge come to us, then I think this faith will move us forward and expand our freedom.”

Larissa, gr.Four: “albert Einstein is credited with this expression that there are only two ways to live your life. The first way is to live as if miracles do not exist; and second, to live as if some miracles. But as a friend he was not stupid, then we can trust him as a credible witness. And most likely he had in mind when he used the word miracles, things sverhbogatye. That is what our minds cannot yet encompass what is outside the plane of logic. And he implied that it is somehow inconsistent with faith. That is, we can trust that there is something above the plane of logic”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “As authoritative evidence, it is indeed a good example. But Einstein is another expression, sorry, don’t remember it verbatim, but the essence was that after the invention of the atomic bomb by a group of scientists and Einstein was the first push that started this program, if not for him, the Manhattan project, likely would not have taken place. So after the creation of the atomic bomb suddenly appeared a paradoxical situation, the bomb created one and use the other. That is, to create a bomb, you need to be with the mind of Einstein, Heisenberg, Khariton, Zeldovich, Sakharov, Kurchatov. But then as soon as its created, it neatly from the scientists away, and she fell into the hands of politicians. For example, she fell into the hands of the policy of Truman, the U.S. President, who, without hesitation, took it and threw it on poor Japan, and burnt a very large number of civilians. It is clear, that after all this, the scientists who created the bomb felt a terrible shock that they are involved in these atrocities. And they were trying to limit the spread and use of nuclear weapons, but they did not succeed. And then there’s this phrase of Einstein, which seems to be a policy thing more difficult than physics.

Very interesting your comment. But here, of course, logically a third option to the Einstein would add. The third option is that all around us there are moments when there are miracles, and there are moments when not, there is a mixed option.”

Allen, gr.Four: “I’ve been thinking over the question of whether faith enslave. I have the impression that faith can be represented in the form of associative links, that is, it is stretched and, consequently, our prana flows. And the meaning is just that, to which object stretched this associative connection. And if the principle or ideal imposed on someone with the purpose to enslave us, then, accordingly, this belief leads to the enslavement of man. But if it is something higher, something immutable, something that will never be destroyed, for example, the Higher self, faith in self or in the absolute justice of the universe, then, reinforcing this Association, starting in her core, we get a positive result.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, we began to crystallize a point of view that freedom and faith are connected in such a way that depending on what faith is, we can either get freedom or to lose it”.

Oles, gr.Two: “Here we mainly considered the relationship of faith and freedom, that is, faith leads or does not lead to freedom. I would like to say about feedback, in my opinion, you can track, the more man is free, the more it is open to faith. Conversely, the more a person unfree, the more there is no framework, restrictions of various kinds, the less he can believe in something, it is limited”.

Olga, gr. Four: “I came to the conclusion that faith is a manifestation of freedom. We are free to believe in the existence of the absolute, and that there is nothing around the highest. Here faith must be supported by knowledge. If we have knowledge about how this world if we have the intention to know himself and the surrounding universe, and learning something of our belief in a higher being strengthened. If we have no intention to learn about it, we have faith that all is missing”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, I want to remind you, the idea that was expressed by George, if we have the knowledge, we don’t need faith. That is, the presence of faith means lack of knowledge, but if knowledge exists, why to believe me. Let us define the concept of faith.”

Olga, gr.Four (continues): “in order to get some knowledge, we should believe that this knowledge is true”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, friends, opening a textbook of mathematics, you must have faith within myself that this is really a textbook written by a Professor of mathematics, not a madman who just abstractly drawn some icons. That is, there must be the belief that you will not be wasting your time. After you already pass the math books, you don’t need to believe in something, true or not, you already will know that it is true.”

Michael, gr.Three “Axioms gives us the answer on how to work with faith. It’s the same thing that working with logic and illogic. If suddenly we start something we believe we can always try it on the tooth of reason and rationally explain it all. If, indeed, the mind begins to tell us that here something not that, it is not worth doing, then immediately we find ourselves in a zone of irrationality, that is, will it really wear us down. If we understand that it is logical, and even something sverdlovini gleams, then it will be rather a faith in the plane of intuition, and this faith will carry us forward, upward.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here is what we have a way crystallizes the work with faith. First, indeed, faith to the faith of hatred, something leads us to freedom, something enslaves. And offers do not hesitate to try to incite our faith, the logical mind in the hope that if crept into some kind of stupidity, the mind will destroy this nonsense. And, consequently, a faith based on nonsense, by itself will collapse. And if there is something really worthwhile, the mind will confirm this, or stop and say, no, this question is out of my League, I leave you with this faith in the form in which it is”.

Julia, gr. Three: “I’d like to decide that it was not substituting the concept of what faith is. According to ancient knowledge, faith translates as “daylight RA”, that is, knowledge of higher light or higher knowledge, higher truth, higher self. This value according to the Vedic knowledge.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Honestly, I don’t remember. Well, let’s leave this question open, since the Vedas it is quite serious texts, that’s all very well and hard. You have to understand what is Vedas, and there are numerous commentaries of the Vedas. And sometimes the word Vedic knowledge refers not to the Vedas, and refers to those or other doctrines that have grown on the basis of these Vedas. And often, especially now in the Internet, as no dig everywhere Vedic knowledge and all are totally different. Therefore, we will in this respect, strict, under Vedic knowledge, let’s imply the knowledge which is contained directly in the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda. When you start to talk about Ayurveda to refer to Ayurveda, strictly speaking, this knowledge is indirect. It is really built on these sources, but we have no written source on Ayurveda. He replaced the various types of additional treatises, they are, indeed, very much, but it’s not the Vedas. That is, strictly speaking, when you hear the combination of Ayurveda, the last part of the word Veda means not belonging to the Vedas, but knowledge or science”.

Julia, gr.Three (continues): “it seems to Me that when a person believes in something and becomes unfree, then it is not faith, but ignorance. And when he believes in something, it leads him to freedom. That is, the faith that makes us unfree, that is ignorance in varying degrees”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “so crept another point for our consideration is ignorance. And it turns out that faith is based on ignorance, we are enslaved, reverse free”.

Elena, gr.Three, part-time student: “I believe that man first manifests its will to believe him in something or not believe. That is, in any case, it appears a man’s freedom, freedom of choice. And then, if we talk about the system of the microcosm, the person either believes or does not believe. If to speak about system of the macrocosm, then depends on the degree of human spirituality, and his level of ignorance. Either faith will lead him to discoveries on the spiritual path will either lead to a dead end. In something to believe in, but things are changing in our lives. And people ready for change, always refers to an event without bias, without any preset knowledge. This initial belief can vary depending on how society changes, how people change”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, another factor has crept into our consideration – will. After all, in the end, it will that ability, which leads to be able to believe or not to believe. Here, for example, polishable to trust and believe any nonsense you can believe, because polishable because free. If free, can voleizyavleniya, if you can voleizyavleniya, then you can believe, if you begin to believe, begin to revive what I believe or how to draw or how to get manifest. That is, the faith factor is very closely linked with the factor of will.”

Anastasia, gr.Four: “I would like to add to the words of Michael that we should ignore what we believe through the mind. I think this approach is possible only to the man whose mind is perfected. Because if the person whose mind is not honed, will miss their faith through him, he can tell him something very illogical, and the result will be a bad end.”

Anna Polyakova, gr.Three, part-time student: “on the one hand, faith leads us to freedom, and lead us up. Only believing in something, seeking it, man is evolving, a work in progress. Any religion or teaching can be unclear, commandments, and principles. But he believes that they are correct and by following them, develops, you come to the realization of higher truths, to knowledge. However, faith can enslave enough to remember the many religious fanatics. Religion and many other systems often don’t need free individuals, they need servants of God, faithful followers. Believing, it is still important to keep a critical eye on things, to analyze, to understand. Faith begins with intuition, but must be maintained by the mind.” Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Again, we edge drove into the territory of religion, what I don’t like, because all intersections with religions, it’s bound to be someone unhappy. But, nevertheless, the way it is, survive only those religions which are a little friends with logic. If it is absolutely blatant nonsense starting under the guise of a particular religion to give, sooner or later, it’s for smart people will show their failure and collapse. In fact, you remember that very unfortunate situation was in the Renaissance, when suddenly all the tenets of religion, concerning the description of the structure of the earth, space, suddenly began to unravel. It turned out that the ground on three pillars holds that it is not the center of the universe that it revolves around the sun. And these dogmas have already managed to penetrate into the heads of not very educated people. They somehow didn’t care, for a person uneducated anyway, the earth around the sun, the sun around the earth. But for scholars such as Descartes, it was a very unpleasant thing. He was a very religious man. Each of you knows a Cartesian coordinate system that the school was painted. He chose a very interesting way and, in fact, determine the development of science until today. He began to share everything to do with theology and everything to do with science. That is, he consciously distanced himself, that is never acted against religion. And the result is a General state of mind of all future scientists who distanced themselves from religion. But it also led to the monstrous distortions that religion somehow had at least some moral principles. When you begin to consciously create science and to distance themselves from religion, that is, deliberately to distance themselves from those ethical aspects, which constitute the core of any religion, you thereby for the future lay the system, completely devoid of humanism.

And look what we got. The first time the role of religion was quite large, and the little children grew up in this field and only then went to study science. And they are partly brought into science these ethical standards. But this lasted only a while, and then when the religion began to decline, when you’ve grown up in a religious environment and later came to science, it turns out that you have not had these since childhood, imbibed moral principles, and you in science have allowed myself to do anything. And now that we see the same situation, especially in the former countries of the third world, which was not the cradle of humanistic. A scientist from some South-East Asia without any remorse will begin to do all sorts of experiments on human cloning. They are not burdened by a layer of the previous culture.

But we went to the side. You have everyone should have an opinion on all issues, not mine, not the opinion of yoga, and your personal, and it would be great if you find that your opinion coincides with the opinion of yoga. On the contrary, not because you have to have the same opinion, as in yoga, but because you have the same opinion as promotes yoga. But you have to try on a tooth”.

Nastya Mikheeva, gr.Three: “I think that faith can come from two sources, first, it is the availability of knowledge about something and the second is from lack of knowledge. Comment, my mom is a scientist and she is very deeply involved in science, and when I ask her what you believe, she says, I only believe in science. That is, it is knowledge about science, and she believes in her because she believes that science is the source of happiness. That is, there is such a relationship, the person believes that, in his opinion, makes him happy, so she’s approaching freedom, because there is this bundle, a person first feels himself this is a conditional happiness, they have the opportunity to go unconditional and even to freedom. This way, I think, leads gradually, but to freedom. And the second way, mentioned by Gregory, stems from a lack of knowledge, we his faith, trying a blind spot in their perception of the world something to fill. It seems to me that this way creates many opportunities for the development in us of irrationality, respectively, illogic will lead to freedom.”

Alexander, passive participant: “I would Like to try to link faith and the three main principles of yoga. It turns out that faith is, by and large, there is sverdlovini a manifestation of our creative force, and so, if we build its action based on the first three principle yoga, then you can believe in anything”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Thank you, good point of view. For example, I believe in aliens, are the little green men, you know? Nobody has seen never? Me too. But I believe. How do I apply to my faith? On the one hand, I remember that any belief is a factor in the manifestations of my creative power, the manifestation of my will, and my faith can revive what I believe. On the other hand, it is necessary to think, and would not this belief to a reduction of my freedom. But let’s skip the belief in aliens through the three principles of yoga.

So the first principle that I believe in little green men, can I to someone to cause harm? Probably not. The second principle of yoga, the principle of consistency. We often quoted principle Okawa, it is not necessary to produce a new entity, and it is necessary to explain certain phenomena already what we have. In fact, real evidence of the existence of aliens we have not seen. But there are many phenomena which could with a certain degree of imagination to interpret it as a visit. And the third principle of yoga, a vow of renunciation of suffering, whether to interfere with the belief in aliens to my rejection of suffering or not? We so valiantly ran, and it seems like everything is fine. And here I recently came across an article, there uncle has compared the fiction of the 60-ies of our American works of fiction about the same period. Revealed diametrically opposed views on life. If we are the aliens – it’s humanism, it’s the creatures that live on high ethical standards and do comply with the first principle of yoga. Read American fiction, it is either the conquest of earth by evil aliens, or bloody soldiers and murder. That is, there is still need for the next question to answer is, if you believe in aliens, what is good or bad? In aliens Ivan Efremov or aliens American authors, from which only a trick, and wait. They got one more or less humanistic film about an alien have hundreds of others about aliens monsters. We see turned inside the brains of authors and as these authors demand, we see inside out the minds of people. Unwittingly, they begin to believe they like it, it’s popular, they believe it. If we start to believe in evil aliens, one conclusion, and if in kind, the conclusion is different. A complex topic”.

Oles, gr.two: “Several times I heard this idea about how to pass faith on through the mind, or that I believe in something because it is confirmed by any facts, that is, I believe, because I know. But the very definition of faith tells us that faith is the recognition of something existing without any factual or logical justification, just because of some inner beliefs. That is here speech about the mind and some logic does not go against faith. And another issue is that people in faith can be wrong, he may believe wrongly, but it will be free. He’s wrong, but he is free to commit this error, that is, mistakenly in something to believe in, and when a person says I believe, because I know it becomes proprietary, as it causes their faith to any knowledge, any factors that should confirm this belief”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, look what is the point of view that faith is faith strife. That is, the two faiths are quite different depending on what we sent. Let us remember the achievements of modern science, particularly quantum physics, quantum mechanics. I from time to time cite this example, it is known as more dead than alive Schrodinger’s cat. The essence the following, we’ve discussed the subject, that if there is knowledge, there is no faith, if you have faith, no knowledge, but when we invade the domain of knowledge, we forget that in the universe around us there is a strange law. We do not observe in our lives on a large scale, but it becomes clearly manifest, when we consider the micro-level phenomena. Comes into effect the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Heisenberg is a prominent German scientist who proclaimed that it is impossible to register the speed of the particle and coordinate of the particle, if this particle is very small in size. And logically from this we can deduce the following, which is impossible to observe a system without affecting it. That is, the fact that you gain knowledge, are you the same fact affect the system and cause the system to distort. For microscopic analysis it is very clear. In our large scale, we do not notice, but this does not mean that it is not. And it turns out that there are things that we in principle are unable to confirm or deny the position of availability of knowledge. Any knowledge means experience, and any experience that distorts, in relation to what you want to knowledge.

And was another outstanding physicist, Schrödinger, he is primarily known for having written the equation that describes how to work with such small objects, the so-called Schrödinger equation. The meaning is that he put the thought experiment, made a system that is teetering on the brink of two States. So this system was attached to a different mechanism, and if the system falls in one direction, then breaks the vial of poison, and the cat in the box dies; if the other side, the vial of poison is broken and the cat remains alive. And this system is teetering on the brink, and the box is closed. And while no observer, which might have pushed this system in one way or another, is quite a strange thing – half-dead cat. That is, with a 50% probability he’s dead, with a 50% probability of living. This is a very serious paradoxes in the development of modern science, we suddenly stumble upon the limit beyond which our concept of knowledge starts to slip. In particular this factor is that any location can be checked by experience, it appears that not every that there are such objects, where as soon as you begin to build experience, you get the result, but not what it was to experience, and what happened as a result of this experience. Suddenly we in science have stumbled upon such sverhbogatye position. It turns out, we can only believe”.

Irina, gr.Four: “We found the dictionary, and would like to read to you the definition of faith which he gives.

Faith when you have faith in something, you believe that some thing meets or will meet your idea about it, though in life you may not see evidence of this or may not have actual evidence of this. Faith in justice, faith in compassion, faith in goodness, faith in victory, a bright future.

With faith in man we call the belief that in every person there is a good start. Faith in yourself or faith in your hand is called strong will of a man who is not afraid of difficulties in achieving their goal. If someone accepts on faith anything, so he recognizes the truth of this without proof.

Religious faith is a deep feeling and belief system a person who is convinced in the existence of God. Faith in any religion is the doctrine of this direction, the combination of its dogmas and traditions (Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, Jewish). When someone tries to convert you to their faith, so he wants you to share his thoughts and beliefs.

When you believe in something, you believe it and continue to think so, in spite of any external factors (to believe in victory, success, future). When you believe in God, you believe in the existence of God as the Almighty Creator of all things. When someone believes in spirits, ghosts, magical creatures, he believes that they exist in reality. When you believe some information, you think that it is completely untrue. You say the phrase “I cannot believe my eyes” when you see something that you are very surprised and happy.”

Anastasia, gr.Two: “I believe that freedom begets faith, that is, automatically if we get through something a breath of freedom, then we begin to believe it, and the result of that faith depends on what we flashed liberty. And in addition to the dictionary definitions, when we are attracted to someone in their faith, we in any case will not valueshave believe it until then, until you count that it can expand our freedom.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That is, if I have some adept in secret science, and tries to convert me to their faith, no matter what, to aliens, to religious moments. It turns out that if I feel that my freedom from this increase, I believe, and if not, then not. Interesting point of view”.

Marina, gr.Four: “I think that they forgot about faith and love. Faith is connected with love, if we believe, then something or someone we love, if love, or trying to communicate more or more time to devote to this. That is, on the one hand, we calmly rest in the country and suddenly remember that we have a concert favorite singer or meeting with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, drop everything and run there. On the other hand, having there, we are happy, so we are expanding our freedom.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Marina, we walked away. It reminded me of the anecdote of the Georgian, it was told to me on the word game. When one asks the other: “Givi, you like tomatoes?” The other says: “Eat, Yes, and no.” For example, belief in information, if I believe in information, should I love?”

Elena, gr.Four: “I would like to say, you talked about the fact that if we understand that something expands our freedom, we are ready to believe it. In history there have been examples when the invaders came and brought their faith, if people were willing to accept this faith, he remained a life, he has gained some advantage. But the people did not agree, because faith is still something sverdlovini. And I think the will to believe in something it is also sverdlovini. It is not that I decide that tomorrow I’ll believe in so-and-so, i.e. it does not depend on us.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, why. The same invaders. The invaders came, they say, that you had your faith and come you now believe in something new. We told you once and some money, and privileges. And I say, believe in some religious beliefs, that after death I will go to heaven. I start to ask, maybe I’ll live longer with these privileges, and then eternal hell. And then, even if I’m going to roast on the fire, but I was waiting for eternal Paradise. This is an interesting, debatable topic.”

Larissa, gr.Four: “I would like to use the principle of openness, an example from personal experience. Here we take the generation of our grandparents that have passed the enormous difficulties, revolution, war, famine and so on, some unimaginable conditions, which we now it is difficult to imagine how it was possible at all to live and to survive and to live to a ripe old age. The example of his own grandmother – the hard life, lots of children, huge family. The man was illiterate, but a believer. And in moments of prayer, the man broke away from his hard life, from reality, from those of everyday life that surrounded her, and grow spiritually. And it gave joy, it gave me strength to continue to live, and gave me strength not to slide down. It was impossible to tell that it at the same time sharpens the mind, it had neither the strength nor the opportunity nor the time. But it gave the opportunity to leave this reality in some other plane.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, there’s a little bit different. Here may be the moment of prayer to a certain extent comparable with the elements of meditation, when outside everything is bad, collapse. And if your whole life is tied to the external, and outside the hunger warriors, but you can go to some island of nastranost inside, where everything is built on very different principles. And there you go, there rested and with new forces undertook the solution of problems. But this is a result of the execution of a particular faith. But still interesting”.

Marina, gr.Four: “I wanted to say about blind faith or a violent faith, here the reverse case, a grandmother, an ardent Communist, was led to believe, asked, you believe in communism? Yes. And made during the civil war in her hands to shoot people, but if you don’t believe, shoot, you’re an enemy of the people. That is, one believes, but she had no idea what she’s supposed to shoot people. And in freedom, equality, fraternity she believed”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “So this whole paradox that during the French revolution, that during our civil war, the ideals were excellent, but as soon as they began to realize – the devil is in the details. Here we are in our homework, we urge everyone to respond to two points, imagine you are the President and write two orders to absolute performance. And very interesting to see how someone writes, not what it orders, and in that moment, as they are realistic. You can have very good faith, and she tells you to spotlight to something higher, but when you begin to really put into practice, suddenly these bloody miracles begin to happen.

But, let us summarize. Who’s ready?”

Siora, gr.Four: “I am about faith I remembered a quote like that, some want to understand what you believe others want to believe in something that you understand. And, returning to the theme of faith and freedom, I think that in order to understand freedom, one must at least still believe. Because freedom in the context in which we consider this sverdlovini concept. And the next moment to come to freedom, we need to realize and understand the power of faith, and to understand the power of faith, you need to understand what it is. And here I allow myself to give a definition of faith, in my opinion, faith is a gift absolute to feel his strength and power in us. And if you go back to the macro – and microcosm, then perhaps it is a combination of macro – and microcosm within each Higher self of the person under the laws of the absolute. And given in this will to live and build that faith by rules and laws.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Interesting. But let us here still think. Here you learn everything here in the Open Yoga University, you study the principles of yoga, some theory, how do you know it is fair? You have no life experience to see if working or not working, the principle of yoga or other exercise, just no time for it. Of course, each of you has faith or trust. It helps you pave the way to where you want to go. In this respect, indeed, properly said of Sajora, how do you know that each of you has your Highest self? Because you said at the lecture. You may vaguely have guessed before, but maybe not. We are somewhere on the faith perceive that we have our I am free, and suddenly it’s proprietary, all of a sudden this slender tree yoga is wrong? We are here for each lecture say that each of you has his Higher self, it is free, omnipotent. And suddenly do not have this Higher self, or maybe it is, but not omnipotent, and so, half powerful?

Remember, the joke was, the new Russian bought the castle and his friend calls and says, bought the castle in the first half of the fourteenth century. And a friend of his asks, and the other half of the cases where you

Suddenly our I same. The first half is free, and a second enslaved. We don’t know. But if we have faith in the fact that the true teachings of yoga, we begin to believe, then tightens his ordinary knowledge, that is, the position of this faith to build our path in life, do something, build something and suddenly see that indirectly proves this fact. It is clear that we may not fully answer why we believe something or other, but we’re starting to expand your universe in the direction in which you believe.

Usually at seminars on imaging I always give the example that people like big fridge, which swims in the ocean, and his visualization of freezing of water whimsical shapes, the fact that he wants to visualize. And in fact, what we want to visualize? What we believe in. This is really a strange thing, people believe in one and starts with the power of your I from the surrounding ocean of the absolute to freeze what he believes, and makes one’s inner world. The other, who believes in something else and freezes your ocean into something else, and may be diametrically different from the first man. There is the factor of faith, and here and there comes the law that what you believe, and live. But on the third hand, it turns out that it is necessary to choose their faith. If you start to believe in something, you will make in your life to build on those things that you believe. That is, you start with the power of your Almighty self, which is free, to arrange so life situations that they will tend to come to you.

On the contrary, if you believe in something else, then going to something else. Accordingly, as you sow, so shall you reap. You will live in the future according to their faith. So it is very good to decide what makes sense to believe and what does not make sense to believe. By and large, you can bring any of your faith. But it would be good to make it all harmonious. It has not turned so that you believed, believed, and then under the pressure of facts suddenly there is a pile of ice that you froze, destroyed. You have long believed that the Earth was flat and on three foundations floats, and then suddenly it became clear that the Earth is round. It is a terrible shock, scrapped. Or you believed in the ideas of socialism and communism, you believed that private property cannot exist. You remember, in the Soviet Union there was no private property, was personal property. And suddenly, people took this belief and said that you do not believe is correct, really had to believe in private property, the law of the jungle, “who is not hidden, I am not guilty”, “who dared, that and ate”. What we immediately see? Utter demoralization of the country, because, if the head is a mess, the outside will never order.

So it is very good to choose a kind of faith that did not fail us, as to the ideas about the construction of socialism or with these religious doctrines. Well that is a good belief to have. What we have to have is an integral part of life. We just can’t get through the day without the factor of faith. Here someone says that now on the red square it’s raining, you believe him. Maybe the red square anymore. So at first glance there is the following limitation, that faith faith strife. Have faith, if you believe that your freedom increases. And have faith, that you believe in, but your freedom may be reduced.

The question arises, how can one faith be distinguished from another faith? Where is the criterion? Suddenly we are orphaned, we become an easy toy that we see around us. We were told on TV that we believed in it and started his own power to quicken it. Respectively, and live in that world, which is animated, and the idea someone gave. And then in the foreground, the kind of thing, but it would be nice if there were someone said that this belief system is the safest, if you’re going to believe in it, it would not be such a terrible and violent upheavals.

And for us sitting here, we’re not yoga teachers, we have not passed all yoga, we don’t know how it works. So for us there was a teacher and a Teacher of mankind, who gave us at least some knowledge that it was a kind of impetus or seed for our faith. For the simple reason that they say that if you will thus voleizyavleniya and freeze the universe around you, your freedom will grow, and if different, to shrink. And many of these provisions are reflected in the axiomatics of yoga, the basic provisions which many of you have studied. You study them, you know they are fair or not, the axiom is that which is given without proof. But it’s such a correct system of axioms, if you begin to believe in them, you start then to test them. Checking, to get the result. The result leads to the fact that your freedom increases. But if, on the contrary, you start to believe in some destructive things that there is no light, it will begin to hurl, to throw, and as a result your freedom to reduce. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right belief system in which to believe depends on everything.”


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