2011.08.13. Yoga and freedom. The questions and answers. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and freedom. The questions and answers. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.08.13.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : Can I sleep on the floor according to the Vedic tradition? The relationship of our karma and our future birth. Where is karma stored? Are our desires from the desires of other people? How can austerity in the fulfillment of our deepest desires? As ancient yogis have answered the question of whether to aspire to, and what is desirable? How to remove dirt with the use of sexual practices? How can we freeze our karma?

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Today 13 August 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University, all our information is on the websites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. We have courses for the systematic study of yoga over the Internet, they are on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru.

Start now a serious topic makes no sense. As it was now summer time, vacation time, so it is the good period, in order to answer your questions.

Anastasia, gr.4:

You said that there will be a series of lectures on “Yoga and profession.” I have a suggestion to make to students or even some sort of announcement, so everyone threw their ideas into the ideas Bank specifically on his work that he can tell. Each student can also make some short report. For example, I now work in HR company, we are hiring staff top management. I could also prepare some report, for example, how to write a summary of what a recruitment Agency looks for when he interviews, what to say, what not have to categorically indicate or inform. I think everyone can tell some important points that he can tell the world.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Great idea. As for a resume, this is a very interesting topic, I want us to be this topic more closely engaged in. We even started to do within the courses for the training of teachers of the corresponding page. Because in the future when the end of the training, and you go to look for a place where you could teach yoga, we have in the country or abroad, should be able to present yourself very well. But experience shows that very few people can intelligently apply himself, so the subject with great PR.

Elena, gr.Astra:

Isn’t it true that the Vedic tradition is not very good to sleep on the floor?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about it. The fact that the Vedas have been preserved in India. And there the average Indian is sleeping on the floor, so where did this information that sleeping on the floor is against Vedic knowledge I can’t even imagine, probably, someone something somewhere messed up. Unfortunately, I have to admit that the Vedic knowledge is now in Western countries comes often very distorted, and this is many speculation, a strange position that you will never find neither in the Vedas nor in the circles in which they are studied. I sometimes also faced with a rather strange “Vedic” provisions. For example, according to Vedic knowledge, a person should eat something, so-and-so, where did these provisions? And the most offensive when it lists products that emerged clearly later. And I begin to torment vague doubts that someone is either not understood, or there is some substitution of concepts. The fact that sometimes the Vedic knowledge refers to certain interpretations of certain texts of many Indian religious sects. That is, each religious sect begins to somehow interpret a particular treatise, or position, then somehow the followers of this system fall in the West, the branches of his understanding. Some of these followers develop quite a flurry of activity and involve a huge number of people in your field of influence. The sad thing is, they all called Vedic knowledge. Here multifaceted confusion. First, one of the variants of the word Veda is knowledge, so the higher mathematics can be called the Vedas, so sometimes, to distinguish General knowledge from higher knowledge, that stipulate. For example, say that there is Vedas, and there are upaveda (subject knowledge), and it in turn also has some comments. The saddest thing is that it has now become very profitable commercially. And at the time also, as the spread of Feng Shui, the system of prediction, palmistry, these subjects, which bad reached us, and often fall into the hands of unscrupulous people who have built commercial structure. The same situation occurs with the Vedas, so be careful. If you hear that there is Vedic knowledge, don’t be shy and ask, what is meant by Vedic knowledge because, strictly speaking, should be understood to refer to the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda (sometimes). Even such a thing as Ayurveda is not any particular Veda like rig Veda, it is only the science of Ayur or science of health, longevity, life. But sounds the same and it seems that it also has the same respected status as the Rigveda. But it’s just the same word. This does not mean that Ayurveda is based will not be some important, good, useful things for people, but, unfortunately, what reaches the West is the seventh water on the jelly, that is absolutely non-thing.

Elena, gr.4:

I understand that the law of karma is the law of causality. At the time of death we break off all Association, and when we are born, we are born according to our karma. How this turns out, if at the time of death we rip all associative links?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Let’s order. What is the law of karma is the law of cause and effect. The word karma translates as “something made”. Incidentally, the word Kriya and karma word related words, the word Kriya is to do something, and the word karma is already done.

That part of the Universe in which we live, is constructed as follows. We have a first cause, then effect. Or in other words, we live in a time vector, that is we had yesterday when we created some things, then came today, when these actions have led to some changes in our lives. In addition, today we, on the one hand, received an imprint from the actions yesterday, and on the other hand, managed to do some new things that was due yesterday. That is tomorrow, we will get a stacking effect. But everywhere we have a vector of time that a first cause and then consequence.

In our corner of the Universe we have not observed a situation where first would be the consequence rather then the cause. Therefore, the law of karma is sufficient in this sense, simple. Someone, of course, may ask why we have a first cause, then the investigation may have on the contrary, a consequence without a cause or reason without investigation. For example, we go to work to earn a lot of money, work, work, and wages do not increase or we become even poorer. Sometimes, on the contrary, we do nothing, and we have dumped an abundance of money, although we didn’t do anything to buy it. Sometimes we have the impression that there is a consequence, but there is no reason. But yoga says that each reason was a consequence, and each consequence has a reason. The question is, what in time they may be far removed from each other, and we just forget when we did certain things. But even more fundamental point of view the law of karma can explain the following thing – each of us absolutely free being, each of us comes up with the laws by which he lives in the future. That is, each of us is God, whatever he wished, will come true. This stems from the presence of our Almighty higher self and that we are free.

It turns out that we are constantly generating some kind of desire or will. Or will these wishes come true, but sometimes we generate either too many wishes in a row, or begin to generate conflicting ideas, with some frequency, the one desire, then another, then a third. The result is our every desire to be fulfilled, but it takes time. And all our desires line up in a queue and this queue is called the law of karma. All that you will not want, sooner or later will come true. Another conversation that you wished at one point of time, and can be performed in a very different time. When this desire will be fulfilled, you do not want this desire, you start to generate the opposite of desire, it also must be fulfilled, but it also takes time.

And in fact, the law of karma can in this sense be reduced to the law of free will or to the law that you live in that Universe, which you yourself invented. That is what you came up with this and you will live. And as the embodiment of that, you came up with in his Universe any laws, then they themselves under this law was received and thereby legitimize it is generally the rule throughout the Universe. But the rule is absolute if it applies to something one, it automatically applies to something else. And here you can valishvili “I want my property was secure and the property of my enemies have been plundered”. But the law is the same for all assets, so if you have something you want different, then you fall under these same laws. Including for this reason, we course of evolution came up with a lot of irrational laws that weighted our lives. And everything we see around us is the total set of rules that we generated. But the task is complicated by the fact that we are with you from time to time die and re-born. From the point of view of yoga of dying and birth this whole process can be termed as dis-identification. Or in other words, here you have created a particular Universe, their personal with their intent in her live. And, of course, there are any processes as they emanate one from the other, but from time to time you tear everything in this Universe or die, but, dying, you actually for me personally everything is dissolved, except for the presence of those laws which you have valishvili, so when you are born again you are born not in some is a completely new Universe, and the one before that themselves are formed, but without some specifics, starting with a clean slate you do you think that live. But again, to say that with a clean sheet you can’t, because what Universe you left after his death, in the same conditions you are. Therefore, someone is born poor, someone rich, someone in good conditions, someone bad. In this sense, everyone gets only what they deserve, so it is not the case that people born in worse conditions of life than it deserves, this does not happen. That is, he was born in the Universe, which was created in a previous life on the terms that he set for himself and for others. Therefore, on the one hand, Yes, indeed, when we die, we rip all associative links with the world. As the proverb says, to the light with nothing to carry off, neither wealth nor property, nothing at all. And if you were dear to us things, then when we die, we of course do not take, therefore, the associative link, which connects us with this thing, inadvertently torn forcibly. Sometimes there are big problems with our death and the next birth, because, experiencing such discomfort at the same time (for example, a billionaire in life, shaking in their billions, and then have to die, with nothing to take). And now you are dead and begin to watch as your relatives or enemies begin to take away your billions you uncomfortable. And you instead focus on everything going on, you but this Association begins to pull in a world where there’s nothing you can do. But over time, and this relationship begins to be forgotten, and we rush, if we use the terminology of the Tibetan yogi, get into the Bardo, or transitional state between life and death. There are complex processes of associative relationships break, when we unhook from that from which depended in this Universe, which they themselves invented. It is sometimes associated with painful conditions, sometimes with pleasure. If we were doing something higher and spiritual, after death, the Association brings to us something higher, spiritual. If something bad did, and after death, the associative relationship breaks are not the best way similar to when a person is having nightmares. But anyway, we then completely out of the conditioned state, we at some point have nothing to do with the world, but we have valishvili some rules of the game, some kind of Universe. In the Bardo we can’t be more than a specific time, we must return to this world. The analogy is, have you ever seen dolphins jumping in Dolphinarium? Here he swam under the water, suddenly jumped, did a somersault in the air and again plop and dived again into the water. He can’t always fly over the surface of the water, he will again have to dive in. Here also we are in the moment of death jump out of this Universe, some time flying in free flight, but further immersed in the same Universe that we ourselves have valishvili or what they themselves have created. It turns out that when we die, we escapsim all associative links, we reteplase with the Universe, which you yourself have valishvili. That is why you can use the state of death to reach final liberation or final release outside of karma, outside of cause and effect. But as for life we aspired to certain things, actions, course of action, we have valishvili this Universe and we are tied to it, once again, we want to come back. People are rude pulls unconsciously, people are more spiritually evolved consciously choose where to dive, i.e. jump, and in the time of flight of the yogi or Yogini looking to dive a little left or a little right to be born in this country or in this, there’s a freedom of choice occurs. It is clear the people are rude, it’s all uncontrollable, jumped out where there and flopped back.

So on the one hand you have the opportunity to go beyond the law of cause and effect, law of karma, or to realize themselves in their original freedom in the moment of death, but we are not ready, we don’t even know the concept of freedom. And the fact that we are free from everything, does not mean that we can take advantage of this freedom. We, on the contrary, are drawn to our previous life, our previous state, we again return to the Universe whence according to their karma. Accordingly, we find ourselves in the laws that we have valishvili. Let’s say you came up with the slave system, was the big boss, jumped out of the Universe, and return to the same Universe in which came up with the slave system. But the question is, will you be the master or be you slave. But what you came up with, on their skin and experience. That’s why we need to be very careful with the expression of certain desires, because all desires will be fulfilled, all your dreams will come true, all your laws will be fulfilled. That’s why we have been practicing meditation “may all beings happy”, wanting happiness even to their enemies. Because by and large, if you set the laws of the Universe, where even the enemy of his enemy wished happiness, then you will sooner or later this Universe will be born and you have a natural way do.

Why is it necessary to focus on the positive side of life and not the negative. Because focusing on the positive side of life, you quickly and painlessly change their Universe for the better, but if you’re concentrating too much on the negative side, you instead realize what was wrong and fix it, more and more begin to toughen some of the rules of the game, the result do the same for them get. Like the judge who comes up with horrific laws and then he falls under them. Mark TWAIN was the product is very good, if someone has not read, read, called “the Prince and the pauper”. The plot was the fact that he was the Prince and the pauper was, they were similar to each other. And somehow it happened that they met and at some time swapped. The Prince began to wander the country to wander, and has become a beggar at the throne. All sorts of adventures, but the fact is that when the Prince returned to his throne, he differently began to treat the poor, to other people, to the laws he makes. If that was some kind of abstract thing, the people he manages, but now he realized that in fact, it manages itself. And it would be nice to our politicians, rich people from time to time to become beggars. Then you’re absolutely on-to another begin to think and make a decision, and they consider themselves something exceptional. Oligarch who stole a lot of money, it considers itself exceptional, but he dies faster than he thinks and be born among those from whom he stole. Similarly, a politician with disdain for human rights in their country. He will die and he will get into those prisons, in the environment he created.

It is usually said that the laws of nature, the evil came up with an absolute no. Absolute came up with a very elegant system, It’s not his fault that you come up with yourself and why you suffer. It turns out that diving into that Universe, which they themselves have created, we are born again acquire associative connections according to the law of the Universe, which they themselves have created. Therefore, we are born a child, but if we get into a bad environment that they themselves have created, then we faster gain bad habits, if we already have the sense to beware of bad company, we are looking for a more suitable company, respectively, we have already other better associative links. And so it continues from life to life, from life to life as long as the law of the cycle of existence or running in circles until we begin to walk. We, first, start very carefully to appeal to his desires, we are very delicately start to treat other living beings, we grow wiser, we become wiser, we become kind, because we understand that every evil will turn against us, so is it worth it to release into the world. Therefore, we can approach these mysteries of life from a position of analytic knowledge. I answered the question?”

Lena Kulikova, gr.4:

When a person dies, it pulls back to the previous associative links, and our voleizyavleniya I be born again?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

In this respect there is a very subtle point, there are several more complicated. Strictly speaking, indeed, with every birth and every death we create our personal Universe, then it dissolved. But there is a common denominator or the reservoir, which are drawn in our personal Universes, and this is in fact the original Foundation, which was created by the absolute. That is, if we die, on the one hand, it is our personal end of the world but not the end of the world for other living beings with whom we interacted in the course of life, once they were invited into his Universe, or rejected, because we are all swimming in a common ocean of the absolute, so that every birth is the birth of the Universe, and every death is the death of the Universe. But it is only from the perspective of our higher self, but from the standpoint of the absolute, we begin to create the Universe, weaving it into the Universe of the absolute. Those prints that we created, by being alive, we then obtained with the help of mediation of the absolute, which connects the two births, as well as our personal Universe with the Universe of other living beings with whom we have valishvili to communicate, and already built some relationships. In this sense such a scheme and allows you to store karma.

Where is karma stored? Just some nonsense I heard. Supposedly somewhere out there on the big palm tree trunk, in the trunk of a hare, in the hare a duck, in a duck egg, etc. is medieval Or archaic vision of the great court, where sit the gods with a book, a record of your every act. Supposedly somewhere there is a book where everything is recorded, and if you’re secretly a page will rip, it’s like you didn’t do anything. Well, more strange scheme, in which after the middle ages, the era of the Renaissance, is an indulgence. That is the main thing of money pay, a candle where you have put it, and we will deal with your sins. But it is an archaic echo of people’s ideas about the universe, because the people, by all measures, he needed some images. So just the views or not fair? You can say Yes and no. Yes, because your karma can be stored anywhere. You are in the same life wrote the law on a sheet of paper. This piece no one is destroyed, you were born and suffer just because how the lawmakers wrote it. If he did not live this law, a piece of paper is torn, the mouse ate it, it would have neutralized the negative consequences of your act. But for that you have had with mice to communicate well, some good things to do, that is all intertwined. And in fact, it turns out that all the universe we leave keeps prints from our actions. Then, when we are born, each of these prints fit, like pulse, which in a previous life had left, and in this life converge, and we get the place of birth, time of birth, living conditions, life expectancy, and many, many things. On the one hand, the materialists can say is all because he was born in this Universe and the objective conditions forced him to die quickly. But, on the other hand, the fact of where you entered, and determines under what you got. Where you went was determined the moment you came out. And that’s such a clever way the continuity of karma or law of cause and effect goes on from life to life, although in the intermediate transitions, we have all the chances to never return. This is the yoga of dying”.

Elena, gr.4:

Often, our desires involve other people and from their expression, too much depends.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Still very difficult, much more difficult. You know the joke when a man waiting for a taxi, approached the privately owned and offers to go. And he says, no, do not go, you have cheap no. And the driver had asked you to go or you need cheap. That’s about the same situation. You have a desire to be with someone, why is it there. If you analyse, you come to the concept that it is not a single person who has his own freedom of will, he can voleizyavleniya to be with you or not. Some other conditions that you attract or repel. You don’t need to enslave a free I another person, you need some conditions for the existence of your personal Universe with someone else’s personal Universe, and through whom it will manifest matters. We tend to pull these characters from outer space. Therefore, the law of freedom of will is not broken, you can not impose anything to anyone. But, on the other hand, everything you want, is not this, so another. Can change the shell, the essence remains the same.


But if we do not know what we want from him?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

This is especially difficult and fraught especially when we don’t know what I want. But I want to reassure you that all of our casual desires is when we do not know what they want. It only seems to us that something we want one with more in-depth consideration, we wanted something different, and that’s what we said, was just a tool to get it. By and large, we all want happiness, but we understand it according to the conditions of his life. For a hungry person the concept of happiness is impossible without concept of enough food. And he begins to Express the concept of happiness in the concept of the availability of food. Poor man – it is a money for a single person is a husband or wife, etc. But by and large, we are all seeking for happiness, all the rest is just packaging happiness in our Universe. Therefore, sooner or later, configuring the wrong desires, we get a negative result and getting smarter. I already told this joke, I’m sorry, he’s dirty, but I can’t resist to him again not to tell. The essence lies in the fact that plantation escaped slave running through the desert. And suddenly in the middle of the desert lies a Golden fish, he grabbed it. Goldfish said, let me go, I will fulfill your three wishes. RAB come up with for yourself three wishes: I want to be white; I want to have plenty of water, and then I thought, I thought want I was surrounded by many naked women. Goldfish took it and turned it into a white bowl.

Similarly, we sometimes identify a certain desire, we get some result, and then it turns out that we got not what we wanted. It turns out that sooner or later we will have to understand and answer the question: what do we want from life. And here we are waiting for a lot of very interesting discoveries, we gradually begin to move from coarser to more subtle, and from a desire that can be incorrectly made or lost, we will come to desire something more universal, and that we will not be able to lose, and what cannot continue to hurt us.

And I can tell you what came yogis and Yoginis of ancient times in his analyses of desire. You also need to know if passed the axioms of yoga. The only thing that remains is the desire of knowledge and of communication with the absolute, it is from the perspective of the axioms of the macrocosm, but from the standpoint of the axioms of the microcosm is the knowledge and approval of your higher self, because it is the source of all energy, pleasure and happiness.

If you remember this section as a quick methods in yoga which tells us that the system of axioms of the macrocosm and the system of axioms of the microcosm is essentially a large shared system, and they are inseparable from each other. So, if to speak figuratively, we strive to ensure that our higher self that we have known, has known the absolute. And this is a guarantee of happiness, which comes not misfortune, but how you’ll get it all done in your life, it affects the beauty of your personal life or your personal book of yoga.

Remember the saying that the most important book on yoga you will read, you write for yourself. And the story of your fate will be the most exciting story if you make the connection of your higher self with the absolute. Someone achieves this through the knowledge, when you are doing creative work and through creativity at the same time you will know the highest cause of being, and as you open who you really are. Some through politics, some through business, some through science, some through culture, some through yoga, probably some through religion. And, as much as religions, so many ways of knowing. Although religion is a thing quite slippery. But if we go back to yoga, inside yoga there are different ways you can learn this merger through meditation, through the practice of meditation, through the study of the physical body. Or if we remember the fast methods, such as yoga of love, Tantra yoga or yoga of sexual Union, there, you will discover and come to this secret fusion of the absolute and of your higher self by analogy with life with your husband or wife, when the man merges with his wife, and the wife merges with her husband. That is when the husband wife is the absolute. And for the wife the husband the absolute. And these beautiful paths in your life can be a huge amount.

That is, each of you will live a glorious life full of achievements, victories, happiness, pleasure and transcendent joy, transcendent freedom out of this Universe. But how do you come up with to paint it all is as you like it, because it’s your free will. Or in other words, if you all the desires that you want, just turn into a shell of desire, when your higher self merges with the absolute, then any desire that your life be fulfilled, ranging from spiritual attainments, achievements or a Mercantile material, for example, you want to get rich or to get your Nobel prize, all this will be only a wrapper for this inexpressible merging of your higher self and the higher self beyond.

Similarly, using all the usual desires, sex desire, the desire to be attractive, powerful, all sorts of desires, if this is just the shell, inside of which lies the desire to know the absolute, cognize their higher self and to communicate your higher self with the absolute, guaranteed you’ll get pleasure in life without suffering. But if you are not awake to see this ultimate component parts, followed by the engaging of an episode of his life, will come to disappointment. Because the high you can’t see, you’ll grab only the form. And the form will get bored, and, moreover, eventually become a burden.

A scholar in his youth could rave discovery of the laws of nature, but old age makes sure that all this corruption. He discovered a nuclear reaction, then the atomic bomb, someone came up with, he opened a chemical substance, immediately poison gas someone came up with, he invented the internal combustion engine, to release time for the people to read Shakespeare, went to the theater all boarded a car, and they free up time spent on bickering, fighting, drunkenness and any base the series on TV. And you start questioning what the hell I has spent his life, revealed to mankind the law E=mc2, if in the end the emptiness of it! And you start a different attitude to science, a similar situation with the business. When we are young, we think that would be my milliarder, so I turned around. And already in old age and milliardik there, and not happy, what’s more, the problems start, the crisis in which currency to hold, say, all the currencies fall, gold rises, gold may pour your milliardik, and suddenly gold will fall, start the nervous sleepless night. And so that you would not have too much to drink. If you cling to everyday – you’ll not be disappointed. If you see through the mundane and aspire to the highest Supreme – you’ll never be disappointed. You know, as was said, ask for higher, ordinary will work itself out. That’s the idea of those desires, after which there will be disappointments. Anybody else have any questions?

Question from the audience:

I have a question on the subject of asceticism. On the one hand it is said that all our desires are fulfilled, on the other hand is the theme of asceticism, which teaches us that you wished, but you stop, not to waste his prana into various desires, accumulate, will be able to direct her to something else. It is not clear how this goes together? On the one hand everything turns, on the other hand we can somehow adjust the.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Very well docked. Each of our desire lining up. Imagine, as before, in the Soviet years, when a scarce commodity brought to the store, a huge tail stretched from people who stood in line, waiting. That’s just our desires are lining up. Moreover, some people need the goods very strongly, while others not so much. But you can’t say that you guys are five people ahead of me are standing, well, out, you, this TV is not really needed, and I really need. Similarly, we realize all our dreams will come true, but we foolishly have nayelli too much of what we now it is not necessary or not so necessary. And prana will be spent in turn. And we want to get something out of turn. That is, to one faster turned, something else let them pass, only a little later, but something third, let them do not come to pass, you never know what I nagell, wrong nagell. Need some kind of tool that would allow this to be controlled. As one to slow down, the other to strengthen, the third push back. And now, there is such a thing as austerity when we do, this method start to control the fulfilment of our wishes. We start some one desires to hold at the expense of asceticism, accordingly, the accumulated prana redistributed some other desires which we give the nod and that’s the way we achieve the fulfillment of our cherished desires. That is, the system of asceticism are good in order to some desire now fulfilled, soon. When you realize that there were many other desires, so-so, not that bad, but no.

Question from the audience (continued):

Here you hoarding this austerity, but the self is still not all. How to do it practically, that this particular wish came true, but not the others. I saved up prana, but is not the desire that I want fulfilled, and those that lie ahead.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yeah, in one famous song: “…to me that’s what happens to me my old friend does not walk, and go to an idle vanity, a variety of not the same.” There’s nothing we can say, we need to analyze the background of those desires, if you are the last 50 lives and only wanted those little gray desire, there’s a whole army of agents Smith, in the matrix, agents Smith lined up, until one pass (all 57 thousand people) will come one who is need, therefore, to say very hard. We need to know the background, we need to know the previous what things to analyze. It is clear that no one from the outside can not do it, it can make you alone when you sit and ponder, but on the other hand, you have to remember another factor, if you valishvili to invite into your life of the absolute, and without your invitation he will not come back, he gave you freedom, including the freedom from having to let you know what it is. And you said, “the absolute, well, you think for me, I don’t know what to desire and what not to want, make sure it is done right, I think”. And he’s thinking, he thinks, and he delegated authority, he decides. And he thinks good to give you now your wish, it’s still you now to nothing lead, because I was there with my absolute heights all are visible. I can see what will be the chain of events that will lead you to suffering. And you asked me to, I do not give suffering. So sometimes it turns out that when nothing is happening is the best thing that can happen. We would like protects life if we of course asked her to. If we do nothing to ask for, then may be some other explanation. But to say it is very hard, you need to analyze, you need to look at the situation and, indeed, to remember, and maybe that is the best that could be. Otherwise, we could something more have, but spent more of some moral force, and we would be more restless. Yet let friends and discuss all the issues.

Question from the audience:

The yoga of dying going on dis-identification with our bodies, and how this relates to our centers.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Friends, this is a murky mystery. I want to set You in a working mood. I urge you once you finish the training in OIU (remember that you must become teachers of yoga, i.e. be able to distribute four kinds of yoga: Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga; Mantra yoga; Pranayama yoga), you should be able to read lectures on the principles of yoga. You must learn to convey this knowledge to other people is what gives MOJO. But once you become a serious yoga, start your personal life in yoga. In the sense that this whole universe is unidentified just waiting that you do when you have to translate the treatises, when you’ll do certain practices, to reflect, to rediscover, to restore and to explain all the remaining knowledge of yoga. The future of yoga lies entirely on your shoulders, and I can’t wait to be a lot of people that I myself will tell, but that’s all still happening at the moment of death, and how it detaches one from the other. Of course, I could say many things. But even that much will still be enough for the final understanding, this is a really challenging yoga, but believe me, even the fact that you are here now know, not everyone else knows, everybody knows even less. Therefore, I suggest that You further in their own work on this topic.

Question from the audience:

In the text, Anandalahari there is a verse for which I have not found comments: “All the gods give out blessings, the gifts and turn away fear by gestures of their hands, you’re the one who gives freedom from fear and fulfills desires by gestures of their feet. Oh, the mother of the world, you give more than we can wish.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

The fact that there is and other poems. That this whole world was made of tiny particles of dust collected from your feet. In terms of what deities need vengeance to work hard. Your legs are higher than what these deities do and for that they get honor and respect. This is an indication of unrivalled status. All deities swarmed. Deity! Compared to which ordinary mortals, no one. Deity below the level of the feet of the goddess Sri. This is one of the possible comments – translation. You remember that in Anandalahari, as in all the ancient texts of several levels of knowledge: direct, allegorical, sacred. Much is word play. So it is possible to comment on a particular situation, Anandalahari can be a huge amount. Moreover, all the comments seem to be different, but not contradictory, but rather complement the transcendent level of the text. Of course, one can cite other comments, you can analyze the phonetics of the verse and pull out a background or range of mantras. More questions.

Question from the audience:

108 aphorisms of Tantra yoga is such a position that when sexual interaction with the partner we get the prints on all three levels. It turns out that our karma is mixed. It concerns only the moment of interaction or is it for the future too?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

No, our karma can not mix. Karma is not transmitted and does not work, your karma is what you create yourself and only you alone will get the result. If the impression that someone did something, and you pay for it, it’s just subtle karma. But you get only what you deserve. So to take on someone’s karma is not possible in principle. Just like to pass on to someone else your karma is not possible in principle. But again, there are moments when it seems as if that happened, but it’s just a complicated situation that as the sheet of paper you can crumple up, to crumple, it’s all so confusing, and then again, to pull, and it’s all straightened out and there is nothing mysterious. Karma all the same. Twisted it can be very convoluted, but if you track and straighten the situation, it remains dry residue. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Now on. When you have sex. It’s actually a sacred activity. From this children are born. What is the birth of man? It is neither more nor less than the incarnation of the whole Universe. Therefore, all spectrums of consciousness and energy, which are present in the human body, they are all involved when you have sex in another conversation that you don’t feel it, nature is the elegance of mind, feelings and other factors which we are unaware. The fact that we have sex, in this lesson, there are all spectrums of life. Then, of course, there is the physical level and the subtle level, the causal level. And so we begin to Express the will to use these levels with another person and we get a print from this interaction. Imprint this also falls under this saying “With whom povedeshsya, on and nabereshsya.” If it is quite vulgar. If you have sex with good people, accordingly and get a good print, if bad, then the imprint will receive bad. Involuntarily you start to get the same image actions, thoughts. I always give the example, in my childhood, when I was a kid, I grew up, talked with the guys, potty mouth, of course, I picked up from them that swearing so I can not tell you. Of course, if I talked with the children of professors and diplomats, and it would be my was more consistency and moderation, but karma I have, I talked with those who spoke, and got a print corresponding.

And that’s about the same situation that the husband and wife when they live together, under the effect of the qualities of the partner, themselves inclined to adopt, both good and bad. But if in everyday life we interact only on a physical level, we went on the subway, you pushed, you are someone pushed. Left a print on the physical level, either on a subtle level or at causal level. But if you do this kind of deep activities, like sex, which is very sacred occupation in fact, from the point of view of yoga, the greatest chance for self-discovery, in fact in this lesson all involved, and have the opportunity, as getting rid of from these levels, and these are incidentally the yogis and Yoginis in the so-called sexual practices. In yoga, there’s even sexual practices, when sex becomes, roughly speaking, in yoga. But that’s a separate issue. So, there is the possibility of using sexual practices to remove all impurities from gross, subtle and causal levels. But as you know, if you have sex with the first person, you know what they say, casual relationships, then surely it is likely that you will come into contact not with those with whom it is necessary and something to poznovatelno more negative. That kind of logic. No mystery everything is transparent and clear.

Question from the audience:

How to remove all impurities with the use of sexual practices?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

What level? Well. Let’s start with the physical level. My body, dear to me as memory. Here, for example, there are practices in yoga of Union, where you’re asked to do certain movements. You know, we are all having sex is some periodic movement, Kriya (doing). Of course, if you do all of these kree, movement in a certain way, both man and woman. Assumes an active role in this will demonstrate not only male but also female, since any movement will be very interesting processes. Needless to say, certain kinds of hormones will begin to be released into the blood, the nature of the work of the heart will change the nature of the breathing will change, the nature of arising thoughts will change. In fact you will begin to make the physical movement and metabolism actually starts to change, it can manifest as anything, to the point that you just will start to sweat very much as at the gym, like when you are doing some exercises. Question honestly rather to physiologists or doctors, I honestly say, this is not a ear snout not understand, when we start to have sex, digestion, and other our processes are rearranged, so made our bodies. And here it turns out that even with only then you are losing a huge amount of some products of metabolism, which of you stepped out, and thereby, in particular, after yoga Union is achieved sometimes absolutely amazing result. After such a stormy night classes these practices, your body starts to ring like a crystal, your head becomes very clear why, because you contributed to the leaching from the body of toxins, some products of metabolism, or how different you launched some complicated hormonal processes, because we are in a very complex factory. Our metabolism affects our health, our wellbeing depends on the work of our mind, the clarity, and it affects our moods, etc. Now imagine that you are at this level after exercising ticked off all the toxins, you have brains began to work better, you come to your job and better did their job. Or, for example, faced with a particular problem, you came out the winner. Why? Because it was in the best shape. The fact that it’s your negative karma, problems compensated by your positive karma when you have found a resource to recycle it without suffering. It’s a kind of thing that you respectively even at this level, change their karma. Accordingly, in order to do this Kriya, you need a partner or partner, husband or wife, lover or mistress, I don’t know how anyone who is. And they need to be at least in your sexual preferences and categories. That is, everyone has some sexual preferences, like sex, how to have sex and even whether they do. And depending on the partner, you will either do the Kriya yoga of the Union or do not do. If the physical condition of your partner able to do this Kriya for such a long time, and you will. But if your partner is in a weaker state, and you will not make them. In addition, all these sex is conducted exclusively chastely, i.e. without losing the part that goes on the continuation of life. Don’t ask me now how to do it – this is a separate section of yoga called the yoga of sexual Union, who are interested, find an appropriate place where they teach and learn there. In MOJO we yoga teachers are preparing, to sexual practice, we are not threatened, not before us. More complicated interaction happens on a subtle level. Having sex, you deal with a live person, You have some emotions arise. The young man looks at the girl and admires her, the girl looks at him and admires him. Similarly, causal level. It is the least obvious, but when you have sex, you will definitely get a known enjoyment, otherwise sex would be no one did. If it was connected with suffering, then all would have had under pressure to get engaged, but you see, nature has made it so that we get a well-known pleasure. This level of enjoyment is very strange, sexual pleasure it’s not what it does not, and in fact it is closest to the causal level. And if you are on this causal level worked moments of pleasure, pain, likes, dislikes, there are many different aspects there are, I don’t want you to confuse is a separate yoga, having worked at this level in the future, when you are in your life faced with a situation when you feel overwhelmed by the causeless causeless joy or despair you are already in possession of the inside begin to grind all of these States. And this is the level of the causal body. But then again, your partner or partner must share your views, go on your way and you like each other learn. Woman to learn something from man, man to learn from woman. That’s mean, when we talk about interaction on gross, subtle and causal levels. No such otherworldly mysticism, nothing that you could not understand through common sense and reason. But still, for these explanations that you get with logic, common sense there is something higher. Why? Because of sex new life is born. In this process there is something what we to speak coherently can’t, what are we to think coherently can’t, and what we learn not earlier, than will reach a higher state of Enlightenment.

Have more questions?

Question from the audience:

In yoga they say that it is possible to freeze karma. What is meant here?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

The implementation of this just might not be entirely obvious. It can be like some exercise, meditation, and the essence is everywhere the same. If you need someone, to the examples used, you have to man 100, and you have to repay your debt. You once took – it was the reason, now the consequence should be given, but for some reason you are unable to pay on time. And the deadline is and if you don’t give the person who gave you the debt will be angry and will not be pleased with you. What are you doing? You have a way to go to the Bank and take the 100 rubles at interest, and pay the man, thereby to gain time in the future to return to the Bank to return these 100 rubles plus interest. Therefore, from the point of view of karma created such an illusion of freezing. This is the essence. You first suspend the action of karma, but then you still need to make up for it. In yoga, for example, practices like the practice of creating protective fields. Why after removing the protective field, we recommend you as soon as possible, but without haste, to leave the place where it was created. That’s why I don’t recommend that people explore the practice of creating protective fields, and came to us and studied under our strict guidance, challenging practice is actually not obvious.

Question from the audience:

But this practice, when we present ourselves as we will in the future, and committed such acts in the present, as if we were already perfect, what is it treated?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

It’s aerobatics. It relates to quick methods of yoga. It’s a tricky job with that part of your life that is not conditioned by karma. That is, some part of your life are determined by karma and some part free. Under the part where we are free, we can do absolutely fantastic things to do, because we are free. In particular, what you’re asking, practice visualizing yourself as if we were already perfect, it does not negate karma, we’re just in that little corridor of freedom squeezed a piece of the future. Have the right have, because we are free. But in the part where we are not free, to do would not succeed. Why? Because we are not free, and due to this karma, there is nowhere to push. Friends, I’m very vulgar, you describe some of the most difficult to understand topics in yoga, namely fast methods of yoga, there are actually much more complicated, at least for the reason that you appeliruete to the part of the Universe where there is no time, someone of you can imagine the part of the Universe where there is no time. And you can generally imagine a place where there is no time. This is a very abstract thing.

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