2011.05.21. Freedom and Death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Freedom and Death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.05.21.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description :

The first part of the lecture addresses the topic of “Freedom and faith”. We must try our faith to the tooth of the mind. Sverdlovka never contrary to logic, so in your mind we’ll never be able to destroy the Supreme, which has been revealed to us, but can destroy all illogical.

The second part of the lecture on the theme “Freedom and death”. What is death in our ordinary understanding? How we treat death? If death is inappropriate, or in some situations it comes as a salvation? Why are we afraid of death? What is death for spiritually developed people? Is it possible to use the moment of death as a yogic practice?

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Today may 21, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are with you in Moscow in the Cultural center “Enlightenment”. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University on the topic “Yoga and freedom”. All archive information is on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. Information about our films, in our online store www.shop.openyoga.ru. And for the systematic study of yoga we are Internet yoga courses at www.kurs.openyoga.ru where you can take yoga from the very first steps to its heights.

Today we will continue consideration of the topic “Yoga and freedom”, it is a huge fundamental issue. And as usual I’ll have to remind us what we did last lecture.

Alexander, free the listener: “the last lecture, we touched on the fact that faith can be both enslaving and liberating. It all depends on what the goal is in front of you, to develop or not. What one believes, then he attracts in his life. It is advisable to believe in something that leads you to liberation and makes you happy without hurting others. Touched what to select faith not worth it, no matter how ridiculous it did not seem to us, because over time each person will develop his mind. Choosing faith, we must pass through logic to pass it through various filters, including using the first and second principles of yoga. Said that faith turns into knowledge. Touched the gods that they transformirovalsya depending on the representation of the person about himself. Faith in good from the perspective of our Higher self can change our personal universe, and subsequently to make the gears of the universe turned, and the man was in the universe he wants to be.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I’ll do the accent. Sounded a reminder that don’t be afraid to try faith on the tooth of the mind. Unfortunately, this disregard for the mind played a bad service with many religions. A huge number of problems these religions for their followers and for others due to this fact. You have to understand the human condition, which is faith, and this faith begins to revive what is happening in his life, phenomena, events. You remember that from the perspective of Bhakti yoga, the absolute charge of everything in whatever language we cannot speak. And very often it happens that a person inherits a system of beliefs, which have come down from ancient times, and begins to truly believe in any humanistic ideals inside of this belief system. And it turns out that studying a particular religion, it is not critical perceives a certain situation. Then when he starts practicing prescribed any particular religion practices (fasting, prayer, etc.), then sooner or later, the High begins to answer him in the language which he speaks. And it creates a dangerous moment of Supreme identification with the form is the Highest manifest.

And, of course, for a man who received a spiritual experience within the framework of a particular religion, and everything associated with it, begins to be Holy. Because it opened a lot more than able to give his mind even very refined. His Holy attitude is beginning to spread to the whole system of views surrounding this religion. And he unwittingly becomes a fanatic maniac.

On the one hand, he opened Higher, very humanistic, and, on the other hand, he begins to be forced to fight for any doubtful provisions in a particular religion. When a person uncritically takes the experience from sverkhnovye (a Higher sverhdohodno) on logic and the result internally begins to fear and tremble, what if suddenly I will start the logic to apply to any one situation this system, suddenly from me and the Higher the slip. It makes him the same to suppress your mind and become a mindless zealot who begins to destroy their own attempts to find logical inconsistencies in some outdated, misunderstood views.

It’s the nature of fanaticism. For this reason, a huge number of people have been killed and killed to this day, it’s scary, don’t want it. And the most terrible that the cause of everything was something higher. You can imagine that the man who was burned at the stake of Giordano Bruno because of the fact that he questioned certain dogmas, he was sure that he defends the Supreme, revealed to him in prayer. People are very strange creature.

The only way out. Indeed, Higher talking with us on the language in which we speak to it, but the level of the logic level of the mind too small it’s like dust or dirt, it is not worth to watch. Some logical inconsistencies are not related to Higher, it is only necessary to deal with these inconsistencies and to eliminate them. Be very clear about that in your mind, eliminating the logical inconsistencies, you will not destroy Higher, you will not destroy their faith. On the contrary, it only will get stronger when Higher sverdlovini will begin to be supported by regular, logical, and familiar.

But, unfortunately, we do not see. A number of this causes. Let’s be honest, most people who adhere to certain religious beliefs, people are weird, with a very dull mind and a weak moral and ethical principles. God forbid that they even in something believed and less killed. And to demand from them some intellectual gymnastics is not necessary, therefore, every religion sooner or later slips into a system of dogmas.

Take, for example, some wild man, well, where is it to understand some spiritual elevation, God forbid that it’s smaller neighbors were killing, less stealing, less at odds. Therefore, they are not very serious not is the question with the mind. But sooner or later people begin to grow wiser, and he sees that, on the one hand, one or the other religion contains something very high, but on the other hand, other provisions of the same religion – Frank delirium. And inside begins the contradictions between the mind and the soul. And any contradiction there. We must always remember the higher the axiom that a teacher and a Teacher of yoga brought to us that the Supreme is never contrary to the ordinary and everyday. Another conversation that everyday, and everyday the teeth will break, it will not respond to you that is Higher. But you will not be able with his intelligence to destroy the faith. If you could do it, so it was not faith, but a set of superstitions or maybe a mixture of something really high and the irrationality of the mind.”

Basim, Gr.Eka: “When you take people’s faith, it is always painful, it is necessary to give something in return. But to understand that even if you give something in return, it will still be a shock to the man.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Why the shock? If you show that a person’s faith is a special case of something more General, it is not renouncing their faith, goes to another more General level. This is how salvation comes.

The situation in India, where millions of gods. Everyone has their own religion, everyone has his own opinion. Come one, says that there is a personal God; another comes, says there is a universal law of the Tao; the third comes and says, no, you’re all wrong, there is a world of Emptiness; and the fourth argues that it is belief in Ancestors; and the fifth is talking about the Boar, the progenitor. Look at each one individually and see that they live it. They take their Scripture, read and right to Shine from the start of inspiration. And do you see that man in the its best condition. The other reads a book which says the opposite, in terms of mind games, and he also inspiration. Moreover, the faith of every work, their life becomes better. And how to combine them?

And you begin to understand that there is only one way to show what really is. And in fact, the top way above ours even the most abstract conception of the Supreme. And in his mercy the Supreme can come in any form that draws people. And if you show him that you prayed to his God, and then you realize that actually the same premium can be expressed through a different form. And if we continue to see Higher generally outside concepts, concepts and words. Then suddenly, everything, and you understand that the representative of any religious ideas you like a brother or sister in the sense that you still communicate with One.

And here you were at odds, I thought, would you like your competitor to kill, so he’s godless theory has not spread. And then you realize that it is not necessary to kill anyone, you don’t need to fight, we must only show that the upper lot above our understanding of it. And then it’s not a shock, but some kind of deliverance, it is not necessary to hold any more religious wars. It is a matter of life and death.

Take a look at our former third world countries. The idea of religion dominates there because the government is not consistent, the production is not wealthy, in addition to religion. But you see what a bloody form is poured. And output only one, to show that there is no reason for bloodshed, all reason from our brains, and the Highest is higher than our brains. If the top is necessary, it is your brain in any direction will deploy and find the connection where you think nothing is going to dock because of Higher it and Higher.

But when, on the contrary, they say, renounce your religion, you have the wrong religion then starts breaking. But not necessarily a religion, what you do not like the system of atheistic views. Household of atheists is full. But you know the joke, when you sit on the plane a priest and an atheist. The priest fastened the strap, and the atheist asks a higher power to fly. Or in other words, while the thunder will not clap, the peasant will not cross. I’m more than sure that to meet a true atheist, you will be hard to come across as a true believer. It is extremely rare people. To be truly atheist and not just gab about it all is to have very great courage and will. For real people who live as believe, very little. But really, there is no difference, because the High is higher than the concept of atheism or religion, it is higher than our mental ability to share something and loggerheads.

You can imagine that the reality of our world is higher than the duality of our ideas about the world. We can imagine it in your mind, for it is nonsense. You can survive this, when inside, very honed mind, go to the next level of the overmind, sometimes it is called the highest spiritual intuition that yogis and Yoginis have experienced the moments of their achievements. When they first fully honed his intelligence, and then gave him a variety of tasks until he said, “I don’t know.” And at this point there is a possibility to jump to a new level of spiritual intuition. But intelligence in this case has not disappeared, it was as toothy, and has remained, but in the plane, and you flew on this plane in the region of higher intuition. And you directly perceive the truth of what I said Higher above, than the concept of atheism or religion, although in the plane of the mind, this is nonsense.

But such is our universe, we go first from stupidity and irrationality, then a long hone the mind, then through it we somehow starts to Shine something elusive. And intelligence that believes that believes. Today the Church has gone – like I believe, and tomorrow forget about everything and do not believe, that is a swamp. And then begin to hone the intellect. He passes through various stages: severe, nihilism, and then he begins to realize that he knows nothing about. That is, there are tasks where he understands everything, and there are tasks where he understands nothing. And then comes the next stage when you rise above the intellect at the level of spirituality and intelligence your errand boy. If you need some problem to solve in logic, you have to bring her the intelligence, and they begin to live on a higher spiritual level. Why any belief is a slippery thing, because you have to subscribe to a dogma that you perceive at first is not critical, then you open Higher, and then you start them with a fury to protect. Although these tenets were not related to the manifestation of the Supreme, they seem to be somehow side by side lay. And they poured a huge amount of blood”.

Basim, Gr.Eka: “We are not destroying the faith of another person, but your arguments and remove the anomaly, which he grabbed, and he didn’t want to abandon it, remove superstition. And it is a shock. Further, when we say that we give something new, it’s just sverdlovini that all heals and gives an opportunity to remove this shock. But we can’t give Higher!”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “the Highest we can give. It either opens or does not open. But if it is even slightly opened for a person through a particular belief, and, thank God, well so be it. If it does not harm others, and the way believe.”

Basim, Gr. Eka: “Then it turns out that it is not necessary to dissuade. If we believe that it is our duty to dissuade, but to give something in return.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, in any case, it may be our duty someone in something to dissuade?”

Basim, Gr. Eka: “for Example, is our child”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “How many just on the basis of fathers and children of the tragedy was when either the parents are trying to proselytize their children, or children of parents. Someday something good ended? The latest example was with Lenin. In childhood, we were force-fed all sorts of stories of how V. I. Lenin accidentally heard the conversation of the priest, who offered to whip the children because they do not believe. As a result, we had 70 years of the atheistic state. Well dissuaded him. The reaction can be the opposite”.

Basim, Gr. Eka: “the Question of how to persuade, how to remove, it’s an implementation issue. It’s like teaching yoga, we can’t just teach yoga, we can inspire, and then the man himself can do something specific, and the Higher it will open. But this particular he may not want to do that because lazy.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “so you’re suggesting the iron hand of communism to get everyone to heaven!?”

Basim, Gr. Eka: “I say that even if we logic to convince illogical people, will the people to do something specific to make that could be given in return. If not, it will be a shock for them”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, this is such a difficult question. It’s like a knot that was braided by many centuries. Unravelling it carefully. The only thing we can do is encourage bigotry today. When now including the religious obscurantism imposed on society, our responsibility is to Express their point of view that we believe differently. To the next generation not been brainwashed. But in any case not to impugn the faith of those who at least something opened.

Obscurantism is easier to prevent, than then with it a long fight. And how to prevent, kill all the what? No, only one way – to give the humanistic knowledge of the common nature of any religion is that all religions in their own way talking about the same thing. And this is the only way to fight religious wars, because selling is always a lot of agitators to persuade. The topic of religion is very slippery. With all due respect to religion. Because religion for all mankind played a tremendous humanitarian role in the field of education and in the formation of civilizations. But, unfortunately, a very long and bad was associated with them. Therefore, our task is to at least encourage something bad that has tendencies to manifest. That is, to give a more universal knowledge, which integrates the antagonistic, incompatible contradictions.

God forbid to say that there is some kind of religion, and all others are its special cases. You know, the world is more complicated than the concept of religion. There is a reality, the root cause of existence, all of it coming out and religion and atheism. And here if to convey this idea, the smart will understand and will not continue any bad tendencies. After all, you realize that any manifestation of intolerance in the mob always is blessed by the silence or on the direct orders of people who know anything. The mobile is not able to fight in a religious war, we need someone smart, who, on the one hand, really was something spiritual through a particular religion, and, on the other hand, it is still insufficiently understood. And the temptation with the help of the mobile crushing another religion. And we have this war on the mob, but someone blesses explicitly or implicitly. You will see how many now in the world of blood, terrorist attacks. How is it possible to win? By and large, in any way, just giving the correct humanistic, tolerant knowledge. No more. Will be considered in the framework of the one religion, you have a million reasons to start another war.”

Basim, Gr. Eka: “If we now hold the projection of the macro – to the microcosm. That is, to consider the situation in the individual. Now very carefully take sverdlovini on the tooth of the mind, afraid to destroy this sverdlovka. Just as to be afraid to destroy in your mind the faith of another person”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Therefore, I say that this is a very laborious task. Honestly, we criticize the Communists, they are 70 years did not allow religions, but they got plowed this field so that every person could consciously choose their faith. If you used the default had to be representative of a particular religion, but now it’s only a matter of your personal contact with the Supreme. And I believe that this situation is justified when the separation of Church and state.

Well, imagine if India was a Church connected with the government, and there are a million of these religions. What would it ended the massacre. For millennia it was. One or the other clan comes to power and starts their own religion to impose on others, those that are suffering, then they begin to impose their religion. I like the statement by M. TWAIN, if not literally, he said the following: “I pray the Lord God to the Earth was not a single religion. I pray that the Earth was forty irreconcilable conflicting sects. Because in times of conflict and strife, they’re all bad and bestial, that they have spent on each other, and all the good spent on people.” This question is very complicated. To unleash his cavalry assaults impossible. But flirting with that dangerous, won’t you know it, tomorrow will be the next Giordano Bruno to burn at the stake.

Faith, religious or non-religious – something very delicate. Please don’t take faith if you don’t know how to give people something more to not give up on what was sacred for him before, and suddenly realized that all that he considered sacred – this is a special case of something more universal. If you are in these matters do not understand, distancing from the matters of religion. If you adhere to a particular belief system, please continue to believe in them. Moreover, yoga will strengthen your true belief in a Supreme over any religion.

Who will praise you?”

Andrey Kulikov, Gr.4: “At this stage in my life there is quite difficult situation from day to day, and I leave them with dignity”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, we have the schedule was supposed to be the theme of “Freedom and knowledge”, “Freedom and information”. But let’s slightly change our schedule and consider the theme of “Freedom and death”. Let’s take a look at this bundle, it is not a secret that almost in any country, in any nation was a historical event, where it was the number one task, reflection on his life. What we have to pay for freedom, what price will not seem a little. We know that many heroes have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of his country, of his personal liberty. Let us discuss this connection”.

Michael, Gr.3: “I’ll start with the fact that we considered the yoga of dying. Death is one of the best mechanisms that we created to our Higher self to remove karmic ties, in which it becomes entangled in life, and allows us the opportunity to start with a white sheet. Speaking of heroes, here on close examination, the Mechanism of protection and procreation. If he really goes to his death for the sake of more people, means that he is confident that he will reincarnate. And this moment of death should be very clearly linked with the fact that we have next life.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Not quite justified. Now he was a slave, and now give him the body of a slave… Well, let’s not start with such a heavy axioms. Expressed in your own words. What is the task of the Open Yoga University that you learn to think for themselves, to reason, to analyze. The goal is to make you free.

Now we are going to further expand your freedom. Without fail, each will learn to teach yoga in English. You should not words, but actually to be free. You should feel that even if you find yourself in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, you’ll be able to live. What is English? In India was Sanskrit in Europe was Latin – the language of scientific communication. English is essentially the same as Latin. You have to think for themselves, you have to draw the logical connective from their daily lives to some heights in yoga.

On the other hand, the purpose of OIUM is discipline. I just have one thing to say that I am very grateful to my teachers for strict discipline, because yoga comes gradually, even if something is not understood. But if animal karma woke up, if sloppiness woke up if I woke up bestial manifestation, came to the lethargy of the mind. At the same time you are gradually turning into jelly and muddy the water fall of life. This should not be allowed. So I ask you to pick up, from simple to complex, from his life to higher provisions, let’s talk about you”.

Irina Solomatina, Gr.4: “We have said that every man who has sharpened his mind, the question about death. And often that question takes the leading role, and all the other issues can be sidelined. And people looking for the answer to this question. It seems to me that if we consider our lives in terms of one life, I will live it, and this will all end, or what tomorrow may bring death, and this will all end, the person in this life has less free. People may talk like this: “Why me now to get out of bed and do something if this will all end. And thinking that this is not the end and life will go on, will be another birth, even if you just think about what all I did to last, even in this life a person can more freely to do and quietly do their business”.

Light, C.4: “I think death may how to expand our freedom and to limit it. It all depends on our attitude to it. For example, people thinking in this life, about its manifestations, he may simply tire of life, it can the surrounding circumstances to oppress. And here he dies, and in the next life he is given a new surge, and it all starts with a clean slate. It comes with a child, happy, fun, and in this sense it extends the freedom. If we have prepared in this life the soil for future birth, it can also expand our freedom, but if we have not prepared the ground, we were not thinking about anything, caused harm to others beings, then it may very well be that we will be born in the next life in the worst conditions, and then death will reduce our freedom.”

Elena, passive participant: “From the two poles of the attitude toward death occurs – positive and negative. Relation of man to death, much can be said about his views, his ideas about life, about their place. If one refers to the death positively, it’s free. But if negative, then enslaves”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, I’m suicidal, decided to leave the game, I am bored, I slashed his wrists and died. My freedom became more or less?”

Olga, Gr.4: “I think that the understanding that we are waiting for death, enables a person to think about the meaning of life. When people in these reflections comes to what the meaning of life is, he tries to find it and expands their freedom. In this case the death for him to play a positive role. And if he finds no meaning in life (as happens with suicide), then it reduces his freedom.”

Gregory, passive participant: “I Came the following considerations. The analogy with the computer, there is a Delete button and also a Reset button which restarts the computer. That is, it discards all unnecessary, rebooted, everything, problem solved. Then a very similar situation with the Delete key, that is, if you imagine that the computer broke down this button, he will soon cease to work, information will be a huge number, how to wash them later.

Imagine that on Earth all become immortal, no one dies, the population is growing. If it were not for death, that it would have been. Death makes space for new options, and these new versions are much more stable, tenacious to the current situation. That is, children are faster to adapt to a changing world. Our ego doesn’t want to die, it wants to live forever, despite all of the above.

Ten or fifteen years, the problem of immortality is solved. That is, man can be forced to shoot, but to grow old and die he will not be”.

Anna, Gr.4: “If I die tonight, death will reduce my freedom, and it is not very appropriate. My freedom and liberty yet many people will be reduced. But when my body will age, and my mind will cease to function, and will start suffering on a physical level, and I won’t be able to achieve something and expand their freedom and the freedom of others, then death would be my salvation. It will give me the opportunity to be born again, to evolve and give me the period of life when I will be able to expand their freedom”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “in the words of mark TWAIN, the main thing in this life to do all the time, time to be born and time to die.”

Anastasia, Gr.4: “My understanding of death is inseparable from the concept of life. But life is inseparable from the concept of freedom. That is how man relates to his life, how he lives, what freedom he has, and this is his life. For example, in the old man begins to ache, and his external freedom is sharply restricted. But inside the man continues to love life continues to be happy, still feeling his inner freedom. And he accepts death as a positive phenomenon. If the person does not have this inner freedom, he concentrates on the increase of his external freedom, he dies in the moment when he begins to suffer from the fact that he was sick. Death’s little that comes before is extremely negative phenomenon. For example, a person who is in jail. He is limited in his external freedom, but he has two choices. Or expect an early death as salvation, because he does not want to be in these walls, it is better to die – in this case death is not a good thing. Or it could evolve, to expand his inner freedom, and not to draw attention to the fact that his external freedom is limited.”

Alexander, passive participant: “I would like to look at death as a kind of mechanism that is at the moment on the level of our causal body, when we realize that by using associative relationships, we are fully our freedom begin to limit. And the more we begin to direct our energies for the associative relationships that restrict our freedom, the faster it comes, the moment of disidentification with them, that is death.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “the fact of the matter is that these things from one another don’t follow through. I will explain for those who have not quite grasped the idea. We, like spiders, weave around him a web of our affections, our aspirations, fears, hopes. It is clear that the child, just smaller, and in old age is already a lot. And sometimes it turns out that we did say that we ourselves can’t get out, like a spider, which a lot of cobwebs spun himself to her hanging. But that does not mean that after that automatically goes to break all ties, no, they can grow. What would we call the process of death, that is, a sharp break of all ties is not perfectly clear. It is not that you shouldn’t. According to the Supreme axioms of yoga, there is no place of death. In the axiomatics of yoga, there is no provision of death, and there are more due to the question, where did it come from, than the question of how to get rid of it. First, these things are interconnected, and second, what we call death, there is regarded as a thing miraculous.”

Anastasia, Gr.3: “I see the mechanism of death as swargamenna the invention, because with death we have nothing to lose, the vector of our movement is maintained. But death gives us additional force for movement on this vector. That is, when triggered the mechanism of death and then birth, we attract the resources that we have settled in a past life, and the motion vector to freedom is saved”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I would argue, Yes, of course, teeth apart, eyes do not see, but I wouldn’t want to today, from the comfort of KTS “Enlightenment” you know, somebody’s taken, and I was reborn. I agree in this body to live. That is the factor of death is not necessarily something positive, why then are all men saved from it. If he was only positive, all would be happy. But we see the opposite situation that we perceive is not fun and I don’t want to get there. I mean, it’s not so obvious.”

Anastasia, Gr.3: “it seems to Me that we are so to death, because we have no shared vision. Our mind cannot comprehend sverdlovka this mechanism. If we trust this Verhovina mechanism, then we will easier to treat that it is now time to get another batch precharge”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And who knows when it’s arrived? Who can determine when it will come? For example, I don’t know.”

Basim, Gr.Eka: “the Logic may determine. That is, in house resources are not, to live in it is impossible”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Wait here a little different question, then it is an additional determining factors. But real death may be a factor is unacceptable. I agree, there are cases when acceptable, are when unacceptable. That is, you need to understand, or not? Or any death acceptable? Go home tonight, turn on the TV, and there it will be said that a number of people were killed by carelessness. And you will say, about time they died, they knew all. Why do road repair, why should drug use be reduced, let them eat more, they time is coming”.

Igor Gr.3: “If there is freedom, therefore, no fear. If there is no fear, then we can study this phenomenon and to understand that everyone will participate in this process. You begin to more consciously relate to my life, I understand that some things should not commit and accelerate”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “here we added a factor – attitude to death, the presence or absence of fear.”

Vyacheslav Karandashov, Gr.3: “In my opinion, the concept of freedom is much higher than the concept of death. We can valishvili us to live or not to live, i.e. the concept of freedom, it is far stronger, higher, stronger”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “that is, we must first consider the concept of freedom and the concept of death to be regarded as secondary and to analyze whether another death, we increase freedom, or, conversely, to reduce”.

Nastya Mikheeva, Gr.3: “just last week, I conducted a little experiment. About ten of my friends, I asked this question: “What would change in your life if you knew exactly what you needed to live a week, a month, etc.” The answers were different, but similar, people began to talk about their dreams. Someone started to talk about what would go on a journey, about which dreamed all his life; someone would draw started; one woman told me that all my life I wanted to read the book “the Little Prince” in the original, and for that she would have learned French. People got access to your dreams, your happiness. That is, due to the fact that they realized the fact of his imminent near death, they got some taste of freedom”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It reminded me of the old Soviet anecdote, washed away in the next. A giant meteorite is headed for Earth and after three days must fall, and all humanity will perish. Began to explore what people in each country do. Looked at America, all drinking, went to the binge. In France all love doing the polls. Look to the Soviet Union, and there are people at demonstrations with the slogan “Five-year plan in three days!”

And here the same situation, the factor of death forces us to compress life and what we planned to do in the future to start to do right now. Because man is a strange being. He lives either in the past or the future but rarely the present. He says, “Oh, how wonderful it was to live then and now as bad, or “now I feel bad, but then live life well.” And in the end, life does not live. And the factor of death is sobering, and makes it clear, “when are you going to live?” From Julius Caesar was the motto to live each day of life as if it was the last day. Sometimes it is much easier to decide what you want out of life when you ask yourself, what if I die tomorrow, have I done everything that I wanted to do in life.”

Julia, Gr.3: “as far As I remember from the yoga of dying, that death is our right chance to break free. Moreover, the mechanism of dying, we are given three chances, if in more detail to consider. It depends on how we realize in death, and what we have come to this state. Accordingly, in life you need to develop awareness of different yoga practices to this point is to use the maximum, not to return to their associative relationships and to realize his Higher self”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “the Yogis and Yoginis of antiquity for their own purposes of enlightenment have learned to use even death. Indeed, the practice of yoga of dying, like any yoga practice, designed to increase our freedom. You remember that yoga is a system of self-discovery that increases our freedom. You remember that at the time of death is a lot of interesting phenomena, and if competently to use them, even the moment of death, regardless of what triggered it or what did you have before that gives background to dramatically increase its freedom”.

Alsu, a passive participant: “I want you to consider this moment, it would seem that we are completely free to choose the circumstances and time of death for yourself or for another person. If we allow ourselves this and depriving yourself or another, then we drastically limit their freedom, either literally or by way of karma.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That is a bunch of freedom and death implies that you can intelligently take advantage of their death and increase their freedom, or are illiterate, and reduce their freedom”.

Anastasia, Gr.2: “I would like to suggest, why is everyone afraid of death. If you recall the axioms, then the only thing we can carry from life to life is an experience. Each of us, if we are not the first life I live, was the experience of dying. It is the process of dying is associated with the dissolution process principles. I think that the procedure is not the most pleasant, so we all remember what it is, and try to avoid it.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “In comments to the treatise the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali there is a very interesting study of the fear of death. We fear only what has already been tried. It follows that if we fear death, so we tried that already, remember, it was unpleasant, and in this life afraid. But this question is open.

If you step back, the fact of the problem is that in some cases, the death turns into a higher chance. The question is to what extent the ignorance of man is in the moment of dying. If the percentage of ignorance is large, it really is very frustrating to die and then be born again. But if you’ve reached a certain level of knowledge of what you really are, then it becomes a experience.

You can go overseas and see what you will show guides, and here is the end of the world unfolds itself. The question is that touches on the deepest moments of the device, but the main role is played by our relationship to him. This ratio is determined by the degree of our ignorance.

Why in many religious teachings paid much attention to that in what condition a person dies. For this he invented the procedure of confession before death. We see this as a tradition. Because, really, if one or the other religion, philosophy suffered some of the highest knowledge, the person before their death is remembered, argued in them, and even despite the remaining degree of ignorance, through this process of dying easier. It is built on the practice of the famous Tibetan book of the dead. Where before death the man began to read this book aloud to her memorized. There is listed, what processes need to happen at his death. Because if he’ll know, he will not rush and will be able to turn this into a part of the practice, correctly to take advantage of it and be born in a better place, to increase its freedom”.

Siora, Gr.4: “I want to have another way to look at the relationship of freedom and death. Remember that our death is associated with the violation of the first principle in yoga in relation to our families and friends”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Immediately called into question. The question is, at what age do you get out of life. Imagine that you are paralyzed patient, which are fed from the spoon. Your relatives and friends not living my life tied to you. Therefore, as you look at the situation, on the contrary, my death will be for the benefit of all sentient beings.”

Siora, Gr.4: “Well, then I a different way. We all have dear, beloved people who are dependent on us, whom we love, who love us, to whom we feel some responsibility. And this realization that if you take your own life, you harm them, makes you do certain steps which will increase their freedom and indirectly, and your freedom will expand”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That is a factor of the people around them to the process of death.”

Andrew, Gr.4: “In yoga there is nothing wrong and nothing good, there are appropriate and inappropriate. Death may be appropriate when a person realized himself, has achieved some goals, has reached the level that I wanted. Man understands that he did, and the next step in the next life. He dies with a clear conscience. And inappropriate, for example when people fall in disaster, maybe it’s sverhdohodno, we cannot understand. But from a human point of view, this is inappropriate. It also depends on what level the person is at the time of death.”

Elena, Gr.4: “I would like to do the binding between death and faith. Because you can often see that before a factor in the death of a person begins to think about the highest. Most religions, philosophical systems are somehow connected with the factor of death. And since our modern Western society is a consumer society, and it is more focused on momentary enjoyment, in our world, death becomes something marginal. Half a century ago, the death was treated easier, the medicine was not yet sufficiently developed, and that death was a more common event. In fact, every third child died, and life expectancy was less. In our time death taken out of the brackets of life, and the difference that is obtained between life and death, it makes us relates to death is wrong. This reduces our freedom, because if we perceive death as something normal, it would not restrict our freedom.”

Irina, passive participant: “I wanted to emphasize the importance of the moment. We all have transitional times when you need to change course and take a new turn. At this point, many things are not defined, there is no ground under my feet, and it is important to live in the present moment. I lived in different places, she lived in the States, and lived in Australia. When dramatically changing society, the situation, the feeling that you need to concentrate on the present moment and live now.”


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