2011.06.11 Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2011.06.11 Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.


We are about to conduct an experiment, do you wish to become the object of this experiment? No, no, no, killing anyone we won’t. Yes, please bring a Mat. And take someone as a Guinea pig. Spread out a Mat, lie down on the Mat.

So, all we learn about the ancient science of yoga, the science of freedom. Of course, in the West yoga has come to us in the first place, as a set of physical exercises known as asanas. First, Western man tried to do something physically, I realized that it works, works very well and allows to solve a lot of problems. Only after that Western man was inclined to study yoga, an ancient holistic teachings, where pose comprises only a small part. But in addition to the postures, in yoga there very much. Western man began to try to do yoga postures. A Western man is very meticulous and kind, he likes to have everything on the shelves: do time, do two, do three.


The title of the lecture :

Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.06.11.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description: Brief description: What is the criterion of success in learning yoga? What is the criterion of mastery in yoga? What is the corpse pose? How to stop uncontrollable thoughts? How is the length of our lives with the life in society. The factor of death and understanding our lives. The level of the mind is a very thin pellicle on those deep instincts that literally permeate our body. Yoga is not only intellectual understanding, but also something intangible that each of us feels is the impulse of life. As a society protects the people living inside it? Why yogis do not demonstrate super powers? Reduces or increases the death of our freedom?

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Freedom and death.

Today, 11 June 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are in Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, this lecture MOYO. All information on our sites www.openyoga.ru , www.yogacenter.ru , www.happyyoga.narod.ru . Our free online yoga courses for self-study of yoga on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.


We will continue to consider the theme of Freedom and death. If wishing to remind us what we talked about in the previous lecture?

Julia tarabrina, gr. 4:

The last lecture, we discussed the issue of faith and freedom. Mentioned that faith we must pass through our mind, cutting off all illogical that may be. Then we started to consider the theme of freedom and death. We talked about how connected these two concepts. Expressed the view that the concept of freedom – above the concept of death. Talked about the fact that death can how to increase our freedom and reduce it. It all depends on our attitude to it, our samosoznanii.

Pavel Saprykin, gr.3:

The view was expressed that death is a good thing, it allows us to get rid of all our problems and suffering that have accumulated over the current life. I believe that death is not always a good thing.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

We are about to conduct an experiment, do you wish to become the object of this experiment? No, no, no, killing anyone we won’t. Yes, please bring a Mat. And take someone as a Guinea pig. Spread out a Mat, lie down on the Mat.

So, all we learn about the ancient science of yoga, the science of freedom. Of course, in the West yoga has come to us in the first place, as a set of physical exercises known as asanas. First, Western man tried to do something physically, I realized that it works, works very well and allows to solve a lot of problems. Only after that Western man was inclined to study yoga, an ancient holistic teachings, where pose comprises only a small part. But in addition to the postures, in yoga there very much. Western man began to try to do yoga postures. A Western man is very meticulous and kind, he likes to have everything on the shelves: do time, do two, do three.

And, of course, Western people began to wonder, first, what is the criteria of success in mastering the yoga. And a variety of criteria have emerged, for example, the more bend the better yogi-the wild sounds of Eastern ear, because the acrobat in the circus can bend absolutely gorgeous, but he remains an acrobat. Other people have come up with some other criteria that we now will not list too many of them and they have some “zapadnoobraznye”. At the same time, as in the teachings of yoga, the criterion of success in the promotion is only habit to do. Friends, not how you bend, how you know Sanskrit to name a particular position, not how you get smart about a particular chakra, channels, Kundalini and it is a habit. If you feel that you can’t live without yoga and a day – so you succeed in learning yoga.

But Western man, a second question arose. Well figured out that the habit of yoga practice is the criterion of advancement in yoga, but what is the criterion of mastery in yoga? What exercise is most remarkable, which is making people 100% can be called a master in yoga? Maybe it’s a headstand or twisted something. What kind of posture, what kind of exercise, describing skills, in particular in the section of Hatha yoga. Yoga involves different aspects and sometimes it hard to figure out now for a Western man in the first place was curious to know who can be called a master in Hatha yoga, that he should be able to do? And now, from the depths of yoga, it is absolutely paradoxical and unusual explanation. What is the hardest pose in yoga is Savasana or corpse pose. Or in other words, when a person is lying on his back, hands feet quietly along the body, head looks up, the head is not curved either to the left or to the right, ie the position in which we usually love to sleep and relax. The pose, which is the simplest of the ones we can do, why, because even when you’re standing, you need to keep the balance, and here at least our efforts. And this pose, Savasana, is a measure of perfection in yoga.

And, of course, Western man began to frown in disbelief, he thinks that you need something more complicated, he thinks that you need to stand on my head in the Lotus position and anything else to do, but not here. The fact is that this pose, Savasana, corpse pose, the only criterion of excellence in yoga. For the simple reason that in order to do that, it is not enough just to lie, you have to eliminate all thoughts from your head. And only in this case will begin to automatically slow down your breathing. If you have in mind a lot of thoughts, these thoughts begin to absorb your vitality, your energy, and to fill, you need to breathe, whether you like it or not, the respiratory movement will be present. To really do the pose Savasana, the corpse pose, you need to breath was as little as possible. And to make it possible only to some extent by stopping uncontrolled thoughts.

And how can we stop these uncontrolled thoughts, and it is very hard, friends. Why? At least for the simple reason that we live in our world society and we have a huge number of hopes and fears. Something we expect, something we fear and therefore we don’t trust the Universe around us. And the slightest noise, a snap of the fingers, instantly recorded by our senses and makes our mind to expect a dirty trick. And suddenly it’s a tiger lurking, thinking people, and I’m here for such a pretty lie, and he’s like me bite. And also instantly, uncontrollably, is the emotion, thought, painted their previous negative experience. Just remember any program “animal world”, as the tiger is there some kid grabbed. Ie previous experience in the form of this picture reinforces our emotions and thoughts, and thoughts are already starting to spin frantically, the thoughts, the breath, involuntarily, in parallel, our internal muscles begin to strain. It turns out that there is no posture of the body, there is no Shavasana. What is the corpse pose? The explanation lies in the title. This is when you lie, and you do not care what is happening around them. The tiger now you are caught or head now come, and you are at work lying on my computer table, resting after lunch. And you still tripped someone about you, then spread your arms and legs and you still. Rain, snow, hail against the window, and you still, you died, the corpse pose, Savasana. You will be able to do this pose, if psychologically, some of its fears and hopes have come undone with all the surrounding Universe. And no this universe. I died, not me. You get the idea, tomorrow will need to come quickly to finish what I left undone, because the chief will scold me, or praise, or anything else I forgot to do. And no these thoughts. No work tomorrow will not run, I died, for the next 10 minutes I am not. I have no more obligations to the world, no responsibilities and no expectations. As you know, purely physical simple exercise automatically captures your entire life.

There are also some physiological characteristics. We are done with you so that our muscles can be roughly divided into two groups of muscles. The first that we control. The second, which we have no control. For example, you can give the mental order to relax the hands and to a certain extent to relax them. And there is the deep muscle inside of us that live, strictly speaking, their lives, and untrained people cannot give them the order to relax to relax, they continue to be in good shape. In particular, in medicine the use of different tools allows you to make relaxation deep uncontrolled muscle. Between these two muscle groups there is a bridge, there are some muscles that are on the one hand, we obey, and then do not obey. If you are under stress or you are waiting for something or afraid of something, involuntarily, this emotional component is transferred to these muscles and you tense up inside. If you tense up inside, first, tense a muscle continues to consume the resources of the body, and secondly it continues to send a signal about the stress and relax is impossible. Long hard practice, the Shavasana we have the ability to first relax those muscles that we can control, and indirectly to use those muscles that result from stress or other life situations we are tense, although there’s no need for tension. And here comes the ability to relax these muscles. And the person then begins to feel as if the mountain from shoulders has fallen. And then we come to this state when you become able to relax very deep muscles that a regular person even can not imagine that they have one. It turns out that the deeper you learn to relax, the more relaxation it brings, the more the resource is released, and then you will be able to redirect to achieve what you want. So, until then, until we learned to relax, we at yoga – beginners. And when I see on TV that someone invented a competition, a competition in yoga, I found that very surprising, because to compare you will have no intricacy of poses, and how the representatives of various schools of yoga will relax and watch at this competition essentially, to be nothing. Because the platform will be representatives of those schools are stacked, lifeless, corpse pose. And how to determine which of them is dead and who is alive? With all due respect to Western civilization, but Western brains, who turned yoga into a sport, look a little funny. It turns out that the corpse pose – the value of your perfection in yoga. Of course, those born or other explanations, how to learn to execute this pose. And the first thing it starts is the external factor, when you are lying and you should be care how you are perceived. You died – everything! And only in this case, you truly become free from the external factors of irritation, external opinions. Thus, you do not let any thoughts or emotions.

Now we will continue our lecture. So let’s continue to think about bundles of freedom and death.

Saprykin Paul, gr. 3.

I want to Express an opinion from the point of view of science. Russian scientist, Ilya Mechnikov, conducted a study of death and came to the conclusion that people do not die on their own, and dying of disease and suffering. Also, the study stated that if a person is useless to society, their body begins to kill yourself.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

So, it turns out, in consideration of ligament freedom and death on the horizon there is another factor – your vosstrebovannosti in life.

Saprykin Paul, gr. 3.

Ilya Mechnikov in his article talked about the fact that he worked with elderly people who suffered from the disease. If these people got rid of the disease, they would like to live. And he cites examples from the Bible, which tells of the prophet who died after living an eventful life, seeing four generations of his descendants. Now, however, we see that people do not die after a busy life, and die earlier than they would like.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Very good point, that factor death and factor demand are linked. If you really live life to the fullest, you are more likely to live longer than if when you become useless, and die from boredom. Indeed, in nature there are animals that do not live in captivity. They need to create conditions very close to natural conditions, otherwise, they have driven into the cage, reduced immunity, they lose the taste for life and die. In this respect, what makes us different from animals? If we do not need, unless we demand, if we can’t manifest in this life, then surely we will also likely to die.

Michael, gr. 3.

I would like to complement Paul, and to draw an analogy with our body. If we in the body there is some dysfunctional part of it is blocked by our body to the rest of the body did not be affected, similarly, the unwanted man in the community dies. Indeed, non-viable cell is killed by our body.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

We have previously considered the question of our interaction with society. Yoga advocates the following picture, any organization, such as organization of the people as follows – a position of freedom it is profitable or not. Whether the freedom of each individual more if they live in the community, or Vice versa, their freedom will be greater, if they are individualists. Life in society gives us more freedom. We also remember that we all are born and die, be born to us and to the human body, we need a society with people’s bodies, because just samozarodilsya and form the human body, as you know, we are at our stage of samosoznanii still do not know how. Although it is not a law of nature. If you over time, as yoga teaches, open all your highest potential in your higher self Then you are, strictly speaking, learn how to materialize himself to any body, even without using the usual methods of birth from society. But this is still very far away. So until that time, we will learn how to do this, we need to use the method of birth and death, as the saying goes, old – fashioned, to have a mother and father, and in the future – to live in the community, only in this case the same degree of our ignorance, we gain more freedom. And the reverse side, it appears that we are tied through freedom on society. And society, too, maybe we have to react. We can be fit, and like the society, and may not be necessary and not to please society. Now there is a strange mechanism, it is increasingly being studied in a generic yoga, where a simple expression of the society that some individual person left the society, can lead to an unusual result, to the extent that this single individual will simply die. And we read in ancient texts that the ancient formations, where they lived yogis and Yoginis at a very high level of development, probably in ancient times there was such a community of people, if, God forbid, among these people, accidentally born the more recent animal soul, and the soul in the human body start to do some crime or something to misbehave in these societies was not a trial, investigators, prisons, etc. Every member of society was enough to make the decision on rejection, and that was enough to the soul of the animal, which for some reason was born in the human body, died again and continued to be born in the bodies of animals, practicing his level of ignorance. I came across a very interesting study of modern tribes in Africa, then in the Amazon Jungle where there was absolutely strange mechanism of maintaining order and fighting crime. Great emphasis the maintenance of order lay on the shamans, sorcerers, etc. God forbid, one member of the society, killed an innocent other, as suddenly, instantly, included some unknown mechanisms, the shaman or the warlock could curse this society, and he was dying. And doesn’t get to us, something like this. That would be good right now anywhere in the West maniac killer, people sat down and said, “Soak it reptile” – and he’d sat there nibd and bent. That would be good, at first glance, if that was the situation resolved. But in fact it operates in Western societies, just not so obviously, because we are on a different focus, but it is really a powerful factor. If society rejects you, then you are doomed to die. Because society believes that if you live in this society and you are a murderer or will hit, the overall freedom is reduced. And who do you need, if you reduce freedom. We then came, as if from the side to the law of karma, as you sow, so shall you reap. So, living in society, but not caring about society, it cannot last long.

Just today we had a following unpleasant situation. In order to conduct a web conference to students in different cities and countries can learn, we use different kinds of services. They are very well developed abroad, but we have analogues yet. And that happened quite astonishing thing. Once again we paid the money and advised in this service, when suddenly, we were refused and returned all the money. And the reason is simply offensive should be for our politicians – don’t trust Russia! You pay money if they see that the money transferred from Russia, our image had become so negative, every suspect that he’s a fraud that the rest of the world just rejects us. It’s scary. It’s already got game any longer if the whole world at the mention of Russia begins immediately to imagine bandits, thieves, cheats, privatizers, etc. and not only that, refused and returned the money – I don’t want to deal with. It’s just embarrassing. When our politicians are tearing their shirts that we are a great power, Yes, you and your corruption will be examined first, with his gang, and then in the chest with a fist beat itself. A shame, because these people don’t know us. But as a negative image developed that we went under the General comb. I do not want us to deal with.

That is exactly the same in real life. If you anti-social element, a thief, a bandit, a criminal, to some extent, the rest of the community of life you suffer, and then at some point says “my freedom becomes less and less if I went in with this mug lives; I don’t want to have anything to do with maniacs, rapists, even if they are born here no longer; let them simply won’t, and those who were born, let him quietly die.” And oddly enough, this law is valid. This can be interpreted from the point of view of the law of karma. And, on the other hand, from the point of view of freedom. Because any maniac, a criminal, a pickpocket reduces the freedom of society. And over time around it will close the zone of exclusion, and then it will throw and it will never go down, you do not take a simple expression. Therefore, the factor of death in conjunction with freedom sometimes comes from an unexpected quarter”.

Andrew, a passive participant:

I believe that the awareness of death contributes to the degrees of freedom increase awareness. She can play both a positive and a negative role. If the person does not realize the ultimate, Supreme goal, the highest idea, this degree of freedom can lead to despair. There was this German philosopher Martin Heidegger, in his lecture much time was given to the question of death. He was an atheist, and some people after his lecture was completed suicide. But if you think of other doctrines and currents, for example of Carlos Castaneda when his Master told him that the awareness of death allows you to move on. You have to accept death positively, it should help to ensure that every day you live your life holistically.

Alexander, passive participant:

I wanted to raise the subject of the fear of death. It seems to me that the process of evolution has developed a mechanism of protection procreation, which requires every member of society to perform some responsibilities, that is, everyone has a duty to society. When the duty person does not comply, his subconscious begins to manifest the law of protection of procreation, which makes these functions to perform. And if the member society does not fulfill them, then the closer the time of death, the person’s acute sense of what he did in his life, and fear. Accordingly, if you know what you need to do for your life, then everything falls into place.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

That is the factor of death has drawn yet another factor – the understanding of life and, consequently, to develop for themselves those actions or cases that you would have to do and, conversely, those who better not to do. Much of the conjunction of freedom and death depends on what you’re doing, what you aspire, and whether you do something or did not do.

Andrey Sazonov, gr.4:

I would like to continue the previous speaker in this way. Not just think through some things, but it is desirable to visualize the ultimate goal of his life. That is to imagine where you’ll be, whom you will, how you will, that you will have to “Terminus”. Feel what you will then, and to draw some kind of associative relationship. It really helps when you come back and work with her, you begin to understand and experience things for yourself. The second point we need to realize that I am immortal. Death is as “asleep, awake,” the mortal shell, our body. So afraid, by and large, nothing. Childhood and old age in a normal society is the happiest years of his life. And now we are just worried about their parents, about their children.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

In this regard, I remembered a joke. Two twins in the belly of the mother to be born. And arguing with each other who goes first. The other one says: “No, I will not go. All who went there did not return”. The factor of uncertainty, the factor of death, we can infinitely approach, but in moments of stress, when the brain shuts down, then completely forget all notions of another beautiful birth, and we say, no we’re fine. You have to understand that the level of the mind is a very thin pellicle on those deep instincts that literally permeate our body. And just a Declaration that I am not afraid of death; that all will be well, do not always work.

From the known history of this bike. The famous Sankaracarya, the author of the treatise, Anandalahari and many other works of Advaita Vedanta, was quite an interesting life. He had to leave his mother, but promised her that as soon as she is going to die, he would return to her. And, really, it’s been a known quantity of time, when the teacher of Sankara heard that his mother encourages him, as it is already going to die. Shankara, the greatest yogi, thinker, philosopher, teacher of humanity, who had mastered yoga, which could get out of his body, who has known all the mysteries of birth and death, came to his mother. His mother was an ordinary woman, and she was scared to die. The legend says that Shankara through the power of his eloquence, the power of his intellect began to explain to his mother how it is there then it will be after death. Causing his mother began to fear even more, because she did not understand. And what he was told and admired, on the contrary, she was confused and that made her feel uncomfortable. Shankar was smart enough teacher, he quickly understood and said, mother: “Forget my words.” Then I remembered a song full of emotions and sang it. And that song calmed her down more than all the top thoughts about the illusory nature of being, higher self, etc.

So here we must understand that the science of yoga is not just intellectual understanding, it is very good, but as soon as real life intrudes, we understand that intelligence is not enough. Need something more elusive, this momentum, the rush of life that each of us understands.

Andrey Sazonov, gr.4:

I want to add. As soon as different ways will be able to get rid of the fear of death, just to calm the situation as soon as this happens, a person becomes free, I think.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

That is, the freedom from fear of death brings a person closer to freedom – a point of view.

I from time to time what if I really die tomorrow, what this will start. And immediately pictures in the mind occur when the party leader dies, and his entourage begins to squabble for power, who is more in yoga realizes who less. And who will do it, and who. And I understand that there is nothing left, if people do not soaked three principles of yoga. If they are, then there is a chance that there would be some continuity. But if it is not, then certainly someone would start the blanket to pull someone something do not understand. It would be a good practice for any Manager, and now you’re gone, and it’ll fall apart. And you’re still gone, the question is when. And do you make the line of succession or not. Because we have already talked today about how Russia does not respect now refuse to cooperate with us. And in the era of Stalin in the West would never have occurred. As we rotted in that time. And start to think, why is this not left. And the answer is very simple. Stalin did not leave behind successors”.

Olga, gr.4:

I would like to associate freedom and death with the second principle of yoga. Recall that the second principle of yoga tells us that we did not spend forces and time in vain, and in our lives we’ll have enough power for everything, if we are to use them correctly. Just the awareness of death gives us a time frame. Since we don’t know when death may overtake us, this is an awareness of death encourages us to keep our every day to be effective, and every day we created the conditions in which we after death will have to be born.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Friends, here still need to remember, to understand such a thing. We talked about what society can throw out of itself, deprive any person, if it recognizes that for him the freedom of society is reduced. But there is also another effect, when a society protects. Different when every member of society delegates a little bit of his prana and begins to deploy the situation in another person’s life in such a way that it protects. And as long as you are under the protection, the less likelihood that you will die.

Sometimes people say, why people do not demonstrate super powers. Once yogi and Yogini have them, why not teach and show them. People asking this question don’t understand that every day we demonstrate this ability we will refund the possibility of death in their loved ones the fact that the potential spend is not an empty pastime, and to avert the danger from the others. So if you get this prana and begin to exhibit super powers, you will gaff the other members of society who are in critical condition, and they will die. It is irrational, it’s stupid, it’s not necessary. That is why it carefully all treat the abilities.

The idea here is the following before so feverishly seek to superhuman abilities, you need to clean the society, to protect him. Because the modern civilization is fraught with lots of dangers. All the technological, man-made distortions, add some preservative in the food if no one died, I believe that it can be used. But it didn’t, but it spent prana companies that all were dead, laid it as a reserve of strength.

For the misuse of powers pay one – death. Either be free in society, support it, make it clean, powerful, strong, or turns on the factor of irrelevance to this society.

Kulikov Andrey, gr.4:

In continuation of the idea that we are alive until we have something we can do for society, to expand his freedom. I want to lead by example not only for humans. There is, for example, plenty of fish and other animals that live as long as they continued the race, they have no point of aging. They instantly turns on tool of self-destruction, that is, they are not needed, they did their job and expanded the freedom of his kind. In the previous lesson, Gregory assured us that in the near future, we will live forever, nothing like that, as still not solved the mechanism that kills us.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yes, if you perform the human body, each of us consists of 50-60 trillion cells. There is a mechanism how these cells exist in our body. Scientists say that if the surrounding cells give a signal of one cell to die, she should do it. Or, conversely, they can give a signal to multiply and it will start to multiply. And only thus, maintaining the balance between birth and death, we live. If this mechanism fails, and there is a mutation in a cage, and giving her the order to die, and she dies, as a rule, this involves a huge number of deadly diseases to humans. Oddly enough, there is a certain logic between birth and death and the freedom of all. If we are members of society we are tied to society, there is some factor of freedom we get from this society. And in dependence on, at what stage is this society, frames of birth and death can be different to the freedom of society has increased, not decreased. We’ve talked about these examples is Africa. When there was a balance between birth and death, there has not been this appalling hunger. But because of Western technology, the population began to grow more than they could afford to feed. As a result, more horrible living conditions and death.

It is possible to make such a prediction, Yes, indeed, we ourselves have laid down a mechanism of self-destruction. How it works, it is difficult to determine. There is, for example, the factor of shock of death, when people die from a painful shock, but if you make him a sedative, he survives. Of course, this is quite an interesting mechanism of self-destruction, which was inherited from the animals. Because if you receive a particular wound, and the medicine was not there, you still would have died, not immediately, but after two months of torment. The body produces these things are also from the psychological factor, the presence of certain thoughts leads to death. I remember when our country had an election and one of the leaders boasted that they had won. To that he replied: “You won, but you’re killing a whole generation because you took their hope and faith”. I mean older people do, they have not adopted the modern rules of the game. They did not accept that this whole Orgy of robbery, and they all died.

So there is probably some mechanism, when you realize that you don’t need in this world, the very judgment that triggers a mechanism of self-destruction, because you better and society better. It is logical to assume that tomorrow if life will be more fair, if there is low crime, that the mental atmosphere needed. When you will not be afraid when you will have the hail to pour the dill, because life will not give you reasons, it is only natural, the life expectancy will increase. I it is this fact that explain that life expectancy in the West more than us.

Can such a thing happen as soon as humanity will cease to be wild, it will not be necessary to include the uncontrolled mechanism of the birth and rapid death. That is, people will live longer, the number of children would be acceptable. Paul said this phrase that basically we do not die because of the fact that a finite physiological reserve for life, he is very large, and because each individual takes to decide that his freedom will be less if it will be longer to live here. Conversely, if people feel necessary to society, samorealizatsii, the factor of life extension will increase.

So what is an indirect way to extend the life of your moms and dads, a very simple – to show that you need them as grandparents. Oddly enough, when a person comes to a point when the children grew up, the youth is gone, unwittingly starts a mechanism of self-destruction. But grandsons or granddaughters of a sudden most sudden way brings to life the grandparents factor of mindfulness, meaningfulness and happiness. Or as the proverb says, grandchildren are beloved children.

As strange as it all throws us to another branch of yoga called yoga Birthing. It is impossible to consider one without taking from something else. Only in the harmony of life, which in yoga is called the law of Rita, only he gives us the opportunity to complete the program to use what we karmically deserve it, makes the springboard to ensure that we have reached a new level of spirituality.

What starts when we leave? First, to reach the spiritual level, all other levels must be worked out. That’s why, if you analyse the most powerful yoga, extant, they are, oddly enough, is preserved in the tantric tradition. The tantric tradition is based on what is called Tribal yoga. The whole set of such yogas, the yoga of Love, yoga of Union, yoga Tanta – is the embodiment of the principles of Generic yoga, that is, everything is interconnected. Only these areas of Hatha yoga, the past through the tantric tradition, we have survived, because they gave not only spiritual, but also handing out karmic debts. Before you reach the level of spirituality, look at their parents, grandparents, your children, your husbands, wives. Or get so that you step into the higher spiritual realms and help them to do this step, then everything will be beautiful, clear, simple. Or you show selfishness, will try to make a push into higher spiritual realms, forgetting about his family, but then this creates the risk that you will fall.

The factors of freedom, of life, of birth, of our relations, our society is extremely twisted. Therefore, the factor of death is neither good nor bad. If death comes it is appropriate, time is a factor increasing the freedom; if inappropriate, it is a factor in the reduction of your freedom. Why you afraid of death by instinct, you are afraid to do something stupid. The instinct of self-preservation is a factor that allows not to reduce their freedom poursuite from his mind. Because if mind is not at all, you tend not to finish life suicide, if it is very well developed, with glimpses of the spiritual, you also don’t tend to do that. But if the mind is well developed, but in a nihilistic way, when the mind became king, and God, then there is a danger of suicide from the frustration of life.

There is an anecdote. “What is suicide? It is murder for personal gain”. Some pundits think they have all outwitted, but there is a factor of rebirth. Therefore, it remains to recall mark TWAIN’s: “the Most important thing to be born in this world in time, to live and die.”

Another moment you attain the level of spirituality, there are other hands open. How we teach the ancient yoga, the mechanism of death we have invented themselves, as it reduced the suffering and increased freedom. Therefore, at a certain stage of spiritual development you will have the ability to disable this mechanism. That is, in principle, according to yoga, immortality is possible, but it makes sense that you do not suffer from it, only in one case if you go to the next level of our mind – the level of spiritual intuition. But if you have not yet reached or not yet established in it, on the contrary, the factor of immortality becomes a factor of reducing freedom, not increase it. A lot of those nuances, which intertwine and make us choose a personal strategy, when to live and when to die, it falls under the harmony of the Rita, that the question of relevance. You have to feel it for myself”.


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