2011.06.18. Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.06.18.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Friends, today is 18 June 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This is a lecture for the International Open Yoga University. All archived information on: www.openyoga.ru www.yogacenter.ru www.happy.narod.ru. We are considering our lectures global theme called “Yoga and Freedom” in all interpretations of this concept. But before we go any further, I would like some to step aside and to bring to you this vision, which I think is absolutely necessary to recognize each of you.

In his previous profession, where I just don’t have time to work, wore me out on various activities, on one side, I was once involved in Finance, business, management. And since then remained vaguely conscious habits, and skills that are at the level of the autopilot. Ie if you got some kind of a number or saw a graph you inadvertently try to understand, analyze and draw conclusions. So what I’m going to say you have to take with a giant grain of salt, because I’m going to talk about those things in the which I, apparently, do not understand anything and just want to give you just a your vision.

So, what I want to draw the attention of every student intramural and extramural, as well as a free student in the modern world is on the gold price. Let me explain. As you know, the world’s finances are a complex interweaving of all kinds of processes, to analyze which person is not an expert can not, and even experts don’t understand. And so as we are Amateurs and even more so to try to make it not worth it, but even if we are friends, figuratively speaking, are not physicians, but if our body shows a high temperature, it is for us a sign that, apparently, in the body of some processes. They can be relatively painless, safe, suppose you are on the sun overheated, and as a consequence of increased temperature, and can be quite a serious sign of impending illness – the flu, a cold or something.

So, likewise, in the modern world there are such thermometers, thermometers that don’t explain what’s going on, but usually, saying that something is going on. One such thermometers are any kind of exchange where stock trading, and the stock price may rise, may fall down depending on investors ‘ expectations, expectations of people that have these shares bought. In many of these throwing up and down might be speculative, i.e., when one or another group of people trying to play on the rise or decreasing and to influence the market, though, is always prohibited by law.

The other thermometer modern life economic civilization is the price of such historically accept things as gold. Because for millennia gold has been the serious equivalent of prana. Or otherwise- the equivalent of money. It was possible to clearly correlate the amount of prana or the amount of money that makes a country, private person or all of humanity in General, the amount of gold. But over the last few decades the financial system has undergone radical restructuring, when gold ceased to be the equivalent of money, the equivalent of prana. This process began immediately, but the most serious fractures occurred during the great depression in the United States in the 30 years of the twentieth century. Then, money from things that could tightly bind to the gold began to turn into something more reminiscent of prana. Ie, they could show themselves and as consciousness, for example, is the sum of those technologies that make the world a better place. Indeed, as you see computer program? Here is a piece of gold, Yes, but a computer program like anything, but on the other hand, she also works. Without this program, our lives would be bad.

Now, modern money closer closer to the concept of prana, i.e. when the money is component of energy and consciousness. Want money convert to energy, you want to consciousness. And if your own words to say, the Great Depression 30-ies in the United States it was skewed towards energy, or the so-called crisis of overproduction. Ie spawn a number of products, converted the prana Americans into matter, into something inert, which shifted the scales, and poor Roosevelt had to invent a consumer society, which is compensated for and outweighed to the side of consciousness.

So, apparently, this idea Roosevelt continued to evolve, to reflect on different kinds of economists and we are now seeing a different price when the money went in consciousness. Ie money would be quite as divorced from energy. And as you know, no politician, no economist, no financier, which is responsible for the economic policy of the United States or other countries, never gonna tell you what’s really going on. You know, money loves silence, the silence, the lack of concern. But as you know, there are a large number of concerned wealthy people who, despite the fact that all the media not take up this topic, not discussing what to say justified, to avoid panic. But still these people are trying to save their money in case of another global crisis. And as you know, if misalignment has occurred in the direction of consciousness, the same consciousness will be impaired. Just as in the 30-ies there was a bias towards energy, poor farmers poured milk on the ground, burned bread, etc. it was all destroyed so the price have grown on it. And there will be a crisis of consciousness. And so it’s only natural that everyone wants to preserve their savings. And if there is a crisis of consciousness, it is necessary to look for the energy in which to convert their money and wait out this crisis. The question immediately arises: “where do we get this energy?” It is clear that it is possible to buy land, a home, something tangible, but in the economy there is such a thing as “liquidity”. If you want to sell it, it will make it very hard. At the same time there is historically a universal thing as gold, which is very easy to buy and very easy to sell. And all this I told you, I want to stress that this is all my amateurish thoughts the person does not understand the economy, but understands the other, that the price of gold increases rapidly and indecent indecent steadily. For comparison, let us recall, for example, 2006. Remember your condition, if in 2006, somewhere you would get a million and put it into gold, now would you have, at least three million. Friends, this is such interest, which did not dream anybody. This is a very serious sign that something is happening, and we don’t understand what’s going on. God grant that nothing will happen, God forbid, that gold has fallen off or I don’t know, on the contrary, must increase, I most importantly, no one was hurt. All of this together draws me inside the painting of modern economic life, which, to be honest, I don’t understand. Don’t understand and that’s it. No one to explain clearly the stars of the world economy can not. Anyway, I have not seen any explanation, except babble, saying that everything’s a cycle that will now rise, now that would be absolutely wonderful life, if only to hold the night Yes the day, and we all will be, happiend. But on the other hand, I remember that the last step into the abyss is a big surprise. And when I don’t understand something, when no one is attempting to explain or at least be aware of what is happening and do such a good face on a strange game, it is clear that I have a concern. Therefore, as a more practical point, I will ask Sergey to post on the sites of each group chart of gold prices. You know, we have a graph of the phases of the moon, now also added to the price of gold. Will ancient shamanic methods to find what happens if our lights do not even bother to discuss this topic. Although I understand why fail – afraid of the panic if something serious- they will be the last to remain silent. When on a big boat happens to panic and if all people from one end of the ship run across another one, even if there was no reason to worry, this ship can just roll over, because on one side it will push a lot of people stronger, and the other will be more fluent. So expect some official circles, if really something serious, not necessary. But fortunately, there are plenty of quirky, toothy rascals of Finance who catch the slightest information, and believe me, they fool brainwashed by the media very hard. Because the money for them to be responsible for their personal, and to lose them they do not want. I do not want it. And therefore, their behavior is sometimes a very good indicator that something is wrong. And their behavior shows that they rushed into gold.

Now for what I’ve told you. First, it is my duty, if I do not understand something, whether it’s yoga or normal life, at least, to convey to you is incomprehensible, and you really decide how this misunderstanding in the future work.

Secondly, you should remember if you are learning yoga, then your job in the future to overcome ignorance, Maya, delusion, wherever they arise – in your personal life, in the economic state of the country or of the globe, otherwise you will come off, and you must firmly stand on his feet. And finally, what I’m more concerned if a few years ago, we would not be fussed in the propagation of yoga, no one would of you now in this room now did not sit. I rule out that you would be any more fun places, more time nice to be transmitted or the same yoga he studied from more competent sources, but it is subjunctive. We are interested in the science of the real, not hypothetical. So, their feeble little minds, I figure I suddenly remembered the ancient adage that if you don’t know what to do and if something is not clear, then hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

And so I drew this picture of the collapse, as you know, a Manager in crisis management. What can happen and how it will affect our daily lives. The most optimistic analysis shows that if a crisis, about yoga will be forgotten, not to yoga. And if at that time we will not have time to seriously gain a foothold and benefit the people, then people will tend not to pay attention to yoga and, accordingly, the theme of the stall. That’s why we need as quickly as possible to get to the level to have a real benefit to all mankind. Well, what real benefits you can bring? Of course, the people who will attend your lessons in your halls and as a result will be less sick and you will spend less money for medicines, respectively, they will be able to spend more on yoga. If in some life situations you sometimes on fingers explain that where a person makes a textbook error, it won’t do anything stupid, respectively, and here you give an opportunity to save prana and not to waste, etc., etc. but the conclusion I have a more practical – what to do? And due to the fact that I don’t understand what’s going on, I don’t know whether the crisis in General, and if it is then when, but it is necessary now to think of all the ways of defense, in this regard, I can think of some plans for the further adjustment movement of the Open Yoga University.

First, I think we need to make great emphasis on the training of yoga teachers who can teach in English. If before, it was mostly optional, but now I see this as an urgent need. Because, whatever further was your life, wherever you find yourself, the ability, even with the accent, albeit with errors, but to hold yoga classes in every country where the English language would greatly enhance your personal freedom will enable you to survive, and as a consequence, you will not leave to engage in and promote yoga, and yoga will be strengthened on a new level. Why else would I emphasize? Unfortunately, the analysis of the possible consequences of the crisis says, first and foremost, lose countries such as Russia, living on the oil. If there’s a crisis in the United States of America, they will stop buying…again, I say Amateur, I emphasize. Such a scheme logical, that you understand, all is much more complex. The scheme is simple – a seesaw: if one player gets out of the swing, the second sags automatically, even if he does not do anything bad. Similarly here: the whole world is a set of swings, if one place stood up, another fell, another fell somewhere else twisted…and so on. But friends, no matter how skewed, is primarily affected countries, such as we are. All that was old and powerful – destroyed, new, like, no one is going to build anything. All rely on some mythical, magical mantras and spells of economic, they say, give people something-and-so and they will do everything, to put it mildly, untenable; I am not even going to continue this topic.

The meaning is this: America draws the money, the money accumulates China, while this scheme will work, no crisis will be, but if tomorrow China will start some kind of bourgeois, capitalist revolution and have it all collapses, no one will sell US debt, no one will buy us debt. Or else, if America stops buying products from China, China will become not well, stop industrial enterprises, the price of raw materials will fall, our favorite barrel of oil…us know, you have a red square at the Kremlin, instead of the star barrel with oil and pray for her. Under the tsars was an eagle, the Communist star, and we have the symbol of modern life – a barrel of oil. So this barrel will fall, pensions and salaries to state employees will pay nothing, and everything else deflates. And we may be today, will be remembered as the older generation of the pre-war years how great everything was before the war. I am afraid that such a scenario was not. So if I drop all that bude not to yoga by far.

Therefore, the second step, why you need to be able to teach in English, because there are many shoals jerk for the better sudbino around our vast globe. I do not exclude such variant. So at least there’s yoga was kept. Not that pop music, in the West, full of yoga, but only with difficulty it can be yoga to name; at least until the end of the ice age.

Of course, all ends, the crisis will end sooner or later, the main hold as much as he will. Another objective, in connection with the above considerations, to make a more serious emphasis on study. M. V. Lomonosov said that Siberia will grow the wealth of the Russian land. Before the war, you remember, if not laid Nizhny Tagil, Uralmash, etc. would not do the tanks and it is not clear what would have the war ended. But here other considerations. First, we will call things by their proper names – Moscow is a state within a state with all positive and negative sides. The standard of living, mentality, goals, desires, a way of life differs greatly in the rest of Russia, not to mention the CIS countries. Oddly enough, this positive side adverse side. Because if something happens, then people here, who began to live largely in the West, the sharper it will feel. Already few of their Muscovites potatoes in plot grows. Although in the Soviet years…remember the anecdote where I am five days working and Saturday Sunday in the country injected. Already moved those days. Of course, our vast expanses of the Motherland are still people living in subsistence farming. In this respect, oddly enough, the people there are more tenacious. And if there’s rock, all office managers and other forget about yoga the first. And there, no, there are people more thorough. And if yoga will have time to time to show their worth through the improvement of health and weight anything else, people in regions not prone from it so quickly abandon. If we have time to somehow fix in the regions of at least small foci of storing this knowledge, we are more likely to survive.

Another component that I will a spade a spade to be called, unfortunately, the audience in Moscow zazhralis. What is there just no. And yoga right foot, left foot yoga, and the struggle Nanai boys, and jumping on the head, you name it. The third eye is all open, it’s time to open the fourth and fifth, there are such trainings. All the polls Kundalini awakened. As you know, to work in such a situation is very nervous activity, i.e., do not perceive people, whether the Kundalini is awakened interferes, whether the third eye is distracting, I don’t know. So work hard, be honest, hard. There is no such mental understanding, not even, not mental, there is something so familiar. Know yoga as a necessary mom and dad to prirodnaja, it’s something native which you do not throw and will not substitute. But here the attitude is more consumer, here I am on this psychological training was, this was, this was…and what you can offer me? Here I am a consumer, here’s my fat wallet, pay money, and you, as monkey, entertain me. And to entertain and do not want others do.

So, now, we will put more emphasis on external students. Again, as we have enough resources. Thank God, Internet technologies allow us to do that thing to move and in this respect, another such idea, which I was born. For a stronger promotion, now we are working on this issue, because it is absolutely not simple. Maybe, we this moment approach to practice, if we manage some courses preloaded, will be able to bring a few months. To give encouragement. First, for students to a little early began to teach in their home towns and villages who are. And for resident students other compensatory time that if in virtue of some on your circumstance, you will have the opportunity to teach yoga in English in countries outside of the former USSR, we also probably will go for it. It is an incentive to be. If you want faster – there are options. As you all will? You know how we have the rigid bureaucracy that one comma does not change, in the end it all twisted. It’s not so easy to do, that would not allow freebies. This is me in a nightmare not dream that we now start all teaching. No, no, no. It is better that we die than we brood unfinished. Someone else will finish it, we at least the place won’t take.

I had mentioned to you in our prominent activist Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Malyshev, who just two years before the war, created in the Urals the second line of defence. Do you think when evacuated during the war, enterprises in the field they would be thrown out? Yes, somewhere in the field, but already the infrastructure was ready, but the main thing was the plan, what and where should be. Otherwise, the war we would have lost. In this respect, you remember that teaching yoga is the same war, only you’re fighting with ignorance. You have one enemy, you have no enemy except ignorance. First and foremost, your personal. So, big, big ignorance somewhere out there in financial circles is preparing us a big surprise. And we need to be ready for this big ignorance of others, not to succumb to it, and better to be prepared, and even better, teaches yoga, turn defeat into victory. Or in the words of Winston Churchill: “the Crisis is a big opportunity.” That’s the theme. Therefore, the emphasis will be shifted slightly in English and for external students.

Finally, the third thing I have to say. Each of you upon completion of your training, definitely, one way or another, will advance yoga. Someone will promote it actively through teaching. Someone indirectly through the activities in some way contributing to the development of yoga. What this can be. First, it is opening all kinds of yoga centers. It may well be that in a few years, at the end of training you will begin, including to open their yoga centers. Why not? I’ll be the first to shake your hand and wish you well. Though I understand, what a huge, sometimes not resolvable difficulties you will face. So, if someone of you plans in the future, in connection with the above arguments, we must begin to do the groundwork now. Therefore arises a serious need to create a training course how to open yoga centres. Where to explain the most common mistakes, best practices, experience. In this respect, we are open. We have no trade secrets and other nonsense. Our task is to promote yoga. So, to summarize our experience and to present, create a testing system that has not turned out that in one ear flew, and flew to another, we will make a powerful support for you in the future. So you do not step on the same rake, on which we were advancing, thus saving time, effort, money, etc. and achieved good results before. I want to say again that this case is extremely difficult and risky, like any business. In this respect, the refrigerators sell that yoga centers to do a lot of things in common.

There is another way to promote yoga. Using any kind of esoteric shops. In the end, there was a moment when you came to some kind of esoteric shop, any: self-Help, bought a book and then learned the word yoga. And the opening of these stores also helps to the development of yoga. First, it is a point of sale yogic literature. I can hardly tell you a secret that publishing any book is a simple affair, quick and pleasant. In fact, if you have the money, the other happy it will be published. But the question of marketing is a dead end. How many yoga magazines, okololegochnykh each year open and disappear for exactly this reason – no place to spread. So are the books. This applies to movies learning. The entire huge list that is associated with the development of yoga, is largely fed through the stores. Look, you go to the store and usually, a Bulletin Board, where one or another seminar, yoga classes. A huge number of people come to yoga. Therefore, any esoteric shop is our second front in the war on ignorance is our ally, so you if after graduation, you want my shop to open, it is welcome. But you know, welcome not enough, we need best practices, useful advice and recommendations. Not abstract, as in Western books write something fantastic, hanging in the air like balloons; but real. When you’re up against, I’m not even talking about bureaucracy, namely, with regard to business organization, what to buy, where to purchase and what is the margin to do, and in some cases, you can do, and what not, and where sellers take, if you suddenly got sick and couldn’t get up to the counter, you need to you could someone to fill in, to catch up. And as you maintain the account. Pretty straightforward actually, but in this simple case, more than half closed, because there was paraphernalia, then orazgeldyyev and everything goes wrong. Therefore, it is also a very serious course.

These two courses, we now can not create. We don’t have the resource, so it is solely on the voluntary principles of those who in the future thinks to do. If you don’t see in my life this prospect of opening a yoga center or store, you never know, we all have our own path, we can’t force you to create these courses or to work for them you still came here to learn from teachers. Therefore, we cannot include it in our mandatory work, mandatory karma yoga. The only thing I can help with what we can. But who will take on this job, I don’t know. Sometimes, it is very useful, friends, here’s what to do, take a day or two to work themselves, for example, the seller or the administrator in a yoga center. Oh, how cleaned brains, Oh, how differently you begin to look at everything and everyone. Oh, how this is useful. And realizing all this, to issue it must.

Finally, another major project. This is yoga for children. And the associated course in preparation for childbirth. As practice shows, the most basic things for women, young girls do not know is elementary, not some aerobatics. And it is also necessary to collect to work, all you Yogini goddesses to give birth, who has not begotten, and who is begotten – not a bad thing. Here, too, there are lots of nuances, right down to what hospital to give birth, it is good that this is now a free theme. And then we have to bear yoga for children and then is faced with a monstrous misunderstanding caused by our previous life. It is generally believed that teaching yoga is harder for adults than for children. Monstrous misconception of people who know nothing about yoga and don’t understand or tried to do. I.e. it used to work from afar. Friends, everything is just the opposite. Teaching yoga for adults, wealthy people much easier, for the simple reason that if you make some kind of blemish or fault to varying interpretations, the human adult has baggage of his previous life, he may not even notice. The children perceive every word, every look, every breath, every smile, every joke, every compliment or every severe. To work with children should the most qualified yoga teachers. We, in the Open Yoga University we of course it also does not advertise, but you still need to know, we do not prepare teachers who would be working with children. We don’t have enough qualifications. Here’s a normal yoga teachers for the adult people we can cook for the children there. This is a huge challenge in terms of organization, children are not interested in your philosophy and meditation. They need play, they need to serve something, so they can keep to their catches, and here it is necessary to work, work and work. Here such course need to do. Do you remember what we say, in the Soviet Union, what’s there to be honest teaching was often by a residual principle, mostly girls. Girls who are unable or unwilling nowhere else to go, having no particular ambition, often become educators or teachers in school. And maybe all of our the horrors of the warp lies in the fact that when a child is faced with incompetent teaching in the elementary grades and is skewed for the rest of your life as it only increases. In yoga it is very well understood. Therefore, we reverse. We have to become a yoga teacher for children, you will be required ten times more understanding of yoga than usual. You need kindness, sensitivity, a lot more will be required. We can not, unfortunately this pull, do not have the resource. This is a separate issue, very long at work. These are not moments for adults to practice the occupation. Generally there is a very good criterion of yoga. When at the beginning of yoga was interested mainly marginal, or cosmic-mystical public, I’m not against aliens and contacts, I am opposed when it involved incompetent. So, first, yoga was interested in this audience, was an enormous change. I now remember, that yoga began to come people will earn their living. Here’s how it happened, there were preconditions for the creation of the Open Yoga University. Prior to that, by and large, it was possible to work only with the cosmic and mystical characters, or with the youth, absolutely reckless, still where not to work, but would not work. Or is the older generation, they just had the leisure to brighten up, it’s just boring to sit at home in retirement, I don’t want to say it’s bad. It’s very good, but it is when a person has excess resource, and he spends. Once in the yoga went young, strong, earning themselves a living, you can then talk about yoga, about training for serious yoga teachers, etc.

Now, friends, following the revolutionary upheaval, the jump in yoga is when we will be able to bring yoga to children. That’s when it happen, personally, I can safely say that can safely dissolve in the rainbow and to go into Samadhi to disappear from our lives. Why? If we are unable, for good, without obscurantism, to bring yoga to children in the first place, to their own, then, Yes, you can be calm for yoga. Because it will be a part of such that it is impossible to throw out. I remember all the poems that I read in childhood. Everything is absolutely. But those that in his youth he read it so, not very. And in adulthood, already sometimes can’t remember what I read yesterday, despite the fact that yoga is called memory.

Therefore, these last two projects related to preparation for childbirth and preparation of children, we, unfortunately, do not have the resources. So if someone sees himself in this area also suggest to start thinking about it. Again, we can’t include in your mandatory training, we are unable to spend your mandatory training hours on your belongings. It can be only from your side only by your personal time and effort.

Thus, the dry residue. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. You first must be free, i.e. you must firmly stand on his feet. If anything will start to move, you will survive. In the end, yoga makes people of the dominant people. I.e., with a higher immunity to all kinds of stresses and shocks. You are more likely painless and quick to reschedule. So first, focus on English, for those who have studied simpler for those who have not studied – will look for some methods to some basics you quickly mastered, some of the work we’re already there. We have long been engaged.

The second point, expanding the emphasis on students. Therefore, external students, you are asked your personal history, how you came to us in yoga. As with a large number of details. “…so I arrived in Moscow at Kursk station, the dirt, the homeless, where is yoga?…” It must not be abstract for some, and that is yours. But again add the spiritual aspect, the higher. If you have something opened or you have understood something that other people have read, understood and also could do. Friends, students, turn to you, I have a personal request to you. Please consider that this is your real contribution to yoga. Describe your situation. No need to embellish anything, don’t belittle, don’t short, don’t need too much. But that should be how you feel, the way it is, please send, preferably with photos and we will post it all so other people have seen it all, and when others will see that this is all real, then the order will be easier to take the next step. So the emphasis on part-time students. Finally, it may be possible for a few months to shorten the period when it is possible to begin to practice, if we reverse the two courses. Ie in parallel, you will study and learn it will be very welcome, because nobody knows the future.

For a full-time student. If you have the opportunity while on holiday, any more trips abroad, more practice. Of course, after passing the appropriate training, this would also be welcome. Now combine the pleasant with the useful. Eat somewhere to relax, agree with the local Director, the Manager of the hotel on the sea coast. Tell me, I will be free to teach yoga. Give room, give them an ad. In order to gain experience. Experience, experience and experience. Without experience, friends, you’re not a yoga teacher. No experience is paper that you can draw anything. No real experience, no hours of teaching, you are nobody. Therefore, as a pilot, before at the helm of Boeing to sit down to gain flying hours. This is all necessary.

Student, gr. 3, Natalia

– If now we seemed close a topic, what do we do? We somehow manifest itself? How to do it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Start with the second one. Every student of the Open Yoga University shall manifest itself. Required. We then draw the organizational structure, this will emerge with time, to get used. It is rather a question for Victoria, so she is all painted. If there is a theme, if you wish, then at least know about what this person potentially interested in this, this this. In the future will go I don’t know. This question is purely organizational. But you know that Victoria is nothing for you to do. Will have to do everything themselves. So it can only your efforts to insert in a global effort.

Student, gr. 4, Elena:

– In the course said that is not welcome to visit other schools. Now, if abroad I want to go to a yoga class, to see how it is. This is welcome?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Not quite. This is how to learn a foreign language. Can go to USA and come out with an American accent, and can go to India and bring out the Indian accent. Here American it, in my opinion, is still closer to English than Indian English. That’s about the same situation. But! It is only until, until you yourself learn to teach. In the future, of course. This is a separate topic to teach to foreigners. Here it is not even in English, you know English very bad even, but to teach yoga perfectly in English. Because yoga is not only your words and your smile, your charm. In the end, your mental abilities when you are unable to read thoughts of a man who has come to you, you can even not say anything at all. Or will say, as we joked: “Man, leg, face…” the main thing at the end, add: “.”. They love pliz. In this respect, too, is a very serious problem. We have in this regard, the coarse language. What we normally heard, there should definitely some more polite expressions. But on the other hand, you are a free people and Open Yoga University is a chance to rise.

So, discussed. Mat here and Basim. In the previous lecture we have already demonstrated this exercise called the corpse pose or Savasana. Now I’ll show you this exercise more complicated. We had previously given it at the seminars. But to make sure you understand, grabbed a bunch of the concepts of yoga and the concept of death. Why did the Shavasana pose is the most-most wonderful. Exercise is what it is. I tell Basima that you must be in the Shavasana pose. If you had any problems, not them, you’re dead. Thoughts, comments, the price of gold rising and it does not concern you, and you come out of this position before I say the mantra: “Om Namah shivaya Basim”. Then you come out of Shavasana, and I’ll do everything to provoke, I’ll tell you, “Basim, what are you doing! Stand up. You hinder us walking here!” and every other words, and then assault. And you’re dead. All. And exercise is that as soon as I say the words normal, your mind will switch to the usual cycle of thoughts, and you will tense up inside, and you have to catch this moment and remember, nobody said, “Om Namah shivaya Basim”, then lie continue. Someone pushed me, kicked, etc. and you died, everything, not you. Only the mantra will bring you back, your mind in your body. Therefore, Basim will then lie and I will from time to time to provoke, and now we will go further.

So, who will remind us of our previous lecture?

Student, gr. 4, Galina

– The last lecture you said that the measure of success in yoga is posture, Savasana. As well as that of life and death is a demand in life, in society and if it starts to be unclaimed, respectively, and his death comes soon

Student gr.4, Olga

– You also said that we have two types of muscles: those which we recognize those deep muscles that we can’t even comprehend, much less control; and the tension of these muscles also increases our resource and if we learn to relax them, we will be able to free up resource and guide to more useful things.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yes, friends, we are like a bucket full of holes, our life force from our Overself, and using uncontrolled tension ensues. If we go sandwiched, come home tired at work, nothing is done, the more experienced, thought etc.

I’m Basim living water sprinkle…(laughter)

Student gr. 4, Catherine

– You said that if society rejects you, then you’re doomed to death, and sometimes society on the contrary, helps

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yes, friends, here is the invisible part of our power, which modern civilization is trying to destroy. A simple idea: “Together we are strong!”, if you are an individualist, and that there must be confessed, is a serious philosophy in the West, the philosophy of individualism, in the United States of America, you are inadvertently laying some sort of future their failures, you wall cut off from the source of power. We are all in a single, invisible, interwoven system of prana in society, we all live, if these jets are sealed, single cell become a multicellular, individuals transformed into the people in the state. This means that there is a possibility of your vitality, without realizing it even for yourself, to pour, or Vice versa, to take when you feel bad. It is clear that to be so, should those who have given it more than those who took. In the sense that if someone is a parasite on it, then sooner or later the society he rejects. You take the homeless antisocial, not such who by force of circumstances turned out to be nothing, and conscious of alcoholics. In fact, they live through society. Placed them in Siberia under a pine tree, they won’t last. So the homeless is a phenomenon of large Metropolitan areas, large countries. In small countries and in the poorer there is still all die in a natural way and just as everything else, friends, we do not see, do not notice, so sometimes it seems like nothing, but it’s there.

Student, gr.4 Andrew:

– My contradictions arose. Last time you said that if the person is not demanded by society, it quickly dies. But there are many cases when people over the years to eke out a parasitic existence and nothing happens. How then is this theory?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Friends, you have to understand that there are plenty of at first glance seeming exceptions. How do you know it’s the exception or not. You know their previous life? No. You must understand that a society where more than a certain percentage of people – parasites – society – dies. Just dies. All. Point. Here nothing to talk about. Dies as from the position that there is no one to feed, and more subtle, such situation, more to understand, more ornate. But you know, more weight other factors a huge number of factors not obvious, but here you have to see the obvious thing that if you were freer to live alone, it would be no societies were not. And if there is society, there is some exchange with the remaining members of the society. And we’ve learned that this exchange is due to what? For example, at the expense of Finance. Someone out there pays taxes, someone gets paid. Someone builds a factory. But you remember that money is only a rough equivalent of what is called prana, and the flow of prana they are mysterious and unfathomable. The flow of prana sometimes can do wonders. The flow of prana do country. So they discounted heavily. Therefore, exceptions can give a lot, but these exceptions will never be more than a certain percentage, because then society will fall apart. Just like the homeless. There are also homeless people, although everyone knows that we have to work for the good of others, and they do not work or do not want. Mold is also necessary, imagine if there wasn’t a mold, the leaves would be on the street not decompose you in the Park would now go, and at your feet last year and the year before the leaves would not decay. Can imagine. Therefore, some factor, sometimes even anti-social elements does, too. We don’t know. Society is a very complex mechanism. With their safety valves. With some its own niches. People from one place to another can go. How profitable. Everyone carries some function. I remember that in the Soviet years in the forest did not go everywhere glands, banks, wire. Began the age of capitalism, the homeless all were on stand still and went to collect scrap metal, nonferrous metal, well all that bad lay. As a result, now going, the peace and quiet. Any pieces of iron, all passed. They collected the money, handed over and get drunk, and passed sober. And such mechanisms can be very many, and very quietly.

Passive participant, Elena:

– The last lecture, and I found it very interesting that we talked about that yoga does not involve his superpowers do not demonstrate them on the right and left. Because your prana, they have earned the yogic exercises, they prefer to spend on their loved ones and all of the world, and not to show in front of everyone.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– You know, friends, there were a few moments when I was faced with superpowers in everyday life. People exhibited, and showed, not strange, people are far from yoga. They probably were born with these abilities. And you know what I was feeling? I was scared. Terribly frightened. You know why? I suddenly realized that if this prana pulled out and I demonstrate the wonders of, someone it is not enough and someone from a stroke will die from a heart attack will die, and so can be survived. Yes, you can surprise the audience, but on the other end, the person with whom you are karmically connected and having a single panicacci team, not getting the best from you and die. Then why do we need these super powers if that’s so valuable. Absolutely not necessary. It is better to let all be happy, alive and fun. In ordinary life much more interesting and really wonderful, fantastic and wonderful, but again, we do not understand. It is very intuitive and feel people with superpowers and they are just hiding. They intuitively begin to understand that they had invaded the forbidden area. It is not yet time. Moreover, for our fight against ignorance is enough conventional weapons. Imagine this analogy that you decided to use poison gas, a new achievement, but this quality makes it more terrible consequences of war. You poison and you will poison you someone magic methods in a coffin brought, and you have someone…Why sink to this level? Or remember how Ivan Efremov, Thais of Athens there was an episode when Alexander the great came to the man and says, “I’m this way ladies. If you take a piece of wood and hammer nails and in the way of cavalry to scatter these pieces of wood, when the horse will gallop, the hoof will get stuck, and then the horse will run and it will pull the hoof” the New technology proposed. What Alexander the great, first, I asked him: “do you anyone else that’s not offered?”, he said “No” and then he ordered his companion to kill him, so no one would know of this technology. And so the war will be won or lost according to other criteria, but why do it unnecessarily bloody.

Here similarly here. We will still achieve all that we want, but what abilities to use, which are still unknown as you can get. Therefore, the subject is not altogether obvious. We are United, even if we think that we individually, and demonstration of super-powers is in fact the ability to use this invisible thing we have in common. Another thing is if you are the greatest yogi and directly in contact with the absolute, where inexhaustible reserves of prana. There please, air fly, pass through walls, if you connected one-on-one with the absolute. As in many religions, if a particular outstanding Holy man directly with God are connected, then Yes, it can show miracles. Say Francis of Assisi in the air flying. Many such examples from history will find. But it is quite another scenario. Friends anyone else any thoughts? Basim, you know? What do you do? All of the lecture now ends. Serge, move it out of here. For Mat it, it bothers me. (Basim driven, audience laughs)

Student 4 oz., Marina:

– I would like to say about euthanasia. Previously, there was no euthanasia. Grandpa on the stove creaked as much as it was expected. Now all of a sudden came up with, that now people don’t want to endure the suffering, to save their loved ones. That is, they have decided that death is the deliverance from suffering and the extension of freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Here everything is transparent friends. The person who requests euthanasia, it’s not in the lap of nature before you lived it, and before it was pumped full of antibiotics, other medications which simply do not exist in nature and, in part, turned off the natural mechanism of death. You remember that we have the ability to even die from the shock, and if you make a pain reliever, such abilities we lose. If you’ve intervened once, it is logical to assume, why not step in and second time to at least neutralize that before it was done. Another story moral, ethical and karmic. If you have negative karma so it is better to work out in this life, than to drag on to the next. Turn defeat into victory. There are different situations. In each case, we need to understand. But, strictly speaking, you are right. Grandpa on the stove lay medicine was not how he lived, and before him all lived. In the middle ages in Europe there were two medicines: showing off the blood and cool the broth. And the joke is obscene: “In Russia two diseases. One disease is called garbage, another game over. Garbage itself will be tryndets not treated”.

Student gr. 4, Irina

I have thinking about using superpowers to make someone believe in yoga, or at least to doubt that the world is so materialistic. If you normally say that yoga is good, but I do not believe it, I believe that the world he is, what I face, I am a realist. Walk on hot coals – Yes, show, I believe in yoga, and different does not believe.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Friends, first, to walk on coals, it’s not a superpower, it is, within the limits of decency. In the continuation of this story, when I was faced with these people. They actually have, if you search you can find them, just do not want to look after those experiences. When you’re faced with this, the first reaction: “…Yes! Right were yoga books.” And then: “…so, if I believed a miracle but it happened…and here the book about the evil eye damage and got about witches, that means they also have. Time I believed in one thing, therefore, automatically believe in the other. If there is damage and the evil eye, cursed me…Aah…” and the reaction of friends, always with demonstrations of super-powers approximately all one and the same. First: “Oh! how cool!” And then: “…yeah, there might be another side to these powers…” the Man withdraws and begins to fear. And the response, as I told you I have to stay away from them and everyone else. Albeit in my Universe this is not, I’m not ready for awareness. Indeed so, friends, we live in the Universe, which is valishvili. If we valishvili is not even aware of this, then, is not fulfilled even the most ordinary abilities. Therefore, if you begin to show superpowers Yes, for a short time, you will attract attention, but then you can get fear, fear.

Or as one gentleman has submitted, I’m even a film was made about it, but he probably has not survived, may be for the best. I asked the translator to translate the film in English, I have friends in America, I wanted to show them. The film is very good, it is very competently translated, then after some time asked: “what do you think?” and he told me the following sentence with his hand, he came to me and asked: “Well how are your mutants?”. And I thought, really, that for me is superpowers and his mutants, that something’s up. Everything that is relevant should be.

There is one human thing that “cures” all this is nonsense. Our hopeless stupidity. Even if you have a positive stay experience, the years pass and you have erased from memory everything. In any case, the emotional coloring disappears completely. “…well, Yes, I remember, was someone…in the air flying…the landing came, and was the inclement weather…and missed…”, but no emotional experience, no. Why? Because we all live in ignorance. This ignorance entangles us. We forget all. We forget not only what they themselves have valishvili created. What we have created, invented – that remains, everything else is washed out. This also applies to yoga. We conduct workshops. Some seminars have a very large psychological impact on people who visit them. Indeed, the ancient, powerful practice, everything is fine. And we all ask that at once recorded on a sheet of paper that someone feels. Because we know that in a year no one will not remember anything, they were at the seminar or not. And so it is its own record read and reproduce the practice. And sometimes, the mental reproduction of practices equivalent to the fact that if you did it again. The so-called method of mindfulness. And our hopeless stupidity ruins everything. And either you will have every day in the air flying display, but then will get used and will say that this is no miracle, but a phenomenon of nature usual. All that concerns learning, overcoming ignorance, knowledge Higher, it is oddly enough, is calm, unhurried pace gradual work. Sometimes, Yes, you can cheer, showing superpowers, but it is such a small doping, which will keep you alert for a moment, and all the other thousands of years the way you have to get used to going alone and working hard without expecting praise, not fear of punishment. You have expressed that you go so, here you go. Therefore, in such a way to lure people to yoga is unacceptable. Let’s start with the fact that for millennia it has been, is and apparently will. In India this case some of them are simple. Where the majority of people already valishvili that their lives can be any kind of manifestation of miracles. For Western man, not yet. Once Western man valisheva that, Yes, let’s open up our ability, then immediately begin to Wake up to some higher power, but they will be perceived without fear, without having to pull from some prana. Know how the Caliph on an hour – showed something, bared all pranic fronts and a lot of people died there, which you never see. This is not the way. In any case, in the Open Yoga University has a very hard setting: “Never use yoga as proof of their arguments is what people still did not come themselves, not ripe, not valishvili, and emphasize more on logic, common sense, appeal to reason, to the intellect or to the personal experience – here try to do, you’ll feel…” And does in other schools of yoga, with aspiration: “…over there, high in the mountains in the Himalayas, the ones who nobody has heard of…” And some time of this feeding, way up in the mountains, sit Teachers…They really sit there and do all the good doing, but you know God helps those who help themselves and, in the same way here. No Teacher will make for you your personal way. And therefore, what good is parasitic on this wonderful and UN-understandable? This weakens the mind, and we need it to sharpen. Hone your mind, will come to the Highest.

Student gr.3, the Anastasia:

– My thinking about the appropriateness and inappropriateness of death. It seems to me that death is perceived by us as inappropriate and inhumane, because we conclude one of two concepts. It is the circumstances in which death occurs, which can be really inappropriate and inhumane; and death itself, which frees you from these circumstances. This is a breakthrough to freedom, namely, the circumstances which provoked our karma – they enslave, make our existence unbearable in this moment, and death itself free.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Friends, Yes, indeed, we all know what is good in our small personal lives, but what is Cordoba probably seen only with high spiritual realms. And so we can’t always understand the meaning of death. In India, there are very interesting ceremonies. It is believed that one of the patrons of easy dying, it is not strange, is Shiva. He is also the manifestation of the absolute, which declared yoga. Generally, all yoga, has come down to us, passed through the tantric tradition. And in the tantric tradition the image of Shiva, the most revered. Under Shiva it meant absolute. So, even in India there are certain places where people come to die. It is believed that there, in this place, Siva is invisibly present and most painless way cuts off sick mortal body, served from our Higher self, so it could be born into a better situation. You have to remember that India is a country of frightening poverty, a very long time this has been and remains. But this philosophy, it literally permeates everything there – if I suffer, then I have such karma. On the one hand it sometimes plays a negative role, and the person stops trying to change something in your life, what gets into this sticky web of rituals, traditions, that, they say, was born untouchable, only death will set you free. But there is a strong side – a man who deliberately lives his life. And here’s a special place where people specially come to die.

Student, gr. “ECA”, Mark:

– We had a workshop on yoga of Dying and there was a moment that death is not just the fact of the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the death, but there are more fundamental fact that the state of occurrence at the time of death.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Yes, we talked about this in previous lectures. We had workshops, the course is on our online yoga courses on the site www. kurs.openyoga.ru where it is possible systematically to study yoga from zero to any reasonable heights which we can only spread. So find an appropriate course on Yoga of Dying, take it, it will be revision.

Now I say wonderful mantra: “Om Namah shivaya Basim” the process of vicodene from Shavasana should be very long, if time allows. If time does not permit, then you need to stretch, yawn, and then very useful not to just stand up and turn to the side. This is certainly not a law of nature, but extremely useful addition to the pose Shavasana. And some time to lie thus, to recover. Then pull your legs and sit down. And, by the way, is one of the recommended poses for you girl – goddess-Yogini when you are pregnant. To get up with pastels preferably not with a jerk, first on one side, then bend your legs and stand up. Today, friends, everything.


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