2011.06.25. Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

The title of the lecture :

Freedom and death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Date: 2011.06.25.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : the fight against ignorance and need of education. On the need to develop the ability to Express themselves in the Universe. About the need to work on yourself and not buy into the “free” money. About learning to be effective, learning to be a people who are self-made. Learning English helps to reveal the Universe. What is the relationship between criminal and Administrative codes and the First, Second, and Third principles of yoga? If we have reached the level of awareness of the first, second and third yoga principles, then we should have our own laws. But to reach this level, we have inside to accept them and live them. What to do before we took them? It is desirable to use some strange code of honor that we read, and we liked him. Even if it is imperfect, it’s better than nothing. Discussion: politeness restrict our freedom.

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Today 25 June 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are in Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, this lecture MOYO. All information on our sites www.openyoga.ru , www.yogacenter.ru , www.happyyoga.narod.ru . Our free online yoga courses for self-study of yoga on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

If we have to when someone from the students? Why I focus on the fact that we have trained part-time students? It is hidden advertising. When we declare that someone can learn remotely, then another person heard it, that in his city, country, so someone has to learn, can easily overcome the barrier in the use of new information technologies. Yet many people are afraid of computers, video-conferencing and it is important to educate. You remember that we have many enemies that we have only one enemy is ignorance, and our main task is the fight against ignorance. And the most effective fight against ignorance is knowledge or in other words is education. If it is, then there is everything else, if not, then everything else is useless. It is useless to build any political movement, currents, etc., if the people themselves are in such dense ignorance, fear, etc.

Now, let’s any of us recall what we did in the previous lecture. This is important in order to prepare you as serious personalities. You should be able to declare itself, you should be able to speak in public, you should do like a “PR”. If you don’t tell about yourself, the Universe, the universe will assume that you are not.

You should be able to Express themselves. Moreover, I have a habit, I prefer students not to notice as long as they do not begin to manifest itself, for example: “I am Vasily Pupkin, then, that something did or something, then announced, did anything”. And at first, my mind throws it into the subconscious, but then, starting from some point, all good sense is valid. Advertising has a negative side when it is imposed, when it’s some kind of spam or negative, but there is a downside when you have done some good thing in the world, for example: it’s a miracle drug, a miracle the car or something, but if you don’t notify all the rest, it will rot in there somewhere. A little something good to do, we still have to provide that to all the people, and to provide that all people need to find unobtrusive, but easy to understand way to convey. Once that happened, we began to develop the science, and before that we had alchemy, when everyone kept their secrets secret. There they can be the elixirs of immortality were opened, but the trouble – all were dead, and the secrets are not handed to anyone. Therefore, I call upon you all as soon as I ask you some question or need of volunteers is the chance for you to fight my ignorance, to work on their skin so this is the ability to live in harmony with the Universe, when you perceive something and say the other side of the Universe that you are. Such living harmony. But indirectly, I’m going to remember anybody’s names. Of course, I know, but still, I pretend I don’t know.

I will not hide, first, I was very hurt when we leave the students. Just you are accustomed to the student, and he disappeared, you’re hopes, grandiose plans, and he took it, went somewhere, very painful I tell you, do not want to once again this kind of pain to endure. Each of us is concerned, it is better not to get involved than to get involved, and then to negative, and the natural mental reaction of each of us. If you know that you can not help anything, if it’s not your universe, not your destiny, not your karma, not your lifestyle, if you did so everything I could do, but your rules are not accepted, then arises a natural question, and whether to keep trying to change something or be interested in something, or maybe just, you know, to separate, to separate their Universe from the Universe of another person. Thank God, teaches us that the axiomatics of yoga, we can do it. Our universe give us freedom, if someone really don’t want to see in your life, then sooner or later your Universes to diverge so that you even suspect are not awake of the existence of someone you don’t want to see. Another thing, if you have come a long way together in the future too slowly that you don’t like it, you will have to leave, but leaving anyway. Here the same situation, if I feel that I can’t help you, why should I get involved in other people’s problems. The third principle of yoga, you remember, calls us to abandon suffering and to help relieve the suffering of all living beings that will valueshave. And if they voleizyavleniya not want it? At that time, then you need to leave them alone. That’s the reason we have a psychological barrier. Why we so hard to learn sometimes, we so hard to put things in context. Why? Because we too worked up about them, we subconsciously afraid, and suddenly, after that, would be a disappointment or something. What do you think, am I an exception, celestial being, no. Friends, I am the same as you, absolutely no different, the difference is only in one, yoga began to study a little bit early, and yoga a little polished my rough edges. So, who will remind us of the last lecture? All I have left in Samadhi, not me that managed to pass – passed. Why are you laughing? Same with me when something happened according to some yogis. Had the opportunity to learn – learning, I thought that it will be forever. At one point, this possibility ceased to like, go on Sam, do not like it – forget it.

Solomatina Irina, gr. 4.

Last lecture we started with the fact that You talked about the fact that at the present time in the world, the rise in gold prices – and it may be a sign of that there are some changes, i.e. the consciousness flows into energy. In this regard, called upon all to work.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

I urge everyone to work and not buy into easy money. Friends, the most dangerous thing in this world is hooked on free money. Free money in America – this piece of paper when they draw from the air, halyavnye money in our country is oil, the oil we got over it, we don’t know how to produce, we only know how to swing, and in a sense is the same painted papers, they are not forced to increase the most important in the country – is prana. Increase the prana will increase the welfare and development of the country. If the prana does not increase, then all the rest, that is, from evil, and on the contrary, more harm than it helps, though, in certain situations a freebie, too, can reasonable to use. So one conclusion – not to buy a bad money. Bad money as it came for free and leave stupid. Acquired by stroke, passing dust. The Council is therefore, first and foremost, friends, learn to be efficient, learn to be a people who are self-made. When you are working and you really need something better than the others do in this world. Unless of course there is a freebie podvorachivaetsya, why not use it, but never think of it as a main with his blessing. Well, there is now oil in Russia, well, support women, orphans, grandmothers, to the dishes, the bins are not collected, but it is actually the Lord God retirement pay to our ladies, which the state could not pay, so he gave us the oil and gave, but this country is not growing. This is the old generation, it survived a lot and should die honorably. And you and me? Need to work on yourself. Do not be fooled by the freebies! She’s too sick piece of blood from you, then will break out. So, this was the first part of the lecture.

Solomatina Irina, gr. 4

So you asked everyone to learn English, to be able to teach yoga to other people at any point of our planet. We have continued to address the theme of “Freedom and death”. Considered the pose of Savasana, showed that the person in this position should not be distracted by any external factors. We talked about the fact that Savasana is the most important pose, which characterizes the skill in yoga.

Saprykin Paul, gr. 3

The last lecture, we touched on the topic of super powers. Said to show superpowers should not be, because this will consume prana, and this prana may not be enough for people close to us.

Bayazitova Irina, gr. 4

The last lecture, we raised the topic of when the demand of the individual in society and death. Gave an example that single people die sooner. If people demanded and needed by society, then the society it protects, if the person is a parasite on society, then society pushes this man.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

The theme of loneliness is one of the most important topics. 108 aphorisms of Tantra yoga there is a saying: “You are never alone”, and indeed, the goal of every person is to find like-minded people and communicate with them. Well, as there yogi or Yogini who went in single travel, practice, dwelt in caves like to be in their case. In fact, everything is very transparent but not obvious for a Western man. If you go to a level that can deal with the whole surrounding Universe as alive, or, if you know how to communicate with the root cause of this Universe – the absolute, through everything that happens around you phenomenon, having gone into the single player campaign, you continue to communicate with the absolute. Moreover, sometimes the strength of emotional experiences that is so powerful that sometimes even outshines communication with people. But as taught by ancient yogis and Johny, those people who learned to communicate with the absolute one on one, they can later communicate with the absolute through other people. They do not communicate with other people, they communicate with the absolute, which is manifested through other people. Therefore, an attempt to surround himself with a wall from society, allegedly to protect themselves turns into a terrible lesson when we are building around themselves a prison, where other people can’t see because we are all barricaded, and about the absolute we do not know and just see around the stones of the fence. And then we realize that we taken from this life, and to be honest, as soon as it starts to person to reach its degree of freedom starts to decrease, this life becomes a burden, with all its attendant phenomena. Such a person simply does not want to live. Doctors have such a diagnosis, when a person simply does not want to live, he immediately drops the immune system, do not want to live, and people die. When you encounter something negative, you want to shut out, to get away from this, but are you not interested and you would like to go out, you cease to maintain your body.

Therefore loneliness can become a very negative factor that may await us in life. On the one hand we are trying to protect themselves, and on the other hand themselves, of their own hands and build ourselves a prison. If a man in his old age became useless, and why it became useless, the weight may be the reasons, for example, all his life he was selfish, he has no friends and what friends I selfish? Moreover, he did not give birth, not raising children. Why? Lived in pleasure, etc, etc and what is there to wonder that in the end he is left alone. On the contrary the same people who was always ready to help someone else, even if their karma leads to the fact that they are alone, they still manage to find some friends and acquaintances. Then I have one grandpa caught, so old, he’s 90 years old. Ask him, what do you do? And he goes, he goes to some get-togethers, yoga does. His favorite saying: “there are No incurable diseases, sometimes incurable laziness and stupidity” and he is saying that the whole death, if the person has not lived until age 160 years – violent. He immediately finds a common language with people, they are going, they are always some classes, he’s at home not sitting, goes, moves by Moscow. He’s open and he doesn’t feel lonely, he is in demand, and this gives him strength. Once only, when he closed the center, where they are doing gymnastics, he was bad, because there is no one to talk to.

Now let’s have somebody will praise you.

Gasimov Mila, gr. 3

I’m good because I got promoted at work and because I, after 3 years, began to speak in English.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Friends, when students MAYU say that they got a promotion at work or increased wages, or appointed superiors – this is for me the best indicator that yoga is something they helped. This is the only indirect way to show that you are not wasting your time. If yoga is not helping you, then it’s not yoga or you don’t.

Gasimov Mila, gr. 3

In English, I began to say thanks to the wonderful classes we began in MOJU. (Students MAYU, speak the language, translate the lessons conducted by the teacher, in English). Thank you!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Nice, I’ll tell you a secret, soon everyone here will speak English. That speak everything, even who does not know English – it can not doubt, because the experience was such already. This is a brutal method, but but where to go, who is now easy? This will not replace the systematic study of the English language itself, or on some other courses or other programs. You have to understand that English hatred, it’s one thing to speak English, and another thing to be able to read, the third writing and the fourth is to listen to – it’s completely different in English. We claim only to the part of the English, which is a branch of mantra yoga. The art of speech vibrations. Because every word, whether it is even in English, still comes from ancient Indo-European language, and that goes back to Borean-Nostratic, and in fact, the roots are the same everywhere, and that in Sanskrit that in Russian that in English. Especially that English is not English, and modern Latin or modern Sanskrit, as anyone will be comfortable, if you study this language, you open yourself to the Universe, you will see what is happening in other countries, you’ll feel other countries, you suddenly realize that our way of life, our country is great, but there are other countries. And generally speaking – humanity is one. And as I said my former boss, when we spoke on the subject of different languages, he said: “Vadya, learn English, I Russian never learn”. Similarly, you have to remember that in many countries you will come Russian will be very hard to learn.

Let’s hit the adrenaline button and someone will remind us of the decision algorithm in yoga.

Lirik Kiril, student, Kiev, gr. 4

First, we recall that we are free.

Then we remember that we are not fallen from the moon and that we have a duty.

Next, we sift solution that remained after the first two filters using the First principle of yoga.

Next, we are checking our possible solutions for compliance with the second principle of yoga;

If we go quick methods, that check the decision on compliance with the third principle of yoga;

Then we can ask the opinion of the majority of people that surround us;

In conclusion, we again recall that we are free and we can make a decision that happened by sifting through the old principles of yoga, and to reject it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

How to tie the criminal and Administrative codes with the yogic algorithm of decision-making?

Svetlana, gr.4

It seems to me that the criminal and Administrative codes well with the First and Second principles of yoga, they balance relationships in society.

Basim, gr. ECO

Criminal and Administrative codes Express the opinion of most people.

Kulikov Andrey, gr. 4

Criminal and Administrative codes are the laws that come under the First and under the Second principle of yoga and under the majority opinion. It is those laws that at the moment for us karmically favorable. Ie it is advisable to adhere to them, as said Ostap Bender: “one must honor the criminal code”.

Boyazitova Irina, gr. 4

Criminal and Administrative codes, partially combined with our debt, because we are citizens and we are responsible for it.

Marina klimusheva, gr.4

I believe that all of these codes make us more free.

Alex, a passive participant.

Penal code designed to ensure the freedom of all increased, respectively, under its articles of those who claim the freedom of others.

Isaeva, Olga, gr. 4

If it were not for the criminal and administrative code, on his personal experience would have had for a very long time to understand the necessity of these laws. And as the laws are, people immediately know that their violation will be reduced to its freedom.

Belov Sergey, gr.4

These codes need only those people who from childhood are not soaked First, Second and Third yoga principles, because, if they comply with the codes in fact will not be needed.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Very interesting situation, but it is debatable because sometimes arise disputes, in what direction should make the decision.

Mark, gr.1.

Codes – is a kind of an intermediate step in the personal development of each person. Any laws and policies, formed the society, the development of mind and intellect, i.e. the point on the path, but not the ultimate goal. Just as yoga develops, hones the mind, but many will go further and the laws in your concentration, in its extreme use can sometimes narrow down the freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

That is, there are such laws, which are very poorly linked with the yogic and decision-making algorithms.

Paul, gr. 3

People with a high degree of samosoznanii, with a high degree of spiritual self-development, no codes needed, they can act completely independently and will bring only good. Laws are for people who can’t directly access the Highest.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Want the story of my life. I worked in a factory one time. Plant all stolen. But I was young, still at school and also filled his pockets with nuts, screws. And then took the castle from the truck. I then long asked, why did I do it? And then it dawned on me that it was just a total mental field. I don’t know what the reason was, whether the fact that the workers were underpaid, and they are, therefore, compensated for the lack of adequate wage that home dragged. That is, when you carry off what you need, it is possible to understand and justify. And when you dragged something you don’t, it may be harder. Under which category it falls? That I was free to steal this lock, for what was an unwritten rule among the workers – “grab all that is bad” or something. In some cases, it turns out that analyze the position of the first, second and third principles of yoga for a long time, especially if all your companions won’t follow them. But developed norms that came to you from the reputable evidence, they uncritically perceived, and they help, because there’s no time to shape yourself this set of rules. If we have reached the level of awareness of the first, second and third yoga principles, then Yes, we should have our own laws. But to reach this level, we have inside to accept them and live them. What to do before we took them? It is desirable to use some strange code of honor that we read, and we liked him. Even if it is imperfect – is better than nothing.

Ekaterina Bogdanova, gr.4

Thus, we can say that the codes or laws characterize in some sense the soul society, because in different countries the laws are different.

Marina, gr.4

I want to say that these sets of laws in some sense authoritative opinion. When you don’t know what to do.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Indeed, each of you said a piece of reflection. Yoga did not invent the laws of the Universe, they already have. The same law fits and humanity, in particular through the formation of what is called the field of legislation of a particular country. There were many attempts to create such a field, starting from the known laws of Manu, in which lived ancient India for centuries, to modern law codes. If you analyze and compare, any code, any law, any Constitution is actually the result when I was trying to apply yogic algorithm of decision-making. Maybe not explicitly aware of this, but, really, all want freedom, we all remember that they fell from the moon, what is duty, and in many ways the laws in one country will be determined more and history of any country, so thoughtless export or import laws are absolutely hopeless. Also authoritative evidence, also other people’s opinion. So there is no contradiction. Sometimes a very long time in a certain situation to think about, but first I will apply the first principle of yoga, the second, the third, is much easier to look at existing codes and laws, and it will be a kind of starting point.

Absolutely correct there was also a point of view that the laws become obsolete. Was more difficult was brutal laws, times have changed and the laws have remained the same. So you have to somehow adjust. And here again you need to remember yoga decision-making algorithm, with inherent in it a concept of freedom.

Anyone have any more questions, comments, suggestions?”

Olga, gr.4

I also wanted to add that ignorance of the law is no excuse. In the interests of the individual to know the laws and do the right thing.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

This is a very good phrase, very capacious, but it is not with the position of the axiomatic is correct. Imagine that there are no laws, and you are zakonodateli. You don’t know them simply because they haven’t yet invented. Why I draw your attention, because, in fact, the law of karma or the law of cause and effect is our original freedom and our ability to come up with laws by which we live. So your statement would need to add that it is not ignorance of the law, and if you’re some kind of law came up, and then forgot about it, it does not absolve you from the responsibility or that you fall into the field of action of these laws. And such terms can explain the concept of karma. We live, we live, “Bang” we stole something. And we in a previous life the factory locks steal. You have created these rules of the game, and then forgot about them, have become such good, clean, lectures read, wits teach all how to live, and the castle rested, the law is invented. And now he’s back, and it is clear – anger, rage. If you have no negative karma in the sense that if you already live on the first, second and third yoga principles, you don’t need laws. Laws – it is the precedent of the first, second, third principles of yoga, mindfulness about the debt, and authoritative testimony. We find ourselves in another realm, on a certain level of development you ascend to that level of freedom where you don’t even need any laws. In yoga this is called as “liberated in life” or the state of jivanmukti. This is when there is no longer any laws, not in the sense that it is a yogi-line, but just because he didn’t polishable any negative rules of the game, which in the future may go and get some negative. He reached the level above the will of any laws.

Freedom and Courtesy.

There is a concept of politeness, courtesy, tact or as if in Russia we have said intelligence. How do these concepts relate? This topic is extremely important to you, because I see a very serious gap in our training, and to be honest, all of our students. Unfortunately, we inherited all that was good in the Soviet system, with its systematic and logical sequence in the presentation of the same yoga, but unfortunately, we also inherited quite a negative thing – it is the Soviet rudeness, arrogance, aggression, rudeness, etc. Of course, you can say that times were tough, that not everybody was, but, nevertheless, is a thing which, whether we like it or not, relieve us of the tax, whatever we do to feed our rudeness, coarseness, neobhodimosti, we need a resource, it is a very expensive item of expenditure in fact. But as a habit, and so lives, we unwittingly adopt these rules.

My dream is to Open Yoga University was a model of politeness and courtesy. They say the Japanese are the most polite nation, I want in this respect we have surpassed the Japanese. The difficulty is this, I would like to, wherever possible, we would have implemented a very polite, courteous attitude with all students and free listeners to each phrase, opinion, report, correspondence was an angel of gentle. If suddenly the lectures will meet the phrase or some point, which could be interpreted as impolite, it would be nice to find these moments and to analyze on the subject of can it be changed to something more streamlined or not. This is a very difficult task because we tried to take one of my lectures and turn her into a polite, she was very politically correct, Gorny, but there was no me, there was something else.

There is a very interesting game that each of you will study in the methods of consciousness to communicate with the world. The most important thing to avoid hypocrisy, if you get too formal, gracious, artsy atmosphere of lifelessness and want to mate to lash out, to shake up all this frozen lifeless chicken coop. On the contrary, if you get in such a familiarly environment, on the contrary I want to be formal and to Express thoughts high calm, complex momentum, so that in the dissonance to equalize the situation. As for the lectures, so it’s even more complicated. To write a lecture, it’s one thing to write a book is one thing, lecturing is another. When you start to lecture, you will understand that all the material that you have written, very good sound when you write them, but when you begin to read out loud a piece of paper, they are not something that listeners do not want to hear, and you do they do not want to hear. Therefore, spoken language or the ability to communicate with other people verbally is applied as mantra yoga, and when the same write is turning into something else. I need to convey the idea of courtesy, so you soaked it, so that even if the most recent ham enters with you in contact, you still show a very friendly attitude. It is a measure of gentility, when certain kings, the monarchs met with rudeness, but they are his politeness so could oppose himself to the rudeness, it is better than the choicest abuse, such a condescending courtesy. The only thing I would hate is condescension. Must be friendly, polite, and equal.

Anna Esaulenko, gr.4

I want to read from the explanatory dictionary definition of courtesy. Polite you call the person who has good manners, says thank you, misses you and smiling at you, behaves with other people so that they get pleasure from communication with him. Polite tone – the style of communication the person expresses his respect for others.

Belov Sergey, gr.4

In conjunction of freedom and civility there is a direct relationship with the first and second principles of yoga. That is, it is important to be kind, and to execute the second principle, in order not to generate negative karma. When we are rude, we got extra associative links appear, which wasted prana, accordingly, we do not form the correct mental field – we don’t want everyone to be happy. And this is again linked to the first and second principle.

Alexander, passive participant

It seems to me that to disclose the concept of politeness through the phrase “communicate with the other person as you would like to communicate with you.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Honestly, a little before the end I would agree. But if I am a ham and want your rudeness to get rid of, but, on the other hand, I understand that if I sometimes slap not to, I didn’t understand it and I was saved. My style is rough, that is, until you slap someone does not give or I use it to get, there is no dialogue.

Bayazitova Irina, gr.4

I want to note that the international Open Yoga University I believe very polite organization.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

I don’t think so. I have nothing to compare. And I have an example of several commercial organizations, which aim at extracting the maximum profit, more polite people I’ve never met”.

Bayazitova Irina, gr.4 (continued)

It is clear that there is no limit to perfection, but I wanted to Express my opinion. I study here for a year, and during this time had no precedent, anyone with me rudely treated. On the contrary, you are always greeted with a smile and readiness to help. I like that thrilling me to raise the subject. I’m a polite person and sometimes it so happens that I suffer from their politeness, because sometimes you have to face with open rudeness. So, apparently, politeness somewhere appropriate, and where misplaced after all.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

That is, why do we need civility, but suddenly it reduces our freedom?

Elena, gr.4

I would like to note the etymology of the word politeness. Here the same root –the”VEDAS”, “D” becomes “F”, if we consider the other words with this root is ignorant, ignorant, that is the root one. Thus, politeness refers to the daylight, to the knowledge of the Vedas. If we select the synonyms, we are talking about the word tact is something to do with the rhythm. Here is already happening the link to Rita’s yoga, that is, feeling a certain rhythm in the Universe. In General, the concept of politeness depends on the culture of a particular country, for example, in Europe, is now considered impolite woman to skip forward, to give up the place, etc. That is, each nation has its own concept of politeness.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

I like this approach, but we would not stick too far. Think Einstein had a saying that there is no better way to drive his nose than to get involved in the involvement of mathematics in the study of nature. Can be any number of formulas to write, and then fixate on them. Concept courtesy of all Nations equally, but the forms of its realization are different.

Nastya Mikheeva, gr.3

I had a thought. I have identified three types of politeness.

The first type is when I realize that I have someone’s rudeness wakes up the animal print, too, starts aggression, rudeness. I realize that, suppress, and thus I’m being polite, and this politeness increases my awareness, I referred to her as a yogi courtesy. And so it is my freedom expands.

The second type of politeness, which is based on fear. On this subject one researcher of Japanese culture said this phrase: “Traditional Japanese politeness due to a centuries-old tradition of wearing a sword”. But, despite the fact that the basis of this politeness is fear, it expands freedom by the principle of the penal code. Even if I obey all the principles of yoga, I know I live in a complex society, where different level of consciousness, and the idea that everyone is forced to respect my freedom, even if force in the penal code, or wearing the sword, all the same this idea expands my freedom.

And the third type of politeness, which I really don’t like about yourself, but it is. This is when I’m too shy to say something to a person, because I’m not saying that could expand his freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

The last point deserves special consideration. I say nothing, though I have to say is that politeness?

Nastya Mikheeva, gr.3 (continued)

Suppose a man commits a wrong or rude act and I need to tell him, but I’m too shy, and I’m being polite and saying that everything is fine, everything is fine, you’re right, etc. And this politeness really narrows down my freedom, and I struggle with it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Well, maybe it’s not shyness, but fear. Than from the oppression of fear different?

Mark, gr. ECO

Do not confuse constraint with constraint, that is, modesty is when there is a potential, we can manifest, but for justified reasons it is not shown. And shyness is when there is an associative link, fear, complex, dark. Need to distinguish and not to confuse in one thing. Politeness is one of the ways of such a communication tool when we use it, work on yourself and help the other person to neutralize some of the negative provocations of karma. That is, we through the use of the courtesy shown by the first principle.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

That is, it is a situation of status QUO, what if the person in the potential will stay with you and become your friend, you have lost nothing, if he will be an implacable enemy and you try to make your personal universe no longer intersect with his personal Universe, then you have nothing to lose. Friend will remain a friend, the enemy – well, let him in his Universe lives by its own laws.

Mark, gr.1

Two other points related to the improper use of politeness, because politeness is in itself neither bad nor good. That is wrong, for example, when there is pressure of time, every second counts and no time to pick up three hundred different types of “please” and “be kind”. And the more fundamental point associated with the evolution, work on oneself, this time with the attachment, people can be so attached to polite conversation, even if the other person does not show in the open rudeness, malice, just more relaxed and just talking. But too polite man no longer tolerate it, because I’m used to another. It turns out that he reduces his freedom.


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