2011.07.09. Yoga, freedom and courtesy. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

The title of the lecture :

Yoga, freedom and courtesy. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Date: 2011.07.09.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : This lecture continues the theme of “Civility and freedom.” Is it always appropriate to be polite? Are there situation when the lack of courtesy would be more effective in achieving this goal? How to understand and determine the strategy as to whether to be polite or not in a particular situation. The essence of the yoga of the decision algorithm? Why is it important to remember your duty?

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Friends, we have today 9 July 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This is a lecture for the International Open Yoga University. The theme of our lectures “Yoga and Freedom” and in particular today we are going to consider a bunch of Yoga, Freedom and Courtesy. All archived information on: www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happy.narod.ru. We also have systematic courses for distant learning yoga at www.kurs.openyoga.ru.

Today we continue to consider the theme of chords “Yoga and Freedom” in all its various refractions. Let me remind you that a bunch of “Yoga and Freedom” a very serious bunch. When you will be asked what yoga is and what all it is you must lead, even experienced people do not always find the right words, images, or even some philosophical concepts to justify the reasonableness of this system. And if we begin to say something, you have to give at least links to what people intuitively understand. So here’s a bunch of “Yoga and Freedom” in this respect, the most succinct, ie. yoga is a system of self-discovery, which should increase your freedom. First, your relative freedom to do more and more until, until you reach the level, according to old teacher and a Teacher of yoga from which you can gain Absolute Freedom.

The ultimate goal in yoga, oddly enough, can be formally articulated as Absolute Freedom. Of course, given the basic method in yoga, what way to achieve Absolute Freedom. This method, in fact, reduced to the attainment of Higher knowledge or knowledge of what we really are, or knowing how the universe around us is. And to acquire knowledge required to eliminate our ignorance. This ignorance occurs, including by reason of illusion in this world, we one begin to believe something else. All exercises in yoga whether it is Hatha yoga where you stand on your head, pranayama yoga where you breathe, Kriya yoga, where you do the exercises of the Kriya or mantra yoga, where you repeat the mantra is, essentially, a way of eliminating ignorance through which you acquire knowledge, and these higher knowledge, make you absolutely free. Here’s a quite elegant logical design of yoga. And as a result, everything that does not fall under this design, easily recognized and is very easy to determine whether one or another system of yoga or no yoga.

But in these lectures we consider more detailed ligament to increase our relative freedom, i.e. each of us has the opportunity at this time to do something. You can now go to one side, unable to another, etc., etc., and so the question arises: “How to use our relative freedom?” In addition, you remember that even if you really want to do anything today, say, to fly to Mars, you are unlikely to make it, because the other part of your life is limited. It’s a kind of bundle that we need to find the part where we are limited to understand the other part, where we are free, and gradually increase the part where we are free so that gradually had no restrictions at all.

Here comes the next logical sequence, to properly take advantage of today’s relative freedom in such a way that it only increased, and eventually would have reached absolute values. And now, in this conjunction, it is possible to consider specific manifestations of our lives.

Here in particular to today’s lecture, we will consider the courtesy. It is part of the part of freedom which we are subject. We can be polite today, and can be rude today. Everything is in our hands. And it would be good to know how to exercise their freedom in relation to courtesy, to result in a General increased freedom. Let’s proceed in the following way. Do you wish, to remind us how thoughts of heights we climbed in the previous lecture, when we started to consider this question?

Alex, a passive participant: We talked about the fact that I am never alone, because everywhere the absolute.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, this idea has not been the way, but good.

Olga, gr.4: We spent the bond between the courtesy and the First and Second principles of yoga. Politeness – is the observance of the First Principle in yoga. When we are polite, we show his kindness to other people, and when we are polite we are more effective because the chat with a polite person much easier and much more pleasant. Even I had this idea that politeness is an indicator of characteristics of a person. The higher the awareness of the person, the more he is polite.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bundle the next thing to a greater extent than we realize who we really are, i.e. come to know our Higher self, the more we tend to be polite. Well. Anyone have any thoughts or memories of the previous lecture.

Andrew, gr.4: the last lecture we came to the conclusion that politeness extends our freedom, because we make the rules in her life by his actions, actions. Politeness is also our deeds and actions, respectively, we create the rules of politeness, that is, a more harmonious environment in which they themselves get. In this case, the conditions improve, freedom expands.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This Is Great. Someone else that wants to say?

Marina, gr.4: I want to say about the appropriateness and inappropriateness of politeness. People in courtesy is sometimes appropriate and sometimes inappropriate. In a specific example. I decided in Obninsk to open a yoga centre. I came all fine, but you need to make repairs in the hall. I hired two builders I talk to them politely, and they don’t understand. They are accustomed to explain the slang. My politeness they don’t understand, I have them there is a misunderstanding. And I have to hire a third person, the mediator foreman who knows how to communicate with them in their language, and to me politely. Ie he seeks that they fulfill what I need.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: See friends, what a thought was formed, in fact, politeness is like a language. And someone who knows the language to speak and someone is not able and even there is such a profession in our world – the interpreter, the interpreter, who probably earns a lot of money, well in particular the superintendents. This is true, because in a sense it is the language of international communication. Very interesting, deep thought. View friends, courtesy developed into a language, no more, no less. We remember how seriously in yoga paid attention to Sanskrit, on which is written all the mantras and works. Know – Sanskrit have access to ancient knowledge, do not know Sanskrit well, nothing to do. Here the analogy is drawn, but rather strange that we on the one hand, such as the need to know the language of politeness, but the language of incivility. And this our freedom can even more expand than purely from courtesy or from pure rudeness. Interesting point of view, thank you.

Irina, gr.4: In the last lesson the question was raised about the existence of appropriate or inappropriate politeness, I have pondered this question and made the decision that it is necessary to apply the First and Second principles of yoga, to make the right decision. If you’re rude, you need to check to anyone if you don’t cause suffering if anyone you can go ahead. If your impoliteness will be effective at the moment. If you encountered some rudeness and perhaps more effective in the moment will talk to that person in his language rude. Ie in such cases, when we passed through the First and Second principle of yoga our politeness, then it becomes relevant.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Great, look how we went back to the axiomatics of yoga. Even on the question how to act polite or impolite we still slipped to the First, Second and Third yoga principles. Like, it turns out that wasn’t quite silly yogis and Yoginis who left us with these three principles, they are really versatile and can be any question when you don’t know what to do in the first place to “chase” them through reflection. In this case, the Board followed through the first two principles. But I will remind you that we had a serious issue for the practical application of the principles of yoga, yoga the so-called decision algorithm. And before we go any further, who is it we recall?

Andrew, gr. 4: First, we recall that we are free. Then “run” using the First principle, using the Second Principle…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, what are you doing these mistakes? I am now deuce will start to put. Forgot?

The response from the audience: Debt!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: once a debt is concerned it’s all forgotten. So you are tired, you prefer it not to remember? Understand the decision algorithm without the notion of duty “hangs” in the air just as you remember, in the childhood was such a challenge a textbook in mathematics that you have left the map where the treasure is buried. “…Take five steps right. Three steps to the left and ten steps in depth, and there the treasure is buried…” So here’s the question: “what to consider?” From the first post? Or you know, as in Moscow, on Red Square you come, and where-that formed the point, the navel of the Earth, and from there to measure all distances. In the Soviet years was not like this, don’t know where it came from, but nevertheless. Or as we have time zone measured? Was the Observatory of Greenwich in England, and made it a zero, say, respectively, to one side plus the added hour to another or take an hour. So maybe you need to London from somewhere count?

The notion of debt, friends, it is binding to all practices of yoga knowledge to you personally, personally, to your life, to your situation. Without it – it’s all about. Why? Because it is not applicable. So I beg you, do not forget about the debt. Debt is a wonderful thing. If we remember our duty to build each step in accordance with it, then, accordingly, we are less likely to make a critical mistake in making life decisions and, consequently, to a negative result.

It’s one thing if you’re a convict sitting in jail and you need to apply First, Second, Third principles of yoga, and another thing, if you are a pilot-cosmonaut in orbit fly. Third President, fourth – you are a bum, the fifth – you are a student of the Open Yoga University. You know, there’s wordplay: “Not homeless, we – the sky is alive.” Depending on how “smash” phrase, what starts to dance, then get it. A completely different result. Let’s take it again from the beginning, the algorithm of decision-making.

The student continues: First, remember that we are free, the second recall of its duty, the third recall of the First, Second and Third principles of yoga; then think about the reputable source and we recall that we are free.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, there is a rule: “Cramming, cramming and cramming.” Many of you witness how many times we raised this issue, still crashes, it seems that this by itself by default. But since there was such a hitch, let me take another “run” at yoga to the decision algorithm.

I’ll ask one of the curators or of the students prepared a report, listened to all our lectures in the series “Yoga and Freedom”, find the moments when we discussed this issue and would write a detailed lecture. And then we would have published. Because I feel that we had to learn by heart. Remember how in that joke, first valueshave to hear knowledge, then hear him, etc. then maybe it will reach up to you.

Yoga decision algorithm

So, friends, the most important thing to start yoga is with the fact that you are free. You are free right now, right here, but you do not know about, because freedom means freedom even in the dark. More precisely, it is the only opportunity to give you the freedom of not burdening not burdening pre-installed knowledge.

If the absolute has created each one of you and whispered in your ear that you are free, oddly enough, it would limit your freedom. And suddenly, you’d like to be free in terms of ignorance. Therefore, it is quite complex logical bundle. We paid for the inner freedom that we are in the dark, but freedom from it will not go away. We know what freedom is and we are free only according to those yogis and Yogini who have implemented in my life this knowledge and now we whispered in your ear. And then only whispered to those who valueshave to be interested.

In particular, all present here today, yesterday, last week, five years ago valishvili to get in touch with such a critical system like yoga and take it. Otherwise, if valishvili you that there is no freedom, there is no Higher self, there is no absolute, you would have continued to live a happy life in ignorance until now. So, in fact, continue to live a huge number of other people. But, once you do valishvili to accept it. And here is the very realization that you are free, even the words of others already makes you powerful.

The decision algorithm is in some sense a amplifier of your freedom. Anyway, you know what it is. You can rush to accept, not to accept, argue or not to argue, but all grain has been sown. But you remember that before you have lived a long life and voleizyavleniya of various laws in the universe, including the laws that you are not free. And as a result of these laws was doing some things that are coming out, usually sideways to you or your family and friends, surrounding people, which is essentially the same. And all this is called negative karma. You have used the original freedom wrong, ponapridumyvali God knows what other laws, under these laws ponaplodili deeds, now they reap the results of their actions, and to discount them is impossible, what’s done is done. And the result of all this, formed your karma, both positive and negative, or, in other words, formed the concept of debt. Ie you just fell from the moon, pristine, white as the sheet on which nothing is written. No, friends, you all had a backstory, everyone is different. And this backstory actually determines your current position or give you a point of reference from which it is necessary to apply the higher knowledge that you are free. You still hear one day that you are free. And you need a point of reference from which to apply this higher knowledge. And so here is the point that first, remember that you’re free is very important, it is no more and no less than yoga initiation.

Friends, do you think that yoga initiation is a fantastic thing where all the in the air fly? No, sometimes yoga initiation is a simple idea that you first do not even realize. “…Well, think of it, I was told that I’m free, well, let will be.” And forget people. Nothing of the sort. All this grain has been sown and it will germinate and in the future will give you freedom. But you need to correctly use that freedom in terms of what you already have, here formed your debt. Then, given an indication to apply the principles of yoga. Not in the abstract, in General, and according to your current situation.

Today you have karma you are the executioner, and it is your duty to cut the head, imagine the work you have such, you, crown executioner in France. I love this example, there is a profession from generation to generation passed. And from generation to generation butchers beheaded, not knowing about yoga, about freedom, about principles, about anything. And at some stage of the generation, some once the executioner received this Supreme knowledge that he is free and clear, that this butcher wondered: “And in fact her if I busy or not?” But there is duty, there is a tradition. If he’s not going to cut the head, as it did before, then in its place put a dilettante, which will be bad for the head chop. And to cut off the head, I want to tell you, as we read in the medieval treatises, is an art. Third, you can blow a man’s head be cut off, and these three hits he will be terribly suffer, but so that he won’t feel a thing. And if in the place of professional pruning goals will put the Amateur, then the amount of suffering in this world will increase. Understand the difficulty of our lives? And so, this executioner is quite small corridor to freedom. Well, imagine, he brought ten of the convicts and said, “Actually, all of them should have their heads cut off, but at your discretion, the tenth want ruby, I want to – do not cut”. If I have a choice, we should take advantage of this choice to reduce suffering, but if you remember that you are free, it is your duty to cut the head, chop you good, but here’s an opportunity instead of ten heads cut off nine, you should remember the First principle of yoga says: “do Not harm any living being unless absolutely necessary, and if this is not possible, do so according to the dictates of your duty.” Debt says nothing. Extreme is not necessary. Everything is in your hands to cut or not to cut. You definitely should not cut, but the remaining nine all you have without batting an eye cut off, even for the simple reason that if you refuse this job, it will perform a layman, and any unnecessary pain and suffering on you negative karma. It’s one thing to die, and another thing still to suffer for a very long time and then die, are two different things, although we, the materialistic minded people think, well, what’s the difference and there is death and there is death.

No, friends, you forget that according to the concept of yoga beyond death is life. And it is vital what state of consciousness you have died, depends on following the birth in many ways. A lot of the subtleties that are not obvious. So, if you are the executioner and you have the opportunity not to cut heads should not be cut. If there is a possibility not to dismiss the employee shouldn’t be fired. If you have the opportunity not to do something bad – don’t have to, if your debt is not to do the reverse.

For example, you work in the police, you see a brawl like someone someone mutuzit, of course, you climb to break it up, and then you will get one, then another, and as they are in a sense lead. It is quite natural that the course is all that is permitted by law and, moreover, obligated to apply this violence. In this case, there’s no doubt about it, here is the First principle of yoga is not disturbed. Anyway, my friends, this thought absolutely perfectly reflected in an ancient Indian source, it is called “Bhagavad-Gita” is part of the Mahabharata, this idea with all the bulge is almost the basic idea the Bhagavad-Gita. Therefore, if you do not fully understand the concept of Debt, Freedom, Dharma, First principle, Second principle, etc. find the Bhagavad-Gita and read. We have it better known in connection with various religious movements, but, friends, this ancient epic, in and of itself. Some religious groups it is well commented, some are not very good, some do very badly, but he did not become less significant for human history, so it would be good to learn it.

So, you realize that you are the hereditary executioner, but you are free, free to change his profession. It is not a law of nature that if you inherited this profession, you must live. But, on the other hand, you have a duty to the ancestors, etc. and here you have to gradually change its trajectory through life, remembering that duty is to reduce suffering. And the Second principle of yoga – a very successful move in the intended direction. Ie consistently set goals and achieve them. Remember that the Second principle of yoga tells us about it.

Finally, if you are practicing quick methods of yoga, then you remember the Third principle of yoga, but even after these three yoga principles you can still doubt, well, it is not clear to you. And then it makes sense to consult either a knowledgeable person or with public opinion and then, maybe, will decide the answer to your question. And, maybe, and no. But in any case, even after you have consulted, you must remember that you are free. Freedom above all else, friends and even freedom to do stupid things. Even if the absolute cannot encroach on our freedom, who else can? If he made us free, who has the right to make us unfree? Yoga with your decision algorithm? In any case. Yoga most of all values freedom. So in the end remember that we are free and already come as we see fit, based on previous reflection.

Friends, please, I will require each a very deep understanding of the yogic mechanism of decision-making. This dry pulp is versatile enough laws that you can apply in unexpected places. But we digress. In particular in connection with politeness. In particular now the following will do. In fact, to act polite or impolite, also falls under the decision-making algorithm, who’s stopping you to perform? But before we do, we have to listen to someone praise themselves.

Lily, part-time student, gr.Eka: I want to praise yourself for what you teach yoga in four languages.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo! Friends, this is my dream, when each of you will have at least two languages to teach yoga, I can go into Samadhi, to dissolve in a rainbow or on a pension to crawl away.

Who is ready to perform the concept of politeness and yoga decision-making mechanism? Here’s a typical situation: yesterday I went to the hardware store. It’s almost a true story. Want to buy the product. Run there the sellers, each has a nametag that says someone’s name, but they can’t see me. They are like ants running about their business. They’re zero emotion. You start frantically for someone to catch, to know how much does this item worth it. This item in the heap, neither the name nor the prices. I grab one girl, the girl answers: “Go to room no 2/13, there is a young man, and he’ll explain everything”. And where is this gym? Followed by a long explanation, I run into the hall, in the hall saying: “There is a consultant, come back.” And I begin to “football”. In the end, I still grab this young man, because the girl was definitely insane, I understand that it is better not to communicate that it will be more expensive. I dragged this young man and trying to figure out where the goods, but he said, “Well here, take this,” I say, you are probably brought from home?…Overall, we were very-very long discussion on the raised tones. Know how to balance it a bit, I bit, rates rise…and comes to a boil… That’s the situation, friends. Freeze and I turn to you. Gracious yogi and Yogini, consider how I was going to do next. Politely, quietly crawl away in English, but would not beat, or to arrange a dressing room or say what I think about the sellers? That’s how I do? The situation is vital. Who’s ready to perform?

Alexander, passive participant: Well, I think the situation is obvious, and everything is decided from the position of the point, what is our duty. We came as a buyer in the store, respectively, the staff of this store we are obliged to provide all services.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, actually, why not required? Is this some kind of sadomasochistic store specifically was designed to not provide any services. Maybe the owner decided to open a hypermarket, to recruit the most impenetrable of such boors and get aesthetic pleasure from the fact that the buyer wants to buy something, and he said: “no, No, go away, not for sale.” From a legal point of view, maybe also prescribe some anecdotal sign, but we will not touch on the legal side and the emotional side. Moreover, you have to remember that, as a rule, the desire of the owner of any store and the desire of the staff that works at this store is often two different things. Their interests are sometimes diametrically opposed. If the owner naturally wants to make any money, then sellers, as a rule, “to the lantern”, is it anything to earn or not, it is important to get their is to identify what you have and receive a salary and it is advisable not to appear. It’s very often the case in Soviet times.

The listener continues: In this case, it turns out that we are free.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In this situation, you need to remember that, despite the fact that I teach you here wits, calling to be kind, to respect the principles of yoga, to pose as the celestial, trying to mislead you, it’s just a part of my job. On the other hand, I have the right to be a boor, uncouth, swearing, foot stomping, etc., i.e. I have the right to do as I please, no matter the status or what ever. I’m free. You have the right. To begin with, so I have the right to leave quietly, so nasty, so choose some other solution.

The listener continues: But the next step makes me to buy.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: now ask: “what is me could not sit at home? That’s what I began shopping around? What’s the occasion?” Answer the following: “to send a spouse, could send some circumstances, for example, work, run out of staples, and the whole multinational Corporation stopped, and everyone stood up, waiting a couple of buttons below the ad to attach. It happens sometimes. I understand that it is my duty to solve a particular problem and for that I have to do something. And in the store, I could be influenced by their debt and just go from there, I can’t.

First, it may be the only shop that sells such buttons, and the second such in the United States. There are such classifications, therefore, my duty to buy still what I want. And now we’re starting to narrow my next steps. Just so I get out can’t because the work to stop, but a completely different point, if I just freely went for a walk and thought I’ll go to the store, just like that. There was no purpose to buy anything, saw, liked, give, think, buy and, generally speaking, not particularly necessary, i.e. there is no such debt to buy anything and already see a completely different situation. I can quietly resign and say: “Guys, you’re all lovely people and will punish themselves when you are one of Naham, second, third, fourth, then all will go to your competitor sooner or later. The laws of the Universe. Themselves will be punished.” It’s a completely different scenario. Okay, moving on.

The listener continues: it Turns out that if we do not, we quietly go away, and if we still need this thing, we then look, if we wouldn’t harm the seller.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Even if we just go, but to go. You can quietly, in English, and you can do a show, just I’ve had a day off, and Monsieur used to amuse those that call to order all negligent. They are called aggressive buyers, there is a category of people, that they can not sit at home, they dream of where they would log in and squabble to arrange. To buy the goods, then bring him back, without presenting the cheque, how long something proving. Or Vice versa, there are people who are bored to sit at home. They need adrenaline, and they are in search of. I don’t want to say anything bad about the sellers. Sellers people certainly miserable often, but with this try to communicate, with others unwittingly starts himself rude.

So, if I’m free, I can leave quietly with a violation of the First principle of yoga, again branching situation. For example, I had to come there to buy goods. And there’s another fine bunch, she can be elusive, but you have to remember about it. If I start to yell at the seller, definitely I will get, I stir it, I call it a feeling of protest, of anger, of rage, and he indifferent state will break out will begin to focus your mind unidirectional on your enemy, i.e. me, and thus begin to grow wiser.

You may remember from yoga meditation that if a long and unidirectional to keep the mind, then, as a rule, intellectual abilities grow. And I ask: “whether it is My duty to do seller smart?” If it is my duty, then Yes, I can a little more encouragement, so he wised up and next time, before rude reply, even five times thought. And can deal with them differently. If you understand that it is not my duty to educate the seller that it should deal with all of this hypermarket, it is, in fact, that’s what I facilitate their lives, it is not my duty. Here, too, and see what the situation may be far from obvious. If you want the whole school to help in General, it can be one course of events, if not, more.

Valery, part-time student, gr.3: I Have a friend at the time worked as an investigator in the state Security Committee and told me about the life situation which he had experienced. In Kyrgyzstan in 70-80 years came a group of followers of yoga. Something came, and people tried to practice. In the mountains the tent city broke. A friend calls the user, the received instructions from Moscow that this sect, and we have to disperse. The task force left, searched, seized prohibited literature. As expected, the article “sewn” was put in a detention center together with local criminals. And criminal approaches him and says, “sitting Here, sniveling…” And stuff like that. One kind of duty performed, and the other was sort of like a bright direction and gave impetus to this turn in his life…..

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: to sum up, from the sum and from prison do not promise, even if you’re going to fade into the rainbow. Really, friends, you have to remember that in these glorious Soviet years, someone planted, but, as a rule, where one way or another at least some religiosity was observed.

Continue on, friends, to analyze on the subject of the decision-making mechanism.

Alexander, passive participant continues: After that, we look at how appropriate behavior with respect to the seller, respectively, must we terrorize, to extract from him information about this product or not.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: look, the principle of effectiveness: if I need this item, I have to choose a strategy of how to pull this information: politely, or with his fist on the table. Ie I set a goal I need to achieve effective methods. If the First principle gives me some room to fit my debt, the next step is the Second principle. I can arrange a situation to spend the time to buy the product. Can another situation, without wasting time to acquire. Ie lots and lots of different things. Well, the next thing we use?

The listener continues: Next, public opinion, trying to ask public opinion, or the Teacher’s advice. And, by the way, I thought, could this wife who was sent to the store to be a Teacher?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends, is not a Teacher, this authoritative testimony. You have to understand, the Teacher is too high. If the Teacher said all the other points invalid, because the Teacher you’ve thought of everything. But you have to understand that we have no such Teachers with whom we would have on a cell phone: “Guru, look, here’s the thing…how do I?” If you have a Teacher, then you don’t have to worry more in this life and the next, but we do not. We therefore refer to either the person experienced, or to public opinion. We can ask other customers: “My people, you come here often, there is always this or is it just a one-time event? Makes sense something to do?” So wonderful, and then?

The listener continues: in the end we remember that we are free.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And despite all this mental gymnastics, we have the right still to do as we please. But, as a rule, intelligent yogi realizes that this time, these three filters, they will narrow the number of possible options.

Well, I’ll finish the story. Of course, Vice versa. You know, by the way, very interesting this effect. You feel like you have makes it tough, you tough. You have a rage inside you is already inside think through the steps of sequential actions, for example, if you practice some techniques, in particular rapid methods for yoga, you can take this raging you energy and convert to the potential of prana power. And the meaning is what you feel, what you smell, you have everything inside melted, and you go and freeze yourself on the outside and not react. Went and sees how the storm is unfolding inside of you. There’s something is compressed, decompressed, rage, memories, thoughts, reasons, arguments, and you start to melt inside. Even physically…But you’re not allowed to break this impulse. And then a very interesting effect is observed. Then you start to calm down, to calm down, and all this energy, I do not escape, as it starts to condense, so to speak, like water from steam. And begins to saturate your centers, what in yoga are called chakras. And suddenly you begin to understand that either spilled out would be through you that energy and went to work, and then you saved her and became stronger. And your partner, the abuser suddenly appeared in the void. It is in the hope that you resist, showed aggression, and this aggression has gone into the void, a man suddenly starts to lose balance, suddenly ceases to understand what is happening around. He waited one, and got a completely different situation. And oddly enough, this person is very discouraged that this happened.

But I want to say that there are times when you have to defend their rights. Why? Because if you will not defend, will not be second, third will not, you will give birth to rudeness ukorenely, institutionalized, self-esteem, arrogance. Therefore, in each case, friends, whether to show politeness, to show whether the discourtesy, indifference, we should in each case analyze many components. Remember that we are free, and can somehow do that, remember your duty. If we go through yoga, then, of course, without the First, Second, Third, principles do not. If we were in a new situation, you know how sometimes foreigners come to our Soviet shop, and it is for them a new situation, they expect one thing and get something else, they are in disbelief and start to look around in bewilderment to ask…this is another factor to make a decision. And in the end, friends, we come to the conclusion that, indeed, the politeness needs to be appropriate. In some cases, if we show courtesy, we will increase our freedom, and in some cases, showing politeness where we, sorry, I have to curse, like in the case with the builders, we on the contrary, reducing their freedom. Finally, the third option, and how, exactly, to do if there are many workarounds, for example, to pay a third party in the form of the superintendent, who will take on this negative side of incivility. And if you have no extra money?

Anastasia, gr.4: I would like to add that when we have accumulated inside ourselves newsplusnotes anger, internal energy, we can go two ways, we can talk politely with the position of consciousness and from the perspective of energy. It will be a completely different thing. From the position of consciousness in the human voice changes, that is inside all that energy to compress and to say polite, but so cold and harsh, but the politeness remains. Or we can use the moments of energy and use facial expressions, speak gently and use politeness from positions of power.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, to invest all his soul, repurposing of man, showing in fact that he is evil, and all around good. Here is captivating. Great, but small addition. Friends, when in your bubble rage when you’re ready to strangle everyone and everything, you know it’s late to remember the axioms, and therefore for these purposes, used these practices-vaccinations. Today we had to do one of them, well, nothing, maybe next time. Ie. when, regardless of the situation you have auto-pilot. Faced with a situation where you feel that you lose control, you have a duty phrase is the mantra that saves you, it is for a while, distract your mind, your feelings, your emotions and gives life-giving a fraction of a second that you remembered all the principles of yoga, etc. I knew one yoga, which is a very creative approach to meditation: “may all living beings happy,” when three times I wish happiness to my friends, neutral people and his enemies. When someone has repeatedly hurt or insulted, he answered in such a simplified, shorter version of the mantra: “Yes, if you three are happy!”, turn around and leave. Understand how you want. Friends, for today.


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