2011.07.16. Yoga and freedom. Freedom and courtesy. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and freedom. Freedom and courtesy. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Date: 2011.07.16.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : the Concept of absolute and relative freedom. What you need to reflect on the topic of freedom. How to acquire knowledge. Knowledge about freedom. Why don’t we have all what you want right now? About the necessity of sleep. Instructive history about Rene Descartes. Is also considered one of the methods of Raja yoga that help to achieve the goal.

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Today is July 16 2011 my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are in Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, this is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All information on our sites www.openyoga.ru , www.yogacenter.ru , www.happyoga.narod.ru . Our free online yoga courses for self-study of yoga on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

We must continue to consider the subject of yoga, freedom and courtesy. The concept of freedom is a key concept in yoga. Not by chance the highest state in yoga is sometimes called liberation or attainment of absolute freedom, when there is no one person, object, phenomenon, or some factor, which could affect our freedom. They are not essentially in principle. This state of absolute freedom. We are in a state of relative freedom, when there is a corridor in which we are free, but there are some objects, phenomena, events that intrude into our lives against our will, contrary to our preferences. In this sense, the idea and the goal of yoga is to take advantage of today’s relative freedom and thus competently to use this relative freedom to become more and more and eventually would have reached the state of absolute freedom.

The goal of yoga is to give you absolute freedom. The case is a long, difficult and confusing, and it can stretch, teaches yoga, not for one life. But you have to start sometime. Therefore, to reflect on the topic of freedom in your everyday life, at work, in their studies will be extremely useful and desirable if we want to fully understand the potential that is contained in yoga. Unfortunately, think of yoga only as a system of physical, breathing and mental exercises, that is absolutely true, but always forget that we need all these exercises in yoga, these poses, different ways of breathing, meditation only for one to your freedom increased. By themselves, neither postures nor meditation nor mantra, nor the kree do not represent any value – it’s just a tool, a very good tool, that’s why we appreciate this tool, but again, in itself it is neither any sacred cows, but only the supporting factors below we have expanded your freedom. On this topic we need to reflect.

I remind you of the joke of yoga is about how we need to gain knowledge. Will remind you in the way that all the poses, breathing, meditation, mantras have to use your relative freedom and make it bigger. And it can happen only in one case you get the knowledge and thus reduce your ignorance. In yoga encourage all means to obtain this knowledge, but the difficulty lies in the fact that some knowledge will reach to us not before we do a series of exercises from Hatha yoga. Ie part of the knowledge could get to us only through physical momentum. Until you have a weak body, your mind will not be able to realize this knowledge. Thus is born the Hatha yoga. Some portion of the knowledge we need to get through the physical body, some through the management of breath, some through dynamic movement, some through work with the mind of meditation. Only acquiring this knowledge, we thereby eliminate our ignorance and our relative freedom begins to grow. There is an anecdote about how you need to obtain this knowledge. In different interpretations and it sounds different, but the point is that we must first valishvili to obtain this knowledge. Without our first step will, nothing is possible, because, as yoga teaches us, we live in the Universe, which we are valishvili, and if we valueshave not get this knowledge, no one to impose on us will not be able in principle.

The algorithm for obtaining knowledge:

1. First, you need to valishvili to knowledge, then to find the place, the time, the way to get it. (To oral to get through the passing of certain practices, devotions).

2. You should then reflect on this knowledge or to reflect on all the feelings that you get, doing yoga or other exercises. (You should think not just lolling in the sun, when thoughts reluctantly waddle, and you should discuss with a sheet of paper and a pencil in hand, drawing diagrams, concept diagrams, specifically). Having understanding of this knowledge, we should again and again to reproduce it within oneself.

3. So we can reproduce knowledge, we should learn by heart, even maybe not fully realizing this knowledge, we must simply memorize the order at any time of the day or night we could access this knowledge.

So first valueshave to get the knowledge then get it, then Jag it, then meditate on it, practice it, discuss this knowledge, lead discussions, debates, practice meditation on this knowledge, try as much as possible to focus on this knowledge.

4. And then begins the part that makes the recommendation a joke, later said, teach this knowledge to others.

5. And maybe, in the future, says this anecdote, this knowledge you will reach.

And, of course, for our Western man is as turned on its head. Well, how is it? Such a sequence is some kind of drill, rote learning, what’s more, this humorous moment, which encourages us even to teach the knowledge to the end without realizing it. And this is actually not so much of a joke, and much more reality. Let’s say I teach yoga, teach you the first, second, and third principles of yoga teach her for God knows how long, I think I understand them, but that’s just me. Because I’m teaching year, and to me these truths are revealed on the one hand, teach for another year, and to me these truths seem even more profound than I thought before teaching the third year is even bigger, i.e. deeper and deeper and deeper disclosed these hidden, not fully aware of the aspects of this knowledge. I catch myself thinking that, perhaps, in that moment, when I really am aware of the first, second and third yoga principles, I at the same time to enlightenment, my body dissolve into a rainbow, and I blissfully will go on the other side of the Universe. But this is still a very-very long time, so for me remains only the fact that at least the part that I a little bit understand to teach on. Because only the one who gives and receives. I give at least the level to which I was to guess. And the higher realms, teacher, maybe the absolute, provide for me an opportunity to more deeply penetrate into the knowledge. Therefore, this anecdote is quite relative, and is itself a subject for meditation. So, once again:

· Valueshave to knowledge;

· Find the place where this knowledge is, get this knowledge;

· Jag is knowledge;

· Practice this knowledge, think about knowledge, talk with other people about that knowledge;

· Teach this knowledge;

· And, may be, it is up to you come.

How is the algorithm to obtain knowledge and the knowledge about freedom

So if this anecdote is to focus on the theme of freedom, the very concept of freedom, it becomes no longer a joke, and a very powerful method of advancement. Because you recognize that you are free, you must first valishvili to be free. You must first inside yourself to rediscover it, may not be fully understanding this concept of absolute freedom, and then start looking for confirmation that you inside valishvili. Only thus, as it were, inside out to wriggle and move in the direction of overcoming our ignorance when we live in ordinary life and are not even aware that, in General, our potential is huge, and in this lies the difficulty of teaching yoga. Really to teach the highest knowledge you can only to those students that they already have valishvili in their personal Universes, and you only help others quickly and painlessly to rediscover knowledge. This is the true meaning of teaching yoga, and not to impose something. We can be once wholesalely inside the concept of freedom, but she’s so small and timid, spruce-fir warm, and we really needed help from those who have already implemented this concept of freedom who have lived through it. We need a helping boost of support as the child needs parents. And here comes in the role of the knowledge of yoga when you are already outside you start to hear about some kind of knowledge, particularly the knowledge that you are free. This phrase that EACH OF YOU is FREE, it is a very powerful factor that accelerates you on the path of your own will, and that, friends, DEDICATION. A simple idea that comes to you from the outside, is a powerful initiation, as it is a dedication, such as energy fields (energy and consciousness) envelop you and protect your constitutional commitment to freedom, to happiness, and you are not one with the Universe, and you begin to feel the presence of those teachers who are already passed to you that way. I tell you quite complicated for understanding, but it does not happen, no one can you impose freedom, if you valishvili to the contrary, no consecration will not work if inside you are not ready to accept it. But if you are already inside ready to accept and receive it on the outside, the effect of multiple. So the question itself: “YOU are FREE!” is a powerful mantra of consciousness, the mantra of initiation. And understand this mantra of dedication only one for whom it is intended, i.e. anyone who has valueshave to be to live like that. It turns out in our case. You’ve heard this knowledge that you are free. Or in other words, all the constraints that you experience, physical, mental, of mental nature or something else, you have no money, nowhere to live, think of all those difficulties that restrict you, that is you would like one thing and get something else. By and large, in you to be the force that allows you to change everything as you please because YOU are FREE! Another matter when it will come? Another story how to do it the fastest way? There is another moment that you are a very long voleizyavleniya something opposite.

What you have now is just the result of your previous freedom when you valishvili to move in one direction, and then, suddenly, I saw that you went. Now you may want to move in a different direction, but it takes time to return to its original state. This is all that can be called karma, the result of previous actions. In this sense, yoga urges you, to get you rid of negative karma or the conditionality of the freedom that comes to you in the form of suffering, whatever that suffering. But yoga immediately encourages you to get rid of positive karma, i.e. when they come into your life some moments, events, or phenomena, which you in fact enjoy and rejoice, but they came into your life unmanageable. The fact that people can sometimes be fabulously rich or fabulously he might get lucky in something, because by and large, this is the results of some good action early. But these results come without asking you. In this sense, even positive karma is no freedom. What kind of freedom when you get something from what you enjoy, and you, in General, do not want. And yoga encourages you, abandon negative karma through accumulation of positive karma, and then, when the accumulated positive karma and negative karma left, give also positive karma, and become free, become over karma, over conditionality. I don’t need a winning lottery ticket, I don’t want suffering, I want freedom, which is higher than the relative pleasure and the relative suffering. I urge you to go this way, to do good deeds to compensate for the negative things that you could ever make, but in the future, even if you have accumulated a huge stock of positive cases, throw it away and become free. Then you’ll be able to voleizyavleniya his every step further, and not the fruits of your karma will determine what you’ll receive – the joy, suffering or some indiference condition.

What to do with this knowledge? First, it was necessary to valishvili this knowledge, you valishvili, then began the game of your personal fate, which always led you in life, maybe even for several lives. And sooner or later you wandered into the branch of knowledge, where knowledge is promoted. In particular, you come to us here to engage in yoga, in different ways each of you came here, someone is seen someone accidentally, someone deliberately looking for something. Really don’t care how you came, led you original will come that you can now not even remember, in this sense you are random, there are no coincidences in such things. But this is not enough, friends that you come and hear that you are free, you still have to learn by heart, because tomorrow will forget. And, zazubrin, meditate on it and meditate, and try again and to embody it in their lives to look the same as you and like-minded people, and discuss with each other about these topics, then, of course, before you will start to reach these topics, then you will begin to teach them. But where to go? The only way. You rose to a certain level and you have to get others, even if it is a relative level. And do not wait until you finally prosvetiteli, and only after that to work. If teachers at the time waited, we would now no words would be not received from yoga. You should memorize it, you should try to implement it at work, home, in deeds, in deeds, to experiment with the Universe, to experiment with reality. You have the knowledge that you are free around you the reality, we must correctly try this knowledge to bring.

Before we go any further I want us crammed another piece of knowledge, namely, yoga and decision algorithm.

The algorithm for making yoga decision:

1. First, we recall that we are free;

2. Then we remember that we have a duty;

3. Noise our solution using the first principle of yoga;

4. Noise our solution using the second principle of yoga;

5. If we go by quick methods of yoga, then skip our solution using the third principle of yoga;

6. Then, we can learn the opinion of the majority or ask the opinion of the authority;

7. Then, again, we are reminded that we are free to accept the decision that came out after going through all these filters, and reject it.

My experience has shown that a sin to conceal, all of you sitting here, and like all reasonable people, like once said, the second time said, and I have created the illusion that you all at least jagged, not what they understand, at least jagged. So it turns out that not even jagged, but if didn’t get then, and think it is not awake, and if you think it is not awake, and not awake to argue, to be applied on different attitudes, etc., etc.,… and will not come never.

I will gradually introduce draconian measures, I will have a few such items:

· The first principle of yoga

· The second principle of yoga

· The third principle of yoga

· The joke about how to get the knowledge

· Yoga decision algorithm.

Soon Yoga University is a rule – at any time of the day or night I can grab any of the first student, who just ran past me and I grabbed him, come on, yoga and decision algorithm, and if God forbid he not answer me – I deduct. We all have a better opinion of themselves than there actually is. I am honest, blunt has always been, whatever he engaged in, and only saved me cramming, slowpoke, well, doesn’t reach me the first time. Here’s a hack, then you can do to answer the exam, worked as visual memory and the “parrot” syndrome. Front sheet where all this is written and I read with the inner eye, sometimes without even realising. But then, it happens a real effect, so I passed the exam, I went out and I think I forgot everything, and, under torture, I hardly anything will play. But it just seems. Then after the exam you go to relax on vacation, lying in the sun, relaxed, and like your head is empty, but suddenly begins, like a puzzle, to shape the overall picture. And you’re from the state of cramming the transition to a higher state, when knowledge is imposed on the reality of your life, and there is the ability as scientists to predict. If you have a theory, I put the theory to the situation and can see the developments, and it helped a lot then. And after you start it once, second time, third time to produce, you have a different relationship to knowledge produced.

And who will say?

Basim, the group Eka: “I slept and I’m good!”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well Done. Just friends, it hurts me to hear such things. If you think that the person who does yoga should sleep a little, it’s all PR, don’t believe, you should sleep as much as necessary. Somehow, it is believed that the less a person sleeps, the more effective. Our politicians usually like to boast about how little they sleep, and how much time they spend in rejoicing about our country. But life is getting worse and worse it gets, whether they’re from lack of sleep already stopped to think, what to do and what not to, or simply it is not treated by any means. But you should sleep as much as necessary. You will have periods in life when the body will require more sleep than the average person, however, there will be times in life when you will begin to notice that you need less sleep. In many respects it will depend on the diet, from the environment, whether you live in the city, in the city or in the mountains, for example. Outdoors, or anywhere where there is nature. A lot of factors, the most exotic, in particular in one treatise it is said, even from that which mode you have sex you may need to sleep or be more or less. I.e. many different factors, but to sleep we are very respectful, in the dream, we get certain facets of a single reality that elude us awake, so just cut the faces and to boast of what we a brilliant politician – that means implicitly recognize that we don’t get reality. We see only one side of the Universe.

Instructive history about Rene Descartes, which proves the importance of sleep for humans

Rene Descartes, a brilliant mathematician, each of you faced him in high school when you drew graphs, and the graphs you drew in a Cartesian coordinate system. So here they are named in honor of Descartes. It was the scientist, the musketeer, since he lived in the days of the famous heroes of Alexander Dumas and, accordingly, led the way of life fitting for that time, you remember, swords, cocked hats, war, etc. But it is different to those that are seriously engaged in the study of nature from a scientific point of view, and strictly speaking, he was one of those people that so-called scientific point of view and developed. In fact, before this era such things as modern science was not, and Descartes was one of the founders of modern science. But he had a well-known feature of life. He believed that he should sleep as much as he likes, regardless of other people it’s very late, got up from his bed, sometimes in the afternoon. Moreover, according to history, found the opportunity to lead this lifestyle, even being in the war. Can you imagine a war, take another fortress, and he believed that it would be more useful and valuable only if you get enough sleep. And he woke up quite late.

And here he managed to live his entire life, moving, and remaining in good standing, until one fateful episode in his life. He was invited to teach mathematics one of the young royalty, girl. She was different in that it was, as we would say today “lark”, so got up very early, at four in the morning, at five o’clock in the morning. I really don’t know how to correlate these figures with our clock in the morning, because, do you remember the time we were transferred multiple times here and there, and in the West still test the patience of the goddess Kali (goddess of time), Oh, how she loves them for it. About the same as our country loved. It all ended very sadly, Descartes died. Went one other time this early in the morning, not slept. It was winter, he caught cold, literally, some time was ill and died. And humanity lost a genius, just because someone believed that lifestyle must be so, and not another. This does not mean that we have all of tomorrow like Descartes lying in bed, that is, “until blue in the face,” no. But we must be very attentive to the requirements of your body, especially if we are strong methods of yoga, where there is cleansing, and load on the body and so big. Our task, therefore, to be consistent, competent in life. On the one hand, praise Basim was adopted, and on the other hand, let there be no more praise, let everybody to sleep. Now let’s remember what happened in the previous lecture”.

Alexander, passive participant: “In the last lesson we talked about the algorithm for making yoga decision and let such a thing as courtesy through him.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “what have we here?”

Irina, gr.4: “We came to the conclusion that in some situations you can be rude, but to determine, you need to be polite or not, you can scroll through the situation through making algorithm yogic solutions. Then it will be clear how to do that.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, friends, we came to the conclusion that there are options. That is, there is no single solution – “just be polite” or “be rude”, you need to relate it to the conditions in which you live, where you live, what your debt. But that absolutely is needed is at least the hypothetical ability to be polite. As for the incivility, it is very often, it’s in our blood, because we inherited this behavior from the time of life in the bodies of animals. I can hardly imagine a wolf who is before you eat the hare, he asked him something like “excuse me, dear hare, but I am forced by the current circumstances”… it Turns out such a thing that, as a rule, impoliteness, and so it is, that is the stupidest line of conduct, when we do not respect others, their freedom. And we have some desires, and begin to implement them in the forehead and right, it’s not to be polite. To talk about civility, we can only from the moment when more or less developed mind. When we begin to understand that sometimes it’s better to make a complex trajectory and get what we want, without suffering, and that efficiency was observed than directly to achieve something. In this respect, the courtesy, indeed, helps us to implement in our lives and the first principle of yoga, and second. The first principle of yoga emerges due to the fact that it is a status quo, is a kind of neutral zone, which is called “nor ours, nor ours”. And, indeed, the politeness can be both warm and friendly. That is, the notion of politeness and the notion of benevolence is a different concept. But in any case, the area of politeness is a no man’s land. You can either remain in this neutral territory of courtesy, or given way to paint, that is a courtesy in the direction of something more sincere, kind, friendly. Or, on the contrary, politeness in the direction of something that keeps others at a distance that contains a certain coldness, an unwillingness to indulge in their universe someone else’s universe. On the other hand, politeness helps us to implement the second principle of yoga. At least the fact that we do not provoke the other side on some reactions of hatred, which would let us. But, on the contrary, politeness has another person to help us. There is a saying among Cervantes: “Nothing costs us so little and nothing gives us so much as a courtesy”. That is clean the second principle of yoga – the minimum cost and maximum results, and all in one bottle – courtesy.

But, on the other hand, we remember that in the bodies of animals we have lived, Oh, how many lives we lived in the bodies of people, but a way of life differing little from animals. We are still faced with other people who in their behavior behave like animals. And sometimes it is illusory the idea that when we unwittingly begin to copy their style of behavior and something to prove. So there is two very interesting phenomenon of the infectiousness of rudeness and incivility and the infectiousness of politeness. That is, depending on the environment in which you were brought up or live, will largely determine how you do later will do. If you are dealing with boors that you will tend to copy this boorish behaviour. If you rotate in some intelligent circles, involuntarily your speech and your manners will improve. Therefore, there is also the very serious advice that follows from the axioms of the depths of yoga. And this suggestion is the following – by all means avoid bad company, and by all means strive for the good of the company. If someone or something you don’t like, or, in other words, if you know, communicating with someone, you may acquire negative habits, then avoid these people. Conversely, if you know, communicating with other people, you will acquire positive habits you need, then by all means communicate with these people. Yoga is a universal rule that applies to the acquisition of some higher humanistic knowledge, and to our most mundane desires. In particular, if you want to get rich, try to communicate with people who have become rich, not those whiners who always whine “I never get rich,” “it’s impossible”, “Oh, this poverty”…Eye every time I blink, it will move to you. And at the crucial moment when you need to quickly make the decision, no doubt, the scales will be thrown your company in which you grew up, was educated, spoke. And here the most dramatic way you can copy negative line of behaviour and to significantly worsen the situation. This is considered in this section of yoga called Raja yoga.

The method of Raja yoga to achieve the objectives

In Raja yoga this is one of the most serious methods of work, with themselves and with others. If, let’s say tomorrow you want to become rich, influential politician, businessman, entrepreneur, always keep before eyes the example of the history of his life. That is, find the same case and mentally tune into this wave. I remember we had a lecture Malyshev, if you want to really move something in production, management, entrepreneurship, you need people who are active, dynamic, positive, decisive, quickly and safely at first glance does not solve the problem. Actually your mind is very plastic mass. What is he thinking, this form and gets. If you study the biography of successful people, a lot of what made involuntarily your mind will begin to acquire the same quality as if you took and copied them from another person. Mentally tuning in to the other person, you are acquiring it quality. Actually know it not only in yoga but also in numerous religions. Almost any religion has a particular Saint, responsible for a particular activity. Going on a long journey – light a candle one Holy, gathered to buy/sell different, was going to marry/get married to the third. Now they say, even for Internet Affairs have become the saints to come up. Why? Very simple, the effect is the same. There was an example in the history of the order and a different person who dealt with some unsolvable at first glance, the situation and came out the winner. Even the simple fact that you realize that you are connected to a common mental field of the Universe and the mind’s vibrations, which visited the head of the Saint. How would you attract the right thoughts, the right actions and the right deeds and words.

The same situation with courtesy, if we put ourselves need examples, sooner or later we ourselves become the same. If we see something that is there, and in our country is unrestrained rudeness, changes for the better will not happen. Rudeness on the street, rudeness on the Internet – you come to the forum – each other just to light szhivaetsya, go to any Western forum and nobody will allow themselves so to speak. So we unwittingly find ourselves in a negative environment and acquire unnecessary habits. And rudeness have a short supply since the life in the bodies of animals, we should learn to be polite. As we are in the last segment you said, politeness is a language, with which you will earn money, succeed in career, to reduce many of the unnecessary friction, you will have to be released resource. To treat the development of language should have the good manners very seriously. First in a good environment to develop some algorithms of behavior in a playful manner, so that later, when you find yourself in a situation similar to this, you are on autopilot played all what you had done in greenhouse conditions. Thus astronauts, so prepare wrestlers of martial arts. First of automatism produced a series of some of the movements, to then when it to it, thought for you body. With courtesy all the same, why before from time to time we did such a situation when one person began to provoke the other. And the other started to work out of this situation. Just as the doubles match against two representatives of the Oriental martial arts work out certain chords, techniques, etc. Worked in life, but then got into a situation and without hesitation, you have it all to come and play. Moreover, we try from time to time, even for yoga teachers to play scenes. Imagine you are in class, you drunken tumble to “zero” supposedly, a future follower of yoga and starts rudely yelling and throwing mats, look for a “place under the sun”, breathing in all the fumes. And all this in rough form with obscene words. Of course, you can get lost, and you can pre-play this situation to work out the possible ways out of this situation and forget, but the right time will emerge, and will do everything exactly the same as played in this situation. Why? A very simple reason. Every word, action or deed leaves on the surface of our mind sanskara or imprint. Or in another way, imagine your mind is a field, overgrown with waist-high grass, go for it hard. But someone once somehow broke, and in one place the grass a little more wrinkled, the other is still the same virgin virgin. It is clear that if you’re someone they can run away, you run on the spot, where a little path you are, and be it further adaptivity. So there are paths. To invent something new its very hard. Our mind tends to repeat what he has ever done. This is the greatest force of habit. So if you’re an incorrigible ham, you have already trodden path, but not in the right direction. And you should by all means learn to tread new paths, first in a playful setting, hard and then more and more, then there will come a time when these two paths are equal by choice. Want run on boorish the path you want to run down the path of politeness. They will be balanced. This will give you more freedom to choose. And further, if you continue to run down the path of politeness, path rudeness will start to grow. And eventually, even the most rabid louts can become a pattern of behavior. Look at me. If you knew what I was ham. And now look, I’m no one sent for those 1.5 hours, never foul language is not cursed. Behave regarding approximately. But in my childhood there were moments when I any thought could Express the informal vocabulary. Therefore, the state in which you are, in fact, means nothing. Just means that you should come. But come you must, if you are on the path of yoga, to the three principles. You should do no harm, politeness will help you, in any case, go the neutral path. You need to be effective in life – the second principle of yoga encourages us to reach their goals quickly, clearly and consistently. Again politeness will allow you to do this. The third principle of yoga – if you pump courtesy a huge amount of goodwill you will spread around them happiness and joy. Therefore, politeness is your future money, politeness is your future good condition, this is your future good life. But nothing is just being polite, you need to spend, that is to force yourself to work in this direction, to tread the path of civility. Of course, from a past life can occur a situation when according to your debt, it will be easier to run through the other path of rudeness, and sometimes necessary. I’m not a celestial, from time to time there running around. But generally speaking, I began to notice behind myself, that I would like to live in a world where I would not want my ability to be a ham, just polishable to live in such a Universe. Therefore, if from time to time and have to prove myself from the rudeness, it is rather annoying outbreak from a previous Universe, which I built and valueshave. According to my duty, I should expand on what I did before. Because if I suddenly go on a polite conversation and meet some pals, and we’ll start to discuss something, and I’ll start bombastic to say something, I can even in the face shlopotat, as they may perceive it as subtle mockery. People need to speak in a language they understand”.

Basim, gr.Eka: “I would like to say about civility, freedom in situations with their friends and families when the wife is not the wife when it becomes common to you, familiarly. As a neighbor she actually is the same, but for you it’s different, she’s a goddess, just because we keep in check, remains courtesy, and we do not allow ourselves to slip into a kind of familiarity. This applies not only to wives but also for all the family”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I would argue, there is a very subtle point, is this really from a different region. As for the family, especially in relation to his wife, according to the concept of yoga, in particular yoga Triad, your wife or your husband is no more and no less, the absolute, which valueshave in his mercy to come to you in the human body. The concept of the absolute, which comes to us as husband or wife, is that he’s very, very close. Not some kind of evil, a brutal absolute out there somewhere in the heavens, but he is a native, side by side, he’s as close as our own self So I don’t quite understand what is meant by crony attitude.”

Basim, gr.Eka: “When I stop feeling High I think, when I cease to feel the Higher self in the other as if, as it should be. What is this man beside me is natural, I have this body, it is also natural”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, we go to some deep jungle yoga Triad is the best out there to discuss such things. Courtesy to the husband or wife should certainly be. As long as we foolishly do not see the absolute in your husband or your wife, we do sometimes begin to see just the body or just human. In this sense, blame our ignorance, our stupidity is to blame. But, on the one hand, we are unable to overcome this ignorance, it is already there, I don’t see and can’t see all, the point. Would like to see, and can’t see. But, on the other hand, it is necessary to find the strategy with minimal losses. To wait out the time until we can see and wait for the moment when we see it. This is more of a triad of yoga, particularly the yoga of Love. It’s called the second stage of yoga of being in Love when you were first in love, and saw the goddess and then the goddess disappeared and was just a woman. And a this stage not stand up and break relations, which from the point of view of yoga Love stupid pitch. Because in this moment when you can’t see, and she can’t see, but you know He’s there and she knows He’s there, you start to grind your karmic pollution. And here is the man who, with clenched teeth, fails, wins and gets what he wants in this life or the next. If you in a past life and did just that divorce, you do not have a steady state, then is it any wonder that in this life you do not come across those partners, which would once and for all. And leaves only one thing – grind that part of karma which can be ground, and one that in principle can’t grind – it’s not your problem. Or, as stated in “108 aphorisms of Tantra yoga”, “will you remain with him or another will come”. In this respect, karma is a good thing, you either suffer the allotted time, or enjoy the allotted time, not one second more, otherwise the universe will collapse. But the other question, Yes, you can’t see. You are in their bestial stupidity first saw in your husband or wife the absolute, and then stopped to see. The question of how to communicate with him. You can say “Oh, you’re such a pig, saw in you was absolute, and now you’re disgusting,” or “Oh, what was the goddess, and now do not beautiful, do not want to look at you”. You can, but you can polite. Again polite is, at least, a neutral situation, plus, you don’t start to provoke a reaction, and you, gritting his teeth suffer. In this respect, yoga Triad is a very good thing, every second spent together, even if you do to each other don’t feel works for you. A husband, a wife, all the time works for you, rather, you can relax, even to dwell in his bestiality through you breaks to each other absolute. If we want to help the absolute, then, in any case, we need to develop friendly attitude. But, on the other hand, there are different situations, as they say, “so, where were we”, but still in the background somewhere some kind of suave politeness must be present, but may not be so obvious”.

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