2011.07.23. Freedom and crisis. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

The title of the lecture :

Freedom and crisis. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Date: 2011.07.23.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : What is happening with the economies in the world? What are the possible consequences of the economic crisis? Teaches crisis management? How to prepare yourself for the crisis? What is common between the practices of Kundalini awakening and crisis management? Our mind pushes itself to the hypothetical possibility of deterioration of the situation, and thereby make themselves incapable in times of crisis critical moment is to behave appropriately, with minimal losses. In order to prepare for a possible crisis in advance need to plan their actions in that event. Teaches yoga survival strategy in times of crisis? What directions are we going to develop in yoga soon.

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A reminder to yogis for survival strategies in times of crisis:

1. You must be mentally prepared for possible changes in living conditions. In order to prepare yourself in a quiet environment, think of what you’ll do if tomorrow starts crisis, war and other disasters.

2. Analyze your income and expenses. Possibly diversify their investments and activities from which you receive income.

3. If you will be useful to the greatest possible number of people – you will never die of hunger. Only people have value in your personal Universe. You build your world, you build it according to such laws, in order to attract their own kind, do it efficiently!

4. Become an effective employee. If you become an effective worker, you get fired in the last turn. Creatively about your work. Now think about how you can optimize your work and thereby increase the freedom of your boss and the entire company.

5. Whatever you have optimized, you will never have to optimize it at the expense of other living people. The employment, dismissal is life is cyclical, and higher self each of you – it is eternal. The more you will remain relations with people, the best they are opinions, even if you fired them, the term more likely that you will survive.

6. Yoga teaches us to be strong and flexible. Use this principle if the world around will change.

Today, July 23, 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are in Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, this lecture MOYO. All information on our sites www.openyoga.ru , www.yogacenter.ru , www.happyyoga.narod.ru . Our free online yoga courses for self-study of yoga on the website www.kurs.openyoga.ru. All of our training videos, classes at our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

Background of the crisis currently

Today our lecture I want to dedicate to our plans for the future. As life forces me to consider the survival of yoga. So today I want to discuss with you the topic of our further development. In what directions we are going to promote yoga. What should focus more attention on the less. I’ll start with this, strange at first glance, a warning, which will be performed in the following way: I don’t understand what is going on in the world. Ie I always did not understand but now I do not understand very much. If I did not understand before, but still had some elements of stability, in the sense that you saw the rules of the game, and to a certain extent able to predict that if some events occur, some of them follow others at the moment, I see a situation that could radically change the way of life in the world: I mean a possible economic crisis.

Some time ago I already drew your attention to the chart of growth in gold prices. During this time nothing much has changed, but rather only worse. Recently was made a new world record price of one gram of gold – 1607 rubles. If we analyze the economy of countries such as the US and EU, we see that there is something phantasmagoric. Something from the field of theater of the absurd. Policy to focus not want to see trouble coming. On the one hand, you have to understand that for them it is being paid for, so they don’t see the obvious. Why? If they start too much attention to pay, they may on the contrary trigger the problem. This effect is also observed when someone shout about danger, and to crush more people die than the danger deserved. But on the other hand and to ignore it is impossible, and blissful lifestyle lead in a time when everything is literally bursting at the seams. I’m no expert, a long time these questions are not engaged, I don’t know what’s going on, but I have a very strong intuitive sense of danger. If I’m wrong, I’d like to be wrong. But if even a fraction of a second to assume that all this will be followed by a sharp change of the rules of the game, that first and foremost we should be concerned about in terms of how we build a future life, and not only in yoga, but it is good that each student has personally analyzed my life situation in advance.

And here is an example, I refer to an episode from history. Not because the story was already such moments, not just when I’m very tired and want to be distracted from Affairs, yoga, reading books on history. You will remember that in 1938 began the second World war, which, in General, came unexpectedly for many. But, thank God, in the USSR for several years before that clever uncle gathered under the leadership of Stalin and made a mobilization plan, first and foremost, a plan to save the economy. Ie they are very clearly figured out that if war breaks out, it is necessary to do strategic reserves of raw materials, food, rare earth metals, etc. secondly, they looked at the map and saw that the whole industry is concentrated in the West, if the West invaded, then we have nothing to do with what will remain, and began after that to create enterprise “doubles” at East we have the Urals and Siberia. Moreover, there was a very clear indication of who will move where in the event of evacuation. So, when the war began and the Germans rapidly began to move, the very existence of these plans saved the day. Because it was not chaos uncontrollable, and the actions on the planned scheme. What does this section of the economy, as crisis management? Indeed, sometimes in different firms, companies, corporations, governments, things unexpected, and so, the worst damage always comes from the fact that people are not even mentally prepared for the unusual scenario and tend to do sometimes catastrophic mistakes. But if you, for some time, in a relaxed atmosphere thought that if such-and-so situation, it is reasonable to do so-and-so, and if such the situation some other way. And then, even if something happens, you have no rushing, no jumping, no frantically read the news and already depart on the planned trajectory. Now, all that is happening now really scares me. And since I am responsible for the development of yoga in MOJO, I am primarily interested in the question: will we survive? If the crisis starts, it will all become very not to yoga. What, not all yoga will be in the first place because of the financial aspects, money is simply not coming to class. It would be good to sit down now to devise a strategy for further developments in the case, if tomorrow a crisis. The same thing I invite each of you to do in his personal life. I understand that most of humanity now lives in oblivion and sleepy stupor on the series, from seeinformation. But I was witness to a repeated number of shocks when an underlying culture suddenly collapsed. I must tell you that it is an incomparable feeling. When you believed that something will never disappear or will change, that it’s like a law of nature, gravity, and all of a sudden, literally in a matter of hours everything can change. The North pole suddenly becomes the South pole, the South pole will suddenly become the North pole, the law of gravity will suddenly become the law of universal repulsion, and you just don’t know how to react because you never even could have imagined. This is partly comparable with the practices of dying in yoga or Laya yoga, when people are before you awaken the Kundalini energy play first hand how and what they will do, and what processes they will occur, the benefit of ancient treatises we are told that might happen and what people will feel. And then, when something happens, people are not panicking, but simply controls the process. So in the same way and we need to develop a plan, plan of emergency exits, plan of mobilization. If tomorrow the war if tomorrow the crisis. God forbid that we did not need, I would be happy. But unfortunately, I see an insurmountable problem. Here we now are sitting and talking, and clever uncle with Wallstreet similarly, there is now somewhere to sit and also talk. But as the economic model of our world is built on Terry selfishness. Even people who understand the gravity of a situation, not able even in a small to give up their profits and find a common solution. Because it is raised. No one wants to be extreme. So they practice a policy that is called the ostrich, namely, when the approaching danger, instead of facing this danger, the ostrich buries itself in the ground. Not see – so no problem. There is certainly a moral aspect. Of course, if you start economic crisis, the people will be terrible shock. People used to live on the outside, but imagine you had to inject the whole prana is in: in a business, a project, some cows are sacred and it all starts to cut. And your prana is like gum that you first stretched and then cut, hurt start beating on people. People used to live outside and outside things will start to crumble. Of course, some of this may push them inward more to deal with issues of spirituality, the study of your higher self, to do more inner work on oneself and, perhaps, even this wave will be a surge of interest in yoga but he is not a good life, and after terrible disappointment in the external model of civilization. I don’t know how much is acceptable or not is not up to me, but a factor may be such that it is really a crisis. I don’t even know how we may pray to the Almighty that it was not. You remember that our branch of civilization, according to scientists, Homo sapiens, creatures, mammals, and before us the world was ruled by lizards, cold-blooded dinosaurs, and we didn’t have the slightest chance to win in the evolutionary struggle, if not a meteorite fell and killed good number of raptors. Only after that, the little animals began to develop, as scientists say, then turned into monkeys, and then in the us. Maybe in some sense this crisis inevitable. Just not very long to live on such an animal law of capitalism. Impossible! It is impossible to promote such a rabid individualism that after me the deluge. You don’t just pay any price to chase for profits, not! Where the stick is bent, and the consequences of this terrible. We just start to deteriorate spiritually, especially with the spread of mass culture. And probably the cleansing crisis is extremely necessary for mankind. Maybe without it we are a failed civilization. But the fact that this crisis will be associated with a huge amount of suffering, no one should raise doubts. When you crumble your world you’re the soul, you might say, put, very, very bad feeling anyone.

How to prepare yourself for a possible crisis?

In preparation for such a negative development it makes sense to move in two directions, as in the field of yoga and in your personal life. In the end, if you are in your personal life will not solve all these issues, you’ll continue to learn from yoga teachers, and then there the matter stops. In this respect, I am very interested that you had a very strong, dominant, self-sufficient and free people. Only such people can wear yoga. Here two directions.

The first is the mental preparation. Sometimes, you do not want to think what could be worse, sometimes we think, well, what could be worse for us and now is bad, and it may happen that in a few years you’ll remember these years as the most carefree, loose and happy years in his life. Sometimes such a thing happens. Again, I go back to the story. On 22 June 1941 all too much that is not liked, but compared to the fact that went out to the front and die husbands, sons, parents, now, all previous problems have suddenly appeared or just problems, and some blessing. Entire life here and so would those pre-war problems. As if did not happen here. Therefore, our mind is of course primarily pushes the very hypothetical possibility of deterioration of the situation, and thus makes itself a bit unable then, in times of crisis critical moment is to behave appropriately, with minimal losses.

Therefore, I invite each of you to sit down and think and mentally prepare for this. If there is nothing, very well, let it be for you one of the practices in Raja yoga. And if God forbid, something really starts to crack, the question, of course, in what proportion and for how long: maybe once, and hurt, can gradually, incrementally, maybe waves (more painfully, more painfully, more painfully, know how tooth hurts sometimes, then smaller, smaller, smaller, and don’t you forget it). So here we have very clearly analyze your life, analyze your income and expenses, analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

What should be prepared

What practice shows? As soon as you start something terrible and uncontrolled release of only one strong power at the top. Ie, whether we like it or not, all the institutions of democracy will be phased out, the other is not. So it was a temporary great depression in America, when he came to power, Roosevelt began to restore order. In America, perceived it as almost a seizure of power by the Communists, as in Nazi Germany, it was the same in the UK – everywhere, in all countries of the world, absolutely. About our country and can not speak. Expect a strong pullback in the bureaucracy, namely registration, help, no Panamas, do not go here go there, who, etc. etc… It’s just logic. Of course, the rulers will try to avoid being overthrown to keep in one part of the country more or less acceptable living conditions to the detriment of the rest of the population. Therefore, large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg will more or less be maintained, that there was some riots. About all the other regions is likely to forget, as it was repeatedly.

Want it or not want rulers, but all problems usually are resolved at the expense of children and the elderly. Where to go, you need a brain to have a very large to prevent this. If any of you have citizenship and you plan to get right now, if there is no registration – you can get right now. If You have the opportunity, and you think, and suddenly, and suddenly not, and suddenly canceled, and suddenly replay. Friends, if there’s a crisis, will crash, usually the financial component, and because all of the oil, the money will disappear, wages wakes to pay nothing and will need to differentsirovki people who more pay, who to pay less. In fact, why they still do not cancel these registration, registration and other nonsense. You think they remember? No, they remember everything. Just when they have to cancel, you will be nowhere to retreat. As people will share? This does not mean that you should drop everything and solve this problem at any cost. I say if there is a way to err in this respect is to insure. If not, well, there’s nothing to talk about. It will be a shame when you had the chance, and you didn’t take it. The same applies to your work. If everything starts to shake, completely different all be distributed. All of what was previously the orders that were demand, it may be that it is not necessary. In this respect, too, need to diversify their activities. If there are different areas of different areas that allow you to earn a piece of bread, then it makes more sense to develop in different directions. I’m not going be sad to consider that if someone has six acres of land, go to water the garden – it is quite a dark option if the potatoes will eat the plant. But you know, in fact, does not have to rule out such an option. Unfortunately, our leaders are irresponsible, from top to bottom. In the West and in our country and everywhere. They are very well beautiful and a lot of talking. But if the elections, the more beautiful they will say. But remember, some surprise happens, they’re all so surprised. It’s winter suddenly arrived. Who would have thought? Then a flood. Oh, and here is the rain ever go? In General, I’m not going to list, turn on the TV. And every time so innocent. How could it be? We have it all under control. Friends, need a little about yourself to take care of themselves.

Yoga survival strategy in times of crisis

Now then, shared this recommendation, pure yoga is a survival strategy. Survival strategy says the following. If you are alone – you survive tougher if you are surrounded by friends, relatives, people who love you or even though about you know you to survive easier. I am not going into the jungle axiomatic to leave. In fact, for us to survive, we need money, but the money you are not awake, the money is just suragat prana. Yes, indeed, the money you can buy food or some good, but by and large, money is the equivalent of the prana, which revolves in your community. Daniel Defoe is the product “Robinson cruise”, not a children’s version and an adult. And it describes a time when Robinson Kruse was on a desert island with a huge amount of money, as he has wanted, and the money is not needed. Understand the availability of money – is the presence of other people, only then the money is converted into suragat prana, only then is the component and the energy and the consciousness. So whatever you do, you will never lose if you’ll do something that enhances the freedom of others. If you’ll useful to as many people, just helpful – you never will not die of hunger, they will not let you die. Because if you’re going to die – their freedom to contract. You know, right? So is our world. Therefore, more than just about your physical existence other people know, the easier it will be to survive. Ie if you are in the firm some work, the more you have connections, acquaintances, reputation etc etc, the better. But remember that people are also not idiots, advertising advertising, but if they feel cheated it will be negative publicity. Therefore, the best investment is investment in people. If you invest in people, you always get people from prana. If the crisis is energy, prana perevodite into energy, if the crisis of consciousness, prana is translated into consciousness. Again, by and large we all live, we help each other to live. The economy – this thing is so abstract that it seems it is in itself, just a model from the pranic processes that go on within society: the exchange of energy, exchange of energy, sharing consciousness. Money is made for use taking into account these processes, to somehow understand what was happening. But just as money can break away from life and unresponsive it is unclear what that actually is happening now. A huge amount of money, imagine the avalanche, platinum, and money all are and are unsecured, soon platinum will not sustain, it will break and flood everything unsecured money. And then go back to what? To barter. I’ll look through the different scenarios, like what, where we go, as it can be. Indeed, it will be a shock, but probably not the end of the world, someone will survive and everything will return. But such are the setbacks – that for centuries, literally centuries of lifestyle changes. Who does not believe, ask about the history of the Roman Empire. During the Roman Empire thought up such mechanisms, which began to use only in the 17th and 18th centuries And between this period the dark ages because the Empire collapsed. So friends, do you remember that the greatest investment is an investment in people, only people have value in your personal Universe. You build your world, you build it according to such laws, in order to attract their own kind, make it more efficient.

Again, I’m not going to reiterate all the points that are associated with your work – become an effective employee. If you stannate effective employee to fire you will start in the last turn. In which case you become efficient workers? In that case, if you become his superiors to give more freedom. In this case, accordingly, they will hold you longer and you pay more. So very creative attitude to their work and to seek out the opportunity to optimize their business now, then when will break and it will be too late, and everyone will be like mice, frantically rushing from one corner to another. And now think about how to optimize the performance. This component is not psychological, but purely real, sit down and think about how the firm your boss to let your boss more effectively do their job. I can assure you he last fired, if, God forbid, something happens. It is the law of nature, friends. Everything else is just little things.

Directions of development of yoga

Now let’s look at the issues related to yoga. You understand the resource we have. A resource we should seek. We must learn to effectively use what is already there. And there is no limit to increase the pace. We had a period once a very difficult, but we have every square meter 24 hours a day. Moreover, that night classes were held, and at night the retreat was held. Then life became a little easier, sponsors were found, and we have abolished these practices, not because they are not effective, they are very effective. For some people to practice night yoga will be stronger than the week before walk day to do. The problem is – leading tired. We cannot and day and night classes to lead, and instead have no one, so I had this thread to close. But the fact is that to optimize the system is always possible and necessary. We have a very strict moral and ethical principles. Whatever you have optimized, you will never have to optimize it at the expense of other living people.

We have some bosses like to brag, I’m so cool, I had problems – the floor of the Department was fired, even with no one talking. A Soviet vision of conducting Western business. They read this Karl Marx with Friedrich Engels, panemunelis these films, and they, you know, bragging about how awesome I was, the shark of capitalism, this ruthless, this machine is for making money, nothing personal – just business. Friends, this losing situation has long been understood in the West, but they keep quiet about it. They grew up in this environment, individualism, and historically, she left. Just as the collapse of communism for a long time nobody believed in communism, but all in the habit of walked with banners and shouted: “Communism”! “Communism”! This system of individualism, it has long been proved to be unviable. There are certainly some industries where only the right thing to do, if you need a large quantity of unskilled labour, and that unskilled labor is drinking or not working, or otherwise somehow freebies, then Yes. There are very narrow types of activities where it is justified, but the rest is a disastrous policy. Remember that even a careless employee that you fired is potentially your roots to which you rely on. So, well need to lay off. And always remember that if it is possible to get fired should be returned. I.e., ethical principles or the first principle of yoga, this principle is sacred, only then is the second principle of yoga for optimization. God forbid, changed, win, becomes Caliph for an hour. And then, you straightened, but only in a different situation. Happy either all or none! Therefore, the first principle of yoga is sacred, whatever you’re doing. The more you will remain relations with people, the best they are opinions, even if you fired them, the term more likely that you will survive. Because, hiring, dismissal – is life, it is cyclical, and higher self each of you – it is eternal.

1. Teaching yoga in English

So we’re talking about how to optimize our work with yoga. If you have any projects where each of you can through yoga to make a living the honest way, I will be happy. If you find this kind of activity, which, on the one hand, moves yoga helps people develop, but if you have something there turns and from this you live, for example, I’m just glad and happy. But of course, only on one condition, that it is all fair. Give you freedom, and, therefore, have the freedom in some other dimensions, in the form of money or something else. So there’s a lot of different directions. I know someone opens yoga centers, etc, etc, a variety of activities. I will do my very best to help you. Here we have movies, a variety of audio, video films, you can sell them outside of Moscow, for God’s sake, forward! But it’s still the little things. Because yoga, like any educational project, it is still a costly thing. Very little that you can think of to do.

Another thing is how you prepare, what projects to move? And the first thing I want to move is really English. Because if you will learn how to teach English – your horizons survival will increase dramatically. At the moment around the globe in the English language, spoken by over 2 billion people. This, of course, America, England, Canada, Australia, but also we should not forget about Asia, which now all speak English, and also Latin America. In fact, now the entire globe speaks English. English is the modern Latin or Sanskrit. If you’ll be able to teach yoga in English, where would you go, how would you, your karma is not tossed somewhere tropical, if there is the slightest possibility to save the yoga and not allow it to disappear, and to help people to expand their freedom through yoga and thereby earn a piece of bread, then surely it will be a very good help for you. So, I’ll be happy if thus, knowing English and teaching foreigners, you will earn a piece of bread. Most importantly to those foreigners who would be ready to pay you for your yoga. Because to shake down maybe so that not even yoga to foreigners. But, anyway, language skills dramatically expands your freedom. So I think as we more tightly integrate English classes. Most likely, you will have to use zubrilina technology, there’s no other way, it is not wonderful such things, so I went to bed, not knowing English, and I woke up and everyone knows already, is only in the advertising brochures you can see.

2. The development of generic yoga, yoga for kids

Another component is actually a generic of yoga. Honestly, I’m getting sick from all these pictures, where are all the followers of the secret Sciences in five knots curled up, starting some esoteric nonsense about what sort of superpowers, swarmandal, and so forth, This does not mean that it is not – it is. But the question is that before going to these heights, you should have covered the rear. The rear for each person is his family and friends. First and foremost, husbands, wives, children, parents. Ie if you have covered the rear in this emotionally, you are much easier to cope with all the dangers of the outside that only you can pounce. So, you remember that the basis of yoga is the Vedas. The basic idea of the Vedas is life. The implementation of this idea is a stable, loving family, caring about children, about parents. It was kind of a aura of comfort. In this regard, and all the upcoming events, I realized that if we don’t move generic concept of yoga, during the crisis, we are sure it won’t move, neither would. And as any crisis will primarily be resolved at the expense of the elderly and children, then do it for years to come will be delayed. We need to adjust some of the emphasis in the dissemination of yoga. For this case I wish we adjusted our websites, it must be the way – mom, dad, children, and all do yoga. All live in happiness, to trust each other. Ie is such a powerful emphasis on family. First, it will help you to go through all these difficult times, and secondly – this is really the Foundation of any yoga. Third is to make a qualitative breakthrough in the training of yoga teachers. I remind you that the biggest skill level is needed for those teachers who teach children. Teaching for children is several times more difficult than to teach adults. A widespread belief that children can communicate all sorts of different dropout madman is a terrible heritage of our civilization that does not think about tomorrow. And the children – it’s actually tomorrow. What kids, this will be your tomorrow. So it all fits concentrically to the subject. From whatever side I looked back. If we are talking about the optimization of teaching yoga, we need to focus solely on tribal yoga. And everything else as add-ons on it. In this regard, I propose to consider this subject. We have halls, they for some time is not filled with people. It is necessary to beat and otherwise promote the idea that if there is space in the hall, if you are ready to look after your children, please come and bring them to class for free. Ie pay only for yourself. Children, though there are five people in for free. Subject to availability, provided that you’ll follow them. Thereby we move Generic yoga. We will help you find a common language between parents and children that they were in General mental field.

Vested interest to me. If the occupation of the parents come with the children, the teacher, Willy – nilly, starts to adjust their teaching to happy children. And thereby increases the level of their qualifications. Ie, which side do not look – this is a real optimization system. To each square meter work, work for the future. So you were not on the level of teaching for adults, and the level of teaching for children. Believe me, friends, it’s a completely different level – it is qualitatively different level. You will need a lot of kindness. If yoga for adults can teach people is rude and CADS, sometimes it’s the opposite it seems to be cool with the kids these things will not pass. They’re too young, they still remember the absolute before his birth, they as the absolute came into this world. Do you remember the concept of a Generic yoga: children are teachers. And children very quickly will show you where you are in yoga doing something wrong. How? They begin to be bored, they will start to spin or something. It’s the adults, not knowing nod – Yes, Yes, Yes, but kids won’t lie, haven’t learned yet. Therefore, I invite all to think about the Generic concept of yoga. We need pictures, well, enough of these assholes, unshaven, with marginal eyes, look at them – do not want. It must be the image of a loving family, harmony. All parents MOJO if you have the opportunity to bring your child to class – bring him in. You are with him the extra half an hour prompt. From selfishness we must get rid of too. We sometimes think that I have the spiritual processes, the sho, fifth, tenth, and sometimes we do not notice how become selfish. Even from an economic point of view, if a person will think that he will come to class, and pay only for himself, but he can bring children, even psychologically, a person will be easier to spend the money, because he will understand that it is not only for yourself it makes, but also for the next step, for the future. If we don’t think about the children, nobody will. So, friends, we must look at his life within one life and across multiple lives. If you achieve immortality within one lifetime – very good, if not achieve, think about your children. Here you die, here you have somewhere to be born where to be born awake? In Africa? Or where? Or how to get? Or you will pass through a series of abortions until someone take pity and not let you back in this world? What will be your future path after this life? These are lofty words, but it is reality. We got carried away is so tempting. Do the technique, get results, get the effect of methyl, mental, sverkhtekuchesti, sverhdorogie. You then do the world does not want to go back, you start flying. But a very great danger that you go unnoticed in the world of illusions, you’re starting to give wishful thinking. That is where you really achieved something, and somewhere else the horse is not lying. And you start it all spread for you of these problems like as not. Children grow up, communication with the generations lost. So I propose the following thing, if in the previous lecture I said that this is one of the possible directions that we can afford, maybe not afford, but now, apparently, we have to make very hard turn to this topic. I don’t see any other way. When it’s all rocking, if there is no stable family, loving children the chance not just to practice yoga, but also to take their child under his arm and a lead. Yes, you are not psychologically ready to spend money, you better for the child to spend. Therefore here it is necessary immediately initially all is to turn, because to go towards reducing the prices we can’t then we all fall apart.


1. To think about their work life;

2. English

3. Birth yoga and reorientation of the entire image of the Open Yoga University under the Generic yoga.

Enough of us to flirt with this atterminal. I’m not against spirituality, but true spirituality is the Vedas, it’s aerobatics. Yes, indeed, that the Brahmins were able to do all the rest of us are nervously Smoking in the hallway. But if you open the Vedas, the first what you face – the cult of children. Bhagavad Gita how to begin again from the cult children. Need a photo shoot should look.

4. Mobility

We have no other choice but to use the latest technology. Again, mark my supplies from time to time a historical film about the Great Patriotic war. Only you do not think that I am a warmonger, I hate violence and death, but I can not afford to give the report, why I am interested in the history of the creation of any tank. On the one hand, it’s a murder weapon, and, on the other hand, maybe the presence of the tank and not allow this murder to happen. So in 1941, the Germans are coming. The number of modern tanks T34 is tremendous. There is no radio, the old fashioned way, or waving flags, or running uncle with a wire. While each German tank had a radio, so the Germans were mobile. Our didn’t really know who is where, there were no modern means of communication. Honestly, right now I look at all of our work and do not dare to blame, but themselves which is better? We have an enormous number of people who are interested in our accent flow yoga. We will not hide, yoga differently taught in different schools, in different systems. Our rule is: we praise all who promote yoga. Other Teachers of yoga and directions, as about the dead either good or nothing. But on the other hand, we are not effective. We have over four thousand of free listeners, and we don’t use all communication tools – video conference, Skype conference, to not feel alone in this giant battle against ignorance. We have the most powerful courses we have powerful technology, practices. I even catch myself thinking that I don’t want to participate in any yoga parties, because I feel that I will be out of competition, I crush them. I feel I crush them, in a good way, in the sense of ignorance and from the perspective of a practitioner and from the point of view of the theory. Theory, they do not, and if there is, something insane. But I remember that it’s not their fault that they don’t know yoga, it is their misfortune, but to question their authority I not have the right – it’s bad. People fight with the weapons that they have, so even the idea of some kind of competition of superiority, arrogance that we are here, and all the others so don’t know anything. It is necessary in the germ to kill. It is the biggest negative, it’s arrogance. But, on the other hand, and how to behave. Come here and ask you some nonsense, you’re not going to remain silent, you say, and embarrass all the rest. But I about another, people are drawn to us, and we do not support them. Here is a passive participant, he calls on Skype, WebEx, Yes, you human life in the bright side will deploy, you will pull a person out of the swamps of hopelessness, because he will see that there are people not like him all drunk camarilla around. And we do not use it. We again Prem in attack, who knows where. If you study history, it all ended badly – almost all the tanks lost. Ran out of fuel, out of ammunition, and means of communication does not, to report to no one and to know where to take, too no one, because there’s no radio. What to do? Leave the tank or blow it up to the Germans have not got, or hidden, some buried. The same situation with all other things. Means of communication – it’s the force of consciousness. Do you remember prana is obtained only if the consciousness connected with the energy. Energy without consciousness is a terrible thing. We of Victoria were waiting for the train, and there were several ways and some deranged young girl-the Manager announced “train so-and-so would go on such a journey,” three hundred people moved there. Some time later “train so-and-so will go with other way”, she’s five times we all drove, in the end, wrong. All moved in some way, all the evil already, and the train still went the other way. I don’t know how it is there are not severed. Approximately the same situation, even the best yoga, the most good practices, teachings, books, movies, but if you don’t convey them to the people – it is useless. All our courses are useless if there are no people. Therefore, the rule is absolutely clear and hard – our priority is people, real people, all people. The more people involved in your operation, the more freedom you will have. This applies both to the Open Yoga University and your business. Friends, in this Universe, common laws, if you know one you know them and everything else. There are, of course, more universal and special case, no one disputes, but the win-rested on the first two principles of yoga. The more you give goodness and freedom, wiser than yourself will lead to those you yourself will be easier and freer. Therefore, communications should work to allocate supervisors to each was responsible for a group of people, set up a web conference for them privately. To make people feel that we have that this is not just an abstract system and what this system real people. Therefore, all new technologies are only possible in communication – to find, learn, implement.

For example, a very good system Tweeter. No wonder Mr Putin, Mr Medvedev and fans, as well as other famous people. People are smart, they understand that it is a means of communication. There is a wonderful thing if the Tweeter something is published, it is possible to get it on your mobile phone. I mean, this is unheard of degree of communication, almost a radio station in your pocket. I mean, you even computer is not needed, you need a regular phone to receive messages. The absolute commanded each of us to get a Tweeter to subscribe. Such all sorts of new systems, there is a huge amount. That is mobility, mobility and more mobility. Means of communication, to feel other people alive. The priority of the Vedas is life. Communication own kind is the highest happiness. If you will be dealing with their own kind, and all other types of Schastie that only you can come up with, will automatically follow. Trouble is a friend, if you have no communication with their own kind, and other happiness you can get. Therefore, a concept such fresh ideas.

Now all the technology for the production of nuclear, thermonuclear weapons to declassify, including how it was created. When it was necessary to make a nuclear bomb, its basically all rested from the Americans. There was a man Kunz, he was a German Communist. First fled to England and then to America, and when they realized that the Americans and British are not going to share a secret nuclear bomb with Stalin, he decided to do it himself. Penny did not take, only for ideological reasons did so because they believed in communism. And the next bomb to steal not who had already, and had the theme: “Fresh ideas”, the cult of fresh ideas. That is, there is a problem there is possible, how to optimize the work, to offer something new, to be very adaptive. It needs to develop right now, how can one merge with the other. We have the ability to separately teach yoga, English separately, but we can integrate. We do not have the opportunity to train teachers under a generic yoga for children and easy, but can be integrated. Need to look at all the possibilities and find potential for optimization. Learn to do here, you do at your job, you do at your job, you will grow in your career. If you don’t, I’ll quit and find another company, and of the chiefs that will be treasured. Here, incidentally, is also a time that sometimes it is better to quit before the crisis, because you will be easier to find a job than to wait until the last, when it all starts to fire and have nowhere to perch oneself.

The crisis factor configures a philosophical mood. If you want the workplace to change, better to do it before the crisis than in the midst. If you want to stay, create a reserve such that, in a moment of crisis, you prayed, as only your technology will ensure the survival of the office in which you work. Friends, all this in theory, would have to read some business school, and is proving that there is read all sorts of nonsense. A good MBA program anywhere in America, there is more attention to communicating than pumping some abstract information that you gather from books. So there is this training for God knows how long. I suggest you along with the studies in Open Yoga University on the path to a good MBA Manager. Learn how here, then you can take it anywhere. Our work can be very many what to learn, what then can be transferred to your other activities, what would you do (club Director of stamp collectors, the founder of the political party or the Creator of transnational corporations). The laws are the same everywhere, there are no freebies. Either take it down or brain; either take energy or consciousness. And better integrate one into the other, and this requires a fresh idea. Finally, another point. This is the moment other projects, primarily the Triad. You remember, we highlighted separately, since here it is somewhat inappropriate, but by itself it is absolutely amazing and wonderful. He, oddly enough, begins to transform into something more, in some aspects of Generic yoga. Yoga Triad, you are everything goes without a Generic yoga, there is also need a normal stable relationship between a man and a woman. Therefore, it may be even makes sense to adjust to a greater degree to the birth of yoga, the cult of the family, the children that this is not just some abstract practice, and they are, indeed, powerful. But there is another point, in anticipation of all these crises I am interested in the Triad for the simple reason, as experience shows, people who know at least some of the Triad position, make fewer mistakes in your personal life, respectively, the climate in their family better, these people spend less energy on all sorts of disappointments, arguments, and spend more on school, work, etc. So there is the same situation, if we before the crisis, not run the project Triad is likely we don’t start at the moment of crisis and after the crisis. This is a serious ally. You know how much I realized that this project is important to us? I began to see that we got people as passive participants in this thread. That is the question, where did you hear about us, the answer is the following: we have never been interested in yoga, but we had problems in his personal life, went to the site of the Triad (www.yogatriada.ru), I realized that yoga did not understand (and without yoga, do not understand) and they shook, forced in another way to look at life and they decided to study theory. The same applies to other projects – opening yoga centers, esoteric shops. Guys have approached me, as I understand it, the work will begin. Now begins vacation, the load will be less, God forbid, that during this Aug not started this crisis or severely deteriorated situation. I hope that this will not happen. You have freed up some spare time. Those of you who took a Course on yoga you teach, remember that the scariest thing is this untapped resource is time. Experience shows that after the holidays, a certain percentage of the students disappears, gone. They are left to themselves, their unrealized creative energy begins to idly wander, begins to awaken their seeds of negative karma, like a sleeping bear in the den. So would slept and slept, well I must have been below the hunters began to kick his feet, he woke up and began to stagger. Similarly, wakes up your bad karma and you’re drifting. Still, there is some kind of protective function, when you busy with something you, in any case, I don’t think about stupid things. It is well known in the Soviet army – the most terrible thing is a soldier, left to himself. Then the bullying, fight, fighting, drunkenness, therefore, the founding fathers of the commanders sometimes come up with stupid classes. One soldier digs a pit, the other after 50 meters burying her, the main thing that worked all day, and not slacking. We always laughed about it, and it was not a good life, and the number that was God knows what, give them freemen, they are a coven satisfied.

Unfortunately, I must admit that in some things we are the same person. Sometimes free time is very bad to work so I urge you to relax, so relax. Write a retirement plan. If you want to do something, take, here, in particular, that these projects can work in your free time.

Are there any questions?

Question: what kind of crisis are you talking about?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, I envy you. That’s when the case with yoga will be put to good Foundation, I would like to live. What I’m saying, what kind of crisis I’m talking about. The looming economic crisis is that the financial model of the modern world has shown to be ineffective. First of all, it has been observed in the United States, where people no longer live on the money earned, and began to live on borrowed money involved. Or imagine that you actually went to work and received his wages and lived. And then someone smart told you, you go to work, earn your money, but go to the Bank, take a loan, say that you will pay. You went and got a loan. And, indeed, life has become better, but you continued to work. And you thought, why the second time not to take the loan, took even more, and began to work less. What to work when you can in the Bank to go. Third time went more took the money, ensuring that you will give then, as you worked well and you have a good salary, and work even less steel. And by the time you stopped work or work very little, or portray some kind of labor activity. Begins to grow what is called a pyramid, when you borrow more of the money to pay the interest on previous borrowing, and everything else that remains, idly spend. And I must say that at one time this model worked fine until it decided not to abuse it. And abuse it began somewhere from the time when the Soviet Union collapsed. Because he was a very evil factor – evil Russia nuclear club, and then the competition has gone on the world stage and suddenly America realized that it is possible to print unlimited amounts of money. That is, you need to conduct a war – printed money and said pay up. It is clear that he understood not only the rulers but also other smart Americans, they also went this route. Suddenly formed a huge ball of unsecured money as an avalanche may fall and everything below it to level. And so it continues for a really long time, but other problems began to emerge, as a result, States today have 14 cents of trillions of dollars. Every day the debt grows very quickly, and how to give, don’t know. The old world, the Europeans went the same way. Began to borrow on a plausible purpose, and all came down to the fact that can not pay. But what meanness, unlike America, they can’t print uncontrollably money, that can America and Europe not. So now two potential centre of crisis or America, or Europe. That’s about the crisis, I say, that is not about abstract spiritual what is the meaning of life is all serious stuff, but I’m talking about side that we can feel. Than it threatens us all? It would seem that America, “serves them right, how old fatten swine. Let now our shoes are like”. Or “Europeans are arrogant louts, let them this Euro will burst, that they were empty, I don’t want to work.” If it were so simple. The fact that with the fall of the iron curtain we were very much involved in their Affairs. I can reveal a secret if I say that we live mostly on oil money. The Americans draw the money, and we pipe oil drain. Americans no where to take that we by and large no where, the oil we do not produce, we got it. Now imagine if tomorrow the demand for oil will fall and it will fall, if there is an economic crisis. Why will fall because production will become who she will need, the price will start to fall. The price will start to fall, to state not what will pay. The public sector will have nothing to pay – just a lot of discontent. Mass discontent – comes an iron hand nut to wrap, and no other way. And if all this begins, there can be no yoga. More questions?

Question part-time students: do you Plan to translate the practical lessons of Hatha and Kriya yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, again, we must make full use of the means of communication. Otherwise, we will, as in 41-m to lose tanks. But the T34 tank was the best in the world when the Germans saw it, they were unable to repeat, they are just not technologically able to repeat it. And what good is this tank turns into a piece of metal, if there is no fuel and ammunition. That’s just as all your work, what would you do if other people don’t know what you have a good product, program, service, or you own good, then price is zero. Nobody knows about your existence. Therefore, all means of mass communication we need to use the full program here and really need some fresh ideas.

Question: the US Debt to anyone at all?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, friends, this is such a philosophical topic. It is axiomatic, if we had time, we’d take the situation from the perspective of the microcosm and the macrocosm, from the perspective of energy and consciousness. I assure you, you would quite differently would look at all the economic processes in the world. That is from some disparate factors you have started to develop such a smooth, beautiful, the ideological picture, say, through a miracle brought Roosevelt out of the great depression of the United States, or through a miracle of Adolf Hitler led Germany out of the depression. This skillful use of the methods of energy and consciousness, and awaits us in the future a new science. The financial science, which right now is accounting, here in aerobatics, this will be some kind of integration with psychology, with mathematics, other topics will take into account the factor of consciousness. So, where did they get that debt? Or otherwise say who holds it? I am now on vskidku I do not remember the exact numbers, but I think fifth is Russia, and top positions are China and Japan. Especially I was touched by China, the Communist system actually finances its sworn ideological enemy. In America the Federal reserve – a private shop, it does not belong to the state. Can you imagine, in America there is a firm on manufacture of money which is not a government company. Even if you think about it. There is a direction – konsperologi I, they can see all of the actions of covert forces. Indeed, with brains in some moments very good, but against a single conspiracy bad. More prosaic can be attributed to the irresponsibility and greed of individuals, but not about this. So, America from the air making money, they can only do so, to sell the relevant securities to other countries, they are eager to buy, and in exchange produce industrial goods. In particular there is a tandem America-China, China makes all sorts of trinkets in large numbers, and America is paying for them with inflated money. Poet every day America’s dependence on China is becoming more. The fact that the average American, starting with the baby, ending with a toothless old man needs in the area of 45 thousand dollars and their debt is approximately equal to the GDP. That is, they should work for nothing to pay you back, but it’s not the worst. The worst thing is that there are hidden derivatives from this and there is generally begin such wonders, what economists can not understand. Experts say that there’s a total capitalization of approximately 50 thousand dollars. And if it will crash, it will simply be a complete collapse. You can’t sell a product because you have no one buys, you can’t buy anything because you have no money, and no money, because you do not go to work. Because no one is buying, consequently, no one produces, you as an employee useless. Closes all over, everything falls apart. Again, the situation is not funny.

Elena, gr.4: last lectures on the same subject, you said that in the event of a crisis, all hope will be on the regions.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: of Course, as the mobilization plan was in Nizhny Tagil built base and factories, which is then refocused on the production of the T34 tank, when the Kharkov factory was occupied, and then, when the Stalingrad plant was also taken. But these factories had to make war. Here similarly here, we are extremely interested in regional development to the extent that to do there is a branch of the Open Yoga University. The emphasis is definitely on the students.

Elena, gr.4: I Have a question in connection with this, you said that during the crisis in the capitals will be all right just at the expense of the regions. For example, if the students of the Open Yoga University have a choice to stay in Moscow or to go, what to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: depending on the situation. My friend had one, he left with his small town, povesilsya here, then said, “yeah, well, everyone, I have a life passes in the running” and returned home. There are many factors. The only thing I can advise universal – feel the trajectory of their maximum personal freedom and stick to this path. Define in which cases you will be more free. The situation may be different if you are a highly skilled professional and live in the capital, you will find a job. There are jobs that are never closed, under any crisis, because physically there are no specialists. There are also overproduction specialists and you simply will not find a job, if you start a crisis and the labour market will be crowded with your specialty. So a lot of nuances, and maybe in your city we can find. But you have to remember, politicians decide everything at the expense of people. Never was different. They will select people into those who are directly affected and who can be ignored. Historically in the countries of the former USSR fed the capital, ignoring other people, “let them rebel, who is there sees, hears”. In Moscow, try to do that. Consequently, cities must be fed, that, in fact, is now the tight control that no one was stirring. This is the logic, I will not discover the laws of nature. Why we are important regions because, oddly enough, in the regions may remain yoga is better than in the capital. Because there are people closer to the ground. You know, a good psychology of the person who grows their crops. I have a garden, have a cow, I will always have a piece of bread. Yeah, I’m not going to get a lot, but I will not die of hunger and I don’t have to grovel, I don’t need no one to fawn, no need to adjust to someone, because I feel the source of power, independent from other people. And oddly enough human dignity in the regions than here. Because life here is so that you need to constantly spin. When you see another who lives better than you, you automatically start to feel inferiority complex and you try to earn even more than you need. And in the regions everything is easier, and that’s why you sometimes there feel more human. But that’s a separate topic, I don’t want to develop them, this can be a lot to say. I don’t believe in politics, in elections. You do as you want, but I know that he is not human relations to all the same, no policy save. And if there is a crisis, so they have no choice at all left. Let’s try this again:

· Priority to the regions

· English

· Tribal yoga

· Means of communication

Each house comes home, takes a sheet of paper and begins yoga, visualization, begins to mentally think, but if tomorrow the war, than it threatens me personally. Find the optimal solution. Come to work, not tormented by their superiors, do not make confusion. Better for them, consider bring a turnkey solution. That is not always come with a headache, or he will fire you even before the crisis, and come to say, what a great solution, but we are now not afraid of any crisis. That is, bring first positive, and then alluding to the negative.


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