2011_05_01 Rita + Mantra. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

“Rita Mantra Yoga” workshop on 01.05.2011


So, friends, we have today May 1, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a seminar on Rita Mantra yoga. All historical data on sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyyoga.narod.ru, as we have kurs.openyoga.ru courses which can be studied remotely theory and practice of yoga.


What awaits us at the seminar

Today, we are waiting for one more layer of yoga, very practical, coupled with the vibration of our voice, and as a consequence of the mind. In the good old tradition of the International Open Yoga University, we are trying to even the most difficult things to explain simply. To people from the street could instantly grasp at least a small part of the meaning and were right there, at least something to practice, and the rest, they do not get, might have in order to study the self. I remind you, we have to work a systematic study of yoga online yoga classes, where each of you can at your own pace, step by step to gain yoga theory. Are they at the following address: kurs.openyoga.ru. Therefore, for those who first present, if some aspects were difficult to understand and elusive, do not worry, everything is thought out and all included in the program. You are always in the future can make up for through self-learning, in particular through our online yoga courses. So once again, we will expound the theory is very clear, but at a very high level and good, and most importantly, the purpose of our seminar is not just a theory. This is the task to immediately went to practice any theory makes sense, if you are here it can also apply to your life! Therefore, this seminar will be divided into theoretical part, where we comprehend this or that theory of a practical part of yoga and where we will immediately try to apply this theory into practice.


How to participate in the seminar

Therefore, I ask each of you to feel relaxed, but in good shape. Because the theory is very strong, it will require you to stress your intellectual powers. At the same time, I ask, and your senses are sharpened, because the elements will arise ratio of energy action and consciousness of yourself. Your internal processes, people around you, it becomes possible to very quickly make a breakthrough in the practice. This is one of the great mysteries of yoga, when in one place many people practicing the same, the effect appears much more if you are doing the same thing alone. So I ask you, very carefully keep track of their thoughts and feelings. In order to further spur the passage of this factor conscious of what is happening, I ask you to record all your feelings, all your thoughts on paper. In the future, all will pass like your feedback on our seminar. On the one hand it helps you to better structure what you think and understand. On the other hand, this review, if you will allow you to publish in the future for other people, so they compared his feelings with yours. And so much better realized where and what they need to work, and where on the contrary there is a breakthrough!


Principles of Yoga

Do you remember, for those who do not know, I voiced that in yoga there are two fundamental principles. Principle Secrets and the principles of openness. Principle Secret encourages us: until the practice is not to shout about it, and enjoy the practice, but after practice is done and you get the results, you have to pass on their experience. Do you remember that every experience, every result, this is the result. Even if, as it seems to you at first glance, a bad result, it may become clear over time that the most successful result. And this often happens in yoga. And secondly, do you follow the principle of openness, which should compensate for the principle of confidentiality. Otherwise, we will lose those remnants of knowledge, which miraculously reached us. So once again, I call on, learn to give a response to the external universe, write down your thoughts and feelings, configure them in the form of a comment. This is a request that those who have never done this, let it be a good practice.


Summary of Rita and Mantra Yogas based on Vedic knowledge

Now we begin, my friends, to consider the topic of our workshop. Today we will consider a very curious bunch Rita Mantra Yoga with Yoga. And as always, I should very briefly recall the main provisions of that one yoga, that another. We will start with you with Rita Yoga. What is Rita Yoga: to understand the meaning of the word rita, you have to wonder – and where, in fact, yoga has come? Yoga, it seems, came from the East, primarily from India. But in fact, if you start to analyze what is happening in India, you will see a huge number of different areas of self-knowledge, and Yoga in this sense, the system of self-knowledge that leads us to freedom. These systems may be different from yoga, it may be presented in the form of religions, sects, followers of various cults and so on. As I always like to say, in this sense, India is a supermarket of spiritual ideas, one will find there that he needs. It presents all the ideas of the atheist to any theistic.

But there is a great feature that all these teachings directly or indirectly refer to a source. At the same time, this source does not refer to anything. This source is called the Vedas. We have survived four Vedas: Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, Adharvveda. These Vedas do not refer to anything, or rather, if strictly speaking, there is an internal reassignment. Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Adharvaveda are in the form of subordinate units to the Rigveda. Rig Veda is the oldest Veda, and it does not refer to that, the impression that it took all of a sudden out of nowhere. And indeed, as we have already proved the modern scientists, the Vedic knowledge and the knowledge of the Vedas, was brought to India several thousand years ago, through a country that is now known as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, part of modern Central Asia, moreover, traces allegedly reach our country. It’s such a specific topic, we have about it are not going to say, but the fact remains that all that is rich in India, tied to the Vedas.

The essence of the Vedas, is a kind of Vedic knowledge. If you start to analyze what the Vedic knowledge, then we arrive at the first glance to the strange formula: the essence of the Vedas, is the essence of life, that’s life! And what is life? Life is a very strange thing, a bridge between the material and the spiritual. Each of us has a physical body, it is material, at the same time each of us is our higher self It is completely spiritual and not material. And life is a miracle, the mystery of how one is connected with others, as one seen through the other. This is the essence of the Vedas!


The law Rita and its embodiment in life

And the next idea, which also pervades all the Vedas, there is a cosmic law, which is called Rita! If a person follows this cosmic law, Rita, he, in this your life gets everything he wants, but in the end this is his life, death and the subsequent birth or incarnation, it reaches a higher spiritual state. Our whole world gives us the opportunity to fully enjoy life and achieve a higher spiritual state. To do this, the universe was born, and for this we come and go from this universe, we are born and die. In the future, I want to remind the concept of Rita or world space law, following which, you get everything in life you want. And after a life beyond what you can even imagine. So that in the future this concept in India degenerated into the concept of dharma, or in another way: it is a personal way of life. That every one of you has a personal way of life. And if you are in your personal life, and what would you do, practice the meaning of Rita and build their lives in accordance with these principles, then you have to kind of life forms such a path. Let’s say you’re working and doing this and that, you are friends with these people, and beware of these people, or vice versa, you have a preference for something to one, and that the more you do not like. Of course, that is for each person individually, so, if everything is built from the perspective of Rita – it is called dharma, your personal way of life, which protects you from suffering!

What is Yoga ?!

The meaning of Yoga and many other spiritual knowledge in India is to find, find his Dharma. The case is very difficult, I must say, this is approximately the same as for each of you to choose their future profession, or present, or choose a companion for life, a husband or wife. Or, for example, choose a style of life. It is very individual and sometimes a man several decades need to feel at ease. As soon as you step on the path of Dharma as soon as you feel: Yes, my, you have groped the path of Dharma. But then again, the concept of Dharma is very abstract, and therefore the common man hard to understand, and what I want, where I work, where I can not work with someone marry me, with whom I get divorced? I specifically cite everyday examples. As a consequence for people to facilitate their understanding of the Dharma, and as a consequence the realization of Rita, given the system of self-knowledge, which is called Yoga! Yoga – a system of self-knowledge, through which you will sooner or later learn to feel their Dharma and understand the cosmic law Rita through the Dharma.


What is Yoga?

It gives the system, which is called Yoga. What is the distinctive feature of the Yoga? What can we call yoga, and that we can not call the yoga? To simplify, for us with you in yoga are such beacons or landmarks: Yoga called just only the self system, which leads to the knowledge of your true nature and your true nature – is Freedom! If the system is self-enslaved and enslaves you, you know, it is by definition not yoga. Another factor, in order to find the path of Dharma, in Yoga are three principles. This compressed wisdom in different situations in concise definitions.

The first principle of yoga states that we should not harm any living being is not one unless absolutely necessary, but if this is not possible, we must do as our duty orders. As he tells interpretation, what we should do and should not do at the time of committing the act. Another thing is that in the next moment you will change this feeling, but it’s the subtlety. This is the first principle of yoga.

The second principle is: You do not have to waste your time on trifles, you must direct your mind, spend your energy only to achieve the goals you have chosen, and all minor points that lead you in the direction you should discard as misleading to the side. This is the principle of a certain consistency: outlined a goal, reach it. I want to note that nothing is said about the goal. The goal, which can be anything, most importantly, to develop a strategy: There is a purpose, and there is a goal.

The third principle of Yoga: It is in some ways not as urgent, but still quite important. yoga third principle tells us that if we assume that we can dramatically accelerate your progress in yoga. Therefore, all of yoga, which are, so to speak, in the shadow of the third principle of yoga, are treated as fast methods! The third principle of yoga tells us the following: calls us to renounce suffering. “I refuse to suffering, and nothing and no one has the right to cause me suffering. At the same time, I will by all means to help all other sentient beings, as well to overcome their suffering if they voleizyavyat. “There is a piquant detail, you can not redeem others from suffering, if they are willing to suffer for his stupidity. At this point you are powerless, because other people are also free, free to suffer. And yoga, friends, is a system that is very self-respecting freedom!


The purpose of Yoga

That has turned out, in the first approximation, the design that is yoga! The goal of Yoga, by and large, when you are out of principles is the concept of dharma, is any attempt to be clever, suddenly one day realize the cosmic law of Rita came up to you: why this whole universe as it moves to play. And how to make sure that your personal game was in harmony with the game universe. Then the force of the entire universe, it is your strength! And your strength becomes the power of the universe. If you go to one team, sometimes, the word “yoga” is translated as go in harness. If you go in harness with the universe, when you have to concentrate all the power of the universe through you. At the same time, your strength will be the force of the universe. Yoga encourages us to leave us this highest level of intuitive awareness that there is Rita, rather than using logical thinking that is the first principle of yoga, second, third, or that there is Dharma, fifth, tenth. All these words, and you need awareness of ecstasy.

Once it happens to you, you will know without hesitation. Every next step in your life you will not hesitate to make in harmony with the universe, with Rita law. This ensures that you are any thing your spontaneous action, thought, action, movement, will be true. Even if everything they say, it is not logical, is it not reasonable, then, lo, the fifth, tenth. The criterion that you are right, the result will be! The success of your pitch. Therefore it is very important for us to realize, to try to get closer to the realization of the ultimate goal of yoga, to realize Rita.

Rita and Anrita.

The problem lies elsewhere, that we are not aware of the law of outer Rita, and we go in his actions, movements as if in defiance of the universe. This happens at our stupidity and because of our ignorance. This life, when we go in spite of the universe, called Anrita and it is extremely tiring! To live in accordance with the laws of life Anrity extremely hard. Now remember in your life situation where you came from work frustrated and asked themselves: And what do I work? Or when you come from the school and the same situation. Why do I need all this necessary? Or in its relations with its neighbors, family, friends, superiors, subordinates, you suddenly become aware, vaguely aware that all that was a burden, as they say, and do not want to live. Just do not want to overcome some obstacles, barriers, misunderstandings, some aggression, stupidity, arrogance. Each step is given so hard, you know it is an indirect indication that you are somewhere in your life, in some actions, it is not obvious, sometimes, admit anritu. You Prete against the universe, going against the engine. The locomotive is driven through life for you, you moan and then, oh, how you feel bad: aching legs, the tail falls off! As soon as you feel for Rita, you are riding the wave of life, as soon as you miss Rita, starting at their stupidity, stupidity, ignorance go against life. And you, the one roller life unrolls, then the other, then the third.

This emotional explanation sometimes comes better than all the previous theory, although I once again want to emphasize the concept of Rita, is the highest logical acrobatics, turning into what is called in yoga sverhlogika. This concept can be 40 years of meditating and do not fully understand the concept of grandeur, Rita, or rather realize only at the moment when you reach enlightenment in yoga or a higher state of samadhi! On the other hand, if you are even slightly groped Rita in yoga, you will realize this very quickly. Remember, many of the episodes of his life, when you go to work as a holiday, when the house you have the best relationships with family and friends. When you’re the boss and your company a brilliant start to earn more and more honest money, or you’re a slave and his labor, helping boss to earn money, and all of it gets better. You do not fear that you will be fired, that something bad bude. Conversely you feel spring, cheers !!! Life in its entirety, there is no suffering and disappointment, were in fact, have such experiences. Or you pass the exam, I studied long and difficult exam in higher mathematics passed. You have the feeling that, yes, it was hard, you have a lot of work, popoteli, bother, but chto-to suddenly just happened and you have reached a qualitatively new level!


Dance and Rita

Therefore, when a person tries to Rita tastes, it certainly is already trying in every way to get rid of anrity. And the universe is us in this just helps. She says yes, get rid of, get rid of! The universe was invented to avoid your suffering. We need a method that would allow us to grasp the harmony of life. In particular, so that we better understand the harmony of life, yoga is given this exercise, and we should remember that yoga is known in the West as a static yoga or yoga postures. We do different poses, and they committed great help to us, they give us health, well-being, development of intelligence and solve many problems.

But in addition to static exercises, there is a dynamic exercise, sometimes called Kriya Yoga. Where we make any repetitive movement. Finally in Yoga there is another section called Nritya. The word sounds like Rita, but the first letter H, Nritya. This is the practice of spontaneous dance. In Rita yoga practice spontaneous dance is considered an extremely important tool. Why? Because the dance, when he really sincere when it grabs you at least a little sense of harmony, and merge your thoughts, your emotions, your body movement and any spiritual aspirations. All-in-one. Indeed, we know that when some yoga or Yogini reached the heights in understanding our universe, they could not then sit on the ground, they suddenly began to dance spontaneously. Can you imagine a philosopher who has long studied something, intelligent, distinguished, gray-bearded, many students around him, he beat off the bows, and then with him that something had happened, and he went vplyas. And all looking at him strangely, he did not move if the mind of meditation, it is with him. No, actually, if you have to reach at least a little idea of Rita, you involuntarily want to dance.

Once again, think of yourself when you have had some accomplishments, victories. Even a person who has never danced, he began, as if to dance, clap hands, saying: ah, how nice, what I’m done. So, I do something, when all failed. This gives birth to good practice on the contrary, is to get all of their structure to achieve this level of joy and to reverse to try to understand, and how it made it out there in the universe. And I must say that this idea has found its brilliant embodiment in the whole Indian culture. For example, Lord Shiva, the God of the Indian pantheon – the patron of Yoga. It is almost always portrayed Nataraja. You probably have seen this picture, it is a dancing Shiva. Many hands, many legs, he and dance around it a halo. In this sense, the concept of Shiva, as it were, the awareness of the meaning of existence.

And there you have the opportunity, through the dance from the reverse to enter the awareness of Rita. If you meditate long, several lives in a row, then sooner or later you will surely reach a higher consciousness, and then start to dance. And here you are offered the opposite. First, I will dance, and there can be reach! Laugh laugh, but actually a huge amount of hard concepts for binding rigid ideas that hinder our progress in spiritual development, they are strangely stitched in our body! But the fact that we suffer from complexes, clamped and oddly enough, this restraint becomes our thoughts and our meditation is not, friends. Our meditation is also clamped, and, seemingly, that’s one step away from enlightenment, and after all, we clamped. This is a very deep practice – spontaneous dance, which once again friends, I want you to understand, I want to make this the focus: this is not a disco! I often see all kinds of movement, flirting with spirituality, that we have here a disco, if you and I will dance, anything else, it will be all right. But, frankly, I deal with characters from all of this and I see that the people there are parasites frank. They do not want to work, they are ready to carry out only from morning to night to have a good time. Friends, practice yoga or Nritya Rita, this is a serious work on themselves, serious work.

This is not a disco, where everyone comes off, who as you can, this is a serious cleansing of the organism, simultaneously on three levels: physical, emotional, mental and even the spiritual. Indeed, my friends, through movement, through dance, we have much in himself to improve, very much. We can let go of some stiffness, we can on the contrary, where a strain and we have a different start to circulate internal flow of our consciousness and our energy inside our body they rebuild the body. So once again, I repeat to each workshop, and now we will practice using the spontaneous dance. God forbid you, remember the disco from your youth, and carry on the practice! You slow down, it will not be a yoga and pleasant pastime. Another thing is that if you really learn to dance Rita, it will be even more pastime, but spiritually and physically. A disco can be only physical.


Preparing for Rita practice

The question arises, how do we come to practice, Rita? And here emerges the deepest philosophical concept, is more than certain that it is immediately before us will not come with you, and it comes only after some time of practice. These are: to beat the enemy with his own weapon! If we live in Anrite and from this suffering and tired, and our goal is to go to Rita, then let us Anritu Anritoy uprooting! So the first thing is to practice yoga Rita, this is when you start to dance a spontaneous dance, deliberately making it ugly. We are all accustomed to, that everyone expects from us some beautiful movement, beautiful na. We all expect that everything will be on us to see and evaluate our every move, admire or criticize us. In fact, such an expectation from society, a major obstacle in our spiritual path, we need to be by themselves, we should not care about how we are perceived around. Get rid of that very difficult. And Anrita, spontaneous dance, where you consciously start to dance ugly, this is the poison that will neutralize a strong poison. Or a drug that is made from the poison, but poison to neutralize the other.

So always Rita Yoga begins with the fact that we dance Anritu. As long as we do not feel that we do not care how we are perceived around, or as we like to look at us. As soon as we felt these thoughts, immediately begin to dance Anritu. But the paradox is the following: dance Anritu very hard at all to live in suffering very hard. Practice Anritu in any activity very seriously, so involuntarily, sooner or later, you are unconsciously will move from state to state Anrity Rita. And you will not care whether you look or not look, evaluate whether you have a positive, negative. You will reach the point where your body’s movement is completely united with the movements of your emotions. A movement of your emotions fully connected with the movement of your thoughts and movements of your thoughts completely connected with the movement of spiritual awareness first impulse yoga. When it all goes, then you will be able to grasp the meaning of Rita. Then you do not care, there’s only you and those around you the universe. All the other people, it’s not the people, it is a mask behind which hides a universe, not two, not three, not five. At that moment, when you realize that there is only you and the universe, and there is no one greater, so that the dirt falls out of you, that you even can not imagine!

But this is only if you will be able to Rita, but the slightest idea of how I look, and praise or scold me, I look beautiful when dancing or ugly. The least such a thought crosses all. For this reason, Rita yoga, such as a simple, seemingly simple, but it really is, it is very heavy. It is radically different from all the discos, discos all want to please each other, but here is not to show off in front of anyone, you and the universe. She therefore knows what you represent, and now you left to find out what the universe! So do not hypocrisy, deception is not needed, do not need dishonesty. Once you get rid of dishonesty, you will begin to better understand where you made a mistake, which was your stupid life. And to understand where was your stupidity, you fix it, and remove the cause of future suffering. The theory is very kind!

This is one part of yoga, which we will deal with, but there is an auxiliary point for this spontaneous dance. More specifically these support points are many and very different. In particular, we have already conducted a workshop on visualizing, when during the dance you add still image, visual image of themselves or the surrounding universe. And then it turns out that you bring a taste of the bridge from the physical, psychological and mental, and in the direction you would like to see themselves and the world around them. This is actually a meditation themselves as gods or goddesses, meditation and everything around, as a manifestation of a single Absolute. This greatly speeds up the practice of Rita in spontaneous dance. Spontaneous dance with the imaging of the universe! Now, we add a more important tool that will allow you to further strengthen your spontaneous dance and to strengthen the integrity of the relationship with the universe. We add a mantra and so our seminar called “Rita Mantra Yoga”.

What is a Mantra Yoga

Now a few words about Mantra Yoga for those who for the first time faced with this. Again, it all starts with the ancient Vedas. The Vedas, which we have voiced today: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Adharvaveda, it’s actually not texts and sets of mantras or some recitatives, that if you start to repeat, they made incomprehensible, incomprehensible way, somehow to have effect and lead to a completely fantastic results! From generation to generation the ancient Vedas is learning by heart and passed on from teacher to pupil only by word of mouth. Then later, when there was a danger of loss of knowledge, they were recorded and it is considered a serious back from the most ancient tradition.

Why we are so valued audio pronunciation of the Vedas? Yes, because if you start to say the Vedic mantras to the Vedic language. I stress, not in Sanskrit, it did not yet exist, on the Vedic. Sanskrit appeared much later. So sometimes, when you’re faced with the view that all the mantras in Sanskrit, this is partly true, partly not. A more powerful and ancient Vedic mantras in the language. And the Vedic language of a lot of mystery in the first place, it is very close to the Russian language, because everything comes from a single root. Indeed, even the very word of the Vedas, it is not necessary to translate, you already understand intuitively for you, what kind of value is the word. If, however, carry out other coincidences, you’ll be surprised by the huge amount of either roots or shades of meaning, and the like.

But is not the question, it is considered that when we say this or that recitative, or that mantra, by the same token, we would like shake the air. Right now I’m talking to you, it’s vibrations of sound waves. But, in fact, it is only the most blatant manifestation of every word spoken by me. The essence of each spoken word goes very deep, so to speak, in the very structure of man. In fact, in the pronunciation of any word structure are utilized up to the higher self of man. Note the paradox, many of us do not recognize the presence of our higher self, but even speak very fluently. In fact, if they did not have higher self, they could not, in principle, not a word to say, for the simple reason that when you say the word, and it is very difficult and perhaps the most difficult issue in explaining Yoga theory. It is believed that the explanation of the action of the mantra, the most complex science of yoga, is not difficult! So we start with the fact that our world, which, as we recall, was made for the implementation of the principle of Rita, was generated by the mantra!

It is believed that the root cause of being in yoga is called the Absolute! When she decided to create the world, including to manifest in this world as you and me. In this sense, yoga is believed that each of us is a face or the spark of the Absolute, and so did the Absolute is the mantra! He made a sacred mantra, which later developed, fragmented into many other prazvukov and these sounds in different combinations have created all objects and phenomena. Therefore, there is a unique relationship between a name and form. If you know the name, you can always reproduce the form! This grand essence of mantra yoga. Now I’m not going to pass the whole enormity, but from time to time, we conduct separate workshops on mantra yoga. I will touch only those episodes, which will be needed in our workshop today.


The mechanism of action of the mantra

So, it turns out that every word that you say, it is almost a mantra, the creative world, the creative objects! In fact, the words of the world, you can create, maintain or destroy, and accordingly, are sometimes given a mantra that they do, the mantra that support, the mantra that destroy. In short, how is it all going on! Before you say this or that word, actually need the will of the momentum and the will of the impulse can only come from your higher self, or by the fact that Sanskrit is called Atma. Once you voleizyavili pronounce any word, even if just a hum, is the following complicated process. Your primary manifestation, which is called Prana, and which may appear as either the energy or the consciousness. Prana begins to make vibration waveform, that component, which is responsible for energy, and this energy the human body is represented in the form of kundalini energy. It is believed that it is located at the base of the body. And it turns out that our kundalini energy gives some emanation or momentum of the hyperfine powerful creative will of prana, entirely identical to the appearance that made the Absolute before creating our universe. The differences in principle between them! Only Absolute I have done all at once, and we create small words. Once our kundalini energy begins to tap into this impulse begins to pass our structures rather complex body of the device, and in this sense, I remind you that according to the views of yoga, people are three bodies: gross physical body, the subtle body and the so-called causal body . And the momentum of our unified energy begins to flow through the body is one, and through the other through the third and the third body is formed as a word that breaks your lips. To with your lips slipped the word, this impulse must pass a huge way from your higher self, which you may not even realize through your kundalini energy through all of your internal structures and then only sound for listeners who hear you.

This way, as you know, the powerful internal structure, it is not what is called unnoticed, not just pass. If you arouse your kundalini energy, it begins to create. Passing through the structure of the subtle and causal bodies, it is perceived as a vibration of thought, and then, when it breaks from your lips, it has all the other audible. The numerous testimonies of the ancient Brahmins, those who told it to us using the Vedas and was told it by heart with the help of learning the Vedas. Or actually the Vedas is the mantra. As they once say this or that mantra, they started doing that today in modern science would classify as a miracle! For example, some kind of epidemic or war or disaster comes, and suddenly, with these mantras, most mysteriously ancient Brahmins, Brahmins and the people who carried the Vedic knowledge could suspend or completely eliminate the effects of natural and other disasters. Once again, my friends, is what is now our Western mind is perceived as something fantastic and unreal. But I must say that over time as knowledge of the Vedas was lost and fewer and fewer and fewer of these Brahmins who could say this or that mantra from the Rig Veda to get a particular effect. Life was difficult, there were many problems. It is now we’ll want money, but it only seems to us that we want money, but in fact we want to eat to us on the head does not drip, want the enemies we are not attacked, and the money we need to all solve it. And in ancient times, during the Vedic priests, the Brahmins, it was much closer to nature and, therefore, rests largely on the fact that the harvest, so that the enemy did not attack. That is why in ancient times, priests fed. Can you imagine that in ancient parasite just fed, does not work. They are not just fed, they were the most respected people, moreover, they were saving more than anyone. Why? Because we knew that if people – carriers of knowledge yoga mantra, if you suddenly disappear in the family, that’s all, it’s the end of the race. The next encounter with the enemy, the danger with a natural effect and there is no chance that you will survive.


Mantra and Rita

This is a very serious issue, but it is not the topic of today’s seminar. So, my friends, the mantra is a powerful weapon that we each have. Each of you in the human body and can use it. Therefore, the strengthening of Rita yoga are mantra. If these mantras used correctly, they have greatly increased your entire visualization. They enhance and hone your concentration on what you are doing, on the fact that you’d better ignore the fact that someone is looking at you or not, that is how you perceive or not perceive. With the help of mantras you can better visualize yourself in one form or another and the universe around in one form or another. Mantra is a powerful tool for visualization of relief.

And now a few more words on the effect of the action of mantras. The fact is that according to the teachings of mantra yoga, there is a certain kind of logic: your body the device is such that your grosser feelings are in a lower centers. These centers are known as chakras, and for all those interested, I refer to the materials previously held a seminar on the chakras. We have our senses and we have some ability, they all go in the subordinate nature and something one can outshine something else. Or vice versa, when something comes up rough, something more subtle fading. To help you understand what I mean, imagine that you have come in some beautiful boutique shop or a museum, and there, in the air line the mouse died, and the stench was terrible cost. And you can not look around, you do not perceive shapes and forms, you pinch your nose and run away. Why? Because it involved a deeper level of odor, compared to which the principle of eclipsed. Or another situation, runs a small child and caresses your hand, cute little baby, you enjoy. Children love to play. Now imagine you creeps homeless, toothless, bald, dirty even, albeit not smell of it, and let the smells of it Chanel number 5 and begins to caress you by the hand. You have what will be the reaction? Instinctively draw back, you do not want him to have touched.

There is a certain subordination of our senses, so friends, according to the teachings of yoga turns out that if we have a problem with the sensory organ separately, sometimes difficult to control, and sometimes need some kind of some kind of tool to pick up something that does not work. A small crowbar, if not directly work, then pick at the other side. And in Yoga many such examples where if one fails, the workaround at the expense of something else to solve. The concept is to ensure that by controlling one thing, you start to automatically control all subordinate. There is the greatest level of control, if you own it, you are in control of everything else, it is the mind. If you control the mind, you control all the other senses. And no matter how stank, and as if a homeless person before you did not touch, if you control the mind, then you suppress disgust, desire, reluctance to come with a lower sense. So when we practice with visualization Rita when we visualize ourselves in some deity or in a particular environment, we would like appealing to the mind that takes out all the more.

Mind and speech

But the trouble is, sometimes difficult to control the mind! Oddly enough, there are auxiliary tools, other center more lower than the mind, it is the speech center. It operates as follows, that if you start speech control center, it begins as would control all the remaining other displays, on the one hand, and on the other hand, indirectly causes the developing mind. Therefore, in our yoga school has such a strange position and people who are poorly understood, are at a loss. There are some things that make students cram, say aloud a few times. At first glance, what is the Middle Ages, some of obscurantism. But it only seems that obscurantism! In fact, our minds tend to listen in the first place that speaks its own language, and then only what others say. And we have a powerful tool in addition to the action of the mantra as such that I said, taking advantage of your higher self, harnessing the energy of kundalini, other centers. You have a further option of using the mantra to develop your mind, and if the mind is under control, then all the remaining parts are also beginning to be under control.

Therefore, as the practice of mantra out loud and to himself, and in a whisper, it facilitates you to access to spontaneous dance Rita and as a result, awareness of the world of law, Rita! As a consequence, you understand intuitively how to make a life and start to go in harness in the yoga world with the law, Rita, and begin to prosper. As in the material and the spiritual. I want to draw your attention that the teachings of the Vedas, the ancient teachings, it is really grandiose and comprehensive. The Vedas never opposed material and spiritual!

Here in the later branches in India, in certain knowledge that had been water on the seventh jelly to the Vedas, there you can find all sorts of concepts. You can find the concept of materialism, even a school there was not one, where it was said that the most important material, in fact materialism, and could meet the opposite concept of idealism, where the material does not exist, it does not exist, and there is spiritual. Both of these extremes are irrelevant to the Vedas! Veda in this regard is extremely balanced, they say that life itself is the connection of the spiritual and the material. Therefore, how to throw one piece, so as not to fall apart a whole?

Therefore, the mantra factor extremely useful factor in your awareness of Rita. And here is a good sign from the street, it’s time to start practice, theory is more than enough. At leisure, each of you will listen and remember this theory, if something does not understand, please contact our sources kurs.openyoga.ru our website and our other sources and will systematically complement. Now we will move on to the practice, we organized get up, remove all mats.


Performing Practice

Doing Yoga as a practice yoga diary

So, friends, a few words, I once again want to emphasize: long-term practice of yoga teaching has shown that in the mind of an ordinary person is random jump of one mind, the other, the one state, the other, then the third. Chaotic, it just seems to us that we are consistent and in the lives of us is like a sheet of paper in the wind. Therefore, and this applies not only to yoga, this applies to your personal life, your relationships with your husbands, wives, parents, superiors, subordinates, neighbors in the stairwell, etc. It you only think that you have a course of action, you do not! One of the most dangerous trends of our mind, which creates the illusion of logic where it does not smell. Identify it can only fixing every feeble effort of the mind.

So, here you come to the workshop, and he alleged serious work. I guess that there is a training option. Of course, that if the same practice was carried out at night in the moonlight, in the light of the fire, and someone in the drum, or the bell began to perform music, and you would sing with his voice, the emotional effect would be an order of magnitude stronger. This is the power, in this weakness! Behind these emotions you can not grasp the main meaning of Rita. If you now, at this seminar grasp the meaning of Rita, then at the moon, it will have a thousand times more! But again, for this you need to catch, you do not have to buy into your mind choppy. Got something written down, we felt – recorded, felt – recorded. I know it’s hard, we did not used to do this, we used to live in the shell, we are accustomed to conceal their thoughts, we are accustomed to lie. We used to live as Stirlitz, that no one even suspected that we Maxim Isaev. Moreover, we live with her husband, the wife, with her children in it. This anrita, you can not drag this armor. You will sooner or later get tired of it and you will have to reset it. Therefore, carefully, but we must still discover their world, or you would kill one by one, as your bad karma.

Therefore, write, write and write. We recommend that you conduct a yoga blog. Add your review to us, you come home, you can repeat them stuff on the computer and send it to us so that we facilitate the work. Himself somewhere to duplicate the yoga blog. Several times, as you write more clearly after the third time that you felt. I can guarantee that there will be one year. You are in the spirit of all forget what happened here, even if at this seminar you will fly through the air. This effect has long been known. We humans are not the West so accustomed to all sorts of svetopredstavleniyam, miracles or anything like that. In the east, people are more familiar, but even with them, the same effect. I visited some magical place, a temple of some and with him there, God knows what happened. A year, two, three, he again slipped to a normal down to earth, marsh way of thinking, is not noticeable.

It happens to you every. Let’s call things by their proper names, we still have a lot to work! But if after a year, you accidentally open the current record, you will reproduce this experience. And it is a colossal weapon for you. I can give an example: the girl did not know what to do in life, I went to a series of some of some events. We had to make a decision, under the influence of this series of events she had to take a crucial decision, yes or no, or not to be, that is the question. On the one hand it is under the influence of emotions, which piled on it at the time of life, and therefore life seems repainted in the same direction. But she remembers our guidance because we prescribe them everywhere, and it is before taking a decision, takes a yoga blog. A year ago, reads its state and realizes that the mind started playing a bad joke. And when she read, suddenly, the same mind instantly reproduced its other state, the situation began to look at steady version. The decision was accepted gracefully, one that led to a good result. It is necessary to collect their fortune, and everything when you’re on the rise and when you sometimes declines. Or when you have someone to tempt even in the religious sense of the word, money, power, or something else, but because it will be asked to give up their freedom, or to leave, so that you were honest with yourself. You open elsewhere in their memories, there, when you were very bad, and you compare with the moment of decision when you are tempted by your ignorance make the wrong move. And from the perspective of the previous depression, so everything is easily solved, so everything is swept away, all these zamanilovki, because the mind begins: let’s agree, well, tell lies to myself, well, give a piece of their freedom, but get …! And you read his depression and realize that at that moment, you do not want.

Either your experience becomes an invaluable tool for your personal, so you will understand how to draw the path of his personal dharma. It should be a bit: to overcome their laziness and literally force your hand to write the words, even if they do not want to do, just to get! This sadhana is yogic practice, this is not a whim, it is not a request, it is a method of working with the mind! You like to fix the volatile mind, outside on something constant. Remember that written with a pen, do not cut down with an ax! So I ask again, seriously consider this my words.


Feedback from participants on past practice

Now is the time to discuss the practice of the past, I answer all the questions, and you share your feelings and impressions. Let’s start with feelings and impressions. Who and what he wants to say about their feelings on the practice with the mantra. Nobody wants to say? No one felt nothing! Paul forward in my place.

Paul: I remembered the past practice, where she was visualizing, and dissolved the body. When dancing, it turned out: the body was, as it were easy, solution, all the clips, tension gone. The body was flexible, thoughts or what was not to enjoy the movement, concentration enjoyed.

Zaporozhtsev: And this question, suggestive: It turned out just a little to distract attention from the outside to the vibrating pulses when the mantra is “A”, helped it to focus or prevented?

Paul: a little bit.

Zaporozhtsev: Who other sensations, impressions, ahead? Now we are doing the same thing, but I need the actual material that we have seen from different angles practice.

MOYU, Elena, Catur group: I have on the contrary, I felt a very strong difference when we started to sing the mantra “M” and no mantra. I got to let my body be dissolved, as it were, and movement become lighter. Before that I often anritu practiced, it is now thought the parasitic completely gone, and even if something comes, it will not affect absolutely no effect. Thoughts raced and everything, but at that moment I felt that unity and even the idea that someone can condemn or evaluate some seemed silly. On the mantra “A” I had a feeling that all merged in some stream.

Zaporozhtsev: Purely subjectively, without mantras weaker, with the mantra “M” is stronger, the mantra “A” even stronger?

Elena: Yes, the mantra “M” has helped remove those thoughts and mantra of “A” to open all, the feeling was a delight.

Zaporozhtsev: Wonderful! Who else wants to say? Come on, friends, share, and keep in mind that the principle of secrecy is when you practice and the principle of openness is when we discuss here all.

MOYU Anastasia, a group of three: at the time of order, we started to do anritu with the mantra “M”, I tried very hard so that these vibrations were unpleasant and disharmonious and at some point a very strong feeling on the verge of pain, but it is not it was violence. It felt like I was a vessel and I cleaning brush as cleared. There was a negative feeling, it was good, but it was unpleasant. I release from any clamps felt on the one hand, but on the other hand felt that it was too much for me now for me it was. I had a pain at the bottom of the body and in the head, and I realized that the need to switch to Rita. I could no longer do anritu.

Zaporozhtsev: That is too much, anrita voice and body, it’s too much.

Anastasia: Yes, I still have the feeling was much deeper than that without mantra. And during practice with the mantra “A”, very good condition, the unity of body and voice. Feeling that the body and the voice is a vibration. There was no sensation kakih-to physical structures, like I’m all turned into this vibration, and there was a moment when the movement of the body and voice included in the response, and it is unclear what follows what, whether the voice follows the body, whether the body should be for voice. Very strong and vivid sensations.

Zaporozhtsev: Well, who else? Yes please. Friends, sharing experience, anyone, even danced and did not understand anything. All lowed, and I moan all rode and I rode. I, we need a variety of sensations. That you develop honesty with yourself, because if you understand and compare the sensations and feelings of others. Then you understand where I can be that something is not understood, and where I have better or worse. Yes, I’m sorry.

MOYU, Michael, group three: Since the beginning of practice, when we were dancing with themselves anritu.

Zaporozhtsev: Let’s not dance, and practiced it, we we dance in discos.

Michael: Yes, anritu practiced, I felt that my body is absolutely not connected with thoughts. Like body itself lives and thoughts themselves. And I was also in joy with yourself. After practicing as a thought they would have begun to impregnate the body and mind united with the body. Thoughts began to move, the body starts to move and the idea starts to move. The practice of mantra “M” thoughts as if ordered, they began to move in the same direction. They began, however, be in harmony with the body and others. The practice of mantra “A” Association was such that around the soup, and we are all together varimsya.

Zaporozhtsev: Okay, great! Who else? Yes please. Share, share, yoga and she survived only because someone shared practices.

Elena, an auditor: A bit unusual condition, I was able to immediately disconnect from the surrounding reality and reminded myself why in the sensation of taste. There was a taste of power.

Zaporozhtsev: It’s like a battery to the tongue raised or what is meant by electricity taste?

Elena: I remember the state when I came in her mouth sour feeling. Freshness, what that is still present. During “A” mantra, walking in circles feeling of something universal.

Zaporozhtsev: As participation in the general flow?

Elena: No. As the smallest particle.

Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, as a single universe and a single stream. Remarkably, who else?

MOYU, Olga, Catur group: I tried to analyze the state of causeless joy that happens in life.

Zaporozhtsev: Forgot previous state, which is already experiencing.

Olga: In these states always wanted to dance and sing at the same time. During the last practice during the harmonious dance and “A” mantra, I was able to get close to this state. And while shavasana got to go through all these things that are absolutely unfounded joy.

Zaporozhtsev: Look, from a position of “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali ,, we remember that our every experience, everything that was in our lives, not just disappeared and left their marks, scars or seeds in our minds. Moreover, Patanjali believed that our karma is both negative and positive, that in fact these prints. Some prints have in the future lead to problems, while others have the opposite impressions lead to victories. In fact, Patanjali proposed a working method that if you have fingerprints that can lead you to defeat, outshine their footprints, which will lead to victory, play. Then came via Rita plus yoga mantras play mark, which led to the victory, the future love.

Olga: Regarding the vibration, my whole body was vibrating, it was very hard to focus exactly what the place is clearly lower abdomen. After practicing yoga mantra always want to be quiet.

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is such an effect. Who else wants to say? Friends, and who do not feel anything, but still.

My name is Alain, I for the first time: In the beginning I had a feeling of merging with the flow and continue listening to your theory, remembered and visualized.

Zaporozhtsev: And you know, we at the last seminar was a combination of Rita with the visualization, and there just were doing. After all, we have the things we identify with ourselves, as if they were strangers. Therefore, it is necessary to become something, to let it go. Then I listen.

Allen: Then, indeed, was the merger, and in the end went to a very strong vibration, as if the belly dancer, I wanted to stay and strongly strongly vibrate. I stopped, and the body was all vibrate at a breakneck pace.

Zaporozhtsev: Excellent and negative experiences anyone? I’m sorry, not a negative, and no.

Freestyle listener: I have nothing special to say. Feeling smooth practice. I did not feel flat.

Zaporozhtsev: And then there was no ups or downs. Then, in another way, let us consider. I am able to forget about the others?

An auditor: Yes, of course.

Zaporozhtsev: So this is a super result. I had such a case: the same people come to me to the workshop, and they had not engaged in yoga and missed some of the first opening. Then I quickly said something, but something did not finish. And now I feel that does not go with them, they can not understand. Indeed, for the man in the street who came to us and see how you dance, I would think that this is a disco. And they would also become play. I am therefore very important these moments, I can something not informed, and have a wonderful event. Experience needed any, absolutely.

Basim group Eka, MOYU: Practice Rita and Anrity in yoga, she has always been remarkable in the sense that many yogis, that was not used to practice yoga so that I did not like.

Zaporozhtsev: In what sense?

Basim: Anrita, it’s necessary to do that no one liked and I did not like as well. And I used to understand yoga so loved. And when I’m tired and crashed into Rita, it was so good !!!

Zaporozhtsev: And when the mantra was connected? We are primarily interested in this point.

Basim: Failed to either strengthen or weaken. Rita yoga I once caught, only the 4th workshop went.

Zaporozhtsev: Good point. Excellent. Yet anyone any opinion, positive, negative, let’s all hear. Bad word is negative, versatile. Friends, but that you are not sucked from the finger stories, I do not need a comparison here. Theoretically, everything should go in one direction, but you know, and I talked about it. One thing is when you, as hard to learn, easy in battle. It’s one thing when the soldiers on the parade ground executes “Kolya”, “Ruby”, and it mimics. Of course, it is our practice, but in part, when the first time you do, it’s an imitation of the first steps. And, of course, every workshop, every attempt to get better and better will come. But, I assure you, when you find yourself in certain circumstances specified time frame, location, though, the place and the moment we are perfect. But there are other factors, of which I am not going to talk. Suddenly everything in order popret stronger testimony of what is called the universe. And if at that moment you will install what is to be done and that represent, on which to focus, then the effect would be disproportionately high.

MOYU Alexander, an auditor: At the beginning of practice it was difficult to alternate Rita and anritu, then compensated, and when she went to the mantra of “M”, the uncomfortable feeling in the chest, oppressive. Therefore, once intermittently passed, then the outbreak of the “A” mantra, there was a sense of energy, felt the kid who is jumping and shouting “ah-ah-ah.” And in fact, what they thought of it, jump and jump. The feeling of joy, and then when the rest, the residual vibration in the area of the head as if you punch through, and then, when focused on this, then, as if, after in the solar plexus area and was nice.

Zaporozhtsev: Redistribution of sensations during shavasana was wonderful. A extramural us something to say, I’m curious: at a distance what they have there feeling experience. Time students, will share with us? Their experience? I probably confused them a little.

Time students, Anna, Catur group: I hear? I’m pretty far away, on holiday and watch the seminar. Largely I agree with those who spoke about the “M” practice of mantras and “A”, the mantra “M” opened, and it was hard, and the mantra “A” something turns around and I felt freedom. Mantra enhances energy.

Zaporozhtsev: Excellent, excellent! All the time we have is short, let’s go on, we still have the practice time and therefore it is necessary to clearly allocate.


Summing up the first practice

So, my friends, now we have another little bit of theory to understand for yourself to do the next portion of practice. As you can see, we are all compressed, concentrated, but probably it is the karma of our modern world, which is something long and gradual, the time will come later. Now we will touch on the issues of the mantra. This question is very unusual and very strong. Firstly, I want to summarize what we discussed, what sensations we have already taken place. If you practice a few times Rita Anritu, then each time, as a rule, you understand better what you are required to better tune into practice. The same situation and with the addition of a mantra as soon as it starts to add, that there is an element of novelty and the element of surprise. And your mind is starting to grasp at the novelty and surprise more than a feeling, and for some processes. And when it is balanced without the factor of surprise, then some more subtle factors will be up to you to get better and better. In fact, the whole secret of these thin components. But it should be gradual, from gross to subtle. The fact that the mantra “M” went you slightly heavier than the mantra “A” is not due to the fact that it is less effective or less than the mantra “A”, no. Just mantra “M” have prepared the mantra “A”. If I had the same practice and changed their places, first mantra of “A”, and then the mantra “M”, it is likely that you have a feeling of the mantra “A” were less strong than on the “M” mantra then.

But, anyway, it is not essential, this is how you understand your personal practice. You must remember that we are made for a single image, but the mud at each or its ignorance. Therefore, to get rid of dirt and ignorance should be different. Therefore, the experience of others can be as applicable, and is not applicable to our personal dirt. We like pigs, someone bathed in some puddles, and some others, so if in some sense, we have to wash, it will all be with pink snout. It figuratively.

The impact on the mind of the mantra

Now, we move on. In mantra yoga is such a major feature, as long as our mind is torn, we can get the effect of the mantra by the number of times it repeats. If the ancient sages, Brahmins had enough one time to say one or another hymn from the Rig Veda as it was enough for a particular result. In the future, even in the same Brahmins, the degree of concentration of the mind began to fall. Mind is torn, he rushes even the Brahmins. Therefore, to get the same result, it is necessary many times to repeat and repeat the mantra and later we fall into a resonance with its structures of the mind, body, thoughts, and the degree of concentration on the mantra increases. We are nearer to pervoimpulsu will, where the actual act of creation and the process of declaration of the mantra goes.

The effect of this sharp increase, so it is a positive effect when you are not at ease, the mind is asleep, and you need to urgently solve any creative task at work, at home, anywhere. And you have to like to shake the mind, and it inert, does not want to focus on, lazy, and you have the feeling that you do not want to open his mouth and tongue roll. This feeling is often in the mornings. A man comes to work, and useless to communicate with him, until he his cup of coffee or tea do not drink. And on the question, how are you or how you feel, he even articulate anything to say can not. Why? Because the level of sleep of reason and immediately transferred into our language, and in fact to all our structures. Therefore, they must be such as to awaken. And how to do it? Usually by the end of the day we usually come into themselves and can even something distinctly speak adequately respond to any questions. But, by the end of the day it’s late, preferably early. The same situation in yogic practices, it happens, we have planned to do something, but we do not have time to wait for the mind to wake up and begin to do what we demand of it. In this sense, we must remember the concept of yoga: “The mind is our servant!” He must obey us. There is a king, it is our higher self is the servant of the servant, in general, wonderful, but sometimes we have from him is something demanding, but he does not. It should be like that of his rein. And oddly enough, the repetition of the mantra awakens the mind very well.

Therefore, if you need to urgently strengthen the mental activity, do not neglect the utterance of the mantra. First loud and then faintly, then himself. As a rule, if the mind is completely awake, it is highly desirable to pronounce the mantra aloud, so that even from physically going vibration throughout your brain as micro fluctuations. I do not know what processes there are in terms of modern science, can be micro sound from these vibrations. But even on a physical level, all the processes are faster, but if you are connected to this process, a thin and those which there is little we can say, the effect is very remarkable. The more you speak out loud, the more awake mind, but do not confuse the practice of yoga with windbags. There are people who can not close the mouth la-la-la-la, from morning till night.

And now, apparently, so smart people, awakened his mind. No, this is just a preparatory stage of awakening the mind, is when a person can not stop the parasite, verbal diarrhea. You must also be able to accurately and be silent. There is an anecdote about the speakers, when the ancient Greek orator came and asked his student to teach oratory on the teacher appointed double payment. The student protested: why, I’ve learned, and I left very little you study up. What the teacher said no, I take a double payment, because to be double work, first teach you how to be silent, then speak. This is the same situation with the study of English without an accent. First person must be taught to be silent, then speak properly.

The question is what, in fact, that the repetition of the mantra we do not need the source. In fact, the repetition of the mantra interlocutor or listener is the Absolute. And you do not need and do not need the presence of other interlocutors, moreover, other people in the way. But talkers need someone’s loose ears, or they just lost all incentive to this occupation. What I am saying is that all? In addition, if you are from morning till night’ll talk, you’ll be by the end of the day exhausted. But, if, this time, you will repeat the mantra, then swung all the fine structures of the body, the structure responsible for the attraction of prana, you will be full of energy, not only physical but also mental. That is what will give you further strength to control word as did the ancient sages of the Brahmins in the Vedas and which prompted a ability to create with the help of mantras some things in the universe. It’s all in the mantra yoga is called a mantra siddhi or perfection in pronunciation of mantras. This is one of the most powerful super-powers, known in yoga, it is also very difficult to be explained. It seems miraculous, but the mantra uttered by a man with awakened forces Sidhi mantras, mantra makes instantaneous act. While an ordinary man who utters the same mantra effect, as a rule, does not see and becomes just a parrot.

Features practice Mantra Yoga

Therefore, there is such a thing: it is necessary to awaken mantra! Otherwise we become sparrows that chirp. Secondly, it is desirable to properly treat this ability to purchase Mantra Sidhi. And it is able to realize a algorithms as your every spoken word, action turns into a factor. This is a very serious and one of the most closed sections yoga mantra a very powerful section. Maybe we will touch on this workshop, if there is time, some things associated with it. But we need to practice the following: we need to be aware that any mantra is not just set some kind of empty sounds. Mantra is something higher. Mantra is really a force. In ancient treatises on yoga it is said that the goddess who creates the universe, the goddess Kundalini, nails in your body at the bottom. The body of the goddess Kundalini – mantra. In fact, uttering the mantra, you create a body to his will, for his energy for its power.

I understand that everything that is connected with the fact, what I’m saying is hard enough to fit in your head. Believe me, I have the same. I am in this respect, I can say, a section of yoga mantra is one of the most difficult, but that does not stop now take some moments that we understand and apply them in life. What is the point? This is the work of different mantras. We practiced the mantra “M” and the mantra “A”, but there are many other mantras. The very first Mantra, which stands first in the list is the mantra “OM”. You’ve probably heard about this mantra, it is very popular in the East and the West. So what is the mantra OM: this is when the vowels rolled, passing from one to another, abruptly cut off. The mantra Om is when you start to sing the vowels: A-O-Y, and then when you are closed mouth, formed a sound similar to M or when we mychim. M is not sound, and the cessation of vowels. The mantra OM is very famous, very honored and very strong.


Classification of mantras

But there is still a huge amount of different mantras, and they seem to fall into three broad categories. The classification is as follows: Energy mantra, Consciousness, and Name. They differ as follows: the energy necessary to correctly pronounce the mantra of a particular combination of sounds. We give a word or set of words and is actually important to reproduce the sound. Each person produces a certain sound in the hallway, who voice a little lower, a little higher, but most importantly, to a certain sequence of vibrations observed very clearly, it is the energy of the mantra. Or where a component of the mantra, effective regardless of whether we understand what kind of mantra, we do not understand, know where it came from, we do not know. If you recite the mantra mantra, and if awakened, she starts to act.

There are mantras, mantras are called consciousness is another group of mantras, in which the most important sense. There are certain formulations that if you to grasp the meaning and tune into certain wave or a certain idea. And thus it subdues all structures of your body, and they begin to transform, to clean, to wake up, to appear. The mantras of consciousness is enough to know the meaning! And repeat this mantra you can in Russian, English, Sanskrit, Vedic on the language in which you want. These mantras allow translation from one language to another with no loss of effective power. That’s the mantra of energy, if you mix up the letters in some places, you get a different mantra. Here, with the help of which you want letters of the language you want, if you will give the meaning, the mantra will work! A typical example of such a mantra most famous, is the phrase “Tat Swami Asi.” This mantra has a very ancient, very respectable and its meaning as follows: “Thou art That!” The word “you” refers to your higher self, the word “there” refers to the identity, the word “TO” is the Absolute, or the root cause of being. Or in another way: Your nature is no different from the nature of the Absolute! The thought itself mantra!

If you stick with a known frequency to excite this idea on the surface of my mind, I Am That I Am, or the Absolute, or God I sleep, I am omnipotent or anything, but it’s me, I start to take the derivative of that thought, you have something. Holding that thought in mind, a constant remembrance of it, you begin to transform, including the physical body. But first, you begin to transform the way their thinking, after this start to transform your emotional responses to certain stimuli. Indeed, if the thinking has changed, we have both in a different way we communicate with the world. Following this change responses at the level of your subconscious reactions before something feared, but now no longer afraid and adrenaline in the blood is not produced. After this begins to transform your physical body, I stress, the physical body.

Therefore, the mantra of consciousness, transformation comes from your mind to the energy or understanding of your physical body, but I have mentioned in earlier energy mantras, on the contrary. You could not understand anything, which means that a particular word or mantra, you should have just repeating a particular mantra. The most typical in this respect, such mantras as “Hrim”. That there is such a syllable Hrim seemingly well what it means, but it does not matter what it means. If you will, under certain conditions, and the right way to repeat it if awaken the vibration, which is in the container, bottle enclosed in a syllable Hrim, you will begin to first physically transformed body, and then as a result of subtle, emotional structure, and then as a result your levels mind. And then you, bang, and you have opened the understanding, it is the reverse.

Finally there is the third group of mantras. This so-called name of the mantra. What they are famous for what they are good. The mantras name equally present and the energy element and the element of consciousness. Even if you say them, they operate as a power of the mantra, but if you still understand the meaning that in a given name, on the effect of energy is added to the effect of consciousness, and the total effect is much greater than the sum. I do not even know this multiplication or power function. It mathematicians of esotericism should ask. The fact that they are the most powerful mantras in the world! They are very simple to learn, very simple in practice, the simplest is to take the first steps on the path of yoga mantra. What kind of name mantras? All mantras name, the names of the Absolute in certain of its manifestations. Or the Absolute, who created everything, and we have a piece of it can manifest through everything in your life. It can manifest itself through another person, through the rain, through the howling cats, crows cawing, through the contemplation of the Milky Way, the admiration of a mathematical or physical formulas. Absolute can manifest as anything, anywhere, through anyone through anything. But we no longer perceive through other living beings, because we are real people themselves, then it is easier to communicate and to accept the idea of the Absolute, if it was the same as we do! And we have what every one of us is different, has a name, and the name is not sacred and esoteric, is not the most common, which we gave Mom and Dad.

And there is a very strange explanation in yoga, is to work with mantras names. Or in another way, if you know the name of the Absolute in one way or another his incarnation, you get quality Absolute yourself! We had before this workshop on Visualization Yoga Yoga with Rita, where each of those present wanted to see myself in the role of destroyer or Absolute Absolute solvent or guardian. Just like in the women’s incarnation, the Absolute, bringing disappointment or warrior with all the dark, that is. Absolute as the embodiment of love, wealth, happiness, joy. In fact, we have been working on those seminars imaging, mental imagery. This work is amplified billions of times, if you are familiar with the mantra of the image with which you visualize yourself. If you know the Absolute mantra in a particular way, you awaken the universe manifest the qualities that meets the mantra.

To make it more clear, imagine that we are all different people who is working as a programmer, someone builder, someone yoga teacher, like me, someone else someone. And it happened to you to build a house, and you know that you have a friend Basil or with a different name, a great builder. Fast and fun to you to build a palace for ridiculous money. You go and say, Vasya, build a house, eh ?! Bob says, of course, I have only this and waited. All throws and goes and builds a house. Another example, you happen to write a computer program for your accounts, they debit with credit does not converge, and no company can not help. We have Bob and anyone else, let’s call her Mary programmer. You say: Mash, then such an ambush at work, write a program. Masha is just waiting to creative opportunity to show, she sits down and writes. Similarly, about yoga and Vadim V. to say, and that, in fact, he does. The question is what you can for a long time to formulate what you need. For example: I want to build a house bricks were formed here in such a way, leaving room to insert the object, referred to as the window size so and so at such and covered by another form, called the roof. For a long time, and you are not a builder, and do not know how the house should look like. You make the kitchen is very small or very large. Twists, anything. When you visit a professional, you just have to agree to build a house, and on the professional and professional, that he does not make blunders. You know what a professional is different from an amateur? Professional does not make serious mistakes, because he already did. And the fan is still ahead.

He comes in and does everything and you do not have to strain to follow if he put the tiles correctly and properly put in the window, you trust him. It all goes by itself, the same situation with mantras name! Mantras much on all occasions, a large number of collections of mantras in Sanskrit, in the Vedic language, even to me any longer across in other dialects, and in India a lot of different dialects. For something different, if we think about the greatest Tibet, there is a cross between a Tibetan Sanskrit. One uncle said to me, “Shamadha, shamadha” what he meant, and then realized Samadhi before me.

Mantras are so many, so the same result can be achieved from consciousness to energy or mantras of consciousness, where the main thing to understand the meaning. Or the same result, coming on the other hand, mantras of energy, but is, as a rule, longer and requires more skill. In one case, you have to understand the meaning of the mantra that says, otherwise you have to correctly pronounce. And in the name of the mantra you can not understand, and you can even with a certain degree of burr your friend’s name or cast with mistakes, but you will understand. Imagine you come abroad and, for example, the name Zaporozhtsev in English is not spoken at all. Which only phrases I heard when I was called. People are polite and try to play, but I know that it is impossible that this is the fifth degree of initiation in the mantra yoga, in the same breath say. Therefore, when we started to cut, it turned out very well, and I knew it come to me. Or another uncle, he came from America, and he had to work here. He has worked with a firm that is the union of something and something. He could not learn this, this is the word association was for him aerobatics, but he watched “Star Wars” as a child, and there was a main character Obi Wank Newbie. And when he had to say about the union, he always said Obi Wank Nubia and everyone knew of this association, which he refers precisely to this combination, rather than a stranger. Therefore, the name of the mantra is easiest to use, just like it’s easier to communicate with another person than mindless machine or a dictionary, where all the clever and some formula.


Mantra named Rita and Yoga

To practice Rita when we connect a mantra, it is easier to start with the name of the mantras. Practicing yoga Rita, connecting the name of the mantra. What is the mantra and how do we study them? First, you have to capture the essence of all the theory you just said. Therefore, we in the near our practice, we will begin again with anrity passing in Rita, and then begin to practice mantra name. And everyone has this mantra will have its own and it will be your own name is. Each of you, I hope to have a name. When you practice Rita and anritu, you begin to practice mantra in its own name. To penetrate this vibrations and understand that your name, and you only think you know that you have a name. At a certain stage of practice, suddenly a man begins to notice as if he had heard for the first time a combination of these sounds. And for the first time comprehends that this is his name. Here we are waiting for such a practice to which we go after finish this piece of our great theory.


Relationship with rapid methods

Now on, I make no secret that most of the practices for our seminars, I have taken out of the fast methods of yoga, in particular Yoga Triad. Why? Because the karmic situation of our world is such that at any moment can start a crisis, some fearful when everyone is not up to yoga, what a dust- and war. In this regard, what humanity is wild and wonder when everything can change in three seconds. I remember the story, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the Soviet science collapsed and all the multiple crises, and I am not surprised that the universe at any time give us any surprise. And if we now start any global economic crisis, and in all honesty, bad conditions are reviewed, but not the point. What will happen the following: people are used to live on the outside, and if you take away their outside – the house, Mercedes, parasitism, parasitism, idleness, the pursuit of some trifle, watching stupid serials on television, it was a terrible thing: all pumped their living force, suddenly It stretches, and then hurt them hit. Because people are living outside, but here it’s all collapsed, and it feels like you’re dying alive. Good expression: to die alive. You also hits your own energy, and you are in a terrible sadness. Yoga says that it is not rational nor reasonable, yoga says that some part of your life is to take place outside, and there is nothing bad to ride a Mercedes, a trip to the Canary Islands, tuneyadstvovat who have not yet tired. Why is it everyone thinks it’s nice, but this is the first anrita when you are given work, and you do not do anything, and this work begins to eat away at you. A part should be on the outside, but some part of your world inside. If the outside everything collapses, you sniffing inside on an island untouched, and to wait until they are there with all the economic issues will decide. If on the contrary, in went some karmic cleaning, suddenly began to surface some beasts from a previous life, and you do not know what to do with herself, then you may like to leave out and wait in all calm down, and then back when all povyvalivaetsya. It was a good observation that the dark of you falls out. In fact, sometimes it comes in the form of images, sometimes our thoughts are negative parasitic one of us falls, as if they were pieces of dirt whether it is someone who has fallen out and flew away. This does not mean that this is some real dirt, no. The real dirt no, there is appropriate and inappropriate things. Sand on the street is a very good thing, and you have on the table in the kitchen thing misplaced. This is exactly the same, and inside you have any thoughts, your reactions are quite remarkable for a tiger or a wild man when he hunts the tiger. But it is quite out of place when you begin to hunt for his colleague, that’s another story.

This should leave you, come out of you. And sometimes it comes out in some way, it is a separate issue, in fact, is also very interesting. You begin to do like a bunch meanwhile on what you want to get rid of in some way, and then create a visualization of how it goes. But the question is not about that, and that we have the ability to jump from inside to outside, from outside to inside. And the main progressive mankind, this is not possible, they all live outside, afraid to look inside, scary and dark, they never did not. Therefore, I can not risk it and do not give you the elements of rapid methods. I can not vouch for tomorrow, and you should get the vaccine right now, and if you survive anyway. You will not care what the outside, because life is full of inner practice, and you will not lose any of the emotional and not any other way, in fact, be more efficient and the outside.

Influence practices on girls and women

Therefore, my friends, you have to remember that these practices there is a side effect that concerns first of all the girls: anrita practice of yoga is very useful that you learn to spontaneously move to Rita. A manifest in the lives of girls and women is primarily in sexuality. There is an old saying that the woman belongs to the dance, you can tell how it behaves in bed! I was a bit vulgar voiced, but you know what it is. Why is that? Because the woman is very fragile and complex universe, where physical and emotional impulses terribly sensitive to external evaluation, for example, on the part of men. And if before it had a negative pre-history, and in our country, I remind you, it can not be positive, because the Second World War ended, the feast will be soon. Peasants much knocked out, a huge amount! And the mother, bringing up his daughters, did not know how to relate to the men, and they lack of knowledge passed to the next generation and the next. We won the war, but we pay for it is still the fact that the woman does not know how to behave in bed with a man. This is not a funny topic, but the truth is, from another section of yoga, yoga Triad, but, nevertheless, the practice anrity passing into Rita, this is one of the most powerful ways to be liberated when you are natural in their sexual manifestations. As a consequence, you harmonize your relationship with a man, and as a consequence there will be less problems. The next point: as it is the practice of rapid methods relating to the Triad, with regard to voice.


Voice and work with them

What is a voice? On the one hand, it is like a tool that allows us to implement the practice of mantra yoga. By controlling the sound vibration, we control the vibration of thoughts or emotions. But on the other hand, it is the voice of a tuning fork, where you can adjust your body. The fact that the mantra yoga is considered that there is a unique connection between your device and the voice of your internal structures. If squeaky voice, sandwiched, if you are afraid to speak loudly, and we Rides students so that all the loud talking, you’re trapped somewhere, afraid of something. You are afraid to seem out of place, you are afraid that you are someone worry. You are afraid to show their natural nature, a tautology, but in a different way and you will not tell. Your voice is an indicator of your mental processes also. As Rita and anrita, rate your emancipation in the physical plane, just the voice. Therefore, the voice can be enough to tell how pinched or liberated man. You can tell how much mental and emotional processes take place inside it, much of which can be said, but we do not care. What else is important to us to blame the mirror confused: how to work with it. The logic here is the same as that in anrite in dance. In fact, to learn the same way as the ancient Vedas and Brahmins voice learn the appropriate recitative, we have to work with your voice. This work is one to one, as the work with the body, do not try to pronounce the mantra beautifully, do not try, do not try to impress anybody or elegance melodiousness of her voice! No it does not need to be honest with ourselves. On the contrary, begin to experiment, some factors make your own voice as a hand hold, and you will immediately begin to practice mantra ugly, rude, unpleasant voice. The rougher and uglier, the better. Why? You just as well add anritu vibration in your internal structures. And this is imposed on anrita anritu your inner dirt and begins to resolve.

So now, when you practice yoga Rita together with the mantra, and the mantra as will pronounce your own name, which in this sense is the name of the Absolute, incarnate in you! You will remember each one of you – a piece of the Absolute! You will start to work with your voice, that’s the way that I have just said, try to pronounce your name rough, unpleasant, so that all surrounding puckered their noses and say, phew! But you know, no one is around, we have here is not a competition of singers, we work here, we came here on a very good work. Therefore, others will be grateful to you if you are on a good run. Then the impulse to work well, and pick up them and everything will be wonderful.

Is it clear what to do? Questions who has what?

Q: How are you called, in full or reduced?

Answer: As you are used to identify yourself, like this themselves and call.

Q: Will an indication of when to start anritu, and when Rita?

Answer: This guidance I can not give, in principle, I could give them, if I were the Absolute. You do not understand, I’m just not able to look at your universe, from his universe. process logic is very simple, to be thrown out to Rita, always start with anrity! I’ll start talking in verse! To turn off the mind from external stimuli, or memories, or from the people around them, or from the novelty of the situation: anrita, anrita, anrita, felt that the inrush into Rita and keep it. Once it was not all the same, again anrita, as a subsidiary point. The same applies to the practice of your name. Start with anrity, we begin to rude and ugly. It is understood that a long time you do not hang on, do not stretch, even I could not for a long time, just shut up in my throat. You start all derivatives on its own behalf to say what you just come to mind. It’s all spontaneous, variation of the game, but start with, from what you are used to identify themselves.

Friends, what is the secret of yoga? I’m not very yogic example cite, but I say again, at the risk of losing your full respect: You come in an expensive bar and there is a bartender, he can interfere with various drinks and get a cocktail that cost in the overall calculus than all the ingredients together taken or multiplied. This is called a cocktail. When, I’m sorry, young people take port and dilutes it with beer, even with its flavored vodka, then later these young people on the next day for a long time complaining about a headache. Here, the same ideology. Please try all alone, then try simple ingredients combined. If you believe in the combination of simple ingredients, starting quietly added. From the most basic and harder and harder. So we come to the ideals, the ideals of taste. In fact, there is not necessarily cocktails, have a sommelier when different wine in the way, and get something exclusive, but just try to mix the wrong thing. Or perfumer takes different ingredients, although there will not be about the perfumers, it’s not my most favorite people. I am in the subway because they can not go, people pour themselves cologne or something else.

More questions?

Question: We are now going to move?

Answer: We move always. Rita Yoga is the dance. You are feeling Rita and immediately begin work to add a voice.

Q: If I practice anritu in the dance, and then I say ugly?

Answer: As you wish! You can practice anritu in dance and in the name and then the name of Rita fall in, and with the body a bit later in Rita. There is good in this respect, wish, release the situation, try, just try it, it will just simply indulge, simply indulge practice. It is in various embodiments a lot of things to be. I answered.

Question: What if I do not like the name?

A: Especially anrita great, great and then can come to the fact that like. Because we sometimes do not like something and it’s not so bad, but we do not know what we want. So we may be, we understand how better to call, then we’ll go to the police station and rewrite his name. I’ve seen recently, I was shown, can be easily exchanged without problems.

Q: Many people are confused by his own name, how to be?

Answer: No, the name are not going to sing, for one reason, you will be hard. It is difficult, though, in principle, possible and name. But now, my friends, it will be difficult for you in the early stages.

Any questions? If no questions, get up quickly, remove the mats. First, simply, and then on my command voice.


Performing practice.


The importance of experience fixing

We continue further. What I want to say, and to sharpen the thought in your feedback. In his previous life I was a physicist and was probably the most well-educated, which can be obtained on the planet Earth, in our country. I am very grateful to the Soviet Union. Now analyze what and how we have been taught, the dry residue. And you know, there were serious problems, it was necessary first of all to engage in military things. There was no time for jokes. Expels mainly due to lack of knowledge of higher mathematics, and for failing to laboratory work, experimental. You should repeat the experience that when you have done it and have confirmed that the speed of sound is that some one or something else. Not just the language, but you ustanovochka you, come on, do it. And you could come and do this experiment. To make it successful, to get a result, but if you have not made out, as it should, not recorded all the experimental conditions, and there are many nuances: accuracy classes, error, much to everyone. If you do not specify, then to say that the current was so many amps is nothing to say, if you are not immediately wrote a class of accuracy of the instrument, which you measured. These reticence hiding mistakes that led to the result that either you open a new law of nature, or do not open! Kicked out because you’re wrong designed the lab work. Make a little, it is necessary to fix.

And now I analyze because it is the same thing that I encountered while studying yoga. Therefore, all thought gnaws at me: whether there were people doing yoga among the founders of our physics, whether it is a natural law of nature: wherever and whatever you are not engaged, you still come to this formula. You should know the theory, not even a theory of physics, mathematics and theory, and at the same time, you’re in the field of physics had to do something real hands, to get the result and to fix it.

The same situation is with our seminars. Consider that you are doing a test lab, you very briefly repeat what they did to you and what to spend, maybe years! Of course, I understand that spend years, and another thing to spend a small workshop. But, in fact, you must have a taste of practice, the taste of life. It is important that if you fix it all, do not commit all lost, all lost!

Remarkably, who wants to say something?

MOYU, Basim, Eka Group: Saying the mantra A hurt and because of that I did not feel the rhythm of the music and how I move.

Zaporozhtsev: what hinders, to move in or anrite Rita?

Basim: Generally move.

Zaporozhtsev: You paralyzed? There are different sounds and there are people who can not tolerate when a piece of iron on glass or something else, they can not hear. In this sense?

Basim: No, I was immersed in the sound of A, and the body, too, need to pay attention.

Zaporozhtsev: pulls mind the sound, of course.

Basim: When it was necessary to speak the name. So everything is very fast and easy to get. Harmony practice demanded of me that I pronounced his name …

Zaporozhtsev: What do you mean, demanded the practice?

Basim: The fact of performing, if it happens in this way. But what to do, it encounters harmony, to say the way I pronounce the name of his beloved. As well as all disappears around and become bright and good and alive when I say her name, as if I’m pronouncing your name. And I wanted it so to say, and when I started, so it became a good and easy.

Zaporozhtsev: sweet words, Basim! Peculiar kind of results! Interesting. Who else? Mark, go ahead. But we have not heard what it means harmony and harmonious. And how anrita? And, well, yes it! Friends, let us as a serious concern.

Mark MOYU, Eka group: This time, it was hard to completely surrender, to engage in the practice. Always he has been pegged to the music as it will accept as understand it? After all I did for so long collected. She liked someone, whether like it Vadim and that he would say that he would think? Twice Vadim approached and asked, all right? It is constantly prevented, could not. It turns out there and you want to jump, to practice with the others, and keeps you associative connection, you need to go and be in this place, to manage. This dishonesty with himself, ruined the entire practice. He could not focus, I thought, how do I look like a girl look at me, because they are so many. In general, it is broken off the whole practice. The feeling was at the end of practice, like a sack of unsold prana and how to implement it in practice, shouting, noise, floundering. It did not. Seminars rarely.

Zaporozhtsev: Mark, you do not forget, you are a participant in addition to the workshop, you and yet its organizer. Therefore, it may be very well that you have a much greater load than others, and therefore, everything is fine, lovely and wonderful!

My question is: What is easier and Rita anritu dance or not, practice, and then I’ll have to roll down the terms disco. Shut your mouth or something saying, in your subjective feelings?

Mark: No, sometimes it’s better povopit, to shout something. Differently.

Zaporozhtsev: A long enough strength to cry?

Mark: But then, as you put it, this flow of prana, you get feelings in perspective. Moment of organizing thoughts, sattva or something! It comes back when there are moments of joy. This is the effect of kindergarten, when as a little scream, you all can, and you for it will be nothing.

Zaporozhtsev: All good, excellent. Who else wants to say? Let us quickly.

A participant of the seminar: The first part, when I was in anrite all waited to Rita, but did not wait. So I was very happy that I can define it myself and this entire part of the almost spent in Rita. I did not like the music at all.

Zaporozhtsev: Strictly speaking, the music in such practices should not be at all. According to the ancient canons, at best, is sitting someone in your drum pounding, purely for the entourage. Or in some bell. Therefore, it is on the contrary, a minor factor, if not the last.

A participant of the workshop: It was my protest to the outside world, it was the quality of my personality when I protest, I want to change something. So when I started to utter the name, it was a salvation name became a harmonizer. When you say the name, so leveled sound vibration with the music, I came to a happy and harmonious state.

Zaporozhtsev: Is the external factor, which is not quite like it, but at the same time, have I, which is now unfold and when there is a sense of their forces, any external factor is no longer perceived as a problem but as a job like that where you can make their creative energy and to compensate. You can say so here?

A participant of the seminar: No, when the music, my inner state, how I felt, I was hard to accept these conditions, the rhythm, the music. It is possible to spend in anrite again. But, when the mantra of my name, it has changed drastically all. As if inside me something shifted, and I start the world perceived as harmony, something that I like.

Zaporozhtsev: Then such a leading question, and then the music began to like it or not?

A participant of the seminar: Became like.

Zaporozhtsev: Listen, my friends, is the DJ should be: if you do not like the music, repeat your name and you’ll be a great success.

MOYU Anastasia, a group of two: I will begin immediately with the “A” mantra. When they began to sing, the feeling was like in the movie Night Watch, when the situation is so tense and heavy vibrations. I immediately presented images from the previous workshop and presented itself goddess Kali, with two swords in his hands, as if in this gloom any thread as obstacles and I began to cut them down. And when we began to chant his name in anrite, it seemed that it was some kind of slogan or your name. Over time, I became more and more fall into Rita, and my name began to sound like the name of some kind of goddess. The effect was this: Nastya, Nastya, Nastya ?! In the end it led to: Nastya!

Zaporozhtsev: And there was a feeling that it is as if someone else’s name?

Anastasia: Here again, when the beginning of the practice, and when I began to speak it perfectly, and when anrita stop receiving, and all passed into Rita.

Zaporozhtsev: Who else, yes, please.

MOYU group Catur, Irina: I want to say that I had a radical difference in execution anrity and Rita, without the mantra and the mantra. I experienced a range of different emotions. Before that was given to me anrita hard, uncomfortable to do it. And here, doing the mantra “A” from me began to like to go to some negative. I liked it, it comes out. Goes a long, long time, we have already moved on behalf of the mantra, and the name also comes out as negative. I thought that this will continue until the end of practice, the negative output. I tried to visualize that it comes from me with every utterance and purified in this manner. At some point, the negative went in male sex, longing. As if a man wants me, akin to the output negative.

Zaporozhtsev: Very good. You have to understand that the relationship between our physical connection, between words, between the intonation of words, very different range of feelings, a ball tied and that all fingerprints on the surface of our mind, samskaras, which are the guardians of our karma. Therefore, in order to unravel, we must all pull out, unravel and variety in this associative array can occur. Pulls out one, and crawling is still something completely different, maybe something did not expect. So great!

Irina: Continued, then as if the name passed from Il About Ira!. Ira went into joyful. Then he turned into some kind of rebirth, and I felt as if I was already a little and my mom says Ira, Ira and lulls me, shakes. Then, as if a child, my friends shout: Ira, come out.

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, all the events of our childhood and youth, all of them, one way or another, related to the factor in our name. Do we have someone swear, if we praise someone, all this as a rope post, brings to our name. Therefore, pulling for this post, you will instantly earliest childhood and all pull. Why we started the practice of mantra yoga, and it would seem, should immediately with powerful mantras. No, my friends, for us in the first step is the most powerful mantra is our name. Excellent, bravo!

MOYU Anastasia, a group of three: And anritoy very hard given, “A” was the mantra of hard, but then as if struck something inside and the sound itself has changed. I felt some kind of release, and then, when anrite began to utter the name, is not perceived as the name of my name, as if I were some kind words pronouncing as if glumlyus over someone and not the name of a proposal kakoe- then: Nastyayaya, Anastasiiiya. With Homeric laughter, but quickly it all went to Rita. The Rita name raspevno pronounced movements were very smooth and did not listen to music, moving at its own pace, in doing so, and I see not the first time, one of the indicators that when you’re in the Rita you get when you move, so that no one will hurt you, and no one was hurt. You can not move to the rhythm of the music, not at the pace like everyone else, but nevertheless very harmonious interaction happens to all. This time the music was fast, and I was moving slowly, because I was kind of rhythm, however, it was harmony. I had the feeling that I am in the midst of some festivals, but the celebrations are not in the sense that all the drink. And when they sing one song all polyphony with different intonations. This, indeed, was so beautiful, it is said that the song is the soul of the people, there is really the soul of the people and I have never felt such a connection with their roots. Because in our society, we think of ourselves as human beings of the universe, citizens of the world, and I thought, God, what I have beautiful Russian name. It was very harmonious, then I changed the rhythm to a faster and had the name in chetyrehstrofnuyu mantra and healed these lines in a certain rhythm.

Zaporozhtsev: Four times the name and in different intonations, or what?

Anastasia: No, it was repeated in some its color and it is no longer the one hand, how would be the name, but it was me somehow. At a time when all interacted in Rita, I felt that the one with all, and then there was added to the fact that we are united, but every man for himself and his sound, adding their own color in making his integrity. This integrity light is very beautiful shimmering. Thanks to all!

Zaporozhtsev: Friends who have, yes, please.

MOYU, Alain Group Two: I would like to say that I am concerned. Usually I get easily and well immersed in practice, completely dissolve in practice. And this time I had no practice at all! I had some bystander, my body is something fulfilled: we must move, it moves, it is necessary to say, pronounce, but it’s not as though I did like just watching from that. Practice is not felt at all.

Zaporozhtsev: Very good. Athletes have this effect when he is training for a long time, it is often observed. For example, you have an athlete run the hundred meters, on your marks, get set, go and at this moment, suddenly, creates the feeling of an athlete that he is somewhere near to look at himself as he made to make this start, and the nerves are tense, adrenaline . Later still start and it runs, with one part inside the body, and another part – he sees himself as if from outside. Such effects are often observed in the practice of yoga, not in complex combinations, as a movement with a voice, but separately. Sometimes, with the help of yoga mantra begins to repeat, repeat, and then suddenly, you catch yourself thinking, as if it is not you talking, and someone, and you look at this someone who speaks. Therefore it often enough, and a typical reaction. It is good, we like to give up notions of themselves and as if we’re going in the direction of the observer’s consciousness. It is remarkable that it has turned out. Bravo!

MOYU, Julia, artist Catur: I originally did not want to say his name when he said that we should practice, thought: why? Then he started to practice pronouncing: Julia, Julia, and I think nothing so interesting. The more I uttered your name, the more some sort of wave of joy went inside, she began to shake my body and after some time my name has become a mantra is identical to the phrase “Yes I will always”! I walked around and joyful sense of the Absolute, the inside filled, and it was so cool. About the fact that razotozhdestvlyaemsya with thoughts about yourself and others. I noticed that opened her eyes and looked at the people with whom I study for six months in MOYU and as if I had some ideas about them and they are like a jigsaw puzzle suddenly parted. I clearly recorded the moment where there are my ideas about people and where there are real people, of whom I have no idea who they are, what they are. In yoga, they say that there are manifestations with which we identify ourselves, and it was so clear. As soon as I got into Shavasana immediately covered it all over again, hop and connected.

Zaporozhtsev: There is a number of nuances arise in practice. Imagine you have practiced with some 20 minutes. I saw that you breathe out, it can be seen with the naked eye. Why? Because the cost is one of the darkest practices. It would seem that plyashesh and sing, dance and song, nothing like that. Just repeat the mantra of hard just Rita anritu hard, and when it goes, it is even harder. Starting to see the biggest range of a variety of personal experiences and a variety of inner discovery. Why do I give to all of you to speak? To you ponyli how all obvious, in fact, how everything in general, it is strange and what our mind is engaged. Our mind takes all the strange and non-obvious, cuts and throws, and this is how we live! But in practice, we force the mind to pay attention to those pieces, he cut in ordinary life and threw. And these pieces just hidden all our illogic, stupidity, our throwing the same reason. We sometimes think that’s a fool on the same rake came, like, everything. And still the same patterns are in our lives. Why? Because at the moment of decision in these unobvious crosslinks. You see? We are all logical, we have thought of everything, and here, and here, and here was a piece of the state border is not protected, there is something all spies and climb.

Great, great! Time, time, friends. I apologize. Reflected in their reports the time. It is tough. Now I had read all the works on the history of World War II and began to read his memoirs, how to prepare for war, why, and not ridiculous price, 27 million have died and mostly men. For the country too much, and then we are surprised that the woman has some peculiar that they have any claims to the men, but as they will not have claims if they are on their shoulders all pulled out. Takes an interest and come up to the period, and the strangest period somewhere from 37 till 41 minutes. de all full of energy, and think, and now will be a redistribution of the world. And every country, both large and small, in the hope to grab a bigger slice. The Soviet Union had its own interests in their fascists, Poland had its own, all countries have their own interests. All in anticipation of, an unhealthy excitement, everything will turn. But how to turn over the – the war begin! I find myself thinking, I have the opportunity to give some yoga practice. I constantly ask myself, and maybe I am too so measured, may I detailed. Maybe it is that two or three years left, if the T-34 did not do that, the war was lost. This is me from the memoirs, because it was necessary to invent and weapons, and give it to the masses.

And in this respect, who knows the karma of our civilization, suddenly begin global war on our ignorance, and other wars do not happen. whether we will be ready, everyone? Or, again, begins to shake, and we forget about everything and start to rush, start to do stupid things and as a result find ourselves … I press very much and I apologize, I understand that these practices and these seminars, it is necessary to carry out larger, but I catch myself thinking: I’m not too much so blissful. If you have the opportunity to give something to people, and you pull. This idea I sometimes press, so I’m sorry, that’s Mark I even asked whether the break, no, I can not afford it.


Voice and our lives

Come on, we now go further. So, all these practices that you do, back out of the Triad. A lot of useful effects, among other things. If a woman knows how to dance anritu she still perceive her in bed. And if it would be all the same, it will relax when it relaxes, it will feel their feminine nature and everything will go perfectly with her man. This is in relation to voice, the same women, clamped in the bed, at the same time it is a natural extension of feelings via voice. I understand that it is our payment for to win the war, that there is no property, and if you live in a cardboard five-storey building, the ground floor of a sneeze, and the fifth to you speak, be healthy! There can be no public displays of sexuality, otherwise the house will not. But, they said, it’s a very dangerous factor: a woman who begins to pinch your vote! A voice on the clip, the clip is of its manifestations, and so on and so forth!

Partly to help untie this knot, very terrible, it’s just work with the voice, first with the help of anrity that goes into Rita. First, to you it was like the sound of your voice, if you think it necessary to express the emotion kakuyu-. Here are all the same to you, like, do not like to be plugging his ears, but certainly not to have suffered by third parties, so you do not ruin the life of anyone. As a rule, when we tone of voice somehow have to show themselves, we clamped and the other person, because we are all very well react to the intonation, he can not feel that you have in there and not give you that right. This bunch of work with voice is not only a tuning fork for the setting up of our physical bodies, and it is also here that our attitude in life. It’s like Rita, correctly said, like a child’s joy when I am filled with joy and happiness, I dance, I dance, sing songs, and I’m natural. I do not care how I perceive, if it is clamped, it unwittingly begin to seep into the rest of your life. You will not understand correctly, you are wrong to react as a result, and the consequences of this would be wrong and things are starting to get confused and entangled, and then do not unravel, does not unravel.

With respect to some other moment men. With regard to the peasant voices, too, must have a voice, calm and confident that he once said, and that no one doubts contradict against his consciousness. And we stifle ourselves, we are afraid that we will be heard, and we have someone hurt, and therefore also very strong factor. The same is true with regard to our body, a man has to go, and one of his gait should inspire everyone around that this is going to be shaken out. I need to feel confidence and strength, at least, in gestures. And if we clamped, it unwittingly begins to manifest itself in everything. I am what I say I’m in this regard, being a man, is talking to himself. I do yoga for a long time, and then I can not quickly get rid of all this, from this inner slavery. And we have the same, there is a man and he looked menacing police, and the man immediately, but I’m nobody and I did. What it is?

Life example

I remember, one uncle was, and we told him to sell the tape brought to the movies, which themselves filmed. I was a witness, and he has his own palatochka, and it has long been, and came with him to collect tribute, those who are supposed to protect, collect tribute. I feel that inside him freedom, but he understands that this filth is better not to get involved, because it is our own peril. And I can see how his internal struggle, but still, every gesture is very calm, very calm expression. Already this scum start cringe! Why? Because, faced with the power factor, realize that the person inside is not afraid of anything, and if he is not afraid of anything and do not impudent. And some pluck, they say, I’m not afraid of anything. Involuntarily is calm, like a protective aura casts.

It is necessary to develop, it is necessary to abandon the inner fears of the domestic terminals. How to give them up if we so many years to live under them. As Americans, walking and afraid of nothing. That’s right, they are all quite different, they have lived here, I would look at them later. But still, friends, sooner or later have to be straightened, and it is most effective to do? Working with the body, working with anritoy, Rita, working with voice, working with anritoy voice through mantras. And then all the inner fears come out and you throw them, become free. Remember that yoga is a system that has to make you free from everything.

Preparations for the third part of the practice

Now we go on. The third part of our practice is the most difficult. I see you are tired, but do nothing, will have to wait. Now we begin to complicate things and much more serious. Let us introduce an element of reinforcing cooperation. All wonderful yoga and yogini, gathered here today, there is a yoga position personification of the Absolute in the female incarnation of the goddess, and in the female incarnation. Each of us has our higher self, it is no different from the Absolute, and our task is to open a the status of the Absolute. When we had a seminar on Rita visualization, we started to do the next thing, we first dissolved his usual way, and then began to visualize the image of the one that wanted to see. And visualized in the person of the opposite sex if you are a woman, then a man. It is the practice of the yoga of love, I’m a bit of paste, because God knows, when it comes to them more business, if you give them in full. Their meaning is that there is a much easier way to demonstrate its potential as the Absolute in its men’s person, and the potential of the Absolute in its female incarnation. If you start to practice this or that mantra, by the same token, you are automatically the vibration of the mantra, create a new body. The only question is how to tell a story that mantra long enough to awaken her!

There are specific mantras with their small moments, and with his little nuances, but, unfortunately, we can not apply them to the workshop because all had to go through a separate seminar on mantra yoga, with all appropriate regulations. Therefore, we simplify and everything is reduced to the names of mantras and take beautiful mythological legends rooted in Vedic times. It is believed that one of the manifestations of men associated with the power of consciousness, is the image of Shiva. In Indian mythology, there are a variety of images, and Shiva, sometimes associated with the power of the male mind with those qualities which women like most. After all, a woman needs a man with a strong mind, everything else is secondary or tertiary for her. Why? Because the woman, by definition, is the embodiment of power, and in the same way, and a man likes a woman in power impersonation. And for energy in the image of this mythology is the image of the wife or the wife of Shiva, one of these names, it is Sri. Very often you will meet when Sri epithet added to the names. What a name, and ahead of Sri put it as the embodiment of that aspect of the energy comes from.

Therefore, as a mantra, you will articulate, there will be two mantras: girls are pronouncing the mantra of Shiva, and the young men will recite the mantra of Sri. Then again, the same goes anrita spontaneous, when you see all around you men, if you are a woman, the manifestation of a single consciousness. If you have a husband, you are your husband is one consciousness, your husband this is the Absolute. It shines through all the men, only through your husband the most. Similarly in women. You see not just women who are around, you see Sri – his wife, the personification of the Absolute in the female incarnation.

Try to feel like a goddess or god and all the people you see, the opposite sex, seen as a god or goddess. Try to do this practice, it is complicated. This is the practice with the support of another person and in this sense it is easier. In the words of another Archimedes, give me a fulcrum and I will move the Earth. If you have a point of support for his meditation, the easier you something in itself to change! Based on the other, you easily get rid of all unnecessary in itself. To support this practice, we add elements of Nyasa yoga. What Nyasa yoga and never with it does not come across. This is one of the hardest and most difficult chapters in yoga. But, whatever it was not difficult, sooner or later, you have to begin to learn. Nyasa is now seen as touching, subtle touch. It is desirable that in Niassa was the spine, touch another person for the spine

So, what now would be? Who will anrita turning into Rita with the mantra, for women, you simply repeat Shiva, Shiva, Shiva. Just the name. Why? Because that is the name, in fact it’s part of the mantra. Word of Shiva is not some little Hindu god, no, it’s all much grander. The same man, Shri! It is clear or not? Let’s add nyasa. In the first place the spinal column, and then hand-foot as it turns out spontaneously. Everything starts to move, but the move peculiar way. In this practice requires a separate seminar, and I’m trying pressed into it at that. Therefore, if someone does not like to engage in this practice, just watch. But in fact, this is a very rare chance! So, we get up and go!

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