An Injury-Free Zone

That is what a yoga mat should be, but unfortunately, it is not always the case. If you hear of an injury during yoga practice, it means only one thing: the person was not doing yoga. It was definitely something else, possibly acrobatics or gymnastics, you name it. But it was not yoga! When we do yoga, we cannot harm ourselves or anybody else, because this is the main principle of yoga. ⠀ 

Here is the clue why injury happens in asana practice: ⠀ 

– You set a goal to master the pose instead of helping your body. ⠀ 

– You are in a rush and don’t do adequate preparation. ⠀ 

– You focus on the outside, watching others watching you, tend to show off, getting too enthusiastic. ⠀ 

– You are not aware of the environment around you and not paying attention. ⠀ 

– You do not use counterpose to release the tension. ⠀ 

So… you are doing something else, but not yoga. In fact, with many daily activities, if you do them mechanically, there’s a potential for injury. However, if people are educated and do yoga as a system of self-exploration, there is nothing wrong with any of the postures. The wisdom of yoga is being able to identify where you should push yourself and where you need to relax. So, here are simple things you can do to avoid any injury during your practice: ⠀ 

– Remember that the practice is to serve you, not vice versa. 

– It is not about mastering the pose, it is about using the posture to transform yourself and to create functional benefit in your body. ⠀ Use the posture as a tool to improve how you feel and function, move with intelligence instead of force. ⠀ If you are afraid or unsure about a pose, don’t rush into it, ask your teacher for help. Be curious about what hurts and what works to ease the irritated area. ⠀ 

– Use your breath as a guide: if it isn’t smooth, it’s often an indication that you’re being too aggressive. ⠀ 

Have you ever been injured by doing any physical exercises? What did you use to heal?

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