Knowledge and practice

So our course on the treatise “Shiva Samhita” has ended … and how many have not yet passed through themselves and have not been disassembled into cogs. Even before I entered, I got hold of this priceless scroll of knowledge, presented to us by the Teachers.

An indescribable feeling of delight and admiration flooded me from the touch of knowledge.

     I didn’t understand half of the text at all. But absolute trust and a sense of kinship came out of nowhere. I simply wrote down recommendations and instructions, implemented them into life … And before he had time to look back, four years later he returned to the text, analyzing it in a circle of like-minded people.

     But this immersion took place in a completely different way. Behind four years of study, “learned” axiomatics, practice. There was a feeling of understanding, some things became clear. Secrets hitherto unseen were revealed, new practices and ways of working. And at the same time, there remains an exciting feeling in front of the not yet open and bottomless content of this text.

    Thanks to IOYU for the invaluable opportunity to work with such texts and for the knowledge base that allows us to carry out this work!

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