Evolution of consciousness. Relations Psychology. Tantra Yoga Philosophy. Kate Karani

English text – Anastasia Bhargo

“Hello everyone. My name is Karani. Today we have a new video devoted to Tantra yoga, the relationship of man and woman [pl] from a position of yoga.

These lectures are more general. At the last lecture, we considered how birth, sex and death are related. If you have any questions, write them to asktantrayoga@gmail.com I will also answer at lectures. Lectures are available on the Youtube channel and on the related sites.”
“Today we will develop this topic a little more.

How these three points are connected and what follows from this. We do not just consider the topics of birth and death. As I said, for some it is sex, but for someone it is the moment of entry into this world since a channel opens, through which the Higher Self of a living being is embodied in this world. Similarly, at the time of death, we are identified with the body and through a similar channel we go to higher spheres, from where then again after some time we incarnate.

“All three of these processes are deeply connected. For humans the level of complexity is probably the highest of all living beings that we can observe, at least in our world, on our planet.

If we take into consideration the primitive single-cell creatures, then the method of reproduction is completely different. There is something easier and Something probably more complicated.”
“As Tantra Yoga teaches, for the opportunity to have sex, for inter-sexual interaction, we paid with our immortality. What does it mean? This means the following.

Living creatures that reproduce by simple division, most likely, of course, this is conditional immortality, it is clear that nothing is immortal.

Cells die, single-cell creatures die too. But the question is that when one cell was divided into two cells, then, of course, that there were two Higher Selves. Otherwise, how would they function separately.”
But the Higher Self that was before it, it also remained and some other thing came. Then comes the process. Further more. It turns out that the Higher Self, which used to be one cell, eventually passes into the next, next life, and in fact it is eternal life.
It turns out the following scheme. We don’t disappear forever. In yoga, it is believed that evolution has always followed two parallel paths. 2-34 The evolution of the body and the evolution of consciousness or the level of self-awareness as you wish. That is, developing a body, getting more complex bodies, we simultaneously developed all other subtle structures. Including the mind. Over time, freedom became more and more.

Oddly enough, evolution is designed in such a way that the more complex the body, the more freedom, the less conditionallity. Actually, sex is the best example. Sex and, as a result, naturally, reproduction. Because we cannot talk about sex without reproduction. And about breeding without sex. 3-10

These two topics are strongly connected. Although I have already said that in the modern world, of course, there are options for artificial insemination and more, but we are not considering them now. We are still talking about what was biologically programmed.

It turns out that the more primitive the body of a living creature, the more rigid the mechanisms that make it multiply at some point in one way or another. Where inter-sexual interaction arises, there are already some more complex structures than microorganisms. The world of animals

There is a specific season in which they breed. Mate and breed. Actually, this is what happens. There are, indeed, some animals that have sex for pleasure, that is, they are more highly developed. For example, as they say.

But to be honest, we do not know much about it. These are the observations of scientists. It is clear that no dolphin has ever personally told us why he has sex, but it seems that he is closer to people than, I don’t know, than to bacteria. But it is not important. 4-12

“I am not going to retell textbooks on biology, zoology and so on. This material is enough on the Internet. You can find out how this all happens. In fact, this is all very interesting. How do living organisms, animals interact with each other, and how do they multiply.

There are very clear cycles in which this is happening. There is something that encourages living things to multiply. That is, to transmit the spark of life.Pass on life to the next generation.

The simpler the body, the easier it is, but the less freedom. I mean that we cannot speak of mind, we cannot speak of any feelings. These are the simplest organisms. It is clear that they simply do not have the appropriate bodies through which the Mind principle could be realized. They just do not have this opportunity. 5-06

Accordingly, as the body becomes more complex. And in yoga it is believed that we went this way – from the simplest organisms to a more complex body, then to a more complex body, of course if there was a will to develop.

as we know, single-cell creatures exist even now, there are bacteria that are millions of years old. They breed, live, as they did. If you have no will to develop live as you want.

You can live like this forever. But at some point, when the will to become more free, more perfect and develop, arises we begin to evolve and begin to change our bodies. 5-44

At the level of some simple organisms, even in the world of animale, this is called a mutation. That is, within the same species, this is a mutation. Some more adapted individuals pass the corresponding genes to the next generation. It remains if they are evolutionarily advantageous, so to speak

That is, if a colony begins to grow, the species begins to dominate its environment, then, of course, some method of reproduction turned out to be the most effective. Or some behavior related to reproduction turned out to be the most effective.

This is very well traceble. Read to whom it is interesting, about bees. 6-30 How the uterus is fertilized, what happens to the males and so, in general, it was not always like that. At some point, evolution leaps forward. even within the same species of living things.

“So we go from body to body. From body to body. It is believed that our expression of will, our Higher Self, its immediate ability, is so strong that we can even not to work some things in certain bodies, in the bodies of primitive animals, in the bodies of protozoa, to obtain a human body.

We drag further these prints from previous lives with ourselves in the human body. There is also a theory in yoga that, strictly speaking, we cannot say that everyone who lives in the human body deserves it. 7-16

“That is, we developed from the level of bacteria consistently into the body of microorganisms, then further into the body of fish, into the body of animals, birds, some more complex primates and received the human body. No friends.

Darwin is a wonderful person, no one’s deny his merits but in yoga the theory is more wide. There is nothing said about the theory of the evolution of consciousness, but in yoga it is. I already talked about this. 7-46

“It is believed that there was some kind of impulse, if you like, some kind of generation of living beings. Teachers of Yoga. In fact, those who we consider as the School cloud of Yoga Teachers. At some point, they really developed as much as possible our human bodies and left them to us as a gift. And we have been using our bodies since then. Strictly speaking, evolving from the level of an animal, at some point, we can leap into the human body. But animal instincts remain. 8-24

As I said, we did not develop them sequentially, did not fully work out karma in each body, because the expression of will is a very serious thing. I already once talked about this. By expressing your will, you can leap over or very quickly go through all the steps and get what is missing in order to get what you need, what was expressed. 8-47
“Therefore, there are quick methods. At that moment, when we get the human body, we can have many clues and associative links from the standards of living in animal bodies.

And oddly enough, the hardest all of hese bindings are in inter-sexual interaction. It is at the level of everything that is associated with reproduction, that is associated with sexuality, that is associated with interaction with the opposite sex. 9-15

“In this regard, face it, we are almost all animals. Because you can’t say that our way is fundamentally different.

Take the same dolphins. They say they have sex for pleasure. it is clear that they breed, of course. But you and I are not dolphins. And dolphins do not dominate our world.

“We understand that man is the king of nature, as they say. Of course, someone can argue, but, anyway, we took over the whole planet .

It is because we developed the mind. As they say, the mind has just evolved due to this and in order to support the most profitable configurations of life extension. To make this species the most adapted, let’s just say 10-06

“I already talked about this. In nature, in simpler bodies, this is called a mutation. And from the level human body, this is already a system of nervous activity, a system of rational thinking, and in general, this whole thing is called a mechanism of procreation protection

So people, animals, protozoa have their own mechanism . The purpose of this mechanism is one. To keep life going. And preferably in the most advantageous configuration. In the most adapted bodies, in the most fit bodies, in the best conditions. Everything else does not concern these mechanisms.
“This is not to say that mechanism of procreation protection is some kind of separately built-in program that was inserted like a virus into a computer and it works there. No. It would not have turned out so that all this was much earlier than the fact that we developed the mind. Much earlier than the fact that in principle the mind appeared, or at the same time. 11-09

Because there are some studies in Tantra Yoga on this subject of those people who practice and work on themselves. They note such strange things that it seems that the mechanism of procreation protection does not only use reason, as it was previously thought. That is, by the individual mind of a particular living creature. But also general buddhi. 11-35
“Those who practice yoga, they will understand me now. That is, this level is very close to what can be taken as the level of intuition. I do not know about the level of intuition – it is difficult. Most likely, this is much higher

It is unlikely that the mechanism of procreation protection is already working there, but this remains a question. Here I can’t argue, I can’t say anything about this yet. But that the mechanism of procreation protection unambiguously uses the information that is contained in the buddhi, that is, in a certain general mental field related to a particular individual, so to speak, it looks like this is so. 12-09

Accordingly, all advantages are on his side. When we think that we are doing something consciously, it very often happens that we are doing what benefits to these structures. They have their own program. So that the human race continues and that it does not die out. The same is for all living beings.

“It is quite enough For a cat or a cow or a fox or a dog just to breed. 12-40 They have deep instincts .

And in the human body there are such things that come precisely from the level of the mind. That is, for example, sexual fantasies. A very interesting thing.

Of course, we don’t know what is going on in the head of dolphins or dogs. Maybe they have some kind of sexual fantasies, but at least starting from the level of a person, you have to live with this and constantly encounter it. 13-08 Because how else to make a person to evolve. It is clear that the body is perfect. how to mutate further? Well, grow a tail or fifth leg? or two heads?
“By the way, in anthropological museums you can see examples of how evolution went, went, went, came to a standstill, some kind of living creatures became extinct.

That is, there are not many Australopithecus these days. well, Apparently, it was not profitable. But a reasonable man somehow survived and still lives and dominates. That is, there was something that allowed us to become leaders on this planet.

“Of course, first of all, it is a developed mind. 13-58 Read about the evolution of the brain. It is very interesting. Listen to the scientists who do this. It is really very interesting. But they all agree that initially the mind and the organ through which it functions, the brain, developed precisely under the influence of reproduction. That is, the basic function and the basic task was reproduction.

“Search for the most advantageous configuration of the best male, best female to continue the most viable offspring. Everything else was later.

Then we came up with a various kinds of tricks, and so far our behavior is mostly due to this. The smarter the person, the more information he has at his disposal, the more intelligent he is, the more he is able to embrace the very buddhi with his consciousness, the very space in which he, so to speak, mentally functions, the greater the field of action for its all internal mechanisms. 14-59

“Therefore, we cannot say that, say, a professor of philosophy is the also yogi. Although both of them, indeed, can study the ancient tantric treatises. The difference is fundamental. The yogi passes everything through himself, through practice. Because by working through the mind, you cannot control the mind. No work with the mechanism ….. without controlling the mind. Pls notice, I’m not saying keep the mechanism of procreation protection under control 15-35

“Because it is a very dangerous thing to control mechanism of procreation protection completely. This means to control life itself, the very spark of life. The question is whether life itself will allow it to be brought under control.

It seems to me that it will always be necessary to find a compromise. This is hardly possible for someone personally. Probably it is possible, just for rishis, sages who periodically incarnate on the earth in the bodies of people. They are called Avatars in India. 16-14 They come to point people in the right direction.

So perhaps they have resolved these issues. But it is not clear.

“But such wise people never oppose life. Therefore, all attempts to achieve levitation with severe asceticism and impose on everyone the same asceticism always fail.

Remember all the religious doctrines. They disappeared only for one reason.

“Some had tough celibacy, which was not at all compensated by its non-binding character. Other – burned women[plural] at the stake for several centuries. 16-54

Well, you understand that all this has either died out or acquired more light forms with which this mechanism can really coexist. Because you can’t make an attempt on life. And life is passed on precisely through sex. 17-07

Do you see what I’m getting at? That is, everything that limits sexuality, sooner or later, will be dropped, swept away and crushed. This is what is happening. Even if there are some deviations in our opinion … I have already said in past lectures about this, that in yoga things that violate three principles of yoga are considered deviations. 17-29
“Only that violates the principle of kindness, the principle of common sense, as a consequence, the principle of renouncing sufferings. That is, if any of this is found , indeed, it can be considered as a deviation.

All that encroaches on life is deviation. Everything that does not encroach on life, everything you can coexist with, it is only question can we find the conditions to satisfy these fantasies.. 17-55

“Satisfying fantasies is imperative. Yes indeed. Without violating the principles of yoga. I have already said that the criminal code falls under three principles of yoga. We must do no harm. No one should suffer from the manifestations of our sexuality. Not a single living thing. Everything else – please, as much as you like.

“Moreover, sometimes such a thing happens. Yogi and yogini practice yoga for a long time. they clean theirselves from all samskaras . Redirect or break associative links. They have been working on themselves for a very long time in asceticism.

But still, whatever one may say, in a dream, someone dreams of sex on the ninth floor under the moon. And someone has a very nice group pastime, in which eight or more people participate. And someone dreams about other moments. Chained and with some appropriate surroundings or anything else18-54

“And it seems that a person is working on himself. In the waking state he controls himself. He meditates from morning to night. But what about this? this is the blind zone, you see.

To say that we control ourselves 24 hours a day, well, friends, will the mind withstand, that’s the question. As a rule, as I heard, great devotees and ascetics, those who worked on themselves and reached some serious heights in self-knowledge by asceticism at some point, understand that it is impossible to achieve everything with asceticism. 19-38

Of course, you can go to the top level. But complete liberation, as it is considered in Tantra Yoga, is impossible without knowing complete enjoyment. That is, the asceticism itself is meaningless. This is one of the cornerstones of Tantra Yoga. 19-54
Asceticism is needed only in order to know enjoyment. To make it even stronger, to use it as a fuel for your own enlightenment. From this position I do not miss an opportunity to add, that it is terribly silly to think that drugs can be appropriate somehow in yoga. Especially in Tantra. 20-18
all that I have said before, it completely eliminates the use of any drugs. Everything that clouding the mind, everything that takes the pleasure from our body not naturally, everything that does not naturally destroy the conditional reality that is formed, It’s not all good, even conversely 20-39
“It turns out then, no matter how we live. No matter how much asceticism we’ve tortured ourselves. no matter how much drugs we eat , As a result it turns out all hat there is not enough prana for the final breakthrough.

This has never happened before. Well, show me at least one enlightened junkie. Sorry, it doesn’t add up. But there are a lot of people who are sick in hospices with mental problems and so on, who use drugs, 21-11″

You can say anything. In Tantra Tattva, Shiva Chandra writes very well. He says, you know, I often meet people who say that Shiva smoked Ganjubas. Sorry, but show me at least one person who met Shiva. Who knows for sure that this is Shiva and he said that he smoked. 21-28

“Sorry, friends, this is really funny. And to say that someone wrote something, you see, this is such a human tendency to justify their vices. And ascribe them to someone else authoritative. There is such a topic. This is also a manipulation. Let’s not talk about that. 21-42

“There is a very slippery slope on one side. On the other side if you understand how to work with your internal structures, then There won’t be any need for any extra distracting thing like drugs or other things

why should man spend time on it? If it is possible, on the contrary, living asceticism, gain prana, and then go to higher levels with pleasure . 22-10″
In order for this to work out, of course, you need to observe the second principle of yoga in Tantra yoga. This is practical chastity. This is not just wasting yourself on trifles, as in conventionally classical yoga. This is the ability to separate that part of pleasure, that part of prana that goes on to continue life when we want to have children, from the part that remains at our disposal after we have done this or not spent on it. 22-42
In fact, as I said, a few lectures ago, in general, these two things are connected well and beautifully, sexuality and the continuation of life. But strictly speaking, we do not have sex as many times as we have children. 22-59 This is clear.

Recently, they talked about the exploits of a man; he became a sperm donor in the Soviet period, and has more than 500 children. Well done. But still, I think that he had sex more than the number of children conceived. although who knows. 23-19

“But generally this is usually so. It is unlikely that every sex lead to conception. It’s clear. But still these internal structures constantly prompt to have se. Do you have children or you do not have children. Whether you are planning or not planning, it doesn’t matter, anyway . 23-35

“If we squeeze this in ourselves, thinking that the brahmacharya is sitting with severe asceticism in the lotus pose, if this happens, then sexual deviations arise directly from here. 23-50

So you really can’t just ignore sexuality. You definitely cannot do it if you practice yoga. If you can do it, then you have lack prana and you need to work on yourself well, in Hatha Yoga, in Kriya Yoga, in Pranayama. In order to bring yourself at least from the negative state to zero. And then, already slowly gain the prana. Here when you have prana excess, the question of sexuality pops up. 24-17

If there will be a little more prana, conditionally, two grams more, more than it was, it will be spent there first of all. Even if you do not want sex openly, there will be erotic dreams. Erotic dreams will not be dreamed – the imagination will draw different mental pictures . And so on. That is, anyway, it will start to get out anyway. 24-38

The more we ignore it, the more problems we get. That is why in Tantra Yoga we try to work with these mechanisms. You cannot get rid of them, they cannot be disconnected, they cannot be ignored in any case. As I said, because of it we get all the maniacs, rapists and other problems. It is just because there were apparently some kind of psycho-injuries at the time, somehow it was ignored and in the end it takes on such forms. 25-06
“But, notice how much society condemns such crimes. Sexual offenses. Because, really, if someone just killed someone in a drunken fight, yes, it happens. And if the crime with the involvement of some kind of sexual violence, then society demonstrates real intolerance. Because that’s our nature

“You see, it is echo of very ancient times, when everything connected with the continuation of life is under the special care of this very life. Including, the whole society , as a rule. Therefore, indeed, it is reflected in our laws , there are very serious articles for all these crimes, and indeed this is correct. 25-52

“Because there can be no compromise. Absolutely. But it happens in different ways. Therefore, doing yoga we have a chance to track all this, to track all these tendencies, redirect our tendencies in time, redirect our prana to other associative links, of course we are engaged in this, of course. 26-14

“So this is what we are coming to. Lots of moments in our behavior in inter-sexual interaction have been dragged since the time of life in the bodies of animals. And since we do not pay attention to this while living in the bodies of people, respectively, formally, the body is there, but the attitude towards sex is like we are animals.

Just because some patterns of behaviour have formed, somehow it is embedded in the body, everything happens by itself and that’s all. But what is the fundamental difference. Of course, we can stop at the level that we developed the mind only in order to be able to find an alpha male or alpha female. 26-53

But this is not so. Obviously, this is not so. This can be understood. If it all came down to this, then what is the biggest criterion . You can earn money, get your body in order and it is guaranteed to give you what you want.

But just, you know, as it was in the last question at the last lecture, there is money, everything seems to be fine, but I do not feel myseld happy 27-17 Do you see?

There is no feeling of satisfaction from either alpha males or alpha females. It is better to think about why. Because, in the first place, indeed, the mechanism of procreation protection is designed in such a way that even if you have everything that you seem to have dreamed about, there will never be satisfaction. Never.

this mechanism works the whole our lifes. If we don’t do anything about it, disappointment in life is inevitable. What can be done about it.

There is a very beautiful expression tantric Buddhists have, “riding the tiger”. You can ride your mind. You can ride the mechanism of procreation protection , and it will work for our liberation. In order to make us free from our ego, from the dependence of some logical tought concepts. But only if we do not attempt to continue life. 28-18

Everything in this Universe is somehow tricky arranged, if we come to some secrets, and in the background we have a thought, of individual enlighten . You know, it’s unlikely to succeed. Already, at least by the methods of Tantra yoga is unlikely. 28-39

“And if you observe the principle that life is absolute priority, give life to children, help those who have children, speak so that there are fewer divorces, no abortions, tell people that any abortion is a murder, because many people just don’t think about it.

They don’t want to know. They just don’t think and it remains in the blind zone 28-58

“Then, indeed, if you work with this topic, then, at some point, you can move a little further. Yoga knowledge works this way. You pass the knowledge, they give you a new portion.
Without helping others, focus on yourself, of course, you can practice asceticism as much as you like, the question is what you get in the end. Life is not so long to think that you can do everything personally for yourself, without giving anything to others. 29-23

“Well, the question is,, what will you do if you die earlier as you achieve your goals. what about next life? Back to animal bodies? to get what he did not get? in my opinion, it is better, somehow in Hatha yoga to get what was not obtained in the bodies of animals. If anyone does not understand what I am talking about read the Hatha Yoga treatise which you may find at free online yoga courses yogaopenyoga.com 29-41

Living in the human body, we must still work out things that were not worked out during life in the bodies of animals. this is also applies to sexual interaction. You see, we drag different scenarios of behaviour from the life in animals bodies. Such a big bag of stones behind. We don’t even know that it is there, because we were we were born that way and the bag was already hanging there 30-0

We are used to it and It doesn’t cross our minds to pull stones from there to make it easier. Distribute the load somehow. Take a little on the chest, leave a little on the back, pull something, eventually get all of them out of there . We do not know about this. We were told that it was so necessary. So in general it turns out that the bodies are perfect, the bodies allow us to separate the part that goes on the continuation of life from the part that goes on for pleasure. 30-25

We just don’t know this. We do not want to know this. We do not use this and, accordingly, our inter-sexual interaction do not differ from the inter-sexual interaction of cows, dogs, dolphins and everyone else. That hurts. honestly. If I didn’t even do yoga and I would be told about it, it’s been upsetting. I don’t know about you. But there is an opportunity to act different. 30-50

But for some reason we continue to persist. That is something we should think about. This is what I recommend to everyone who will listen to this video. It’s not so easy. Of course, it is not profitable for the mind to learn something new.

It is not necessary and what for when there are other more interesting things outside. But if there is already an understanding that …. Yes, we’ll die anyway. Sooner or later, we will all die. And sooner or later we’ll all be born. Believe, do not believe, it does not matter. 31-21

This is obvious and the theory of yoga says that it will be so. Therefore, you should think now about what will happen next. many things focused at this moment

In fact, you see, yes, that there wouldn’t be a mutation, there wouldn’t be deviations, there wouldn’t be intellectual development of person, even just intellectual, if it wouldn’t in sex a bit more than either just procreation, or just such an elementary desire to blow off steam. as men say, they love that expression.

Well, you blew not only steam, but also something that could develop your mind. 32-01 In fact, there is no other tool to leap to a new level I mean with the development of the mind except to use sexual energy. We have no other source at all.

And as for some serious breakthroughs even in meditation. it’s considered that I’m supposed to sit down and meditate till I get what I want. 32-27

I don’t see many examples that it works. But if you use sexual energy, here breakthroughs begin. Breakthroughs in everything. Read all the stories of all the geniuses, as a rule they had a very interesting sexual life.

Newton they say for all his life he did not lost a drop of semen[[‘si:mən]]. Einstein, on the contrary, is said to have loved women[pl] very much. The question is what he did with them . It doesn’t matter 32-52 But there were many. Apparently he did everything right.

A powerful mind requires significant resources. There’s nowhere to take it from except from the energy of sex. We have to use it in order to live on, develop, to survive. There will still be no other way out. Sooner or later, of course, this is all I hope. Yes, I’m sure it will be so. But you need to start thinking about it now. 33-28

Because a lot is laid in the moment of sex. Firstly, at least, this is a new birth. And on the other hand, for a yogi who already understands that every spilled drop of semen just like approach of death. In general, it can be said that this is a small death.

As in the one hundred and eight aphorisms of Tantra Yoga said, “”she can bring you to the top of bliss, but she can kill you.”” This is about tantric partner and this is whay I am talking about. 33-55

If a man spends a semen with no reason, then we cannot talk about any brilliant breakthroughs, but in general about evolution. The evolution of consciousness and everything else can not be said.

there is another story With women [pl] . And I have a lot of videos on this subject. There are already about seven lectures and I will read more about the woman[pl] pranic losses . In general, doing yoga it really makes sense to begin to control this things more and more. 34-24
“As for the death, last time we have talked a lot about it, too.

It turns out that from the moment when we began to multiply by sexual interaction. when we divided into two sexes and began to interact with each other, since that time we can say that we came up with death for ourselves. 34-44

“That is the death was such a mechanism that, most likely, was also formed under the influence of the mechanism of procreation protection This was the most advantageous configuration in order to develop rapidly transfer the spark of life further and in the next generation to make a new breakthrough step by step.

now we have perfect bodies , our mind is quite well developped. So You understand that we have nowhere to dig except in sexuality and working with it. 35-13″
“Because we have the death already. That is, to say that I am immortal, completely overcame death, is impossible.

how we act with birth. Hormonal contraceptives, drugs, abortions.

how we act with sex – like animals. 35-30″
“So how does this end? It can be assumed how.

Therefore, you have to deal with these things, have to turn your brains to this direction, and especially if we really practice yoga or we are thinking about to embark on this path.

If we want, at least, not to degrade. In the next life to be born somewhere where you can develop the mind with no problems.
and not to be born under a palm tree with only one mission to collect coconuts.

“Although, the phenomenon of Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov also exists. But these are strange karmic intricacies [‘ɪntrɪkəsɪ] . who knows how it was. But in general.

Of course, it is logical, if we limited our sexuality, if we did harm to others, if we constantly had abortions, prevented the birth of children, did everything we could to agitate others against this(birth), then where are we born, in what conditions? 36-23 You should realise where

On the other hand, even if we have children, if we do not interfere with this, but still we do not engage in our sexuality, then we do not have many chances or almost none to develop , especially not only intellectually, but also in terms of the evolution of consciousness. 36-36
“You can practice Hatha Yoga as much as you want, but sooner or later, the question of managing sexual energy will arise.

Therefore, if there is already an understanding that this is not just nonsense. That I’m not makin’ this up. If you have heard anything useful in these lectures, then this is knowledge, all the wisdom from the Masters. and all stupidity from me. 37-09″
Everyone can study it. It is free. But of course if only ride your own brains. Because the mind really does not like everything that tries somehow to control it even in the future. And yoga does it. Therefore, here you will have to deal with yourseld somehow. 37-29
Our future life, development depends on how successfully we do this.
That’s all I wanted to say for today. There were a lot of questions, but there is nothing to read them from. I remember just one question that came to asktantrayoga@gmail.com.
“The question was short, but concise. Сontradictions between men and woman[single] is considered unsolvable. So in the end they are solvable or not. Why deal with them if they are unsolvable?

You know, yes, it is believed that they are, indeed, unsolvable, because they are fundamental. Because the Universe is made so and this is a profitable configuration. Discoveries happen based on contradictions. It cause prana allocation. Life appears on contradictions and it is there.

“Therefore, even the contradictions between men and women[pl] are oddly beneficial to the offspring. That is beneficial to children. Though somehow, the human race continues, whatever one may say.

Therefore, of course, it is hardly possible to completely get rid of contradictions. But you can learn to coexist with each other. You can learn to use yourself, your manifestations and interactions with the opposite sex in order to grow together. Freedom together should be more than freedom individually. That is the point.”
You can encapsulate and do not communicate. You can say, yes, these contradictions are unsolvable , and continue to live as you lived. But yoga is a union of consciousness and energy. This is not a battle of consciousness with energy. but the union of consciousness and energy. it is very important. 39-25
Therefore, the increase in pranic potential and its proper use in compliance with the three principles of yoga. If we follow the fast methods of Tantra yoga, then we observe tantric vows. There are actually a lot of them too. I talked about some of them in other videos. Look for it on my Youtube Channel. Also check the Tantric regulations playlist, but not only there.
If we begin to understand that these principles are not just stupid restrictions, that they are made precisely so that our freedom with the opposite sex together is greater than separately, then these contradictions really can bring us to a new level and make us free.
Instead of fighting with something cannot be overcome, as I said, riding the tiger, you can use it to become free. That is the meaning of Tantra Yoga and in the principle of the whole teaching of yoga in general. This is such a short answer. If you need any specifics, write to asktantrayoga@gmail.com
“I will answer. I do not remember other questions. although there were questions. Probably in the next video I will answer. That’s all for today.

Thanks to all. Bye everyone.”

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