Tribal Yoga.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 9-I.

So, friends, today, October 26, 2010, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This is a lecture MOYO, we are in Moscow, near m. Novoslobodskaya in cultural center “Enlightenment”. The subject of today’s lecture – “Patrimonial yoga”. All public information on our sites:,, The address of our e-store where you can buy everything: files, movies, recordings of previous lectures, is

So, friends, let’s go further in understanding the Generic yoga. And here the whole course of generic yoga, he built a kind, as we would relate to some General considerations, try to understand them and to specify, comprehend, and then how to dive in practice. That is quite specific recommendations, which should be borne in mind, if life teaches us this or that question. It turns out a kind of mnogozonovaya policy. For the reason that if you do not understand the meaning, not to the non-verbal impetus of this yoga, any recommendation instead to make life easier, on the contrary, can greatly complicate its us the fact that we are wrong will use these recommendations. Do the questions more than serious attitude to our parents, to our children, and as a result, everything was focused on the relationship with our husbands, wives, i.e. all those who help us be the link between ancestors and descendants.

This is an extremely sensitive and serious subject, where a sharp gesture, where any thoughtless act can cause in the future a lot of difficulties. These difficulties can sometimes occur due to the fact that we are too smart, and we think that we are all too aware. This is one extreme. And also these difficulties arise when we are too stupid, we all let things slide, let how it goes, so be it. That also leads to bad results. And here it turns out that we need to be careful to go to very specific recommendations. Because long enough, I teach yoga, I know that most people like direct and clear instructions on what, when to do it.

Indeed, when analyzing a given situation such instructions arise. But to cover all possible situations of life impossible, and to make recommendations in each case, life just does not seem to be any resources. This requires that people understand yoga on a Generic level may be logic and common sense, but most importantly, they felt that is untold higher non-verbal knowledge or sverdlovka contained in any yoga. For this reason, when such pose of yoga, you first need to give a boost to the student. Don’t set any facts, instructions, and this non-verbal overglorify jolt of joie de vivre. The feeling of grandeur the moment, feeling the immensity of his role, feeling the unspeakable of the pulse of life. And only then already some more or less verified theories, which I must say, very logical and very elegant. But without this soul, Sverdlovenergo pulse of life, truth, freedom, all also again can turn into a lifeless schema. In Plutarch there is a saying: “the Student is not a vessel to be filled but a torch to be lit”. Think about this phrase! Stuff you very valuable and very necessary details, including Generic yoga, similar to the large vessel to fill and to fill you with isolated facts is, in General, hopeless, firstly, a lot of them, second, it requires more time to think logical and docking them. And thirdly, again, it’s only logical. And any yoga in the first place Generic yoga, expect to sverdlovka. And here the transfer of this Sverdlovenergo momentum, really like, this process, when one source of knowledge, from one knowledge of fire, illuminate the other. And this new knowledge can fire just beginning to burn, maybe not all the logs in the fire began to fire. But it is a question only of time when everything goes into a single picture. Need this boost. Is that in ancient treatises on yoga is called initiation, i.e. when you grasp the ineffable. And this is again the difficulty of all yoga and family yoga in particular.

The question arises, where in yoga, Tribal yoga came this verbal impulse, this impulse of dedication? Well, in fact, all yoga, all the varieties of yoga which has come down to us, known to us, they refer to some such first principles, of some such axioms, kind of priznanie that a particular form of yoga is already decode and give chewed in such form, in the form of practical exercises. In the tradition of our school it’s called the axioms of yoga. The question arises, what exactly are the axioms of yoga and where it came from, on what it rests, what was the background of yoga? Well, the background of yoga, or in fact, even the ancient yoga, this is called Vedic knowledge or the knowledge enclosed in these several ancient Vedas. In fact, if you perform many of the same teachings of India, almost all teachings in some way connected with the Vedas, or in any way based on the Vedas. Moreover, some teachings that are not based on the Vedas, they seem to go back to the Vedas, arguing with the Vedas, i.e. still in them implicitly, again, there are the Vedas, or the ancient Vedic knowledge. There is a very interesting situation that India is such a patchwork quilt of numerous philosophical trends, schools, sometimes religious sects, sometimes some religious movements, traditions, system of self-discovery. That is a lot of things. And sometimes a very curious thing when trying to figure out a situation in one system, this system will be to point fingers or refer to another system, that other system on the third, third to fourth, fourth to fifth, fifth to sixth and sixth, say, the first. Here sometimes you have to face some regulations, which are in the logical sense are closed on themselves. But each of the 6-7 or other systems showing each other the finger equally refers to the Vedas. The Vedas do not refer to anything. The Vedas themselves. Ie, we don’t have sources. We have no branches of knowledge on which rested the Vedas. And that is the one part of Generic yoga, which we will look at very specific and practical, it is in fact one of the constituent parts of the Vedic knowledge or the Vedas. That is Generic yoga is an integral pillar of Vedic knowledge, which is present in the Vedas of course. Sometimes in obvious, sometimes in the floor explicitly sometimes implicitly and in fact forms the basis for the generic yoga. And as a result immediately raises the question in people studying Tribal yoga. And whether Tribal yoga religion, since it relies on the Vedas, it is necessary to understand, and whether the Vedas religion?

Well, let’s start with the answer to this question. Yoga is not a religion but is a system of self-discovery. That is, you can adhere to particular religious views or not adhere, in principle, it does not prevent you in learning yoga. But in regard to the Vedas, this is a very unique situation. And here in our Ancestral course of yoga, a few words must be said about the essence of Vedic knowledge. In fact, Vedic knowledge, not being a religion spawned in the future, a huge number of different directions of thought, including religious. A huge number based on Vedic knowledge originated movements, exercises, and later sects of various kinds, which on the one hand rely on the Vedas and are called religions, and the Vedas in this sort of are not religion. And at the time, as soon as Western scientists began more or less to explore the phenomenon of ancient Vedic knowledge, they have nothing could not understand. They could not classify the Vedas, they were not able to relate them to one or the other or third section to the classification of philosophical or religious thought. The meaning of the Vedas from them as they escaped. That is, the Vedas do not fall under the formal gradation. Well, really, when modern anthropologist and philosopher studies or other development, including religious thought, involuntarily, I know this concept or paradigm is the following: here was an ancient wild man, who knew nothing, saw nothing, but which is faced with the phenomena of nature, and unwittingly they worshiped, as a result there were such cults revival of natural phenomena, which in the future started to transform into the worship of the different deities, natural; then these deities more and more became abstract and now we have according to the paradigm of modern scholars the system of polytheism, well, in the manner of ancient Greece or in the manner of ancient Rome. Then this system of polytheism begins somehow also transformed, and sooner or later we get the idea of monotheism, in fact the essence of many world religions, and as a consequence, a branch of these religions through the numerous sects, some of the order, etc. etc. So, based on this logic, the Vedas had to be one or the other, or a third. Or primitive some cults of ancestors, the deification of nature, any system of polytheism with many gods and goddesses who are responsible for different phenomena. Or at least it would be a system of monotheism where all these multiple gods that are manifestations of something more unified, universal. So most interesting is that the Vedas are on one side include all of the gradation, and on the other, are not one of them. That is, of logical reasoning led to the fact that it was impossible to answer unequivocally. That is, in the Vedas the same way every person could find any hints of religiosity, and the interesting thing is that later Marxists were classified as the idea of atheism. And, of course, is a big problem for scientists is how to classify, how to explain, how to teach, what is Vedic knowledge?! Nothing fits together! Friends, converge and could not, because Vedas claim sverdlovini knowledge, and those words, images , hymns, chants, mantras, stories, is just a vessel, a shell. So here are the contents of the vessel ineffable, non-verbal. And if, to perform the most clear and intelligible to us in words the essence of the Vedas, we can say that this is the essence of life. That’s life. Here think about the concept of “life”. Any notion of philosophical concepts or any religions or any movements or exercises requires people who are able to track them, to understand, to share. It is supposed that there is including a Professor of philosophy, who will sit to consider. But it is also expected that the Professor alive. If we remove the factor of life, the fading factor of religion, polytheism, monotheism, secularism, all isms –disappear. All philosophical concepts, doctrine, current doctrine. Some practical methods of thinking about life, or knowledge, or self, they are secondary to the concept of life. Here there is a concept “the pulse of life.” What is it? It seems to us that we know what life is. This is an extremely abstract thing. So that’s what we call life, it is derived something of such a Grand transcendent ineffable, in our schemes, even the most precise, logical, – not placed. This is something beyond the logic, it’s some kind of torch something alive, so good, over something. In the language of logic seems incomprehensible, blank, or, on the contrary, frighteningly dark. Why because well, how would the absence of something can be classified as dark. In this sense, from the standpoint of mind there is the concept of light and darkness, good and evil, life and death, but only in the framework of dualistic opposition. But for the initial push there is nothing but life. But life with a capital letter. Transcendent life. That is not a relative of life, which manifests itself in a series of forms, where one form replaces another, as in the original, transcendent source. And with the position of this transcendent source, or the canvas of this ancient Vedic knowledge is possible and to reconcile the theist and the atheist, the monotheist and polytheist, and anyone, because they all share thing, again, is an essential – it is Life. All of them, the idea is that these debaters should be live. Because to argue with something inanimate, you again will not. Again, what I now say this words. These words trying to give a boost to your mind, but, of course, as with any words they are limited. The same thing we see in the Vedas and in sufficient this index meaning. Expressed through certain hymns, certain such recitatives. Further lots later, when the Vedas ceased to be understood and the position of this momentum and push even from the standpoint of normal, began to develop different exercises, movements, which took different projection something whole. Now imagine a complex three-dimensional detail that you can’t Express on the plane and you begin to do so projection bottom projection front projection side, and that’s only the combination of these projections and allows you to understand how to make this single piece. So it turns out, friends, that in India the Veda, not being, in the usual sense of the word, a religion and at the same time gave rise to a huge number of branches of a variety of sometimes mutually exclusive and contradictory religions. Why? Because it was only the brink of something universal whole. And it is a universal whole, I want to say again, untold. In his attempt to Express or justify this unspeakable nature of this knowledge, each system, a religion, went his own way. Yoga, of course, is also applying for the diversity explanation here is that first jolt of life, also gives us an attempt to understand. What is it, what is Vedic knowledge? And that in yoga, for example, reflected in the fact that we have a school of yoga called the yoga axiomatics. Those of you who have studied, remember that there are mythic moments of creation, explaining how one thing evolved into something else, and it’s all very abstract words. In the Vedas the same, but in more poetic form, in the form of hymns, stories beautiful. Now I will read to you one of the hymns. The rig Veda, which, in theory, should give you a boost to understanding everything. This is rig Veda. Mandala 10. Hymn 129. I read it will be translated by Tatiana Yakovlevna Elizarenkova.

And here listen: “there was Not universal and was not existent then, there was no air, nor firmament beyond it. They were moving back and forth? where? Under whose protection? What kind of water was bottomless? Deep. There was neither death nor immortality then. There was no sign of day or night. Breathe no celebs air by his law something one and there was nothing else but him. Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning. Not distinguishable the depths of it all. The life that was encased in the void, it was one the force generated by heat. In the beginning there came over him a desire that was the first seed of thought. The origins of the universal carrier was opened. Wise thinking for your heart. Was stretched across the cord. Was there a bottom? Was up? The copulator was. Forces incrimination was. Rush down meet upstairs. Who truly knows? Who here will proclaim? How I was born? Whence this creation? Then the gods appeared by means of creation of this world. So who knows where it originated? Whence this creation has arisen? Whether it was created or who is not? Who oversees this world in highest heaven? Only he knows or doesn’t know”

I have another carichino translation of the same verse, but a few words about the translations, I’m interested refer to our materials according to the Vedas, in the appropriate course. The language of the Vedas is multifaceted, intertwined in this mystery and clear. Seams a huge amount. There are all shades. And strict logical and emotionally expressive, and, like poetry, passionately conscription. Or else, you know, suggestive intuitive. And all this in one recitative, in the same hymn. Therefore, translation of the same hymn can be a large number with a different emphasis, depending on what you want to. Now we will not delve into the analysis of rig Veda, but try to understand. It is actually here described all the axioms of yoga. Act zero, act one, act two. The principle of emergence of male and female across was stretched cord.

“Whether the bottom was the top, copulator was. Power Hobbies were, the rush down meet up.”

But look, as in another translation:

“The rope is stretched out across them. Whether at the bottom of that? Was it at the top? Native seed was, it was lust at the bottom. The stress at the top”.

And that’s like many faces, the same verse can be interpreted from different points of view. Where to put virtually all known and unknown religious thought, philosophical thought, ranging from polytheism ending with atheism. Again we read the questions:

“Whence this creation has arisen? Whether it was created or not, who oversees this world in highest heaven? Only he knows or doesn’t know?”

At the time when in the Soviet Union science connected with Orientalism is somehow financed and carried out some work. Then, of course, that’s up to mucklow sword of Marxism-Leninism was hanging on every work, on every philosophical research. And the most interesting to many of even the later philosophical and religious currents of thought of the same India, here suppressed, fought, not indulged they are in the land of the Soviets, ideologically alien, obscurantist and inconsistent with the opinion of Marxism. But friends of yoga from the Vedas freely penetrated into the Country of the Soviets. Why? Yes, because this knowledge is higher than the obstacles, it feels good everywhere, in every ideology and thought. And really that’s above me verse could be safely put as the progressive thoughts of the ancient Rickshaw, aware of the materiality of all things, and for this case to bring the basis of Marxism-Leninism and to good respectively, on research, translation work and etc work for this purpose. All really depends on sooner or later that someone has to pay for it. As a support, to allow. So it turns out friends that when trying to picture the Vedas as a religion, this is not true, the Vedas are not a religion. Just like yoga based on the Vedas is not a religion. The Veda is more than a religion. Veda is life. Religion begins with the moment when life is. If life and religion there. And you must also understand. This provision has fully moved into yoga in General and yoga in the family in particular. In fact, the analysis of each of the verses of this hymn is not just of idle to say such a thing, it can be read as poetry, read poets of the Silver age, where through lines heard unspeakable sense of impending horrors of the revolution. Or any other things related to life, so the Vedas can be read. But at the same time, as a very specific instruction. Any moment of origin of the world and the device world. Even the unanswered question was extremely important, which then had a powerful spread in the methods of yoga. If you ask a question, you will get the answer. Or what I really liked in the Soviet Union, in our school, technical that well formulated problem is already solved the problem. Good question contains the answer. The worst is when the person or someone else even to formulate the question may not, but the thing is it happens that the response may contain a portion of the ineffable, transcendent, Sverdlovenergo knowledge, which is to formalize and record on paper is impossible in principle. So why try to torture the paper, writing something ineffable, if there is another way: to give impetus to the mind that a person meditating, thinking about it, sooner or later would have lit the torch of understanding within themselves untold.

Now that, my friends, the situation with the Generic yoga. Many theories are beautiful, accurate, logical; many examples of fine life; a lot of wishes; a lot of some more detailed advice that protects you from stupid. But it’s still just a shell of something over. And this “beyond” is the impulse of life, friends. So when we approach once again to a more focused study, the recommendations of Generic yoga, in the background of these sensible recommendations should be the torch neverball understanding of life, if it is, you’ll immediately notice the obvious inappropriateness of a Council in any other circumstances than those for which it was created. If not, then we’ll get the extremes, some of which we talked in the previous lecture. On the one hand, as you may recall, the extreme of mankind in sharing all on a variety of principles, but on the other hand is an attempt to equalize everyone, I remind you, that any other paradigm has not worked. The most offensive, let me remind you, the previous lecture, there are still mistakes in this field. For example take a nice country like America, where in fact there was a huge number of people from various segments of the population. And here first arose the idea of a watered pot, where a variety of race, nationality, culture, will melt into something new, monolithic, singular, solid, and formed like a nation like the American people. But further experience has shown that such processes are not happening. No one is smelted into something coherent whole, but still a distinct separation. On a variety of criteria of race, nationality, religious of some nature. Then decided to adjust the policy. Decided to build multinacionalne society, or rather a multicultural society. Yes, a single nation composed of numerous numbers of cultures that mutually enrich each other. This idea was picked up in Europe. The result has spawned a ghetto, where in the country, one culture, there were foreign inclusions completely different. Moreover, they do not enrich each other and quarrel with each other. Don’t understand. And you know, like it turns out that this is impossible in principle to one of the country lived in peace, including various cultures, and, so to say, indeed, that they enrich each other. Yesterday I was watching TV. The head of Germany about it publicly stated. This is a very serious, friends, step. It can be said an admission of defeat. Although it went virtually unnoticed. And where? In Germany! Where this is self-censorship in matters of nationality, she was nowhere as big after the horrors of fascism. The question arises: well, what if it is impossible to peacefully coexist with different people from different culture, nationality? No. Possible. India is an example. Absolutely perfectly each other coexist.

That is, any extreme, any hard questions they involve many factors, invisible and imperceptible. And the fact that in one country can happen in another can not happen ever. And all this, friends, again, rests here in a very specific understanding of who man is, at what level it is self-knowledge, the conditions in which he lives, which policy around. Difficult moments, friends. But always fraught with big shocks, big explosions, great slaughter and bloodshed. And therefore to give any advice makes sense. Yes, indeed, it makes sense that Europe, too, to think that their watered correct policy to anything good does not. Nor to the Europeans nor to the poor emigrants, who come to him, form ghettos, become outcasts, and in fact this environment for any kind of crime.

But the reverse side, friends, it is not true that people of the same nation if culture has something flawed higher self. No. All have a higher “I” are the same. Then, friends, the hard part begins: how to combine? How to combine, for example, in the framework of one nation, one nation of people who live, or rather, which have shown varying degrees of samosoznanii or a different degree of overcoming their ignorance? And whether it is even possible in principle? Let me remind you that in the previous lesson we touched it and touched that such a classification, which allows you to realize that in General the degree of responsibility of different people – totally different. And if the degree of ignorance is very high, then the person is not much different from an animal, even though he lives in the human body. And here arises a very serious difficulty even in comprehending. And is it possible, in principle, the scheme of peaceful coexistence at least in the framework of one nation, one people? People who live at different levels of samosoznanii?! We sometimes, you know, run into people and say, “Oh, cattle!”, “Oh, well, neprosvetny savagery!” or animal has some instincts in people. “And where did you just got that from? Beasts in the bodies of people.” Well, of course this way we would believe yourself already, if not gods, in any case, already at the level above, those who we so appreciate. Those, in turn, what we call a redneck, you can call us, well, at best: “Oh clever! Do not want to work, all they would have is to philosophize”. Finally, there is a third, let me remind you that this classification, group of people, where the degree of overcoming of ignorance is very strong. This Teacher and Teacher of yoga. And here if to speak in their own words, of the everyday, is the Holy people. And it turns out, and then they can among us to live, crocodiles? Or is it impossible in principle? So, friends, this scheme only in the framework of one people, one nation, one ethnic group. And she, this challenge is itself incredibly complex. Now imagine. That’s 2 people, two backgrounds, two very different heritages, with very different aspirations, etc., etc. The problem is not just doubled, and probably the degree is being built. And why is it so surprising that neither the Soviet Union nor in America this idea of a melting fire didn’t work. In the Soviet Union, let me remind you, also very long consoled myself with the thought that there is a new kind of people – the Soviet people, i.e., not representative of some kind of nation, nationality, nation, and just Soviet people. Turned out to be that this is wishful thinking. Suddenly, something staggered, suddenly, everyone remembers who is what belongs to the nation. Instantly. 70 years was this propaganda hasn’t worked. So is it any wonder that so childish, stupid, superficial attitude to such fundamentalness tasks, rising to the very Foundation of human existence, such as life. And what is life? This pulse, transmitted to us from our ancestors to our children. So life is definitely a lot-a lot harder, and therefore have a more profound understanding, not to make the errors more deeply. And all these attempts sometimes to make a melting pot, is an attempt “and let the soup compote shift and we’ll eat”. Understand, sweet compote and sour soup. It is clear that then the stomach refuses. The problem with these multicultural societies is the following: “well well, soup compote should not be mixed, and let’s do the same islets, let a sponge cake with cream, again, with the same soup mix, cut slices of sponge cake and leave in the soup to swim, enriching each other”. As you know, too, the stomach refuses the stomach. You know, before the word “belly” and “life” are one and the same meant. Stomach, abdomen, life refuse to digest. But at the same time, sometimes incongruous moments when Yes, indeed, one product can be compounded with a completely different, sometimes completely different areas. And this is not considered to be something inedible, which is, say, already some of the French cuisine that the restaurants big money is. In fact, every kitchen is that such attempts to mix some ingredients, in fact, would have got it separately. No wonder even one time there was a popular theory of the separation power, since it is the product of separate and eat it separately. And no, how many cuisines we have. If you take one of Southeast Asia that there just does not eat anything living. Moreover, I believe that it is delicious, and what if any ingredient is not, then something is missing. Here the situation is the same with souls at different stages of development within a single society, or a more complicated task, it really is with representatives of different peoples into a single whole. That is, sometimes there are moments that will definitely lead to conflicts. Because of the very strong differences in certain cultural or mental preferences. Sometimes, friends, do we get something very valuable, more powerful than the individual with, say, parts. When we receive this something a single whole, it turns out the friends, the biologists called symbiosis. I will repeat this example from Biology, if you don’t know him yet. Here you have in your body that something is in the area, I do not remember the exact figure, the number of cells does not matter, a very big number…It’s a cell with a single DNA. But did you know that at the same time inside you the greater number of the living, so to speak, organisms with entirely different DNA. And in fact, any person who is not a person is a symbiosis, with ogromnymi number of other microorganisms. A single E. coli inside each and every one of you in district 5 kg. Can you imagine? And moreover, if, say, you have this E. coli kind of trouble happens – you have a goiter. You have a very large health problems. It turns out that there are some are definitely on a different level of existence, the unions, which is not just possible, but also greatly facilitate the lives. But you went to some dirty puddle, scooped up water and drank. And along with the water swallowed any other living beings, as primitive, not unlike the same, for example, Escherichia coli. Well, in terms of the fact that the same degree of simplicity or complexity, but you already felt bad. And you run to the toilet….

That, friends, is the same logic possible in this mosaic, this potential joint coexistence souls in varying degrees of samosoznanii. Or in a broader sense, the coexistence of different cultures, races and nationalities. There is an ideal distribution of functions, when everyone is happy, everyone gets what they want for the common good. There is the case where this equilibrium is shifted to one side or the other and we begin to suffer. So the same situation happens in our universe, what is the most profitable from the point of view of spiritual development, or in other words, personal freedom of each of the participants of a complex system, when it is in known proportions combined interaction of living beings, which are at various stages of evolutionary development. Yes, indeed, if all sentient beings were at the level of the state of Divya, we were talking about in the previous lectures, there were no problems in principle. For the simple reason that the Almighty God of these souls allow you to solve any problem, it was his inner strength, without the help of anything else. But after all, what about the other souls who are on different levels of samosoznanii, or sheath of ignorance which is different, and so, they have the best configuration, allowing, on the one hand, coexist, on the other hand, mutually to approach the reduction of the thickness of the layer of ignorance. That’s when this configuration is – everyone is happy. For example, in Vedic times, this configuration was traced in three main castes: Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vaisya. In fact, in the first approximation, it would be possible to divide the Brahmanas as within one nation the soul closest to the realization of your higher self and the extent of their ignorance minimum, Kshatriyas – intermediate. Well, the Vaisya, they are most removed from the awareness of his higher self in the framework of a people. Well, nothing, it was absolutely wonderful the division of labor, authority and responsibility. Moreover, it was an easy enough transition from one caste to another , and everything is determined according to the degree of awareness, which showed born soul. If the person is manifested as Brahman, he is Brahman and become, but if he was shown to be ineffective, it could, and so smoothly move and somewhere lower. But then, as we can reconstruct from historical monuments, some other indirect methods. The same old Aryan tribes were forced to coexist with representatives of obviously different race and nationality. In the Vedas they are called, Daso or the dasyus.

Well, it would seem, what to do in this case?! And nothing, absolutely wonderful they came out of the situation without killing anyone, without installing these animal laws such as Nazi Germany, nothing like that! Not a hint of Nazism, fascism, the idea of the Aryans, who brought Vedic knowledge, the Vedic knowledge in India. They just took it and integrated it as a fourth caste, and this caste called Sudras. Usually, this was the position of servants, pay attention, slaves and servants. But then the further living together for a sufficiently large period of time led to the confusion. Was a mixed marriage and as a consequence different souls, with different degrees of samosoznanii, were born in different families, actually. The Indians mixed up. And if now you meet a dark-skinned Brahman, Kshatriya or Vaishya, then you know that the original Aryan tribes looked like Europeans. But this is a very deep understanding of the laws of the universe allowed them to turn into what we call modern Indian. Truth to tell such archaic echoes of this confusion is sometimes quite funny and are observed to this day. Well, I hardly tell you the secret that in overwhelming majority of cases, for newlyweds partner in future joint family life looking for their parents. And parents are calm, with feeling, with properly , with deliberation. In his youth, characteristic impulsiveness, loved today, tomorrow – less. Today, “Bob, you’re mine forever”, tomorrow – “Bob, you’re a beast! Get out!” Are completely different situations, which we observe in the West. To the East all the more in this respect measured, looking for bride, groom, and…friends, perhaps you will be surprised to learn that a whole list of signs, what kind of bride is more preferable or less preferable. And, despite this centuries-long tradition of Vedic knowledge, preference given to still more light to the bride than the bride with more dark skin. As you know, the process of integration of different cultures is an extremely difficult thing is not so unambiguous. With one hand still integration going on, and on the other hand, not so fast to let it happen spontaneously. In fact, for this reason and implemented a more rigid system of castes, and the many units of a particular caste. But that’s another story.

Let’s go back. So there are the most advantageous in terms of spiritual development the combination of the interaction between people, the living together of people with different levels of spiritual consciousness. But! This is not a simple task to build these relationships. If the relationships are arranged, the people shows their worth, but roughly speaking, survives. If for some reason the relationship is structured properly, the people weakens or degrades and disappears. And it all rests on this very serious mechanism of how to distribute roles, responsibilities, how to determine the degree of worthiness or unworthiness of a person to take a particular position. And in fact, the system of determining the degree of ignorance each soul. And I must say, throughout history, people we’ve seen different ways of solving this problem. The easiest has always been the approach following that, karmically, in the family of highly developed souls of men and the highly developed souls women tend mostly to be born with a strong soul. And we have hereditary succession, for example, power, or some position in society, perform some duties, which were passed from generation to generation. But let me remind you of the previous lecture, sooner or later, this mechanism starts to fail and there is attempt at all to level that shows its viability. And then some kind of staging any kind of scheme. Now, friends, building a shower in a single nation, a single country, for the joint benefit each other enormously difficult task. And that this task is mainly done these vysokoporodistyh souls who came into human history in the form of Teachers or Brahmins in India, or yogis and Yogini, or sages, saints, etc., etc. Only they from a position ABOVE the plane of formation of the shower, he could see how to arrange the life, how to build a system of subordination or checks. To know this, friends, Vedic knowledge encourages to learn what is called in the Vedas as Rita, or the law of truth, or truth, or freedom, or the Rhythm, even a good translation. There is a plan for life, natural beautiful plan of life, this law governs the whole universe. To change one another. And if you knew the law Rita, you have the power in every sense of the word, but primarily by the power of knowledge. You know how to take a very specific group of people at different levels of samosoznanii, given the environment in which they live, given the many other factors that make these relationships to mutual advantage. And those souls who have significantly excelled in their self-knowledge and the souls who make their first steps. Or quite so let’s approach our lives, here is a sociological study, and it turns out that in a particular country, a certain number of intellectuals, but such a-such a people, engaged in gross physical labor. And, of course, in part there is some coriacea the degree of development of their intellectual abilities, in what you’re doing. If you do not take into account such disasters as the revolution, or restructuring that recently took place, academics in hard physical labour had to do to earn their bread. And that’s how, in the language of Marxist-Leninism, to build a state where good I would feel and the peasants and workers and how they called the stratum of the intelligentsia. Probably they belong to the class of Brahmanas, who fly above the fray, but at the same time in this caste Brahmins technically could get every person: worker and peasant. That’s worse than the intelligentsia that was. I am now told that in the Soviet years was the order to join the party. It was serious enough for such a leap in my career. So the party Communist, then it is not particularly very taking who got. What’s more was the percentage of, say, 200 workers, say, three intellectuals to join the party as the working of labour a lot of it was, but doing some mental activity, it hurts as hard. Was really, almost turn. Now going to this plant will make the party a certain number of people, then the vacancy for you. Tried to keep this a balance. I don’t know, well they succeed or bad, probably bad because, as you remember, the Soviet Union collapsed, if I was good at it, probably still would be. But, anyway, still there is always this factor of the relationship. Who qualifies, who what function should perform. This friends issue is extremely sharp and open. If everything is balanced, or, as it is said in the Vedic language, under the action of the cosmic law Rita, the country will prosper and the relationship between classes, as would the Marxist-Leninists, will complement each other, but if you go against the law Rita, work, or in one case, a despotic monarchy, which actually degrades and leads to the collapse of the country or, on the contrary -the bloody rivers of the revolution when the lower classes come to power, kill until they get tired of killing. And then suddenly it turns out that to govern they can’t. And you have to find nedorezanny intellectuals. In fact, this situation was friends, say in the Soviet Union. February 23 day of the Soviet army, well, you never know who knows even modern people that the Soviet army organized by Trotsky, but since then he’s not getting along with Stalin, survived him gently out of the country and declared an enemy of the people. So Trotsky when the civil war began, suddenly realized with horror that a huge number of workers and peasants, very ardent and true fighters for the revolution, did not possess the proper qualities, not had the proper education in order to make the regular army. And the army of workers and peasants was in General a big partisan group, which easily smashed White. What began Trotsky? He began to take the so-called military experts, i.e. the intellectuals who joined the White, but in General it is not sought in red. And here in different ways, persuasion failed to do what is called the Red Army, ie still had to return, it is the law of life, friends!

Now we go on. So, it turns out that the ratio of people at different levels of samosoznanii, it is not only possible but sometimes beneficial. We’re still in the smaller scale interested in this issue. It is within the framework of your relationship with your loved ones, husband, wife. Someone to take wives? Whom to take as your husband? Should your husband say, if you are a woman to be intellectual, or should it be working. Or Vice versa, to take to himself in marriage, like said earlier, a strong girl from somewhere in the provinces, not spoiled with modern life, or Vice versa, it should be a problem with FIFA. How do you understand the question that still stand. And the question will be: what criterion is to take?

And that’s today’s lecture we are again the same question complete. But small answer to this question, I’ll give. Friends, a key figure in your future marriage, it’s not you and your wife or husband. These are your children. If we consider the question of Patrimonial yoga. Only through the questions you can track the law of Rita or harmony, then, as for you, well today you love each other, tomorrow will fall out, the next day maybe even hate, and then after tomorrow again, love. Today you have one without the other will only be able to stay, and tomorrow in the presence of another start to annoy you. You and your relationship in fact it is your personal life. But the factor of children is a factor of continuity and connections, connections per pulse of life between you, your ancestors, ancestors, your ancestors, etc., etc., etc., until the causal impetus of life, which spawned the whole world.

But more on that later…

So, friends, I urge you to attend classes, lectures and seminars on yoga. If you want to help financially, then help financially. If you do not know how to help, go to our website buy something a movie, book, see for yourself, give to another. Make yourself positive karma in spreading the knowledge of yoga. I urge you to study, as prescribed by yoga. Sign up for courses begin systematically to study yoga or from time to time or from lecture to lecture, but systematically.

And again my appeal: forward, forward, forward. Are you waiting for and the universe awaits!

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