Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 10-I. Lecture. 2010.10.30

Introduction to the lecture

Today 30 Nov 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University. The subject of today’s lecture – Tribal yoga. All information is archived on our sites,, We are in Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya

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So, friends, we are continuing to consider the greatest yoga. And, notice, already what the lesson is, but we’re not referring to those can be the moments that give us modern science or modern biology in terms of excuses or justifications Generic yoga.


Indeed, over the past 100-200 years, science has moved far ahead in understanding, what is man, that is, all living beings, what is life, what sort of processes are derived. And, apparently, it’s time to take all these developments and use them in some kind of connection with Ancestral yoga.


In fact, some of the examples we have already put with reference to modern science. But you have to remember that the concept of a Generic yoga is not based on modern scientific thought. Ie Generic yoga has its roots in ancient Vedic knowledge, which is, in fact, to us it’s still many, how did the concept of modern science.


Therefore, yoga and Birthing yoga in particular, is never a substitute for science. She says that there are yoga and science is something of secondary importance. Yoga, as it were, in this sense by itself. And if some idea of the situation in modern science are somehow consistent with the ancient concept of yoga, we used them only as examples illustrating difficult to understand knowledge. At least for the simple reason that, in their views of modern science is undergoing certain changes.


And always quite funny, once again, to read a book ancient times, where the link to scientific discoveries, that from the position of modern man seem naive.


So, again, you need to understand that the whole idea of fundamental Generic yoga, it itself rests on another branch of knowledge. And all sorts of real-life examples from scientific fields – as an illustration, but does not attempt to replace science.


But nevertheless, of course, the role of the scientific worldview is extremely high in the modern world. She, of course, not total, not absolute. If you think that people around the world I also think, as scientists, you are mistaken. The average person usually a conglomerate of different ideas. Partly, indeed, the ideas that were discovered, developed and were transferred from the science. The other part is some, maybe superstition. The third part is some aspects related to the influence of any dominant religion. Fourth – with certain historical moments that are passing has left a serious mark.


And the result is not to say that in the mind of modern man we see simply a scientific conception of the world. No, there is a little of everything. On the one hand, this is good, it does not give science to break away from life. On the other hand, is not always good, because in General a hodgepodge of sometimes leads to completely wrong points of application of the ideas of scientists in everyday life.



The example of “social Darwinism”


One of such typical examples, which is closely linked to research Tribal yoga – this has been observed a certain number of decades or centuries ago, it was called “social Darwinism”.


In fact, Darwin’s theory, which has largely opened scientists eyes on the origin of species, why we have certain branches of development of living organisms. Now, these revolutionary ideas began to be transferred to the life of intelligent people. Had such a doctrine that believed that there is a natural set, but among people. Again, among the people survive more adapted to modern conditions. But since the conditions are different, the most successful individuals sometimes exhibit a variety of traits.


Indeed, if, say, anarchy in the country, hunger, chaos, war, that arises about the concept of assume, well, who will have descendants among the people. And at first glance the answer is. Well, who was more crafty, more hypocritical, evil? One who is neglectful of other people, i.e. the person who stole or honest way seized the levers of control of financial flows.


It is clear that his descendants live in better material conditions than other members of his community. It would seem quite logical to assume that thus needs to be quality in different conditions of life, such misanthropic.

This is such a silly attempt to transfer the laws of Darwin among the people, was based philosophical movement, a time of religious doctrine, in fact, the ideas of fascism are not so far from them. Survival of the fittest, survival of the most adaptable to changing changes.

And, in fact, such a sad picture emerges. And here’s a fact that the ideas of this movement as, say, social Darwinism is not widespread for one simple reason – they are absolutely not explained the behavior of people in their lives in times of crises, epidemics or any tests.


Oddly enough, once only a community of people piling problems, this sometimes caused a great unity of people. Oddly enough, it helped people to be more humane to help others than all by itself, that is, to paddle.


Moreover, those individuals who showed a tough individualism in terms of what to somehow gain a foothold or to be dominant among men, in the sense that using such is not humane, and immoral ways. So, these individuals in the long run lost.


Ie it turns out that it is not so simple. And this stupid transfer of certain laws with which scientists work, in the midst of the people, it is not appropriate, it explains nothing, and life shows that this is not consistent the theory.



An example of fascism


But the fact that there is such a period of time between the detection of the insolvency of a theory and its proclamation. And the most vivid example we have the doctrine of the Nazis. That is the basic idea of passing a red thread through all the writings of Hitler, it would read: “Everything that is good for monkeys, much much good for humans”.


I.e. it was based on racial misanthropic ideas that are encouraged to break out of some individuals at the expense of others. You know, a natural selection among people.


And it would take some time to get that system started to fail, in fact, lost. Danger attempt to be clever with the involvement that gives us modern science exists to this day. At least think about the moral-ethical aspects that arise with the cloning of living beings, with the moments in, say, biology, where instead of the fertilization of the female egg the male sperm. Ie if it is an act of creation of a new person or is it just some intermediate step towards the knowledge of the Universe.


And if a few decades ago, this question was not acute, methods and technologies were not allowed to do it, now our present, and it directly depends on the answers to these ethical questions.


Ie if a scientist could be proud of the status that he is above the fray, somewhere is fighting a religious doctrine or moral doctrine that is applicable and that are not applicable to cognition of nature itself, scientists have even boasted that they even don’t care about moral and ethical issues. Indeed, little that was given to them several decades ago. But then came the atomic bomb, then came the ability to manipulate genes.


And here such an acute situation has arisen, and in fact, who are scientists, and do they have the right due to the money, figuratively speaking, taxpayers doing some inhuman experiments. This is the main idea that is strongly played up in the West. And, again, POPs up this moment of kindness, elusive moment. But not answering the question, what is good and what is permissible and what is not acceptable, we are risking the techniques that scientists propose. Like, Tribal yoga is not just humanism, and sorgulanan. It is a doctrine which in its content such a good relationship to all living beings, in fact, has no equal.


And, say, the example even of conventional or conventional Darwinism theory of evolution can be explained in Generic yoga absolutely. Well, what I’m saying? Indeed, if you watch nature, you will see a race for survival: the law of the jungle, in the words of Kipling, “Who dared, that and ate”.


Every second somebody someone eats, every second someone is trying to leave progeny to survive as a species. All the mechanisms for the abandonment of offspring is limited only one factor in this unreasonable nature, it is the amount of food, i.e. the amount of resources.


Because resources are not infinite number of the same resource expect different individuals, animals and animals we see this race for survival that, indeed, the strongest wins, indeed, the one who is more quick, more daring, more nimble, more clawed or toothy, he has the opportunity to use this resource (in the form of food, living space) and to leave offspring.


On the contrary, other living beings, are to a lesser extent, expressed these qualities of adaptability, die, they are eaten by other species or may be killed within view of the competitors. Ie, if you start to study biology, with a formal point of view the biology of living animals, variomedia picture of utter hell.


Ie all life is struggle, life is by any means reproduce, by any means. In this struggle all methods are good, only to leave offspring. And in order to leave offspring, we need resources (food, pastures, a male and a female), all the components that ensure continuity of life.


The question arises: what is humanism, what is there to sorgulanan in the nature of wild animals. Moreover, if we consider the behavior of wild or civilized, in certain conditions, they also tend in some way to imitate animals.

Again the question arises: but where is the humanism? You see, the universe more complicated than we think. And what is good or evil within our narrow situation in which we live, we understand. We can clearly say that in my life good or what in my life is evil? Or, say, take a lizard or a dog, things good and things evil? Of course, good for the dog is to stay alive, is to have a lot of food and leave behind offspring is good for the dog.


If you kill the dog, she perceives it, of course, as evil. If she is starving, she perceives it as evil, or if someone kills her offspring, she also perceives it as evil.


But that, my friends, within only one life so easy to understand what is good and what is evil. And if you are in this situation will start from the position of many lives, the picture begins to sharply distorted, or rather, it begins to dramatically unfold. No, “distorted” is not the correct word, on the contrary, it corrects some distortion and you see the whole thing.


And so on the one hand, each animal is to try to spawn as many offspring, so the kinds of this animal survived. And, as a rule, the number of these offspring more than the resources in the form of food, space, available to females or males.


Ie it turns out that obviously a large part of the animal produces offspring for slaughter. And as a consequence, we see that Yes, indeed, survival of the fittest. Hence comes the concept of natural selection or Darwinism.


But, on the other hand, friends, if you look at the same situation but from a different position. If you’ll recall from the position of the same Generic yoga, the universe to every living creature, including man, gives more than he deserves.


I.e. having a body, an animal gets more than what it is may karma to qualify. Ie and then this factor, when an animal leaves a huge number of offspring, is no longer viewed from the standpoint that obviously some of the offspring give it to the slaughter. No, another point of view appears – that each give a chance. What, in the idea, none of these offspring did not deserve status in the body of an animal, which he received. But nevertheless, the universe gave him this status, the opportunity to live.


And here some animals took advantage of this opportunity, took advantage of the opportunity, the status, which they did not deserve, and thus they adapted and survived. Other animals, however, not kept, not used this chance. And as a result, from a karmic point of view, karma gave them so more than they deserve.


And, you know, instantly view even the wildlife is changing with a negative emphasis, that the law of the jungle, in a positive way, that the mother of the universe gives his children more than they deserve, so they quickly uncovering the potential that lies in every living being.


And then, quite differently, even emotional relationship is built, in the opposite direction. And then such attempts to come up with a doctrine, like social Darwinism, they obviously then lose the soil.



The principle of the Universe – Cordoba



But if the fundamental principle of the Universe is good, or rather Cordoba. What is Cordoba in one life we can not understand, and that’s what Cordoba for many lives it begins to take shape.


So, if the fundamental law of all life is good Cordoba, then any attempt to build a particular system of religious, political, philosophical, the obviously evil provisions is an attempt to go against nature.

And, indeed, nature sweeps all these attempts, along with those people who intend to implement them. Such attempts are sometimes quite thoughtlessly, narrow-minded sometimes you have to see in the environment of civilized people. When coming to a particular firm…here you come in one or another firm to work, and then you immediately declare: “And we have the law of the jungle: who dared, that and ate it. Here we have recruited 20 people, and a year later we have 10 to fire. But who are we to dismiss, decide for yourself”.

Ie, you know, trying to push off foreheads of people, trying to provoke some of the most foul of motivation and behavior on supposedly scientific arguments. Now, friends, it is a straight road to hell for the organizers of such collisions. Why? Because the calls for something dark, negative, negative, you will never build. Because this trend is against the tendencies of life. And to drag behind the ears examples from nature, as it did at the time, Hitler, claiming that all that is good for monkeys is good for people, it absolutely does not understand the structure of the Universe and not see that among other animals, by and large, despite the seeming law of the jungle “who dared, that and ate it”, but really rules are also good or Cordoba, ruled the possibility of chance.


Ie, every living creature is given a chance. Moreover, each is given more than his karma. Very pretty and there are verses in the text of Sri Vidya “, Anandalahari”, which says in respect of the goddess Sri. The goddess Sri is a beautiful image of a beautiful girl of sixteen. So, goddess Sri gives more than we can wish for.


And every birth, whether the birth in the animal body, whether in the human body is, in fact, such a gift more than you can even imagine. Therefore, it is the non-verbal part of the Generic yoga which is the yoga momentum and ascend to the heights of yogic knowledge is good, it Cordoba, it’s humanism, it sorgulanan. No Nazis, no nationalism, xenophobia or attempts to interpret all within the framework of fierce competition, it is not there, there can not be.


And so if you think that the provisions deprived of kindness in the same Generic yoga, or leave you so indifferent, you know that you do not understand. The words dry, a very interesting practice, very interesting teachings, theories you lost most importantly, most importantly, you lost your kindness. And without kindness it’s falling apart.


And here it turns out that, once again, I will remind you that in the life of every living entity is actually the vector from the Universe allows life to life to come, to be born new and new souls of animals from their parents. See how the cat washes her kittens. Ie everywhere you will see kindness, although it would seem, in other cases, the same animals show us this notorious law of the jungle “who dared, that and ate”.


And now God forbid we succumb to this evil pseudonana that the terms of the competition, you need to dominate, by any means necessary to dominate in life that have their loved ones in every way not to put into account, but only for yourself, to dominate. So, here these ideas are vulgar, as you say, of capitalism, who are trying to sit down we have here, friends, they are not viable in principle.


In the same America, the birth of these ideas, rather, they were considered as the ability of different people to qualify for something, but not animals competition between people. Therefore, as a first approximation you can of course, doing business, politics, sometimes even science and art, to follow this path, i.e., to compete or to hate their rivals.


And it may seem that there is some reasonable argument that if you win, someone must lose. But if you lose, then someone has to win.


But it’s just, you know, the same superficial judgment on the deep in the same business in the same science, culture, etc. but by And large, the question of the other, either everyone wins, or nobody does.


And whatever you’ve been doing the same business or some other activity, don’t build your strategies on a losing theories. Well, there is this beast of capitalism, never was and never will be because it contradicts life.


But, on the other hand, this factor is “to give the opportunity to show all”, it is. This factor that one gets more than he can claim it too. And there is another moment when people either use what the universe gives, or does not use. And now there is, of course, the percentage of people who will use it, but there is a percentage of people who do not use it.


And, of course, to tie it even more narrowly to their offspring – is also insane. There are people who really love their children, but are cold or sometimes hostile to other people’s children, seeing them as competitors. They are trying their child to be protected, to give the best conditions, and the other children look, at best, as something neutral.


So, here I remind you once again the cornerstone of Tribal yoga that there are no strange children, all your children. Only the ones you gave birth to themselves, and others gave birth to just those people with whom you live together. Why? Because you are all together able to survive. Ie there is a system of society where each important in its place. And if not, there will be no you.


In General, friends, all the higher position, as I never tire of repeating, in effect, be turned into understandable, specific recommendations that we know from childhood.

And so very much everything becomes clear, if sometimes just to remember some good stories, some good moments in life. Now we will go on.



Gratitude to the ancestors



So, continuing the theme of Ancestral yoga, where we stayed, is our gratitude to our parents, to our ancestors, whatever they were. But we can’t consider our ancestors in some kind of narrow lines, cut off from the diversity of people, among which our ancestors lived. And here we come to the concept of race. In the end, according to this mathematical law, the number of your ancestors starts to grow, if you look back. And, as a consequence, there is the feeling of your belonging to a particular nation, a particular family.


And it is also one of the most delicate the Generic yoga. Ie you can feel such deep mystical relationship not only with the groups of their immediate ancestors, but also with all kind of people.


And this is not surprising, if we recall that on some level among our ancestors was a teacher and a Teacher of humanity who actually are Teachers, and Teachers of yoga, and has already reached sverhsoznanie. And that emanates from them that is called “the power of a kind” or something mystical that connects you with the deepest times in the past. This is a very serious nourishment is in your understanding of the place occupied in life. But, as you know, the other people belonging to other Nations or of other genera, all the same, but only with respect to other members of the human race.


And here one of those delicate because, on the one hand, you have to respect someone else’s relationship to their ancestors, i.e., people belonging to different race, nationality or other people, to their mystical feelings of their ancestors, you should make every effort to respect. But, first and foremost, you need certainly to remember their immediate ancestors.


The love for the Motherland



And here we come to another one of these rather abstract at first glance, the concept of “love of country”. Actually, when I first started teaching yoga, I thought I’m going to teach how the energy of Kundalini to awaken, you know, third eyes to open, how certain chakra to revive.


And as the study of how these practices work and what are the obstacles to these practices, it was necessary to go into all the deeper layers where wider recommendations. And here I expected that I would have people (I know, there is such a phrase) “learning to love the Motherland”. That is the least I expect in yoga at the time, when I immersed, what will become of this topic is the cornerstone. What is the awakening what is Kundalini energy, if you have not eliminated some sort of profound ignorance, if you have not removed any animal interpretation, animal processes, you might make around a huge amount of evil than of good.

And here it is necessary to untwist, and how and at what level to properly treat surrounding life. And so deeper, deeper, deeper, and sometimes get things such a textbook, how to encourage everyone to be kind, to encourage each other not to do meanness, or as it is now we’ll get to love the Motherland.


To be honest, when I was still in short pants running around, of course, I’m on the radio, on TV heard many of these calls, usually from the mouths of those people who I have caused some rejection. Ie when the platform goes such a professional patriot of the Motherland, he just gets paid for it. And starts to speak words in which he believes. And if you believe, it turns out sometimes this animal that we all kill in order to survive themselves.


And, of course, that feeling of rejection it was, the official appeal of the government holding people that “you love the Motherland”. Well, of course, because they are the Home run. If you run away from this country, whom are they to manage? They just put on a post to announce such phrases. But because they do not believe, and it turns out they have very bad.


And, of course, that it is rather off-putting. Still now, there are all disguise themselves, how to love the Motherland. And the more I listen, the more I begin to feel sick. Because these people have something of their own soul, once they are fed, sometimes it is not clear how, but are fed, and this is something fake felt.


Now, the last thing I wanted to be like these people. In General, there are things that by default are considered that are not discussed. Also not discussed, as the love of parents or love of children is considered something natural, why talk about it, why some intimate moments of life to manifest. You know, when some intimate moments of life someone is trying to publish, what happens? Pornography. Ie, things that are usually behind the scenes doing from prying eyes, suddenly begin to show publicly for General purposes.



“Belonging” to family, to country



But maybe this has some meaning, sex education should also encourage it to. But it must be done beautifully or expertly.

And all, oddly enough, we come to a mystical feeling of your belonging to their ancestors and to the people among whom they lived. And varioues the concept of “kind”. Following the concept of “kind” variomedia the concept of “country”. And this mystical feeling of belonging to a particular place where you were born, it (sort of) starts you intuitively to nourish and give what is the basis of the same Vedic knowledge, without which everything else – the dead words, an empty shell.


But again, you have to remember that the philosophy of yoga, a kind of hierarchy, which, of course, all of us, in the best sense of the word, citizens of the Universe. All we as his family have all the humanity of different races, nationalities, etc.


But there is, you know, the hierarchy, like a small child all say, women are distinguished, differing according to the principle of the woman who was with him and performs the role of the mother. This may not be the physiological mother, and one who cares for him, which he trusts. And all other women, they are good too, but so far it is about them can not say anything.


Similarly, in terms of belonging to his family. Moreover, I want to draw your attention that there is no aspect of nationality. Ie you belong to the people in a language they think. It’s not your genetic identity. That’s why in the presentation of a Generic yoga I tried not to touch the subject of shared genetic ancestors.


There is a certain thing that, you know, like a soul. The man has his I, his only Consciousness and its the only Energy, just as in any country, of any kind. And here is something that is a single entity that feeds you and you feed off of. There is a single flow of prana, impregnating people of the same nation. They are invisible, but they are a feeling. Let’s say a holiday or weekend day, the person goes: “Oh, like, okay, cool!”. Although the weather can be dreary. But some of the mental atmosphere of unity says: “Yeah, I woke up in the output, we relax, i.e., the whole country rests.”


On the contrary, there are moments, like when the weather is good and everything is fine, but you feel some tension. Why? Because you are harnessed into a single team of people, among whom I live. Let me remind you that one of the meanings of the word “yoga” – team. And, it turns out that these streams of magical energy permeate all of society, is the greatest good because when we experience a crisis, we can support when someone is experiencing a crisis, we can support.


And it’s all built on the level of the mystical is ineffable, you feel a kinship with those people with whom you live, whom you think you are. Again, I want to emphasize that in the Generic yoga and in Vedic knowledge there is no division on such biological factors. And if there is some kind of involvement, affiliation is for the generality of the foregoing distance. Ie you had common ancestors, you were born mutually. Once you were (I really like the expression of tantric Buddhism), “mothers each other”.


And all this connects us by invisible threads of relationship. It is clear that there are some other sources, say, other people. It is clear that there are any boundaries between these peoples, these peoples begin to touch sometimes. Sometimes two people merge together and the birth of a new ethnic group. Sometimes, for whatever reason, can side by side to live for centuries without mixing completely. And the reasons for this very hidden, very mysterious and very delicate.



Possible “rejection” alien

Again, sometimes this situation, which we discussed in the previous lecture, again, a small amount of one of the people temporarily or permanently living in an environment of some third nation. And, again, we see a variety of scenarios, they sometimes integrate and complement those of the people among whom they live. Sometimes they are capsuled and considered as a foreign body, which the people want to squeeze out of yourself, to push.


And the reasons that lead to a variety of such moments, about it can be read, read and read lectures. There are factors of rejection sometimes is not obvious, we just do not think that their behavior caused the rejection. Now I have a friend here from America, there are many immigrants from the Soviet Union. It is clear that when they meet, they begin to speak in Russian, showing the common mentality. And surrounding, say, the Americans in the lobby of a building or an Elevator… you know, sometimes go a few people and they are in a strange language to each other talking. They begin to perceive highly aggressive.


And there is the normal recommendation is that if you’re in another country, if you can speak the language spoken by the people in this country, to speak it, to show their involvement, not to build around this language barrier.


Why? Yes, because in fact to distinguish one country from another country, you will not be able for any genetic tests or analysis of who is what race, nationality belongs to, and so all mixed up. But the difference is only one – in this one-pranic-mental field. And expression of this prakicheski-mental field is the language.


Ie, here we find such profound echoes of the Mantra yoga. What is the language in which we speak, unwittingly affect our mentality because every word of this language is a kind of mantra with its color, with its color of Energy, his color Consciousness, and it affects the course of thinking, decision-making, for their identity “I belong to this nation or else.”


And it is the only measure that can determine that this person belongs to that ethnic group, and this this. All, nothing else to do. And it is clear that when you begin to speak their language in the environment of another nation, it is perceived as rejection.


Ie, you know the saying – black humor: “If you’re so good as they seem, why are you so not like us.” Ie is the natural course of thoughts. So, it is extremely complicated questions of the intertwining of different Nations or groups of different shower. And Birth yoga gives a very clear and tough recommendations, friends. Just as we must be grateful to my parents for the opportunity to be born, just we should be grateful to that people to which belong, where we live.



“Prirodnaya” for the Motherland


If this love of the Motherland, you know, not breech phrase, but a natural state of mind must you have to attend. If it is, you parodytas to this place, you will feel rooted in the energy flows that permeate the whole society, piercing and fields, and trees, and earth.


Friends, we live in close connection with the environment, the place where we are, where are our home. Yes, maybe the position of science today like the if condition is your multi-storey cubicles on the seventh floor of some skyscraper, that’s all. Leave you there in this room without makeup without makeup forests, rivers, etc., you very quickly die. How will it happen? There you have all sorts of asthma goes, something else, something else. Then look, the man retired, ran, jumped, how on earth was, and then retired, was sitting at home from morning to evening, to watch TV two or three years, all carried away, so to speak.


Therefore, one more factor, I know it sounds like a mockery, but if you have the opportunity to be closer to the ground, be closer to the ground. Why, as a mockery? For the simple reason that in our country the largest part of the land and the smallest amount probably square meters of housing per person. It is a paradox, it’s some kind of monstrous negative karma.


And instead build low-rise houses, where you would be closer to this energy-mental fields, on the contrary, we, probably, need to run to work, live in these apartment buildings and detached from the soil, and paying for it, very seriously paying the price. We cease to feel these pranic flows, it becomes then very bad, and we can’t figure out why.


So, this involvement in the place where you live, involvement of the people among whom you live, is an integral part of Tribal yoga. There are, of course, such a practical application of the same, if someone of you, say, wish the management team in charge of anyone, to be a big boss or do some thing, the code you have subordinates and you will demonstrate these qualities, the necessary charismatic leader, the Manager of a particular organization, etc.


So, if you feel people around you if you don’t treat them as something native, you will never get the power your career just to develop will not. It’s very simple. Imagine the situation is the same as between your I and your body. If you don’t feel your body as you can manage it? No way.


So, you know, these are some attempts now very common phenomenon observed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when suddenly all the people mixed and some very small group of people have large financial resources, the levers of governance, life, sometimes to the detriment of all others.


And I see how they sometimes begin to break away from people. They control the people who take large positions the state at different times, or in business. They’re like, and do not belong to the people among whom I live. They just cease to feel.


First, it is a matter of time, as they are thrown from power. But this process goes on, they neglect begin to treat the people that are driving or where they earn money. They already see themselves representatives of, say, Europe. All the offspring are studying in foreign higher educational institutions and consider themselves British, the French, the Americans, but no (we take the Soviet Union) immigrants from the former Soviet Union.


And it’s a dead end, the impasse in this long term. Their positive karma is exhausted. They still have to return and nowhere to return. The fact that they now have the power, as we sometimes think, is not honored or the rich, it’s their karma. Maybe positive, maybe negative. Maybe in 1917, someone dispossessed of some industrialist, and he worked honestly, and their factories were built. And in this life, so hurry up either he or his parents, and he is the owner of an enterprise.


From a karmic point of view, friends, are all honest. I.e. in this world nothing is permanent, everything comes to an end. And bad karma sooner or later come to an end, but good too, friends. And it turns out that these people come off. How can you manage people if you had, say, in another country these villas, Bank accounts, and your offspring go to school there? It is clear that there does not develop any educational institution, no business, nothing develops. That is, the attempt to break away, try to jump, as it seems, in something higher.


So, God save us, friends, it be like. More precisely, you can do that, but I just want to say that from the perspective of a Generic yoga you will put an end to his career than you did. Ie to manage people you can’t, you just can’t feel them. If you don’t feel them, they just will not listen. They won’t feel you force. But if the force you will feel is the same, what to go for first homeless – makes no sense.



Feel the people among whom you live



So, there is also a provision in the Generic yoga, you must feel the people among whom you live. And if suddenly a situation arises that you are living now in another country, which hospitably took you, then, again, this hierarchy is: you should not forget about their Homeland.


But you also don’t have to be negative about the country, in the bark of live. You should try to become the cultural bridge between different ethnic groups, different groups. Again, to be constructive, but in any case not to put into question the values of the people where you live. Let’s say you immigrated from the Soviet Union and was in the African country, where the manners, Oh, I can not tell you, sometimes what.

But still, you should respectfully refer to those people and their sense of their ancestors. And then, maybe, and merged. If anything will arouse suspicion or some kind of foreignness, then you are going against Tribal yoga.


Once again, that in this sense, each surviving to our times, the nation, ethnic group, nationality, it is completely unique. I gave the last lecture, the example projections intricate details on the plane. When we have a complicated detail, it is very hard to convey as a whole, the method when applied to the plane of projection: front, side, top.


And here at the intersection of these projections you can get an idea about the details. And the first impulse of Homo sapiens, which is a Generic yoga says that it was the same for everyone.


Ie he was created by these Teachers, or Teachers of mankind, yogis or LoginName in the Ancestral traditions of yoga, who gave us the body. But they reached versathane untold. And so it turns out that our bodies are untold ability.

And it turns out that every nation and every nationality in this sense, as a projection of something more universal, more universal, what we call the “reasonable man”. And after one people or one race, any one of the most characteristic features of the manifest and continue, through another – other – others.


And so, you know, like an engineer or designer is important in every projection, if one of them lost, it is difficult to thing as done one or the other mechanism. Here, in principle, any people, any nation not necessary, on the one hand. But it is not allowed when one nation begins to substitute another, say, the intervention, as we can see, say…



Example with multiculturalism


Here we are at the last lesson talked about the collapse of multiculturalism in Europe, which is now only a mute does not speak, when they opened Europe’s borders and the bulk of immigrants flowed into Europe because of the higher material standard of living. And they began to form a ghetto, i.e. it is a compact settlement with a very different culture, a different language, a different mentality. It turns out that (as if) one drawing is replaced by another and, in fact, something is lost.


And is it any wonder that many protests, so many tensions, and later, much blood might spill. So, things, I again want to tell you is extremely sensitive. Integration of different peoples, integration (sort of) different cultures, different languages. This thing is well, daunting.



We have in common a single impulse of life



Now we go on. You have to be in accordance Ancestral yoga, regardless of what your relationship to your parents, very reverent attitude. Try to ignore the possible offense, misunderstandings, or maybe the things that hurt you, hurt them. Try to find something in common that unites you. And you’ll find the pulse of life. And all that separates you is a thin film compared to that divide you.

The same situation is observed when you begin to feel his involvement a particular people. And as soon as you feel this involvement, friends, you no longer fear death. For the simple reason that you understand that even if you happen to die, or, say, this will involve some conflicts, wars, epidemics or something else, this feeling of a living will tell you that you still give birth in the framework of the people where you lived.


And once you realize that you give birth, some mechanisms more profound emerge and you are no longer afraid of death. And you can go to war and fight bravely. Moreover, this factor is very interesting, because, in fact, the survival instinct would lead to the fact that as soon as the war started, everything was abandoned would have spread, you’re looking for and not found.


And of have the opposite situation, people are recorded by volunteers, knowing that they are in danger. Why? Because it is involved in something unspeakable. And this involvement in something unspeakable allows, oddly enough, make the leap in the field of spiritual development. You are no longer afraid, friends, you overcome ignorance born of Maya, associated with them, as with the physical body.


Usually, when we think of ourselves as a physical body, we fear that it might have something to happen. I have recently just lost a tooth, the tragedy, I collapse. You know, the first sign of death. Now the tooth, and then the leg, hand and all, buried.


Ie and involuntarily inside the discomfort as it is my favorite tooth, where did you left me? Why? Because I’m starting to intuitively identify myself with the body, including teeth, and hands, and I’m afraid to lose it pretty, I got used to it, in the end, dear to me as memory and where did it get anywhere.


And, of course, as soon as you start thinking of yourself as the body, but sometimes in a more subtle way that I am not just the body, but also a philosophy Professor, I have a status of your keep, I’m by name with ku and squat to go, I have to respect that. But if I someone something rude said, as he questioned my status as a philosophy Professor, he encroaches on me?


But, actually, it’s not me, it is a conglomeration of my feelings and ideas about myself, my physical sensations, what I erroneously perceive myself. What I really am, it is a Grand thing that every man sooner or later will realize who he really is. And he will understand not before he will abandon foolish ideas about yourself, what it is not.


Ie, before you understand that you are sometimes given a method like this on the reverse: look at what you are not. Thus you leads to the idea than you are. This method is called in Sanskrit – not that, not that. This is when you sit, and the tooth broke off, Yes, sorry, but it is, in fact, not I was, not sorry. And so the mind here is hand, good hand, great. And mentally cut it off. Hlobil, and no hands, and I have left. Kicking yourself mentally cut off. In General, begin to shred yourself mentally, then start your status to dissolve. Here I am now Professor of philosophy at the sit clever. Well, imagine yourself a drunk bum, you know, who goes and asks for alms at the metro. Ie, mentally will change the status. Yeah, the status has changed, but I remained the same man: yesterday, Professor of philosophy, today is a bum.


Well, now I will submit the other one, the fifth, the tenth. And so gradually, people began to reject what he is not. And sooner or later it comes to this dry residue, and what it actually is. Again, the method is called in yoga “wrong.”


So, it is very hard, friends, that these mental exercises in yoga translate into real life. Well, if you don’t see yourself with her body, what do you care about him so much too. And no, even after reading all of the clever books, realizing that I and my body are two different things, go out and buy the most expensive shampoo for hair to hair grow. Ie start to cherish my body, sometimes to the detriment of common sense, to the detriment of the wallet, in General, the detriment.


And it turns out that words with actions. And here, imagine that a person goes to defend the Homeland with a gun in his hand and rushes at the enemy. Clearly, he’s action proves that he believes. He believes that he is higher than this body, that he is this body is capable of in the name of something higher even more to donate. The fear of death disappears.


And so this way, for example, the same warrior is the highest thing, it’s the fastest way of spiritual development, when you’re not just words, not just philosophizing, actions carried out.


But, on the other hand, if it’s a war, then for each person the question arises: is it from your point of view fair or not fair. Let’s say you know that somewhere out there starts a war for some purpose that you far. Two competing firms arranged, then it all turned into a local conflict.


You go there for an unclear purpose, unclear people to give his life? No. And even if you go, you’ll see, again, where’s better to sit out where there in the foxhole to jump in without getting noticed. Because you don’t think it’s something valuable.


Conversely, the enemy stands near Moscow, our people stood up ran unarmed to the enemy. Why? Because the thought swept that something more valuable is lost. And it is more valuable just is something called “life”, something called “people”, something called “impulse that gave birth to the whole Universe”, this is what is called “your higher self”, the essence of life – your higher self.


And so, after the momentum when you’re on this emotional high, you turn into such a spiritual hero, even though such conduct conventional war. Of course, yoga is against all wars. You know, any war is retribution for someone’s stupidity, the inability to decide wisely and to avoid it. But nevertheless, sometimes we are faced with this situation, that we are not given the choice. When someone makes a mistake or that in a particular country, a particular head, sometimes one thing leads to another.


On the other hand, if you feel that the war does not concern you, then you not really participate in it. Very indicative in this plan is an example of how the Second world war began. World war II was started because of the claims of Germany on the Polish city of Danzig. Ie a small area that is further away… I will not about this is where she departed.


And start a war with Poland for some strange, even questionable in every sense of the word claim. Well, do you think an average French go to war is not clear for what purpose, and the name of the city, which he can not pronounce? Clearly, no. And what do we have? We have, in fact, why so quickly the Germans took over France? Because they did not understand, on what basis do the war, they haven’t felt this inspired. More precisely, when it started to feel it later, the whole of France was captured. But from the very beginning, it was not.


And again, another example, when the small country begins to sharply oppose. But, friends, in any case, any attempt to forcibly resolve certain issues, you know, this is an attempt to take a loan. Ie, sometimes an extreme situation when you have nowhere to go to choose between bad and very bad, any war should be like a choice between bad and very bad.


But, you know, when there is just bad, it’s kind of karmic credit that should be given. Or if there is a possibility not to lead to exacerbations, better not to bring.


Thus, we conclude today’s lecture, but I want to encourage you, friends, remember: you’re waiting for the universe waiting. I encourage you to start practicing yoga, self-knowledge. Sign up for our courses start systematically to study yoga, not from time to time, and systematically step by step so you get the full picture, not these episodic fragments of knowledge about the chakras, about some food, about karma.


Taken out of context, sometimes knowledge is the biggest problem in your life, you’ll misinterpret, and incorrectly apply to life instead of to help you is against you.


Therefore, I urge you: engage in systematic self-education as prescribed in the “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali”. Learning should be constant. Yoga want to help financially, help. Don’t know how to do it, visit our shop buy there something. You don’t need, give someone the video, a book, a collection of mantras their relatives and friends. That is, their karma will improve, even if they do not use it.


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