Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 11-I. Lecture. 2010.11.02

So, friends, today, November 2, 2010, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I taught yoga, we are in Moscow, at the cultural center “Enlightenment” next to the metro Novoslobodskaya, and this lectures of the International Open Yoga University. The topic of the lecture – Tribal Yoga. All information on the sites,, The site of our shop – where you can buy the entire archive of our lectures, all our movies, lectures, audiobooks and so on.

Today we are waiting for one of the most difficult in the understanding of the generic yoga, and we begin gradually to come closer to understanding this topic.

If you have a life and if this life is through something manifests, then we do something interesting. If for some reason it is the manifestation of life begins to disappear, to leave, it becomes uninteresting. Think about words that describe the state of certain things in language we say: “a cheerful film”, or “lifeless landscape”, or “something life-affirming” or “this is life”, or, conversely, we sometimes say – “well, all fade life goes on”, “lifeless”. That is, in the language there is a clear gradation of the concept, intuitively describing certain phenomena. We do not even realize, but everything to do with life for us “plus sign” and absolutely, positively, if there is no life or it somehow disappears – a “minus sign”. Friends, we do not fully understand what life is, but operate those qualities that she brings. And so we can engage in diverse activities in life – business, science, culture, art and so on and so forth, but in the life of every person sometimes there are crises when the business to which he devoted his life, suddenly makes him a sickening attitude, that is, he can not think of continuation of its activities. Businessman shark, which has no equal, suddenly, one fine morning, he feels disgust at their occupation and can not think about signing any contracts, scientist, 10 years devoted to studying any features of natural phenomena, suddenly, one morning, he begins to understand that all this is somehow dry, and , again, lifeless, dull and uninteresting. Again, the artists (in the memoirs we often read about it), spend a lot of time to create certain works of art, but in a moment you can be disappointed in them. Sometimes this fit of frustration they begin to destroy something that worked, sometimes for many years.That is suddenly a strange thing happens, almost all of men is the moments of crisis. Serious moments of crisis – when what you were doing before and what you thought was a dignified, interesting, profitable, leading to glory or to satisfy your ego, or just for some reason you attractive – all of a sudden may seem disgusting, dry, empty, and uninteresting. Then, it may take time, and all the same things I have become paint, the color gain, obtain some expressiveness, and the man comes back again, maybe to some Affairs, which he refused. That is, the impression that all events or all classes in this world – it is like a shell, through which something either shines or does not Shine. When it shines for us, it becomes attractive and interesting. If even a fraction of a second or for a more intermediate time suddenly the light disappear, despite the consistency of forms, or on any advances, or for this or that, this activity is not just uninteresting, it becomes horrible. That is, it is a phenomenon – the breath of life. If something has the breath of life, it is something you are interested in. If for some reason this breath is not – it is not enough that interested in – it repels. And while we are engaged in a particular activity or a particular job and feel it the breath of life, it is interesting to us, but for some reason sometimes there are glitches. As a rule, they are all related to the fact that we are in his rhythm of work, study, creativity, break some elusive fundamental harmonic components, and break, maybe even something else. Scientist who, at times, is on the verge of discoveries in the field of, say, physics to flip the laws of the universe -and already closely approached to write a final formula that will change the lives of people who suddenly disgusted to continue to do this and can drop everything, because analyzing his life, he suddenly sees all its resources, all its consciousness, all his time was devoted to solution of this problem, and when it starts to suffer something else- the people around him or his perception of the rest of the universe. Similarly, in relation to writers, artists, poets, and so on and so forth. This is a very serious factor, moreover, if the same person still, gritting his teeth, continues to go against the discrepancies, it sometimes insurmountable disgust, and this disgust, he can not overcome anything – no soveshanie or any kind of treatments, and the like. That is, there is such a thing as the breath of life. There is even such a thing as life , is the basis of consideration of the generic yoga – what is it that is the essence of life, we’ve talked a few times. The root cause that gave rise to the universe absolute. This is the life. The same applies to the higher self of the person. The Overself of a human – this is the life .If for some reason, for business, for the surrounding atmosphere, the situation suddenly begins to disappear these root causes of our microcosm or macrocosm, the whole game interaction becomes boring, uninteresting or even disgusting .And this kind of a factor when we’re good, we don’t even notice. Scientist discovered one formula, and that’s on the verge of discovering a new law of nature. And usually it happens that producesome then justified, you discover something new, something interesting, and it can last a very long time, but at one point some, for example, forty-fourth step becomes uninteresting. Why? Because of this movement, suddenly, following the logic and verified, as if a person moved away from the consciousness that stands in the background of all these phenomena, including the laws of the universe, from life. after all, in the end, what is the universe? This is a manifestation of this life. if there is no life, then these

and the laws are not needed. The situation is similar in business. The situation is similar with art, with culture, with anything. That is, this factor of life is the most fundamental.But the source of life, or the original source of our I, or the root cause of the absolute is ineffable, sorhagen does not fit into words and concepts that we have nothing to say about it I can’t. We tend to operate on a living shell of this underlying cause.This living shell this first cause is called in yoga prana. For example, we have our higher self is the source of all our strength, the source of our life, and in fact, is life itself. But our I’m too abstract, too high. There are some manifestations of our higher self, these manifestations have easily tracked. They have something to say you can feel them, they can operate and somehow to use them. These manifestations are reduced to a fundamental expression, which in yoga is called prana.

In the ancient manuscripts on yoga, in all these treatises to put an equality sign between the word and the word prana breathing. And in more recent times, the Western translators mistakenly translated into European languages, the word prana as breath, breathing. But have in mind not simply the breath(inhale-exhale physical air), and refers to the breath of life.This is what comes when we are doing this undulating movement by inhaling and exhaling air, and in fact this wave-like movement of the prana, the breath of life causes us to breathe. This built a section of yoga called pranayama yoga. Moreover, around we feel the breath of life, if we get into the atmosphere, where there is the breath of life, we tend to be healthy, cheerful, happy, optimistic. if we for some reason find ourselves in a place where, we think, no breath of life, on the contrary, here comes the pessimism, here comes the fatigue, the feeling of bessmyslennoe, uselessness, ugliness, lack of beauty, and we begin really to feel bad in such places, we tend to get sick, our immune system tends to falter, we tend to die faster. And, interestingly, in some places we feel the inflow of the breath of life and we feel good, others very bad beginning to feel, for whatever reasons. When you walk through the modern city, where everything is drenched in concrete, glass everywhere, all skucheny where these decorations do not have time to pass through itself the breath of life and the universe, and you automatically start itself there feeling bad. all built on this theory that there are places of power, and there are places that better not happen. This is all internal factors, by definition, here I will be, and in this place will never go. There are people are rude, they don’t notice the difference in these places, until, until faced with various diseases. There are people extremely sophisticated, which clearly can sense that, and once again not to go in the wrong place.


And, again, there is a pattern that if we are faced with nature, through nature is the breath of life, it is invisible – trees, lakes, rivers, seas, everything, even the landscape can be completely naked, dry, but using this feels the breath of life, or Vice versa, it can be a marsh, where the crocodiles crawl in search of prey – it would seem that there in the swamp such a healthy – and through the swamp felt the breath of life, albeit peculiar. If we are faced with such entities, where people kuchenny – metro, and these high-rise buildings, these offices are modern, the streets are narrow, traffic road and etc., we involuntarily begin to feel discomfort. Why? Because, as if this mass of people, which is all spawned,spawned, contrary to the higher law Rita, and prana just don’t have time to get into these cubicles or multi-storey buildings in these cities of glass and concrete. In fact, there is a vacuum of life and all that you face there…on the contrary, you start off kind of intuitively feel that, even if you have the breath of life prana around it is not, there is no harmony you interact with the Universe. You have a breakdown, you have a bad mood, you are very bad. There is no harmony, there is no echo. at the same time in nature it is. That is, this factor is the vitality of this, at first sight phantom, it cannot be grasped, that is, fingers or somehow formalized. It POPs up and goes away. And it somehow correlates with the living creatures that surround us. Sometimes there are situations when in close quarters, but not mad – when all skucheny when the resource is small, but everything is in harmony, that no one notices the interference on each other. Sometimes even more or less decent conditions of existence, but something was missing. This “something”, you know, like the air, but only a very very thin air. Man as if I was suffocating. Choked, but only not from a lack of oxygen and from the lack of this “breath of the Universe.” Only if there is harmony of your breath with the breath of the Universe, there is happiness, there is a sense, meaning academics, business, culture, and politics, and the like. If something is not- all this becomes meaningless. This is a very fine abstract category, which more or less is discussed further in pranayama-yoga is tracked through our ability to inhale and exhale .But the basis of all this goes to this concept of “life”, the source of life.


So, friends, if not this, then you feel bad and you don’t know why. And if you feel bad – all your karmic imprints are beginning to Wake up. If a man is bad and he has any slightest negative karma, then she is not able to compensate for the harmony of life, and so begins the worst of your traits of waking up and you start to behave very bad, conflicts arise on an empty place, when, say, the husband begins to quarrel with his wife – out of the blue. Why? Because suddenly he or she has, as they say, bad mood. Not causeless is in a bad mood. If something is no reason then, as they say in yoga, running causal body. The causal body is the most close to this deep level of prana, to the level of our higher self, So many, a great number of conflicts can be naturally beautiful to avoided if to make harmonious conditions of life, of existence. What we see in modern civilization? Ghetto, high-rise buildings – they do not need anyone, friends, where people are pressed together and they sometimes show their most unpleasant traits .It is clear that once a country becomes more or less rich, then no one is there, not forced to live in high-rise buildings – an example of this, say, America – a curious thing sometimes occurs that in the 40’s – 50-ies, when there were building the same skyscrapers, the same as now in modern Moscow – it is clear that it was more or less decent housing for the people, and the patch centre was built these tall buildings, but then in the 60s – 70-e, when living standards began to rise – the average American do not drive in this high-rise room. They all settled in the suburbs, live in these Sabah – towns around the city. and there is sometimes a very strange phenomenon, when the center of the city, a business city, surrounded by a belt of these high-rise buildings of 60-ies – 70-ies, which is actually a hotbed of crime, some sort of homeless, anti-social elements, because everything is more or less normal average Americans have long settled on the outskirts of towns. As a rule, the flowering suburbs, and it turns out that, as a legacy of this crowding – ring inside the city. Sometimes you can have the map track. it is, of course, the authorities are trying eventually demolished and in its place build something new. So, as soon as you receive the resource immediately, people begin to feel that if living conditions are inharmonious, not enough of something elusive, then people start to swear where it would be possible not to swear, start to hurt where it would be possible not to be sick. Of course, from the point of view of karma – your negative karma, but if there is a flow of harmony of life , it kompensiruet to a certain extent, because the universe is very merciful, do you remember it gives more than we deserve, even if we are illiterate waste. So, for example, for residents of the former USSR – if you have the opportunity to have a small piece of land(6 acres previously given to all), hold to this place, friends. If you have the opportunity to live on earth – live on earth. I understand that, again, it sounds like a mockery, people are now what is called the soul is ready to sell the apartment to have a normal, small, but remember while you go to work, run, while you are in motion, you may not even notice the lack of life in this modern architecture, but once you got sick, or retired, or even on vacation – this place will start to suck the prana.On the empty spot starts, absolutely bad hands, so in fact, this appeal off the ground, not off the prana, not to break away from the cosmos, not to break away from the universe around us, and to feel it. If you have no opportunity because of dense way of life – at least most of the campaigns some time to go as we were in school yoga speak, to wander on the trails. With a tent somewhere to go, otherwise you’re worse off. But the man is very conservative and lazy. Who now will make a tent to go out, if he had not walked? people just are not physically able to do it , he is afraid. He is afraid of dangers, fear of discomfort, moreover, the idea that it will be somewhere no hot water, tubs, or anything like that – a thrill. It is very interesting to observe these people when they still fall into nature – literally within a day or two they forget about those facilities. Why? Because the inflow of prana from the universe to compensate for the pleasure from the favorite bath tub, most comfortable toilet, favorite Slippers and bed – all kompensiruet life that begins to Shine through the world, and formed more of the internal prana. And suddenly you start easier to take become healthier, more optimistic, and some intractable problems see a very different side. Therefore, the concept of life – it is extremely important, it is actually the impulse that is passed from generation to generation, it’s that momentum that allows you some time to exist and which you should give to the next generation. If he lost, prejudiced – you start to feel uncomfortable. A huge number of people in Moscow exposed to the most terrible phobias .It can manifest in many different symptoms of dystonia, when the person can for no reason crash into a swoon, unreasonable fear, unreasonable anxiety is all around the person so lumpy, and the person starts to fight someone of alcohol abuse, someone Smoking, someone talking to doctors, some medications buying really like any pain medication, and liquor, and nicotine and moreover, this chemistry – all the time relieves the symptom but does not cure the cause. Then people are already starting to become dependent on these means of sedative. This is a very serious reckoning, friends, separation from nature, separation from the sense of life. Our work calls us to some criteria – for example, how it should be arranged housing, for example, how you should spend your day off, vacation. And so we sometimes start for a variety of reasons, to be smart about this , we begin to consider themselves urban residents, and so forth, but the payoff will be very serious in the form of early disease in the form of all this negativity, therefore, wrote Andrei Sakharov, the world will turn to the WTO that we see in Western countries – a multi-storey business center, where offices and the like, but which is punctuated by parks, which are not such aggressive, while the far suburbs, where all people live. So, when Sakharov wrote a paper called “the World in 50 years”(I don’t remember what year he wrote and in what year it was supposed to happen), where he developed this idea to what all will come sooner sludge later. But how to understand and z any other considerations, not from considerations of this here of prana, and of some of its purely economic considerations. So, friends, if you learned to distinguish between a thing, object, people, cities, streets, through which the breath of life the Universe and where it is not, you are very great benefit, but it is not sold just like that, spontaneously. Our channels are polluted, we are still under the husk impressions and you want to thin our senses, you want to make our nervous structure is very susceptible. Help Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra-yoga. Sooner or later they begin to sharpen, rather, is first cleaned and then sharpened the determination of the vitality or lifelessness of certain events around you, and you suddenly start to realize that comes to you factor the intuitive choice, you can’t say why this person you are talking to, and this is why this job you get and work, and another firm, even with a big salary, you take a 5 kilometers range. here comes the factor of intuitive awareness – through this is the breath of life, and through it no. From a formal point of view it is very hard to explain what it is. Do you remember some feeble attempts were during the Soviet era, there are a huge number of psychics, which, in theory, supposedly had it all to track , how to feel, but it mgnovenno transformed, first, into obscurantism, and second, in some primal making money on speculation in the region of the unknowable and intimidating everyone else. And as-that so by itself, of course, a lifeless expression itself came to naught, now you don’t see such rampant psychics, which was in the early nineties. Why? Because it was something. But for you, my friends, is very important in life to develop this sensitivity. the price paid for this hypersensitivity, however, also be serious. If some things you just do not notice disharmoniously, dirt, some dark side of the world – they do not reach you. If you Refine your perception, then you certainly will start first time from this very suffering.You know, as a very thin device that can detect the slightest change in anything. Rough device the arrow is deflected, even if significant changes occur. Here we are with you now as a very rough instruments, we walk down the street and many do not notice. If you continue to practice yoga intensively, if you understand the concept of life, you will look at the window of a multistory building and suddenly feel – this is the window I feel pulls at me and the window I want from him as from a cockroach to run away. You will start physical eyes to see, but to intuitively understand the uneven coloring everything you see, and there is no mystery, there is nothing that weakens the mind, this is just the next step of mankind. Of course, when all of humanity or at least most of it will be to possess such power – instantly simpler life. One look at politics will be enough to determine an honest man he is, or bribes, or some ambitious.One look or word is enough, and you will be talking to the businessman to determine that this kind of machination plotting, and this honest man. And so in relation to the whole. Moreover, the different forms it happens sometimes, I was told by the people who do yoga as they are to bookstores go. Can imagine they have perfected their sensitivity so that they even a cursory glance at the shelves of books (did you know that yoga now published a large number of books, but most of it was outright junk, sometimes obscurantist garbage), so they can not read, choose a book that is, indeed, something new or old source. Or Vice versa, I’ve seen a situation where this ancient source in different translations, and the man unconsciously stretched hand to the correct translation made by a person in the subject, and not to those who, as they say, a hack. And this ability, even a superpower will occur and you, if you understand the concept of life, if you start to engage in normal yogis to hone their perception. Immediately want to warn that Yes, indeed, will the period of your suffering. For all over – you have to sverhrazdutaya. You will see what the true condition of people, society, city, political movements or something else. I assure you, you will be astonished. This will be a very strong incentive for you to be actively involved in the work of helping people. Through yoga, through whatever. Usually when I meet someone who says that he has alleged any superhuman abilities, but demonstrates such a cold-blooded attitude towards other things, I usually suspect that he is lying. Because if he saw the true state of things, he would feel the pain of others. imagine you touch a hot frying pan and say – “all right, all right” – it’s either super high level or attempt to deceive.

Further we go. So, these factors, ordinary activities yogis – all, of course, you will be thin. Even the classes are Hatha yoga. I know people who didn’t know anything about life in our understanding, that is, they were brought up in Marxist-Leninist ideology of materialism and yoga have become involved because the system just like like good exercise, and these people sometimes made a certain number of years, some just ordinary, as we would say, stupid exercises, but even these usual physical exercise led them to oversensitivity. And then, as if they were prompted to think about the impulse of life – about what tells generic yoga, about what tells Vedic knowledge, and, in fact, yoga in General. But, of course, this is a long way. And preferably to pre-empt their findings. That is, to let you know what happens when you see the first signs of what is happening, you would have accelerated your progress in yoga. If, say, there is a theory, a prediction that can be you in a little experiment to get confirmation of this theory is that it greatly speeds your progress and, as a result, your spiritual evolution, your growth and your power.


Again, friends, from the point of view of logic as the life manifested? Each of us has a higher self, it is as if floating, as if surrounded by a sheath of prana, the breath of life. Our I’m alive, friends, sometimes it seems some philosophers, that our I is, you know, abstract and distant. Neither dry nor wet, not at all relevant to everything because it is limitless. Yes, friends, it is outrageous, but at the same time, his transcendence allows him in a sense to be such a wonderful phenomenon. A cutoff can manifest itself in some limit at the same time. It is here, you know, there’s always a question of such philosophical – times his higher self out, so it does not suffer when the people suffer? How can this be? This can not be. As long as there is suffering and I am suffering, although it is in principle devoid of suffering. This is a very delicate axiomatic higher moments for operation infinite with the finite, understandable with the incomprehensible. These are things that are beyond our logic, beyond our mind, there need to be very careful with the conclusions, sometimes our conclusions are inappropriate. now, our I – it’s alive, but the pulse of this life is manifested in what is called prana. This sheath of prana. What is the sheath of prana? It is the breath of life. Again – the prana as the breath of life. On the other hand, how is it that the breath can manifest? It can be manifested through breath energy. Indeed, we have the ability to do something, to move, to change something around. It also has that breath consciousness, breath, attention. Indeed, we can perceive, something to see around. Prana is something universal, which, on the one hand, manifests itself as energy when we can to do something, and as consciousness, when we can comprehend, to realize, to understand, to perceive. Also extremely lofty philosophical concept that is prana. And here, of course, life is easier for us to understand not through our higher self we may be, still do not understand its immensity, and in a closer, through the breath of life, through the prana. Or through the opportunity to live and enjoy life, or to embrace life and rejoice in the perception of life. This is our flow of prana. But we are surrounded by the universe. What is the universe? The universe is, in fact, hidden from us the absolute, which manifests through the breath of life or by the breath of cosmic prana. And it turns out that our prana interacts with the prana of the absolute. And if our prana interacts with prana absolute garmonichnaya way, or how to say according to the concepts of the Vedas, according to the law of Rita, it is that our prana begins to grow. And we begin to more clearly perceive what is happening around us. Moreover, we begin to be able to move in the direction of spiritual development, and everything around us comes alive. And that to us in life did not come – the contract for the new businessman, the new formula for the scientist, a new statue for the sculptor if it comes under the law of Rita, when your personal prana is combined with the cosmic prana and they seem to be in such harmonious resonance – everything comes to life. And it is not just the formula, and revelation. (In mathematics it is said that mathematics is the language in which the Lord God speaks to man). Or the same sculpture is not just a piece of wood or stone, it is something higher, is the personification of that life. And so on and so forth. That is, we are faced with the effect icons. You know, an icon is not just an image of some sort, sometimes very abstract, and what you feel are exorbitant. And in some cases it’s just printing a picture, and some of it is really channel into something extraordinary. Again, all statues, all works of art that really made people change for the better. Go to the Pushkin Museum. And now, you know the impression – well, well-made statue or a well drawn picture, but what about her talking so much? Some arrangement of matter, or some sort of images. What’s new? But the fact of the matter is that it was at the time for a certain group of people the link between prana and the prana of the Universe. And so, indeed, art able to pull a person to a qualitatively new level, but then, of course, for m time and tastes change, and some conditions change. What inspired our ancestors can inspire us, or, on the contrary, what inspires us, can inspire our descendants. It is a separate issue that everything is fine, and appropriate, and subject to the law of Rita in his place and in his time. And, slightly shifted in time or slightly shifted in space, as there is already a different shade of the same law Rita. The law Rita is one of his many manifestations in different circumstances in different cases. Well, in relation to ourselves, friends, to feel the breath of life we can through again, as I said, yoga. We do yoga, we meditate, we try to complain, what’s inside, what kind of a microcosm of who we are. But, friends, this is a very difficult task – to go inside, because we used to look outside. Well, we made that the more you look out, even though you sometimes feel the processes that go on inside. Hard to look, especially, that is, if the soul is dark. There scared to look, do not want to look. There are many people who, you know, in the bad sense of the word extroverts, they never try to sit down and think, who they are, what they. Im just scared to look inside, they never did something new and unusual.

There are people who can talk, just not to be alone with yourself. Because it’s scary. people who are afraid of loneliness – afraid to stay, unusual, unusual. But, if you start to penetrate inside yourself, you realize that the source of your personal power – this is the principle of your vitality, your higher self, or your prana. And suddenly you begin to receive nourishment from what you really are. And, by and large, the closer you begin to know yourself, the more you become self-sufficient, less dependent on some factors others. And as a result, you become less a toy in the hands of external forces and exhibit more power, more prosperity, more light from you shines.

Again, this is a very difficult time, especially for people who have such a thing as the mind, has only recently begun to function. And if you think about animals, there is even harder.

 because the mind they are either not precise, or sometimes the rudiments of reason are observed. And so there is like a compensation for the lack of feeling of inner strength of inner harmony, inner source of life that animates all that you do and makes life joyful and filled. Compensation due to external. And now this principle is made the moment the pair interaction men and women. So a man sees in a woman’s life, so he was interested in it, so it is for him sexually attractive, so he is committed to it. Not because she’s in some sort of shape or some kind of hair – no, but only because he is in this form, for this hair, all this feels that there are in him – life, so to see it easier, easier to understand. And so it becomes an interesting woman for man, however, as man for woman, same thing, if a woman feels life with the man she is interesting. The other, of course, the conversation in which aspects it is shown. In these yogas, the yoga Triad, there is a more detailed analysis, but we are now while he was not interested in this detailed analysis. We are interested in the concept that if there is a sense of life, if something is life, you become powerful. And here, look, a further continuation of the same thought: if you’re single and long to do yoga, then sooner or later closer to the source of your life, to your I – the first thing you face is your prana. So if prana is not enough, then you have the fear of death. If you have a lot of prana, then you have no fear of death. Therefore, numerous phobias, which are now subject to most people, say, in Moscow, is simple lack of prana. Know this but if you compare oxygen now, if someone blocked, and all people with open mouths, big eyes, begin to breathe, and they suggest that one drug, then another, then the third – well, for some time eye like decrease, the mouth closes, but only while acting medication and oxygen because no one podbavit, then the medicine expires and again, mouth opens, eyes widen. So, if you have a phobia, if there is fear – you know, you have no prana, no life, because if there is life, there is no fear. But as it turns out, again, that requires a very long year of lessons in self-knowledge, in order to touch the source of inner life, the inner prana to increase it. And he, from a formal point of view, the same Grand and infinite as the entire cosmic prana, that is, in a sense, this identity. now, it’s hard to do, especially if you, say, live in the body of the animal, ro if you have a female of the opposite sex, you through it feel a sense of life and through it you get the sense of prana. Through it comes to you, including courage and determination, ability to overcome all of the factors of fear, all the negative factors. And, Yes, indeed, we see that even at the animal level this is manifested the pair. to varying degrees, of course, because if there is life, there is death if there is no death, no fear. Therefore, if we analyse the later tantric treatises concerning the use of sexual energy for spiritual practices, then there is such an aphorism, “if there is seksualnosti, there is no fear of death.” That is sexy, this, in itself, an attraction to the opposite sex, and in fact, the desire for life, in fact, attracted to the fact that eliminates the death, and, consequently, fear. This is a very serious yoga practice based in the Triad, but not about that now speech.

But, the color is between a man and a woman life becomes increasingly sexual. But life is a broader concept than simply attraction to men and women. Life, she absorbs the manifestations through everything alive, and therefore, the same manifestation of life is when you, say, consider a little kitten or little dog, little kids, what do you feel the breath of life. There is, of course, no sexuality, but there are some, again, persoanls of being, which makes you either melt, or come in a nice location, because you feel that this is something that makes it impossible for fear, making it impossible death. And, again, the same animal, for the sake of their descendants, may sacrifice his life, because it understands that sacrificing a manifestation of life, but in the name of preserving the source of life, in fact it has nothing to lose, because descendants always give birth if there is an uninterrupted continuity of life impulse.

Even more to such a great extent is beginning to be felt, to a greater extent to influence, but to a lesser extent be aware of is when you find yourself in a field of aliveness kind. And here you begin to feel your ancestors, your ancestors, ancestors, and so on, you start to feel the support of your family, and as a consequence, support for all those people who are with you are this or that community of people, your rodstvennikov, relatives, friends, loved ones, and how would you begin to draw strength from your kind. And, again, it’s the understanding kind, which sort of outside you, like a part of the macrocosm, again, gives you a manifestation of prana, life, and what we in the previous lecture said, it decreases even less fear of death. To sacrifice his life for the sake of race is not a problem for you. Biologists, on the dawn of another analysis of Darwinism, was very surprised at many factors, what you say here, there is a group of animals that, according to these animal laws of the jungle, had to demonstrate extreme selfishness, extreme self-love, or what is now celebrated in the West – extreme individualism. As all animals demonstrate just the opposite.If the edge of the forest grazing flock of deer, and one of these deer suddenly see an approaching predator, he warns all the others, although thereby it reduces their chances of survival. Similarly for birds. All animals, even those which are threatened, they manage to warn. Sometimes these actions reduce their chances for personal survival. It does not found an explanation in this stupid concept of natural selection, survival of the most adaptable. Began to introduce abstract concepts, that it is supposedly somehow encoded in the genes, kind of altruistic behavior. Don’t know if it’s all in the genes or in the genes, the fact that these principles are good – they even have in the animal world, not to mention people.

It’s a kind of thing that as soon as you feel the significance of their actions in relation to the kind that you start to feel (and how you begin to feel through this mystical sense of belonging for all living things), you’re not just one small living creature, and you like the flow of these beings, and if there is life, there is no fear. But if no fear, then you start to exhibit traits that are contrary to selfishness, self-love, or contrary to the primitive instinct of self-preservation. To an even greater degree it is observed, when we have a large group of people observed when it is not race, and people. Again, we have this factor that many even young people, they are still not really something were interested in, but here the war begins, and suddenly they Wake up to the idea of solidarity, the idea that (completely without thinking) they have to protect, they go to gamble, they go to war, they even die, but that doesn’t makes them tremble, makes them somewhere to hide to save his life, on the contrary, they calmly think about it. Although the same person in time of peace, tell him your chance to survive in any given situation-so ,Yes, he go to sleep he couldn’t, he would be shaking and Valerian to drink. That’s a factor. Factors of life. The factor of empathy. The factor that binds us, first and foremost, with our family and friends. But for family and friends all pronounced, but in relation to a larger group of people, society, is less pronounced, but more aggressively like overglorify momentum. and, all struggling to determine whether it is instinct, whether it is sverdlovka. Whether it is the first, most primitive impulses on the part of our mind, whether it is, indeed, some kind of revelation. And, in this sense, several yoga reveals this secret. Of course, everything is mixed. But overlayclose factor, life factor, the factor of influence the General field of prana, the General field of life, he is so powerful that it really includes in the person of its mechanisms of self-realization, as if he was on a very high spiritual stage, we talked about this in the previous lecture said, it occurs when a person donates in the name of the Motherland, in the name of people with their lives without fear of death. Again, the same man in time of peace, or when a clear threat of death disappears, can proabley a variety of behavioral strategies. It was very surprising, or that a veteran during the war and showed some miracles of heroism and capacity for sacrifice, but the war ended and somehow he didn’t life. There is, friends, a factor that in itself to feel the pulse of life is very hard, but we have a hint, through our relatives, through our family, through our people, through our country. And the more people involved in this process, the more impact it has on us, even regardless of whether we realize it or not. Why? Because the whole ocean of prana, which pervades you, of all people, he seems to be allows you to strengthen in you what is called your reserves of vitality. Or, on the other, here is a very interesting continuation of this yoga is, it is very closely related to Kundalini yoga. This common awareness of belonging to a great number of people with whom you are connected by these invisible threads of magical energy and life, leads to the fact that a person has a natural, beautiful way to awaken the Kundalini energy. This, in particular, explains a factor of fearlessness, the factor of neglect to your life or to show some powers in this or that battle. History has left us a very unique description, when in some battle wounded warrior, received a number of injuries incompatible with life, dripping blood, well aware that he will not survive, continued to fight and continued to turn the tide of a particular battle, it didn’t feel any fear or pain, but on the contrary, showed the utmost clarity and some kind of extreme physical endurance and strength which in normal life could not show. Why? Because, touching the ocean of prana, the ocean of life, this breath of life, manifested either through consciousness or through the energy, you activate your own. The part that is responsible for the energy we have, is called Kundalini energy. And this is the highest the chance to feel life,as it were – not to think about their lives in the name of something bigger. The effect is the same, not strange, yoga – the more in one place deals with people, the stronger the effect. We have long been engaged in the training of yoga teachers, hold seminars, well, even to everyone, not only for teachers, and this is a very clear effect, by the way, in the aphorisms of teaching yoga, he reflected. But it is quite closed texts, we usually only give them to students that the more people, the easier it is practice. To implement the practice with two people, say, heavier than four, ten better than two, one hundred easier, than ten, a thousand is easier than with a hundred. Why? Because formed the community of life. Or as we always say it like in wet weather raw wood can burn if you are side by side, and people. Each of them may be not characterized by some yogic success, but, like, each other warms and stimulates the process of other people, so if sometimes it happens that in a particular hall, knows people stuffed to the eyeballs (well, to the limits of decency, and it is important to have good ventilation), oddly enough, sometimes the processes are faster, better, and more people get. Man maybe a few years to do alone the same Hatha-yoga practice and get some result, maybe sometimes three or four times to go to any group session where there are lots of people, and to much greater effect. And it’s not some miracle, but it is actually a very serious theory. It is known in yoga, and, of course, she had to use it. Therefore, the more like-minded people around you, colleagues, people you trust – friends, what is life? this trust!..


Know yoga you can explore…or rather, the math you can learn even if you don’t trust Professor of mathematics, you know, if it’s Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes…but with yoga, this does not happen. If you don’t trust the teacher, you get nothing because you didn’t get it the breath of life all present.If there are mental boundaries that divide pmac on cheecky are here, then consider that you are not here, but somewhere else, and if the credibility of the right neighbor, left neighbor, you know he is the same person that he’s not getting dishonest with you that it is the same engaged and interested in, the effect is several times stronger. And I must say that not only in yoga know about ETM effect. Of course, know about it in the first place the military. Well-knit squad where everyone trusts, shows the wonders of combat capability. I was interested in, I was told that, oddly enough, during the Second World war, this quality differed sailors, I don’t know why, maybe because a long life on the ship, it makes more closely to communicate, especially away from home, maybe even some other qualities. When, for one reason or another had to take sailors and make them regular troops in an attack run or something, they showed some miracles, literally miracles of heroism, and, what is also very interesting, the number of casualties they had, as a rule, less. Because each of them trusted each other, he risked himself, but they all represented a single pranic field, they redstavleny essentially, a single life. This single life has survived better and even if it was wounded, it is not such a strong injury, or Vice versa, it was more of a mobile structure, where no one was afraid of nothing and everything to each other trust and for that reason they were more effective, decisive, assertive. And, of course, this effect is present, friends. A large number of people United by an intuitive sense of life, turns into a very serious force.

But, unfortunately, this factor has a downside, really terrible. And also necessary to say about it. The same effect was observed in the most combat-ready parts of SS, in Nazi Germany. These same possessed some combat units of the Japanese. And, as for Germany, there was something more special, no wonder since then, many historians try to study some aspects related to the emergence of fascism. Apparently, Hitler had this is the most intuitive sense and knowledge of how to assemble a mass of people and generate in them a sense of belonging to something living, something bright, something powerful and strong. And, apparently, this explains those absolutely other points of view unexplained phenomena associated, in particular, with the rise of Hitler to power associated with such a successful combat operations. That is, he was a man who probably knew the same laws that the ancients knew yoga, but different and not fully adhering to the first and second principle of yoga, and began to use them on your own, or, as we remember, to the detriment of all mankind. Friends, knowledge is power.


Generally speaking, the question of fascism is a separate issue, I keep bringing it up and even some said to me – “why do you so often refer to fascism?” Friends, not because it is such a harmless thing that, like, won and forgotten – nothing of the sort. It won, but did not understand. And, as a result, there was a relationship to fascism as a plague of medieval Europe. The plague came, wiped out a huge number of people, and then left. And people are so impressed with fear when the epidemic was, and I try not to think about the plague is not to predict, as they say. I mean,you know, this extreme form of superstition, which they are afraid even to think, as if it is not resumed. Here the same situation, unfortunately, with the phenomenon of Nazism. Many people in contemporary Europe I’m afraid updat in superstitious fear and awe and try not to think about it, not to speak, or trying to put everything in advance in a distorted light. But plague is thus not to win. It is necessary to explore in laboratories, need to be vaccinated. You have to understand that there which action, bringing death, what drugs to do, and just call it taboo to say that it is things that have nothing to say – it means to condemn people to the fact that it will happen again. Indeed, throughout the history of Europe several times of plague literally mows all successively, until, while, contrary to many tenets of the time, there are scientists and decided to figure it out. Of course, in this respect, it is easier for us, because some knowledge about these effects or phenomena reached us from the ancient yogis, primarily from the generic yoga. and here at me too the question arises – did the top Nazis about the existence of such a powerful yogi or not know? Whether it was their intuitive discovery or, indeed, their numerous expeditions to Tibet, India something dug, ancient manuscripts, understood them, and floated? I, of course, inclined to the first version, I think it was like a subtle rediscovery of the laws because, after all, I doubt that someone on the same East, so carelessly addressed with this knowledge. In any case, it was clearly enough understood that to what is coming. In any case, this is a question for historians, sociable, in fact, he’s less interested in.


We are interested in the reverse side. That is the feeling of the masses. It includes some mechanisms that we are not aware of. To track this you can for other examples – go on some big rock concert. Go to any football match, where a huge number of fans. And you in some cases realize that some sort of inexplicable power you picked up. Usually we read in the memoir and all kinds of research ,including psychological, such condescending remarks like “this is trash” “this is the instinct they have,” “this is the power of the crowd and nothing else”. This is a wrong formulation of the question, it’s all to show in a deliberately distorted and negative light, and, in fact, not to understand the effect, but the effect is indeed very strong, very powerful. I mean, I know about him only because he studied yoga, I’m not a big fan to go to stadiums and watch football, moreover when I go in the subway after the next match, I get so scared when invaded by a crowd of teenagers and starts to chant and yell. I have the impression that now they have someone to kill, and involuntarily a feeling of fear, desire to hide somewhere, or grab a Kalashnikov rifle, depending on the extent to which you perceive this aggression. So, this effect is a very serious effect, friends. This is the effect of appealing to these invisible forces of life, but only in the case of generic yoga, when the understanding of the ancestors of common soldier to become a hero and calmly sacrifice his life, or in the hands of such dishonest businessmen-politicians turns into a dangerous weapon that God knows what can result. More precisely, has already led to numerous wars. That is a very serious, friends, a factor that cannot be ignored and we cannot say that it is just trash and the crowd effect, no, there, except Frank, I’m sorry, bydlyatina involved any such chord, appeal to the life of the race.”Here we are the fans of the football team, we are the fans of a particular actor, singer, political activist”. It is a factor which brings people together. And if he, God forbid, not on purpose or suddenly wakes up, or fed, or deliberately provoked, we have dire consequences, dire consequences, a lot of bloodshed. As you can see, and this is what I have repeatedly said that, when you study the same Generic yoga is like a roller coaster ride in the cold you, the heat, the same thing can be extremely positive, it can accelerate your spiritual development can help you to understand relationship, to understand what life is, to raise to a higher level, and can make people aggressive crowd .Or ideas nationalistic, xenophobic, political or crazy ideas in this state of uncritical crawl into the minds of men, and, in fact, it is a terrible problem for humanity. And just dismiss it. It is present. It is. And, like everything in this world, it can be directed towards good or towards evil. In the case of fascism, we have expressed the side of evil. In the case of football fans who are fed up of dealers from these numerous sponsorship of sports competitions is all the money, friends. These fans, who are breaking chairs, smashing Windows and so on – they are profitable. There are circles which they best, and they encourage them, invisible. Someone unwittingly finds(I’ve heard) – that’s guys having fun, is the unity of the nation, and no unifying ideas did not remain in Russia, even if the glass will break – at least we agree on that. But you understand that this is an unmanaged situation in the field of football fans, and tomorrow throw them any idea, and the idea is uncritically accepted and they will be .

So, friends, for this factor to possess powers that even we ourselves cannot have, but which Wake up when around a lot of like-minded people is the danger that you can become an easy toy in the hands of the manipulator, which he does not share ideas that are usually not picked up by the same wave, say, of patriotism, but which is very cleverly starts to guide you to the desired goal, just as the puppeteer. And this here is the power, the stream of people who have awakened this feeling, glimpses of which can be from the point of view of yoga Kundalini be classified as the first signs of awareness of Kundalini energy, turn into unruly crowds, more precisely in pseudoneoplasm of the crowd, and if there is a good puppeteer, like Hitler, it is very manageable. And, on the one hand, Hitler took advantage of this handling and made some miracles in the field of Economics, in the field of war – the German army was the most efficient at the time. In fact, really, from the song words can not erase, they are very well able to fight at the time. Very often sacrificed their lives, often showed such qualities which in other cases can be proud of. But, what a tragedy, someone took the honest Germans, aroused in them feelings of a sort and reprogrammed. And their brains every German, how would not enough. And the worst thing is that when I Wake up these deep structures, the brains go by the wayside. And then saves only if the person had the experience that such ecstatic States, If he felt the ecstatic state, and feel them again, but realizes with the help of reason, which no longer manages it, but can diagnose – yeah, something’s gone, only in this case it is possible to completely resist including such a catch-up idea. Once again, this is very dangerous, as long as you have not had personal experience feeling of vitality. As long as your mind is weak, you can catch the idea of Nazism, nationalism, you can always catch on the idea of messianism in any political party, or some Holy war or something. And it’s scary when you suddenly awakened what is life, and you have no fear of death, but you don’t have the experience to recognize how you can abuse it, you begin to use for other purposes and you’re starting to do all sorts of terrible things. Look at the middle East, what’s happening, look to third world countries, the same Africa, forever fighting. This is the open proof that it is only the ability of a leader to pump up people to be slaughtered. The question is, how do manage to do all this? There is a system of signals that is perceived by each person is not critical, but as soon as it receives this signal, it leaves, how to say psychologists, in an altered state, and, indeed, inclined to jump in some his internal energy awareness to a certain gradation, which, from the perspective of Kundalini yoga can be classified as the first awakening of Kundalini energy. All intertwined in yoga. So, there are certain moments. Practically, all these aspects of the abuse and manipulation of you in the field of the mystical impulse to the vitality of the ancestors is through the word. Or, in other words, propaganda. Even physical hardship in a given situation, to a lesser extent cause a person to shake things up and reach a qualitatively new state, but sometimes a simple word can enter a person in this state, and that, on the one hand good – good for people, good for the kind of people do, say, some kind of cataclysm that something terrible had happened, when it is necessary to mobilize the power of genus or nation and then someone knocks the alarm, he comes out and says – guys, something happened-something that for example, the enemy attacked or something, and people hear a common word, which becomes a key – and a qualitatively new level of existence, they felt around the commonality of all living things, and mobilizes, thus they can withstand any hardship, any danger. This is the power of words. It goes back not to the usual demagoguery – now a lot of divorced of all kinds of theories, that supposedly, if you teach a man to say that he millions for a story that Hitler was a mere demagogue Goebbels was a simple demagogue, but the fact of the matter is that they were not simple demagogues. They kind of had what is called mantra-yoga, the power of words. This is what we read in the ancient Vedas, what was said by the ancient Rishis. In fact, all the Vedas is the manifestation of the power of the word. But this power fell into the wrong hands, in criminal hands, and here this force of the word awakened, brought to a new level and made people, in fact, become slaves of this, or rather, their motives were the light, the puppeteer was with very dirty intent, but with this key. No one could understand, after the war, the Germans could not understand how so happened, why they come to such a terrible tragedy has come they still can not understand, but it is taboo in the field of research of all these things brings all to naught. Now, there are people who possessed this power of speech and was allowed to include in the mass of people the introduction to something higher. On the one hand it is a great blessing, on the other – there is great danger. But do not think that only Hitler and Goebbels had such a quality, the same quality and had such a prominent Soviet figure like Leon Trotsky. At the time, even such stories went about his abilities. Cited the example that during the civil war, he could have demoralized the army broken, and could not think of the battles, his oratory re-unite, to bring them to life and again to throw the fight. This you can find in the numerous memoirs of those who survived, lived through the Stalinist repressions. That is, the moment that you can bring into this state is a kind word, and if in ordinary life it is the word of truth, when any member of the society, seeing the danger, said he, but, being under impression of the danger to himself to a certain extent possessed of this power of the word and awaken the masses, then in the case of these speakers – the power of the word was they were either congenital, or acquired somehow, some way, in any case, friends, it was a strong personality. Here from the song words can not erase, any superhuman abilities they possessed, it is unique. This makes the situation even worse.


On the one hand, we can feel the breath of life in a simplified way, through the people around us, through race, in which we live, through the people to whom we belong. On the one hand, a tremendous springboard into the field of yoga. On the other hand, there is a trend that awakened so the Kundalini energy awakened or the momentum thus life will go on destructive goals.

Friends, remember you waiting and waiting for the universe. The main thing in yoga is to live chat, tons of books will not be replaced. Start learning, sign up for courses Begin systematically to study yoga.

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