Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 12-I. Lecture. 2010.11.06

The hit list.

Today we continue to consider the generic yoga. The first part of our lectures will be called so – “the hit list”. Very dark this name. Not long ago I was approached by my friend, same as me, long yoga, and introduced me to a gentleman. This gentleman was very much outraged by the situation that currently exists in Russia, and proposed a very specific solution. Its essence was that in the country, he said, is from 200 to 400 parasites, the bloodsuckers, who usurped the power, finances, information flows and virtually dictate their will. And as you know, this begs a very simple solution, if there is such a list, in the best case of them all to pull away, even though his part was proposed more decisive measures, up to their physical elimination. I wouldn’t have to tell You this episode, as many of you are often faced with the not quite sane people, but the problem lies precisely in the other, this man was sane. And, on the other hand, there is a trend here, which you should know if you will know and if the information also be distributed among other people, then maybe our today’s lecture will save a certain number of lives, and will not allow others to burden their karma.

According to this young man, everything is under control. There is some shady dark forces that ruled all. Of course, he thoroughly argued against these findings, especially no arguing. Indeed, the gap between the richest and the poorest in the former Soviet Union has reached monstrous proportions. Indeed, a huge amount of financial resources and information resources concentrated in the hands of a small group of people, and they understand the principles by which these people got hold of these, as would say even axiomatically, the flow of energy and consciousness. Really a huge number of factories in ruins. Poor pensioners eke out a miserable existence. Now, though, it became easier, until recently it was possible to observe the spectacle, when the poor old ladies go on the bins and collect unwanted items and aluminum cans. A huge number of people were left without work, without shelter, without social status. Demography suggests that people just disappear, dying. Whole villages are dying. More specifically, the young people leave and old people die naturally. Across the country you can see the empty abandoned village. All practices in the cemeteries rest just over with this sense of space where once was life. That is the argument there was on his part given very many and very serious. The population becomes an inveterate drunkard, drugs just very serious widespread, sometimes even those in power one way or another involved in corruption schemes, moreover, many officials are proud of their connections in the criminal world. In the West, one mention of the fact that a particular official had any involvement with people outside the law, would put an end to his future career. And we have the opposite, it is considered particularly chic. Here done people, can all agree. You can find a huge number of people who go wandering around all the countries and they are always unhappy rich, poor, businessmen, police and even anything they are unhappy. But, as a rule, marginalized, not quite sane, and somewhere inappropriate, and that people who have beyond words, nothing goes. This is the man scolded, soul took, he calmed down and forgot. Here we are dealing with another layer of people who, unlike these social elements have used their insights and thoughts transform into actions, bring ideas to their logical conclusion in practice. And here’s a very sad situation emerges. What these people really see the appalling situation in the country on the one hand, on the other hand they are well aware of the pain and suffering of the people. Moreover, they feel the field of life, we talked about yoga in the family or the suffering kind the suffering of the people, they feel it very acutely, on their skin, as keenly as we feel physical pain. And that situation awareness between a rock and a hard place – reality actually makes them a kind of explosive material. If you remember the story, just one of those people were born revolutionaries. Of these people were born heroes who revived the nation and led the liberation war, but, unfortunately, made of the same material are formed all kinds of extremists and terrorists. And the line supply, where the extremism and terrorism and where it ends involvement in the suffering of obvious or imagined, to put it impossible. This question has always been, is and will remain open. And this is the issue that you don’t just let go. And it is clear that as soon as I listened to him very calmly and politely. Not interrupting, not arguing. And then tried, does not question his conclusions, to get him to look at the situation from the other side. The fact that during those years, that I do yoga, I met a lot of other people like this young man. In the end, he once was the same. The fact is that when you start to practice yoga, you begin to pass through streams of powerful energy, they begin to purify your channels of perception, they begin to sharpen your mind, they cause you start to feel some broader horizons than the average person, and certainly the first in that it results in the sensation of what we talked about throughout this course, tribal yoga is the sense of life. The joy of life and suffering from the fact that this life is somehow prejudiced. Doing yoga, Willy-nilly, to hone their senses and honing their senses, strange pain stops for you to be someone else, it becomes your own. Our school runs a yoga aphorism that at certain stages of the lesson observed effect someone bumped your head, and you have the lump grew. Of course, one is confronted with such phenomena as the responsibility for the people among whom he lives, his acute perception of injustice a very different nature. And at some point emotions begin to wash over not to mind, and everything. And in this perception are critical to the people begins, as if to see the situation from one side. And chances are that he’ll make a mistake is extremely large. In this state goes the fear goes away the fear of death, out of fear for his position, for his material well-being, etc., etc., People cease to see themselves separate from everything around and begins to feel like a manifestation of the kind or people, or life. And on the one hand it allows a person to demonstrate those positive qualities, which we talked about in the last segment, but on the other hand, if just a little do not understand something, it is really easy to make a wrong conclusion from the current situation. Then it will become Intrusive, self-sufficient idea, which will burn inside your brain. The oligarchs seized the Finance or the bureaucrats seized power, or the magnates of information in control of every word. And he ceases to perceive the Universe, he begins to perceive her from these preset thoughts and inappropriately begins to build its line of conduct. In this state, any installation or any knowledge obtained before or during the release in this state, becomes Intrusive and begins to prevent its shutdown. Every attempt from the outside to influence on the person in this state, on the contrary it closes by itself, and the person begins to perceive it as aggression. In this state, the fanatic does not listen to the arguments of reason. In this condition you will not domiciles to humans. If you are on the contrary trying aggressively to influence him, his inner bigotry is entrenched and he only stated in his state. Any attempt to cast doubt on any attempt to somehow convey to people an alternative point of view is virtually not implemented. This is an extremely dangerous period in the life of any person who is on any spiritual path. Not necessarily it can be a spiritual path like yoga. In fact, it affects all without exception a spiritual system. And as a result, we see a product of extremism, of all kinds: religious, philosophical, political. I myself went through it and it all felt until the teachers conveyed to me the more humanistic moments, and not allowed to look at the situation at the same time eyes of your enemy or the eyes of that power against which you are fighting. You need to see a picture from the same angle, and volume, to understand, first, the law of karma, and second, laws that life gives a lot more than you can imagine. From this position you realize that no matter what the situation is largely the effect of karma on the one hand, and on the other hand, the situation is usually much better than it could be, and your every careless action in this righteous anger sometimes can only to burden the situation or confuse it, or lead to unpredictable consequences.

This experience was and I, and my colleagues, and my students, all in one way or another pass through this inoculation against extremism. Who passes this period, those who achieve success in yoga, who does not pass, they begin to spin in this circle of samsara, at that level, depleting their forces and spreading around huge amounts of blood, destruction of different discomfort and as a consequence themselves. But you have to understand the seriousness of what I am telling you. If I just had a slogan – “Not involved”, was the slogan against the truth. There are moments in life when you have to get involved. There are really times when you are obliged to defend their homeland, there are times when you must fight corruption with all these dark forces, it’s part of your duty – Dharma. And you need to recognize your debt, but in more cases, as a rule, we are more often the situation than is required of our engagement. And requires enormous wisdom to separate in such an extreme situation, whether you need your involvement, or not, whether it will be fruitful or the contrary destructive. The formal boundaries can be arbitrary. The same person can be called a fighter for independence and can be called an extremist separatist. And try to share these concepts. One person can be called a peacekeeper and can be called razvedyvatel war is like to take a look. A few points here, first, your sense of justice and injustice, analyzing the situation from all sides and attempt to crush my emotions that begin to bubble and finally, you need to ask yourself if it’s your Dharma to engage in a particular activity.


Compliance with the first and second principle of yoga.

We were prepared for this conversation. Having listened carefully to this young man. You remember that yoga starts with the first and second principle. No harm unless absolutely necessary to any living creature. If there is a possibility of these people on this list that he presented no shot, there is a solution without blood, of course it is necessary first of all to implement. How? And this is the second principle of yoga. Temper your emotions, squeeze your outrage and calmly consider the situation, finding workarounds. The conversation came up the topic of generic yoga. The young man tried to say that he, as representative of the genus, people tried to prevent the extinction of the people. Here I failed this base, if we talk about yoga in the first place to execute first two principles, and only then all other thoughts or solutions.

Then without a doubt neither of his points in a calm and trusting atmosphere we started talking. And let’s imagine the reverse, i.e. some components of his damning speeches viewed from different sides. First, young people are very cursed oligarchs. They say they did nothing, they privatized enterprises and bathe in luxury, while most of the population will never earn that kind of money. Friends, my the vast majority of you will never earn the benefits enjoyed by the oligarchs. If you work honestly, you have just a few lives it will take. If you’re not honest work, then the situation has changed, and you just get shot before you leave, at least to some acceptable level, if you go the same ways. I.e. it was a single action, when all has been given, and who had, he took it. Yes, absolutely I agree with him that most of these sudden conditions is a thing, as we would say in yoga, karmic that despite all the qualities of these people, they likely had some component of good karma, that they just had one section of that pie. Not my job to analyze how they feel, do they have the right to use it, or they are not entitled to use it, I gave them another example, which is that those enterprises that have been privatized, stolen, whatever you want, call the oligarchs, they somehow up to the present day. Yes, people who work for them, they actually work for a guy that no one knows where it came from, but they get paid, they feed their children. Many enterprises, in General, helped to survive the same city. The reverse situation, other companies, where there was a single owner, and the share ownership was distributed to the staff, they now stand in ruins, because these workers are not able to manage this company, they are destroyed immediately. Then, when these companies rose, they were cut to color metal, and passed, and then left the ruins. And it turns out that the oligarchs are in some sense historical, is not the worst reversal, which could be karma. And really, what could be worse than when the enterprise is stolen by the collective, by the same workers who work on non-ferrous metals. Everything stopped, no work, no money, nothing at all. Ie it turns out that before someone to blame, you need to look from different angles. This does not diminish those illegal actions on privatization. But you see that the universe sometimes gives more than we could expect from the other side, where we do not expect. And so quietly, the thing behind the thing we started to talk with him. Ie an attempt to look space for any process. There he was a clerk – Gad, bribe-takers, but on the other hand, he at least some power, and it would not be a good official, so some tale of the bandit there would be refueled. You know, like in America, there, in the Wild West, with these shootings in the streets, everything is not wonderful. Ie in this Universe, it so happens that it is impossible in isolation from the situation to assess this or that event, and when you’re a full analysis of what is happening begin to consider a particular process, personally I had the feeling that I was in the theater tragedy, where some suffer from the actions of others, because those others they had once been hurt. I.e. that there is by and large right, there is no blame, everyone gets their just deserts. But it is at all a pity both, sorry all. Constantly saying that the new Russian export of capital abroad, is sucked out of the country huge sums of money, destabilize the Russian economy. Yes, it’s true, but on the other hand, log in to the psychology of the person who is here today something happened and I’m not sure in the future, and had a family, children, etc., and he’s trying to think about their future, and he sends part of the accounts for the border in the event of a revolution here, not to repeat the mistake in the 17th year Grafia, the princes did. He’s already sending their offspring to study in London, why to the English knew and were and mentality such that they can all live again, why, in the event of disaster in my beloved country. Moreover, these people are not devoid of patriotism, they are not without some love of country, of belonging, but they see it all from his position. And all so quietly from this clear, here it is good, but it is bad, everything is starting to blur, to blur. And then you realize that all the pity, all absolutely pathetic, absolutely everyone can understand.

These are the conversations we spent in trying to convince him to reconsider their views on decisive action. As you can see, the tool was only one – kindness. From a position of kindness to connect including rationale, which would not tempt him, not forcing him to abandon his greatest purpose to carry out a revolution or a terrorist attack, and here that his creative energy, knowing that kind of transform in a more constructive impetus. This man learned to control the emotions that this person had been out of the blood. Today it seems to us, that will kill the reptile, and then, after some time, the one who was killed, realizes that he could not kill. And this is all the blood. If you have experienced a rise of anger in the country, know as the White sun of the desert Vereshchagin said: “For power it is insulting” – but if you didn’t let it develop into something destructive, in this case, you get a charismatic leader, you get a successful businessman, a politician, a creative figure, anyone. Why? Because you are gaining energy kind, of people, of humanity, of life, at some stage, it is not allowed to Wake in itself the animal, and put this feeling on track and transform it to increase their mental abilities, mental abilities, in oratory, in anything. You like the pulse of belonging are transformed into their spiritual power. And this spiritual power can manifest itself in anything. Want a lot of money to earn an honest yogic way, please go ahead. Yes indeed began on your way the dark forces, Yes, You are more likely to crush these dark forces, at least in mantra yoga. In the Arsenal of yoga there are many tools that allow you without resorting to blood, sometimes to solve the most complicated problems. But here it is impossible to say, there are various karmic situations, there are different situations in the world. Sometimes, I don’t really understand what’s going on. If you learn to transform this energy of nature, people, life in the spiritual light, you will greatly succeed in yoga. If you are going to spend mindlessly, you will greatly lose your inner sense of strength and spiritually degrade. Because you your potential energy that You have woken up – you wasted spilled. Of course, there are times when you need to connect the feeling that something must be changed in the external world with the first and second principle of yoga and then with the utmost vigour and speed to implement. If the enemy attacked – it should break if no other methods did not help. Remember the saying “Cannon – the last argument of kings”. If you have learned not to use guns, to keep the momentum of a sense of the kind, so then, when the necessary moment will come, this momentum will know no barriers.

The benefit and danger of energy kind.

So, we have considered all part of one person, sometimes this situation occurs within the family. Now rarely we encounter such phenomena like the blood feud. But in Shakespeare’s time it was pretty often. Actually the whole plot of “Romeo and Juliet” was built on the hatred of two equally respected families. Please note, the same situation. To an even greater degree it is observed when we consider the people, large group of people. It is not something that you would think so, you’re responsible for life, for family, for the people, but you are surrounded by like-minded people. And the same situation, if you learn to convert this love of country into something unspeakable, such a nation becomes more powerful. If people are wasting that momentum on the momentary whim, this people is extremely weakening. Example, in 1914, the murder of the Archduke in Yugoslavia ardent fighter against injustice Gavrilo Princip. Ie Gavrilo Princip – it was very revolutionary, was ready to sacrifice himself, but could affect the situation in only one way – to kill the representative of the hated Habsburgs. And do they kill the Archduke. And after that began. Absolutely horrendous situation. Before the first world war began to form movements such as social democracy, many still political movements, which were then United in the so-called international. It is the people of different Nations, but professing, as it seemed to them, progressive social ideas. And suddenly, it happens the murder and the chain of declaring war. Of course, Austria-Hungary immediately in response to such actions declares war. I won’t go into all the details to tell You. Ask this moment of history. If you understand this moment in history, you will understand the first world war, the Russian revolution, the second world war and the geopolitical dominance of the United States at the moment. One little push until today the entire political picture of the world develops in the same direction. There are, you know, points like the train, turn left, turn right, and depending on what kind of a scapegoat is sometimes the fate of an entire civilization depends. Well, there stood the switchman Gavrilo Princip. Russia announces mobilization. Why Russia? By and large it did, it should not be touched in any way. But the Patriotic wrath of the entire population picked up, everyone was in indignation, partly in a just indignation. And very interesting effect was observed, all tired of the despotism of the monarchy. Are all tired of the unsolvability of social issues, from the numerous strikes and other things, other things, and then they are someone as a gift gave a unifying idea that will not give offense to his brethren from the Balkans. Declared mobilization. In response to this mobilization, Germany declares war on Russia. And off we go, and one country after another begin to declare each other war. Moreover, what distinguishes literally all of the country? If Rossi it was the rise in the unity of the nation against an external foe, the moment of unity, when all the contradictions of the kings, the nobles, the proletariat really gone by the wayside. The situation is similar in Germany. All, too, caught the spirit of the nation that we are a United force, we now show this Russia, she always climbs in your case. The French are the same, the English are the same, and the world is insane. And here’s the fun, social democracy, in fact the cream of progressive thought in different times there were and founded this movement, a variety of figures and our famous revolutionaries, a Western about which we never heard, but they were distinguished by progressive views, supranational. And after that national upsurge all of a sudden you start to remember, and we are Russian and we, the Germans, and we are still someone, and we someone else. Not a trace remained of all reasonings, because the momentum of belonging to a family, of belonging to life, it gives such a boost, compared with which our little minds are meager in comparison. It is clear that in this state all began to do stupid things. A sea of blood, rivers of blood… And only then, when the trench wars of the nation had exhausted each other. Why? Because the bravest of the brave, ready to sacrifice for the Motherland was in the front trenches, they killed, they first rushed to the attack, they first performed feats. It is clear that to survive such people is much harder than those who hid and did not rush to the front.The nation had exhausted itself. Both Russia and Germany and Austria-Hungary, Britain and France – all ran out. What it led to, when people began to die, to the fact that the strength of the nation fell, resulting in a total of prana generated by every single person suddenly sank. And if she slipped sharply, then all the contradictions karmic climbed out. Know the person when loses weight, his bones show through, that is exactly the same here. So this led to the fact that overthrew the monarchy in Russia, in Germany, was overthrown, in Austro-Hungary, was overthrown, in General, the whole world rearranged, searched. Then we have a revolution began in our country we had was not up to world politics. There continued for another war. Broke somehow Germany, but how cleverly broke know broke, but the conditions of peace, after defeated Germany had put so unfair to the Germans that this was the bookmark for the next war. Ie it was a bookmark, which splendor have used Hitler actually declared the Second world war. Ie the second world war is not world war II, is a continuation of the First world war because the Germans did not feel poverjennoi of the nation, they did not feel defeated, they felt that they had been betrayed, betrayed in the rear somewhere, civilians, until all the most ardent fighters were ready to sacrifice their lives on the frontlines, in the trenches were some dark a handful of miscreants came to power and plunged as they spoke, a knife in the back. And that’s the feeling of nedovolovali, injustice, still driven by some economic disasters, like a coiled spring began again to shrink, shrink, shrink, then in the second world war again straightened, and again, this energy of nature, the life energy that on the one hand or the highest achievement, or here, we see a completely bloody mess. Ie this stuff is not harmless, even within one person, but when involved States, these things are just horrifying. So here is the moment we should be very well understood. This here is the kind of energy, life energy, energy of a nation energy of manifestation of human creativity, is at the same time the greatest good, but it can be, at the same time the greatest danger. It would seem, okay, we are not yet ready to deal with these benefits and dangers. Here again it is fraught with such turmoil, but come on, do not Wake up to operirovat to the energy kind, I will not consider this invisible thread that connects every member of society into a single whole, and leaving it all to chance. Once we understand how it works, since it has the potential to lead to seas of blood, so let’s do this, do not apply to you. Indeed, this view prevailed after the second world war. She, in turn, led to the now dominant perspective of political correctness, in the performance of America. Not answering the question, not answering nor what issues make every attempt to get away from sharp points, so that unnecessary actions, words, slogans to awaken again, it is the sense of community of people, which is fraught with terrible bloodshed. And, it would seem that we are not ready yet to understand this power, let’s leave her alone. But here all is not easy. The fact is that if you do not use that kind of feeling, this sense of belonging to each other, any people, any nation begins to decompose. And just not use it no less dangerous as Cycling. Indeed, if you do not use, do not appeal to this idea, the bright community of people. Then come to the fore the principles of individualism or deified selfishness. The apologists of this theory is the United States. If a short slogan to characterize this system – this is the slogan of the wild West “Every man for himself God for all.” It turns out that such large formations as the country, the people, are simply unable to survive with such attitudes, they begin to decompose, i.e., decompose into its constituent elements with all horrific consequences, such as irresponsibility, unwillingness to reckon with the interests of others, the utter disregard for the environment, because all lives on the principle – after me the deluge. This was the statement of one of the French kings. These principles people live by these principles they organize their business, this business turns into a giant transnational corporations, which are the most barbaric way plow our planet Earth, shitting rivers, air. Why? Because the idea is not incorporated liability or life in a unified whole. And so it goes on long enough. No wonder that in the Soviet years was the epithet for Western countries – “the decaying West”. Of course, not everything is so easy there. There, too, these trends kompensiruet many of these constraining factors, but another plus is a big financial cushion to hide the contradictions. Do the same US they are in fact not particularly affected by the Second world war. Russia how many people have lost, Germany and the people and everything lost, England lost the colonies, and America survived. Reserve funds available in America, not so much aggravates the unsustainability of an individualistic society. Why America to this day lived, but she also has a ticking time bomb, but this is another area in which we will not touch. So, if we use the energy of life, energy of nature, energy of the nation, we have the greatest chance to transform this energy into something constructive and to strengthen the nation, strengthen our family, from all sides: intellectual, economic, spiritual, cultural. But there is danger improper use of this energy leads to totalitarianism. The most characteristic is fascism, where the interests of one nation destroyed all the rest. In our country this situation in a more humanistic level than the fascism decided differently, that the ideas of the collective prevail over personality. Now trying to put an equal sign between the ideas of communism and fascism, but between them and the abyss. At least ideologically. Fascism slogans and disgusting actions of disgusting. And communism the slogans are good, and indeed sometimes not very good. But friends, in any case, the ideal system was conceived as something light, but in fascism it is the ideal conceived as something monstrous. So to put on one plane of the ideas of fascism and communism is wrong. Totalitarianism is the code imposing a sense of unity is used for other purposes, and in the suppression of a single member, it’s like in a Communist system, or any other Nations, it was in Nazi Germany. Mansion is the system of the Japanese during the Second world war. It has sacred religious roots. There it was the divine Emperor, and the whole nation were ready to sacrifice their lives in the name of the divine Emperor. The value of a single person during the Second world war in Japan was equal to zero. Each of these that the military is strongly emphasized that he is willing to sacrifice lives in the name of the Emperor. And the most far-abusing the idea of community life came not even the Nazis and the Japanese. Remember these units suicide bombers who were recruited in the same way as in Germany, were recruited for the regular army. Here is the job – to recruit 5,000 bombers, people who go to certain death.

If we use force, it’s a chance for a huge push up, but the danger of totalitarianism. If we do not use the force that binds us all together, this energy kind, it is guaranteed to lead us to degradation, and as a result, corruption, collapse, when people care what’s going on, they thing that I’m living, I’m tired, I’m warm and will continue to do so. Those of you who study history, ask how collapsed the Roman Empire, when there really at the end of the Roman Empire certain the top was still. And how painfully long decayed Roman Empire. It can be likened to the decomposition of the person alive. Imagine, a man covered in ulcers go, here again, the hand came off like in a horror movie. Why? Because there is no single principle that holds all things together. So to escape from these questions we just can’t, we can’t give up this energy of life, of belonging to a family, otherwise we are waited by a sad fate of these empires, States, and Nations that disintegrated and disappeared. Even worst, friends – time is running out, we cannot afford to postpone addressing this issue for 50 years, 20 years, and the back pressure. In General, the concept of time in yoga one of the most in the ominous sense that if you do something wrong, will not hide, anyway, this the sword of time will catch you. So such is the situation with numerous distortions led to these politically correct programs. Sometimes one editor corrects that it is better to not say nigger and African American, although I say, trying to gain a quote from Mark TWAIN. Already a computer program knows better than the people, and especially mark TWAIN.

The question boiled down to the following. There is momentum – the energy of life, which can manifest itself through our interaction with such people. When this interaction is, we form a single whole – society, and this society is like an organism where each person, as a cell, as long as there are forces binding people into one body, we have a healthy existence of this body or we are a healthy person. As soon as the force that binds all and makes us feel their involvement in a somehow weakened or collapse, we see the body as a whole, first, loss of immunity, and second, it’s easy susceptibility to diseases, and thirdly, it is some diseases which can not treated. Just happens to be the condition of the patient, when the vital force is not enough, despite the sterile conditions, antibiotics, artificial nutrition, artificial circulation, but still even this is not enough to hold the whole thing and people are actually alive is decomposed, with all the ensuing consequences, after which I always remember the saying that don’t ask for long life, and ask for an easy death. The analogy is the same. The forces that bind all the cells in a single organism, they are like the forces that bind every member of your family, people, community together, if they are healthy, the people, the family survives and survives every single cell. If not, nothing will save the race or people and country.

Individualism or collectivism?

Individualism is a banner at the moment the US, where the law, private property, personal freedom is elevated to something sacred. Or collectivism, in most of such forms we see in the countries with Eastern mentality. On the one hand, mi can see that individualism in its extremes is destructive. Indeed, when respect you as an individual, when the US sixth fleet might come up against the shores of some country, seized one of its citizens. It’s a matter of respect. Personal freedom, every man for himself, no one to impose anything I can’t. This is the positive side, everyone would want to possess them. But then emerges the other half of individualism, and this individualism can not get along with his wife, because you have to take into account the opinion of his wife. And if you remember all the inherent nature of a conflict situation between male and female, just clutching his head, I do wonder how at least one family coexists in the same America. Everyone has his own Bank account and wife communicate through a lawyer. The consequence of this individualism is absolutely monstrous, the relationship between parents and children, between groups of people. In America, it runs smoothly because the country is rich. There it is possible by artificial means to allow critical moments. But let’s say, this approach life or the relationship between husband and wife that we see in the West, whether in the average Russian household, it would be a tragedy. Because we are to a greater extent even economically forced to trust each other and have something in common. As a consequence of individualism, it is a complete desire not to think about something global. Therefore, the same America from time to time immediately upon waves of so-called isolationism. Ie they say that America – Yes, and what is there outside of America, we do not wars, epidemics. Then throws them to the other extreme, it is individualism at the level of the whole country that we hegemony, we teach you now to Wake up. We Indians will teach you how to live, but from the position – we are good, you have to be the same as we good. What you other – this suggests that you are flawed. In the long term individualism leads nowhere. But individualism is a situation where every individual feels comfortable and able that part of his life that he decided to focus on personal spiritual development, to realize in full. Where as the personal practices of America a perfect country. No one climbs than you do. Though naked on the street go, if state laws allow, no one would pay attention. The impact of society in this sense is much lower than in other countries. On the other hand we have collectivism. In different countries it is presented anyway. At the moment the most hard he is represented in China, in North Korea. There’s the whole one nation, as one people. On the one hand – very good, in terms of what it is to solve those or other problems can mobilize all its resources. In the Soviet Union, the same situation was when we had science to do. Science had to do from scratch. But the party said the message has replied, focused resources and made, the industry heavy – made atomic bomb is made, the person launched into space and this is so important moments that can make a gigantic jump for the whole society. But the reverse, give an example of the USSR is a total egalitarianism. All have to be clones of each other, no individualism, no private ownership. You remember that in those years was the so-called personal property. Everyone could have personal things, but mostly it had to belong to the state. This total control over you, as a member of the society. A huge number of people behind bars for parasitism. Remember Brodsky and the same at the time and put all of our artists, composers, really talented, they all were a generation of janitors where you had at least some work to get to you for parasitism period was not given. Then for parasitism given period. Gray mass, which turns every individual into something indistinguishable. And relevant to the life of the individual, of course, very low. And here they are two extremes. And what to do then? In this respect, the only way out is a combination of all the best that there is in the approaches of individualism with collectivism. I.e. to one side in the background you had a sense of kind of what it is like not collectivism, on the other hand, that this genus did not climb in your Affairs, when you don’t ask. So he was not in control of your personal life or what you’re doing or somehow questioned your freedom. And here are born of these two extremes that need trimming, because that will remove the individualism – everything is falling apart, remove the collectivism – everything falls apart and the true life is somewhere in the middle, and it needed to close. You need one hand to feel the engagement to family, nation to nation, but on the other hand not to be cattle, not to be that pawn or a cog, and not to let someone impose on the averaged solution.

The combination of liberty and law.

Here we indirectly come to a place as law. I.e. to reconcile the irreconcilable can only be very delicately elaborate system of interaction. First, the country lived, there must be a sense of community of all life, and on the other hand, very clearly defines the rules that would be somewhere protected the individual from society. And a country that will survive, it will be the country that you will find such a set of rules or laws that would skillfully combined would be incongruous. I keep repeating this aphorism, that the idea to combine individualism and collectivism – she’s the one, the idea of liberty. But it turns out that their personal freedom any more than we can use if we are in the community. On the other hand, is the most effective combination between one person and other people who surround him. It is this combination that would achieve the maximum freedom for each individual and not at the expense of other members of society. Ie it turns out that the free either all or none. Ie, some degree of freedom can occur either all at once or none at all. And we come to the concept of – the law. This concept is directly opposed to the concept of freedom. Freedom implies that you do whatever you want that there is not any law. The law implies that there is some lists of rules governing your actions, beyond which you can not get out. Here we face a paradoxical moment of combination of law and freedom. It turns out that there is the best option, as expressed in the set of certain rules that enable a group of people to achieve maximum personal liberty of one person without the collapse of the entire community because of the power of individualism. In ancient times this was done by the Brahmanas. All Vedic knowledge – it just was those laws which were to ensure the greatest freedom of the individual person, but that this freedom was not to the detriment of the freedom of other members of society and not to the detriment of that community in which man lives. Therefore, those people who know how to write such laws, by definition, the Brahmins. We now have many Universities that train lawyers. Ie a lawyer of the highest qualification is on the ancient Vedic law – Brahman, because he oversees and sets the rules of life, and all the others obey them. So as you can imagine, not all of the lawyers that we have in the country, in the United States have the right to claim such a role, but it turns out that this state of Affairs. It should also be remembered the next moment, life changing, life conditions change, the percentage of souls in the same community, at different degrees of samosoznanii changing, so Willy-nilly the laws must also change. But the essence of any law should be not strange in maximizing its opposite, i.e. freedom. Any law is that thing that is supposed to provide maximum freedom for those people who use it in a certain time in certain circumstances. This is a very important fact. With this is connected a large number of difficulties. Some references from the Vedic times, including the birth of yoga, came to us. And, logically, I had to voice them. But they are to modern conditions are irrelevant. Moreover, if you have enough nonsense, even to approach their implementation, you will look insane. Although at the time of writing this was the highest squeak of legal thought. I refer anyone interested to an even later set of rules, the Internet to find the laws of Manu, read and on their lives try to transfer, how would you yourself feel. Laws must be constantly changing. The meaning of the law – the exercise of the freedom to simultaneously implement and individualism and collectivism. Or to you and your feeling kind, the energy of life was protected as much as possible the waste of this energy into the void below, no politician took advantage of your Patriotic impulse and not thrown into another meat grinder or arranged some absolutely monstrous antics as we see in Nazi Germany, etc. the Laws are constantly changing, the number of people is constantly changing. Now, there are about 7.5 billion people. You know, during the 20th century, every 40 years the population has doubled. And I know that in the beginning of our era the number of people was something around 300-400 million total. It’s only been 2000 years. Moreover, these 300 million has doubled in 1500 years, and then again doubled somewhere for 300 years. And so on the rise begins to spin, to spin. I.e. the gift of the human body begins to use more and more souls. Anyway, on planet Earth. We don’t know if there are any other inhabited life of the planet is a mystery, let her to touch. But even what is happening now, makes us think. If in ancient times one of the Brahman had so many people who do not have this feeling of cosmism, now this percentage is much less. Therefore, they say that in ancient times was the Golden age. The concentration the higher the shower was more. Then silver, copper and now iron age supposedly, so that the concentration of high shower was smaller, so the laws changed immediately with all the positive, but also negative sides. So, to survive, to grow spiritually and to go forward only on a global understanding of what’s going on. Slide into individualism, which is now in the media advocated that every man for himself and God for all – lose themselves be expanded around a community spread out, the collapse of his country, all this will collapse awake and still at the Beck and call of someone. On the other hand, if someone starts to misuse your Patriotic impulse, the feeling of kind will be as skewed as in Japan. What degree of cynicism must have the brains to form groups deliberate suicide. Ie of course can all be attributed to the peculiar history, culture. Maybe there were some moments in history when people have sacrificed themselves for the sake of survival, but when it’s all put on stream. I’ve read some memoirs, when simply considered that the number of aircraft is not enough for resistance, but enough to put each plane on the bomb and kamikaze and so the tide of the war. The question arises, and these people were thinking before to start a war that will all fit or so to cheer on the abum waved, but we’ll see. And then when it became visible, took advantage of this tool that is sacred and set it on the thread. What we see now? Turn on the TV each day, one suicide bomber undermined, the other is undermined. Do you think who are these people? Some say they were drugged, but there is not so simple, there is involvement in something light, that a sly way combine dishonest dealers. A person in this state, in a good way insane, but he lay very destructive. And what to do about it? If earlier it was sporadic, now it is put on stream. There are entire schools of these terrorists, as in Japan. I read an article about how 44 year Japan has already realized that with the Soviet war, decided to organize a special school of the terrorists in advance. And how to deal with it? It is very hard to deal with it, because there is the factor of the media, while this will show and read it will be effective. Why in the middle ages it was ineffective. Well, you sacrificed your life, and may not have donated, and who knows you. And now it raspiarili. And here we see, you have the freedom to cut back. On the one hand freedom of speech will support and infuse the blood into terrorism, on the other hand, and to infringe on freedom of speech impossible. Again, we are faced with the fact that there are no pure individualism and collectivism. There is no freedom without responsibility. And nobody knows this line, nobody knows how to build. In ancient times knew that the Brahmins who wrote the Vedas. They are for his time and place he wrote the laws of spiritual, political and social. Currently, who does it? Constitution. But life changes, there are no inviolable laws, respectively, and will we need to change something. Ie, these are very important issues that you not have the impression that there was someone understands something of how to do it. No one understands.

Control over the manifestation of the pulse of life.

Now such a thought. If you realize, you realize some of the methods of triads, especially that related to work with sexual energy. The processes of entry, involvement and the processes of spending, but strangely similar to all those processes, some of which we just spoke. If you get serious vaccine through a sense of belonging to family and to be able to control these impulses, not to become a plaything in the hands of these crooked dealers you have the ability to come to control their sexual energy, which in its action and in its manifestation as is the impulse of life, but in a different way. But the source of all our energies one is the Kundalini energy. So if you have been ill with this disease, when all seems bad and when thoughts will have to appeal to something strong and bloody, then you are more likely to approach the management of your sexual energy. The opposite is also true if you side of sexuality pass certain practice, then you will have a taste of, as something beyond all animates, and if you don’t let it escape, then returning back, it will make you many times stronger. And if it breaks, you grow weak, you amplify it, but then you do it for the continuation of life, for example, you want to pump a bunch of kids. This is the main theme of the so-called Brahmacharya in yoga. Is the ability to use these impulses and to divide the part that goes on the awakening of this energy, the pleasure that goes beyond awakening and to spend that energy. If you learn to share, you will succeed and in the practices of the triad, and in other moments, you will not be an easy plaything in the hands of the elements of public opinion. There is a deep methodological approach to yoga which shows us the path. In fact, those of you who long enough do yoga already heard it. It is a moment of harmony where the force yourself, and where to afford. If you found this line then you will walk the razor’s edge and go into space, if you don’t find this line, and will only have yourself to make you slip into one extreme and lose all or Vice versa, if you only afford – will slide to the other extreme and too lose everything. The same time continues across all practice areas. Let’s say you live with your wife. Fell in love, got married, all of you well, live in perfect harmony. But over time, some moments were you in each other annoying. And the same situation, an external factor triggers your inner energy, if they escape, you lose it. But if on the contrary understand that it is like a mirror, showing the processes within me and direct inward, on the contrary spiritually grow. Here we come with another side to the triad – this is the part of men and women, there every minute of life together to turn into a complicated yogic sadhana is so powerful that all other things rest. It’s one thing when you are all well, and that’s when you will start friction with your husband or wife, you can direct this energy within for self-knowledge. Yes, you will be bubbling rage, why she does not understand me, or why he is misbehaving. But if you don’t give this impulse to escape and continue on the same methodology, the triads go, the first stop signal – I suffer, then something is not what it is, you need to stop and reflect. All that I suffer – that means all the work finished, you need to sit down and think the situation out, without causing suffering to others, but at the same time and we need to resolve the situation. That’s me bubbles, now my wrath will break and you’ll lose if I feel that the universe wants me to say, I can now see his own reflection, but in other situations. If this does not break out, it is a wave of light will hit your inner darkness and disperse it into parts. Spiritually you will begin to grow. This applies to all. You one sitting and you do not like all the world, the same situation is to look at themselves, and looking inward to look outward to the contrary. It turns out that the spiritual path is such a zigzag. Here we feel the vitality within and bring her forward back, forward back. Ie feel that she’s one of us now escape, but we do not give returned back, went back, on the contrary begin to excite and this is shifting the emphasis of energy and awareness up and down, up and down, repeatedly. So you can use the kind of feeling, a sense of sexuality, a sense of anger, a feeling of attraction to a woman, the feeling of rage that you want. And then a very interesting methodological moment from the Kundalini yoga. The victory wrapped 3.5 turnover a blanket of ignorance and it turns out you in one direction or the other, one then the other as if you unwound it 3 times. Ie this internal game of back and forth, back and forth, before we can understand what you need to do before you understand where to go either forward or inside. I’m talking vague things, but I hope that those who have studied Kundalini yoga, you will start to intuitively grasp what I’m trying to say.

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