Vadim Zaporojtsev

Vadim OpenYogaVadim Zaporojtsev was born in 1970 in the North Caucasus (Russian, Cossack). He has two higher educations – a Degree in Physics and an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Vadim has worked in research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, then in the field of business consulting in the largest foreign and Russian companies.

He has been practicing yoga since 1984. Received the transfer of the yoga doctrine (initiation into the Anandasvami tradition of yoga) and has been teaching yoga combining it with running the business since 1995. Since 2000 he has completely switched over to teaching yoga and training of future yoga teachers and instructors.

One of the co-founders of the Happyoga center.

The founder of the International Open Yoga University.

The author of a unique educational project Remote Online Yoga Courses.

The producer of a number of films on yoga: “Hatha yoga, the self-instruction manual” (2005), “Tantra Kriya yoga, the self-instruction manual” (2004), “Kundalini Mantra yoga the self-instruction manual” (2005) and others.

Vadim has translated the following texts on yoga: “A Treatise on Hatha Yoga”, “A Treatise on Kriya Yoga” and as well as texts on Nyasa Yoga, Yantra Yoga and Yoga of Amorousness.

Vadim Zaporojtsev issued comments on “Yoga sutras of Patanjali”, comments on Anandalahari as well as on the text “108 aphorisms of Tantra yoga” in 2003.

He conducts yoga seminars in towns of Siberia and European part of Russia, and also in the neighbour countries.

He has been permanently working in the Cultural Center “Prosvetlenie” since 2007.

Vadim runs yoga classes in groups, individual yoga classes, yoga seminars and trains future yoga teachers.

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