What is yoga



   We have gathered all main aspects for yoga beginners. This small book gives you the
most essential information you need to start practicing and benefiting from yoga. This
is the theoretical introduction plus some practical tips for a good start. 
Build your yoga on a stable foundation!

Who can benefit from yoga?
What problems are solved by yoga?
Yoga & Food
Lifestyle & Yoga
6 essential kinds of yoga
10 TIPS for successful Yoga Practice
How to achieve goals with yoga?
Why yoga is so popular?
Where to Study Yoga?

   Reference by Lyss Remlay, FabuLyss Fitlife
I myself am a total newbie at yoga and the material you provided
is such an amazing way to understand yoga in a much deeper
way than I have understood it in past years. What I understood
as a very difficult hobby for those who are incredibly flexible
and patient I now understand in a much more relatable way.
Your material makes us who are new to yoga understand
that it is so much more than just a hobby for a flexible,
balanced body but a flexible, balanced and incredible
LIFE. I think those who are nervous to try yoga need
to read this in order to understand that yoga is so much
deeper than what it appears at the surface. I’m so excited
to learn this art even further.

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