Yoga Triada. Lecture by Vadim Zaporojtsev. 26.04.2011


Today is April 26, year of 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I’m a teacher of yoga. This is a lecture for the site, for yogis, which study theoretically and practically Triad Yoga. Tirad Yoga consists of three Yogas :Tantra Yoga, Yoga of the Sexual Union and Yoga of Amorousness. All information we have at the site, and also it is very necessary, that You would study Yoga Teachings systematically, it can be done at the site

Structure of the lecture

Let’s us continuo our study of colossal Triad topic and we try to structure our today’s lecture in the following manner: firstly we together recall what we have done at the last lecture, then look at another part of a theory which we are going to think and talk over in a specific free style, not logically and consequently, religiously, as it is done in Yoga ( and in Yoga it is done similarly like in math) but more figurative, trying to catch a heart of the idea, that we could have whole picture in minds.

And then, by the way, it will be easy for us to study complicated theory of yoga where it is necessary logically reflect on, meditate on and practice some things. Then we close again our lecture analyzing some real situation of life from Triad point of view.

What does it mean, do not spend away for nothing your living potential while making sex?

Here we are looking at Trade Yoga from one more angle. We remember that sex is related to a possibility to create a new life. At the same moment sex is related to a pleasure. Our mind, generating some sexual fantasies, doesn’t put as a target of these fantasies a new life but pleasure. Increasing, strong pleasure. Here we are approaching a key stone topic which is extremely important to understand. The issue is that the nature has mixed two different things in one. We do not comprehend that in every sexual act there are two absolutely different things: first – to give a chance to incarnate a new human through birth and a second is our pleasure which we have from a sexual intercourse. Hence, as we said, a pleasure of pair interaction, of sex is something that we bought when we had sold our immortality out. And giving a birth to a new child or creation a new channel for a new human comes separate, because this is present also in all forms of life, unicellular etc. even those who do not have sexual interaction. We are considering two things as one and this brings enormous quantity of problems in our lives. Till you do not understand it, you will not be able to resolve all contradictions between your partners, husbands, wives, lovers etc. Why this situation happened? Why do we take as one two different things? Just because sexes appeared before our mind was sharpened. When we lived in bodies of animals we supposed to be motivated to life continuation: on one hand to use at least some small part of arising intellect, on another hand, to give a stimulus to a development of this intellect. Therefore in a body of animal all of it was united in one, in order to use glimpses of the intellect in creative actions and as a consequence to find more interesting ways to continue life, for example to find more adaptive and vivid male or female animal. In its turn this creativity was giving more chances to keep your kind and save the impulse of life. But we have a perfect human body, thanks to our ancestors with sharpened brain (all who is interested I recommend to study a course Ancestral Yoga at our site ). We got this perfect body which can potentially separate these two parts of sex namely energy of pleasure and a possibility to create a new life, but we have united it in one again. As per Ancestral Yoga conceptions we are not so long living in bodies of humans, we have not been forming them up, but received these bodies as a gift (all details are in course of Ancestral Yoga ) hence we have inherited and animalistic way of making sex as well.

Therefore Triad Yoga does recommend separating that part which is a pleasure from that one which is for giving a birth and maximally increase, spend, consume the pleasure but keep utmost possible the part, responsible for a birth of a new human. When you use the pleasure but keep by any means the part, which is responsible for a creation of this incredible channel, which allow “Supreme I” of a human being to incarnate into a body, then it is called chastity. Many of you have heard this term and as the rule it has religious content. Practically all religions appeal for being chaste, but unfortunately do not explain well what exactly they want. Since many followers of some religious or philosophical doctrines have obtained human bodies just recently and before lived in bodies of animals, it is very difficult to explain them this difference. Much easy to say to them like to ships: “do not make sex it is a sin, taboo, you will go to hell”. This type of taboo is very much necessary for this pretty big group of people, who is in bodies of people just not many lives. Otherwise in their silliness, searching for some pleasure they will also waste out the potential of life continuation and will menace the life itself. Therefore all doctrines of prohibition of sex are absolutely justified for some people. But here I want to emphasize to you once more: never stand up against of any religion, just pass it by. Religion takes care for a certain layer of people; by the way often religious leaders are called pastors just because they have to lead the flocks. Otherwise such people using their sexuality in animalistic manner will fall into degradation.

But there exists another part of people, for whom the rules of prohibition is not acceptable; otherwise their sexual fantasy will begin creating the most whimsical ways to overcome a prohibition.

You know that from time to time we hear sexual scandals in religious organizations which signalize that not all is very correct with sex over there. So we come to a point that for one group restrictions are absolutely necessary and for other one in contrary, because this second group will boost up their sexual fantasy, because “prohibited fruit is sweeter” and they pursue some absolutely mad forms of a realization of such fantasies.

This is a very serious task of our civilization: which rules and regulations in society must be implemented that both groups would be happy and would not be in danger. Therefore, when we say that your sexual fantasies should not break a second Principle of Yoga (which is called chastity) that means that you have to divide, separate the energy of pleasure, when you make sex from the energy which is used for life continuation. Here we are finishing out theoretical part.

Responses to questions

Here we come to a next part – responses to questions. No so many questions we have received but if someone from the aula has it let us first here them, then we will come to those once which we have received by mail. Friends, does anyone have questions? Yes, please:

1. Question: For women, how to understand which part goes for life continuation and which one not supposed to be wasted away?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is very difficult question, I will not answer it now, we have not yet come to this theory. Does anyone have questions? Please.

2. Question: Correlationof mind development ways: should we develop our mind in direction of spiritual thinking or logical thinking? It seems that these two ways force a human moving in different directions.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The response is categorical: «No». Meaning both are necessary. To reach a highest state of yoga we need to have a mind sharpened and polished as a diamond instrument, but at the same time we should develop an ability of mind to understand that there are things which cannot be comprehended in our normal state of consciousness and when the mind faces such things it should surrender to something what usually is called as spiritual intuition. But here we have one trap. All life is a line of traps. The experience shows that it is easier to make a clever person from a kind one then vice versa. There is one very dangerous moment when human is on a stage of intellect development, sharpening the mind, then with a help of this intellect one creates a lifeless system of pure intellectual world where there is no silliness but also no high spiritual. This is one particular step of the development, all pass through it. It is when our intellect starts to question: «What Supreme I? There is no any Supreme I, God, does anyone see them? I have not seen them it means they do not exist». Or another question: «How can we know that after death a human can remain somewhere there and then can be born again? May be we just disintegrate into rubbish and that’s it?” Has anyone seen that before our birth we had been somewhere? No. Did anyone come back after death to witness it? No. Or if you say that after death rebirth is happening but why those who are reborn do not remember their previous lives? If they would remember it all the questions could be put off immediately. Usually people with such memories claim of being Napoleons and usually they are collected in one room of a psychiatric hospital. So such questions and responses are very logical and sometimes our intellect begins triumphing in its nihilism. But there’s a small point – our intellect is just a negligible shadow of our Supreme I, just a servant of a King. But sometimes this servant usurper the power sitting on the throne of the King and it is very difficult to push him away. The intellect is very sly it starts looking for fears of human, drawing very scary pictures. Our mind is a very special thing, today we have talked with you about sexual fantasies and only human has them, and I hardly can imagine a cat, for example, who would be dreaming to have a sex on the Everest. Sometimes we see examples from history when silly people from a first glance begin to practice yoga and all of a sudden reach very high level and for external observer it looks like someone just jumped over the intellectual level directly into enlightenment. But from point of view of Yoga all is correct. If you are kind, then you can be made a cleaver one very fast, it is very difficult is to make other way around. Literally, for just a few days one could sharpen his mind and intellect and enter in Samadhi. It is not a jumping over the steps process, because the steps can be squeezed or extended but sequence, as Yoga says is the only one for everybody.

Other questions?

3. Question (IOYU; Basim, Eka Group): Is there a connection between sexual fantasies and their realization with a help of Natya Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, in fact it is so. Natya Yoga is one kind of Yoga Teaching (just to remember, exist so many kinds of yoga, how many human being has ways and methods to manifest himself). There’s a type of yoga in connection with theatrical art. For us an actor playing on a stage just a joker paid for entertainment of the audience. But in the ancient tradition of India an actor practiced yoga by playing. And the fact that spectators like this performance, give a chance to the actor to transmit something non verbal, his internal inspiration from practice of Yoga to audience and move them towards to spiritual development. This type of Yoga is a very serious one and we definitely will do one seminar on this.

4. Question: What is understood under sexual abstinence in Triad Yoga? Are hugs, kisses and massages allowed without actual sexual act between partners?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. In fact last part of the lecture I dedicated to this and we will continue at the next one. Triad Yoga to some extent can be called as system of practical chastity. Not a theoretical one, where it is declared something, but then due to a inability to follow is broken silently, but namely practical one in full accordance with yourself.

You know how it is good to live without lying to yourself, fine we lie to others, I myself lie to others 50 times a day and suppose that I do well yet. But to lie to yourself is never good, there will not be a calmness inside and life become not joyful. Especially it is very difficult to lie with respect to such a powerful aspect like sexuality. If I want a woman, why should I say to myself that I do not? On the other hand the question arises: what to do that the energy of that my desire would move up to better me, that woman and all progressive humanity around?

One way to do it is to keep chastity, but not in a profane option, which cannot be materialized in reality, but in normal, vital one. If we you do not waste that part which goes for life continuation, than actually all the practices when you are in sexual contact from this point of view can be considered as abstinence. Perhaps I have responded in a bit complicated manner, the question was simpler. If after today’s lecture you have got better understanding of nature of sex or why you have spent so many years to clarify problems in relations with your wife or husband and finally you have decided to that it could be nice to switch from a theory to some practice (this is exactly a famous part of yoga, because it is not only a theory but a physical practice as well) and obviously some questions will remain: how to prepare myself for the practice, I do not know what and how to do?

We have the following recommendation, which corresponds to the best part of some religious and philosophical doctrines even with communism builder codex: if you do not know how to practice, if you do not want to make children, if you are able to keep under control your sexual desires (of course not to such extent when “the roof will be blown away”) then it would be nice to preserve your sexual potential to some degree. Sure Triad doesn’t have false illusions that right from tomorrow you will be able to separate the energy of pleasure from the energy of life continuation, there will be a long way to go and losses will be. But if you can save some now then later on you will have minimum problems after these losses. This is more or less if you would like to run a bank, first you have to have certain amount of money collected. This is what we usually mean saying abstinence. But another discussion comes out when you are losing control. I’m more than sure that here we have here in aula clever people with developed intellect (this is an indirect indication of the fact that we have moved up you sexual energy strongly enough, because if you would have a weak brain you would not show an interest to this topic it would be trivial for you, like for a dog, if I want sex just go and do.

Since you are interested in this topic you might know that if to control much, then there comes a wave which takes you away and you are floating in stream without a control. These are very difficult moments exactly after which we just go out with any first met partner, make karmic notes with each other. We just wanted sex, but being honest we marry and create even bigger problems without karmic consequences.

The followers of Triad have an advantage: relations between man and woman are less complex there, in good sense less. Unfortunately, our society is more hypocritical. Someone of you has a partner whom you can just make sex without any plans for future, someone has not. There could be different variants. Better to avoid extremes. But yet do not forget that the bigger potential by using abstinence you can collect then easier and better some sexual practices can be passing.

Because if you approach sexual practices being empty sexually, you cannot even feel where there is a driving force of eth practice there. The exercises in Triad (some of them are difficult ones) are only carcasses and if there’s no a soul of the practice in a form of sexual potential, when you are in high mood then you will not be able to catch the Channel to the High.

Therefore I call for abstinence, but without extreme. And some things happening during period of abstinence like pollutions of men and night orgasms of women are not a big deal yet. The most terrible will be just a regular scenario: if you are invited to a party, drink some alcohol and that is it, brain doesn’t work and consequences are awful. That’s it for today.

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