2011_07_01-site seminars. Rita yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Today, 2 July 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

I teach yoga.


That we have a retreat, we spend it in the suburbs and in this workshop we will touch upon different aspects of the underlying Rita yoga, and other practices, just coming out of this yoga.

Let me remind you the main points of how to learn from the workshop. What we have going on here, this thing is quite important and is often the result of people attending the workshop comes through the years. Here it may happen that in a few years, you will find yourself in a particular situation in life, is not necessarily negative, it may be neutral, maybe even positive, but of you it is required to make a decision. And at that moment you remember, what achievements, moments of our seminar and take the right decision. And you realize the grandeur of the ancient knowledge, which we are inherited from the yogis and Yoginis.

So I ask you to treat the seminar very seriously. Maybe now it’s really the arrow on the railway, which translates your train, lead safe way. You should also remember that I, Victoria – we are ordinary people. We are not a teacher of yoga, we have nothing on you no different. Perhaps only one thing. We started to learn a little yoga before. Therefore, all the knowledge, all the achievements belong to the teachers, the teacher of humanity that people are very modest. Very occasionally, not public. And your task is less focus on us as personalities, and increasingly try to establish some sort of inner intuitive communication with the teachers and the teacher of yoga school. All this is called Cloud School. Therefore, it is imperative that increasingly paid attention to some internal processes deep within you, rather than outside, although they are also important.

Finally, you should remember that if we are now by some such repeaters between ancient knowledge and you, our goal is to get you in the future themselves could go directly to the highest level without intermediaries, ie without us. To you yourselves in the future on their own, when you find yourself alone, can understand and grasp the logic and the meaning of yoga, which is here to soar during this seminar.

Those. again try in the first place to look inward. Many make the mistake. Many people think that something will come from outside. Yes, much will come from the outside but not least, in parallel, will be something coming from the inside. What are some of your intuitions, memories, sensations. And if you are mentally turn to the teachers and the teacher of the school of yoga, is completely invisible way, this process will go faster and, figuratively speaking, a teacher and a teacher of yoga will inspire you how to correct the flow of thought.

This is not no fiction, there is no transcendent things. This is a more subtle laws of nature. For thoughts are no barriers! There is no space or in time. Obstruction is – only our ignorance.

In this regard, even a very good state of completion. It capture all the sensations that you are in a yoga blog. For those who have not yet yoga diary – sheets of paper on the paper.

There are so such a powerful way to work with our mind and karmic imprints that we have in life. This method is called mindfulness. Its essence is as follows. When ever or where ever you are experiencing a particular state of physical, mental, logical, sverhlogichnoe what you like, then, of course, over time, you begin to forget this state. Other imprints of karma in everyday life are starting to overshadow. But if you have your account, you can simply re-read, and you have in mind immediately emerge are Sanskar prints, which were obtained during the passage of a spiritual practice, which by its actions will be equivalent to the practice itself. Those. once done you can practice and even his entire life in the future just to lose her mind in the head. And while you will get the effect as if you again and again held practice. This is the method of remembering. It is extremely necessary in yoga.

Indeed, if a person in a moment of decision-making or in the moment when he does not know what to do, just start remembering the states that he was held in various practices, involuntarily, he forgets about the circumstances surrounding kakie-to mentally transported at the moment when he was an intern. In this case the person calms down and even in this regard, he makes fewer mistakes. Therefore, when the soldiers to attack runs, before running into the attack, very well think of something native, quiet, good. Then goes the fear, leaving some throwing, then life is filled with some more meaningful feeling.

Moreover, yoga is, the so-called yoga of dying. Yoga uses the process of dying for spiritual practice. And it is believed that in many ways the birth of your future will be determined by the thoughts that you left out of this world. And if you remember the correct about something high, light, you simply block the process of unfolding their negative karma. Thereby strengthening their positive karma, and thus get a very good result. But it is certainly an extreme case.

Therefore, I urge you to develop the habit feel compelled to write my feelings. I understand not all used. I know it’s sometimes hard to do without the habit. Force yourself. Treat it as a sadhana, as some heroic exploit, develop the habit. Force yourself to pick up a pencil or pen and paper leaf, and record their condition. I assure you that you will get from this colossal favor. I also remind you that the greatest, the most important book you read on yoga, you write it themselves with their lives. And this habit of recording their condition will help you better structure what you want is what you seek or what you avoid, and so on and so forth. And thus you will learn how to better fulfill the second principle of yoga. And this is a guarantee that, accordingly, you will leave with a new, high level.

Therefore, my friends, I again and again I want to stress – try to establish internal communication with higher, one on one, without intermediaries. Not through me or through Victoria, but directly. Yoga – is freedom. Any intermediary – it is always a reduction of freedom. There are moments when the mediators are needed in order to teach, to show us the way. But in the future, each of you should go alone. Therefore, listen to yourself and listening, fix all the sensations. Do not hesitate to. Here is a farewell to all.

Now we are turning to the theory. Let us briefly recall once again this great branch of yoga – yoga Rita. In order to have each developed a very clear picture of what is happening and where. So, we are studying yoga. Yoga came to us from the East, primarily in India. Question and where Hindus have yoga? If we analyze, where did yoga in India, then sooner or later we will come to what is called the Vedas. The oldest, extant source of knowledge.

Let me remind you, to have survived the four Vedas: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. This is a very ancient, very difficult to understand collections, collections of knowledge in verses or mantras. Those. It is not just a story, how to construct the universe, how to do this or that practice, but the plus is still the mantra. And every mantra is, strictly speaking, gives its own result. To have survived in the most well-known form of two mantras. Most commonly they are known in the West. One – mahamrityundzhayya mantra, the mantra of overcoming death. Other – The Gayatri mantra, the mantra that gives all the four goals of life. But apart from these two mantras in the Vedas contain more than two thousand mantras, more, so to speak, sharpened.

So, yoga is actually coming out of the Vedas. The basic idea of the Vedas – is a kind of a pulse of the truth, the pulse of life, sense of momentum. That law is called Rita. And the meaning is, that all being was created to ensure that this law is carried out. The whole world, in other words, was created for joy, happiness, fulfillment. In order for us to reveal themselves. And this, in fact, the Vedas. And so, if we are, each of us lives according to the law, Rita, we obtain in the life of joy, happiness, pleasure.

Or you can put it another way: If we live in our beautiful universe and measure all our actions to the law, Rita, we become freer, freer and freer. And, as a consequence, our joy, happiness, pleasure grows, grows and grows. But, unfortunately, we are all with you have the original ignorance. It was a condition of our creation. Each of us, in fact, it is a piece of the Absolute, which is absolutely free. Absolute when we created, he made us free. Those. We did not burden any one thing that could, one way or another, to determine our actions in the future. It is for this reason that we do not have pre-knowledge of all the secret mysteries of existence. Why? Because thus it would preclude our freedom. A Absolute gave us freedom, even for us to make mistakes.

So, we have a primordial ignorance that is an integral part of our freedom and the original is the original ignorance, on the one hand, it allows us to build our lives as we please. And no one will interfere and dictate their terms. Even the Absolute can not dictate terms to each of us. He created us free. But the flip side of the coin, that this freedom and, consequently, ignorance, lies in the fact that we are not reasonably begin to use this freedom. As a result, our freedom is reduced. That’s how we can cleverly use the freedom. Those. Freedom is the fact and the freedom that it can do anything.

And so it turns out that we are starting from the initial ignorance to make those actions that reduce our freedom, with the result that come suffering, pain, disappointment. And all this is called Anritoy or denial of Rita, the negation of freedom.

Today we will do in the future repeat the meditation on the three principles of yoga. Three principles of yoga – this is just an attempt to give a boost to our minds find Rita Law, the law of liberty. Using already some with their thought processes. But in fact, we have already within each signed an intuitive understanding of the law of Rita, the law of liberty. And only requires a carefully analyze your device, your thoughts, your desires, the events in his life that, one way or another, to bring this same law Rita.

Those. you have to remember that yoga – it’s not a system that artificially drags into your life any laws. No! Yoga – a system that helps you rediscover something that every one of you, and so would be opened if more wasted time, effort, though, if anything, would have lived longer lives. So that’s intuitive sense of freedom, this intuitive feeling Rita is present within each of us and the best it can grasp or understand by the concept of the spontaneous joy of dance.

Indeed, every one of you, if you remember your life, it is satisfied that, as soon as some favorable developments come into his life, some kind of victory, accomplishment, you want to dance with joy. Moreover, it would seem, from what dance? And that’s just the lies that we have, as it were uhvatyvaya sense of accomplishment of some of its intentions as to transfer that sense and everything else, and the behavior of our body that I want-feet handles to swing to the beat and jump, dance in this case, smile, clap their hands and something humming.

Those. it is not a factor that we just wave our hands, or clap or dance. Do not dance foundation! Dance – this is just the embodiment of awareness Rita. And, of course, it is born from this backward practice. What if we really caught some beautiful dance spontaneously, without even realizing report, we dance on, on the contrary, we can look inward and rediscover this law Rita. When we suddenly realize that it’s simple.

It should only easier to grip his, slightly loosen the grip on his life. That Yes, indeed, where it is necessary to strain very strongly, where it is necessary to do nothing. But all this should be about the same as a small child playing in their toys, ie it is easier to relate to life. Because sometimes this excessive grip we block that should come naturally and beautifully, according to the law of Rita.

According to Rita’s law, all in your life has to come naturally. Want wealth, it must come to you, and it will come. Naturally, you want to happiness, it must come to you, and it will come. The main thing that you do not interfere, as long as you do not go on the wrong side of the universe. The universe will do everything! It will certainly require from you and sometimes tense, but even this power you will be a joy and not a curse. Those. it is necessary to catch the dialogue with the universe. And once again I want to say that the manifestation of Rita through spontaneous dance, in fact, is the basis for many practices of yoga Rita, which we practice.

Also remind you the basic ideology of how to approach Rita. In order for you to dance the dance of spontaneous, joyful, you need to go into a state where you have no fear, and no hope. Because of hope – a twist on the wrong side fears. If there is hope, there is always a risk that they will not be fulfilled, and if they are not fulfilled, then the fear will come. What if I do not get rich, but suddenly I’m not happy, and suddenly I did not meet the woman of his dreams, and suddenly I could not find her husband of her dreams? And then suddenly, as suddenly ce. Now, if there are expectations that it may, there is no spontaneity, friends. And as a result, there is fear. As a result, we are suspending all processes within itself. As a consequence, if all around us the universe is dancing the dance Rita our well-being and we would catch the same Rita and join in this dance, we, on the contrary, something we wait, afraid of something, something we hope and start walking in antiphase. And unwittingly fall into a state of Anrita. Or we prevent the universe to help us.

Everything in this universe is given in person. That’s what voleizyavite, then will come. The question – when? This is the absolute law of the universe. If you have any conditions of life now, it is just a result of the fact just that you do something for a long time voleizyavlyali in his previous life. And now come, as they say, the echoes of these wills. Now they can, and you do not like. And now you can start voleizyavlyat something else. Then, over time, you get results from these wills.

And, as practice shows, it is always the same effect occurs in humans. We have something for a long time want to strive for something, and then, when it comes to us, we are happy, we are happy, but still in my heart remains a residue: and yet like a little bit better, Therefore another. That’s the curse of eternal desire for a man, it does not stop. Man thinks, but if I have to say, this, then I will be the happiest. It takes time, it comes, what he had in mind. A man finds himself thinking that yes it is, yes fine, but something is missing again elusive. And this chain of desire begins to grow.

Then, in the end, the poor man, already veteran, asks: “What would wish this, so you did not have this feeling that something is dopoluchil”? And it was from that moment comes the realization Rita. What’s in this respect, we must abandon all the hopes and fears of all.

This does not mean that the desire to have disappear. No! Let them be. In the end, the universe, too, need to know what you are aiming at and what you avoid. But let it not be such know stranglehold such spasmodic grasping. Why? Because if you think about more smoothly to life, then life will be time to adjust your dreams. And it will have to bring what you want, taking into account any views on your next life.

Those. life starts to turn into a series of continuous which reduces, in a good sense of the word, mad happiness. You do not have to think about the desires. And so it comes as it should. Main only have time to enjoy every moment that comes. Hence it was born here, this famous saying that is necessary to live here and now. Many of her probably heard. This saying, on the one hand, indeed, very good. It captures the essence of this state here. On the other hand, as with all in yoga, it may be misunderstood.

I often cite the example where one yogini met her future husband. When they spend time together, it is all the time he kept saying: “I live here and now, I live here and now!”. On her poor husband, how do you say … this led him in absolutely terrible condition, because he treated her as a frivolous girl, who does not think about tomorrow. What it is useless to plan a further day. What she did next day just throw and say that you – the waste material is now someone else. That’s the fact of the matter is that there is no! But, on the other hand, the concept of here and now, it is somewhere conveys the feeling of spontaneous dance Rita.

So, we are long accustomed myself to lie. And we can not get out of this state. We can not leave the state of spontaneity. We still have some hope, we have still some fears. We are still looking at the others. We dance and we think, “How about we look around, and what they say, and I dance pretty or not pretty?” And as soon as there are moments that you do not care, then immediately you start to choke themselves. Themselves their creative energy block.

Therefore, I remind you, very good approach to the practice of yoga by Rita, the so-called Anritu. When you consciously start to dance ugly, provocatively, that all did not like. However, since make it extremely difficult, then you are unwittingly, enter the Rita again. And we’ll do the practice.

But now a little more theory. This more fundamental. What is Rita Yoga? Rita yoga, in this narrow sense, this is when your dancing I’m dancing and Absolut, who created all the universe. And if you dance in harmony with each other, you start to know the Absolute. And you start to know your higher self Through reflection yourself you begin to understand the Absolute. Through the Absolute you will begin to understand its nature, ie, important to feel the breath of all event Absolute and tune into his wavelength. And for that you have to stop taking all other people as human beings. A need to understand what is actually at the time the practice has only two – you and the Absolute. There is no longer anyone. No other practitioners or leading or room, no place, no time. Nothing and no one. All solutions. There is only your self and the Absolute.

This is a very important position. That as soon as you see people for the people, you do start to block the practice of yoga Rita. If you start for people intuitively feel the breath of some cosmic law, you, on the contrary, very much rise and uncover their freedom.

Now here’s a thing that should be remembered according to Rita yoga concept. All of our lives, from birth to death – a kind of dance of life. Those. driving dance in life, growing up dance, dance, when we getting married or getting married, dance, when we practice alone in any yoga practice, dance, when we achieve some of the highest achievements. Finally, dance adulthood, old age, dance, dance of death, dance of the intermediate state between death and the next birth, joining the dance into a new life. Those. Now the continuity of life, friends. Through birth and death.

Again, the same concept. Who is constantly with you? Continuing with the Absolute you. When you are born, with Absolut you when you live with your Absolute as the Absolute comes through another person, you can fall in love with him, and he will be your husband or wife. Even if you do, you think, alone to die, and no one will not bring a glass of water to bed, then, in fact, loneliness is illusory, because when you die, you will have around the same Absolute. At the time, when you are dead, but not yet born in the next life, still you will be Absolute. Or in other words, if you grab the Rita this or the harmony of life, then disappear fear of death, no fear of birth, no fear of failure, fear of disappointment will disappear, vanish all fear the most. Why? Because all become a dialogue between your higher self and the Absolute. And you’ll be just like actors on the stage to play different roles.

You know, two of the same actors on stage in various productions on stage can play different roles. They know who is who. That’s just as well here. And it does not expressible state friends. So in connection with such a moment, in the ancient Vedic knowledge is well understood and helped to realize, as if this dance Rita. It is expressed in the form of various kinds of ceremonies.

With one of them, which we are, at least a little, let’s look at this seminar – a rite of marriage or marriage. Probably every one of you who are sitting here in the audience, have a mom and dad. From tubes until we have learned not to appear. Strictly speaking, that united the mother and father at the time of your entry into the world? The fact that they were husband and wife to each other, although in the future they could live a life together or separate, it does not matter. It is important that you were born. And if you were born, then your mom and dad at least for some time were spouses. Of course, that’s the point of marriage is a very important part of life. Why? Because of this, children are born, we are born from this with you. That then, in the future, our children will be able to give birth to us when we die. And here is an integral part of marriage, she, if we consider the ancient Vedic knowledge, is one of the most important of these.

It is that for a long time could not understand any kind of esoteric, seekers of any such occult teachings. They could not really understand, how can this be, that immediately you some yoga practice with many yogic practices, with many yogic abilities and supernormal, with numerous properties such fly through the air and walk through walls? And alongside this you are reading, which is sufficient attention to the same sources, it was given to the issue of marriage, birth of children.

Here, unfortunately, we Westerners, we begin to share it all. Even if you analyze the life of the famous designers, scientists, singers, poets, composers, etc., they have, as a rule, a cult, Behold, I have my work, accomplishment of my life, that I should write the formula or I have to build a plane, should start a business or build a factory, or a political party. Or more subtle forms: I have much good for all humanity, to organize a new sect that it do much good for all mankind. And on the subject of how to treat his wife, the children, it has the impression that all this as a residual, it all then, then. Here, the plant shall start now build the plane, party or sect will build, and we’ll see.

Again, in the ancient Vedic knowledge, we find something quite different. Yoga teacher, yoga teacher any ancient, so be sure to have a wife, children, and all that’s clique is present. And it’s all spelled out very clearly in these ancient rituals. And the answer is very simple: your factory, airplane, political party or sect, or anything else – it’s only a small episode in the gigantic fabric of life, for which you will go from birth to death, from birth to death. And if not this foundation, all other practices are not necessary, you know, friends? You see, what is it?

So here are a few words I want to say about the marriage ceremonies. Especially, perhaps succeed in a very simplified form, to show you by example is one of them. Since ancient times, came to us various rites and rituals of how to turn an ordinary, common life of men and women in the yoga practice, or an integral part of our lives Rita. That is, how to relate to the choice of a spouse, a lot of things. In our school of yoga that is more engaged in yoga Triad. This is just an offshoot associated with the interaction of male and female.

But, anyway, it is still the basic theory refers to the ancient Vedas. And the meaning is as follows. If there is a person from whom you will give birth to children, it is, according to the ancient teachings of yoga, carries the most profound and most sacred role in your life. And your personal enlightenment, your personal success in yoga will depend largely on the person. However, as it also.

And as if to make sure that as much as possible to eliminate all possible aspects and to enhance the positive? In the ancient Vedas answer that: “Vid in his wife no more, no less, as the Absolute.” And back. Vid in her husband no more, no less, as the Absolute. That’s as long as you’re in the other one to see the Absolute, it makes sense to have such a hard … insurance against any future adversity.

And these rituals, if you do happen to have chosen such a man, in fact, have a deep meaning. As a rule, in India it is the ritual of the seven steps, or else it is called saptopadi. In fact, until we reached a number of different variants of this ritual. They have serious differences, differ from each other sufficiently, and that the most offensive, in India do not understand what it all means. But the bottom line is that the wife or husband – is the person with whom you will be sequentially, roughly speaking, to open all the mysteries of existence.

But in order for you to understand this better, I will later interpretation, already widespread in the Middle Ages, using the human body device. According to this system, within us there are seven main centers, which are located on the base of our body to the top of the head and are called chakras. According shaped mythology, in each of these chakras there like Absolut in male form and the Absolute in the female form. As a rule, they are called by different names. Gods and goddesses, etc. And behold, the spiritual evolution, the evolution of our bodies in the same way as the process of evolutionary accomplishment anyway, runs along the seven chakras. And the next thing is done in the embodiment of the ritual of marriage. Kindle Fire, then a man and woman who want to enter into marriage, making seven steps. Or in another way: are the seven steps of knowledge of the Universe, the dissolution together. If you use more late terms of Kundalini Yoga, the woman – the personification of the primordial Shakti, the goddess, and a man – the original consciousness of the Absolute. And then, when they hand are seven of these steps, it is equivalent to saying that in Kundalini yoga is called raising Kundalini energy from the base of the body to the top of the head.

Echoes of this knowledge came to us through the medieval alchemical treatises, where they speak about the inner wedding. Always nobody understands when reading alchemical treatises that there these esoteric mean? What wedding? What inner wedding, from which it is born the elixir of immortality and the Sorcerer’s Stone? So, this rite that you are together with your future spouse decide to dance the dance combined Rita in harmony with the universe, just turned into this ceremony seven steps. Saptapadi, once again remind you.

To this day in India we spread a variety of options for this rite and all sorts of different requirements. Those. When men and women take a step, they exchange these promises – wishes. Once again, all this is subject to transformation, and not quite adequate in some cases, it is transferred, ie, confusion, a kind of hodgepodge. Alternatively, if these seven steps are not made around the fire, and in a straight line. Seven of these small steps, to top it all a certain hill, on which the future spouse must climb. Or another option is when a man and a woman three times bypass around the campfire. Or seven times. As you can see, a complete lack of coordination. This is not surprising because it is such an ancient ritual.

But is not the question, another question. That even if we consider our relationship with her husband or his wife, it also falls under the category of Rita – Anrity. Sometimes you live in perfect harmony, and sometimes you swear. And in that moment, when you live in perfect harmony, you feel for that moment, Rita, and when you start swearing, is Anrita. And once again, in this sense, all the scandals, intrigue, when you beat the dishes, swearing, is in some sense Anrity dance in the kitchen. And, oddly enough, it sometimes helps the most magical way to go back to the dance Rita. It is no accident there is a saying: “Favorite quarrel only amuse.” What’s playing such Anritu, they realize the futility of all this, it is they get bored, they give up some of their excessive ambition, that one, the other, and could not help again returned to the state of Rita, which does not require support.

Here we finish a little about the wedding ceremony, once again get back to Rita’s theory. You have to understand, my friends, that when you argue with someone when something goes wrong in your life (when you go to work and get stuck in traffic or go into the subway and find yourself in a crush, or when you are going to do something then, and it did not go as we would like), it is an indirect indication that you started in life Anritu shake a leg. Those. you are somewhere did not see where you started to dance in opposition to the universe and instantly or after some time got the result in the form of some discomfort.

So, to dance Anritu huge amount of effort required. And to live in a state Anrity, you have to spend their own internal forces. But if you leave the state of Rita, you do not need to apply any force to it was all as it is necessary in your life. And in yoga sometimes it is called the state of sattva, when you just the right attitude to life are making events, people, phenomena to behave in harmony with each other, without effort, you get everything that you want and not feel so deadly tired after that . Those. Fatigue comes to us only if we are going to be able to Anrity or, as a result, at a time when we are trying to get out of the state Anrity. Those. if we are at an impasse in one direction, and then have to return the same way back, that is where the hard road that back.

Imagine, you go in the winter in the woods, the path trodden, and you took and has managed through the fallen trees, drifts somewhere there wade. It is clear, so you’re going, hard-hard, you understand, do not go there, you have to go back. Clearly, you start to go back to Rita, for harmony, but that does not help. And now, the moment of return in this sense can be interpreted as negative karma or retribution for wrongdoing.

Those. there is a concept in yoga as negative karma. Usually everyone is afraid of the term, because it is mysterious to some, it is not clear what kind of concept is – negative karma? A negative karma is extremely simple. You no longer live in harmony with the universe. You started to argue with her. You flooded the side, through the fallen trees, snow drifts. You are very tired. You are left with nothing. When you were there, you were still full of hope and ambition, there you go right. Those. when we foolishly do, we think that the only way it should. It’s hard to do anything stupid, but what to do, who is easy? We will continue. Then you get tired, left with nothing and understand what went into the deep forest, very tired, dark and scary, hungry, and have to go back. And you’re back to back is not so enthusiastic. And you say, for me it is so punished? And no one is punished. Sam entered, he comes out. Those. you have to understand, my friends, that there is no overseer over you do not have a structure that looks at whom some karma, who are now on the teapot smack, according to his merits.

So friends, we refreshed with you Yoga general theory. So, again. All the ancient knowledge is in the Vedas. Veda in India came from somewhere in the North. In India, the Vedas is only stored for a long time, friends. This is also a mistake. It is believed that India is the birthplace of the Vedas. Nothing like this. The Vedas were formed back in the days when even in India and there was no breath Vedic. In India, they were stored. Where did they come – a big mystery stories. Some say they came from the territory of Russia. Readily I believe it. Russian native land of elephants, why not. You know, there is such a saying.

The essence of the Vedas – the harmony, Rita, truth, life, happiness. If we live according to Rita, we get something that intuitively seek, want. Think of yourself as a child, what you want. Someone wanted to become an astronaut, someone pilot, someone oligarch. No, I did not yet want. They wanted to, but we do not. There are any feelings, it would be nice if it was. So, if you go on the path of Rita, it is itself everything comes to you. And you have no hope, no fear. The fear is, if you can not come to pass. And if it come to pass, what kind of fear. Hope? What hope, if everything is fine. Will be! You see? Therefore, the meaning is to grasp this state, its hard to grasp. In Rita yoga is called to grasp it through spontaneous dance. In Hatha yoga is called to grasp the state of Rita through the poses. In Pranayama yoga, through the breath. In yoga Triad through relationship with a husband or wife, male or female. In Jnana yoga through thought control. Yogi are so many very different. If you grab the very rhythm of this, the appropriateness of what is happening, then, grasping in one, you can transfer it to the rest.

In Rita yoga this source is dance. Try to catch in the dance. No matter what your body. Flexible you are inflexible. Ever danced or did not dance. Your body is completely right now, whatever it is. It’s a very serious yogic axiom. Therefore, starting to know Rita, we add Anritu. Small amounts of the poison is medicine. We do Anritu, we learn, we leave aside, consciously, in the woods. We do, sooner or later get bored, and we straighten the course. But at the same time we straighten its course, and some thought processes. For example, we have been evil, and then realize that is too heavy, too heavy a burden to be evil. You see? That is being kind, it is not necessary effort. But to be angry, his anger must be constantly nourished by something, and it is very energy consuming. And understanding in one thing, as it were intuitively portable to something else, etc., etc. Our task catch Rita through Anritu.

Later Anrita That being said, the dance one on one with the Absolute. No one else. Is your higher self, the Absolute around you. If, nevertheless, the brains, some paint concept, remember that the concept of law or Rita later became a space in India the concept of dharma or personal life path. And the concept of dharma has been described by the first, second and third principle in yoga. Therefore, from time to time to remember about the first, second and third principle of yoga will not hurt Rita. Because it will lead to the dharma and dharma in fact, your personal Rita. You know, Rita, it is like a cosmic law, and when it is embodied in the person of your life, destiny, it is called dharma.

Now a few words I want to say. How you would say the scientists, some of the space anisotropy observed in the ancient Vedas. What does it mean? Anisotropy, as it were, the inequality or to contrast well, or in another way, not all areas are the same. It is expressed in the fact that, say, there are some sacred direction. In the ancient Vedic knowledge of the sacred direction was north. And if you look from the perspective of India, this is, exactly, Russia. I speak, Russian native land of elephants. Background says that this knowledge was brought to the North, and since we know that they did not originate in India, the North was not the Himalayas, and was more northern North. The same, by the way, we read in parallel where a monument of the ancient Avesta. This Iranian epic.

So now imagine, my friends, for a moment that you lived somewhere in the North, and then went to the South. Mentally imagine such an experiment. Those. North behind you. You go in the direction of the sun. You understand that if, in the northern hemisphere, the sun is in front of you makes an arc. Sunrise and sunset. And the farther you are in the North, the lower this arc to the horizon, the closer you are to the equator, the higher the sun rises. Or, in another way it is called in geography latitude. So, if you go from North to South, and see in front of the arc of the sun, you will see the following thing. As the sun rises in the East and the West to sit down. Again, if you stand back to the North, then the left side of the sun comes up and to the right to sit here and went, as you know, the notion of the hour hand. You know, yes, I’m talking about? Those. behind the North, that was gone-gone, the village. Accordingly, the direction of some practices here is, in a clockwise direction is considered to be sacred. Indeed, once the sun rises under the influence of the law Rita and land in the West in a clockwise direction, it means that this area sacred.

Therefore, in many practices there such as would be pronounced this rule for certain practices that something is being done in a clockwise direction. Some things, on the contrary, a counterclockwise direction. There Pravritti concept is the concept of neuritis. Those. there is a pronounced inequality of the parties of light and movement. As you can imagine, from the standpoint of the more fundamental yoga, it is not an absolute law of the universe. It is only in this location the reflection of some of the more sacral action, but nevertheless, some common practices that have made it practice clockwise dance any are found, and some against. For different purposes.

Here, in particular, again referred me the ritual of marriage, so the seven steps around the fire in a clockwise direction, ie, the proper way to go, comrades. To paraphrase. But you understand that the concept of Rita, the concept here of some practices, it is much more than the notion of some local conditions in which we live. So that you do not come across in the details, and have seen a more universal for details. Details are useful, but only as a step towards a more universal knowledge. Friends, questions?

Friends, there is no zero probability that very soon will start some terrible economic crisis. I do not want anyone to intimidate, because I myself can be quite wrong. But something tells me that something is not so simple. Therefore, we must now restructure its work towards a more efficient operation. First of all, we are going to, as you say, in order to implement a hard teaching, first in English, ie in principle, each of you will be taught in English, ie prepare for this, do not worry, every talk, it’s not as difficult as it seems. We have the experience that people from the ground began to speak and teach yoga. Another thing is that, of course, the systematic study of English, we can not give, so I call on all parallel way or another somehow decide this question.

I will not hide the fact that if you will, God forbid, any crisis, I need you to survive. To every one of you could earn a piece of bread. It is highly desirable with the help of yoga. Otherwise, yoga will not go to the masses. It is no secret that now more than two billion people on Earth speak English. This is the official data. Why the former Empire United Kingdom, all of Southeast Asia, almost the whole of Asia speaks English. It is, in fact, has become a modern Latin. This one moment.

The second point is, of course, a great emphasis will be on the external students. Time students from different cities, I understand that the standard of living outside the Moscow Ring Road is different. And many simply do not financially able to pull training. It must be something to think about. Something must be addressed. Need to do something. If now, God forbid, indeed, the world is too long danced Anritu now have to pay for it. Too long, friends. Too.

At least, our beloved America lived beyond their means absolutely the last twenty years. And since everything in it is fastened, if they have something zatryasёtsya, shakes everywhere. Apparently, in the long skewed state, nothing can not be, because they begin to suffer other sectors of activity. First of all the spiritual, because it is not interested to engage in spiritual knowledge, when in front of your eyes the example that you can do nothing and live well. You understand, right? Those. such as a violation of all the laws of the universe, and, as a consequence, it all goes, it comes and goes. But not about this …

That’s too bad, but on the other hand, my friends, I once again want to encourage you that our task is to make you a very mobile, so that everyone can, roughly speaking, currently earn a living. It is a headache, I will not hide. Because if you can earn a piece of bread, you will engage in, promote yoga. And if you can not, your life is so twirl, asking not to yoga you will. At the same time, yoga will make you extremely efficient in all areas. But the main thing that you did not make common mistakes. Honestly, you know, sometimes I catch myself thinking that there should be in addition to the Yoga University to do business. People make elementary mistakes in my life. But it is not about it now speech. Everything is great. Are there any questions for Rita yoga?

Kirill, Kiev, a group of 4, a correspondence student: I, personally, did the story of this conclusion is that there are several dance. Is it so? He who leads the dance. In the dance of the Self with the Absolute.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If, indeed, to consider our life as a dance … Here you go to work, and you do not go to work, you dance the dance. They came in their organization, and subsequently started from eight to five dance work in their organization. And you can look at it from different positions, with different yogas. From the standpoint of karma-yoga, yet with a certain position. And you can look from the perspective of Rita yoga. Bad is, a slang word “you catch the drive.” Those. you bear it all started to happen. You come to work, and all twirled, swirled, twirled.

Even if something has stopped, then, as at traffic lights, cars go, go, stop and start honking drivers behind: “Well you will Pass, Pass’. They begin to get nervous. And why they are nervous? Because they do not feel Rita. Moreover, even if we analyze from the standpoint of common sense, I sometimes watched these drivers. It usually wins of a second before the next traffic light, and then stops similarly. It was he who spends more nerves, strength, but does not win.

That’s just as well on the job. Time! You have everything pereklinilo. From the standpoint of the work – yes. And from the perspective of your higher self to communicate with the Absolute it can be such a dramatic pas in your dance. Here you have to stand still for a moment, maybe it enters into the picture, so there are no slaves and leading. There is an interaction, ie, dance is when you are in harmony with something else. There’s no concept of master and slave, but in fact there are some such color.

Sometimes, you know, we can say in his life: “Oh, come what may, let me, life carries, Absolut, bring me!” And he once-again-again and you danced this dance, and he has become your master and you are a slave. And sometimes, on the contrary, you say: “Oh, the Absolute, the idea came to me such a fabulously rich quick! Give I will fulfill it! “. Absolut says: “Well, come on, and I will adjust to you, do!”. And you start to do something, to invent schemes, plans, etc., etc. And the Absolute, really, adjusted, all surrounding life, and everything in harmony.

But then you got tired of it all, it is costly to all. In what sense is expensive? We can not always inhale or exhale. We need the breath, then exhale. And then you start to catch the dance of life. To take turns, one leading and the other slave, then the other. Different moods can be. You remember, we are free. We can in one second voleizyavit themselves do, and wish the other will, and let it itself will be all right. Still have questions, my friends, on the theory?



1 of the questions


Question: I have been doing, as recommended in lectures, completely without pain. I have a very slow progress is being made.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And what is the criterion of progress?


A: Elimination of unpleasant sensations in the body from making any disease, lethargy.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, this is not a criterion of progress in yoga! Friends who know the criterion of progress in yoga?


Answers from the audience: In the habit!


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The habit! The habit is there, then everything else will be added.

Friends, Hatha yoga can be done by consciousness or energy method. Whatever you do, you have to experience joy. The joy of the performance or the joy of overcoming himself. It is only a guarantee that you are doing it in to Rita, ie you do not go with violence, even sometimes. Resist the muscles, and we want to draw them, and we pull them! Sometimes, on the one hand, even a little unpleasant feeling that we pull them. On the other hand – a nice feeling that we are pretty, we stretched them, ie, victory over the other.


Comment from the audience: And then they hurt?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, will pull on the mind of the next time, so as not to hurt. You must understand that this is a long process, it is not for three days. Therefore, the most important thing, my friends, the habit! There is a habit – will do the rest. There will be no habit – nothing will!


Q: There are so many types of yogas. We can choose for themselves any specific types and practice them, or it will be more effective when we engage in it?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You’re on MOYU seminar. Some of you ochniki students, some correspondence students, some free listener, but one way or another, you are trained here. We believed that the most effective – proceed as follows: to explore the four basic yoga – Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga, that it was some kind of foundation. Everything else: Dream Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, yoga struggle Nanai boys, all of this should be as if on the foundation of these four yogas.

As long as you are not familiar with these four yogas, in fact, all the other yoga – this attempt to be clever, because you body is not ready yet. It flirting. Some people say: “And I have a yoga visualization”! and I say, “You’re doing Hatha yoga”? – “No. What for? I have the same visualization. ” Well, how to explain to him that Hatha Yoga in this sense is even more easy to understand visualization? You can also himself in his thoughts, but you can in the body.

Now I need to all sit down and listen to a little bit mindfully.





Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, there is a layer of Vedic, and has later layers of this practice. One of the later sequels of this practice – it is something that is now trying to call Kundalini Yoga. Many people have heard the term. Its meaning lies in the fact that you as a person, together, self-contained universe, and roughly speaking, the goddess at the bottom of your body is the goddess Kundalini. And in terms of Kundalini Yoga Shiva or the consciousness – in the crown of your head.

And the meaning of marriage is that the Absolute in the form of men and women in the form of the Absolute manifests itself consistently in the chakras as a control chakras. Manifested in the form of male and female, are connected, then the chakra dissolves. Then they move to the next chakra. Connect, then chakra dissolves. And, according to the description, it is sometimes called raising Kundalini. And so the chakra for chakra until until it reaches the seventh step, when everything merges in principle. That is, the Absolute pure man, a pure Absolute woman merge into a single Absolute. And so when brakosochetayuschiesya are seven steps, it is interpreted as your personal Kundalini raising. You see how they go, and on the track itself as dissolves, rises above you your energy. Above above. You like to carry everything outside, inside. And, accordingly, does not see a man and a woman, not more, not less, as the Absolute in the male form and the Absolute in the female form.

There is little to add – as soon as we make one step, I will say the phrase, Victoria will say the phrase, I am waving your arms, and you are all in unison – Matchmaker! This mantra. Perhaps, from this word and matchmaker occurred. Indo-European root. We are the second step, I’m waving your arms – you: Matchmaker! And for yourself, if you are adept Kundalini Yoga can monitor the dissolution of principles. If you like the Vedic concept, the dissolution of the universe. You know, the same process can be differently interpreted in different positions yogi. I do not want you just to torture in different words.


Victoria – ie the guests at a wedding and could achieve enlightenment!


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, the fact that the wedding was not just for couples. It was for everyone. India is now the wedding is in the West political elections. Around it all revolves. People lay all their belongings just to prepare for the wedding. After the wedding, sometimes for decades paying, played by all the canons. In this there is a good – a husband and wife are no longer diverge – the debts must be repaid! This is the main idea of any Indian girl from a very early age. Any Indian girl, even without seeing her husband already loved him. It is born with this feeling and just waiting for – when will the wedding. For women, marriage in India – it is the peak of her life. The absolute peak.

Once again – the rituals are so many varieties. Now we take only the most common, a common basis. Because a lot of varieties. Some do not go around the fire and along a line on the platform. Some one voice to the promise to each other – I do this step for posterity, I will always help you, I’ll be true to you, etc. This is the species, among others. I do not want you to score with unnecessary particulars.

You have to understand that the husband or wife is the way to meet you I with the Absolute. And you go through the seven structures of the universe. And each of the structures You practice through interaction, through intimacy, through the connection, through the joy, pleasure, happiness, through knowledge, through all the most supreme. You fulfilled all seven structures of the universe, and in fact, overcome all the seven veils of Maya, I like your merges with the Absolute, just as you merge with his wife.

In this sense, a very serious eroticism in the Vedas. Some mantras from there I simply would not venture to lead with our lawful assembly. Unless explicitly translate them, there have told, but still good, the mother of Russian language, I am afraid it will be very dissonant. Because there are things called by their proper names and calls for the full program. What we have is swearing everywhere, then transfer analogue in Sanskrit – is the highest mantra. I think Russia, so only lives that every little drunkard, so he immediately mantra! In this live.

Again, I do not want to overcrowd it, I want you to understand. Not enough of the deepest, most fundamental understanding. A trifle, crawfish – some oil, some mantra, some chants or clothing – it is, as you know, in India everything changes, and secondly, it does not matter. The important thing is ancient, original knowledge.

Marriage – a fusion of you with the Absolute. Through the body of his wife thou shalt know the Absolute. After her husband’s body you will know the Absolute. No more, no less!

Victoria: other purposes not getting married!


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! On the other objectives and does not make sense! It makes no sense to get married or get married if you do not feel, if you do not go to the Absolute, if you do not understand what you want to have children and to discover the Absolute. Meaning if not, you should check your feelings. Well, now – for the sake of God, please, civil marriages. Clearly, India is to be a nightmare not a dream. Our way of life. And we have normally, and this has its positive side. Ironically, analyzing the ancient Vedic texts – a way of life then was more like ours than in modern India. Well, do not talk about it. So you understand, yes? Transform into private practice.


Friends, you should very clearly understand the following thing – everyone has a ritual component of the non-verbal, sverhlogichnaya, prohibitive. But at the same time and with the logic of all right. So the world works. In this case, it was the easy option. And even notice we used the term – the Absolute, as one might say – I see in you Shiva, Shakti, etc., but this does not change the essence of the ritual and the power does not change. You must understand that in this deep and fundamental laws of existence. There are a million every features. Barefoot or shod, with the left foot or right, etc., anything I have not seen. It’s not even secondary. Similarly, in India, the ancient Vedic ritual began as a spider’s web to grow. You can find a huge number of wedding rituals, a huge number of different species. All this is great and wonderful, but the important thing is that you understand the essence of what is happening. Similarly, the appeal – “Oh, my darling, I see in you Absolute!” Sometimes different sounds – “You are the Absolute!”. That such variations do not change anything, but the other surroundings. Then – food, songs, dancer, relatives. In India, not to drink. Only from the plate. Questions.

Question Mark: If people have lived for some time, and tired of each other, they decided to separate, but one thought – was also a ritual, and the other is thinking, too. Sometimes it happens, and in the lectures mentioned that it is sometimes necessary to get divorced. How to solve this?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, try to enter into such a relationship that was not even a shadow of a doubt that you can break up. If there is even the slightest chance that you can replay everything tomorrow or two years – it is better to wait. Wait a little better, who’s driving you? You do not live in India, where parents have for you hop, pop and everything. Do you have time to reflect, to understand. This is a very delicate moment, you have to understand.

In fact, Mark is right – it is a question burning. Here you come to the Absolute as your wife. Absolute itself, no more, no less. The perfect woman. Woman – perfect. Limit your dreams. And here you come to the Absolute, you name it. But your karma that will not go away. Your flaws so you and left. Your stupidity, intolerance, unwillingness to go forward, the inability to find some compromises, etc. etc. Nowhere is not gone, even if the Absolute come to you. In the end, it is already around you every second. The trees in the sky, in the ground. Behind all this Absolute. He in his mercy has come to you in the form of a girl. But you have been, and remained with his degree of ignorance. And then you begin to live life together with the Absolute. And, of course, your crap starts to come out. It is like a mirror reflects your girl – Absolute. And you have a conflict begins. The conflict you begin to grind their negative karma. And for this we need to be patient.

Here you smeared with mud. Thirdly themselves washcloth – painful, unpleasant. But where to go? Do you want to be cleansed – keep rubbing. And, of course, there is a temptation: “It hurts, I do not. And this is not the Absolute was! I changed my mind! Look for other Absolute, which will not be so painful rubbing. ” And this desire – to beat all. Find another husband or another wife. And many people do. They go bust. Friends, even the practice shows, ask your acquaintances, friends, relatives – nothing changes with the change of scenery! The essence remains the same. Of course, there are rare cases – have nowhere to go. But I do not even remember such cases – that’s nowhere. Of course, the universe – is freedom. Every living creature can live as they please. The question is, do you have set for ourselves the right to designate which games? What you come to the Absolute. Dot. If he came, and treat as if it were the Absolute. And if you beat? You say – Absolut, went out of here. Come through that. In this case, each time the force weakens. And Absolute thinking – come the second time, the second time will send. From this is born the religious concept of the indissolubility of marriage. It is very much common sense there. A lot, but also bend.

If you just do the indissolubility of marriage, it is also terrible. This is an attempt on your freedom. Do you remember that any marriage – is to increase your freedom. Therefore, the hypothetical possibility of you break up – but for God’s sake! Again, who knows, what is your relationship with the Absolute? But you have to think five times before you get married and maybe five hundred times think before then divorced. There are things in which it is better not to go at all, and if entered, everything – be patient till the last. Of course, there are situations where nowhere to go. Who excludes them?

But you must understand that all the magic, all of this elusive holy rite that you no longer live with the common man. After that you start living with the Absolute. So bear. Here come the Absolute.

And if you do not like this concept – in other Yogas are suitable to the same through another aphorism. In particular – in the 108 aphorisms of Yoga Tantra says, “You want to live a god or goddess, do god or goddess of who the next!” And then he added: “Will you remain together, or will the other.” And here I can say, as it is written in the ancient texts, as observed in our lives. There are times when a man and a woman have been very serious ritual and were willing to die in one day. And then suddenly came the sudden love of one of them, but they were in no hurry to leave. And then there was a phantasmagoria with the involvement of the Absolute. Suddenly, and came to another love. And suddenly everything cranked without throwing anyone, just as it should be.

Friends, the Absolute – is the one who gives more than we could wish. But this magic will only last as long as you leave the possibility of the Absolute to act in your life.

And if you are: “No, this is not like the replay With this not like some puny Absolyutik caught!”, You do this magic magic exclude from his life. Then there is only your karma. Or Western lifestyle, have not liked – dispersed. Note bohemians, all thriving audience, they, I think, just do it so disagree marry. I do wonder – five, six times. And the end-edge is not visible. Why? Because there is no clutches, a deterrent. They are rich, famous, many fans. And they are always the temptation: “There is no longer interested Won my fan, she will be the Absolute.”. Or: “There’s a fan of mine, he will be the Absolute.” And so, they are rich, a lot of opportunities, so they change one to the other. And notice, not very visible, so they were all happy.

And the common man is worse things. He – no apartment, no money. Clap. And you want from his wife, is called to run away, but where did you get away? You pressed economically. That is, in a sense, sometimes negative life plays a positive way. Or, like in India – indissolubility. Married, still, be patient, we have married parents. And oddly enough, this patient, plays a positive role, because we are not able to face the truth, as far as our bad karma.

Hence, once again. It’s like there is an icon in the church. Compare the bad, but suitable. Icon is size reduction. And generally speaking, it is a piece of paper. But if size reduction – a channel in the Absolute. That make of his wife, or the husband in the Absolute channel. Its size reduction as well as an icon. Whatever it was not. If a piece of paper through a piece of wood shines through the living-the person-is a thousand times faster everything starts to shine! This logic and sverhlogika.

It is therefore liberties – were married, separated, it is not from the Vedas. In the end, if you are in doubt, live in a civil marriage, or what is there, I do not know. More questions have friends?


Question: We are discussing the negative situation, and if we talk about the positive situation? Many years ago I had no knowledge, and I have been married for a long time and have children. About Absolute became clear to me recently, can we say that it is good karma, or it through the human stars are so clear and understandable Absolut?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You are, indeed, rightly pointed out, in the ancient Upanishads, and this is a serious commentary on the Vedas, it is written: “It is not for the sake of her husband’s valuable husband to his wife and not for the sake of his wife precious wife to her husband, but for the sake of the Atma valuable husband to his wife, for the sake of the Atma precious wife to her husband “. Atma – that is our higher self and your nature I do not differ on the nature of the Absolute. And we are drawn to those through which shines the Absolute. If it is, we have a desire, if in a flash some splendor, it is called a state of love, when you no longer think of anyone can not. But this is very rare and usually tends to disappear.

If this condition will last nine and a half minutes, you do not need any Vedas or yoga, anything at all, you will reach the highest state of enlightenment. But not only this, we recruit the amount of time. Leaving us before this state.

But to replace the one-way love, when there is one, and no one else, comes the feeling of love. But the feeling of love is very strange happens, sometimes through that and through a different light. But you remember that you need a Brahmin, to have children, and you choose the order by whom shines steadily, with whom you will give birth to children with whom you have a family.

As for the other points, hobbies. Well, get carried away with yourself, but you should not endanger the family. Children, you must have only from her husband, or wife, or with the consent of the husband or wife, another family will fall under attack. From our misunderstanding of the wedding ceremony or a marriage, we believe that our freedom is reduced. It does not decrease, it increases. Moreover, increases in the long term: you have kids, and when you die, you will get the body. And in the narrow terms, as part of this life: if you have the right attitude to your husband or wife, you restrain your ego. A, to rein in his ego, you will more clearly understand how to work on yourself.

Yes, it will be difficult. And I find it hard to like Vick with me, we are ordinary people, we do not celestial beings with wings. On the contrary, we perceive it as a very good challenge. Here I saw the karma in the nude, of course, I want to fire up, say, “I do not see any of the Absolute, give me another!” But for that I myself must be absolute, to claim absolute. And if I’m half myself, there is nothing to quarrel on the mirror, if face is crooked. And then we have to deal with them, and you know how it is useful. It hurts. Sometimes it will shake, but then time passes and you realize that stuck out, found a compromise, found a way out, and then I realized that you were a fool himself. And if I changed their wives as gloves …

If you are not married, it is a chance to think, and whether to do it. And if you are already married, regardless of whether you have such karma or not, you think: “If I knew before?” You might not know about this before, you positive karma was not to know about it. Therefore, 108 aphorisms Tantra yoga: “Make the Absolute of who next”. But, believe me, for a second you will not live with a person unnecessary. Here’s how gears are turned one by one, so also here – you have to make the maximum of all. If we are really any force majeure situation, when this is not the case, I assure you, you do not make the effort, all resolved itself. Because all provernetsya and all will be there, where it is necessary. But if you do start to kink – first to call the Absolute, and then say: “Get out!” So, sooner or later, he is tired, you will become a serious concern for such things. So first of all work on those together. As long as you need other people, you have no right to leave him, he is not guilty, find a replacement for him, so he was happy, but then think about the next step, but not before. Questions?


Q: I am on the “Having endured.” There are situations when the Absolute through the partner shows your karma, your personal problems, you should try to be grateful for this situation and then fails, without passing patience, everything is permitted.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I want to add. Close to the people, they and friends to come as close as possible and hit harder. You can come to work in the shell, you hit and you have time until up to you this blow comes. And at home, in the family, you are open, it immediately hit and hurt, very hurt, that brains mutyatsya. And the time for such reflections, what gratitude is not there. You hit and you did not hesitate to immediately back. Because too close. Marriage – is a powerful factor in the struggle with selfishness. I can get you to the public lecture, teach, how to live like an angel with wings, but at home I play the parsley so I can not, I’m just a house, I will not lecture his wife in bed. And this selfishness puff shells can pass through. Very close. And as a consequence you can kick very painful. You all respect, you’re the guru, and the house which you fucking guru, you are an ordinary person at home, get a slap. Marriage – is the most powerful experience of overcoming ignorance. So to make the wife for her husband, as her husband made for the wife that will find to scratch and let it show on the form. More questions?


Question: jealousy. My husband is jealous of wife or they are jealous of each other mutually. How is it to be?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, how can you be jealous of the Absolute? It is meaningless. But, on the other hand, what is jealousy? Jealousy – is the ultimate folly. It – when you do not believe in yourself when you think that you are worse than anybody else. And this is a very serious and dangerous form of ignorance. The marriage is all exposed. I know a few examples of how people struggled with jealousy, they just got tired of jealousy and throws it. People get tired of jealous and spend the force. First it starts, then it becomes your bane, and then you try to forget these thoughts. Still have questions?


Question: Before marriage Absolute can occur through one, second, third, fourth, fifth?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it can. Manifested through a large number, but because they have to choose someone from whom you will give birth, choose Absolute Absolute. You’re all here Absolutes, each of you equal-higher self. On the other hand, we choose the one, the other is not, we are free. Let Absolute thinks, who will be your husband or wife, will the one who should be, but if you contact him and ask.


Q. And for the ritual to read some special mantras?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If I dissolve into Samadhi, and you will not find a Brahmin … there are different mantras, the mantra is enough Agni, Ganesha mantra Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and Gayatri. These mantras enough to revive. There are various mantras, if you recognize the absolute and feel attraction, there is a mantra that the Absolute manifested through the attraction, but it’s nuances. They have a sense if you really communicate with the Absolute … More questions?

Question: There is a technique namalivaniya partner?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Group Three staged on March 8 and 23 February present, these rituals of worship. In particular, young men, Get a translation Anandalahari, make tables of the altar, cover it with a beautiful cloth, put your goddess on it, set off with a sense of the text, believing that she Sri goddess sitting in front of you. And a similar situation with the girls. This text dedicated to Shiva, each line – is the mantra, it is a form of worship, do you adjust to yoga, if we do not talk about yoga Triad. In yoga Triad all detailed.


part 3


Friends, today we have 2 July 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That we have a workshop on-site. And this part of the seminar will be devoted to the practice, which will be called Yoga Stretches.

This is a very interesting practice, practice is very powerful, very useful and we are, let’s you define what it represents. And in the future we will learn to carry out this practice. So, of course, you know that, for example, in certain traditions of various cultures, there are certain gestures, body movements, which are uniquely associated with emotional situations or some event in life.

Well, for example, in a large number of religions you can find what is called the bow. Come to the temple and you can see how people of faith can be something to say, some kind of movement to do, but they are often very bow. And the bow can be very different – from subtle tilt of the head, to the more serious nod to the floor. What is called a person bends and bows. But sometimes in some of the religions of the bow may be accompanied by the fact that the man kneels down, and then tilts. That is, there is a sort of link between religious activities and some of the body movements. And I want to note that sometimes it is a completely different religion, doctrine and current. In ordinary life, when we meet someone of our acquaintance, we can nod his head.

That is, a question arises: “Why do some body movement associated with some actions already, in general, is beyond the scope of the body”? And here we are approaching the fundamental Hatha yoga principles telling us that there is a unique relationship between the physical body, between the subtle body, causal body, between the work of our thoughts and, say, the position of the body, between the movements that we do, and by some emotional coloring of certain movements.

Well, in particular, imagine that you have lost some small detail, she fell to the floor, and you stand on all fours and start to try to discover her. This can puff, swearing, sweating, somewhere there is something to look out for. Then we find it, straightened up, and said, “Ugh!” Or vice versa, you go along the corridor, and the corridor becomes narrow, and you have to bend down somewhere prolazit. And be sure to cling to his back or kick it hurts, and, again, it’s unpleasant. And here you come, say, from a cave straightened the chest, and well. That is, of course, is a factor if you lean – you and the pressure somehow different, and muscles tense up somehow, how to say, straighten. This may help emotional background.

But, as with, for example here, the religion with their bows? We see this strong tradition. Once again, in many different traditions! People have, for example, start, anyway, to exercise their cult through very specific repetitive actions, movements. And, sooner or later, we see that the motion of the same, and that they are to offend, the same emotional strings. That is, if we are forced to bend, we somewhere have to overcome their selfishness, their unwillingness to do anything, and vice versa – if we show the arrogance, we will not bow to anyone, and look down at all, as they say. And just about this bunch between the position of the body and those like the emotional reactions of our relationship to ourselves, to others, in some states, and so, for this bunch of valuable work on oneself.

And, indeed, as in hatha yoga? If you accept the terms, then you begin to indirectly influence any finer structure of the mind, emotions, helping them clean, and helping to work with them. And, strictly speaking, it certainly knew all the fathers of the ancient church. And, in fact, if I analyze each of the bows – is a small element of Hatha Yoga, in almost all religions.

In some religions, you can see another aspect very similar to Kriya yoga – or that people are beginning to sway, but in this, as it were, rhythm, fall in reading some of the scriptures or any certain place. That is, that this link between the body, emotions, thoughts, relations between us to the surrounding universe, the position of the body using the teachings of flow for a long time.

And, of course, raises the question: “Is there a yoga analogue something, but more such extended”? The answer is – it is some such practices, which would be observed as the bows on a gross basis, ie, apart from the usual bow, which we demonstrate this or that religion, more and more embedded depth study of some of the body positions.

And, indeed, in some other religions, if we take, so to speak, the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet, there is what is called a bow, known in the West in a more expanded form. This so-called stretch, which is quite difficult to hold. A person must bend down and then lie down, then to make any movement, then stand up. Still, somehow it takes a small limited number of movements.

If we look at yoga, yoga analogue of all this, the most well-known in the West – it is the so-called practice of Surya Namaskar, or, again, in the translation, the worship of the sun. As known from the literature complexes Chandra Namaskar, as a matter of fact, in contrast to the Surya Namaskar, the main thing – it is binding, or to the sun or the moon. There are many different names such complexes in these positions, which, in its simplest form, starting with the bow, and in the most complex embodiment are chain exercises where one exercise into another in a known sequence. Therefore Yoga Stretches outwardly looks like something in between Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga.

Although from a formal point of view, Yoga Stretches – is Hatha yoga, which is given quite certain unique sequence of poses from one to another. Moreover, these postures can be done in many ways, as the method of consciousness, when we are in a particular position a fixed time with maximum effort and energy method, where we are doing the same sequence, but a long time, since less effort squeeze the maximum out of your body sensations.

But, anyway, here it is given a sequence, which is very logical for our body, that is, do not make unnecessary movements to move from one pose to another. And in this sense Yoga Stretches very similar to Kriya Yoga, which is the same ideology – the sequence of passing exercises one another leads to the fact that people no longer even think about what kind of exercise for what follows, as all remember his body . At some point in training people, as it were, left to his own devices to work with your thoughts, emotions, sensations, allowing you to carry out, well, if you so wish, dynamic meditation, where rhythmically repeating the exercise, oddly enough, liberate our minds and allows to concentrate on other things is much more, as we begin to divert the body and all the sensations associated with the body.

That is, in this respect, Yoga Stretches very similar to Kriya Yoga. Ideology in a yoga stretch, both in Kriya Yoga. Well, first, let’s start with the breath. Breathing should take care of itself, ie, how to breathe, even the glory of God! Similarly, with regard to the implementation of a pose – there is a fairly wide corridor, how to practice the one or the other, or third position. On the one hand the flexibility limit, on the other hand, it is clear the same sequence. Once again I want to say, the most famous version of the acquired called Surya Namaskar, has come down to us.

But here, to be honest, in the primary sources, which are closely connected with Surya Namaskar, as, indeed, and Chandra Namaskar, a lot of things unclear. Because some things are not clear as to remain in the shadows, and there is no explicit indication of primary sources. And so, a more detailed study would be created as a lot of performance options, including, and this set of Surya Namaskar.

We, in our school of yoga is given an option that is called yoga stretch, but that is different from the Surya Namaskar at least by the fact that when you start doing an exercise with one foot, it is considered that it is like a solar option if the other foot, it is considered that is the lunar variant. And recommend to do one side of the solar cycle, another cycle of the moon party. And, if we apply the concept of Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar, then most likely in Yoga Stretches immediately present both options, but they are explained, first of all, what channels are involved in the body. That is, from the right side, left side, to be honest it is more details such subtleties. More interested in the sequence of these exercises.

So, we have found two versions of stretch – this is a common stretch, stretch and yoga Yoga is a complete prostration.

Regular yoga stretch, a standard set of some of the exercises are done one after the other with a sequence – made one circle, immediately start to do the second, third, etc. And then, after some specified amount of time, perform a standard yoga stretch, it is invited to do an extended version of Yoga Stretches.

And with the advanced version of Yoga Stretches, too, all is not easy. The fact that there is an ideology such as in Kriya Yoga. Exercises that can replace one another, a huge amount. And, moreover, the system is to say, open, i.e., each may be engaged, or to add or remove anything, depending on his health. The main study the standard normal yoga stretch, and the full version of Yoga Stretches given, so to speak, at the mercy of everyone. And so there are different variations of yoga prostration. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you meet the different sequences. No there is no error, ie, it is inherent in the system.

The fact is that yoga – a very wise science. It is understood that on the one hand, you have something to unify, for example, headstand, she and Africa stand on his head, and give something to the discretion of the practitioner. Why? Because there are features of our bodies. Someone thin, some thick, some high, some low, and so on and so forth. And this attempt to combine these features led to the so-called full version of Yoga Stretches.

Now let us proceed directly to the study of yoga prostration. First, we examine the standard version, and then we proceed to the study of the full version. So I ask to do the following thing: probably, we will have to move the camera so that I could be seen in full growth. You first look at me, and then we’ll do the standard version of yoga stretch, extremely similar to Surya Namaskar. It differs, maybe I do not know, two, three. There are additional exercises, and is paired quantity of the strike, ie, stretch one leg, and then stretch the other leg. Therefore, as a rule, is considered a stretch in pairs, ie, we make them two, four, six. That is, two – this one, with one foot and the other foot, well, and so multiply in the future.

It is done as follows:

first – before we have our hands the body, then lift them up and flex back as far as nice.

Then the next – to lean forward, we strive to touch the rug or throw up so low, it’s nice, your knees straight.

But in the future we begin an option: we can set aside back, or left or right foot. Well, for example, I’ll set aside the right foot back, left leg and bend at the knee. I get the pose when the left foot is between the palms of the hands, abutting against the mat. As for the right leg, then allowed different options. Firstly, bent at the knee, and secondly, straight leg, as someone nice. So, this is the next position.

Then, when the person rests on the palms of hands and toes, and it is desirable that the torso, neck and head were in a straight line.

Then, the following provision, when a person is bent at the waist, and arms and legs remain straight, respectively, in the elbows and knees.

Finally, the next option, when we bend the knees and forehead head, I emphasize, concerns forehead pad.

The following exercise, when we bend your knees, his head still touching his forehead pad.

Finally, the next option when we move forward, chin touch pad, and pelvis is slightly raised above the pad, ie, legs slightly bent at the knees.

The next version, when we, helping himself with his hands, flex up, start to look up, and straighten the legs at the knees.

The next exercise we are back in position when our body and head in a straight line, and we come up against the hands, palms and toes.

Next position where again we bend at the waist, arms straight at the elbows, legs straight in the knees.

Finally, the following exercise. It depends on how we set aside back first left or right foot. So, in our case we put aside first the right leg, so now we are putting it, bent at the knee, and place it between the palms of the hands. The second leg can be raised, or rely on, respectively, the knee pad.

The following position: we tightens the other leg, put on the mat, and we have a very interesting situation – we try to touch the pad palms of hands, ie, in this case we have the legs bent at the knees.

The next exercise – this is when we straighten your knees, and, accordingly, the fingers touch pad.

The following position – we rectifies the waist, again raise the hands up, we throw them back as far as nice, folding his hands together in greeting, and omit them along the body.

This is – one cycle. But I immediately remind that these exercises are done in pairs. There also should be made of the second cycle, but the left foot. I’ll show you now.

So, hands in front of chest, then raise the hands up, flexes back.

Then lean forward, touch pad toes, it is desirable to direct.

Then, in contrast to the first cycle, we allot the left leg back, bend, respectively, of the tribe of the right leg, then the other leg. The trunk, neck, head along a straight line.

Then, bend at the waist.

Then again bend your knees, forehead head touches the mat.

Then bend the legs at the knees, sit down, as it were, on bended knees, head touches the forehead pad.

Then, as if leaning forward, and it is in this case already dealt with chin pad and, accordingly, the pelvis is slightly raised and legs slightly bent at the knees.

Then flex up, legs straight.

Then again become, resting his hands on the mat. Back, neck and head in a straight line.

Then bend at the waist.

And here the following features: if we started a series of exercises that put aside the left foot back, now we expose it forward so that the foot is positioned between the palms of the hands, and his right leg was bent at the knees. Or we can straighten it, it’s nice.

Then tightens, respectively, the right leg and try to touch the palms of the hands mat, ie, we come up against the soles of the feet and palms of the hands. This is possible if we have a little bent at the knees.

We then straighten your knees.

Then again we raise our hands up, sag back, folding his hands together, to bring along the body and goes down.

That is, two such cycles on the left and the right foot is called normal or standard yoga prostration. It is very similar to what is called Surya Namaskar, if one of you did, a significant portion of repeated elements. Although I want to emphasize, there are things which are not in the Surya Namaskar – are more complex transitions and they are, oddly enough, like bows, which we can observe in those or other religions. Ie, Surya Namaskar – a simplified version of yoga prostration.

It was the standard version of the strike. There is also an extended version or full. The essence of the ideology and the same. Just as everything is done in the doubles version: first the left foot, then right foot. But the amount accordingly poses that we pass, while substantially longer. What is most intriguing – can be: first, to vary, secondly, they can be added. Of course, a large tail of the cycle to do, as a rule, it is inappropriate in their personal practice. Although there are people. Fans do very, very much, before returning to the starting point.

Therefore, we generally recommend the following option, which I’ll show you.

So, this option is more long. It may be even longer, but you can exercise some ignore if you suddenly, for some reason can not do or do not want to do.

Here it was the introductory version of Yoga Stretches. Before I hear from you many questions, let’s you and I some times do the exercises.

Why two cycles? It’s very simple – if you do it every time the left foot, then you develop into an asymmetry in the body, because in the future you will be the same foot to put back, to return ahead, some muscles will be involved with you. On the other hand, they will not be involved. It is therefore imperative balanced option. Strictly speaking, it is believed in some quarters that the Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar only differs only those which foot goes back, and which foot goes forward. Although there are other adepts who disagree. Honestly, I do not know the history or origin of Surya Namaskar or Chandra Namaskar, so I am very difficult to say.

The most obvious, that there can be distortions. We should not be narrow specialists and Chandra Surya Namaskar Namaskar. You must engage harmoniously. In the end, this is a common ideology of Hatha yoga – if we talk about Hatha yoga, which is the method and the method of ha tha, sun and moon method is a method, ie, a variant of Hatha yoga – trust your feelings. In Yoga Stretches trust the way we suggest sensations.

This is a very effective exercise in the morning. Here you wake up, Kriya Yoga, you can not do that, Hatha yoga can do – do not pull muscles. And Yoga Stretches option is quite great in the morning, friends, provided you trust your body.

At some position you stay longer, and in some you slipped quickly, and then, over time, Stretch can change. What you slipped, you will stay on this. That is why no time limit and there is no framework, no binding exists. With breath here, very serious difference of Surya Namaskar. In the version in which it came to the West, in its present form, it is very tough all tied to the breath. In Yoga Stretches in Kriya Yoga – let the breath take care of itself. Do not you have to dictate breathing, and breathing should dictate your own rhythm. Same duration: how much do each of the exercises. Any questions?

Question: Shavasana do in the end?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely! Once you are done, say how much you can make at a time? Well, at least twenty times, thirty times can be made. Well, for example, ten to twenty times with one leg, the other ten, it will be depend on your health, on your speed. Can you wake up and you want to do very quickly, and you will be like a squirrel in a wheel cut. And there you can do a lot, starting from one pose to another method of consciousness, Shiva dancing. Or you can, on the contrary, one stretch cycle: in one position stood for a few minutes, in another few minutes in the third, but the other time a little faster, ie, there is a sort of feedback. Savasana is why, as soon as you have done well, you go to rest in Shavasana.


Question: If the Surya Namaskar – a greeting, then tune in to the greeting? For example, at the beginning of a new day. Here there is the factor of the bow?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s actually a surprise that in the way of practice from time to time the thoughts we visited. Do not worry, this, my friends, is normal.


part 4


Friends, we must now consolidate the practice of yoga stretch prostration. I want to listen to, can, have any questions on this subject?


Q: So we do it before going to bed, then I could not sleep. In general it is better to do in the morning?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is such a position that sometimes it goes very well in the morning. When you wake up and not ready for Kriya and Hatha we are not ready. That option prostration yoga sometimes is just totally gorgeous. Once again, my friends, and I stress that yoga prostration – this is not a separate type of yoga, it’s just a way of doing Hatha yoga. It’s just kind of sequence. we can not call it all of Surya Namaskar, for the simple reason that there will be a lot of questions, why not here as there? Why is not there a bunch of breathing, why are so many exercises, rather than another amount of exercise? This is a serious problem that we often face, so far as possible, it is better not to put parallel. Or serve it as a variant of Surya Namaskar. We have the same people in the West, they are the same meticulous. This is written in some book that there needs to be done with the breath and now and breathing does not work, and the body does not bend, and the person still continues as the work is not listening to their feelings, to do anything. So explain to these people that something read somewhere that we must listen to myself that I need somewhere to practice vary. As shown by our many years of experience teaching yoga, it is useless. That such is the effect. If something once the West has got one, alter or correct it is impossible in principle. Even if the whole of India is doing differently. All already, the train has left, so to speak, has died, so died.

So I once again want to emphasize here is the make. First of all you have to listen to yourself. Between exercise time or exercise may vary. You can do all the same time, you can for some exercise to do longer, some faster. Again. About breathing is better not to think. Let it itself, as they say, take care of yourself. The same is true with respect to other practices, such as the addition of a mantra, adding some visualizations, etc., etc. That is, the task of yoga is not to turn you into a robot, which was brought to the key, insert the program, press the button and the person handles – legs waving in this program. The objective of yoga is to you, how would know themselves. And when you begin to know yourself, you will see that you have some kind of internal logic, it is your body. And so we must continually listen to their feelings, to trust your feelings, you have to trust your body. If you do not trust your body, your feelings, you do not have time to blink an eye, as anywhere you begin to do everything in a state of Anrita, ie forcing yourself. And as a result, do not get no practice. There are still questions, my friends? Yes please.


Question: In the extended version, we have done such a position, I do not stand heels. What is more important to put the heel or …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The most important, of course, embrace. I will show. This posture is when we have to put her arms around herself, at the same time be on full feet. It is important, if you can not stand, it is important to embrace. More priority – is to embrace themselves. Because, over time, under the weight of your body you are still on full foot because the relevant stretch muscles. Are there any other questions?


Q: (not audible)


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now we will do some classic “prostirashek”. Here, in fact, my friends, the question of the name. Once again I want to emphasize why all this can be called Surya Chandra Namaskar, but just then torment you explain what is the difference, just torment. That is so arranged in the West brain. This has its positive side, its negative side. West loves the brand. Now, if there is a brand label, the name, «coca-cola», that’s all. You know, from Western psychology can take the green barrel on it and write “red drum” and show people. They are, well, not all, but a greater percentage will say, “Red.” Why? Because read, went into this concept, and that the senses yield, ignore, just ignore.

That’s exactly the same here. If Hatha Yoga is not even stable names pos. If you think that all the postures of Hatha yoga are called the same way, I want to disappoint you. Just do not have these names. But it may dozen more sustainable. Such positions, most running, such as posture Savasana the corpse. Everything else starts to invent something new and his, maybe there is something good. Why? Because that sounds convoluted. And in ancient treatises esteem, I now remember, several treatises read and could not understand, they are all about posture peacock. And I remember that we usually have in the West, the peacock pose, is when you’re on the palms of the hands, and there is quite a different implication. Therefore, the names have to be very careful.

Let us once again the basic idea let me remind you. So, there is a certain sequence of exercises, which are very clearly connected with our psycho-emotional state. Then the sequence of these exercises emerged in various doctrines and religions such thing as religious bows, etc., etc.. Such actions associated with various cults and religions, etc., etc. And, indeed, there is a considerable element of truth, because this or that movement have been associated with the overcoming of certain difficulties in certain situations. And so it turns out that by doing this or that poses us through the rough influence the subtle, as taught Hatha Yoga, and can more easily deal with some internal clamps.

For example, you feel that you have such a kind of unjustified pride, arrogance. Not justified. You understand that you have from time to time puts on a life. Emotionally, you do not behave thus, as it were, optimal. Well, with all happens. And you know very well that you can imagine as many say, “Do not do that,” but as soon as you get in this or that situation, regardless of you, the body itself begins to behave arrogantly and defiantly. And, in particular, it would be good to do something to help yourself to control their behavior. And, sometimes, due to such exercises, such as yoga stretch, where we consciously cant, as if we were some kind of cave or something else, we develop internal, as you know, are signals that the first desire: ” Do not shoot me bending! ». A second urge: “And I must make myself.” A third urge: “Yes, I will endure.” Fourth: “Yes, there is something inside turned, I become more so detached from the inner feelings, thereby overcoming maya, thereby overcoming the factor that we consider ourselves your body.”

Therefore, if we Gnehm specified, sometimes not in a certain way the body, then, oddly enough, we sometimes reaching the point to understand that we have no body. What we can control how the body and the emotions, and everything else. That is why, once again, in many religions there were instructed to beat the bows. Do you still got a stupid, arrogant man to understand that not everything depends on it? What part depends on the ambient universe. And we need to rely simply on the fact that this universe, however, does not prevent it, to help us. Here all religions and invented bows. Instead of hunting bow. Oh, do not shoot! Heavy. But where to go? That such a practice. Therefore, let us now we all stand.




We finish, lie down on your back, rest.

Wonderful, we come to life, sit down.

Questions expect comments, remarks.

This does not matter, honestly?

The response from the audience: The last version was simpler. Poprivychnee.


This really matter?

Those of you who are just second the first time makes it, you have to understand that, strictly speaking, it is a big burden on the body. You can not digest it, so, in fact, you will recognize the taste, if you can you do at least a minimum mesyatsok, that’s only if all your muscles under it … This is Kriya Yoga. Here is a man with zero starts doing Kriya Yoga, shortness of breath, dizzy, all the floats before my eyes, God forbid! And we say, “No, no way!”. We slow down or stop completely. In Yoga Stretches the same. The slightest discomfort, shortness of breath, dizziness, here feel is not immediately slowed or stopped. Violence is not effective, the violence is not necessary in yoga. So, ladnenko questions.


Question: When we rolled back and do pose a plow, it turns out, we like to throw a rug on the other, and there may be people at their own pace to do something?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you remember, I told you a more accurate phrase, ie, legs can be both straight and bent at the knee. If you start to do from the very beginning of the mat, it is likely to get his feet not reach. Well, generally speaking, because you can do in isolation. Those. not necessarily that someone will get to the head. Any questions?


Question: Can I get down when we …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once again, my friends. You have to understand. That’s why I do not want us to call all of Surya Namaskar? Because ideology is different. The ideology of this, you are doing the exercise. Time! You straightened his leg and suddenly you feel that you want to stand on his head. If you enable forces. For God’s sake, go! Dopilivat sequence for themselves personally. You see? You are all different. We all have different prehistory, we feel differently, we have different fate for all, lifestyle is different, we have different bodies. But it may not be the same for all such different things. Therefore, such a good yoga is one that only gives a minimum at least the skeleton of such a general, what can you have your string. Those. Yoga is a system of freedom. Yes? Do you remember what is yoga? This system of self-knowledge, which should lead you to freedom. And ideology is here, it is marginal. Do you feel now you have done something, but the body is still asking some to do the pose. We do not hesitate to implement and do. Again! It is not a separate yoga, it’s just a method of performing Hatha Yoga. Quickly this. Chirp, Chirp … So come to the expanded version of an extremely creative. Creative! Adds something that is not coming, we remove. It is clear, right? More questions.

Q: A lot of energy, such warlike energy. Here it is, somehow sublimate, to appease? As the spread between all of these …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that’s what the effect is sometimes observed. I just explain. For men, for women, the effect is very strong after it, do not know the power classes in the center of the chest. Anahata Center. You then feel that’s all your freaks that you did, that you have this area, chest area, somewhere in the middle, inside, will be, in any case, according to the order in which you shape very sensitive. And, you know, as in Kriya yoga mentally sensitive. She is there something vibrates something. Also, of course, it occurs in various other centers. In particular, too, sometimes, when we are on the belly there is something we do in the navel center. Therefore, the main thing is not to overdo it. Feel that there is some subtle mental processes go, it is not necessary to force, slower, smaller. It is better to finish the next day. Still have questions, my friends?


Question: In a complex exercise is cyclical. Each slope there is compensated by deflection, etc. If you add exercise, we add the fact that new, and something that compensates not to break the sequence?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This can not even think. If you are skewed in one direction and to be done so ten days, you just ask the body something in a different direction. That is, you know, that will say it again, there is a concept of Hatha Yoga – trust your instincts, trust yourself! Less trust books clever longer trust your feelings. In the end, you, each of you can rediscover yoga. Just as it had once opened the ancient yoga and yogini. Therefore, our task in a way to rediscover yoga in itself. And, of course, immediately skewed if you confidentially treat your senses, instantly pops up skewed. And you do it well, and compensate. Those. you are, in a sense, for ourselves become a teacher. Are there any other questions? All friends, we go to the next practice.


part 5

We have to practice that in such a common name called brook. It’s powerful enough, a very interesting experience in which different elements of yoga will be involved.

But let’s start from the beginning. This practice is based on the principles of yoga macrocosm. AXIOMATICS macrocosm. Every one of you lives in this world and each one of you should be treated like that to the world. Sometimes we are afraid of the world, sometimes we do not notice it in my mind, sometimes we trust the world around them. But increasingly we are still afraid of the world, we do not fully understand it. We do not believe that for all of us around the phenomena and objects hidden root cause of all – the Absolute. For us the nature of the acts, just as a set, including cones (laughs), some random phenomena and objects. And, really, as long as we will not willing to accept the concept of the Absolute in his life, the Absolute does not manifest itself in our universe, respecting our freedom, because He created us in his own image – free.

And, in fact, it turns out the next thing. If we do not voleizyavlyaem the concept of the presence of the Absolute, the whole universe around us tends to manifest itself, as if this is not the Absolute. And all of the objects and phenomena begin to occur or exist somehow their own lives. In the best case, obeying some laws of physics. But if we accept the concept of the Absolute, ie, voleizyavlyaem that he could somehow manifest in our lives, thus we open the doors to our personal universe for the Absolute. And he could have come to us may be manifested. And in this case, all objects and phenomena are no longer just a product, some dry physical or mathematical laws, and are beginning to be only an intermediary to communicate ourselves with the outside of the Absolute. So, if a person voleizyavlyaet following the concept that there is no Absolute, then, of course, the same way he begins to relate to the universe as a set of random, chaotic phenomena. Or some lifeless moments and, of course, a person begins to fear a surrounding universe, not to trust her. And if a person does not trust the surrounding universe, he is constantly waiting for a dirty trick, he is constantly waiting for trouble. He was tense inside. And he can not relax, even during sleep. If we accept the concept of the Absolute, then, of course, we begin to understand that there is a reason for surrounding objects and phenomena.

Of course, the adoption of the concept of the Absolute does not cancel our karma. If we have done someone wrong and sent in the direction of the universe, it is, in this sense, is still there, it is evil as the concentric circles on the surface of the water will disperse, somewhere will be reflected from the walls of the universe, and somewhere in concentric circles converge. And we get the results of their actions. Either positive or negative karma. Therefore, the moment of karma, of course, largely burdens our life in the universe. If before we sent out, there is definitely, according to the law of karma, he should come to us. Regardless of whether we believe in the Absolute or not.

But, understanding the concept of karma and understanding the concept of what we do when something is not quite good deeds, we can begin to do good deeds. And then the next thing to happen. Converging concentric circles are closer to us, to get us caught up with the negative karma. And if, say, in advance, we have started to do some positive things, that is, they began to balamutit his universe, that all sides began to disperse following the positive karma, somewhere in the distance, where you do not know where, these two waves meet and cancel each other out.

That is why in all spiritual teachings of yoga including, we are called to do good in every way. If only out of considerations in order to neutralize the evil that we have done before. But the question now is not the point, the question of respect for life. So, if we ever do evil, and that evil is from the surrounding universe suddenly came into a reflection of our actions, we are further clamped, we have an even greater fear, which sometimes becomes paranoid form, we are fully closed. We are fully compressed. And here in this compressed state, we can not survive for long with impunity. Starting a lack of internal energy. The channels do not work centers. As if you, you know, the whole day went with clenched fists or strained muscles. It’s very hard.

Therefore, yoga for people who take the concept of the Absolute in his life, and for people who are actively began to do some good deeds, not waiting for them rewards are a special kind of practices that allow, as quickly as possible to get rid of those negative the effects of distrust of the universe.

And one of these practices is called “brook”. Its essence is as follows. All members are in two lines in the form of the hallway and look inside the corridor. The man who runs the practice, closes his eyes and falls into the entrance of the corridor. In the corridor, made of people. A man closes his eyes and begins to slowly move forward. And all the people who are left and right of his face, starting to make him Nyasa. Those. this kind of touch yoga, when we, touching the other, trying to feel the touch itself. Touched, for example, to the hands of a man, and on themselves felt, as if to have someone touched. Those. we build a kind of a mirror relationship.

And so, a person begins to walk slowly, as if passing through the corridor from his hands, as if he passed through the living universe that touches gave him to understand that all living things around him that all his guards, that the person under protection. What with all the parties have caring hands, that is, that a man security that he can trust the universe. And so, a person goes through the corridor, after which it becomes the end of the corridor, and already at the beginning of the next corridor also passes through this corridor. Thus, to have passed through this corridor all. Those. each of you will be in the role of the one who goes through the universe and the role of the one who protects it coming. Those. each of you will visit the role of the Absolute, protect human rights and who trusts in the Absolute. It is strong enough practice, now it will feel.

And a few words about the analogy. This is a serious practice, which allows you to further more meaningful to go and live in the Universe. If you realize that virtually everything that you see, in a sense, we have created yourself. But, still, on the other side of the film, which you have created and surrounded themselves, have a good Absolut, which protects.

Here with the comprehension of this is much easier to neutralize all the negative and, moreover, to establish themselves in the thought that no one would never harm any word or thought or deed. Neither at home nor at work. Whether you are a manager or a subordinate. Whether you’re a father of a family, or a son or daughter. You must abandon the concept of evil. You must in all decisions, once again, even if you are working on the job, you should, first of all, think about living, about the surrounding people. If you are the boss, then a slave if you are a slave, then a boss. First of all, you must line up a live, native attitude of your life, but only after all the business – schemes, business – benefit plans or any what only can be.

If there is a basis of life, believe me, and all reasonable scheme is to ensure that all were rich, happy, healthy and happy, do not difficult. But if there is no basis of kindness, then all your schemes, whatever they were, it’s just a prison, that you build yourself. Soulless prison, that you yourself are building for the future. And even if you achieve what you want to become rich, famous, successful, etc., you will be very bad. Because around you will be mechanistic, not alive any laws of capitalism. You know who does not hide, I’m not guilty.

Once again, unfortunately, this is a terrifying distortion of the modern civilization. One such was the imbalance in the Soviet Union, where neglected personal freedom. The Soviet Union fell apart.

Another bias, where all call to individualism and encourage everyone you know to this law of the jungle, “Who dare one and ate it!”. But probably been going on for our lives, this scheme would collapse, it is not viable. God grant that she quietly went beautifully, like the Soviet Union. But in any case, we live in you. It’s up there, coming up with policy schemes. And we have to live with you, regardless of these schemes. And, most importantly, do not lose their human appearance. Do not get lost friends. When we die, all will be forgotten completely. Remain children remain kindness to remain any opening. Everything else does not know what will become. So this practice helps us.

Furthermore, this practice also makes deliberate preparation for death. Death, too, my friends, is a very strange thing, is not an ordinary and mysterious. There was a man living, running, jumping. Suddenly time – bang, a cold corpse. Where people go? And for the man himself. He lived, himself, not grieved. And he realized that his body was not listening, he was no longer master of his body, and with him after his death befall a series of experiences and sensations. And he is afraid of them, he does not trust them. On the other hand, if it is present in an Absolute life for your each second and each point exactly as it is present at the moment of your death. If you feel the presence of the Absolute, you will pass smoothly the process of dying. And this is what dying call yoga.

But more similar to the situation with the birth. We all, at one time belonged to this world, we do not know where we are born. But we got into the caring hands of mum and dad. When we were small, defenseless, we could not do anything. And only this trust relationship to the parents, who will warm us, nurtured, fed, allows us to be born. Born people. There are multiple applications of this practice, I have outlined the most common. Come on, we better will not spend time on theory, let us, we will begin to practice. So, get up …




Come on, a little more theory. You know, to understand the Absolute, one must be a little bit by the Absolute. To become the Absolute, we must put ourselves in the place of the Absolute. Imagine that in your hands the fate of the universe. Right now each of your words, movement, thought depends on where it will unfold the universe. Put yourself in the place of the Absolute, the guardian of the universe. Guardian, the creator, the destroyer. Then you will understand much, and himself. And this practice allows you to, on the one hand, to be a little bit Absolute, ie, care about someone. On the other hand, to know the care of the Absolute. And when you’re on the same thing, see on diametrically opposite sides, it offers you better. Generally speaking, a lot still another theory could be said, but if someone has a question, let me try to answer. Are there any questions?


Question: That is, we are in life, in principle, can send their loved ones, the people with whom to us one way or another are found, we can suggest, not what to advise, but in the idea of the recommendations?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Stand in the lives of their loved ones Absolute. Become their children Absolute. For their parents Absolute Absolute for his friends. For Absolute their superiors for their subordinates Absolute. For his wife, the Absolute, the Absolute for your husband. And how to be? And behave like Absolut. Eliminate the factor of their ignorance, eliminate time, eliminate the factor that is something you do not know or something I do not know how. Treat yourself as you all know all know how, See yourself the Absolute. Behave like Absolut. Absolute and will become very, very quickly. In order to practice this, it is not necessary at times in the life of any particular practice. Every second of your life. Here you come to work tomorrow. Stay Monday Absolute. In his work, at home. Here think, as it were, free, happy, powerful, joyful, ultraboundary Absolute would have done in my particular situation? Try on this role, and then proceed as behaving as you think would have done in your place, the Absolute. Or in another way. After all, when we regard the Absolute wanted to manifest it in the first place, shown through our loved ones. And when our relatives and friends to help us, anything is advised, because from the perspective of a very serious yoga philosophy, our family and friends, it is only the conductors of the Absolute. So it is possible.


Question: When doing yoga, for some reason, at this time begin to quite clearly see the changes …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you now imagine how sometimes hard for us to look at the Absolute. Maybe this will help us to look at ourselves. I, frankly, was engaged in the practice is very strong. You know, when you do the organizational work of some students, then, behold, it is still involuntarily immersed in business and moving away from the practice. And sometimes you take some kind of retreat days and the full program which – the practice, in a circle of associates. So that oh-e-she. And then when you come back to the normal world, it is very interesting effect is observed.

But here, for example, you go to Moscow, returned to Moscow – tube, well, and then the first thought. A! These are our bosses, governors who are there … corresponding member, bark, pal … presidents, vice-presidents. Now a lot of heads, but little work. And you start to abuse them. This is the first reaction. And then you catch yourself, you know, some kind of mirror the situation as if you were the head of this. As if that’s your fault, you did not do. Or something else. How would such a situation is a mirror when you’re faced with something negative, it turns out, as if you would do that – it is negative. How would you blame for everything. Spontaneous reaction. When you meet with some impenetrable stupidity, arrogance, you never know in life. And then you catch yourself thinking that it is you are. What Absolute shown as in a mirror, you are the same and it becomes a very powerful stimulus work on oneself, laziness instantly disappears. Those. it is very ugly picture opens. But then again, after some time the life of the erasure, so that the most complete vision produced the picture, when you see any situation from different angles. And, oddly enough, it further allows you to understand where the mistake was made and how to fix it.

So I recently began reading books about Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, it is not valued philosophically man who decided to fight with the UK, and while it was a superpower, half of the world belonged to her, not by violent means. Those. he decided to secure the release of India as a colony, not by violent means. And you have to be clear themselves, who were then all these viceroys, Lords of Great Britain. They were tricksters. Such an old hand, in comparison with which Churchill is so small bully. And then he saw it, he saw the hypocrisy he saw stupidity. And, most of all irritated him, of course, when the Indians themselves, for the sake of some of their local castes and religions. That’s, like, our religion, it is god, do not touch it, and to the rest of India, we do not care.

Those. Still have questions?



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