2012_12_08 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 7. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

2012_12_08 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 7. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Today we will continue with you to consider the text of the Bhagavad Gita, starting with the chapter, where we stopped in front of it. But for those of you who are, unfortunately, unable to attend the previous lectures, I very briefly remind you what kind of text, as the text, and why we pay so much attention to this text.

So Bhagavad Gita – is part of a very ambitious Indian epic called the Mahabharata. Accordingly, this epic, contains a lot of interesting information about the life of medieval India. In fact, we can to some extent be called Mahabharata certain medieval encyclopedia of India’s life. Immediately I want to mention again: the Mahabharata – lots and lots of text later than the Vedas, Upanishads and other such more fundamental texts already ancient India. While there, I probably did not say correctly. Mahabharata is not a text of medieval India, it is also quite ancient text. Although, frankly, among historians there are different points of view in the dating, which vary quite widely, but the question is what may well be that the text as it was finishing, the base may be very old, and some of the which then underwent a change can be, indeed, the early Middle Ages.

 Lecture title:Bhagavad-Gita.

Chapter 7. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Date: 2012.12.08.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Bhagavad Gita, as part of the epic Mahabharata. Chapter Seven of the Mahabharata. The identity between the body and the universe. Everything that is interesting in this world – it is absolute, but it is elusive. failure and the use of the method of method. Gunas or qualities: sattva, rajas, tamas. Tamas. Rajas. Satwa. The concept of the Absolute. Suffering. Eager for knowledge. Aspiring to possess. Wise. The joy of communion with the Absolute. Why does a person comes up with God in his own image and likeness? The whole faith of the Absolute.

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So, friends, today we have a December 8, 2012, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga, my twitter yogaopenyoga; this is our lectures for the International Open Yoga University, all archived information on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. remind, we have Internet Free yoga courses for independent study of different types of yoga, they are on the site kurs.openyoga.ru

Bhagavad Gita, as part of the epic Mahabharata.

Today we will continue with you to consider the text of the Bhagavad Gita, starting with the chapter, where we stopped in front of it. But for those of you who are, unfortunately, unable to attend the previous lectures, I very briefly remind you what kind of text, as the text, and why we pay so much attention to this text.

So Bhagavad Gita – is part of a very ambitious Indian epic called the Mahabharata. Accordingly, this epic, contains a lot of interesting information about the life of medieval India. In fact, we can to some extent be called Mahabharata certain medieval encyclopedia of India’s life. Immediately I want to mention again: the Mahabharata – lots and lots of text later than the Vedas, Upanishads and other such more fundamental texts already ancient India. While there, I probably did not say correctly. Mahabharata is not a text of medieval India, it is also quite ancient text. Although, frankly, among historians there are different points of view in the dating, which vary quite widely, but the question is what may well be that the text as it was finishing, the base may be very old, and some of the which then underwent a change can be, indeed, the early Middle Ages.

So, what the text is devoted to the Bhagavad Gita and the Mahabharata, which is dedicated to? Text Mahabaharata devoted very dramatic page in the history of India when civil war broke out there. When the society was divided into two parts, and the head of one of the rose, known as the Kauravas and the head of the other part, the so-called (well, not so-called, and the names, actually) Pandavas – a branch of the same kind. In fact, it is brothers, two of these clan brothers who fought for power. For that, who rule in India.

And in the Mahabharata is given the whole long, long pre-history of how this conflict was born, how it has developed, and finally, the conflict came to her a culmination point, when on the battlefield, so-called field of Kurukshetra clash between two armies: on the one hand the Kauravas on the other – the Pandavas. That’s the part that directly describes the battle on the field of Kurukshetra, called the Bhagavad Gita, or rather free translation, you can call it “The Song of the Absolute”, that’s it. More primitive is usually translated as “Song of God”, but when you get a grasp and looks into the description of this god, then, strictly speaking, well, that is there – the ultimate abstraction of the idea of the Supreme.

And, in fact, the Bhagavad Gita describes here is a situation where the battlefield gathered two armies. And the leader of the Pandava Arjuna, seeing that now he will have to fight with their close relatives, decided not to fight and become a monk, an ascetic; not a monk, as a wandering sadhu, a wandering student of spirituality, to relinquish power and do not engage in battle, so as not to kill their own relatives. What he his charioteer Krishna (Krishna and was neither more nor less than the Absolute, who came in the human body, the so-called picture), convinces him to fight and to do their duty.

That is, in fact, friends, the story itself is more than important for the modern man, when suddenly your duty comes into conflict with some things that seemed immutable for you. And, therefore, Krsna on this field of battle, when the two armies are facing each other, teaches Arjuna various yogis. So yogis as the Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and like the others, there is still, in general, the direction can be identified. Then Krishna, they say, is Arjuna in its natural form of the Absolute, and Arjuna, in theory, reach a higher state of samadhi. And after this state he really understands the deeper meaning of life and the laws of the battle begins.

The continuation of this fascinating story quite interesting the following: The Pandavas win and triumphant on the throne. But it is believed, that the blow of the Civil War was so powerful, it is believed, after the battle of Kurukshetra field began for India Kali Yuga, or the Iron Age, that is, as a result of greatly weakened India, but more on that later.

So, we’ll just look at the fragment, when Krishna begins to expound philosophical doctrines, the doctrine of yoga to Arjuna. And I will ask to read the relevant chapter is now, so we disassembled it.

Chapter Seven.

Sri Bhagavan said:

1. I am loyal heart, O Partha, practicing yoga,

(A) my blood as surely and completely you will know me, give ear to this.

2. This knowledge and implementation skills, I’ll let you know

exhaustive: for knowing it is not here

more than anything else for cognition.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And let’s just pause.

So Arjuna was probably really good karma, or do not know what he deserved such a fate himself, that he was born in the Absolute human body and decided to teach Arjuna directly heights in yoga. In previous lectures we have already touched on this issue, what Arjuna deserved such a high position. Why did each of you does not come Absolut why you have to learn Yoga Yoga at the Open University, and why you do not have to personally come your Krishna or some other form of the Absolute and does not teach you yoga, they say, first hand. This I refer in this regard to the previous series, previous lectures, you must also intrigue.

The question is: Absolute, of course, is the Teacher of all Teachers. And by and large, he teaches only. All the other people are not taught, but only remove obstacles in order to teach the Absolute. Any highest saint, the highest of any teacher of mankind – it’s just a man, eliminating obstacles, but not generating knowledge. That is why in the same Vedas, you will never find that to some Rishis boasted that “I came up with the Vedas! I have outlined certain yoga exercises! I am the great and terrible “! No, you’ll never find, and the whole text, in general, all that relates to the ancient Indian literature is divided into two parts: Shruti and Smriti, “hear” and “memorized”. That is, no one can say that he came up with, say, “I have heard, I was taught, taught the Supreme Absolute.”

So, the situation is such that in the long run, even if you do not directly under Krishna’s hand, which is your Guru, teacher in yoga, and is, so to speak, other people who teach you, that, by and large, know : everything of value that comes to you, comes from the Absolute. All the rest is not clear by whom. And you know, sometimes the water pipe is rusty, but the water flows clear. That’s just, unfortunately, you will face in life, that this or that teacher, or some preachers from India, who look and think, “God are you my, what he was doing! He would figure to grow in his village, and he teaches wits! ” But if this man really knows how to eliminate obstacles, he says goodbye even some own personality, as long as it does not eclipse that comes from the Supreme.

Therefore, strictly speaking, even the ancient Vedic tradition of knowledge of the Self, the knowledge of the Absolute – is abstracted from the people, emotions, thoughts, and see who on the other side of the world. That is, you can see around a lot of people, objects, events, but who is on the other side of it all? Who is hiding behind all this? And it argues that the root cause of hidden life, or the Absolute, or life itself, which can communicate with you in a personal form as well as one person talking to another person. Here, therefore, strictly speaking, your personal Krishna is always with you, your own personal Krishna. The question that we must learn to listen.


3. Of the thousands of people who have hardly any (one) strives for perfection; from aspiring and achieved success hardly any (one) truly knows me.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, here is an allegorical given layout, although I very often met in books, even those, you know, a purely statistical calculations, if one of the thousands of … let’s say, on billionth India – one of thousands of interested, how much will it be? Billion divide by one thousand. Million. Well, that’s out of this, even if the whole of India has a million, the figure is, of course, only very few reach this Supreme. Indeed, my friends, well what can I say? Adepts and followers, who claim that they supposedly understand anything in yoga – a lot, but real progress is less.

The identity between the body and the universe.

4. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, Manas, Buddhi, principle of personality (ahankara) – here is my octal divided nature (Prakriti).

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, here describes, in fact, a rough description of the man unit, and of the universe. Do you remember this concept of Indian, that is identical to the human body, made in the image of the Absolute, and is a one-to-one correspondence between your body and the universe in which you live. According to the same principles that made the universe, and you are made.

And in a more simplified form so it is believed that both would have different plans that’s this combination of Consciousness and Energy. The most rough plan is a plan that called Earth – something inert. This is not literally the land on which we grow tomatoes in the country. No, it is the very concept of a very dense energy (and indeed, modern physics tells us that all matter – is the condensed energy), through which the light of consciousness barely shines, and it seems that all the dead. And in fact it is alive, according to this concept.

Then there is a more subtle principle Water, even more subtle principle of Fire, and further refinement of as long as there is no so-called principle of Reason. It is believed that the principle of Intelligence, is the most subtle, is composed of very fine matter, and consciousness shines through most strongly, and why do we use these mechanisms.

But beyond that there is a false representation of a person I am about myself – ahankara, Ego, when we think of ourselves not what we really are. Here. And the only difference is just, well, look here, what differentiates you from the Absolute? You are deluded by maya as to who you really are, while Absolut not. Great among you there is no difference. And so the following conclusion: that you expand to the Absolute, you need to know, just, your true nature.

5. Lower it, but learns different from it, my higher nature, living creature, a powerful; it keeps this transient world.

6. All beings – her womb, Realize it. I’m all over the world beginning and end (Praslin)….

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And look what a thing is impossible – we each have our Higher Self is the Higher Self feels its manifestations, by what it is not, hence the ego. What is ego? Ego – is when we think we are not what we really are. This – the basis of all further errors and all further confusion. It turns out that, as it were, if anything, if we analyze the structure of our universe, there also exist such as if the ego principle. That is likely to have this level of manifestation of living beings, which, for example, in ancient Greece would be called gods.

Well, imagine you are a living being, and your body – the galaxy, you will manage it. Just as we represent a set of cells. Imagine that instead of the cells is something phantasmagoric. Search the Internet for pictures of the telescope Hubble, very nice, very fascinating, and you can find some pictures that have no one saw, because he does so much that they do not have time to browse. And even for this reason they are asking for volunteers to help recognize some pictures. Very nice, you will not regret!

Yes, well, imagine that there’s such a creature. But whatever it was large and powerful creature, it is still a small admixture of ego. And Krishna, in the Absolute Ego is not, it is higher than the ego, and he knows it. So, here’s the whole concept of yoga encourages us to anything not purchased an intermediate, only the status of the Absolute. If you buy into the interim status of a huge living being. Imagine your body – the entire galaxy, you live 4700000000 years, huh? And, apparently, envy – so long and so powerful. Still, at a certain level, there is the ego, and all the mechanisms short of ignorance is the ego – the difference with the Absolute.

That is why, strictly speaking, in the same texts of Advaita Vedanta (and in this sense, the Bhagavad Gita is the proclamation of these ideas), it is believed that if you start to obey and worship some intermediate deities, you will sooner or later become this deity. But this does not guarantee, not a 100% guarantee of release. It may be, indeed, an intermediate stage.

Therefore, strictly speaking, be called the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga and Advaita religion – can not be all too hoo, great. In this or that religion has a very specific concept, quite specific dogma, which are unchanged. A concept of the Supreme Yoga – it is higher than dogma. That is, once again, to need the dogma need ego. But if you have risen higher than the ego and that’s true of the freedom achieved, there is something quite phantasmagoric.

Here Krishna proclaims that I am not some kind of god, a relative, intermediate. After all, in fact, India is full full of all sorts of cults, sometimes rather primitive (and worldwide) and can say, “Krishna – this is some intermediate deities. Yes, powerful, yes, wonderful, yes, it’s in the human body, yes, maybe it is the size of a galaxy. ” No, this is not the right question to ask is – the Absolute, and no one else. That is, there is no one above him. He was the primary cause of the universe, it is its essence at the moment, and it is its essence in the Pralaya (the universe has certain stages of creation and destruction). And it is necessary to remember, my friends.

Of course, God forbid you, enter into any religious discussion, you remember, right? As we in the Open Yoga University believed that the other schools of yoga, as the dead – or good, or nothing. That’s just about the religions is necessary – either good or does, otherwise all confused.

Everything that is interesting in this world – it is absolute, but it is elusive.

7. Above me there is nothing, Dhananjaya, at me all strung like pearls on a string.

8. I am the taste in water, O son of Kunti, I shine of the moon and the sun, I am the life-giving word (Pranava) in all the Vedas, sound in space, humanity in people;

9. Clean the smell in the ground; I shine in the fire, life – in all beings; I feat ascetics.

10. Know me, Partha, as the eternal seed of all beings; I have the wisdom of the wise, I am the splendor of the magnificent.

11. I have the strength of strong, free from lust and passion; I there is a desire, not contrary to law, O bull among Bharat.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now look on such a thing. Here we are living in everyday life there are things that you like, admire you. We saw something beautiful, courageous, spiritual, or even some – attracts us to it. And, of course, if you are an inexperienced person, you begin to grasp for it. But so living life third, fourth, fifth, twentieth, suddenly you will discover the same effect: you do something like this you pull, you grab it. You say, “Mine!”. You say, “This is the essence.” And, indeed, for some time you enjoy what you got. And then something elusive – time and disappears. And that’s what you have previously sought, suddenly he begins to annoy you and to be a burden. And so it is repeated with a certain periodicity.

And how else to claim the ancient Upanishads, a very interesting thing, friends. Everything that is interesting in this world – it is absolute, but it is elusive. He, you know, like the horizon – you go, you think: “Now go up to him,” you have him approach and he moves away. He, you know, like a mirage in the desert, come up to him, and there is nothing, in the sense that he always escapes. On the one hand, it is, on the other hand, it does not catch; On the one hand, we are drawn to him, go to him, but on the other hand, that this essence of it – is elusive. And I want to note that if you analyze all the things that you like, everything is what you seek, then the solids, so to speak, is the Absolute. All the rest – it was just packed, which was “poured” Absolute. So, if you have the package and the contents do not have this package you first disappointing, then it becomes disgusting, and you throw out it.

And friends, this applies to all: it concerns the items, it is for work, it concerns career, it concerns art, it concerns our relationship with their husbands / wives, etc. As long as there shines the Absolute, until there is a channel to the Absolute.. – to us it attractive and interesting. If we foolishly begin to separate form from the fact, grasping for form and say: “My, my,” Absolute inexplicably somewhere flows away, and remain in the hands of the shards. Something quite, you know, like straw, husk, it is not necessary.

And, strictly speaking, the reason given by the two methods approach the Absolute in Indian philosophy diametrically opposed.

failure and the use of the method of method.

The first method – a method failure. The second method – a method, by contrast, use.

Method failure is when you, for example, to come to you or that you are interested in and like, you know, it’s just a form of the Absolute, and to cling to the form – is to condemn oneself to future suffering. And, mindful of this, you are fairly easy to demonstrate austerity and release everything that ordinary people like touches: power, money, status, etc. etc. And thus, oddly enough, not clinging to the form, you begin to better understand the essence, and sooner or later, the approach to the knowledge of the Absolute. And this first method is called the “Neither, nor” – “neti, neti”, something like this all sounds.

There are diametrically opposite to the way: if you know that on their own things, situations, career, work, husbands and wives, money and power are interesting only because they have the Absolute. You like to use them, enjoy them, to eat of it all, but only for one reason – you realize that this is a manifestation of the Absolute, and it will be very fleeting. That is, now it’s something positive, you’re enjoying this positive, but you know perfectly well that now it is positive, the Absolute of this form will slip into another form. And therefore produced this style of life or style of meditation that would come to you no good – is the Absolute, and enjoy it, but if at any time ready to release the shape. That is, if you like so to behave, it will be like to slide on enjoyment. If on the other povedesh yourself – get pleasure and clung tight grip, it is only a matter of time before you start to suffer. Because Absolut flow away, it will remain empty packaging.

This are two ways to approach the Absolute. But you can see that in the first and in the second method, you like to try to understand what is the most attractive, that is in the world, it is in fact the Absolute. Everything else is not worth a jigger – everything else is just a form through which the Absolute can flash in some moment of time, but in the next he will not be there already. And if you start to meditate, what would you see any beautiful or heard or encountered, if you understand that it is – the Absolute, you never tangled. If you grab – a matter of time, when you begin to suffer from it.

Then go.

Gunas or qualities: sattva, rajas, tamas.

12. The states Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, know that they are from me (take place); because I am not in them, and they with me.

13. The three states of the whole (transient) world, deluded, will not know me, I dwell on them, enduring.

14. For this is divine, consisting of the gunas (qualities), my formidable Maya; Those who come to me, overcome this maya.

15. Crazy, that do wickedly, shall be void people do not come to me; deprived of my knowledge of Maya, they rely on the nature of the asuras (demons).

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And look, the following is a very interesting position. In fact, this picture is: set out the basic idea of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (the essence, but not the method, Patanjali others, he gives his little, their accents).

So there are concepts in Indian philosophy as tamas, rajas and sattva. All objects and phenomena that can you come in your life, come to you in these three gunas, as it were, or the qualities or modes of. Not because it is any substance, or any substance or any there is such a thing that you can gather up and jar her to lay down, say, half a liter of Tamas, half a liter of rajas, half a liter of sattva, here. Or kilos, I do not know what to measure something?

Or, on the contrary, I even pun was born, you know, when the uptake for three, half-liter purchased, first person intoxicated, like sattva for a moment. Then drunk – on deeds you shall rajas. And then the next morning hangover, Tamas, all the horror, right? Here. That is, there, and there was the same vodka. And there is not any matter, not those some, you know, things that on their own. This fact, in other words, it’s the way the universe comes to you, to you personally. That is, the same thing can come to you in the mode of Tamas, in the mode of rajas and sattva guna, at different times, in different conditions. Moreover, different people may have the same thing coming in different modes of. That is, in fact, it is your reaction to the objects and phenomena that come to you.


Well, life example: You want to eat, and went and ate some bad food, and pulls you to sleep, you feel sick, you feel bad, the state is dull, tamasic, darkened, so the mind eclipse deadly nightshade so disgusting. And the question – why is all of a sudden? From what you ate this food. But it is not a question of the food itself, it is a question of the reaction of your body on this food, you know? On the contrary, you eat some other food and you cheerfully, fun, and clearly clueless. We are talking, here, this food is sattvic, it takes us into a state of sattva, the state of Grace, a state of peace and understanding. Finally, there is another food: we ate other foods, and it has caused us some kind of activity, sometimes, you know, some seasoning, you begin to walk, and you can not sit still, is not it? All for some feats pulls. And we say, the food came in radzhasticheskoy guna, or the mode of rajas. But then again, this is just our reaction.

Similarly, all other objects and phenomena can come to us here in three of the gunas. And if you start to analyze them, it turns out: people quickly realize that Tamas – an insidious thing. As in our yoga school says that if there is Tamas – wait for the pain to come, a matter of time. And it is clear that all people, more or less reflects on his fate, trying to avoid Tamas.


Finally, there is rajas guna. It is very interesting, it is the mode of activity. Sometimes it can be something very active to do something, do, do, and your head yasneet, yasneet and yasneet, and you become good, as it is wonderful. Let’s say you have come to the Cultural Center Enlightening kriya yoga, and began to actively do the movements, actively do, do, do, metabolism increased, toxins are eroded, and so on, you practice yoga, you feel clarity, peace and tranquility, but rather actively had to behave. And in this case, as it takes us into the rajas condition of clarity, or sattva.

Sometimes the situation is different when we begin again to show some activity, which as a result leads us to a completely opposite effect – we slip in a puddle of Tamas (something not so engaged, etc., etc. ). That is, it turns out, rajas – a kind of such interim guna that can you how to get up and throw down. And this mode of you too, if you think well, you understand. If you send your rajas on knowledge of the world, to yoga, to communicate with other like-minded people, all this will lead to the fact that you will ascend to a higher spiritual level, everything will be clearer, calmer and more thoughtful. And if on the contrary, contact with some stupid company that is not clear what, in the stadiums ripped seats, throw, also of quite a lot, too, rajas, you know? Pret rajas, but it leads to bestiality. And for bestiality, for Tamas, you’ll recall, is the pain. Here. In general, it is a little more complicated with this quality, with its nature. But also – you can understand.


The hardest thing, my friends, with the mode of sattva. Sattva, friends, it’s clear, it’s spirituality, it is a hill, so that’s how it would be peaceful. It seems to be – absolutely remarkable quality. And like – this is the essence of the Absolute, the essence of your Higher Self, the essence of all spiritual. So many people think and come across. Because sattva – it’s just the same modus, but more refined. But he also has no relation to any higher spiritual as Rajas and Tamas. Just in sattva easier to see spirituality as soon as possible to know the Absolute and your Higher Self, and in the mode of Rajas and Tamas oh, how hard it is to do it. But there is no difference in essence.

And in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the finest contaminants maya, or thin, polluting mistakes yogi towards samadhi. What yogi imagine removed, it begins to lead a way of life, all his great spirit, and he begins to consider himself Celestial. And, indeed, everything about him is harmonious, and he begins to think, “That’s what I am, holy! That’s what I am – very clever! That’s what I – highly spiritual “but, in fact, he just guna sattva began to count your Higher Self Higher Self And incomparably greater than all the modes, including the sattva. And here comes this yogi, sooner or later, to abandon even the sattva to know his Ya

The situation is similar with the Absolute. All the world comes to you through these modes. Sometimes the whole world demonstrates hopeless stupidity, sometimes on the contrary, some activity, joy, and sometimes the world comes to the state of sattva: everything is harmonious, beautiful, sublime, spiritually, that rah-rah-rah. And it’s very easy to think, remember, as in Goethe’s “Stop a moment, you’re fine,” huh? But at the same moment you grabbed the sattva, sattva begin to consider themselves, and it will stop your spiritual growth. That is, it is necessary to give up even from sattva, because the Higher Self above even sattva, it is prohibitive, unspeakable, because I never did not even experience this knowledge. So, it is quite a serious obstacle on the path of yoga, quite serious obstacle.


16. Four kinds of righteous people worship me, O Arjuna: suffering, aspiring to knowledge, seeking to acquire, and the wise, O bull among men.

17. Of these wise stands out as a constant devotee reveres the One; I’m extremely expensive wise and he is dear to me.

18. All of them have reached a high, but the wise is like me, I think, because he devoted spirit, reaches me, unsurpassable Way.

19. After many births the wise reaches me: “Vasudeva has everything,” – he says it is difficult being found mahatma.

20. Those whose knowledge is carried away by various lusts, turn to other gods, observing the various vows urge to own nature.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once again, piece by piece.

16. Four kinds of righteous people worship me, Arjuna …

The concept of the Absolute.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, four kinds of righteous people, as stated in the Bhagavad-gita, worship of the transcendent Absolute, and here they are listed – suffering …

Sufferers. It is clear that if you are, then, let’s order. To do was talk, to read the Absolute, you should at least keep in mind the concept of the Absolute. Well, you know, to respect Lenin, we should at least know what it is or at least was. It is impossible, as they say, to be tied to a particular concept, which you do not have any ideas. So, only those beings who voleizyavili to their personal universe was such a thing as absolute, they are only in principle and can somehow communicate, interact, read Absolute.

I remind you of a very deep position of Indian philosophy: Absolute free. He created each of us in his own image and likeness, that is free. However, he has made us free from everything, even from the knowledge that he has. Otherwise would be the case, any pre-knowledge would be shortened our freedom. Well, or in simple words, if you say that the Absolute has made us free to commit even nonsense, even be in the dark. But at the same time, and be wise, and make intelligent, spiritual matters.

You know, the concept of freedom – an extremely abstract concept, it just seems to us that we understand what freedom is. In fact, the concept of freedom, as well as the concept of infinity – a subject for serious meditation, and the more you meditate on this concept, the less you will understand what it is. So, Absolute has made us free, that is even free – from the knowledge that the Absolute exists, so we are with you in the original ignorance. And actually, you know, a very interesting thing, our original ignorance, as the equivalent of our original freedom – an integral part of our being. Because sometimes ask, ‘Well, if we all did the Absolute that he did not tell us what it is? “And he would cut if our freedom.

So, for many, many lives living being free of concepts, including the Absolute, eventually coming up with the concept for themselves. You see? Also very a strange thing. And only after a living creature as it comes up, or voleizyavlyaet to for him was absolute, Absolut says: “Yes, I am here it is right there, in general, all these lives with you and was just you me, like as I did not call, but I did not come without an invitation. “

Therefore, at a minimum, should be voleizyavit to Absolute appeared in your life, and for this it is necessary to at least come up with, you know? Here there is a saying that God invented people, and people have come up with God. This is a deeper expression than just a trite accusation churchmen. And look what a thing it turns out, if you come up with the concept of the Absolute, then all the power factor of your life there.

Of course, tomorrow you can say, “Yes, I am tired of the Absolute, go away and do not come!” Here. That is, it is clear that you are free, you can voleizvlyat as you like. It is understood that the Absolute, if made you free, that it you will be raped? Chased him, he was gone. More precisely, he never left, it just made it so that we may live in that universe, where as if it had never been. That is to say, “Do not you need me?” – Says the Absolute, – “Well, live by those laws which you can imagine yourself”. A Well, we all think that we are smart, we’re currently napridumyvali such laws, well, begin to invent laws. One of these good laws to which we can think of such imputed, it is the law of karma – cause and effect. But this is a very large level of abstraction of thought. But once again – the law of cause and effect has no relation to the Absolute, it is a trifle compared with the concept of the Absolute.

So, if on the contrary, we say: “Yes, there is such a factor as the Absolute, who created us. I invite him into your life “, here we classify roughly how it can invite, that is, when we remember about him. And the very first mentioned “suffering.”


Clearly, if you said, “Let my life be the Absolute,” Absolut says: “OK, everyone, I am in your life!” And you immediately forget – as Well affairs of interesting, some Absolute attention to him pay, football on the TV show. It does not matter, by the way, may be more subtle zamanuha – but I do, and here I discover laws of the universe, physics, chemistry, radiobiology. And it is clear that if it turns out that we kind of called the Absolute in our lives, and partly say: “So, the Absolute, whether here or have permission. But do not go here, it’s mine, I was there the owner, I’ll be there to set their own laws. ” Absolut says: “OK, OK, no problem!». But what is the charm of the Absolute – he, like a loving parent, honors the freedom of the children. Honors, a teacher very thoughtful.

But, of course, in those cases where all given ourselves, sooner or later we ‘nakosyachil “such laws, then we become sick themselves. And there comes the suffering, the pain. And when there are two of these factors – on the one hand, we have already called the Absolute, on the other hand, have done something wrong, as if made absolute, comes this discord, pain. And just as a small child when crying, calling my mother, we are also likely to turn to the Absolute: “Well, come, yes, I screwed up, nakosyachil, come fix” And this man, as it remembers the Absolute.



Eager for knowledge.

So there is the next group of people who still do not have any problems in life, well, anyway, life is quite acceptable in terms of suffering, or vice versa, but they are passionate about the knowledge of the world. And if it is really serious about looking for spiritual people, they are first, again voleizyavlyayut to Absolute factor in their life was, and then with the help of knowledge, or the study of the world as it deepens in the concept of the Absolute.

So I want to draw your attention to this here is also very delicate bunch of – if not the original expression of the will to the Absolute was no knowledge in physics, chemistry, mathematics, do not know anything of philosophy, you do not come to the concept of the Absolute. You will come, indeed, to the very complex understanding of the structure of the world, but this world is likely to be some fine-mechanical, not more alive. Therefore, using the argument of science can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the factor of whether or not the existence of the Absolute. So when I open one or another religious magazine and I say: “That scientists have come to the High God concept, the Supreme Absolute, because they have deciphered the DNA, and” ofigeli “how everything is thought out and difficult. That, supposedly, the invisible hand of the Absolute. ” But I assure you, it may take some time, and there are some counter-arguments that the action of some more complex laws, in general, neither there nor here. But if you originally accepted the concept of the Absolute, the knowledge of the world by becoming the Absolute. So if, say, a scientist voleizyavil that his life is the Absolute, what he was doing, even nuclear physics that makes a nuclear bomb, it is through this knows the Absolute, more, more, more.

And not to be unfounded, I will remind you this is a historical fact: the US atomic bomb’s father, Robert Oppenheimer, the fact that this entire Manhattan Project and created, when he attended the first tests, and saw this terrifying picture of the explosion of nuclear, the first thing that came his head – a line from the Bhagavad Gita. And I must say, he studied Sanskrit, he studied Eastern philosophy, and knew the Bhagavad Gita, and very much appreciated. And the corresponding piece of the Bhagavad Gita, which is quoting Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the American atomic bomb, we will read just a little later. But – later. Here.

Thus, if you go by the knowledge: in science, in art, in culture, in everything, and you have the concept of the Absolute, it can lead you to the Absolute. If you just do science, culture and creativity, it is absolutely not the fact that you have somewhere to come to the higher spiritual levels. You can get into a more sophisticated intellectual trap of some concepts.


Aspiring to possess.

Here, yes, well, here, in fact, a continuation of this theme. You remember, yes, if you remember the concept of the Absolute, you realize that money alone – this piece of paper, the equivalent of prana. But if you are at the same time, remember that the entire world Prana emanates from the Absolute, which is the same for all, what you seek, is the Absolute, then here is a very interesting method of sliding.

And further.


Here the word “wisdom” is quite difficult to translate that meant, but then there will be a small transcript.


Of these wise stands out as a permanent devotee reveres the One; I’m extremely expensive wise and he is dear to me.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now, now, let us touch on this, what does the word “wise”. This is, firstly, the person who voleizyavil to Absolut was, and is committed to this concept, you know why? Overweening! Uneasy, just because – betrayed. Not that bad, not because something knows, he can do two plus two does not know that four. He does not aspire to any charms of this world, that is, does not seek the Absolute, which is through pleasure, through something nice comes. And he just betrayed Absolute. Why? The idea is good. All point! Overweening! It is the quality, so that wisdom can be different by the word “dedication”.

You know that there are people devoted to, say, a man devoted to his master, as it was in the Middle Ages. There, samurai loyal to his master; Mr. behaves, God knows how! Creates lewdness, God knows what! But he pledged to serve him, and no matter what, it is true. Devoted wife to her husband. A man drinks, the women running around, children are not interested in general anti-social element, it would be in the Soviet Union imprisoned for 15 days. And put! A girlfriend wife come and say: “Mary, what are you this, I’m sorry, kid put up ?!” And Mary can not answer – she betrayed him. Why? Overweening! Qualities not, for his love and respect, they simply do not have the objective. Why? Not-for-nothing. Because his wife because betrayed and all. And these cases can result in a huge amount. I do not know where, devotees of science.

Here I came across a book, I did not even able to read Zhorez Alferov, this book came out, called “Power without a brain.” A good book, very good, but it could not read – only began to read, my heart bleeds. The fact that he wrote it – it’s true, and it is better not to think about it, so live in peace. Well, that is, it describes how we become a banana republic, slowly but surely, as there is a mental debilitation, science disappears, vanishes production. And many, including former scientists, they are like, well, if the science does not earn money, you have to, as you remember, Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic, urgently needs to retrain in the superintendent. But there are people dedicated to science, they are still loyal. They go to the worn-out clothes, they are very modest living, they can not afford to buy some food, and so on. Perhaps, indeed, earn the minimum, but if they have the opportunity to do what he likes, they are committed. Why? A overweening! This factor of devotion, in fact, in his ideal is inexplicable, just betrayed all.

So, it is wise called devotees here. And so, as it is believed that the Bhagavad Gita – is, first of all, that section of yoga, related to Bhakti Yoga, where the most famous method is the devotion that you are devoted to the Absolute concept and when you feel good and when you feel bad, and when you’re having fun, and when you’re sad and when you sleep and when you wake up – in any situation, regardless of the outside world. That is, you say: “This concept is so nice that everyone else does not matter, the main thing that I remember about this concept.”

I once, in due time, to comment on the Ananda Lahari, part Saundarya Lahari. I want to hold such a parallel with the so-called yoga Sri Vidya, which is actually, you know, with the whole world lies beautiful goddess Sri, and the essence of all of the world – is to know the beauty and the meaning here of the beauty of the goddess Sri, and more this world nor to which is not needed. And there’s this concept of devotion to the goddess Shri. I do not care how the world works! That’s his problem, I’m still devoted to the goddess Sri, and the world will sag under me. Why? Because it is made for me to come to know the goddess Shri. And this explains the magic of Sri Vidya.

Generally, in fact, a section of Sri Vidya Yoga – one of the most powerful sections of yoga, because it is called Prayoga. Any kind of, you know, money mantra, yantra power, that, you know, really works, you know, right? Although, at first glance, the magic of some sort, whether that works. No not magic! A simple action is more fundamental laws: if you worship Sri, you worship the essence of this world, then everything else – husks, must disappear.

In the Bhagavad Gita, a similar situation, but there is the root cause of the Absolute stands, in the form of personal Absolute Krishna, but the idea is roughly the same.


18. All of them have reached a high, but the wise is like me, I think, because he devoted spirit, reaches me, unsurpassable Way.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And look, the following provision, which is understandable if you are through what is called axiomatics of yoga. If you do not know what it is, all I refer to the website kurs.openyoga.ru, and find the “axiomatics of yoga” section.

And all the axioms of yoga yoga techniques to achieve Supreme roughly divided into two categories such. First – this is the classic methods, in the sense that it is a calm, measured approach to the methods of the Supreme. The second method – is fast techniques in yoga. How are they characterized? They are characterized in that they disappear in the time factor. Or else you can say they “target” and “means to an end,” merge, so there are no such thing as “time”.

And here, in the Bhagavad Gita, when it is said that the wise and understanding them devoted, the most like the highest yoga, the ones who achieve the fastest ultimate goal, and so they reach the ultimate goal for the same reason that the time factor is no longer play a role. If you voleizyavili concept of the Absolute, and betrayed her, all other factors of life, they are the cause and effect, that is the essence of the unfolding of time. And here you are, it turns out, closed the goal and achieve this goal. You have reached, you put together in one bottle of Absolut. And you reach the Absolute through the Absolute, because you betrayed him. Regardless of the conditions in which you live, the condition of your body, who are around you or surrounds. You like to know how to – time, and eliminates all these obstacles so instantly. That is why devotion to the method of Bhakti yoga method, which is the main method of devotion, is a rapid method of yoga.

The joy of communion with the Absolute.

19. After many births the wise reaches me: “Vasudeva has everything,” – he says it is difficult being found mahatma.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, again, you know, “after several births the wise reaches me.” Multiple births! Even if you will live in this devotion is enough for many, many lives, it is necessary that even some other karmic tendencies as if exhausted, disconnected. Because you remember that the law of karma has not been canceled. And even faster methods, it does not mean that someone cancels the law of karma, they say that it ripens very quickly, no one has time to notice.

And at the same time in the same in India, where a billion people, even more than a billion one hundred million, probably, of course, there are the true yoga. You will not find them on the street, they tend to live a very secluded. That is, you will find them, if you have a good good karma, and then only because they were outside, so you met them; do you go to meet. More or why.

And the situation is that there are people, he lives in his village, in his hut, and by Western standards ekes out a miserable existence: for breakfast had a banana, and for dinner – a handful of rice, and so for 40 years. Rove in the most primitive clothes, live in the most primitive hut, which he himself did. Western man comes and says, “Oh my God! What bomzhara lit! Neither Mercedes nor computers, nor clothes nor eat. ” You understand, right? And, of course, the Western man it leads to shock – How can you live in such poverty ?! And these people – the happiest people in the world, they all have. Why? Because the body receives all the required amount of power, no worries and no more can devote all the time to communicate with the root cause, the Absolute, that is to be faithful to him and begin to communicate with him, and he is responsible! And he answers it is interesting that there is any series or a Hollywood thriller new – just sophomoric, nervously smoking in the hallway, you know, compared to the supreme.

And if you ever are lucky enough to live at least a few days in this state (and I have met such people, who managed to get close to it), then you will be, then, the rest of his life, remembered as the happiest. You then become a billionaire tycoon, head man of Wall Street, or whatever you want to be there. Or, you will become the greatest artist, poet, writer, composer, scholar, but as compared to the period of life when you’re one-on-one communicated with the Absolute, and the Absolute posted to you, all this fades away, it all seems a fuss.

So, these people can just live life. Well, they are, in fact, become a role model, or is this popular culture of India. whether, you know, mass culture, not only in the West, but in India there. Now in India huge crowds attend these supposedly sadhus who, of course, nowhere do not work and live on alms, and in between trying to weed smoke even if where turned up and rant about Absolute poumnichat. In India, you will come across many of these, just warning you. Why? Well, it is a clone, ie it is necessary to something to copy, as well as the true sadhus who, indeed, a way of life have been and are still in India, there are, therefore, Absolute and tolerate all these idlers and vagabonds.

And so if you are in India, try especially a bum mat not swear. Although to be honest, I get it to work, just barely, especially when one adept secret sciences, probably stoned, I started some money demand for food. I gave him food, and he said: “No, let the money.” I have it almost broke, I’m sorry to be a burden your karma and would have been born in the next life to animals, if he turned out to be a sadhu. But something tells me that he is not a sadhu. That’s something … Anyway, I gave him a bottle of Pepsi-Cola, a large, two-liter …

Now, therefore, see what the situation: I though all the guys and restrained there, in India, that I’m not really, but I chto-to, indeed, almost mat is not already started to swear, but the language of the mat is not very turned, I was there mantra began to shout: “Om Namah Shivaya !!! Whether you’re three happy !!! “You know, right? But at the same time, if you find yourself in such a situation, try not to be like me, and the best worship once more homeless people than not worship a sadhu. It is better to once again bow down there, it is better to cancel all its incompetence, what really hurt any of the saints.

Yes, well, these people can live from life to life, and they are all happy. And they feel that they need to As a rule, they are born in the next life. They have their own way of life, but it is, my friends, does not mean that you have to maintain a lifestyle. This way of life characteristic of medieval India, when you live on a banana and a handful of rice a day in their hut, and that way of life has helped to bring knowledge to us, and to the present day.

Now, especially in the West, the situation has changed. I would like to Absolut you opened in the first place, through wealth, through the power, through creativity, through something that you become a charismatic personality, went into politics and went into science, went to all, in all power structures, and finally -So we put things in order. Well, how many are possible already, my friends, is why we have up there, there is no spiritual people? Suppose that you open through the power of the Absolute! Become president, become the head of a corporation, become a billionaire oligarch in the end, become through the Absolute. Squeeze this dullness, this misery. Country ruin after all! This I Zhorez Alferov “Power without a brain.”

Then go.

God in the image of man.

20. Those whose knowledge is carried away by various lusts, turn to other gods, observing the various vows urge to own nature.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, look, here, too, a very interesting turn. You can currently think of the concept of an intermediate god, god. What, in general, mankind throughout its history and has been engaged. That is, people usually come up with something higher in his own image and likeness, only magnified. Well, that is, a jealous man, and in some of the books you read, “I am your Lord, jealous”, you know, right? Well, then there’s really representations of the Supreme – is the increased representation, as a rule, people about themselves. Therefore, from one generation to the religious concept of change. In the jungle, it is primitive, so any local deity, some boar-grandparent, and all his bows discourage. Even if humanity, as they say, in some more abstract idea of moving away already and the concept of the Supreme abstract. While mankind has a brutal and ferocious, you come across the concept of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” As soon as a little as though so this humanistic consciousness of humanity has grown, you meet another concept – “hit you on one cheek, turn the other.” Well, that is a lot of options. Why? Because people say there worshiping Boar: “Have struck on one cheek, turn the other,” they, to put it mildly, do not understand, just do not realize they have a completely different life. If tomorrow comes cannibalistic tribe and begin to eat them, what to do? Substitute other cheek to her and gnawed? Well, as if all is well for certain people.

Yeah, so, it is clear that the more humanistic view of man of the world, the more humanistic view of God. The more primitive, the more you will find there the echoes of cannibalistic history, I do not know what there, the whole human race.

And the question always arises: “Well, if people worship the greatest boar, which falls after the death?” Of course, other religions unequivocally say – to hell. Well, it’s just a rule of the game. And if within the religion itself be considered here, oddly enough, has options: in one case, an option that if you are, as it were, itself brought the concept of the Supreme, he invented himself some God, you created it. And you get under the laws of those who invented and created. And in the future, if you are following them, then you get into your local paradise, and if do not follow, then you get to your local ad.

That is, in one case you get – there is a picture of paradise – in the great forest, which is ruled by a wild boar-grandparent, and you can have fun every day, to go hunting. In another case, you go to hell, where there kakoy-nibud black antikaban you fry in a skillet and teeth every day will tear you, and for the night you will grow together again, so that tomorrow you broke again, and so five times, and so five times. Remember this anecdote? The victim paid him five stab wounds; we peel the potatoes, he slipped and fell on my knife, and so five times, and so five times.

And it turns out that we come up with the concept itself, we invent intermediate divinities, and fall under the scope of these intermediate deities. Therefore, the concept of the Bhagavad Gita as of everything, why are you coming up with something intermediate, why? Well this is figured out today like the idea of this boar-progenitor, tomorrow it is no longer relevant, something more abstract desirable. And it is clear that no matter how it turns out that no religion is not lying, but on the other hand the prospect be subject to these here all intermediate causal mechanisms is also not desirable. On what Bhagavad Gita says, “and do not have to! If we threaten, threaten the full program at most of the Absolute, which trifles! “

Then go.

The whole faith of the Absolute.

21. Whatever images or tried to read with faith fan, his unwavering faith I have given them.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here and see what the situation. Also the next step is: well, why do they believe in this boar-grandparent, and it seemed to have everything well, but neighboring cannibalistic tribe in general or not believe in anything, and they got worse. Please note that if there is an element of something abstract, something higher, in some societies people, it tends to survive and dominate. And if you go to a primitive, it will sooner or later lose.

It turns out, the same taxis boar this grandparent? Yes, of course, taxis. A force something from him? In fact, by his own invented worshipers? And here in the Bhagavad Gita says that all sincere aspirations that create intermediate gods, they resonate “… in me.” “I give,” – said Krishna. That is Absolut says: “I give effect to these intermediate gods, they force themselves not. I just like to see that this is the tribe had become cannibalistic, and here progress already boar-progenitor worship. It is necessary to support! And now, let’s I’ll enliven all of these faiths. “

That is why many intermediate religion, friends, work. Sometimes, faced with such a religion – well, all the horror! Well – boom, boom, really bad, bad head, bad and morality, and works for the adepts, and maintained from generation to generation! Who supports it, then, eh? And only support the Absolute. Why? Because it is a chance, at least some, to pull out of bestiality. Yes, at first, in the wild boar-grandparent, then into something more than a pleasant, then another into something, then another, and then you look, and to reach higher concepts.

We conclude this chapter to consider, it was our seventh chapter, and it was called “Yoga of knowledge and recognition” to be continued, watch advertisements!

All for today, cheers!



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