2012_12_15 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 8. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

2012_12_15 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 8. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

I remind you that yoga is believed that the root cause of the universe is transcendent Absolute. Or otherwise it can be called life. The concept of life, a very strange concept. Absolut, it is the essence of life. And when the Absolute manifested universe, it actually hid themselves for symptoms. And so some very strange mysticism, logic, that this Indian philosophy, the philosophy of yoga. The fact that, generally speaking, you can not prove that the people next to you are your own. What if it’s your hallucination? You can not prove that next to you someone really is. Or maybe it’s just a subtle hallucination? All witnesses may also be hallucinations, experiments as hallucinations. This dream such dreams.

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Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 8. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Date: 2012.12.15.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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15.12.2012 Today we have a year, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This lecture International Open Yoga University. Information, where our files are stored on the sites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

And considering the theme of the Bhagavad Gita. We stopped in the seventh chapter, and now ask Alexander to read the next part of the seventh chapter of the text, where we stopped.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7

21. Kakiebyobrazynistremilsyapochitat faith

fan egonepokolebimuyuveru I dayuemu.

22. He utverzhdennyyetoyveroy, committed to it (the image)

favor; otnegopoluchaetzhelaemoeblago, nodaetsyaonomnoy.

23. Noprehodyaschimbyvaetetotplodih, malomudryh:

to bogamidutprinosyaschiezhertvubogam, nomoibhaktyidutkomne.

24. I, the unmanifested, dostigshimproyavleniyaschitayut

unreasonable, nevedayamoegozapredelnogo, enduring,


25. I nedlyavsehpostizhim, clothed in Yogamaya

(Illyuziyuprirody); etotzabluzhdayuschiysyamirne

poznaetmenya, unborn, imperishable,

26. I znayubyvshiesuschestva, present and future,

Arjuna; menyazheneznaetnikto.

27. Zabluzhdeniemdvoystvennosti, voznikshimizotvrascheniya

and desire, O Bharata, vsesuschestva (this) mireidut dazzle,

a devotee.

28. Nopravednyelyudi, cheygrehunichtozhen freed

otzabluzhdeniya and duality, pochitayutmenya, firm in vows.

29. Those who, ischaubezhischa I tend to release

otstarosti and death poznayutpolnostyuBrahmo, vysshegoAtmana and vsyuKarmu.

30. Those kotoryeznayutmenyakakVyssheeBytie,

VysochayshegoBoga, VysochayshuyuZhertvu in chasuhodapoznayutmenya, predannyeduhom.

Thus in the Upanishads of the holy Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Brahma, the Scripture of yoga, in the conversation Sri Krishnyi Arjuna (reads) the seventh chapter, called “Yoga of knowledge and recognition.”

Illusion and reality of life.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I again outline the main meaning of this, and then we again read by line, and give a comment.

Here you are all sitting here in KC “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya and what you see? You see around objects and phenomena of other people, walls, I, lamps, computers, well, everything that surrounds us. And what is the idea of the Bhagavad Gita? The idea of the Bhagavad Gita, the whole surrounding universe, you see, it’s kind of, just a decoration, behind which hid the root cause of the universe, or what gave rise to the entire universe.

I remind you that yoga is believed that the root cause of the universe is transcendent Absolute. Or otherwise it can be called life. The concept of life, a very strange concept. Absolut, it is the essence of life. And when the Absolute manifested universe, it actually hid themselves for symptoms. And so some very strange mysticism, logic, that this Indian philosophy, the philosophy of yoga. The fact that, generally speaking, you can not prove that the people next to you are your own. What if it’s your hallucination? You can not prove that next to you someone really is. Or maybe it’s just a subtle hallucination? All witnesses may also be hallucinations, experiments as hallucinations. This dream such dreams.

I remember I once had a dream, I had a job to go early in the morning. I set the alarm in the hope that it will ring. Alarm clock rang, I woke up and fell asleep again. And I have a dream, as I got up, got dressed and went to work. And then, some time later, I woke up and found that I did not go anywhere, I slept peacefully. Where is the criterion that everything around us is real? And if real, what is this reality? And if it is a reality, how it is made? Or maybe the other way around? Part of what surrounds us – the reality, and some – a hallucination.

So, the basic idea of the Bhagavad Gita tells us that on the other side of all being, is the Absolute, as defined herein the name of Sri Krishna, Krishna, or the root cause of the greatest life. But we are not inclined to think so. As if that’s the idea of the Supreme eludes us. And in the best case, we tend to invent some relative of the Deity, or some relative nature in his own image and likeness. This is what we have talked in the previous lecture.

So it turns out that we have this same, even if we come up with some kind of essence, some intermediate God, and if we send those or other religious faiths, we get the result as if it is consistent with the Divine. But in fact, responsible not Deity, and meets the Absolute, the root cause, which is the grace of giving answers to our aspirations.

Those. in fact it turns out that all the intermediate religion. And that is called life or the root cause, or what is called in the ancient texts transcendent, ineffable, what is the true giver of all good things, all out, etc., etc. And the only people who aspire to the knowledge of the Supreme, are an appropriate way of life, properly comprehend the universe, can reach here the thought. Well, now let’s row the same.

Duality and the principle of Occam.

Bhagavad Gita: “Whatever way seeks to read with faith fan, his unwavering faith I give him.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That will go to India, will meet a variety of adherents of the religion. What there just do not believe! And you know that the most interesting? Well, if their religious views were a delusion, well, then it would be, well, what’s the point, nothing would have happened, and there would be no feedback, any religion would be collapsed as unnecessary. The question is, and who gives life to the answers to these many prayers? The representatives of the Abrahamic religions have found a way out, that is God, he is the devil. With all the worship of other religions, but their revives the devil, well, or anti-God. Always, since the days of Robinson Crusoe, the question arises, how can such a God can prevent? Lawlessness is happening, chaos, lawlessness corrupt universal scale works, and God does not do anything! It is hard enough to be explained. This one here dualistika.

In Indian philosophy also adhere to the principle, which was formed in medieval Europe as Occam’s blade, ie it is not necessary to produce the entity unless absolutely necessary. If something can be explained simply, without introducing such a thing as the devil, why enter it? If so everything can be explained. In fact, you know what else was called in the Middle Ages – saving ideas. Why should there be strained, some complicated scheme draw in, if everything can be explained simply.

So in Indian philosophy explains that numerous cults, if behind them and have the power, it is not their strength. It’s just the power of transcendental Absolute, which for some reason animates these cults. But by themselves, these interim cults, they are a relative thing. So I remind you once again of yoga philosophy: so if you and threaten to something that swings to the source of all power. On the Absolute itself, no more, no less than for the Creator, the very basis of life. Will is something relative to swing, will fall under the influence of those laws, which themselves come up with. Themselves come up with an image of the Deity, animate it themselves. And they themselves will fall under the influence of the action of its laws, that, generally speaking, is not rational. You remember, right? Even in business, there is a saying that: get rid of the intermediary. Why do you need an intermediary, which is also the laws on this “cuts.”

Then go.

Bhagavad Gita: “He approved of the faith, committed to it (the image) favor; from it receives the desired benefit, but it has given me. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is clear that, whatever man may invent a cult, in fact, he comes up with an image through which the Absolute can as manifest and not manifest. Therefore, if someone thinks that he gets some results of certain sacrifices, prayers, some of the sacred action, it is a mistake. Just a mistake.

Then go.

All good in the religions of the Absolute.

Bhagavad Gita: “But the fruit is transitory them malomudryh: the gods are they that sacrifice to the gods, but my Bhakta come to me.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once again, it is clear that the ideology of yoga if to swing, so at the same college. A sense that we wander around the many offshoots of some thoughts, some cults, some religious warrior irreconcilable? Bump into a sect, they tell you one thing, to encounter the other, something else. One religion says one thing, another can not stand, something else. You start to figure out what’s what, you say: “Believe! We have to make themselves. ” Here.

This does not mean that religion has some bad or good. But we must remember that all the good that is in every religion, of course, any religion at its core is something good. So, all the good things that are there, it is from the Absolute. And all the stupid, that there is already invented people. For different reasons, in different times, different set of circumstances.

Therefore, to fight, for example, with a kind of religion, say that it is not correct – it is senseless. Just as meaningless to say that now that religion is the only right and all others are wrong, that’s the followers of this religion are in heaven, and all the rest to hell. No. All is a much more complicated in the sense of terrible. As you can imagine yourself, and you will get there.

Here you imagine yourself some concept, here for her to live and be. And it is clear that it is not satisfied with the yogis, they do not want to come up with the concept, and they want to live by the rules that are higher that it actually is. And in fact, only it is over-limit, the law of justice, in different ways can be called the law of righteousness, truth, which is called the Absolute. So here’s the problem, it is ineffable. What a relative religion you can think of some rituals, actions, any attributes of a particular religion. And it’s easier for our not strong reason to approach the heights of what is called the Absolute. That is, it may be some kind of powerful, intermediate stage, but if there is a possibility that an intermediate stage is not done, it is better to do but to go right directly.

Bhagavad Gita: “I am not manifested, reached manifestations considered unreasonable, not knowing my transcendent, everlasting, not prevoskhodimogo Genesis.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here! Again, the same thing that the words to explain what the Absolute is impossible. He is above. But at the same time, allegedly can be in his spiritual development to achieve such heights that know what it is. Actually, what the Bhagavad Gita, which we are now considering all his followers and calls. Know the root cause. Farther.

Absolute – the teacher of teachers.

Bhagavad Gita: “I am not all comprehensible, clothed in Yogamaya (the illusion of nature); this deluded world knows Me not, unborn, imperishable. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You are all sitting, and you think that you have around the objects, people, etc., etc… But at some stage, as stated in the yogic texts of being cognition, you suddenly realize that you have only two: you and all who are hiding behind all objects or phenomena that surround you.

This is a very strong mystical experience, when you start to talk one on one with the Absolute through different people, through different circumstances, through the different stages of his life. That is, you know, usually this: directs a question to the Absolute – the beginning of an answer one person said, mid answer the other person said, and the end of the answer you have read in the newspaper. It’s time, time, time – formed from completely disparate fragments. This, you know, a rebus.

Or you asked the question, but the beginning of an answer chirped the bird, middle you heard on the radio Fm, and the completion of you read a tweet reply. And you suddenly realized that someone with pieces on different channels, it is for you, some kind of coherent, cohesive information somehow conveyed, and to connect these channels, well, you can not even if you are of sound mind and memory. But what do you get the information, it is unique.

Why? Because there is such a criterion: apple on apples determined. That is how you start something really change lives for the better. Therefore, it considered in all schools of yoga that the Master of the Masters, there is such a word, “teacher of teachers” – is the Absolute.

And, generally speaking, my friends, no matter what school of yoga you do not learn, in what would be the most miraculous of teachers or teachers of life, etc., yoga encourages you to get rid of the middleman. Those. learn how to communicate directly with the Absolute alone. Without any intermediaries.

And the Bhagavad Gita you called for. Therefore, it is believed that at some point in your comprehension of yoga, you no longer need the Master, in the sense that people are teachers. When you have the Master of the Masters, of course, is a very high stage, to which we should strive. And it is very difficult to achieve. Therefore, the Master in the human body as needed. They are, as an intermediate that will help you take the first step, as long as you do not make contact.

Or in another way. Sometimes teachers, it’s just, you know, a repeater signal. Here you have a radio transmitter, but he is not seeking to Absolute – far. And you’re casting a first signal to a large Ostankino TV tower, (and it is already powerful), to teachers, to the Absolute. And a reverse flow.

And, indeed, in this respect, Master, of course, necessary, without them nowhere. But one real teacher will never start up the student. And will act only as an intermediate training. Once the teacher has taught the student, he will drive him away.

That is, unfortunately, very often come to the West such Oriental Teacher psevdouchitelya, despots. And they say: “You must obey us, all of us, and you, then, no.” Now, any normal teacher would never enslave freedom Apprentice! The teacher will help the student to communicate with the Absolute. Here is a beautiful comparison, that the real teacher is a person who helps lovers. He takes a lover boy and assigns to love a girl on a date, and he thus removed. Here are just and true teacher, he takes the student, it leads to the knowledge of the Absolute to the pupil to communicate directly with the Absolute, and he leaves. Because on a date, really, Ted. Farther.


The first action of Maya, as we begin to consider themselves its manifestations.

Bhagavad Gita: “I know the former being, present and future, Arjuna, I do not know anybody.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If we speak of the Absolute, who he is, the Absolute? It is clear that in words we can not. It is higher than that of words, but here it is said that the Absolute is higher than space and time. Those. space and time, at a glance at it. Farther.

Bhagavad Gita: “Mistake duality, arising out of disgust and desire, O Bharata, all beings in this world are going to dazzle of the ascetic.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is given in passing, mention of the fact that: what do we differ from the Absolute? It is believed that the Absolute has made each of us in his own image and likeness, that is free. But, unlike the Absolute, we are exposed to illusions, but he did not. We fall under the influence of maya, and he did not.

And what is the first thing the influence of maya? The very first influence of maya, which was the foundation of all further errors is when we began to consider themselves its manifestations. Or in another way can be paraphrased: we began to consider themselves their own. Just imagine, you have the power, very different. And you think that this is the power you have. And you higher than the concept of force. And as soon as you began to consider themselves its manifestations, it looks at how people began to consider himself his shadow.

Remember the movie was absolutely wonderful, about the shadow? What, like a shadow began with a man very bad thing to do, as long as the main character did not say the main mantra: “Shadow, know your place.” And for a split second, all of a sudden, she obeyed. That’s just as well and be able to higher samadhi, if for a split second you realize that in fact, your Higher Self, and what you think you are, things are completely different, then, oddly enough, comes to you authority over all its manifestations and you get closer to self-knowledge.

And here at the Absolute is no such thing. Therefore, he again called Patanjali than a person different from the Absolute – the fact that all of us acts an illusion, and there is the Absolute. We consider ourselves to be your manifestations, and it is not. Then go.

Bhagavad Gita: “But the righteous people whose sin is destroyed, freed from delusion and duality, worship me, firm in vows.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In continuation of the previous chapter, remember that when you argue in the concept of the Absolute, and while you are driving a fairly reasonable way of life as it is here it is called – is correct, then sooner or later your negative karma disappears, is your positive karma. From the positive karma and you refuse, you do not need it, and you come here to this realization, who is hiding behind all this around. And comes to you the opportunity to talk one on one with the Absolute.

And, according to yoga all the ancient texts, it is truly exciting thing, especially when you Absolute responsible. It’s, you know, about the same thing, that sometimes a person gets some feedback, no matter from what. Here we have Internet Yoga courses, people would write us a letter, we respond to him, and then he was in such a shock like! There turns out to be real people, not some machine programmed! Quite a different attitude to all. Farther.


Knowledge of the Absolute gives knowledge of all.

Bhagavad Gita: “Those who are seeking refuge from me, eager for liberation from old age and death, to know fully Brahma, the highest Atman and all karma.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And once again, here is a the easiest way of understanding the world – is to know the root cause of the world. Generally speaking, in the whole Indian philosophy here is such a topic, the cornerstone of Indian philosophy. This is a response to a question. And this question is as follows: “To know this, knowing that you comprehend it?”

Well, now imagine, how would you find such knowledge, with which you could do all the knowledge of the world? And the key point. Why? Because until you learn this science, other science, fifth, tenth, you’re old, you will have a gray beard and you will have a little bit not to all. But on what would concentrate their efforts to know quickly, because life is short? So, my friends. And the answer is given that, knowing the Absolute, knowing the root cause of being, you get such knowledge, strictly speaking, from which you can derive all the others, the rest of knowledge. Farther.

Thoughts at the time of death determines the future birth.

Bhagavad Gita: “Those who know me, as the Supreme Being, the Supreme God, the supreme sacrifice, the hour of departure shall know me, faithful in spirit.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here again, the reference to the fact that sometimes it is possible to know the Supreme Absolute in the moment of death. And in the future there will be some detailed instructions, you know, yoga dying. It is believed that at the time of death, it is a serious and if such a push in the right direction to forward this push, you can quickly enough spiritually to the next level. That is why in all religions of death, let’s do? Pray, remember the Supreme. Why? Because it was believed that what people will remember the moment of death, so he will determine what will happen with him after death.

And in particular, in the Bhagavad Gita it will be said later that at the time of death, your thoughts determine your next birth. What will come to death, we will determine where you are and in what conditions will be born. Well, or the other option is possible – this is if you think the time of death of the transcendent Absolute, then, oddly enough, that’s the impetus, the momentum of death, you will rise to the Absolute.

And here still such friends the second thing that you as future luminaries of yoga must remember. Never scold religion! Unfortunately, now I went to a trend, a fashion – to abuse religion. That, they say, bigots! Climb own business, all zombie. It kinks. In every religion there are quite rational. Any religion does the dirty work. To go somewhere in the village, where all the green from moonshine and at least some moral ethics preach a little wanting. It’s just such a huge draw and religion.

So, if you analyze the Abrahamic religions, you will not find the concept of reincarnation. What, you know, it is quite a serious debate. Well, how so? In religion they claim to truth and sort of like they have to talk about everything, but about reincarnation you do not read a word. The question is why? Whether priests lied, or maybe there is reincarnation? No friends! Everything is much simpler and more complex. Any religion, true religion, such capitalized Religion, suggests that you are in one lifetime will pass all the spiritual path, and take advantage of the moment of death, so as to immediately rise to the heights of the Absolute. And you just do not need the next birth. To this he was imprisoned any religion.

That is, any religion, it is a Blitzkrieg, immediately in one lifetime, bam – and the very highest goal. In India, people have already experienced, they understand that this is not always the case. Sometimes the third, the fourth attempt. And sometimes with three hundred four with a million, two million can you like that something to achieve. But the structure of any religion assumes that you will maintain as a correct way of life and thinking of the Supreme at the time of death, and that you do not need to be born again. Here.

Therefore, no conflict was not, and can not be. You just have to understand what is what. Therefore, you will remember, such a request, an experienced fact, if you’re in some kind of religion something opened – wonderful. And stick to this religion. Religion is not contrary to yoga. Moreover, yoga can help you better understand the religion. If you do not appear, too, do not worry, live as you know it all.

The world is much harder than building any thought forms. That is, in the end, the Absolute can be shown one by one for you. If he was manifested to the founders of religion, why should he not manifest itself for you? How are you different? Yoga says, “No. We are all made on a single image. “

Another conversation that we can lead, as it is written, right and wrong way of life. Roughly speaking, we can dissociate itself from the Absolute and say, “Yes, there is no absolute”! And then, of course, it will not break your sacred freedom of the will, he will not break you. Well, even if you say: “Absolute, come to me!” You start the simulation or do some strange things, then you are also, in fact, indirectly close the door before the Absolute.

So, when a person is living life as he enjoys freedom today so that tomorrow’s freedom increased and debt reduced, such a man is called righteous. If a person in a different way, stupid lives, enjoying their freedom today, so that tomorrow’s freedom declined, and debt has increased, we call him a sinner. That’s all the explanation of sin and virtue.

Here, you’ll meet a mention like religious, remember that yoga’s pretty well thought out. But, on the third hand, if you do not understand the religions, keep away from them. Why? Be sure someone will be unhappy, you will praise, will come fifty people and say: “It is wrong you praise.” You will complain, even more people will come and say, “What do you do shoving, cursing?” There are some topics, it is better not to touch, if you will, of course, will not be revealed. If opened, a different matter. So remember, yoga is distancing itself from religion. You can do yoga as being a follower of one religion or another, and being an atheist. Or being a man is not defined yet in the views. Strictly speaking, it seems to me, most people on the planet earth fall into this third category of people undecided in their views. Questions?

Reincarnation or enlightenment?

Question: My question was born on reincarnation. Here Yoga says that souls live in the body, and then, if not enlightened, they are returning to the body. So, it turns out that all those who live on the earth, it is the Soul, which is not enlightened, and they come back, come back, or come from somewhere new?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Difficult question, my friends. Let’s repeat the question. Thus, the question of reincarnation. It is believed that if we are not enlightened in this life, we are born again. And this happens as much going on. And for some reason this has always put a negative connotation that, oh, how bad – people are not enlightened. He will have to be born again.

But if you look closely enough sections of yoga on yoga’s death, you come to a very interesting conclusion. Suddenly, in the first place, it turns out that it was, roughly speaking, the time when you all had not died. You are immortal. But you had the original ignorance. But suddenly it turned out that when you introduce the concept of death, the opportunity to start all over from scratch, it is as if more favorable configuration. Because, at the same level of ignorance, your freedom more.

That is, roughly speaking, the concept of death, widens our freedom. That’s why we are all, at some once voleizyavili evolutionary path that in our personal universe is the concept of death. From this moment we are born and die steel.

Now further. Dying and being born, we have an opportunity with a clean white sheet again to live a life that is called, with a minimum number of those aggravating factors and the mistakes that we made in a previous life. All of us can not get out. Part of the trend remains. This is called good or bad karma. That is, have generated in a previous life some tendencies in one direction, we got the result. Rocks to the other side – get a different result.

If we did in a previous life actions, which further reduce our freedom and increase our debt, we have created bad karma in this life, our freedom is less than in the past, and the debt more. If, on the contrary, in a previous life we did such things, that our freedom has expanded in the future, and the debt was reduced, we do good deeds, have created good karma. And in this life, we therefore use good karma.

But how? At first we roughly voleizyavili, came up with the concept of death. And the concept of death, my friends, is absolutely advantageous concept. Take your death, your suffering will increase disproportionately.

So, following this logic postroenie.Kakoy next spiritual evolutionary step? It lies in the fact that you have in your voleizyavit Absolute life, the concept of the Absolute. It is only with the involvement of the concepts of the Absolute can renounce previous notions of death, to your freedom was more at your same level of ignorance. Therefore, they say that in all religions, emphasize: the savior of mankind came and death by death. Remember it? I hope that reading the scriptures? Well, as a cultured people, should at least look through. I understand that is now imposed on every corner, where it is necessary and it is not necessary, but from time to time, and you can look through and ask.

So why always oppose death and God? It seems, on the one hand, God invented death, and on the other – in opposition to the death of God. That is, in the usual classical treatment without a hundred grams, as they say, do not understand, it is difficult. But really now, all these comments, they are for whom? Well, for the medieval. Goals peasants, shepherds and some urban residents. Well, you can not explain to them the philosophy of the highest! And also people have to live, too. So many religions, they make it easy.

So, it turns out the next thing that the concept of death, you can not throw before, painlessly for themselves, what you do not understand the concept voleizyavite Supreme Absolute. And, as you will it, as it were, voleizyavlyat in his universe, you are less and less need the concept of “death”. Therefore, at a certain stage of yoga it is believed that you can achieve the perception of being, when you do not need more death, and you will become immortal in the literal and figurative sense.


That is, in a figurative sense, you do not need to be held here this procedure’s memory reset that occurs at death. In the literal sense, according to the ancient yoga, you can physically live indefinitely. But here experience is that yoga is not something for a long time tend to live well there 1000 years, 2000 years, no more. Bored, they say. Doing nothing here anymore, you know, nothing to do here. It seems to us that the world, as you remember the adage that “a man dreams of immortality, and he does not know how to spend a weekend.”

Yes, well, the concept of reincarnation is not so bad – you invent the universe, you do come up with desire. In this life, we not received, then, as in the series, otsmotren in the next series. Here. Therefore, the concept of rebirth is not so bad. But, again as taught yoga, sooner or later it will get tired, everything becomes somewhat monotonous, and I want to break this cycle of birth and death. And to break this cycle of birth and death is possible, as stated in the Bhagavad Gita, when you voleizyavlyaete in their lives the concept of the Absolute, let it be in my life. Then the concept of the Absolute quickly brings you to a state where you do not need any more death and, accordingly, no need of regeneration. That kind of logic.

I said or not? Or I do not listen? Pope with whom you spoke? You know this anecdote? Let us tell you this anecdote. A little boy comes to the Pope and said: “Daddy, why, when the apple bite, it gets dark?” Well, Dad lecture for half an hour: “Do you know, my son, in the apple contains a compound of iron. When you nadkusyvaesh of air oxygen oxidizes iron compound is obtained, respectively, of iron oxide, which here dark color such etc. and the like. ” All told, the Pope and his son: “Dad, you now talk to anyone?”

Question from external students, Vladimir Sevostyanov.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Vladimir Sevostyanov you the job tweeted explain axioms of yoga.

What’s the question?

Question: Debt creates karma, and karma – the debt, ie, first appeared debt?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Vladimir, let so it is thinking or a question? Let’s uniquely formulated question, and I’ll take care of it so that that generates.

Question (cont’d): It turns out that the debt can get out of karma?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Vladimir, I do not understand this style. Break complex thoughts on a bunch of simple, and I for one thought to ask the question that I answered.

Who has the issue in the room was still? About reincarnation? No one has anything? Nothing is clear to anyone?

Reincarnation as exam.

From the audience: just somehow unfair.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev what is dishonest?

From the audience: how the exam. Maybe a person worked well studied, prepared, and then – again, at the last minute, and got excited, I forgot what I wanted to say.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, what’s the matter here. There is no need to understand it all just like that, that there’s need to remember everything. It is understood that, with some operating time at the time of death came, it will determine the next birth. Of course, a different matter if, as before an exam. It is clear that you freebies before the exam, did not teach anything, and then have not yet got the ticket, and the teacher of a stranger, then you and confused. And imagine that you all know so well, that you were at three o’clock in the morning wake up, you still can answer. So that’s not fair.

On the other hand, I understand what you’re saying. There are special techniques, the practice of so-called dying yoga, meditation is such that it is doing at the time of death, or after you have died, and realize that you are dead. This individual sections of yoga. But there is the same situation. You need during the life seriously enough to work and perform exercises to use them at the moment of death. Those. everything honestly. How to prepare and hand over. Poorly prepared – badly hand over, well prepared – good hand over. Especially because the exam can be written.

Vladimir Sevostyanov reformulated the question: What is the duty to help get out of karma?

The answer from the audience: the exhaust out of the debt allows karma.

The answer from the audience: Matrimonial (laughter).

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends already gone-gone. I still have the next chapter. Vladimir, let us leave it for later.

Question from the audience: It turns out most, if taken from philosophies, religions, they cling to one aspect of the Absolute, either for personal form, or for something more ephemeral. In any case, the Absolute sverhlogichen. And he, and so and so it appears. Those. it turns out that, going to some of the imperfections, then people might understand that it is not only personal, not just impersonal aspects.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you know, in the same Abrahamic religions, there are many positions that are well understood when you know yoga, but do not understand, when you read them all intricate explanations. I will not simply cover all of these topics. Sometimes I just, you know, just feel sorry for these religions, because they are too stupid followers of these religions. In religions much more potential than the brains of these followers, who shout at each corner, arrange all these religious wars. And you begin to understand it only when you really understand the depth of the fundamental principle. Here again I say, why be careful, it is better not to meddle in religion. That’s how much I know who has got any, necessarily vljapalsja. Someone necessarily unhappy. Required.

Ignorance, as the reverse side of freedom.

Question: reborn, only those who took steps here, only souls of those who lived there, or come new, those who did not have before birth on our soil?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, the question is meaningless. See, the situation is as follows. The moment of your birth is identical with the time of creation of the universe. Because your higher self is embodied or comes to a level where there is no concept of time and space, you know what I mean? There is no concept of numbers, there is no concept of cause and effect. Higher Self, roughly speaking, the plane dives into the cause and effect. Therefore, even the question itself involves a series of cause and effect or linear flow of time. And our Higher Self is embodied with very different levels. Therefore, strictly speaking, the question is incorrect. We can not say anything. That is, in any case, as it turns out there, all flowery.

Difficult things – birth and death. Sophisticated. We’re trying the example of our ordinary everyday experience to understand, but as a condition where there is no time, or cause and effect. Therefore, strictly speaking, things somehow identical. Those. what’s the difference, it turns out that on the one hand, by and large, the key issue is not even the last of karma, and the original state of ignorance. Degrees of initial ignorance – that it is more determining in the spiritual plane. A primordial ignorance – our original freedom, from the pre-knowledge. It turns out that the very same ignorance – it is the reverse side of freedom.

Once again, my friends, is a heavy topic. They were on their fingers, just like that, do not explain. On the other hand, are more blunt schema understandable to humans. It is said: “Yes, everything is simple. Once upon a time Absolut has created all souls. All souls are sliced, you know. And here they hang from life to life. First, atoms, then molecules, then Paramecium caudatum, then something more complicated, then monkeys, then the people. ” Those. giving birth, dying, rising to the next level. Enough beautiful, logical diagram. It fits perfectly with the theory of evolution. The weight of all “for”.

But if to be honest, the world is much more complicated, and that’s the scheme. But what is good. From a practical point of view, it does not matter: in one way or commercials, or in some other way. It plays a role, as you have exercised their original ignorance. How do you convert it in your omniscience. You know, that’s also a paradox of ignorance – is the flip side of omniscience. And they say that there are one-step methods of yoga enlightenment when any level, using their ignorance at the moment, you would like it to turn inside out omniscience. This rapid methods of yoga.

Dharma and algorithm decision.

Question from external students. Vladimir Busygin, the group gotra, St. Petersburg: Is there any indirect factors other than logic and intuition, which help a person find his Dharma? Especially in cases where the choice of the path is an edge, you do not know where to go.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When you can not find your dharma, then a lot of questions before you should. Especially acute these problems in adolescence: do not know where to study, what to become. Whether in bandits, whether in the oligarchs, or to lawyers, or somewhere else, whether in the trading market. Now tell us Basim. Therefore, you may remember, there are some general provisions.

In particular, yoga is, the so-called decision-making algorithm, which analyzes all the achievements, advice from antiquity. This is, firstly, do not you know what your dharma, you do not know what you should do. Well, do not you know, in the dark. Therefore, what do you want to start? First, remember, and what is your duty, what is this debt, to whom this duty? Clearly, immediately pop parents, country, environment, etc., etc. And then start to dance on the concept of its debt. First, realize what is your duty, and it will be the first step towards the realization of what your dharma. That’s why sometimes, in some religions or philosophies even put a sign of equality between the concept of duty and dharma, which, strictly speaking, wrong.


The first, second and third principles of yoga.

The debt is only part of reality, the other part of your reality – freedom. So the concept of dharma operates at the same time and with the other, and with debt, and with freedom. So, first determine what your duty. Then remember that you have the freedom that you are free. The freedom to do anything you want, if you respect the debt. But not to commit follies, yoga recommends their freedom to use as follows: The first yoga principle to remember – not harming any living being. And their freedom is desirable so as not to harm any living being unless absolutely necessary. If an urgent need still came, it shall do so only as a duty orders. You know, that’s such a bunch of: freedom – debt.

Then the second yoga principle – to act effectively, that is, you know, you can be described as the principle of least action. All theoretical physics is based on this principle. This second yoga principle. Those. again it is eliminated a certain number of those actions that are taking advantage of the freedom you could do, but will not do, because they are contrary to the 2nd principle.

If you go fast methods, it is still necessary to add a third principle of yoga. (Vow of renunciation of sufferings).

If after that remained in doubt, it is advisable to consult a knowledgeable person.

And if after that did not have any answers, it is still possible to consult with “the voice of the people’s” most people. But, no matter what they said, you should remember that they have only can push on the realization of his dharma, the way you act, and how you will act, again, on the basis of their freedom. So that’s the way it should be determined what to do in this world, what not to do.

Question for you, by the way, the students, so very open. Painful. You have come to learn from yoga instructors, and a certain number of us out, dropouts Statistics. Dropout. And the question is, what then came? It would be better not come then, they came and went. And the question, of course, rested in your dharma. How well do you understand it. And if you got there, so if you are doing? Or not. None of you will not answer, you only for themselves.

So, ladnenko, chudesnenko. There are there questions? Not yet. And also not out of the hall.

Go ahead.

Chapter Eight.

Bhagavad Gita:


1. ChtoestBrahmo? KtoVysshiyAtman, chtotakoeKarma about Purushottam? ChtonazyvaetsyaVysshimBytiem, kogoimenuyutVysshimBogom?

2. ChtotakoeVysshayaZhertva and kakona (mozhetbyt) in etomtele, Madhusudan? And chasuhodakaktypoznaeshsyapredannymduhom?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I remind you of the situation, Arjuna found, of course, the right place for philosophical questioning. I will remind you a summary of the previous series. The two armies confront each other and have to fire intermittently into each other occasionally. Those. It is about to begin a terrible bloody massacre. Awful. And Arjuna with Krishna left in the middle between the two armies, and now began to ask Arjuna Krishna, and how does the universe in general. In general, the place found a more than suitable.

But, on the other hand, you know, I’m also constantly think about the dharma or life path of a warrior. If you all my life preparing to die in the name of homeland or some sort of ideals, then perhaps any fight for you – it is samadhi. Because you’re going, you do not know whether you’ll stay alive, with no room for doubt, there is no place Throwing, you know, there is no place that’s this philosophy a little better, but this – a little worse, so there is one thing, here – something other. Who will take down your head, without any philosophy will remain. Those. already once, in general.

Well, remember what it said even Mark Twain: “Nothing clears the mind so as the prospect of being hanged in the morning.” This is exactly the same, and then, when you go into battle, no thoughts, or rather you have questions ask essentially only what you want to hear what you really are interested and concerned, and lead abstract debates are not exciting. Well, I must say that the answers to reach, of course, better and clearer. Clearly, adrenaline, of course, is about to begin a battle, therefore, whatever Krishna said, very well stamped in the memory. Maybe especially Krishna did so to bring the student.

So, then, followed by another batch of questions from Arjuna to Krishna. And Krishna, you remember, is a very interesting kind of personality, picture, or the Absolute beyond, ineffable, beyond space and time, numbers, and shapes, but which is in its favor, it came in the body of an ordinary person to respond, including this here is the list of issues.

So, a lot of things there, Arjuna asked about reincarnation, Brahma, etc. And Krishna is responsible.

Our I do not rely on anything but itself is a support for all.

Bhagavad Gita:

Sri Bhagavan said:

3. BrahmoestVyssheeNeprehodyaschee, the Self-Subsisting

estVysshiyAtman; Karmoyimenuetsyaprichina

occurrence and ischeznoveniyasuschestv.

4. VyssheeBytie – in prehodyaschembyvane; Purusha –

VysshiyBog; VysshayaZhertva – I etomtele about luchshiyizvoploschennyh.

5. Who chasuhoda, osvobozhdayasottela, vspominayamenya,

departs, totidet in moeBytie in etomnetsomnenya;

6. Iboktokakuyususchnostvspominaet, pokidayapri

konchinetelo to toysuschnostion and goes Kaunteya; always

turning into etususchnost.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, let’s all this row.

Bhagavad Gita: “Brahma – is the Supreme Imperishable.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is a reference to something very, very, very abstract.


Bhagavad Gita: “self-existent – is the supreme Atman.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: self-existent – something that still relies and that is not based on anything. Higher Self. Each of you have your Higher Self you think that in order to live, you need food, salary, you need a home, work, etc., etc. If you do not have this, you will sooner or later die of starvation, or homeless people will suffer from the cold. And yoga says the opposite, that in fact our bodies, it is not the reason for our I. And our self – the cause of the bodies. Our I, by and large, does not depend on tel. But we mistakenly think of ourselves as bodies, so it seems to us that we depend on. Yet there was something?

Will, as the cause of evolution.

Bhagavad Gita: karma is called the cause of the appearance and disappearance of beings.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: again, karma – the notion of so fashionable in the present era, the concept, in fact, trivial. This is the law of cause and effect, or the law of a linear flow of time that the first is the cause, and then – a consequence.

And it is clear that if the Absolute has created us in his image and likeness, endowing primordial ignorance, then we began to do that? Experiment. We started anyway, voleizyavlyat how we manifest in the universe through its manifestations. And, in fact, our displays have formed our bodies, here, in fact, the driving force of evolution. The scientific concept of evolutionary development is no concept of a driving force, and introduces the concept of blind chance busting, what disagrees yoga. It is believed that every living being, it first voleizyavlyaet. The momentum of will – that it leads to a change in shape. We say, genes, there is something changing, etc., etc. But karma in a more simple way, and in a more sophisticated, it’s just the laws that you voleizyavlyaete and which then live.

Just imagine: you live in a fantasy world, where do you come up with a law. None of them have not come up with, you come up with yourself. Those. the fact that you are covered by an action of certain laws, very different, says only one thing, that once before you voleizyavili them in his personal universe. Therefore, they are to you and act. This is called karma. If you ponapridumyvali many bad laws, then, as a result, they are not you sweet, you are suffering, you say – bad karma. If you come up with a lot of good law – on the contrary, you are all well, you enjoy, you are all wonderful. We say – good karma. But in fact, and in another case – the laws of cause and effect, of expression in his personal universe. And then you live according to the will. And in such moments as the body, the conditions of life, it’s a matter of obeying these laws, you voleizyavili.


Bhagavad Gita: “Higher Being – in transient byvanii”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: here different is possible to give comments on all this, but, in particular, it turns out that each of us – it is such a very strange design – our Higher Self beyond, and it is precisely the essence of the supreme being, indestructible. On the other hand, our Coupled with our bodies and our bodies are made with very specific matter of some structures that already are transitory, that one today and tomorrow – more. In form, you know, when the fed our body shines with pleasure. On the other hand, do not feed him – it is a bad and miserable.


Bhagavad Gita: “Purusha – the supreme God.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: here, too, can give different comments, I just do not want to overload you such moments that embodied in this sense, I – I, which is in the universe, which voleizyavlyaet, it turns out, it creates this universe. So it turns out that someone creator of the universe around us from this formal point of view? Ourselves. Absolute have made free, and everything else so we are taking advantage of this freedom, completely laid for him.


Bhagavad Gita: “Higher victim – I am in this body, O best of the embodied.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is very much a variety of comments to give, because that’s the situation in the Bhagavad Gita – they are multifaceted. There is such a deep level, there is a surface level, there are prohibitively sacral level. But, in particular, one of the examples where, indeed, the Absolute comes in the human body. Remember, will not even refer to religion, parallel conduct.


Yoga dying.

Bhagavad Gita: “Who in the hour care is released from the body remembering me off, he is in my being, and there is no doubt.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again, a reference to the yoga of dying. Yoga dying in the West, primarily known through the Tibetan yogis. There are better preserved. A lot of it is given practices. Although from a theoretical point of view, difficult to explain, even by the followers of Tantric Buddhism or Tibetan yogi (there is also, incidentally, dealt a bad thing). But, nevertheless, the meaning lies in the fact that at the moment of death, of course, is released enormous potential destruction of structures, if properly direct this potential in the right direction, he may have to lift to the desired height, or help you to complete all the spiritual work you have not done in life. Actually, yoga dying on the same and built. Well, it is the highest yoga of dying when you’re in the moment of death being aware of the root cause.

The point is, what is death? Death is disembodiment, when in fact your display out of the universe and sink into the cause of these manifestations, ie, in your Higher Self And so, at some point, at the time of death, you are totally free from the world, you’re out of the concept of karma, you are out of the concept of cause and effect, you are in your Higher Self, which is identical to the Absolute. If you do grab the this point, you are at the moment you reach the highest samadhi. What I must say, is very often used by Indian yogis. And, as apparently still used. Therefore, when one or another great saint dies, they say that he did not die but went into Mahasamadhi, ie at the time of death, thought of the Absolute and have all gone beyond the succession of births and deaths, he reached the ultimate goal of yoga. Like it or not, you and I can not check.

How to check? Well, I do not know, there was in Rishikesh, where they then come quite brutally with the bodies of those who have gone Mahasamadhi, ie ordinary people cultural burned on the banks of the Ganges, and these – no, do not burn. That would tie a stone and thrown into the Ganges, drowned corpses, then completely buried somewhere. Those. they do not burn. I do not know why such a thing here. Such are the times. I do not know, this is the moment of perception.

But in any case, you read there, such a teacher founded a school of yoga, then, a certain ashram lived, then that, then that in such Mahasamadhi left something on a certain date. Did not die. Gone vMahasamadhi. This was, perhaps, somewhere polite form that reached the final enlightenment. Here.

So, my friends, today all over the part, which we managed to make out with you, questions? No.

So Bhagad Gita – the text is very interesting, non-trivial, multi-faceted – to read and read. Another conversation, friends, again I unfortunately have to say that he is more intelligent philosophical and more multifaceted than some followers, worshipers, including the Bhagavad Gita said. As I now regret religion, I’m here Bhagavad Gita is a pity, because so much of any such religious-based initiatives. In India, as in general at every turn, we have something smaller.

This is sometimes faced with a follower and you know that person, you know, no heart, no brains. It is clear that either you have to be committed to the concept of personal Absolute and not particularly clever, but just to worship, just to devote all his work to the service of Krishna, as they say, to the service of the Absolute. Doing good deeds for the benefit of all sentient beings. And then you meet a person of good deeds he does. That such openness it Krishna is not visible. He begins to philosophize, you start with him on the clever conversation to talk and understand what he philosophizes about the same as doing good deeds. Such nonsense simply concrete that just feel sorry for the poor Krishna, can he come here a second time, re-read the Bhagavad Gita. So I ask you, if you have the association with the Bhagavad Gita is not quite sane personalities, you know, this is an unfortunate misunderstanding. This is a serious text. Very philosophical. Giant philosophical heights in total Indian philosophy and yoga in particular.

Today everything.



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