2011_10_28-site seminars. Rita Kundalini Yoga laya. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Roving seminar. Rita Kundalini Yoga laya. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.


So, friends, we have today 28 October 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev – I teach yoga. That we have a retreat. We are located in the suburbs. The seminar is held for students of the International Open Yoga University “Rita Kundalini Yoga laya”. All historical data on www.openyoga.ru site, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru.

Yoga Dreams

Today will be a very interesting topic, and you in the future is a very interesting practice associated with Yoga Dreams. Before we consider with you those exercises that you do, I want you to very quickly outline the main points of the theory of this very interesting yoga. Especially for those who have never encountered this section.

Three states – Higher verge of reality

So, my friends, each of you to his own experience knows that from time to time we’ll have to sleep. And we sleep different amounts of time at different ages, in different circumstances, with different state of health, etc., in different seasons etc. But this is absolutely an essential human need for sleep. And the most commonly prevailing impression that the dream is a kind of necessary cost of our waking state. What is some annoying pastime only to later in the waking state to continue life as we think. I want the first moments of dream yoga, you did absolutely the right focus, which can be slightly different from the generally accepted relationship to what we call sleep.

According to the teachings of yoga state of sleep is just as important, valuable, and, in general, equivalent to the waking state. Yes, indeed, this state differs from the state of sleep. Waking state – this is some continuity of the images, or the life that surrounds us. We fell asleep in bed, and we in the morning wake up in the same bed, but sleep the situation is somewhat different: in one night you dream a dream the other night can be completely unrelated dream sleep the previous night, and so on .d. This is the diametrical difference lies the unity of these phenomena.

According to the teachings of yoga it is considered that there is a Higher Reality. And the Supreme Reality, unfortunately, each of us is slipping. Insufficient honed our intelligence, our senses, our intuition is not enough of our experience, and we are unable to perceive the true reality of the world or to know the true essence or nature of ourselves – it eludes us. As a consequence, we consider ourselves to be not what we really are, and we do not correctly interpret the world around us. But, friends, Higher Reality does not disappear. From the fact that we do not perceive it, it does not disappear. It is every second is, was and will be. We can not live in isolation from the Higher reality, the supreme law of the universe, from the highest sense of the universe, t. To. If we begin to live this way, these laws can crush us.

Therefore, the payment of our ignorance, the payment of the illusions about themselves and the world, there was such a thing as the waking state and the dream state. And to be quite strict with the position of yoga theory, these three state – a state of wakefulness, a state of dreaming and this condition of dreamless sleep.

And these three conditions, three kinds of our existence – is, in essence, three sides or three points of view on a single reality. For us to live even one day, we have to learn how to be in harmony with reality. If we go against reality, then we will immediately die.

And in order to fill the information, some of those impulses that come from reality, but that we do not perceive in the waking state, we are given the state of sleep with dreams. Where, first, there is a kind of new rethinking of all that we have received in the waking state, and on the other hand there is a channel of your own knowledge of reality, has not connected with the state of wakefulness. But this is not enough, because and in the waking state and the dream state is involved, our mind, and the person is higher than the concept of the mind.

In particular, he has one more very high capacity direct direct comprehension, or sometimes it is called yoga “Higher intuition” when we are not thinking we know. And in a state of sleep without dreams we perceive this third facet sverhlogichnoy transcendent reality that can be known through the senses, through the mind, and through the Higher intuition, or the state, which is higher than the mind.

Thus, we are doing a cycle, or, as we would say in the Vedic times, it constitutes Rita law, when one should replace each harmoniously. And we need you to alternate these states: the waking state, then the state of dreaming, then the state of dreamless sleep. They should be mixed as a deck of cards.

Sleep with dreams

Once again I want to draw your attention – in a state of dreaming you’re part recycle information that is entered in the waking state, but you can see it from several other, sometimes unusual angles, in order to fill the gaps of our ignorance and misinterpretation.


A similar situation in the waking state we are often under the influence of sleep. Often, we dream any dream that makes us think about some kind of event a reality, but that in the breaking of a dream appears to us in a very different form. And, say, the next day after this dream, we were impressed. But as we go into the waking state under very impressed, when something is revealed to us an entirely new, in no way connected with the previous experience. We sometimes dream of some absolutely fantastic dreams, the nature of which we do not understand. We had no say in the life of such an experience, to have dreamed this or that dream. And sometimes these dreams are very serious effect on our waking state. This gives birth to various kinds of dream books, various interpretations of prophetic dreams, etc. etc. Moreover, in ancient times it was known places that if you come and sleep, then, as a rule, have visited unusual dreams.

Dreamless Sleep

But, finally, there is a third state – the state of sleep without dreams. This is when the mind does not actually work, but it works the supreme intuition, or running a direct apprehension, or direct light of consciousness illuminates, as if to say, this is the life, or the original being a property which is higher thought forms, the above thoughts, words, ideas, images, forms, . As a rule, ordinary people it does not recognize. During sleep, it can sometimes difficult to remember any dream, but these outlets to sleep without dreaming, as a rule, the common man does not perceive.

But, my friends, if you do yoga for a long time, in particular, you can do so by yogis like hatha yoga, and the channels of your perception with the help of the exercise begins to peel, then, oddly enough, you start to record, observe for yourself sleep periods dreamless. And after waking up you can hardly even themselves explain what was then, not to mention the fact, to tell other people. It remains only the subjective experience of what happened to you. As a rule, it is connected with the state of some of the highest fullness, such a state that you pour streams of bright of a full sense of the world, when you’re not thinking, suddenly aware of the enormity of its own existence, as well as all the surrounding universe. At the same time do not have any ideas, forms, and there is only this is now the state of cosmic-grandiose elation, clarity and fullness of experience. Therefore, in a state of sleep without dreams is hidden or enclosed world is not less important and ambitious than our wildest dreams, or than all our most fantastic adventure, or life events.

If you went up to a certain level of development, then, having gone through here these ambitious climbs in the state of sleep without dreams, you begin to better understand what was meant by all sorts of explanations in the ancient treatises on Higher intuition. The fact that the mind – it’s just one of the important ways of knowledge of the world, but not the only, etc. etc. Once again, my friends, if you experience, the experience of the state of sleep without dreams, it is very powerful and puts an imprint on your state of dreaming. Or let’s say you had a dream, and then you fell into a state of sleep without dreams. And here in this higher light brightens all intuitive consciousness being perceived, and then again returned to the dream state. It already imposes imprint on this dream, and it is for you to become fantastic, and if you then wake up, then, say, the whole day may be further impressed.

I often met people who do yoga – my students, who practiced Yoga of Dreaming. And when they did manage some outputs are in a state of sleep without dreams, the next day they could not talk. So an enormous wave of understanding of their catches, that the state of wakefulness just dimmed. That is the experience that you get to sleep without dreams, when the mind does not work, and the light of your consciousness works through intuition, just puts a huge imprint on the other two conditions.

Well, my friends, as a result, reverse: if you properly get ready while you are awake and start the right way to do the exercises in the dream state, you will ensure yourself a prerequisite in order to survive this ultimate experience to sleep without dreaming.

In particular, you are nice workout Hatha yoga. Before that, you had pranayama yoga. This composite bricks background to today, falling asleep, you first felt certain dreams, and then fell out here in a state of thoughtlessness, bathed in light. Another thing is that, of course, require many, many approaches require prior experience, but the groundwork is done.

So, my friends, all these three states essentially turns showing you Supreme transcendent reality or, on the other hand, the ultimate goal of any yoga.

The fourth condition – Turia

And then the next question is: Is it possible, for example, to give up the dream state or sleep state without dreams? From time to time come across all sorts of notes about the people who for forty years do not sleep and so on. It is necessary to carefully treat such old allegations that a person does not sleep for a long time.

From a theoretical point of view, this is possible if you went into a state of samadhi, if you went into a higher state, the fourth condition is sometimes called Turiya, you basically do not need the first three previous state, ie. A. You in this fourth state perceive all at once the remaining three. Once again I remind you: the three previous ones, or the first three, only needed to at least some idea of reality to assemble, and here you will immediately comprehend the reality, and there is no need in this fragmentary view.

So in essence, we are destined to go to sleep, to dream, and to fall in the height of the sleep without dreams, and then come back to the fact that we call the waking state, is still very, very long time, until the Enlightenment. And so, my friends, you will remember that it is very important to use these transitions. Yoga in this regard is extremely rational science. All that is inherent in human nature, yoga uses for its own purposes.

So today we’ll try to do the following practices:

In this beautiful room after we ventilate here, you try to sleep. You try to sleep with one hand without waiting for the result, but on the other hand with the clear understanding that at the time of sleep, sleep time, at the time of dreamless sleep, then at the moment of your waking you see different facets of something essentially continuous, that does not change. Do not some of these spasmodic attempts to keep his mind on certain ideas, or try to realize his dream, or like to go into this thoughtless. No, it does not. The efforts are not needed. And so you have it all effortlessly. It is important to just pay attention to it. It is important for some sverhpamyatovanie. Something continuous, that does not change in a state of sleep with dreams, and without dreams.

Today you have made preliminary practices pranayama yoga and hatha yoga, you are engaged in this beautiful hall and thus created all the necessary conditions, or to charge the room right mental, mental and other vibrations. And being in the field of action of this room, you have a greater likelihood or chance to grasp it continuously. This so-called effect of the temple, t. E. A place where people are engaged in something spiritual, sooner or later, is magnetized, so to speak. Magnetizes some obscure spiritual vibrations in the future, even if you do not do, but simply are present in this place, everything tends accomplishes itself for you just as you first overclocking heavy trolley, and then the truck, speeding, rolling itself a. You can jump on it and have to roll inside it. That same about the effect of the state of the church, when you are engaged in one place, soak it all their thoughts, their emotions, and then relax at this point, or just go to sleep. You pick up as if by inertia all those aspirations that have been before, and much easier to carry out this or that practice. That is why it is very important to sleep in that place where you’re doing, if you want to take the first steps on the way of the dream yoga. Although it is not a law of nature. You can get the same effect if’ll go to his bed and fall asleep there, but if you make the first steps in this regard need some supportive measures.

Today, therefore, not all, but those who wish may stay here to sleep and try to analyze everything that happens to them. Tomorrow realize comprehend for some of his further experiments in this direction. Once again I want to remind you, this is quite a long yoga, like any yoga. Wanted approaches, attitudes and approaches. This does not mean that you will succeed today, but when it is necessary to take the first step if you have never done before. Today is a good opportunity to take the first step on this path. So, you do not wait, just be here to sleep. You, firstly, magnetization field will in practice. Secondly, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who are just on this wave that dramatically enhances the personal aspirations. As a rule, there is a resonance of the universal presence.

Remembering about the practice of yoga is the practice of yoga in itself

And tomorrow, I urge you all to do the following: take a leaf of paper, take a pen and write down all their impressions, all your feelings, all your results – both positive and negative. Do you remember, a negative result – it’s the same result, and everyone who even has achieved great success in this yoga, once started with the fact that they tried to make this yoga, but did not receive anything. They honestly and openly wrote – recorded condition. Once you have fixed state, your mind is unwittingly begins to analyze it, “and why did it happen?”, “And what were the prerequisites?”, “And may have been kakie-to factors hindering or distracting factors, or something something. ” And over time, you are thus, sooner or later begin to intuitively understand what factors may interfere. What is it can be factors? Variety. This may be a factor: hungry you were going to bed, or ate too tightly; you were very tired, or vice versa, you were in good condition; or you have passed the previous week on the run, the tension in any effort, or was calm, measured, normal. Lots and lots of individual factors that attract the vector of our consciousness, and sometimes help and sometimes hinder such practice yoga dreaming.

Thus, what I will call – fix your condition, write the story of his yogic attainment. I always like to repeat the phrase: “the most important book on yoga, you will not read – you write it themselves with their lives.” So write another page in the book of his spiritual development. If you get a good result, it will take a year, two, three, and if you suddenly will fall your own best record, and you read it, you suddenly feel on itself, as it has become a powerful impetus of inspiration for you for the simple reason that the remembrance the practice of yoga is the practice of yoga in itself. Suffice it once to do something and then remember to kind of play the practice, as if you were her repeat, repeat and repeat. Therefore, I again and again urge you – fix your condition.

If you do, how come most practitioners of yoga, t. E. Not serious, they get a result, but do not pay attention to it, do not wish to analyze it, reflect on it. Such mental nesobrannost, lack of discipline – it is no good does not. You slowed sharply in the way again this experience.

Not only to get some results, we must be able to interpret it. To interpret it – it has to be remembered. To remember – it must be very clearly formulated. But in order to articulate – it should be written down, because when you write, you concentrate more. Your hand. You sound out what you’re writing. You think about what you write. You temporarily do not see nothing, hear nothing and unidirectionally directs the rays of the consciousness of the fact that you have experienced. And if that happens, you understand better what happened to you with all its consequences. Where you make a mistake, and where on the contrary we have done something good.

There are, of course, a serious one significant limitation. In particular, we signed it in two principles – the principle of secrecy and the principle of openness.

The principle of confidentiality and the principle of openness

secrets of principle encourages us to keep quiet about his private practice and the principle of openness on the contrary encourages us to never hide any knowledge for themselves. At first glance it may seem that the two diametrically opposite principle – mutually exclusive. In fact, nothing of the sort. This antagonism is just hidden Higher reality. To know the ultimate reality is necessary when it is necessary – to keep your mouth shut, and at the same time, when it is necessary – to disclose fully their experience.

And if you catch this Rita, this harmony, this inner meaning, you get a very interesting thing. You will, firstly, due to the principle of the mysteries will ensure success in the practice itself, but due to the principle of openness you will seek the support of higher powers of the universe, because the more you give, the more you come. In your case, absolutely no need to suffer with these issues – what to keep secret and what is open. More precisely, does it make sense to publish its practice has or not. Why? Because you have a leader, I have to eat. And if on my part as the lead is a direct indication to share, then you know -.. This is the best option in this case, ie, you can not worry on account of the principle of secrecy. If, however, still some moments you feel that you can not yet publish, to publish in full, then under its domestic comfortable state describes only that comfortable. So, to make public.

This is a very, friends, it is important. Yoga has survived for one reason only – there were people who received the experience and then share them. All those schools, all those self-teaching, which did not have this tradition to the present day simply did not survive. All that I am telling you, I have the opportunity to talk only for one reason – for many, many times the principle mystery is matched with the principle of openness, and we have these practices. But I left completely in the dead of the philosophy she will not need too much, only need in one sense, that you have developed the habit.

Friends, every day of your practice – it is an invaluable experience. It’s like, you know, have launched into space, Yuri Gagarin, and every second of his stay in space – this is not a private matter, it is the province of all mankind. This is exactly the same and each of you, each of your practice, your every subjective experience – this is not even your own business, it is a question of the survival of humanity.

Boundary condition

But now I want to touch on a very interesting section of the dream yoga, which also makes sense to try to practice today, namely the border states. You and I have identified three states: the waking state, the dream state, the state of dreamless sleep.

But there is cross-linking, joining of these states. Or in other words, when you go to bed, there is a transition from one state to another. Here you are in the waking state, but once you sleep covered and you’re sleeping. And this moment of transition from the waking state to the sleep state is extremely interesting, very important and also very, very powerful for your personal yogic practice.

The fact that the cross-linking between the state sometimes makes it possible to unravel the very intricate intertwining of our misunderstanding, or very difficult to untie knots of our negative karma. Therefore, there is yoga, which uses these transition states. In particular, when you lie down and go to sleep, on the one hand seems to be already asleep and, accordingly, you can, using the pure dream yoga techniques that use methods of lucid dreaming, do a reality. On the other hand you are more aware of what the other leg you are still in ordinary reality, t. E. In the waking state.

A similar situation, when you wake up. On the one hand you realize that you are already on the verge of “wake up” and on the other hand, you still sleeping and you have the opportunity to experiment with images, feelings, thoughts, and his imagination. In this state you can analyze their lives, their feelings, their desires.

More difficult yoga – a cross-linking state of sleep with dreams to sleep without dreams, and therefore back. They are more ambitious and, as a rule, if they manage to work on his strength impact it is a very strong emotional shock. Are you trying to keep track of other cross-linking higher intuition with your ability to do mental universe.

In the state of dreaming, we actually can do something to create and dissolve. In the waking state, we do the same thing only more inert medium, but in fact the whole world around us just as amenable to modification, as if you were driving your dream. This has its own special charm.

If you are in the dream state something worked out, it’s easier then awake to change their lives. Do you have experience – you already believe that this is possible. But to go into a state of sleep with lucid dreaming, it would be nice to win the support of the Higher intuition of the Supreme Light of your consciousness, which is always present. And then your sleep are more likely to become aware, and from the standpoint of consciousness, you can control your mind and control your dreams. So what I would have asked you to do more. I would ask you to try to draw their attention to the moment of falling asleep, but to a greater extent at the time of waking. If suddenly in the night you will wake up a few times and fall asleep, so it makes sense to pay attention to it. To develop the habit of converting yoga class in 24 hours a day in the truest sense of the word.


Does anyone have any questions for me set out the theory? Friends, do not hesitate – Asking.

Q: Andrey Kulikov, artist Catur. Are there any practices in maintaining attention, in understanding what is happening in the transitional moments of sleep? Maybe something to do or present?

Answer: Yes, of course, there are different kinds of meditation aids. In particular, it is sometimes prescribed to keep one or the other picture to a visualization at the time of falling asleep. You all remember the meditation “May all beings be happy!” When a person focuses his attention in the center of his chest and is the lotus, beautiful in the middle of his chest inside. And then he begins to wish for the happiness of all living beings, imagining how this wish in the form of light waves at odds throughout the universe. If so, we are focusing our attention on this heart center, we begin to be subject to any one transitions associated with the dream state, a state of sleep without dreams.

There are still other practices. For example, to keep the throat center and visualize a lotus in the throat area of our base somewhere in the neck in the area where we have a dimple. This allows you to cover some other aspect of dreaming.

In fact, these techniques have a lot. But, my friends, there is one major difficulty in all these techniques – these techniques work only in one case – if you have an excess of Prana. If you have an excess of Prana, then, you have the possibility of excess, falling asleep, waking up and being able to sleep, remember these meditations, and hold them to practice. But the average person this is no power, there is prana, there is no possibility. Therefore, more important to first ordinary yogis, such as hatha yoga or pranayama yoga call this excess, the excess prana, and then depending on those or other states indeed visualize the lotus in the center of the chest, at the base of the throat, at the point between the eyebrows, sometimes in the crown of the head . Less commonly, in some centers, relatively lower heart, for example, in the navel center, etc. Although there is also a practice in which it is involved, but it requires a separate more serious story.

There is a very interesting trend that if you have an excess of Prana, then, strictly speaking, you are without it can understand the essence of these yogas. But if the excess prana will not be simple visualization you will not turn out, and if it will turn out, it will not work. More precisely, they will work while you are still awake, and then you Sandman cover and everything – you disconnect and forget about all these good intentions.

Need some factor that would work regardless of your fatigue, dispersal of your mind, that is, a separate power factor in itself. A certain such potential. And this potential is, generally speaking, is prana. If it is, if you are imbued with Prana, it is in its free form is that the initial support, which allows to keep as different states and transitions between them.

Just have some auxiliary exercises quite useful. In particular, there is a recommendation. If you had a dream with dreams, and you are trying to control it, but all of a sudden you wake up in the attempt. You control the dream, but then because of too great emotional focus you suddenly start to wake up. Sometimes it is recommended not to open your eyes if you woke up, and continue to lie with his eyes closed. Then there is a chance that you will fall asleep again, and you begin to dream a dream from the moment at which you left off. But this is a minor technical details which at first glance seem to be important. But again, my friends, all of them are minor compared to the factor that you are at least aware of something in the dream state or, aerobatics, to sleep without dreaming.

Therefore, I do not want to sharpen your attention to these many details because you are confused. And it is better if you leave the room before going to sleep – at least 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes pobudet outdoors, breathe, to ventilate here. Here is some times more work than any pretentious or very subtle meditation, which also, of course, necessary, but only under one condition – if you even ever had the experience of lucid dreaming. Who had ever? Oh, not so bad. We can say, it’s great.

More questions have friends?

Question: Nadia, a group of Aster. Vadim, you said that we have three states, which reveal three facets of reality. Sleep with dreams, which reveals the face of reality?

Answer: How can you describe the state of wakefulness? What are you now perceive the brink? Does anyone of you can say?

Question: What is the difference then waking state from the dream state?

A: Friends, you’ve not slept or what? Do you remember your dreams? That recall. Here it differs. Now remember the dream and remember waking state. How do you say, that’s one, but it’s two? We can only find and how do they differ? This is one facet, and this is another facet. At outline something whole. You know, like a nut in three projections. This is a top view. This is a side view. It is more on one side. And say, how do they differ? Well what? Different views on them.

Question: The meaning of the dream state? What is it?

A: Once again, my friends, I’m afraid, I was not the most important thing uhvachena. So, we are surrounded by a common reality. We have not two, not three realities, not five realities. We have one. Remember anecdote? Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – this is not a husband and wife, and the four strangers. In spite of this we have only one reality. The highest state of yoga we learn that reality. It is the goal of yoga. But until then, until we reached this higher state of reality, this reality begins to fold out on three sides, on three components of the form.

And say, what is needed or that the projection, we can not. It’s the same as asking – why you need a whole? Or – what is needed projection of the nut – a side view? We can not say why. We must ask – and why we need a nut? That’s exactly the same here – we can not clearly raise the question – why do we stay awake? We can put a different question – what’s the point of existence of the universe, which we learn, including through the waking state? Why? Because if we said – it is necessary for this, for that, we would have changed necessity.

If I had said, which I need to sleep with dreams. Why do you sleep then, if you will understand in the waking state, for which you need a state of sleep with dreams, if I can describe it 100%. Why, then fall asleep? You know, it’s such a fine axiomatic obstacle. But, thank God, we can not be given these issues, because whether we like it or not, we have to sleep. Whether we like it or not, during sleep, we still fall through into a state where we do not dream. Very well, this corresponds to the latest advances in science, medicine, and so on. D. Where the same share on different phases of sleep, the stage. I do not know how it relates to the ancient yogic knowledge, I am not a doctor, I do not do it. Do you remember this question to those who are engaged in the study of man, but a very good correlation. We can not answer these questions in order to practice. Any questions?

Q: Catherine, a free listener yet. In the management of a dream to strive simply to subordinate his will and the script no matter what? Or strive for something specific? Dream of Me Frog in the swamp. This is – just the fact – to get her to jump in with a sheet in a swamp? Or what?

Answer: Friends, I’m sorry, I guess I do not end up donёs emphasis today’s lesson, you will be doing. You will not be today strive to sleep with controlled dreams. That is unnecessary. Your lesson today – a transition and have something in common that binds these transitions. Your task today is not to go to sleep, and try to control your dreams. No. It’s nothing. Your task is asleep, keep track of the continuity of the state. I am able to sleep with a dream, a certain continuity of track condition. Sinking into a dreamless sleep, when you wrap streams of light, you also start to monitor the continuity of its existence. And then, returning to the waking state, you also start to monitor the continuity of existence. This practice is much more ambitious than just the practice of dreaming. You have to like to grab it – that is continuously present in all the three states. If you call a spade a spade, it is the practice of direct illumination, single-step, for one night. That’s tomorrow and see who of you are enlightened.

You also had a question about yoga dreaming. E. It is an integral part of this great yoga, where we are called to work with lucid dreaming. Go to sleep, to dream, to realize that we are asleep. At the same time make sure that, knowing that we sleep, we woke up. And in the future start all sorts of experiments with this dream, t. E. To control it consciously. And the question you have had?

Question. That is, control in any particular way, or simply try to gain control over what is happening in a dream?

Answer: First, to gain control over what is happening in a dream, and then run in a certain way. Moreover, in the ancient yogic texts there are some detailed steps. Let’s create some entity, object or phenomenon, and then dissolve it, zoom in or out or transform. Then, in a dream to see himself in one body. Then another. Then, in the third. Then increase or decrease your body, ie. E. Work with the surrounding circumstances in the dream, and with its image in a dream. Because when we sleep, we do not care myself somehow present. But again, my friends, is an integral part of the dream yoga. Not that today is your task.

Question: With regard to continuity. We must try to understand themselves in a dream like reality?

A: Do not get in a dream to perceive themselves as well as in reality, for the simple reason that if it could be done, then why do you sleep? You could still work in the waking state. There is a fundamental difference. Look, we’re talking about a higher reality environment. But there is another superior reality – is you. And here you are sitting now, you have an idea of himself. But you fall asleep, and your self-image will experience some metamorphosis. With one hand, you, as in the waking state, and on the other hand like your idea of yourself a little shifted. We can not awake to generate the same perception as in the dream state. If we could do it, we would not have needed a sleep with dreams. We could work it in the waking state. And here is the fundamental constraint that we are forced to look at himself, as well as on the surrounding reality – from three positions to fully form an idea of who we really are. Here such a focus. More questions, my friends?

Q: Elena, the group Catur. When the dream yoga teacher and give a dream any indication or say something. How serious is the need to take as a guide to the reality?

Answer: That is, if today I dreamed a dream of you and start to say. “Beysya head against the wall! Beysya head against the wall! “. Should this be seen as a one-step higher teaching of enlightenment? Should I take that as a maybe everything that I tell you to stay awake, and this is the essence of which is opened to you with dreams? Or should it be perceived as simply not having a relationship to any homily?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is called a mental construction. This issue is extremely important to your personal spiritual experience. To recognize the truly intuitive prophetic dream from just some ordering information, or any other layers. And there really can be anything. Moreover, it can be as pure nonsense, so spontaneous and truly the possibility to connect to what we call cloud school. Or a direct intuitive communication with all the teachers and the teacher of the past and the present. And just to learn from them. Do you remember, there is no limit in time and space for teachers of mankind. There is only one limitation – it’s your call to him. As long as you do not start using them, they have a tendency and a tendency not to bother you with their presence and their inappropriate advice.

So if, say, you’re going to sleep before that did a lot of meditation, strongly urged the teachers to come to you and enlighten you, and now and then you have a dream, when they come and warn you, there is the usual logic of events, cause and effect. You asked, and it is quite possible you will come back. But again, you have to analyze it for that: instead of whether it is an illusion, hallucination, maya.

Friends, reality around us, and we do not see it, because there is a layer of maya, separating us from this reality. This same layer of maya there in a dream with dreams. And so you have not seen, it can be both really Higher face of the reality that you opened. And maybe another demonstration of the edge of reality, which is also covered by maya, as the same line that we see in the waking state, but do not perceive this higher reality. Therefore, only your own personal spiritual experience, intuition and practice over time to help you identify, separate one from another. More questions?

Question: Igor, Astra Group. Reasons that sometimes we remember his dream, and sometimes we even forget immediately, as soon as awake?

Answer: Yes, indeed, there is the effect when sometimes we wake up and not remember anything that we dream. And then at the end of the day suddenly remembered. This is a very strange shift mechanisms of consciousness, attention and memory. As far as we sharpened the memory for it. Once again, Western civilization demonstrates two approaches to sleep. The first – a complete disregard. The second – a superstitious fear and admiration. Yoga is devoid of these two extremes. Why? Because indeed during your sleep can be anything. And the revelation, and stupidity. The question is that the Western approach, it provokes our unwillingness to remember dreams. But it trains in the same way as our usual trains memory. You can learn over time, waking up very clearly remember the dreams. If you start from today every morning as soon as you wake up, try to remember dreams, I can assure you that over time you hone to perfection this ability. This is a question only of training. More questions, my friends?

Question: How not to lose the line between reality and dream? When you sleep 24 hours, you realize that the reality is lost.

Answer: You know, what’s the matter, my friends. How is it gone? And all those sleepless nights – is not lost (reality)? Compensation. You still will not be able to sleep 48 hours. Yes, sometimes it happens that a person who has survived some state, in particular, the practice of yoga – here we have some practice, after which the man should sleep 15 hours. Very strong practices emotional. But it only indicates that you are now a little bit pushed the boundaries of perception, and the other a little narrowed. Over time, all calm down. You can not sleep 64 hours straight. You wake up sooner or later. Moreover, if you will be too long to be in such a state, then again, sooner or later your body will fall apart, you will die. We can not, friends, to live in reality and do not interact with it. Any questions?

Question: Olga, the Aster Group. Is there a way to help yourself and see the time go?

Answer: We have already talked about this. Once again briefly recall. Can help only one – is the excess prana – will be able to keep track of, there will be an excess of Prana – decades will all of these meditation read, in what a chakra lotus see. And all will still fall asleep and then wake up as a cucumber, without experiencing anything without doing anything.

Question: Alexander, Astra Group. And after realizing itself in several bodies, there is something more? (Laughter)

Answer: Yes, there is so full! We can say this with some all begins. Mystical ritual creation of karma owed their bodies to excercise all negative karma. Why do you live 50 thousand lives, if I may so do the premise that all negative karma immediately worked out in parallel bodies. I was just a little joke esoteric friends, but, generally speaking, of course there is the concept of recognition as one was multiple. As multiple merges into one again. This is a very high philosophical questions. Of these, by the way, math is very well displayed. I wish someday to do a bunch of math and yoga.

Q. Alain, group Catur. And if the transition moments evoke a sense of fear?

Answer: Yes, friends. That’s the fact of the matter is that not all so smoothly, with impunity. If our karma is difficult, very difficult karma is negative, of course. Because if you are experiencing feelings of fear, this is due to the influence of negative karma. There are situations when pulled in one – pulled more. He began to think of one, and caused quite a reaction from the other side. And it is precisely these transitional states – they help get closer to unraveling the intricacies of these from the point of awareness. So, of course, force yourself does not make sense. And there is a sense smoothly, neatly approach that all states. I still want one comment to make: sometimes in the literature that part of the dream yoga, which works with transitions wakefulness to sleep with dreams, dreaming to wakefulness, well, probably dreaming in dreamless sleep is called Yoga Nidra – such is the term. Nidra can be translated as a state of slumber. Here we sit on whether lecturer listen to lectures and then, or already asleep. Here it is borderline. It is similar to when we go to sleep and wake up.

Question: If we consciously manage all of this in a dream. Transform yourself anyway. Then where is the line between illusion and reality? Not everything is a game of maya?

Answer: Again, my friends, you are not a little to grasp the theory, but there is no way the time frame in more detail here to explain it to you. Status of maya is present both in the waking state and the dream state, and in a state of sleep without dreams. Completely missing the Maya in the fourth state – Supreme Enlightenment. Therefore, there is now in question is not that the game is replaced with another one, but several of the more fundamental causes. The single reality represented by three faces, but each of these faces in the same layer closed maya. And sometimes it is easier to understand where the Maya deceiving you in the waking state. If before that you did practice in the dream state, where he worked as a single reality, but with the Maya, dreaming. Once you understand how it works the Maya, you begin to understand how it works in the waking state. Why? Because in this regard, my friends, as the nature of reality is one, and the nature of Maya is one. That’s why it makes sense to practice in different situations. What in the waking state we are able to Maya that in the dream state under the influence of maya.

But the Maya, Maya single manifests itself by one, and here’s another. We just her and calculate. In particular, any events or any emotion, if we know how to play in a state of sleep with dreams and fulfill them. Then, in the waking state, we boldly faced with a similar situation, do not fear. Why? Because we know – this is maya. In particular, for this reason sometimes given to such recommendations in the dream yoga: at a certain stage relate to the waking state as if you were sleeping. Thus, you drag the experience from the sleep state to the waking state. And Maya and there, and there is the same, but you’ll feel better knowing that you’re kind of like sleep. But this is such psychological techniques.

Question: In the transition state has the opportunity to untie karmic knots. How? Conscious thinking? Or changing the situation?

A: Karmic nodes unravel as they braided. We first one thing we do in the dark, confusing. And then back to unraveling how spliced junction.

Q: You see a dream that makes you worry. Then you wake up – worried, even in this all, but you realize. So what? Trying to resolve the situation back for the better?

Answer: Well, imagine that this situation will not come to you in a dream, but in life. Then, and as much more experience and as much more adrenaline, even in the time of sleeping (nightmare) – it is very difficult to say where the more adrenaline, where there is less. In a state of sleep or wakefulness. But in any case, my friends, this is a bit of a different section. Now we have no time for that. All.

Before we go further with you, I want to once again draw your attention to the following such thing. This fix their fortunes on paper or start writing a review for a seminar during the workshop. Why is it important. This is important for several very serious reasons. The first reason is the fact that you have used every minute efficiently conducted here at the workshop. If you describe your condition, any practice whether you succeeded or failed, you have experienced any state or experienced. So this will give a very serious stage for your mind, which will analyze and further will tell you where and when you made any mistakes. In the sense that you have not fulfilled all the requirements, or vice versa, so you can reach in the future will begin, the combination is defined some factors prompted the disclosure of consciousness or new range of sensations. It’s very, very important to you. You know, just as a scientist before an experiment to prepare for it, and then after he puts the most rigorous, carefully describes it. So this is just the tip of the iceberg because in the future could be for several years, goes the analysis of the result, which was received in this regard, each of you know how this is a scientific laboratory and our seminar this as a big science experiment. And whether we like it or we do not want varimsya in the general field of practice and get some data. And they will need in the future to work and process. This is the fastest and most efficient way to promote yoga. When you did something, and then analyze what you have done.

Unfortunately, the trend of modern man in yoga is to take unceremoniously, into submission. A man of such practices can make 100 without getting the result, and then just stop and think, and where he has done something wrong. But in particular, for example, in some practices, there is a rule: each practice to be the beginning of a private practice and completion practices. So you can make 1,000 days of work on oneself, but without performing this simple rule, you just do not get the result. And this error could be detected after the first attempt, but you can not detect, and 10 years of doing yoga.

Therefore, I have again and again to ask, do the second yoga principle fix his condition, fix his experience to further reflect on them, otherwise all will be forgotten as well. The veil of maya instantly envelop your mind at the end of the workshop, and you will lose a significant part of those achievements. In addition, you have to remember the next time that the practice of mindfulness – is the practice itself! That is, if you’ll come back mentally to the different states that you get during our seminar today, you will partly affect the structure of the body, the mind. So, in such a way as if you again and again repeated these practices. If you write down your feelings and let’s say in a year or two, after 10 years, look at your own records is then involuntarily vskolyhnёte are Sanskar or fingerprints on the surface of your mind, which were formed at the time of the internship. And it will be for you a safety factor, protection, stability, tranquility. You know, like the fact that when we remember any trouble is we diminish forces. Similarly, if we remember, something spiritual, light, strong it adds us strength, and at the critical moment, when it will be necessary to make a decision, and your mind will rush, you can remember this or that practice. At the moment, your mind will calm down, and you take the right decision, in any case, the percentage of error will be less. Therefore, remembering the moment is extremely important! But who among us can boast of yogic memory 100 percent, no. In one ear, flew to the other. Even what happened to us, it happened. Therefore it is necessary to fix. Take a piece of paper, get yourself a leaf, notebook, diary, whatever. But consider that each letter you write is fixing your practice, this enhancement. Here you’ve got some results, you have increased it in 10 times. A negative result, you have reduced the negativity of 10 times. Why, because in the future you will reflect on how and what did not work. So there are plenty of other reasons why I urge the utmost care to keep a journal, conduct a review report. On completion of the workshop, I ask you all just go to our forum and reviews out there to duplicate your review, but the extent to which you see fit to publish to the outside, as they say consumption for external reader. Why is it important ?! This is important for the next very important factor in your spiritual development! It – find their own kind. If you share with them their experiences, feelings, obnaroduete them, other people who share your view of the world, read it, and will tend to seek a meeting with you and the contact. For the simple reason that very often people like to say intuitively coming in yoga, he thinks he’s the only one in the universe, and from this comes the loneliness. In yoga it is said, loneliness is your bad karma. Overcoming loneliness can only search for like-minded people. You do not need just to what people in your environment. The greatest happiness to communicate with their own kind. The biggest problems start when you begin to communicate with humans and with unnecessary unnecessary contingent. All of the greatest achievements, all the greatest help you can get when dealing with their own kind.

So you can get the biggest problems in life, when you start to copy a large, alien to you way of thinking and behavior. Since each of us being free and has the right to live as he pleases. Therein lies a paradox that choosing a company, you choose your own destiny. But on the other hand, where we take people like you, hard. And then there is a way how to express myself, to find people who think just like you. Then your yoga dramatically accelerate and intensify. Therefore, again and again! Each letter you write it gain 10 times practice all that positive that you get here. And a decrease of 10 times all the negatives, which again can be, let’s say if you are not able to keep his mind on meditation and achieve those or other moments. Now, friends, I want to hear from you opinion about today’s practice, which you do at night. Anybody that wants to say something ?! No one wants anything. Yes please!

Question: Igor Ternovskiy, a correspondence student group Astra. I was feeling, I was several times per night and woke up as I always remembered that I was here now, it is desirable to sleep and it will be the transition state, we wanted to capture in this practice. And then that’s when I woke up, I felt there was a sense that merges the brink, when I awake from sleep. It was difficult to make out whether I was asleep, or awake. In general – something that’s mixed. But at the same time, I remember clearly that I would fall asleep, and I had no dreams, that is, dreamless state.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Excellent, thank you! Friends, really, it’s very simple moments are not interfacing the two states. Sometimes we in the morning, for example, can dream a dream that we are awake, stand up and go to work. And then with horror we realize that it is we only dreamed of. And in this fact lies the delicate work with Maya, that makes one assume the other. And we like that sometimes life is lived. It seems that we live in, and in fact, we sleep! Here. And so you remember that even such epithets or names such as Buddha means in translation quite rude in Russian awakened. Those. the word “Buddha”, as well as the word “Service” means either that arouses or is that already awake. And it’s very, very important for us to really pick out the moments when our mind is asleep, when’s this picture of our lives seems to be continuous, but in fact it is fragmented. So, even who he wants to tell, please.

Question: Extramural student group – Three Margarita. I want to tell you that in the night I woke up and I had the feeling that I do not sleep. Ie, we usually wake up and experience a series of some states. Lethargy, at the time of waking. Here it was very bright, as if I do not sleep. What – it took me a while to fall asleep again. And in the morning I went to his usual state, perhaps even harder felt than in the evening. My question was born on this background. Very often, after the yoga practice, I mean day. At night, just wake up and immediately and tumble in a state of clarity. This is a consequence of what it is ?! Unconsciousness, and simply wake up and immediately bursts into this state.

Zaporozhtsev Vadim: Well, usually when sleep was preceded by the practice of yoga, we have already said, one way or another, released an additional amount of prana. This additional supply of prana begins, first of all, to rebuild our body, to clean it. And secondly, it helps to ensure that all cognitive structures, our mind is very clear and clearly begin to work. That is, the excess of Prana, it just goes on and changes in the state, which is why it is so important to engage in proper and ordinary yogis, such as Hatha Yoga, Pranayama yoga, mantra yoga, and so on. Quantity becomes quality. The number of sessions, the number of accumulated prana is transformed into quality. You can live their entire lives in the gray everyday sense. You may feel that nothing in this world can not change, can not change anything with you. And the secret is simple. The level of your prana free is very low. And roughly speaking, the floor you live, half asleep, if we use such a comparison. But is it worth to you to do such a serious practice and if your level of prana will be released on a new line, then suddenly the most ordinary circumstances of life, the most common, say, your apartment or the people around you, nature or anything suddenly appear before you in a completely different light! In a completely different world! The question is prana. Prana is in this respect a key factor for our perception of the universe for our lives.

More anyone. Yes please!

Basim, Outdoor Yoga University, a group of Eka. I woke up at night and saw a lot of feet around, and it was so cool! The next morning I asked if I slept in a room or in a tent. I was surprised and thought never occurred to get out of here, so many like-minded people, so enriches practices contributes an amount of pleasure in it, and joy. And after joy, as a result of such clarity! It would be desirable, as it is actively manifest itself in a dream and you are actively plunge further, like that flips to the other side and are happy to begin sleep.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, this is a very good point in the sense that the room at the time of our practice ceases to be just a floor, walls, ceiling, windows, carpets, and so on. This hall is transformed into a kind of mental reactor. Or even more profoundly. In certain yogic reactor. Where totally different field strength, the field of energy vibration, quite different magnetization whole atmosphere. I do not want to deal with the nature of all these things, because there are many factors. Starting from the really friendly, associative, when we see a lot of like-minded people and we understand that we are not alone. That in itself brings joy. To conclude, some more subtle moments, more subtle manifestations of the interaction between people, we do not track. They seem to be not critical pass, but on which we depend in life. This is know as the air in the room. You can not see it, you do not notice it, just breathe. But if you cut off the air, you will begin to feel instantly a terrible discomfort. In this respect, our room, it gives mental reactor with an excess of spiritual oxygen. First, the mere finding in it dramatically speeds up your private practice. And secondly, the feeling of speed brings life. It’s when you do not exist, so to speak, and live with a capital letter. Because invisible way you interact with each other! So we made friends. I say again, I do not want to touch these delicate moments, because usually begins some esoteric nonsense, some abstract talk about energy and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, friends everything about the explanation of these mechanisms, is in very poor condition. In very poor. I sometimes even specifically avoid all of these moments, because if the state, it is necessary to state strictly from start to finish! But the fact is that to the extent that you start to clean your body, your organs of perception suddenly you will feel that being among like-minded people, you feel a kind of sheltered, community, joy. Some light from the comfort of your stay. Conversely, sometimes finding themselves alone, you will feel bewilderment, the senselessness of some individual lessons so on and so forth, which is very slow practice. So, friends, who, he wanted to say more. Yes please.

Q: Michael, group – Three, International Open Yoga University. It may be noted that when Vadim introduced into practice, it is very easy to enter. Somehow I was very easy to get there relaxed legs, relax the hands and the like. It was easy to enter it in a dream, that is, I felt a real transition from wakefulness to sleep. I saw how a dream itself, but apparently did not prana enough to keep this state. Because, when the first time, someone sneezed. I immediately went out. I understand that now will be able to make the effort and spend a certain amount of prana to keep this state. I come back. Then the children began to cry again “dragged” me. Okay, one more time I spend some amount of prana and then apparently it was all over. Getting scratched face, the body becomes uncomfortable. Ie again I was not in the pre-practice on hatha yoga, and my body demanded a certain load. And it started, type “moan”, but I want to roll over on its side, you’re tired, and all over the prana, and I passed out. And I lost my awareness at this time.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Too bad, my friends, too bad. Of course the most important thing is the harmony of the whole of your life, if indeed all the previous week was intense, when the whole society is sucked out of you all the vital forces, that’s so easy to plunge into practice hard. No wonder they say that before practice sophisticated enough to set a man should not be too tired. It should not be in the extreme conditions. Unfortunately, our modern civilization to parasitic sucking of us literally to the last drop, squeezes out all our strength. Believe me, the man who every morning in a stampede going to work, coming home in a worse condition than the slave who all day in a quarry to break out pieces of marble. Why, because he would like some physical load them our body is more or less adapted. But to the surprise, so shocking, stressful situations in the first place, our psyche is not adapted. We punish ourselves inside again stronger than the outside we would have someone or to punish. It is the curse of modern humanity. And so we would like to limit already adequate perception of the universe. There simply is not prana. And it’s very hard in this respect, to practice some deep practice. Therefore usually prescribed if you want to do this or that a breakthrough must be somewhere to be alone, in fact, why we hold these seminars. Spending their hard enough and in organizational and all other plans. But there is an undeniable plus! You are outside of society. At least a few days you are not in the grinder, which squeezes out drops you on all your prana. To spend it to maintain here that giant mincer incomprehensible development of the consumer society. We are actually working is not clear why. Here’s how you think, where will this one recorder in 5 years ?! At the landfill, absolutely correct. And then you go to work, earn money, buy some things that were 5 years in a landfill. We all work in a landfill. I see. All. And we do not even understand. This is the model of the consumer society. There she has its positive side, no doubt. For people who have more recently in human bodies. How can they still make it work. Nothing. How to make them grow. Nothing. But if you already start thinking about something higher this model for you to slavery. Once again, the worst slavery, than for a slave at the quarry.

So, my friends. Great. We are with you now move on to our next topic, but before we do that, I once again want to ask you – write reviews! Write! You just can not imagine how much good you do for yourself, for others do. What do you credit to the entire universe!

So, my friends, is now up to us to see quite an interesting theory, based on which we will continue to do this or that practice. For those of you who are not familiar with Jnana Yoga concept I would like to briefly recall a very interesting factor. In order to achieve the highest state of yoga is necessary to overcome ignorance. How serious theory teaches yoga, ignorance is overcome triple cure – this is when you combine three factors, in Sanskrit, they are called in the following way, it is a factor jnana, and kriya factor iccha factor. Jnana, Kriya, iccha.

Now in Russian the same. You will be able to overcome all the obstacles, all the ignorance and attain the highest state, if there are three components in their efforts. First – you have to know what you are doing, you should do it, and you have the will wish to get a positive result. Or, in reverse order. Each of you – absolutely free being who has the right to live in the dark, in the stupidity of suffering as many lives and as much time as you would like. And nothing and no one has the right to impose on you, act like something different. But if we are on the path of yoga, if you and I want to get rid of ignorance, and as a result, all the derivatives or the consequences of ignorance, such as pain, suffering, and so on and so forth, we have to overcome their error. And in order to overcome it, we must first, as free beings, will wish to overcome it.

That should be our will. Not my will for you. Not the will of the Masters and the teacher of humanity for you and your personal. As long as you do not say within himself: “All that’s enough. Will is willing to achieve happiness, enlightenment and higher states “. So, as long as you do so within themselves do not say you will not achieve anything. Because the subconscious will swarm other thoughts: “Maybe I do not want it? Or maybe I do not need? “And as each of us is a free being, what we wish, and it will. But the will of one is not enough if we want to get fast results. And the time factor – a serious factor. You know, to suffer for three days, to suffer three seconds, to suffer three hundred years, or thirty lives – things are quite different. And our task – how to achieve a higher state as soon as possible.

So, apart from the will, it would be very nice to get some knowledge. And what exactly should be done as quickly as possible to overcome the ignorance? This factor is called the knowledge factor, or a factor of Jnana. Factor will, or the will of a factor called iccha. But also, my friends, voleizyavlyat little, not enough to know what to do. We still have to do it. And then added factor Kree action. And only after that, as is iccha – will, jnana – the knowledge and implementation of this action in the Jnana – Kriya, only then formed a triple instrument. Or, you know, this shampoo “three in one”, which washes you out of any ignorance of any of Maya, all the dirt washes away with you. And very, very quickly. So, our task – to get this shampoo “three in one” of the will, knowledge and action, and this shampoo to wash their structure: physical, psychological, mental, all sorts. Thus, cleanse your body in a different way to start to perceive themselves and the surrounding universe. Well, in the future, to reach the final state.

So if you throw away at least one of the “three in one” component, its efficiency drops sharply. So, before you make or implement certain practices, such as Rita yoga practice, in particular the practice of Kundalini Yoga, in particular the practice of Yoga Laya, ie do kriya of all these practices or action (Kriya means action), it is still necessary to obtain theory: what, in fact, if this happens? And now we are, just a little talk about the theory of all the subsequent exercises, we will contact you to carry out and implement.

The seminar is dedicated to our Kundalini yoga, Rita Yoga, Laya Yoga. More precisely – a bunch of these yogas. And it would be good to decipher what is meant by these yogis and how they interact with each other. For better and easier to understand how everything is connected, you must have a theory, but actually what’s inside a person that he represents. And this next theory.

Each of you, regardless of whether he knows it or does not know, has the highest “I”, or what is called in Sanskrit, Atma. Our Atma is prohibitive, inexpressible, it is the concept of the mind, it is the concept of time, it is the concept of space. It is very difficult that a say about such categories as Atma. Once you understand what Atma, you immediately reach the highest state of enlightenment. That is why was so popular in various cultures slogan: “Know thyself.” But yoga gives us a more detailed explanation of how we are organized. Thus, our Atma, which is prohibitive and that is outside space and time, yet somehow manifests itself in space and time, as each of us sitting in this beautiful hall and feels that there is a hand, have legs, a head, and somehow we can manage them. I can even talk. What is our body? If we consider our gross body, as taught to us by our modern scientists – this is just some kind of protein formation, cells made of different atoms, and these atoms, we have taken with food from surrounding nature and thus form our bodies. Moreover, we have to eat in order to maintain our bodies in good condition. And it turns out that each of us, like, on the one hand – the exorbitant height of our superior “I” that is not clear in what high spiritual spheres is, on the other hand – it is a specific physical structure of flesh and blood.

And here the question arises, how do they relate to each other, the higher the “I” with our physical body? Yoga on it gives the following answer. They are connected by means of what is called Prana. Prana – is a very interesting thing. To understand the meaning and make a mnemonic for remembering the form, should think, on what looks like the word “prana”? It is consonant with, any way? One of the words, which is consonant with the word “prana” – the word “manifestation”. So when our higher “I” begins to manifest itself in space and time, it is already doing through Prana. A Prana only then begins to shape our bodies, including the physical bodies of all the material at hand, which she finds around. Well, in particular, that food that we consume. Or the air we breathe. It will be very interesting, maybe each of you to know that most food on a large volume that we consume with you – it’s the air. During the day – some quite unimaginable number of kilos – so much more than what we eat or drink. So, it turns out that Prana from the outside universe draws matter, due to the device body. It makes such as if a whirlwind of eating food, forms all the body and on the other side of the body connects with the higher ‘I’. How joins? Through two manifestations: Prana can manifest either as energy or as consciousness. And in fact, Prana is higher than the concept of energy and consciousness. And if there is a flow of Prana, man alive, his higher ‘I’ is connected with its bodies. If for some reason the flow of Prana is not present, and there is what we call “life” – a person dies the body is transformed into a corpse. That’s very, very important factor: the higher the connection and the beyond the gross physical. But this factor explanations on the fingers, and Yoga tells us that there is a more detailed study of the process as direct, Prana shapes our body. What if it has secrets, some moments may be our hidden reserves and so on and so forth.

So, our original, when I start using Prana shape our original body, single Prana divides into two poles: on the pole and the pole Energy Consciousness. Pole Energy known as the Kundalini energy inside our bodies is localized in the area of the body of a base in the area of the anus, genitals, somewhere in that area. Factor of Consciousness, in large part, is localized in the area of our head: the third eye, crown area of the head, that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of our head.

And virtually all of its factors of energy and consciousness, it was created Prana. This process is called the creation of our bodies when we are born. My friends, each of you are a certain number of years. And ask yourself, where you were before? You were not physically in this world. When a mother and father, of his mercy, decided to give birth to you. Mom and dad made for you the following thing: they did little, little house of a single cell, where you can connect your flow of Prana. In the future, the flow of Prana started this little-little house upset, that is making it more and more. The cells began to share, share, share, and then, after, say, nine months, each of you was born. And that’s the way you came into this world. Mom and Dad help you cool, but, strictly speaking, most of the work on formation as a physical, subtle and causal bodies you made yourself using their Prana, which has come to you from the higher spiritual levels of your higher “I”. That is, it turns out that every birth for us – is that we are creating for ourselves our own unique universe. Moreover, the factor of Mom and Dad, of course, very important, but also important factor of ourselves because, after all, we create the body.

Well, friends, there will be after over N-tion number of decades, reaching the sacred age of 108 years and received all the happiness, and performing all the dreams that you were going to do in this life happens to you? Some of you will think, think and decide: “Is not it time to die?” It seems like everything has already been done, and you can die. So, if you decide after 108 years in such a way to die (but I say except for those who are not going to live forever, they have slightly different things go), you begin as it were to pull out their Prana from the body, or disassemble all what you have done before. And the question arises, as it occurs at a deep level? And yoga also gives us the answer to this question. It is as follows: Now mom and dad gave you one small cell in your house that you have settled in it. But you have in this house, which, in fact, is only the physical part of your body, to bring more fine structures that are made from the finest principles. And these principles are the following: it should be the principles of Reason, the principles of Space, they are called on the principles of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. And in fact, if you, being before his birth in higher ‘I’, which is out of space, out of time, beyond the mind, and so, if you want to enter the space, the time, in the mind plane, you need to create these principles. That is, you first for yourselves Mind principle, and then the principle of Mind is part of the global mind of our universe. Then, you create for yourself, for yourself, the principle of Space, and then the principle of Space is included in the universal principle of Space. And so all the rest. That’s the way you can only come to this world and be born, and it is like – the incarnation you into the world.

Once again, with the highest level of the “I” starts the flow of Prana, as if to break through to our material, including the world. And as he breaks it, he should create all the necessary elements of this world, so that these elements came into contact with this world, and you had the opportunity to somehow influence and interact with the world. But, in particular, if we had not made the principle of the Earth, or the principle of material embodiment, not made here this transitional moment, which would have helped our “I” through our physical body to act in this matter, I would now be able to take nothing, nothing touch. But, at best, it would have been as it is now bringing the incorporeal, which would fly, all saw, but could not do anything. Here’s a theory. That is, it turns out that we are with you, when born, we use our Prana. We divide our Prana on two factors: Consciousness and Energy. Energy Factor is called Kundalini, and that Kundalini energy begins to consistently create the principle of principle. She co-create our minds it are creating space, and so on and so on and so on and so comes to the earth principle. And after the earth principle is created, it teaches the ancient teachings of yoga, this powerful energy, Kundalini, sleep and we’ll start to live a normal human life.

And here arises the following yoga. Is it possible to, for example, to dissolve all the time that we have done, when born in this universe? And even for a split second again to return to the original state of the higher ‘I’, which is independent of the body, and which itself supports the body. Yoga gives you the answer – yes, you can. This section is in the yoga called Kundalini Yoga. And its meaning lies in the fact that you need to realize that you have the energy of the Kundalini. Then you need to awaken the Kundalini energy. Then you need to gradually dissolve all of the principles that you were doing when you are born in this world, as long as the Kundalini energy is not completely dissolve all of the internal structure, and you stand in front of themselves in its natural, original form. That is when you begin to perceive themselves not by their body, their mind, their feelings, or other layers, and directly, when your higher “I” knows itself. At this point, it overcomes all ignorance and attained the highest state of yoga.

Until that moment, whether we like it or not, we think of ourselves as bodies. Each of you here now sitting, and someone thinks like a man who is a woman. Someone says, let us say a woman who for so many years, someone – a man to whom a different number of years. Some consider themselves intellectually developed, someone on the contrary, believes that it is necessary to work a little bit over. Someone feels extremely sensitive and sensitive, someone on the contrary, considers himself a bit rude and insensitive. Each of you has all sorts of ideas about themselves. So, strictly speaking, they are all – misleading. You just got used to consider myself with what you really are. And in order to see itself in its own form it is necessary to abandon these errors.

What would have happened if she had, say, the solution principle of earth, water and so on principle to the principle of the Mind? You are somewhere, start within ourselves and how it would be to try to generate those feelings, which could occur at the same time. You like to mentally start to wake up and to dissolve all the principles of the body of your device, and thus you get closer to the realization of these principles – first. Secondly, the approach to the sensations that might occur if you really awakened Kundalini energy. And this is called Yoga Laya Yoga, the yoga of dissolution.

And if it is good to characterize it – this is a great doctrine before the real battle. Famous general Alexander Suvorov once had to take an impregnable fortress. This impregnable fortress consisted of tall walls, protected on all sides. But Alexander never knew such words as “retreat”, “surrender” and so on. He never recognized such words as “impossible” and so on, so forth. Alexander Suvorov said to his soldiers: “You see an impregnable fortress? – They said, “see”, – And now let on, lads, out on the river bank, build a replica of a small section of the fortress “And indeed, began to build.. For a long time – this is a serious thing. And they built a replica of one of the pieces of this fortress. And then Alexander forced his soldiers to train at the fortress, ie, put a ladder to climb up, down, and so every day, that’s a long, long practice, he trained soldiers. And what do you think happened next? Then these trained soldiers completely immediately took this already this impregnable fortress for the simple reason that they were very well prepared, that this, driven to automatism ability to put a ladder to climb up, do not be afraid of heights, do not be afraid of this kind of terrible unapproachable We played a very good thing. The soldiers, indeed, acquired the skill that none of them had expected.

Here is the same friends, ideology and Laya Yoga. You must first, however, simulating, and experience to provide all the conditions which will at that time, when the real power of Kundalini is you realized, awakened and activated. That is, you first work off this in the mental doctrine, to stop being afraid, you cease to cling to, produce the right attitude to the ongoing processes. But in the future, if you really need to awaken the Kundalini energy, or if it suddenly starts to wake up spontaneously, that is reported to us yoga treatises, it is often observed, you are well-drilled soldiers very quickly and easily get the maximum result. And so here, and this bunch is between Laya Yoga and Kundalini yoga. You are well-behaved ready and waiting for the moment when you can let it move.

But regardless, my friends, if you can awaken the Kundalini energy in this life or not, the benefits of Laya Yoga will still be very large. For the simple reason that we want or do not want, but when we are dying, there is the same process as in Kundalini yoga – the dissolution of principles. And, therefore, there is another very interesting linkage between Laya yoga and yogis conscious dying. That is, if you hone Laya yoga, in the future somewhere would like you either caught these things sad event, you will direct, is released upon your death impulse, by a route that you practiced in Laya Yoga, and can even at the moment of death to reach colossal heights in yoga. Until that defeat death at the moment of death. In the sense that the level of self-awareness to go when you do not need in the future to be born and die. Write about this ancient text.

But we will also be interested in just the practical side of the issue. I hope that each of you has a very, very long time to die, and some of them, probably, in general will reach immortality in this body, I am on a very, very forward. Therefore, special focus on this side we do not, but all that relates to more practical everyday moments of our lives – that’s why we’ll work more closely. And the meaning will be that mentally dissolving this or that principle, one or another facility. Or, working with one or another section of our physical body, we can not help we will pull out all the tangle of our karmic problems that are somehow connected with one or another center, with one or another channel of our perception. Or this or that situation, which was in our previous life and left this or that negative karmic imprint. Or in other words, if you are here and so imagine how dissolve this or that center, you could not help affect the whole range of your feelings, experiences, all those factors, pollutants you that you have. And this can go up this inner spiritual dust. But, on the other hand it is very good – it will be easier to clean. Therefore, when we are working on myself any situation, in the future when faced with it in life, we, first of all cease to be afraid, and secondly, Alexander Suvorov and his troops, immediately take.

We can not even know what there is negative karma within us. Well, God be with him, and did not need to know. Soldiers, when they go on a campaign against the military of their ignorance, they do not know what to do mischief, negative karma can slip, and do not need to know. Why? Because if soldiers are well trained, he quickly orient in a situation and painlessly, the fastest way to solve all problems. That’s just as well, and we are with you. If we are good we practice in this regard, that whatever the life situation, involve one or another center, or another emotion, ideas, fears, phobias, we stop to look at what is happening in the discharge problems, and start it all look a discharge problems. That is, we will cease to be afraid, we will think how to efficiently and quickly resolve all. Here such here, to a first approximation, the theory.

So a bunch. Bunch next. Kundalini energy, or Kundalini Yoga is involved in the following aspects of our life – this is when we are born, it is when we die, it is when we are using yogic practices are aware of this energy, awaken and do yoga exercises with the Kundalini energy as well as energy Kundalini this is very powerful open manifestation has also observed when we are somehow employ the their sexuality. Well, we will not talk about sexuality at this seminar – it’s a little different partition yoga. About yoga dying too, we will not say – it’s also a different partition of yoga. About yoga birthday will not say – it’s also a different partition of yoga. And that’s about the ability to understand and use to awaken the Kundalini energy and we just talk at this seminar.

Finally, another very, very important clarification, note that you are very clear about the theory of the matter. Unfortunately, this theory is very poorly understood, judging by all the books, Internet sites and other such things, which are now wandering around the world information space. Somehow, it is believed that the Kundalini energy is in two diametrical states. The first condition – that she was sleeping and it seems like there is no, and the second condition – that she’s awake, and from that moment it all begins. No, my friends, everything is much more complicated. Your energy Kundalini, although asleep, but she also works, it is also evident. Every word, every thought, every will and so on and so forth, one way or another, employ your energy. And inside you do not have two energies, you have only one energy. And this energy – the energy of the Kundalini. Therefore, every word that you say or I say – it is, in fact, the case emanation of Kundalini energy, but that is certainly very much asleep. But if you awaken it, then start a quality gain, but the fundamental difference, in general, no. Therefore, my friends, even now, you all have the opportunity to become aware of this factor of the Kundalini energy. There are ways through some exercises to get close to her and her to awaken.

But before something to wake up very well to ask himself: “What am I going to do then?” You know, I want to lead such a comparison. Sometimes it is very easy to start a war, even if it is a war against ignorance. But then, after you have started it, you do not know, and then what to do with this war? Now many of the modern state on planet Earth so easily unleash the war that I was downright diva dayus. And then wonder that the war does not stop and does not stop, that the problems are growing and growing, and is already for any money and any chance trying to stop this war. Here is the same friends, the analogy with such powerful practice Kundalini Yoga. Before something to awaken think that you will then do with it, if she wakes up? And so you do not fall into a situation where you are in something got engaged, and then not know what to do, just given Laya Yoga. That gives you an algorithm: Well, since I woke up, I do this, this and this, and then it’s over very quickly, beautifully, with minimal disruption and maximum benefit for you. That is, we must have a plan of the company. From here, once again, it is born of Laya Yoga.

Now the next bunch that Rita is called yoga. We are going to use a very powerful tool that is given to us from the awareness and application of yoga Rita. In particular, we will use the spontaneous dance factor which significantly activates our mental ability to visualize and thus help us to work out all the mental images of Laya Yoga. That is, through the dance, we will fulfill all the exercises that you need to work within itself, according to the approach of Laya Yoga. And it will be the first part of what we will be closer. The second part, after we are more or less work out the process of Laya or dissolution, we can start again with the help of spontaneous dance or practice Rita yoga, already the first steps to really realize, but as a matter of fact, awakened Kundalini. That is, it will not be quite the process simulation, and direct the first steps towards ensuring that it to awaken. Of course, we will all do very calibrated.

I very much hope that none of you or in the workshop, or after the workshop in the near future will not wake up the Kundalini energy. I’m counting on it and really want to exactly what it was. Why? Because, strictly speaking, if the energy of the Kundalini beginning to wake up, it kind of has an effect on the physical body. Man, as a rule, lay like a corpse, the body temperature drops, the pupils do not react to light, pulse barely palpable. Any physician will diagnose “clinical death”. Please do not make me such “gifts” in our workshop. No need to wake up in order that we should not wake up. It is necessary to read and understand the direction of further work. You never know, really, what you have in your life will be. But so directly, as sometimes I hear “in our workshop all awaken Kundalini”, this to me is not necessary here. I have enough adrenaline and addition.

For this reason, my friends, we will all work out in such form, as Alexander Suvorov and his troops. At that time, by any chance, really, your positive or negative karma (I do not know), after a certain amount of time you put in some tough situations: emotional, physical, mental … Hard pressure, as in war where you have to take very quick decisions, very tough decisions and taking advantage of all the resources stored within you. And if you are to a certain extent to stir the Kundalini energy, then in the first place, she begins to experience, experienced as a feeling of this, you know, mental rage, mental strength, increased endurance, stress state, when you do not feel pain, you do not feel fear when you You are in some such transpersonal state. It is essential for professional soldiers. If anyone of you here have a professional military, it is your yoga. At a time when you will run into the attack on the enemy or fall under bombardment, it will be necessary to demonstrate the real factors of survival and victory over ignorance. Therefore, it is necessary to know and be able to some extent to increase the energy emanation of the Kundalini. That is, now she is asleep and make it a little more awake. Or she’s asleep, and you make it to one eye opened, looked up: “Well, what do you got there?”. Here it is very useful, especially in stressful situations. But so that it just woke up and started all dissolve, it really you can do already, as their awareness, or as his personal practice, but as you know, I do not presume to call upon you to do so, unless absolutely necessary. That’s the theory, in the first approximation. Who has any questions?

Q: A bunch of dissolution of principles and sleep?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are a bunch of Fine Laya Yoga with Yoga lucid dreaming. That is what I do in the waking state and work, you can then later, if has the quality of a lucid dream, to fulfill a dream. In fact, the same thing: we are working with a single reality, as in the waking state, and in the dream state, but on the other hand you will see those ambushes or the ignorance that stands in the way. Therefore, a bunch of the most remarkable – one flows into the other.

Another question, my friends! Actually, who are faced with this kind of theory for the first time in his life? Who do not understand anything? To understand them, to a first approximation? To understand the extent to make the practice? Who does not understand nothing, nothing misunderstanding begins at what point?

Question: How the mind can dissolve the principle of reason in the mental working out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, the mind can not dissolve the principle of mind when working out mental. It is in this that lies the fundamental difference from the Kundalini Yoga laya yoga. Reason can emulate to a certain extent, or imagine: what would have happened if I was not? And it helps a few to weaken the grip of the mind for some concepts.

But you’re absolutely right, he can not turn off the mind itself. For this purpose and need factor that the mind has created. But there is another very serious risk: if the mind itself is not ready for the concept that it can dissolve, then at the time of dissolution, or when the Kundalini energy is awakened, it will experience a wild fear, it will feel like at all costs to seize and not let move this process. And with that associated with numerous adverse effects on the awakening of the Kundalini energy. That is, if you accidentally, methods of various yogas did not even awaken the Kundalini energy, and increase its emanation, you can experience the wild waves, terrifying, chilling fear, that’s all that’s come your hour of death. Suddenly you start to feel some sort of powerful force that pulls you have control over what is happening and to position you as you begin to destroy themselves. Well, actually, if you consider yourself a reason, and this reason to dissolve well-read, then you start to think that that’s come your hour of death, you are destroying. And if to this we wins back the mental scenario in terms of that, “Well, right now my mind is dissolved, well, God bless him. In the end, what is the reason? Reason – it is a fine structure, which was reproduced by my supreme “I” and it can be at any time again, were created. ” Just as we can imagine the imagination of something present, here also we can after the dissolution of his mind immediately cast again. What, in fact, occurs at birth: the creation of the mind principle and all other principles occurs as if we simply imagined. Here we present them, and they appear on a subtle level. So, if we are working on the mental level this possibility, in the future, when these processes begin, we cease to rigidly cling to them, we let them go. And letting go, we suddenly realize that the mind has dissolved, but remained higher intuition that knows without thinking. And thus, you will easily jump time identify itself with what you are not, and will come to a realization of his higher self again, as in any teaching. As in any teaching, where there is no danger of death, but there is some mechanism, which then will run on autopilot. That kind of logic.

Question: Nastya, Astra group: When we sleep and modify the reality, if we are afraid of – it’s the same, that is, the mind dissolves?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I just do not want to deal with this right now. This is a very beautiful graceful yoga works with the principles. But I want to emphasize once again, because the degree of ignorance, confusion and misunderstanding of the yogi is very high. When I speak of the dissolution of the mind principle, I do not mean that you will dissolve your physical brain. We all have in mind there are nerve cells that form the brain. There are cells that form our other neural structures. So, when we talk about Laya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, we have in mind – that you dissolve not physical structures, God forbid, your physical body to be fully intact during practices as the Laya Yoga and Kundalini yoga. And begin to dissolve these principles on a subtle level. This is sometimes called the astral or causal matter. So, a property in this astral-causal matter as follows: you can do it by imagination, and you can dissolve her imagination. That is, the direct effort of will, you may like to do the principle of reason, which will then use your already physical head with your physical brain, and dissolve. Why? Because physical your mind, all your nerve manifestations – this is just a blunt instrument, which includes a delicate instrument of thin causal matter. And if you dissolve a blunt instrument, evaporate a mind that this is your life and end. And if you will remove a thin tool, and then reproduce it and insert again, you not only do not lose anything, you get another very, very much good. Because on a subtle level, ridding it of polluting factors, then you away; where you have on the gross level of contamination, and immediately begin to rebuild on a gross level.

Well, or otherwise. Kundalini Yoga or Laya Yoga – it is rather the work of an architect than a builder. Before you build a house first need a project. And the architect can draw a stick, and then later rebuilt the wall, or on the contrary, cross out, strike out, a window cut in the real house is a window. While practices like Laya Yoga and Kundalini yoga are you doing as follows. Do you have a ready-built house, you have a project of this house, which drew an architect-designer. You come to the architect-designer and say: “And let’s we are all soluble,” he says, “Let’s.” And you begin to quietly: line erased here, here, here, here. But the house is already built physically, he is still here. You are all erased and then talk to the architect: “Well, why did you do such a mistake inefficient? Let’s we redraw everything. ” He says: “Let us.” You redraw and now you have an old house and the plan by which it should be built, repaired, – completed yet, been finalized. What happens then? Then, from time to time, come the builders and they say: “What we have here with this house? Yes, podremontirovat well. And what’s the plan say? Oh, here it’s different needs to be done. ” And still, for a long, inconspicuous life rebuild it.

That’s just as well with you, my friends. If you techniques of Kundalini Yoga dissolve their internal structure, driven away, where they are there is something wrong formed due to the action of Maya, and then pererisuete them without mistakes, from an external point of view, it would look like. Have you had the experience of Kundalini energy awakening, you were completely rethinking itself as an entity, and then you come back from this experience, and begins a very interesting thing: quietly begins to transform your physical body. Painless, quietly begin suddenly themselves leave you all the toxins by itself suddenly starts to work better mind suddenly themselves more subtly start working bodies sensations, feelings. And you wonder why this is? And the answer is very simple: with the late start to rebuild your physical body. Therefore, my friends, once again, when we say that the Kundalini Yoga dissolves the principle of reason, God forbid you suspect that you have some kind of physical harm themselves begin to be applied. Nothing like this. Your body should be intact.

And the next moment. The greatest danger that can only be in this yoga – is when a person without going through this period of Laya Yoga, immediately just trying to awaken the Kundalini energy, and that part is doing something that does not do. And it spills out onto the physical layer. It can be very, very hurt. At one time in India even published personal experiences of people who somehow tried to awaken the Kundalini energy. A couple of books I came across in hand – would be better if I did not read them, because it was just an outspoken human cry of pain. And then I think: “Why was it necessary to awaken it all, if a person suffered so much then?” I will not name the authors if you are interested, you raise the subject, you will find these descriptions. The idea is that people awakened Kundalini energy, and his life then became hell. It is for the simple reason that there was a thin layer finalized. And this subtle level then began to rebuild the coarse level. And this is the worst of all, when an architect is not a finished project, but the workers do not know: whether to cut the string, or a number of second place. It starts a lot of problems. That is why so important in itself have a very distinct architectural plan that you want to obtain. And then only after having worked it, to give the workers.

Question: In order to dissolve the principles should probably well aware, or at least try to dissolve them mentally; to know what they look like?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely. That’s what we just are going to do. It is from the Kree.

And in theory, there is something for Jnana? Remarkably, no one knew anything, and all understood everything?

Question: Lena, a group Catur: As far as I know, in these books, Kundalini energy can wake up and go back. That is, it is necessary for Sushumna rise if the channel Ida or Pingala, that there are big problems. There are some recommendations on this matter?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, one recommendation: before something awaken – to work Laya Yoga. That is, the mental work, to see how it goes in the desired channel, and then, when she was really awake, she did not go to waste. Problems, indeed, very much. But, to be honest, there are not very interesting, there are more juicy, interesting.

In particular, – this is why it is not accepted in these clever books to write, but your every unsuccessful attempt to really awaken the Kundalini energy and something to do with it can lead to a completely unusual to have consequences. Sometimes it can be the following: your attempt to awaken the Kundalini energy suddenly lead to the fact that you do not handle it, and it becomes a powerful uncontrollable erotic impulse. I’m sorry for the slang you to sexually “roof will break.” That’s just all of a sudden you want to have sex with such terrible force that even live, even die. Why? Because the potential freed, but what to do with it you do not know. And our body unit as follows: if there is at least some potential viability, it should be spent on the continuation of the species, or we as a people would have died out long ago. And it raises the question of sex. And sometimes very, very unexpectedly a particular practice that method, for example, Yoga Pranayama decides to awaken the Kundalini energy, making these or other imaging, and we have about them talk a bit later rather than to experience divine outrageous thrill of dissolution of principles suddenly he begins to feel growing some kind of sexual dissatisfaction.

Another point can be. You can in other circumstances to feel rage, literally uncontrollable rage that you stop literally control your emotions, you will feel the outside world as “surrounded by enemies, kill all” and so on and so forth. That can be very good, when you go on the attack. That is why I spoke about the professional military, because if there is a feeling of rage, then automatically there is bestial fear. But imagine if it is not a war, and you are in peace – it has to look like. You know, people are in such a state of uncontrollable deliver a lot of problems, and others, and himself and his future karma. Therefore, there is no any dirty or bad thoughts, feelings and emotions. There are appropriate and inappropriate. And that did not happen, that you start is inappropriate to use a particular emotion at a time when you feed the emotion awakened energy emanation Kundalini would be very good at first to work it all in teaching, practice, or Laya Yoga that then everything went wherever necessary.

Question: Cyril a correspondence student, Kiev: In relation to the cycle of lectures “Yoga and Freedom” would like to ask is not whether the Kundalini energy, freedom, and ignorance of where to send it as a lack of responsibility?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. Factor Kundalini – is enclosed in each of your freedom factor. This is the power, not the obstacles encountered. If you master, at least in part, laid down in your potential, you will become a terribly charismatic personality, in terrible creative person, in every sense of the word “terrible”. Terrible as very strong, very positive and very negative. You can either greatly benefit humanity, or drive him into such terrible wars and problems, which did not dream to others. All great politicians, generals of antiquity, which, on the one hand, doing something useful, but on the other hand, many have broken wood, which still can not rashlebat – this, that, as a rule, there were people in one way or otherwise, we had some inner sense of this potential. So they used their personal potential freedom, but used it so wrong that spawned as a result of bad karma, both ourselves and everyone around us. A wrong use of this potential – this is how to use the principle of personal freedom without responsibility.

You see, any yoga, including Kundalini Yoga – it’s just in a sense amplifier. If the input you stupid and irresponsible, then the awakening of the Kundalini energy is to be a thousand times more stupid and great irresponsibility. Conversely, if the input is your truly humane desire to help all mankind, then the output you get a thousand times greater impetus. Therefore, it is everything that falls under the so-called first, second and third principle of yoga. If you are going to awaken the Kundalini energy, but do not know what the first, second and third principles of yoga, you’re scared risk his life, his good name, his karma; you run the risk of frightening all the people around you.

Let’s take a quiz: Who does not know what the first, second and third principles of yoga? If crawling, raise their hands, I would say: “Everything is turned off seminar. Today – everything. ” Hosts courses will now break. Urgently come and conduct an urgent instruction, to a first approximation, at least in trial that it is. Three people on the one hundred and eight – it is a bit, but still scares me a figure.

Question: Sergei, Catur group: Is there some kind of approximate algorithm for the dissolution of these principles mentally and what to emphasize when they are back, probably, it is necessary to create at the end of the practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, we just are going to do this at this seminar.

Question: The awakening of the Kundalini energy and the dissolution of all the principles – is in fact a transition to samadhi, as I understand it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, in general, so to speak, in part. Because the samadhi can be interpreted not only as the highest goal of yoga, but also as a reduction in the number of thought forms in your head. Well, imagine if you dissolve this or that principle, all your attention is immediately directed to him. Here I am saying that a person experiences raising Kundalini energy is like a corpse, and on what does not react. Do you know why? Not because he died, but because within it there are such enormous cosmic processes, in comparison with which our foreign, familiar universe simply pales, we simply cease to notice. You know, when we have something very inspiring or striking or surprising, and we focus on that, we unconsciously forget about everything else. Here is the same situation. In this respect – yes, this is the state of samadhi, or the state of one-pointedness of mind when on the surface of Budhi we observed only one thought-form. But this does not guarantee output in direct spiritual samadhi. Why? Because, after all, as long as there is even the slightest error, there are options …

Q: Julia, a group of Aster: Is there any danger of awakening Kundalini yoga practice during Laya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. All that will be at this seminar, and everything that is done in our workshops to be extremely safe, very soberly, very carefully, very deliberately, but at the same time limit to help you in your everyday life. You know, friends, I do not need you tomorrow dissolved all the principles. But if tomorrow, after the seminar you will rebuild their personal lives, their health, their relationship with their families, relatives, friends, acquaintances; if you find a husband or wife, you give birth to children, will live this glorious life, leaving behind a trail of bright beautiful; but after that, when the children have grown up, when you can take risks, including their lives, when the society in you no longer need, or rather, society you have to, because you work for the society for a long time, – you have a right to their residue live life the way you want. And just at this point it makes sense to experiment and practice with your body all you please, even the head against the wall to beat if you think that because you awaken the Kundalini energy.

But here – I really, really want it to anything even close to what would somehow bring someone out of balance, withdraw from the mental state that even here this was not the spirit! It is not necessary nor I, nor you do not need, not the universe is not necessary, no one should. Absolutely no one should. In the end, we did touch a bunch Rita Laya Kundalini yoga. After all, there are different ways to approach the more energy awakening of the Kundalini.

Here I personally know most of all, a way to enjoy? This is the method that is declared in yoga lovers. At the moment when you’re in love, you are the most beautiful, natural, harmonious way, without all of the dangers that we have mentioned, and which we have not mentioned – is to awaken the Kundalini energy, dissolve all of the principles, to reach a qualitatively new level. And this – the main entrance of the Kundalini energy use. All other methods, including those used in other yogah – this auxiliary inputs. Sometimes there are also needed. You know, love is not always nice to climb the main entrance. Sometimes, sniffing the side door on a date that has not been seen. That’s according to this criterion and there are additional methods. So if you really want to dissolve, to awaken the Kundalini energy, let it happen, when you hug your girlfriend or your youth. And let the love of the most beautiful cosmic way does it for you, eliminating all possible negative consequences which, in principle, possible only for one reason – selfish. And at the time of the highest love you, in principle, no selfishness. You do not exist. Is the object of your love. Romeo does not think of himself, Juliet has for him. And so it is wrong Kundalini energy is not direct. Why? Because he will be missed for his mental parasitic structure because it does not exist – there is Juliet. Similarly, for Juliet. So, you know, if it does ever decide to really awaken the full program, then let it happen when you fall in love, so then let it happen.

Question: Cyril a correspondence student, Kiev. In the beginning, we are talking about medicine threefold: jnana, kriya, iccha. Can we say that the action of Kriya, just to help get rid of the doubt, rushing about the mind?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Not always. Sometimes the right knowledge also helps. You know, there is a saying: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory.” You can walk around the whole globe, to make sure that it is round. But five years is necessary to spend to walk all go through. Or you can just read it in a textbook, and every mass representations that the Earth on three pillars from you fall off, even if you have not already done so. But there are moments, where – no, not until you try, it will be a little abstract knowledge. And the question here is, of course, every situation.

But here’s the good opinion was expressed: the ternary medication. If we are talking about the energy of the awakening of Kundalini, the “threefold medicine” just prescribed. That is, sometimes ask, “How to awaken the Kundalini energy, what practices? What to do with this? “We later a little talk on the subject, but I’m getting ahead a little. Maybe as a special way to jump? Or maybe it is necessary to have something there to sing songs? Or really head on the wall in a rhythm known to fight? You know, that’s got to resonate – awakened, a little faster, a little slower – no sleep. It may well be friends, and that such a method, who knows? But whatever the method: the use of mantras, breathing, use of yoga poses static – it is said in some texts, it is enough to be in a particular position for a guard like you automatically awakens Kundalini. To help you understand what “one guard”: friends, wristwatches were very, very recently, and even some sort of three hundred, four hundred, five hundred years ago to measure the time used in many different ways – from the sun, on the moon, on the stars. Well, if you live anywhere in the city, there to stand up to the guard and went with the guard with a certain periodicity. It’s very easy to measure these chunks of time. So it does not matter that it will be a push. The main thing is to come together here these three components: your will awaken, your knowledge of what you do and what all this energy there, and, of course, any action which it prescribes to do.

Question: Basim, a group of Eka: Kundalini energy – this is one component of Prana. We know that the body heals and all will be well if we have Prana in its purest form. How to add Kundalini knowledge and Ananda turned to Prana and then it will either automatically love, or we can not do much harm already.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, good question. I am more than sure enough a significant percentage of those present did not know what axiomatics of yoga and so I try not to go into such absolutely jungle and subtleties of yoga theory. Believe me, they are very exciting, but I can confuse you. So when we say that the awakened Kundalini, she can not wake up in a pure form, she immediately pulls out a specific spectrum of consciousness. One other pulls. Well, really, when you come inside the grand processes, your consciousness of their highlights. And as an emanation of energy increases Kundalini, it increases the power of your mind. Therefore, it is quite a complex issue. Now is not the time to answer it.

So, my friends, that is waiting for us in practical terms?

We are waiting for an element of the Kree. With Jnana we more or less met. Iccha or will, I hope every one of you and so it is, and if it does not, then there could be nothing more will not help. And there is a third component – Kriya, and then what to do? It was a good theory, but remember, right? “Theory, my friend is dry, but the tree of life eternally green!”

To do what? And we will do the following: Now we are free the space of our room and a nice start to the chosen practices of Laya yoga through yoga Rita. We must feel your body! To do this will be given to the following exercise: we are now all the music will start to dance – not beautiful, not harmonious, challenging, disgusting, in general, as can be worse, for what would be a little shake their view of themselves. Each of us is himself someone is, each of us has some internal clamps and as shown by the analysis of these clips: these clips were formed only due to one factor – you are very painfully react to what other people think about you. In this state we are from life to life are born among the society and the society affects us. Inside we have any idea of ourselves, inside us there is a desire to look beautiful, that we would have been satisfied. As a result, we cease to be aware of yourself and live your life, and all my life adapts to public opinion – they are friends of the Maya! And one of the most serious obstacles on the spiritual path, and particularly in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Here you find yourself something or the fact something or behave well or something so it is, and then begins to awaken the Kundalini energy and to dissolve all of the principles, as well as all your self-image. And you begin to frantically grab for them and get the following thing: you start, as if to tear out the roots of your ideas about yourself – it’s very painful. And if you let go of their own – it’s painless to you go. That is, if we cling to the inside your inner dirt, then the awakening of the Kundalini energy, that energy starts to clean us, or pull out the dirt. And if we are mentally, his expression of will cling to it, we are suffering very much, but if we let go, it goes smoothly. And our task – especially refuse to who we tried – is to please, trying to make a favorable impression, and so on and so forth. All of this can become a very serious obstacle to the awakening of the Kundalini energy, so it will be the practice of the following: we are going to dance the so-called Anritu or harmonious dance. This is where you music will try to do all the ugly, but regardless of that will catch myself thinking what to do ugly – is extremely difficult. And’ll come back again, without even realizing it for himself in some nice, normal rhythm, but then as soon as you catch yourself thinking that you are trying, someone like that someone would have appreciated that someone would then you praised – you start dancing again not nice! Here is a first approximation theory and so all get up, or rather it is not a theory, it is already the practice.

So, my friends!

Once we Anritoy flex their body, it makes sense approaches to the theory of Laya Yoga. What is Laya Yoga? It is painless to dissolve all dirt, all the misconceptions about themselves. For example: we have at this seminar has a kindergarten, I hope, will be the same at each subsequent. The children play there, Bums crawl … And note – the child grabbed a rattle, a good and new. Remember, as in “Alice in Wonderland”, there have Tweedledum and Tweedledee has a nice new rattle, they broke? So, if the child has grabbed the nice new rattle, and you try it from his hand to snatch what do you get? Hysteria, mass dissatisfaction, a lot of negative emotions.

And imagine another situation – you see that the child already has a toy, but you remove the other and begin to swing in front of him. Old tired, he had already seen it, but here is something new! The child involuntarily decompresses hand, leaves old toy and reaches for a new one. That this is the art of Laya Yoga – sometimes very hard to just give up on the old, much easier to change the old for something new. And so it should be used. If properly set up a system of incentives that we refused something, without doing violence to themselves, and how to change one another, it is much easier to implement.

You know, if you analyze the law in your life, you will realize by how much, unnecessary disputes, clarify the relationship, both in private life and at work, in general, in principle, you could get rid of, if they understood this principle. Well, here you are faced with a conflict of interests – you can go ahead and can be intelligently and harmoniously. Of course, there is no universal recipe. It is clear that if you want to pick up the child a toy, it is one thing, but if he swings a hand grenade? That then is not to sentimentality, it is necessary to pull out as soon as possible.

That’s possible as well you need to act here, as can be harmonious, switching our attention, our consciousness, our preference from delusion to something real. And in this regard, the practice of Yoga Laya born that would show you how the mechanism of the process, so you have fulfilled it once, twice, thrice. And to these practices went more fun, faster, need, including a system of external stimuli, which could allow you to escape from the inner feelings to external, and during this time, while you are distracted, have triggered internal restructuring of your body. Therefore, we will be with you to practice the exercises Laya Yoga? As always, it will begin with Anrity – inharmonious dance to abandon the idea of himself and of the rigid concept that’s it I’m so cute, all need to look at me and say – bravo, what caper throws as well dance! We must reject this factor dependence, even mental, or we do not move on.

Next time – we begin to do like a dance that characterizes the different states of the Kundalini energy. First, we do dance dormant Kundalini energy. We simply create a picture in itself – well, we say to ourselves, I have not seen the Kundalini energy, not feel it. Come, I will introduce myself, as if I can feel it already. That is, do such a mental construction. Imagine – it’s somewhere at the bottom of my body … Here it is dormant … And whatever Rita, that for the dance would be passed on the non-verbal way, what is it, this energy in the form of sleep? And the dance begins sleeping Kundalini, as if you felt it. Then – more energetic music, dance more energetic. And you start by activity to awaken the Kundalini energy, mentally, mentally designing, that’s it, you have reached the state when she woke up, behaves more actively, and you try on condition that you suddenly like experiencing a state of activity, elation, Rajas, energy and visualize as if this energy is beginning to wake up where – that in the bottom of your body, such, you know, “wild dances”. Then you start to realize how Kundalini dissolves the lowest principle Operating principle of land and you begin to imitate it through dance. You are projecting inner feelings to external movements of the arms, legs, body, face, emotions, etc. You like to make such an association between the one and the other. And so you dissolve the center of the center, imagining just your spine rises and crawling this impulse incandescent that everything dissolves, dissolves, all rises higher and higher, up to the neck level and above, up to the top of the head, that is, you are a to simulate the energy of awakened and merged in the crown of the head with the supreme principle of Shiva and you begin to imagine, and I stress – imagine that you are already in a state of samadhi, even if you do not have until the end of the submission that it is. But try to imagine!

Thus, it is respectively nine steps, I mean in the music transitions. You like to dissolve up all the principles from the body base to the top of the head, and then do the second part of Kundalini Yoga and work off it through the Laya Yoga. It is a return to these principles or their re-creation, when the Kundalini descends and creates: the principle of reason, and so on up to the base and then falls asleep. That is, as we are told in relation to AV Suvorov, who made the first soldiers to climb the wall, and then slazit with them. This is exactly the same, we will work within themselves here such an algorithm – as if you have awakened Kundalini energy, rose as if you have reached sverhsostoyaniya samadhi, and then returned from the samadhi in his usual state. One such exercise is waiting for us. But, my friends! There is another, the auxiliary exercise that will allow you to concentrate better along the spinal column, because all of these visualization Laya Yoga goes along the spinal column. It is believed that this is the main pillar. If you have dissolved all the centers along the spine, then you have become, you know, in the “empty nuts” or, you know, there is such a toy – Matryoshka. The matryoshka lot of other dolls, but imagine – when dissolved, how would you have taken, the biggest doll left, and the rest are all scratched and kicked, all – empty nesting doll worth it! And then opened and put a lot of others – this is full of matryoshka.

So – the main work is along the spinal column, but the problem for many people and a lot of practice – we do not feel your spine. We do not engage in yoga for 40 years, twist themselves in different positions to have a clear idea of your spine. Therefore, for such as we, ordinary people, are supporting Nyasa yoga practice, or roughly translated – yoga touch. The idea is that you help each other to realize the area of the spine.

Or on the other – during Rita, you are the first that fell man who turned up to you, start doing Nyasa touch or such a system, when barely touching the wires from the base body to the top of the head, and then from the top of the head along the spine to the base of the body.

And in that moment when you either do komu-to Nyasa or you kto-to it does, you are transferring your consciousness to touch it and thus decompress its clamps, rigid concept of the structure of the internal structures and give salutary pause to inside you process of “awareness” of the spine was very fast. Or in other words – Nyasa yoga yogic process accelerates in 7 to 10 times. Do not ask me how this figure, I do not know where. So they say, and I’ll just repeat. Therefore, do not take advantage of such a great practice to accelerate all processes, we can not. The main seminar we lasts 3 days and even a week – continued. If it lasted three years, we could probably do without Nyassa, but time, as you can see, no.

Here we are waiting for such a practice. What time is it now? Who has any questions about what I announced? You are welcome!

Q: Just along the spine to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: While the spine start. From bottom to top, top to bottom. Again, Laya element – touched from behind in the area slightly above the sacrum, touch the other person, but it felt as if touched themselves to themselves. Remember the main secret of Nyasa yoga – doing Nyasa another, you are doing it yourself. In fact, the other person you do not need. It is a mirror in which the projected your feelings. Making the movement up and down, as if you feel the touch on his own spine. So, your idea of a selfish, sandwiched structures expands. And as recently as Kundalini yoga – energy awakened, went up, he reached the top of the head, pobyla there a little bit, then come back down and fell asleep there. So now we do Nyasa only in this form.

Now we’ll do another exercise. Quickly split into pairs, all who sit side by side, especially not choose. And the other one makes Nyasa. Let’s, let’s, friends! Nyasa yoga is a very difficult yoga, usually need more than 10 years to master it, but I do not have those years. If I’ll wait 10 years, from yoga in general there is nothing left. So let’s begin now to some of the elements. Those who are sitting, straighten your back, neck, head straight. Introducing, as we do on the head is a pillar, stretching into space. And remember that touching another touch a themselves.

Let’s all lowered his hand, left or right to the area of the sacrum and partner at the same time have experienced this area for yourself. Now begin to quietly raise their hands, feeling the touch is just creeps you on the back, that is, making Nyasa another, doing it himself. Slowly, slowly getting to the top of the partner’s head, and then with the other hand to crown himself touched, here are the key points.

Now we sit one behind the other, form a ring, or rather two, one within the other, and begin to practice: conduct a hand slowly to the top, stopped there. Now slowly crept down the hand – making Nyasa another, do it yourself! So we come down to the sacrum. They put a second hand, placed his hands on either side of the spine and begin to move upward with both hands, as if Promin. Once we reached the top, the same method of moving down. And now, barely – barely touching, just labeling, one arm goes from top to bottom, the other – from the bottom up and meet at the level of the heart … We got to the level of the heart … collided and ricocheted up and down. Great! And now again with either hand from the body base to the top of the head and back. All friends wonderful!

Along our spine according to these ancient texts passed the so-called central channel, which connects the energy and consciousness and it is called Sushumna.

If we try to analyze the origin of this word, sushumna, it goes back to the two component parts, which are quite free translation from the ancient Vedic language, I emphasize: not Sanskrit and ancient Vedic language, the language of the Vedas can be mapped as a channel for which flows catfish. Or in another way it called the drink of immortality. Left and right of the center channel has two auxiliary channels that are just along the spine respectively on either side, and they are called Ida and Pingala. It is also very interesting to analyze the origin of the word Pingala. It is red or orange. And the word of Ida, which allegorically regarded by some commentators as white.

Rita Law

So, here’s this internal symbols of the sun and moon within us coincides with some action, which sometimes affect us heavenly bodies. Indeed, a person can monitor its state, depending on in which phase the illumination surface is our satellite.

It is extremely sensitive in this respect women. Their whole body in some mysterious way tracks the cycles that are called in the lives of women monthly cycles.

That is to say, that this inner work of our some channels that connect the Kundalini energy at the base of the body with the center of consciousness in the area of our head is connected somehow correlated with those in which phase is the moon, and seriously affects our well-being . Or there are some life cycle that fall under the definition of the ancient Vedas and called the law of Rita.

And as a consequence you may feel a variety of mood swings especially true for women, depending on what you are doing yoga practice, and what phase the moon is. For this reason we are even on our Internet courses specially placed a corresponding graph showing in what phase of the moon is that every yogini could relate their feelings with this factor.


Finally, I want to mention in passing a more interesting subject, too, that the most favorable moment for all kinds of practices comes at moments of the solar and lunar eclipses. In particular, if we talk about awakening the Kundalini energy, sometimes more favorable here are those moments when one is balanced by another principle of solar lunar principle. They seem to be mutually cancel each other out, and you have direct access to some internal structures, which responds to your body.

In this regard, all I want to say at once that we are now on our this seminar on our good tradition, all very intense practice, very hard doing all sorts of such practices, and so it is now a factor of the new moon – the full state of the surface of the moon. We simply do not see, for the reason that it is in the same direction where the sun moves, you can feel quite strange mood swings and sometimes even completely uncontrolled. And I appeal to you, dear women, in particular this applies to you. Be very attentive to differences of their sentiments, to some thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations. Try to keep track of how one comes another, third, fourth, fifth – the whole lump your behavior. Why do I say this? Because, once again, a practice that we do, they refer to Kundalini yoga or working with your Shakti – with the female principle. Regardless of whether you are male or female, each of you has his own inner woman, she’s Kundalini energy. But women are more likely to become this energy, while men are more likely to observe this energy. So I’d like to see you here is my personal perception even practice yoga Rita has always linked to external factors, such as a new moon or a full moon is, or eclipse, with regard to girls very seriously linked with their monthly cycle. And then you raspletete mass and weight in the first place, problematic situations related to the problem of your life, and secondly, you will gain true feminine power, if you begin to live in alignment with their feelings. Do not try to resist them, something to impose and monitor them.

Influence of growing and waning moon

And next there is one well-known symbols of the ancient texts describing the Kundalini yoga. It is related to the fact that there are some points that favor one or another practice, in particular, the rising crescent moon, is considered to be a very, very favorable. Moreover, the day when in fact narosla half moon, is considered particularly auspicious for some women’s practices in certain schools, it is some kind of a growth factor. Similarly, there is some factor of decrease.

I want to once again mention friends, I am perfectly conscious of the fact that now all progressive humanity to the eyeballs stuffed obscurantism associated with astrology, palmistry, numerology and other, other, other. Just now where you do not look, everywhere you will face with such esoteric mold. The most offensive in this all is that, despite the billions of tons of obscurantism, still lost some real nuggets of knowledge that we have, instead, to explore and analyze on the body, we begin to neglect. Therefore, my friends, if you practice now those or other methods Rita yoga and feel your mood starts to change, or something else, and everything begins to be seen in a negative light, or positive, or even some, you must try it track and for myself to put the tick.

And it’s better to do, I just urge you to keep a record of their states. That was such a small digression is that the principle of this in such a – he working principle. And you can facilitate your personal practice, including work with the Kundalini energy, if you properly use the external factors of the sun action, the moon – the natural environment.


Irina, artist Catur: What external factors are subjective, it turns out, for each person? Here there are recommendations, when favorable, but you have inside track your subjective feelings.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely correct. That’s that’s the problem, that is where you would like for themselves re open as this or that factor affects you personally. Not at all at all, and personally to you. That is, you must do for yourself to become a researcher.

Question: Alsou, Astra Group. And is there in our school tradition purely feminine practice? Here are the ones that run a woman in connection with the moon phase. You mentioned in the traditions of other schools, and I wonder whether there is in our tradition is something similar.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do you realize that there are female physiology, for men, for all his desire periods never start – they have a different physiology, and for women it is quite a serious factor in their lives. And therefore take into account the physiology of a factor, of course, we must make allowances for that, what is your cycle. In general, girls, beautiful girls, is why I ask you – keep a yoga blog. Keep track of these points. The girls were concerned as anyone. In the future it will be a factor of successful pregnancy and scheduled, and the like. In that sense, yes, of course. It is believed that at the time of menstruation a woman is an all-destroying factor, partly because the Kundalini energy awakens in it without the factor of consciousness, and it begins to rage all demolished. In many traditions, philosophical or religious, in this or that temple, and in some religions, even to the cemetery, a woman is not allowed. As it is they are very politically correct to say, in the days of … Tip from the audience: “red dragon”. Yes, something like that. At the same time, if we analyze ancient texts of yoga, have reached us on Kundalini Yoga, then, oddly, again strange, these same days monthly are very favorable for all kinds of internal practices of women, when she wants to break up with everything that it entangles.

It’s such a subsistence-destroying goddess Mother, who sees the world in some black and all this must be a broom, roughly speaking, to sweep, ie, this factor is all-destroying power of Shakti, it is the energy of the Kundalini. You can safely put an equal sign between the word Kundalini Shakti Woman. You know, and in that sense, yes, of course, such practices have on women.

Even friends have questions? Or do we go next?

Question from the audience: And is there any particular cycle, when it is best to implement a generic yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Under the generic yoga refers to the return of the sacred duty?

Girl wondering, yes, it is.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: friends, everything that is connected with the children sacred, and prohibitively us a little that depends. We must rely on the college, we should be filled with kindness. We should make every effort to appreciate life, appreciate children. Here I am again, I note – this is above all.

Here in the Vedas were a few topics, I always repeat it. Subject successful conduct of the war, wealth, power, but the most important topic was – it’s offspring. And so for a generic yoga, well really there, of course, if you long to engage and track your body, how it works, when, in what aspects. Why do I say, keep a journal – you’ll see. Here you draw a graph, and all will be already clear. And if, say, the schedule is reduced or, on the contrary, stretched, you can monitor: yes, something is happening in your life.

Woman as a good tool, it is like a harp must play harmoniously. If this harmony is disturbed, immediately begin to analyze their relationships with family and friends, work, lifestyle, practice what you do and what you do not. For you, this is very important, because you do Shakti. Every woman can be a terrible destructive factor in the universe, and can also be a positive factor.

Friends, let us go further.

According to previous practice, which we’ve done before dinner, have a question?

Well, I hope that all is clear.

We need you gradually approach the main theme of our seminar, namely: Laya, Kundalini Yoga Rita. Once again, I will outline the logic, my friends, I want to emphasize once again seminars that we hold – it is not places of entertainment where leading as clowns to entertain the audience. Do you want to the practices of this practice, this taste, but the taste of? No. As a rule, the practice should work the same for a few years, the same thing. But we do not have these few years, so we are trying as much as possible by hook or by crook to different practices in one seminar shove. But believe me, it is not because, you know, like a supermarket that would be so and so, and the fifth, tenth, and it’s just from the rigid time constraints.

And generally speaking, every practice, it is assumed the same, Rita yoga, it should work, work and work. The same approach, the same exercise, the same sense. If you’re doing it right, even a hundredth practice you will discover something else. Do you really stop open practice only at the moment when you reach enlightenment. Yes, indeed, there is already nothing. Those of you who have been doing Kriya Yoga, know the effect. The first year of doing Kriya – some sensation, the second year – the other, the third – the third. It is limitless.

Similarly, all other practices, but it takes time. So we kind of are, as it were with you the main things are working, but it is assumed that the home you also, from time to time themselves one by one, as they say on their territory some points, in particular, imaging, we now have you played, You will play. They need to do a few times, it drill, ad nauseam. The only guarantee that the practice will work in the future, this is where you will be sick of what to do. Because when you start to feel sick, that you just touched the deepest causal structures where the most negative karma is focused, you can not even keep track of. You just bad from what you touched it.

Therefore, my friends, is a very simple logic. We have a very clear understanding of what we do. We need at least a few times to do it all together. And the rest of the house one will dopilivat own. The other way I do not know. I do not believe in miracles, that you attended one seminar and have enlightened the next day or have awakened Kundalini. I do not believe. There is no such – I never met in my life, in any case, myself. And what is not met, the rest I do not believe. The story about some miracles when it touches the teacher pupil and all he comes. So the train teacher and the student in front of this 40 years did some exercises, prepared everything to ensure that it touched up.

Therefore, following the logic – we know what to do, jnana. We have the will and determination, with clenched teeth, like it or not, practice, practice, practice. But the main thing – to do. Now, if there is a cure for a triple, then yes.

Now we are with you, my friends, we go to the next part. I hope you remember the feelings that we worked out in the preceding Rita Anrite associated with the central channel, with Nyasa on the central channel, as well as visualization. Now we will have the next step in the promotion. Now we’ll just deal with the next stage – it’s somewhere around realize Kundalini energy. We begin to dance dance Anritu first, passing in Rita, and then a very interesting next factor – we identify ourselves with the uncontrolled energy of the Kundalini. That is, imagine that everything – broke, he broke away and began to kink. And we will from time to time to do some very interesting the following exercises. They will conclude that we will stop Anritu, Rita and start shaking hands, feet, as you have connected the 220 V electrical contacts. Why is it important? The fact is that as you approach the actual energy of the awakening of Kundalini, Kundalini energy emanations begin to wake up and begin to spread across multiple channels and centers. And as soon as begin to meet at least some kind of dirt, there is an involuntary such a move as. Brrrrr … When ever you are cold or you are met with something disgusting, and you frr … At the same hands, feet start here so shake. (shows). The essence of the practice of reverse, ie start first shake hands and feet, to understand what kind of channels and centers are associated with this action. And thereby facilitate cleaning of internal channels and centers. So once again – first Anrita turning into Rita, then as more or less, we will enter into this role, it is self-awareness of uncontrolled energy, that is, imagine that you have no mind, no mind.

Elements such chaotic elements. It will not be particularly easy on the day of the new moon, the darkest night. I especially encourage women to pay attention to their condition. And then, from time to time, we will stop this spontaneous dance Kundalini, and then we will do these practices, when you begin to shake the legs, arms and so on, as if this energy is beginning to bear, to sweep away all the dark – everything It prevents you.

Are there any questions?

Question: When we imagine that we have awakened Kundalini, we imagine that we are awakening the Kundalini?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: absolutely right, my friends, yes, a very important factor – a factor of personification. That is not an abstract you see what you have there somewhere something has awakened, and you’re in this state. In order to give you a clue even deeper work with his emotion, think of the state, when you feel anger or rage or disgust. Or some other emotion that grabs you completely. And at a time when it fully captures you, it becomes very difficult, and almost impossible to disunite your higher self with its manifestation.

Thank God, we have had preliminary workshops on Yoga Rita, where we somehow some emotions practiced. So, my friends, look – you are the personification.

Do not you have the energy, and the energy you do not have somewhere anger, and anger you. Do not you have somewhere rage, and you see her, and you’re angry.

Q: Why the rage?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: refers to intense emotion. I cite an example. We then discuss why the anger and rage, but after that we’ll do this practice. Looking ahead, I will say, there is gradation, which in turn awaken emotions, if increased energy emanation of the Kundalini.

Fire ritual:

Following Victoria Begunova (Rig Veda Mandala 1.1 By Vayu, Indra-Vayu, Mitra-Varuna.):

Oh, come on, honor you for drinking Soma.

O Indra-Vayu, here are squeezed juice (soma).

Come with joyful feelings:

It drops (soma) tend to you!

About Vayu and Indra, you are good

The squeezed (soma juice), a rich reward.

Quickly come to you both!

About Vayu and Indra, to squeeze (soma)

Come on conditional place –

In an instant, with a genuine desire of the two men!

Mitra I call having a net force acts

And Varuna, the care of someone else –

(Both of them) to help prayer, greased.

Truth, O Mitra-Varuna,

Multiplies the truth, cherish the truth,

You have reached the high power of the spirit.

Couple seers Mitra-Varuna,

Strong family, with extensive housing

(They) give us a power of skillful action.

About Ashwins, rejoice

Sacrificial libation,

About bystrorukie masters of beauty, mnogoradostnye!

About Ashwins rich in miracles,

About two men, with greater understanding

Take favorably (our) voice of the devout!

Oh wonderful, squeezed for you (soma juice)

The one who spread the sacrificial straw on HaCaT.

Come, both of you, following the shining through!

O Indra, come, brightly shining!

These squeezed (soma juice) tend to see you,

Treated at once thin (fingers).

O Indra, come, encouraged by (our) thoughts,

Excited inspired (poets) prayers

Organizer of the victim, to squeeze (soma)!

O Indra, come, let us go

In prayer, the owner of the dun horses!

Approve our squeezed (soma)!

Assistants, protecting people

About All-Gods Come

Gracious to the squeezed (soma) of the donor!

About All-gods crossing the water,

Come, quick, to the squeezed (soma)

As a cow – to pasture!

All the gods, blameless,

Wanted, supportive,

Let the driver will enjoy the sacrificial drink!

Net Saraswati,


Yes, desire the sacrifice of ours, thought mining wealth!

Incentive gifts to the rich,

Tuned to deeds,

Sarasvati accepted the sacrifice.

Great flow covers

Saraswati (your) banner.

She reigns over all the prayers.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: preliminary practices are made. Agni is called. Now that would be up to you it would be nice to get. Who among you does not know the Gayatri Mantra? Who knows? Well, it does not matter. Do you remember that old mantra is learning by word of mouth. Of course, it will be easier to read and repeat, but, in fact, in all antiquity is learning by word of mouth. So now we start with you the following thing: we are now beginning to sing the Gayatri Matru. Who knows it. And those who do not know her, try to copy it as children. It is the fast, reliable and powerful way of studying the ancient Vedic tradition.

We read every one of you at a time suitable, says Gayatri mantra once. Take a little bit of oil, it is not necessary to grab a spoonful, just a few drops. Strictly speaking, this is enough. Once the Gayatri Mantra, just barely. The second time the Gayatri mantra, just barely. The third time say the Gayatri mantra, pour oil. Each three times.

It is long, my friends, because we are here quite a lot. First fit those who are already more or less familiar with this ritual, to show how it is done the rest. And then everyone fit, it does. You have, as it were for themselves to build this methodology, then to each of you can independently practice this ritual.

So let’s all of us together with you will start to sing the Gayatri Mantra, and then will come. So, for me now to repeat the syllables.

Question: is it possible, as the last time in pairs?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev might have been in pairs, but I’d like to see each one individually. And now I would like to personal Kundalini awakening practice for themselves.

Q: And where better to spend?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: very still time, just. Choose a beautiful secluded spot. Usually you liked, you know, such a small hill. Not wetland that mosquitoes do not fly there, you do not bite. But somewhere something is open, beautiful. Sacred considered a direction to the north – the ancestral home of the Aryans Rishi. In fact, they came from the north and, as we have seen. If India look to the north, you just somewhere out there, in the region of Omsk, somewhere there will be rested.

Then you sit down. Well, not so 100%. To make a place for the fire. If the bricks are there, put something kvadratnenkoe. If not, dig a hole kvadratnenkuyu. Then you bury that then after you have nothing left. Sit down.

Kindle Fire. Like its Kindle? As you wish. Although I met adherents of the secret sciences, they have a ritual. Almost an electric baton on t stick to make it light. No matches, profane. Generally, in theory, it should have something to rub there. A reluctance to hand rub. Here we have brought an electric drill, you can try. One-time-time, she began to smoke, lit from it, like all divine, right?

So, fanned the flames. Then, if you have any Agni hymn. Take Agni hymn, say drink offering oil. After that, depending on what you want to awaken mantra.

Yes, my friends, there is one such little subtlety. We have all the same seminar devoted kundal yoga, not to the Vedas. Here we will have maybe one of these seminars again dedicated to the Vedas, because it is boundless topic. So, in general, in an amicable way, we would have all read in the Vedic language.

Friends, this is not the Sanskrit! Sometimes it is said that the Vedas were written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is still in the project was not, when I was the Vedic language. Sanskrit, it is very easy to ugliness. So, in the Vedic language. Basim, gather, please, all of pronunciation library of the Vedas, as well as a transliteration into Latin and Russian, to add translations of TY Tatyana Elizarenkova PUBLISHED. Immortalized his name.

Basim: I did not like the sound, such hinduobraznoe.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: hinduobrazno better than deadening silence.

Basim: then it will be in the near future, it remains only to put a tick.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, let’s places a check mark. Broadly speaking, friends, interpretation, you have just heard, this is the first approximation. Generally speaking, in practice it does not say anything. The only thing that works there are the names. Because the name of the mantra. But that’s enough. Said Agni – it worked. Said Varuna – worked. Said Vayu – it worked. And in the good would all this in the ancient Vedic language, which is so similar to Russian, I want to tell you. Even Sanskrit less similar than the Vedic. So … you read some of the words and intuitively know what they could mean. I’m just amazed.

All. Let us each syllable uttered the Gayatri Mantra, and then move on. So:

OM BHUR Bhuvar Svaha Thathsavithur VARENYAM BHARGO devas DHIIMAHI dhiya yo nah PRACHODAYAAT (repeat chorus a few times).

Well, more or less repeated. By the way. Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. What does the word Sutra? In one book there, they merged the two, turned out “in the morning” yes “Yoga of Patanjali in the morning.” Words Sutra, the word essence. Squeeze. The basis. Very short little about. So. We are now beginning to sing with you. Let’s go: (sing the Gayatri mantra).

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If the question on the triad, then of course it is better seen in the lectures on the triad, and if the general questions, then we can see if there will be none other issues. Are there any other questions? Yes please.

Q: Elena, a group of “Catur”. The symbol of Kundalini Yoga – a snake, coiled three and a half turns.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And holding his tail in his mouth.

Elena: Yes, but thinking about it, I can not understand if the three and a half times – it will not turn round, if a full circle, it must be an integer number of times.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We did it all does not consider in the plane and in space, in the third dimension. Well, now we take the kids plasticine, blind sausage, three times its bend, and then from the top to connect the beginning to the end. No, there honestly. In fact, friends, that these and other symbols are found for explaining Kundalini. In particular dragon that devours its own tail. As the name of the chemist, I forgot. Kekule his name, which is a benzene ring opened. He could not understand how to do a chemical compound, in which six carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms, respectively, twelve. And so he turned the spit and so, nothing had happened. And then at night he had a dream where he saw a dragon that devours its own tail, and it came to him: “yes it is all loopback”. So in some treatises we find references about a dragon that devours its own tail. Sometimes the different interpretations, we now talk about it. Another question, my friends?

A voice from the audience: Student-free student asks a question at the rate of hatha yoga, I could not answer it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: A question that is relevant to our workshop? Let us now for a seminar questions, because the student-free student on Hatha Yoga can be a long time to answer. Well, and to Kundalini Yoga, he has to do? “

A voice from the audience: No, to the Kundalini does not.

Another voice from the audience: I have a question about mantra yoga. Constantly we find that when chanted mantras, the lower voice, the better to sing. What does it happened?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It said that the lower voice, the better?

The voice from the audience: Many of my friends.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you know of, it is a different story.

A voice from the audience: I would like to say that such opinion exists in most people who study yoga mantra. They believe that if do not know how very long-drawn, very low chant a mantra, it is inefficient. In general, what does it matter?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, it is very difficult to comment on those opinions, I do not know. For example, I know that the mantra yoga is the most effective “monoshika” that you practice all to himself. When you do not repeat anything, and you have rotated the mantra in mind. It is considered ten times stronger than a mantra, uttered in a whisper, a whisper, a mantra uttered ten times stronger than the mantra uttered aloud. Therefore, from this information, that only a rough voice, the first time I faced it. Another conversation that before you learn to whisper or mentally recite the mantra, it would be good to sharpen your mind and your speech and now this really sometimes have to shout the mantra very, very loud. But as yet there is such a point, which is nice to listen to, when someone such type bass Chaliapin sings a mantra than a squeaky voice. It may be also a matter of aesthetics. This is a difficult question for me, I can not say anything. Still have questions?

Question: If a yogi or yogini dissolved all principles and are creating them again, what happens to the energy of the kundalini “?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: She fell asleep again, it comes back and falls asleep. We are now touch upon this issue, we will now wait for it. More questions?

Q: Last night, we practiced during Rita and fear Anrity dance, the dance of anger. This negative emotions centers- two centers of the Earth and Fire. Why do they contain such emotions?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, strictly speaking, we should have more desire to practice the dance for Svadhisthana chakra, but, in fact, the more relevant it is these two emotions: fear and emotion emotion of rage. They are the key.

Q: How, then, rage combined with the first principle, which says about not harming?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: combines very well – no need to harm. Look, we are faced with in life some negative manifestations which do not correspond to the first principle of yoga. Indeed, before these things were, a person who shows them, should do something to experience. The question – which is a prerequisite to violate the first principle of yoga. That’s why we have all this and consider. In principle of fear and fury there is nothing wrong. There is a situation when only demonstrate the fear and anger you will be able to prove the first principle of yoga. That is in itself fear and rage are not the opposites of the first principle of yoga. Question – how do we apply it. More questions?

Question: I think in fear and rage there are still some hidden meaning.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do you understand the difficulty of our events? Unfortunately, modern people are corrupted by the fact that instead of some spiritual practices they shoved pop music that would “torknulo”. Numerous workshops, where people that just do not do – and fall into madness, etc., etc.. How attraction – people had a great weekend. I was most afraid of, my friends, our seminars will turn to such entertainment events. It is better if they do not spend. Each workshop should be a very serious study of the theory and practice drill. So too ahead of ourselves, until we worked out something else, it makes no sense. I am very afraid of pop music, friends. Pops ruining yoga, yoga kills. When taken techniques out of context, made an orgy or something like that. People staying in the exaltation of two days, and their life has not changed for the better, in fact, they are becoming more unpredictable life. That’s what I’m really afraid. Therefore, any seminar – a drill, drill and drill, theory, supported by practice, theory, supported by practice. But, in any case, not pop, that it does not become a circus, the circus, and leading the workshop – in the clowns. I, frankly, worried that we are very much practice inserted into the seminar that there was no porridge in your head. There are still questions, my friends?

Question: There are “buzz”, it somehow relates to the mantra and how it is used?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What’s the buzz, the mantra “M”? Well we practiced mantra yesterday, this is actually the mantra “M”. This is when you and are happy to say a sound language, but all of your lips compressed, compressed, this is the ultimate version of articulation. Lips compressed, and according to the letter, you can not say. Therefore, it is called mantra “MMM” or in Sanskrit, it is indicated by a dot – anusvara. Usually the word is written, then again – spots. It is understood that you are pronouncing it, and in the end you have all the letters contracted to a point – in a single center from which all proceeds. And since, according to the mystic origin of language, language is as it were a manifestation of the Kundalini energy, and every word is like a color of energy kundalini, when we compress all “M” we reach the point where the unfolding all the vowels and consonants. Vowels – the embodiment of Shakti, consonants – the personification of consciousness, Chit. But as you know, it is impossible, no one consonant letter to say without a vowel. More questions?

Question: Can the energy of the kundalini to awaken any positive emotions?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, the more positive emotions, which can be awakened – is any feeling of love, this feeling of happiness, and the like. The kundalini energy – is a socket 220 volts that are connected – what you get. This is just an amplifier. Or like fire, it could warm us and can turn into a destructive moment. Still have questions?

Q: Yesterday, it stated that certain portions of the spine are associated with certain emotions. I am very interested in personal clip in the back, in front of your chest?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, this is due not to the spine, and on the internal structure and the chakras and channels. Roughly speaking, we have a subtle body made of centers and channels, and the gross body – it’s just a matter of coarse plastered like. Therefore, it is difficult to say anything, it may not necessarily be a mental action, and perhaps stretched. For example, at the computer, I sat for a long time, the mouse worked, I was there as pereklinilo somewhere in the region of the neck. This does not in any way related to the emotional state, it is related only to the way of work. Here we have very seriously to understand what is causing this. So, my friends, all gathered? Go ahead. Well, firstly, as a fire ritual? Who does not like it? Freezing or smoke inhaled? Wonderful. Let’s go ahead.

Our workshop is about a bunch of Laya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Rita.

Here, finally, we’ll have reached a very remarkable event, or, one might say, the crown of our seminar. Namely, to Laya Yoga practice, simulating the Kundalini awakening and the dissolution of all our internal structures.

I remind you that we have learned with you to some extent and practice methods Nyasa yoga in order to draw attention to the desired channel, along which should result all the processes related to the energy of the Kundalini. We are known to practice the exercises, which are also part of the arsenal already directly awakening the Kundalini energy, associated with one or other imaging or spontaneous, involuntary reactions of our body. We also touched on yoga stretch, which is absolutely necessary in order to bring in a good state of our physical body.

Finally, today, you have joined the Ancient Vedic rituals, which, in essence, is an analogue of Kundalini yoga in the ancient Vedas, but without an explicit emphasis on those or other teachings, directly related to the energy of the Kundalini. Veda largely allegorical. But the essence and all the mechanisms that are involved in these rituals were completely identical to the action of the Kundalini energy.

Vedas – authoritative source of knowledge on yoga.

In the yogic tradition of Vedic you never see anything fundamentally new. You will meet the same realization of the Supreme, but in different ways unexplained, in different traditions, different exercises, with different accents.

So that in the Vedic tradition, one way or another associated with the work with fire, with mantras, etc. etc., in more recent times, the Middle Ages up to the present in India, is reflected in the texts usually Tantric concerning the Kundalini energy. It is there that we find direct mention of kundalini energy in the form in which it came to us as a source of strength, which is sometimes figuratively depicted as a snake, coiled three and a half turns, as it were asleep at the base of the body (in the principle of land), and holds in his mouth his tail, ie closed on itself. These images appeared in a fairly advanced tantric texts, if they relate to the ancient Vedic knowledge. In ancient Vedas have the same analog, but in other images, in other words, and a different approach. But the essence and there, and there is always the same: to use the potential of the Supreme, which is enclosed in each of us, absolutely everyone.

It is important to approach the practice of Kundalini Yoga is not from the position currently some newfangled interpretations or some newfangled explanation. As you can imagine, than a later text, the more chance of error.

It is always good in everything that concerns such a yogi as Kundalini Yoga or Laya, based on the most authoritative source of knowledge. A more authoritative source of knowledge on yoga than the Vedas does not exist on the planet. There is simply no!


So I urge you to what? You have already read numerous books about Kundalini energy, then the workshop will be a lot of what to read. You will often meet the adepts of secret sciences that very seriously will say: “Since I have long been awakened Kundalini, that just crawled again …” These people will confidently and with full awareness to say things like that to put it mildly, do not even know how to treat. Unfortunately, it is all the action of the modern consumer society, where the conveyor, a stream supplied everything, even the energy of the Kundalini. We managed to put on stream and punch all kinds of books, teaching, revelation, interpretation. Because this topic is one time the West was very money.

I ask you, very carefully treat all newfangled books, all newfangled interpretations. Of course, do not put into question the experience of others, we do not know really what and how one had. But a certain amount of humor, common sense and a certain criticality would be very good to have each of you when you encounter here with these mysterious descriptions of some modern American from Texas, he has recently awakened kundalini energy, and what came of it. Unfortunately, this kind of literature is now crammed to the eyeballs – the entire globe, even it is transferred. As a rule, all this literature is constructed in such a way: “I have his ear itch, I sneeze, it means that it was the energy of the Kundalini. My whole life has changed … “and on any such lengthy discourse about any hash. Sometimes read exciting as a detective, sometimes you can not even understand what you are trying to say thereby.

Any yoga – sverhlogichna. There are provisions, including provisions of the Kundalini energy, which is higher than the concept of mind, than the concept of thought. We can only just about to explain, describe what it is.

You have to remember that college never contradicts normal that sverhlogika never contradicts the logic of that experience that experienced this or that person, if there was a real experience in the framework of a yogic concept, it should not be known in itself contain kakoy-to frank delirium. If you want to read more or less interesting experience Kundalini energy awakening of the people, I recommend the book, and it is an experience that has received greatest Yogi, the greatest teacher of mankind, Ramakrishna. More it is sometimes called Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He lived in the late 19th century, it was the famous Master Yoga Teacher Swami Vivekananda. It is a description of his personal experience of Kundalini awakening, which in this case happen in subjective feelings. In my opinion, this is why it makes sense to start to explore the topic in general personal experience of awakening the Kundalini energy.

There was also a great writer Romain Rolland. He wrote the book “The Life of Ramakrishna” and “Life of Vivekananda”. If you find the book “The Life of Ramakrishna,” I strongly advise you to a way to read it. Romain Rolland in his book describes the experience of awakening the Kundalini energy at the Greatest Ramakrishna, which this reached a great height. Upon awakening the kundalini energy, when the energy really, dissolve all of its internal structures, Ramakrishna was in a state that it was necessary to qualify as clinical death. Pulse is not observed, the pupils do not react to light, life is lukewarm. In this state, he spent more than 21 days. In some texts on Kundalini Yoga it is said that if such a state is more than 21 days, the internal protective structures cease to maintain and, roughly speaking, death occurs. That is, if the stay is less than 21 days, then have the opportunity to return to your physical body, in the place of life, where the experiments began.

Therefore, I urge you to find and read these testimonies, which, in my opinion, and for the recognition of a very large number of sane and leading people involved in the study of this issue, are authoritative evidence. Ie, those certificates that can be trusted. But everything about the newfangled interpretations, treat them with a bit of humor, particularly in relation to those of our friends from the consumer society. There is, frankly, goes commercialization.


Match itself to the fact that we are going to do. Now we are with you, as always, clean up our area, and this area will turn into an analogue of the whole universe, that is, in the macrocosm. And each of you will become a microcosm. We begin, as always, with ANRITY. In order to reach the point where you do not care when you are not dependent on someone else’s opinion or someone else’s mind, when you are trying to adapt under anybody nor under it. In other words, using ANRITY you go out to a level where you are one-on-one with the universe, one-on-one with the Absolute. Before the Absolute absolutely no sense to show off, and so he knows everything that you have inside.

In this sense, the practice ANRITY as the practice of conscious dying. In fact, if you die, whether to worry about what you will be tomorrow at work issues, or the dollar exchange rate, he will jump up or fall in five years? You will be absolutely still. Here is the same as a small ANRITA (small anharmonicity such or as a movement in the direction of what you do not care) will help to better understand life. We are using ANRITY vstryahnёm its internal structure.


Laya Yoga practice will consist of the following steps:

Rita or a spontaneous dance in your everyday life when you just live and try to concentrate and determine that you have the energy of the Kundalini at the base of your body.

Next practice, when you have already found the Kundalini energy and start anyway urge her to ensure that she was awakened while visualizing today FIRE RITUAL.

Try to imagine at the base of your body 4 coal yantra, some form similar to the place, built of bricks, where we were burning fire. Within this yantra quietly begins to flare up the fire. This is the second stage – the buildup of fire, goes on increasing.

You’ll toss in mind that fire wood of their desires, ie, you will remember the desires that you have to graph, they are executed. And, thereby, see Kundalini fire begins to grow and grow, to grow, and grow in the future begins to melt or dissolve on all principles queue. Here you see that the fire has grown so much that melts and solutions that place where it was burning, in particular the 4-coal form.

In the future, all that melt like molten magma during the eruption of the volcano begins to climb higher in the spinal column and reaches the level of the pubis in front of you, ie, slightly above the genitals where you will visualize CENTER WATER. You will visualize a vast ocean, which breaks burning hot magma and evaporates, dissolves the ocean.

Then, still rises above the stream, reaching the navel center – the principle of fire, which dissolves and this principle, an ordinary fire dissolves pervoognёm – Shakti.

Then you will be even higher elevation to visualize the thoracic center and just dissolve.

It is important that you have been not so much the picture imaging, as you literally within itself felt here have any psychic centers and these centers fits this powerful energy. And you suddenly start to feel like you are inside something melts and disappears, that in the place where before there was any lump plexus your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, hopes, etc., etc. n., was suddenly empty. It turns out that your body becomes, as it were empty in terms of emotions, thoughts, fears, experiences, etc. bottom up, up, up, reaching a point between the eyebrows, and finally reaching the top of the head. And at some point you realize you have to remain just a shell of a physical, inside there is no fear, hooks, dependencies that your body did not have the support for you that you were a support for the body, that you are not dependent on the body, and the body is up to you.

That is what we are now with you will play. And then in the reverse order we will win back in the dance creation of the principles that you have previously dissolved. Before that these principles have not been completed yet dirty, but now you will cast them in perfect form without fear, without pain, without all-everything.

As all of these structures will be made!

Here’s waiting for us to practice.


Do you know why we’ve read today, talking about the sacrificial fire?

You like to sacrifice the performance of their desires, in the sense that they are executed in the way that at the same time you have reached the highest state of in his spiritual development.

In your desires (what ever they were not), there is nothing wrong if their execution leads to the realization of who you really are. Desires are very dangerous when they begin to be themselves without reference to the fact that you overcome ignorance about themselves. Then – yes. The more desire you play, the more of them there. But, if each of the desire to perform in your life, takes you to a new spiritual level, it is actually the number of desires starts to dry out. Because you cease to desire anything, because and so executed without your desire.

What is desire?

DESIRE – this is where there is a difference between the formulation and execution. If there is a difference, we talk about desire.

Yogi and Yogini antiquity and ancient Rishis rarely been in such a state. Typically, the formulation will of immediately led to a realization. And in rare cases, when really between the wording and the epitome was some delay, given the ancient mantras, just sharpened to ensure that it all happened quickly. That kind of logic.

Question: “When we imagine that the principle of the solution remaining voids. This emptiness, she is filled with something, just a sense of the Higher “I” or …? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends! VOID – not in the physical sense of vacuum, emptiness – in the sense of the absence of anything was.

Look, I have two fingers folded together. What is between my fingers? EMPTINESS. There is nothing there. You understand, right? Ie, when there is no concept of the fact that there at least something can be. And, if we take the vessel and evacuate the air from there, you get a vacuum. But, in fact, what is it? This space is in pure form. And when dealing with the dissolution sooner or later, even the very concept of space dissolve. This is, according to the teaching on the level of the throat center. And what happens after the space is dissolved? Nothing remains. But, in fact, it is not! As the ancient knowledge of Yoga (we just do not touch these serious issues axiomatic yoga), it remains MIND principle. MIND principle, friends, oddly enough, is higher than the space principle. Anyway, so Yoga says. Those. even when there is no space, perhaps the principle of operation of the mind. But then we dissolve the principles of reason. Then, indeed, emptiness.

Later in Tantric Buddhism, Tibetan yogis in this topic very well and beautifully began to beat. So you read something about Buddhism, you will find that “there’s a yogi or yogini know the emptiness of their desires or emptiness of the body, or the emptiness of his intentions.” As a rule, Western man did not understand what was going on. And in fact it is quite a deep concept. But do not adequately correct word for the association of a number.

Question: “How should look perfect venues? In what form, shape? And how to visualize them? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Perfect centers – this will be your inner subjective feeling of perfection.

Here is a look each currently, for example, in the navel. Do you have some kind of conglomerate of sensations associated with the navel and in general this area. If you look closely, you look closely, you will realize that any sense of a more or less normal, but some are unclear and do not want that they were there. And you can not even formally explain that you do not like it. But for myself to understand or imagine how to make it where it would be good to a certain extent you can. Precisely in this way and assumes that you take away all the things that you think too much inside of you. And it remains only the necessary, beautiful, wonderful, giving you the opportunity to live a full breast, and the full range of feel around the universe. That such an ideology, friends.

Yoga stretch

Do you remember in yoga teaching, course number 550, there is a position that we are then, in those days, opened the competition for the most beautiful, fully compliant with all the norms of the Russian language, and all the provisions of yoga teaching, the wording of a particular exercise. The competition, in fact, no one has closed. But very little someone give me something to bring, because all overcomes verbal diarrhea. Man begins to teach him everything seems to be that it does not understand, and it is “tu-tu-tu-tu”, and the person does not know, or do the exercises, or listen to the teacher. So, we are going to work, and I invite all to think on this score. Why? In Sanskrit voice will not work – no one knows Sanskrit, too, will not work in the modern Hindi, it is also very few people know. You see? For this, you still have to translate every thing very creative translation. Translation, you know, to be not just a literal and literary translation. Or again, a section of mantra-yoga, a very difficult section, I must say.

From performing yoga you have to experience joy. The joy of performing. Either the joy of overcoming himself. Actually. It’s a very good basic principle is that you do something wrong, you feel shortness of breath there, dizzy, just stop. A list all the possible ailments in turn lecture and not in employment, not to mention impossible, too. Once again I say, this is the mantra-yoga: minimum words maximum benefit.

Q: But in the Kriya Yoga retreat at everything in silence, only the first explained about the power, and then practice. Maybe with hatha yoga just do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: friends, you do not forget, you ordinary people to bear Yoga. Retreat – this retreat. There are at least a time frame. On average yoga class, an hour, hour and a half Well, there’s not put too much personal. Your task is to carry the yoga people. People are waiting, people live life to die and did not even know what the ancient knowledge preserved. There should be a creative act, with this question.

A voice from the audience: when you gave us this yoga, saying that it is the connection of physical and spiritual, that this complex machined as prayer, as an appeal to the higher. And now it all comes down to the simple physical exercises. In my opinion, it is not necessary to focus only on the physical, emotional after – really a very important component: an appeal to the higher.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here we have on this topic in the past, the seminar was a very substantive conversation with Valery Taranov. And that’s what I’m afraid that it is not another rebranding yoga. Now I have the Surya Namaskar, and I have a yoga stretch, that I have on the market a mobile phone, but I have this. Yoga stretch, if it is too much to say, it will turn into an analogue of kriya yoga, that she is cut off from everything in itself. But let’s call a spade a spade, it is just a way of doing hatha yoga. In fact, with the same emotional appeal to the higher we can do, and hatha yoga.

A voice from the audience: The entire sequence, really worship. It adjusts itself.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, well, of course, yoga stretch – it’s not something that sat down with a piece of paper, sketched a postures: it there, it’s here. Not this way. You know, sometimes it believed that sitting someone smart, we in the West or in the East, and comes up with yoga. Try one of you at least someone’s come up with something new. If anything happens, I’ll fall into the first leg. All have long invented everything that could be invented. Therefore, I understand what is at stake. I also like this approach, especially if you take a preparatory practice for the triad, there is generally a strong point, especially for men. If we’re talking about a massive option, we will be tortured to explain what should be there. If you hold a seminar on yoga stretch, then yes, it can be explained. I know this example militaristic always forgive. Ran soldiers with Kalashnikovs, and next runs uncle with a machine gun. And explain to the uninitiated, what is the difference between a gun and a machine gun, and he and the fires, even among those same cartridges mi. Why the fuss? Why invent one thing, if you can do the other? But it is only at first glance, the uninitiated. And in fact there is a very big difference: we spend one-half hour session, retreat, or a six-hour seminar or workshop for three days. These are different gauges on different contingent of people on different mental atmosphere on different preparedness. And if we share, we are able to skip as many people, and everyone gets their own, and if we narrow, then begins. Someone comes along and says I come work out, and I was here, they say, Goddess Sri put on his head, is a psychological moment.

A voice from the audience: Why, when I looked at the seminar, the first thing that came to mind that yoga stretch – a rejection of selfishness. And modern society is very useful to give.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it is better not to talk about civilized society. Podsunem, eat candy, medicine, whether it will work?

A voice from the audience: Just many perceive egoism as positive.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga also perceives selfishness is very positive. Lift the previous lecture. Friends, if you had not selfishness, no one would have of you now would not be sitting here. You would be in the best case a plant or animal. Only selfishness or self-centeredness allows you to mobilize resources indirectly work the mind. But once the mind to work, yes, indeed, self-interest is not necessary. Selfishness – this is scaffolding: if you want to build a temple, first, lift scaffolding. Then build the house, and when the temple was built, yes, indeed, the forest stir, they should be removed, just as selfishness: very good, as long as a person stupid, very out of place when man built all that he had to build. Therefore, such an interpretation: that selfishness is something uniquely bad – can not say. It must be appropriate, and if we are on every corner will shout “We will unlearn selfishness!”, Think that we are some kind of sect, we draw a new religion. Do you remember. Yoga is not a religion. There must also be a moment to observe the courtesy.

A voice from the audience: I do not quite understand the principle of scalability in a yoga stretch.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very simple.

You can do any speed.

You can stay in the pose any amount of time.

You can hardly denote posture and can, you know, so bent, so bent, so that the bones crack.

And can some moments pass. It is difficult to you, it is very difficult, and it is not necessary yet.

From all this it develops the principle of scalability, but the uninitiated students may not know, but to know when will take the appropriate course.

Question: Is it possible to stop and lie down in Shavasana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So it all, God himself ordered! This is the principle: do as I do, that the matter is not so, do not feel joy, so lie down, rest, relax, wait, the next to do something.

Question: A yoga stretch on anything not based? Here are other views of something are based.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, of course! Yoga Stretch – version of hatha yoga. In the world’s teachers inflated cheeks Taken: we rely on the ancient treatises on Hatha yoga and describe them. That’s how many years studying this question, we have the story on hatha yoga: a description of each exercise is just two lines! And, sometimes it does not even understand what to do. Remember, a film based on hatha yoga? So, I have not seen anywhere else, there are detailed description of the item! That’s how modern authors, one just described pose in twenty pages. Here, too, a moment that such references are, and like or not. With yoga prehistory – generally a different story! Painful, it must be said, because scientists, for example, recognize only the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Because the media is preserved paper. Veda example, the dating of the Vedas – about the middle of the third and second millennia BC. But no further. Material carriers there, and they could not be. Because orally transmitted knowledge from teacher to student, learned the heart. Indirectly, dating not only of what you can build – the birth of the Buddha. Serious milestone in the history of India, here until after the Buddha or the Buddha, can say. Many of these nuances. Since yoga is not so simple as it seems.

Question: And still orally transmitted knowledge! It was not the beginning of the book of the Vedas?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, the book created already on the historical memory, that is, this is such a milestone that was passed so. Look, if you are a nomadic people, you basically can not drag along here Taken Talmud, would carry the food.

A voice from the audience: .. … academic positions

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, no, there was bad with academics. But in fact, very like (Academy of the USSR was now Academy RAS) them all, make friends with them. Yes, they have something to do not recognize, do not know and do not want to know. But they suppress all obscurantism on the vine. Yes, sometimes they are cut to the quick, but in this case no mold have no choice there. Therefore, if you can find some kind of work, for example, Dandekar. Yes, something can cut modern scientists, disappeared sverhlogika. But check! Ming is not! Therefore, I recommend that in Moscow there Akademkniga store, located near Tsvetnoy Boulevard, literally. Second on the Academic metro station. They sell a very small print run of the book, you do not buy them anywhere. Not for any esoteric bazaars, they are there simply do not reach. Very valuable works. In particular, it is now sold 2nd and 3rd part Adharva Veda. Great rarity. For the first time in Russian published. This is the last time to do that Tatiana Y. Tatyana Elizarenkova, doperevela 4th part. Doperevela, gave to the press, and did not even wait for. Not so long ago died. In my opinion, in 2007. That is, the man made his mission in his life, and left. Nowhere, I assure you, do not buy, because the circulation is very small. Firstly, purely academic interest. No esoteric moldy it is not interesting, it is necessary to include the brain, and with brains at all bad. And secondly, the price is quite biting, it will not run Castaneda millions of copies, where anything you publish, will still buy and pay off. And here you are 200 copies published, and then, without any hope. As Ajnana Nirni published so far is, nobody cares. And I then to say that it was necessary to come up with a more commercial name, such as “kundalini awakening methods Indian Maharajah” and sign “Treatise Qawra Jnana Nirni”. At least cheers broke up! And no one understands its purest form, as it is. I urge you, protopchite track at all academic institutions, meet and make friends with indologists, Sanskrit scholar and translator. Yes, they can not understand and carry on the spirit of everything connected with yoga, but you must forgive them. Too much of obscurantism are now. They do not distinguish. They can learn some times more than in India, a treatise of which there is no one knows for a long time here. It has long been transferred, has long has comments. Moreover, mathematically precise linguistic analysis (and we have great linguistic school has been and still is). And there you will gather much more than other times in any ashram, where you have to understand that Indian Hindu hatred is very big. They are already one billion two hundred million. And you think all yoga, or something?

A voice from the audience: For academics needed something that could rely. In yoga, there is a theory. Darwin’s theory – also a theory.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, right now accumulated a wealth of archaeological and linguistic data, and presentation of the concept is still the old one. As the science section is not money. And they forsook all the old – old ideas, despite the fact that the new material is more than enough. Change is coming. However, there is another danger: pronatsionalisticheskie circles, tend to be very irresponsible, too, are beginning to pick up this idea and something completely its already implemented. This scientific environment in general as afraid of fire! He is in a nightmare not dream. Kind of like the Vedas brought arias, such as that of Hitler were pure Aryans, but here any skinheads in Moscow, and go all the killing. Scientists really really afraid that someone will take the Vedas and fail under today’s skinheads basic good theory that they are competently all kroili skull. And God forbid, actually. They are really afraid of. Therefore, there is a moment that somewhere stick folded and facts that you need to draw in increasingly speak. They can be understood. This is a very delicate moment. Therefore, especially swear by academia is not necessary. They are poor. Friends. Are you still in the south will be able to earn a piece of bread. A scientist ascetic, the same Tatyana Elizarenkova penny collected, on bread and water, to somehow survive. In Russia, not funded science is only now become more or less. And so, all of them poor, like Van Gogi! Devotees, they just can not put up a tent or a trade to go into business – not just them, it is easier to translate Adharva Veda and die than to adapt to our glorious oligarchic times. Therefore, you should not take knowledge of yoga in isolation from life, from the way of life of the financial flows. It is very easy to sell any topic. Now I inject money and “Russian native land of elephants!” And it is another obscurantism.

Okay, let’s get back to our subject.

Q: And in my personal practice, you can use the strike as a method of hope? Visualization, for example?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it’s a good thing, as all the other practices that, for example, to stop the parasitic thoughts or for any such reaction. Anger parses, and you can explode at any time, and start doing yoga stretch, you fall into a trance, as in Kriya yoga, immersed in their own world, and it all begins, as it were easier to be. Here you have a problem. And sometimes it is necessary not to strengthen his grip and let go a little. And it is hard to do, because you always want to climb, to understand, in the face to someone to give. And it all just worsen. And how’s this anxiety boost when you think that nothing is happening and should happen. This is the technique of sublimation of aggression into something internal, and, of course, as the visualization. In yoga, the Triad is mainly for men, but it does not. What is exclusively male practice in kriya yoga is better in women, but does not mean that only men practice Kriya. This suggests that the general principles are the same for men and women.

A voice from the audience: The exercise is repeated the same thing, because I do not give the entire lesson only yoga stretch.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This question is open to me. I’m starting to slowly introduce, five minutes, ten minutes, and then come up and say: “Why are not all the activity?”. I do not know. I would like to receive from you advice, whether it makes sense to give the entire activity? If the percentage is, what percentage?

A voice from the audience: It depends on the audience.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, you see, I’m getting quite a different opinion. For example, opens a second wind after 30 minutes, and you want to continue, continue … because here, you start to make and you have toxins. And you have them is through itself runs. And it is unpleasant, and you start to think, well, when will it end, and then clean the body and run, and you, I’m sorry, in a good rushing, and do I want to do. Therefore, it is neither a simple question. For students is simple – how much to so many, and we will do. But for the people who came for the first time and were not engaged in yoga – this is a very large open-ended question, so I will wait for you to find the best. I’ve realized that for 15-20 minutes – it is painless. But more. And more and do not get – the time frame classes. Input practice, rest – eat up a lot of time.

I do not know, I’m just like you, from time to time I go to learn. Do you think I’ve been a guru of Humpty Dumpty, I am ready to answer all the questions? Yes, I know a grain! And how do you go to learn. I tie it with a vacation. In this respect, I differ only by the fact that he began to learn a little earlier. You start now. There are questions to which I do not know the answer, there are questions. In that no one knows the answer, because, for example, that those formats of yoga as we give them no one did not give. Because the technology was not there! This is now the music on the player – not like – rewound for 3 seconds, and in Soviet times Bobbin coil forms the installation, and before the gramophone. Try to put normal music. You know, the format changes, civilization makes its own adjustments.

Yoga stretch

Friends, we have today 29 October 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev this seminar we exit the International Open Yoga University, all archived information on www.openyoga.ru site, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru

Now we need you to consider briefly the theory of yoga stretch, as well as to practice and perform the exercise itself of this yoga.

So, what is yoga stretch? Yoga Stretch – it is a certain sequence of postures of hatha yoga, which are carried out in such a kind of single cycle. Or in another way – different poses we do so out of one posture, we immediately move to another, from another to a third, and so on and so forth until, until you perform a certain number of these poses. Then we start again. Thus, we can get a certain number of cycles, or are these circles here perform postures of hatha yoga.

Yoga Stretch – this is not a separate type of yoga, and a method for performing Hatha Yoga. In every position you can stay nice for yourself any amount of time. Can one second, and you can, for example, stopping for a long time, even for a few minutes. In all, you should be guided by their inner feeling, a sense of harmony, and God forbid you to prevent violence against them. You have to find a rhythm yoga stretch, when you are doing and want to continue to do. Or in another way, you should experience the joy of fulfillment or joy of overcoming himself. All you need is just to move from one posture to another, it does not take care of other factors, such as breathing, thinking processes, etc., etc.. As stated in the Kriya Yoga: “Let the wind take care of itself.” Let all your thought processes once and stabilize themselves and come to any certain your desired level.

This is a very important part of Hatha Yoga. Why is it important? For whom is it important? In the first place it is important for men. You know, there is a bike – Yoga Stretch – it is the worship of the goddess of fine arts, poetry, yoga and higher mathematics. So, those of you who are engaged in the study of the exact sciences, and sometimes feel that they are “stalled” in the understanding of certain flights of thought in the field of exact sciences, it is sometimes very useful, so to speak, shake your body to work out the excess prana and this excess prana forced to work better your mental abilities. And you better aware of certain provisions of the exact sciences, or poetry, or yoga.

And now let’s you and I together make a sequence of yoga stretch, and then each self will continue to perform these exercises.

So, friends, yoga stretch.

The sequence of postures

– First position – threw up his hands, flex back.

– Next – lean forward, it is desirable to your knees straight.

– Next posture – set aside any leg back.

– Set aside the second leg back. Back, neck, head, legs along a single straight line

– Then, bend at the waist, arms straight, legs straight.

– Then touches his forehead mat, legs bent at the knees, standing on his knees.

– Then hand palms bowing his head and straighten your knees.

– Then, bend your knees and sit on them. As for head forehead pad.

– Then, leaning forward, chin touch pad. The palms of the hands under the shoulders rest on the mat, legs slightly bent at the knees, pelvis slightly raised.

– Now pelvis omit in one direction, then in another.

– Then, helping himself with his hands and flexes up, straighten the legs at the knees. You can look up if nice.

– Then, bend your knees, omit them to the right and to the right as we look at them. That is slightly rotate the torso to the right to see his foot down. Now do the same to the left.

– Now we take the stick position. Legs, neck, torso, head along a straight line, arms straight at the elbows.

– Then, bend at the waist.

– Then sit down on bent legs near the palms of the hands

– Then we collect, folding his hands in a gesture of “greeting” in front of his chest.

– Then, helping himself with his hands, elbows back as far back as nice, and you can even lie down if it turns out. If not, we find a position where there is no pain.

– Then, bend at the waist and try to touch the forehead pad.

– Then we have your palms in front of your knees and straighten your knees.

– Next posture – feet stand between the palms of the hands, legs slightly bent at the knees.

– Next posture – sit on his haunches, bowing his knees.

– Next posture – is rolled back and try to make the head was between his knees. Now – to one of the arms it was between his knees, his head back, his other hand between his knees, his head again. We roll forward like squat.

– Then, with his hands up against the knees, legs slightly bent.

– Then, one hand pressing into the knee of the same leg, and the other hand touches the feet.

– Now everything is the same in the other direction.

– Now we join hands behind his back and straighten his legs.

– Now one hand looking up, the other concerns of the foot.

– All the same the other way.

– The head can be rotated up and look at the palm of the hand that raised up.

– Now palms toed.

– Now we are rectified, threw his hands back, to give up.

This is one cycle.

Now once again slowly do with me, and then continue each at their own pace.

– So, your hands in front of chest in greeting pose.

– Then flex back, hands up, leans forward, the foot is given back, the other leg.

– Bend at the waist, arms straight, legs straight.

– Forehead touch the mat, legs bent at the knees.

– Palms grab head, straighten your knees.

– Bend your knees, sit on them. As for head forehead pad.

– Leaning forward, chin touch pad. The palms of the hands under the shoulders, legs slightly bent at the knees, raised area of the pelvis.

– Drop the pelvis to one side, then the other.

– Then sags up, helping himself with his hands. Knees straight.

– Then, bend your knees, omit them in one way and in the same direction and turn her head slightly bending the torso. Now the other side.

– Now the position of the stick. Arms straight, legs, neck, torso, head, it is desirable in a straight line.

– Then, bend at the waist, arms straight at the elbows, legs straight in the knees.

– Then, sit near the palms of the hands on bent knees

-. Then the gesture “Welcome”

– Then retract the body, it’s nice, helping himself with his hands.

– Then, bend at the waist and try to touch the forehead pad.

– Then we have your palms near the legs bent at the knees and straighten the legs.

– Then put your feet between the palms of the hands, legs bent at the knees, palms of the hands, as it were pressed against the mat.

– Then, on further bend your knees and bowing his knees.

– Then rolls back, legs bent at the knees, his head between his legs and is desirable.

– Then – one hand between her legs, back head, the other hand, the head again.

– Rolls forward, squat.

– Palms up against the knees, legs slightly bent.

– One okay rests on the knee of the other foot palms concerns. That is, on the side with which we relate to the palm tribe, the same we touch the feet with the other hand.

All the same the other way.

– Now we join hands back together and straighten your knees. The body is bent as it were in the back.

– Now one of the hands looks upward, the other hand touches the feet.

– Making the other side of the same.

– Now both hands touch the feet of the feet.

– Rectified threw his hands back slightly. Putting them in a gesture of welcome, is brought to the chest. And then omit them.

Thus, we have completed the cycle.

Friends, if any of you do not remember the sequence, that’s okay. Try to do as you remember this sequence. If you miss something, anything – the next time to make up.

In order to examine the sequence, you just have to copy the instructor, and with time you will realize that is quite difficult to come up with any exercise that would take you away to the side. Conversely, your body is like – to intuitively remember the sequence. The body will be remembered even better than you to remember that for what it is. So now, in order to fix this, we practice, we are with you all together make a few of these circles.

I remind you that in each of the positions, which will be carried out, you can stay as a fraction of a second, and a few minutes, depending on their status, state of health, mood. And, accordingly, the speed with which you move from one pose to another can change the way you enjoy friends.

Just want to say that some of you perform poses rather complex exercise called Surya Namaskar. This is related systems. The fundamental difference from the Surya Namaskar Yoga Stretch is that Surya Namaskar is usually forced to rigidly tied to the movement of the breath. Here you must have a breath as you pleased.

So now we’ll start with you perform this complex, respectively.

Stretch 2

Question: The legs should be changed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, as you know, there are moments here symmetrical back leg, you can take one or the other. If you will be a very long time to do something you feel that needs to be changed. There are symmetrical posture, and how to start, with one leg or the other, that you define for yourself.

Question from the audience: When we get into such a position, it is necessary Udiyana bandha do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it should only be denoted. In this position, just a quick we did not do it. Changing hands, we just denote Udiyana bandha, but do not do it.

Here you have designated pseudo-udiyana bandha, then leaned to one side, then the other. Behind the hands and straighten, then one way to another, touch both feet and go up.

Question: What do I lose if I do not do yoga stretch, but only Hatha Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know. The question is not to me. Maybe something to lose, maybe something to gain. As practice shows, this is actually a variant, it is not a separate type of yoga. Yoga Stretch – this is not a separate type of yoga is a method of performing Hatha Yoga.

Question: That is, you can change these exercises?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Strictly speaking, yes – but it is very difficult to come up with something new, if you try to experiment at home here, so that in one breath all the turn-twist hard for something new to come up. Once again, this sequence is not a law of nature, you know? It’s just so convenient bundle.

Question: During yoga or during Shavasana there such a state: pop moments from the past, those who are very clearly remember and those who do not remember. But remarkable is that it is a state, as if you were from these moments choose pleasure – absolutely wonderful condition, and completely realize that in those moments when it was, it was not quite. What is the reason?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, my friends, who are ready to answer? That is the question, good question.

Answer: In general, in terms of human memory, we always remember only the good, it is our nature. But from the standpoint of yoga, I do not undertake to answer.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, louder! It does not hear what you are discussing.

A: I will try to answer. Perhaps because of the axioms of Yoga our natural state – a state of happiness, bliss, and when we Shavasana, comes a sense of harmony. Even the situation that in the past seemed negative, she was in a disharmonious state, now it seems to be harmonious and fun. That is, at the moment the situation seems to be relevant and, therefore, reveals Anand.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I want to expand even question. Why the past, we always think in a positive way?

Answer: There is no fear.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For all have nothing to fear …

A: Alex, Astra group, intramural student. It seems to me, because harmony is perceived, that if our mind is in a harmonious state, if we feel the harmony in your mind, then all situations, all the phenomena we seem to be harmonious: in the past, the future or the present.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Another opinion. Forward. Friends, same, same, and the remaining?

Answer: Igor Ternovskiy, Astra Group, part-time students, the city of Samara. The universe we at some point gives in excess of pleasure, joy, and happiness that we can take. And perhaps, when we are in real life, we do not catch this gift and during Shavasana analyze the situation from a different position, not involved, and the side on the observer position and already boast: “In, we was there such a gift was and we ran and did not even notice. “

Answer: Irina Solomatin, Catur group, intramural student. It seems to me that our internal state is projected on the structural condition on external objects and phenomena. Images that appear before our eyes, as if they are consistent with our internal state and look pleasant and harmonious. And our internal state at the same time – harmony.

Answer: Alexander, Astra group, intramural student. I think that regarding the same situation from the perspective of the past, we’re just in the dark, and from the perspective of the present, respectively, we can be in the conducting state, respectively …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Regarding past ignorance. Well, you know, as in the saying: “If I knew where you drop, straw to bed.” Hindsight stronger. Yes, my friends, we snatch from the past … Think about your problems five years ago, or even how many years ago then. The student goes to school and thinks: ‘Oh, if only to pass the exam, if only to pass the exam “, so suffering, it is going through. And now remember this exam. Yes, you no examination, no subject can not remember, can not remember anything.

Q: Elena, a group of three, part-time student, the city of Kaliningrad. Each of us has his point of view on certain moments and events in their lives. And we know that the conflict arises when interests diverge, or the position at the moment of life from different people – there is a conflict or disputes. Where is the line defending its position in opposing, when we talk or defend their point of view. Where is the line, when to stop, and whether you need to do to defend their point of view.

Answer: Julia Tarabrina, Catur group, intramural student. I think that here it is necessary to comply with the first, second and third principles of yoga and, above all, the first principle: do no harm to this person; to analyze the issue from the perspective of the three principles.

Answer: Cyril, Catur group, part-time students, the city of Kiev. I, for some reason immediately reminded of a system of axioms of the macrocosm, which dealt with the multiple “I” and what happens when the conflict between them. One “I” voleizyavlyaet one and the other “I” – is something else. It was mentioned in one of the lectures that the “I”, which is self-aware to better themselves, is at a higher level of self-awareness, it will benefit all if it is in a dominant position. That is, perhaps, need a rough estimate, if the person with whom you have a conflict, divergent interests – if it is on the level of ignorance is superior to you, it is likely that if you dominate, you can in something story.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m sorry, I read in a magazine that analyzes whether some printers, or telephones. And there ‘Best Choice – Editor’s Choice! “And the following position:” Hands off! “In other words – do not buy, hands off! And it sounds like. Donoso directly the essence, and the associative array is very delicate, not to offend anyone.

Excellent. Great. Another who has what opinion?

Answer: Anna Moloch, group three, the city of Pskov. Can I add? I think: the first, the second principle, of course, but you need to add a target, and then what the person with whom the conflict, we have to. That is, if this is our baby, and he is capricious and does not want to learn, we have to show some firmness to push somewhere. Somewhere longer apply the second principle of yoga than the first bit to forget about kindness, but, of course, subject to the verge – not to fall into extremes. Common sense. But still there is something that needs a goal. Why this conflict? What he should lead? What do we want? How do we want to get out of this conflict: whether we want to influence and help a person in some way; or he is indifferent to us? I believe that is important to us is the goal and what we have to the people.

Answer: Irina Solomatin, Catur group, intramural student. I would like to join Anna and a little supplement. It is necessary for themselves to answer the question: “Is this my dharma in conflict?” If my, if I have to stop that opinion, I have to be in conflict, and somehow this man, this view, which I think is wrong, deter . If not, my dharma, do not get involved and do not expend energy needlessly. All agreed that the previous said first and second principles of karma and do I need to convince a person in this situation?

Comment: Elena, a group of three, part-time student, the city of Kaliningrad. That is, the situation is sometimes not delayed for a long time, that is, it does not necessarily conflict, war, where a dispute is endless. It can be a group of people, you know, when people’s interests do not coincide, overlap. Begins “torn” and do not know how to do the right thing. If you turn away and say: “Yes, God is with you. I will not argue, or will not even be involved at all. “Then begins capturing your interest, your territory. If you’re going to argue – I do not want to spend the time. I perfectly understand all this. I understand that the people that did not prove it.

Question: Irina Solomatin, Catur group, intramural student. I understand that you are referring to some specific domestic situation and the need to know it.

Student elaborates: In general, the word “Dharma” can be used in this situation, it is appropriate here?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And why not?

Student: Dharma – it is something more global, way of life.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And from that way of life is? From ordinary life situations.

Student: So, of every minute, of every second is our dharma?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, yes.

Answer: Anastasia Goskova, Group Three, intramural student. I think it’s from the same area that we previously said that to balance so as not to get involved, but it does not go away completely in his inner world where I’m good, but I can not help and does I do not participate in the life of the outside world. And it does not go continuously in external involvement. It is, indeed, a face, it is very difficult to observe. But when it comes to loved ones situations that it is impossible not to move easily. We have people with whom we can simply dilute the universe, as in the example with a saleswoman. And there are people with whom we can not dilute their universe. Here, it seems to me, should be at a time when passions run to overcome this and that the potential to save himself. But then, to observe the second principle, be sure to bring in the quiescent state, having weighed all the arguments, without emotion. Just communicate, and thereby comply with these two principles.

Student: Can the situation, for example, you live in a high-rise building, and people go out of the door to smoke. Well, you do not like. It affects your health. But they do not care about your opinion. What are you going to do, how to solve this situation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, a good example, my friends!

Answer: Alexey Tarasov, a group of three, intramural student. I want to first of all say that getting involved in the conflict is unreasonable from the point of view of energy loss. But if we are involved in a situation, there is included a moment that just as the Absolute talking to each language which he understands, and we also need to communicate with people in simple language. And if my neighbor smokes in the stairwell, and my child is forced to breathe it, most likely, I will do everything possible so that he did not smoke there. Naturally, following the first and second principle of yoga. No aggressiveness in principle can not be.

Student: Aggressiveness on the side – the one who smokes, he is aggressive, because I infringe on their rights.

Alexei Tarasov, a group of three, intramural student. That even Vadim said in the lectures that if a person understands only rude, it is necessary to handle rough. Otherwise, you do not donesesh him.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Apply to law enforcement agencies to find the relevant article, under which all fail. It is not necessary to shout, face to beat. Simply put before the fact: there is a rule. With me it is very often the case. From time to time I have in the library. I go to the reading room – all work. That one phone will work, then another. And here and there, there … Derg Derg Derg. Well, I put up, and then I got tired of it all. I very politely go up to everyone. Very polite. Not so, like, “Come on, man, mittens closing!”. No no. Very polite. All questions: here, here item such a library rules. If I start to send, then I go to Auntie that the library is responsible for the order. I go to her and ask her – it is your dharma, that’s not my dharma to pull him out by the hair – your dharma! That is, firstly, I do not climb not in my situation where you can not climb. Because, of course, sometimes itching to direct aggression. It is not necessary to select a job with the police. It is not necessary to select a job from any janitors, security guards. They then there will be nothing, if you select them bread.

Student: It is in this situation sounds so good. Well, I can go with the application, but I have to prove that he is guilty. Because, until it is proved that he is guilty, that he smokes.

Student: It is such a time – to do everything on my own effort: you called the police, you made a request, you do everything in your power.

Student: And in response wrote that, you know, there is no evidence …

Ivan. An auditor. I think that here we can apply the third principle of yoga, to abandon suffering and perceive everything as spiritual growth. Then no problem.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no. This is a slippery slope – close ulcers roses and scream like everything is fine. It’s very, very dangerous, India due to this nearly died. This is a very, very, friends, it is dangerous that the “no-no-no, it’s not a problem, I see just wrong.” That is, it is such “ostrich policy”. It is extremely dangerous, and it can make of you hypocrites, when you do something one will be called something other than it is not. It’s very, very dangerous principle of yoga, friends. Only after the first two! First, indeed, can not cause suffering unless absolutely necessary, and the second – should be on the mind, really do. And if there is any problem, it is necessary to sit down and think about how to solve it.

And in this regard, I want to say such a thing. There is a beautiful text, it is called “Bhagavad Gita”. I highly recommend everyone to read it, the more recently released translation, or rather re translation Academician Smirnov. Basim know where to buy. Basim knows?

Basim: There are already over.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Already over. And where there is no end? You can find it?

Student: In the online store can be.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, no, very rare edition.

Basim: In the electronic version.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who have you read in electronic form will be?

Student: Krishnas go, handing out one time for all.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends, do not be confused. “Bhagavad Gita” – is part of the “Mahabharata”. In India fifty conflicting sects, and each in his own way trying to comment on the “Bhagavad Gita”. With all due respect to the followers, you are talking about, there are some problems. First, they split, they are now there for three or four directions. While in the sixties, when they were “The Beatles” and everything, everything, it all began, it was on the one-man management. Interpret these already split the branches, it is all different. And you do it makes sense to find out whose true branch, and whose sectarian? No. Therefore I urge you, after all, first and foremost, to use the comments, even better than some scientific or pseudo-scientific, which scientists are engaged, and only then those or other religious schools. Because and so very close to sectarianism to be there.

I am referring to the original text. And, really, this text is very good, but there is commentary something … So, the bottom line is that people put it in that situation, you are talking about. There is a conflict of interest – a kingdom. Not more, not less, as the Kingdom. There is a band of brothers, and there is another group of brothers, and they conflict: who will inherit this succession, who will take it in his hands, and who will rule. Conflict Pandavas and Kuruavov. And the conflict is so long, that, in the end, on the field of Kurukshetra lined two armies. And with that, and on the other hand relatives. What is called, the brother went to brother. Remember this anecdote: two times the Lord God laugh – this is when the doctor says that he will heal the sick, and when two brothers divide an inheritance. And here, my brother went to brother.

And now, one of the parties, was here in this situation, in the face of Arjuna. The situation is critical – not easy: you lose or you win. You have to kill someone. And Arjuna said: “No, I think I will not fight, became a monk, and I will lead an itinerant lifestyle.” What his teacher Krishna, who, oddly enough, worked his charioteer (note), says: “No, Arjuna, do not do this – you break your dharma.” If it is your duty – to defend some interests, like – not like it, tough or easy – must uphold. That is, the first thing, really, is to determine what issues are part of your duty to defend them, and which are not. And it’s a lot of things easier. Do not climb where no one asks your advice. We usually like to give advice. One friend gives advice to another how to live and so on. That do not have to! Do not cross the border of dharma: not yours – do not meddle. If yours do as tells your debt.

Indeed, there are very complex situation. The same biography of another outstanding leader, whose name was Mahatma Gandhi, shows us that even in the most difficult situation you can find an acceptable way out. And, in particular, he demonstrated it, where, apparently, and demonstrate no way – in politics. Oh, where cynicism measure volatility measure, a measure of the interests vested enormous. And no one said it would be easy – it will be very difficult. On the other hand, the only way we can do. If we do not do their duty, we will get a worse result than if it was performed, but performed poorly. If the police will not work – it will be much worse than it works, but it is bad. Because, if at all will not be here to begin the crime on every street corner. Therefore, everything has a measure of comparison.

And in this respect, just as each of us must remember that our duty – there are things where we can be, something like to do or do not like. But if it is our duty, then like it or not, must act in accordance with the debt. The biggest pain you begin. And the greatest suffering that you have – that’s when you depart from his duty. Or, in another way: there is an earlier concept than the concept of dharma – the concept of Rita. That’s when you do not do what they should be honored, you must turn away from Rita, due to break his Dharma and, consequently, accumulate negative karma. And, as a consequence, for it will have to pay later. So once again, here is a situation that we have to determine the extent of their involvement. And if we believe that this is indeed our duty to intervene, it has nowhere to go. As Krishna said to Arjuna: “You must fight! Even if you fight with his relatives. ” You can imagine how it was for the Indian horror, where the ideal kind of generic yoga, Vedic ideal relationship ideal but there is a civil war! Nothing worse can not come up with. This is from the series, when the closest most people bring suffering.

But, on the other hand, we should always remember the second principle of yoga. This is what diplomats are all countries: to look for some third, bypass strategy, that is, it is not necessary to break into the closed door, sometimes you can get around. Sometimes our problems are: we think that this is a fortress with the closed gate, and we can not get through and pass twenty meters away, and there is generally not even a fence! In Soviet times, this: is gloomy factory guarded. An armed guard with a rifle standing. And aside waste – there is break down the hole, and all the staff through it, because it’s so close, back and forth. And the border is quiet.

This is sometimes, if not raise much noise, not to attract someone’s attention, to use this factor here: pomalkivaya, see some workaround in this situation and turn everything that you just do not fit, nobody even knows. Everyone will be happy. Very often such a situation. If, on the contrary, begin to place undue emphasis on a particular moment of attention, you, on the contrary, will tighten the noose.

Note the behavior of diplomats. I really like Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister. He is told: “Here’s the problem.” And he answers: “No, no, it’s not a problem – it’s a misunderstanding.” It’s, you know, a programmer there is a saying: “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” The idea is that you buy, say, a player, click on the button, and you have everything pereklinilo smoke went even. Are you a manufacturer, say, “Did you say something wrong done, you have a problem here,” or in slang “bug” – bug. I’ll tell you then, where this prehistory. And they say, “No, you mean! It features, it is a feature of our design. ” That is, how to apply! As today as gracefully: “They are superior to us in the extent of their ignorance.” Yes, that, unfortunately, the opposite side is superior in all of us to the extent of their ignorance! And sometimes it is necessary. How to ship call, so it will float. Called problem and conflict of interest – he sprovotsiruesh and call a misunderstanding – all calm down, and you will find over time a loophole to all all to unravel.

So, you know, when people say: “I am an honest man, I can not remain silent, I will be the truth uterus hack, as it is!” And thus he makes a more serious situation. Friends, this is a double impudence: something to do, and talk about it. You can make and keep quiet, you can say or do. And say and do – is to take a double load. And these all the nuances of making conflicts need to be resolved.

There are general questions that a bomb left over from the war. Here it is there and it is better not to touch. Better some controversial issues are not raised. I remember, I was a witness, as the two gentlemen decided to start a business, and they began to share the profits. Young businessman began to say, “Well, how are we going to share the profits?” And this is already a seasoned, battered life, it’s different: “And how are we going to share the losses,” The more important question. That is, if you, my friends, you do not have stipulated, for example, the question of how you will share the losses, the better, as long as the matter to the case did not reach the issue does not raise. Because, and then, suddenly, the question does not arise.

everything changes in the world. The location of all the configurations can very quickly change. This is what is called “wisdom.” Where necessary – to keep quiet where you have to – speak. If you say that to choose the right words, to seek workarounds. This is all what we are taught, in fact, the second principle of yoga. If we follow the second principle of yoga, with strict observance of the first, we can sometimes do wonders! Which do diplomats.


Student: I want to add about defending his point of view: you can just pick up and make their own way and see what happens.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, to put before the fact … One such moment, my friend told me. By the way, triadic history. One friend, a good living with his wife, but he has this bad habit – before you do something about it she asks for advice: “Honey, where’s hanger to hang, here or here?” It starts with a consultation on a half-day, as a result of it makes hanger to hang it where granite monolith that there in any way, it is physically impossible. He starts to say, “No, you think about it, it will be bad.” Word for word – is a scandal, hysterical: “You do not listen, you do things my way and not doing as I ask you. I do not in the house mistress, here you run the show, “or even relatives, especially when real estate matters – to me it belongs to, and so on and so forth. And I say to him: “Why do you even lift this topic? would secretly-boiled himself, she would not even notice, whether or not there all this. “

That is where we must not fail to attract attention is necessary to attract and focus attention on the fact on which it is not necessary. This know how to swing a child toy, and then hide it. What for? Do not.

Student: Why is sometimes said Kaul, sometimes Kula?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You see, what’s the matter, there is, first, a group of words. You know, like OM: OM can write and can AOUM. AO, AU becomes O and so on. It points related to what is known as “Sanskrit”. In Sanskrit, the most important thing pronunciation, not spelling. In this difficulty, in this and the wonderfulness of this language, it is the same as the Vedic language. So sometimes the same word may be in a different transliteration may sometimes be different pronunciation. In general, there is a lot that can be said.

Sasha, why sometimes Kaula and sometimes Kula? What can you say? Do not remember?

Basim: This is an internal combination of vowels. A plus about giving AU. Do you have a set-top box, it carries a sense, the root of a different meaning. They merge and transform.

Question: Natalia, a group Catur. What should I do if I can not stand centipedes, I can not, so they were in the room? To press or not to press?

Student: Do not push! On shovel and throw it away.

Natalia, Catur group: They run fast!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Kapkanchik build dodgy – crawled, and it clap! Friends, do you remember? The first yoga principle: if it is possible for someone not to kill even a centipede or a fly, do not kill. But, on the other hand, it is not necessary, and in turn an idiot. You know, sometimes people on nature comes out, so, you know, a follower. And let: mosquito, and he is afraid to even touch him. Sometimes all nonsense: it is necessary to ask them to leave! So he asks the mosquito to the left.

Natalia: Well, if it’s in the apartment?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, the apartment – it’s your territory. Do you remember, if you have the opportunity to do no harm, it should not cause. But if this is not possible, but what to do now, it’s your apartment. Not because you are in the apartment to the centipede came … It is clear, sometimes we are able to affect what you see on the head begin to cut, but it is desirable, of course, to hold back.

As Alexander Suvorov, I quoted from his biography, he wrote: “I – a man who killed his entire life no mosquitoes, no flies, but that at all, shed rivers of blood.” As the commander, it is clear what he was doing. In the attack you’re human, of course, there is so much krovischi, he was afraid to hurt a fly in real life.

And this is something there. If your debt is in the Bhagavad Gita, to fight, what can you do. Here you are working in the sanitary and epidemiological station and your job is to poison cockroaches, there is such a service from them. Well, what can you do? It is necessary to tell the poison! Not so, as I read in one book, in general there are miracles that have to poison them, and at the same time put the tape recording of the mantra that they are dying under the mantra … Maybe this has any meaning, and can It is not. Well, I agree, if any great saint will then sing the mantra, and if it is a soulless machine would be some kind of vibration issue there? I do not think that cockroaches can not hear. Although it is a very open question for me.

Student: We are having breakfast discussing this topic – how to kill? With or without a mantra?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I remember this anecdote. Remember, I told you about? There were two monasteries in the Middle Ages. And there, and there drank wine. Then they tortured conscience, and they sent a messenger to the Pope to ask – can I drink wine or not. It was some time in a monastery ceased to drink, and the other as a drink and drink. We started to figure out what the difference is. It turned out that a messenger came to the Pope and asked, “Can you drink, when you pray,” the Pope said, “What do you mean, guys, just what? Of course, it is impossible “And another messenger came and asked:?” Can you pray when you drink, “the Pope said,” Of course you can! You can pray anytime, anywhere. ” That’s just as well: whether it is possible to kill, reading a mantra? Is it possible to read the mantra when you kill? How to see. So the question was? How to kill right?

Student: I once heard on the radio saying, “I only eat those animals which killed himself.” If you observe this principle, then it is sometimes hard to do. If you have even decided on this, how to do it correctly?

A student commented: This is, again, the principle of duty. If you work for a butcher …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, indeed, it is necessary to go to the meat-packing plant ask. It’s, you know, too … a cow to slaughter, or any sheep … it can be cut so that the slaughter krovischa, she would scream. Amateur begins to engage. The question, in fact: first you were suffering and then death without suffering or death was. It is, in fact, different situation, if the question of rule that you can do not to kill anyone. Or, in other words, your debt to the motherland with a gun in his hand to defend and you run into the attack. It is clear that you are there for someone can kill, because it is your duty to escape the attack. And imagine another situation: you have caught the enemy, and now I will first torment, and then … It’s a question of fact is to reduce suffering. There was a sect in India stranglers “Tags”. A ritual they had, how to kill in the name. They have a very strange cult – they sacrificed humans. In my opinion, the English they figured they covered the whole sect. They had a ritual, not just. I do not know, I is difficult to answer such questions because, to be honest, did not kill anyone. It’s hard for me to answer.

Student: “108 aphorisms Tantra Yoga” and “Tantrananda” – these are two different text?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Generally speaking, yes.

Student: They just look like?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, they are not similar. They are from a single, related traditions. They are all single tradition. You begin to read “Mahanirvana Tantra” or “Kularnava Tantra” – there is a lot in common, until the speech. Related texts.

Student: A short question from the axioms. When the prana begins to break up into consciousness and energy, at what point?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Where to disintegrate?

Student: Well, it does not matter in the universe, in Maya. Well, let’s talk about our body. There is a thread of prana from our higher self, comes roughly to our bodies, and here there is a split in the consciousness and energy, at what point?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The answer, my friends. Imagine that you are – a successful businessman-manager. You built a factory. Do you have a design office that designs something; you have workers who embody it in the matter. And, in general, it goes to work: they come up with something new, it is embodied. Someone uses the mind, some energy. Now imagine you are the manager, the owner go to your company. Although not even the owner and manager simply because the owners today are fat cats generally do not do anything, just sit in the Canary Islands and the profits are counted, even work for them. And here you go, and faced with the problem. You go into the hall, where a worker suddenly started drinking, and the machine is worth. All the conveyor stopped and the clock is ticking on the hour and minute. You become yourself instead of working until he sobered up. And you start being prana demonstrate manifestation of energy, where the energy is needed. The next day you go, went into some design office and see what’s your best minds of the intellectuals can not possibly come up with a new scheme, not enough brains. You sit down with them and start to think of something, to develop, and you are acting in the capacity of consciousness, highlights the problem and look for ways to solve it.

Likewise, the prana. It is only faced with the problems of energy is converted into energy and solve the energy problem; when faced with the problem of consciousness is transformed into consciousness and begins to solve all the functions of consciousness. In the automatic mode. That is, circulating on our structures, it seeks out the problem and immediately turns in one or the other, like a good manager at a good company.

What is the manager for the company? Sometimes people say: “Why do we need this manager? In the machine it is not necessary, do not come up with new products. ” His task as a time to bring everything together: and that one, and more – everything worked. It concluded, in essence is what is called “life.” Life is, when once faced with any problem, as there is the possibility of seeking to solve this problem, so that the process is not disturbed. That behaves and prana – is universal.

Student: Is it possible in the sequel? I’ve got a question. I once took a course of Tantra yoga in our line Yoga Courses, there was a phrase that is not dependent on energy of Consciousness. I’m confused. We’re able to transform consciousness into energy, and energy into mind. In what sense is the “independence”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The principle of perpetual modification does not depend on the principle of eternal immutability – a different plane. What is Energy? This is the principle of eternal modification, in other words, Shakti Kundalini, the feminine principle, and so on. This is one of the constituent parts of all that you see around you: you see around you eternal factor modification. But, at the same time, the world around you there is a factor of eternal immutability. Here you have the school painted the schedule: the X-axis and Y-axis, they depend on each other? Yes way. In a coordinate system, a unified Prana, which can appear either that, or commercials.

Student: But, nevertheless, increasing energy – for energy is consciousness.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s a different time. This is the time to increase prana. That is, you can use something to increase the original prana. A prana has, in turn, can be transformed into something else. But not directly, but through. Energy and consciousness is derived from prana.

Student: store energy – tightens consciousness; expanding consciousness – we tighten the energy of consciousness.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. That is, that you can study the clever book on higher mathematics and at some point to slip. And can then, after that, do 108 times strike. And, it would seem, what does it matter to the study of higher mathematics? It seems like nothing. And then you are full of strength, peredohnuvshie, with some new ideas, a new perception of decision sat at the same tasks, and hop! She resolved. What have you done? You gained energy by prana, and then spent it by a factor of consciousness.


Here we considered a conflict of interest. Generally there are tracts, they are very interesting at the time – it’s treatises warfare. This is nothing more nor less than the war. But in the original plan all treatises on the conduct of war drawn up by people is an absolute pacifist. Under the conduct of the war, they understood the conduct of war with their own ignorance, because any other war – is, to some extent, a continuation of the war against ignorance. Remember the saying: “Guns – the last argument of kings”? That is, it is the rough and ugly way to resolve a conflict of interest. Or, you know, in the martial arts, I enjoyed it so much that if you joined the fight – you’ve already lost. This Master wins without joining the melee.

Or … today we read Rigveda, one will develop a voice command, read the hymns of the Rig Veda mantra. And there appeal to Varuna. That is, Indra – a manifestation when you are already using military action to defend their interests, and Varuna resolves all conflicts at the birth of the idea that there may be further any problem. That is, three steps earlier. And, well, after all reached the situation that a conflict of interest, the war. And like any commander Alexander Suvorov, you have to win, as they say: not the number and skill, a little blood and a very, very delicately, that, in fact, he has always demonstrated.

So, there are some provisions that if you are faced with a defensive mind, do not fight with the enemy with his own weapon, because it is superior to you. Begin to fight energy. If he starts to fight the power, do not fight with him energy voyuy consciousness. And here is the clever use of the method of choice and change the method does wonders. Where you can not fight – to get around the enemy from the rear and to announce that he is surrounded by, let them give up.

And somewhere, on the contrary: such a lightning strike, as Alexander the Great, jumping, jumping, jumping, and all. When he fought with Darius, with his army, which surpasses it in twenty times the size. Well, a lack of energy at large? At the big lack of energy – it is inert. When you have two hundred thousand soldiers, you can hardly manage it. It’s, you know, like a big, big dinosaur, and then the little creature nimble. Dinosaur yet unfold, animal already ran back and tail chewed off. He’s just the other way, and this is a leg chewed off and so on. That is, consciousness is the element of surprise, rapid mobility, quick change of direction, and in energy, on the contrary, there is inertia, immobility. If consciousness is weak – it is bogged down in energy. If on the contrary, the energy is weak, the mind, bam-bam-bam – a small amount of victory. This applies to your disputes.

Now all these vile book, because they annoy me: How to triumph in the debate? How to defend its interests? In general, all zombie, programmed and dominate with psychology positions. And read, God, what they write? First, outright crap; secondly, it would be “a Pyrrhic victory”. Well, you win, take the pharynx, what some such subterfuge in the dispute. So the next time you just do not have the will, and you’ll lose a lot more than winning. Therefore, as in diplomacy, the art of war – awareness methods Energy Consciousness awareness methods are very important.

Question: If the five options to memorize all this, and the area was very extensive in preserving knowledge, and come from different parts of the same version, that is the output of all was one option, but it zubreshki methods were different?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, we do not know in general about all the possible ways zubreshki. That’s just Dan Descartes gave one possible. But the fact that whatever way they used zubreshki, only one discrepancy is one Friend! And there are as many as thousands, most of these poems were at the entrance? How do they crammed? No one knows. At the output, regardless of the school, the traditions, the kind, the output is the same.

Another interesting feature. Firstly, the Vedas were allowed only in fact mainly the Brahmins, the priests. Suppose Sudra caste in general was not allowed to study the Vedas. Do not allow them to even listen, it was thought that they debase. Remember the anecdote, about the lieutenant Rzhev: “Yes, it is useless to tell anything, all the same all vulgarized”! That’s roughly the same series. It was believed that you can not give them anything, because it will go discrepancies someone something of their own to add, something throws, begin differently interpreted. Therefore, first we looked at the man and then gave. Preserved to the present day tribal yoga, where tribal yoga? This tribal affiliation or in another gotra.

In India, one of ours was? Here Sasha was, he went into a Vedic temple, once the first question: “Your gotra?”. That is, if you come to listen to the Vedas, you must belong to the caste of Brahmins. Immediately, the first question is: “Your gotra?”. But the wise guide, our man, he said, that there is already has a line that counts as gotra and anyone with Russia came in handy are receptive, like all Brahmins can teach. And try a local sign any Sudra, they simply would not let him. And it’s still friends! You can not imagine all there is conservative and obscurantist in a bad way, but on the other hand retained. And now here’s another important thing to understand, and the very first thing that occurs is that a collection of debris, preserved to our days. But deeper investigation found out – no, nothing like that! The fact that we do not perceive, contains some absolutely storehouse of knowledge and virtually all yoga, you learn here, all, without exception, it has its roots in the Vedas. You will be asked, where did yoga? Yoga came from the Vedas. Where did the Vedas, no one knows. Or else, sruti, heard. Who wrote the Vedas? But no one wrote them heard and recorded, and now we have: “Hello, I’m Vadim Zaporozhtsev, yoga teaching, now I will have to teach the mind to reason.” How things have changed.

Q: Recently, a young man talking here, it is so nice to know Avesta and so interesting second part is called Vista, is whispering in English, just as well written.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: By the way, is very interesting to compare Avesta text with the text of the Vedas. Iran, a country where it came from Iran. It was renamed during the war, before it was called Persia, and during the war, or under the influence of Aryan Nazism, it was a theme that took and renamed. Iran is Ariane, Ariane country. Why, before Islam was there, there was a cult ariystisky, which then turned into a zaostrizm. Now there is almost nothing left, somewhere preserved, there is a hard to reach places, there just no one could get. In the midst of what some religious unrest there, clear all keep quiet, do not cry too much there that they do not belong. The same Borean, Boreas was. Alexander the Great left footprints there at one time. Remember the movie “Gentlemen of Fortune”? Helmet found Alexander. Where? We, in Central Asia. And there does Alexander the Great in our Central Asia? And he took it, got married, another Alexandria city did not know where it went afterwards.

Q: And what about the Vedas soma?

Answer: This is the most scandalous part of the Vedas, the most scandalous in the sense, let’s order. We did a drink similar to European Ambrosia. Amrita, the food of the Gods drink of immortality. Mrita – die, and – denial. Ambrosia is the same. Soma is known about almost anything. We know the following: that the Soma – is a strange beverage that was made out of twigs, which the eagle brought to the highest peak in the world. If more abstractly, that this plant. This plant is using a juicer stones, squeeze, passed through a sieve of sheep skin, get a drink, which is diluted with milk, and who have drunk. And that is the drink of immortality.

The very first of what it did? It was some harsh alcoholic drink? No unsuitable. The following hypothesis – it was some sort of nonsense, something like juice Ephedra. Squeeze that now young people, those who have not yet died, takes such a psychedelic or narcotic substance. No, not gone, cut off.

The following hypothesis – it was some kind of hallucinogen, such as fungi. In America, some uncle there put forward this hypothesis. Americans are very greedy. It’s in the sixties hippies smoked all the grass, eating mushrooms, Don Juan all right there. All – and, huasko! That is, all there to cheer accepted, even professors at many universities in America. No wonder – all the professors – the former hippie, he smoked, he knows, of course, who would not drink the soma.

Nobody knows anything! All hypotheses disappear. What are drugs – no longer that alcoholic drink – is no longer that this is some kind of hallucinogen – it disappears. Although indirectly, as if it was, epithets. Because, firstly, the drink of immortality drink beverage that invigorates, drink which is quite strange, so scientists stupidly did not understand what it is, do not have enough knowledge. The only thing that we found out that, apparently, the drink has changed, even during the recording of the Vedas.

But the fun starts when you begin to practice yoga, and know some of the keys. In particular, there is such a thing, the internal device. Here we had a seminar on Kundalini yoga, tantric in all these texts it is said that in the top of the head there is the moon, where oozing nectar. Do you remember yesterday you did the practice of creation principles that supposedly this nectar trickles down in the form of Bindu drops and the sun is absorbed by the body at the base. Connect Sushumna sun and the moon, and one of the possible translations, as the origin of the word, as it were, why Soma flows. And it opens another context, almost raising the kundalini energy practice. Some actions that led to the fact that the active internal processes that were isolated any there internal secretion, energy flows, and flows Amrita man went into sverhsostoyaniya.

That is not what is not dope, not mushrooms, and especially not ephedrine, and that was achieved only at the time of fire ritual. Here you read a sacrifice. In fact, not a very good word, because we sacrifice this someone being dragged, to hack to death. And under the sacrifice they understand what you did yesterday – from the oil. Here is the action when you pour oil into the fire, called a sacrifice in that context, which is in the Vedas. That is, do you remember about the Supreme.

And, therefore, quite different open horizons, to understand what is meant by the word Soma. This is some sort of internal, prohibitive reaction to what is spiritual practice. On the one hand, and the like have some analog beverage but ritual.

But he obviously did not have in the first place, he was not a narcotic effect, because there is no mention that all of them … well, try addict write the Vedas, it is not enough. Twenty years is enough, and then it all. And then that they worked, because immediately disappears. Alcohol, too, believed that the type of drink strong beer, in its action slightly alcoholic. But here, too, there is an ambush, ambiguity there for intoxicating drink a single word to describe. But it may be the next thing that some low-alcohol drink, such as home-made beer, which was used only in ceremonies. And, and, Soma was forbidden under pain of a terrible drinking is a ritual – it was considered a serious transgression. Only during the ritual. Or maybe an ordinary intoxicating drink that is drunk, and was called differently. Well, in general, a lot of secrets.

The bottom line is this: to this day has not been preserved Soma. Knowledge that is not preserved. But for thousands of years hymns prayoga magic worked. That is, whether it is a description of the internal what that process when we do generate, that is a very vague thing, but clearly, especially the US approach such fungi get drunk and something else, he does not stand up to criticism, even when the analysis. This is one of the most difficult things in the Vedas – as it is with which to associate the notion of Soma.

Question: Maybe veiled notion that we are engaged in the practice of yoga is acquired immortality in terms of self-knowledge

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, here it’s the speech. It is believed generally that the practice of Kundalini Yoga, you can reconstruct your body so that the conduct physical immortality, that is to maintain the physical structure of the state in the life indefinitely. Another conversation that you analyze all of the texts that are not particularly sought all this, even those who possessed it. It was boring – you are already immortal, so what constantly be here or what?

Question: It turns out – pulling enjoyment illegal manner …. if a person falls into Samadhi, it turns out that it can be powered with clean energy that’s that. You yourself say that they can not eat, drink, eat pure prana.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, more capacious term – it prana. We give you the knowledge, yoga to the masses. It’s all conjecture discharge. If we will talk tomorrow, “If you’re going to do, as the catfish will flow, as the younger you start,” how you will be treated?

Question: You were talking about the moon. The Moon is the feminine, masculine sun. It turns out to be the other way around?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There’s a game with these terms. The Vedas are heavy? Let’s say there is a cow, a cow in the Vedas, it is understood that is what the scientists say. It’s not even a tradition. Under the cow really ordinary cow implied. Sometimes rain cloud understood. Sometimes a hymn mantra that protects, and which may amount to only a sage Rishi. There the word cow, a huge amount of value. Similarly, and here these words. They become clear from the context, and divorced, they are not. If the sun – a male, then the male everywhere. Or women – all women. There is a game these concepts, a very difficult game, a very complicated subject, my friends, is very complicated. And here again, the first thing I want to spit and say: “Yes, it’s all nonsense!” And then you start digging, you feel that behind this there is something, because indirectly it all turns into a very specific, deliberate practice of yoga. And you begin to respect, even though you do not understand that, why, how.

Q: How Upanishads help to understand the Vedas?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, help. Because the Upanishads, then began to emerge when the Vedas became ill understood and already, even in the environment of the priestly. Then already, at that time already badly understood. They memorize, recite, repeat, but did not realize that there is a higher any sense … and the Upanishads. A Upanishad means “sitting near the feet of the teacher.” That is, when the teacher was sitting and said: “Guys, you know the Veda?” And all supposed to know the Vedas by heart. And now I will tell you what is meant in the Vedas. But it tells something quite vague language, but more understandable than the Vedas themselves. That is, how would comment on the Vedas. Also known Aranyakas, Brahmans, Puranas, etc., etc., who actually claimed to be the fact that they explain what are the Vedas, decipher it all, too, with varying degrees of detail.


Then we go further in the course of history of India. Next a very bright flash, it was the Buddha and Buddhism. The Buddha came from a very distinguished family of Sakyamuni. It is not clear where it came from this family. The Buddha, of course, was in the Vedic tradition. The Buddha, of course, practiced asceticism, practiced some self-discovery methods very different. Then if you do not know, one fine morning, if you do not know, it occurred to him that he had gone too far. With all the methods by which he was involved, he will never know the truth. He asked me to bring him food, they brought him food, he ate this food, and the same night enlightened. Even the history of the name refers to the girl, who brought him figure quite a bit. Clearly, all of his followers turned away from him – they are the ascetics, but here apostate.

And what happened to the Buddha? The Buddha realized that if he starts to talk right now, that’s the guys, here you do not properly understand the Vedas, you do not properly understand the highest knowledge, it instantly will find a lot of enemies because no one understood, but jagged. And he made a knight’s move. He did not interfere, it appealed more to the logical moments through logic. That is, he did not deny the Vedas, it is now trying to present it became his followers denied. The Buddha did not deny the Vedas, he said: “I say the same thing, only in another language, because your language is not clear.”

And very well, I must say, he explained, emphasizing the logic. That is, if the Vedas abut on sverhlogiku, that is, try to understand here in this text, what it says. In those years, did not understand, then, what can we say now. And he said: “There is a reality, there is the approach.” And he outlined a system of Buddhism. In fact, he more clearly, firmly structured what that certain provisions of the Vedas. In the first place, the law of cause and effect. Or in another way, each builds its own universe, what goes around comes around. This all resulted in the four noble truths, the fact that there is suffering, there is a cause of suffering, and so on, there is a way to overcome suffering.

That is, as you know, the accent in Vedic times was for people who did not suffer so much. Veda is the joy of life, it could write people with very good karma. But already in the days of Buddhism, when everything stopped all understand karma greatly deteriorated. And he had resisted, not as in Vedic times, the fact that you live and want to live, and you will continue to live life to the fullest. And that: “A! You feel bad?! So all around, too bad! We have screwed before this, and now we have to get rid of it. ” It is was a more practical focus on getting rid of stupidity. Indeed, the Vedas no longer understand. They began to create his, have produced a lot of unnecessary actions – began to receive unwanted consequences.

Especially bright trace left Shankaracharya, who said: “Yes, Buddha’s nice, wonderful, but there is a little bit forgotten sverhlogiku. With good logic and sverhlogiku forgotten. ” And Shankar went interestingly, he was, as they say fighting with the same weapons as Buddhism. He took the ultimate logic the same as in Buddhism, but filled it sverhlogikoy that remain from the time of the Vedas. The result was quite a dangerous mix, which resulted in Buddhism nearly disappeared in India, flared, spread and burned. But on the periphery remains – is Tibet, Ceylon, South-East Asia, Burma, swept through China, came to India, and Korea. And in India, you will not find a Buddhist, that old Buddhist.

But then, there was another kind of thing during the event. It was then, at the time of Sankara, there was another uncle, his name Nagaradzhuna. It was still a Buddhist, but by the time he turned into such philosophizing, lifeless, logical manipulation. For example, 48 prerequisites for sin, 25 poisons in the way of life of the 67 medicines that poison. That is, it turned into a sticking stamps, labels, turned, into something lifeless. But the worst thing that made Buddhism in India, the Indians still have a grudge against him here Taken on Buddhism. If the Vedic times and dobuddistkie, had four goals of existence: dharma, artha, kama and moksha. Or in another way – you have to find their place in life, you have to become a master, you have to give birth to children, you should be behind some leave, you have to fully taste all the pleasures of life, and then, after eating all that you have to go and practicing the highest state.

But Buddhism has taken, and these intermediate points as the kama and artha threw! And there was only dharma and moksha. And in fact all called upon to go to the monastery. And what happened? All the most outstanding that were to hold positions public, shaved as a monk and went to the monastery. Their shift who came? Mediocrity. And they are actually laid the background of destruction of India as a super-civilizations. When India was a civilization, we apologize, almost in the skins went to Europe. And it is still very clearly remember in India, he left the track.


And so, when in the very Buddhism became clear that they made a huge imbalance arose Nagaradzhuna uncle, who told friends, Buddhists, but you do not know anything about Buddhism, you have perverted it! Clearly those immediately said, “Oh, there’s text, which is the doctrine.” What Nagaradzhuna said … yes, he was told that the Buddha when he died, he said to him, he does not take away anything, all he knew, he had left the people. And the Buddhists say, “What are you talking about? We will faithfully carry out the teachers! ” What Nagaradzhuna said, “you really do not understand.” Buddha really left all the teachings, but at that moment the people were not ready to accept any knowledge of individual sections and therefore gave them the nagas. And naked – these are mythical creatures that live somewhere in the world. And here it is, indeed, the people trained to one thing, and the naga gave the most sacred, that they have kept to the right time and when it should be proclaimed. And the very name Nagaradzhuna, here it refers to the fact that he Nagas receiver.

That is, quite gracefully move without a declaration of civil war and split Buddhism. Nagaradzhuna took very beautiful Buddhism revived, that is introduced into it just those features that were originally in the Vedas – cheerfulness, life-affirming such a moment. And you can very clearly be traced to Buddhism after Nagaradzhuny Nagaradzhuny. And after Nagaradzhuny Buddhism, he became a great feel in Tibet. And, in fact, all of Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism, and what we used to be called Lamaism. It is, in fact, Buddhism Nagaradzhuny. It is as if devoid of distortions the original old Buddhism or Buddhism in which back those components that have been so necessary, that were in the Vedas in the beginning. And that was lost. And who then returned. And now, all over the world when you hear the Dalai Lama, Buddhist, Buddhism is not the old, it is Buddhism Nagaradzhuny. But the old Buddhism where only one Buddha Shakyamuni preserved somewhere only in Ceylon and somewhere in Southeast Asia, but it is very, very, very rare.

So, back, Buddhism broke out, did skewed, sawed bases supercivilization India. Thank God, it has been adjusted, but it did not pass with impunity. The Indians, of course, realize that something is not right, and they refused it in the form in which it was originally. And they were replaced by a surge of Hinduism, in the first place, then that’s heyday was, respectively, Advaita Vedanta, and many other philosophical thoughts darshan as they are sometimes called, or the philosophy of the system, there are several of them. And then, as it has come down to the present day, it has turned into one abstract broth, called Hinduism. The science does not even have a precise definition of what Hinduism is, nobody knows. Even there is no formal criterion – you are a Hindu or not. No single pantheon of gods, there is no unified rite, there is no single Bible, there is a single of the rite of baptism. Soup, but it is very harmonious soup. And it still works, still lives.

And, of course, there is of course, again there was an attempt in this soup to revive Vedic knowledge. These Vedic aspirations, that the Vedic cheerfulness. Therefore, the modern Indian force myself to wear, there is not possible, it is better to go to the market to trade or any business open. But the strain to study philosophy, you know how it is considered prestigious did not – to be a monk. And they are quite superficially related to religion, to philosophy. And if you become involved – explicitly religious overtones, clear, that is, the spirit is lost.

Question: Why is it that all came from the Vedas, in principle? Particularly from India, all philosophical systems. But, nevertheless, some systems deny the Vedas, as the source?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The situation is, in fact, quite vital. As a follower of the Buddha, when the Buddha after he died, began to go and teach all clear immediately came to his orthodox Brahmins and said, “My dear, you have to treat a Gautheret? Who are you? Kshatriya, Brahmin, Sudra Shantou or no? ” Buddhism is not anything said about the class. And that was it, by the way, is a very serious social force, why it all combined and spread so quickly. And he had something to answer. And the very first thing they said we type NOT APPLY TO YOU did it your there Brahmins, Sudras, and we Buddhists. And it was a win-win move. As a result, the followers of the Vedas, had the attitude to them as heretical teachings, those who refute the teachings of the Vedas.

But the Buddha, not say a word against the Vedas, he did not say anything about this, as if there was nothing. But expounded the same knowledge, only in other words. That’s why so occurs, by the way, not only Buddhism, but there are other systems. But the most well-known and up to now this dozhivshaya Jaina system – sweep insects, when they go in gauze bandages and, you know, laugh laugh, but today six major systems. This is India. One billion two hundred million people. And count how many people they have in percentage terms, any religion. So, Jains they occupy one. Here are six of them. So, Jains take one out of six of these layers, a lot of them. And the underlying reason was very simple. They were forbidden to engage in agriculture, so that God forbid, not to kill the worm. What do you think, what they began to do? Usury. This is the most serious bankers in India, the most serious. In their hands, the financial flows and power. That’s fortunes turned, you know, right? Now they are very wealthy. The average does not compare with others. So, I did not kill anyone. You see so, as karma?

Question: I once heard about Agni. For some reason I thought it was very much like a calling, but it is not clear who he is, in fact? If you tie it all together with the ritual sacrifice, whether such a scenario is possible? They cause some entities.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There, that’s the thing! What is the charm of the Vedas, the principles of the Vedas, which then caught Shankar that in the Vedas for a huge number of mythological characters? You may think that it is a system of polytheism. Well, like ancient Greece or Rome there. There Zeus subordinate deity. But then, in the analysis of the Vedas themselves, these metamorphoses it turns out that in fact, as if it were a single source. Well, there it is called the Absolute, but that was manifested in its various guises.

But that is not all. And, for example, systems such as schools of yoga systems such as the microcosm, they generally believe that this is an appeal to the higher self of man. What a God, which Absolut? There is none. It is my higher self, there is a way to get my higher self, to display their supernormal abilities and respond. That is, as it were inward impulse, he somehow there comes to your higher self and goes back in the form of super-powers, that you show. That is to say, say it again, the scientists, who once tried to put the Vedas, well, what is religion, there is almost no time for drinking sessions reached because they could not understand. On the one hand, it’s kind of religion of polytheism, on the other hand – monotheism, with a third party – is a system of atheism.

Some, I was reading. Especially Mandala 10, if interpreted literally, directly, a direct declaration of atheism. What once was when there was nothing, nothing at all, and could not have been, because all appeared just now. That is, there is so clever pun that in fact it is an attempt to describe our universe and our reality. Imagine if every person is free to make the image of the Absolute, it turns out, what he believes, what he creates, as it were. And how to explain this system? Will you believe in polytheism, will live in the universe, as if there were many gods. Will you believe in monotheism, will live in the universe, as if God was one. Will you believe in atheism, you will live as if as if there are no gods. Will you believe in your higher self, you will live as long as it was. That is an extreme abstraction, our universe is much harder than these stupid concept. And it tried to reflect in the Vedas. And besides, the Vedas do not fall not under one religion and not religion, but at the same time are not atheism system. And so the Vedas. And that way the Vedas. And different Vedas. And, finally, they throw up their hands and say: “Too old text. We do not understand anything. ” And that’s it and stops.

Vedic Sudras were forbidden to read. The Vedas were transmitted only among dedicated, as it were, twice born. And for disclosure, almost five years of execution by hanging, the most terrible punishment. And then, at some point, when they themselves have the Vedic sages understood that this is a dead-end situation, still gave their go-ahead for the publication of knowledge. Otherwise, we’ll now call the Vedas do not even know. That is to say, then they seem to come to their senses, but still parallel to them, there are traditions, where you even on the threshold will not be allowed, ask first: “gotra which generally who are you?” Say, hello, I Sudra, you gently deployed or soft, rough deployed. The problem was this – to keep and they say, honorably coped.

And to understand what is retained. The fact that it works, it is unique. Friends, you can not save a thing that does not work for thousands of years! If you do not work, even some little thing, the washing machine, you throw out it. If does not work any ideology, we had Marxism-Leninism, has stopped working, the older generation still knows the laws of dialectics, the younger generation does not know what it is. Why? I stopped working. Why drag this stuff, and it was forgotten. And then, imagine, was that dragged millennium. Is it nothing to do? And then how many temptations around. Here, you and Buddhism, there you anything else, the same Jainism. Well, it would seem, if the polls are all there became Buddhists, which was a temptation to throw out what does not work and take what works. But do not succumb to the temptation. Why? Because it works. And still it works. Until now, here in this soup Hindu, you can find followers. That is the Vedic Brahmins, who hold sacred for thousands of years, that was transferred. And now, just now, sometimes even hard to record the audio of the Vedas. And they will say, for what purposes do you record? The same sacred texts! Even the audio to get, it’s not just that he came, kicked in the door of the temple opened, and well, let’s recorder included. Many mysteries.

Question: Let’s say the Bhagavad Gita, there is emphasis on the fact that one way out – to serve Krsna?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This cult of Bhakti. Here at Dandekar. I, for some reason all the time Dendekara? In fact, a million books. But it impresses me such a double look. The person who is the direct heir of the tradition, that is, he memorized the Vedas too crammed. And, on the other hand, a good western scientific mentality, which describes the way if scientist described the West, not succumbing to this religious husk. I must say that he was in big trouble, it happened at the end of life.

Well, in any respect, I do not know you know it or not, India is now terribly popular nationalism, in comparison with which even fascism somewhere pales. They do really believe that they navels land, they really feel that they are carriers of the ancient tradition of knowledge. They are arrogant disregard for others. For them, a foreigner, it mlecchas, paleface. And, in fact, it was always there, but only dire poverty. See grimace of history when the British came and they set themselves in the same position of a slave as they set themselves other, it only made them shake. Therefore, this way of Indian, Mahatma Gandhi – toothless, smiling, non-violence, it is now rapidly collapsing. And he gets such stridently nationalistic traits such very unpleasant.

But the most unpleasant, what Dandekar faced – is obscurantism. That is, they really believe that the Vedas and fifty thousand years. Why? And why not! Digital liked. They really believe that the Vedas were written in India. Why? Because there has to be! They say there is a mention, Seven Rivers. Well, at least all right, at least let it be Afghanistan, Pakistan. Well, God is with him, the former India. But the version of the Central Asia – is once in arms. We simply do not face this. We do not know. Indeed, this gloomy reaction medium, it is as you say, sectarian aggressive. Here, we have the coolest, we bearers of ancient knowledge! God forbid, we do not face this and to never faced! Well, as you know, it has no relation to the Vedas. And Dandekar simply ceased to communicate with the public. And there are all these movements are gaining momentum. Friends, there is one billion two hundred million! These people need an ideology. And this ideology is sucked from the finger.

I would like to build with you our activity as follows: let’s you and slowly as it may, we will discuss issues related to Yoga. In particular, I’m interested in extramural, that we have developed in a joint debate the general mental field, this is a very – very important. Total will never have time to do, but here is a little low. Feeling and knowing that you can already deduce about what will happen next. And all this together so called single mental space “Cloud school”. And I am primarily interested in, here to infiltrate this approach in the future, when you have something on their own to study or practice, how would you interpret in the right way difficult moments and places. For this reason, let’s you and conscientious efforts, we will answer all the questions. I specifically say “joint efforts” because I also call upon all other parties actively involved in the dialogue. So who has any questions, let’s go …

Question: Igor Ternovskiy, Samara, correspondence student gr. Aster. I have a question about the personal practice. How to cover each of the main types of Yoga (Hatha, Kriya Mantra, Pranayama), ie once a week to do hatha, mantra, Kriya, pranayama, such as to fix itself, ie for themselves to study every kind in terms of practice or some other kind is there?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who is ready to respond? Where Basim? Where’s Mark? I wanted to say, “Where Liping Kostya?” And Kostya Liping went to look for Basim. So, my friends, that I need? I need all the rest do not sit passively and actively involved. I want to hear. This question concerns, in general, all the rest. And like everyone else deal with this problem?

Kostya Liping: I think it is for each individual, that is, doing some practice, the man himself says to herself when she goes at it when it is stopped him. That is, it is necessary to experiment. Suppose, in the morning or Hatha Kriya Yoga; if you did not go, then the other to try some. Mantra-Yoga, it seems to me, is accompanied throughout the day. If there is some kind of mantra, then it must practice constantly. This Japa meditation.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, who still wants to say about this, my friends, please.

The answer from the audience: Well, firstly, there are periods when there is some kind of a Yoga, there are times when it is better is another. Sometimes it is better to focus on the physical yoga at some period of time. Sometimes, on the contrary – I want less physical, and then I shorten time Hathi and the Kree, and spend more time with Mantra and Pranayama. And if you go on nature, then there is, of course, try to do Pranayama.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yet what opinions one? Yes, let’s sit around. Now that we are no longer a seminar. Closer, a hemisphere. Closer, closer, pick up. I was back here, and you’re close to me. That we have a conversation in a close circle.

So, who else have opinions?

Margarita Lesenkova, part-time students, a group of three: My opinion is that at the beginning of the physical practice of Yoga should be a priority. Those. practicing Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga at an advantage, and the rest is already subject to it and are far better if Kriya Hatha Yoga and practiced more or less.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Another opinion?

Answer: I support the idea that you need to find your own rhythm, because there should be harmony. Those. listen to yourself and respect for the principle of the Second Yoga – the principle of efficiency, ie, somewhere afford somewhere to force myself.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who else wants to say? You are welcome…

Natalia, a group of three: there is such a recommendation as planning. You need to plan your practice because you can, of course, to let themselves, but sometimes tend to slip into what is called TAMAS. And we say: “Ah … I probably do today will not practice.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that is inharmonious, give up, I will not …

Natalia: Yes, and at first, it makes sense to do what we have planned, and we began to feel better, to feel more harmonious, and then there is no longer trust their feelings.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Another who has what opinion?

Answer: To begin, I think it is a very, very beginning. Practice should regularly, preferably at the same time. Even no matter what …



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m sorry … Pasha, you can put out the sticks, but then I somehow bad? I, as much as some led. Who burns? Friends, let’s not burn. Friends, if the stick, it is only on the street, but never in the room, because you napranayamites now, I feel.

Kostya Liping: You can still offer? To not use perfume.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, and with perfume, be careful. Perfume makes a modern entirely of synthetics. Friends, all the modern perfumery, made entirely of chemicals. Here, the smell of sandalwood … You think it’s the smell of sandalwood? 1 gram of pure sandalwood oil, if it is made of wood to make, it is worth a fortune, but chemistry can produce tons of it, because it is quite a simple chemical. Here you burn a stick, do you think they are made from natural ingredients? Nothing like sawdust are taken, fall into the same perfume, here’s wand. Therefore, I urge you – very carefully about the fact that refers to the sense of smell. I’m sorry, I interrupted.

Continued Answer: I said almost everything. What, at first, really “want, do not want to” push yourself some time, at least a minimum, be sure to practice it to become a habit. Let this be a Hatha Kriya, a Hatha or Kriya, then a few postures of Hatha and vice versa. Over time, will really want and pranayama and mantra. And the time will increase, which will you take for yourself on the practice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, even a opinion from someone?

Free student: I think that is changing. One finds one or two that are practicing very hard. And then depending on the circumstances.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, that is, 2 Choose yoga principle, and the rest as it adds. Yes, friends, this is a very big problem. Species Yogi lot. I want something, and behold, and the fifth to tenth. Usually we held a seminar on some high-Yantra Yoga and all the light: “Oh, everything! Since tomorrow is my yoga. ” Then he passes a month, a workshop, for example, for any Mantra Yoga. Everyone says, “No, that’s the mantra – it is mine.” Then comes the Nyasa yoga. Mark: “Anything to forget what it was before. Nyasa – is the general way. ” And, unfortunately, this trend is, that we are inclined to the fact it was closer to perceive as the most valuable.

But I can tell you the general concept MOYU – you remember that the most important thing that you should know the minimum set – it is Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Pranayama Yoga. So this is absolutely necessary set. With regard to your personal experience, many of you are working in a job where irregular hours. Someone working from 8 to 17, someone out there has its own kind of situation, and produced over time so really the idea: First, it is highly desirable to plan, ie some kind of skeleton for itself to develop a minimum. Minimum, I emphasize. What is the minimum skeleton? As a rule, the minimum number of yoga classes – it is at least not less than 15 minutes a day. That is, it is the starting point from which we should start.

In the future, really, you can split the following Yoga. Here you have, say, a week. If you consider the week, you can choose a week day 2, making Hatha Yoga. In some other 2 days, say Kriya Yoga. Another day, maybe, Yoga Stretches. That is, it is desirable that every day there was some yoga with a strong physical exertion, as a basis. And dilute it with some Yogis, where a lesser degree of physical activity, like say, Pranayama Yoga, such as some kind of meditation, again, such as Mantra Yoga. The modern way of life, which goes to work, who lives a normal life, dictates very strict conditions. If you live in a tent on the nature, you can from morning to night to practice all the Yogi and spend it on 4-5 hours a day, but you do not have to go to work. If you go to work, you need to understand that some of your time, you can not spend 4 hours on Yoga, if you still go to work. You did not remain for the life of anything, and you will quickly overheat. Therefore, we have in mind, if you go to work, then combine work with some other practices, for example, with the Karma Yoga. Or, soak completely ideal and those teachings that you have learned in the study of Karma Yoga and refers to work like some kind of joy, and not as a servitude lesson on making money.

Again, regardless of whether you are a subordinate or boss at work, it is desirable to implement in their work the method of Raja Yoga. If you are a slave, you learn to obey properly. If you learn how to obey, you will learn how to bend correctly over time. And quite unconsciously become the slave of the chief. Why? Yes, because the whole universe you will start to move. That is, if a person is able to subordinate themselves, sooner or later he became chief.

So what is obtained now? It turns out that you have to be tied to his work, to his family life. Someone of you have husbands, wives, and you have to pay attention to them, you also can not from morning till night only Yoga and work to do. Therefore, if you communicate with your husband or wife, the practice of Bhakti Yoga with him. If such a plan for the more sex, the practice all the knowledge that you have from the Triad Yoga. If you communicate with your children, you always remember the teachings of Generic Yoga. In the sense that how to build their relationships with both parents and children. So start getting gracefully that even without realizing, you practice yoga on the rise.

Now, as for the more practical of the moment. It is clear that in life there are different situations perfectly. Sometimes just completely physically not possible to, for example, any physical yoga practice. Here, the position of the following. If you can not do anything in any day to do nothing at all, you are sick, a lot of work, or any circumstances do not allow, you should at least 15 minutes a day to practice Mantra Yoga.

What Mantra practice? Do you remember the gentleman’s set which is prescribed? You can practice Mantra Ganesha, Munroe Gayatri Mantra Mahamrityudzhaya. And, generally speaking, you can practice any mantra from a huge list for any occasion that you think is closest to your lifestyle and to your location. To get such a way that you practiced every day mantra. Now, if you’ll practice mantra, inside you will feel that you do not miss a day. Even if you could not work out any Hatha or Kriya or Pranayama Yoga. But if you miss the mantra, then you will be in serious discomfort at the end of the day, something you have not done. For this reason, Mantra Yoga is so appreciate all instruction, it’s like, you know, such a spare rope for the climber, if the primary fails, then you are always vospolzueshsya more.

Therefore, a dry residue – Choose a mantra. Every day repeat at least 108 times this mantra. For example, the Gayatri mantra to say 108 times, it will take just 7-10 minutes. To mantra was like a rope, on which are strung the beads, beads of other Yogas.

But after following the mantra, it is important, if you have the opportunity to go outside and breathe in the street, or even just to sit on the street, it should definitely be done. I understand many of you live in a multi-family, multi-storey buildings, there especially will not clear, but if you have a balcony or near some park or a place where you will not touch anybody, it makes sense to go out and sit there at least 5 minutes 7 in air. Sometimes I just sit, not thinking about anything. Or do something simple, most primitive breathing exercises.

And then, later on, after the Mantra is the next important point – a little bit every day to visit the street. In fact – the curse – multi-storey houses. I hope to live up to the moment when all of them will be demolished, everyone will have something to one story. As you know, today in America, people live, some suburbs of New York City: a huge house, a garden, but enough. You live on the earth. As practice shows, if you do not live in the land you live in these “rat holes,” start doing yoga, you will feel the energy imbalance is very hard. So I always call again, who has a dacha plot of 6 acres, do not sell, he still will rise in price. Generally speaking, if you have the opportunity to live on earth, friend, use this opportunity. I understand that this sounds like science fiction is sometimes, though here at least a place in the sun, in Moscow, in general at least somewhere to find a corner, much to on the ground – it’s aerobatics.

From the audience: three hours before the operation.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, although, here again. I’ll reveal the secret. In secret, I’ll tell you a terrible secret. A certain number of years, can not remember how many, tens, no, not tens, of course, back I was working with an Englishman from London, and we had a conversation on this subject. And he told me the following thing: here now Moscow as London about 50 years, but then went to the trend that all started to move to the suburbs, and the one who then had time to buy, or the one who was far enough away land and then greatly benefited, because London has expanded and absorbed it all. You can see that with Moscow about the same. global trends. And as soon as he will grow, not necessarily Moscow, any major city, infrastructure begins and before the work will get less. And he kept saying to me, you see Well now the suburbs, Gadyukino village 30 km away from Moscow, and will be held 15-20-30 years – it will be the most-the most it, because that is enough removed from the center, and close enough. That is, a neutral position. All live exclusively on the ground, friends. Now here in these our high-rises, no one there. The situation such as a ghetto, where, as a rule, live antisocial elements. What we have considered in the Moscow News, the house was built, all the “oh, luxury house.” In the West, no amount of money no one will get into this gadyushnik. Will pay extra … more

So, look, go on the air. Then add the already Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga. Then, already in the time that remains. So, friends, let’s go further. More questions?

Katerina, Tashkent, a free listener: I wanted to know about the mantras translations. Just once in a lecture, if I’m not mistaken, there was a lecture on the Triad, probably not, you were talking about the mantra “you and me”. Somehow, she sunk into my head, I was curious and one day, while Mantra Yoga practice, I remembered her, decided to practice and, in general, I’m on it and stopped, because the result was stunning. Here I am wondering whether there are and in what language the original: it Vedic, Sanskrit, or what? You do not have to give, but I’m just wondering.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, you know, the so-called mantra Consciousness. They are a huge number, they really are, as a rule, Vedic, and then jumped on a Vedic Sanskrit. Well, you know, too, Sanskrit is not the moon fell. And these here are the options of such a plan, a huge number. Mantra Soham Aham or Brahman, or Tat Swami Asi, etc. etc. This is the mantra of Consciousness. What are they good for? What can be translated into any language. And if there is interest for such a more or less original, Basim we Sanskrit expert, he will find an appropriate text, the translation and it is possible to translate. What is the charm of these mantras? If you understand the meaning, I do not care what language you speak, they will work.

Katherine: But this is not a situation that, for example, I understand. What they will work in any case, but there is a namolennye images. Let’s say that if people repeat it all over the world, it is many times stronger it becomes, what if … I understand that the communication with the Absolute one-on-one, but still do not have there a word the same meaning as namolennye images of statues .

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sure have. But then that is the mantra. I refer you, Katherine, to our course at Mantra Yoga. Go through it, there are lots of interesting teachings, regarding the mantras. Then we go …

Olga, the Aster Group, a correspondence student, Minsk: I wanted to know whether there are any recommendations, and how to learn to feel when doing physical practice? Because sometimes you realize you overexerted the next day or 2 days when the body starts to hurt. How to learn to feel it is in the process of practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I mean, to feel that behind the curve? Yes, my friends, for your question. You are welcome.

Svetlana, Astra group: When we perform the asanas, we must have a sense of the joy of inner pleasure.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Svetlana, my place to answer, but I will cajole you. Let’s get used to the place of the Guru. This know the anecdote about the old black humor, when the patient comes to the doctor, and the doctor tells him: “You have to take a mud bath.” The patient asks, “Doctor, that it helps?” The doctor replies: “I do not know how much help and have to get used to the ground”

Svetlana: if we had just started their studies and do not feel even better use of energy by, when we take a pose around, stand a while, leave these sensations and here we use the energy method, because it is relaxing, allowing yourself to body itself takes position during practice.

From the audience: Well, somehow it feels during practice?

Ternovskiy Igor, correspondence student group Astra, Samara: I think that in this and all sense of yoga, that’s the point. That is, if we are in normal life again somewhere we force ourselves through the power to do something, in those moments where you have to afford to let go of the situation is necessary. Those. it’s all we have observed, most likely, in the case of the same Hatha Yoga, when we should afford to rest, ie not so much strain the body. And we, on the contrary, we force ourselves, our conscience torments: now here and suddenly relaxed, and then … we try to get into a fist all his guts and fight with yourself. Those. this one time when you can afford or make, that is, you must learn yourself just by Energy.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who else wants to say? Welcome! New features loud, commanding voice constricting.

Alena, Catur group, intramural student: You can still get yourself in the habit of constantly mindful, ie remember. Ie, do the pose and ask ourselves what we feel at the moment, because sometimes we miss the moment when we begin to suffer, ie, we do not notice and do go too stick, Ie each time the track that now feel if we suffer, whether or not quite go too. Those. constantly aware.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wonderful! Kolya! What tells us Nicholas? Nicholas, please.

Nicholas: I think that in order to feel the movement of energy within themselves, personally I somehow helped cleaning practices. After them, I began to feel better.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, that is, there was a kind of feedback and experience have become less kinks. Great! Bravo! Who! Please.

Margarita Lesenkova, part-time students, a group of three: Very good often help out of the pose, just listen to your body, viewing it. Being in the position for a long time, going into some kind of thoughts, feelings, we can let it go. When very long kept itself, it seems to us that it would be better that we ourselves hold it a little longer. When we go out, we have all done already, maybe we moved here this face. As between the poses you need to rest, and between sets. Well, it is, in fact, is prescribed. And of course, Savasana, it should not be such that: “I have just laid down, I need to lie down right now, because you have to.” And you need to let go of it situation really relax not only physically, because it is a purely physical perception Shavasana blocking precisely this mental rest. From him, too, many of the structures are clamped.

Catherine, a free listener: From personal experience I can say such a thing, too. For those who came to the sport earlier than in yoga, there is a very strong associative connection: Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, and playing sports. In a sport usually always overpowers himself. I do not know anyone who came into the sport, not overpowering myself anyway. And it must be very clear to break the connection from the start and did not try to link that physics here and physics there. In fact, exercise cures, sports injure. So do not go too in Yoga, and if there was such, that if I have to do physically, I have to do to finish and quite as ordered coach at the time, it should be nipped in the bud because Yoga – this is different, of course, .

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s actually a gold note, because we have not covered in the Course 007. Who we Curator Course 007? In the preface necessarily add (to the curator of the course). This is something that I’m just beginning to understand, that he had missed. Why? All the same, in fact, people come from prehistory. I remember myself, when at school. I went to all sorts of these sections there athletics, what did not go, and like that joke: it is necessary to force yourself, “I have not eaten for three days …”. You know this anecdote is also black? “We have to force myself.” I’ll tell you an anecdote. There are 2 other. One became almost an oligarch, and the other – a poor engineer interrupted on bread and water. And he asked him: “Bob, my friend, you’re also an engineer? How do you look bad? “He said:” You know, I have three days did not eat. ” He says: “What are you doing, old man, come on, you have to make yourself.”

And here is the same situation. We, unfortunately, it is not even aware of other people who have come out of the sport. And where they do, if a long time to beat the hare, can be taught to play the harmonica. It is, in fact, the basic paradigm of education of our Olympic reserve. And we need to register it is very hard, it is necessary to break these stereotypes. Remarkably, my friends, we must remember and make sure that it was in the seventh year.

Basim group Eka: Well, if the body is more or less already though great, ie, we are not talking about the fact that here we have everything hurts, and we kind of do. And one man told me: “I do not understand what kind of harmony you’re talking about, because I have always hurts the body.” Yes, as in the initial stages. Many shared, because it is very scary, and during asanas you an exciting and adrenaline you have, as in the love, and you are doing much better than you can perform. And then there is the trauma already much later. And there are all sorts of branches in different traditions, each in their own way to interpret it all starts. But most importantly, it seems to me – is the wisdom, the wisdom of the physical body. How is it organized and what do you do with how to work with it, the wisdom of the subtle body. But this wisdom is achieved through knowledge that we all get as studying the theory of yoga, and studying their body physics. Just ordinary education. And as Margarita, correctly said, to assess the situation properly, it is necessary to frequently go out and look around, browse your body and watch what the response was. We can in the way of consciousness to capture the perfect form, his whole being, and to strive for it. But at the same time, because of their ignorance, to miss some areas that are overextended, and when we go out already from this effort, they will respond to us with pain, some discomfort, then, when we came out. And then it is necessary to listen to this, and to do is somehow special attention to this area, and then it will be really felt, I think.

Question: The body is very well aware that it is necessary to relax. All is well. But this, too, is sometimes like an extreme measure, ie you begin to permanently relax. How do you know when you have to force yourself. That’s complicated. When afford it clear … I wanted to share the experience, because I have now, probably the other extreme: very good to know when you need to relax and much like you do not want, it is very harmonious turns to relax.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Natalia sounded very good method – is make a plan. Plan ahead and everything. I woke up, opened the diary. ABOUT! So I have now Yoga stretch 108 times. Well, my friends, in fact, is a key issue. You will go too far. Therefore, if at all so to speak, then over time, with personal experience, you will begin to understand your body. So do not forget that there are purely objective cleaning processes. All evening, remarkably, you wake up in the morning like a whipped dog.

From the audience: here especially after these practices at a seminar here.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, really, that’s the difficulty, and Yoga is. The fact that each for himself to become a teacher. You know, yes. Do you remember the aphorism: Yoga can not be taught but can be learned. My task – to remove the obstacles in your way that you rediscovered yoga, ie all the same for you, no one yoga does not pereotkroet and there will be mistakes. Nothing wrong. Why do I call you all right mate almost do not swear – write reviews! Captures the state! Then there will be feedback. Yesterday did it, and now this, why? You take your diary or journal and read. Yesterday was all kind of like, wonderful, flew through the air. Turn the pages, in the morning: it would be better, I did not wake up. And then as time goes on, say, a year, you open your diary and look periodicity: takeoff and landing, takeoff and landing. Therefore, lead, fix everything that you do.

I’m in my last life scientists engaged in all sorts of illegal businesses. We have a new installation. If earlier it was to get a result, needed a month of hard work, then there is literally pressed the button, bam! Result. And I got them for a day, probably, as in the previous century, the whole of humanity. And then I caught myself: I get the result, but I did not analyze. I’m here this pile of result, but what’s the point, it is necessary to sit to analyze, to think. And, oddly enough, I rolled back cognition than my predecessors. This is a problem, for example, all computer technology. If earlier slide rule all expected and people felt figures. Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria tested qualified physicists who participated in the nuclear project, a very peculiar way. He approached them and asked figures: “Here you are working, for example, the speed of sound, and which is equal to the speed of sound in the air?” He had a very clear unambiguous criterion: if a person works, he remembers the numbers. And if he is a layman, he does not remember the figures: “And there should be in a directory somewhere dig …” It is the same situation. If you do not feel the process, you do not pay attention to if you do not fix it, do not conceptualize, you do not understand, you just … twenty years engaged in yoga and still wake up every morning, and body aches. Do you analyze what’s there. No, not analyzed. But how can you determine which is why? That is, the approach that worked out in due time all the founding fathers of Newton, Pascal, Leibniz, Galileo, he’s actually a purely yogic approach – cause and effect, or in another way – the law of Karma.

Question: I have a question that tormented me for a long time. About associative links. It is said that you need to get rid of the positive, negative karma and to go beyond the plane of karma. That is outside the plane of karma, there generally they have these associative connections or they are only in this plane?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I remember, there was a pattern, it was medieval. In fact, they say that it was the later. That drew a monk who came to the edge of the world. And, then, there is such a hemisphere, the stars, and he is sticking his head. It is a well-known figure, and very often it occurs, ie, end of the world, he leaned out and looked. And the question arises, what is there beyond the plane of karma? Where is this place, where is it? Maybe there, near the Alpha Centauri or anywhere else. Situation following that in fact. Listen, it is very interesting situation: to get out of the law of cause and effect, you can even staying in our world. And me in this regard are very fond of such descriptions, which have reached more of some of the Buddhist tradition, Tantric Buddhism, yoga. It describes the state of a person, left in such a state, as a man who lives in his own cloud. Here he lives around there in the usual sense of the law of karma, it is free, but at the same time he was living in the ordinary world. He can get up to go. To communicate with other people, etc. etc. So, oddly enough, our ordinary Universe, our ordinary world allows that to open the door now, will, I’m sorry, Shakyamuni Buddha, who came out of the law of cause and effect, but it will as an ordinary person. But it is Karma, and we are in karma. I understand it is very, very hard, but in fact it does not contradict axioms. Therefore, quite some svetopredstavleny not to be expected that as soon as you go beyond cause and effect, that there is something has to change radically. It changes what if before you were due, after that you are free.

Basim: And you can tell me that it is not we, or rather the man when he goes outside, not that he does not have karma, and every act that he performs. For example, the Buddha came, he gave the teaching, although it is Karma, and scientists are still giving their investigation. Those. those things that even an enlightened man made, they are karmic, they give their consequences. Another thing is that his karma affect him, for his freedom. Those. In this sense, it has gone beyond.

From the audience: Maybe he can manage their associative. No, there is a deeper thing. For example, teaching Yoga vnekarmichno. You all sitting here there is no positive karma to get it. It is a gift, just like that. You understand, right? That is, if it was some merit, that we are logical points of view, would have remained in the plane of cause and effect. And then suddenly time gift came to us and said that we are in principle free. And it’s us again and pulls.

Caterina, a free listener: When we get to the state between rebirths, Bardo Yoga, I do not know what it’s called … Contact teaching, she had not lost in theory, this association is or is it something else?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, this is a more serious approach. You know, because in fact what “you are dead.” You are born, you live in that universe, which you come up with. If you come up with in a previous life any one set of laws, the dying, being born in another life, you begin on it and also live. All your preferences are transferred from one life to another. You like to think out for themselves the world in which you live. Know paradox, what is? What if, from the formal point of view, from the standpoint of the highest axioms of logic and analysis to trace why each of you up here at a workshop on Yoga, then, oddly enough, is very paradoxical response. You are a long time ago first came up with the Yoga, and then came here. You see, if from the perspective of the law of cause and effect and karma analyze the actions that sverhlogichny and above causes and consequences, and Karma, it turns out that you first voleizyavili it to be so, and then and has become. But you can be quite vague voleizyavlyali it, and put in more concrete expression of their wills. It’s, you know, very much like Prutkov aphorism: “Do you want to be happy, be them.” Those. First voleizyavi them to be, and then they’ll be. At the spur of the moment. Why? Because each of you is free. Each of you creates a universe every second comes up with those rules by which to live, and then begins to live by them. And that’s why you can not, in principle, to a workshop to drive someone to the ears. And it just is not interesting, it is not yet voleizyavil that he needs it, he voleizyavil that he will be in the pub today, his party, then the hangover week. The same plan. It is a free being, why not? Has the right to.

Cyril Lyric: Once a Soviet short film seen that such an electron, that it has no trajectory. What is the starting point, there is a final, and no path. If we draw an analogy with can be associative here, too, something like that, how would that we voleizyavim if we go beyond karma, what we voleizyavlyaem, but we would like then this is the way.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, so to speak. Physics also presented a lot of good to us these gifts, which oddly enough, better make it clear to us the ancient teachings of yoga. That’s ironic. In the case of the electron, are they all operate on the so-called probability density. That is, if the probability density raised to the square, we obtain the probability of finding an electron. And generally speaking, it is considered really unclear whether it is, or it is not. And I think it’s just a bunch of this kind between the law of Karma. Karmic conditioning and that really how voleizyavish, so be it. But I’m being cited as an example of the time you will. Remember this example, about Schrödinger’s cat, it is not clear, half-dead half-dead cat. Or in another way: it is impossible to change the system, not affecting her. What does it mean? That is, before the measure system, i.e. how the world works?

Here’s the situation. I was a little, fell on Wednesday, criminals, and they tell me how they have there, in the “zone”, on the concepts of who was there, “godfather”, all the cases. And they say: “Listen, listen, that’s how the world works”. Then I got in among physicists, who lived in that there is open, and they tell me there is something fantastic, whatever they are doing there synchrophasotron. And they say: “Listen, listen, that’s how the world works”. I go out into the entrance, there is Old ladies sitting on a bench and talk TV shows, and to each other saying, “Yes, yes, you have to watch the show, that’s the way the world, show us.” Some aunt, whom now divorced newfangled that detectives write a whole galaxy of such prolific. Let’s read, so she knows the man she describes to us how it is actually done, as the morning peace. And in this regard, as you know, as in quantum physics. That is, if you initially have any intention, then your measurement affected system. If the criminal originally had the intention to see the whole world, as they say, from the point of criminality, he gets on the zone and receives confirmation that he originally wanted to see. Physicist or any where Albert Einstein sees the immensity of the universe. An old lady on the bench voleizyavlyaet see the world as in the series, and sees him. Another uncle and Auntie there reading all the ladies’ novels, ooh, aah, they admire and see for yourself and start living.

And it is written, so even in the ancient texts. We have Shankaracharya text, but metaphorically, it makes sense to worship only the Absolute. If worship intermediate gods, that is likened to cattle being led to slaughter. That is, roughly speaking, worshiping some idol intermediate falls under the law of action of this idol, even though he is very, very high level. You see? This is very, very much beyond the limits of philosophy. Each of you is doing his own life.

Choose a movement in one direction, and the whole world will be under the direction of adapt it. Select another – will adapt to another. The question, and what the world really? But no! No one knows! Our world – a place where freedom is carried out each. And. This one can live side by side with the other, for which this freedom may be very different. Here’s a fantastic world of ours. No one knows what. What you want, so be it. And, sitting next to you people want something different and it will be something different, but you will be able to communicate to a certain degree to the level as you have some common views on the world. Now, if there is something in common, you will then know that the other is different.

From this it is born the next position. You know that if you meet there with some negative (turn on the TV, you there), then your part and this has negative karma. Because if it were not for you this would not even know. The world is fabulous, in which we live. Not so simple. So, let’s continue …

Irina: I’ve wanted to ask a question yesterday, but it was out of context, but now it is more in context. So, a student-free listener asks: We have a course on Hatha Yoga, there is a phrase “the other component of karma – it’s internal prints that we drag on his causal body before we are born into the physical body.” And the question is: when the cause of death does not fall off the body of the self? Those. some tracks …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Where Mila Gasimov? I ask the question …

Mila Gasimov: this question?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev offers to arrange a tote, who “for” and who are “against.”

Mila Gasimov: according to the teachings of Yoga, at the time of the death of all three bodies are dissolved. Physical, subtle and causal bodies.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Ie respectively, what happens to them? Fall off?

Irina: Yes, and then consider how the phrase that the other component of karma – it’s internal prints that we drag on his causal body before we are born in a physical body? That is, we are all the same, it appears that a drag?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let me once again explain this concept. I like the comparison …. This summer I again saw dolphins in the Dolphinarium. They are slavnenko leaping out of the water. Floating dolphin once jumped, rolled, Bull again, and swam on. Here we are at the moment of death behave roughly the same way. We’re in the ocean of Samsara – birth and death, swim, have fun. And then the moment of death we reset the body sequentially: first the rough, then break up the subtle and causal. And our, if anything, higher self, as the dolphin, jumps out of the water at some point is in its own original form, and then plop – the place of samsara Ocean according to the place from which he sprang. Those. as if the path … if you jump out of one place, you somehow fly and get to another place. Here is where you get is determined by where and how you jumped.

There is the same situation. How to combine, so that we are free at the time was the time of death, and then he picked up his own karma is. The question is, if we were at the time of death for a while are free from karma Well this came from. And it is determined by the place where we went into the ocean of Samsara. And then begins the next moment. When you die, you are, roughly speaking, like a man who goes and takes off clothes. He kicked off his coat – goes on, threw a jacket goes on, took off his shirt, threw it goes on, in the buff, naked left. And when he comes, he put it bluntly, the fasten again that he had left there. Well, roughly speaking figuratively. And so he finds himself in this or that place. For example, with the causal level begins to wear on what it comes to hand. Those. virtually the same rags, who left before leaving. That is sometimes so interpreted that phrase. But in fact, everything is much more … because, just as the physical body – is a series of atoms that come into us and go out, and just as little bricks of the same causal body in this respect also added. And we have them add up to what we had before we jumped. It’s the law, again, the causes and effects of conditionality.

Question: Is it possible to compare with the way people fly somewhere, he takes your luggage and have no luggage in the cabin, and when it arrives, he returned to the baggage?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you can.

Question: I have a different situation. Here you are compared to the dolphins, right? So I understand that the Higher Self is always above the water surface, and it is just now displays down to something here these body physical, causal, subtle. And the Supreme, I do not have these bodies, it does not reset, do not dress anything.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is possible, indeed, to do so. For example, from the top I lowered thread prana and now this thread prana then, at the time of death comes, goes, goes, emerged from the ocean, I went to the source … Yeah, it’s probably way more correct will be a comparison, but less visual, less so to speak, everyday. In general, analogies can be any result.

Q: Well, that is, we remain in the law of cause and effect until we ourselves as if not aware of. That is, when we are self-aware, we will not associate themselves with the physical, will not dive.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, why? Again, it was the previous question. Upon request, but for God’s sake. You can be free and at the same time to enter into the cause and effect as well as great teachers behaved Jivanmukta, ie free in life.

Q: Well, just like that, if you ask me why, if I popped up, why should I not go?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, like, stay.


Q: No, but if we do not engage in any practices knowledge. We can not at the moment of death to take advantage of this, not knowing anything. That is, if there is no knowledge of …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: every moment of the birth and death of each moment – the greatest opportunity that presents us with the universe. The universe gives us more than we can wish. Even a small insect-tarakashka when she dies, she has a chance to immediately reach the state is higher than all the wise men in the world. But only as long as not resolved the Maya, an illusion, or in another way: as long as the insect-tarakashka voleizyavila not realize their freedom. That’s it svetopredstavlenie when it sees your higher self, it is terribly frightening. And then, being born in the next life, a living being terribly afraid of death.

Why are we afraid of death? Because we have had the experience. And what could be so terrible in this experience? A terrible and it was just that all of a sudden we had the chance to see itself in its own form, but we are not ready. We see ourselves in a mirror, horrified. As you remember, Little Raccoon-yourself saw and fled.

Alex, Astra group, ochnik: Why are we afraid of their higher self? We do not have the experience that our I, we made something bad.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, there is the fact that this is an extreme degree, as you say … We are his error still consider ourselves to their bodies and become attached to them. We believe that the basis of our existence rests on the existence of bodies. And then imagine, then, that we firmly believed throughout life, he begins to crumble, fall apart mercilessly. And, as would be the source of failure because, by and large – our Higher Self is, in a sense, our Higher Self, and is responsible for the fact that we die. Our Higher Self itself once invented the mechanism of death. And so we start our own self that we thus forced razotozhdestvlyaet, we begin to fear it is terrible, as if it were an external force, and it is very terrible, trying to make us any harm. Still it is due to the substitution of concepts, Maya, when we do something one begin to consider something else. So, my friends, you do something so grim topic chosen, let’s something more cheerful.

Q: Yesterday you mentioned a moment when we do not express their negative emotions, we reserve potential. Because if we have expressed, we would have lost its capacity. But I can say from my own experience that when some emotion expressed in a safe place for others to meet the first principle of yoga, there comes a feeling of freedom and the feeling that all is added. It turns out an illusion?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I went to the store, the saleswoman said: “Let me see the goods.” And she told me: “There are all sorts here, pshel here.” Well, what do you think, what would be my reaction to this? Of course I said all that I think about it, I feel better, I’m prettier. I finally, what is called, looked me in vain. I walked out of the store with her head held high with the feeling that I will do everything as it should here. And then time passed and replaced by this adrenaline that euphoria came the feeling of tiredness, emptiness: “What do I do in the store come in? What I generally spent one I bring up “With the same success it is possible to catch the dog and tell her:” Look, do not eat the bones. ” Useless. We are at different levels. We have different universes, between us, Maya. And so it turns out that I poured my energy, she went to the Maya, it has not reached the other pole. I spent it.

Question: ie cathartic individual practice they lead to a loss of energy in general? It is better to sit to meditate?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m afraid of such names. Friends, let’s simpler something, call in your own words.

Question: According to Bhakti Yoga, we can express our emotions, we just do not have a specific person, and Absolute.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, is actually in the Bhakti Yoga quite strange position, very strange, it is even a little jarring all followers: “If you are dissatisfied with something, and Come declare to the chief.” Why? Because the most important thing – it is the remembrance of the Absolute and chat with him, in whatever form it is. This turns into practice. As you can imagine, to see the Absolute in saleswoman, it must be adept quite eighth stage of initiation.

Q: And in such cases we can save politeness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, we must, and in such cases save politeness. Politeness is a “autopilot”. You turned it on, you can not see, not hear, as it were fenced off. You have your own universe, they have their own. But because Your universes together touched, so there is some common karma plot, it is necessary to come loose and forget. You yourself are creating a universe, everything that you face is you’ve come up with something.

Question: What do you mean “untie”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: untie – it means not to have anything in common, do not walk to the store, if you can – do not walk! The only thing you can do is to communicate with good people and not to communicate with the bad. The more you can not do anything. If you start to deal with bad people, available place for nice people. And in the future, to a poor man come to you, must be a place free, and if you have good people around, the bad can not come to you in principle. Also there is such a logic.

Question: Do not create karmic conditions.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely.

Q: When we reach a point where we care about the opinions of others, and whether it is our selfishness that we have grown and we all do not care, or is it a state of Rita when we razotozhdestvilis?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, you remember that there is a notion of duty, and anyway, who wants to answer this question?

Question: It seems to me that at least it is necessary to monitor for effects. If you suffer for Rita or someone else is suffering, or violated the principles of yoga, it was not Rita, it was Maya.

Q: How can I find out it was the karma of previous actions that have brought discomfort, not from this action?

A: Today we are told that we have effect relationship, then we record the result, and looking at the effects of communication.

Answer: We have an excellent decision-making algorithm.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who will remind us of the algorithm?

Answer: yoga Decision Tree: First, we remember that we are free. Then we remember that we have a duty, and then we are reminded of the first and second principles of yoga. The first principle of yoga calls not to harm any living being unless absolutely necessary, a second yoga principle encourages us to expend energy and waste time. If we accept for themselves the third principle of yoga, we check as to whether the adoption of the solutions to these principles. If we doubt, you should consult with a specialist (authoritative testimony), and can interrogate the largest possible number of people. In the end, we are reminded once again that we are free, and do as we see fit.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, we can say here, an apple tree for apples is determined. And if you are tracking the causal mechanisms that are logical and are called the law of Karma, then you are, in any case, do not wake violate any sverhlogichnye provisions relied upon by law Rita. Rita is sverhlogichnoe Act, but this sverhlogika never illogical. A normal logic, you can apply using yogic Decision Tree. But it all comes down to what you need to keep track of their experience, analyze, and find out for yourself, where you make a mistake.

Question: It turns out that the less we ultimate goal is to form, the closer its realization?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Not the fact, on the contrary, what you specifically submit what you want, so get faster. You know, another thing is that, to get the results you’ll see, they wanted something different. And this method iterations or successive approximation, you will all be aware of themselves more and more aware of the Universe and understand what you want from the universe, and what you want. You just think, my friends, that you are sitting here, and you have the desire, then you want it to you just think it’s a great illusion. It will shatter not before you get what you want. And you realize that you actually want something else. But at the time of the formulation of desires, you have all the clarity and precision of. This is the second principle of yoga. The aim should be to put yourself as specifically as possible, although it will eventually turn into more abstract thing but an abstract in order to tell others, but not for himself. Because inside you have a very clear understanding of what you want.

Q: Well, let’s say I have let go of themselves in the outside world, and let himself be reconstructed so that I eventually got the feeling of happiness, without reference to the form.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I want you and me for it will be nothing.

Question: In this case, two very important components of the macrocosm and microcosm system. On the part of his microcosm voleizyavit we have what we want. And to do any act, all their best and give it to the will of the universe. That is, to the universe, the macrocosm, can finish what we can not.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can explain a little bit. There are such beautiful Yoga Visualization. I will tell you a little secret, there is a wonderful yoga Triad, fine. You husbands, wives, etc., and it is an experimental fact, when you live one on one with the universe, everything is harmonious and wonderful in your life, but then you start living with your husband or wife, and about always the same metamorphosis occurs. The first time my husband or wife is a continuation of that harmony, that was when you were a one-on-one with the universe. And then, more and more are beginning to come out some rough edges controversy through the years of time. And suddenly, you know the next thing that the world of your loved ones are in dissonance with what you have inside. And what to do about it?

The first option is, again sniffing in yoga Visualizations, and I see nothing, I hear nothing, nothing will not tell anyone. Meditate, visualize again, from the outside world emotionally, physically, whatever you like to fence, and indeed for the husband or wife, she lives her life, he lived his. No one is worried. But we can not say that between them some warm relationship, and it turns out that we will again create a shell around themselves, we are living in it so pretty, and to the outside world do not care. But this is a dead-end option.

There is another option: you live in the outside world, you are trying to do something, get involved in what is happening outside, something to change, you are something depends. But you do not have that in a harmonious state, every day to rake the “Augean stables” of contradictions, to find out where there is that who is not properly understood, and how to make your girlfriend in a good mood, as her husband to push apart. You even get something, but it is with this battle, and cost every step. This is also a dead end.

The general line is when you combine one with the other, but it is an art. That’s why there is the same situation, you can up to a certain time, it is know as the “ostrich policy”. I met many practitioners of yoga that time, and I live in my little world, and I do not touch it as “left to himself, I will not be soon.” But it’s still hard way in life breaks into our inner little world, and we understand that it was not happiness, after which comes the misfortune. We need because it is such a joy, and we just took a timeout. It is an art, how to combine the world of inner harmony with the outside world. This is truly an art. This headache Triad, and if the fact that matter, in the rest of these issues if we do not make impulse to the outside world, this half-solutions. It is necessary to simultaneously operate in two directions and inward and outward.

Question: The first yoga Dying “fall off” in our gross body, it is quite clear, the heart stops beating, the body grows cold, etc. But we must simultaneously somehow dissolve centers. Those. they should be dissolved at the causal and subtle bodies?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, I’m here to see a beautiful image of Milarepa is one of the teachers, who told us the knowledge of one of the six yogas of Naropa, which is precisely linked to the process of dying. And according to this yoga, the situation is as follows. You first “fall off” your physical body, you have some time are in the subtle body in the state as in a dream, you are in an active state, and then fall into a semiconscious state, which, according to the canons of the Tibetan lasts 3-3.5 days. Then a man wakes up in the time of death and self-aware self, as if he woke up and came out of this unconscious state. And then begins a slow destruction of the subtle and causal bodies, and together with them and the centers.

Question: Centers, they are in a bind and rough, and thin, and to reason?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It turns out that the rough at first. What is death? This is when the gross constitutes “torn.” It remains subtle and causal.

Question: After this semiconscious state begin to dissolve the centers linked to the subtle and causal.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Not all of it is clear from these yogis, there are also some nuances, the general concept of this. And the slow dissolution of the centers. Do you have a seminar on Kundalini Yoga laya. I gave an example that is the dissolution of the centers is when you come, and the table is with food, different dishes, good and bad. And the elixir of immortality, and poison. And you do not understand. You take the tablecloth, just everything dropped, and all flew in different directions. At the moment of death is the same situation. Soluble rough principle is in Laya Yoga and Kundalini yoga identical processes, and that at the moment of dying, or that principle is dissolved. Destroy principle means all the possible applications of this principle, both positive and negative, you fold. And this is the time of death is accompanied by such a very unpleasant feeling that all the impressions emerge.

Question: Do we get that the principle of reason dissolves the latest, and by dissolving the lower principles of mind feels like it is now, ie, I understand that I feel that way myself, so I feel bad, or it’s like in a dream a nightmare, or what?

Question: At the expense of Anrity practice, it seems that we are, as it were dependent on public opinion, but at the same time there is a desire to please, as we have fun with this fighting addiction.

Question: We have a seminar on Kundalini Rita yoga we visualized the following path when the Kundalini energy rises from center to center, comes to the top center and is connected to the consciousness, can be different events, they tend to each other and can meet in another center?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is such a trend, this was the uncle of Sri Auravinda, wrote a little book, such a small book called “Yogic Sadharma” very heavy text is written. The point is just that it is analyzing various other yoga and put forward the concept that the Kundalini rises to the top of the head, and consciousness lowered to the ground. This is a really well-known techniques in yoga, we meet them in part and 6 Yogas of Naropa. The idea is that you start to lower the consciousness towards the center, or more intermediate versions that work with drops called Bindu. And in fact, there is a rigid tie sexual yoga, for example, when you are the center of consciousness drops, impregnated with consciousness, tend to the base body, and begin to revive the almost all structures. And it is such a approach to yoga, there are very good. But gradually it should be.

Question: When Yoga transfer of consciousness that can occur with the human centers, which carries the consciousness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Nothing, everything is fine, everything is wonderful! What can be with them? In what sense?

Q: They are, and remain, ie, some part of their support?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s a difficult question in the sense that some of the remains, and what is missing. In Kundalini Yoga there is a very interesting point when you have awakened Kundalini, and it has dissolved all the principles reached the top of the head, merged with consciousness. That body while lying like a corpse, the physical body with no internal structure, without internal chakras, channels. The question is, why the body does not die instantly same. Well, that is, dragged the internal structures and the body itself loose. In fact it dies, unless it is in this state for 21 days. there is an interesting mechanism Until that time, rather allegorically described that the body is supported. Those. practices, if he practiced yoga, as it developed inside the body’s ability does not decompose, it is fueled by some its secret channels, and even mentions the nectar, which flows down from the top of the head, and which supports the body is deprived of support and structures at the level of life.

Those. it allows through Kundalini yoga body remain alive if it were not, then every experience of Kundalini awakening have ended lethally. There are some clever mechanism that allows the body to stay alive, and then go back into it. With regard to the transfer of consciousness, if we read the Shankaracharya, and one of its famous episode when he had to learn sixty-four arts of sensual love, and for that he left his body and entered the body of the Maharajah, who died recently. We must also distinguish between, you go out of your body, and go in, roughly speaking, in the body, which is abandoned. This is one moment. And when you enter into the human body, which is still alive and living in general, is another option. In the case of the description of the Maharajah, who died Shankaracharya himself left entirely to Samadhi, and his body lay like a corpse. At the same time, when we read in the ancient Indian epic, that one or another yogi tried to control the other person, there was obtained some very interesting thing, that part of his mind to maintain their own body, and some more. This is what I referred to when a person can belong to several bodies, but a single control source. Therefore, there must be in each case to analyze, for that option.

Question: I have a home question. Yoga every way teaches us that we must get rid of their aggression from animal prints, you really work at it, and here comes a time in our environment there are people who in every way we instigate, impel you to aggression, and you are not there burst response. If earlier, when the manifestation of aggressive surge you feel the strength, flare-up, now you do not care. People are indifferent to their provocations perceived as a weakness. They believe that dominate you. And there is a feeling that you can somehow work with him?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, friends, it’s actually the most beautiful way to “untie”. If this is the occasional, unwanted people, with whom we have a lead of karma clasped, then let it disengage, what would they have not thought of. There was a parable of Ramakrishna. By the way, I recommend you read the Ramakrishna, he has the most wonderful parable, one of them is about the beetle, resort to bug someone and starts to hurt his feelings, and he pretends to be dead, popihali, popihali, and he does not react, and fled that It called “evil forces”. This is a good strategy in our lives, if we feel that the situation is such that all the same goes for hours, minutes, days, so that we are no longer who does not need to communicate, or have ceased to be, where it is not necessary be better not to create unnecessary drawstrings that they would thus not considered. All of it is itself a fully disengage and go, it will take some time, will be like a nightmare to remember who you hurt there.

Question: And if it’s not random people, and the people with whom you meet every day and you have to be a reaction, then to explain the man?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This question is the most terrible, when these people become ex-husband or a real husband or wife or children or parents forbid God, ie, those who are closest to you. Do you remember the aphorism, why these people are close? To as close as possible to come to you and how you can make more painful. So they close people, because outsiders can not come to you close enough to hurt you. Therefore, the most terrible, my friends, is a problem of interpersonal relations with former friends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, lovers, mistresses, girlfriends, friends, this is the most boljuchih most desperate. Why? Because the easiest way, when a man or you are always in a good or always in a bad way. And the worst thing is that when one person in relation to you sometimes manifests miracles kindly, and then miracles are bad, and then you throw it in the heat and cold. And you start as a rock, you know when you are rummaging well and got a big stone, it does not take anything to make fire, the stone is heated, and then with cold water again, bang, burst, pieces dragged. Therefore, the most terrible situation, my friends, is when you are in the heat and cold. You go cracks. This condition comes down to the root causes of the bodies. Most sore is when your ex or current husband, because here there is the sexual component. As it may be well with him, you wonderful spent time together, and as it turned bad when you went to showdown, terrible.

I’ll move aside, here we have the Triad project, what, I’m sorry, hangover, we have to spend resources on a fairly unique approach to yoga? All of it is interesting, difficult topic indeed. For one reason. As practice has shown, the biggest problem the yoga teacher is not that they do not yoga, not that they do not teach it, it’s all resolved, all this stuff. The problem is, when they front on a personal showdown with her husband, with the wife. And now he comes to practice, meditation is blissful: “May all beings be happy.” And this discord, on the one hand you have to be representative of yoga and around him kindness to wear, show restraint, and you know, on the other hand, come home, potsapaeshsya with his wife or husband, your yogic goodness stone to stone will be left. Too deep for living touches.

And little by little began to disassemble this topic because it is very heavy, it is expensive. This is actually the second Yoga University. Here, when one and the same person is the one, then the other side is beginning to show itself, it is the worst option. But if you, on the other hand, will pass this school, you really will become wise. And you begin to understand where the problems come from all over the world, you will become more tolerant, will be less flighty, you will begin to better honor the first, second and third principles of yoga.

Why? Because you just make life or to apply these principles, or just smear on the wall. If you answer the first principle of a blow-by-blow, then loop around his neck tightened. That you were just dismantling, and there are already up to the division of Income and division of children. Always could be worse, even a homeless person who lives in the garbage, knows it can be worse. There is no limit on how could be worse. And you begin to understand it only after it tried to reduce the level of communication (you are poor, you are – in a bad way).

And here you see that the first principle of yoga is vital. But then you start willy nilly to honor the second principle of yoga. What should I consider as their behavior in order not to provoke the other person, on the other hand, I myself will not be substituted. And very well it comes second yoga principles in such relationships. It’s a school, friends. When you begin to realize that your life has turned into hell, and you will feel that you are just suffering. You will not prove anything to anyone, you can not anything to anyone to explain anything to anyone you can not tell, because when you tell friends, relatives, it will be even worse. It remains quiet, suffer in silence. And then you have to be very well reach the third principle of yoga, you will be very clearly understood that in fact nothing and no one has the right to make you suffer, if there is suffering, it is only checked your patience. You have to remember that you do not have to suffer, not for a moment that is not possible in the universe. And the third principle comes up to you in the best possible way. But best of all you will reach the meditation: “May all beings be happy.” Then you will understand that wishing happiness to friends, relatives and strangers enemies, comes to you, that one and the same person for various reasons may relate to the first group, as well as the second and third. Once again I say that the life of men and women, family life – it is the express yoga. Close to it and loved ones, to poison our lives in full. Usually people do not like to think about it, is not faced with an untenable situation. If everything is correct, well make an order of magnitude rise in judgment.

Question: A question on yoga Union. Men and women are beginning to practice yoga by Union Energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, and who all of you know yoga Union?

Answer: They are beginning to engage in the method of Energy are involved in this process, and when a man approaches the state of orgasm, begins to raise the energy of Consciousness up method, and at that moment the woman feels that he is suspended, and her tension arises.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What profound reasoning, to be honest, I probably somewhere in lectures talked about it, but I do not remember where. It is very heavy and very serious issue, not so much of the yoga of the Union and of Tantra Yoga. Friends, I am very glad that you are interested in these issues the Union of Yoga, because the topic is extremely important. In fact, from the context of the question, I can conclude the following: yoga practiced Union with very serious violations of the rules. I will not be involved, I will not find out, but I just know that in the regulations there are two fundamental principles, how I know, if they had not been violated, even to the very issue arose. Clearly, the time is broken, that each practice must be the beginning, the very practice and completion. Indirectly, I conclude that, as a rule, even if it was not the beginning of practice and was not completed, I already knew. And it’s like an airplane taking off without landing, it would be better not to take off. The second point is very severe broken, this practice was not leading. This I also understand very clearly, so I am surprised that the trainees were still alive. This is a very dangerous disorder, they lead to catastrophic consequences interpersonal then. This statistic. This all of course incognito. I myself was once a lot of mistakes made in life. And yoga Triad I walked in full. Everyone has their own skeletons in the closet. So what is my answer, all the practices reduced the theory study, the most active way to learn all the theory, which is on http://yogatriada.ru site. Out of context knowledge, and without being bound by theory begin practice. Honestly, I respect such people, because he was such, just taken out of context, practicing, getting the dome, it was very painful. But, you know, for one broken two unbeaten give.

Q. And if you can not find a master?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Then it is better not to get involved at all. Friends, without leading … remember yogic Decision Tree. Remember that you are free, and do as you can. I myself remember the Soviet times, in general the concept did not have sex. What practice what Yoga? At one’s own risk. I was sure that anyone interested in this topic is not, are only interested in sex, “with losses”, just a good time, but not the spiritual development factor. And so, in desperation, from loneliness, from the inability to talk to someone, you begin to howl at the moon, and on your own risk to use everything that comes their way, too bad. Now, thank God, there is the possibility of not timid to risk so consult, communicate with peers, ask advice, help, pass the preliminary practices. I look at you, I remember myself, and I envy you. I’d like to see in my life, about 20 years ago, there was such a situation. I would not so much made mistakes, I have already in the air flying lotus. Go ahead.

Question: In continuation of this theme. What aircraft already flying, if not the leading, what to do? How to put it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, you know that you in no time to slide into bestiality.

Q: Can people who have not passed the practice is leading? They know the theory, but did not practice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, good question. In fact, the theme of the Triads, it is no less complex and costly than the training of teachers. It assumes that you are at this level learn the theory that the adverse effects can not be involved in everything that is connected with this theme. It assumes that you learn at the same time and practice, and to be in the leading role. Triple medicine: iccha, Kriya, Jnana. What do you want to engage the practice? This triple force. Where to get it? It can be assembled piece by piece. Or in another way. If one group of people will be responsible for Jnana and the other for the Kriya, the third – for Ichhu, and it is clear that each group of these people can be a row. All together it turns triple drug. How is it implemented?

The concept of rapid methods is the same as the concept of Natya Yoga is the following: should be practicing, should be leading, the audience should be. The executive, legislative and judicial powers. Democratic state should consist of three branches of power, independent of each other. Legislative – is Jnana, the executive – is Kriya, the court – it iccha. And only when there are these three components, we do not slip into any dictatorship or anarchy. In carrying out the practice, you should be able to at the same time in these three persons, and then you will be able to configure such a group of people who at the time of a practice may be leading others – slaves, and others – control to the regulations enforced. Because all biased. And leading, and trailing. Some go too conscious. But the third legislature ensures that the laws are enforced. And then it can make money, even if neither leading nor slave nor observers had no experience, but all of them were trained by those who have had this experience. I have already cited in the Triad such an example, when the arch is collected from the bricks, but if you collect them together, they will keep, and you’ll be on the bridge, and someone has to collect them together. Just a big problem is how to simultaneously prepare a master, slave, and observers, as they configure this process to then was self-sustaining.

You will recall that the concept of the Triad area is full of freedom, where there is no chief. Unlike the University of Yoga, which is very rigid centralization, and subordination. But experience shows that it is necessary first to establish this platform, so that it becomes self-sustaining. Work is going on is to pump as much as possible to Prana. And what do I see? I see the sheer bestiality by those who once expressed his participation in this project. How it all started, people came and said – we want! How much you have enough? Oh, a lifetime is enough! Passed 21 weeks, a good portion of people vanished, as if they had never been, another percentage of claims that for them this issue is disgusting. Why then were involved, almost a breast I took – we want! You know, when people really begin to appreciate the Triad? When his life came to a state of despair. Or climb into a loop, or wish you’d been born at all on this white light. When the internal contradictions reach such a pitch, that’s all. That’s when and begin to appreciate. And I see that still, unfortunately, the larger the ratio poppin. As in the West of this is due to all these things, then there tusnyak, meditation now arrange. I see that many fall under this influence, but there is nothing good, this is a very destructive effect. If, indeed, this is for you an important topic, that engaging in this project. I can not drag it, and Victoria, too. All other people who are associated with Triad, too much load on them. A huge amount of rough work that no one else does. From which I conclude that even before the death is not pinned. I do not believe when people say, “Oh, how I feel bad! Oh, how I feel bad! “. So not so much bad, just all this suffering. Therefore, the following answer: I do not know what to do. On the one hand I understand that the aircraft takes off, flies, flies, and not always successfully lands. On the other hand – what is good flying and landing, it is such a good technologically finished product. While we do not build up to the last screw, do not tighten all, no good will not.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra! How to remember the word “Sutra”? The bottom line! From early in the morning. He explains Karma as impressions imprints. Here we had some experience in life. We have experienced the joy, anger, fear. And all of these emotions, they have left their mark. They have left a mark on the surface of our mind. And then, in the future, if we are faced with a kind of situation that in any other way uses the mark, we find ourselves under the Maya and are already beginning to be afraid that it is not necessary. Or conversely, do not be afraid of what to be afraid of. How to mixing occurs. This is the biggest challenge – sometimes a variety of emotions, a variety of ideas, manifestations have intertwined in a single tangle of sensations. This karma is a very complex structure.

Let’s say you took a particular position, and as a result, you have the mood changed. And as a result, your thoughts flowed in the opposite direction. And as a result, you and acts very different steel. Why? Because different prints are manifested through different venues and make everything confusing. For example, the center of anger and jealousy, as we yesterday, remember, you talked and did practice, gives a kind of combination in one direction. For example, jealousy and fear – in the other direction. Jealousy and stupidity – the third, etc. And so they should be such as to unravel. And then, in further work, you will feel that in connection with this or that situation you begin to activate, for example, then one, then another, then a third center. That just two, then three at once. Depending on some complicated imbroglio. And, accordingly, it is necessary to unravel in the reverse order.

When we really fix touch – Nyasa on one center or another, we are to “reassure” the place. We like to draw attention to it. We dissipate like fog, maya, which is associated with this place. Therefore, it is a very good practical exercise. Strictly speaking, there are, of course, combinations. They are numerous. Well, look, we have 7 major centers, with whom we work, the number of possible combinations is described in a math function like the factorial. In fact, we get that in the neighborhood of 7 factorial of the number of different combinations. Well, if there is no use symmetric. This is a very large number of combinations. Very, very large number. In the future, you will do for yourself to feel what a bunch, a circuit which has effect on you. And on the reverse – you start to act, if you feel the same difficulties, the same as you and unleash again.

Question: when one center is felt in all practice more than any other, it is trying to bind all?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev not necessarily, it again, depending on the fact that during the practice. Here, too, can be differentiated. Well, sometimes there is such a strong feeling that to some nervous condition. Sometimes, on the contrary, I want to reassure. And Nyasa helps.

Question: In order to detect the central channel, said that any thought directed at him back a sense of joy, delight. And I watched that if you start to observe this feeling, it is still localized in some place. It feels locally. Do not stretched around the spine, and locally. In some centers – locally.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, but it’s really such a thing that we have some of his ideas about something positive combine with certain emotions. When you are truly practicing yoga for a long time, your, figuratively speaking, a sense of inner happiness, all the spectra, like a rainbow. That is, you know, there is a feeling of happiness? Physical. Here you are in good health. You live, and you want to live! Sometimes happiness intelligent. Physical well-being at all … but the awareness of something gives you a feeling of happiness! Sometimes the feeling of happiness associated with some other moments. For example, with certain emotions. For each type of happiness responsibilities of the different chakra.

Ideally, they should all work simultaneously in full. The feeling of happiness is both physical and emotional, and mental and psychic. In general, all of which can think. Here it steady. It is clear that we did not work. We have something to be better developed, something worse.

In general, there is a correlation. If, for example, a person is more rough, it is prone to some feeling of happiness, more to do with the lower centers. Well, a wild man when his happiness? When the food is! I burst – all life is good! Why? Because it involves the lower centers. Let’s take an intellectual. Sitting in the elegant French restaurant. Eat delicious meals and there is no happiness! But it is the other way around, if there is something in the field of intelligence or even in something opened – yes! That’s when he realizes that his happiness. In modern civilized man as the focus shifts to the side of intelligence and from there out. A yoga ideal – at the same time that he remained at all. To you, the same way as a conventional rude man could enjoy a piece of delicious food, but could experience the pleasure of intelligent conversation.

“Proper technique of asanas”

Generally there is a phrase on duty, which should not be pain and discomfort. If there is, we go immediately out of the pose, it should not be, especially for those engaged in yoga for the first time, not so long ago. But! There are such moments. Users, when doing yoga for a long time and they know that they are in some positions, the question was, by the way, in this, that they may be in those positions longer and get more effect on them. If they can accept as something different techniques perform this pose, do it differently. And the teacher, if he rediscovered this position and had once come across this error. Well, not a mistake, and I realized that he had not set foot.

Comment from the audience: thus errors in the implementation can not be, in principle,

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: if you do not do a pose, you do another pose

Update: Yes, this is understandable, but it is here in this position. It is clear that one pose a substitute for the other.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: friends, if you are strictly differentiated. Well, let’s say I’m doing a pose. Here, I did pose (asana performs). And here is another pose? (Position changes) Yes! And, therefore, if you start to advise in detail, you will be like forcing a person to jump from one to another. It’s not your problem. Your task – to make all the conditions for people to rediscover himself.

Question: If a person is asked: “I want to be in this position to stay longer, I do not want to do another, I just want this?” Do you know how to take more convenient to stay in it longer

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends! Again! Again and again! Your task is, first of all, to carry yoga for people who have just arrived. Not your job to be experts who give aerobatics. This is the first thing. Secondly. Friends, again. I am opposed to these weekly seminars. I just feel like we have everything flies in the tar-Tarara when holiday here. And then you all go back, and all projects no one has canceled! And you come here and then squeezed to half disappear.

So, your task – a conveyor. It is not custom-made items, this conveyor. Millions of people die, die due to the fact that do not have access to yoga. And you can not afford to lick one person, when millions die. No one can afford to feed caviar, when thousands of bread do not have to die. Therefore, you should, first of all, focus on technology Malyshev. Malyshev brought the book? I saw somewhere. There is a phrase: “The designer makes the doll. A technologist breathes life. ” And now, when you are teaching a very long time in yoga, you will realize that there are two things. There is a set of some of the practices of yoga arsenal, and there are real people who have real problems.

And here are two big differences. Your job, my friends, only one. Right now I am considering, there is such a point. The KYO everyone has a point. Each student – the number of people that you missed through. Basim will not lie, for older groups, group eka this point begins only after you have passed a certain amount of practical training. There should dial, respectively, 108 lessons that you have spent on this subject, one-fifth, tenth. Then there is no doubt that you know how to behave. And after that item is added, how much you miss the people through itself, ie, how many real people you have helped. Now I think to recycle KYO that from the first days you fixed the number of people to whom you are directly or indirectly denounced yoga.

These are two very different things: have the knowledge or lick lucky individual. To help achieve some unprecedented heights of a single individual, and help people who are literally starving to death. You know, we have athletes win prizes at the Olympics, and in the average city gym there, and all drink too much, smoke each ordinary degrade slowly. Here is the same situation. So, believe me, I have now the least are now interested in your personal practice, when you are there any special heights reached. I’m interested in people who are waiting.

So spend your time teaching to someone in a personal manner to show how there is a leg a little bit more to deploy it to a little bit more sag, you certainly can. It is only under one condition: if it does not prevent to pass as many people as possible. But, since you do not have this option, you make the conveyor.

The conveyor is made with the help of the mantra phrase. Once again, they repeat: “if you feel the slightest discomfort, in any position, in any practice, you will immediately stop it and get out.” All! Without incentives, if you feel uncomfortable, turn left and a little finger gets better. No! This will turn the conveyor in piece production. You can not. That I can not tell you now everyone: “That you turn your left and you are right, here you up. And you down. ” I’m just being … what to say, where your fingers should be rotated. We can not afford it, we can not! Therefore, we must draw a corridor as the exchange rate of the ruble, and that will be between the two.

Likewise here. You, on the one hand, hard-chop everything associated with pain and discomfort, and possible hypothetical disease and hypothetical effects of disease. You cut off all! You do not do it. This is not your business. As the Americans say not you biznes. It’s none of your business. One side. But, on the other hand, you should outline all the same as far as you can somehow within yourself to experiment. And you say another phrase that: “Yoga – is a joy from performing, or to overcome themselves.” Accordingly, if you feel that you, yes you can for himself finger rotate. It’s, like, the first unpleasant, and then as well! As long as there is joy, here and experiment. At one’s own risk. None of you will not take responsibility.

Sometimes I hear such teachings of yoga in schools, that “we must get to the point of pain, and then overcome it.” Friends would be condemned in America already. Not just the coach and the whole school of yoga! For such claims would be seized of! For a call to self-harm, which would be a stone would be left of yoga. Well, thank God that this is America, not sutyazhnye. They show me the finger, and he’ll sue for sexual harassment. But you must understand that every word you say, it’s not something that you just vzboltnuli. This indication is for the other person to help him. So be very careful. Please note, in Moscow schools of yoga billion and billion of approaches. Why we are quite narrow and conservative encourage you to start with a limited number of techniques and practices? To do this you have experienced. To you from the very first days did not make a mistake. And then experiment. When you understand the responsibility for the people in the first place, please forward! Therefore it scares me that generally ask this question, and all the groups to Eka did not immediately took the offended kind and say ‘we do not know at all. ” Friends, this is important! That’s the little things, it would seem. This is important stuff.

Question: I have a question about Shavasana aware of Hatha Yoga in the first workshop considered such occurrences Appliances Shavasana that we will gradually slow down your breath, watching him. The teaching of yoga we are faced with the fact that about breathing did not say anything, including that simply do not see him. So the question really is, really helps. Why not use, for example, just the application.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: another question, I do not understand

Question about Shavasana. The course on Hatha Yoga is offered to Savasana turned deeper, watching the breath, gradually slowing it down. In the course of yoga teaching it is prohibited to say anything about breathing.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yes.

Q: I wonder why. Many people, in principle, with shavasana harsh ways, ie, you can not relax. And I think, if you could talk about it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, friends, Savasana, it’s a special position. It can not be put in line with the usual. There is an obvious logic. Why can not anything to talk about breathing? Here is a common mistake many teachers yogi schools in Moscow. You know, on the other, both of the dead – or good, or nothing. But here I can not be silent! They killed a bunch of Surya Namaskar breathing. Killed this technique! That stretch yoga you are doing now. You discover it for yourself. He would long ago have been, if it was not tough ligaments breathing. And there they have a rigid: it is – a breath, it is – an exhalation. A man came with asthma. They are two separate worlds. It is difficult to give a simple yoga. Yoga breathing is very difficult to give. At the intersection is an order of magnitude more difficult.

You know, geometry is such a position – a figure of the second order of complexity. If it intersects with another figure in the order of complexity, we obtain a figure of the fourth order of complexity. Cone, for example, overlaps with some cube not a cube and a sphere. And that’s the point, the overall line of contact – insanely complex configuration. That’s just as well here. The combination of two yogas insanely complex. We need to talk a great number of preliminary words. Many exceptions, explanations, many, many things. It’s not really for one person. For a group of people – all! It will go nuts! Therefore, here is a serious situation. Do not say anything about breathing, when we talk about the usual yoga postures.

But Shavasana is actually a meditation because that was not in my head thoughts. It is, in fact, not to pose relates to Shavasana and thoughts to control the situation. What if you slow down the breath, then the more you slow down, the better the meditation on emptiness, ie, absence of thoughts. And it’s not as if the part of Hatha yoga is, this is the part as if meditating. If there are questions, we must, indeed, as something to register more clearly. Of course, if you people in Shavasana, you certainly have the right to say the following: that it is possible to breathe more and more slowly, so that there was less thought. That you have the right. But this is not Hatha Yoga! As it would have been over. It is strictly forbidden in all other yoga poses. In all the others, I will not even understand, no. But it is not from the Hatha yoga poses. Because there is no posture, you’re just lying, what kind of position? A little need to explain for himself. Let us to have this trial does not turn into an empty disputations, we have curators teaching yoga here? Record, to make appropriate adjustments.

Question: but just as I understand that it is subject to the beginning of the practice, when we just sit down, close your eyes. We can say that seeing your breath?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you can, but it is better not to do so. It is better to immediately, so pay attention to my studies. How to start? I send people to the consciousness of the day browsing.

Q: I allowed but, as I understand? The question about it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, but in the future, that’s why I’m doing? Breath – a thing specific. Again. Someone asthma, someone has a cold. Well, imagine I have a runny nose and, I’m sorry, snot flowing, and I call on my breath and exhalation. Without sick, and here. This is called conveyor.

That, friends, Tibet’s value? When Padmasambhava brought the knowledge of Tibet, said that it will hold the Dharma, ie, teaching, and then it will be lost. Allegedly, even he called the timeline. Now there is the Chinese invaded, all this stir. Allegedly, there is a prediction that the Dharma will move to the “land of the red people.” I remember, even when the Soviet Union was all happy: Well, who does the red? It’s there we red! Around the world, one called red? The Americans, however, not the Americans, and Native Americans were happy, because they are red. Remember the movie “The leader of the Redskins’? What moves them Dharma. I do not know where it will move, but I know for sure – it will move to where it will be exactly the same humanistic attitude towards people. Tibet – it was a factory for enlightenment. The soul can be born entirely by a superior degree of ignorance, ie, outstanding items such superiority. And yet, in one lifetime, getting into very tight, good technique, they immediately reached almost enlightenment. Why? Because they did conveyor. Not MMA production and conveyor. Not like in India – piece production. As a result, 1 billion 200 million people in poverty, poverty, yoga did not know, do not know and will never know. Namely stream conveyor.

I would like to read why Malisheva? The situation was so tragic. Moscow, 1941, the enemy is at the gate. Tanks need. Tanks, not one or two. No ten-twenty and a hundred tanks a day. It is unthinkable, my friends, the amount. For America, by the way, they have not reached this level before the end of the war. Although a very rich country. That’s only if you’ll master the war against ignorance, when you start the mass. Not one or two supertanka. You know, like, “Where will the tanks?” – “In the center” – “What, all?” – “Yes, both!” Where to go to yoga breakthrough in the war on ignorance? In the center! What all? Yes, both of you!

Not to get so need a mass. We do not need these stories about kundalini, the third eye common man. There are the usual, good, bright people. They are very clean, they are very holistic, they go to work, raise their children. They do not kill anyone they podsizhivayut nobody, do not meanness. They just live. Quiet. As a rule, we do not know about them. That’s it – the consumers of our yoga. They – the segment in which we operate. They are not rich, they do not have a lot of money. And never will be at such authority. And you need to imprison them their jobs. Those. mass. To you yourself could recoup work with them. They will not pay you a thousand dollars for one session, so that you, indeed, they explained where finger – left or right. They have the money. They have a family, they have a lot of problems. Therefore, you should think of state, or rather planetary once you have to think. That’s who of you have taught? Who stood on teaching practices? This is for you, first of all, very creative work: how to come up so that as many people to cover, as much as possible to give succinct formulation. To like a good, effective as possible. To the greatest possible number of people to help. Your question – is the volume of people. Not two or three oligarchs and stooges around them. They are the rich, they will come to you. I constantly call: “Do you want to spend yoga for wealthy mole, another wealthy mole.” And why the hell do I need them? I do not need them. Money earn? Big money is easier in business to make money. If you need money, go to the business, I shall prompt what to do. Then there is, in the name of what do we do? Turning the dill. Turning to the brain. Especially because now is not clear. Can start a very difficult time. And here people. Which. Outside, everything will fall apart, and nothing inside. It’s very scary. But if the inside is yoga, the outside, the deluge. Vyplyvesh in fish pose.

Practice and living conditions. The worst, friends, ambush – “non-obvious”. You take a tent and go away somewhere for a month, and willy nilly you have the rhythm of life is produced. Sunrise – I woke up, set – sleep. Why? Flashlight not, the fire will not stay long. During the night. And hop! These two points are immediately formed, want it or not, the practice of practicing with a hard-bound every night, by the time you got up and when you are asleep. In the city, when you wake up, I want to lie in bed, and there is no such. They wake up, there, on the contrary, lie uncomfortable, just want to get up. And here, wake up, “Oh, I do not get enough sleep,” another hour it would be desirable to lie, lie. And there is no such. Or, let’s say, you go, “Oh, something insomnia, thoughts some.” And is not there. On the pillow. Buch and disconnected. We live in a civilization, this rhythm is disturbed, and after yoga elaborated by the rhythm. And no one now. As a result, open the ancient treatise on yoga, you begin to read, you begin to play, and it does not work. Why does not it work? Basis replaced. Sami practice work, but lifestyle foundation changed. The idea of the rhythm cycle, something we repeat, this is the most remarkable. It is not for nothing Rita rhythm. Something that one replaces the other.

Friends, what’s the plan: we’ll have to discuss the theory, then it will be kriya yoga. Those. this idea, which I feel even now. The day should be hit on some pieces, let’s call them sets, between breakfast, lunch, dinner. Fill harmoniously. And so strained brains, and that the body stiffened practice. And now we need to find this bundle of relations. I’m analyzing. Somewhere we have successfully passed, somewhere – not. Somewhere skewed when too many practices. Well, that we are not a farce. You came here to work on themselves. Theories as too much, too bad.

Question about the practices that we carry out at home. We come here, we, feel just fabulous. Practicing, and I want to practice. 7 Hours, 10 hours, everything is fine. Fall asleep. Dream Yoga all cheer. You come home, you know that practicing, practicing, then the rhythm starts to fall quickly. You start to make an effort. You understand that in any case it is impossible to sleep, remember the teachings, doing theory. Still, you lose the rhythm. And rests, still trying to keep it. Then you realize that, like, we have to rest. Then the rhythm is still falling. Here we try to come. Someday will come this equilibrium in private practice, or how much we have some hours to spend in the Cloud School? As in this situation to be?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: On the question, the answer to the question. It is necessary to develop the internal trend that if you will work independently for a long time, you will sooner or later develop this rhythm. Visit here such events dramatically saves you time. Actually, for which they are held? The fact that there is a week, home to the result for the year you come. So, of course, need to be combined with one another. On the other hand, never worry about what comes first “splash”, then “fading”. If you look at this situation, it will also get a rhythm. This rhythm – a very important thing. Each of us has within karmic flaws, it is the most painless way to get rid of them. So, sometimes we think we “fading”, we are not fading. We have, roughly speaking, “anesthesia” to pull us out of all the problems, ie subliminal structure of our mind, our body, they need to, we reduced speed, distracted even yoga. In yoga, it does not matter what you twenty-four hours to remember about yoga, and that you were able to exert time and rest time, once to think about yoga, but when something does not think. Read a book. I do not know, something to do. Therefore, over time you develop this inner life style, mesh internal practices that will not change no matter what, were you at the seminar or not, the inspiration you or not.

The basis of this grid is the mantra. Those. chanting is of the grid, which is applied to your life the main point. And you will notice for themselves, that if you during the day did not say a certain number of his mantra, then you will feel very bad, as if it is something you do not finish. If you recite this mantra, even if there is something you have not completed, physically, mentally, sharp discomfort is not. Will felt physical discomfort, it was necessary to catch up, not pulled, it was necessary to take a breath, not breathed.

And all this can be compared with the food. The Upanishads … let’s, friends, form the library, find the book. One of the Upanishads says very allegorical, we are all consumers. And only one will reach the highest state of yoga, who is a good eater. Who would be a poor eater, he has reached the highest state of yoga, knowledge. The idea is as follows. We eat, we eat food to nourish our bodies, we have emotional food to feed our emotions, we have the intellectual food to feed our intellect. If we absorb it, we grow if we do not absorb, we stop, degrade or die. Here’s a theory uncomplicated at first glance, but when you consider that our higher self outside of energy and consciousness, you can imagine how the flow of energy that supports your energy flows, as well as a stream of consciousness that supports your consciousness. Every day you should receive a portion of their spiritual food, if you do not dopoluchaet you feel hungry. You experience inner discomfort that you do not go in the direction of the spiritual, protecting, but rather go in the direction of waste and emptiness. And now, the mantra uttered as spiritual food. Said it 108 times a day and your diet today have to spend the whole day without experiencing hunger. It turns out that every day you have to eat a little mantra sure and then you stretch out the day. In general, the mantra yoga can replace all of yoga. It can be one method of yoga mantra to achieve the highest state of yoga. And if it is possible to eat more and pranayama, you will feel even better. If you add the Kriya and Hatha yoga, you will feel even better. You know how you come into the dining room, and a table can be covered: first, second, third and compote. And maybe without compote. A may be without a second, without the first. And maybe – you come, and there are two slices of bread – that is your diet for the day. That’s just as well, and in yoga. At least two pieces of mantras each of you must eat. By the time it takes about 15 minutes, even if it is very long mantra. You should be very small, to 15 minutes a day, as a piece of bread.

Question: If we do something to himself and repeat the mantra, is that correct?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can be a time when you have a job, Abraham some. That train you go, there you have the top shelf, you do not work out no yoga.

Question: ie there was no entry into practice, completion, I just repeat it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: good question. You should be the mantra of the entry into the practice, the practice itself, the end of practice. This portion of your everyday. For example, you every day 108 times say the Gayatri mantra, for example. Where it begins. It starts, first, with the fact that you start to practice, you can create a mentally protective field, although, as a rule, it is not necessary. And accordingly after practice to remove it. Here it will be considered as well. On the train ride. Mentally create a protective field, practice practice 5-10 minutes, they removed the protective field. You know, you have to move somewhere else, if you, for example, traveling on a train, at least go to the toilet. It is believed that a portion of your food today already. And then, as a supplement, you can practice the mantra to myself, as you please, without the rigid binding, as it was in the beginning, just to gain. It will help, but it is as if in another article.

Question: Are there any other options for practicing mantras?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So see what the situation is, how you can do differently the beginning of practice, the actual practice and the completion of the practice?

You can, for example, to sit down and think for a moment about Cloud Schools, the teachers and the teacher. Or you can think of … Absolute Absolute’s circle. Here I am going to train, and everything is somehow different, and in fact a circle around the Absolut lovely.

And again – you mentally think of the Absolute, or mentally bowed to him – mentally, “Hi, Absolute, I’m here,” everything – the beginning of practice. Then say the mantra. Said 108 times. Again – “Absolute, well, everything, hello, I have gone about their business.” That is, should be some points that must be connected. As if you were talking to a man – you come to him, saying, “Hello, I came, talked, talked,” All right, I went. ” Or maybe some action – somehow – the creation of the protective field. Or maybe some other moments like that for you characterize the beginning of practice and the completion of practice, let’s say you got home, cleaned (audio cleaned carpet), sat – all – the beginning of practice. We work out, work out – left (sound to be cleaned carpet), that is, as if to cover up the traces. And if you do this time – the beginning of practice, practice and completion praktiki- is actually sometimes even no matter how many takes practice – minute, second, hour, twenty hours – you will still be within yourself to feel the fullness, spiritual fullness that some part of something higher you get. And if this is not done, there will be a feeling of emptiness, as if the day passed in vain. If you make just such a minimal practice, so to speak a minimum portsayku food eaten, and you have time, then the rest of the practice you can get. Either on the same principle – the beginning of the practice, the actual practice and completion practices. Or in “free flight” – that is, practice, practice is, please, until done, and so on and so forth.

And it’s very, very important this time, my friends, to have every day was some point, such a pulse, a heartbeat – boom-boom-boom. Then everything starts to grow on these impulses, very harmoniously grow. And then you can either reduce the load, or to increase it, depending on how you have there life helps to do this.

Question: I have a question about the Clouds School. I, for instance, a very vague idea of what it is. I feel we all feel. Here I would like more detail, if you are willing to give us an explanation. And this time – we all have to reach the level where we must connect to the Cloud Schools and also it anywhere … how shall I say … to install. Just who are here now, 3 who have studied even a little smaller and have a feeling that even we ochniki very long dwell in the Cloud School, but, for example, that even the summer break and …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: and the one-two-three man disappeared … … Summer break and one-two-three man disappeared …

Continuation of the question from the audience: and there is a feeling that like you’re in the Cloud School, but when we go back to school – it’s like a breath of fresh air. That is, once again, we have entered into the cloud, although it would seem, we do not have to go out of it. There’s me personally is very much fear that when life is so complex that we go, all leave here, then this is now lost. How to keep it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Maybe … Friends, you remember, you are free. No one (even) Yoga is not right … It is not a sect. You know how the Cosa Nostra – a common cause – remember that “in the Mafia, you can enter, but can not get out of it.” No, friends, yoga is not such an organization. It strongly revere your freedom, and, therefore, as it were, no one will ever interfere with or there somehow try to keep in the same Cloud School. It is entirely your decision should be internal. This is the power that no one encroaches upon your freedom. But this weakness – when you start the eclipse of reason, and they periodically to all come, too, on some cyclic law. Here is a man comes to me and says, “I’m leaving,” and I understand that he does utter nonsense in my life, that’s really just nonsense.

This is know as a woman comes in and says, “I had an abortion.” Well, it’s the same situation – I do spiritual abortion. And what can you say? You have no right to impose, you have no right to speak. Why? Because otherwise you’ll have to replace it as the will of their own free will. You can only state the fact. And, of course, when you get close, you get close to the teachings of you next to like-minded people, it is much easier to prevent these clouding his mind’s wake, as if they are in a latent, dormant. But as soon as you go into society, you find yourself in a different environment, it is know how to pour water the seeds of negative karma – they immediately begin to germinate. And it is clear that the mentality – was at the seminar, all so fantastic, wonderful. And society was – after some time – yes, a seminar, some yoga. Here life problems, then, behold, the fifth to tenth. And the man leaves. It takes a lot.

In fact, I have, of course, it is very sad, because, well it is fine man found some other school of yoga, from his point of view, a better. And that in fact go nowhere. And it turns very quickly or slowly into a jelly in jelly. That is, so I really meet occasionally with the people who of us left, and I see that they are actually losing – you know, that if this was a gleam in his eyes, some kind of meaning in life, you know, that’s hard, but you know, in that name. And there seems easy, and strain is not necessary, just aching legs, and tail falls off, and his eyes dimmed, and nothing exciting. Here’s a, you know, Tamas. And this, of course, very sad.

So in order to help the person to stay when he’s away from like-minded, then, of course, that is prescribed to meditate on Cloud School. Then you, like visualization practice, the method of remembering, especially, extramural, it concerns you. We are, in fact, a week-long workshop, I thought that’s what personally? 5-6 people come time students, and we will work with them. But in fact, as now happened, so even better because the time students need to ochnikov field and, well, that is a common mental field, and so it turned out even better than I expected.

So the practice of mindfulness of Cloud School, it allows you to not succumb to the machinations of your bad karma. For example, no matter where you were, for example, among people who think very differently, well, God be with him, you are mentally sat and remembered, as I was at a seminar which there was the situation, and it gives you strength. So this is the action of clouds Schools – even in remembrance, but in reality everything is much more complicated. Cloud school – this is the Internet. Just imagine – every one of you is an individual PC. One computer has something valuable to one another on your computer, there is something more valuable. Sometimes you do not even know that you might need. But imagine a situation where you can connect the computers to the network, and then if you need anything, what you do not, you can appeal it is very easy to quickly get. So this is a very grand effect Clouds School, a kind of “spiritual Internet” it is sometimes called a few.

If you have something I do not know well, and God be with him, well. I, for instance, on myself I know – I’ve been at one time the Master said, and I myself remember – this is now a very good sense of security, that here I do not know of any higher practice, but I know someone who knows. And if I need to, I at any time will return to them, and they with great pleasure to help me, tell, devote, give the opportunity to practice. So this is the feeling that behind you is something that is very good, as parents, as friends as something light. And, accordingly, Cloud School operates in the same way, but what’s the problem? The problem is that hard for you to connect yourself to it. You are in a lot do not believe you have not had the experience, you will overcome all sorts of doubts, fears, etc., etc.. And it is very much confuses “wave”, very much confuses. And so the first time, here is how to be here at the workshop, for example, I work as a repeater. That is, I take your weak signal, amplify, send in the cloud schools receive a response to your request and relays it back to you. That is, as you know, the antenna is – that is a giant amplifier – receives the signal and sends, sends and receives, to and fro, to and fro. But it is only until you eventually do not learn how to do it. And my goal is not to keep you tied to me, as a person, on the Guru, a teacher, do not know there is … No. My task is quite different – to teach you to communicate directly with what is called Cloud School. And this is very important.

So see why that’s important, such general measures? Because you first learn to understand what Cloud School. So you see, you are here. Someone of you one experience in yoga, anyone else. You can see each other, communicate, you have the image of other people. And it allows you to represent them, when you leave home. Here, for example, Basimka. This is not some abstract illustration of squares, triangles and lotuses, and a very specific bald Basimka. Smiling. That is just an image of a smiling Basimki as soon as you think – “Basimka”. And it is easier to tune in to a wave of his personality. Even beginners should practice – you start thinking the – “But if I asked Basimku as I do there somewhere-there-then-then-then-else. And you start to see the inner eye Basimku – specific, unshaven, smiling (Basim, I’m sorry, I specifically say so Do not let your hair, you are bald.). And you begin to imagine the imaging modality of yoga as if you Basimka responsible. And this feeling that you are not applying an abstraction, and particularly to man. Similarly, all other with whom you met at a seminar.

And then, when you get this experience that everything is alive, that you can ask and get an answer, this level begins to rise, and then suddenly you come to the ability to just communicate with people you have never in my life seen. And then will come the ability to communicate, so that, roughly speaking, from anybody. And the most fantastic, is described in many treatises on yoga, you can tune in to a wave of Teachers, who lived in the past. It is absolutely fantastic some. And, of course, people unprepared at first perceive that this is a hallucination of some sort. But determined, friends, hallucination or not? According to the investigation. That is a hallucination can not bring a good result. And then, in full compliance operates the law of Karma (cause and effect). I Turned – received. Even if you do not understand how it happened. That’s all, in general, can be called cloud Schools and your main objective. Because you will later teach yoga, and you will not be able to consult with me, or with Basimkoy there with like-minded on some issues. And then it all turns, especially at moments of high mental stress, in this on-line dialogue. You do not even formulating, will feel as if it is necessary, when and how.

So, friends, more questions. Time students, please.

Question: You mentioned that the grid on which we focus is the mantra yoga. Is it possible to belong to this category listening to lectures?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, I know. I do not want to say that it flatters my vanity, my ambition has long been burned. I am pleased in the sense that our lectures listen and have encouraged the habit every day to listen to a lecture portsayku. Moreover, I am even very much surprised when I found out by accident when I was among the people who even a yoga itself is not engaged, you know they are listening to a lecture, for whatever reason? I was so pleased with the wording – “Invigorates”. That is, they are indirectly involved in yoga, not because they are interested in yoga, but because they are starting to listen to and something they have there, there brrrrrrr … That is, they feel in the head, so just fun. It’s like listening to comedians, or else there someone I do not know … In general, invigorates.

In fact, you may remember that any motivation that leads people to yoga, deserves great respect. Why, let them be and lectures.

Can we listen to the lectures of such a reference point, like a mantra? Yes, you can. Because, in fact, my friends, I now sometimes a compliment to do – “Here you are, you are giving yoga …” Yes, if I could have yoga to give … I’m just like a parrot – I repeat what I know, but I try to invest it however -That jokes, rhymes, so it is better perceived, not because it is an integral part. Therefore, to a certain extent – can. Here every day to listen to a lecture. This is going to work – Ciric – Player, and now it’s in your ears sounds.

I’ll tell you even more, according to reveal a secret, I listen to myself. And indeed, sometimes falling asleep, myself included – zinger, you know, right? Because when it’s every lecture actually you’re talking about. Just imagine, in the ear I have a transmitter, and he told me this: “Anecdote about Stirlitz … so, and now the third principle of yoga,” and so on and so forth. After all, in a sense, lectures – this is when you’re so trust Cloud School, that this spiritual plexus of very friendly practitioners, teachers, and so on, is very good, open, so that the lost line where you have come to an end and they begin. Do you remember that a yoga point of view there is no such boundary.

And one can not in fact say that this is my lecture, if it does so honestly, my friends. Because I am a very ordinary person in everyday life. With all, by the way, the negative side. And Victoria can just tell you a lot, but she politely silent. I’m just a very ordinary person, no no Guru. This is just the effect of the most spiritual of the Internet. Or in another way, for example, the school set student essay to write, and he brings that’s Taken, that’s great. And yet: “Yes this is the next Einstein!”. Nothing like this! He filled his home computer request – downloaded and outputs. So to me the same situation – I have a spiritual connection to the internet, and I’m here for him lecture. Need one or another topic – stuffed request – just … got announced, a little foolishly added, as without it, otherwise not do.

Question: Regarding the mantras. There is a certain cumulative effect of mantras. You read a certain number of times. It is for each individual, or have a certain number of strict?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Only individually. So this notion of “awakening mantra.” And it depends on many factors. But, really, like dialectical Marxism-Leninism (they, incidentally, is a very good law yogic – the transformation of quantity into quality). That is, if you’re well-read a certain number of mantras above the critical value, the amount will go into the quality of the mantra awakens.

Question: So it turns out the same lecture practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly, yes. No, but look all the same, I would advise you that – I would advise you not to become attached to the lectures. Still, I can any nonsense blurt out there. And you do: joining the practice – getting nonsense – a way out of practice. That is probably some additional factor. Best of all this: the beginning of the practice – a mantra – completion of practice. And then, if, say, well, that’s a basic bread eaten, it is already possible and eat chips, or something else. Here you are going to work or somewhere else – there’s such moments, when free ears, and everything else you can not use in any way I know that many in the car listening to lectures, on radio, and so on. Then, as a complement, it will be deemed to practice.

Because, once again, my friends, I sometimes say that I come up with yoga … My friends, if I could come up with it! If I could, at least one yoga position to come up with my portrait would be hung here to here and then everyone would go, they bowed. No, my friends, I did not come up with yoga, my brain is not enough for this.

So, friends, more questions, correspondence students in the first place, please.

Q: It’s about that time, which was voiced. With regard to the fact that when we return to everyday life, then the connection is lost with the teaching. The courses everywhere permeates the position on the basic principles and it says that we have to repeat more often, it is good to remember. Maybe it’s more often enter this postulate – “to turn life into yoga and yoga in life”, because, in my opinion, when you all are transformed into practice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no. That’s when an inexperienced person say “turn life into yoga”, it turns life into a nightmare.

Question: Savasana refers to the practice or to the end?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Savasana is really special asana. She was, in fact, can be, strictly speaking, in a separate kind of yoga. That is, Savasana – this is similar to Hatha Yoga, Pranayama yoga, Kriya yoga, and so on – a special kind of yoga. But historically it has always been considered as if posture (asana, position). Although in reality it is difficult to say that there are more – works with the body or with internal structures, such meditative work plan. Here, on this basis, it is necessary to treat Shavasana respectively. Or, as some intermediate yoga, an intermediate point of contact of different yogas, or as a separate type of yoga. But in any case, remember that it is a sort of test of skill in yoga. By the way, you can perform Shavasana, this is a great indicator of how much you master of Hatha yoga, than all the most intricate poses that you can do.

Then go, friends, correspondence students.

Question: Igor Ternovskiy, a group of Aster, the city of Samara. I have such a practical issue here in terms of if we’re talking man, “Would you like to go yoga workout.” For example, he complains to us: “I have here there is sho-fifth to twenty is not working … it hurts.” And he answers us: “What’s the point I go to yoga, I’d better go to a rocking chair, contend there, I will be strong and healthy.” Well, I have, of course, the assumption is, as you can all it (explain). In any event, a person, of course, have a choice. But how can something different can it be explained?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, yes. This is a key question, my friends. Trying to convey that yoga is a something of value – a very hard, very hard. Moreover, you know, there is a saying – “There is no prophet in his own country.” It is useless to call yoga relatives. Useless. The more you try, the worse will be the result. And the opposite – they will not push anything, but merely in the background – are doing themselves, and they involuntarily begin. You know how it is – it is contagious. All contagious. They will then have to take some exercise, as a matter of course. And the more you try to press, the worse the result, as a rule, you will receive.

Question: Basim, a group of Eka. I’m here with the same issue. We now have this one project presentations and a serious problem for companies is that office workers males believe that it is necessary to something to do and bodybuilding, and for other activities. So, these office workers believe that football and volleyball is something valuable, and yoga – it’s not just not valuable, but it is generally “women”, that is, they do nothing.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, here again I tell you … Oh, and the strike will go well with them … in front of you, that’s why I’m waiting for when you will be enrolled in the mass of teachers in front of you and get up the task – to form the image of yoga. Formed to reverse this situation. Now yes, why? Because any activity – more than half of the women involved.

Question: What is the best people to give yoga theory and how to start? For this to be very smooth and not scared. Because on the one hand there are people involved who understand what they want more than just physical. But on the other hand, hit his head on the theory that you can somehow scare and people can get confused.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that’s a very good question. There is such a win-win situation as me now sees, in the dissemination of yoga theory.

Indeed, much of the theory and can be supplied in different ways with different edges. But what seems to me now, for Western man most comfortable – is feeding the theory of yoga with the principle of freedom. That is what yoga should be, first of all, increase your freedom, but not cut. As I see it, we should start with what it’s from this point that yoga increases your freedom. That increases your freedom at the expense of what? Due to some hidden reserves of your body, or latent abilities, which you may not know, but that may be issued. It seems to me that this is the closest to Western mentality. Because, frankly, the Hindus, they are happy when there is some kind of new religion, sect, in general it is a holiday for them – to get into some kind of sect, which you had not yet been.

But for most of the Western man raising this question is somehow not in itself becomes. Sometimes Western people as it is greedy, that note on a bunch with psychology. That in fact, if you dig a good psychology, that in fact, as a science, it pustovat. Why? Because there is not the main, there is not even an approximate answer to the question: “And who is this person?”. And if you can not answer it, you can not tell how it works, and if you do not know how it works, how you can fix it? And I was very touched by the respect that such a many of our own, but I just see that in time there would be some serious integration between some moments of yoga and psychology, but not on the basis of … relations, and on the basis of the principle of freedom.

I’ve recently been almost a year he lectured on “Yoga and Freedom”, so highly recommend – impregnated with this spirit. Respect the freedom of others! And then people will feel it, and then they will not be afraid of the theory. I’m afraid of the theory, which does not increase my freedom, I will be afraid of the theory, which says that I have lived here so good, not grieved, and then comes some uncle and said: “Yes, you have lived wrong! Come quickly not to eat or sleep, women do not touch. ” And so on. And rapidly changing times-once-again, pushed me into a sect, like-minded people in a herd. And this is somehow not on itself. But yoga is not something that you compress these hoops. It is on the contrary, these hoops cuts to you in vain. And this theory of supply for Western man, it seems to me, is the only possible option.

Another time students, let’s. Yes please

Question: I have a question about yoga nidra. I just practiced it elsewhere.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I was just curious to know where and what you were doing, because it is as you say, yoga unsettled. It is known for a very famous respected Guru, who recently went to the Maha Samadhi.

Continuation of the question from the audience: I would like to clarify. We were told to come into Yoga Nidra is required leading to talk of these things, and to enter into this state. What is most at home in silence, go here in this state can not. We need a live voice or voice recording. It can be a little bit more detail? What is it? And you need to practice it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga Nidra became widely known after the circulation of books Satyananda Saraswati. His name – Satyananda, belonging to the Order – Saraswati. There is an order in India, which is called Saraswati. There are also other orders, which are called weights … and so on and so forth. They were there about a half dozen. So, Satyananda Saraswati, as far as we know (our comrades were there, intersected with it), good uncle, he was a disciple of Swami Sivananda Saraswati. Swami Sivananda Saraswati did the feat during his life – he wrote more than 200 books. These books he printed at their own expense, and India, it was 40-60 years, India was very poor then. And not only that printed for the money, sent to all libraries. In particular, seriously dig, you’ll find it just works on all major libraries in the country. I’ve seen some book in Tomsk – There’s some big library. I think I was even expelled her, the book Sivananda Saraswati. She lived there all Soviet times perfectly. Of course, in English.

So, a student of Swami Sivananda, Satyananda Saraswati, has written a book, as it were “moved” this yoga. This way of working with an intermediate state, between the state of sleep and wakefulness. It is used usually as a way to transition from wakefulness to sleep, and, conversely, from the sleep wakefulness. He gave it the appropriate techniques and relevant your experience is laid out. If you want to know at all, where “feet grow,” and I’m sure that wherever you were and where you study – it was done by the book Satyananda Saraswati, it makes sense to find this book, to read and understand in full, what they were doing there. It is called Yoga Nidra. It is somewhere there. Where white eReader?

Clarification: In Russian?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is translated. We have, as soon as something translated immediately Yoga Nidra appears. Previous 40 thousand years yoga nidra was not in sight. You know, we live in “the tail” of all progressive mankind. Someone wrote a book in the West – it is not moved – we have nothing moved – we had.

As for those practices that we are here with you practice. They and several other branch going. I do not know, maybe there is common ground. But the supply is different, and the theory is different. Yoga Nidra theory … who was yesterday?

Yesterday I quietly stepped up the practice. So, all these messages and then burn it, okay?

Update: here they lie on the windowsill. All must be present when burning?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: so, my friends, let’s go from the simple to the complex. Let us now we will not dance under the moon suit. The main thing is not it. The main thing – it’s what you did the night.

Now, the ideology that we have used here in these practices work here with these transition states – sleeping, dreaming, waking – is a little different. It is fully owned by the ideology of rapid methods of yoga.

According to this concept, each practice should be the beginning of practice, the actual practice, the end of practice. The overall structure of this kind of things should consist of three components – this is the same ideology as Natya Yoga, Yoga in the theater. Must be the actors, the director must have to be spectators. Or, as I mentioned earlier – should be the legislature, the executive branch should be and must be a judicial authority. Only then there is a chance to make an equilibrium system. Therefore, those who fulfill our dream yoga, can be put in a certain degree of equality sign Nidra Satyananda Saraswati what we have. Although, once again I want to tell you, the term “Nidra” is not so widespread in the ancient treatises. It is rather, well, like, a term that has recently spread in the mass media.

So, strictly speaking, there are people that will be something to practice and experience. They will be in the factor of Energy. They will increasingly feel, to experience or perceive, or do Kriya factor. Leading or “directors” or “legislature”, or jnana factor – it is those who do usually runs at. So, and should be the third force – a “judicial authority” or “viewers.” Or those who are watching, as though “legislators” and “performers” would not violate the rules of the game. As a rule, under the “spectators” in such practices, any real audience or the entire universe. But as soon as it’s all going together, so it’s all cranked. And if you yourself are in one person, and the legislative, and the judiciary, and the executive branch, that is, himself something there to exhort, then, as a rule, a country prone to slide into dictatorship, and dictatorship is very inefficient. Therefore, we begin unwittingly violate the rules of practice, so it is ineffective.

Question: how do you do it at home?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And any way. By recording possible. But the main thing that someone put first. There is a component of the still imaging, and visualization to do, we must also use any type of recording points and so on.

Q: So, when you fall asleep himself, does not make sense?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why it makes sense. But usually, after you have it passed several times.

Question: That is, we can already?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can. And what, you, by the way, my record this Nidra. Recorded, you took home?

But, friends, I’m just warning you. Firstly, everything comes from the simple to the complex on the rise. I do not have to throw out everything you and it have become a workshop on Yoga Nidra. Because it’s all in between. It is for personal use, it should not be given to the circulation of people or innocent.

Question: You said that, since we all live in society, and of course we influence each other in the waking state. And in the dream state of sleep or simply whether such options are there no dreams when other people by their will may somehow interfere with our dreams?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why not? Here you are today practiced practice at night, you all went to his head to a single point, that is, you have built in this sense is a single mental field, one field like communication ….

Question: I just mean, is it possible that if a few people remember their dreams, they will remember the same thing – common dreams. It happens?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, in the world that just does not happen. That’s only on this tune, and wait to get this result … The story (we have it), Robert Sheckley, it is called “Pas de trois chef, waiter and the customer.” It is literally 2 or 3 pages. That will do some posture, I’ll read it to you out loud. He is characterized as one and the same time in the waking state, we have a different perception. But if you take a dream, where we are still, in fact, the first steps we do, there is even more. Robert Sheckley “Pas de trois chef, waiter and the customer.” I think so. Good uncle. He died, unfortunately. Rather, he went into samadhi.

I recommend you do – pochityval Sheckley. Not everything, of course, but some stories are so well some moments axioms of yoga, some emotional moments conveys that I’m some kind of vague doubts that he did himself some secret adept. When he even died, I wrote a letter to his daughter. It was in 2007 or 2008.

But he died a very interesting way. He did an American wrote fantastic stories. But in America it is known less than in the former USSR. That is the paradox. He circulation, the total circulation of books that have been published in the USSR, is superior, almost at times all that was published around the world. Because I do not know who it is from our diplomats lived in while abroad, but it immediately began to translate and publish here. And since, of course, no copyright infringement is not complied with, and huge circulations, did not pay him, of course, not a single penny.

But, you know, my friends, is some kind of mystic – if you do something good, you a good return. Staged in Ukraine, in Kiev, the Congress. Congress devoted to fiction. Ponapriglashali to all our distinguished science fiction, including Sheckley. He came, and he was already old. I, frankly, was sure that he was 20 years old in the Maha Samadhi, as it turns out, no. And somehow she fell ill and lost policy – there once, when you enter the country, some of his best these. As a result, he ended up in intensive care, on the verge of life and death. No policy, no money. As it turned out, it proved to be a very poor man. I did not know at all what to do. And clicked cry across the country that we have here, in Ukraine, Sheckley dies – help, money it! So people immediately responded, immediately began to send a lot of money, so that is still left. You know, and enough for the treatment to him, and transported him to the United States, and like in America, he even began to recover, everything is there, breathlessly watched. But then, after all she died. He was, however, already somewhere was under 90. Here he has a very good stories there, I’ll recommend. They are very easy to read, and some here know, literally shine through yogic kindness. Although he may describe some quite bloody events, but still it felt for some higher meaning. So, in particular, some very revealing stories, I even want them in courses povstavlyat because they stubby.

Then we move on, friends who have more questions? Time students, it is your holiday.

Q: Nikolai, a group Catur. In one of the classic texts of yoga it is said that during the day there is a difference. There are some times when the highest intelligence activity, some – physically. Can you detail about this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, this is a more detailed description of the body device, which is also based on this principle of cyclicity, Rita principle. There are times during the day or during the night, which differ in our activities. Here psychologists, physiologists know that even our nervous system – it is one of the “sharpened” the fact to take some part from the outside, and the other part of it is set out to give impetus to the outside. In different ways they all played out there, but the fact is that sometimes you want to sit and listen, and sometimes very difficult to sit and listen, I want to say and do. Moreover, if it is in harmony, you are in good health and have good health. If, say, you have a misalignment of excitation and inhibition, then you are either overactive such condition or in such a sluggish too.

In yoga, it has been known for a long time and explained it this way – that within us there are certain cycles. This is similar to how the cycle of day and night outside, and we have some kind of energy flow and consciousness that make a certain way, make the different parts of our body, mind, consciousness turned on and off. And if everything goes in cycles within us – we are in a good condition. And, moreover, there is a recommendation – if we are in an active state, and need something active to do, if passively – that just does not make sense to engage in a passive state. But for yoga, oddly enough – a ligament, joining of these states. It is active when absorbed by passive, active or passive. Or when one is gone, and the other is not yet come. At this point, by the way, goes the best yoga class.

In general, it is believed that at this point is useless to begin any new action – it is doomed to failure. What’s in this moment you are to get out of the universe, and when you get out of the universe can be used for a very powerful practices. Therefore, when you feel a bunch / docking an between activity and passivity, then it is best to practice yoga. Naturally it is the morning and evening after waking up or before going to sleep – naturally. But as it happens during the day. In Pranayama yoga is monitored by the work of our nostrils – so we’re done with you, that each of our nostrils works differently – in a period of more than one, at another time – another. They seem to internally switch. And an analysis of which of the nostrils longer works, you can determine for yourself in what you are able, and therefore used in various purposes. If there is you need something outside, wait until it’s nostril is working, if on the contrary, something to study – wait until the other. And if both work well, it is the best time for yoga.

And generally speaking, is known in the literature translated into Russian was such an organization Tantra Sangha, I think it was called. A kind of an organization. So far from it more adherents were, in my opinion. They have a lot of foreign literature such a distance and that’s one of them was, I forgot, yoga svaradai, whether that book. There generally are all very clear – if you want to succeed in this-it – wait until earn the right nostril, go around the left side of the chief and ask for higher wages. This I did, for example, I say, but there’s still a very, very clear and specific. As this is? Very, very carefully. Because you have all of this just to rediscover. But pay attention to their own internal rhythms, of course, necessary. If you get a hold of you really, on this wave, when you have an active, you will.

So, more friends …

Q: That’s a sequel. Kirill, the city of Kiev, Group 4. You can imagine as if there is a large rate – annual, any there monthly rhythms, the daily rhythms … and here is the fine work – this is the nostrils “switch”, huh?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, actually that’s a movie … one of you at that time in the bath did not go, and watched the film “On the trail of secrets”, 4 series. Friends, who needs it – Download the best here, that you will be there to suffer if there is a where to download. So there is a minimum time unit – one three hundred millionth of a second. The minute hand appeared in Europe, whether in 17, or in the 18th century. And before that, the clock was no minute hand – clockwise enough to time determine. Second hand appeared only in the late 19th-early 20th century. I’m sorry – on horseradish goat accordion? Who needed a fraction of a second trehsotmillionnaya in ancient India? But here we are very close approach. Although I do not know, honestly. I’ve also analyze this film. I do not think that there was only a technical component, because in the ancient texts of several different concept. When you start to meditate, you begin to figure out for themselves the minimum amount of time, able to assess. In another way – that you just sit down, close your eyes, I ask: “How much time has passed?”. Someone will say: “Five minutes,” someone “Six”, “four” and so on. Or someone will say, “seconds have passed,” “Ten seconds,” or there is “One half of a second.” But in meditation, sooner or later you will want to determine the minimum time that you can recognize. And now it seems that they are here counted me this minimum, as it would be said of physics – quantum of time.

So, my friends, everything. If the questions asked – go do it.

After practicing.

Question: If we tell ourselves to wake up, then you go to sleep and wake up and have a feeling that the brain is not disabled, and that did not seem to have been a dream?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, it is all a matter of practice. Solely a matter of practice. If you practice long enough, you’ll give yourself installation. Remember Shtirlitsa? Stirlitz allowed himself to sleep for half an hour, really hung up, really woke up, really slept for half an hour, but did not sleep for three days before. By the way, you remember, yes, where Shtirlitsa there? Where Stirlitz Müller teaches yoga. Seen, there is such a fragment of a certain series, we even once cut it to the site. That somewhere in the dungeons of the Gestapo Muller Stirlitz teaches yoga, and getting somewhere began to explain. Then somehow the plot had gone the other way. So, this technique of Raja Yoga. And then, later on, when you learn how to use it perfectly, if there is in this, of course, necessary, it is all very fine. There is, on the contrary, even such a thing.

I have from time to time, even today, to be honest, these things did. I get tired very, hard to teach. I come here and I feel that within my power. I give the installation lie down, close your eyes and go to sleep twenty minutes, and I lie and I have a feeling at first that I do not sleep, I pretend that I was asleep, and then he did not much for myself, something inside expands some kind of a flow of thoughts, feelings, experiences, glug, glug, glug. Know the water, I turned on the tap, again, it is glass. It takes just twenty minutes, I’m fit as a fiddle, like I slept all night. This is a question you know how to tame their inner structure. If you exercise, you can do it fast enough. If you start training, the first such moments.

That is, it is usually associated with such moments here, but there are more aggravating circumstances is such a thing – is food. If, say, you go to sleep and ate healthy, and ate the food is clearly not yogic. You know how it it is usually written on the paper E, E 238, E239, composition, there, starch, something, something. Then E-so, so and so. Dyes that are identical to the natural one, period. And you think: “And this is all you can eat”? And our fine structures, friends, very painfully react to all falsifying food. And since all the research going on ordinary people, not to those who practices yoga. It all goes to the masses, and you’re starting to do yoga, you do not get enough sleep. You wake up, as if you had not slept. What means of struggle? Here I once asked Basim sleep. I say, Basim, you have only one option – to sleep on the street in Moscow, if you have a balcony, well, in a sleeping bag.

I, for example, come out of the situation. Two or three years ago, something really was a lot of work. I’m just not stupid enough sleep, and, thank God, had the opportunity to live in the suburbs. I went to the store and bought a heating pad. However, it is probably bad in its own way, by electric impulses, but the damage was still smaller. And I just went on the street. Bed made under a canopy and covered with electric blanket. Its power is 100 watts, probably no more. Well, the light in fact. And I woke up to the month of February. That is, wake up, the snow around you, and with the heat beneath you. And then it is all the same, where the head goes. It is as if envelops even the person does not freeze. The good that is not necessary with earflaps hat, mask. Here is a very cool vacation easier. Even if bad food, big load, sleep on the street here is extremely facilitates the practice. That someday, after a certain number of years, get rich fairy, build us a big Ashram. Take, do like here: wood everywhere, is made from pieces of wood scaffold, to a power outlet, you lie down, I turned and sleep among the pines and trees. So my friend, just want to warn you, start doing yoga pranayama, trample all at once, you think only that you are in good shape, start pranayama, all the toxins are not getting enough sleep, everything is very, very bad, it is an experimental fact.

Question: My question is, organizational. I, for example, finish our institute civil. And standing in front of me such a question, I go to seek employment at a major company, where I need to be up to his ears with his head in all engineering and not have time to yoga. Or, to stay on the old job is not associated with such hard work as this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, my friends, is a very open question, I do not know what to say to him. I can not urge you to any or to another decision. Because, if I say “do not go get ‘what if it’s your fate, you suddenly in yoga will Vimana law, do the chariots in the air? And then you will come to your company and make the Vimana. And if I say “do not go.” I kind of like, human progress will stop, even in conjunction with yoga life.

Therefore, this question is very open, it is generally a question of how you earn a piece of bread. This issue is very serious indeed, friends. This question, in fact, the key. From time to time, you know, I read a lecture. The main such provisions. Actually, yes, there is a most effective strategy in your life – how to earn a piece of bread. Well, I mean, not privatize anything like the oligarchs. On the main road with an ax does not come out, so that you are not burdening his karma earned. This is what four purposes of yoga is called Artha. You remember, yes, according to the ancient Vedic knowledge, all of the goals of life are reduced to the dharma, artha, Kama and Moksha. Here, Artha – this is actually the way in which you earn your daily bread.

So, what should you do? You need the most skillful way to earn a living. Shared ideology is as follows. What is wealth? Wealth – is in general possibility. What is the opportunity? This prana. What is prana in human relations? This is money. That is, money – is a substitute prana. How you will always earn a lot? Despite what system no matter, capitalist, communist, dictatorship, anarchy, whatever system is, if you need other people. If you need other people, you will always survive. Hero, the beautiful and wise man will always find refuge, wherever they went, the ancient proverb. Here, in this regard, you are, of course, have a very clear analysis of what you do and what you want to do. If you feel that yoga is more grabs you, then you should already think about their professional activities in the field of yoga.

We are more and more pay attention to it every year. Just now we have firstly started the English course, I want to greatly expand your horizons by teaching yoga, so you can do it in any country, in any absolutely! Because English more or less everywhere know. Secondly, today we started the project, which tells about the opening of the centers, stores all sorts of esoteric.

But, in this connection, it offered even more paramount project, question. This project, as you seek employment right to work. Right now we’re working on it. That is, write resume, not just a summary. Here you are looking for a job yoga teacher. We are now doing that. To the extent that we have a list. We fill all employment options in Moscow. My task is that you not only graduated, but then to teaching yoga, earned their daily bread, preferably with oil.

This is especially the Astra group, I call upon all of you, the older group more feel this strategy, and you have yet. Our goal is that by the end of your release, you fell out of nowhere, and you have already established themselves as an expert, as a famous person. If you will know you are going to engage people. Accordingly, you will be able to work and earn money on yoga. If you are no one will know that you and no one comes, then there is the question of the name of developments. So as to turn out a name? I’m, honestly, I understand, this is not our duty to you to look for work. But on the other hand, I understand, if we decide that question, at least to help you solve it, then everything else will come much more quickly.

Firstly, you have to write reports karma yoga. Karma yoga is the report we are now fully change, alter, sharpen only on one thing – that at the moment, when you are out, you are training 208 weeks, from you every two hundred and eight reports karma yoga is required. Karma Yoga report is divided into two parts. The first part – as it were, figuratively, emotional. The second part of this tsifrofakticheskaya, and that’s based on figurative emotional part of you will form a picture of himself as for his bandmates, and for the future of people whom you will teach. So we invite you, if you are certainly not Stirlitz course, completely hiding his, post it in the forums.

Then, Internet Yoga courses have a page of blogs. Each of you have a personal blog. And, in fact, you will be writing your own book on yoga, which will consist of 208 pages. At the end, after this book is written, if you are someone asks who you are and where you come from, you will give his memoirs to check that there are no issues. Why am I insist on it? That was my problem – I come from nowhere. That is why the constant questions: “Who are you? And where is this Ananda Swami? Phone Give me your mobile. ” And why? Because it was the soviet system. Well, you remember, right? The soviet system, try it for a smaller shot. Actually, so no one really does not light, no attention to itself did not attract. Well Stirlitz could not scream, I’m Maxim Isayev, just could not. But I do not want you to repeat my mistakes, do not need this. This you know, when you do not take seriously, you give teachings serious, serious practice, and do not take you seriously.

There was an incident, an anecdote, when there were two audiences. One was supposed to be a lecture on theoretical physics and the other had to act the clown comedian. And it so happened that they were close to two audiences. And they changed the name of the location. And behold, there came a humorist to teach a course in theoretical physics. A clown came to where physics, where waiting for fun. And here is the very interesting story, when there comes a physicist and a serious language says, and the hall just roared with laughter that shows how well-behaved. At the same time came the clown and began his jokes jokes, all very gravely sat, nodding, thinking that this is indeed some analogies and images, is now the formula will be used and so lasted long enough until you figured out what was happening.

Approximate situation with me in my life happened. That is, I go and start something serious to say, as is expected of me, I’m a clown, what about the chakras to say about the third eye, and about the damage, the evil eye. I was invited to some TV station there and take an interview. I feel that they do not understand. What is it to us here. They need to do something about the aura, the color of the aura, and I told them something of their own. And now, to have been such confusion, we now begin to actively introduce to the public, to call you to form an opinion about how a future teacher. Lest you sprung from nowhere. To be seen – here it is your training, so they are two hundred and eight weeks. Two hundred and eight weeks, my friends, is a lot for yoga! That is, by 54 weeks, it is four years, serious education, who can boast of that? Who needs a certificate quickly and not expensive, you come to the site, translating card $ 50, you immediately by e-mail sent. Moreover, there is even possible to choose, in such and such, such and such, that is, there is a list, know how certificates constructor. Easily! No problem, just the price of them. And then, you know that frustrating? It is unpleasant, then you know, too, such a consequence.

For this group of Astra begins now. For all other groups, we did not anticipate that this situation will go. Therefore, look, the question of choice of employment seriously. You feel that go directly to teach, meaning start now to form an opinion about yourself. Do you feel that you will simply popularize yoga, that is not going live themselves teach and go once to move in other ways, then some other schedule and choice of place of work, that is, it is a matter of your personal dharma, your personal way of life. As for us, we will assist in every way that you choose. Next extramural friends, let us generate questions.

Question: Sometimes an external stimulation, because there is, of course, well, all engaged in yoga, home work there, the children and all the rest. And at some point you feel that prana is not enough, not enough power, and you already can not hold back and have irritation. How?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, look at me, I, too, got into such a situation, absolutely, really well, you said that when there is no prana, then you become irritable. When prana much, you would get nothing! Such thick-skinned. That is, that you get, you need to break through this thick layer of prana that before you came. But if there is no prana, you become very sensitive to irritants. I often prana does not happen, because you can see what my life? Everything is done on the fly, everything is literally on the fly. In the summer – time project time already gone English, again, that, behold, a fifth or tenth.

This, of course, gives a very high price, the price that you have to pump up people prana. That this is also, in fact, a bad trait. I hope we will get rid of it in the future. If we analyze, the people who go to us, regardless of why they left, you will find always one and the same factor – until we pump their prana, they have more or less something moves. But as soon as they go on vacation, do not appear for a long time in the classroom … why we say – if the person does not appear a week or two, it’s a bad sign! Its like swamp sucks society. His prana he does not. For us here, for it does not come with prana. And very, very unpleasant for him there are times, and then everything went downhill, and he was gone.

And, on the one hand, I understand that this is the wrong organization of work on our part. From the beginning we do not have to pump up people prana. That is, that all came consciously. But many come to confess, holiday looking for boring them. That’s who comes sometimes to learn? People who have no chance in everyday life. He has not shown himself, nor in school, or at work, likes to party, do not like to strain, does not like to systematically learn something. And then yoga Outdoor Yoga University freebie durnyak, moreover tusnyak everything well. And it is clear, it all goes with a bang, because there is an excess of Prana.

I always liken it’s presentation. When something new is opened, the presentation is always carried out. You come out there buffet, you give any gifts, pen there any, plastic bag. Celebration. So, it is very nice to visit the buffet, presentation. But then finishes the presentation, because it is necessary to have and work, and suddenly it turns out that we have to work. How to work? Is the presentation is not eternal? And this is the danger that we have to take prana. I’m honest, I Wick, we just stupidly pump up the situation prana yoga methods are accumulating prana, then pour it into the structure. So it turns out we went on vacation, everything here just blown away. We have a workshop here, and everything collapses in Moscow. That is, it is permissible situation, as the structure grows until it develops until it finds ways of functionality. But, as you know, it may not be forever.

Of course, we will rebuild it. Up to the fact that originally these were not, you know, unrealistic expectations of the people. To everyone knew where they came from. Open Yoga University, this is really the place where you work, and a lot of that you will get. But only in one case – if you are working on yourself. That is why, with regard to such failures, become irritable, etc., etc., it is a thing, in general, normal. Moreover, to be honest I do not believe, I sometimes meet in their work with this so-called party. Begin, I’m sorry, sculpt saint – he is blessed: I now teach meditation, then behold. And I feel false, some, well, some he did not live. Well, you know, a man of wax. I understand that this is just PR, the public work. Well, then all the same, because it turns out that he had problems at home with his wife, or somewhere else. Why portray of themselves better than you really are, why play these games here. It does not completely! And here I do not believe people absolutely blissful.

I, on the contrary, I remember, went to the store to some, in White Cloud, where from time to time conduct a presentation, all sorts of masters come. And now, one of our friend here, some Taoist practices will not literally speak his name, he is quite well known in their circles. And so I went, I was interested in this topic in general, everything related to the Taoist practices, I think, give a look. And I see the picture. He goes to open the car, such as a convertible. What I hear what he says? He goes, I’m sorry, mate, and conceals a shop that does not see the signs, but where is that … the store is? You see, I admired the man I admired. Why? Because he is alive. And, indeed, it turned out, the practice, which he gave, live. I know that the practice is indeed very strong, acute sensitivity, you have a lot of prana and ordinary world, very scratchy, is starting to be. I admired, and then it was confirmed that he was talking business, when he was giving a lecture.

Now, but when on the contrary the situation begins to make me believe that there is the greatest saint. Well, maybe yes, but still, a sense of some of the game remains. Why is this? Who? Therefore, my friends, be yourself. Do not, if you’re out there doing yoga, everyone will say: “What! Do you practice yoga, you have to sit on nails, you have hot coals torture, and you have to smile! ” That is, it is a myth about yoga. Yes, indeed, then this comes, no one disputes. But you know how it comes, first you are an ordinary person, the average, and all irritated or not. Then you start doing yoga and you have a degree of irritation increases dramatically, and all say, well, damn it, started doing yoga, what are you so nervous something now? And you stronger, stronger, stronger. Where you can remain silent, you have very strong language for the climb in his pocket. And then, at some point, that, you know, it is necessary to recover. And then, on the contrary. And then again, wham – you fell inside in the area unaffected, and you are, indeed, in some situations to demonstrate absolutely frostbite attitude to everything around. That is, in the best sense of the word, you do not touch, it is absolutely not touch, nor the people, nor the circumstances. Just surprised even sooner would a fist, and now. But it is also not so that it remained. Well, it so happens – it will come and then go away. And if you come a bit later will increase, decrease slightly. That is too complicated unraveling the inner coil of karma – it is such a thing, it is difficult. Therefore, my friends, do not worry you so, if your family and friends say, “You’re doing yoga, so nervous.” Well, that, say, yes, nervous, This is my yoga nervous.

Q: People who have gone to the workshop, tearfully asked to give any practice sublimation of sexual energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, to be honest, I do very much afraid. Just as I can remember and know myself. You remember, right? The basic idea is very clear. Here you have lived a normal life, you did not have prana, so sexy was silent. But you got to the workshop, and an excess of Prana, and sexuality before that in ordinary life, you did not pay any attention. And inside it begins quite specifically to demolish the roof, and of course, we started the project of the Triad, which has no relation to the Open Yoga University, but it is vital for her. Indeed, what to do with this energy?

The only thing I want to say to those people who are ill, let them know they are not alone. I myself have a roof tears. I, the teacher, for the same reason. Why? Because I can not be alone right now for all of these practices, well, I can not now give up everything I have all 24 hours a day, without a moment for it. Therefore, if it is a bit easier on this, let know that I am also very scary. Well, really, like, you know, the teaching of yoga – it is also yoga. You also do yoga, you inflow of prana. And I am constantly on the school channel, it is necessary to think – it’s one-pointedness of mind, almost a meditation. And, with very long, a few hours.

And, of course, the same situation – comes a huge excess of Prana, which, immediately, immediately from the axioms, is on procreation of life. We arranged just so, to engage in some special practices can be, but some part is related to the subtle aspects of sexuality. It is easier to convert, sublimate. Everything related to the gross body, it is because the gross body is masculine, rough demands of the female body. And it’s very hard to go through all these sublimation, even if you did all of Hatha Yoga, Kriya, and so on. All the same, there is such a point that only in the pair interaction. On the pair interaction you have, as you see, so just as strongly.

But, on the other hand, third hand, I understand that even such a thought, I know these practices, I am bad, I suffer for me. But I at least know the name of what I suffer. But take ordinary people, because they suck, but they do not know why they are suffering. This is probably the most great horror. When you know – in the name of a great purpose are you doing this, it’s a conversation. Even on the contrary, such a drive, asceticism – that’s what I’m cool. And if not, then all must be very, very difficult, so in general it is necessary to raise the subject. Incidentally, we have those who are interested in the Triad, I have here another film prepared. I’m one of the last lectures about the mentioned Mahatma Gandhi. I’ve got hold of a film about, just from the same series, the Indians themselves removed. Of course, not the Indians, came from the west. Hindus themselves this still will not be removed, but they were invited, they interviewed relatives of Mahatma Gandhi. These practices regarding the sublimation and as a so-called consolation prize, they perepravte this film, let them look. It may also be released and will be easier. I have it with me, look, I have it on your computer here. Want evening.

Comment from the audience: Maybe in the sauna?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it is not necessary in the sauna. It is best to practice. In step sauna better sensation and not in mind, some better practice.

Question from the audience: So you mean that we should just deal with it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The official point of view on sex at yoga class. Not for students, but in general. Just imagine, a man came from the street, came to our workshop and begins to ask questions. What answer? The answer is: if you do not know what to do, continue to lead the sexual lifestyle that you were before. That is, you know, that is not so, that – everything! Did you get into yoga! No, no, nor my God! Do not touch, do not look anything like it! If you know at least some practice, then surely they should be practicing. That is, there are visualization mind meditation for yourself. That is, you remember that yoga is not a system of prohibitions and regulations, and recommendations of the system. No one will dare to tell you what you need to maintain a sex life, no.

But, on the other hand, there are the following such a moment, very, very good, even if you are in the workshop roof rips, and you hold back, it is fundamentally different plan austerity than you at the seminar. It is, on the contrary, is very powerful in such a piston that pushes the prana through your contaminated feeds and cleans it. Therefore, this recommendation, such asceticism: to suffer a little bit, just be patient directly during the workshop. After the seminar, again you are free people, no one will take over the role.

Here, by the way is a very serious mistake to Indian yogis, they sometimes head is bad – if you started doing yoga to his wife not to touch or there until her husband. It’s crazy, my friends! Firstly, it will scare off a lot of people practicing yoga. Secondly, this is not in itself yoga! That is why there is such a next time, we are also trying to implement. It is not a secret, that’s, say, when you have some sexual elation, and there is no way to implement it, then finding the next with the opposite sex, oddly enough, itself takes the edge off the pain that you can not. The internal structure can see that, in principle, hypothetically possible. Well, not the whole race of men died out, there are still men out there in the world, there are women in the world and this becomes easier. That’s really bad, somewhere in the army, you know it? Where do you see nobody. All these practices, which have nothing to do with sexuality, but that line to zero your perception of the universe. Here’s how to stay in “sandwich”, remember, huh? Or is there, “train”, something else, oddly enough, very facilitate sublimation, because the output on an even level, and it’s easier to work with this voltage.

With specific regard to this topic. Well, I hope, still live up to the time when the will form the core of a more or less sane, responsible, serious followers, both men and women to give practices that would better use the potential savings. I will not hide, they are. Well, you know, first of all, a very delicate topic. Well, yes, imagine, will break at a seminar on yoga, an orgy or something else. Well, you know, no one should be, absolutely. That’s why, probably, it will have to somehow share in time and space.

How it really can be done? We discussed this topic Victor. She and I are very aware that this is a problem for you. Very good. Even better than anyone of you think, and here, of course, it is possible to organize seminars that specifically honed to a close work with this potential, but these workshops should not overlap with the workshops of the Open University of Yoga. How does all this combine? Maybe to do so, for example, before this Saturday and Sunday, in front of our usual workshop, spend a few days of practice here for these groups of people, and then the usual seminar. I do not know how to solve this issue. And just like that, just pass on the radio that the guys do time, do two, do three, it is not possible. Here today, there was a question about the dream yoga.

Here you’ve gone today this option, even the preparatory nidra, and all – you already left an imprint that is, performers, directors have, have the audience. Further, actually, in practice it is prescribed to visualize all. Not necessarily even lead to you, and not necessarily the audience. In all that is associated with sex, with all these very practices that you say, do time, do two, do three, first, they are processed in the same context. That is, first you, as it were, draws, draws, draws stereotype body behavior, thoughts, emotions, aspirations. And then only, even if you and your husband or wife, or even a kem-nibud, gde-nibud, kak-nibud, then you are required to visualize the method of mindfulness, play what you like that worked. And then the missing piece in a leading or viewers to visualize. But this, again, you have not before a clear sanskar or imprint on the mind surface, that’s stamped from such practices, where you have a direct part. It’s, you know, talk initiation. Love is a word in the East – the dedication, and no one knows what it means. But everything is quite simple and prosaic – once done in the presence of leading practice by all the canons, have it stamped, and you basically nothing new to invent, and will quickly reach results. That’s why, that’s my answer would be this.

Q. And you said that the well-established couples will be given practice quickly?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course, it’s more a question for the Triad concerns. Once again, I stress! The official point of view – Project Triad, it is itself, the Open Yoga University, he has nothing to do! It has an indirect value, since you people are free, and you can be there, and here. And I can, and there and then to be. But this is not an integral part of teacher training, you know it? And we are here let us make us unnecessary problems. And, if you touch this project, then, of course, what I am to be honest, I know a lot of problems, it is very harsh on this path. The most difficult, the most terrible difficulties, non-obvious and interpersonal plan – this is the most terrible.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life along the way, a lot of! I’ve seen these mistakes made by those who studied with me, in every case, there was only one – a blatant disregard for the instructions of the teachers from my side. I was arrogant, conceited idiot, for which he paid very much then, but now I am even more inclined to philosophize. But if I had not paid, I do not feel badly, I could not pass on to others. In general, I thought the whole system self-justification, for themselves brought. Well, if you call the things by their names, stupid bestiality – here! Therefore, it is necessary in every way to avoid those possibilities, which can wake bestiality. On the one hand. On the other hand, it is very sacred to follow the canons, generic yoga ideals.

That is, as it were, in this respect, remember the basic idea of the Triad? Base – generic yoga is when there is a husband, a wife, have children, their vapor-resistant, does not intend to divorce at the slightest some that really, and set to live life happily with each other and die in one day. This is ideal for all applicants who want to practice yoga Triad.

Of course, it is ideal. Of course, you can be a negative experience. You may be, or not yet married or not married, or has already left. That is, you are no super efforts required, but you need to understand the internal logic: one priority – the children! Children must be happy! For this to be mom and dad, stable, loving family. If this condition is satisfied, the other mom and dad a part of your life, can live as they please, if you do not suffer the children. And so, when start talking about all the other practices, including triad, it is assumed that the first part of the generic yoga, if not worked out, it is fulfilled or at least, very respected, no one opposed him.

For example, I will not undertake to many. Here now esoteric go to Moscow, a lot is actually all parties. Sexuality they’re studying. But I’ll take for them – it’s riders, party people, they live only for themselves, they are looking for sharp sensations, sexual or new sexual. And that needs a wife and children, that the ideal of the family, they do not even think. Here I am such, for example, do not want to see. Firstly, useless work with them, they can not, as a rule, to understand anything. And secondly, to work with them is immoral. Immoral to support the system that is doomed to destruction, to pour blood into something that is not known to be in need of support, you know it?

That’s why there was such a position in the first place, of course, a priority for people, honoring ancestral yoga. That is, for people who have children, people who have a husband or wife, and they are not going to get divorced.

But on the other hand, you have to remember that any yoga, including yoga Triad, is not a system of some sort of restrictions. And what about those who are divorced or going to get divorced? You never know what life situation. There should be only the next moment – the principle of a minimum of suffering. And you never have the right to throw one, until you find a replacement. Once again I say, there are different situations. No one knew how it could happen, no one knows that there can be, well, do not know. It is necessary, so that was a minimum of suffering. Again, stable pair for that fit best, better than people from the street.

Q: That’s us in Samara, thank God, three students zaochnikov someone older in terms of training in Yoga University. That’s how we had better at an early stage, often meet to discuss topics, or, on the contrary, in private practice is more to be found only on the need for tough?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, this is a very open theme. Very much I think in this respect. Here, indeed, there are lots of hidden dangers, but also plenty of very serious moment for your future personal growth. It may seem that you will not find a common language with the people who live. And that, in general, does not mean if you are a student, must kissing, hugging passionately three times as Brezhnev kissing. Coming from some of Africa’s president and he did a triple kiss passionately.

This means only one thing, if you feel there is some sort of unity of intentions, thoughts, of course, it makes sense to do some site, such as a branch. Of which in the future will allow you, if you start to take the practice of teaching is much easier to solve a lot of technical issues – rent, advertising, such general information center, and that it will be the moment when everything is growing, growing.

That experience shows that when such centers are beginning to rise, at first everything is fine, but a little later, often there are enough interesting moments – and who there the main, who the boss, that is a conflict of interest. Who thinks it is necessary to make one, someone else, someone the third. And connected with this mass of difficulties. Therefore, on the one hand, no friends. If you currently do not start to work, especially I’m talking about the time students. Moscow, she glut oneself, it is – a state within a state, with its own mentality, with all his. It is, in fact, well, let’s call a spade a spade, it is parasitic on the body structure of the country, because they do not work well, there is a concept, taxes, do not work because they are, how much is spent on them, with all due respect.

I understand that now in a different way and can not be in Russia. If different, then we will lose, and science, and culture, and all. Because, if you lower the bar of life in Moscow before nationwide, all our remaining philosophers, writers, scientists, they just die. Therefore it is necessary to maintain artificially. But the flip side of this particular situation – this is unnecessary money. Well, that is, you need somewhere in another city to persist from morning till night to receive the salary to which a person in Moscow is simply not going to work. And this, unfortunately, a little bit so foulbrood. It gets very dangerous foulbrood. And Moscow, she has, in this respect, it is not interesting, to be honest, frankly, for me personally it is not interesting to me even a little bit burdensome. But I understand that there is no escape, if not there, then it will be very hard at all points, as the center of communication. I find it hard to live, for example, in Moscow, terribly hard and everything is absolutely not true as I can be like. On the other hand, in his own way, I understand that Moscow is still a good city. Still, in spite of all their disadvantages, indeed, remember to joke. Remember it? Moksha. The center of enlightenment, in spite of all these parasites who swarmed. That is, Moscow – is a piece of sugar, plastered with flies, and so when you look at Moscow, it seems that it is a tangle of flies. Nasty, nasty, nasty flies.

But if we dig a little deeper, if you dig into the structures of power, force fields, it is a very clean place. We went here recently on the Red Square, the Kremlin wall. And you know, some kind of mystic. I now understand why Russia has not collapsed, the impression that there really is some secret rites, rituals Raja yoga as they did, that’s how it is held. As a manifestation of its despotic, and, conversely, an organizing. And it’s breaking my hand is not raised, because I know – break will be even worse.

But remember how Mikhail, said: “Siberia is Russia’s wealth to grow.” Similarly, here, only the regions will grow Yoga. Only now I have this there is no doubt, no doubt. Therefore, of course, you are very hard there for themselves. And the time to spend, how to swing here in Moscow, you simply can not.

And if we now start economic disasters, which until now, then of course, the first step – you need to keep in touch with each other. You need to help each other, you should really open some centers, some points of communication, so that if that came Basim, held a seminar, or anyone else. In order to arrive, it is necessary, at least, know that you are there waiting. At least, that there was some kind of infrastructure. On the other hand, if you come back to you on the very people catching up, it is a chicken and egg question.

Therefore, the development of all regions, as I see now, only one thing – if it is united at least some minimum core of like-minded people, then for this case, we should have to send our teachers to conduct lectures, workshops and seminars. For they came and held a lecture, workshop or activity, you know, when someone comes from Moscow, this is always an event, and under it you can gather an audience and somehow financial decomposed even lead to zero. And that, oddly enough, a very good reliable algorithm: that is, a small group of like-minded people, to send Basimka, not necessarily it, we still have children, teachers. I – that somewhere is now unlikely to go soon, you know, right? If I leave, everything will fall apart immediately.

Come people, if there is, advertising in advance that there will be, for example, lectures on yoga, say free, and you choose the interests of people who live near you. In this chapter, you are distributing advertising classes or some seminar or something else, once you have attracted a certain number of people, a certain amount of money, you can rent, ie financial issues solved somehow. It conducts classes. All of these people, of course, can go away and not come. And can, on the contrary, an interest in and stay. As your group begins to grow.

That is, you definitely need impulses that a center is called. And, as practice shows, it all starts to grow little by little. What is called meat to grow, to grow. People are more and more, more, more. And then the quantity turns into quality, and you will have it easy out there to solve any problems. We already have such experience in many cities. It worked well, there were. Well, true, I remember my experience. Of course, my first steps, I remember. Those more years, it is some very wealthy people, the mayor, he simply invites us all organized, all top, green for the whole street. But it has a downside, that is still better, bottom, when there is.

Q: Kemerovo such a situation, when so anyway, you start to talk about that yoga, which is engaged … because you are asking interested, you’re not going to keep quiet. And on the faces of people, mainly develops such a reaction that this is yoga good, clear, clean and bright. When there is no mystery, it becomes not very interesting, and the people are so even a little disappointed. But, the people who still remain, they remain forever. That is, they then say, oh, Margarita, here we went to yoga, I dislocated my leg. I say, well, you be careful, you know, the principle of harmony. Well, then it means the other: “I, Margaret, broke his finger.” I say, and what did you do at all? That they elsewhere. They come to me and complain, legs, arms break. I say, well, guys, I can not help. And start talking about that, let’s, let’s, let’s, but in the end it turns out that nothing is easy in addition to practical training. Because the theory is that, in principle, the most necessary, it is either in self-realization. I mean, you give the site address, and the person he is looking for there, and so well organized, no one has time for it remains.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends, now look again. Where are you, correspondence students? Raise your hands, that I have seen, this question is very crucial for you. The first contingent, whom you have to work. Well, yesterday I dealt with this issue in passing. Never friends, never work with people and do not change yourself for those somewhere when it was and left. If they went out, they are gone from you. As a rule, this is a very bad man describes. If a person accidentally been before, he usually does not say anything and said that he was not anywhere. Well, if a man comes and says: “I was there, and there was, and there and there,” it is very, friends, a bad omen. Namuchaetes with these people, they suck out of you all the power. And why you were not there? And, you know, the question of why you did not stay there, my dear, why do here something came clear answer you get.

That is, firstly, your troops – they are people who either do not know anything about yoga, or know, a common cultural background, Stirlitz that Muller taught yoga. Well, we know the people about yoga? Almost nothing. Yes, oddly enough, this is the most rewarding, good and necessary contingent, because if they were open, they really are your people, and will not run on some other sites, compare, and what you do better or worse. They do not even think will come. What for? If you already have everything you need, why do you want to go somewhere else to run? A curiosity? Curiosity then comes, as a rule. Again, these statistics show that it is only curiosity confirms that it is not necessary to run anywhere. And polyubopytstvuesh, run, and even worse.

Additions from the audience: I want to confirm that I have come all from scratch, not what other schools, all from scratch. Generally before I did not know what yoga, and immediately came here. I even curiosity arises, be honest, and in general I was happy with everything, you can bring this goal to the end, then the other.

Additions from the audience: May I add? But I have a different experience. I have interest in the morning, that yoga is necessary that there is something there. We went with my husband in one place, there were introductory lectures with teachers. But honestly, there, even to me, a man who does not know yoga, it is clear that there is nothing to do. Then we tried two more teachers, there was a bar or something else like that, where you can get a lot of injuries, but no … you feel that you are much more harmony than the teacher.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, it is not even considered. Indeed, you can poke there, here, to immediately understand that it is not even weed. This refers to when the long walk to one. A man comes and says: “I went here 2 years, in which there is space federation of yoga.” And what are you left here? And I can not see a clear answer why he had gone there? Something does not suit or something else? And another thing, you’ve come a time. We spent and then gone, it does not count. I do not mean it mean. That is, people that do not know anything, so it is in such a situation – they are poked, prodded, and nothing.

Yes, but here is another question. The question was about your lectures and, once again, the contingent. People are friendly. Well, or who know very little, or with the experience that came, I saw, that the guru sane and left. But another question – and where to get such people? And the answer is just a friend! They tend to work enough lectures. Therefore, it is necessary if you want to teach yoga in the city, it is necessary to systematically lecture! Free, and! Or even, can not be free, and for a nominal amount, for example 30 rubles. Well, some such to completely freeloader, well, 30 rubles a bottle of beer, no, do not go. And the other people think, “Well, 30 rubles – the money, which can take a chance at all. Do not like it – go away, there is little to lose. ” Even necessarily need to cost a minimum at least to offer. So, you begin to lecture. There is a standard such gentleman set of lectures, which you are reading. For example, what is yoga? Or what types of yoga are?

From the audience: That’s a good idea to develop this plan, it’s so necessary. It can be any more lectures open because there was no theory for lecturing.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s open, I do not mind. The method of Consciousness, by reading lectures Energy, easily. We, too, in fact, a normal sane people. Because, first, we would like to do? So that there were some milestones that one thing, then another, then a third. And then life forces. Some things have to go hand in hand, if it is possible, if it is not to the detriment of general education, why they do not? Let us, of course.

From the audience: I still would like to add, that is what can make us, it is our school, how to just above or something. Once poznachimee, compared to all others. I, for example, such a situation. We in Kaliningrad yoga is quite developed. And there Kaliningrad Federation of classical yoga, where teachers, instructors do not even know what to call them, because it, too, in his time, they began to engage. India, Tibet, Nipaly, circling it all and consider themselves simply the ultimate truth. And to compete with them … Yes, they have gained a large enough years of experience, 10 years of practice, they exist, and of course, the city has a certain belief, people go. And then there is my Yoga Center, I do not know, it is a positive or negative karma, but here it is.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What does negative karma, friends you what it is? This you know, “and here I was born,” I do not know is karma positive or negative?

From the audience: However, I encounter these difficulties. In the sense that I have to defend their positions, we need to raise somehow all this to me people came.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, what do you do? Then you need to do, it is necessary to think of the lecture system. Generally, correspondence students, this is what you need to start. Anyway, who does not teach – will who did not center – make it. Still need to start somewhere. And, even if you plan to do it in four years, what prevents you reserve do now? Then the time will work for you. Indeed, it is very, very important issue. And, indeed, we are now going to review all of our work. In particular, our Basim oversees this project – it is called “itinerant teacher”. What is the idea of traveling teachers? Probably many of you have heard and read a lecture on “Walking on the trails.” Who does not know a lecture entitled “Walking on the trails?” Thank God, not the entire audience raised his hands.

You understand, “Walking on the trails”, a practice inherited from the little Indian mentality. We especially along the paths do not resemble Siberia, where bears, wolves, foxes, and just the snow up to his waist. Therefore, it is such a similar practice when senior students have already sent in a tour through the cities and their task with a certain frequency to appear in one city, then another, then a third. To either lecture or conduct any significant open sessions, or a seminar. Depending on the level at which people. That is, the lecture can be carried out and for two people, if the city plastered with posters, someone can and will come. Occupation, well that man 5, 10 is necessary. The workshop, of course, have more.

And now we are forming students who lit this idea. Not all are lit, but there are people who really like it. This is the first step, to be honest, because on the way we have another step, because we have such opportunities not only in Russia, but even in other countries. We can actually send teachers on a variety of countries. In particular, it is possible to send in any resort town at the time of the season. In any hotel modern, very fashionable addition to the pool, and some have even a fitness room yoga instructor. It’s, you know, like stars, a five-star hotel and a guru there. Like laundry, sauna. Is the concept of a star hotel. What does it mean? This means – an international standard that if you have this service, you have the right to put a star, there is no service, no idea. And now, really I have five, six, star, sixth asterisk means that your guru is.

Sometimes there is a demand: guys, please send us the guru. It is anecdotal situation. Vick will tell you, there was three years ago. It is anecdotal. Guys arrived from India, somewhere, whether in Goa, or anywhere else where a lot of Western tourists. And they have there own, some little factory furnace, some bungalows hotel and started us to ask: ‘Could not you send us a teacher of yoga in India? ” Instructor of yoga they need! Think about it, yes. Imagine one billion two hundred million people in India, every first yogi okay to come there in America. Before I came a lot at once. I realized that things are much worse than even I thought.

And we will send someone? We do not have more achievements, traditions and experience, because that’s all it is necessary to run in. Once I came across some ambush, figured out how to build everything, but it should start. And here, I would like the following this scheme. Itinerant Teachers who teach yoga, they first went to the cities where we have our correspondence students. And the first thing was – it’s just a man came, met, looked, looked and read, say, one, two lecture series, depending on the situation, went further. This is, firstly, will attract the contingent, which will have to go to school, if they go to school, you can have the next to them.

At one time I was driving myself. I myself went through this scheme, an itinerant teacher, walked myself at the time. So I know about. I traveled to Siberia, where I just did not go. And it works perfectly. And this factor when you come from Moscow anyway you credibility more than a local teacher, because they do not own. For you come to look at least like a circus, elephant, curious. Even those who would otherwise not interested in this subject, that is, it is a moment of advertising – to convey to people. Ironically, if you start. If it is absolutely nonsense to say no, but quite sanity to explain yoga, it is catchy. And if it catches, then people begin to be interested in a deeper and for this case it is necessary to prepare brochures, business cards, etc., etc.. Such material, which immediately and gave time, indicating the already local centers, or local groups, where there are classes and so on. That is, it is such a massive support from the Centre.

It urgently needs to do now is very urgent. Moreover, it is necessary to do now the next – to promote the page where there are centers, where our yoga is taught. We have a great opportunity in terms. Well, that’s the total attendance at all of our sites a day is probably four thousand people a day. That’s a lot, actually, for this resource! Lots of! I understand that porn sites are run and two hundred thousand people, and this day is not enough, you see a difference after all. And it is this target audience with which to work. And, of course, likely to find someone who lives near you, it is easier there.

Besides the fact that we’ve been doing that, there is a next time. If we know the region that need to move, we have also a lot of people who are engaged in the promotion of the site, and here, for example, move some ‘yoga’ the word region is very easy for us. Here move the word “yoga” in Moscow is almost impossible, it’s worth a fortune, because there are too many volunteers. But some Kemerovo or any Omsk, then there is some area where you know, here it is historically remote, where there is no competition, it is very easy to do. Come on people and stuffed Yandex “yoga”. And if you’re from Kemerovo scored “yoga”, the smart car in the first place shows you what to do with your city, and then shows a yoga class on Novoslobodskaya in Moscow. So, you move narrowly around the city, it is easy for us, because we are a very long time to do it. It will be essential for you to support a significant, yet people still use the Internet.

From the audience: That’s the situation – I zahazhivaya in search engines by typing “yoga”, I’m such a result comes out. In our town there is a girl, she teaches yoga, where all hands regularly break the legs come. Now she writes a lecture in which she tells how it is better to do. Excuse me, but I was starting to shake from it, and shakes me to a greater extent from the fact that while I have no possibility to lecture. In the first place, because only now just third-rate. But in principle, I realize that I have more to say on the basis of what you have given, and actually this pattern of some minimal theoretical lectures it is necessary to give. Because soon this girl, giving all it takes is a mass because it has people of 150 people. Kemerovo For a lot. And her prices there, it takes a number of small price. And people go. Well, there you theory, please. It becomes just a shame, I do not mind, I do not want glory for myself, but in terms of just a shame, you want to offer something sensible, good, light, eternal, and here it turns out, it puts forward some fitness dangerous to health.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, what can I do? Do you think the horror does not cover me when I am faced with something that supposedly yoga? And I understand that this is not yoga. We have to work, my friends, to work.

Basim ons: I want to add just these two questions that we must remember the situation, it is no coincidence that other schools or good, or nothing. And even if any do not know anything about yoga, but say the word yoga, such as stylize it, put a monument in his life. Moscow is now almost at every metro station at 6 yoga centers, and it does not compete with each other, but on the contrary it only advertise farther, farther and farther. People just less afraid. There was one time in the whole of Moscow there were some posters “Yoga Federation”, and it was good to all centers of yoga, because people recognized that in general there is yoga. Therefore, you should not have doubts, just do their job, in addition kindly take it. Even if you open another Yoga center is any one person will not lower your center attendance.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Basim, is not so simple, but in general you said correctly. But the question here is mainly practical. What are you talking about, this is the outer side. Indeed, it must be so, and it is wonderful. People, at least, know that this is not a sect, and for that they bow at his feet. Another thing is how to move the way we want. I see, indeed, just such an algorithm: it is correspondence students collect like-minded people, begin to lecture, from time to time to him come, “Itinerant teachers” also lectures, conduct workshops and seminars, which further attracts people, and it all starts to spin, grow . I see this as a real chance to be great all very move.

Remember that this is a matter of habit. What is the most important thing – to force himself to open his mouth. Nothing happens – take a piece of paper, read. Stupidly read, no matter how you look. Everyone did not like – it does not matter. Your task – it’s austerity. This is the practice of asceticism – read, read and read lectures. In time to come and experience and knowledge will come, and connect to the Cloud School, and everything, everything, everything in the world to come, if you do. Therefore, the most important thing here, I will say it again – do. Well, some more nuances – in the course “Yoga training” methods of consciousness pass. But again – be sure to listen to your recording, be sure to see yourself.

Never ask the opinions of other – or do not like. Never! Here let it be a mystery to you. In particular, with relatives and loved ones! Do not ask. See more here too, a position of yoga teaching – it says that never start teaching yoga to their relatives and friends. Therefore, it may be the best thing you can do – is to present as little as possible on your lecture your family and friends. Why? It is a matter of status – they still will you be perceived as their loved ones. And for people who have come “from outside”, you Guru. And it is very difficult, you know, feel – that you sit, you – conductor Cloud School. And here are your pals are sitting, “Come on, Vasek, ask them, tell them …”. And the subconscious starts throwing – you like something to Customizable Vaska wave is the wave of the Guru. And it takes Prana precious and valuable time. So it’s best, friends, if you have never read the lecture, begin to read only those people you do not know at all. No friends, no family, no friends, but just people “from the street” came.

Then, of course, when it will take time, I must say quite a long time, here then yes, you will have all the same – an acquaintance, not a friend in the hall. You’ll even see them not, because you will have this stream, will be like a tractor has to go. And in the most initial moments, avoid, avoid completely that someone was who you knew for everyday life. Do not, do not need them or you.

Yet, that’s what those moments without thinking? .. Well, in general, do not be afraid of anything. Even if you say stupid, but you had a cap, all this can be converted, that I supposedly made a reservation there, misunderstood, sorry, he was drunk, and so on. This is due to what? There is always the “emergency parachute” – a reference to a website where all this is set forth more strongly. There always. And so you have the right in a broader way to interpret something there. Well, really, popularizer of science, he may “breccia” that something is not right, but he always refers to Einstein, but people have already read the works of Einstein, here’s all. – Your task is not to explain to people yoga, as it were, to engender interest, to people then they had begun to be interested in more depth. Therefore, strictly speaking, to experience something there is nothing special.

If you have any questions difficult – do not hesitate to say yes, it’s difficult for me questions, I must consult. Never, friends do not hesitate to say: “Yes, this is a difficult question, I have to consult with their teachers. It’s a topic that I have to … “. It is, on the contrary, increase your status, you do not sit there and have a specialist who. … That’s what a professional? This is an expert who knows a lot about a little, and, everything. That’s the same as you. If you “tie” to read any one lecture, this does not mean that you need to know axioms of yoga. Therefore, the most important thing – do not worry, do not worry, do not worry, and practice, practice, practice. When you practice, everything will come.

Questions have more on this topic?

Q: Yes, now I have another question that. Suppose whether such a business move – we have Yoga Federation Samara. And they are lovers of money, because there is a basis – the former natives of the 90th, which is also yoga for themselves “preloaded” in Samara. Meaning what? They also issue a certificate after a week of training for 10 thousand.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Rub? Well, it’s more godly, and you can still haggle.

Continued matter: But they are well known in the field and in the city. The idea is this – I assume they will receive a certificate and can they have to teach them to the public. That is how to start from their faces, and then entice people to himself. This is generally how it is permissible?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Better not mess with them, my advice to you. Start from scratch. Because then you will become a great – great luminary, and they say, “And he started something, remember, from whom he started?” What is beauty? Why we are doing to your image? Start your own! As they say in America, there is such a “man, a self-made.” That make themselves. From the first days of their training make themselves. This is my dream. My dream – that we did not have a franchise here or there … My dream – that have made themselves so for the Open University of Yoga was understood community or community self-sufficient people. That is my dream. Because otherwise, everything else either did not work either, I can tell you honestly, I do not want to do this for other rules. I was just bored, I can not. I understand that there may be even some moves over there … But I was just bored. I think that you too get tired quickly. Therefore it is better, I can tell you – start it yourself. With zero and upwards.

More what questions?

Q: But tell me, in a “hat” to us as better to speak – “I teach yoga,” or what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s think over. Now we think it is better. So, let’s we beat. “Cap” – such a thing, it’s like a mantra, you know, the name of the mantra. Well, from a formal point of view – yes, you can call yourself a teacher of yoga, as they say in advance. Link to me – tell me, I resolved, in advance. I understand, of course, you’re talking about – if you are a teacher, you have to … But let the future have to work now.

The continued: “I have been teaching yoga in the tradition of Anandasvami school.” In this way?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As you wish, and so can. No, just “I teach yoga” … Oh! I figured it out! I came up with all super – move! You say, “I am the curator of Internet-Yoga Yoga International Open University courses.

Question from the audience: This is only for the lectures? And if we teach?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And if you teach, then yes … By the way, too, think, because when you say “curator”, maybe it sounds cooler. Teachers – like dogs nerezanyh and curator curator … it’s about-ho-ho! Well, you all should be a course, I hope you are all curators?

The answer from the audience: Yes, of course

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, thank God. Why that’s so, I sometimes make people say sometimes students: “So, each of you has to be the curator of a course.” They all wonder – why? Well, I’ll represent you then, if you like I’ll be “PR”? And already all – You curators. And look – Feedback – asked: “Where did you come from? Guys, do you, where did “And you say:?« Www.openyoga.ru site visit, please take a look, or go to a particular course, see my face there. ” But just make sure that your face was there, because some are very lazy, too lazy to send photos. And I have no time to watch, they are somewhere out there are stuck on the way and they did not have time to publish. Let you really there to see that it was all good.

So that’s all, “Hello, my name is so-and-so, I (which means, let’s again will beat as though it sounded more beautiful) I Curator Internet Yoga courses Yoga International Open University.” You can even say curator of course, but you can not say anything. Yes, yes it is not necessary …

Question from the audience: first provide. And after we say – “It’s in our lecture International Open, etc.”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, can not say the International Open … and maybe the International Open Yoga University, though, and so it is clear that once you are a curator of the International Open University of Yoga

Clarification: No, do not double. I mean when we say, “This is our lecture on a certain topic …”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This lecture is dedicated to a certain topic,” “Our today’s lecture is devoted to so and so – that the subject”, “Our today’s lecture on the theme” What is Yoga. ‘ “

“Cap” – a very important thing, my friends, is very important. “Cap” – a half lecture.

Question from the audience: Well, that’s when times are from yoga teaching, most likely. When we come to conduct or practice, or a lecture. And if no one came to us … That is, we have to this time as it … give the walls or what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. Lectures such a rule in general – the first three times you teach an empty room (remember, or do not you remember?). The first three times. Generally considered to be a mystic is a good sign that Clouds Teacher Schools in the invisible presence, as they say, you have visited in the subtle bodies.

Comment from the audience: Stunning practice

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, in fact this is very strong. All those who took it, really know what it is. In fact, it is sometimes stronger than if people come to you. The first three times.

Then – the second principle of yoga. That is, if no one came – well, then, do not want to. Waited 15 minutes, waited 15 minutes academic. Do you know why “academic”? It is usually assumed that the professor can not afford to be late for a lecture for 15 minutes. Such is the old tradition, “bearded” More. After waiting 15-20 minutes. No one came, well, meaning there is no longer standing – go.

So, what else? Still, let’s discuss some points …

Yes, and general logic. The general logic of what, friends? That is, here’s a glass, it is something poured. If it is not written, what it is – to drink dangerous. Therefore, we must, of course, first on myself to say, say – who you are, you have to stick a label.

Comment from the audience: We must somehow … advertising in advertising invest …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Advertising, yes. What advertising can be? Well, here, too, are serious issues. I remember in Moscow, that only did the guys – there quietly and paste all the pillars, porches. First, of course, must be somewhere somehow manifest. I do not know, there are some boards.

Question: Is it possible here on this topic. In our country all site Biglion there any, or ….

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, there is the Internet to complete the program. Internet resources for comprehensive use. That is, so some of the city forum, or something else where you can go …

Comment from the audience: Social Network …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Social Networks, and so on, the full program using all that turned up. For the full program.

Continuation question: Well, here. This site – it’s like there is some kind of freebie, eternal discounts. They do it for you advertising such as “50 yoga classes for 200 rubles.” And people bought these coupons and you, of course, this is practically get nothing, but it comes to you a lot of people who are interested to become, because it’s very cheap.

Comment from the audience: Can I share my experience? We did it. We signed up for Biglionu 140 people. None of them did not stay. These are people who just go on such sites, “freeloader”, only for discounts, one-time fee. This is a situation that does nothing.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Maybe, but if the lecture read – let it be 10 rubles, 30 rubles, symbolically, at least 1 ruble let it be. Because if they hear the word “price”, so the word “price” or “cost” if they are discouraged, you know – it’s not your man. Though there Ruble, 10, $ 100, a thousand – all, he will not be interested. Just the position itself, that there’s such a moment …

So, something like that? Let’s quickly discuss.

Advertises, start stupidly read. How often? Well, again – best of all – the frequency of once a week, if possible. It is possible and once a fortnight – take a look at the circumstances – as a “go – no go.”

Question: Where to read?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Where to read?

Q: But a little … even if once a week, for an hour …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, my friends, look. First, the theme of “What is Yoga” you can simply repeat

Comment from the audience: The course had some lecture, then on a new one?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: According to the new, yes. To repeat. Do not hesitate to repeat.

Question from the audience: For the new people in the sense of?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Look – here, too, I have trouble, very serious trouble.

Look. Can the same topic. Look here what I have trouble – that’s how much I had seminars. So I do not remember that I had 2 identical seminar or 2 identical sessions. And you know why? Not because I do not want – I do terrible want. Not because it is not necessary – it should be scary. And because I just do not have time. But if I had the chance, I would have the same seminar “for tracing” year spent. Here, word for word, an exercise in the exercise, a step to the left. This is the first time I did, and to the whole year.

That’s how you know, at the theater, there is a performance, and they can play it 10 years. Actually, there is nothing does not change, and people walk, walk, walk and walk. Moreover, the more walking, more like it. That this effect, as a rule, all missing. Somehow, it seems that in the teaching of Yoga that we always have to entertain the public, to be a clown. That every time we need something new, new that they have heard it. It is a monstrous error. People do not like new. People like to know how little kids. Who are you to tell stories to young children? About Bun there …. God forbid you slightly change, or slightly move away from the script. As if he’s not asleep, he vstrepenetsya “How !? A fox-sister where? “Here. That’s the psychology of people. People like what they know. Somehow, all the yoga teachers forget about it. And here we have serious problems in this respect, so we said, “Guys, be conservative, conservative.” This applies to the lecture.

Then there is still another factor. Each lecture, if you read it a few times – she “polishes” your brain that you are already following the theme “a great success” give. That is here on one thing “stuffed his hand.” Therefore, generally speaking, can the same topic to read at least a year, maybe add some nuances, and can be “as is”. That is, the main thing – to speak. Talk, talk and talk.

Q: Something I still embarrassed that I am one and the same people will read lectures given 2 months ago …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, no, my friends. Here again I say to you – it just seems to you that they have understood. It’s the effect of Kriya Yoga. If they hear the same lecture a second, third, fourth time, if it is truly interested in people, that is, the ones that you need, they will listen to it in new ways and will open it in a new way. You know, there is such a “Bible effect”? No matter how many times the Bible is, I read it to you a different offer …

Continuation of the question: I am afraid that they just do not come, if the voice the same topic …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, look again. This is such a moment of Yoga teaching. It certainly sounds rude, but I can not say you do not – you should not care about the people. No people. Just no people. You should be prepared to read and empty hall. That is, you know, that’s how this practice – chanting mantras? Or text? It is believed that you have to come to some place, open the text and there he set off. Listens to you someone or not. The more times read, the more sanctified place. Here you must have a sacred relationship to their lectures. Lectures is not that you will entertain the audience, and the fact that you have to announce. Listen to you or not, like, do not like. But this is a psychological moment, and it is very painful. Anyway, here I want to like it. That’s why we need Anrita.

Comment from the audience: We’re talking about the popularization of yoga.

Question: Statement should be like?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And yourself, and you – absolutely do not care. Look, friends, a job, it’s austerity. That is, a lecture, recorded on tape, listened to the house. Like you yourself do not like you, like others, do not like it – it is absolutely no one cares. It’s, you know, a check mark, which must be dated and everything. That is, if you do not like myself – do not worry, not in this case. The fact that there is a check mark – was announced. All the information is gone. And again – what is the most important information? “A cap”! In your lecture, my friends, is actually the most important information – a “cap.” If she remembered, remembered everything else. Will look for questions, and find answers to those to which you do not know. Yes, what?

Comment from the audience: I actually wanted to say that this is actually the best time. Because what you repeat of lectures in a lecture some common elements, they are “income” and understood, and you are happy that it was so. Although for the first time want to “have to continue somehow, something here does not seem enough …” And then you have this lecture pereslushivaesh again and … I want to say that if the lecture is constantly with the promotion of a new theme, and people walk will such that while the new-new wonder, and then they leave. You lectured to anyone – for those who leave, or for those who are left?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, look, friends, I want to tell you that. Until you start, you will not understand. I understand that it is easy to say but hard to do – you should not care. If you will not “give a damn” attitude, you will not be available inside. You turn into a staff. You turn into a clown that will entertain the audience. I least want you to be a clown from yoga. Why do you need this? Or you will experience – and like or dislike. And you must use the criteria of Karma Yoga – work not because of fear or because of reward, but because of the fact that you simply do business. For this reason, therefore, the same ideology and stick.

Question: I want to clarify once more. It is effective and useful – lecture “by tracing” with the same name, with a certain frequency to the same, in the same place?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends, look, you will come to him and decide how you do. Try so, try some sort, something to work out – get. But I would say again that, oddly enough, there may be different lecture entitled, accents, and so on, but all the same it will be 1 and 2 of the yoga principle.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Up to you on your work. Yes?

Question: And we Yoga classes something to promote? Talk to people that if you want it …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes, yes. Add the way, in “hat.” This, incidentally, also add. Because many people are coming to www.openyoga site, but do not reach for some reason before the courses. And the percentage of such people some frighteningly large.

Comment from the audience: this was me. I watched your lecture on yoga of love and only a year later, my sister accidentally found more and courses.

Comment from the audience: And there it is not clear … somehow “Yoga on the internet” or something there …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Horror …

Comments from the audience: Internet Yoga courses – it is there …

-But Do not particularly attracts attention

-I Hope in big letters …

-Vzglyanut This “fresh eyes” …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here you can see how useful to communicate with you. We must do something to adapt, because they do not reach the people.

For another thing, my friends, what we have questions?

Ladnenko, walk, breathe. If something occurs – at any time of day or night, it is very important. Very important. Because, really, before something to teach, you have to do …

Question from the audience: But we have not discussed, where …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Ah, yes, where … where he taught, and so on. So look, what are the sorts of things that can help you.

First. The very first thing – if funds allow, if there is some amount of money to rent something, you can go on this way. That is, somewhere, in some House of Culture, some audience, and so on and so forth, if it’s reasonable price. But do you feel now as a person – you come, you pay the money, you’re a great boss.

You can proceed as follows. Somewhere sometimes it requires that someone came and read a free lecture. So, for example, in some university, in some school and so on and so forth. But then this one’s gratuity criterion should be, because if you come to university to read, it must be, of course, free lecture, because otherwise you will not be allowed, and the administration accused that they, thus, indirectly earn money.

If you do something to rent, then let it be a symbolic fee, say, 30 rubles for entry, or 10 rubles.

Can someone to negotiate. In fact, if there are places where yoga is taught, for example. Let me to you now “on the fingers” to explain the structure that is viable in yoga. As a rule, the situation now is as follows. Any owner, a manager, there are some fitness or just any fitness center. Sometimes the manager and owner in one person. I hope that one day each of you will reach it.

But the situation, as a rule, the following – the owner of the Canary Islands, the manager runs, jumps, bustles like a squirrel in a wheel to earn money, because he lives with interest. And to make this event, you have a constant flow of people, whether it is a sports center, fitness center, yoga is there, there is no yoga – no one cares. That is, you need something to entice the public that goes, wanders and does not know what to do. And here you come to the manager and say, “Hello. And I’m ready to lecture you for free. According to yoga. As what … let’s cooperate with you “Especially elegant it is possible to” hook up “if you are already going through the practice of teaching, and you say:” I have only’ll teach you yoga, but more will be free lectures to read for everyone. And you provide me a room where I could sit down and so on. ” If the manager is really the manager, not a “freeloader”, he is likely to grab for this offer. Why? Because he understands – it is an advertisement. Indeed, someone will come and do some action for free to attract new people his institution. And, as a rule, it goes. For it does not go to those who do not work, those who themselves did not, they do not even understand. And if it is a normal structure, which can count money, they are, of course, will they give you. They have nothing to lose. You come, begin to entice them to an institution people, everyone is happy – you are happy, they are happy. You have a place where lectures, earn a name for themselves, they are happy, that you come at least out of curiosity, and at the same time know that you have this facility. Accordingly, that such can be done stroke. Either free lectures somewhere, in some kind of higher education institutions. But here, too, you know, at one time, in Moscow, I know everyone with open arms, the more free for students; and then, so when these guards ponastavili everywhere – try Penetrate, contract.

Comments from the audience: Yes, but all the teachers probably have …

– … I tried some advertising to, or anything else, and therefore banned.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, no. I do not think. There are actually some other, completely different interests. In Moscow, so I think it’s just a stupid bureaucracy – no hunting to communicate with the protection, yet there is something. Moreover, if such a topic such as yoga … I do not know, it is an open question. That is, here are the options here. Or, find something for free, or rent something or someone to negotiate. Of course, I understand that it was in Soviet times, when the apartments were all going, but it is now badly perceived.

Comment from the audience: And we somehow different. That’s when these lectures, almost free, people perceive it as a trap.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because there is already many times worked as a trap, and yet here, here still another mentality.

Comment from the audience: unspoiled … More

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, just the brain yet … How you say? Psychology of the Russian … So come and say: “Let’s start with you business. 60% return on investment. ” And he says to you, “no fun.” In the West, would have you clutching your teeth for such a percentage. And here you say: “200%” – “no fun.” That is, it is like a fairy tale «Emelya Pro” – it itself has yet to ride, the stove itself must go. That is now the dream oligarch – I do not have to do, and it all has to itself. That is less than a million, I do not Lift. So here’s the segment, all sorts of such lectures – it just is not covered – no one. And the only thing is – this is some kind of network marketing presentation, it is something to buy – sell. “Buy our miracle – a powder.” Or something else. But that’s another subject, it is very different, once it is released. So here it is empty in this respect, such a trifle no one does.

So, my friends, what else have we? All?

Comment from the audience: Let’s get some longer, I guess.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Come on, let’s

Question from the audience: Vadim, now I have another question, can I? Because I’m a free student, I had the idea to translate the lectures into Latvian I tongue. Well, do not translate and write the abbreviated version. I just think that’s – you are giving permission for lecturing part-time student if such information can make me …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Go! Look, we already have such a work is. Here, look, first the background. We had a site is made on the engine, which is called Joomla. It supports multi-language option. And we were delighted to become one language after another to install. Then it turned out that it’s incredibly complicated system and we started having problems. it turned out that the site hangs up, etc. And for these reasons, we had to first remove all languages, leaving English and Russian, and then started having problems with English. I had even the English “pull” and to make a separate site. And work began very serious. Even people in different languages taught and my blessing, and my main idea – in any case it is not necessary to translate literally. In what sense? It must be adapted to people’s perceptions. Because some of my jokes – jokes are good for Moscow, but somewhere just do not understand in Europe.

Comment from the audience: So we have to change a little bit. And, by the way, we had a discussion …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And we have some sites … It is necessary to talk with Basim. We have, in my opinion, the Greek language, even some that have gone here in this regard the work. Unfortunately, I now do not have time to cover it all. Therefore, it is necessary to create your own website in another language. Support him in every possible way to promote it, to expand. Giving the information in the way that is more refined for the local cultural perception – this is very important – it’s just my golden dream. That is, if students take – my blessing and my help. So go ahead and forth and forth.

Continued questions: And here we have had a discussion here, because my knowledge of the language they are incomplete. But in Russian was the question – what is the struggle Nanai boys? We have had a very different version …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It used to be a humorist spoke, and he’s listed all kinds of what he was doing – there he listed everything, everything, include yoga, and then even Nanai boys. And then we have this humorous works the way it remains that even Nanai boys. Although, frankly, I do not know what it is, whether it makes any sense or not. However slang left.

Comment from the audience: They said it looks like a dance. In humans, trousers and top, too, would also like that the pants. And when he dances, it looks as though that two people

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I do not know. Generally we need to somehow get rid of it because I also started some maya make in this world. Well, I can see the end, the guys do not write and edit the “struggle Nanai boys” and “BNN system”, well, let everyone guess what it is. That is why we must not “directly” translation – perevedesh so think – really some kind of system.

So, my friends, everything.

Question: We have practiced yoga nidra. And that I would fall asleep before that now. However, yesterday I managed to keep clear, but it was necessary because the string up.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, first of all, my friends, it’s like any practice – needs time for its development. It’s not that he began to do, and quickly. Then another, you remember, is a factor of Prana and purity channels. Firstly, the presence of Prana, and secondly, the purity of the channels should be. Thirdly, I want to say that, at a seminar it seems to you – you are sitting, ask questions, some practices are doing, and in fact a very large load. Very, very big. So when you go to – time, and log out. That is, it is necessary to wait for the moment when there will be favorable conditions – the load is not very high, that is when there is an opportunity to move all the same catch. When you are very tired, once – and fell asleep, because the body still requires. In different periods of life is different – sometimes very busy life, and internal load is not very big. And sometimes vice versa – in appearance, kind of like, nothing happens, and in some processes and they are determined, in general, fall asleep.

Friends, well, I understand, do not wait any longer will anyone? Very good. Let us go on. What are the questions? Valery?

Q: But can a sequel, so you do not come back? Here in those books that you advised on yoga nidra, you can find a moment like transitions within a dream, let’s dream within a dream?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, this is not a book, it is one, just one book. Other something no more.

Continuation of the question: Or so I started, for example, “Tibetan Yoga of Dreams’ to read. Such moments can be found there? Or no one talks about it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it is full. I am particularly interested in the Tibetan version of these factors, it would seem, there are some practices better preserved for the simple reason that there are a large print run left. You know here, take the book and look behind the circulation. If the circulation is small, it will continue to be very hard to find. And if there are millions of copies, then it will be much easier to find.

Here at the Tibetan practice of their strong side – this edition. Tibet – it’s all been a factory for enlightenment. And if there was a verified technology, she went into circulation. And if she persisted, more or less a lot of people on it could tell. In this respect, it would seem, it would be easier to find followers of the Six Yogas of Naropa. This writes Evans Vence.

This writes this traveler Neil Davey – Davey Neil Alexander. No one had heard such a name? The French, in Tibet. Perhaps you are faced with it, with its products. Let me briefly explain to you if you know – remember that if you do not know what will be kept in mind. It was this Auntie – Davey Neil Alexander. I think it is almost a former ballerina was. And in 20 years or once there is more to this, somehow pulled it in Tibet, and she came to Tibet. And how I got? Tibet has been a closed country, where foreigners were not allowed, except that only a political mission and ambassadors. And this is just to come to Tibet – you stopped at the border and simply not allowed. This applies to all Europeans, so Europeans get to Tibet was virtually impossible like this in the usual way. Either you had to give some recommendation letters, or you had to somehow “secretly” sneak contraband. Which she did. She had changed, respectively, in the Tibetan plateau, merged, met with local people and as a result was able to enter the territory of Tibet, there are many travel, communicate, and so on and so forth. As a result, it left a lot of works of such a plan – a semi-art, semi-descriptive of all the practices, traditions and so on. Such as, for example, “mystics and magicians of Tibet” – very good at her work there. Then there is something to the teachers and students associated.

Still, my friends, if we have now would be the cord and would be the password to the computer, we would take the reader right now, it would be connected to and downloaded in the reader. There is, in my opinion, there is Alexander Neil Davey. And some things I would have you zachel that was interesting. In general, I highly recommend you check out.

Comment from the audience: Well, anyone who wants to, will record his notebook.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I have a piece in the plan, then all sensibly …

Yes, and now she says that she was very hard to find real experts who possess these very yogis. Such as Tumo, visualization, dream, transference of consciousness, etc., etc.. Very hard.

Questions: In what sense? What are people practicing, but they really are not the real practice? Or they just do not find it? Do not advertise?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, there are a lot of different reasons. Including such a reason that no matter how the focus to a greater extent been offset by any formal … not formal and common teachings of Tantric Buddhism, Buddhism actually. Here there are taking the classic treatises and begin to explore them. “Five poison of jealousy, anger, pride,” and so on – this is such a common position. So, it is very hard to find in the first place, living practitioners, secondly, the Yoga of Naropa.

I even asked the modern followers of Tantric Buddhism. I’ve realized that all of the six yogas of Naropa is most common and is known only one -Phova – post-mortem transfer of consciousness. Sometimes there is a lesson-ordination Mahamudra or KRC Chen – a one-time practice of initiation, one-step initiation.

That is the concept of Mahamudra yogis. There it has a slightly different meaning. But, in fact, if it is Hatha yoga, as a rule, those or other exercises, there is a whole philosophy. And this is someone to teach, say, Tumo yoga, I have not heard. That’s the way to go anywhere at any Lama Tumo yoga in the modern world. Although it would seem to them very much. After Tibet, seized the Chinese, many Lam fled to India, America and so on. And if before you get to Tibet could not, though, and really wanted to, but now look at what the situation – do come. And it is not clear – whether they know but do not want to talk, do not know, whether focused on other things. Unclear situation is unclear.

In general, any situation is very strange happens – not so long ago, the Dalai Lama turned to Buddhism once 150 thousand Indians from the sect “untouchables,” the lowest, which generally do not “shine” in India. He was present at the address. This is a huge number. It is clear that in this way again, Buddhism in India is gaining followers. Before that Buddhists were mainly immigrants from Tibet, who escaped, now connects the local population. And probably have more emphasis on such general practices rather than the specifics. Therefore, as the yoga of dreams, it makes sense, of course, to get acquainted with all the treatises which have reached us, comment on them. Some books are very good across on this subject. That is, as to compare it with the Tibetan side.

For more, friends, let us discuss the will.

Q: Here’s a small addition. There are two films. One small animated – “Waking Life” and the second Russian “Dreams?”. That both of them this subject – the main character wakes up, and then realizes that it is once again sleep and wakes up again. Here is a series of revivals in the dream. And now I have this too often happens – I wake up and do something and then realize that it’s the same dream again. And it is not clear, it is assumed by some that, or I do not feel the state between sleep without dreams or something like that transition?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it is difficult to interpret, whether it was a dream in a dream with the intermediate, whether it was a dream with an intricate plot. Well, here we see a movie where the hero goes to sleep and wakes up – maybe it’s just a story. This, of course, difficult to interpret as there is actually inside.

So with friends, let’s go further.

Question: So we’ve got about deja vu?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, it is very difficult to say. In fact, things like déjà vu is, you know, a factor when you see what you’ve already seen on the one hand, and a hint of rapid methods factor. Well, you remember, the methods are characterized by fast? The lack of time. That is, the time factor, as it were ignored, and you would like a “pull out” of the future, in order to do something in the past. Well, or otherwise. Here you currently do not have all the super abilities that you have opened a hundred years of continuous yoga. And you faster methods of doing this visualization, meditation on the future itself. How would the future itself “pull,” use by their own qualities in the future, but only in the past. That is, this one here is the effect somewhat like the effect of deja vu. Later. That is, are you a “pulled” did something, and then came to the point where you are taught myself to do it and look – “Oh! All the familiar faces! “. And generally speaking, it is very difficult to explain, in any case, what this means. Maybe so, maybe, even more for some there is an explanation.

Question: I’ve always go to the “motherland”, “on the same route often, and I collapse on constantly catches the eye, for the third time, authorship Boris Sakharov. Have you heard? It is one that the opening of the third eye

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It seems to have heard, but now I, frankly, with difficulty.

Continued questions: Here is something like his title like Raja Yogi. It is in India he got as far as I understand.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it’s nothing. It’s, you know, about how to say – “The Internet is written.” Just received the title of Raja Yogi in India.

No no. Let other people who say the word “Yoga” will speak well. They should put a monument. Let us not criticize. What for?

Continuation of the question: No, I just have a question of this nature. One of his book I read on Hatha Yoga. And there said such a thing, which, in my opinion, is not very correct, it is that when doing Hatha Yoga is important, what type of people you belong to in terms of food. He divides them into three groups, and he has such a thing, that people from the third group generally can not achieve success in Hatha Yoga. Those who love food with a sharp taste, smell, with a musty smell, in general, something like that. He is somehow all connected and concluded categorically that it makes no sense to do – they will achieve nothing. I just think that’s – a man with such views, it is strange that a lot of people it recognizes.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, well, let friends, this is the most thankless job to throw stones in the garden of the people about whom you know nothing, which books you have not read. And it is necessary to look, in what context, what he had in mind. If he meant in the sense that there are three types of personality, it is more in accordance with the classification of Tantric – Pasha, Vira and Divya. That is, in a state of Pasha person is inclined, there is a fermented food every, well, just that he is still at the level of perception of the universe, that it is useless to say anything, he still does not understand anything.

If in this way – it really is, you can find yourself a million examples of such people who are useless to talk about yoga – they are in this life, it is unlikely that either will understand soon. But that does not mean anything. Maybe it will pass. That is if he is referring to – is one thing, but if some general system – is

Comment from the audience: It even gives you a list of products …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So let’s, friends, I’m not going to answer these questions.

Question: Is it possible, unless of course, the time it is, about the fear? So we practiced yesterday, jealousy, stupidity and anger. But the fear in which he chakra and how it is also possible … because, for example, is that in some situations it seems that got rid of, and then in some situations a sudden case of some, and you know that you’re there … well, as a special case.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no, of course, have the same practices and algorithms struggle with fear, surely. But the fear is, you know, not the most … You know, we have a saying – well, okay, I will not now about saying. There are, of course, the methods of dealing with fear. Fear, as a rule, take out, oddly enough, activity. Fear – is something that calls us to passivity, but must find the opposite component to neutralize the highly developed passivity. And so, oddly enough, anger – a factor that is superior to fear.

And in general it is very easy to remember – we have the malls. There is a main center – Muladhara – it just is more responsible for the manifestation of such a thing as fear. The next level – it Svadhisthana – is that he is more responsible for some kind of sexual expression. That you know, there is such a thing – the lust or desire. Next comes anger. Next in negative terms or jealousy, or is such a universal love here – an open heart center. Next – the throat center, he has his own. Next, accordingly, the intellectual center.

And now it turns out that a higher center, it is able to cope more easily with the manifested lower center. That is, if you have fear, then, let the fear is overcome by lust. Here is an example of life – for example, cats are very timid animals, but if it is spring, when the cat takes care of the cat, it stops at all experience fear and see anyone around. That is why? Because this is the next step – the continuation of life and the continuation of life higher than fear. But, on the other hand, let’s say, a sense of rage and anger, if it occurs, it is even more conquers fear. Just like the feeling of love, which is even higher – it conquers fear even more. That is, if we somehow force the more the higher emotions, a higher centers awaken, we more easily control over lower centers. And finally, if we control the mind center, we control all the lower. That is, in this sense, we are like a pyramid, where the bottom of the top, and all add-on below – below – below – below. Just imagine a pyramid, only to turn it upside down is necessary. Usually we base most importantly – pull out it all fall apart, and here, as it were the other way around. That is, if you control a higher center, you control the more inferior.

Continuation of the question: Just for my personal, subjective observations can be …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m sorry, but there are more combinations when two wakes some center – for example, fear, jealousy or stupidity and fear. It is much more difficult. In its pure form it is easiest to deal with emotions, and that’s when the confusion, then harder.

Continuation of the question: I’m just the fact that watching people, mostly the cause of any problems – it’s fear. It is possible to say so?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, of course. Our primary emotion that we have developed during evolution – it’s fear. We have the appropriate course – by Internet Yoga courses – 112, which deals with, respectively, a bunch of – of fear and so on. It describes in detail – what fear is and where it came from, and so on and so forth. That is, it makes sense to consult it in more detail.

Question: In our school says nothing about the Sahasrara – the chakra that is, about which very little is to be found in terms of information.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, we have so much to say that … I’ve already complained to you today that I have for so many years for a seminar workshop, and that at least one repeated, but it is so bad.

Continued Question: That is about the other chakras in more detail – for which they are responsible, with which they are connected, how to work with them. And as I Sahasrara, at least, I did not find anything.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Sahasrara, in fact, it is not even a chakra in this sense, and this level. When beginning to be activated Sahasrara, then the line between your personal I and the Absolute.

Question from the audience: This is the Law of 1 is obtained?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, the law of 1, passing into law 0.

Q: And the other chakras must be in the law 4 and 5?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, it’s complicated. You know, here I am now here this binding with one another it’s hard to say. But I know only one thing – Samadhi without object is the Law of 0 is obvious. Samadhi with the object – is the Law 1. A level of Sahasrara chakra is actually when you fully know his Higher Self And in the future will know that’s this Maya that separates your personal I of the Absolute, and actually merge with the Absolute. And this happens only when you are in your work up to the level of the Sahasrara. In what sense do its work? Normally, this is all tied in tantric texts to the Kundalini energy. Therefore, it is believed that as soon as the Kundalini rises it, one after the other, dissolves all the principles, as long as it does not rise to the Sahasrara chakra. And it is very interesting the other symbols in the tantric texts, which are very well described by Arthur Avalon, John Woodroffe – there should be in the library, also available for download – in his two jobs. One work is called “Serpent Power”, and the other is called the “Garland of letters.”

So, see, total, if we consider the structure according SHATCHAKRA NARUPANI text or other tantra, it turns out that we have a total of a certain amount, the six chakras, and a different number of petals on these chakras. Four, six, and so on. D. If you add up all of them, you get a fifty. Those. it turns out that on each petal a single letter of the Sanskrit alphabet. And, accordingly, to SAHASRARA chakra and a thousand petals. A thousand is twenty to fifty, it is believed everything that you have at the bottom, with the excess is presented in the Sahasrar Chakra. If we come to this level, Sahasrara Chakra, you get everything that you want, if you looked at all the other petals. And each petal, in fact, it’s one or the other emotion. Those. take petal dzyyyyyn, and you receive one or the other emotion. Fear, jealousy, anger, etc. Here is a very interesting explanation of the origin of our emotions. Manifestation of petals of a chakra. Therefore, to talk about the Sahasrara Chakra is the same thing that we talk about all the others put together, plus another twenty times more! That’s the story. But there is a meditation on this, there are certain practices of it to Sahasrara Chakra, and we will do time to time. Even you, at this seminar they do.

Question: Prana is not associated with air and oxygen, but why Pranayama yoga is better in the open air? no communication, but communication is …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is very good, the key question for the practice. Indeed, when you live in, as we are now in a pine forest, here and breathe in a different way, and is practiced in a different way, and all are different. Should you be in Moscow, as well as ideas will flow in a different way, and feeling, and everything you do will be different. That this point in pranayama yoga on a set of prana, or to increase the flow of prana, it is not very clear, my friends. Because if we use the axioms of the microcosm, the source of our prana – is our I. If you use the axioms of the macrocosm, the source of prana – the Absolute surrounding universe.

And it really ?! Most likely, the one and the other. Those. it is imperative another place not only we ourselves, as we are, we can greatly facilitate the collection of prana, if we are still in an appropriate, suitable place where we like to offer pristine, purity, turbidity is not absolute. For this reason, there are places where better to practice Pranayama, here typing this component of prana. And generally speaking, the question is not very clear, the question of explanations of pranayama. But the experienced fact, if you take a walk outside, breathe, then you come back full force. That’s it.

Question: It is not clear – our prana is the Absolute, then our higher self it in our body redistributes?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here I just mentioned – it is a very difficult question. Is our prana – ours or not ours? Do you remember the concept of the following? What more we have awareness of your higher self, the more we prana. This is according to the axioms of the microcosm. According to the axioms of the macrocosm, the more we realize the Absolute, the more we prana. Therefore, it turns out, when we go out, from a formal point of view, somewhere in the forest breathe, we feel there is better Absolute through nature and better realizing the Absolute through nature, we, as a consequence, and increase the flow of prana. A microcosm with the axiomatic positions other position, ie, it’s surrounding nature helps us to better realize your higher self and overcoming ignorance about their higher self, also increases the flow of prana. But, as you remember from the fastest methods of yoga, there is no difference, it is an artificial division between the microcosm and the macrocosm axiomatic because axiomatic one and it sverhlogichna. But in the plane of logic, we can present it to the two sets of axioms. I remember, in the lecture referred to Gödel’s incompleteness theorem every system. And the same applies to the concept of prana. In this respect, the concept of prana sverhlogichno.

axiomatics of yoga – like higher mathematics, friends! Even if you learned it and passed on the five, this is not to say that you understand it until the end. Axioms on it and axiomatic that this complexity was.

Question: Regarding the mantra. What is the criteria to become a mantra to work? If the connection with our higher self the question considered. The picture should appear on the surface. And our higher self it revived. There is a mantra of consciousness, energy and name.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This yoga visualization of explanation. The combination of the name and the form. The mantra of consciousness on the part of the cognitive aspect, there is hard to say. For Consciousness concepts such as form is that it pulls out, but not what it could be. It displays the form, but the notion is not characteristic of Consciousness. Vector is consciousness, but not the form.

Now I find the relevant chapter about Mantra Vidya Arthur Avalon. I advise you to find and download all Gudrofa what his work is. “Serpent Power”, and others. By the way, he was one of the first to publish here Anandalahari. Yet he has a series of works called “Shakti and Shakta.” Then he has a huge library of Tantra. I do it now I will not list, but he has a very good level on just these conceptual points that you’re asking right now.

Question: How mantra works, nobody knows, just aim at the Absolute is a vector?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is very hard to explain. You know what it is, if we consider the creation of the universe according to the mantra-yoga concept, a creation consisted essentially of uttering mantras. Therefore, to explain the effect of the mantra, it is necessary to realize no more, no less, those factors that were present at the creation of the universe. Those. we must first know everything to answer the question – how does the mantra. Because the mantra, according to Mantra Vidya concept, it is a fundamental structure, rather than the mind, which will try to realize it. But it is the same when Baron Munchausen, tried her hand to pull himself out of the swamp. The same thing as trying to analyze our intellect, mind, that factor, which itself spawned and our mind and intellect. It is very hard, because hoo what level!

Q: But if this level and leave more practical to go? Well, we recite the mantra. What are we doing? By concentrating on the action that would be of mantra or just her utter trust in the universe, its direct appeal to the Absolute mind. And he himself knows what we need, as the correct situation, we do not even wish to invest. On his (Absolute) will give. Those. this did not bother, and some vector to create in his direction.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: See, here we have gathered, we accept the concept of the Absolute. I talked to the Yogis of the sixties. They look at me, what are you, some Absolute, are you crazy! Do you have a college degree ?! I am. Where are you studying? In the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany? – In Soviet Union. – What have you decided to do nonsense!

Many people who are yoga sixties, grew up in an atheist environment, say what the Absolute, are you all from any place and fell to the floor? Therefore, you should understand that there are some concepts explaining the action of mantras, involving Absolute factor for some, and it will be enough, but for others it will be nothing. But, oddly enough, even those people who do not share the concept of the Absolute, practicing mantra, just get success.

For example, take the Tantric Buddhism. After all, if you kopnete deep, deep into the essence of Tantric Buddhism, you will find that there is not any absolutes. There are Buddha, and not alone, a lot of different Buddhas. But this concept of a single Buddha, of which there was everything in the world, you will not see. Therefore, the same Buddhists say, “What is the Absolute, are you guys!” But, nevertheless, if you kopnete Tantric Buddhism, there mantra mantra mantra chases. Why? Because it works even without a concept, here is a universal concept of the Absolute. Therefore, the mantra works, you know it, you do not understand, do you accept it, do not accept. This tells us that it is based on some more fundamental layers of existence than we can imagine.

But it is very difficult to practice something without having at least some explanation. Though some starting point, it is not nonsense. Because, to be honest and frank, when I first encountered the Mantra Vidya, still in his green youth, I do not understand, that’s what. And what is it like a parrot will teach me now-ass fool, fool-ass repeat as parrots are usually taught. I was the first thing – the mind rebelled. Because it is contrary to everything that I know of life before. And, of course, I needed some kind of starting point to take it seriously. Too bad that I came then the book, which was focused on the Hindu religion-like-shape.

Then I began to appear sane books. The same book of Avalon, which have already given a starting point in common with them the concept of worldview. And he really showed me that even the Hindu point of view with their religiosity is not meaningless. And, moreover, it is one of the possible starting points for the average Indian, but not for Europeans. Now, I do not care, Indian, not Hindu. My consciousness has expanded. I can look at and so, and that, above and below. And then, imagine, getting a good education, Soviet. Atheistic, not an atheist – minor matters, in terms of what’s all very logical. If you do something, you should understand what you’re doing. And I start to make do what I do not understand. I’m starting to swear, I do not like. And here and float all these numerous explanations that somehow, you know, give a pacifier mind. Here the mind is still small and he can cry, no matter how understanding. Here it is necessary to give him the gum to get behind. Well, if you do not understand something in order not to interfere.

Question about the fact that as soon as we are to anyone or anything cling, we create the preconditions for the suffering. Alternatively, in order to lose the object to which we cling. It is directly or indirectly connected with the fact that violating their free will? It turns out that the system as it seeks to redress the balance? What if we said – my, we have encroached on the free will of another person, if in relation to the people. Or is it something else connected?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, once there is a question. Here is the thing, it does not live. I do not break her free will, because it is still, in whose hands it is. Those souls that make up atoms, they do not care. They are in a different plane, we do not cross. So the question here is by yourself and not the other. Those. if you make an association with something else, go there on it prana, expect that this association is to be forever, and then something starts to happen object or person, then there are some metamorphosis. My wife went to a neighbor or something. It turns out that the connection remains and an object somewhere has got to. Communication begins to tear. All cycled prana, which has been involved in this association, starts roughly face forehead. Which, as you know, such a band, you are pulled, cut, and it hurts you, hurts. That is the danger of attachment. We have something with something associate, upload your own energy, or prana enjoyment of pleasure, and then create a premise that this prana was divided in half and faced their foreheads. We transform your prana pleasure in the suffering of prana. What it is called pain.

Q: Yes, it is a prerequisite for the emergence of pain. I remember from the lecture. And here it is that we create the preconditions for the loss of what have become attached, and it was a snap to people and to things and perhaps to something like that.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is necessary in the context of

Q: We had a workshop on wise and bandha, we touched it, to a greater extent on wise and casual bandha. But in the practice of pranayama yoga, particularly in Kapalabhati, we are very often at the end, in the delay, use the lock and a breath from heaven. That can be more?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We have muscles in our body device are obvious, clear and familiar, but there is not obvious, is not clear and is not familiar. And, in particular, a group of muscles located at the base of the body. Are associated with our sexual organs that are associated with the output bodies, anus, etc. We usually poorly recognize these muscles and control, and they, in turn, are closed at the thinner streams sensations and consequently prana flows. And here are born the art that if a certain group of muscles in a certain way somehow to strain, to cut, it is possible to redirect the flow of prana.

So here are born these techniques bandh. The word bandha can be translated as the word castle. As some obstacle, some hoop, something binding. I usually, as a joke, always add that in the same Tibet meant by the word bandha strike. This is when the workers go out and everything stops. This is when something stops that were before then. And applied Mula bandha is when we reduce perineal muscles, those muscles that we are aware of at least a little, at least a little control. We begin to cut them and thus a wave of sensations, a wave of reactions in our body changes and we feel within ourselves a very different effect. Because the fine structure of the person assumes that there is some kind of circulation of prana. Here we have this prana as it is in a different aim. That gives it a completely wonderful results in some practices just wonderful.

Also known Uddiyana bandha. This is when we pull the stomach, as you exhale, as a rule, and rushes up, draw in the abdominal organs, everything related to our stomach. We will use those muscles, which in ordinary life we are not under the control for which we do not pay attention, and just create the conditions that we have everything kak-to different feel, flows, experienced and reaction to it all quite another.

Jalandhara bandha is when we drop head so that his chin was stuck in place in the area of the fovea. The same situation, once we have overlapping groups of muscles in the neck area of any other sensations flows. There are different description of the processes that take place within us. In particular, there is a school of yoga, who say that the overall flow of prana in our body is divided into five main major Pranas and five minor Pranas. That is, if in a different way, so that the momentum of vitality that comes from our Higher Self or the Absolute. As you like, it has five major works – the body and the five auxiliary.

One of the most important branches of prana just responsible for the inhalation of air. We want to breathe, so it is responsible for a certain part of prana. It is in the texts is called Prana Prana. Those. Prana Prana is called. Butter Pancake.

There is another group of processes, which removes from our body’s waste products. Which, if we’re talking about sex without a loss, it is somehow very much responsible for this factor of the loss. This is called Prana Apana. Here we go to the toilet, here ejaculation in men. In fact, there is a physical component, but there is a subtle components. To the extent that these are the families of women. A certain trend so pronounced that some output down.

As there is Prana Prana, Apana Prana, Udana Prana Prana Viana. Now I will not overload you. Each of them has a pronounced accent, aspect. Something out there is responsible for the digestion of food, something for general distribution. But the fact is that that’s such flows within us there. And they make all of our internal thin structure of work, and they, in turn, support the work of our physical body. In fact, we ate dinner, and we do not think how he’s digested. Or we go to the toilet and did not think of herself as if to throw away waste products. It’s like a get to itself. Or we do not think how to breathe in the air, he inhaled like.

So, if you use the bandha, the action of these are well-established and familiar to us flows, processes can be deployed on diametrically opposite. Well, in particular, make Apana Prana flow is not down, but up. This achieves a very interesting effects that let us first understand what Prana is, pure, and when we realize that there is prana in its pure form, understand the source of their Prana, again, your Higher Self, or the manifestation of the Absolute. In particular, today we mentioned a topic such as yoga mudra, or yoni mudra. This is a coordinated use of all bandha, thus, all domestic and flows prana, to lift themselves forcibly in predsostoyanie samadhi.

Also, this issue is clearly linked to the theme of pranayama yoga, there is very important. Since some of you are exploring the Triad, all the same processes occur during sex. Therefore, such an interesting point, if you want to link these yoga, consider how muscles work with you. However, I am getting ahead of myself, not the diocese, I got into yoga Union. If you analyze, you will understand intuitively how you operate certain mudras and bandhas, because they are there, automatically start working. Here’s a short- answer. We even once had a workshop. Perhaps even he survived. I’m Constantine Lipin ask to collect all that is on this topic. Preserved not all. A large part is lost, even from what I read. Sloppiness, to be honest, and above all, my carelessness. We had to check, and I waved. Now, re-read, like an idiot. In my opinion I remained workshop on wise and bandha. Something there, I remember, it was.

Q: So do the right thing? We breathed and …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, no, my friends. And then I’ll go into such a jungle. There are certain types of yoga, it is in a few words to say. Theory bandh wise and very profound, not less deep, and can be, in practical terms, more important than all the practices associated with the visualization of the chakras, etc., etc.. To visualize something, you have at least something to feel at least some islet inside. And when you close your eyes and see within yourself hopeless darkness, you do not even know, and where there is that in general can be. We need at least some impetus to the internal sensations and in this respect.

Of course, the approach nadhov approach these schools of yoga-related Kaula doctrine, he is known to respect. You know, they have a saying in the course of that, in order to drink cow’s milk, it is not necessary to read hymns praising the cow, you just have to go find the udder and to milk it just to get a drink of milk. And they were serious enough developed system it is practical to work with mudras, bandhas, bindu, etc., etc.. But there is certainly a very severe discipline. Such freebies as we have. There to get into a group dedicated to … There’s immediately look at the person and deploy. If you see the slightest frivolity as we rave, it does not pass. Those. them toward asceticism. In a way it is good in its own way a bad thing. You know, every thing has two sides. I once saw a couple of times. Steel float followers. This is a very hands-on exercises, but gradually they must be treated nicely. Therefore, we, in fact, not forcing this topic.

Question: But the fire ritual. If exercise is not one, but several people. The sequence of libations of oil at a time or simultaneously?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are different options. There are options when multiple people at once throw. There is an option when someone is leading a major, when someone helps him, etc .. In general, the Vedic ritual is, from the time of the Rig Veda, any Khatari, Cathars, ie the chief priest, if so to speak in Russian. Help him, the one who is responsible for the preparation or execution of, and who is this. Sometimes there are such numbers that, if you want to strengthen the ritual, then there must be a ritual number of those present and a certain percentage of Brahmins. For every five people should be one Brahmin, no less. This, as you know, specific, narrowly sharpened under the specific objectives. If the common practice, the more, the better it is.

Question: That is the order does not really matter?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As a rule, begins one who understands even a little more, so that others at least know what to do then.

Q: I do not know if I remember correctly the information but, in my opinion, to yoga visualization said that the outside world – a mirror of ourselves, only in the future. Here I thought that this concept with respect to the future?

Correct listener: in the past!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You frighten me. Causation beginning to unravel.

Next: In the past … That’s interesting to me that in relation to the teachers of the past is also the same?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you, my friends ?! Execution can not be pardoned. The comma, there is diametrically. If we see the future, then what about the law of karma we? Here I am now suffering. Why? Because the world is so bad. And why it is so bad? Because I see it in the future. The world that I then make, but it is now front of me …

Question: Can a state not breathing?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, the state is not breathing or Kevela Kevala. This is such an important milestone in yoga, in particular Pranayama yoga. For you to understand the essence of what, strictly speaking, speech, remember when you were surprised chem-to or chem-to captured chto-to interesting, if you watch him, you suddenly see that your breathing has stopped . Sometimes it stops so much that people feel suffocated and then only notes that he stopped breathing. Here is probably the vylesh bucket of cold water, this condition occurs, how to grab. Very amazing condition. Here is such a milestone on the path of yoga, when achieved one way or another kind of one-pointedness of the mind, it automatically makes breathing a different work. And it is this goal to achieve in the pranayama yoga and meditation yogis. Because there is a linkage between breathing and thinking. Working on one, you can get the effect on the other and back. And so it is believed that in pranayama, sooner or later we come to a state where we do not breathe, and you do not want to breathe.

Question: There are these feelings, it is necessary to make longer. Is it safe?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s completely safe, that is, as one would say the doctors, if you hold your breath more than able to sustain, awaken the most ancient structure of your nervous system, shut off the mind and make you breathe. We are so made. This is the deep stratum of our instinctive reactions. Therefore, it is safe, do not choke.

Friends, I propose to make a yoga stretch. Who wants to, of course. I suggest to open the book, Neil Davey anything there about Tilopa and Naropa, someone read aloud. Let’s find it, I’ll choose the desired track, and someone will be reckoned. Evans Wentz has six yogas of Naropa. How many of you read Swami Ananda Raja Yoga. Here let’s read. It’s a classic, it is necessary to know everything.

After practicing.

You know, when you do yoga, and before your eyes burning stove. And you is not critical. You’re just doing pranayama in the street. Come, look at her, walking, etc. Then you start to deal with a sudden and spontaneous idiotic idea that you stove. What is the basis of your body is a fire, the central channel – a tube, and on the top of the head – the smoke. A similar kind of pictures that work out, sometimes spontaneously born. That is, you take from the environment some detail, and here it is you begin.

Here is one such example. I should have to fix the motor. You know, these fans. Typically, such large engines. And he was a three-phase. Not as a conventional 220 volt, three phase and. Here at all industrial enterprises such current is applied. So, I did chinyu. Look. And there had to be the same from one phase to make it a three-phase, so it started. This contraption device need to be collected. I collected it. Plugged in, and suddenly he’s earned me! Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo! So powerfully earned. Then I went to practice Pranayama and began to breathe. And now I have this image visualization, I have one of the chakras, this is just the electric motor. And I’m using triple medication – Jnana, Kriya and iccha, am getting three phases, and I have it begins to spin the appropriate center.

As you can imagine, quite out of the ordinary life situations and phenomena. They are to be superimposed sensation processes and amplifies one another. Practice brighter highlights spontaneously invented this way. A spontaneously invented image, in turn, provides better practice. Numerous exercises, pranayama yoga it is very well used. Clearly, all chose it objects that were near them.

Therefore, for example, in some Tibetan meditation here … Evans Vence open now, start reading. It is proposed, for example, in one practice, imagine that in the top of your head – hole. And there on a string down the Tibetan letter “A”. I am a long way, he could not imagine how looks like the letter “A”, but then he saw. Here. What is she, like a hook, falls down somewhere, it clings and pulls. Well, as you know, this image was conceived exclusively Tibetan. Exclusively. I understand that the letter “A” Tibetan – a variant, converted from Sanskrit. Once there, they have altered their alphabet. As well, let’s say, some fisherman submitted that he had on his head a hole and bait to get you to drop your hook bait to get the fish. What does, say, reading some text heavy? “… You should see the blue chakra, as some petals at the base, there is some silver moon. On this moon you should see something something something something … “You have to understand that some of the practitioners who left the descriptions of the chakra, it is, in fact, well here it was such an image.

Note: he could take only …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev … environment! So why be surprised that some of the things you will not go, because you do not know what to submit. And, of course, absolutely idiotic it sounds, when I see this esoteric mold, as I call it. They’re a piece of read, then. These all-seeing, hear, all-knowing. And they all begin zombie, program: “You should see the red chakra in this place with green petals.” A sort of voice that does not allow even questioned substitute. That’s just as it should be. Oh, can not you see? Or see a different color? So you can not see anything! So this is obscurantism are now bred – tons! And each is a gopher – agronomist. And one begins to shout that the only way he sees it should be. And God only knows what he sees? Therefore, for example, the image of the chakra system. Drew Woodroffe. Woodruff asked the artist to paint. Drawn. He published it in his book, in particular, in the “Serpent Power”, chakra image. And they went for a walk around the planet. And he asked the man just draw. He does not even from somewhere in the ancient treatise. And just I took a verbal description and asked. Heard? Heard! And now draw!

Comment: abstract drawing.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, yes! And now it all with aspiration: “How wrong you drew! What have you got? No, this is not the correct chakra! “. That this horror. I say, I remember the good old word-the old Soviet Union. Yes, indeed, it is, at times, destroying what we would have to leave. But he plowed a field that did not have mold. Weeds consciousness was not! And now these weeds proliferate. And they slaughtered yoga. They clog this complex topic. Therefore, it is necessary to treat … There is visualization – good! It does not go, so to hell with him! What is primary, what is secondary? Primary – you. You must believe, first of all, my feelings, my own experience. Personally, my! Not the fact that it is written in the book is not what I’m telling you. And then everything else.

Question: I understand. I just asked the question incorrectly. I, in fact, the whole day just doing that I breathe. But then what is the difference between practice and a normal life?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: there is a difference.

Clarification: Now, that’s like today, that it seemed that there is a difference, but not much.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m just afraid to give you a forced pranayama. Very afraid. You are not ready. I know for sure – will have problems, I do not need. You will begin to overheat. Massa still that will-be-will, that I do not need absolutely. Therefore, if you give a certain way pranayama, with a certain rhythm, with certain conditions, I assure you, you will very quickly realize that you do not understand anything. But everything should be in accordance with the law of Rita. Harmoniously and in due time. Do any exalted sense is not present. Everything must come in its time.

Question: I have in the classroom constantly asked about Kriya Yoga. Why this time – 1 minute 15 seconds? And what is Kriya mantra? Well, it says that this time the 108 repetitions.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, Kriya mantra, the mantra is such that, if it is to say 108 times, you get about 1 minute 15 seconds. Everything is very simple.

Q: No, but it sounds like something?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: understand the concept of Kriya mantra, as it were translated “mantra, which cleans.” And so these options mantra can be a huge amount. In fact of the matter is that we do not know – or do not any any. This silent tracts and teachings. Well, if there are variants of one of the Gayatri Mantra is now known for more than twenty, I will not be surprised that Kriya mantra huge amount. But it does not matter. It is important that the look – here you are today, do black Kriya. It differs by only 45 seconds. Fifteen minutes or two minutes, and feeling as if it was a different system. You see? Although not well 5 times increased, and only even less than two times. And suddenly again! And everything changed! Therefore, the execution time is enough good factor. Not too little and not too much.

Question: What can a specific answer on this issue?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: what’s the question? Give Kriya mantra?

Q: Yes, let Kriya mantra, and where did this time?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: time, yes. That’s how I said it because, as I understand it personally, maybe I really do not understand the deepest mysteries. But, as I understand it, exactly. As for Kriya mantra, to be honest, I understand that this is a secondary topic. It is, as it were, a bunch of Kriya Yoga with yoga mantra. That is, it’s … you know, first learn Kriya Yoga, then mantra yoga, and then mix. So I understand this ideology. Actually, I doubt that it must be really a lot of people. Well, if it is absolutely squeeze, let them engage in any sort of mantra. You do not have to know. Kriya Mantra, the same kind of thing. The mantra should be dedication, then, lo, the fifth or the tenth. Not so, it is written, he struck and drove all ran.

Question: A brief should be the mantra, if 108 times.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, count how many seconds it turns on the mantra. It is necessary to divide the 75 seconds to 108 seconds less. Zero something seconds. 0.7 seconds. What can be said for 0.7 seconds? Hrim. Mono has some Bija Mantra.

Q: Well, for example, what to say?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: no answer. That is, stop! You have the right not to answer questions! You see? Do you have a sacred right not to answer. The fact that someone ask you a question, does not mean that you have to answer them! I’m here myself say: “Guys, ask questions.” Why? Because it is necessary to create a common mental field. But this does not mean that you have to behave this way. You can say anything you like, “I do not know.” Or: “It’s only for the adept of the fifth ray of the seventh way to white sneakers and a green cloak!” Or: “It is only after gaining a turban!” Usually in the left ear at the full moon at 12 o’clock at night whispering this Kriya mantra, etc. And you can not say anything at all.

Once again, my friends! You have the right not to say anything on the question. Without explaining the reasons why you do not say anything. You are not tied up to reveal the greatest secrets of yoga. You will not be tied to explain all the nuances and the whole theory. It is not your job, not your job. You, as a teacher of yoga, have to do only the following. If you give some practice, you have to give a description, so that people can make it. You may not even know the principles on which this practice works. You do not learn from teachers of life. You learn from yoga instructors, yoga teachers and then.

First on the instructor. Instructor, you know, shooting. You come, and he will say: “To hit the target, you need to combine the fly with something with something and press gently on the trigger.” But shooting instructor can not ear or snout does not understand the internal mechanics of the weapon, if it is difficult. It’s not his problem. There is a higher grading – the teacher, who can tell you, maybe some specific principles of devices. And there is no professor ever sciences, which, indeed, know from start to finish everything as it is working.

So, it is meaningless to ask the instructor what he knows. You are not on the exam. You work very narrowly delineated. Why would you ask a primary school teacher, “What Einstein derived his famous equation E = M * C * C”? That’s exactly the same here. Why do you have to meet. Where did this Kriya mantra, what is this Kriya mantra and generally anyone. There are all sorts of yoga that you do not know? Here is such a response. And, generally speaking, you have a win-win move. Is there a website. It called www.openyoga.ru. There http://www.openyogaclass.com course. Here come back and teach. It does not say there are “catch a university professor, who teaches there.” You indulgence. You have the right not to know. Go there. You do not have to attention and become so apologetically excuses why you do not know Kriya mantra. Yes, you are still a lot of you do not know. But this is not a reason to everyone now, all life has to stop, you have to answer these questions.

Question: is it possible to say, “if you will engage themselves, sooner or later an answer?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, this is, again, give some unrealistic advances. Suddenly he never pereotkroet? Why do you need this?

Question: ie It is better to do too much with his disciples not to tell?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yes, it is better not to talk too much. Sent to the courses. By the way, is very good. If you are sent, and then asked, “Well, what?” And it is to you, “What? What”? Well? I was courses? And it is to you, “No, it was not.” You’ll strain to turn out inside out, to answer questions that you do not fully understand. This curiosity for it. Very clear. 2nd yoga principle.

Question: You talked a lot about yoga nidra, but I did not understand what to do, when we are here in this border state. You just need to keep track of this state? Or just to visualize?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: we must recognize it. Who yesterday was not at practice? And who was that? I quietly complicated. The next step – you need to recognize the nature of this world. The nature of this world – it is the light of your I, or the light of the Absolute, as someone like that. And it’s a constant, which is imposed on the rest. And it is clear that this needs to be done. The first – is to recognize, to get used to, to understand what it is. And then – hold.

So Nidra. We have a Dream Yoga. I remind you that there are three states you have to give way to the idea, one after the other. Sleep with dreams, the waking state, there is a dreamless sleep. And so it goes, one after another: the first for the second, the second of the third. In general, they are mixed. And when we work in a dream, it’s Yoga Dreams. But under the dream yoga is understood a bit more than just a job in a dream. Under yoga Dreams understood and some work to prepare for waking to the fact that you will sleep in a dream, etc. We are with you some the most advanced, the most insignificant exercise start to work out, so at least some to do the first step on this path.

So, what we are now going to work? We are going to work with you with the state, when you awake will go into the sleep state. At this point, when waking a feeling has gone, and sleep sensation that you captured, it has not come yet, there is such as it were, a bunch of cross-linking of these two states. A certain a transitional state. What characterizes this state? However, we would like the curtain reopened in the side of the substrate of the universe or in the direction of a single reality. We have been given a single reality, but we consistently look, then by wakefulness, then from dreams, from a dreamless sleep the single reality.

But at a time when you move from one state to another, as it were reopened a deeper level-layer, which is closer to the state of a single supreme reality. And your task is: Now start to relax, and then try to have arisen state of thoughtlessness. And try to grab such a sensation as if it were a light or some kind of a deep substrate of existence, which is common, as in the waking state and the dream state, but more accurately, it is just visible at the time of junction. As if it was a light, so that when it was the realization that the awareness of being, but the awareness of thoughts, images, etc.

Your task is, accordingly, try to see it, recognize it, get used to it, to realize it. That this light, as it were. And hold it. As far as work. Someone can not get anything, someone may be some glimmers. This, like everything else in yoga, a matter of practice. The question to pay attention to this and later work with it. Therefore, once again, your job is to catch the moment of transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep. Some are deeper strata of life. Focus on them and keep them. That’s the problem. Any questions? Then we will start without wasting time. Lie on your back.

Question: If some images, or let them continue to focus on the light?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: your job is, of course, be in thoughtlessness. And any image will provoke the emergence of uncontrollable parasitic chains of thoughts that will distract you from this being the substrate of the light, the reality of the canvas on which is painted the whole picture of sleep, etc.

Who’s the day before yesterday in practice has not been? Your task – to remain in thoughtlessness, how would highlight what is happening in every way not to allow the flow of thoughts, which can be triggered by anything.

So, lie down on your back. Legs are straight, not crossed. Hands along the body. The face looking up. The neck is not twisted or to the left or the right, and straight along the body. Now we look through the eye of their feet and say to yourself, “My feet are relaxed.” View your hands and say to ourselves: “My hands are relaxed.” View your body and say to yourself, “My body is relaxed.” We review your face, forehead, cheeks, ears, lips, and say to ourselves: “My face is relaxed.” Now breaths slower and slower. Thoughts in my head no. The head is empty.

Now we feel at the center of his chest beautiful lotus and say to ourselves: “May all beings be happy!” Introducing, as it wishes, in the form of light waves coming out, it passes through our body in all directions. So the surrounding universe and makes it bright glow brightly. We recite a second time to himself: “May all beings be happy!” And we see how the wave of light passes through us, out into the surrounding universe, increasing glow around. We are the third time myself utter the phrase: “May all beings be happy!” And this wave of light spreading, pouring all around. Spread throughout the universe.

And now, in the thoughtlessness, we feel light filled the world. Themselves. And now, suddenly, the floor was gone, and we’re starting to fall down in a cloud of light, “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!” We try to identify, seize and realize in his thoughtlessness this basis of clarity of the world. In the future it will be possible to roll over on any side or lie on your stomach. Behave well. To make it as comfortable as possible. And I wish you a successful practice and leave you.

Q: Catherine, the group Astra correspondence student. I would like to ask the question: do we have a yoga school, are any rules. I know that in Dzogchen, I’m not asking you to comment on, just have a value of the right-hand left-hand side with respect to men and women, that is, when we stifle the wrist or draws in one foot on the choice, they say that women should draw in more than the left side let the right, and vice versa for men. This is due to the energy flow, if there is something we have?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, of course, such a detail is, very fine detailing practices using the left and right structures, in a sense, we are not symmetrical, it is true.

But I’ll tell you one story of a terrible, terrible story, which should lead you to the correct understanding of the practices of yoga. Once upon a time I was born, and then went to school, and should be there would be that I was left-handed. And so I began to study, I came to the first class. I do not know all that rosy enthusiastic, I was expecting to be something mysterious rainbow, fine, and was in uniform hell. Why? Because, I immediately began to retrain with the left hand to the right. They did it very systematically hurt and in evil. Obviously if you are a lifetime something with his left hand was doing, and then start writing the right, then you have bad handwriting and everything goes bad. And then we, shall we say, sensitive teacher told me: “He writes like hen tracks.” A young child, my friends, so you can talk ?! Not because I was there deliberately tried to write something ugly, no, I have tried, as best he could.

It’s the same thing that you now give a pen and ask to pinch between the thumb of the left leg and try something to write beautifully. In general, we experimented on me cool. This is the legacy of the totalitarian Soviet system, where if you’re not like everyone else, you have to either alter or destroy. In fact, if a long time to beat the hare, it is possible to learn to play the accordion, in general, let me long beat, and learned to write with his right hand. But you can imagine what it cost me in the mental plane. Moreover, a small child. Lord, for seven years! What did he understand in life ?!

And, of course, that I then great – great tooth in the Russian language, because that is what is called the Russian language, all these rules and so on, this kind of artificial, divorced from reality, far-fetched concept, with no attitude to life. Well, in proof of his words I can refer to a famous experiment, such as in a certain year, the State Duma deputies have proposed to write a dictation. More than half have written on a deuce. Friends, if more than half the people can not cope with the regulations that have been invented, then it is the wrong rule! This is not the right people! This rule is not correct. And, as a result, I started having problems with the Russian language.

And indeed, over the Russian language mocked. Russian language, it is very close to the Vedic language, Sanskrit, and to all the rules of Vedic and Sanskrit in the first place to the sound, and write the same word can be different letters. This way, this is a very serious topic, which opens great horizons in the interpretation. Because all of the recorded Vedas, they actually had to pass phonetics, but not the letter writing.

And over the Russian language mocked. First, they brought the alphabet, which does not correspond to the phonetics of the language. When you take the alphabet of a foreign language, and I would remind you that we had two alphabets: Cyrillic and Glagolitic. Properly speaking, and he and the other introduced from the outside, they do not correspond to the phonetic system. That, again, prove it – does not exist in the nature of a word beginning with “f” of Russian origin. No one! We just did not have such a combination of sounds! That’s what I want to say that very much mocked such artificial rules. That, firstly, it is necessary from left to right or right to left there. That, secondly, it must be written therein and nothing else, and so on.

And, here, this is one of the terrible monstrous problems in yoga when, not understanding how this or that thing works, in yoga begins to intrude, “You are the mantra and mudra should be done with the left hand and a rosary in the left to read.” And I always wonder – it is for right-handed or left-handed? Since no explanation, no, I remember my wonderful childhood, and I understand that the general rules given in the bulk of the people, that is, for right-handers. And how it is there in reality, the one Lord God knows. And for this reason, I urge you, my friends, to abandon the obscurantism, even if it is whitened Vedic tradition for centuries. It does not mean anything if you’re her, as it were, not pereotkroete.

Yes, you can do the first steps, the dictates of this or that tradition, but you should very clearly and strictly critical approach to these points, otherwise we are God knows where. So I suggested to you in your personal practice, this time to consider and note remembering his terrible childhood experiences, I try not to differentiate between “left – right”, I try not to be allocated to this focus. I said, “One hand, one hand, one leg with the other leg, one nostril the other nostril.” I consciously go at it consciously. Because, I know that can be a situation like me. If you go inside the process, you unconsciously they catch it, and bring them to the desired level.

All’s well done (joined palms). Above you thumb a hand? Left? Right? Let us so who left? Who has the right? Well, look, this is one way to determine what your dominant side, certainly not a hundred percent. If you have left your finger from the top, then you hidden lefty.

And if I open the left-hander, and take the right? What I want to say, it would seem, yes, when you do this exercise, like me, and others should be, and then you look around, and there’s different ?! And now add in another hand. Conveniently? Uncomfortable! That’s exactly the same when you take of the ancient manuscripts clearly differentiated practice of the right and left, you have to understand, and suddenly the same effect – it is convenient, it is inconvenient.

I am interested in, they also have a recommendatory nature, they do not talk like that, and that’s it. So, let’s not about others, let’s about us. Just there’s some background: the difference between male and female, right and left. Do not understand. It is said that there is a difference between a man and a woman, not between left-handers and right-handers, as someone comfortable. Friends, once again, one man right handed and the other left-handed, right-handed, one woman, and the other left-handed and how will you determine? You understand, right? It changes everything. A pair of male and female right-handed – they have one, a pair of male and female left-hander – they are different. Couple: right-handed woman, a man left-handed – in the third. A couple that we’ve got left, male right-handed, left-handed woman – on the fourth. Four possible scenarios – combinatorics – called in mathematics. Therefore, here is the same as that in the first case. And what can we say? It is necessary to examine each individually, and then the combination of the interaction. That’s the situation.

Well, as you know, is there, in some cases – a woman on the left side of the man. Why is the left side? Yes, for a simple reason – if a man is right-handed, and he had to grab the sword from its sheath, or even that there is to do, it is clear, will make right hand. And the woman on the right side it is very much in the way. Or remember that I saw in the film, I began to explore some medieval castles. It was found out that some are built, are twisted tower ladder, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. We began to think, and that one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise? It turned out that he was born, the majority of right-handers. It is assumed that when you defend themselves and rise to the top, imagine you are holding a sword, and thou, departing, going to fight so that the right hand is more convenient razila striker. A different kind of turned out – left-handers. And they did all the same, only in the opposite direction.

Therefore, once again I want to bring to the main point – the nuances, the details very much. The question is: you must first understand the principles on which everything is built, then get acquainted with some sort of legacy. But the most important thing is to rediscover the personal practice, which we all understand correctly. Therefore, especially such dances are not satisfied, if you left nostril breathing, then you should do if you have the right nostril breathing, you should make sho. This may not mean anything. Then go.

Question: Cyril, Kiev, group Catur. I have a question about the attention. We had such a bunch, it was mentioned many times that for attention to be consciousness of consciousness should be energy. And I have a feeling that meditation practice is the self-inductance, ie, you pay attention to yourself and to increase the flow of prana, etc.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, the thing is that usually we tend to see the world outside of our body and more attention paid to it at the expense of what is happening inside us. Those. We close our eyes and only then begin to feel some internal processes within itself. In general, all life leads us to live without. And, accordingly, if we transfer your consciousness outward, the association is formed. For consciousness, indeed, with the associative relationship is prana. Not the fact that the first consciousness, then energy may be the opposite – the energy first, then consciousness. You could kick anyone and only then you turn your mind and attention.

The issue is that we begin to live the outer life, and this is very dangerous. Now, my friends, my least favorite topic. I see that coming a terrible economic crisis that peretryahnet all. It will be similar, probably, World War II, after which the world will change. God forbid, of course, it will come. Better let himself somehow all nezametnenko corrected. See this situation. All media, all ideologies, all meditation leads us to live out. It causes us to be successful, rich. Why? Because we are used to living outside and our mood depends on how we occupy the status among the people or by external things, and we have the capabilities. And now, all of our Prana goes out. And now, if the outside world begins to fall apart, it will be very painful for everyone.

And imagine some yoga, or yogis who have balanced their lives. Part of the associative links, indeed, goes out, and the other half goes inside. In his personal meditation, when you sit down and explore your inner world. Those. another part of the associative links and your prana always remains inside. And no matter what happens on the outside, you will perceive it less painful, if part of the prana with associative inside.

To illustrate this example, I will bring such cases. That there are such people, they are called the scientists in the world today. These are people who are exploring this or that question. Mathematics, physics. As an extreme case of such a scientist, take math. Why? Because in mathematics need least some equipment, some experiments to know the highest secrets of existence. And now it turns out that a mathematician living in some world of their own inside is in harmony, even if the outside everything is in the tar-Tarara. Why? Because it can always sniffing back inside, and there are all comfortable. Whatever the economic crisis, the mathematical laws do not change. They are more fundamental than anything is.

But to live only in his world and not live outside and not rational. Therefore, and calls for each of you, so you have developed a way of life that some part of you of your attention, as a consequence of associative relations and as a result, prana always in your inner world, and some part in the outdoor world. And, if you correctly transfer the focus, so play your attention, you will unravel the most complex karmic knots.

For example, the turmoil outside, you went into the inner meditation, visualization, practice. Here is the word “retreat.” It is, as you know, of Latin origin. It is one of the values of the mean deviation. You know how the troops are retreating. In fact, when you hear the retreat practice, it means that you are throwing your external problems and go into the inner world of experiences and sensations. So, as soon as the troubles outside, you – jumping inside. And during this time, and the outside is something resolved. But then you start practicing some practice, and you start some internal restructure. Seriously rebuild, especially if you practice pranayama yoga or even some yoga. And when something inside is rebuilt, it begins to break down the internal associative connections as if it were a domestic economic crisis. But do not worry. You just moved the attention of the outside. Let’s do karma yoga work or socializing with like-minded people, or come to the workshop and more to communicate with others outside.

And now, good shift in emphasis from the inside out allows you to always move away from pain. And the pain – is a consequence of your negative karma. This is the greatest medicine. I have a lot of examples I can give of life, when one and the same situation may be perceived as suffering and as pleasure. You sit, waiting for something, nervous, time goes by. And you at the same time might be reading an interesting book. Time would have passed unnoticed. From the point of view of your karma, nothing has changed. Your karma, for example, had to sit for two hours. And you have to sit out for two hours. On the other hand, as you had served, two big differences.

I was familiar from Bashkiria. He came to Moscow in 90 years. It was then that it took the police and lukewarm, and planted, the poor guy in the monkey. It is such a cell at the police station. Planted to find out who he is, where he has a residence permit, all the cases. Honestly, when I hear the word residence, I was starting to shake inside. So, they put him in a monkey or an innocent person. And it looked decent, not a bum, a diplomat, a tie, and he was put into a monkey. And there, around some homeless, some associative elements. And he was with a book, there is something for some computer cases. He took it calmly and began to read. And so engrossed in, I carried away that he did not understand how the time has flown by it. According to the law you can not keep a man in the monkey more than three hours. You either have to be charged, and then extended to three days, either to apologize and release. It is clear why this is done. The man starts to get nervous and give paw. And then they see a man sitting frostbitten reads. Money from it obviously did not get it because they feel comfortable. Instead, he read out to him all this indifferently. And, accordingly, they looked at him, looked, they saw that this man has the focus shifted to the inner world, which they do not enter. You’re a monkey in his inner world will not plant. They have fallen off. And this is a very serious thing – a shift in focus. Shifting with the outer world to the inner. If you learn to do it properly, you can avoid a lot of problems in his life.


So, they all stood up, clenched his fists, hold. Bent knees, his fists above his head hold. We hold until the pain does not arise. And now remember that we were betrayed, hurt, did not fulfill the promise. And we feel the pain, the inability to get out of this state. Problems at work, at home, anywhere. And what do we do? Unclench their fists, lie down and say:

Oh, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

My feet are relaxed, my hands are relaxed, my body relaxed.

Oh, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

I have no problem, because I was dead.

(Silence a few minutes)

We lay down on his side, then sit down, then stand up. Shake. This form of massage. Tactile samonyasa.

Q: People who come to our classes, especially they need from us asanas, pranayama is not, do not attempt to be clever, and inspiration. And the question arose as to bring inspiration? We are mindful of the fact that knowledge can only bring the Absolute. We Guides in this sense. But anyway…

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Even without wires, not less. That is, who removes obstacles scavengers who sweep.

Update: From our personal experience, how to bring inspiration to the people?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, this is not what to do once, do two, do three. Inspiration, or the sverhlogichny impulse higher than the logic, although it is not contrary to logic. It is higher than the senses, although it is not contrary to the senses. What yoga it is called the word “bhava”. This is akin to love, this feeling is akin to the subtle, elusive, which can not be transferred. In this respect, what works? For you, for yoga teachers, is the moment, what we call empowerment. At the time of training you – representatives of the Clouds School. And the more you will remember the teachers, the more you will feel the grandeur of the Absolute, the better you get to tune in to this wave, and the more you will have to go through, even regardless of what emotions you have inside.

I remind you of the relevant provisions of teaching yoga. It may happen that you come to teach yoga, and you have a doubt, life any problems. Is that not enough. Or just in a bad mood, or you do not get enough sleep or feel bad. And that is the magic of cloud schools? There are two parallel worlds. The first parallel world – this is your karma. For example, you and your husband had a fight or quarrel, or quarreled. Or work that is not glued. And it affects only you. And the other part of your consciousness is tuned to all this tradition, on knowledge. And in another part of your care is carried out to remove obstacles

For people. That they have themselves rediscovered this inspiration, or that they are directly connected with the Cloud School. This is sometimes a very interesting result. I will say for myself. I am very busy. It turns out that I’m one seminar, in my mind right now is some serious work in a different direction. Moreover, there are some people of practice, and today I do not care how they are now is practice. Another mass of all, with different emotional polarity. Something I am satisfied, satisfied, something is acceptable, something I like, and what is causing my anxiety. But at the same time I have to read you a lecture, conduct some classes and seminars. And I often watched the effect that the matter in which I myself am able to, no matter what I go parallel case, if I constantly remember about Cloud School, the Masters, I, indeed, this sense, become a guide only. Regardless of whether I personally perceive this moment something or not.

Here is a very interesting paradox. Very strange, in fact, teaching yoga property. I know that if a student is poorly studied, then later, when it comes to teaching practice, for many one of the most unpleasant moments when they begin to teach and understand that, in fact, do not understand in this life. They even moved in our school. We listened to seminars and lectures. But these were mere words that could not be opened inside. It is only with practice, it all comes. So it turns out that convey the inspiration we can not of himself, but through themselves to others. And the biggest mistake.

Here I remember, we have to Basim, when he first came, such disputes were at daggers drawn. Basim came to us to learn, and believed that it is necessary to first generate a state, and then pour it to the people. I said, “Basim, you will not last long, because you have to pass through a thousand people. And generate status and pour it to the people you will be able to one or two, not more. And then you all, you’ll burn. ” We have long argued, Basim disagreed. I have all of them such that Basim, Mark, they finger in her mouth no luggage. See what our atmosphere, very friendly. Flock mates … (laughter). It’s not what I said, and everyone said: “The party said it is necessary, the Young Communist League has said.” No! In this respect, they are the true representatives of our tradition. They do not believe a word. It is the hard way all the bugs will not do, that only could have been done, they will not believe. In this regard, I look at them and see myself, because I am just done.

So, the situation is as follows, if you grab the idea, you will be able to teach yoga painless much for a long time, and help millions of people. If you understand that in fact you are just a guide Bhava, Bhava that – it is the grace from above, as a mercy Cloud School. So once again, why we read in the ancient Vedas, as requested by the Rishis sages. They are, in addition to all the requests that we talked about, for himself asked Bhava, inspiration. And just as you are, my friends, the future teachers of yoga in the first place, should ask from the Clouds School of Teachers of all yogis and Yoginis, the Absolute, in the end, ask for inspiration. At first, everything else you have and so you just do not know how to take advantage of it. If you have for yourself will be the inspiration you for myself to practice. If you will flow through the inspiration, regardless of whether or not test it in this time, millions around you will receive it. And two big differences, for you personally and for the people. Accent – for people. First, ask for inspiration to the people, let the inspiration come to people through you. Suppose that you even will not feel it, do not realize. If only it helped people. This is extremely selfish motivation. If you will do so, I assure you, inspired you own personal will be more than enough.

I have heard this saying. Is the stock market, which revolves a lot of money. And there are people who work there. There are plenty of them all brokers, brokers, analysts, there just is not anyone. They are getting big salaries unthinkable, if all goes well. And among them there is a saying that whoever … and ask how are you, the day worked and earned twenty million, from? They always have the answer, that he who divides the cake, has the right to the crumbs. And, indeed, they passed through certain operations sometimes billions, and it’s too big risks. And if you’re not a qualified person, and made a mistake, then you can lose and this billion. And if you earned one billion, the twenty million you can, have a right to the crumbs, as the promotion of what you really turned professional. There is the same situation, my friends. If you learn to help other people, to communicate to them the inspiration, the inspiration you never leave themselves. In fact, no other way.

Question: In continuation of this theme, I want to ask whether it is necessary and indispensable condition for the person who gives some knowledge, rigorous faith in what he says? If a person is in something does not believe or doubt whether he can bring other, what would it opened to someone?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, the question here is even slightly different stands. Also a very important question. There is a direction of yoga called bhakti yoga. There is not even a question of faith, because in the end, faith can be, if there was some kind of personal experience. A question of loyalty. And now it turns out that I, for example, teach you some knowledge. For example, I open the Vedic knowledge, personally I did not have the experience to play them. Indeed, a lot of things I have in my private practice, I did and got a good result. But incomparably many more, which was not able to perform. But I have confidence in the fact that it works. Why do I have a trust? Because I have a commitment to the whole direction of yoga. And, you know, this is not the fanatical belief that I stupidly repeat that now distinguishes the many teachers today. That’s the book on Ayurveda something subtracted and fanatical eyes begins to distribute to all, without even thinking. Such faith thoughtlessness. It is not surprising that you have to answer the question and to describe those practices that you have not been able to practice themselves. And if you have not been able to practice itself, you sometimes do not even know, you do not have any emotions in relation to it. Tradition is – we are talking about.

Suppose we trust Einstein. Einstein derived the formula, which says that the energy contained in any mass is proportional to this mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light. We have never taken out this formula, we have never enjoyed the fruits of this formula. We did not blow up the nuclear bomb, do not run any satellites at a tremendous speed. But we have confidence. This is not a belief, it is rather a trust. And this trust enough to the teacher in the school to teach physics. Likewise here for you. Enough confidence to carry on those practices, which previously have been unable to fulfill until the end.

Question: I have a practical question on the same subject. I’m talking about the state of mind of the teacher. It seems to me that when a man is torn mind, the people who came to him, this is a very strong feeling. Can the personal practice of yoga mantra or visualization somehow block the spread to humans?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, let me once again, I want to seriously make a very strong emphasis. Of course, if the teacher comes, his hands – the legs are shaking. Of course, it is necessary to practice internal practice to put himself in order. But, strictly speaking, if you’re doing everything right according to the teachings of yoga teaching, then this is your parallel universe. And if you do not advertise it yourself, and show about it, no one even guess. Because it is a parallel universe. People who are in the classroom, they are generally in their universes. You to their universe is irrelevant. You just, take away the obstacles that they talked one on one with the Supreme, to the Cloud School. Therefore, if you strictly follow all of those requirements, which are set out in yoga teaching, ie, in a certain way to give exercise, certain rules explaining how to do it. No unnecessary words out loud, calibrated, etc., there will be no problems, and then it is disconnected two worlds. And your inner world, really, you can soothe any practices.

Question: There is a feeling, for example, at the seminar. Rather, this would be passed, and started a new one. And when coming to the end of the seminar is regrettable that it has already passed. How to deal with it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Honestly, I do wish to stop all of these seminars. Because I look, they turn not in that I wanted. They become, I think, to entertainment events, why would I absolutely did not want. Honestly I tell you frankly, hand on heart. When I somebody says: “I liked it somehow, and it is not pleasant,” I honestly do not understand what they want to tell me. You came to work and study. As you might have something like that, and do not like. How can you think, that’s better, but it’s worse? Or, let’s be the practice, but this will not be. You have arrived, in fact, practicing asceticism training. The fact that sometimes it is diluted practices that give a euphoric component, a free application.

That even our fellow neighbors. Look, whatever they have. Eight hours of sitting and write, and write … Merry practice somehow can not be called. Unfortunately, I felt this trend and it scared me, frankly, upset. What many came to this workshop to come off, to have fun, hang out. That, my friends, least of all, for which it was intended, so it is for this purpose. I was very annoying. You are very responsible people will be in the future, yoga teachers. You must like to cook in general mental field. Remember where to get yourself and where afford. When I hear someone something or do not like you or something or the circus came to stage some sort of theater? Yes, good, I liked and did not like it. I was, frankly, a little surprised, and I think we need to somehow keep stricter discipline.

Friends, I do not need this holiday on any grounds. There is no consideration which would have forced me to organize this festival. Meaning only one – Yoga. To you soaked with this atmosphere. Somewhere, perhaps, even informally, somewhere, maybe in some of these practices, where you carry the accent. That you had a smart accent of a sudden on the physical sensations went away, and once – on an emotional gone. But when I start to say, “Oh, something we do not get emotional, it would be better the other emotions.” I do not like it.

But there is another component, you are talking about, when, really, and then going away from the seminar, something is missing. This is a normal situation. Big is seen at a distance. But I also ask you one more time. Let’s not turn this rite into a farce! Are you serious people, you are serious training. The fact that I did not dwell on this, as you know, in the Soviet-type schools, where all sit at their desks, says that it is simply not rational. You will then be clamped too. You will be worse than absorb any information that I can give to the jokes, rhymes and so on. But I ask you again and again. Let us treat everything as asceticism. Here you come here and it’s austerity. Every day, asceticism, in the first place, and only then – the pleasure, if it suddenly pops up. Again, if you think you just turn up, have fun, better not come. Let you will have less, even if you have five people, but I’ll work just fine, I came than the zasobiralsya: “Oh, I do not like it.” Man going for a week, stayed for two days: “Oh, no, something I have gone.” You know what my attitude inside? Why am I doing all this while? What for? For what? Again. Fun of someone, be a clown in a circus, I will not. Donoso knowledge is another matter.

Basim: I would like to add. No more sites where people could meet and somehow interact with each other, if not violated yoga training.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Basim, what are we here for a dating agency, the agency is to find friends or something else? Friends, this Open Yoga University. The purpose of the Open University of Yoga – the yoga training teachers who will teach Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Pranayama yoga. All point. People are waiting. Millions, billions of people just do not know the elementary. And, frankly, I do not care about your personal problems. Your personal problems, whatever they may be, the most terrible, they are no match does not go with the shaft of horror that we have in the world. We have the complete degradation of relationships, complete degradation of family relations, the utter degradation of relations between husband and wife, between people in society in general. And, as a consequence, that these animal classifications, people do not even know where to stick. You, as a teacher of yoga, they open the way at least, so they went into their inner world. Yoga is a prerequisite for this. And the fact that this may be some other things, some bonuses for you, this free app is for you. It is not the purpose of it all.

Yes, indeed, you started this project of the Triad. This is the project of the Triad, I agree, in fact, another goal. Other assets and other relationships. But Triad – Triad is. Open Yoga University – this Outdoor Yoga University. Over there, please, get acquainted.

Basim: I do not mean sexual interaction between …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What sexual interaction? Do you think the Triad is sexual interaction? Triad is the exercise type that you do rest in a sandwich, and everything. Yes? This is primarily alignment distortions. There’s sex and there is no question. This know how in some countries people go wrapped from head to toe, so as not to tempt the neighbor. Or the same as our beloved India. Here you are sitting now, men women mixed. And you know that if you were in any average statistical place in India, the women would sit on one side and men on the other side. And in between the band control, under the barbed wire, dogs, lest, God forbid. And you’re sitting here together. Therefore, even at this level as perceived. Someone sees that the girl sitting next to, now as sexy, but someone, and sex is not perceived as sexy, if not the souls of great gusts. So, friends, let us share with you. Everything that relates to you personally …

Do you remember the rule in yoga requirement: your personal problems have no concern, no one of them will not solve here. If they somehow decide, well, we are very happy. But especially to build some kind of situation, no one will. For example, I will not, I’m not interested. It’s not my job. Therefore, let’s not hold tusnyak, let’s not hold booths. We seriously.

Basim: Still in the course … The fact that the severity is an important factor, it is very necessary. But just turn all the seriousness of a person in the dark, thinking of samsara, it is not being effective. But it is only born a smile …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What Do you forbid smile ?! No, I do not forbid you to smile. But I do not want to make it like this: “Oh, at the seminar was that practice, we all like torknulo as torknulo … After two weeks of shaking tail, ears move. As it was still nice. ” See, it’s all well and good. But God is with him, well torknulo, but when I say: “How, and that this time it will not happen?”. And sponge puff, “Ugh!”. As small children, “How? Sweetie will not be today? One soup borscht yes. I do not want!”. That I, frankly, do not understand. I do not need this. If you need it, but I do not know, look where it is, tusnyak. It will not.

Question: Cyril, Kiev, part-time students. Question about the riot. People who are rebelling against the system. The same vegetarian, to some extent, can be attributed to it. As it can be understood, it Anrita, with the theme of our seminar, respectively?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you see, my friends, too, there is a dangerous thing in yoga. In particular, when you are doing pranayama yoga. When you have generated a small surplus of prana, but some channels are still contaminated, and, above all, associative some moments, you can become very easy prey in the hands of politicians, in the hands of all sorts of things here. As anyone will tell you that: “Here there are so unfair, then-sho, fifth or tenth, all the barricades, they infringe the law.” That is, you get a little bit pliable, and because of the emotional component, sometimes begin to be easy prey in the hands of some general political trends and movements. Religious, God forbid, or anything else that. This is a serious temptation, all these sick, absolutely everything, albeit in varying degrees, in varying degrees. But this must have been ill.

We must learn to see the situation not on the one hand, and from two or a large party. After all, any rebellion – it is when you see the one side, and try to destroy it. As a rule, it all becomes very inefficient, very rude. And sometimes someone cunning and clever uses just your emotions and forwards in the right direction. Any political consultants, PR and so on. This can include anything. Can the idea of vegetarianism bring to this marginalism and extremism, in comparison with which any religious fundamentalism just resting. I have met such people. They are extremely tolerant. They first give up meat, then from the fish, and then think of what would have to give up. From milk! But milk-what you give up, do not cut a cow when milked? No! Her ruthless capitalists exploit the cow, the cow will not operate. Since then they kick the bucket.

I told you a story about John Doe, owner of a pig farm, as it was in a dream the boar, he decided to become a vegetarian? I once had a big argument, and I’m tired to argue, and I came up with the story. So you can reach pohlesche extremism. And from time to time to come to us such people. Here they are, with fanatical eyes, then they move on. Vegetarianism. And what have you got? Wool? What poor mowing sheep, reptiles, exploiting sheep? Wool, wool sweater, sheep should be cut first.

And so, with burning eyes, with diatribes, intolerance. Here’s a game that the inner madness, asceticism, one thinks like yourself more preload. Then he thought, No, I eat it fried, boiled foods? Raw food diet! And let there natret sawdust, spoons let the sawdust is. They’re not digested, so this belly. This is prana, friends. If you are not going dogotovili, it spent over prana. Why civilized man cooks in the fire? Because, otherwise, the more prana spend on digestion and less brains work. This, in fact, correlated items. Prana does not happen a lot.

So, people reach some kind of extremism, they do not hear opponents, they do not want to know anything. This is such a common disease, especially when people start to deal with them here and throws in different directions. That the religion of any cast, on the contrary, the fight against any religion. Especially, if any religion really begins once himself clumsily to lead, to impose something. And here, I meet these people with burning eyes. It is necessary to nobody, it is the greatest temptation in the way of friends. You will shake, and the whole world around will only confirm that the monopolies, corporations, political parties seized power, it is necessary to drop everything to go to the barricades against them. It is very, very tempting idea.

Actually, I want to tell you, we have such fanaticism energetically favorable step. Why do people become infected with fanaticism? The fact is that when you capture one or other fanatical idea … you have a lot of parasitic thoughts that stolen prana, and then, imagine you head appears one thought – about the enemy. This state is akin to samadhi. When this thought, hatred of the political party system, a person to whom you want, kill all the small parasitic thoughts that plunder all around. And it turns out that this single idea spend a lot, but in fact, save even more. Why are all fanatics are full of energy, rage, they are very active? The average person lazy, something to do. But fanaticism! I am now on the barricades to overthrow someone, kill someone. This is a very dangerous temptation, every one of you will pass through it in one way or another, depending on a given situation. As the enemy may be a rebellion, and could be anyone. Husband, wife, parents, political system, any party, movement, football team. It’s their football team, it’s all of them. This idea will have to warm up. Nationalism – is strong this topic. One fine morning, “Yes in all Papuans blame” captures the idea, the person starts fanatet, this person starts to live elsewhere see confirmation of their views!..

This is necessary to recover a little bit. Better mild, then to once and for all get rid of it. Otherwise, you can safely put an end to his yoga, because all the prana, you’ll gain, you will immediately spend on such ideas. What I want to say before you go to make practice. Here we are almost ascetic activity. And the seminar will take place, you arrive home. And what I would like. If even a little bit, just a little something slightly open, the first thing spend these positive emotions, moments of their loved ones. On their husbands on their wives, their children, their parents – by their loved ones. First of all, it is the ideal family. Even if you are at odds with someone, even if you have been unfairly somehow oppressed, then at least demonstrate tolerance several times and did not kick back. Those. you someone shouted, but you replied calmly. Or, if you want to ask for something from other people, and at the same time used to scream, and now try to arguments of reason, calmly ask. That’s what I’d really like to.

You know, you stand right now Bhava while exercising austerity at a seminar like this to fix Bhava. Bhava as money. Here you have now N-tion number of dollars Bhavas, while the rate of, say, constantly falling, and will just keep it to yourself, depreciate, squandered on trifles – too bad, so we need to invest in that. And best of all, as the Vedas teach us, first of all, to invest in generic yoga primarily invest in a harmonious relationship in the family. Or even with people with whom we have been close to or which are close. Those. with those with whom we are bound by tribal relations. Let them little pogreyutsya your tolerance, your kindness, your recognition of love for them. I know you will not last long. Day, two, three and then you slide down its rut of communication, trust, for other people, even these three days there will be some thing that will make them a little differently at the world to see. At least their uniqueness, you now do not shout, do not beat the dishes, and ask: “Darling, please do so-and-so” or “Honey, do so-and-so.” And not as we usually “AAA! I did not! You’re so-and-so, and the fifth to tenth. “

So please, if you have allocated, after our practice, after all our different kinds of excess exercise, do not wait until it melts, dissipates over trifles and trifles, and invest it in the first place, to their loved ones. Do you remember the Vedic ideal – a family. I understand that each of you can be a different situation, and good luck and bad luck, but still, even if it was bad, then it was your negative karma. And you have, roughly speaking, to pay off. Now you, as a seminar, earn some money in the spiritual as well as to pay off their bad karma. Show kindness, especially towards children. Sometimes, indeed, I look like come to practice, even here I peep at times, as the practice came to practice some kind of the highest teachings as they relate to children. That’s horrible! I understand that some practices, some enlightenment as your child next, your rodnulka, so you can not see enlightenment as their own ears! It is impossible, it is impossible in principle! This is contrary to the core logic of the world. Therefore, I also urge you once again. You are at this moment, the moment of birth yoga … These are the basics, it is the Vedas. It will be at least in this case, everything will change for the better, will become principal, adjusted to, do not worry. Will you and the third eye, and flying through the air, what you want, and enlightenment in addition. With respect to children, friends, children – is sacred.

Question: You said, if I’m not mistaken lecture on the relationship between students and teachers of yoga that such hinduobrazny approach that teacher if you do not feel this Bhava, communication with the Supreme, they can not even come to class. The European approach is a bend in the opposite direction, even if the teacher is not able to, he still makes itself and comes.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Did I say that? I could in another sense, if, indeed, to some subtle practice, if not all the components … In general, I do not presume to comment on, I need a context in which all this has been said, and I was even a little do not understand.

Q: And that’s how it all combined, because you say that you have to be a repeater?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends. Let so if you are referring to me, please, refer, it was, in some way, the context in which the same lecture. Because I am, frankly, hard to remember in connection with what it could be. Describe the difference? Yes, there is a difference, the approach in the mentality. Yes, but honestly tell you, this is also not necessary that all who were there, in India, be sure to irresponsible fools that: “Ah! Today the weather is not flying, in the lotus position is not going to fly! “. Come on, we have more time and concretize this question and find out, but now I’m not quite not attached to the issue.

I urge you, my friends, keep a diary of his fortune, all track. Today did something tomorrow was such a result (second yoga principle). We tend to forget everything, we even tend to forget what happened yesterday. We now bad, and we could not associate with what happened yesterday, and begin to analyze, and it turns out: “Yes, I ate food that is not typical for me.” I ate forgotten. You think, “Why have a headache, why body aches, why you wake up and have a feeling that not enough sleep?” If you start to analyze very closely these moments of cause and effect in the food and fellowship, in the load, the Yogis, that you Occupation, given the time of year, time of day and a lot of other factors, then sooner or later your body will start to count. You will begin to appear intuitive knowledge beforehand. You want something to eat, but reason dictates: “Do not eat!”. He recalls, and previous experience tells us not to do, do not overeat. Many people, when they begin to practice yoga, there is a big problem – they begin to overeat. They sit down to eat, and eat more than they should have been, and then an unpleasant heaviness. If you track these moments for yourself, then you develop a reflex, like Pavlov’s dogs. Next time, when you want an extra spoon to eat your memories: “As I was bad … No! Enough!”

I want to catch Rita and start quietly, discreetly throw on strong practices that you bring in such a resonance of practice, when small steps, but it is often combined with a certain periodicity, lead to great results.

And here, we have to talk to you about Pranayama. Now, when the schedule crystallizes, I’d like to see in our studies we quietly added pranayama. As follows: a few exercises that I say that they take very little time, but performed periodically. For example, before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and maybe bedtime. These pranayama let them be somewhere 15 minutes plus 5 minutes of rest after Pranayama. Remember! After pranayama should be developed a conditioned reflex – RELAX. I’d like to see today before dinner and dream practice, each of you has made the following item: 7 exercises two types.

The first exercise, called “Kapalabhati”. Spread a mat, sit with your back straightened, neck, head along the same line and do here such exhalations (Vadim Zaporozhtsev shows):

1 – blow stomach, then the stomach relaxes to the air heading back himself.

It turns out this series of shocks, in their series of 20 – 30, it’s nice.

2 – “inhale” – close your nostrils, lean forward, so far remains a pleasure in this position.

Then go out and this scheme do two more times. A total of three repetitions. These three exercises – exercises power exhalations.

The second exercise is done as follows: the index and middle fingers of each hand position at the point between the eyebrows.

“Breath” – two nostrils

“Exhale” – through one nostril and the other nameless and little finger close

“Inhale” – through two nostrils

“Breath” – in one, another close thumb.

Running four such cycles.

In total, you get seven exercises that you can perform 10 to 15 minutes on average. After completing these exercises, be sure to lay down on the mat and rest somewhere 2-5 minutes just lie down and relax. For myself can repeat phrases that are repeated in a pose of Savasana, “My feet are relaxed, my hands are relaxed, my body relaxed, my face relaxed, inhale – exhale.” We must make ourselves here so lie. And this whole cycle will leave you 20 minutes Such blocks will we do before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. In the future, we will discuss with you, it goes or does not go and “where” and “what” to adjust. Someone comfortable to engage in the street, some do not. The main thing that all was harmonious.

You must develop a habit – a small pranayama before eating. Suitable time for lunch or dinner, you want to eat, so this point is linked to the performance of pranayama. You exercise Pranayama, rest, they came to life and you go eat. I beg you, do not force, do barely – barely, of course, as goes. Pranayama The secret is not to tense up and do much. pranayama secret firstly, to make perfectly to cyclically make in one and the same time, little by little. Second, often to do better in small portions 4 times, once every two hours.

Of course, first we would have been enough, and twice in the morning and before bedtime. But we will try our practice immediately put on a good level – it is 4 times a day. It is advisable to do pranayam outdoors. But if you feel discomfort or unwillingness to go out, then you can perform in the hall or in front of an open window. BUT! If you can get out into the fresh air, go outside. On your question that, when the conditions are not suitable, whether it is possible to relax after pranayama is not lying, I will answer that, generally speaking, you can. But, I would recommend you all to rest lying. Sitting vacation may be, but if you have the opportunity to lie down and to practice the pose of the corpse, then it should be done. When we sit, that our body does not relax and therefore subtle associative channels are strained, and for them flows Prana.

What is the danger of pranayama for beginners? The danger in the wrong understanding of the nature of pranayama. We begin to force, to behave as in real life, it seems to us that the stronger, longer, harder, longer, better. The result is sometimes the opposite. There is a possible implementation of the corridor. If you leaned to one side or the other, you do not get the result. Right – the marsh on the left – a swamp in the middle – path. Therefore, it is necessary to find this path. Sophisticated Pranayama should not do to you. No need them, absolutely no. Some sophisticated techniques do not need you. The secret is that little by little, often, followed by rest and followed by a meal.

The most opportune time to begin the practice of pranayama – spring and fall, much worse in summer or winter. 7-8 minutes to practice enough. If you do slowly, a maximum of 15-20 minutes. Why? During the practice of pranayama associative connection is reallocated from the inside, you do not have the habit, and you will not be able to hold them for a long time. While there is the novelty of the exercise, everything is going fine, but as soon as the novelty of the performance disappears, your mind starts to wander. Therefore, longer time to make no sense. Be sure to have a rest! If the body is still tense, this tension will remain inside of you a few hours, and will not increase the perceived pain.

Next time. All of these processes with the inner world provoke digestive work with prana. Firstly, the appetite is triggered. You make internal toxins move up and if you immediately dirty remnants of previous meals not squeeze clean and fresh food, the effect will be worse. Therefore, after pranayama necessarily eating. Let a little, for example, a glass of milk or a full breakfast, lunch or dinner. It turns out that you do pranayama lifted her, shaken internal toxins, and instead of having to wait until they are painfully digested (I do not know the nature of this process – this is my guess), you just replace dirty to clean. These series of small actions – it’s like to rock the swing. Swing do not need much, but in time. “Swing rocked” – our body has gone in one direction, back to the other, “rocked” Again … Sooner or late we fall into resonance and can swing the swing is very strong. When the swing heavy, you are struggling to push, but do not get a result, because All this power is inert, you spend a lot of effort, but did not get it. If all you do not beat, swinging the swing will throw you back.

Therefore, the secret of Pranayama – a response when we feel harmony. Let these small actions will be, but they will at the right time in the right place, with the right intensity.

Question: Fresh air After pranayama needs?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: After the practice of pranayama you can relax on the street is not necessarily, you can rest in the house. You work out on the street, you can go there and relax, and maybe in the room. This allowed. Each of you should select the desired option. Provided that there is no rain, snow, terrible mosquito cold, it is better to rest in the place where you do Pranayama, because going into space, we begin to get distracted. In any case, when Pranayama is over, quietly return to their normal life. Pose to perform pranayama can be any. The only criterion that determines whether it is fit for pranayama – back, neck and head should be in a straight line. You can stand, sit, you can perform pranayama exercises lying.

With regard to the adverse conditions in the street … I remember Siberia. One went out, it was minus 40 degrees in I decided popranayamit. Out and realized that to do this I can not, because everything is instantly transformed into icicles. These cold air flows burn everything inside, all the irritation of mucous membrane so much that it becomes no longer to pranayama. At the other extreme, when it is too hot, too dry hot air, the sun shines in the crown – not to pranayama.

Temperature. There is a certain temperature is lower or higher, which is not possible to practice Pranayama in the fresh air. There is a certain temperature a corridor for pranayama. You should also take into account the humidity. It so happens that the temperature is low enough, but the air is dry enough, or, on the contrary, is not so low temperature, but the high humidity. This phenomenon this kind of physics. It consists in the fact that there is a concept relative humidity. If you take the air and see how much water is dissolved in it, you will understand that there may be a certain amount of moisture as possible is dissolved in the air for each temperature. If more moisture, it begins to fall as dew, fog. Water has such a property – thermal conductivity. In dry air, small thermal conductivity, even if it is cold, the closest distance to the body very quickly warms up your body heat and heat from you does not go away. If a lot of moisture, thermal conductivity sharply grows, you begin to lose heat faster. That is why there is such a subjective feeling that in Siberia at minus 40 themselves feel better than in Moscow at minus 10. For the difference of the score in the moisture you lose heat more or less. The drier the air, the less we lose heat. The less lose, the less you feel the cold. The same situation with respect to the bath. In the Russian bath 60 degrees, but a lot of steam and Finnish sauna 120-130 degrees, virtually no moisture. The presence of steam in the air has an impact on what you can normally inhale or exhale, or, on the contrary, it will be difficult to do. You owe it to yourself to determine subjectively. For example, took to the streets today is cold or, conversely, too hot, no violence on themselves, came and went.

On your question about how to be the practice of pranayama, when because of the work there is no clear schedule of sleep and wakefulness, I will answer that the most difficult thing in yoga – the absence of the rhythm of life, hence the biggest problems. In this case, by far the best – as something to adjust to something universal, so that worked out depending on the work schedule.

Question: Is it possible to perform pranayama before going to bed and after waking up in the same time?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! This, of course, is better than completely out of place. That at least some binding. Yes, you can!

Q: If there is no opportunity to rest lying down, resting sitting. What if it is necessary to pay attention to?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you can not relax lying, or at least rest in a pose yoga mudra (sit down on bent knees and lean forward), was relaxed as much as possible to your body.

Question: Sometimes it happens that during meditation, watching the breath spontaneously and there is a desire or participation breath or slow. Is this practice of pranayama, or is it something another story?

Answer: Yes, it is the practice of pranayama. Just you come to pranayama practice management through thoughts. Are our manifestation that affecting one can obtain influence over another. We know that our breathing, our mental abilities, sexual energy is linked inextricably linked. Affecting one, we get feedback from the other two. There are well-known rule, that through meditation tried to control over the amount of thoughts or ideas, we willy-nilly, we force our breath to go to a completely different work and in fact do pranayama yoga. Therefore, it is considered pranayama yoga.

Question: Regarding the pranayama exercises. We ourselves can choose the order of execution or is there a clear system?

Answer: Of course, nothing prevents you to experiment. But in my experience, all experiments end badly, in the sense that it is not the habit to deal with. Today one thing, tomorrow another, the day after the third, as a rule, goes astray the rhythm. Sometimes, to feel the exercise should be long enough to do some repetitive things. You do not get the effect is not clear channels. And if you do not get the effect, then change the flea, one type of pranayama to another, pointless, useless.

So those two pranayama, which I gave, believe me, that’s enough to you above the roof to years of practice.

Question: In practice, these two pranayama can change the order?

Answer: You can! But the point is what? Here, for example, you get out of the stuffy room, you ventiliruete first light, and then in a quiet mode, alternate breathing. But this is not a law of nature so absolute. Or, for example, you wake up and you do not want to make any sudden movements of the stomach, and I want to do the other way around smoothly.

But if you have already experienced enough in the practice of pranayama, of course, you can do whatever you were doing before. But I appeal to even the most experienced. Sometimes this effect is wishful thinking. Sometimes we take in pranayama is not at the expense of inner harmony, and at the expense of the will. We keep ourselves in check, and it all goes. We are young, cheerful, happy, and we take due to internal pressure. But one day it may happen that we have the internal pressure will not and suddenly it turns out that the kept everything on our own. As the Communist Party. While she was under Stalin, Dneprogres built, won the war, all the chasing, all held in a fist. We came our “Leonid Ilyich,” a group of comrades who think that now is the most go to communism. And it turned out that a little bit relaxed, and everything stopped, everything is rotten and collapsed. Here it is in pranayama is a very serious danger.

PRACTICE “trickle” or “channels”

We get up in two rows, forming a corridor. In this corridor will enter a man with his eyes closed, and will follow it to the end of the corridor. And all the others will do Nyasa this man to touch all parts of his body and guide it along the corridor. The man in the corridor will feel the sea of hands that gently take it that carefully make Nyasa. And that gently pushing him along the corridor until he is out of it will not work.

It’s quite good, powerful practices of karmic imprints from your previous life. To some extent we are in their lives, people who with his eyes closed, clip, go through the universe, and a little afraid of her. The universe is full of opportunities to help us if we properly raspoznaёm these opportunities. If we are ring-fenced, a lot of experience of some terminals, we cease to feel the world, cease to interact with him and, as a consequence, lose. We spend every step more effort than it’s required.

This practice will allow you to understand that if you feel the law Rita, if you go according to the law, if you go on their path of Dharma, perform 1, 2, 3 the principles of yoga, then you are not in danger. To understand this intelligence – one, and be able to experience all of this – the other. This practice will help to reached you Rita underlying philosophy of yoga. A similar situation occurs when we are born or die. When we are born, we go into some unknown world to us, and we do not know whether he will accept or reject us. We do not see anything, we do not understand anything. The same situation when we die, something completely new, unusual, and we are in as a clamped, and clamp, making the wrong moves. At the same time, if we trust the universe, we open it, in other words, these processes take place. The underlying philosophy of this practice is very large.

Friends, here know that I advise you? Still, austerity is not only when you feel bad, you stand. Austerity is even when you feel good, but you stop. Here is the second part of austerity – the most difficult. It is more difficult than the part, when we suffer, because we are accustomed to endure. It hurts and terpenes. Here on Pranayama literally everything. That you know, such a mountain road and a sharp turn. Here in this turn do not turn everything in an open fly. Here are all, without exception. I also once flew.

Yoga and money

Now I want to touch on this topic. As you remember, retreats to a greater extent for external students. To you were what, how, why, why. Now I want to touch on one topic, very important. This theme continued theme of “Yoga and money.” Important accents I have to place in your understanding. In general, everything connected with the teaching of yoga in the first place, for the masses of people. The very first thing you should very clearly understand myself. If you teach Yoga for free, you, first, to get very bad result. And secondly will undermine the business of yoga. You have no right to teach for free. It’s so many times already tested aphorism that we should not try again to get on the same rake.

Next question: how much should cost yoga classes? General references from ancient treatises and general ideology of yoga is as follows: the price should not be excessively high, but the same should not be negligible. It must be within the standards. Again, within the standards for whom? It is clear that for the oligarchs sizes decency reach a decent size. But for ordinary people quite different these limits. You have to understand a common ideology. We had, remember, communist ideology, then it somehow quickly died. Obscenely fast she died, no one was even able to understand what happened. As a result, there was a vacuum. As a result of this vacuum, some very vague guesses about how it all should be such chernukha communist era is now beginning to be implemented. I am on this subject always joke that we all Marx. We had communism for Marx, capitalism is now on Marx. You must have this inner feeling associated with money. What you are eligible, ie which is an integral part of you, your yoga teaching work.

The first thing you have to remember, you have to remember that the segment of people for whom you will be yoga. This segment describes the capacious concept, which sounds like the middle class. Not super-rich not superpoor. Not people who are wealthy enough not marginalized populations. Word marginal from the word extreme. It turns out that in any country. I do not know by what, the normal distribution or abnormal distribution of this here is a function of poverty and the number of people. A very small number of the poor. Well, absolutely homeless people, who have no spoons and forks, and plates. Then the well-being begins to grow, such people becomes larger, longer-more. Then there is a rush of people with average incomes. Then again, with a large number of people the state is declining. Those. rich less very rich even less, and the super-rich in general units.

So, you should immediately identify themselves to the segment to which you will work. Of course, it may be very different situation in your life. You can turn themselves into oligarchs and allow themselves to teach yoga for the BOMZHEY for a nominal fee. But the board should be in any, friends! 50 cents for the session, but they have to pay. It may be the other way around, it will get some kind of super-rich and wealthy people have this occupation could cost dearly in your field of vision. One or two people, and you will no longer have anything to sustain itself. Means – to earn a piece of bread. But it happens, my friends, marginalized, rare and they should not be beyond your dreams.

In Moscow, unfortunately, I look at many yoga teachers and just see how they sleep and think how I would the president or prime minister to teach yoga. Or where would I find the rich oligarch or his wife to teach them? Friends, this is clearly a dead-end option, just warning you. It is very expensive. But if it is itself all take shape, that, thank God. If it is not worth paying attention to this will not develop all by itself.

Your segment – it is middle class. So you have to focus on those people who are working honestly, honestly earn their bread, who go to work. You must live as if their life. Their preferences, their thoughts, their interests and you should feel these people. That’s it for this segment you have to sharpen their advertising, their occupations, and more. Is focused on the middle class. In yoga it is said that too much poverty is an obstacle in Yoga. Similarly, too much wealth. Therefore, the greatest success in yoga will reach only people in some intermediate value.

Therefore, if you do not want your work went into the void, once initially tune in to the middle class. Another thing is that, for example, in our country it is just being formed. In the West, it is more or less there. In this regard, oddly enough, some things in the West easier to do than we have here, and vice versa. But not the point. This is an internal mathematics of it all. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many in the head, how to market to me, a friend said, “Do not be fooled – you will not live.” Friends, it is irrelevant to the fact schemes. You remember the law of karma. Any period can of something to do on this, and then start to lose. Moreover, you have the chance to go away to even change the rules of the game. You build up around you the same environment. Also thinking and coming people. Also, you will fall under these laws. Therefore, you should be in a very clear idea of what the teaching of yoga – is, indeed, the one thing for which people will pay money.

To prove this, I will give the following arguments and I will refer to some of my lectures, which I had previously read on the topic of “Yoga and money.” Suitable materials are found. So, you need to understand that the money – it is a surrogate of prana and regardless of whether there is any circuit in the world of your work, it all comes down to just one. If you will be useful to people, they will get you to delegate part of its prana. If you increase their portion of prana in one thing, then they can change the prana in something else. It turns out the next thing – if yoga classes, people come to school, become involved. In fact, they are using yoga classes will increase your level of prana. Accordingly, they came with one level of prana to class after class went to another level of prana, you feel free to have a right to a certain percentage. Because you realized it. Other languages it can be expressed as follows: if there is a normal yoga, yoga will be in demand, people will walk on it. Will it go on for a long time and continuously. Regardless of some tricks of advertising and other things.

And you do not have friends! Now I want to draw your attention, so you hear everything. You do not need to be a clown to make money on yoga! You do not need to be acrobats, harlequins, humorists. You do not have to lick every possible audience, somehow lure its methods in addition to yoga. Do not turn, I do not even know how to express it, in the bad sense of the word “lackeys” of yoga, which will be “gentlemen” to lick. Lord came and said: “We want this and this … Waiter! Forty valerian drops and salad. ” You do not have to turn into a “chevoizov” (from the word as you please). I want to emphasize. This stumbles a lot of people, teachers. Sooner or later, they think: “My God, what am I doing? What if people do not come, do not pay for the classes? How do I rent a room as I make ends meet I will bring? I’ll let the audience entertained. Well let me ka they splyashem! vprisyadochku Dance “. Or begin to solve their personal problems: “Oh, and as you have the health of your pet cat? And as the grandmother’s health of your pet cat? “.

That is, vulgar expression – “Chaldean relevant to the process.” I do not know where there was such an expression. The Chaldeans were great guys. Something even we had associated with spiritual practices, but for some reason it became so. You do not have to turn into sycophants. You do not have to turn into lackeys. Do not! You know, for what reason? This is not necessary. In the factor of increase of prana yoga is incorporated. Himself a factor of employment, you are in some way eliminate the maya of ignorance. Accordingly, the person increases the flow of your prana. Accordingly, there is a surplus of prana. Accordingly, you are entitled to safe percentage of this increase, and everybody is happy.

It is as if people come to you, and you say to him: “Aha! You came. Let’s now we will do so – I will help you earn a hundred rubles, ten rubles give me. A ninety-Me Take It. ” In my opinion, a very good layout. So if yoga is taught honestly, you can not worry that you will remain without customers, without the people that you need to somehow compete with schools or branches of yoga. No need. Why? Because if you work on the middle class, the competition, I am afraid there will never come. Because it untilled field. Celina. Another thing, if you will fight for the wealthy people of the city, village, in general, where you somehow proved themselves. Then yes! Do you have a competition with other “priests” and they will be on you in every possible way to look bad. But, if you do not encroach on this segment and will operate in the segment where work no one wants, because in our country, no one wants to work in principle! We communism was useless work. And now, under capitalism, uninteresting work, when you see that others are stealing and live better than you. Therefore, any desire I have, for example, lost, yet doing nothing, assumed control of everything.

And this is, frankly, a time bomb, because it will all end very badly. In particular, it will end very badly for Russia. Or the next revolution, or something else. This situation can not be long. The question is, when it is completed. Sooner or later, survive those who work honestly. They survive in any order, in any order. Another thing is that if an unjust build their heavier. At the fair easier. Therefore, you should be very clear feeling within yourself that if you learn to work honestly, there is no need to worry about their daily bread tomorrow. Instead of looking for ways to “licking” zavlekalovki so bad, it is best to think about the proper device all yoga teaching process. Here, strictly speaking, in fact, like all the rest of life, everything is very clear and pleasant. Laws in this respect are the same everywhere. You must have something to offer high quality at a good price in a good performance. The laws are the same. Let it not bother you. You do not sell yoga. You are working in that segment, to remove the obstacles in the path of yoga. Yoga, indeed, it is impossible to estimate. But your job effectively evaluate, oh, it is even possible.

What is the criterion for the efficiency of your work? The number of people who you are through you missed. The more you miss yourself through people, especially in karmic terms you are helping a large living beings. For such people, who do not understand the spiritual laws, the laws of some higher, thin it’s like a shadow falls on a normal life and is very simple. If you go to class a hundred thousand people, and if the price is acceptable to school, then go to the more, the more you earn. Therefore it is necessary to think first of all, how to increase the influx of people. How to do, in a good way, the conveyor. Not exclusive products for the super rich, namely conveyor. If you tune out your segment, the rest will have to work for you. Now the question is how profitable the teaching of yoga? Clearly, it all depends on country conditions, factors of weight. As with any business, it is necessary to begin, we must invest in it, we need to create a name for yourself, you have to advertise, etc. It’s not fast, it is quite common.

But the question is how it generally profitable in terms of an academic? What’s the chapel? Here in the retail trade have a certain percentage. Bought items, say, a ruble. But you do it for a hundred thousand to sell in large volumes are unlikely to be able to, because there is competition and there will be all you will lose this niche, the price will start to fall. Demand creates supply, and the price may fall. Old as the hills, the law. But in teaching yoga? Friends, from a theoretical point of view, it is infinite. Endless! Or, in other words, in the West, say, more than anything else valued good education. To get a good MBA degree from some university in the ten largest worldwide. They are there for a few, actually. We are now in the country, which is not high school, the college, the Academy, the Academy is not, then some kind of super-duper Institute. But it’s all for nothing. Primarily it is not appreciated. Where then are the graduates? And because of this prestige.

So, let’s get an MBA in one of the Big Ten or twenty of the most prestigious universities is not funny money. It is not funny money, which are beginning to approach the level of near a million dollars. Well, of course, smaller. But because inflation, there is also growing accordingly all. Previously, a few years ago, to pass a two-year program worth 80-90 thousand dollars, while in Moscow apartment was worth about five thousand. It is clear that very few people have that kind of money. Well, there are all kinds of loans program is just mass. If you want to learn, learning will be. The question is – that it is the demand there. Moreover, the demand continues to grow, primarily from corporate. We need some engineers. Those who will then some chips or processors to do something new to do there. Education – a guarantee that there will be some technological breakthroughs. Therefore, it is an issue which is very expensive is appreciated. But only on one condition – that is a real education, not sell, it is not clear what, abstract some things are taught. Here in Russia, who did not dig, lawyer, economist, accountant. Locksmiths, bricklayer, turner not find. But lawyers, economists, accountants simply too much.

There is the same situation, that is the trend of civilization. If you offer something new, and this new reality works by increasing the prana everyone else, then, respectively, and the price you grow. The education system – this is one of the most literate of things, which increases the wealth of the country. Domination, etc., etc.. The course we have a saying, which is owned by Otto Bismarck, “a school teacher to win in any war.” Indeed, ate recall that Germany was terrorized humanity since the First World War to the Second World War, and so that all stood on the ears. What it had to be united to the Soviet Union, America and England, to barely crush the Germans. Fascist Germany, in fact, requires a very serious self analysis, power factor is not so much. Those actually not clear. Crush – all! Great! Forgot. But, my friends, you see, in the First World War they gave to light, in the Second World War gave us light. And, indeed, the words of Otto Bismarck begin to be respected. Why? Because there is, indeed, the school system has been put on a qualitatively different level.

I, you know, interested in pro-war all sorts of topics, as little it was partly related, so I was so interested in everything that is connected, for example, with the training of officers of the First World War, during the Second World War. I just Gudoriana read far and wide, Morshteyna. And until I suddenly realized that there is so high culture training military. As a result of good preparation in elementary school, etc., that to be surprised? There is nothing.

And it is a world trend. Where there is education, there are all indirectly begins to grow. It realized very quickly in America. they realized very quickly. They found a gold mine that can print money not backed by anything and began to print them. But to the credit of the Americans, what a huge part of the unsecured money they spent? They bought all the brains all over the world. Where Einstein proved? In America. Where are all these Wernher von Braun, who led out into space all the missiles? In America. They sucked from all over the world in the 50s. This is called brain drain trend. They simply outbid brains. And they are literally over 50 years have created a science. Speaking prewar America, she especially did not shine, not particularly outstanding scientists. In general, researchers have been distinguished in Europe. England in Europe, wow! There were lights. About America so we can not say. She’s too young in this respect, too kind of them, of course, approach. They quickly realized. They have invested in education. They dictate the worldwide technology. Now we get to the master’s table all of these internet, computers, technology – crumbs.

Therefore, the prospect of an entirely new line to improve human life, it seems to me now, unimaginable. I just know the technological possibilities of science, I was there. I know the financial capacity of the modern, too, I see. There is already a crisis, there’s a limit of growth. They are, first and foremost, the United States they have exhausted the gold mine and now need to invent something new. Be that as it all too closes. And here I am now compare and suddenly I see that the direction of yoga, it may happen that after 150-200 years to do the same, it was the emergence of science, ie, it will radically change the life. This will be the general trend of civilization. Yes, the glands, all of these scientific achievements, all that great, but more important is a live person! If a person is dead, the hell his cell phone and fly into space? If I are constantly under stress, do not live their lives, what is the use to me of this all around? I am not interested in the achievements of science, no economic reality, where I’m a small cog in a big machine and should rotate. A live where?

It may happen that we are with you are at a crucial stage, which was 1600-1700gg that has given rise to the Renaissance science. With a completely different approach to the analysis of life in the application of these same results. Here I have this gut feeling. Approximately the same is the trend. Why? Because I know the potential of yoga that you can, as much as possible to qualitatively change and make life easier for people, if that’s the technology of the ancient Vedic, which have reached us, bind, comb, do good packaging clear and accessible an ordinary person, so that he received from this favor. In terms of what has finally begun to live like human beings, no longer a slave, or glands, or finance. So I want to say that this is the direction in terms of financial security, or do you survive or not. You earn a living, or not. In theory, the full 100%, I guarantee you that you do not just survive, you will earn a piece of bread with butter. A particularly distinguished themselves more and jam. Another conversation here yet – external factors. What if you suddenly start any wars, epidemics, economic crises, and so, of course, it can be very tough to complicate or nullify this activity. Because when there is a piece of bread, a person changes the perception of reality.

But, in any case, I want you to understand – yoga teachers – it sounds good. It is not “chevoiz”, this is not a lackey who would lick all those who came “Rich Pinocchio.” This is the thing doing that, you’re doing to other people is so strong that they will appreciate what you’re doing. And if they will appreciate what you do, and you will not be left out in the cold, ie all your financial problems once decide.

But again, with one the most severe conditions. Remember, we have to teach yoga, you have no right to teach for free. That is if you start to teach for free in the first place, do not earn a living. This I guarantee. Secondly, spoil karmic situation in the field of yoga, because those people do not go, it’s all covered. If you do not break the wand, one for you, it will not break. I want it to be inside you. I know it will come to your class people, and you will still be thinking, “How to make sure that they were?” Still somehow survive, “What if they do not come in the next time?” Or something like that. And how am I going to pay the rent? And what I’ll do. The fifth to tenth. Therefore, instead of licking, it is necessary to sit down and think about how to improve the overall environment, accessibility and reduce costs to a minimum. But again, no less than that paid off and brought at least some part of the fact, to develop. Because otherwise everything will go nuts. It is better to sit down and think about it separately.

We even under this business started “Opening yoga centers” project. But you see what the situation, some things I can tell, some experience from many different areas, but simply do not have time. And the guys that in this project, of course, difficult for them without knowing all of the threads. I somehow know this topic in other cases, and they do not know and they are hard. But some general recommendations, some general provisions. They need to collect, you should not make common mistakes. Bugs everywhere typical. The same at all. We make them, we make them, and we will still, perhaps, will do. Sometimes by trial and error. Indeed, there was some free amount of money and you think: “Aha! But if the ads here and there to do? “Money is not so usual. All spent some number of thousands on advertising. This advertising has emerged. And then look, and there is no escape. Money spent, but with no one came. Well, everything is clear, that the more we do not deal with this. And so it must somehow unsubscribe, talk to you, in turn, did not come across on the same rake. You will not have most of these extra thousand to spend two times on the same idea. That’s why we have the concept of openness. We disclose all the cards.

The only thing. What do you say, will not be able to repeat some moves that we did when opened center “Enlightenment”. Why? They opened polusovkovy still in the transition period. Semi-capitalist, and I do not even dare to slightly open all the internal classifications. Thank God that they go! Thank God, they are no longer relevant! What you do not need to have to go this way.

Therefore, they say sometimes: “Oh, let’s write like KC” Enlightenment “opened”! Yes, someday years from 40. This will be a thriller even one! I assure you, there will be that to read. Fortunately, as the era of gangsters 30s leaves. You will never run longer with such problems. Therefore, you can not repeat. Something must have her. New eyes in a new way. Very creative, in fact the process. You must be in one person, and a psychologist, and financier and analyst, and manager, and everything. As you know, technologists. I told. Just repeat this phrase. I read it in a book Malyshev. Such a phrase, a man who so many years of life will kill that nothing happens. What: “The designer comes up with a doll, and the technology breathes life into it.” And just as with all of your endeavors. You can have the most wonderful idea, as it should be, but it can be lifeless. And when you start to try to implement it, you start to understand – that’s what I thought so, but it is very expensive and not justified. Hence, it is necessary, perhaps even to the detriment of the overall image of the cut. Yes, it’s not so beautiful, as was the idea, but it works, it is alive. When you design works, not in a single copy, as usual, but in the mass circulation, only then we can say that the design of the living.

When the tank is doing. You can make a super-duper tank in a single copy. Only he did not win the war. You can make a supercomputer, it would be absolutely wonderful, but it will not change society. Society has changed, when it became a series of massive computers. Cheap. Each home. Then the society changed. And supercomputers were in America and we have up to this for a long time. That’s when you start to lick the whole technology.

Yes, indeed, I understand. We are struggling with this. So many copies broken. On even the little things. Mark comes to me sometimes, brings the cover of a film. He did not sleep nights, thinking how that was hoo! And I did remember the background when we at one time did not have the money to yoga. In general, once we have sunk. There was a period of such gloomy. And saves only those that sell movies on yoga. That “Hatha Yoga.” The fact that you are now viewing. They, forgive forgiveness, even the junk. Filmed at the knees, but fed! I remember going into any shop, refers batch of these films, it is not for sale. And then you begin to find out all sorts of stuff. It turns out that even this way is – no cover, but so – sideways. the name written on the side – will sell. Because see, asked, buy. If a blank end – no one sees anything, no one will read, not pull, do not look, do not buy it. Trifle? But it is a matter of life and death. Sell – not sell.

Or, hobbies. A typical example. Where “Chakra nirupana”? The book was here. Who has? Any instance. This is – this is a typical example of the failure. Our failure. Typical. If we had written in Sanskrit and then probably sell more. This is mistake! Serious mistake! An error in the title. The picture still okay. Picture more or less. Error at the bottom too. Those. here appeal to Kauladzhnyana Nirni. Well, abracadabra. And yoga school, with all due respect to the great guru Matsyendranatha, even in Russian it is impossible to say in the same breath.

I used when speaking to foreigners, it seems: “Hello, my name is Vadim, up my name …”. And I bow that: “My name you can hardly pronounce the”. Those – no, no, we said! I begin – Over-on-rye-ant. They are – uh-uh. I say: «Sorry». That’s just as well here. And such a huge amount of detail. Here you will be employed to carry out. Here are some ads you hang? What about email? What picture will be there? As there will be served all? This question – will come to you to practice or not to come. And, accordingly, will leave the money or not leave? It is better to spend it than licking and anxiety: will you people or not. Here it spend. And on this we have made a lot of errors.

Therefore, it is a complex topic. And everything is constantly changing. Constantly there should be smarm. For us, this terrible anguish, because still need to prepare the yoga teachers. That we just teach yoga. ABOUT! This is generally a sweet deal. Built the pipeline, all! And drives. But now we have a situation with what turned Novoslobodskaya? Students have nowhere to go, they come to us. They began to walk students. Someone will say, “Oh, great! You do not have a headache that you have occupancy of the hall. ” It can only say dialetant who does not understand these things. Because students are squeezed out of all the people outside. And as the price we can not raise. Well, will not we raise the price for students to class – half did not pull. A foreign people – yes!

And we formed quite a funny situation. We suddenly started to dump on Moscow. But how bad dump – announced price for students is small. It creates a precedent for other centers. And we, frankly, very, very bad things. Still, the external man into this a small price to us can not come. Because the hall packed with students. And we begin to behave badly, to be honest, the hand on the heart. Because all classes have a minimum of 500 rubles. Well, it is for Moscow say. And we have 300-400 rubles.

And what happens? This is a little thing that can kill everything. Why all the problems with the Avtozavodskaya feverish? To get students in every possible way on a separate territory. For, indeed, there was little price, and they do not advertise. And on Novoslobodskaya would be a normal commercial level. Why? Because there are a number of one million points. If we declare a small price, not great, of course, are more popular. It’s not pretty, it is called dumping. It’s not beautiful. How to teach for free. And these headaches you just can not imagine how much. What at first glance seems to be oh, how well, and if we analyze even karma, and financially all very, very doubtful. It can not be at the expense of the center students. He’s not made for that.

And you come up with a mass of problems in his life. So it takes from you, at times, like a squirrel in a wheel to spin. Be very kind and open, not rednecks. Here, too, it is zhlobstvo of yoga – how to grab more. Words can not say, $ 20 come on. But, on the other hand, do not be such idiots slipshod to the whole thing fell apart. Here Malyshev idol for me. The People’s Commissar for Tank Industry. Here I want each of you have such qualities. I’ll have to think carefully about it. This topic is important. Psychological. I know how unpleasant moments you will experience burn out thinking – do not burn out, come – do not come, pay – no pay. I know why? I myself passed through it. Well all I know. Therefore, these stupid doubts begin: “And maybe yoga is not the real thing? Or maybe it is on a par with any system where BNM. The one-day “?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can do nothing, in principle, to just sit and talk. If you see that there is a misunderstanding, it is possible to portray a time, you need to do and more to do nothing. That is the fact that you teach yoga, it does not mean that you have to do with the room to perform. You must make sure that the other was carried out, so that they understand everything.

Question: What if I want to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you want a different matter. But consider the fact that you should be able to teach as doing and doing. It is very important. Usually people, when they begin to teach, always do it yourself, this is a mistake, because you have this alternate method to the method, when you are not doing anything. There are different moments, you can sometimes feel funny or you have five consecutive sessions. And you have a set that if I do not do anything, then do not feel at ease. This should be a break, otherwise you are not to be confused, you will overheat. And if so and so know how to teach, all the rest is left to your inner creativity – do as you see fit, and harmonious. Primarily for those for whom to conduct classes, and secondly, for yourself, if you feel you can and want to work out – forward.

Question: I want to ask a question about the practice of yoga Rita, which we have just done. I would like to learn more about the mechanism of this practice, if transfer it to real life. What effect does it offer?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In practice, “fell-dead”? Neither more nor less – survival effect. The effect of not burdening itself a bad karma. The effect of reducing the time of torment, reducing those situations from time to time we may present life.

The philosophy of this kind of action is sufficient. It consists of the following. We have our gross body. We have our fine structures. There the mind and emotions. Sometimes it seems that everything is as it is in itself – the body, emotions, thoughts. In fact, they are very tightly intertwined, and one or the other leads to the idea of the unconscious stress within the body. As a consequence, there is one or another emotion. Emotion leads to some thoughts, and again stresses the body, and the body voltage also leads to something. That is, dernesh for one, take out a whole range of others. If we are to live in normal, natural conditions, in nature, then we have the ligament between the gross, subtle and causal body (between the physical world, the mental world and the emotional world) would have had time to be separated.

That is, here we find ourselves in some kind of situation, and we need to connect the physical, emotional and mental. And instantly associative relationship as a needle, sews all bodies to solve this or that problem. Let’s say we are on a tiger hunt. And all this together – and the mind, body and emotions. This is a hunting back, relax by the fire, well, life is good, we suffer, and this bunch of physical, mental, emotional again has spread. What happens in the modern civilization, or thinning of your emotions, your thoughts? One or the other stressful situation forces you to be mobilized, and the time and conditions to bundle has spread there. And you have remnants of these joints and remain inside. And sooner or later you have formed inside the shell of the strains that were really needed to address those or other problems, but did not have time to relax.

And now, the whole group of muscles can be very long in suspense, and you do not even realize that you have this tension. This is similar to how you squeeze fists – at first nothing, then tolerated, and then it hurts. And imagine this voltage continuously, day after day. There is the factor of pain. And you do not realize this. Just all of a sudden, where there is a pain factor. On the physical level. And you do not know where he is. This situation is in us accumulated. And when we have some disagreements with relatives or other contacts fall (something on which we depend, then, on which we have relied), crumbling something with what we felt relaxed and suddenly get a knife in the back, betrayal . We at the impact side strain, and can not let go already. Every thought of this leads to an even more severe stress. Tension causes pain, causes an increase in the negative, and all in a circle, on a cycle. There is a cyclical nature, a situation in which we live with stress day by day. At this spent a lot of prana, we are very tired, and as a result we begin breakdowns – mental, physical, mental, all sorts.

These failures by themselves terribly destructive, and secondly, they only aggravate the situation, which has been before, and we, instead of the situation to unleash on the contrary it even more confusing, and begin to suffer more. So we have to help your body to work in a normal regular mode, as it happens in humans under normal conditions, in nature, where everything is natural and balanced enough physical, mental and emotional stress. In our life there is almost no physical exercise, we are on the computer all the time sitting. Emotional like there, but it kind of single-minded focus, some emotions are strong, and some weak. And so on, with the same mental situation. We clamped. Some stress and we clamped, and day after day. We were getting worse. I do not want to live. We are tightened internal cams and keep them for yourself. It hurts. It is not so much the causes of grip, brings the pain as this voltage. And if someone throws us and throws up problems, we more and more strongly clamped, it’s scary bad condition. But they are also more bad inadequate response on our part. Feeling the pain, we begin to make any sudden movements and deteriorating situation. And in response we get even worse and harder. This can be compared with the corkscrew at the plane – he cuts the circles to fall and hit the ground.

What to do? We need to develop inside a structure to reset the situation, press the “reset” the computer. Restart, start with a clean slate. Just as well as works that practice this kind shavasana. That is a reflex reflex shavasana or corpse pose. We realized that something was wrong, that the situation got out of control is not outside, but inside. And we need to reset it, in that whatever the cost, otherwise we will ruin themselves. I keep telling this episode about the Spanish flu. It was such a disease, a virus. The disease killed many people for the simple reason that the virus is so strongly mobilized defenses that the temperature began to grow inside, and the man died of what he raised his own temperature. That is the big man died. And people are weak, frail, oddly enough, survive. Because they had no resistance to the stock. There was no strength to strangle himself. To strangle himself, too, need to have a large force.

The same situation and with stress. This is the verdict of our civilization. Our civilization is terribly skewed. You can not imagine how. I wonder how she is still alive, and we were not allowed in the course of nuclear bombs and kill each other. Huge levels of stress and tension. So, we must develop within themselves a safety valve and apply. As soon as we feel that they themselves begin within themselves thoughts, worries, emotions escalate, especially finishes understanding of the mind that it will be forever, and it finishes, it adds the last drop of mind. He tells us that it will be all my life. In fact, the whole life will not be so. We begin to visualize yourself, it will last forever, and it greatly increases the severity of the situation. In fact, you realize that nothing in the world is not eternal, either good or bad. All according to the law of karma, unless you Werth in the circle of karma. But the mind begins to lead us into the illusion, and say it will last forever, that will be bad times. In particular, when concerns the relationship with family and friends. There was, for example, beloved wife or husband, at first everything is fine, and then worse and worse, and then you realize that you do not put yourself in the spirit. It would seem, well, do not carry or not carry, all right, and would God be with him. But the thought that I was the rest of his days is tolerated, by the comprehension of the suffering multiplies tenfold. While all can actually resolve the most elegant way. Maybe in six months or a year you reconsider plans to life or person can change and another billion options, how can all miraculously change. But because the mind draws a picture immutability. The uncontrolled mind is very terrible thing.

So, to do this practice, to cut the ground from under the feet of the mind even for a second, to relax the body. And if the body relaxes, the mind, and it will be easier to relax. What do we have to do? You must be a habit. We went on a back, that’s what we did before, or sometimes it is easier to bury in his hands, shut his eyes and ears. For example, if you’ve scandals with their husband or wife, if you will continue to hear the tone of their voices, then you will still be as current beat you again, jump and climb into the fray. There is an effect of the practice, which is called Yoni Mudra. The word Yoni set of values and one of them is a kind of means female sexual organ, that is the place where children go. And that is, such an effect as if you were back in the place where the children come from the mother. So you cover all the senses. All! You for this world is no more! You plug your ears, close your eyes.

Let’s try. Forefinger closed his eyes, his thumbs stopped their ears, not very much to hear me. Middle fingers plug the nostrils. And the remaining fingers – the little finger and ring closing the mouth. I see nothing, hear nothing, nothing will not tell anyone. And it is sometimes prescribed to do on inspiration. Gasped, and inspiratory time and left – everything I am not. Here the most important thing – not to hear and not see the object of irritation, not smell it once and for all, you are out. On the second reason given sedated, and then go on the attack, gave the order to his torso to relax, legs, arms, torso. In fact, our physical body, it is subject to us. If you learn to give orders to his body in such a simple way, it will obey you just as a soldier in the army obeys the senior officer. It is in our device. Order our nervous system to our muscles it is the law. It is not always true, he immediately fires, but eventually always work. It turns out that you relax for a second, and it’s the same as if two days to keep his fists and they really hurt, but if you relax for a moment, then there is no sharp pain, even if the compress again. There is a pause to reflect on everything, to understand – it may be worth and generally let go? That’s how this practice works.

But again I say to you, if the objective, it is good when it worked out to automaticity. A automatism acquired when there are three factors – performer, presenter and the audience. That worked, then there can be at home himself to himself. Gathered with her husband or a wife to row, face to beat, dishes, realized in pain, it is growing, unbearably bad and some Sanskar aggression attack the abuser, aggressive Sanskar is not eradicated from the time of a life in the bodies of animals. How to suppress them? And it is necessary to immediately disable itself. How to do it? Collapsed on the kitchen floor, close your eyes and ears, lain 5-10 minutes. Then stand up, shake, go to fresh air. And the situation will be perceived not as acute. It will not go away. But you will be able to act more intelligently. Otherwise, all these domestic fight, massacre and mutilation can not be avoided. Moreover, among close friends, not strangers and loved ones!

And it should work to automatism. This salutary pause. It will give further brain to calculate, and, generally speaking, more out of the situation. And then you begin to build step by step out of the situation, the method that gives us yoga, yogic algorithm decision-making. You start to analyze, to think kindly, but the smart thing. And it is desirable that you did not have pain, if the third principle to practice. Of course, the problem of it is not going anywhere, even if you develop the strategy of behavior and you have an exit plan. But the output will take some time, sometimes years. Sometimes there is a situation that you know what you untie not earlier than in a few years. Well, not terrible, it sometimes seems that a few years, and passes all much faster. But even in this matter. The question is, how would you translate the whole situation from the category of problems in the category of tasks. And when this discharge problems, well, okay, wait a bit, you still get everything you want. This is the law of nature. Whatever you want – you get it. All that now is – is what we wanted before. If you would like stupid – stupid and received. But now we have to realize, stop and move forward in a different direction. Here’s how to be a first approximation theory.

Question: In my experience there is another factor in this practice. When you are overtaken by a strong gust of pain, anger, to ensure that it goes to keep all internal forces. And it does not even have sufficient strength to ensure that move. And of course, the body wants to rest, it falls by itself.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, different people in different ways. I, for example, a notice that on the contrary I want someone to break his head. Because there are still persisting in aggression. For example, Mark. You are engaged in the practice, and I’m here for him. … But it’s clear, I’m all in suspense, as he slowly goes, he is in his universe, music, cooking. And I would fall very near to you, and I’m starting to vyzveryatsya Mark. Shoemaker without shoes. Mark goes, because I have, well, not that there are no forces, but on the contrary, if someone stands in the way, it seems, all you mark up that is a little aggression element there and it is very dangerous, it is necessary to deal with it I’m afraid of this. I’m afraid of aggression, sometimes I feel that it is starting to wake up, and I have nothing to do with it, and, thank God, at least I understand that aggression captures, I have nothing to do with it. My character is actually very short-tempered. I’m not an angel with wings, not a guru, not a teacher of life.

Question: The clamps, which you mentioned, here in such practices as the Savasana or Yoga Nidra, they still relax and then clamped again or do they remain?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a question of sophistication in practice. Of course, if you are not tempted to do recently and practice, then there is the following effect. They are decompressed to a level that you control yourself, but not completely, so completely in vain. It is only when you begin to practice this practice. In general, I advise you to practice it as a soldier works off a close fight or a fight with a rifle at the exercises. Practiced it as often as possible, but, of course, yourself. Then, later, you really like to write a good, smart books on yoga will become in a good way “frostbitten”. You absolutely do not touch.

Question from Anne Aster Group: Regarding aggression, temper when, bears, you realize that there is inside, you can not stop, what are the methods of struggle with this condition?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Exactly this method.

Anna, the group Astra: And? If that’s not possible to fall?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, friends, fall, you always have the opportunity. I say once again – to work. You must be a reflex, how would you say, during the war. They say who dies in battle? Neobstrelyannyh soldiers. And who is neobstrelyanny soldiers? This is when the enemy suddenly opened fire, bullets whistle, shots, and he stands and looks from side to side, his mouth opened. A good target, it immediately and killed. A soldier gunned it when only heard machine gun fire, no matter who was shooting where, in any circumstances, even if deep in the rear, he developed a reflex. He had just sat eating porridge, just fell to the floor, all scattered, have a subconscious reflex. As we withdraw his hand when touching hot. Therefore, you have to fall where ever. The possibility is always there.

Anna, the group Astra: What if I am at this moment on the job?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s all the more. Even the best at work and fall.

Anna, the group Astra: But I was also fired.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, if you are someone’s face is broken, then just get fired. And you can say that was a bad, bad, dizzy, pressure, lost consciousness. In general, no need to explain anything to anyone. Upali, then stood up, shook himself, and said: “Well, I went,” and to the question of what happened, say that was bad.

Marina, artist Catur: I wanted to ask the account reviews. A lot of different practices, what to write, or better to selectively cover the maximum?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, for which a review is needed, what is the use of it? Reviewed need for you personally to read and play their same practice in his head and so the more and more write a few years later, the better. Also, a review is needed in order to find like-minded people to you. That is, if someone will read your review and say, yes I have the same attitude to certain things or experiences, people perceive those or other practices as well as I do. That is, you will look for friends in the Dharma, as it is sometimes called Buddhists. With third-party review, this feedback is for me personally. This does not mean that I somehow affect you, but I’m curious. I invest in you completely and I wonder what “spat out” and do not even recognize. also it is important for me, the degree of your preparedness. Therefore, the review, which is for himself, for himself and leave. That review, which we write what we see fit. What in your opinion is most characteristic. Especially now, when we change the karma yoga report. And if you suddenly reached up to any theory, it was possible to implement the theory into practice. This, of course, must be written to, in the end, after 208 weeks of training you would be its own book as you learn in yoga.

Question: I would like to ask a question on the practice. The question of the connection between the physical body and our emotions. Here I noticed for myself that in the first place in stressful situations always catches the breath and voice, not so much physical pain feels like grasps breath. And if I manage to seize this moment, I will manage to get out of this situation. Please comment. What is it? Maybe pranayama turns on or what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We have already talked about this. Breath and thought process are clearly linked. Every thought has its own color breathing. It’s like everyone has their fingerprints, and each characterized by its own thinking some respiratory reaction. At this all the time trying to build the lie detector, then something else, but it is unlikely they have something happen. There is a certain correlation, and if we are to grasp it, then we can reverse action.

According to Heisenberg’s book, it is a good physicist, German, opened the Heisenberg uncertainty relation, which we very often you use in lectures, it is impossible to use the situation does not affect it. He was summoned once by the Gestapo, simply called for disloyalty. Physics is international. But when the Nazis came to power, they began to deport all the Jews, and then began to kill them. It is clear that a large number of his friends were Jews (for example, Einstein) and the Gestapo decided that he was not loyal. He was called to testify. And then he writes in his memoirs that he remembered from when he was in the Gestapo? He wrote: “I was sitting, and the plate was written in front of me,” Breathe deeply and calmly. ‘ ” Already the question was laid out by the Gestapo. That is, here this is a serious bunch there coloration between thinking and breathing.


and we have the time and if there are no burning issues, while all stand up, raise your hands, squeeze into fists, sat down and outlined the corner of his eye, which will fall. Upali. And now choose either to go belly or back, as anyone nicer. What are we talking about? “Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, my hands (face, legs, etc.) relaxed.” And why? Because I died. And then what? Shake. What is this for? We do currently own Nyasa. Distracting their attention from the thoughts, emotions, etc. This samonyasa. And then you can be shaken. Everything, everything went good fellows, are now all breathe.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Guru … you will say, “Why is he without a turban?” Do you know the jokes? I can give you porasskazat associated with yoga. Though simple, though fall. Such sustainable mythmaking that just …

So, the products of metabolism. They start from the inside to poison us and we do not get enough sleep. Will you practice Pranayama, or yoga classes in the morning and you will be broken up. Be aware that the reason – poor food and no harmony in pranayama, well, if you are engaged in this pranayama.

If we managed to get the appropriate resources and make really something like summer camp, with a very tightly regulated system rise, food, relaxation, and sleep. Where would exclude the possibility for you, in a bad sense, to experiment. Where it would strictly regulated in time even once your practice. That, of course, you would have achieved great results. For example, the first week you would have cleaned the body was. Well, of course, if you are limited to 4 times of 10-15 minutes, just now you do. The first week was to cleaning. The second week was to in-depth cleaning. Later in the week 3-4 – resonance effect – absolutely untroubled mind, a sense of clarity and so on.

So, of course, if you come home now and try to repeat everything that you’re doing here, I am most certain that you will not last long. A week or two and all! This is all so many times I have seen so many times on myself checked it all. You know, that’s called technology. In this regard, I will give an example from the book of my favorite Malyshev, as they have a diesel engine. So, before the war, to make the tank, the diesel needed. Diesel engines are not made, they were purchased in Germany, in my opinion, produced diesel. Did diesel. It is, indeed, a good engine running, and then suddenly, suddenly went to a marriage. Here suddenly, without declaration of war. All were surprised. All of Technology! One to one technology performed! And it will not start!

Malyshev arrived at the plant and says: “So, Come with me to pick up a few engines, but just make a mistake in measuring several times every detail. The discrepancy. ” It was collected by diesel, which make a mistake in measuring. Just do not start. Mystic! That all of a sudden, suddenly, does not work. Long thought. Then Malyshev says: “And when the last diesel worked”? Well, they said, such a date, the last change collected. Come on, guys, give me a list of people who participated in it. He was given a list. And he spoke with all. And he said: “Well, you know, everything is in place, except that there is one dedulki worked. He was old-old. He was, like, came out of retirement, well, he was doing some simple details there. ” Something he’s somewhere screwed. Like as not qualified, not documented situation. Like, what we’ll drive. Malyshev this dedulki, almost a limousine for him sent to him from some village dragged, brought. Well, and to say to him: “Father, tell me what you’re doing.” It turned out that he was one Circuits, before spinning, just like that, and take a chamfer inflicted on its own initiative. A chamfer – it is quite small, inconspicuous operation. Come grandfather did! My grandfather did – the engine starts! He asked: “And it happened that nowhere in the documentation, but no one knows”? That said, none of my business. When did the first, it is clear, too, does not start. I said, caught on the size of the eye. Working? Working! That, and did. And then he resigned, did not leave behind this stuff. Chamfer at all, such a trifle. But a trifle, however, such a fuel system … and all that does not work. Immediately a council gathered, documented it all, and then works fine.

A similar situation with pranayama. Here you wake up, you have lectures, classes, socializing with like-minded people, a place that is far from the people and from such flows. And you do not know which of these things – this here is a chamfer, which makes the engine work pranayama. And come home, it is clear that you can not play all the same way as here. And you can not determine what is critical and what is not critical. Communicating with like-minded critical? Fresh air? Or something else? Therefore, such an idea why my very firm conviction that in this respect it is necessary to learn from Tibet? India was as much so, in fact, a scientific laboratory, where the mass of a variety of practices, a variety of approaches, exercises and movements, but more than a piece of performance. There practice largely tied to one specific person. And if you study the same yoga, Tibetan practice, you really see the pipeline, where the minimum documentation. Here’s how the worker – provide documentation, do not explain everything. He is told: “Here, you’ve got to do this operation, so that everything works.” But it is fully tested. And that is why they are so impressive results achieved. When Tibetan monastery could get people in general, in whatever state of unconsciousness his. And quickly evolve. There’s also because, in fact, know it or not, a quarter of the population lived in the monasteries! A quarter of the population! It was a culture of learning centers, and so on and so forth.

Of course, as I now see, in the future, if we really want to help people, if we really want to make available to the practice of pranayama and other yogas, it is necessary to build the pipeline. It is necessary to leave the minimum any requirements, but strictly monitor their implementation. This is the only chance. Then you get a lot of good for yourself, and you will bring a lot of benefit to others.

So, we still on pranayama?

Question: Let’s say, I myself have noticed that if I go in sneakers, then I have all the body overheats. And of course what that is internal cooling. If wearing open shoes, everything else is adjusted and I was not cold. That is, it would seem, I want to insulate, but freezing. Here is a reverse effect is obtained. Probably, clothing also somehow affects on pranayama?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, well, that I can tell. When he was engaged in pranayama. It was a long time ago. Let us make a lot of mistakes. The mass of errors I made. Dirtiest was that I started to practice Pranayama also in the room. It so happened that I was a huge part of his life he lived in a dormitory, where he studied, etc. It is understood that there is not particularly razverneshsya. And then, when it became very hard, I thought, “Lord, well, what the weather no matter, go on the street to engage in.” And now, maybe then I just felt … well, that person may be, for me, is not for everyone. It is this facet that makes the engine rotate.

I became involved in the street and suddenly I realized that I do not need clothes. Well, in the sense that the snow and frost. Then here are such beautiful carpets were not. More precisely, if they were, it is very rare. There was a, you know, building insulation. Such foam. So, I cut pieces of the foam, go on some vacant lot next. And sometimes there you will not pass, because in Moscow, as Nawal snow up to his waist. The very first protopchesh path, then there vyroesh hole so that you can sit down. And, indeed, at some point, this tough ligament that dress. You put more on their clothes and feel worse. You put less, but more than pranayama and you do not feel cold, absolutely! I even remember the winter was, and I was wearing some sort of jacket, ie clearly not winter clothes were. And felt normal. Even it does not arise any discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of.

You know, it’s a lifestyle. You can not, for example, if you work your maneuvering is sharply limited. It limited your housing. I am deeply convinced that each of you must live in the land in his own home. On a piece of land and to have a home. Because I’m in my own skin, I say to myself. I grew up in the lap of nature. And then, when I was a little older, the parents got an apartment and moved there. I just felt … well, probably was just very sensitive … that Prana has ceased to act. I gasped.

Nicholas, Catur group, intramural student. Question: Vadim V., please give a brief description of the practice of breathing sitkari and sieves for the course of pranayama.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, we’d better separate. Strictly speaking, what is the meaning. The basic idea of the initial exercise Pranayama yoga is that we strive to breathe exclusively through the nose. And you can breathe, either through the nose or through the mouth. This is a very clear rule. Moreover, in numerous books on yoga, pranayama is written, that the man who breathes mouth inclined to purchase dementia. I always give this example, but unfortunately that’s … our friends the Americans. I always see the film American. They wont be with their mouths open. I’ve been like that the sound is not included. I see the actors – I understood: «made in America». I do not know if they breathe through the mouth, or just have a habit. At that time, the ideal of pranayama to your mouth closed, ie, so as not to inhale.

There are, of course, because Nature gives us the ability to breathe through the mouth and. When we, for example, run quickly to greater inflow was, then, of course, there are exercise related to breathing through the mouth. And 2 of them – Sita and sitkari, they just involve breath through the mouth. But in a way to bring it to the maximum to some ideal of pranayama, bring it closer to the ideal of inhaling through the nose. When we sigh in the air through the nose, it takes quite a long way. It is heated during this time, it is cleared of dust and then into the lungs. When we do these exercises, through the mouth, the idea is to also make a rather narrow passage through which a stream of air is inhaled. This can be done in different ways, for example, sticking his tongue and turning it into a tube. And we begin to breathe through this tube.

Another style that looks like. We tip of the tongue is pressed against the top, and we have formed on the left and on the right a little gap. And through them, we breathe: left and right. And it turns out that, in the first case airflow is a single channel at the middle, as would employ the point. You know, our sharp little tongue on the tip of the tongue has such spots. It is extremely sensitive. I think even the Chinese system of acupuncture in this it is labeled as some kind of center, I do not know, I just saw the picture. But it is considered a key dots on the perception of the flow of prana from this air flow.

Yes, and the second type is when the left and right. And, it turns out that inhaling or so either way, you then exhale through the nostrils. It turns out that you enable a language in the process of extraction of prana from the air. So you could say. We remember that, according to the axioms of the microcosm, the source of our prana – that is our higher self According to the axioms of the macrocosm – the source of prana – around us the Absolute, ie Prana as it spilled around us. And our task – it, as much as possible to absorb. Do you remember that both of the axioms of the system, it is a pathetic attempt to describe a certain ineffable sverhlogichnuyu system, ie, two projections of something universal. Therefore, what is prana and where its source, it is not possible to say. Therefore, for some exercise is easier to explain what we draw from within the prana. For others easier, we should choose a good clean place and draw from this place prana.

Let us, together we will try to do this exercise. All sit down. And remind me to tell the story about Mr. Doe, owner of the pig farm and about oatmeal. Purification of oatmeal. So, it turns out that language plays the role of such a body by the absorption of prana, and there is some such a small detail. If you start to breathe so, then you will collect the saliva in the mouth. In yoga, it is believed that it is extremely valuable, in fact prana battery. And, supposedly, if you, for example, put in place, where there is no food for you. For wandering yogi was very often, then you can eat, so roughly speaking air.

There is a fairly reasonable explanation for why this might be. Well, actually, if you have the flow of saliva, it washes away the remnants of the toxins from your digestive system and you are, in any case, not so acutely suffer from lack of food. Those of you who are hungry, know that in the beginning very, very bad. And then all the better, better and good. Why bad? Food residues, toxins, they were squeezed out a new portion of food, and it just does not come. And they sort of stuck inside us begin, roughly speaking, to degrade and disturb us. That such exercises we really generate the flow of saliva, which washes all this makes the mucus to pass through our intestines and out. But, though the text says that it can be a complete substitute for food. You know, a lot of such statements. Well, actually, it is necessary to experiment and, indeed, if you are in some kind of fit are then reduced demand.

Come on, sit up straight. Straighten your back, neck and head. We turn off the language of tube, tip of the tongue protrudes slightly let it out of his mouth. Now we breathe in. Delay. Saliva was formed in the mouth. Breathe in and now her swallow safely. The second time it is done. And let us make three more times. How can I breathe slowly. Great. Let’s us now also do the following: this is when the two holes on the right and left of the language, ie, language as it rests in the sky, and here and so (breath). I have one friend … he has a toothache. That’s because he is constantly breathing. I asked him: “What are you breathing?” And he answers: “Well, it hurts less.” Whether because it cooled, or for some other reasons, I did not understand. Makes 6 times. So, who graduated. Full breath delay, forward bend. Thus three times.

Friends remind me what you should be conditional unconditioned reflex after pranayama? Relax! Absolutely correct! It works perfectly in all cases without exception. So what we are doing now? Rest! Here’s another little facet, without doing that, your engine will not start. (All of the exercises)

We stretch and yawn. Rest – this is one of the most critical moments. Here is another bike will give you. The analogy. That was such Academician Paton. He developed a method of welding. In the 40s at the time best. He made a special machine, which replaced welders 7-8. Here is a box that travels on wheels. And because of this, we are again talking about the flow of the pipeline, we managed to put on the conveyor T-34 tank. And, in fact, win the war. Incidentally, the Germans until the end of the war and has not mastered this technique, although very logical amazing country. The space launched V-2, but could not master the welding.

So, during the war, Patton appeared in one of the tank factories, he watched how everything works. And then I went to the marriage! Corps tanks, which have been welded together, suddenly began to be covered with cracks, and burst into the joint. Everyone started yelling, “This Paton! It Paton! It is not a proven thing! “But Paton was very scrupulous uncle, and he began to track technology. At first we thought it was a great drafts in those places where welders work. And, indeed, there are changes in temperature from -40 to within plus much else. But it turned out that there was no marriage still is. And uncle seriously, he became the entire chain track – perhaps, indeed, somewhere there is a discharge of the technology. And he went into the shop, where stocking armor plates to be welded later. And the armor plate must be tempered by the technology. Must be their temperature regimes. It is not just that the laminated sheet and all – welded. It must have been once heated. And then it is sufficient to rapidly cool down, not just water, but in some brine. And suddenly Paton pointed out that part of the edge of the sheet is covered with some sort of white coating. He looked – really brine. I went to this company and saw that the technology must be fully lowered sheet. And carelessness, failure. Some edge is not completely submerged. And it is not tempered. And then, when welding was, it was there because of that were here, these cracks here. And, of course, as soon as the technology back, so everything went bang.

This is the same situation with you. I do not rest after Pranayama, like away with it. And then this error is accumulated. It takes 2-3 weeks, and you realize that you can no longer practice Pranayama. Because it is not in harmony. And finally, another such moment. This restructuring of the domestic consumption of such. If you practice Pranayama, you, as if inside the engine will change. With weaker on such a powerful fleet. And you begin to be very strong and omnivores. When only the first steps in doing pranayama. It is very important for you to a certain way the food was picked up. But later, when everything was rebuilt, it has reduced this dependence on food. You can eat anything you want. Externally, the same people, the same. And some associative links, prana flows inside it has others. More efficient.

I also another analogy. I have today such militaristic analogies are today. But let them be. In the 50s, again I gathered all the designers Malyshev tank and said: “Guys! There is a relationship: the power per ton of weight. ” That is, that the tank could fight, it should be fairly easy to maneuver. And that he was the defense – respectively, the armor. This aggravates the tank. And if the tank weighted, it is necessary to put a bigger engine. A bigger engine, large size. A large – larger tank. A larger tank, it is heavier. Then, the engine should be more. Those. there are moments where everything is, it is megalomania. In particular, Hitler’s tanks. It is at the end of the war at all crazy, started to build the tanks … I’ve seen. I specifically went to the museum, we have a museum in Kubinka. That is not to lie. Probably not well with this room tank, but somewhere more than half, imagine, would take a tank. “Mouse” was called. Whether he weighed 180 tons. Megalomania, huh? More-More-more. This, by the way, for those who are engaged in pranayama, it sometimes seems – more-big-big, but everything! No bridge could not withstand them. They’ve been a problem with the Tigers – bridges they are not maintained. In the marshes, they sank. A good tank. Tiger is very good, I must say, the tank. With electric transmission. But it is only in good conditions. And in the marshland, and bridge any flimsy and all! I’m quitting!

So, Malyshev said: “Guys! Let’s put the gas turbine engines on the tank. ” Because gas turbine engines. Well, now, modern aircraft, roughly speaking, fly. So let’s put this engine in the tank. Not that there jet stream breaks, no. There are all slightly different. The motor turns the wheel, as well as that of conventional. Indeed, such an engine and made it a much smaller size than the diesel. It is omnivorous. Those. you can burn it all, while the diesel you are nothing but diesel can not fill. And it’s very powerful. Incommensurably powerful. True, he has a lack of harsh. Lies that consumes more fuel per kilometer than conventional diesel. But in military terms it is normal when you have to do the attack. And during the war, these statistics that the T-34 live 3.5 attacks. That sometimes when people come to me and say: “Here, on the left we have a student-so.” I to myself, “Yes, T-34 live 3.5 of attack.” That being said, the attack on their ignorance. This is a very hard thing.

Yeah, so, you, too, after pranayama will exhibit more power in some decisions of the tasks, but the price to pay for it will be more aggravated psyche. Well, actually, there is a gas turbine engine, it’s not aircraft. He kicked his leg there, a crowbar. There is all serious. This painful restructuring. It seems to you that you have a process some internal exchanges of prana, you do not feel. Most people are not very effective. There’s not even worth the diesel, there’s an ancient steam locomotive-old, where coal is necessary to throw. And efficiency, respectively, a whole lot, but of little help. If you are doing pranayama, the first you put inside a diesel engine, and then a turbojet. This manifests as charisma, force of personality. Such people – managers. Here I have met managers sometimes what is said of God, that sometimes occur. Whether it was yogis, whether this has ponabrali in a past life. That’s the situation, my friends. Even with pranayama have any questions?

Kirill, the city of Kiev, the group Catur. Question: I have not quite docks that you say that the turbojet engine to consume more energy to what is written in the Shiva Samhita. What’s reduced need for food.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: do not confuse food and prana. Food and prana are two different things. Or in another way. An ordinary person, he did not practice yoga. For years he could not practice yoga and fine him. Nature is not a walk. You know, that’s one Auntie says, “Oh, yesterday in the forest on Sunday was. Everything will not go – head spins, the air is too fresh. ” And why? And because there are some small inflow of prana. No food, friends, or water there, and prana. And you do not work out, and you will feel very bad. Pranayama, you plant it in an amicable way to yoga. I do not like a drug, like something on the contrary, a healthy and valuable. What is the difference between a drug? The drug is first good, then bad. And pranayama and now good, and then it will be even better. It may be a bad analogy from my side, but I once again outlines.

Julia Senchenko. Astra Group. Q: I do not understand the exercise. This is the first exercise you are told to roll the tongue tube and how to stick? How to turn off? It is impossible, as it were straw.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no straw, but as something.

Q: But we breathe through the mouth and exhale through the nose or through the mouth, too?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: through the nose, I told you about it. Friends, exhale through the nose. Breathe through your mouth, saliva is produced. This saliva to swallow, it is an indispensable factor. Inhale through the nose, in some its own rhythm, the main thing not in a hurry.

Now, look, friends, prescribed before starting pranayama, various cleaning procedures. They are quite a lot is known. Now they have spread among Westerners in recent years. Yes, almost fanatical clubs to rid their body very much looks like some kind of sectarian-such marginal branches that do not have, in general, the relationship to anything. There are different exercises, their essence is to help the body as if to make other turns. Inside we have a lot of physical, even some sort of toxins, not to mention the fine structures. Associative channels are contaminated. And prescribed from time to time to carry out cleaning exercises sometimes. Immediately I want to mention friends, even, strictly speaking, they are not necessary. If my dream come true idiot and will be the center, such as summer camp, where everything is calm, measured, then the same effect you unconsciously get a week or two classes, not even paying attention to it. But, after all, sometimes you have to force or, for example, to prepare the body after a long break. Not to mention the fact that sometimes some certain diseases occur. To help the body. These exercises are few and let me briefly describe them to you, I will explain.

One of the most significant of these exercises is associated with the purification of the entire digestive tract. Known such exercise. How would analogue enema. Some yogic treatises, when you start to read, as it is necessary to carry out, a little feel uneasy. To the extent that the turn in the river on the navel, take a bamboo stick, insert themselves into 2 cm into the anus, the retractor and expels the water out. And this is the most neutral description. But “let your rectum from yourself and rinse her hands, and then retract back” sounds a bit intimidating. Well, actually, you can learn to control your body and so much of yoga that owned that just did miracles showed in this regard. But this is not necessary, therefore, a matter of fact, if you just do a normal enema. Sometimes, though, it makes sense. Rectum, her remains even after the enema plaque. Prescribed by a finger as if to wash it in a circle to the inner compartment was abundant mucus and as if everything stood out with this mucus.

Because sometimes they are driving water into itself, there is the opposite effect – the water dilutes toxins and absorbed into the blood and then you become ill. So sometimes prescribed to do an enema of salt water. Since due to this water osmosis effect will not be absorbed in the intestines and are your toxins, rather than output again in the blood to dissolve. Well, you know, this is not always possible to be done to some wandering yogi and therefore it was necessary just to irritate the inner surface of the rectum to the body think that you are going in the long go to the toilet and began to strain, secrete mucus to make it all washed away . It makes sense to do, especially in view of the fact that a large amount of food is now adulterated with the addition of some additives, it is not edible, some preservatives. As a result of the internal flora is not quite cope and we would like it to stagnate. In general, the biggest trouble when we can not go to the toilet for a long time. In this regard, my friends, of course, yoga prescribes. So, this thing is quite important. There she continued deep indeed. Just then we will talk separately. In general, this area is close to the genitourinary and there is a very tight connection between these two functions and what is called “Apana”. And in particular, there is a theme, it is the Triad of yoga, like sex with losses, ie very serious there is a tie, but let us until we deal with this, I’ll just mention that there is such a divergence in this regard.

And now we return to pranayama. And this analogue enema. If you feel good, you can even do it. Sometimes it is very normal when you woke up and went to the toilet. All. Here’s how to watch. Every morning. If this happens, you basically do not need this procedure. Because everything works like clockwork. But if it’s not so simple. If you feel that any problems that you are walking, it is very difficult at different times, then, it makes sense, according to some frequency do. But, my friends, this periodicity, we touch on this a little later, it is not every day. It may be once a week, once every two weeks, when it is required. But in fact, this may be every 2 months or every six months. Or they will not do. Unfortunately, there is such a fanaticism I see here when the cleaning procedure is brought to such a cult.

The following is such a big procedure. This cleaning of the oral cavity, especially the tongue. Most such drastic means is that you are doing such a cloth, quietly begin to swallow it, and then pull out quietly. Typically, the first three times to vomit, gag reflex, and he was not there for the third time. That’s three times hang on the fourth you all go. This cloth is produced in our conditions, European, western, best masking tape. Take an ordinary bandage, thoroughly wash it to fluff all cleaned up, dry it. Make sure that there are no separate hanging threads. Because you swallow them. Do not worry, of course, but not the best food. And then you start very slowly, each time no more than a centimeter to swallow it and neatly. Most importantly, very, very slowly and neatly pull out after he is inside of you for a few minutes!

Question: it is necessary to water before you swallow?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, of course, you do not swallow it dry, even if you’re very stuff, it’s obvious. You also immediately stand out saliva. You are, in any case, impregnated with saliva. Yes, of course, it should be wet. Can even a little bit of his drink some water. A little bit I swallowed and drank some water, so that it better. And centimeter swallow every day. That is, the first three days you are in his mouth, and he was back. Make three attempts to swallow, then stop! Most do not. The next day, you make another attempt once again, well, it comes out. Second, third, all, stop! For the third time in the same way. And starting with the fourth. In fact, you can catch the state where there is no gag reflex, you can swallow it. And then you begin to swallow it for a while, for example, swallowed by centimeter per day – second-hand. He soaked this mucus become very slippery. And after he became slippery himself, his neatly take out. If you do start to pull out immediately, it is not yet saturated with slime. And it will be like sandpaper, very unpleasant to the throat. Very unpleasant sensation. That way you can bring to the length of a large enough size. But, just warning you! This bandage should be not less than 5 meters! So you can, for example, swallow meter, and the remaining 4 from the outside. Why? Because, if it is short, and you are very addicted, you can completely swallow it. And how it then pull out? If you do not have a tail? This is also a technological moment, but I am now, my friends, do not give a literal description of this practice, and its delineation. And so over time you can learn how to clean the whole of the esophagus and stomach. And in the future will be even more bile and go, you will see traces of bile.

Now, my advice is not absolutely necessary, there is no point (swallow bandage)! There is no need in this practice! Rather, it is, but very rarely. Sometimes, you feel inside, that’s right. But this happens very rarely. Only if you eat a certain food is not very good. I remember one time I had a long time to eat bread. Bread without anything. Modern bread. He instantly soak and this here is slime. So, I felt that I was just bad. I did this practice – relieved. But if you eat properly, balanced, in practice this is not necessary. And to replace the practice can be the next practice. When you get up in the morning. Take two fingers and start to clean the root of the tongue to the first spasms of vomiting. That is starting to be cleaned and a gag reflex. Done once, hand washed. The second time will make the second spasm. You make three times already and no vomiting, just a spasm. Without any vomiting. Here it is completely sufficient for people who live an ordinary normal life. That is, there is no need with the power to clean at all. There are variations of this exercise, when first drink plenty of water with salt, and then invoke a gag reflex and scrub.

Generally speaking, it is useful to learn this exercise. It is useful. To have had the habit, in which case, if you ate something bad and you feel that everything you start to feel sick, at the first sign that you feel bad. You do not wait until soaked and you all will be very bad. Here, if you have this ability to drink salt water and then clean the intestines gag reflex, you are very great lighten your life. Well, for this thing is practicing yogis, one way or another, connected with the holiday, when invited to a party with all these salads. God knows that there nakroshat. If even, God forbid, you do not understand what ryumashku poured alcoholic beverage. I remember one time, when it was all fake, substitute. Like champagne, and no it’s not champagne, soda and alcohol, and color of the pencil diluted. And this combination of God knows what, make a salad, plus even a small amount of alcohol. Actually, not so much that even drank a bottle of vodka. And you feel like it! Are you ill, and will be even worse. So, at the first sign, if you have a habit to clean the intestines, you decide to weight problems!

Also from the exercise prescribed by flushing salt water nose. This is when you take a bowl of … well, in field conditions, a bowl of water. Add salt to taste. Good expression “salt to taste.” Those. You try and “insufficient salting, dilute” or “not-not overdone, dilute”. Made salt to taste, lower the nose and begin to quietly pull off a cool water. Because it is salty, achieved the effect that you do not even feel how the water gets inside. And you can draw it, spit out through the mouth. After this practice certainly for some time, if it’s cold outside, it is not necessary to go out to the nasal mucosa recovered from this washing. Otherwise, you can very easily get a runny nose.

There is a branch of the practice, when you are using such strings start to clean your nose, ie inserting a thread into a nostril as long as it does not come out of his mouth. Make it easy enough. As shown by many years of experience, the easiest way to do this: you go to any store and buy a tourist fishing line to catch fish. Cut into a piece of fishing line, say, 50 centimeters, light a match and hold the edge of the fire. Edge turns into a plump ball. It melts and turns into a plump ball without any sharp. Then you take this line and quietly, millimeter by millimeter, are starting to embed itself into the nostril, but very, very carefully. And you immediately start sneezing. Remember in “Alice in Wonderland” was a poem?

Lupite your son

Because he sneezes

He teases you for sure

deliberately annoying

Sonny any Lupita mother

Because he sneezes

He could adore pepper

Yes, but does not want to.

Such is the black humor. Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” So, you sneeze, sneeze, sneeze as you move inward fishing line, and then, lo and behold! After a certain distance no longer want to sneeze. There is a zone in contact which has no more desire to sneeze. And in the future you can already feel that the tip of the fishing line has appeared in your mouth and it’s easy to pull out. And yet! Outwardly, it sometimes looks very impressive, but it is very simple. But it is very efficient, and useful. You can practice it during the time. Sometimes it helps migraine. Here, headache much, or flushing with water or using a fishing line. When you start to sneeze, you like with these movements clears the lungs, etc.

Remember, in the 18th, not the 19th century, was a tobacco snuff? Usually, getting out a box, and then took began to sneeze. So, the effect is certainly due to the fact that tobacco mucosally absorbed nicotine. But the other component is that due to this movement very ptarmic such clarity of mind comes. Blood circulation increases the brain and, in fact, people are hooked on it. Of course, yoga against nicotine, but the actual sneezing can be used.

And finally, one of the practices I want to tell you, too, are often used. This so-called practice Shank Prakshalana. In one of the translations, you can loosely be translated as “cleaning the sink.” I, why mention about it, because, anyway, reading yoga books, you will stumble on this practice, and you will have a double reaction to these descriptions. First: “And how it can ever be?” And the second: “Oh! Be sure to do it! Otherwise, I’m not a true yogi or yogini. “

What is this practice? Practice serious enough, long and very hard. It consists in the fact that you cook quite a lot of warm salt water to taste. This volume, measured in liters. 5 liters, 6 liters, well, or slightly less, depending on the person. In the future, you start with small portions, somewhere along the glass, half a cup even drink it. Then do a series of exercises. Oddly enough, some, any movement in this series of exercises remind me of yoga stretches. The fact is that due to the fact that water is salted, due to the effect of osmosis it is not absorbed in the stomach and intestinal walls, as it is saltier than the liquid inside the body, and it has a tendency to pass through the stomach, intestines. And with each exercise to pass through the intestines, and then you feel that you want to use the toilet. You go to the toilet, and first you have the usual waste products out, but with each drunk a glass. those. you drink a glass, do exercise group. Wait for a while, then another glass, group exercises, and so may take 2-3 hours. So, sooner or later, you suddenly see that when you go to the toilet, because you are beginning to emerge, first, muddy water, and then do almost as pure as salt water that you drink. Sheer is rinsed of the gastrointestinal tract, ie, It washes away everything.

Here, unfortunately, like in the old Russian folk saying: “Make a fool to pray to God, to himself and his forehead will break.” The same situation is happening here with this practice Shank Prakshalany. Once our favorite yoga and yogini Dorval to this practice, here, almost Shank Prakshalany clubs began to organize. And, of course, is absolutely horrible, they practice it almost every three days or every week that shaped madness.

This practice should be done rarely, and generally speaking, you can do without it. Why is it shaped the madness? Because it marginalism purest water. When people think: “Oh, I am full of toxins! I have to wash yourself! “So he really starts to wash. Indeed, sometimes these toxins are washed out, and after practice, he feels better. And then, again, this megalomania. Oh, and if I once again I will do, it will be even better! Does the second time, third, fourth.

What is the problem? The problem is, my friends, that together with the waste products, is washed E. coli. And there comes a goiter. We are with you, my friends, it is very difficult to do. We are with you in relation to digestion represent a symbiosis with E. coli. Inside of us live microorganism, which we support, protect, and it helps us digest food. This organism is known as E. coli. Inside a healthy person it can be a few kilos. It multiplies very fast, and it takes care of all the dirty work for the digestion of food. When you eat a particular food, the food, of course, there is exposed the actions of our digestive enzymes, etc. It turns into a something easy to digest, and then the case is taken for E. coli, which helps to further spread out the food so that we it is easier to digest and less spent on digestion prana.

And if a person does often Shank Prakshalanu it it just washes away. And it requires a sufficiently long time that it was restored. Approximately similar situation occurs when a person takes such a powerful antibiotic that just kill him inside. And then, just then, and it is prescribed to drink kefir, milk live cultures that help restore the balance. Well, of course, if you’re sick and you need an antibiotic, it is justified. And if you, like Hitler, gigantomania fond, build tanks mouse, you will sooner or later begin to harm themselves. When I hear that a man brags that he makes every week Prakshalanu Shank, it’s just a maniac, my friends! This is a man-maniac, a masochist.

Therefore, in the first place, you have no need to do this practice, if you feel that it is hard for you. It is, indeed, a very difficult practice. You start to drink this water and begin to feel that you are so sick that you can not do any exercises to do. But if you force will reach yet up to the end, then, after this practice, you, at least, falls on a half-day. You lie neither alive nor dead. Why? Because you are, in fact, dealt itself a powerful blow. You, of course, get rid of toxins. But, you know, sometimes it reminds me of a situation … but in Russia as terrorists fought. Aha! Terrorists! So the police should all grab and plant, without understanding. As a result, damage to the fight ahead directly from the source. It is very often the case.

So, you have no need to do this practice. You can replace this practice on a more gentle, which I’ll tell you. Running this practice is quite simple. But still, it requires very careful control of the relationship and feelings. To accomplish this you will need to practice bunting. Oat flakes. What is oatmeal? This is when the oats, and then taken in such a mechanism it razdalblivaetsya. Such a patty of grain oats. And, depending on how thin this cake, how clean it was originally croup, it is divided in different grades, categories. In particular, in Russia there is such a mark of “Extra” is very thin and there it crushes the least dirt. Sometimes it sold rough and there is full of all sorts of impurities, almost pebbles found there.

This can not be used. Well, why do you have the stones? But if so soft, the meaning is very simple. You start slowly. For example, in the morning take three tablespoons tablespoons or less. Maybe even the girls two spoons. Here’s a porridge. Fill it with water and eat. And look at the reaction of the organism. If normal, then gradually you can still add a little volume, the amount of oatmeal. The effect is very similar to the effect of Prakshalany Shank, only very gentle and without dysbiosis.

The idea is that when you eat raw oatmeal and drink it with water, it passes on to your esophagus, clears the esophagus, about the same as a clean cloth, but only without such negative consequences. Once in the stomach, it is like any porridge starts to increase in volume and it is very soft mass begins to clean the inside of all the mucus and then passes around our digestive tract, as a soft mass cleansing. She’s just an all cleans, washes. And since, the effect is very good, it constantly absorbs water (as it is not boiled). You clean the initial part of the digestive tract, as if it was cloth. A further portion as if it were Shank Prakshalana, but it is very beautiful, more gentle, and without any negative consequences. In the future can be very individually to add the amount of oatmeal.

That such a practice still recommended. I have it to give, but only to people already prepared. This oatmeal meditation. Here we are inside, my friends, we present a very hard conglomerate, where everything is very tightly linked. And, oddly enough, if you take a porridge “Extra”, eat, say, 4-5 spoons, drink its water. Well, this is more usually less necessary – 1-2-3. Go somewhere in the country, but only dressed warmly, and meditation. Meditation on your digestive tract. Since oatmeal is not cooked, she goes and feels its movement. And over time, you learn to see the eye of all the twists of his bowel, ie, where you have some area. And, most importantly, my friends, how it affects the operation of your mind. It is quite interesting phenomenon. Only carry out this practice preferably in the morning, when no other food. Here you woke up, went to the toilet and then. Then it is effective. If you do this before something ate it less effective. You’ll feel right in the future. It is only this mass is closer to, say, one site is within you, how you – again! Sleepy head.

You know how to work to eat and sometimes none at all. The eyes do not open, you can not do anything at all. That you suddenly begin to understand where you are in this area as soon as it reaches the food. What’s happening. Prana is switched on with the thought processes of the digestive process. There is a saying is this: “full belly to the teachings of the deaf”. It is for this reason – prana is spent on digestion, it is not up to philosophizing. Moreover, there are some other areas which, for example, vice versa. You will feel when this mass will be another site, you have such courage. Those. range of sensations from digestive ligament thought process.

But once again I want to say that, again, there was no extremism. Our same kind of person? ABOUT! Practice! Well, now, let’s pack of “Extras” 3 kg’ll eat, take to drink water, and then Section, bubble and bursting. We do not know the measures. Give me a cure for greed, but more-more-more! This is about our yoga and yogini, once read some technique, they all seem small. It is necessary to torknulo yes torknulo so that oh-oh-oh! But it says inexperience of working with him. Well, however, this practice is. Well it is in nature. Sometimes it goes very well in the city, especially when you have to eat regularly or eat any questionable food. Because yoga is written, that at least some of your meals in a state the name, sattwic or pure. Therefore, the action of oatmeal is very helpful.

Also prescribe any other cleansing exercise. You will recall that, according to the concept of yoga, stand out in the serious practice of brushing your teeth. And you should not be surprised. We now have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and every morning we brush our teeth, and sometimes even at night. And, generally speaking, in the old days it was not common. I forgot what the King of France. Louis some boasted that he only twice in his life bathed in the bath. I do not remember what there were two events, but you can imagine our European mentality, while in the East when the issue of great importance was attached to cleanliness.

Well, again, I as a joke from time to time tell that are, supposedly, these ayurvedic. You know, people usually say: “Ayurvedic”! And so finger upward lift, waving edifying, that they are not just so, and ayurvedic dental cleansing recipes. And, you know, it is, so when it sounds, it seems – oh-oh-oh! And then, at a literal acquaintance turns next … well, I’m going to play by memory: “Take a bamboo stick, and do chew a sprig. Then take a banana peel, sea salt, some clay, and yet, I’m sorry, some shit, all this burn, mix, smear on the twig and start brushing their teeth. ” Friends, well, there is no need for this. Go into any pharmacy, buy toothpaste, buy an ordinary toothbrush. Well, why do you so perverted with bamboo twigs and perezhzhёnnymi banana skins. In the Middle Ages, yes, I agree. And now, why? And there is still a lot that this is, that normally aspirated all the adepts of secret sciences. They begin like this: at first it is necessary to diagnose, treat pitta element to which you, candy or something. Scientism starts from scratch with a straight face. Generally, obscurantism in the purest form. Terry obscurantism. I do not exclude that once in ancient times, it made sense. Well, there was no medicine, nothing. But now it’s so inappropriate, unsustainable.

Now the next version. It is very important and not obvious. If you begin to practice Pranayama, then over time you will have to thin your organs of sensations, feelings, you become extremely sensitive. Even before the painful sensitivity. Again, if there are distortions, you can not, say, to sleep in the same room with other people. Or, God forbid, someone close snoring or smell some kind or something else. All! You will knock it all very, very much. You should be prepared for such an eventuality when your yoga classes, especially if you are doing pranayama. Why do I say. If we ever do a conveyor, such as summer camp, so I’d like to see every person had a personal room. Let a small, 1 meter by 2, this cell. But to him go – sniffing – if such overheating processes and recovered. I have in my life so many years or decades lived in a hostel, the horror! I just know about it, when you are engaged, and a number of other people. They have their own life. Normal, good people, but it’s still very annoying when overheated psyche.

Of course, if you build the pipeline, if it’s run on a stream, of course it is necessary that each person has his own personal little room, but it was a chance to practice the same dream yoga in some common hall. He began to practice and normally goes – there. Just what is wrong, sniffing to his burrow to lick their wounds. Moreover, I would have even made men and women live in these separate room, because sometimes the wife or husband of a close person, really, and we have processes are such that it is necessary to stay one. It is better to be alone, then kiss your husband or wife, say how you love them than to suffer with insomnia or another there is something and then be annoyed.

So, you become hypersensitive and sometimes this sensitivity, in some moments can be so strong that you can not even eat in front of others. There are also times. By the way, in India, they are obsessed with this. I do not know whether you know it or not, there is a prescription for some castes that not only do you have no right to have representatives of other castes, but even if your going to see some untouchable, you can not eat this food. How would you explain the situation. Imagine, you have come to McDonald’s and bought here Taken hamburger, took to the streets, opened, I’m sorry, mitten to his swallow and suddenly caught that someone looked at your food, then this food is polluted and throw it in the trash.

You will sometimes catch myself on the fact that, indeed, there are some people, they just look. You know, we desperately fighting obscurantism in yoga, but some moments will occur in your life that, at first glance, to the point of obscurantism. Well, actually, someone looked and defiled what? But this, my friends, do not really have a theory obscurantist. Therefore it is not so simple in regard to food. If you reach the sensitivity, then that’s it, as it were associative connection, even from the fact that some bad people looked at your food, cook your food, you have an inner stupor. Or another example. More often Westerners found. You’ll go to the store. For example, you need a player. You went to the store and saw a model that suits you and fits all, absolutely all! Except for one thing – you do not like the seller. That all goes well, and the seller … that negative vibe from him. And you’ll catch yourself thinking that you are better go to another store, overpay, buy another and not have it. Moreover, once you start, even if you yourself overpowering, start communicating, bought it for a long time it is the imprint that is not something. Maybe sprinkle holy water, purifying mantra read once, huh?

You’ll catch yourself in this sense that all people suddenly begin to differentiate for you. In some you will buy something or take out of the hands, when they have, or to communicate with them. And others, you will not even be able to articulate to myself why, but you will feel rejection. The ferocity of rejection. And help it can not. But, of course, all these things will last only until such time as you do not come to a qualitatively new level set prana. And do not go out to a qualitatively new level of care for people, and then you will not care who to help. Then comes a qualitative leap forward in helping people that you do not care with whom to communicate, as well as that, you have an excess of Prana will compensate for all. But that will come later, but before that can take those moments that went into the shop and can not buy bread, because the saleswoman there some kind of nasty.

Here’s a theme. Any questions?

Question: When is exacerbated sensitivity, what practices can help offset, to smooth?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, different practices. Friends, it is like a slightly opened your sensitivity. If you can do something without compensation. Well, I do not want you to go to the store, kiosk, where angry sellers. I really became just such an experiment on himself to put to consciously think. By the way, then a very good practice. Why this man is such a rejection, such disgust in me? Friends, we are all Pasha. Animals. Nobody wants to work. That is at the counter, you know a failed tycoon, what is he doing here, huh? God forbid, ask him for some items to see everything! It’s just a sentence!

I remember one friend chose. Consciously to it is right, very polite. He told me something hamovity: “Wait, like, I rented the cashier.” You know, there still is a nuance. Of course, you can build them all. There the owner, and there is a worker. The owner is interested, so that more sales were. The employee is not interested in anything other than to receive the salary regularly. And, of course, we can all build, all in order to call upon, because the client is waiting for, and he was like wait. And I turn around and go. And, of course, if it sees the owner, who will be horrified to think how it will be at the end of the month to pay the rent, wages, he would, of course, all the fumed and raged. And then the man forced, he does not care, but I have even, on the contrary, it is interesting.

And he told me: “Wait, I rented the cashier.” Well, you can remove it at the end of the working day. I came to you. To you the money came from. I patiently, politely smile, waiting. And then I realize that all the negativity with which you face is a reflection of what is in you. Well, I see myself in the same boor was in a past life. The prints were left and now, come back to me. As the call, so the echo. My own face with a slight shift in time. The law of karma. Himself saw through many lives. By the way, it is a very useful practice, because you feel, yeah! This is where the anger came, here enraged and begin to restrain ourselves. It can be converted into practice. Well, if there are no forces. Often, there are no forces to such practices. This is not the Soviet era where the only shop seller is sitting, and he’s the king and God, to it all come to pay homage “Paramon Ivanovich, Do good!” Thankfully, you can now somehow circumvent the situation. It is best to get.

Question: a story about the owner of a pig farm?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yes, friends. Let us find a reader. We find the story Sheckley “Pas de trois” about the chef, the waiter and the client, and let’s read, because it is about the effect of maya. Just a second. I find that you have heard this story, making a pose Viparita Karani. A good thing.

Question about the use of oatmeal. After we eat three spoons, drinking water, is allowed to drink tea or not?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, unless it is as a practice of meditation and just everyday life, can then anything else and eat, some food. The main thing – the balance of food. If you simply a cheese sandwich and a coffee in the morning to drink. The bread we finely ground, virtually dust. He immediately decomposes to mushy state, that stuck to the intestinal wall and is very difficult to digest, it begins to rot there, to wander, we feel bad. That is why it is so popular now wholemeal bread, bran. Why? Because it is more natural. After all, our digestive system was inherited from whom? From our ancestors. Well, there were these croissants then at a time when saber-toothed tigers were. Found grass – chewed and eaten. All of this is designed. To be a little bit to compensate for the civilization, it makes sense to have the oatmeal.

Question: porridge every day to eat?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: look differently.

So, my friends, the story of John Doe, owner of the pig farm and the old boar pig-grandparent of all kinds. A John Doe, it is as if we in Russia said Vasya Ivanov. This typical family name. It is not clear whom. Usually Americans is John Doe. Thus, John Doe, in the third generation farmer. There was a pig farm from John Doe. He was a wealthy farmer. Supervised 10% of the pork market. And he succeeded in every way in this. He was a farmer. But once he got a book on vegetarianism. And he began to read it. And so carried away by the idea that he first started quietly to avoid consuming food of animal origin. More and more, with each passing month and year been involved more and more. And then, one fine morning, it is terrible torment the conscience – well, how is it that I do not eat meat, but the owner of a big, big farm, where pigs are grown, in fact, to be slaughtered. And when he came to the realization that terrible thought that he was involved in the killing of innocent animals, some nights he did not sleep, and all wondered how could he be? In the end, conscience leaped and won, and John Doe decided to close his farm, and the remaining pigs set free. And in such high spirits went to bed. Already anticipating tomorrow, he finally cease to worsen their negative karma. Will make a credit to the whole swine born. And suddenly his dream of a prophetic dream. It is his dream boar-grandparent of all kinds of pork and cries.

John Doe asks boar-grandparent: “Why are you crying?”

A boar-grandparent says: “Coming terrible catastrophe – will no longer be my family on the planet. But this race so much time there, shirilsya, grew up, lived in happiness from generation to generation “!

I was very surprised and asked John Doe boar-grandparent: “And what is to come? Maybe a local nuclear war Pig “?

At that boar-grandparent she said: “Are you going to close his farm. But do not be your farm to our family pig would not have survived. There would be few, I would live in hunger and poverty. The average duration of each member of the family was small. And you’ve got everything on the farm is so wonderful! We are born. For us take care, wash, clean. We are fed every day from the belly, we should not run on these forests, to extract itself some dirty, bad food. We must not hide from predators. We, on the contrary, we live in peace and happiness, pl. And, most importantly, the duration of our life is very big. We live in the age of full happiness for pigs. And then we die most wonderful painless way. Not in the teeth of a wolf or a tiger, or from disease. Even the ritual of dying – all wonderful. And how many pig’s souls, thus lived in happiness from generation to generation. And there are no obstacles. “

That’s the dream had a John Doe. He woke up the next morning and suddenly realized that everything is much more complicated than it seemed to him really. That Yes, indeed, he grows these piglets. But he allows these souls live in the body and quickly climb to the next level of development. And furthermore, in the conditions of life are the most favorable. John Doe to think about and do not know what to do. As a result, I came to the decision not to close the farm, do not dismiss pigs, which would then wandered through the woods, to starve and die. And I decided to sell the farm, and to be a vegetarian.

What this is true? Friends, do not blame anyone, blame or cause to conduct some other way of life. If you personally do you really reached the level where vegetarianism is an integral part of your life, it does not mean that all you need to get a comb, do the same. At least for the simple reason that you move the karmic balance of nature. After all, every phenomenon has two sides. And sometimes our attempt to hide behind what we do, supposedly, something useful for the same piglets, in fact, the same pigs will be perceived as a terrible catastrophe.

Therefore, the question of vegetarianism and eating the slain animals, much more complicated than it may seem to us only. Incommensurably more difficult because it is a question of all the life that lives living being from one body to another. And, say, for each of you also has a big, big question: whether to be born in the human body, put live in the age of 108 years and then tantric happy to die or be born at all. Or be born with down. As the boar-grandparent said: “As a result, the soul of our ancestors are not born in the bodies of some sort of ferret or ground squirrels, and noble bodies of pigs.” Those. the highest form of what is called existence. It is the same analogy with us, friends.

Therefore, foaming at the mouth should never turn into maniacs some ideas. The world is very complex. Sometimes, even if something seems unjust or cruel, in fact it may be the situation with the minimum of suffering. If you are trying to destroy it, by your actions may is suffering immeasurably strengthened. Therefore, if you do not know what, why and how, solve only to the extent where you see for yourself. Yes, indeed, there is meat – barbarism. But, on the other hand, we live in a world where a much more monstrous barbarism going on every day. First and foremost, it is necessary to eliminate this barbarism, and then … lost his head, the hair does not cry.

Preparing to pose mayyurasany (peacock posture).

So, to quickly begin the posture mayyurasany (peacock posture), must first learn how to perform a number of intermediate positions, which gradually lead you to mayyurasane effortlessly. What is this pose? The first position, which should examine: bend your knees, this pose is similar Vajrasana, but the difference is that we are pushing the legs in different directions, to form a certain space in the crotch area. The next thing is to learn how to put your palms on the mat so that the fingers looked in our direction. And you feel that began to stretch his arms and sometimes not very nice, it’s one of the first difficulties. Start from time to time to be in this position at home to hand hooked. First, a few seconds. Then more and more.

The next step is to lean forward a little and concave at the elbows, so that’s the next posture. You have moved a little bit forward and elbows bent. Then there is a little secret: if you manage to move your elbows together and to rest in the navel, the elbows will fall into a hole in the area of the abdominal muscles and give you stability, and for that still need to lower bend to the elbows rested in the navel area. This is the next step, which house it makes sense to practice gradually. 30 seconds every day, and quickly get off at the next steps.

You feel the tension in the joint hands? This is the biggest problem in this position. Therefore, from time to time we come out of the posture, waving his hands, to avoid the pain. The pain has departed, then resuming again. Keep elbows were gathered together and came up against in the navel area. Now straighten your legs and toes up against the head in the area of the forehead, as well as the elbows rest on the navel area. We remain in this position for several seconds. Feel the pain – go out, we shook hands. Houses will gradually approach: one pose – shook hands next … and so, unconsciously. Sooner or later you reach mayyurasany.

The next move – raise his head, severing it from the floor, we feel the tension in the area of arms. Exit the pose. Shake hands. Here, the problem is only in this – the pain in the joint hands. For a while we sit again take position. Legs straight, with the body of the head is raised. The final chord – Push! Automatically outweigh through the hands and here she mayyurasana!

Setting all: the new year study demonstrate champagne after the family and friends that they may see that you are really doing yoga (joking).

Question: And if your elbows are not in the navel area abut?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And then they slip and very uncomfortable. Let’s add a bit of theory. In the treatises mentioned, it is believed that the peacock may have poisonous plants, berries and more. Such mythological feature. It is believed that pose mastered the ability to digest the poisons appears with time. Again, why I say the new year? Naedyatsya, and will have to digest these poisons. A principle is to work on the navel center, it is still called the area manipura chakra. It is the center of localization of prana, is responsible for the digestion of food. When we come up against in the navel, unwittingly attracts their attention to this point, do Nyasa. And we have, it turns out, doing meditation on manipura chakra and our life flow increases, and we can safely digest the poisons. So I would advise you to do mayorasanu so that his elbows rested in the navel. As for other options, remember the rule of Hatha yoga: “If you do not do a pose, you automatically do the other.” Therefore, when the elbows are placed, the effect is reduced, well, in fact, it is not a crime against humanity, if you do a little askew.

Question: Elbows are leaving, how to be?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: travels … it is necessary to grasp the situation, so the body leaning forward to pit was formed in the abdominal area, because there are two groups of muscles press, they go hand in hand, and between them a depression in the ground. And, most importantly, to get into this hollow in the navel area, and for this it is necessary to experiment with the body and the position of the head, fed forward. Over time, you can raise the legs above and tie in the lotus position.

Question: And if the legs do not rise?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, once again! Legs can not go up, you have to lean forward and you will outweigh. Next post, and the center of gravity shifted to the side of the head, while the feet are raised themselves. You do not pick up their muscles, and leaned forward as if to transship.

Question: How does headstand when getting straight back, legs lifted themselves?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. Here mayyurasane more of a balance, it is balance. You can do an experiment, something long take, the type of line. (Show). E = MC2 and slightly increase the angle of the hands … and now his legs do come off and you balance. By changing the center of gravity get. Not due to the fact that being in a position where you are trying to bend and lift legs – it’s very hard, but you just leaned forward.

Question: Do I need to relax a little press?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good point. When too tense press, indeed, the hands are leaving, and if we just relax … when we are working on one center, we are indirectly working on another …

Friends, today I mentioned the practice of porridge. Try to output, eat in the morning, to have had four hours. And you realize how profound effect on the digestive tract clear consciousness. How much of our mood depends on what we eat, how we eat. In this position, there is inflow of blood in the abdomen.

Question: What if a very strong flow of blood to the temples, to the front part?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Gradually, friends perform. It should be dosed. Every day a little bit to give your body get used to.

By New Year’s concert still has tremendous another pose. It is similar to mayyurasane, just when you are standing on his hands, looks amazing, killer! And in fact there is no secret in virtually no! Is performed as follows: mike hands palms in a rug and then slightly bend your elbows to small ploschadochka formed just above your elbows. Then put the knees over ploschadochki, trying to catch. Sometimes, the wider you put your hands, so it is easier to make. And in the future it is very simple, once you hit upon this ploschadochku knees just above the elbow. First, get on your toes, and then just leaned forward. And, oh, miracle! You will effortlessly find yourself standing on the hands! And the whole burden falls on the elbow legs, at the bones, and you do not feel the effort. It is only to maintain balance. You will find a balance, then you can stand for a long time. Experiment, grind yourself.

Question: Irene Catur group. During Yoga Nidra, you can watch some intuitive thoughts that come, or intuition is to see that the substrate, which is for all?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: of course, the foundation, aerobatics – the substrate, but it is very hard to be a long time in thoughtlessness, still bogged down. Approaching the substrate taste, like a wave pulse that immediately makes clothed in thought. And it fell uncontrollably as a torn bag of peas, these thoughts are based on the pulse of this intuition the momentum enveloped in words, images and thoughts. Therefore, there is a side effect. Of course, our task – it is pure intuition – not thinking and deduction of pure perception.

Question Igor group Astra – Pranayama question – whether we need to perform daily practice, when we breathe in your mouth?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev no. Especially there is no need. On its own initiative can.

Igor: or when we are on nature, in the campaign?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yes, you can, of course. You can develop your own personal schedule yoga, and stick to it, including it in any exercise of all of our arsenal. But I urge you not to go too far, because you can score so the eyeballs day, from morning to night will – it must do this and that. That is for you to yoga should not turn into a curse, in shackles, and you are a slave. There should be some time in your life is devoted to work, communicate with friends, relax, yoga, sleep and so-forth. And you have to do for yourself to find a harmonious blend, because it is usually a mistake doing so – the eyeballs clog your day with all sorts of practices, so that the lives of others do not have time. As a result, then throw everything. Going on a trip is better to carry a small luggage. You can fill a backpack so, all to put, but the trouble – two steps walked and need to rest. And then all throw. And you can take the weight with which you can walk all day. So think five times before, something included. Then go.

Question Irene Catur group: After Asan, in Shavasana felt the pulsation in centers in the coccyx or the heart center area. How is it working?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you practice yoga, inside you, whether you like it or do not want to go start cleaning processes, restructuring, etc., and which are accompanied by a mass of unusual sensations of varying intensity. If they are pleasant, and then, thank God, let it be. Because, even though we do not do this stop, but then, in certain practices, you completely change the inner feeling of the body. The feel of life. Here you now live and you have one world. And I know exactly when you will begin to engage in certain practices, suddenly the inner background of your life experiences change dramatically in comparison with the background of a person who is not engaged in yoga.

Indeed, since a variety of processes – somewhere something buzzing, something turns somewhere, somewhere something is flowing up and down. Some scuffling shorter. But the pleasant fuss, after which more grandiose feel, some things you opened. Sometimes, on the contrary, when the same mouse fuss, but terribly uncomfortable – as if the worm gnaws, gnaws. Now that’s another thing related to pollution of channels and centers and the fact that you amplify the number of internal prana, and they penetrate into your dirt. And it is very uncomfortable feeling sometimes. And in this respect, of course, we must not go too far. Do you feel that too much of this, it is necessary to podsokratit practice to gently pass. Here’s a general recommendation.

Question: And if feeling soft and pleasant, how to strengthen them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can try, to experiment, you remember that you are in some degree must rediscover for itself yoga. Well, try the limits of decency, without extremism. Will stronger, better – very good, wonderful. Once again – we are not concerned with these issues, and many schools of yoga, and only in this speculate. “Oh, you should feel that something so and so” And I’m talking about it does not say, for the reason that you feel so. The less I speak, the smoother the results will come. But if you concentrate on this grip, the grip of this sometimes rather unpleasant than pleasant. And when it is in itself, Hatha yoga exercise pranoyama yoga and now feel. Remember the cartoon was “Plasticine Crow” when the little man found a magic wand and began to work miracles. And then at the end he says, “throughout the body such pleasant flexibility was formed, I was now without a magic wand, what you want, turn I can.” That’s about the same situation and you then it will be with a sense of his body – such pleasant flexibility is formed inside . Such a mental flexibility that what you want, I can turn. Then go.

Question from Michael Group Three. The question at the expense of practice. When we recruit prana more than spend, can not it somewhere sublimate in work and other matters. And if there is “beastly” idea, it can be immediately implemented due to excess prana.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the strength is there, do not mind.

Michael – Yes. During the implementation of this idea, you know, that you begin to roll down. What to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do you remember when we come to something one might, and in the other the lack of reason in order to properly take advantage of the power, this thing is really key. We have a situation like this – every problem that we have is the result of the fact that once we had the opportunity to spend power and we spent it incorrectly. The result was something that is not completely satisfied. So first of all the principles of yoga. The first, second and third principles of yoga. They are fairly well filtered and destroy all our bestial manifestations.

Michael – and if the underlying symptoms emerge, and because of the excess prana forgetting the principles of yoga will realize immediately.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is why it is necessary to memorize these three principles. Because when the prana is much, you forget about everything. Like a drunken man, drunk, disabled, he does not think. Reckless, mountains on the shoulder.

Michael – Even you can observe them all, but you know what’s inside yourself doing wrong, because no one has done bad, and quite rationally done, I do not worry, if I coughed. And suffer from this will not be.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: beastly idea came pohryukat. The first principle: to grunt – grunt not? You can pohryukat. Second – loud or quiet? As the most effective? Loud! Oink oink oink. The third principle of yoga – a vow of renunciation of sufferings – oink, oink, oink, yes, I renounce suffering.

Well, no, of course, my friends, the whole gamut Sanskar will pass through you. Sometimes it is very interesting situation. Even psychedelic. When suddenly, out of nowhere, pops up the thought – sanskar: “I – the greatest thief in the world!” Outside negative character. And this is a spontaneous visualization, and you suddenly again, and they have become. Or vice versa: “I – the greatest saint, Guru!” Raaaz, and it’s like a mental game with visualization. And, as a rule, emerge Sanskar, imprints from past lives. Why? To get rid of them. You know, like doctors – first from a chronic condition, go to the acute illness, and then it Lechi. Because chronic condition difficult to treat it. That’s exactly the same here. Some have imprints in us, God knows where. And their vykovyrnut must first emerge, and then we have them, realizing throwing. We abandon them. We are aware that something is not right, and voleizyavlyaem that this was not. This, by the way, oddly enough, enough. That’s the kind of will – no longer want to be so! And yet, given the setting, sent to the submerged mind, even if you eventually forget, in respect of a bestial manifestations starts it work.

Example. I say to myself: “It is necessary to prepare the music, it is necessary!” Still, at the last moment I think: “Oh, I remember what kind of music where the player.” And then frantically I forget everything, even the name of it and catch yourself. I somehow understand that bestiality. Overwrite once from the player, there are many, many things. This is the third seminar, thank God, Mark saves me, because he codified the music, and sometimes I have a connect with his player. How many times himself said: “Yes, you sit rewrite it.” And every time I start to swear – but where do I find it? Such is the installation – if came a thought immediately realize it, because then – just do not do. So there is nothing surprising, everything goes according to plan – realize where we show bestiality, we are aware that we have plenty of prana and voleizyavlyaem that this was not. All this is enough.

Marina, artist Catur. Continue to Mishin question – What if you still have an excess of Prana? The lecture is written should be spent on spiritual exercises. What exactly is meant, how it is necessary to use this excess?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: understand this you will not prana. It may be an aspect of energy. The concept of prana involves not only an opportunity to do something, but also awareness – what to do. You remember – Prana consists of two parts. The aspect of energy – this is when you really bursting with opportunity to do anything. But just another aspect of consciousness that you understand what to do. Therefore, when they say to me: “The excess of prana, I do not know what to do”, it is not an excess of Prana, it displays an excess skewed toward energy. Or vice versa, when they say: “I understand everything, but do not do anything” – that is excess to the other side, the side of consciousness. When you prana, spun off a portion of each of its coming know what to do. The most necessary task displays, and can immediately correct it.

I want to have always been a mnemonic image was, prana – a manager in a large company. There is a big company, there are workers who are working the energy method is working at the bench and blanks sharpens, polishes. There are workers who work by consciousness – they are developing a new device. But do it will not do. Sketches, drawings depict. And there is a third person who should join them, first and second, that it all worked together, profitable, money, to be able to pay, and the first and second, and that was the excess out to develop this business.

So the manager just is prana. He is currently at the same time contains both an understanding of what needs to be done, and the opportunity to do so. He saw that the main turner came, washed down. The manager himself can stand at the bench, and three-day binge turner sharpen these blanks, the total production has not stopped. Or on the contrary, he comes and sees that designers desperate situation, they can not come up with anything new. It starts with them highlight the consciousness of the situation and suggest possible solutions, pushing them to solve a particular problem. But, in general, the manager is well aware of its purpose. The goal of management – for everything to work. To all the earned money to all developing and getting better. Therefore, if you have a free prana, the question “what to do” does not arise. You immediately billion the most useful ideas that you begin to realize. I wish – the algorithm to do. Somewhere pension buy out a huge, making it all the cells. Make common rooms, saunas, everything you need …

Tip of the hall – are enlightened!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, not enlightened to remove interference with the path of enlightenment. Because the oligarchs have everything in the world, but something is not clear that they are all very transparent. And run it all. And then give pranayama. That’s the way we are now beginning to do on the line. And you know what you feel? You’ll feel a thing as it will be necessary to slow down the conveyor. Fuck you practice Pranayama, we gained a little bit of prana, and suddenly such an effect – have overshadowed what to do! In this case, you are full of strength right now to get up and go do it.

Roughly speaking, you started to practice Pranayama, and you understand how to do the thing that scared you enrich! You just have to glue the empty jar from Coca Cola, attach the wings of the plastic dishes, sprinkle with salt, and now you have turned pipelats! The car flying through the air, a breakthrough in technology! And you, first clearly see that, and secondly, you are full of strength to implement it. Designers such that something new is being implemented. And you begin to inflate this idea, you immediately want to drop everything and run to implement it. Even forgetting about the rest. You remember, right? After pranayama, what to do? Relax. And sometimes people doing pranayama, picked up by these revelations, they throw and run a job to implement new ideas. This is prana. And if you’re just bursting, and you do not know what to make hand … unrealized. This is not prana, friends, is the energy you are rushing.

Comment from the audience – can prana stood out, but the brain think only in one direction, such as bestial and they start …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, and they immediately come up with the perfect idea of a perfect bestiality, and the ability to implement it. This is called freedom. If ever there were some areas of the mind in one direction, you will enjoy freedom in this, it is clear the trend remains. Therefore it is necessary to realize and enjoy the freedom of the other side.

Question: If a lot of energy as it is transferred to the prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you remember, your goal – prana. Do you remember that the money – it is a surrogate for prana. You, the manager, came to the warehouse, and see that you have huge reserves of raw materials. Strategic reserve pans since the days of the Soviet Union in the event of nuclear war. In the 21st century technology to other very much, but who are they now need? And your job is to turn it into prana. If you are a manager, it is – a substitute for money. So you start thinking – and how it all vparit someone? To do this all you’ve got someone else bought, and you get closer to the substance of prana. And you invite the designer, and the designer says – well, as if from the side there are three holes to drill, saw off the handle and make it a beater, it will etnobaraban for dancing under the moon, hippie followers, but if you have it all paint colors, then it all esoteric stores will go to cheer!

What have you done? You have an energy that no man, from her bursting warehouses. And your task is to drag consciousness to united together, and instead of receiving a brilliant pans drums. In general, it’s terrible, I once stood on the shore, and the ethno creep out at night and come tynts, tynts, tynts. They think that they are pleasant to listen to, all such beans Marley, hairy hippie. Escape from them nowhere, to be honest. All these fancy themselves great. And when his eyes flooded, so all the horror.

Therefore, our task if we feel that there is a surplus of energy, it is necessary to urgently come up with a topic from the field of consciousness, what to spend this energy. To energy, united with the consciousness I gave you Prana. Well and, accordingly, on the contrary – if you are so full of ideas from the field of consciousness, but there is no energy need somewhere razdobyvat energy source to power the consciousness was connected and receive prana.

Q: meditation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – a variety of practices, not necessarily meditation. Here you rushing, do not know what to do – make a unidirectional meditation with mantra yoga practice. Or just any fire ritual. Or go something useful to do for mankind. Find a topic, what is to spend the idea.

Question Mark, a group of Eka: The Triad mentioned that a good way to sublimation – to use Yoga Union.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – good way, who are arguing.

Comments from the audience – This is a double point, because starting to practice Yoga Union produced more.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – Friends, and who of you practice Yoga Union? This is roughly the same – missions to Mars really contribute to the development of science. That used to fly to Mars, and so science is well developed. But who has to fly, then?

Mark – is mentioned in the lectures was.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – quote.

Mark – even mentioned in a seminar on Pranayama, in a stationary workshop on Sunday at Novoslobodskaya.

Comment from the audience – just as much prana, pranayama begins to deal with, and you have even more of its methods of Yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – no, my friends, you have neither a lot of prana. If you have a lot of prana, again, you have no problems. Prana is like money. Someone said, “Oh, I have so much money! I do not know what to do. I invest in business – even more. Good people, come, take, who, how can I prevent it? ” Prana is the one thing that does not cause you discomfort from what you bursting, and you do not know where to put it. That is, if you have some sort of bias. Either you slushkom much energy or too much consciousness, ie prana unfinished, semi-finished prana.

Just imagine, you have a warehouse crammed with unfinished products. Kettles, but without nozzles or without handles. And do not sell, and store hard. Here is what to do with? Then bursting, and you do not know what to do. And if you have finished, good products, prana – factor and the energy and consciousness, she really goes with a bang. It turns into money, into a resource, which is no problem. This is where to put pots without handles – a big problem. You know, there is a concept in finance – liquidity. Your job is to turn their wealth into more liquid storage facility. Remember what it says – gather wealth is not on earth, but in heaven, where no thief and steal, and the mouse does not devour. Ideology is the same.

At that spend prana win-win? That you were spiritual money – prana. On what to spend? In the near and dear ones. This is a good investment. Spend people. As one friend said – even from the drug trade profits, smuggling, resting, compared to the profits that get people spending.

Alain group Catur. Is it possible to translate the unfinished prana in full? How can this be done?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – it is necessary to think. That sometimes people say, “I have so much energy, I do not know what to do.” This is what is called succinct word “harmonize your life.” If there is something a lot of that is dead weight of any way or that way, it is necessary to pay attention to this. If you come, for what that job, even if 99 percent did, and the latter did not put a tick, the work is unfinished, it is not prana. This is just half-finished product that is stopping you live. We have such champions – some texts that are transferred and no transfer can not. Or book we Saudarya Lahari – have probably twenty people were taken to translate – no one before the end can not translate it. I still think it’s a mystic, probably some sort. Well, what’s the point, translated several chapters, and some – no? This does not publish or post. It is. And it should be in itself the same as we remember that we were going to do in life, but do not follow through. And, first of all, to complete their intentions ,. This is of Raja Yoga that lead up to the end of their intentions, we just put together, well, in this case the mind with energy. How do you say? You have full of prana, you do not know what to do with it? No, my friends, you are full of energy and you do not know what to do with it. Then we have to make an excursion into the past, and ask yourself, as a matter of fact, I’m going to do for a long time, but he waved his hand and did not complete? It turns out – someone wanted to learn English.

Question from the audience – how is it we know that if there is energy, it is followed by consciousness. It turns out that if you do not remove the energy, consciousness is pulled, and vice versa. Why, if there is energy, it is no consciousness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – no. You see, what’s the matter, the energy transfer into the consciousness goes through the prana. Here’s how to explain to you – imagine this is Prana Prana is transformed into energy and consciousness. And if I have accumulated a lot of consciousness, consciousness is directly in energy does not pass. We must first translate it into prana, that is connected to some missing energy factor, in this case, it turns out the universal prana, and then transform it into consciousness.

Just imagine, you have a lock on Mallorca. Beautiful castle. Good, a wonderful castle. And you need to buy any apartment in Moscow, a castle in the suburbs. You can not just drag it all? No, you are there to sell and buy here, that is, to surpass it through an intermediate point. This is a similar situation with the energy and consciousness. The factor that we have lots of energy, does not go straight into the factor of consciousness, otherwise this saying: “Strength is, the mind is not necessary”, would not work. That is, automatically, if there is a lot of power, it automatically many and mind. And we do not see this clearly in the surrounding universe. Because this energy must first be converted into prana. It is for this energy you need to find exactly the spectrum of consciousness, which would be fully compensated for it. Fully implemented, and it turned into prana, but when prana as money, isolated in pure form, you can pour it into something else. For example, the increase in the other spectrum of energy or to increase consciousness, and it is in this sense – yes, you have this peretёk.

That is, just as you come into the market, and you calculate the system – it’s money, not barter. For example, you are selling cucumbers, and you need a refrigerator. Well, do not hit you in the electronics store truck cucumbers. They will not accept it. You must first sell the cucumbers, with the money can buy a refrigerator or a computer, there is closer to consciousness in us, or book smart. Or to make money, and to get an education at Harvard. Education – is a factor of consciousness. When you go somewhere to learn what changes? Your energy? No. Your consciousness. Therefore, these transitions – for the energy of consciousness, and vice versa, have a place to be only in the case, and then to get what you need if you know how to correctly convert them to prana. More questions.

Irina, artist Catur. When are our pranayama to 4 times a day, whether there are any recommendations for Shavasana in time? It is 5-10 minutes, or the subjective feeling? After all, the subjective feelings can stay for 15 and 20 minutes. And it is unclear where to go. And when you leave, the state does not seem to clear. How better to get out, to go out in a state of clarity? Can dramatically cheer up, buck up, to jump?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – You know, like the police in America to stun batons. They put on a low power and myself by an electric invigorate, huh? I shook. No, my friends, do not do such things. Firstly, it means that there is no clarity? You then pranayama just starting, there is still too early to expect results. As for the rest, you know, the main thing – the algorithm, rhythm. Time is not infinite, and you must assign itself, before entering into it, a reasonable number of minutes. You can not lie hour, because you have to run to work. On the other side lay and three seconds – “everything I rested!” – A subjective wrong. Therefore, it is necessary to establish yourself. it is necessary to have anything, I’ll just say about that after ten – fifteen minutes of pranayama need to rest three or four or five minutes. It is quite enough. It is sufficient that the internal structure of a little relaxed, but not so long that you have, for example, frozen or gone into Tamas, or asleep, or something else.

Mark adds – can be the same throughout the day in addition to lie down to rest.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – yes, of course. Ideology poses Shavasana next – you can practice it as often and as many times. In particular, if you started to force some kind of yoga, such as pranayama yoga. You work out, say, Pranayama, rest. They went out, full of energy and ideas, started to work. Work, work, and suddenly time – prostration. It happens. Like a balloon with a hole – shshshshshshsh, blown away. At this point, you can practice Shavasana again. Lie back and relax, at least a few minutes.

Question for all, at work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – Friends, well, look what you have there conditions. If there is a possibility that no one bothers you, it is necessary that no one interfered. If you’re at all like me then I read one article about scientists in China, where the science really began to be funded. They also want it to move, as his time in America. Return on training and work came from the Russian people, and noted with surprise that, firstly, in contrast to our academic structures there is a very hard day. From eight to five, as a worker at the machine must work. We have no need of thee in the academic structures, so that you as a bayonet was at eight o’clock. From you need the result. And how you will achieve it – it’s your business. There, there it is necessary to come to work on time, and in time to leave with her. But as he says, that the legacy of this clear system – introduced an afternoon nap. Can you imagine – in a scientific institution introduced an afternoon nap. Somewhere hour about.

Comment from the audience – in the Army we have too. In general revelry.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – So that’s what he says – well, of course, the same place where you have spent in the lab, go to bed? Hour is, a holy hour after lunch break. Well, all those who go to the table and fall asleep in his arms for an hour, measured snores from all sides. The entire lab is sleeping. It is possible, perhaps because such analog Shavasana practice, but not necessarily to go to bed. At least somewhere there, in the armchair close your eyes, relax as much as possible as much as possible. The idea Shavasana – in the first place – when you log out. Pose Shavasana need in the first place, that it was easier to do. But if this is not possible, choose the most comfortable place. What a chair, stool, or fall asleep at the table.

More questions. Do you remember the rule of passage seminars. That seminar lasted long enough, a lot of you here have been tried, remember, forget, etc. A huge imprint on you he has. This is similar to the one food that you ate. It takes time to digest it. And, as a rule, it takes at least a week. Therefore you within a week after the seminar, if possible, more than any other extreme seminars or other activities not engaged. Go back to your normal work. Because, as experience shows, it did not work good.

The question arose in connection with the fact that here our friends Buddhists, some get-together organized and they ask me, “What do they have? And you can go and see, and so on. ” You remember that Yoga is not a prison and not a system of prohibitions and regulations, and recommendations of the system. So, following the recommendation. Wait first week, well, if there is really interesting, and then only has something to do others. Because if you get, say, with this workshop is now on some other seminar, you will head such a mess, that’s not what a week, a few years it does not unravel. And again, the analogy with the food, you can eat as many tomatoes, but separately. You can drink milk, but separately. But if you start to eat tomatoes and drink milk, then it is very sad results on the face. So I ask you, you do it without extremism.

Because, I meet people who say: “Here was this practice and all”, with this practice at the workshop, from the workshop to another seminar, this kind of thing is very irrational. So remember that you need at least a week without extremism, without someone else there other studies. Now, as for when you are dating, it is desirable to everyone smile, just smile, you can not say anything else, never intersect – this is a good way, yogic practice. Are there any questions yet?

Question by Cyril Catur group – prana – is the enthusiasm?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, a good comparison, prana is enthusiasm. When you and want to, and can, and will – that this motto prana. Not that I can, but do not want to, or want to, but I can not, or want to, and can, but I will not. Prana – is when you understand what you want, you have full power and you are full of intention, desire and realization realized. All this can be called succinct word – passion.

Question by Andrei Kulikov, artist Catur – If you learn to evoke emotion, you can control them, and do not have to fall?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, you’ll just fall the first few times, then you will realize that you have so it does not touch that, and what to drop something? You understand what treachery is that when a physical, subtle and causal level immediately rush is very hard to sustain.

Again, such a militaristic image. 41 th year, Nazi Germany, the famous Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg then – it was such an incredible know-how, because no country can resist him, although the Germans one by one to take, and, apparently, they took some of Poland. Well, would be sent to experts, let will learn to do then did not allow such nonsense. And what do you think? France – a major country, it would seem, is full of spies, and not fools themselves, but did not understand and did not work, and they took them completely bare hands. Okay, with France and our Stalin. Well, you certainly have something Poland, France …

This is an interesting topic, evil tongues say that Guderian – Blitzkrieg Panzer father, he studied at Kazan. In the 20s there was a Soviet-German military base, Camp “Kama” it was called, where the Germans trained future. They Treaty of Versailles was not allowed to have their tanks and they honed here.

What Blitzkrieg – it is the skillful use of attacks from all sides. It is not only when you go to the tanks. It’s when you’re sitting in a trench, on you without a declaration of war swoops aircraft, throw a bomb at you, they are very accurately hit the target. So you first planes bombed and survive the bomb attack on the memories of veterans – it is a terrible thing. It is psychologically very difficult, you think that any bombs flying at you. And when they bombed as after them are tanks. So you shell-shocked, stunned, dust, smoke, do not understand anything, and already you twig tanks! So you’re in a state of shock, but from you still need to shoot from the cannon to shoot. And the tanks are still gunners and, like in the movies, from the belly fire intermittently. And when multiple forces of different nature are joined in one place, in its effect, this force is much greater than separately, sometimes called a synergistic effect. Here it is very difficult to survive, and they are easy, even very good defense simply gnaw in a narrow area. And what do you gnawed defense? You went to the rear. And if you went to the rear, you begin to destroy the headquarters, warehouses with ammunition, cut the telephone wires. And it turns out that the rest of the army remains without food, ammunition and the worst – without control and without soldiers Management worse sheep, he does not know where to shoot, where to go, he was no delivery of ammunition, no one says where they receive, that is, it is utter demoralisation, and that’s blitzkrieg.

And note, in the 41st year began. And skedaddle out of Moscow, although it was a long time ago it is clear that it is a strategy, it is they had worked out. Indeed, both the thumb, the standard German strikes. Still do not. And just as you are. You can understand how much anything that you can not be nervous, worry, and even more so in the rush to fight the offender. You can learn it as much as necessary, but you do not know if when several factors come together at the same time a sudden, all your previous exhortations are useless, you lose control of himself.

That’s exactly the same situation here, so it is necessary to develop effective countermeasures are very similar. And in particular, that one of the drugs that you like if a blow to the consciousness, then you go into energy. What does go into energy? You just start to control the energy and begin to turn off consciousness. That is all you came over, you have betrayed, you feel bad, hurt, and everything, everything, everything. And you can not resist this realization. From your reaction is negative, and you take and walk away from it into energy, you go into a passive, indifferent state. The same thing that we in the 41st, then realized that it is necessary to wear down the opponent so that’s inertia, inert behavior because slack Germans only one during the blitzkrieg only works on them. And then, when you get a hit here as a convergent, it is a terrible blow. And you must remember that time is working against you, if you keep it as long as possible. And in order to keep him as long as possible, it is necessary to immediately relax the muscles, let go of all emotions, it is necessary to go to a completely different field of consciousness thoughts. And here you are tumbled, and while you valites, time works for you. While you are lying and purrs “Shanti Shanti” relaxed, you win time. While you indulge in philosophical thinking that you have no problem, because you are dead, you win time. A time for the blitzkrieg tactics – this is the most fragile thing, in fact, why the Germans lost the war. When they lost their pace attack on Moscow, that is, they have lost a few precious weeks and all, and the strength of the onslaught weakened sharply.

And until now, historians vehemently arguing when the Germans lost the onslaught of time. There are different versions. The first version of that before the attack on the Soviet Union, they were supposed to attack in May and not in June, they allegedly had to seize Greece, that Greece was saved. If they just went in June, they would have sunk to Moscow. Others argue that when the month of August the question arose, to take Moscow, Hitler said: “No, guys, change the direction of attack of the main on the Kiev, will be Kiev to take”, he turned the tank forces of Guderian on Kiev And they really huge pot around Kiev. and they, of course, took Kiev, but lost a few very important 2-3 weeks. By that time, Moscow has returned to life, we began to realize that things are bad and kak-to coped …

When you are onslaught of consciousness, you must go into energy when you, on the contrary, is the onslaught of energy, you have to go into the consciousness, that is, never to fight with the enemy weapon, which he owns better. And this requires the practice to make you relaxed, so you went to the energy, the feeling, “and my legs are relaxed,” this feeling, this is not the realization that the dollar rose. This feeling of your feet, this is not the realization that you have betrayed, abandoned. No. It’s a feeling that you have no problems, etc., etc.. You enter into such a state that sometimes shows the body, when it collapses, or when a living entity falls into hibernation. This is saving some of these points that we have historically sometimes shows the same nature. This is an ideology that if a blow consciousness, the benefits primarily by the energy, if the energy of impact, the benefits in the first place by consciousness. Do not fight, do not let yourself that you have imposed a rule of war. So friends, we are going to practice hatha yoga.


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